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Hey. Friends, welcome back to another one of my videos join. Me for an all-day whole. House clean with me that is sure to give you plenty of cleaning, motivation. I cleaned, literally. All day long and by, the time I went to bed my kitchen, living, room master, bedroom. Complete. Disaster of, a basement, multiple. Bathrooms and, kids bedrooms. And bathrooms were all clean, so, let's get ready and let's do this together so. Here. Is my house and as you can see it was pretty much a complete, disaster. And incredibly. Messy there, was dog, hair all over the floor garbage. That needed to be taken out and I, wanted to devote pretty much a whole day to cleaning. And let, me tell you it took me every, bit of this day, to get moving, and finish. All of the cleaning and so. Kind of my plan for the day was that after. My twins went down for their morning nap, I got moving, Avery. Wasn't with me that, is my four year old so, I tried, to take advantage of, the two naps that, my baby girls, would be taking, that day and I've, gotten a lot of questions. On what keeps me motivated and, focused when, I'm cleaning and to, be honest with you guys I have, to stay focused when I'm cleaning, it and Stan, tasks because if I don't I'm not going to get it done for, the most part I can't, devote, long, periods, of time to cleaning, because, of my girls so, when I get the chance to clean like during, nap times I have, to get moving, so it was a true, speed. Cleaning, all day long. I just started, out in the kitchen and I wanted to clear everything, do. The dishes because. Our dishwasher, wasn't, working, talk. About a first-world, pain element yes, it was a little bit of a pain but. You guys know how it goes when you're used to something like having a dishwasher, and then you don't have it it can be a pain so. Our dishwasher was broken, and my husband was going to look at it later so I had, to wash the dishes by. Hand and, of course there was plenty of bottles to wash as well. Doesn't. Go. So you, don't, know. It means, to be loyal. I. Know. That Jana. Tell. Me what is really, on. If. You are feeling motivated please, go ahead and give me a thumbs up something. So simple really does help me out and, if you guys come back each and every week to watch my videos thank, you thank you so, much, you. Guys are amazing. I love talking with you I love, hearing from you and I hope you know that I'm grateful for each and every one of you who watches my videos if, you. Are new here I want. To also say thank, you to you for stopping, by and watching this video I hope that, you will take the time to subscribe if. You don't know anything about me I'm a mom, of three kids I have, twin, 7 month old babies, and a 4 year old daughter I really. Strive to make videos, here. On my channel, where. You will feel motivated and, inspired we. All need that and I want you to come to my channel I want you to feel like I'm your friend we're, all busy, in this crazy. Life, and if you guys can come here, and feel, like you belong and, motivated, and inspired and, whatever way it is you know I know some of you are moms and you're looking from for, some mom motivation. Maybe, it's some cleaning, motivation, whatever. Type, it is I just hope that you will enjoy my videos, it will put a smile on your face and you will feel motivated. And inspired so. Please, think about subscribing, hit. The red subscribe button, as, well as the notification Mel, that's, super, important, to make sure you get that notification because, you'll, get notified, of every video that I post not.

