NCT 커피회사 CF 모델을 뽑아라저세상 개인기 보여준 유잼시티 모먼트[인생주식회사2] EP.6

NCT 커피회사 CF 모델을 뽑아라저세상 개인기 보여준 유잼시티 모먼트[인생주식회사2] EP.6

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[※Warning※ this following video is an office comedy sketch done by idols] [(LOL)] [JENO threw the laugh bomb] [Life Corp. 2] [Nice Coffee Time branch office in South Korea] [PM 02:00 Afternoon tasks] [Cold] I have something very important to tell you. [(It's finally here..)] [Glance] Our CEO wants to look for a commercial actor for our company. [Congrats, our company is making an advertisement!] [Time to recommend a commercial actor] Recommend me some good commercial actors for our company. I personally think this guy call HAECHAN from NCT is....

[If you are attracted to a deep fragrance lately] [fall in love with this fragrance and with HAECHAN's smile] [Strong ESPRESSO with deep flavor] I would rather recommend this guy called SUNGCHAN from NCT... [Sun shines on a warm afternoon] [Enjoy your afternoon with a cup of coffee and a view] [The softest Cold Brew made with the quality single origin coffee beans from Ethiopia] I recommend SUNGCHAN.... I recommend JENO from NCT. Because I have a fact to back up my claim. He is experienced. [(Wow~ That sounds perfect!)] Wait, I never heard of that.

He's an experienced commercial actor. He started at a young age. [NCT JENO is an experienced commercial actor?] We do prefer experienced models. [Smell of fresh coffee beans fill the room] [Quality coffee beans, quality coffee. Nice Coffee Time]

No, but to be honest [Shy] I think MARK from NCT... From what I know, MARK from NCT doesn't drink coffee.. That's what his fans know [Trust MARK / Coffee that even MARK, who hates coffee, would drink] but if they see MARK drink coffee, they would think 'This coffee must be really good!' [When coffee beans with deep fragrance and sweet condensed milk meet] [Deep and sweet, both] [Fantastic sweet flavor, Dolce Latte] [NCT's dream of acting in coffee commercials just came true] That sounds great. We need to do some market research.

How popular is NCT now? It's absolutely crazy. [Absolutely crazy description] Shouldn't they be hospitalized then? [MARK is about to lose it] I mean if they are absolutely crazy... Are they on the same level as Michael Jackson or The Beatles? [Unexpected high level question] I can't touch on that subject.. [JENO, help me!] I think JENO might be able to talk about this one. [Toss the pressure] Okay then, JENO tell me.

NCT is running towards that level very hard. [Nice, JENO!!!] [MARK, The Intern] We need to learn. [(Of course~ It's worth every second~)] So are they currently active? [As if they were just waiting for this moment / Playing 90's Love] [NCT U - 90's Love / Upbeat old school R&B and Hip Hop song with mixed sounds of modern pop and newtro style] [Very into this song] [They found their original selves for a moment] [90's Love~!!] What did you guys just do?! [(This is the most important thing) We advertised for you] We had a moment of advertising.

- You guys sing pretty well for regular office workers. - We are pretty amazing. Singing in chords and everything [Assistant manager HAECHAN is very familiar with NCT's choreography] I think their dance goes like [Shake Shake] - They go like this to the side - This is great! [(Why do I feel like I know this move?)] [NCT's choreography + Coffee =??] - With that, we can add coffee - That's it! [The birth of Coffee Drinking Dance] [He can dance, too / The assistant manager HAECHAN can do everything] HAECHAN, you are very talented! [His DNA won't stop him from dancing] [Not done yet~ / Deputy General Manager SUNGCHAN has more ideas?!] There is a part where SUNGCHAN does this [(Coffee)] but we can add coffee here [(One shot!)] [(Wow~ Not bad?)] [NCT's choreography is the best~] Let's book these guys! [Having NCT for Nice Coffee Time commercial actors is confirmed!] - Let's sign these guys for this 100 million won commercial. - Okay, sir. [(NCT's contact is...) MARK puts it right into practice] - I think we are close to being finished - Yes! should we enjoy some coffee to celebrate? - Yes, sir! - Sounds great! [(Do I make the coffee?)] I'll make coffee! Too late.

