NASTY Jack In The Box Mukbang ft. Jeffree Star & James Charles

NASTY Jack In The Box Mukbang ft. Jeffree Star & James Charles

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I told, y'all, motherfuckers I would go infiltrate, the beauty community and, here the fuck is, the. Beauty who do you think. Before. We even, finish, the intro where do we invoice you. Know. Literally. Like I need to pay you guys I'm, like a make-a-wish childhood, I take paypal. Owen, cash yes. Box. Okay. I. Love, that Eamon how this, pussy, oh, we. Can't relate yeah, so how did you drag us bags no. I really don't know how this habit at all it's 100% one of those things I am undeserving, of everything it's just luck okay, at, least she's honest yeah like, what are you that's why next single I'm undeserving of everything it's just. My, channel and welcome back to my channel, BAM yeah, hi I'm, here with you. Guys wanna hi sisters. Do. You. Want to eat. Hungry. Have. You ever eaten on camera no I've never done it I'm down I'm, taking their virginity I'm scared my lipstick, off just for this okay, you. Were so pretty no sigh thank you. So. Where are we going right now it's late bitch and you have us going oh yeah, it's 123, in the morning how did you get him here from Downton I don't know I got you. Why I'm here like it's past 10:00 p.m. and James is here which is insane I don't I'm. Vibing or 90 levels yeah so, I guess we're gonna go buy a bunch of food and see, what happened Taco Bell specifically, because, Jeffrey invented, the cinema month away yes, Oh. Fucking. Disgusting. That's a spiritual, moment but also same, holy yeah I'm nothing oh my god I need a cinnamon. Crunch twist I. Guess. We'll be back in a little bit with a bunch of food okay. Let's fuck up this talk about. Maybe. Churros. Let, me get two chocolate, over okay it's. Not really good for us, can. I do a large order front regular fries, love. Lebanon fine yeah. - okay in the drink caulk, okay. The, only cook games. Can. I get like four tacos. What are our drinks. I'm, gonna do a vanilla, milkshake please, you just literally, no, one - yes make that two please that. Never happened, we'll do a large. I'm. Just gonna put someone stuff by your feet. Humbling. He wants to fuck me, Oh give, me oh. This. Is charity but like oh wow. I love at haricots same. We love a cherry coke sister. Uhmm. We're, not good for the lip play now. Any. Condiments, she wants. Ketchup. BBQ and. Putting. This hermès, crocodile. Thank. You so much love you be on my channel Sunday. Fuckin, laughing bitch he's. Like thank you so much sisters oh, my. God I would shit it is that anyway so talk about was closed really, it. Said to him on the app and it flop yeah so fuck you. You. Need that friend. We. Went to Jack in the marks that we just have a thought. Like. On. The entire. You. And. Love that. Bacon, cheddar wedges. We're. Sharing. What's. Your darkest tattoo or. Like grossest weirdest a 200. Have any gross one like I mean, I'm my mmm, Dora, I mean like fucked up like twisted dark I guess yeah, good. I mean wow, this I mean it's a twisted movie Hannibal Lecter Oh way, my favorite Anthony Hopkins the best actor ever, BAM so old is it personal life. Happy, Hopkins. James. Let's go. You're. Both fired. Hannah. Montana. Anthony. Hopkins I'm so, sorry. Wow I'm literally gonna type in his name and you're all gonna stock, ourselves, okay Anthony Hopkins photos. I'm. Done he looks like every guy I'm like just seeking arrangements, out oh. Fuck. James. Krause antenna mozar disappointing. Jeffrey started for two minutes I love that I'm calling it for computer center contact we have so many sandwiches looky-loos, ID so what's it up should. We like pass it down should we like all take a bite of each sandwich oh my, god I have a picky here okay, so, Caitlyn your channel need to realize that I. Like. Everything playing I like cheese and I like me okay, so. I'm scared to buy into some of this okay. That's. Cheese and meat okay is there ketchup in there yeah, it's. On. The ground yeah, hello. Yeah okay, yeah no she's not good. We're. We're, not biting this okay I don't like all the sauce right actually bite it what is the white stuff I think I mean I never said that out loud before usually no but. No. Wonder it fell on you it was. Okay. Ultimate breakfast sandwich okay, give it a whirl is that a bacon cheese. Mmm. By. The way I've never film is late Thank You Jan, for keeping me up I may or may not have spilled a little I love.

That I'm itchy. Okay this churro though are you better like a dessert now okay. Yeah okay. Mmm. You. Noticed that okay uh-huh yes yo try the breakfast and one okay. Me. Is it me egg cheese it definitely, needs some seasoning oh my gosh. Is. Bob girls van pass, it down I'll, puff you, have to do it I don't like eggs. But. Factitious, are you, guys I want to tell my own celebrity, tell me rude youtuber, I'm, like the. Worst I know. I don't know mean James are just staying in our lane, coins and just trying to live man we're trying to provide, for our families and swallow, so I can't so. If anyone else is concerned about drama can't relate okay, tell me you the nicest person you ever met no one oh, the. Nicest. Mmm-hmm. Talk, to you, yes. And really. Genuine, like, knows. One, of the best hurts people about as real as they come 100% phone what, about no regular, you to believe Shane, one of us be whatever bad yeah. Yeah, it must I hate you probably you. Mmm. I'll. Take I don't watch, yourself I'll take a bow I, just met her something out there yet Oh. Dream, dream social media threesome, dream. Threesome. Okay. Me. Camera - Shawn Mendes. Not. Bad. Yeah. I get it where would you be oh no. In. The middle like Eiffel Tower no, just. Imagine. If me you and Nate collab rapport no they've. Offered really. Yeah, remember last year when the pretend, ball psych trying to happen with will the girl really did ball sack, I did, the pretend one they, reached out like let's do it we'll put on our thing and I'm like. Well. We're gonna cut the check for. No. There's no plan I don't, even order so a guy in real life I fucking touch why would I ever do a camera, for millions people to say. I. Got. A virgin oh my, god James. Wow. That's a table Wow do you plan a way to a marriage no. Absolutely. No I'm never gonna get married in the fucking first place anyway but Wow. How honest you guys are at those I'm waiting to my edge to Brian. Says, I could tell us her because it's not your channel and I don't care about a lot of times oh my, god I'm actually so excited people. Say that I like jock-off 2000, times oh good, we're going to the airbrush okay. Whoa. Hmm. Oh yeah. We all have like noises going on you know yeah. Oh. Wait. Am i oh that, was the soul right that was great hey I, looked. Up with a guy if he wants to go okay, yeah. Hi. Phil, Miller I told you that's our camera okay you're, telling us I hooked, up with a guy a few months ago and I, was. Sucking his dick that, was good and fresh and fun. I. Was, sucking his tank and the night would really caught board halfway through. He. Took too long to come okay yeah yeah, well we're just like living in the moment you know yeah and. He's. Like Oh guys like your deck and normally I'm like absolutely, fucking not like no I'd never had a guy's like I did before ever are ever. Not. Just wasn't, but never into it not even, remotely interested, I'll do fine he was I never had my next time so he was really sweet and just made me feel really really comfortable which is like awesome cells like I'm you know like guys like he like can do it so, he started doing at. Brush. And then. Too, like that like, point. Moment, and literally. I was like oh like ready to go other, than I like realize like a minute later I was like why I have it like what's, going on I haven't done anything yet yeah. Then I took, myself like, that I was like wait this is a weird feeling because it was like still going on I was like well this is not even feel good anyone's it's like overwhelming yeah I, fuckin, took myself out of this situation for, a second choice my fucking arms were numb and, so, are my legs and my head it was like tingly I was living having a panic attack. Like. Wow it's. Fucking hilarious but, I was. Literally. Having a full-on. Panic, and I had never had a panic before I don't suffer with anxiety sounds like what is this feeling my body that's going on through so, fucking scared I literally was like I fucking screen I was like fucking stop and he was so sweet about he's like are you okay listen I don't think I don't know I can't fucking move oh my god nothing get out you know you know no he was so sweet about it though he's like oh my god don't really let me go get you water like are you the.