Every Video that, I post here on YouTube will get put in your subscription feed so. If you don't want to miss any of my videos make. Sure you hit that notification, bell, I put, up two videos every. Single week and every Sunday I post, videos mainly. On cleaning and organization a clean. House is very, important, to me so I would love, to have you guys join me and if you are new here make, sure you say, hi and tell, me something about yourself I, want, to get to know you guys my guest. Another, street lights do. What we want to don't. Really need to. For. Those of you that are new here I'm going to put a playlist right here where you can watch some, of my videos you can kind of get to know me a little bit better on a more personal level, a lot, of you come here for the cleaning motivation. But if you want to get to know me a little bit more more. About my life how, I got to this point my ivf journey check. Out this video playlist, it will also be linked down below. So. While I was scrubbing, my sink which is by, the way one of my, most, favorite. Cleaning tasks, to do I just find it so satisfying. I did. Get a call from someone and it made, me want to ask you do, you guys prefer, a text, or a call this, is probably. A question that, is makes, me sound very millennial. But I. Would personally prefer. A text any day, of the week with. The, exception of my immediate family it is nice to hear their voices but, I always prefer, texting. So let me know down, below if, you are a person, who likes to call someone or text someone. Let. Me know down below in the comment section if you're enjoying, these whole housecleaning routines. Or if, you would like me to focus on one thing or something more specific let. Me know down below but you like seeing me clean I personally. Like the whole housecleaning but. Let me know what you would like to see me clean. I. Was. Trying to move as quickly as possible because I knew my babies, would be waking up soon and they, typically, napped for about, two hours in the morning and then, maybe a little bit longer in the afternoon. So that's when I try to really get moving that countdown was. Almost, up so I was, trying to move as quickly as possible and, to. Shine my stove if you saw me do that I was using a DIY. Cleaner. Is. Just, fourth of a teaspoon of. Dawn dish, soap a fourth, of a cup of rubbing, alcohol and, then the rest water and it's just one of my favorite cleaners I use all over my house. If, you want more of my cleaning videos I will put my latest and probably. My best cleaning, videos in a playlist for, you it will, be linked right here as well as down below so, you can check it out whenever you want whenever, you're cleaning, we. Can kind of feel like we're cleaning together, which I love, to do I love putting videos up on my TV, and cleaning. With some of my friends, here on YouTube, we always need that motivation, and it's kind of like having cleaning, videos on demand so. You can check that playlist out and save it to to, your YouTube, account and we can clean together. Sometimes. We don't thinking. About. Us.

Before. We got lost and, we putted. Back-to-back. We would care. I'm. Really excited because I have a lot of fun, new videos coming, for you here. On my channel, here, as we're getting. Towards the end of the year in November, and December and, then into, the new year so, many fun videos, planned, the. End of the year is when I start thinking about purging, and organizing. Because. At, the end of the year comes, Christmas, and you start bringing more stuff into your house so I like to get rid of some things before we bring new things in so. I'm really excited to share some of these new videos with you and also. I have two family, members. Really close family members, who, are moving and getting new houses, here. Soon, and they. Have requested my, services they. Want me to help them organize, their you. Know pantry, and linen closets, and their house so I plan. To make, some videos on all of that organization. So so, many fun videos coming. My way on my channel make, sure you're subscribed. What. Me. Aren't. Those vacuum, lines amazing. Give, me a thumbs up if you enjoy, and, love, some, vacuum lines. So. These are two of my favorite, hardwood. Floor cleaners, the Bona hardwood, floor cleaner and the method, almond, floor cleaner I've talked. About both of these so many times here on my channel, but, they're just my go-to for. My floors and I, always go back and forth with which. One I want to use to. Be honest I think they both do a really good job, the Bona probably, does a little bit better of a job cleaning, my floors the. Method does a really good job too but I just think the Bona does a little bit better but, I love the smell of the, method. Spray so. I had a couple people on my last video. Give. Me a suggestion, and they said why don't you mix them I'm like that is the perfect, solution. Why, had I never thought of that before so. That's what I did in today's, video I mixed, them and it, was just perfect. Make. Sure you keep watching because, at the end of this video you can see how crazy, how. Crazy of a mess our basement, was but. You, better believe I, made a ver come down to help me clean, and, I'll be honest with you guys she did not want to help me clean but I made her come down to help me because it was obviously. Mostly. Her mess but. That's something. You're definitely going, to want to see us clean up because it was a huge mess and we.