[I was close..] This kind of attitude You know what? I'll make it! Okay, sir. [We shall enjoy] Thank you! [Well this was not expected...?]

[Thank you general manager~] [Coffee beans] These beans [(Very fair)] / we will play the odds and evens] We will play one on one odds and evens. [(This is new)] Whoever loses will go make the coffee. [Shake Shake Shake] [(What's odds and evens...??)] [(Odds and evens is...] Odds and evens like 2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5... You don't know this game? [I can do everything] But I'll try, sir! I can do it! [Let's start with the assistant manager HAECHAN] [(Odd? Even?)] [The assistant manager, HAECHAN picks 'Odd'] [The assistant manager, HAECHAN fails!] It's even! [(Trying to the mental game..)] - You lost. You might have to make coffee. JENO, you're up next. - I wanted to do...

Even! [4 coffee beans / JENO passed!] Okay! Odd!! [Frozen] [He hasn't even touched the beans] I already know~ It's even. [I'm played] You called out 'Odd', when I haven't even touched the beans... [One more chance for an intern] We'll try this again. Even! Odd!! You're correct! [So happy] [Oblivious] - You lost! - You two switch seats! [MARK climbs the social ladder quickly with the general manager's care] - You're promoted! - Really? [The deputy general manager SUNGCHAN is very nervous] You guys can lose your position anytime. Even!! I'll give you a chance to change your mind.

[The deputy general manager SUNGCHAN insists and picks even] - Even! - You're correct. [The deputy general manager SUNGCHAN passes with 2 coffee beans!] Well, I guess [(Degraded)] the intern, HAECHAN is going to make coffee for all of us. Tell me what you want to drink. I want 430 ml of water in a venti size cup, and 8 shots of espresso, then 9 and a half shots more, add 2.5 of simple syrup...

I want a latte with whipped cream and mix it well then add some shots and pour it to another cup and you do this - For me, I want an Americano with shots... - HAECHAN, intern! [He failed to gloss over] - You are making them. - Oh, it's me? Well, first you need to go to Switzerland...

[Shocked] [Back to Switzerland..] [(Keeps going)] Get those coffee beans from a master grandpa [(Continue~)] then you go to Gwanghwamoon, they have this machine. You can grind the beans there (?) - I'll see you guys next year. - I would like my beans ground in millstones... [You win for millstones] I like it traditional. I like traditional and [I'll give you a pass this time~] Let's all just take the mixed coffee! [Smart office life tip: take the same menu] We don't have the money everyone [Meanwhile, the intern (?) HAECHAN is] I usually never lose in this kind of games..

[Two mixes at the same time skill] Trashes go into the bin! [Well done, HAECHAN] [Focused] [Shake Shake] [Add milk in mixed coffee, HAECHAN style?] [Curious how it'd turn out...] [Tries to create a kind environment] Guys, let's take this time to give each other compliments. [Always the first] I'll go first! [Inspiring motivation] I like this motivated attitude. Who would you like to compliment?

[Compliments for] JENO is an old friend of mine. [Never heard of it] Really? [Are you serious..??] Hey! [MARK and JENO have been friends for 7 years] - It's been 6 or 7 years. - It's been a while, then! We've known each other since we were kids. We were already friends before we met SEASONIES.

[JENO usually takes good care of the intern, MARK] I'm a little clumsy at times but JENO takes good care of me [(He gets shy when hearing compliments about him)] and just having him next to me make me feel better. [JENO's existence itself is helping MARK] There is also something special JENO and I have identical hands! [Hold] No, you need to show the same side hand. [No need for a handshake] That's not what you're supposed to. [You need to put your hands like this~] I can feel it when we shake hands.

[MARK's hand = My hand] - It feels like I'm shaking my own hand - Really? [Let's check the size~] Let's see it for ourselves, do this. From right at the bottom of your hand [Identical / even the location of knuckles the same] It's been like this since we're young. [It's not one hand, there are two hands on top of each other here!] [(It still looks cool)] Even the thickness is similar! [Is this destiny??] This would make it very exciting to high five each other.