Guy Look to be the best ever about it and I you so embarrassing I wanted to literally cry that's a real it illegal to person think that's ever happens but that's why, and essentially. Octave, ever. You. Have to keep trying I can't keep going I'm just care now. Probably. And. Invite. Him back and. Try it again yeah. Because. He made you feel comfortable so you got back in the water so. It's, a little. Yeah. But I mean link oh. Not. Bad oh she's good I guess I'll tow an embarrassing sex story I've told this before I've. Shoes I think but oh. No. But it's a good one it's a good one. Yo. Ok actual real question you guys wouldn't know well yeah I don't know if you know but you would definitely know well are, you talking about oh my. God business, any fuckin bottoming, he, likes pussy and, my fucking fat ass and my throw okay bad points that you're making um yeah so I mean literally like feeling I couldn't do like anal, like, after like Taco Bell yeah, I don't have to like I legally, thought. It sounds like divorce I don't even have my entire life I was. Scared just thinking about it, I. Do it I'm not going. Home I live. Here would never ever top, and I could feel the shit on my dick no like you know like it's Ollie it's so clean like I think I like it's so clean I can't handle this right now. Not. Having sex we're going to bed I'll give it like while I'm sucking you oh whoops, oh wait really yummy. I eat like there's no way well, this. Is so much food there's, no way. You. Have to fucking shove it up there. Stop, no, no we're, eating. Okay. So yeah I guess, the point of that was it I was a lot to take in literally. Clean. It. Ass. Okay. I'll, return to this. Every. Fucking time I stuck take my throat hurts for like a week after so I can't do it mine. They might crave more. Anymore. Okay. I don't, need actually, ten minutes they throw, a senior. Monetize we do wrote anything. Yeah. Like. Well Nathan hasn't made dude yeah, Megan has a funny okay I need time I don't care if I have the flu and like. 105. Degree temperature, I'll suck. We. Love a sister stock. Thank. You no way where's the craziest things you've ever bought nature oh. I. Want. A craziest place yeah, um, maybe. Like most daring like first-class flight oh my, god yeah. And the bed like everyone goes to sleep two flight attendants what doing whatever and like oh that's everything in the bathroom I'm not sucking someone's dick in the bathroom where a million people are peeing on that plane. And. There's what we're finally different. Like. Two months ago I was flying somewhere with this guy that I was like dating and he, was. Exactly. He, was sitting in the I was sitting in the middle my best friend was sitting in the window and, like the flight attendants are just walking by it's a good Hyneman wearing economy, like look at the economy what's that and exactly as, I was trying to suck his dick in I'll see him they'll find him they kept passing I think it literally started like yelling IVs like you need to chill like a. Guy. Oh so. It was like we're, here he was in the middle of the friend was there yeah okay she's really know and time visit I just I've tried to be like this and the flight attendant was like walking past and, so he just like. So. We think, we're like darn. Outro, you're doing I think we're done, what is the exhaust. The taco I'm sorry. My. Face. Exactly. Oh my, oh. My god, if, you guys saw the fucking floor, it's like after a rainbow, smoky eye it's fucking.

Messy. Yeah it. Is messy. This. House what. If, the dog that's a fart they let me know and they go it's like mommy. I have to fart very, good, here's. A gold brick go play sorry. Always. That's, like my only really. Good week, my, butt was actually my asshole delicious, right, making noise. Week. Of my life, forever, sit on it, really make noise that's videos disgust to help but like imagine, I like going your whole I have a soundless part. Right. Now. Thank. You so much for having. The. Luminarias said that you haven't done anyone but us I appreciate that yeah, this is their social way really needed. Oh. Good. Segue. What. We do we're. Didn't get ready okay. Rwm. Wow. I'm. Retiring him I don't think I've ever heard anybody say those letters outlet of her thank. You for watching this loop was supposed to be talked about it wasn't talking about I don't know what I just say I'm gonna be fat ass fucking Coachella I catch me there oh I, can't wait to see your bloated selfies my pregnant, my pregnant will Bailey holy face my stormy, you, might stormy Jenner. He's doing just fine just, right okay, I'm done, analyst, I will not, do they need it but I will link. Don't. Bother. I. Will. Talk to you guys in the next video bye. Guys my my, sister's hmm, right.

2018-04-18 23:36

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What a beautiful video idea, eating fast food on camera

dont y'all take dick or something

Also James is quite possibly the cutest thing ever and he NEEDS to invite that guy back over

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Jeffree @5:04 - LIVING

Story time: I had a really phenomenal uber driver (I'm surprised too) Wouldn't that be kinda interesting tho?

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When she dropped the burger

Please make more videoes together you are so hilarious in each other’s companions!!

this video completed my year

when 3 of your favourite gays unite in one video

ok i just must be old af bc i identified w Jeffree when he screamed bc these children don’t know who hannibal lector is but also I’m as old as these people sooo where do i belong

:43 “wait....what? ‘fag’?i didn’t agree to that...”

*Ok now I am fucking hungry*

I can’t believe they didn’t know who Anthony Hopkins is, I reacted just like Jeffree did. Sad.

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Jeffree is my favourite so relatable

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This video is

how do they don‘t know anthony hopkins? giiiirl he‘s SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS! the hannibal movies would have never been the same without him

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Honestly James has to go away. Hes not belong in the GROUP.

Jeffree’s reaction when they don’t know Anthony fucking Hopkins is me

Hahah she actually didn’t put their links in the description yasss bitch

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“Not Hannah Montana”. I’m dead

I HATE TO BE THAT BITCH BUT someone literally drove through my house so if you wanna see a storytime about that please check out my channel :) I love Tana and she inspired me to make these kinds of videos and I'd really like it if you guys checked them out!! LINK TO THAT STORYTIME:

james dont say your a virgin on the internet look what happened to britney spears !!!!


This might be gay but I’d fuck both guys, again no homo. The ZUCC is watching you.