Were Able to tackle, that together and, it's, just satisfying, when you have a huge mess and you can see it all get cleaned up. So. My cleaning plan for today was to clean, mainly, during the twins two. Big naps their. Morning nap and then their afternoon, nap and then a little bit in between when I know that. They would be happy and, they like to entertain, themselves for, a little bit of course that doesn't last for too long and then, I had planned on finishing, up later, at night after they went to bed so, that was kind of my plan for cleaning today and in, total, the whole house to. Clean it took me about seven, hours to clean I know that sounds crazy and it is crazy, to me that I spent seven hours cleaning, but. That's about how long it takes me to clean my entire, house. I. Did. For good to mention that I had just gotten back from a work trip so, the house was pretty messy, my, husband was holding down the fort with all three girls and he did a wonderful job, and, the. Girls had a lot of fun or at least I guess Avery had a lot of fun so. This. Was a culmination. Of me. Being gone obviously. This wasn't all from that it's not like they trashed the house but, then I had got home and we just and our time together as a family and I wasn't worried about cleaning, or you know doing all of the normal things I like to do so, this was a culmination of, quite a few days of, a mess, and I wanted to get cleaned up so that's why I had to empty out my suitcase. And just get, things cleaned, up. I. Would. Love to have you guys follow me over an Instagram. My, name is, jamie-lynns. Dot. Journey and that Belen, there, is an S on there jamie-lynn, stat journey I love, talking, with you getting, to know you guys a little bit better and, just. Chatting. Over there so make sure you, go find me the link will be down below if, you want to click on that but come and find me. All, blacked out them, flying with, you I. Don't. Care that my, mind's gone insane. And. Hardly. Person. I don't care about the. Hey Justin. Yeah. We almost. But. Going. Faster, getting, Wilder, don't, care if I get. When. I was cleaning upstairs, I kind of bounced around between. The, bedrooms, and the bathrooms, and I'll, do that because I'll kind of clean up the master bedroom, and then go in and clean the master. Bathroom. And then, I go back to vacuumed, both rooms, and then when I'm up I tend, to mop. Altogether, as well it's just easier, to do, it that way now today, I didn't. Mop all together, but that's typically, what I will do it just makes. It easier with. When. I'm using a vacuum and using a mop to kind of just keep bouncing. Room to room. We, know. Come. With. Apologies. Holding. Back history. Hoping. You wouldn't, change. Never. Come. If you're curious about the shark steam, mop I've had it forever I mean probably eight, or nine years and you can, see the steam coming out from it it, does a really good job I don't have any complaints. Of this, and I would highly suggest if, you're looking for a steam, up to check out the shark steam up the only. Downfall is I don't like the cord, and that's why you'll. See me using the OC door spin mop downstairs, I mean I love, that mop it's my favorite, mop ever but. I like when I'm downstairs since it's a bigger area I like, using a, cordless. Mop, I guess and so for upstairs, since the rooms are smaller, it. Having, a cord isn't that big of a deal so I just keep this steamed. Up upstairs, and, that way I can mop frequently, up here. You, wouldn't. Change. Osby. My. So. Like I said earlier Avery, wasn't home today, so, I just popped in her room to pick everything up and put things where they go, but, she, would be home in a little bit and I was going to make her help me clean up the basement so, she wasn't gonna get away completely free. From cleaning, up her messes and, then. I just went over to the baby's room and it really didn't be clean I just wanted, to vacuum, and you're gonna see here in a minute the vacuum died on me so, I wasn't, gonna worry about it I was just going to vacuum it later I didn't have time to continue, anyways, so, I was just going to vacuum their, room later, but. Look at everything I had pulled up from vacuuming, in my house it's so, crazy, it. Had been a while since everything, had been vacuumed since, I had been gone all weekend, or all week so, clearly we had a lot that needed to be vacuumed, up.

I See. From, across, soon. It's. Kind of crowded here, but I know you see, me too everybody, singing all. Everybody. Singing all. It. Is about you. You. Must be anyway. Just. Say. All. Right so much later, after the babies were settling, down and going to bed and ready, to be, down put down for the night I grabbed. Avery, and we went downstairs to, clean up the huge mess in the, basement and it's. Times like this I'm like we have way, too many toys I know that I'll be honest with you I know that I'll admit to that but, like I've said before we. Did not buy a farm, majority, of these toys they. Were all brought in for Avery by family, for birthdays, and Christmas, and so. We. Honestly, or she does, not use a lot of these toys anymore she's outgrown them but, we've kept them because we knew we, would have younger, kids so. I've kept them around for them to play with but. It'll be nice here soon, as the babies get older, we can start cycling through all of these toys and donating. Them it'll, just be nice to get rid of some of these toys here, soon. When. I look in your eyes I, don't know how but it feels like I'm drunk on you it's. Almost like you make me fly. I'm. Gonna look at you smile I don't know how but it feels like I'm drunk on you it. Feels like I'm drunk on you it. Feels like I'm drunk. And. Then. The last thing that I had to do after, Avery went to bed was finish up that load of laundry that, I had thrown in earlier in the day and I hate letting laundry, sit because it gets wrinkly and I. Know most. Of the time I don't want to fold, it at the end of the day but I know that I'm not gonna want to fold it tomorrow either so, I just pushed myself to. Get it done so. Then I can just feel like everything, is literally, done, and some of you guys might notice that I'm throwing some clothes on the ground as, I'm folding. The laundry which. Might not make sense because all of these, clothes are clean but, they're just clothes that don't need to be folded I you know I need to take shortcuts someway so, there are some clothes like my workout clothes or my underwear, I'm not gonna fold because I'm just gonna throw them into a, drawer and it doesn't matter necessarily if, they're wrinkly my husband on what on the other hand will fold, underwear.

