NEW NANO Saltwater Aquarium | Setting Up My Reef Tank

NEW NANO Saltwater Aquarium | Setting Up My Reef Tank

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Aquarium's, take a lot of dedication, and fish should not be thought of as disposable, pets please, don't rely solely on my information, or replicating. My methods or setup if you're considering, starting an aquarium, please consult a professional at an aquatic store and consider, joining online, aquatics. Forums where you can ask questions and, receive help from experienced, hobbyists, hey, what's up creatures, it's and I have decided to, start, a saltwater, aquarium, a. Saltwater. Aquarium. Now, I might, sound a little bit more enthusiastic. If, I wasn't. Absolutely. Terrified. I hope, you enjoy this part 1/2 my aquarium, setup video stay, until the end where I'll be talking to an aquatic specialist. From London's premier aquatic. Shop the Aquatic, Design Center be, sure to hit that subscribe button and, that notification, bell, so you don't miss next week's video which, will be a tank, update, featuring, a very special, guest who you might already know, do you know when people do close-up videos of squeezing, the pores around their nostril. I. Can. Never look at them the same way again enjoy. The video and be sure to get involved, by leaving your top tips or recommendations. For my setup in the comment section below, opinions, and debates are most welcome but, any foul language will be deleted. Today's video is sponsored by runaway. Runaway develop these really, immersive, apps and they're all nature, based I've been playing splash. Splash. Splash is, a stunning. Ocean adventure, game where your mission is to care for an underwater sanctuary. And repopulate, the, reef the, app features, real species, of fish and by raising fish and feeding them the correct foods you, can establish various, species and unlock new rarer, marine creatures, to learn facts about hatch, raised careful, and release. Collect. And position coral to help you collect coins and food and unlock new parts of the reef to increase how many fish you can raise at once I want, to see your. Reef if you're also playing, take, a snap of your reef and send it to me on Twitter, you can also show off your reef by tagging the official, splash, at play, splash game you, might even get a retweet, if you want to join in you can download splash, for free search for splash in your app store to unlock a free underwater. Paradise check, out my description box, below for more details. Little. Bit more enthusiastic, if, I wasn't absolutely. Terrified. Literally. Terrified because I am by no means and, aquatic specialist. Just for my own interest. I want to have a go at keeping, saltwater there are no species that I'm interested in enough, to want to keep at home in a 150, to 200, 250, gallon so, I decided, to go completely, the, opposite way I decided, to go no. No no I know that sounds really cute like oh and, nano, aquarium that. Must be really easy to look after no. No. No. With nano aquariums. And yes, you save on space but, they take a lot of upkeep and buy a lot of upkeep I mean, a lot of upkeep there are definitely, pros and cons to keeping nano aquariums, some of the pros are the setup costs so large, aquariums, such as 250. Gallon aquariums, can start at around $700. For just the tank not, including, the water, testing, kits the live rock the coral, the anonomys the reversals Mo's as well as a salts filtration, pumps and not to mention the, fish themselves, nanos. Will cost you less in space and the initial setup and they'll also be likely to take less time to do water changes for but, there's also the. Cons and it's really important, to consider the cons changes. In a nano tank, will always, be very fast, so, if your water quality isn't right you'll, see the negative, effects, of this very, very quickly ultimately. The decision is yours as to whether to go for a nano, or a large aquarium but take into consideration. More than just the setup and running costs, so, I take things slow I haven't got my aquarium, yet, but, tomorrow, I'm going to be going to a place in New Jersey called absolutely, fish and they usually have display, tanks which are set up and actually for sale so, my plan my. Cunning plan which, which may or may not work out in my favor is actually, to go and buy an established. Aquarium, the thought of moving. Us all water crying from one place to another just, makes me cringe, down to my bones cuz there's so much I can go wrong you know the coral can get cold the fish can get cold so. I, will. See you tomorrow. When. I go and pick up a tank. If. Only I could actually keep car all that beautiful, with. Those eggs oh let, me go see but, I can go and find it in the store, look it's my turtle, okay so I just arrived at absolutely.

