New Michael Cohen Subpoena Could Mean New Legal Trouble For Trump Family | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

New Michael Cohen Subpoena Could Mean New Legal Trouble For Trump Family | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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And thanks to at home for joining us this hour you may have heard the news today about. A new subpoena, for the president's, personal lawyer Michael, Cohen the same Michael Cohen who, pled guilty yesterday. To eight. Felony, charges in federal court in New York Michael, Cohen did get a new subpoena, today it is a surprise. Michael. Cohen reportedly. Reacted to, that subpoena, in a surprising, way I'll, get to that in a second. But I want to talk about that subpoena here right, at the top of the show tonight because I think you should know that it might be, more. Than meets the eye it might be very important, in terms of what's about to happen next and. The. Pressure. And specifically. The legal pressure that, is being brought to bear on the, President of the United States, all. Right so here's. How it came to be, in, May, of this year May 22nd, the New York Times had a scoop that they probably only got because they are specifically, the New York Times, The. New York Times sent crack reporters, to an otherwise, sleepy. Courthouse, in Albany. New York not. A federal courthouse a state, court, because. That day in that, state court in New York a longtime. Business partner of, Michael Cohen's a taxi, cab mogul named Jean Freedman who everybody called the taxi King. He. Was in court he had been facing really serious charges in New York tax evasion on a grand scale more than five million dollars in tax evasion also. Four felony counts of criminal tax, fraud he was facing a charge of grand larceny it's a big stack of charges involving, a large amount of money and potentially, a ton of jail, time and. The big story that the New York Times uncovered. At the courthouse that day was that for some reason Jean. Freedman had managed to get this huge criminal liability he, was facing, went. Out down to. Almost nothing he. Was able to work out some sort of deal where all of that prison time and all of those felonies, just. Evaporated. Instead of being tried for evading, five million, dollars, in taxes, prosecutors. Let him plead guilty to. One count of evading. $50,000. Worth, of taxes not. Five million but 50,000, instead. Of decades, in, potential, prison time the, deal that he cut with prosecute, got him zero, prison, time, that's.

A Deal I mean people do plea deals all the time in which they offer their cooperation, to prosecutors, in exchange for prosecutors, letting. Them off the hook going a little easy on them but this is like the mother of all plea deals I mean. The amount he was able to offer them in terms of cooperation, must have been very very valuable, to the government given, how sweet, the deal was that he got from them in return. So. That happened in late May. Great. Catch by the New York Times super. Intriguing, story a really good reminder that it's always good journalistic, practice to just hang out at the courthouse and see what happens. Since, then we haven't exactly known what's been going on with with gene the taxi King Friedman, and his sweet plea deal and his potential. Cooperation. With, prosecutors, we did get one big hint a couple of weeks ago in The Wall Street Journal and they reported that gene, Friedman, the taxi King and Michael. Cohen hadn't. Just been business, partners, in the taxi business they, had shared an accountant, and the. Wall Street Journal, reported at that same time that that accountant, had been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors. Well. Now we see where that was heading in. In the list of felony charges to which Michael Cohen pled guilty yesterday in federal court you can see where all of, that stuff over the past few months may have been leading the financial, charges and tax charges that Cohen pled guilty to yesterday, are in, large part about his work in the taxi business the personal, loans the, cash transfers. The illegal, banking, tricks that can be, boring. To describe, if you're looking for a kind of cops and robbers story but they can be very easy for prosecutors, to prove. Once. They've got the paperwork to prove it and. And if and if they're really lucky if they've got the testimony, of an accountant, and a business partner to explain whatever documentation, they can get from, the banks. So. For. Obvious reasons right there has been intense, national. And political focus, on the, final two charges that Michael Cohen pled guilty to yesterday those are the campaign finance charges in which, he, remarkably. Directly. Implicated. The President of the United States as his criminal, co-conspirator. As the person who in fact directed. Him to commit those crimes. But. All of the other charges, that got Michael Cullen into that courtroom in the first place yesterday appear, to have derived from, the financial, case. Involving. Him in his taxi business in that. Case appears. To, have derived in significant, part from. That. Little courthouse, story out of Albany the New York State, Attorney General, and the New York state tax department. Bringing. A big criminal case against Cohen's partner in the taxi business and then flipping, him like a flapjack and sleepy. Little state court in Albany New York three months ago today. The. Law enforcement, official who who. Made that happen, is somebody who you might not might, not know her name is barbara Underwood. You probably remember the previous Attorney General in the state of New York he was very high-profile he ended up getting turfed out of office in a very ugly scandal, involving serious allegations, of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct his. Name was Eric Schneiderman, and he aggressively. Pursued a national, profile, but.

When He imploded. New. York state lawmakers, decided they would have the Solicitor. General from the state of New York slide over into Schneiderman's, office and become the temporary, acting AG. I think, they were thinking we. Need a legal legal legal we need a legal official Solicitor, General she argues cases can she take over for a second I don't even know if New York state lawmakers, and their famous fecklessness, even, had any idea exactly, what they had just done when they picked on barbara Underwood I don't even know if they, quite understood exactly, who, this was they were putting into the attorney general's office in their, state, but. Honestly barbara Underwood is a bigger deal than any, of them barbara, Underwood is freaking impressive, she, has argued 20 cases before the Supreme Court, she was Magnum, laude at Harvard she was first in her class at Georgetown Law School she was a clerk for Thurgood, Marshall yes that Thurgood Marshall she taught for years at Yale Law School she, became acting, Solicitor General's acting. Solicitor General of the United States in 2001, that made her the first woman to ever hold the Solicitor General title in this country she's been a lead prosecutor in, multiple, jurisdictions including. Serving. As the the chief assistant US attorney in the Eastern District. Of New York through a lot of their most blockbuster. And cases, she. Has an absolutely. Impeccable. Reputation. And, lifelong. Record and she. Is nothing to be messed with and she's. Totally unassuming. She is 74, years old when. She suddenly became, New York State Attorney General, all the papers were like we don't have any pictures of this person. But. She stepped into that role in the midst of crisis, and, she. Did not miss a step and, I know what you're thinking oh this is fascinating Matt, oh great now I have an interesting biographical. Sketch of the appointed, Attorney General of New York if it ever comes up at Pub Quiz I'll win cash and prizes why do I care all. Right how. Does this fit into this. Crisis, that the whole country appears to be in right now particularly, around the president, possibly. Being a crook and or a foreign, agent and what we're gonna do about it. This. Is where that goes I mean. Right biggest. Of big picture here is the, scandal, surrounding the president right which is which is different, than any other scandal, any president, has ever faced the. Scandal, the absolutely. Unprecedented scandal. Surrounding this, particular, president boils down to two main things right number. One Russia when. Russia interfere dinh our election to sway it in Donald Trump's direction, did Donald Trump and or his campaign conspire. With Russia to help them do that that's one part of it absolutely, unprecedented, the. Other part, of it separate. And, potentially. Unrelated, is, whether. Scrutiny. Of this president, brought. On by the Russia investigation. Or just by the normal scrutiny that comes with being president is gonna, end up turning up business.