10:17 when tana said that she was waiting for marriage and Jeffree choked on his drink

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When are JS and Trisha collabing.. please... lol

Tana has pitbull eyes

14:12 i can't even

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Tana roasts imaris during his videos, video

They need to make this a regular show.. Tana n jefree are so real.. The house of regina is cracking.. Jefree the cool mom

Do a tana watching Imaris videos, video, if that makes sense


James is such a little bitch lmao

James: “I’d never eat ass” also James: takes a bite of the chicken nugget right away

Fact Check Bitch. Taco Bell Closes @1 A True Fat Ass Would Know

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internet whore







My favorite video of all time




you lips HAHAHAhaHhHh

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Dio quanto è brutto James, un incrocio tra il bambino cattivo di Toy Story e Michael Jackson



jeffree is like the adult chaperone hes so much older this is hilarious

I couldn't stop laughing lol. Great video


the fake lips are hella ugly too

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Jeffree looks hot in this

She gained weight or what else had happened to her face???

you need someone to fix up your captions;; girl those captions?? i dont even know whos talking! they're literally hiding half the screen

Jeffrey: i’m going home... wait i live here

Low key I feel like Jeffry got James baked asf before the vid and that’s why it seemed like he was trying his hardest to be up beat

Part 2 plz

THIS IS THE FUNNIEST FUCKING VIDEO! Thank you sishters for making my shit day better

"I shouldn't so this" -"you shouldn't" Did I get this right?

Hahahah they’re so high

I love how she said she was going to link Jeffree and James below and Jeffree was like "don't bother" so she actually didn't

You are discussing!! Why are you doing you tube Stupid ASS!!!!!

james-" i found everything but my chicken nuggets !" actually meeee

omg can we please get you threeee together more!!! and james YOU NEED A NEW CHANNEL DEMONITIZED WITH STORIES!!!!! omjgggg

Jeffree searching for food at the beginning is a MOOD

All my daddies

Better than Trisha's mukbang

Jeffree and Tana look like sisters

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I need this every week to not commit suicide... THANK U!!

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Jeffree: I'm going home! Oh wait I live here. lmao me

Could James literally have a more annoying voice?

who pays for the food, I mean do they split the bill, does tana pay cuz it's her channeeel?? :D what>

Why they talking bout anal bhaahhahahaaha why is anal bad hahahaha lmao help

She's getting chubby

Is James ace?

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I enjoyed watching this different side of James He’s just so freaking cute!! You guys seem to have pretty good chemistry

this druggy whore promotes drug use to her tween audience of girls.. you're lucjy I don't kick the shit outtta you ya pedophile bitch


The way jefree eats XD

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James: "Hanna...." Jeffree: "Not Hannah Montana, Hannibal Lecter" OMFG I CRIED. That was SO FUNNY

lmfao 12:20 when you cum and he keeps sucking

God i love you jeffrey "You're both fired." "I'm done."

This is the funniest shit ever

I used to think Jeffrey Star was a mean and kinda scary, but now I see that he’s just one the girls! I love this trio together! More pls !!!


Imagine James saying “HI SISTERS” while getting his dick sucked

James the entire video was a complete mood

14:22 jeffree is a mood i stg

this is so fucking iconic

Sayyyy niggerrr

james looks so uncomfortable

Jeffree said he hasnt eaten on camera, honey what about the grwm rolls royce with nikkie

I died when James burped and Jeffree was shook


I can't stand watching Mukbangs but this one was entertaining af! I could bearly hear them eating which was good lol I hate the noises and Jeffree makes eating look good. I have new standards lol

11.33 Jeffrey's look into the camera

james is so adorable i’m crying

jeffree is like the lit aunt and tana and james are the children staying over for the weekend

I actually relate to Jeffree. I’m really plain and a picky eater

I used to hate all of you especially Tana. But after watching her with Jeffree, she wasn't as bad as what the internet make her seems. I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this video, this just seems like a real friendship. Jeffree cold, yet relaxed attitude, James who turns out really innocent and Tana is the kind of person you want to hangout with because she keeps the conversation flowing and not awkward. You guys should do this again!


literally never wanted the video to end

am i the only one that had to look up anthony hopkins

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xDaniellax x no.

“ I’m like waddup bitch watch me throw this neck “

My wig just went on a world wide tour

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James is Probably The most Innocent

Funniest shit I’ve ever seen


Jeffre is HELLA CUTE

This video was a whole fucking mood lmao I was laughing through the whole thing I love them together they’re all just me

I can imagine Ian watching This

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Tana: You guys wanna... James: Hi sisters! ....why did he look so dead inside??

jeffree choking on is drink after tana says shes waiting until marrige is my life.

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this video is iconic.

i imagine them having a 3 sum after this video

Now This Is A Story All About How.!!



This video had me rolling I'm crying

James is me

James is like a Nikkie on this video, remember when Jeffree did a collab with her & Manny lol... Tana & Jeffree are having a moment while James is not having it. Lol don’t hate me, love y’all!


5:38 Big mood, Jeffree. Big mood.

tana needs to quit glorifying and making her cocaine use seem normal. she can do what she wants but keep it off camera.. it’s a very dangerous and illegal plus so many young girls look up to her as influence

I luv James Charles Brennen Taylor introduce me to James

This is my favorite video ❤️

tana looks idk... maybe it’s just the make up

Okay. This girl in the middle is worse than trailer trash. How can you make a video without washing your hands. her nails are broken and her face could use a nice creaming. So disappointed


HHahaha I’m ded

Okay but who doesnt know Anthony Hopkins. Hes in every movie in the world

Lmao I'm a meat and cheese person too. Plain burgers for the win!

im living for this side of James Charles

James the whole time was just a living breathing meme

passing it like a joint

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James Charles won’t even eat after you much less eat ass

when james burps loud as fuck and the camera zooms in on him

Funniest shit ever!!!

Omg don’t worry James I can relate I hate eggs!! They have a nasty texture

this made my night after freaking typing two papers... lol

I laughed so fucking hard this entire video

I love how happy Jeffree is. He looks like he’s having a genuine good time with Tana and James.

I hate that white stuff too on hamburgers. Thank god somebody agrees

Did they just mention the Ellen of YouTube. Shane my queen.

The fact that this is STILL monetized at 1.8M views lmfao

Go to 5:06 and just look at everyone’s faces.

Shishters are quaking

Why do you always say that you don't deserve to do vids with Jeffree? I mean you have a community, you both are evolving in different subject. You're both equal.

I thought Jeffree was vegan? Did I imagine that?

James was almost left out this whole viddo

I can now rest in peace. This is all I needed.

I'm sorry, but james can't sit with us....

James is tired and done

Seeing skinny bitches eat, doing their make up is everything!

That botox makes her look clappedd

who decided to take a video of the car driving into the taco bell drive thru

James is me in any social setting

Tana's botox makes her look like a male drag queen lowkey

I lowkey feel like James has beef on the side with Jeffee

Hit a girl up with some coffee money

Fun video so much better than Manny Mua and Laura lees 4 way video. Love Jeffree and Tana

James is too tiny and sweet to be hanging out with these two

James is a buzz kill ,Tana is overkill and Jeffery is killin it !!!

I’m still offended that James ordered regular fries at Jack in the Box. EVERYONE and their mothers know to always order curly fries at Jack!!

Is there something different with her eyes? Honest question because I really don't know. Like they look a bit cross-eyed in this video. (no shade, I'm just wondering if she has like a new eye condition or something idk)

What am I watching xD I am so disturbed haha


This is like my 3rd time watching this omg

This needs to happen everyday

This is hilarioius

Can someone tell me what car Jeffree was driving because I want one, even though my ass is broke. A girl can dream.

Did tana get plastic surgery or something? Her eyes look really cross eyed. & she got thicker

I wanna join them damn it! they make crazy seem normal and i fucking live for it .