I Think, it's personally, a waste of time so, if you see me throwing things on the floor that's what I'm doing I kind of just pile it it up and then I can put it where it needs to go but. That's going to be it for today's video let me know if you enjoy this video if you feel motivated, and inspired and. If you are cleaning along with me let me know tag, me on Instagram, I want, to know if we are cleaning it together, but, don't forget to follow me on Instagram, subscribe, and join my family and I will see you guys next time I. Dolly. Was. Enough. To. Be, changing. Like. Everything's. Gone. Everything. And, we.

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Karen K my dog used to lick my patio doors only thing that got it off was cif if u have that in US x

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Jamie's Journey Sure, no problem! Hope it helps!

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Thanks girl! I know that gets annoying to people who watches my videos every week and I thank you for doing that!

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Thank you for being such a long time viewer! Seriously! And it’s funny that you say that because when I look back to my older videos I realize that my house wasn’t messy at all! Even though I thought it was!

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I totally know what you mean! That’s how I haven’t gotten with a lot of people and they call me

Mixing cleaning products is absolutely reckless!!! You mix a number of various chemicals and you don't know what the end result will be. You have small kids and pets - don't risk it.

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Thank you Judy! You are very sweet!

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Thank you! It means a lot that you recognize how much work I put in! I enjoy it a lot, though!

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Hi Miranda! I’m glad you share this info about yourself!

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Thanks girl! I hope you get a lot done today!

I prefer text unless it’s my son’s or Mom. If it is just to tell me something or a random thing by all means text. I am not a fan of talking on the phone. I love your videos and I consider you as my friend... lol

I agree! I enjoy calls from my immediate family members!

I always enjoy your videos, whatever you post I’m fine with. You’re cleaning videos are so motivating. As for calls or texts? I prefer a text as well

Thanks for letting me know which videos you like!

I started out cleaning with you in my kitchen, then sorted and started laundry, and fed the cats. Thanks as always for the motivation! I usually prefer to text, especially if I'm busy with my daughter.

That’s awesome! I’m glad we got to clean together!

I perfure to call someone idk seems quicker and easier.

Love to watch whole house cleaning :) Your videos are very well done too :)

Thank you! That’s such a nice compliment!

I prefer a text so I can reply when I have time. I find I always get a call when I'm trying to cook or bath kids ... which I ignore

@Jamie's Journey 3 kids and its usually a cold call or my parents wanting to talk while they walk home from work... frustrating as I cook the same time every night

I totally understand how that goes! I feel like there’s a smal window of time that I can actually take a call

I would rather text, I do not like talking on the phone at all. Thanks for the cleaning motivation!

Hi. Watching from Egypt

Got up at six am to clean with this vid, hello from the uk!

I love your white comforter! Do you wash it a lot and does it hold up well?

I prefer texting 100%! Its rare that I talk with anyone on the phone. Do you do any cleaning during the week or do you just do big cleans on the weekend?

Watching you helps me clean more every day and can you make a mom morning Routine

When you do a whole house clean like this, how long can you go before it’s messy again? I feel like it doesn’t take long at all for my house.

My house has been much cleaner since I discovered cleaning videos! You are one of my four faves that I love to play while I'm cleaning. My husband thinks it's nuts but whatever works!!