Fish Over there and Danny's, out here pacing, because II thought I was gonna get straight out the car. Okay. I'm coming. Who's. Your friend Danny. No, feather. Oh you like that one, that's. Cool I like it why, also it not saying oh my. Goodness. Wow. I'm. Really sorry but I don't have any footage of me actually driving, home from, the fish store because I was, holding onto everything in the back of the car just trying to make sure that everything, and everyone was happy so, here we go this is when we got home and we started to set up the aquarium alright, so we literally, just got home what we're doing right now is they're going to put together some of this living rock living, or live rock is not actually, alive, itself, but it's made from the skeletons, of dead coral, many. Microscopic, organisms. Can be found living on the rock giving it its name live, rock has many benefits in a reef aquarium, not only as a platform, from which to build your reef on but, also because, it can have a stabilizing. Effect on the waters pH this. Water is from the same system, that the acquire at. Home was, being supported, by in the store so this water has already been pre-tested, it's, got perfect salinity. Perfect. PH levels everything was tested we're just going to slowly add it and bring it up to temperature Here I am slowly, adding, the water into, the tank I'm angling, the current to the back of the tank so as not to kick up all the sand and cloud the water too, much as this could upset the coral and the anenome. Here's. The tank one hour after I built up the rock and positioned the coral and an enemy I had, to work quite quickly but I decided to try and replicate where, each of the coral frags was when it was in the store on display, as you can see the water is still cloudy and the coral are not yet completely, relaxed. These. Clownfish, were captive, bred by absolutely, fish and were living in a nursery, reef tank with lots of other clownfish, of a similar, size, initially. I wanted a maroon because, of the color but, I didn't realize how large Maroons, could grow the, store totally, advised me against, the maroon because not only would they be too big for this tank but apparently, they can also be pretty aggressive to their tank mates such as the cleanup crew invertebrates, not. All clownfish, will grow to be the same size so do double check with your accuracy to make sure that the species you like is suitable, for your tank. All. Right creatures, so it's been, about I. Want to say about four hours now since, we set, up a tank maybe, three, hours and as. You can see all of the. Coral. And the. Anenome 's have started, to unfurl a bit more they're settled in just. That little bit more I'm really, surprised, by. This. One down here let me see if I can just focus look, at that beautiful, aquamarine, color, and, I don't even notice it when we put it in but there, it is it's absolutely beautiful, almost, six bioluminescent. And then, we go up here and. I'm, not sure about, this, coral, fragment, right here I think I might, actually move, that one of course there was a little. Bit of upset, you know putting everything around and jostling, and reassembling. So there is some some, mucus and some slime left over, from. Where everything was stinging everything, but. Hopefully, everything's gonna settle down. And. Of course you guys would have seen these. Beautiful. Fish over here my clownfish. Now with these clownfish. I just wanted to make it absolutely. Positive. And, say that these two actually captive. Bred. I don't, know if you are aware but when it comes to a lot of marine life especially, fish.

Corals. As well come to think of it a lot, are actually collected, from the wild but recently. In recent years. Captive. Breeding efforts, of clownfish. Have been just incredible, and there have been some beautiful. Morphs created. I personally. I'm a massive, fan of just, the traditional. Classic. Clownfish. As we can see over here but. These ones are captive bred and they are captive bred by a place that we actually got, the tank from which, is a place in New Jersey called, absolutely. Fish and honestly. Just I'm so impressed with their standards, in there I had zero guilt, bringing these to home I thought they were absolutely, wonderful, along. With getting the clownfish, and obviously the aquarium setup I got a couple of other things to help out with this tank and number, one probably one of the most important, things a really, important thing to have is a good hydrometer, because this is what's going to measure the salinity of the water on hydrometer. Gauges you'll see this little darker, area to the side here this is where you want the salinity gauge to point to when you measure your tank salinity, because, the average ocean, salinity is 35, parts per thousand, so, very very important, we've got that over here on hand with, a saltwater aquarium your, water is constantly, evaporating. Just poof gone into thin air. So. You're going to want to measure your salinity, levels every single day especially, if you have a nano tank because nano tanks are going to have really. Horrible side, effects if you allow, too much water to evaporate, and you're left with a very high salinity, level, so I'm using the hydrometer, here just to measure the salinity level, it is bang-on 35. It's maybe slightly more towards 36 parts per thousand, so we're around, about where we need to be given that it should be at around 35, parts per thousand. Obviously. This is the next day so some, water has evaporated so. With a tank which has salt water you're going to want to set up external. Buckets where you can actually mix. Saltwater we actually use reverse osmosis water at home which we get from, absolutely. Fish so, that's, a lot, of fun right there but, just remember to keep on top or looking at your hydrometer because, you would be astounded. How quickly your water is going to evaporate and, leave lots of salt behind the other thing that I brought home with me is this two-step.