11:22 I AM DEAD

I’ve watched this video like three times and EVERY TIME I HEAR TANA SAY “Is this person still alive?” and Jeffree saying “ANTHONY HOPKINS!?!?” I LITERALLY wheeze and snort because both their reactions are so genuine and hilarious oh my fucking god

I dont like james at all the way he eats its annoying me n jeffree is high asf

I’m watching this at 2AM is it bad?

the way james is chewing is making my spine fucking itch, i can't

This was the trashiest fucking video I’ve ever seen.... but I lmaoooo!!!

They’re super high right

And I could totally see Jeffree giving his dogs a gold brick XD

first of all my new catch phrase is "GOOD AND FRESH" secondly Jeffree destroying an expensive ass Gucci shirt on purpose is a mood, and Tana: I'm waiting for marriage. Jeffree: **Chokes on his milkshake, trying not to laugh**

No one is eating. Why is this called a mukbang


Your the biggest bitch ive seen

Sister, that was an orgasm.

This fucking fake ass bitch claimes to be vegan

tana back then: “eggs are disgusting they taste weird” tana now: “who doesn’t like eggs??”

"Provide for our families and swallow".

I’m so glad this video exists! Lol best thing ever

shes so high omg

Tana was sooooo faded !!!!! Ahahahah Ily bae me too

Geez Jeffrey looks sooo good here

James is out of character

But I love it

*people say this is the best trio* Me: Damon, Stefan & Elena BOOM

"I have a right hand"

I LOOOOOOVE that Jeffrey baptized her & her guccy with the fast food

Laugh So HARD, I never watch the same video but i can’t stop watching this!

Lol the jefree star being annoyed by you two became a video

LMFAO SHE REALLY DIDNT LINK THEM also Tanna WE NEED more info on the whole VidCUNT bs. Did they do anything after you posted tht vid?

I love this!!!!! MORE

I was looking through mukbang videos and I was wanting to watch some video and then I saw this collar and I was like HELL YES

It finally happened and I never been so happy


Can you 3 do more of these thanks

This is iconic

"we love a sister suck" I'm dead.

nooo "we love a sister suck"

I would never, the breakfast sandwich contains the saltiest eggs ever. Or maybe it's just my local Jack In The Box.

a side of James I have NEVER SEEN

I need moreeeeee

James looks like he doesn't wanna be there low-key

Have they never seen "The Silence of the Lambs"?

Jeffery and tana faded asl

"not Hannah Montana"

we love a Botox sister

Tana seriously didn't know how anal sex works? That's surprising.

I love james ❤️❤️

Tanas dad must have been so proud when she said who doesn’t love eggs

Love this

They look way more fun to hang out with then manny and niki and Laura and that one other dude haha

jeffree star and tana mongoose excluding shishtar james for 5 minutes straight

we STANNNN this collab.

It’s crazy how lip injections can completely change someone’s face

Omg I love you guys you make me laugh! ❤❤❤❤

This is my fav video atm. Watched it 3 times already

SAY NIGGER! No but honestly if you broke both your legs and lost all your subscribers I would be genuinely happy.


Okay but the fact that these came out around the same time that Manny, Laura, Gabriel, and Nikita did their videos is inch resting.

okay but why was james so lame in this vid

this is quality content SHISTERSSS


I died laughing when she dropped the the sandwich

I feel like James and Jeffree are in on some inside joke, and Tana is the joke.


I love everything about this video lol

She does nothing for me

I love that jeffree touched up his make up in the middle of the video


What are Tana's and James' signs? I know Jeffrey is a Scorpio ♏️ with his bougie ass

This is kinda random but does anyone remember when Jeffree was in a freaking Falling in Reverse music video? That was

JAMES! S I S T E R ! I need to talk to you about this sexual blockaid sis!

Did she gain a fuck ton of weight?

we N E E D bloopers

“I’m going home.Wait,I live here”

James doesn’t fit in, i love him.

Wtf is james doing here

I fucking live for y’all !!!!!

YES TATI AND SHANE sweet lil angels RAD VIDEO i love u jeffree

I feel Jeffrees pain with the Anthony Hopkins moment

Why was tana squinting the entire time

I can literally sees tana whole mouth when she laugh like really bitch

Tana is blazed af and I love it

Racism Scandal Crew

james' smile after he said "I'm a virgin" is so cute

u guys should do a channel together lol


james is the mood

james looks so innocent this whole video i cant my baby he doesnt fit in here


0:15 Tana Mongoose living up to her name

Why the hell is jeffree more than a Lady then tana and jeffree is a boy!!!

I hate. Eggs tooo


James the virgin

I'm so triggered after talking about you talking about anal after taco bell

Who’s Anthony Hopkins

I don’t understand how people came so hard for Jeffree because of his sarcastic but tasteless comments, yet everyone has forgotten that James’s lentire career was catapulted based on a huge lie. He has made disgusting racial comments over and over again on Twitter, and is just about the most unlikable/annoying person on earth. Like how is this person famous and how does he have a fanbase? I want to kick him in the face every time I hear or see him.

This was gold

You can tell how tired James is in this whole video poor guy

loved this! kinda wish trisha was in it too tho!

James looks so uncomfortable

Why are they ganging up on James.

i want to be best friends with tana

Jeffree Star is beautiful even when he is eating u.u

Pulls up to drive thru HEY SHISHTER

" how do you clean your ass hole?? " lmfaoooooo

James doesn't belong there

I love how they both say "Shane" my hearts warmed

Omg please do another video together this is my fave video of all time

this is a bootleg nikita, laura, many, and gabby gang

This mukbang and Shane and trish’s mukbang were honestly golden. And James is so freaking adorable I love him so much

holy shit i just found out Tana pulled a Logan Paul and seemed to get away with it tf

This was everything!

AMAZING! Check out the podcast!

I was screaming this entire video

more jeffree and tana collabs pls

tana : "and a little sweet & sour too please" me: "YES TANA THATS MY WELL-MANNERED GURL"

The fact that jeffree and tana are so mean to poor James is so disgusting like it honestly seems like they don’t even like James. . Like I don’t like James but this video made me feel bad for him. The

omg that look James gives Jeffery at 5:06

james looks so good!

James : "I can feel the shit on my dick..." i died omg


Ps. I need tana in my life.


I had a panic attack getting my dick sucked .... says no one ever.

James is so pure

James is just not having it lol ! I don’t think he even wanted to be there

Aww James his story

*Tana is getting Kind FATSO! Or Pregnant maybe?*

Was this at Jeffery's house after he did Tanas makeup? Sure looks like the same makeup from that day

I loved this lmao

i love how nasty each of them are in their own way. also i always thought i didnt like james and that hes stuck up but like i think its just bc i cant relate to him. hes so precious and i'm not positive on how it works but it sounds like he might be asexual? i feel bad that tana and jeffree were saying he needs to try again like maybe hes just not comfortable with sex

Can u believe she was once vegan

living for this trio


holy shit this was gold


16:27 “we love a sister *SUCC*”


I may or may not have just watched this 3 times in a row

Jeffree and tana were lit as fuck and James is in the corner like “caffeine is the strongest drug I’ve done”

10:38 Bruhhh

9:58 - 10:20

Why is this the new manny and laura

Are you not vegan anymore? lol I feel like I missed something

never knew how much i love james charles until this video

Am I the only one who doesn't see the 'exclusion' or any of that shit that y'all are talking about? Like they're just chilling and talking about weird stuff and laughing together. I didn't get any of this 'exclusion' people are talking about. Y'all are really reaching. Yes maybe James didn't talk THAT much but not all three of them are going to talk at the same time and the same amount. James is clearly more calm/reserved especially considering the topic they were talking about. I would have been the exact same in that situation. CHILL.