And Financial dealings. Including. During the campaign that could, represent serious. Criminal liability for this president for his campaign even potentially, for his family, right. That's that's, the two sides of the unprecedented, nature, of the scandal that surrounds this president the Russia scandal, and the, worries about his business and financial, scandal and, that. Brings us back to Barbara Underwood. So. A month. After, she flipped Jean the taxi King Friedman. Securing. His cooperation with prosecutors, in exchange for leniency in the charges against him which ultimately looks, like it led to the conviction of michael cohen yesterday, or, the guilty police from michael cohen yesterday just, one month after she flipped gene friedman. Barbara. Underwood filed. A civil, lawsuit this. Civil lawsuit on behalf of the people of New York against president Trump's Charitable, Foundation you, can see there at the top two people of the state of New York. By. Barbara D Underwood Attorney General of the state of New York, against. Donald. J Trump Donald. Trump jr. Ivanka. Trump Eric, F Trump and the, Donald J Trump Foundation quote, for. More than a decade the Donald J Trump Foundation has operated in persistent. Violation, of state and federal law this, pattern of illegal. Conduct by the foundation, and its current members includes improper, and extensive, political, activity, repeated, and willful self dealing transactions. And failure, to follow basic, fiduciary. Obligations, or to, implement, even, elementary, corporate. Formalities as, required by law. Lawsuit. Filed by barbara underwood against. The Trump foundation. Alleging. That before. Trump ran for president he used his foundation, as a fake, charitable, enterprise that, really only benefited, himself once. He started running for president according, to this lawsuit from Barbara Underwood he basically converted. His foundation, into, a fake charitable foundation that didn't just benefit himself anymore now it was a vehicle for making illegal campaign expenditures on, behalf of his campaign for president. And. When she filed that lawsuit in, June a lot of the allegations, that she made against Trump's foundation were familiar people particularly. To anybody who followed David, Ferran holds Pulitzer, prize-winning, reporting, in the Washington Post in which he had dogged Lee catalogued, the, not at all, charity. Like finances. Of Donald Trump's supposed, foundation. But. In this lawsuit Underwood, added, some very specific. Evidence. Including. Dropping, pictures, of some of it right into the text of the lawsuit for, example she put in stuff like this handwritten. Note, see. That on the right side of your screen there it's handwritten on Donald. J Trump's stationery written in Donald J Trump's very recognizable. Handwriting, his signature all caps style written with a Sharpie to Alan. W Allen, Wisel Berg the money guy at the Trump Organization. He apparently was listed as the treasurer, of the Trump Foundation, for a decade without, even, knowing he was listed as such until, he got deposed, by Barbara Underwood's investigators, and they told him and he was like I'm what now I'm the treasurer I've been the treasurer for how long nobody told me. But. There's this note in the middle of the lawsuit Alan W Donald. J Trump foundation $100,000. Payment to Fisher House and then in parentheses, it says what for settlement. Of flag issue in Palm Beach, okay. Signed D. Donald. Trump's private club mar-a-lago and, Palm Beach had, been sued for violating. Local zoning restrictions having. To do with its flagpole. When. That lawsuit got settled and Trump. Had to pay money to settle that lawsuit Trump said pay that out of the charity funds that's not coming out of my pocket you. Cannot use your charity for that. But. Barbara Underwood caught him doing it Barbara. Underwood files this blistering, lawsuit, with lots of evidence including, the stuff just absolutely, it, like literally embedded, in the text of velocity, it's a civil, lawsuit that she brings in New York State but. She forwards. All this evidence that she gathered, to. The, IRS, for. Them to investigate it's a potential criminal tax matter she fors it to the Federal Election Commission for, them to investigate it as a potential set, of criminal campaign, finance violations she, C sees it too the Public Integrity Division, at the US Justice Department and, within.

New York State, the, state tax department, starts, investigating, that evidence as well as laid, out by Barbara Underwood to see if in, addition to her civil lawsuit there should also be a state, criminal referral. Against, the Trump foundation and president. Trump personally, and each, of his three eldest, children personally. And that. Is where the subpoena came from today for Michael Cohen. The. Tax department in New York State has subpoenaed him to. Testify as they, investigate, whether that is going to become a criminal case I said. Right off the top Michael Cohen had an unexpected, response to that subpoena this. Is from the Daily News this is fascinating here's, how the Daily News explains how that went down quote, the. State tax department which has been investigating, president Trump's Charitable Foundation, today issued a subpoena to. Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and it, received, an immediate, response a source, with direct knowledge of the situation tells, the Daily News that shortly, after the subpoena went out Michael. Cohen, personally. Contacted, the tax department to, talk, the. Source would not say what the response was from, the tax department but. Typically. In such cases where someone has a lawyer. Investigators. Deal with their counsel and not, directly with the person. So. In. New York State the Attorney General Barbara Underwood and the tax division in the state, they're. The ones who brought these devastating charges, against, Jean. Freedman the taxi King right threatening him with decades, in prison five, million dollars in tax evasion and all these multiple felonies, they put that pressure on him SQUOZE. Dim flipped. Him it appears, that cooperation, deal probably. Led to a number of the felony charges that Michael Cohen just pled to boom, now, the same dynamic, duo New, York's Attorney General, Barbara Underwood and the, tax division in New York State they, are now investigating, the, Trump foundation Trump's supposed charity, for a potential, criminal referral and we know they've got a ton of evidence because. Barbara Underwood laid it out in her civil case that. Is the origin of the subpoena, from Michael Cohen today and according, to The Daily News he responded, to that subpoena immediately. By personally, calling back the tax department does. The for the text Department didn't, even really know how to deal with it we're assuming you have a lawyer sir no. You want to just come right in okay do you want us to fix you a sandwich or anything you're right outside all right. Michael. Cohen pled guilty to eight felonies, yesterday, he's out on bail today and that. Thing that started yesterday. Right. At. Almost exactly the same moment that Trump's campaign chairman was being convicted, of eight felonies. Right. Trump's, personal, lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty to eight felonies and he personally, implicates the president, in the criminal behavior, to, which he himself is pleading guilty that. All started, yesterday but Michael Cohen still out on bail and so apparently it's still unfolding, today, again. In this lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General that case is brought against, Trump's foundation, Trump himself and Ivanka.

Don, Jr and Eric Trump they are all named explicitly, in that case, in. The lawsuit Barbara Underwood accuses. Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric of quote abdicating. All responsibility. For ensuring. That the Foundation's, assets, were used in compliance, with the law I. Mean. If that case is gonna become a criminal matter and that's what's in process here if it's gonna be a criminal case and not just a civil lawsuit by the state of New York that. Could end up being a very serious, matter for not just Trump's. Charity, and the, president himself but, also for his three eldest, children. Should. Also note that because. It's a state case there won't be any way to parking, people out of jeopardy. In. That case you can only pardon, someone if you're president for federal crimes. But. There are also you should know serious, allegations, about the Trump campaign. In this. Same lawsuit. From. The lawsuit quote in 2016. The board knowingly permitted, the foundation, to be co-opted, by mr. Trump's presidential campaign, mr. Trump's political committee, extensively, directed, and coordinated, the Foundation's, activities quote. The foundation ceded, control over. The grants to the campaign making an improper, in-kind, contribution. Of no, less than two point eight to three million dollars, to the campaign, quote. The Foundation's grants made Trump in the campaign look, charitable, and increase, the candidates profile, to Republican, primary voters, quote. Mr. Trump's wrongful, use of the foundation, to benefit his campaign, was willful, and knowing. Right. Absolutely. Damning stuff about the Trump campaign, as well in this, lawsuit from. New York Attorney General Barbour Underwood so. To the extent that Michael Cohen might be helping with this might now be participating. And what, may, end up being a criminal inquiry into the Trump foundation that, has legal implications, for the Trump foundation for Donald Trump himself for, Don, Jr Eric, Ivanka. And for. The Trump campaign, and. Then. There's also the Trump Organization. The. Trump business. Which. Is also apparently. Quite, seriously, implicated, in Michael Cohen's guilty plea yesterday, in federal court. Michael cohen made what is described, as an illegal payoff, to stormy Daniels during, the campaign to keep her from telling her story about an alleged affair with Donald Trump Cohan explains in his plea and.