Excuse. Me calcium, buffer system, a good calcium, buffer system is essential. To balance your calcium and your alkalinity levels coral. Are constantly, extracting. Calcium, from the water to build their exoskeletons. So maintaining. The correct level of calcium and alkalinity is, key, there, are lots of calcium buffer, systems on the market so make sure to always read the instructions, for the correct, dosages, because, they will definitely differ, from product to product this, salt came highly recommended. Danny please. Don't. Show that kind of stuff on my channel baby, and, then I actually got some of this Pro, Reef sea salt, now not, all salts, are the same when you go to a pet store or to an aquatic store, here. At home we actually do have a mudskipper. Who uses a different kind of salt, because he's in brackish water but, this sea salt has lots of trace elements, of you know calcium, and lots of other things that you'd find actually in the sea and that's really important, because I'm, obviously in here we have lots of coral own and a maze and with coral they do require calcium. To grow because otherwise they're literally just in water. With nothing else but remember coral does grow, and they, need to have their own nutrients, their own food and that's something that you can actually find in this, the tropic marine and this is what came highly recommended by, the actual, guys in the aquatic store as far as food for the clownfish go I am happy to feed them a pallet food as well as giving them some live food every now and then oh look at them what's, that did you just fight over there that was a lot of fun and, I actually picked up some. Food at the aquatic store which I thought you know it has a clownfish, on the front obviously it's great for the clownfish and then the guy at, the checkout here is like excuse me. Listen. You don't want to feed that to your clownfish because although this clownfish on the front it sucks so he, basically pointed, out this to me which. Is let, me see where is it is the Saki Hikari. Marine. Carnivore. Diet a unique blended probiotics, enhanced, formulation, a superior. Taste readily, accepted by most marine species a rapidly, assimilated, nutrient. Mix and it's a sinking type oh now. I'm not gonna pretend to know anything about this because I have never, heard about it in my life but the guys in the store I do absolutely, trust them and they did say that this was absolutely wonderful, they actually get it shipped over from Japan I'm, gonna see how they go with this it, looks like a promising I mean hey just from a packaging, point of view is gorgeous and I approve of it hopefully the fish will approve of it and they'll be nice and healthy because of it and have you guys ever used this brand before let me know in the comment section down below if you have and your thoughts about it or if you feed your clownfish.