[Even the hands become similar when you're friends for 7 years] [Iced coffee in winter is the general manager's favorite] I brought iced coffee even in winter. [Impressed] I love iced coffee in freezing cold this is so impressive... [(Great sense of humor...) HAECHAN knows how to survive in social life..] This is nothing. [Compliments] I love having ice in my coffee, I would've been disappointed if you didn't [(We learn from the assistant manager, HAECHAN again, today)] I put some milk, too.

[So delicious!] It's very good! [MARK, who doesn't drink coffee, takes a sip!?] Wow, its' so good! I thought you didn't drink coffee... [Do you remember? From yesterday......;] To be honest, I'm not sure why people drink coffee. [And this is how he really feels...] This is so good!

[Congrats MARK, for joining the club!] It's very good! [HAECHAN's mixed coffee with milk did it's job] How do you make fun of JENO, HAECHAN? [Thick skin] I never made fun of JENO. [(What?)] [Avoid] We were all talking about you here. Did you tell him? [They don't need to see it, they just know] Okay, this is how it goes? [JENO and HAECHAN's chemistry is unquestionable] This is how you make fun of JENO... Who's older? - I'm older. - We're the same age. [What's going on???] [(This is why we watch JENO and HAECHAN together~)] [(This is nonsense)] Do we have someone who has an experience in the service industry? I've worked at a coffee shop before. [Eye opening] You are very much prepared!? You worked at a coffee shop? For how long? Exactly 2 hours! [(I knew it...)]

[I don't even need to ask] You got fired. It was a special event for our fans. What do you mean fans? Don't be mistaken! What, are you a celebrity? I was very popular in high school. [That makes sense~] You had fans in high school~~? [Did you... happen to got to Seoul Performing Arts High School?]

[(HAECHAN's talking nonsense is the best)] You're quite amazing. [The intern, MARK also has an experience?] [Banned] I did it on a show. A show? - I was in a broadcasting club at school.. - broadcasting club! [Let's say you were...] What did you do there? [You were serving food at the broadcasting club...??] [Let's move on...] I really served food..

[So he has an experience!] - to the people there. - You served food? [To provide better service] So I guess MARK is the most experienced one here! But I haven't seen it myself [We are going to hold a field ability test] [Life Corp. 2] Guys, I saw you guys serve food earlier, and it was terrible! [Reference to the 5th episode / Serving was very painful...] Some of you can't even walk with stability, have horrible facial expression, and someone would whine about the pain [Reevaluating from the very basics!] It's not okay. We are going back to the basics. - What's the base of service? - Self! Self?! [(It's not the answer..?.. Then what is?)] We need to give laughter and happiness along with coffee to our beloved customer who paid a visit to our store! - Yes, sir! - Then, what's important? - An impression is important. - Exactly.

So what have you got? - I can impersonate F1 racing cars. - Great, let's hear it? Let's drive that car! - It's coming from that side! - Where is it coming from? [(Short acting)] - It's very fast. - Let's go! [Ouch! My foot!!!] [You can make people laugh with impression....?]

Give him a round of applause, please. [I can make any impression work (by. The general manager HWANG)] - But, did you just get hit by he car? - Yes. [Naive] - Oh... - That's what I was trying to do. [Impressed] - Wow, I've never seen someone who made this impression work. - Never. [MARK intern impersonates the sound of trumpet] I can make the sound of trumpet.

[What a talent!] - Sound of trumpet? Great, it would go very well with this coffee shop. -Yes. [NCT U-90's Love] [This is how we do it, it's all here] [Looking around] Wow! [MARK, it was great!] Great, it was so good. [It was nothing] - We could make it like a jazz cafe. - Yes, exactly. [The deputy general manager, SUNGCHAN] [Impersonates the jump sound form Super Mario] I can do the jump sound from Super Mario. [That's my type of a thing] - I personally love that sound. - Oh really?

