New Kershaw Knives for 2022 - SHOT Show Preview

New Kershaw Knives for 2022 - SHOT Show Preview

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Hey everyone, David C. Andersen here coming at you from the KnifeCenter. And we've got an early SHOT Show Preview for you guys today, we got some new Kershaw knives to check out with our friend Andrew from the company themselves. Let's get into it ( alright guys, Andrew, thank you so much for coming by to show us the new lineup. Yeah, he's here to stuff. And we're gonna start with kind of some of the imported budget line budget EDC stuff, some of your assistant things that you guys do really well. And we'll transition into

some American made products and some other new stuff as well. Yeah, that sounds great. Don't you take it away? Yeah. Sweet. So first up, we have the flatbed. This is again, like you said, this is our start in our starter series. So it's a good really good budget option, but not compromising on the quality there. It's really cool. All of our

starter series knives those like budget knives. This year, I'll have eight CR 13 MoV steel. This one's no exception. It has three and one eight inch blade is assisted open. Has that blackwash finish on there. You've also got I love this part. There's the steel inlay right here, over these GFN or FRN handles. remember which ones work. There. Yeah. But But this the steel in late really makes this knife pop. And it's just like

a, I think for budget knives. It's really important for them to be really fun. You know, in this, I say fun and functional. When you can combine the two come up something that works really well. Totally Yeah, in this one with a tanto point on there too, obviously is going to be really functional as well. And that's a that's a liner lock. You got a pocket clip that will work right and back. That's the Kershaw flatbed comes in MSRP $50. Yeah, really cool little blade shape on that guy reminds me almost if you had a little bit of recurve here, it'd be almost like a Jerry hosam kind of blade shape going on. The I really dig

that and should be pretty easy to sharpen without having to worry too much about the tanto. But because of the way you got here, yeah, big that. Great. Yeah. So next up, we have the Kershaw jetpack. Also another tanto. Also eight car this one's two and three quarter inch blade on there with a stonewashed finish. What I really like about this one is that it is a liner lock, but has slightly thicker liners on it. And if you look at the handles, we've got kind of a split split front handle on there. I was it was kind

of inspired a little bit by I don't know I just I really liked the idea of having these like multiple shapes interact and have something that's not we always just have a straight scale on the on the liner there. So that's that's pretty fun. You got a lanyard hole here as a part of that backspacer just peeking through. Again, you got to clip that works front and back. also assisted. Yeah, that's really fun. Yeah, little budget. You can almost even say this is a frame lock in a way since, like the scales are just kind of bolted to the outside. And they're split, kind of walks that kind of line right in between just

a little bit. Yeah, good little shape. Yeah, I love it. The next one that we've got, oh, and that also comes in at $50 MSRP. Which of course street price is going to be lower. And while we're filming this, unfortunately, we don't have what the that street price is going to be just yet. But check the links in the description for what you're gonna be paying to get your hands on any of these knives here today.

Yeah, stay tuned. So next we have the Kershaw salvage. So this also starter series but a little bit nicer. comes in at $65 MSRP. Still assisted. The blade is 2.9 inches on this one right under that three inch mark. Yeah, it's got a great reverse tanto blade shape. I really love stonewash finance loves those reversed all too sick. I do too. I I've designed so many of them that I've gotten in trouble with our sales

team. So I you know, I should mention, I should have mentioned this at the top. Andrew is part of the design team at Kershaw. He's not just some not going to make fun of them these awesome sales flunky or anything like that. Oh, no, he knows what's going on. I would be terrible sale. That's okay. That's not what they hired me for. We're, we're happy to have him here. Thanks. I'm

stoked to be here. So yeah, anyways, salvage comes in $65. This is a frame lock. If you see we got frame lock on the back with an extra scale on the back there. Is that going to work kind of as your over travel stop frame lock as well? Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

pocket clip. Right there. Yeah, just another like really fun starter series knife frame lock assisted. Also, you know, 8CR steel. This is one of those weird blade shapes where we get into that gray area of what actually is it? Yeah, I would probably call this like a modified wharncliffe. Myself. Reverse tanto certainly works. Probably in actual use. It's a bit wharncliffe in the way you're going to be able