Jeffree is mood

why does jeffree looks a lot like bella thorne here omg

do more collabs please

Need more videos with all y’all together ❤️❤️

Why does Jeffree lowkey look like Bella Thorne

“This video is disgusting.”

I fucking love these three together

Jeffree is too boujee for this. I love it xD

Burping orgy

we love a sister sucC

Never heard of James, but why the hell he blinks a lot? does he have a problem or is it the lashes? that was annoying and his attitude throughout the video, like the person that is not fun and fun to be around with

I know all 3 of these ppl are so controversial but I can't help but want all 3 of them to be my best friend's lol. I'm the same age as Jeffree but I am a kid at heart and totally could get along so well with Tana and James. Haha

Tana looks like her breath smells

omggg I need more jeffrey and james together pleaaase! LOL Thanks for making this happenn tanaaa !

Brrrrroo I’m 15 and I know who Anthony Hopkins is

this is the best collab u have ever done

This is literally my 5th time rewatching this I need help


I am dying through this whole video

LMAOOOO who got out the car to record

this was so awkward oh my god


This is the most iconic video on YouTube and please make more

Congrats Tana you took their eating on camera virginity

Sucking dick is very hydrating for James

also jeffree you ate on camera with manny in that food challenge.

''Tana Hungry"

2:14 James

james needs to go home he aint fresh

Jefree looks STUNNING here

When it's dark in the car jefree's highlight still poppin.Wth like how !

James: I have a right hand, it's okay Ahah

Not Hannah Montana, Hannibal Lecter. I’m dead

What the letters they mentioned at the end stand for?

James is me sitting with the people in my school .... it fuckin sucks ,


whats the thing jeffree star holds that looks like a powderpuff

funniest shit ever


this vid called me the n word and im not even black

jefree is so gorgeous wtf

We love a sister suck

How high were you


“I’m going home. Wait, I live here”

James hand at 1:37 the hell


Right before James said Tati I said Tati out loud!!!

aww, poor James, I feel sorry for him

*James* I'm already bored - ME EVERYDAY


Jeffree at 4:27 sounded just like Shane when he gasps

When James popped up when he found his chicken nuggets a me when I get food lol


When is someone gonna knock Tana tf out? Or is it gonna have to be me?

Love y'all. My one year old daughter came right up to the phone and watched half the video.

James looks like a giraffe. Deadass.

Um this is not a family friendly video

2:20 weak *hi shishtar*

Omg this is my favorite vid ever. You guy seems so relaxed and i really felt like I was in a pijamas party with you. I can see how james is his true himself and i love that

This is an informative video. The more you know.

James Charles is one of the PRETTIEST humans ever!!! The video is one of the best YouTube videos ever!!! I would love more of these hang out videos with you funny

I was shocked you had jeffree star and James Charles is one of the best YouTube greats.......if rich lux was here, it would be my dream team

All you bitches making me drooool! Always craving Jack in the box but my ads be living in Utah.

Loved this! Lol

Did she have some face surgery

weirdest Mukbang ever..

James is me in high school

2:00 to 2:05 what did James say?


At 5:03 look at jefree just dig in that bag

My fav part of this mukbang was that it was mostly sex talks and im living for it

I want Jack in the box now

My new favorite trio


Desiree Aipolani-Kaaihue Jeffree is going to post part 2 but Tana won’t be in it

Make this video 2 days long please

james i’m with you i HATE eggs

7:35 is such good asmr




This is so f*cking funny!!!

Jeffree alligator chops his first bite! Lmfao no wonder he never eats on camera

Say nigger

"im going home" - "wait i live here" i died

James is the most innocent one here


I haven't honestly ever related to Jeffree or James this much in my life. I love!!!

James so cute he’s just like “hi sisters”

James at 9:58 iz so innocent

to damn funny love james and jeffree



Best video ive watched in months

Jeffree needs to adopt Tana and James asap

Tana , why do you always say you don’t deserve this , YOUR a fucking funny bitch you deserve the world Hands down the funniest best YouTuber and your hot

How do they not know Anthony Hopkins

Yes shishta

How is James so beautiful but CHEWS WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN

why’d it feel like jeffree ran this video

So FUCKING funny James seemed like he was left out half the time

I agree w Jeffree on Anthony Hopkins

If you count how many times James blinks

You ate with manny in the guess what’s in my mouth

omfg you bitches are crazy. ❤

you need to watch your language. Be Classy... the whole world is watching. Jeff and Charles are great..But you need to be respectful to your viewers. Not subscribing.

I’m really glad I’m smoking watching this

Came for Jeffree

“Large, we’re high” I’m dead.

She gain too much weight wow so disappointed but umm her makeup

James burp

Jeffree's scream when James said he never got his dick sucked

I'm watching this while I'm in the hospital and cant eat and like honestly its making me so hungry but I'm still watching bcus ilu

I on the highest of keys have a crush on Jeffreee

Tana girl.....try the jack in the box tacos with will never eat it without ranch again! Best fucking thing ever

This video cracked me the fucked up this squad is literally goals

Nigger fagot

Jeffree just being extra af is mood

Fucking niggers

I have not seen Tana's videos for a year...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN TO HER FACE??? Botox, fillers, I can't tell exactly, she looks way different.

I love seeing this side of jamessssssss

I can’t get over how cute James looks!

When they didn't know who Anthony Hopkins was and Jeffree screamed! I was Jeffree!!!

odin allfather how do they not know who anthony hopkins is

Good fresh fun


Jeffree is sooo prettyy

Hi, iam new to ur channel just like the way u are. U r so honest. Love this video

James : IDK why I'm here !

I'm loving Jeffrey is touching up, putting on makeup, putting a clip in his hair...that's my dudette.

Tana is so gross bruh

Aw I love Jeffrey and James hahahaha

oh wow.


jeffree ate on camera before with nickietutorials in that car

i am very uncomfortable watching this but i cant stop!?!

Poor James

Tanas fucked up

Jeffree screaming at 5:38 had me DEAD

This is hilarious!!

James was looking like a baby sitting on back seat, and telling his mom to order him potato fries

How happened James and Tana doesen't know who Anthony Hopkins is? Can't believe this is true

ive been crying for an hour over life and this made me cry harder

This is the messiest mukbang yall should watch trisha’s and learn

James is so gorgeous wow..

James looks like he wishes he stayed at home lol

Describe her in one word: skank Holy shit! I hope she doesn’t reproduce.

9:05 yes james

Omg there's a vid called James charles tryna fit in for 10 minutes


this is so real I love it

Who else thinks jeffree did her makeup ?