Prosecutors, Elaborate, in the criminal information they filed around, this plea, that. Donald Trump directed, him to do that but. Then also Michael, Cohen thereafter, got. Paid, back for. Having put out that money in that illegal payoff, and as, prosecutors. Tell the story it was the Trump Organization that, was used as the entity, to, pay Cohen. Back quote, on or about February 14th. 2017. The, day after Mike Flynn was fired just in case you're counting honor, about February 14 2017. Michael Cohen the defendants sent an executive, of the company the Trump Organization executive. Won the, first of his monthly invoices requesting. Pursuant, to a retainer, agreement, payment, for services rendered for the months of January, and February 2017. The. Invoice listed, $35,000. For each of those two months executive. One forwarded. The invoice to another, executive, of the company executive, to the same day by email and it was approved executive. One forwarded, that email to another employee at the company stating, quote please, pay, from. The trust. Post. To legal expenses, put retainer for the months of January and February 2017. In the description, now. The company in question is the Trump Organization Trump. Business who. Are executive, one an executive, two we, don't know but. That notation, that, the money to Cohen paying. Him back for the illegal, pay off during the campaign that should be paid from the trust. Well. The trust in this case is, that's. Supposedly, independent. Entity that president Donald Trump signed over all his business interest to after, he was sworn in as president right, that's the entity, a month after he was sworn in that started, systematically paying. Michael Cohen for. Having made that illegal pay off during the campaign. That's. Where the money came from and, who. Controls the trust that, was making these payments well. The president says the trust is now run by these guys his, eldest sons Donald. Jr and Eric Trump, president. Put his business interest in a Trump put his sons in charge of it it is the trust that paid Cohen, back for his felonious illegal. Payments during the campaign. Again. From the from the criminal information quote, executive, one forwarded, that email to another employee at the company stating, please, pay from the trust Eric, and Don Jr run the trust. So. The president's personal lawyer yesterday in federal court directly implicated, the President himself in at least two felonies. To which Michael Cohen himself has now pled guilty. Last. Night on CNN. Michael, Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis suggested. That Michael Cohen also has, information to share that, would be of interest to prosecutors, that relates to the. Trump foundation, the charity, today. That. Made something happen in the world the people who are investigating, the Trump foundation, as a potential, criminal matter subpoenaed. Michael Cohen to give them whatever, testimony, he's got about the Trump foundation he apparently sprinted, right over. In. Addition. Last night Cohen's, lawyer Lanny Davis told us here on this show that Michael Cohen also has information about the president potentially, having advance notice, of the, criminal, hacking, that happened during the campaign, in which, Russian, government hackers attacked Democratic Party computers, to wreak, havoc and steal information, that was used to help Trump win the election we, don't know exactly what Lanny Davis meant, by that very carefully worded, statement that he made on this show last night but, today there, has been a lot of focus on this.

Reference On page 16, of the criminal information against, Cohen and which, prosecutors say, that, when Michael Cohen got. His reimbursement. From the Trump Organization from, the Trump business for, these expenses, he had made during the campaign the. Expenses. Of these you, know the payoff which he now admits was an illegal felonious. Expenditure. When. He got reimbursement. For that for the illegal payoff he also asked, the Trump Organization to, pay him back fifty, thousand dollars for quote tech, services, and, prosecutors. Say in the criminal information that. $50,000. Claim quote in fact Cohen, had solicited from a technology, company during, an in connection with the campaign. Michael. Cohen supposedly, wasn't to campaign at all. So. Under what circumstances. Would he have been spending a nice round, fifty, thousand dollars on something tech related that in fact was for the campaign that. He would later seek reimbursement from. Reimbursement. For from, the Trump Organization he. Sought that reimbursement, for that $50,000. In Tekken spenders right, alongside the, reimbursement, he was always already getting from them for, his illegal cash payoff to, stormy Daniels the one that he's now going to do prison time for. We. Don't know that $50,000. Was was that Michael Cohen laid. Out to benefit the campaign and then he was paid back for by the Trump Organization we, don't know what that was but, I will note for, the record. Just, because you should know this is out there that. What Michael Cohen is accused of in the steel dossier is, meeting. With Kremlin, representatives, in August and September 2016. To discuss quote deniable. Cash payments, to operatives. Who were participating, in the anti Clinton hacking campaign organized by the Russian government, quote. According, to redacted, the agenda, comprised questions, on how deniable, cash payments, were to be made to hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction against the Clinton campaign and various. Contingencies for, covering, up those operations. So. He was there to discuss how to pay for the Russian hacking effort according, to the steel dossier if, that really happened is that something you might build to the Trump Organization as. Tech, services. Alongside. The porn star payoff that you billed to the Trump Organization as, legal, retainer. Last. Night we talked about the fact that the closest parallel in American presidential history to what happened to Donald Trump yesterday is probably, March. 1st 1974. That's that they Richard, Nixon saw the indictment, of his campaign chairman and his his chief of staff and other top, White House aides when. The grand jury indicted those seven top Nixon, staffers, in 1974. We would soon learn that that, grand jury also named the President himself as, an unindicted, co-conspirator. That, was March 1st 1974. By the end of that summer by August Nixon resigned. The presidency. Which. Then actually, led to a fascinating, few days of fierce national. Legal debate, to whether or not Nixon could actually get, indicted, then once. He was no longer president, once there was no longer any constitutional, issue as to whether he was protected from indictment because of the fact that he was a sitting president we'll, get to that in a in a few minutes with Michael Beschloss tonight but, but in this case now in 2018, with, this president there's no grand jury here, and there was no indictment because Michael Cohen pled guilty in open court rather than go through the process of being, indicted and going on trial he pled guilty and he apparently wants to talk about everything, he knows but. No less so than in 1974. Because of Michael Cohen this, president, has now been named as an unindicted, co-conspirator. And. There. Are constitutional. Questions as to whether or not any president, can be indicted while they are still serving, as president. But. There are no, sets constitutional, issues for, any potential indictments, coming down this same road that. Are. For people or entities not, specifically, named Donald J Trump. Indictments. For the Trump campaign people. Who served on the Trump campaign the Trump Organization people, who work at the Trump Organization the. Trump Foundation, and importantly, the people who are on the board of the Trump Foundation who are named Donald, J Trump Donald Trump jr. Eric, Trump and Ivanka Trump. Nothing. In the Constitution, protects anybody other than the president. From. Indictment, while. He's still serving as president nothing, protects his family or any of his business entities, from legal accountability and. As. Of today it looks like that's where this is going.

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CNN=fake news

She talks way to much about nothing

Rachel Maddow is the most smug man I've ever seen

Cohen acts so tough, but he seems to have an inferiority complex. Or, maybe he has daddy issues. But when he gives his all to someone, he _really_ gives his *_ALL_* to that someone, or _someone(s)._ Trump probably seen him as a weak, submissive door mat, so he (Trump) lost interest. But Cohen needs coddled, and when he's no longer adored by whoever he is serving under, he flips. And when Cohen flips, he *_really_* flips.

SNL totally ruined these two brothers for me. Whatever they say I have to look at a SNL skit for context....

Report the corruption that Andrew Coumo and his aid are responsible for....

Oh my.... sued for a flag pole issue? This fails to compare to the corruption that Clinton Foundation and Obama have. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PEOPLE DYING! You can eat a bag of d!.$,:$/&

But don't forget, at the time the Clintons were responsible for people dying, Donald Trump wasn't president and demonstrated that he and the Clintons were long time friends. The sitting real estate underworld President, was already a minion of the terrorist industry state of Israel with the Clintons. See the You Tubes; TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: (short) Trump's Jewish MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017) also see Israeli-Linked Firm Suspected of Helping Trump Get Elected – Reports Joel zamel also on You Tube The government will put the goi's in jail by the jews will walk. Also Nixon didn't go to jail. Criminal behavior on a large scale that affects more peoples lives than active shooters don't have to pay the piper.