to use that totally. Yeah, really distinctive blade shape. And we're seeing that on the next knife as well are actually a little bit of a family between these guys. Yeah. What I like about that is it's almost like a Kershaw blade shape that I'm seeing in the budget lineup, especially this year. Yeah, kind of stuck. It's taking an identity out there. So it should a lot to be sure. So this one is the cursor I lithium. Also 8Cr. And this one is also a little bit a little bit nicer, a little slow, I would say still like in that budget range at $65 MSRP again, guys MSRP framelock. I, I really love this design. This is one of my favorites

from this year. Again, super usable blade shape. This is the three and a quarters assisted, like I said framelock you can see that on the back. But what really makes this one stand out to me is that it has that split handle on the front in the back, we have the FRN scales over there. And you can see we got two spacers along the back. But it just it really makes it pop for me and then got a deep carry clip that works front as well as on the back. But in this, this pivot to I really like if you take a look at that hole in the pivot. It goes like just all the way

straight through and then the screw like threads into that which obviously, I'm a designer so I geek out about the t shirt like that, as well. You should but it's it's a really fun one super comfortable. It almost reminds me of like if if obviously Zero Tolerance is the sister brand to Kershaw. It almost has kind of zt feel to it in the handle design here. Sure. Especially I forget the number of the model that was debuted last year that kind of had multiple pieces on the handle. Yeah, 990 I think he would know better than me. I'm sorry, guys. I like the blade on

this one too. It's a little bit thinner than some of the ones we looked at so far. You've got a hollow grind. So right behind the edge, very thin blade steel there. It's going to slice. Very nice can be good. Good aggressive cutter right there. Yeah, dig that. It's great. One more thing, if I Sure absolutely. What another thing I really love about this is just the the detailing is really good. We got really good jimping on the spine of the blade, the flipper and on the lock bar here and a little bit of a chamfer. So it's

one that's like really comfortable to use. I think as you use it, it doesn't just like like look good, like online, but I think if once you hold it in hand, it really, really shines. Yeah, so now Feels good. Feels good. Okay,

up next we have the inception. And this one is $100 MSRP. We have D two steel on it three and a quarter inch blade opens with kvt ball bearing washers, which is really fun, really smooth open, we've got again that kind of like thicker liner lock with the G 10 scales over on top of it. So it's definitely you know, a little bit higher, higher end mid tier, EDC carry knife, but I love it, man, the actual thing so fun, really fun to play with. I also love again, some of those details. We've got pivot collar around the pivot right there. And we've got this fastener in the back that it's kind of got kind of like a tube spacer but like threads into itself is super, super fun. little detail there also serves as your lanyard hole, guide, deep carry pocket clip that works front and back. This is just supposed to be just like a simple

fun to fidget with EDC. Yes, you know, I mean, the blade shape there is just about a perfect drop point. I mean, I actually wait Are we technically a clip point there. And we'll call it a drop point. Hybrid blade shapes you guys. I love it. It's it's got that drop point flair. You've got again, thin enough steel with that high flat grind gonna be a great little everyday slicer. I think this is my favorite of

the imports this year for sure. It just hits all the right notes. The action is great. The materials are where they they ought to be. Yeah, really dig that stonewashed finish to kind of love that. Yeah, very cool little knife. Very cool little knife that's compelling. For sure.

Thanks. I appreciate that. Well, speaking of compelling, I think the next one definitely makes an impression. I can't even tell you guys, I'm so excited to that we're getting to show this knife off. So this is the Kershaw launch 14 Obviously our launch series our automatic knives. So it's USA

made in our factory in Tualatin. You have just over the three and a quarter inch blade on this and it's a cleaver style blade, we have not done a cleaver auto. Obviously in our personal life. We've done a lot of cleavers, and we've they you know, they they keep selling so we'll keep making them. And honestly, I think this is my favorite one we've done so far. I love this shape. This was the first thing I saw when they sent us a little sneak peek that was the first page and I was like yeah, it's gonna be big in here so dig it I you know, it's it's really fun. So we got CPM 154 blade steel on

there. With that blackwash finish on there. We got aluminum on the front, and the back. The back is all aluminum but what really again what to me what makes this knife pop, I love a split material handle. And so when we were working on this at the beginning, I was kind of thinking about it. I was like well, the button lock in the spring for the auto are all contained up