[LOL] [It's the best ASMR for deep sleep] - Deep sleep song. - Yes. - Let's see your skill. - Okay. [Ready] [Nervous] [Pow~] [Internal conflict...] [1mmmm not enough..]

It's not clear enough, just a little bit. [I need to make this work] Wow, so similar. [Works hard +1] [It's cute +1] [Just... a little bit.. more...] Can you run and then jump? [!] [Tap / Tap / Tap] [Pow~] [Additional option: Have your eyes closed please] This is great. [Proud] [Master of sounds in the coffee industry(?)] - these guys have great basic talent of service. - Yes, sir. - You might feel pressure since you are the last one. - Yes.

- Do you have any skills to show us? - Tumbling. [!!] - Tumbling. - Tumbling... [That's new!] You can tumble while you're serving. Well simply, rainbow? [Rainbow?] [Are you talking about that difficult breakdancing skill?] Are you talking about breakdancing? - Oh! - Sounds good. [We looked it up] [Reference : SPAX's YouTube channel] [Wow.. JENO is going to do this?] [I'm different from the others!] [JENO is always prepared] [I'll show you this time!] [He's supposed to serve food to the table then go back in rainbow position] - Here. - Thanks.

- Enjoy your food. - Okay. - Then. - Fine. [!!!] - This.... - Good, you did it. [!!!!] - It's slippery. - Slippery... [Tada] [Is it just me who thinks it's weird?] Well this... [It's different... It's definitely different;;;;;]

- This.... - Okay, you did it. [Awkward situation for everyone] It was slippery. [Slippery :'(] [It is for us to blame...] - It's slippery... - It is, it's slippery. [JENO is embarrassed...] [He went across the river he can't come back from...] - It's slippery. - I almost fell.

It was just terrible. [Dying laughing] It's not a side turn, I mean. [Hahaha it's too funny haha] [Can't get rid of the rainbow in our head lol] [haha / ugh lol / hahaha / lol] [JENO threw the laugh bomb] I'm not sure what... [JENO's unknown turn] that was. It was not a side turn nor back turn.

[I'm crying] I mean, even a girl in middle school... [Still in this position] [JENO finally takes off his no fun hat with the rainbow] does a better job at side turns in P.E. class. [My stomach hurts from laughing..] [Get out of my head!] Are you happy with your rainbow, or not? - I'm happy. - Okay then. [At least it made us laugh] This is how we enjoy the company life.

The basic of service is the smile on your face and other facial expressions. [Field ability test: Facial expressions] - Imagine this is the store, and you guys will just act out different faces. - Okay. - You got it? - Yes. [The deputy general manager SUNGCHAN goes first] Give me the question.

[Kiss] [A kiss...] Okay! [Ugh, I can't] - Ugh, eww. - eww. [You need to be patient for good service] [Kiss] You need to be patient. [Deep / Thinking] One, two, three. [Kiss] [Kind of similar?] [Isn't this the same?] [Kiss] [It's not enough] Take a good look at this.

[One tooth] There is a tooth here. [One tooth] [How am I supposed to do one tooth...?] You need to be able to imitate this one tooth. [Checking my teeth...] This guy here has only one tooth.

[Kiss] [Fail] [Disappointed...] Oh... You're so mean! I tried so hard. You failed. Fail! [Next / The intern, MARK] Who's next? - MARK. - It's the intern, MARK.

[Cute things are for me] Okay, give us the next question. [!!!!] Oh wow. [Wow.. this is hard!!] [Is this how you do it?] What kind of face is this? - What is it? - When the person next to you opens his wallet and there's a lot of cash.

Bingo. [Perfect] That's it. [Wriggle / Wriggle / Wriggle] One, two, three. [Oh my!] Oh! [Wow! He's good~?] It's a little it disappointing, let's try it again.

Two, three. [Wow~ That's a lot of cash???] Oh! Pass! [1,000% same] It was the same. Thank god. [MARK-ticon coming soon!] [Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V] [The level gets higher as we go further] [Okay, I can do everything!] - I can do it. - Give us the next question. Oh! It has an action! [Squats down] - Can you do this? - Yes I can. [Bring your arms and legs together] [Fall / A sad rabbit] I'm going to look at all the details.