Gumby is looking for a new girlfriend

The heading in a lawsuit doesnt actually prove anything... you are FAKE NEWS trying to tell us what is fake? Eat a bag of d.!:);&

No Collusion !  Believe me !  Witch Hunt


Thank you for keeping us informed Rachael. Without you it would just be the russian propagandists at RT.

There's something special about rachel, very lovable person, love you rachel❤

Jumby is looking for a girlfriend

This is my first time seeing or watching Rachel Maddow, but I really like her personality, look and mannerisms... I'm going to base a Dungeons and Dragons NPC off of her! what? Trump sucks and Cohen's a schmuck, what else you want? We know this, I want to see some positives Hahaha

Is this talk host a transgender woman or a woman dressed as a man? I'm so confused.


Young Earth fake courts? Haha, no.


Answer THIS one Sarah Liar-a-bee .... go on...give it your best insulting shot !! BTW...good luck on the employment front.

So Trumps rallies are an entertainment show he presents to raise Trump Foundation donations! He's using his position as the President of the US to put on a show (his rallies) in order to raise money for his foundation and/or his legal fees, as well as for anything else he's using the money for ...... so what is he doing differently since his TV celebrity show! Looks like he's exercising highly skilled criminality right under everyone's noses!

Barbara Underwood for President?

Why do people care if it's a Republican or Democrat in the White House? Neither will unite the world towards a global sustainable civilization. They're all just puppets to corporations and/or mental slaves to the monetary system. We have the resources, technology and scientific knowledge to create more abundance than humanity has ever known. But Democrats not willing to think forwards and stay content within the power structure of the monetary system will never see true progress. Either way, Republican or Democrat... we're still being held back by old concepts of controls that we must evolve beyond if we expect to see humanity survive and thrive.

msnbc, a pure leftist propaganda organization, can not report the truth despite having to climb over truth on their way to the microphone to tell more lies intended to manipulate Americans and cover up for the real criminals and corruption which is msnbc’s culture. Shame on this hate organization, shame on msnbc for inciting hate, violence, division and discord all to spread their leftist ideology. msnbc is the enemy of America and all free people.

Karma. Cohen just handed the chance to do over Trump. I find the timing of all of these things very convenient. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

Take my advice. Never sit down to watch a Rachel Maddow post without a big tub of popcorn. Even if you don't like popcorn. You will by the time you get halfway through the post. Keep 'em coming Rachel. You 'are' the queen.

Cohen seems like he’s probably, definitely been a mole and obviously a trader.


But Cohen has resting surprise face... Constitutionally speaking, can Trump run again?

She must have spent a lot of time down town, in order to obtain that level of bool**** spewing grit. The sheer length of time alone. Every word was spoken with handkerchief clutching outrage. Lol ugh my gosh... it was unbearable. If she wasn’t saying it I might have even listened. It’s just funny how much time you spend trying to convince people to turn on trump. It’s not going to happen guys. This was a sad presentation.

Great Reporting

Obama had campaign violations and paid a fine...thats all that will happen. TRUMP 2020!

MSNBC has to push this nonsense to cover up the fact that an illegal killed Mollie Tibbetts. Liberals have blood on their hands.

The First family of Crime is headed for the Big House. All those lies are coming home to roost. Hollywood should make a movie out of this but twist the end so that Agent Orange gets slapped in the face with bags of faeces as they do to corrupt Thai politicians.

Trump is getting fatter.

Anyone with the name "Underwood" is a badass! - #HouseOfCards

Nda's are very common in business. If Cohen paid then it could be a campaign contribution above the limit, but if Trump paid it doesn't matter. Corporate expenses and out-of-pocket expenses don't count, otherwise we would have to start campaign violations for clothes makeup and transportation. Those benefit the candidate too.

i SAY THE "DON'T ARREST POLITICIANS whie they are sitting" gig needs to be amanded as criminals will naturally see political off as a place tp hide out and avoid answering for their crimes, thus, desecrating the office they are in.

That's how Trump is going to be remembered, as a CRIMINAL!

Never apologize for explaining in depth anything! That's why we love you Rachel! You put the puzzle pieces together. You should have been a lawyer, but it's a swamp too.

This news anchor cannot get to the f***ing point, can she. I can't wade through her non-sense to the actual news.

The future is female! Again!! Men were given the opportunity and war and division is all we got!

She has our permission to replace Sessions! Please

Get him Rachel!!

The bridge is out up ahead. It's not too late for any ( _or all_ ) of you supporters who are _still_ onboard,  to jump off the Trump train.

Funny how much MSNBC resembles a Marx Brothers News Company, "They lie often and always aren't nearly as funny as Groucho!" The only crime committed was that the left has spent millions trying to convince themselves that Hillary only lost because of a crime that they can find no proof of....that's called insanity by a professional in the mental health field. They want the country to suffer so that they can feel good about why a woman who lied often and always as they do lost.... it wasn't her deleted emails or connections to Epstein or the DNC emails (Seth Rich) or Podesta being tricked by KIMDOTCOM to give up his email info that lost the elections, it was the Russians they were working with that did it???? Sound the horn 3 times Harpo.

Underwood for president!

تعریف بچه حرامزاده و بی پدر مثل خودت که دولت وحکومت دست تو زنازاده است توایرانی نیستی اگر می بودی اینچنین زر نمیزدی حکایت آن اخونده و راننده کامیون مصداق خودت هست

I'M an American--I was born in America---I'm a 4th generation of west European Christian background: I hate the United States. I hope we lose all future wars...You think I'm joking...America is the reason why the world is in a mess. Down with America. Donald Trump is a fat pig. I wish the United States to fall to the deepest depths.

Snap out of're heartsick cause' you long for "normal America"

Rachel, It is good to be reminded of the Barbara Underwood civil lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and the Trump family, and of its significance today. You do a good job of connecting the dots. But there's something you may not be aware of . . . just how similar you are to Trump. You preach to the converted - not perhaps with the overt fervour of Trump in regard to his base, but with your own brand of liberal partisanship. The nods and winks, the cat-that-got-the-cream demeanour, the loaded language, the assumption of complicity . . . I've a feeling you don't know you are doing it. For anyone who cares about journalistic balance, it's disappointing. What was it that well-known preacher from yesteryear said, 'Look at the beam in your own eye before you point out the mote in another's eye' or words to that effect . . .

Vote for democrats or for those whom will tackle the very issues that keep honest Americans up at night. Whom will end or try to put an end to unstainable living, who will speak up on diversity as a strength not a weakeness, whom promote human decentcy and whom will talk about bringing back human civility to polictics, whom will fight to bring tax cuts to lower and middle class citizens, whom will try to fight poverty, fight against corporate greed, and end America. Jobs being shipped overseas and evade taxes, etc etc etc etc ......

Poor Eric.

Mueller playing chess. Trump checkers. Checkmate bro. Can't pardon them kids. This is like watching a lobster cook. And wait when he drops the big hammer with Russia. This is over.

... can’t stand ... can’t watch ...

Felons aren’t allowed to vote, but they are allowed to hold the office of president... if the are republican and white.

What does Ivana think about that criminal snake, her daughter Ivanka?

I just cringe so hard watching her. How can anyone handle listening to her spew this out. She’s a liability alone. Rethink who you let spit your bool**** *out. It ain’t her guys. You will never win behind her idiotic jerky pelican frog like cadence. It makes me want to regurgitate a fish when I hear her speak. Can’t hear a word she says... I just start to pass a herring

all the brains in the world don't count for hill of beans when you have the unquestioning ignorant and rabid mob on your side baying for blood. I sincerely hope that that mob i.e. 40%+ of the US electorate (that now must surely count as zealot cult followers) is not enough to keep him in power. ..but stranger things have happened.

@Rachel Maddow: You should be elected President of the United States of America and Barbara Underwood should be appointed to the Supreme Court; that's my take. Please make this happen.

What will happen when it will be clear that Trump payed for abortions during his lifetime?