front. So what's like stopping us from doing something more interesting in the back all kinds of room to play around with exactly yeah. So we have a two part hands. which is just I was just really fun too. We have carbon fiber on here, which this this definitely is being carbon fiber. This is a higher end Kershaw knife as far as the autos go, is, I think it's our most expensive auto at 240 MSRP. So definitely a little bit more expensive. But also, I mean, it's super usable, you can really comfortable to hold in the hand like this, but also we put the finger choil on there, you can really choke up on this knife, lots of blade to use there. So a

really, I'm sure it'll be a really good user. Yeah, as well stamped steel clip on the back there. This machined in lanyard hole. We also have this integrated backspacer here and a titanium two spacer that's been anodized with a gold or a bronze finish. And I just set a little pop there. i It's like I said, I really like yeah, I'm really so I do too. And one of the things I appreciate about the launch series in general, which I do like

I'm actually hearing a launch one today, by the by not it's an appropriately specked out blade, it's it's not super thick, it's sturdy, but you've got especially with this guy right here. This thing is ready to slice man and it's got such a satisfying looking shape. Got that little bit of knuckle clearance there if you're working on any kind of surface, the geometry with the flat grind. I mean, I love it. I love it. And if you guys haven't experienced the launch action from Kershaw, it's right up there with the best in the industry. I'll say that any day of the week. So definitely do yourself a favor, check these out usually a little bit more affordable

than the best in the industry, too. So not a bad thing. Very, very cool. Solid. Thanks. So now, we're kind of shifting gears a little bit. Um, we got some traditionals. We want to show you guys more like that slipjoint style kind of knife, but was really fun, is it the first traditional we're going to show you is another USA made Kershaw, which I'm so excited about. Yeah, so this is a slip joint. For those of you that follow that Kershaw ZT, you might be familiar with the 0230, which is a Jens Anso design. Great, great knife,

you should check that out, too, if you haven't. So that's ZT, we wanted to do a Kershaw knife that has a similar mechanism. So it is a slip joint. But if you look in the back, it's a double detent, slip joints, basically, we've cut the liner. So there are two little arms with

ball bearings, pushing in on each side of the knife, and there are a little divots in the knife that kind of give it that feel. So obviously, you can see that that back is open there, the backspacer in there. Another thing that I love about this knife, we got to use micarta handle scales. And I don't think we haven't done micarta in the on the US side for

Kershaw in quite some time. So this is really, really exciting. And I think micarta is great for a traditional knife, I think is a really great a great office a bit more that rustic feel to it already right out of the box. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, I love that we've got CPM 154, steel, three and quarter inch blade, you got your nail, Nick, right there. stonewash finish, we got full flat grind on that blade. We have the pivot nut here, but we kind of wanted it to look a little bit more like, like that shield, I knew that you have sometimes, you know. So obviously, it's a modern slipjoint. But we want some of those echoes back to where we're coming from. You got your lanyard hole in the back there. There's no pocket clip on this one. But it's honestly, I don't know. It still carries

in the pocket really nicely. For sure. I mean, there's plenty of aftermarket stuff to like, we sell some magnetic leather pocket sheets, if you if you're looking for some kind of pocket slip to carry it with. We'll leave a link for that below as well. Not a crucial product, but I'm saying that. Yeah, so yeah, this also like I said, this is USA made. Super, super exciting. Yeah, I think Yeah. what are what are your thoughts on? So again, the thing I like and I think I really noticed this from you guys last year, on a larger scale is again, thinning down the blade stock. Not super thick, not too chunky. Check

out the geometry, check out how thin that blade steel is there with that full flat grind. I mean, that is a fantastic shape. Love that blade shape so much. The micarta feels very good. So you can either we'll get it. Oh, there we go. Almost, but you can get the flicky action going on with it. No kind of integrated safety. So be careful. This is like it's Yep, the the tension to release these is not the same as like a traditional back spring. Yeah, slip joint. So keep that in mind with the knife with any kind of style of this knife. But that that blade

shape right there is compelling enough for me honestly. It's the proportions are just so right. I mean it looks fantastic. Thanks, man. I'm actually glad you tried the the flicking thing. We intentionally put half stop in there, which honestly partly is safety. It's partly a safety thing because it was yeah, it's not locking right so but I think it just like having that half stop, at least for me. That really adds a feeling of quality to the product, which you don't really usually see on a detent joint style of knife so that's that's something new for me.