I really need motivation nowadays, I'm so busy that im so tired to clean thanks for the motivation and yes I too prefer text over call

Hey Jamie just came across your channel. Love your video, your voice is so calming. My newborn is napping and my 5 year old just went to a playdate.. thanks for the motivation to clean during this little ones nap. Xo!

Hi. A vary nice video. I am a mam and live with my husband in Germany (we are German) I wish a nice day

Hi, my name is Charity and me and my soon to be husband are expecting are first in Feburay 2020 and we are about it be moving in to are place soon. I love your videos thank you!!!!

Hi Charity! I’m glad you said hi and congratulations on expecting your first!

You motivated me to clean my house!!! Excellent video!!!

That makes me happy! Glad you got a lot done!

Girl, you got a ton done!

How are Addison and Emery 7 months old already?? My twins Rylee & Reagan turn 3 on Nov 9th! Time sure does fly. As always, I loved the video. So much motivation!

I don’t know?! I know they say it goes quickly but it truly does! It blows my mind all of the time!

My toddlers just have a box of toys, a small box. Avery is lucky.

Yes she is!

Looking forward to your organization and decorating videos!!☺

I can’t wait to share them with you!!

I prefer texting too

Thanks for understanding why I have so many toys!

I follow you for a long time❤ and I few so relax when I watch your video and I learn some tips for clean

Thank you!

Started watching your videos and I love them so much I’ve always been a lover of cleaning and your videos just motivate me even more to clean !!!! Makes me want to start doing cleaning videos as well !! You inspire me if you can do it with two twin babies I can do it to with my three little ones, as a stay at home mom it’ll be something to do that I enjoy to do !!

You can totally do it girl!

This video gave me so much motivation that once I'm off work I'm going to clean for a few hours

Yay! I hope you get a lot done!

I definitely prefer texting. Unless it’s my husband, then I prefer to just talk.

This was extremely motivating. Thank you so much !!

You’re welcome!

Wow, you rocked that whole house cleaning. I totally understand when you have children and trying to clean but it gets better, lol. I love to watch your whole house cleaning and just cleaning videos. It doesn't matter because I love to watch them.

I hope you are able to get rid of a lot! I can’t wait to start purging toys as soon as my twins are older!

Wow I can't believe that your girls are 7 months old already!! It seems like yesterday that you had them... Great cleaning motivation as always!!

Me either!! They are growing so quickly!

When I seen the intro it gave me anxiety lol. You did a great job cleaning. I love the vacuum lines in the carpet! I bought the mop after watching you use it a few weeks ago but I still love my steam mop, I have the exact same one as you. I have a question for you. Does the cordless Dyson pick up the same as the traditional dyson? I have the regular vacuum but I really want to try the cordless, but my husband doesn't think it will pick up like the regular one. I love your video's and it always gives me motivation when I'm watching you❤

It’s hard to tell if it picks up the same exact but I do know it picks up a lot!

I’m glad you said hi!!

Cat’s name is Chase and dog’s name is Reese!

Awww best of luck to you girl!!

I try to stay on top of mine or it gets too overwhelming for me! I hope you get it all folded soon!

Thank you for always watching!

I have a decorating video coming on Wednesday!

That’s when my husband got mine!!

Yes! I like how with texting you can talk to someone when you have a chance

I’m glad you like my whole house cleans!

Haha I’m glad I could help motivate you!

Jamie's Journey Ok! I just wondered if it was a design thing or if you kept it open for a reason. I’m wanting that for my new kitchen!

It just doesnt close all of the way most of the time. I think when we push it shut, it bounces back out a little bit

It’s such an easy solution I’m not sure why I haven’t ever thought about it before!

Thanks for letting me know!!

Karen K or any type of cream cleanser with a little grit to it x

Diane McNally Thank you, I’ll look for it!

@Jamie's Journey I absolutely understand, your plate is so full! Don't worry, I will stay subscribed :-)

I panic too when my husband calls......

Love your whole house cleaning videos! And I'd rather text than talk on the phone. That doesn't make you sound bad, I get it. I'm a mama of three too!