WHOA! Go Barbara! Go! ;-)

If you listened to NPR's embedded, you know about the flagpole.

Trump made dear with Russia.

Rachel is most detail investigation all her show already pinch very insight in the every issue that cover in her show

Media Conditioning Propaganda AGAINST The PEOPLE. STOP the Democrats Corruption.... VOTE REPUBLICAN.

The more you talk about the trumps the more I think about the Clintons How did clintons get away? Or are there 2 tier justice systems

Cohen hlook8ng at a lot of jail time

Where was Barbara underwood for the Clintons

Hey just an opinion if both Clintons got away with their alleged foundation BS trumps foundation is a misdemeanour I’m no lawyer but.... youtube has a lot of inf FYI

I guess the US president is getting his pardon papers all lined up for signing. When he signs them, will he use several pens that will be distributed to loyalists to mark this great occasion?

Russia Scandel will tilt on this angle of conspicery or co-opperation, *without evidence of written or spoken, can evidence of conspeciery with russia be; *co-ordiniated efforts by two separate persons for maximum benefit, either for one, both. *EITHER One,... without the other,... those separate efforts would not have been of themselves enough to succeed. *The Proof of... is the election results.

What about Stzork Page Ohr Comey McCabe etc

Russia was invading USA during obama Admin.

She has a great record like mueller

At Harvard just like Hilary clinton

You believe Cohen...

Get to the point...

I can’t wait til a special counsel is appointed to investigate Hilary FBI DOJ IRS Hope it’ll be the 2nd part of American political saga To follow

Been watching since trump came down the escalator and your obsession to negativity Dems accused trump of from day one. Hoping to find something wrong I’ve been watching from day one NOT ONE POSITIVE WORD ABOUT TRUMP FROM THE SAY HE CAME DOWN THE ELEVATOR To me democrats are afraid of something Collusion Obstruction of justice Impeachment Mentally ill bee He’s racist Sexual affairs Taxes NOW campaign money

So, the taxi king is the Russian Jew Evgeny. Hmmmm...

darkness has covered their lives and evil is the meat that they consume.

Rachael. You and your team are BRILLIANT at burrowing away to get to the truth. Long may u reign !

Thank you Rachel

Some day this will make a great movie.

This is why I like Uber and Lyft - more accountability

So what will we be left with when your greatest dream is realized and this administration is destroyed. What happens to the country then?

We undo the damage done by Trump; we rebuild.

Get to the point Rachel!

I'm a happy snowflake today.

dad said he only did legal stuff.cuffum mueller.

iwonka,melanoma, and drumpf...

I have a feeling all the trumps will go to jail.

Karma, deplorable losers!!

I have a new hero! Thanks, Barbara!

Alex Jones somewhere begging YouTube to let him back on so he can report on this

its absurd and amazing that the law and order candidate has the most legal/ corruption scandals.

Does anyone know the Traitor Pledge that Pence and the rest of Trumps lackeys had to pledge. It sure looks like someone is going to see this fooos TAX returns fo sure now

Well Bubba will be waiting on them in prison they probably already practice on each other


Called IT! Another no content troll channel!

You are fake news

Rachel, seriously, you are so boring. And I'm a Brit Socialist!

Why didn't the IRS catch these guys ahead of all this?

the entire Trump family look like criminals and crooks anyway I'm not surprised

Man these plea deal are a bit nefarious, aren’t they? I mean why even bother going to court let’s just play a game of smoke and mirrors, cloak and dagger, eeny, meeny, moe...???

The dominos they are a falling


50K payoff to Russian tech hackers??? Noooooooo

My mouth is watering at the thought of the whole verminous clan in jail forever. If only their senatorial enablers on both sides could join them.

The slow pace of Justice. But alas we are at the doorway. Lock him up!

If Trump is a foreign agent than Obama is born in Kenya--- PLEASE GET A LIFE AND STOP THE CONSPIRACY NONSENSE!

People with money always get off easy If anyone else they would have to do big time

Any bets that say the money left over from the Inauguration went to the Foundation?

What enrages me is that this one buffoon and his family have wasted billions of dollars of taxpayers money during the administration, are systematically destroying the fabric of our government and society, not to mention the environment, ruined our foreign relations, consumed the resources of our media, all resulting in distracting everyone from important work like truly making america even greater. What a waste of money and time. It's been an entertaining soap opera but I hope all those jerks go down the river - put them all on a pacific island and let them figure out how to survive on nothing.

Trump, ur fired! I'm sorry. Lol

Are there any honest people in the world??? i feel like Zarathustra/Diogenes wandering with my little lantern looking for...even one.

Drumpf crime family using a charity to enrich themselves, thieving lowlife scum

I am imagining Donald Trump at his father's grave. He is screaming, "Now Do You Love Me Daddy?"

Hey Madcow! Drop dead! You piece of swill. Tired of your fake news and constant reruns.

One thing is clear, with all the hatred you display, you are definitely Not a christian. No way.

Hang the trumps!

I vote for Trump to be guillotined! That's proper justice for traitorous dictators like him!

The FBI would be wise to delegate a 24/7 bodyguard to Cohen, now that he is out on bond ... given how his former boss had strong ties to Russia, and that Russia is notorious for disappearing/silencing troublemakers.

Wow.  I don't hear any Trumpers on here yelling fake news  LOL  Did they all suddenly get smart enough to realize these are actual documents with real words on them that spell out the Trump Criminal Organization?

No. I assume they were scared off by all the reading...

Everybody’s talkin’.


Don jr better not do squats in jail he might land on something stiff

There was no hacking, that is a lie Rachel and you know it. Seth Rich lost his life to expose those who were responsible, and it wasn't Trump. Russian hackers, what a load of BS. That's Hillary and Podesta's claims and they are totally false. Just ask yourself why didn't the DNC turn over the computer's that were supposedly hacked, over to the FBI? If it was true, that's what they should have done, to prove without a doubt that it actually occurred, but they didn't. Instead they sent it to a private company...why? I will tell you why, it had evidence that was incriminating that's why. It had evidence that proved there was no hack and that the Russians were not involved, that's why. Just think about how Hillary smashed, deleted, burned, bleach bit her incriminating evidence even though that evidence was under subpoenaed. You think Hillary and the DNC was going to let anyone live that knew of the crimes? RIP Seth Rich! MSNBC/Rachel lie all day long to their views, nothing but fake news!


That is the reason his family moved into the white house. To use the secret service to keep everyone out.

Tough luck finding Eric and Don jr. They have to already been granted Russian citizenship

Rachel - you are magnificent

Lock the Trumps up lock the Trumps up...lock the Trumps up ...lock the Trumps up !!!!!!

Trump's China Tariffs Sending BILLIONS To Russia-------------------OH YES SEND TRUMP TO SPACE!!! AS FAR AS OUR TECHNOLOGY CAN SEND HIM!!! AS FAR AS OUR TECHNOLOGY! POSSIBLY CAN! WITHOUT RETURN!!! HE"L BE OK IN SATURN!-------Michael Cohen Subpoenaed In Trump Charity Criminal Probe-----Michael Cohen has now been subpoenaed by investigators and prosecutors in New York for information related to the Trump family’s illegal use of their Trump Foundation charity. They’ve already been hit with civil penalties, but the New York Attorney General has referred the case for criminal investigation, and now Michael Cohen is a part of it. This is a major new development that threatens the entire Trump family, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains----Michael Cohen Threatens To Leverage Secrets Against President Donald Trump

I have heard of people getting sweet deals through the IRS, but that is more than a sweet deal.Barbara Underwood is amazing!!

The Chump crime family, the boys dumb and dumber, the daughter aka dumb as a rock. There will be an episode of American Greed shortly.

Can’t wait to find out what he placed on the table.