It's worthwhile. Also, I forgot to mention the name. This is the Kershaw Federalist, which we felt as a as a leader. USA made knife was pretty appropriate. I love it that that blade shape right there probably my favorite blade shape on the table today. All right, next up, we've got a few more non locking non locking knives another detent joint to start things out with, right? Yeah, that is correct. So this is the Kershaw esteem. This is a two and a half inch blade.

This is an important knife with I think it has eight CR on it. It's here, right there back. It's your steel with a bead blast finish. Kind of a similar blade shape to the Federalist actually. Almost like a drop point version. Exactly. Yeah. And

I honestly, I really like this. This is definitely a more modern slipjoint Oh, yeah, still use that. So yeah. We're not trying to try to hide the pivot or anything on this one. But I don't know. I love it. You guys, by now could probably see this is a running theme through this year. A lot of split material handles.

Yeah, definitely have a family with with that guy. Right for sure. It's just fun. What's neat about this, though, you know, we wanted this is like more traditional slipjoint so we didn't just want to use FRN for those the scales right there we use Polish Jeton what we use on our other I didn't even realize that are the previous like the cold pepper in the brandy wine, the other ones traditionals that we did last year, two years ago. We use polished G10 on that. And so we're bringing that here just to again kind of echo to that more more gentleman carry usual thing. So love this knife, you got bronze PVD finish on the pivot, and on the screw in the back. You do also have a backspace here that provides a

lanyard hole and then exceed that add a nice little FOB onto there if you want or exactly ordered. You can carry it with the deep carry pocket clip. It's very deep. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Which is great. Just really slim. You know, you're not really gonna feel it when you're using it. But it'll it'll work for carry in your pocket. Is that a single sided pocket clip in this case, right. That is a single side not reversible. So yeah, I think that's all I've got. That's the esteem that comes in at $65. I don't think we got MSRP on the Federalist we didn't Glad you're here. It's a 170.

Mm hmm. Okay, great. Great. Yeah, it's a nice little blazer. What did you say blade length on this? About two and three quarters? Two and a Half tonight? Okay. Yeah, it's it's a short one. Yeah.

Again, great geometry. thin enough blade steel, full flat grind. Love that deep carry pocket clip there. And you have a half stop on this guy as well. Yeah, so Yeah, very cool. Let's see if I can do that. Yeah, I guess there. Yeah. Each each one kind of has its own way of wanting to

be flipped clothes like that. So you gotta you just learn where it is. And it works really well. That is cool. Two and a half inch non locker like that. Dig it? Thanks. I do too. Yeah, really good shape. So now we're getting more into like, your traditional slip joints. But with each of these traditionals they are inspired by patterns that have come before but they're not like each of them are unique. Even that makes sense.

You're doing your own version of Yeah. Or an interpretation. Yeah. Exactly. So without without mimicking anybody. Exactly. And obviously anal retentive heroes. Oh, and obviously, you know, the knife industry is vast. So there might be knives that are similar out there somewhere. But these were not, you know, they're meant to be kind of unique

prints. Right? And I think the first one especially holds true to that. This is the car shop Harley. And it comes in at 50 $50 Yeah, $50 MSRP. We've got our I think it's seven car. So we can steal on that which is our typical, like, if you're getting a traditional slip joint from us, that's what you're going to get on there. So these are the last ones had polished G10 Like I

mentioned earlier, this kind of second family that we're doing has polished micarta which is really fun, polished linen. Yeah, looks really good. It really it really does. So this is more of like kind of a cleaver blade with most of these traditional knives. Even with the Federalist as I was working on designing them I was really trying to picture kind of this like Ernest Hemingway like old man in the sea kind of vibe you know I would love to see like this like old fisherman like in Maine mending his nets smoking a pipe and like you know open in a clam with with these and I think this one what I like about this one is that it is a traditional slip joint but you're it's it's a pretty thick blade if it had to do it looks like no other traditional slip joint out there at the same time which it's cool to see that you're not just doing like another Stockman or another trapper, right great as they are got something else also like this. Yeah, a little bit more unique. And I think this one too, I think this one is like also it'd be really good like a lot of traditional knives. I don't know if I would like take backpacking with me, per se, but I think this was one that is like is pretty rugged as well for traditional, which is kind of fun. So yeah,