Any Other food that really works please, let me know I would love to know and try them on as many different foods as possible to see what they really like and what they can flourish on along, with the coral, anenome live, rock and fish this, tank also came with its own cleanup. Crew, this is anus aureus snail that dose islands spend most of their time borrowed, in the sand as soon, as they smell food they rise up out of the reef bed like zombies, and zoom around at quite a fast pace around the tank to find the food source as per. My usual crazy, life I've pre-filmed. My tank in America, but I'm currently in London whilst, I'm here I thought I'd ask one of the experts, at the aquatic design Center some questions, which could be useful for you if you're considering, keeping fish. Fresh, water lifes don't manage up so I'm here running, the shop general fish peeping basically, 25. Years, maybe, more I've got a couple of questions to ask you are you happy for me to ask you those questions. What. Are some of the first considerations, when, deciding whether or not to dive into the world of fish keeping, first considerations, are whether or not you're, really that interested, and just be aware of the costs and what have you look at that look not for an animal doesn't, have to be a full-time job but, it's going to take up a fair amount of time actually. What. Are some of the most common, pitfalls, you see new out queerest falling, into rushing. Rushing. Being, too quick fish, peeping is a very slow. Hobby. Put. It that way in a Monstar busy life seized a riveting, go. Fish. Peeping is one thing you can just sit back relax. Okay. The slower you go the fish peeping the, better you'll be, generally. Speaking anything good in fish keeping takes time anything, bad is going to happen so. Just take, the time to enjoy it don't, rush it it was people who rush it always end up doing, it. For, example applying a tank that we've been working for fish in it and. That's always oh no no most of us will generally take four five routes to produce. Perhaps you able to be introduced to it and. You'll spend the next few weeks then stopping the aquarium, and. In that time it's a good time to pick. Up a book with online and find fun, - a little bit research you. Know what's the take to the fury of the second article which, freshwater, fish would you recommend for a first-time, fish keeper, so neon tetras, countries. And classes that sort of thing. Various, small barbs and gouramis, and they're a sport there's so many to choose from there is quite a trend for small or nano saltwater, tanks, right now what, are some of the difficulties, in keeping a nano saltwater, tank, definitive, environment, the, biggest, thing with a small precinct the oceans are huge they're fast and. They're very clean and when the tropical oceans are extremely, clean the animals and organisms have, come from there I use, these very very clean stable, environments, a, small, aquarium in. Terms of its. Water quality is, very unstable you, get a lot of fluctuations, evaporation. Of course will. Increase, in salinity so your salinity, is always, bouncing. Up and down your, organic levels will build up almost straightaway, and a smaller body. In a larger tank people more pollution so, things change slower the, organisms, can adapt quicker, or, adapter. And relationally place like and. Of. Course you've got time to compensate. For these little changes goldfish. And better seemed to be some of the most popular, choices of fish how long can a well cared for goldfish, live and how long can a well cared better fish live for it's debatable. Goldfish. As, far as I know the obvious one record was 43, I would, expect anywhere between 15, and 25, years to be pretty, decent, sad. Truth is most of which doesn't it must be old 10 years in captivity and. The very unlucky ones those. Are still missing bowls or stuff like that in. Dokdo be noticed apiece, which is really sad considering, it, could be a pet for life if. You do it right, Siamese fighting fish on the other hands, are relatively. Short-lived animal. Somewhere. Between a year a half maybe three or four years if you get a very good one in Sicilian. Don't. Forget also being in the wild so fighting the fish, sink, or dying animals, they can picked up very quickly. They. Can't fend for themselves they're eaten they're taken care of and, somehow. This this, this. Sort. Of quiet life is were so ingrained in some captive animals and it is against our some point as their time to go and they just.

Is, Confidence. As someone, who works in a specialist, aquatic, shop what, message would you like to send to people who may be considering, an aquarium. Think. Right. Just whatever, animal, you people whether fish or wraps any piece think. Until. The research about it okay it doesn't take long it's, not hard work just to keep up a book or, even go online or chat some people just try and figure out what, it is you're trying to do so I've been playing this app called slash I, want to get your opinion, to. Someone, professional. In. The world of fishkeeping as to what you think of. My aquarium, and how how it's looking is actually a reef right. Very. Nice yeah. I, wouldn't, trust a cuttlefish no, no, no no don't trust the cuttlefish suppose, well in real life there there are predatory quit so they'll don't show anything it's. So great looking very pretty and they're all hungry you see they're all hanging out by the food I, have the barber pole goby, yeah and I. Also have, the watchman goby, they're nice fish, yeah and, who. Else do I have in here I've had pasta, fly fishing yeah I, mean if you're completely nerdy. About fishing you can't get away from them they miss you what do you rate my reef out of 1000, I'll. Be calling you. Oh thank. You I'm, sure splash is gonna be happy to hear that too right pretty very thank you so much to Tony and the whole team at the Aquatic Design, Center in London for answering my questions about fish keeping, you, can find out more about the Aquatic Design Center and how to visit, in my description box and see, more of their incredible collection, in my upcoming vlog, so subscribe, to my vlogging Channel so. Far so good with, my tank in this week's video but next week things get a little, challenging. I'll be conducting, a routine water, test, in my aquarium update, video to show you how I test for the pH and ammonia and I'll be talking about some of the difficulties, I've encountered so far I'll also be talking to the amazing, Jenny from solid-gold aquatics, about fish keeping so be sure to subscribe and, hit that notification bell so as not to miss that upload. This. Video go and check out their beautiful app down below in my description box, show them some love over on Twitter over here and I will see you guys in another video, soon bye.