Just how stupid is Rachel, lol, she still believes Russia influenced our election, hahahaaaa, priceless!


President Suka Blyat..

Fascinating delivery by Rachel Maddow. When all is said and done erect a statue for Barabara Underwood. A real big one.

Maddow is the fire hose to the "Trumpster fire". God bless her and her staff's efforts!


Do Trump supporters think Google is fake news? Try researching Kushner, Levi Leviev and Raz Steinmetz. whoo- ee.

Every day more facts are released, people start to wake up and trump loses more imbecilic supporters. SANE PEOPLE don't support trump

Rachel is hilarious      Do you want us to fix you a sandwich or anything


It just keeps getting better and better. I wonder how he is going to deflect from everything hitting at once. Watch out world!!

Thank you very much, Ms. Maddow!

11:19 *W O W*

It is criminal....and it will go criminal


Was Cohen the bag man for the hackers?

Yet again Rachel (and her team) knocks it out of the park.

Remember for all the crimes Al Capone committed, he was put in jail for tax evasion.

Go Babs!

If el chapo was president I bet he wouldn't have this many lawsuits.

Ha Ha no pardons, always follow the money, tax crimes get them all sooner or later.

Everything Trump touches... DIES. Even his kids....

Americans (and in fact the whole world) should be careful and on guard for Trump creating a false flag event that could result in him trying to enforce martial law. It certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility that Russia could put together a terrorist action that would give Trump an excuse to bring in martial law. I say it would have to be Russia because Trump does not have enough support within the pentagon, the CIA, or other agencies to orchestrate it himself. But Putin could easily orchestrate something far worse than 911 and place the blame on ISIS or some other terrorist group. What's really sad is the number of evangelical Christians that continue to ignore the evidence against him. Hopefully public opinion will now shift enough that long time supporters will no longer use the economy as an excuse for continuing to support this lying, wicked excuse for a human being.

Maddow should run for president She has more twitter followers than Sanders

*Remember how we couldn't elect hillary because her emails that while they didn't break any laws, or even have any harm come from them "Might have shown poor judgement with regards to sensitive documents"? Yeah that's way worse then what the trump and his people are doing like let former KGB agents into the oval office with no supervision or oversight as trump leaked state secrets to our enemies so that he could brag what a big man he is. Mannifort is a good person even though he is known as the merchant of death hes a good person. He's going to jail by the way good people don'y plead guilty*

Its about now that history is being forged. Republican senators should be considering how they will individually be viewed when the fullness of the Trump swamp is known, and they are seen as non-defenders of their people and their country. There are so many stories that aren’t getting oxygen right now due to the larger stories gulping it all up. Like how Trump-de-doodle goes on TV and says he paid hush money himself...umm no mention of how morally corrupt he was in the first place by having affairs while his wife was pregnant. How he defends his actions just by saying they aren’t a crime, but no acknowledgement that he sought to do dodgy stuff to further his own interests. Having lived through Watergate, admittedly from the other side of the world, I have the perspective of history and distance. It won’t end well. It will end soon. Those who did nothing will be seen as morally corrupt. Those who fell for this idiots spin will be seen as fools. Anyone remember Hitler? He whipped the crowds into a frenzy and convinced them of his evil ideas. Do yourselves a favour - jump ship now.

So sad to see someone like this reporter or what ever she is, to be giddy over our President of the United States having possible legal trouble. It is amazing our country’s economy is doing so well with the media against President Trump. Hussein Obama said our economy will never be as strong as it once was. It’s the new norm. Boy was he wrong!

Going over many of the TV's shows showing the Trump's kids, truly make one want to puke all over!!!!!

This show is on a completely different level than anything else, even compared to shows in Europe.

I'm a Trump supporter but when inner circle turns on you and asks for immunity to testify..history shows the person in question always ends up in stepping down/jail..its the end of the glorious road for Trump

Stormy Daniels and Donny in Knocked Up 2.

This is an example when you suppress a segment of humanity you suppresshonourable Good Talent.

The most fundamental aspect of the US Constitution in reference to the rule of law; is - *_No one is above the law!_* Therefore the President can be indicted!

Biggest Rigged Witch-Hunt in the history of America

Who's rigged it?

What is the difference between Trump and a puppy? A puppy stops whining after it grows up.

Does Vegas have any odds on which one of the Trump "children" will be granted immunity!

Mr. Chump ran his mouth now its time to pay up !  You  were elected to be president by the government to get set up should of kept your mouth shut . But you had to be Mr Reality president so here's your REALITY Mr Chump !

Tell me about Crooked Hillary again. That was cute.

This Freidman plea deal cost the taxpayers $4,950,000. I hope it's worth it.

What about Russian collusion? Oh that's right. There wasn't any. So let's just keep digging till we find ANYTHING we can make stick. Disgraceful so called DOJ.. America has no justice department.

The investigation isn't finished and the findings have yet to be presented. You can echo the president but unless you know what Muller knows you could well be parroting a lie.

Please Rachel I can’t wait to hear you say. Trump in jail.

Basically everything the Trump voters accused and say the HATE about "crooked" Hillary, They Voted and put IN THE WHITE HOUSE!! They are STILL trying to Project Donald trumps Corruption and Un American policies on HC! what a totally piece of GARBAGE these Pathetic people are.

Rachel, you are deeper than "Deep Throat". Always great in depth reporting.

This family isn't smart at all if I was Mr Trump I wouldn't go for Presidency, history says once you start investigating Dynasty they fall and that is exactly what is happening

Who is that "president of the United States" you are talking about? All I see is Spanky.

Indict Uday and Qusay Trump next.

This is the end of Trump family. Evangelicals were right all along. God elected Trump just to punish for all the sins he's done.

great presentation rachel

So amazing, court cases all over the US, all bringing out Trump Family Crimes. Journalists are bringing out Trump Family Crimes. Criminals are blabbing their guts out, right on video.

It certainly sounds that Attorney General Barbara Underwood can get it done. Whole Family could be affected.

Get them real good Barb.

Way to fix his wagon, Barbara Underwood! If only you could have been US AG 20+ years ago; at least you are getting credit for your stellar career and skills now! Chapeau, madam!

It would be much easier just to list the laws that the Trumps have not broken, and the agencies that are not investigating them

Love you ms. Maddow ! You and the news team are amazing. Thank you all freedom of press

You're so pretty, Rachel...

+Dennis Hypocritical viper! You betrayed Jesus to support the most corrupt man in history. You are Not a Christian. No way.

R Navarro no, actually, you are quite wrong. I, like many Americans am tired of these MSM, doing everything they can to obstruct. In my 74 years, I have never seen anything like it. No one, and I mean no one is doing what they were either elected to do for the people who elected them and most of the media has been jury rigged to support such obstruction. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the means to fight such, what I call totally biased from the other side.

Entity #1 and #2 is Don Jr and Eric. I would believe.

M S N B C Mindless Stupid Numbskulls Believing Crap (from this network) Who cares about this BS Its nonsense! Cohen did his own crap many years ago.. Who cares.

America elected a sleazy real estate executive and a willing crimanal!!! No one should be supporting this man!!! We have got to stand up and defend the law or we will end this Democracy in nothing short of anarchy!!!! No ONE MAN is worth putting our great nation this!!!! NO ONE IS!!!!!

Cohen? NYC? Lawyer? Tax dodging? Taxi swindling? really? is anyone actually surprised by this? Hello!

Every time I watch Rachel, I think: “I need popcorn!”

Whatabout clinton foundation Democrats?

better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked good one!

Usually when the pressure gets this high, this guy would move to Atlantic City or Las Vegas or TV. Retro fit the play. Now, he’s stuck in Obama’s White House, and paranoia is increasing. So, yes, he will resign. Thats his style.

How long now has it been that the hammer is about to drop on Trump? Starting to smell like a lot of B.S.