yeah, they've got a good feel to it. I like the addition of the linen micarta right there. That's pretty neat. The actually that space I guess it's not really like an easy open notch but you get because there's plenty of length there but yeah, finger Nestle's in there quite nicely. On a Thomas folding cheese knife for you. Yes. He loves him. Oh, awesome. Yeah, no, that's really cool. Let's see, I like the addition kind of the leading edge of that of both of these knives has a very similar treatment. Again, keeping that nice family feel

going for sure. Again, not too thick on the blade steel with the full flat grind. Great little slicer. Thanks. Yeah, I'm a very cool, huge fan. So from there, we've got with these we've got a one blader two blade and a three blade or so this is our two blades. This is the Kershaw allegory comes in at $55 MSRP. I forgot to mention the last one, but the blade length is 3.1 inches on that one. And on this one, it's also 3.1 inches. So we've got a clip point blade right here. And

then there's also more of like a, like a spear point and style blade. Yeah, that's kind of like the muskrat style clip point on that one. And yeah, yeah. And this one is more kind of you don't see this shape too much on on traditionals out there. So that one has a bit of your own identity. Well, you know, this one was actually inspired by a doctor's knife, which is a pattern, an old pattern, and they would use the the pommel of the knife to like crush up like pills or whatever. And so this was this one, you kind of get that similar look where it's all kind of integrated together. We've got steel liner,

and it is almost flat here at the back too. Yeah. So carrying that influence through that. Exactly. So that's, that's the Kershaw. Allegory two-blader 3.1 inches on each of those comes in $55. For cool, yeah. Then lastly, we've got this honestly of the three this is probably hang on.

I said, I'm a little OCD myself. It's quite alright, you got to be a little bit. Alright, so this is the Kershaw Iredale. So getting back to my like old man in the sea. I

don't know if you've been to Oregon, but on the Oregon coast up your story. There's this really old shipwreck and you imagine like the skeleton of a ship, like in the sand on the beach. That's called the Peter Iredale. And we wanted to kind of just like callback to that with this knife. And this is called the Iredale. It has again that Polish micarta like the other to do, it's a

unique traditional design. I really like the the lines and the curves on the handle for someone's got almost like a teardrop style to the end. There's are this nice elliptical shape? Yeah, really. Which I think for a three blade or it fits, it fits really well. I've got those brass

liners on there as well. And we got three blades. We've got a 2.6 inch blade right there, the clip point, that's going to be your primary use blade. And then we have more of a sheep's foot on the back. 2.2 inch blade, almost even a wharncliffe Yeah, yeah.

Honest wharncliffe sheets, but I there's that. If on the extremes, it's real easy to tell. But in the middle somewhere it gets a little dicey gets a little hairy. And then you have to help me with this one, I think was probably 10 blade. Yeah, it's just a really small 1.6 inch or on the back right there. So that's the Kershaw Iredale. Now, when I was talking crap about Stockmans, earlier, I wasn't talking crap. It was just an example.

This is kind of Stockman esque in a way it is. But again, you know, new new lines we added on there. So yeah, yeah, it is a very interesting shape going on to something a little bit different. And, yeah, I mean, it's gonna work very nicely. We want them all to feel familiar, like you've seen it before, but you can't quite remember where you've seen it before. Right? That's kind of what we're going for. And that one comes in $60 MSRP, as well. One of the things he get with this one that's not quite, you don't quite get on the others is he got a little bit of swelled this way. So, which I appreciate just Yeah, helps it fit in

the hand just a little bit better still. Yeah, it fits with that. elliptical shape. Yeah, overall. Very cool. Yeah. So that is the Irondale Alright, now we're gonna do a complete kind of 180 Whatever, hard left turn. We've got

two fixed blades for you, but they're going from traditional to very non traditional, very non traditional, the two fixed blades that are part of our project Adam series. It's our project ATOM series is basically us making glass filled nylon, fixed blades. So the first one that we have is the interval. This one's is pretty large. I really against a lot of the lines and the curves on this one. And yeah, glassful nylon, we've got steel. On the inside of it. You can just see that steel peeking through that lanyard hole and there three and a half inch blade kind of a drop point style your and then you got his texture on the handles right there.