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Hey Creatures!! I've missed you! Just remember that nano saltwater aquariums are NOT easier to look after than a larger aquarium. Please don't be fooled into thinking that smaller means less maintenance, or that they're easier! If you are considering a reef tank or any animal, please consult multiple sources and do as much research as you can, including watching lots of pet tutorials, pet care videos, reading books and care sheets and joining forums where you can ask questions to people who are experienced and passionate about their species. If you have any care tips of your own or information that could help others with their reef tanks, leave a comment below! Thanks to Runaway for sponsoring this video. You can check out their beautiful app by following the link in my description box. Also thanks to 'The Aquatic Design Centre' in London for answering my fish care questions, and also thanks to 'Absolutely Fish' in New Jersey for helping me to pick out an established Nano :)

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Well EM your salt tank is up and started. I feel that the care you give all your critters that this new adventure will give you many years of enjoyment. Best of luck. Those fish places are just Totaly

Hikari is a great brand generally, used it for plecos, community tanks and cichlids like oscars. But as with all fish make sure you vary types of food and makes sure you have a selection of good pellet foods as variation of food is always great for your fish :) as with most animals.

Personally I have found my 200L freshwater aquarium so much harder than my 50L saltwater aquarium. SO MUCH HARDER!!

em with Jenny be emjeny

Playing Splash as I watch this video. So relaxing and addictive...


I love Hikari! Great brand

JENNY OMG so exciiiited

Geese Pheasants Ducks Sorry for the fowl language Em.

Spiteful Hahahahahaaaa!!!

Okay I thought that was the Encarta girl voice over at first

Fritzie de Castro EMcarta!

Im sooooooo Excited!!!! :)))

Yes! Hikari is one of the best fish food brands around or if not the best!

Watching your videos always make me so calm and happy and i always feel like I got smarter after I finish watching! ❤️

What camera did u use?

Elenita Gonzales Canon G7X

Go to iconic aquariums, absolutely fish is SUPER expensive

Thanks Em! This really helped I wonder how you do it it the best set-up part one!

Yes!!! Solid Gold Aquatics!, I watch and love you both!!

When I was younger my mom got me and my sister fishes and I got a gold fish and my sister got a beta fish and we didn’t realize that betas are aggressive towards other fish and the next day my gold fish was missing and we came to the conclusion that the beta ate it... I was so sad.

Why do you talk to your boyfriend like he's a toddler

Mundy. Medics That’s just the way I talk.

I live in Nj :)

JENNIE IS AWESOME! I am a big fan and follow her. Her fish room is going to be EPIC when it is done.

Emzotic I KNOW! I can’t wait to see it done. So much work going into it. I can’t wait to also see her huge glass 2,000gal tank going in the middle of her fish room. It is going to be CRAZY! Oh yeah, I watched this video and downloaded Splash and now I am addicted to it. LOL

Josh Hibbs I’m following her construction- I’m blown away by it!

Hikari makes great food for all aquatics especially goldfish. I have used the brand before but not for saltwater. I used it for freshwater cichlids.

I prefer to feed my saltwater fish frozen and fresh foods. They never really took to packaged food and I got odd looks when I ask for only 3 clams at the grocery store for my puffer. lol

AWESOME! They are not as hard to upkeep on larger tanks. Nanos due require more upkeep but they are cool in the end because you can have a mini reef on a table somewhere or on a desk or something.

Absolutely breathtaking and wonderful content as usual! I love coming home and watching your educational videos and looking at the marvelous animals you show! Your tank looks as if I dived down to the coral reef itself!