I'm younger then Tana and James but I kno who Anthony Hopkins is



Gross bro tana looks 40 with lots of botox and I don't even hate her but wtfff

i normally wouldn't like watching these people but this was hilarious tbh

At 8:34 I feel bad for Laura lee because she help James get a following and let him live with her. But Jeffree isn’t friends with her so James couldn’t say Laura because jefree would beat his ass

you're getting chubby.

dead set the best video ive seen all year

I love this side of James! I

Ok I love this sm

What happened to Tana.. her face looks So different.. Did she gain weight? Did she got her lips done? I cant Really place a finger on it.. She looks Good regardless But I Almost didnt recognize her

Jeffree's existence is a mood *every mood*

Jeffree looks beautiful

I feel the entire disappointment about Anthony Hopkins..

this video give me a headache but james is trying to save the day

Yas the "left out" trio FINALLY becomes a group. what a small world huh

James looks so tired, I feel his pain

James Charles is a snob

Rrlly good n fresh

Wasn't Tana vegan, like yesterday?

What did tana do to her face

jeffree i feelll come they didnt know anthony hopkins??? god..what have they been doing all their lives

These three have to do more story times together! So funny omg

The same thing that happened to James happened to me. Such a crazy feeling lol

The way James chews his food..

Brennan Shaw umm, don’t act like you don’t. & me, obviously, duh!

Mariana ! I bet he don't like the way you chew your food. Lmao who watches people mouth as they eat?

I don't like eggs either, James! ♡

19:35 James: *HALP MEH*


Aaahhhhahahahah I had to google that dude, he does look like every old man on seeking arrangement

jefferee stars scream when tana and james didnt know who anthony hopkins is LMFAOO im DYING

Just watch Jeffery and only Jeffery and you can clearly see he's forcing and faking every laugh.


I love when the worst three people get together

James chewing with his mouth open for 20 minutes..

God this is SO FAKE. .I can't even

James shading Tana and Jeffree is what I never thought I needed

This video just called me a n****r and then apologised through the notes app

this has to be the funniest fucking video ever

Jeffree, they’re too young for you bro!

Tana is the only man in this vid tho


“Bye sisters.” “Mmm right...”

Don’t bother XD

I don’t know what’s funny Jeffree’s long gone catholic sign coming out or asking for help on camera XD

Jeffree Succerberg


Jeffree is LITERALLY the bad babysitter of both of them

11:23 is on repeat


I feel bad for james.

*Jeffree is a DIVA*

As a headphone user, the sound of chewing food is literally killing me.

What is James doing there :'( Poor Sister

I feel like the only time i see jeffree genuinely laugh and smile is when he’s around tana

Jeffree is sitting there like "these f@#%ing children right here" and James is like "I can't eat any of your garbage Tana"

If she doesn't know Anthony Hopkins she's too young fir you bro.

this was so so so stale and boring

I love when people aren’t afraid of being a virgin. Praise James!

I have no idea how I found this video but can we all just take a moment to Jeffree's shirt. Its amazing.


omg. I cant. I seriously xant. cmon jeffree...they are sum babies. who the fuck doesn't know who Anthony Hopkins is?! You live in LA and you font know the legend?! pathetic. stop making w's, the song sucks. just saying.

James threesome

I love you guys together

James mood is me every day:Silent and Shady

Jeffree has me rollin in this one

All of their lips

6:47 the cry of a thousand dead Jews

James is virgin. I can took your virginity gurl lol.

James looks like he's being tortured

Very boring

That chick sucks I love you jeffree star your the best but you need to move on and get someone else

Such an iconic trio

"That doesn't say Gucci that says Guky you got ripped off that's fake Gucci"-Shane 2018

I honestly can't stand James chewing with oprn mouth ;_; he is all that queen glam but when it comes to eating....a pig.

james being this real is the move

seks not without make-up! nahaaaa

jeffree girl what are you amezing! haha slay with tha’s powder! have a nice meal best mugbang Ever! next time macdonalds?

Can we just have a moment for Jeffree doing his make up! I live for it!!!!!

Tana reminds me of one of those friends who would disown you at a drop of a hat, once somthing better comes along.  the way they treats and ignores James is so too faced.  she is so faaaaar up jeffrey ass hole it's unbelievable.  James is so sweet and looks out of place you can tell he is uncofatable. The jeffrey/Tana friendship will not last give it a year. Why is Jeffery acting all sexual with Tana that whole biting a burger together senario was cringe.

We should the montage of james burping


the three horsemen of the apocalypse reunited in a video i’m shook

Yea that sounds r e a l l y g o o d a n d f r e s h

I absolutely love Jeffree X

When Jeffree screamed after they both said they didn’t know who Hannibal Lector was I fucking peed myself

17:18 "we were in economy" "what's that!?"

Jeffree!! You already ate on camera! The one with nikki tutorials on your rolls royce



I love Jeffrey!!!!

I never thought I needed a video with these three but now that they’re all together, I’m LIVIN for it. ❤️

"Is this person still alive?" "...Anthony Hopkins?" "I don't know who that is either" *silence*

jefree has eaten on camera before.. he ate in the car with nikki

wait, isn't she vegan?

jeffree's facial reactions were killing

Wasnt she vegan?

i wish this video was just tana and james

1:28 ???????????????? I’ve seen Jeffree eat on cam multiple times

Say Nigger!

wtf happened to her face? she looks like dory from finding nemo



she is so annoying and loud omg D:

14:26 i am going Home .. Wait i live here

Next video: *Tana,Jeffree,James being gross for 20 minutes straight.*

Sayyyy nigggeeerrr

Omg this is soooo good love you all together !

No but me 14:22

This is the only thing I’ve ever needed

Jeffrey: "I'm going home"....."OMG I live here" 14:20

Please Jeffree and James, never do a video with Tana again... you are so much better than this


Tana looks buuuusted

james is so innocent compared to jeffree and tana

james keep going

James is so sweet and innocent NEVER CHANGE

I can’t with them not knowing who ANTHONY HOPKINS is!!!

You look like Kris Fox in the thumbnail

15:55 me fucking too Jeffrey


*When they pulled up to jack n the box drive thru “HI SISTER!”* had me dying

james and his honesty but gotta appreciate a transparent truther

James is so precious, love him.

These remind me of three siblings

This was literally the funniest shit I’ve everrrrr watched! Lol love you guys

And does not list Jeffrey’s or Charles’s video/link



Favorite Mukbang video EVER!!! I LOVED U 3 TOGETHER!!

Why doesnt it shock me that Tana is really that bitch that loves Jack in Box tacos, love it tho sister

I love Shane and Tati

tana is high af

Tana: “I’m still waiting to get married” Jeffery: *chokes on milkshake*

James is like why the heck am I here


Im fucking in love with this video !


Jeffree-" im going home, wait I live here" Me-Dying

We love a greasy sister (4:23)

i need more, i need one of these like every month!!

Tag yourself, I'm Jeffree

When they are more classy than you... Hahahaha loving it lol

I thought Tana was vegan?

I hate watching people eat and especially hearing them like smacking their food... I got 5mins in and I couldn’t

I love this damn divas! Jefree is all I ever want to be lol. Doing my makeup like a goddess and eating like a horse

Is Jeffree still friends with Manny???


Lmao great vid but disgusting but entertaining and funny but ew lol love you 3

I thought tana was vegan ?

dude tana you used to look so pretty a year ago like either you got lip injections or some plastic surgery and it looks rrly weird!!! go back to ur natural face pls :-(

I cannot believe that these are the big money-earners in todays society. Im a medical resident and make a fraction of what they make (A SMALL fraction) yet I literally help save lives. I don't mean to pat myself on the back but come on.....

such 'new money'. Unclassy AF

James telling Tana “im already bored” Jajajaja

How is this still monetized lmao

Why do I feel like James Charles is so beautiful. Never liked make up on a guy. What does that say about me? Omg. He's a beauty.