The Kershaw name molded in and you can see you got the product info on the back there. That's the Kershaw interval. One of the great things about the project Adam stuff is it's super I mean, no, I'm not even budget. You know, it's so affordable like 15 bucks for this and obviously

since it's a classical nylon blade, you leave it outside accidentally. It's Not going to Ross you know, which is pretty great. Retention isn't great, but you know, it's definitely, definitely I mean, you can see I'm like running it along my fingers right there. It's not a really a slicer, but I think there's a lot of things that you use. I don't know, like, I use plastic knives for food stuff like all the time, you know, so I can certainly poke with it. It's gonna very open up some cardboard, no prob very pointy blade right there. For sure. So that's it is

it is a really cool shape. I mean, it reminds me a little bit of like, some old Roman daggers in a way with the with just kind of the lines going on. And then of course the the steel insert in there. It's going to give you a little bit of strength and make sure it's not a non detectable knife. Yep, that well, what's important is super important. has a cool little shape. I almost want to see one made out of like CPM 154 now, though, because I really dig that shape. Yeah, that would be so fun. No sheaves on these right? There's

no no sheets. Maybe you guys will sell a aftermarket version of that to scour the warehouse. See what we can find. The interval comes in $15 Very nice stripy. The next one This one has I feel like kind of a fun

story from a design standpoint. This one was kind of inspired by like spy lapel taggers, I was gonna say it reminds me like some of the old OSS stuff. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, supposed to be inspired by Yeah, like that World War two secret agent kind of deal. Again, glass filled nylon, you got that steel shows through even more clearly on this

one in the middle. And it's all the same stuff. But what's nice, but this one is it's super small and has a really big lanyard hole, which I think is really important for this one. I really like this scoop, too. On the bat. I would just notice that actually. Yeah. Yeah. In the texture on it is really neat. So again, you know, $15 Yeah. And that shape is actually it does some interesting things actually helps with the strength a little bit hair leave. Yeah. And I always forget the culture that that used to do this. With their with the fixed blades they used to make you see like hand hammer out. That would

have a single big fuller on the backside. For them to save material as well as maintain the strength. But that's a cool little detail for sure. Yeah. And that's the electron. kind of works really small, you know, very nice. Yeah, super small, lightweight. $15 MSRP. So yeah, those are our project Adam fixed blades. Cool. Yeah, yeah. All right, the last one that we've got is more at our outdoor line, we have the RBK 2. So we've

had the Kershaw RBK out for I mean, a while great knife, this is the same, it's kind of that replaced blade and replaceable blade scalpel, you got an SK for surgical steel scalpel on there. Which is I mean, super, super common. Even when you buy this it actually comes with like a pack of 10 or something like that. So the idea is you're out hunting, you know, you can go through blades and change easily that having to re sharpen your knife on the spot. So this one really is a lot of just ergonomic and aesthetic improvements. The the vibe overall really fits with if you've seen like our Deschutes axe or our taskmaster saw the sure really well. Absolutely, really well with that really comfortable handle design. You got a you know, I

don't know if you would use a lanyard while you're out hunting, but there's a lanyard hole in the back if that interests you. Because if you didn't put there someone would complain about exactly, we gotta gotta have it in there. It opens with a thumb stud lighter locking me this is all pretty normal. You've got rubberized grips right here in this green areas, which I mean it feels really good in hand. And we've also got jimping along the bottom there. So this is something

that you're going to be able to keep a good grip on which obviously, you know, hunting night really important. Oh, yeah. The really for me, the standout feature of this knife is I don't think we have a name for it yet, but I've been calling it our lift lighter. So before on our RBK you would basically just get your thumb up under the corner of the blade to take it off. Okay, and after playing with that for a while I was kind of like I mean, this is fine, it works but I was a little nervous. So I thought why don't we put just like it's works really

similarly to just your typical like lighter luck. But instead it's just it's putting something in between your fingers in the blade. So you press up on got a glass filled nylon pad on there should be really comfortable along the back. You see that in there. And so basically, you just you press up on that I don't know how good this is gonna look on camera, but you press up on that it's just easier it just is easier safer. And then that'll still will go right back

on there. So yeah, that's the RBK two, I think comes with a belt sheath is does Yeah, it comes with a nylon belt sheath and then you can see right in there you got the box with your extra blades pactual nicely in there and then it even comes with like the RBK a glassful nylon buddy handle. So if you're out working you got a bro with you. You guys need to skin a deer and it's you know, daylights going down. You can Yeah, hook him up. That'll hold a blade as well. We'll just kind of an extra little piece. Okay, yeah, interesting. Just a little little add on in there.