I want that necklace

Em and Jennie in one video?!? Can't wait

hi em i need your help i am getting a baby crested gecko. i have had experience with them be 4 i have got a baby bearded dragon. i was going to put my crestie in my ex terrian tank and berdey in 1 of my viv my dragon is 8 or 9 monthes will that bee fine ps love u vids keep it up

Hi could u make a video about rats? I wanna learn more about them

Hikari is quite good. I personally always liked using New Life Spectrum, its a food trusted for many more difficult fish to keep, from salt to freshwater.

another really fun app that has saltwater fish you can collect is tap tap fish ( i love your little hermit crab

Its great that the pet shop will actually tell you that a product that they sell is terrible for animals

Just beautiful!


I use Hikari First Bites for my fish fry and they love it! I highly recommend the brand!

I know ya gotta make money but these adds are killin me!

Oh yay! Lovin the collab:) and so excited to see your aquarium come together❤

Don’t add salt water the salt did not leve the tank.

Love it. I have an tank top. Fresh water. Tho ol

Please do a skunk video!!!!

QUESTION:::: EXACTLY WHAT IS considered Nano?? Is there a certain Amount that is too big or too small?

U are a little bitch

Nice tank! :-) I've been keeping freshwater fishes for 30 odd yrs and have never thought about moving over to saltwater because it requires much more work keeping them as compared to freshwater tanks. The key to keeping fishes is to keep things as simple as possible so that you'll have more time to sit back, relax and admire your tank. Good luck on your new found hobby!

And if you do your water changes, you won't need to dose calcium and all of that because it is in your salt mix ❤

You'll want a refractometer instead of a hydrometer. You'll thank me ❤

Don't trust the cuttlefish!!!

Great video

Fishy Fishy!! And I have absolutely no clue on pet fish, all I know is that saltwater fish are hard.

This video makes me want to get a fish

I'm loving the ominous eye reflection at 3:34

my friends ball python is 6 months old and it has been going off its food the snake is getting thinner and thinner he tried to see the vets what should he do

Why do all the good fish youtubers live on the east coast??

please have another shrek the snail blog please!...huhuhu he is so cute!!! but this video is so good its so educational! hail queen of all exotic pets!

She is so beautiful. Wow!

Hey don't start with a nano tank, it's 2 times harder to maintain the adequate water parameters in nano tanks and if something goes wrong goodbye tank instantly. You don't want to run before you know how to walk. You would save a lot of money if you start with fresh water first, but whatever. Mistakes cost a fortune in saltwater aquarism; good luck!

Hydrometers are not accurate. They're always off. Get a refractometer. You also do not need to measure it every time. Once it's where you want it you can simply get an auto topoff system whihc tops off your tank with fresh RO/DI water so keep the salinity stable. Or you do by hand. Just mark the waterlevel with a black marker on the glass and when it's below the marl you know you have to top off your tank to get the sailinity down again.

All hail naked Danny?

Where does she get her beautiful necklace at. I forgot where a he mentioned it...

hikari is great c:

That's awesome Em

Do an all my animals in 1 video

How’s Shrek doing?

Get rid of that hydrometer, there too inaccurate. Invest in a good refractometer

I SEE A STARRY BLENNY!!! my blenny is named Mikhail and he’s my favorite in my whole tank!!!

Yess! I love saltwater it is amaaaaazing

I honestly loveee your channel so much!!!!

I would love saltwater tank, but they take so much care, we have a tropical and that is just a nice manageable tank, that’s if the fish don’t stop eating each other.

I use the hikari algea wafers and crustacean food for my invertebrates and they are all positively thriving. I also use the First Bites on my fries for the first week or so and they bulk up tremendously.

11:56 All Hail The Naked Danny Lol

I don't have a salt water set up but my freshwater fish LOVE Kikari brand food

When you made a video of "all of my snakes" why wasnt the beauty snake and the blood python in the video? And are you gonna make a care sheet video for the vitnamese centepide ?

Go check this link out this guy is giving away a ball python for when he reaches 1k



My mom and I have about 15 freshwater aquariums haha! We are too afraid to attempt saltwater :,)

Also that fish food you got is the brand I use for my turtle, I think it’s a very good brand!