Your voice is sooo soothing

Hey Jamie, I recently moved in with my Fiance and its the first time I'm living away from home. Now that I don't have my mom's direct guidance when it comes to chores anymore it's all up to me. I suffer from depression as does my fiance and we have a lack of motivation when it comes to cleaning. The state of your home reflects the state of your mind and so I feel a lot better mentally when the house is clean. Having a resource like this makes it feel less daunting and that I can do it. We live in a pretty large studio together so being tidy is really important because we have so much all in one space. Thank you Jamie! I just discovered you a few days ago. :)

I’d love to see vlogs.

I always love your whole house cleaning videos!! They definitely motivate me every time i watch one. I am looking forward to the upcoming organizational videos also- my house could definitely use some help with that! Oh and I am not a millennial and I totally prefer texts over calls (except immediately family and super close friends of course)

New sub. I have a 6 month old girl and new to this mom thing. It's so nice to see another mom doing such a great job

Thank you! Such kind words!

I love talking on the phone but don’t mind texting either. I love watching your videos. Gives me so much motivation. I started watching your videos when you were doing IVF and honestly got motivated to do IVF after watching you.

Wow, you’ve been around for a long time! Thank you!!

Hi Jamie, I like texting also. You do a wonderful job on your house. No matter what, you have a sweet smile on your face. I love seeing those cute babies and Avery is the perfect helper. She’s adorable.

Thanks Gennie!

A text

I am seriously the only guy watching this video. I think that's because guys think "Why would anyone need a video to teach them how to clean?" Then they go back to bed while their gf or wife does all the cleaning. Anyway, not having a partner, and doing creative work I am lazy about cleaning, then blitz, in about three hours it's back to the way it was. I don't know how my mother did it, three kids, our house was immaculate and she worked, too. I think basically women have supernatural powers. Thank you for posting this, I think it's a great idea and most people DO need it, like me. Text thing: I tend to text vs. phone calls, but very qualified. I hate most phone calls but when you need to hear that person's voice - right? VOICEMAIL OMG it is so irritating and time consuming. Text is for "Running late, see you in 15" kind of thing, most are WAY too long. Worst features of text: 1. The expectation that you are available 24/7 to respond to, "Sup dude?" 2. Using it to avoid the difficult in-person conversations you need to have with people. Yes, I am a boomer, so remember the days when you had to speak to people and couldn't hide behind technology.

You’re welcome!

Hello! I’m glad you said hi


I don’t wash it a lot! We don’t use there’s a blanket a lot so I don’t feel the need to use it, if that makes sense

@Jamie's Journey makes sense!!! Thank you!!!!

Pretty much on the weekends. Sometimes I will do it on a Thursday and Friday if I don’t work on a Friday. Sometimes I work so much Monday through Thursday that I will take Friday off

Jamie's Journey thanks for replying!

About a day or two to be completely honest

Haha I love it! Cleaning videos can be so motivating!

We all need motivation from time to time!

You’re welcome! I’m glad you stopped by!

@Jamie's Journey Thank you for answering Jamie❤

Vacuum lines are soooo satisfying!! Love watching your videos, so motivating. I’m a twin mom too, just had my babies 4 weeks ago!

I prefer to txt :) I love your whole house cleaning they are the best

Thanks for the suggestions!

Love your cleaning videos and also the ones that you throw in a meal.  But Its ALL GOOD to me,  Love seeing the Girls.  Love Twin when they are dressed alike.  Love your motivation, it does get me going.  ALSO, vacuum lines are ALWAYS satisfying

Awww yay!!

Thanks for understanding!! It’s just nice to get back to someone when I get a free minute!

Thanks Nadine! You can do it! Just do a little each and every day!

I here will be one out next week!

Yes! Sounds like we are on the same page with texting and calling! It’s just easier to get back to someone when I get a free minute

When I was 11, I had to clean the *wholee* house but it motivates me :3.

If i had to choose, definitely text. But i hate communication, so neither

I love your kitchen!

I always love watching it. For one I love watching journey. But really u make me strive to be a better mom I have a 4 year old. And 3 step sons 18,14,12. They don't live here full time. And I rather text. Unless it's my husband for grandpa or aunt. Lol the main 3 I talk to.., but anyways ur cleaning is great!. But I love watching all I go back to older ones.