So now it's not going to solve very well. No. That's a great grip. So, yeah, yeah. Well, that's That's true like, with with it being that thin and nothing on the

sides, you do get that extra traction out of it for sure. Which is important. So that's the Kershaw RBK 2 that comes in at $60. MSRP. Very, very cool. Yeah. Exciting stuff. Yeah, man. Yeah, we got Thomas, what's your favorite? Yeah, I agree saying yeah, it's the to USA guys. Especially. I think this was the name of this one again. I'm sorry. exception. I guess I'll be dreaming about it for days. I hate you. Really cool stuff. Andrew, thank you so much for coming back. And showing us this stuff. You

know, add one more thing? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So you might have noticed, I feel like this is still like is a pretty solid lineup, we got about like 14 knives on the table. Usually we come with, like, closer to like, 2025. So this year, we've been we're doing something different in our release schedule, where we're going to release knives quarterly. Now we have 14 every

release, I don't think so we'll probably be looking at closer to like, somewhere between like, you know, five to 10 per release. But I just wanted to like, let you guys know, if you're like, Oh, why aren't there more more triggers. We really wanted to do that so that the knives can get to you quicker. You know, in the past. There's a lot of good things about that, that you guys get them quicker and it gives more opportunity for them to stand out. Exactly. Because there's fewer things it gives us more opportunity to talk about and to throughout the year. So I like that good move. I think I do too. I'm a big fan of that. Yeah. Anyways, sorry. I interrupted you. No, no, no, no,

absolutely. This. What are we doing here? So it's all good. Maybe some zero tolerance stuff in the future? Future? Really, you know, we've got to think that things have been tough these last couple of years.

Yeah, it's uh, yeah, it's there are Yeah, we've got one project in the hopper for sure on that, that when you see it, you will be very excited about it. We definitely got other Kershaw. There's been definitely a bigger, we spent more time on the US side looking at Kershaw stuff recently. But Zero Tolerance is by no means gone. And we're, you know, we're still rolling. Yeah, I just know, there's gonna be people out there wondering, so I figured I'd ask yeah, thanks for asking. Yeah. Awesome. All right. Well, folks, the embargo is lifted. Today, we're getting to share this stuff with you, which should mean that this stuff is available for pre order now, at the KnifeCenter. If it's not in stock already, I don't know. We're filming this from the past. Yeah, you guys, you guys are in the future. But in any case, there will be links in the description to take you over to these products, where you can get your orders or pre orders in at this time. So that's it, make sure you sign up for our knife rewards program as

well. Andrew, again, thank you so much. Oh, yeah. Thanks, David. Thank you guys. See you guys next time. Surprise post credit sequence. We are here with Andrew. He is a designer at Kershaw. So want to talk about that a little bit. You know, knife design is a fascinating subject. I dabble in it a little bit. I know we've got people out there, they're gonna find

it really interesting. So tell us what's it like being a designer at Kershaw is great. I say all the time. I'm really grateful to get to be there. And obviously, I mean, I'm wearing a Kershaw shirts. I probably have to say that, but it's true. Like, I'm really, yeah, it's a really fun job. Like, I get to, like, I'll be in the middle of my day sketching, and I have that moment where I like, you know, when you're driving sometimes, and you like, wake up while you're driving. And you're like, it's like, I feel like it happens while I'm sketching. Oh, wow. Like, I get to do this work, you know? Oh, yeah. And yeah, that's

really great. How did the design or the ideas come to fruition? Are you guys like, when, let's say you're starting to sketch? Are you just going for something that's cool? Or do you try to design from those early sketches to a particular product? niche or price point you guys are trying to target? How does How do you go about that? Yeah, actually, it's all the above, which is pretty cool. It just depends knife to knife. So sometimes, I will have like a more like a product, like a brief like, hey, we want this type of knife. Like we want a cleaver or we want a budget knife, or we want a fixed blade, whatever. Like, sometimes it will be, I'll just have some spare time and I'll sketch something up. Those are usually my favorite writers like sketch something like hey, what do you guys think about this? And they're like, Yeah, let's do it. You know? It's great. Yeah, that's it.