"The beauty community is doing just fine, sweety." Ok like LMFAOOOOOOO

God this is too good!!!!!

James is literally me in the group of friends throughout this whole video


14:19! When Jeffrey dips I died

I’m fucking hungry now

Tana: we’re in economy Jeffree: what’s that? Tana: EXACTLY!! Bitcchhh

James is so out of the place

I’m gonna shove a chicken chalupa up my pussy

Kyle and James need to do a video. This is too funny. You guys tainted this poor siste

6:09 Jeffery face is forever my mood

Grandma Jeffrey over here being the oldest one


James is me burping lmfao

I could be best friends with Jeffree . x3

How is James so rude he doesn’t say please or thank you after anything he orders

6:47 me anytime I spill even a tiny crumb

James was just a straight prick

One of the funniest videos I’ve seen on YouTube in forever. Just sitting, chilling and being brutally honest and still hysterical

Jeffree needs a liquid lipstick after the iconic mood he's in, in this video.. ;)

Why is this such a youtube 4am video!!!

What just happen.....

Jeffre so cute

They’re so vulgar and gross, what has society come to.

Tana:”like you just blow out right now” Jeffree: “spontaneous combustion” LMAOO I DIED RIP


Love this



7:08 to 7:14

5:33 to 5:40 OMFG ALREADY DED

Them 3 racist assholes especially them two on the left they little white bitch and the one that acts like he that bitch

You guys need to do this again

Omg jeffree star freaking out over tana asking about anal sex was hilarious

Jeffrees only friends lol

I sweaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

9:55 literally me

“Im going home, wait I live here” NOOOOO


Holy crap! This was sooooo good. The tea that was spilled was awesome. Collaborate some MORE!

5:13 6:32 and basically the whole video, james is a whole ass mood lmao literally me @ school

she really didnt link their channels or videos hahaha

I loved this!

Please make more of these! I dig the realness, so funny

James Charles being grossed out for 2 minutes lol

I love how Jeffrey Starr is just eating while he’s saying his story

I love this do it again !!!!

Love Tana's hair

Tanas face looks messed up


3 racist white youtubers lmao thought james was better than that, guess not

Only watching for Jeffery and James.

fuckin love this trio

Is there anything Jeffree can't do sexy as FUCK? Clearly not. XD

jeffree is always fleek

Tana: “that’s my next single” Me: “oh please no”

I need more of this

Are they high

13:42 Jeffree naturally promoting his highlighter palette

What are they all look down for

juicy shit at 10:51

0:02 Jeffree was so shocked when she said mf but than there is James that is so fucking used to it

I’m shook James nails aren’t done

I like how Jeffrey just keeps touching his makeup and hair up ahahah


I’m sorry...even if you have tons of money, blowing it on a bunch of food that you’re gonna end up throwing away is stupid. People are starving out there.

i just want to know who filmed the drive thru footage also i thought tana was vegan

11:21 lmfao

James is a fucken third wheel lolol

jeffree’s face at 11:31 has me weakkk

James Charles 3rd wheeling for 20 minutes straight

James is not a virgin he had oral sex. That is a type of sex

i didnt know how much i needed this

*dirty look “ Anthony Hopkins photos”

13:20 "ᴱᵂᵂᵂ ᵀᴬᴺᴬᴬᴬ" me too, James

Best YouTube video ever

Tana is like 19 ? 20? Not sure .... but those lip injections and botox or whatever shes putting in her face is aging her SO much! Maybe she isnt getting botox but the lip injections are not doing her any justice. Chill kid..... your doing way too much.

*The holy trinity*

*everyone pauses* “Hi sisters” - james Charles

Oml James hahaha

The way Jeffree talked to the drive thru employee

I’m living for 5:38

I swear jefree is so funny

Fuckin gross

best collab ever.

James was third wheeling this so hard!!

Jeffree: I’m going home .......Wait I live here

James is definitely not gay

Tana, what did you do to your face :( you didn't need all that work done

omg im 17 and I know who anthony hopkins is haah how do you not know him!

Unpopular opinion.... I don’t like Jeffree Star... he seems kinda fakey.. not that I know him... but I like James a lot more


Why is she so annoying

Hannibal Lector tattoo

Tana: Is this Person still alive? Jeffree: Anthony Hopkins??? James let's go James: idk who that is either

Why do I have a crush on James charles


She sounds like a wild boar. (when she screams)




Umm who the fuck is the one recording at the drive through I’m

Jeffries reaction to James saying no one has ever sucked his dick is so hilarious

How do they defy saturated saggy fat butts? Just out of camera gaze are mega Gucchi Vom buckets for the conscientious Beauties to empty unwanted calories into. (Just joking my witties!) Enjoyable light hearted vlog - many thanks to all involved.

Hands down asses up, the best video you have done! Hahahahaha

bro tana is missing a tooth

5:25 to 5:42


I love you guys so damn much!!

I cannot fucking relate to majority of this video, I’m 19 and still haven’t had my first kiss let alone come close to male or female body parts :(

“I’m going home.... wait I live here” Jeffree is so awesome

I LOVE this video

Jeffree and Tana disgust James for 3 years straight

Is it just me or does tana look botched as fuck?

“Fucking hate mayo” I can’t stop laughing idk why

tana looks like anfisa

You NEED to do this with Shane... NOW BITCHES!

“Not Hanna Montana”

I loved the way jefree laughed at 19:03

So shes not vegan anymore? I havnt caught up because I havnt watched her channel in a while nothing against her or anything

Me when i seen the thumbnail 5:38

They are stoned as fuck

When Jeffree said help me


Jeffrey is so high


James is so funny

I need her shirt omg

Yaaas #tati love her so much too❤️❤️❤️❤️

James and jeffree omg

You cannot even say James isn’t fried as fuck just like the rest of them I am living

Not saying it in a hater way but I haven't watched a Tans video in so long and she looks so different and grown! Awww little Tana ❤

Love me some jefferee

Just missing Shane

omggggggg i live

When it said nasty I thought she meant eating with your mouth open

omg nobody ever understands me when I say I hate mayo, so I started telling people I'm allergic to eggs. now there's TWO people who hate mayo too, makes me happy af.. all the sandwiches that I didn't get to try....

Tana must have gained some weight her face lookin odd

This video was one of my favorites do more videos like this

5:38 lmaoooo I hate Him

James is like the freshman that got invited to hang out with the two edgy seniors on senior skip day and I’m honestly living for it

11:21 I’m so dead rn

Love how Jeffree just kept doing his makeup throughout the video

im always end up on tanas channel lmao

Someone do Jeffree looking at the camera like he’s in the office for 1 minute straight

Tana is literally me and my no filter ass and James is all of my friends that are too awkward to be fucking psychos in public

This vid is ultimate hot mess material in a great way!

I live for thissss ♥️♥️

So funny but I never got past 8 minutes I almost literally cried watching james eat who eats with their mouth open like that

At 17:00 James is just disappointed

I have to concur: Anthony Hopkins IS the best actor of all time!


His scream


This was hysterical, I need more of these.

Deadass no fucking lie i paused this video to go buy jack

I feel shishter james I don’t like eggs either

I can't decide who to look at, Jeffery or James!!!!!!!