Three! [Falls] [Fail] [That's harsh lol] [So mean...] You are so mean. [Not enough details here!!] [I resign] [I resign] [I can't hear you] Who wants to try this? [I'll take volunteers] I'll give you 2 points for this one. [Me] JENO, you can do it.

[You can...?] Oh? [I'll show you how it's done!] - HAECHAN, let's go. - Okay. Come out here please. Give me one minute please. [!!!] Oh! [He can.. really cry?] If he actually cries for this question [JENO's joke won't do anything] I'll give him 20 points.

- Okay, I'll go now. - Okay. [He's going to cry???] Are you ready? - Wow! He cried! - Wow! [Ready] - One. - Oh what? [His eyes look watery already....?] Pass. [Tears....] Wow! [Real tears] [He even demonstrates the falling details] - Wow! - Wow, wow! [Very impressed!!!] Wow.

[Within just a few seconds, he cried!] - That's amazing, he actually cried. - A round of applause please! [Amazing..] Wow... seriously, wow... [Can't believe what I just saw...] I mean, why and how do you cry... [That rabbit looked sad...] CEO is watching.

[I... cry... sometimes...] - With this passion you have, you are leading the game - Wow, that's crazy. [Heart] - with 21 points! [With a drop of tear, he is now leading the game alone!] But don't worry. There is a question with 100 points.

[What... A100 points?] Oh...... [Unbelievable lol] [I still have a chance!] - There is going to be another one. - Another question. [I need to take that 100 points!] - Okay, here goes the question with a 100 points. - I'll do that, too. [#Teddybear #Spits #Hearts] [The last question is for everyone!] All 4 of you will try this one. [Practice / practice] I'll pick the winner here. [Observe] - Let's go. - Okay.

One, two, three! [Where did HAECHAN go?] Three! [Smartypants] [He does the expression in front of the emoticon] [Who demonstrated the best expression?] One, two, three! [SUNGCHAN with a large heart?] [MARK with his finger heart?] [JENO with his cute heart?] [HAECHAN with his endless hearts?] Man, this has to go to HAECHAN! [HAECHAN wins the facial expression test] [Understandable] [PM 04:00 / Life Corp.] MARK. - MARK. - Yes! Turn on the heater, it's cold in here. [Quickly] Yes, sir. When are we going home? Eventually. Man I'm tired of this company.

[heater ON] Turn it off now. Okay. [You're annoying~!!] Intern, where did my snack go? Here. [Here?] Oh, thank you sir. [Sorry] [I forgot my position for a minute lol] [Let's get back to work] [Focused] Hello, this is MARK, the intern speaking. [Who?] [Hi, this is the security department.

Our menu image has been handed to the competing company. What? [LOL] Why, why, why? [LOL] [Very into this situation] What did you say? [Serious] [What happened...?] Our menu image has been handed to the competing company. They said our menu image has been leaked. What? Wait, how did that happen? [???] You should've done the job...

Wait. [We worked so hard on the menu... :'(] [Confused] Wait, how did this happen? [Wait, from my PC?] No, no wait. - Wait, everyone. - Who did this. [Do we have a betrayer here...?] - Well.... - It's okay, it happens.

No, but. [Failed to get into the situation lol] [Get back to it lol] - We just need to make sure the general manager is never aware of it. - It's okay. Keep it a secret from the general manager. [!] - So... - No, wait. Yes.

What's going on? Why are you guys so confused here? - Nothing happened. - Yes. Sir. Yes. [Please keep it a secret....] Our menu...

Menu image was leaked! Our menu image was leaked? [Ugh.. let's me get out of this...] [Glance] I mean... [Looking around] [Serious] How did this happen? This is unbelievable. How did the menu image get leaked? [Does this make sense?] - But to be honest, it doesn't make sense at all! - But this is... [Who would take it...] - It doesn't make sense. - Didn't you take the menu, sir? [The general manager? LOL] [It could be lol] That's right.