Sometimes it's like, oh, yeah, no, we're not doing that. But you know, sometimes it's like, oh, it looks great. Let's do it. And that's, that's really fun, too. And then, whatever the other one was, he said, we do that too. It was but rewind the tape. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah.

Do you guys have like, let's say, any, like cool stories from especially some from some of the new stuff, but any cool stories or any favorites that that you and your team have? have kind of come up with lately? Like what gets you really excited about some of these designs? I feel like there are a lot of throughout the process. There's a lot of exciting moments, and there's definitely that can be frustrating moments to where I'm like, I'm sketching, I'm sketching. Make trying To like, wrap my head around this, getting this design and, you know, I think for me, some of my favorite projects have been the one where they've asked me, Hey, can you make this? And I am like, No, I do not want to do that it was so bad. I don't want to

do something like that. And then man, it's the craziest thing. We had this one project that was supposed to if you remember the stratas, those Yeah, we were working on those couple years ago. And I did like my version of the strata, which ended up being the payout. It's a was one of our first like, Speed Safety to has like a split, split handle and like a copper. And I remember the strata, as I don't remember that one, we'll get a picture. It's all good. Yeah, it's like

the 2075 payout. I don't know. Anyways. And so that was like my version of the Nevada, whatever that I wanted to do, or inspired Nevada. And then we ended up, but we're talking about and they're like, We like that one. But we still it's not quite, quite right. Right. And then we got the Stratos which I really liked. From a design standpoint, it was so cool. To me this project at the beginning, I was not psyched about at all I ended up getting what are in my opinion, three, like beautiful knives out of it. You know, that's a that's a really cool, a really cool thing.

Very nice. One other question. Real quick, before we we send you guys on your merry way. For those folks out there that are interested in knife design? What's it take to? What's it take to get your job, so to speak? Yeah. Like what does someone need to really, you know, tackle knife design? What are the skills you need? What what should they be doing to work towards that type of goal? That's a great question. Good question. I think so I studied product design or industrial design in school, which is, I think, probably helpful, especially in my job. It's like it's all

sketching in CAD. So if you don't know CAD, it'll probably be tricky. I was talking with Seth earlier, I think you can like work as a designer with OEMs. And we've talked about that some too. I think it's really helpful. If you know, CAD, we use SolidWorks. A lot. That's

really good. Obviously, sketching is really helpful. It's help. It's really good to be able to communicate your idea. Never stop sketching. Yeah, yeah. And that's super fun. Yeah, I think also part of it. That is really good. Is it's hard because I think you kind of have to have like an eye, which is a very, like designer, anything to say, yeah. I think maybe there's still like a good sense of like proportion. I think that's something that we definitely matters a lot to us at Kershaw when you're looking at the knife is that you want something visually balanced.

And that's something that obviously, some people very naturally gifted at. Some people have to work harder, but can still get it. Some people may have to work really hard. Yeah. And, you know, that's one of the things everyone is a little bit different on that. But yeah, yeah, I think those are like probably the three things that have been really key to me and there's a lot like coming to I had like two knives. I think I had a Gerber paraframe and a Kershaw cryo 2 before I worked at Kershaw wasn't a huge like knife guy. But I love designing and

obviously I love knives, I would like almost get in trouble in my design studio in college because I would have like axes and things like out on my desk, you know, and so none of my friends were surprised when I got it. But all that say I wasn't a huge knife guy coming into it. So I think it's also really fun. I really, I think most people do like really fallen in love with like the knife industry having been at it with the product. So I think it's also good to know what's out there. Yeah, I mean, we've seen it here. We've got we've had folks come into our like customer service department knowing just a little bit and now they're spending more money than I do on that's crazy. And I love that they get the favor. They get they got bit, you know, yeah.

And it's all over and we all started there somewhere and we ever Oh, everyone got that. Well, you're doing a good job. I'm glad to see you. They're continuing to look forward to seeing the new stuff. You guys continue to come out with man. Thanks, you me both. Andrew. Thanks so much, David. Thanks later.

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