What an obsessive creep

Thank you for cleaning with me!!

I prefer to text unless it’s something really long and it would be easier to call

I rather get text too. I love the whole house cleaning ❤️

Wow, congratulations! Being a twin mom is hard but it’s the best!

This was such a great video! Our basement is my least favorite area of the house to clean

New subscriber! Hi Jamie!

Hi Jessica! Thanks for saying hi!

I like a text. Unless its an important conversation.... or there would just be too much typing.

Me too!!

Thank you!

Thanks so much! You have always been so kind!

Do you like the spin mop better then the shark stem mop?

Not a millennial, but don’t call me. Text only.

Hi (new subscriber!!

I prefer text, I have 4 very active boys! Love your video, first one I have seen so far!

Thanks Amanda!

I also think it’s a waste of time to fold panties

Gave me a lot of cleaning motivation. I am actually cleaning right now

Yay! Glad we could clean together!

I do!!

Hi girl! Thanks for saying hi!!

It depends on the person and the situation. I could listen to my fiancé all day long. Or if someone or I need something urgent I’d prefer call but I like text

I prefer to text! It’s easier to say “I’m busy. I’ll text you in a min.”

I agree!

I get the cleaning can be hard. I have a 8month old and 4 year old and work night shifts and day and most the time I am so exhausted due to medical issues, working and my youngest has health issues and my four year old is just a mama's girl. I been doing little by little but laundry gets hectic. But this video did help a lot.

I was just wondering if it was a bother if you could do a video that explained as you went how long it to you in each space. I know it doesn't matter really but I think I mentioned that I was new and just starting out in the cleaning world and some times I look at a space and am so overwhelmed that I feel like leaving it for another time. then I think that was what started the house looking the way it does!! YIKES! Your videos are motivating but sometimes I am watching during work if I don't get started right after it's another day before I start on anything

What brand and kind of mop?

I’m glad I could help!

I can do that!

o cedar spin mop!

gercekten evinin bu kadar daginik olduguna kirli olacagina inanmiyorum video cekim icin boyle hazirlamissin

You totally need to close the water while you’re cleaning the dishes! save water!

suggestion: my family has a day in every month called cleaning day we’re every single family member has a couple rooms to clean and certain tasks

tbh i prefer text because calls take way to long and u have to stop what ur doing. i’m mean u kinda have to with texting to but ur able to text with one hand. edit: i was just about to type something else but i got a call in the middle of it lmao


Jamie's Journey omg tysm for responding ❤️

would you PLEASE close the sink while cleaning the dishes??? you're wasting lots of water. Wet and sponge them first, and then open the sink to rinse them all at once!

Been watching for about 3 months ! First time mom and started watching for satisfaction Bc for some reason i got so much satisfaction watching cleaning vids while I was pregnant . Then fell in love with how you clean and your outlook on life . Definitely prefer a text so I can do more than one thing at a time ! except my mom I put her on speaker phone and go to town lol

I’d rather call so I know exactly what the other person thinks due to their tone of voice. It’s more personal and I don’t have a lot of time to just sit and have a text convo

What the music Name

This is making me want to take the day off and go clean. Thanksgiving is next week and I haven't gotten ready for the in laws!!

I hope you get all of the cleaning done before next week!!

Thanks for watching!

I like to text, because when I have to call or get a call idk what to talk about lol

I totally feel trying to find time to clean , our toddler is fighting naps now and even when she does it's while I'm at work and she is with hubby.... And manual wash is my life we have no dishwasher

You are such a sweet person and you inspired me to clean!!

I like texting more than calling and I'm enjoying it so far

Thanks you Gabriela!

so much ,talking

Idk if it was just me if there’s an issue or if u did it intentionally but when u started talking about shark steam mop u were still vacuuming and when u talked about the vacuum being full it wasn’t showing yet.

That’s weird! I’ll check it out! Thank you

I love your videos after I watched alooot of your cleaning videos I cleaned thank you for all of these tips!!!

Thanks for watching!

I prefer texting

Your house is so beautiful!

Quanto lindeza muito trabalho vai para lá para cá até acabar

I don’t know why I love watching cleaning videos I guess it’s just because there so satisfying

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