Taxi Vader?

On one hand I love what Trump is doing to China and on another hand I hate how he’s backed by Russia and on the other other hand I’m scared of Pence. Anyone else conflicted?

Rachel, this is my life now and I'm not dead! Great economy and low unemployment. Great things happening. And your still a tabloid editorial bs reporter

Barbara Underwood is ABOUT HER BUSINESS she has been there in her role for less than 6 mos and has done WAY more than all that came before her. WAY TO GO LADY

Thank u Barbara Underwood!!! I wouldn't mess with her and the FECKLESS tRUMPS R in DEEP DOO DOO! I know we r going to be SHOCKED at the depth of crimes that go back decades....including colluding with Putin & money laundering.....go get em, they all think they r above the law!!!

So, does this mean Cohen WON'T be taking a bullet for Trump??

Stealing money intended for orphans and injured veterans. Man, it doesn't get any more EVIL than that.

Rachel could tell me the sky was green and I'd believe her. Because I know she'd have the paperwork to back it up.

"Tech services" could be literally anything. If you call yourself a consultant and give people advice, solicited or otherwise, you're legally an independent contractor working for whomever pays you for the advice.

Crooks who just don't care, lock them all up! Lol

I know Donnie spends endless nights wishing he would have never run for would be running your criminal empire quietly now SAD!

Using personal funds to pay off a prostitute may be immoral but not a crime. Using campaign funds is another issue that depends on the source of the funds, if it came from campaign contributions normally offered to candidates. It is interesting to note that the case is really extortion by a prostitute against a candidate , but no one cares to enforce any laws in that matter.

When all the Trump criminal family has all their assets seized just think of all the condos and apartments available for the homeless

So, let's review. There was never any evidence of trump Russia collusion. It's been a couple of years, and nothing. A case should not be started without evidence. Opposite of us law. So, enemies of trump use the fake investigation to dig up anything trump ever did in his life, and they still only have a couple of mistresses. Wow, good job. Can we wrap this BS up, and let the man do his job? In spite of this fake propaganda and zero support from the politicians, on both sides, he's done a phenomenal job. Thanks.

It would be wonderful if the Trump family of criminals went to a New York State prison like Attica, Elmira, Greenhaven or Sing Sing. Actually, any other maximum security facility would do. It would be so much better than a federal prison. In State prison, Trump would have a new name: " Screamin' Donna" within a week. He would be the "Belle of the Ball."

Trump is headed to Prison....

I was almost feeling sorry for Trump,the human part of me ,however he is not of the human race a man that would go to that extreme to misrepresent Hillary Clinton and step on every one else is undatable to me,may God help him .

People laughed when I started saying "Follow the money". Years ago with this narcissistic, misogynistic "businessman".

Trump is exposing and draining the swamp, and he's standing right in the middle of it. When he suggests making flipping illegal, and his lawyer Rudy Guiliani says a white collar crime doesn't hurt anyone because it only affects the wealthy, it should finally sink in to those supporters what kind of people are in power in Washington and Trump is heading it up. The entire GOP is silent on all this. Just a few not running for re-election spoke out and were derided as has-beens and said too little too late.. Mueller, Underwood, and others of good reputation with an actual understanding of law and procedure will correct the direction this country has been heading.

Amerikkka. Conceived in violence and exploitation. Birthed in racism and greed. Reared in self-deception, myth, and “patriotism”. Matured in avarice and hatred. Soon to pass away in ignorance and corruption.

Bet Trump is not too happy about ever running for pres thinking how good he had been doing before and he is in a pile of s*** that he can't run away from now ....I haven't done nothing WRONG there is no COLLUSION he keep claiming the same BS but this claim wouldn't work much LONGER .... I hope I live long ENOUGH to see the end of TRUMP'S ALLEGED BEAUTIFUL TRAJECTORY ...

Lock them up, they are the mob.

Excellent work Rachel! You told a remarkable story.

Has anyone considered that Muller is helping Trump? 1. To give Trump and his cohorts time to further screw Americans by not presenting evidence of Trump's guilt. 2. By giving him "space" to resign without being impeached. It just seems to me Muller is taking too long. He has evidence enough. Why wait?

Hillary sitting back, having a glass of wine.....thinking "Lock him Up"

Agent Orange

Plea deals are BS and need to stop.

Just give us the news without the waffle.

Jared why don’t you stop f$$$!ng the President heart a//@ck

Jared you treated Christie terrible for sending you dad to prison but see like father like son he being a notorious criminal you also followed suit and became the most cunning white color criminal of all times. But this country is blessed to have women of integrity smart educated sound in mind a woman named Barbara Underwood who is going to send you to the same place where Christie sends your father only deference is you are getting a longer stretch and may I remind you your father in law cannot pardon you because these are state charges Mrs Underwood have on you. “Jared like father like son selah!”

Trumpy McTrumpyFace has hit a shoal and is currently taking on water. Someone will have to be thrown overboard to save Trumpy...sorry Jared, but your not REALLY family.

PS. This is looking like one Trump's $$ launder mats, and if proven to be, could/would end his presidency sooner than he, the foundation the, RNC and the crime family itself ever thought !! Thanks Rachel & NBC.........M, Los Angeles

Waiting for Trumptydumpty to take away Underwood's security clearance !!

Mueller and his team may now be dismissed, for they have done all the damage necessary and it really doesn't matter that trump calls the Russia part of this multi pronged attack a "witch hunt". trump and his crew are being come at from all directions and there's nothing they can do to stop it. The fat is in the fire already and Mueller hasn't had to say one word. Meanwhile back at the ranch, notice the tweet storms have ceased.

The court of the capital of NY is a sleepy little court? Yup... great reporting...


TRUMPIE is as GUILTY as ever and we are ALL waiting patiently for the Mueller TRAIN to wreck his life!!!

Trump does not hold up to scrutiny. It's just that simple.

I'm hoping they got something more from Friedman. It doesn't seem like they would need him to examine Cohen's taxes and he doesn't look to be involved in the AMI-National Enquirer scandal.

Ms. Maddie is a fine investigative journalist with high ethical and professional standards.

Sunday evening here in Germany, and getting late, but am I glad I reviewed MSNBC's reporting during this last week. Mostly though for this segment by Rachel Maddow about the background story of the new Cohen subpoena. Because our news media haven't really caught on to the important linkages of this development. They did report extensively about M. Cohen's last two guilty pleas directly implicating the President, a story German readers/viewers could more easily lock on to. But this, I guess, they'll wait out until there are some tangible results to report. So, thank you! Once again.

I’m a retired teacher n England...following the Trump soap opera...and Rachel you explain the background to many facets of this ongoing madness. You do it with clarity and precision....thank you .. I’m sure bad things are coming for all of the Trumps’s only a matter of time as to which prosecutor hits them first. I doubt Trump will finish his first term....but if by some chance he does he won’t get another 4yrs. I hope America learns something from this about who can be eligible to run as President in the future.

Trumps biggest mistake was trying to act like his father.

Donny Jr. (and his brother, what’s his name) are both going to be indicted and sent to prison.

Nothing cheers me up more than watching Rachel get giddy over something like the lawlessness, stupidity and unfounded arrogance of the T family. She explains everything in a way that there are few questions. Love that!

I took a bathroom break, let this video keep running. I come back. She says the same exact thing she said in the first 2 minutes of the video. smh, good content, horrible presenter.

Wow, unlike Trump, it sounds like the State of New York actually did hire THE BEST PERSON. BTW Can we start calling Donald J Trump, Donald J Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric F Trump "The Four Horse-S***s of the Trumpocolypse"? I kinda like the sound of it....