It always amazes me how difficult saltwater aquariums can be to maintain. Something that nature does so well in a complex system, we humans struggle to do in a small acrylic box.

i already have two beta tanks and three beta fish i love watching fish videos and i’m really interested in starting a saltwater aquarium!

I appreciate the intro, but I wouldn't recommend talking to any kind of pet store employees (aquatic only or otherwise). I've been to aquarium stores whose employees didn't even mention cycling (which I'm sure you know is integral). They always just say to leave the filter on overnight. And these were successful, well-rounded stores.

I don't own saltwater fish but Hikari fish food brand is AMAZING ! My fish love it and are all super healthy. They do get fresh veggies, repashy and bloodworms as a treat tho as well.

Thats a really good brand of two part. You can get a nano to an ultra low maintenance state with a good filtering system, and a top off system. As of now, I find my 30 gallon to be less stressful than my 220 gallon. I’m fairly new to the hobby as well. My number 1 tip for you is that if you see any green bubble algae, take it out very gently without popping it, as soon as you see it. I was told to not worry about it, and I now have a huge outbreak. That is a good brand of clownfish food as well.

Downloading Splash after seeing the cuttlefish ^_^

You say you’re not an expert can I call you a pro? I wouldn’t even know that I had to do all this stuff to maintain a saltwater aquarium

You should do a creature feature on bettas and goldfish. Talk about proper care and how keeping them in vases and bowls is cruel and improper husbandry.

Hi, Em! Hope you're well! Just some advice about your clowns since I am shocked no one has said anything in the comments, but, be very careful mixing different species of clownfish -- different species of clowns can fight, and can even kill each other. There are very, very rare exceptions to where this CAN work provided there is no competition for sea anemones, and plenty of room, but they are still kinda territorial fish when it comes to their space, and the anemone in the tank even when captive bred. clowns can live anywhere from 20-30 years in captivity. Even if things go smoothly for a few years, doesn't mean it's going to work for the long term. In addition, you can leave one morning with what appears to be a peaceful tank, and come back home to a dead clownfish. If you want long term success, I'd recommend getting a pair of the same species of clownfish, and a host of anemone and then go from there, but, It's never ideal to have more then a single pair of clownfish in a nano tank/aquarium, nor a pair of mixed species of clowns to avoid because you could have potential problems later on, even if they are captive bred. Things could change as time goes on with their temperaments and it's all factored on how they are taking to their new home. HOWEVER, there is more success if you want to keep multiple clownfish or try and mix species, add them to the aquarium all at one time when they’re younger. Not sure how old your clowns are, but doing so while they are young allows them to familiarize themselves with the other fish in the aquarium and as they grow up together, they’re usually very peaceful with each other if these conditions are met, but, it's not 100% certain over the course of several decades. Anyway, I hope I was able to share some information that is useful to you, and wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors! Xoxox

So I absolutely love how beautiful Aquarium’s are however, I’ll never have one because as you said it’s terrifying

What is your name

Very nice reef tank! I'm trying to make one of my social institution's dreams come true, namely its own saltwater aquarium. Julien lives in a facility for people with disabilities with a focus on epilepsy. Donate easy and fast with Paypal.. Hope i can make his dream come true!

Congrats on the sponsorship!! I'll definitely be trying the game. I loved the video, especially the importance on captive bred!! Your little clowns are so cute!

Do you want this anemone to sting you?

Marley young put it in the fridge it will be fine in there.

Hi love your videos

I'm more impressed by your obvious efforts on research before going down the salty road. So many people, myself included, set up with little to no kowledge of how to care for the animals their intend keeping. Very thorough video.

Omg so pretty

You have to buy a refractometre !!

Great video. A few things ensure that when your water evaporates that you do not replace it with more saltwater because the water evaporates but not the salt so you just add fresh RODI water without salt. Secondly when you use a hydrometer ensure that there are no bubbles on the hydrometer needle, if there are even a few it will throw the reading off, try using a refractometer as long as its calibrated properly it will be more accurate. But all in all a fantastic video with lot's of great info.