[Pretty sure] You took it at the end, sir. [Lee Jung-Jae / Possessed] - Are you suspicious of me now? - Yes, sir. You guys.

- You see the bullet marks next to my nipple. - We do. [Hold it in] [Why is he talking about bullet marks..?] One shot is from when I was an agent. And the other one from when I was running the theme park. [Very serious] [Acting with all his heart] And this one right here, is just s belly button.

[I am a comedian] [LOL] I am. [Don't laugh / think about something sad] I'm not that kind of a general manager. I can't believe you are suspicious of me. [The fine line between soap opera and comedy] Without asking a question. [Ugh lol I can't hold it anymore lol] [I love my manager haha] [A future comedian (?) acts along with the manager] Sorry, sir.

[They are all covering (?) for the general manager] - Sorry. - Sorry. [We believe you, but it's too funny] - We believe you, sir. - We got you, we believe you. [I never once doubted my manager~] I understand. The real professionals will overcome when there is a difficult situation. - Yes. - There is a tasting with directors now so please make 30 cups of coffee for me.

[Trust us!] - Okay! - Go ahead! Let's go. [Life Corp. 2] - Guys. - Why? [Divide the tasks] I think we should divide the tasks for each person to be more efficient.

[MARK, you're quite a smart intern] That's true. Then let's decide on the person to grind the pea... - Pea? - Pea? - Pea, Peas? You mean? - What? [They suggest JENO to do physical work] JENO, how about you grind the beans? [What did I do;;] Those physically demanding works.

[Strength = JENO, JENO = strength] - Because you're stronger. - Okay. [He takes the hard part...] - Okay. - Fine. Okay then. Let's cheer each other up first. [Nine ting ting tang tang frying-pan game] [Yeah~] [Alright! Let's do it!] Okay.

[Starts grinding the beans] Okay, I'm going to start grinding. [kills two birds with one stone] [Gets work out done and makes coffee at the same time] It's kind of fun to roll this. [Wow~] [Look at JENO's arms] You have a beautiful arms.

[His arms are working hard...] [Angry arms with kind face] [The deputy general manager / seriously impressed] You have impressive arms. [Back to work] [Toss the ground beans to HAECHAN] [Add the beans] [Pour] [MARK intern prepares to drip the coffee] [HAECHAN looking beautiful while making drip coffee...] [The smell of coffee fills the office] It smells so good. [his mouth tends to come forward when he is concentrated] [SUNGCHAN distributes the coffee in cups when it's done] [His eyelashes are shaking] [While they are working hard in silence...] [?????] [It's so hard....] [He can't even keep his head up..]

[NEVER STOP] [One life, one grinder] [It's so hard.. is it just me...?] [What are you guys doing?] Oh, manager HWANG. [Why is he here?] - You guys look happy. - We were just taking a break. [Pouring coffee[ We were just taking a break for a minute. What were you guys doing? I have a question for you. If you find a spy in your company would you report it? Or not? [Report / Report / Report / Report] - I'll report. - Without a doubt?

[Hahaha] I see. Here... [He is handcuffed] [LOL] - Thank you guys, it's all because of you guys. - Thank you

[So you are the one who leaked the menu image...?] Did you leak it? Yes. [Right before the serving tasks in the morning] [Looking around] [He took the menu image!!] [The general manager HWANG was the one..]

[Leave me alone!] [We got you] [Insensitive while being carried out] See you again, manager HWANG. Manager HWANG. See you in another company. [Angelic team members who still take his side even after his wrongdoings] - I'll pay a visit. - I understand you.

Well so now.. [Quickly judges the situation] - Sir. - Hello, our new general manager. [That was smooth...] - Oh hi there. I'm the new general manager here. - Yes, sir. [Thanks to the manager HWANG, all employees got promoted lol] - Okay, you are now a deputy general manager. - I'm an assistant manager now. - Our intern. - He is still an intern. [You need to first become a full-time employee...] - I'm not a full-timer yet? Okay, fine. - Not yet.

[What would happen to the general manager HWANG after he got caught....? [-To be continues in episode 7-] Let's pour some coffee now. [Time for myself Lifetime]

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