Worry not if Trump goes grand scale on a steroidal Saturday night massacre. He most likely will based solely on his hatred towards humanity. But fear not, the TRUTH has a mystical way of prevailing. The firing may be 10-20 DEEP while the TRUTH like the rings of a two hundred year old Oak Tree. I am far from all knowing but Intel versus evil there is but one winner. A few up from the janitor will waltz into State and Federal Court. If they fail I WILL go myself. You see there will always be good and evil. In the end Truth will prevail. Mueller is ruthlessly marching, however ready anytime to pass the TORCH, in a manner unimaginable.

Intelligence per Webster = MUELLER is 30 or more steps AHEAD of Trump's circle of crime. I was shocked to hear potus say people will be poor if he is removed. Fact check, the Trump organization will be poor after all fines fees and punishments ARE collected. Mueller has all your world's tax returns State and Federal. Need I say more, the puzzle is solved, and the result is for history to describe. Fact check #2, Manafort is a 7 of spades, that's why the genius guided by TRUTH has 10-20 Royal Flush's, and will do a pass, regardless of what Manafort says. He cannot be trusted, at ALL. Best to let him die in prison. I even feel sorry for his stupidity and blind allegiance to whomever.

President Trump, yes you have some unique qualities. Unfortunately you have gone against God and Country to skate AHEAD. This mess you have scrambled up has drawn in a horrible group not unlike you. Complete with those whom love and worship THEMSELVES. You get what you pay for and by golly I think it's all come full circle. No honor amongst thieves will sooner than later pull you down. Remember all the heads you have walked upon. Well many of them are STILL alive and well. Sure you have greedy people your sole policy has uplifted. Even they will not take a bullet voluntarily for you. The law is inescapable. Absolutely inescapable. So rather than ask for your staunch followers to revolt, ask yourself why not pray to God you can stop the pain and embarrassment, and mayhem your words promote. You know how much trouble you are in and you will not get out. If you do love God, yes Omnipotent one, PLEASE stop sending a message you are a victim. You are not. You are the cause of great distress, including deaths to innocent people, and a trance like existence based on fanciful LIES. STOP!

so send back Mrs. Trump's parents. they don't work, they came due to chain migration.

Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we NEED him?

Brilliant reporting Rachel, you have explained so much this viewer from Canada didn't know! I still can't believe Trump is the POTUS, but hopefully not for long! It seems Tiffany avoids him and Barron is too young to be legally tied to his scandal! Melania is he worth it? I don't think so!

How does this chic have a job on TV? Who watches this neurotic,spastic and delusional woman? JS...i DON'T GET IT.

The government's top official overseeing the $1.5 trillion student loan market is resigning in protest, citing what he says is the White House's open hostility toward protecting the nation's millions of student loan borrowers.

After his antics today about Senator John McCain .. Trump is like a Walking Gom Jabbar.............

Thank you Ms. Maddow and Mrs.. Underwood !!!! is



Dear friends Mr pragedent promised to nasin he will give jobs meen bread back

Seems like their just cleaning up some bad debt for these crooks.

This will be much more effective lawsuit than the hush money payouts. This shows a pattern, and it is hard facts, not salacious.

I'm not happy that cab king gets off Scott free. Does he pay back taxes on the $5M? No. You and I pay our taxes while struggling to buy groceries, but it is a different set of rules for the rich. We punish petty crimes and drug possession with 3 strikes you're out, but these people get 0 prison time? Why?! Why do they punish the weak and poor more than the rich and powerful? They live consequence free, and so they continue to break laws.

What about the 400 million dollars the Russians gave to Trump?Sorry they gave that money to the Clinton foundation. I didn't throw a fit when the sheep elected Obama. So when they start investigating the Clinton family, liberals won't let that happen. You people are being played like a cheap violin,and you are not smart enough to see it.

Trump's mouth has earned him a disinvite to the ceremonies of the parties most iconic Senate's giant and most loved statuesque legislator of recent history as viewed from both sides of the aisle. This is because his constant insistence on a return to "regular order" aganst angry waves of polarizing profanity polluting our national air

Ho ho ho ... Trump when all is said and jailed, were done in by a taxi medallion deal gone bad with Cohen! Merry Xmas every one

Now China....

I can't wait to see how this all pans out!

State court is trumps down fall

The one thing I hate about Rachel Maddow is she is like a Facebook clickbait story, you click it, and spend a half an hour waiting and waiting for the article to get to the f-ing point! She has to wax over every, single, detail, details we already know, and explain over and over each one like we are children, slowly, painfully getting to the point that by the time it's delivered to you, you don't even want it anymore.

Haha. Flip him like a flap jack. I'm laughing by myself.

the left still day dreaming to their viewer?

Trump didnt drain the swamp, he filled the cesspool with his corrupt criminal associates. This so looks so much like the old mafia!

I think you have to give Mr. Cohen credit for voluntarily helping law enforcement. I dont think you should gloat regarding Mr. Cohen, because I dont think he flipped or whatever, I think he realized Trump betrayed him and now he wants to clear his conscience. As a lawyer, he could have dragged this out and really, voluntary actions by Mr. Cohen seems to me to be just that. Yeah he's guilty of a few violations, but he pled guilty to them without a deal from his own conscience. I think Mr. Cohen was corrupted by Trump, and he only realized this when Trump turned his back on him in his hour of need....

It's amazing how she still thinks the Steele dossier has credibility. It's been proven to fabricated and paid for by an opposition research firm linked to Clinton's campaign. Please people, start looking at multiple news sources and get away from this tribalistic narrative being propagandized. They are pandering to our confirmation bias against Donald Trump, with no realistic end game.

If it would not have so serious implications I could watch (not only American politics and the widespread corruption and bondage of politicians to "donors" and "lobbyists") and laugh myself off. If anybody is looking for the stuff of a criminal story he can make a full hundred of it - and nothing much of a genuine one; if you take it as a comedy it is "unpresidented" (to use Trump's creative unwilling invention).

Yes now the Trump family gets torn apart ! SWEET SWEET SWEET KARMA

Rachel is psychologically disturbed by the evolutionary necessity that some females are more attracted to healthy, tall, billionaire successful males with a sense of humor and charm than they are to alternative 'macho' women. So she grovels around for any tidbit to spew venom on Trump: but really just for being more appealing and attractive than she is.

Hillary knew this was going to happen. She warned us. She knew Trump will be impeached. I believed her. Lock them up.

you can click subscribe or just blow me 26:06

Birds of a feather, flock together!

at 7:24 LOL I cared, I was listening intently. Maddow is so funny!

Now There's a need for the rest of this administration and the "follow the leader" repubmican Congress investigated by Robert Mueller like Special Councillor(s) and loose their SEATS then to LIFETIME Jail Sentences.

YouTube u all need a "LOVE IT" button.

more from the Race Baiting Divide and Conquer Democratic/BushEra Republican controlled MSNBC!

I am a Norwegian, who react to everything that you call democracy. You have never been there. What you are stuck with is the centuries of corruption, a controlled religious slavery ( they are lesser than us) that you still withhold !! Who are you - US citizens - just another drop off of from everywhere !! You all came from somewhere - and it is not native indians. We are all people !! Think !!!

Laugh now cry later in jail .....that's what the lion s will b doing that both u guys murdered don't act like we 4got hummm

Rachel has the Best News and Political insights!


I mean in defense of rich people, they are sort of clueless, you are just handed this massive amount of money and you are expected to know how to manage it, it can be OVERWHELMING, I'm speaking from personal experience, it's not so easy to know what is legal and who to trust...

These deals are beginning to look so sweet, I can only conclude that it is expected that the dirt is going to be in minutes. Mueller has to have a good reason plea that dramatically.

The most ugly children that a POTUS ever had in America history!

Obama is CCP'S sold himself in the United States

Obama's you are fired

No more Obama in this world

Get off Obama

How is Michael Cohen still walking around in a business suit instead of handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit ?

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