"All Hail The Naked Danny" ded

I got the same tank, the Fluval Evo. Amazing tank. I upgraded my lights to the AI Prime HD

Can someone please tell me the name of the cool looking fish 1m 13s - Thanks

i wanna see the mudskipper

I thought you were allergic to fish! That's why you didn't have any back in the UK. I don't think I made this up!

I love this tank!!!!!! I have a tropical freshwater tank that I do all the care for. I’m only 12 so I’m a bit limited to the pets I can have but I have some pet garden snails I keep in a terrarium, a gorgeous half moon betta fish named Cosmo and a Lakeland terrier named Molly. Once I’m older I would love to get a saltwater tank. Also I noticed in the video he mentioned neon tetras as good beginners fish. Those are one of the many fish species in our big community tank. I agree they are amazing beginners fish.

Your voice overs are so calming

Emzotic I love you

I have fell in love with this channel and I watch a couple videos every single night .this might not be about this exact video but I loved ur ferret fun video on ur vlog channel and I found myself looking for more like that .i would love to see more videos of u playing with ur animals or maybe even trying some products with them . Them were just some suggestions for more videos ❤️I really really loved this channel and I watch all of your creature features bc they are sooo interesting and I recently purchased a chinchilla from being inspired from one of your videos . They are amazing and ur great at what ur doing

What 2 clown fish why gallon your aquarium thank

11:56 lol

It says "all hail naked danny"

#latesquad lol that's not a thing ...... I don't think ....

Em, I love your videos but you misspelled betta. :)


Please do an update!!!

Was that a Galápagos poster on the back?

There is!

Love the Danny dont part. Just his laugh in the background and “I know.”

Very nice setup. Wish mine was that nice. Liked and Subscribed.

PLEASE do a video on your mudskipper!!!

Oh frick

I have a nano too, it sucks cause im poor so i don't have coral

So cute! Love it! One firendly correction to what he said: A betta fish can live up to ten years, depending on how it was raised as a baby. Asian breeders (where the majority of betta fish come from) are usually unethical in the treatment of this fish. They are highly stressed and are fed food that forces them to grow fast, which significantly reduces their life expectancy. If a betta is raised by someone who actually cares for its life expectancy and is bought by someone who knows what they are doing, a betta can live anywhere form 8 to 10 years. Think long-term and buy local.

update soon pretty please

11:55 All Hail The Naked Danny XDD

My Beta was over 5 years old, his name was Leonardo Da Fishy, he only lived in a small bowl, since then I realized they need a lot more space and now have three, they are all over a year old at this point and all doing really well :)

Omg I live in New Jersey and I have seen Absolutely fish!


All hail the baked Danny

Be patient and don’t impulse buy!!!

I love your voice I maturbated to it.

All hail the naked Danny yep, I got it


dang em, you went above and beyond with the app, normally others would show it once and not mention it again, but you sprinkled it throughout. Amazing

I love

I love splash!

I would send it too you but I don't have twitter..But I could ask my mom or dad if I can use their Twitter when I get splash again

I used to love playing splash. I played flutter: starlight too. I should get splash and flutter again. I love runaway games.

Emzotic I have four goldfishes, I LOVE ur videos!!! ( my dad kept salt water fishes before, but all of them died of old age :((( and now he keeps fresh water fishes. I have fishes in my house for as long as i can remember :))) . )

11:54 slo-mo All hail the naked Danny

Well.... Now I'm addicted to a fish game.


'All Hail The Naked Danny' XD

Please make a video where you say Aquatic for 5 minutes straight. Thank you :)

so this is how you buy a tank and not how to set up lol jk

Anything Hikari is awesome. I use it for my cichlids and bettas, and they flourish with it. Haven’t found a better food.

Any foul language Savage

I'm having some of your videos playing while I work on a tank I brought home last night...and now I realized that you're how I found Gold Aquatics. After binging on her videos I...have acquired three tanks since the summer started. Possibly because she got me back into fish keeping again. Anyways, so that's kinda to say that your reef tank got me into keeping freshwater fish in a round about way. :)

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