Same I’m picky asf I like everything plain lmao


You all look like Drag Queens

love you so much you Both #jefree #james

Lol when she hit James in the face.

“It’s like after a rainbow Smokey eye”

more like, "I'm undeserving of everything its just privilege"

tell me why as soon as james talked about a dude i thought about the dolan twins. conspiracy theory all the hot dudes are gay

james : lets go in n heavy w these brows tana : im just gonna lightly brush them jeffree : brows?

This was awesome!!!


James is litteraly prettier than me

I loved this !!! but tht burping wtf ? I would seriously drag his ass !! No home training!!

KILO LINK and you call "home training" tana sniffing up her snot so aggressively that she can make a loogie? Hmmm ok!

Where's their links TANA!

Tana is bomb

i think james is talking bout dolan twins cause on ig there is an exxposed going on with james and grayson

My favorite line “IM GOING HOME- oh wait I live here.”

this whole video just convinced me that james is asexual

right?? I was wondering the same thing too, he doesn't seem to care for sexual things at all ( and that's okay)

Tell me why theyre both prettier than tana

Love how James is soooo honest!!

I died for this! I laughed the whole time! I love James and I love how relaxed js was

Taco Bell plus anal

Wow I have never seen this side of James

Okay so I may sound stupid but, what's a mukbang?

a video where people are eating and talking

Seriously loved...

5:38 has me dead

Chicken Nuggets and Lunchables, James is SUCH a child!! LOLOLOL

this is my most favorite video. i fucking loveeeeee James & Jeffree this whole vid

By far the BEST collaboration ever ! I was upset that the video ended. I enjoyed the stories and feeling apart a a conversation not like a set topic video.

My after a

I feel like tana and Jeffrey can kick it but then theres James thats like meh

im 11 omfg

this is my favorite video ever

same sister i hate eggs

I’ve never seen any of their videos but IM LIVING FOR THIS

I love James but I hope he knows how it feels to be left out @kenzie

good and fresh

This video makes me so happy

Is it just me or does tana look so different

“ *uHuH yEaH A cHiCkEn ChAlUpA* “ said James @ 2:14 trying to be funny but we all cringed we love a good shishter cringe

They don’t know who Anthony Hopkins is?!?! I feel old

“I want to shove a chicken chalupa up my pussy”-James Charles

It's hard to believe that James and Tana are almost the same age

everyone but james seems high lmfao

Watching them eat all this food while I eat a piece of bread with a wienie lol

I'm here for Jeffrey and holy shot tana is the nastiest eater ever smh GIRL close the mouth

This video is calling me a nigger .

Jeffree is literally the cool mom.

Omg when those babies didn’t know who Anthony Hopkins is

i also can't with the anthony hopkins..... ya'll need to learn. Jeffree take them to the real school. please enlighten their film knowledge. clock work orange, silence of the lambs, rosemary's baby. you know the drill

ya'll need to try a poutine then

Anthony Hopkins yesssss he is a good actor


It definitely needs some seasoning

This is the wildest collab I've ever seen

Tana high af in this

I thought James was going to say the Doland Twins

Okay, Tana and James are apparently stupid since they don't know who Anthony Hopkins is! #OnlyTheBestActorOfALLTime!!!!

I'm a marride doode and have kids but fuck I love jeffree star so much

she looks so different


Jeffrey is killing me

I found them all from Shane

awesome threesome

IM CRYING. I love this fucking shit

why is this my mood

James Charles

End times are now.

all you sisters out there who don’t have snap can check out james’ *coachella booty dance* on my channel

I would love to hangout with all of them lmao


"mukbang" im-

5:37 mood on a Monday

James shares too much

16:59 is a mood.

Why are my queens hanging out with this walking pile of dog shitt?

Tana “I can do anal after I eat Taco Bell” I- I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING

James Charles burping is everything

This lying sociopath still has a channel?

I love this

Love how real James is!

Lmaooo I live for this. So real

James is so innocent

This is everything!!!

I was so high while watching this and it was so funny fuck

“ I’m going home .. oh wait i live here “

There’s a difference between being funny and simply being the most obnoxious person in the room and then pretending that makes you relevant instead of actual trash

10:56 James moms is gonna watch this

James got so excited when he got his chicken nuggets he is me


highkey the enema convo triggered me because growing up living w my uncle he always had enemas in the bathroom and I'd randomly see a half used bottle in the shower and lose my fucking lunch tbh

“Here’s a gold brick now go play” DEAD


The amount of times I’ve watched this is a problem

Loved the way Jeffrey went “fresh and fun!”

What Jeffree doing with these... things? Ew. I avoid these type of youtubers.

It's so weird that people are so supportive of James's attitude. Like .... Lol js

this is the best video on youtube

This is the greatest video ever! Ya'll need to get together more often and do more videos!

I hate eggs so much

Haha love this! Lol

Lmaooo I died with this video

This needs to happen again!


i'm jeffree when tana and james didn't know who anthony hopkins was im dead

Jeffery is STUNNING!

Damn, James is freaking beautiful

I hate he way james sticks out his tongue while he shlurps his drinks

1:53. James

does jeffree wear a wig or is it his natural hair

Let’s face it we’ve all had a conversation like this

Is this jeff looking for a new squad ? With trish too? Cause im loving it

I just noticed James saying help me at 19:35

I could watch these all day

12:42 Jeffree is MEEEE

"Here's a gold brick go play!" Tana. I'm freaking deceased

Mine and Jeffree's face were literally identical when Tana and James had no idea who Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal was...seriously!

Sounds like he does meth. Who never gets oral ?! Smh

Them blinking ass eye lashes.....take them off please.

Is it just me, or is James blinking.. like an excessive amount of times ik live a very short time

Them not knowing Anthany Hopkins just made me feel sooooo old.

I would not stop laughing, this felt like if i was with my friends. Loved this video

Anthony, I'm sorry sweetie

These three NEED to be best friends


aw james, panic attacks are the worst : (

I hate all these people so much

Sister jeffree is obsessed with Gucci and Im in love

Can someone tell me what James said at 2:01

yo they act SO differently when they collab, lol

James is acc the normal one

You repsect Sir Anthony Hopkins his movies paved the way for this 2018 movie nightmare we're in and they tanked it. Years of good acting wasted for the crap movies we have now

Anthony Hopkins' house is near my old house in Bristol, RI!! True story!! Lol

There smiles scare the shit out of me

This is the cringiest shit ever

this is literally the quietest i ever seen james

when she said hi sisters coming around the corner of the drive through

jeffree star was literally me when tana said she feels like she could do ... after taco bell

“Me either honestly, I don’t know why I’m here” a constant mood

*James talking about having a panic attack* Jeffrey fixing hair and not listening Tana laughing

Rest Assured Jeffree there are people who know who Anthony Hopkins is. Im also a picky eater.

So Jeffree brought the Wraith out For Trish.....


Jeffree Star is literally me

the ONLY thing I like at jack in the box are the croissant breakfast sandwiches..

I loved this❤

aww james he’s so innocent

Tana's "Shishta" kills me!

10:37 your welcome

Completely lost my shit at 5:37

Omggg im laughn so hard lol we dont fart in this house

tana and james dont know who anthony hopkins is! omg!

Please subscribe to my channel and check out my vlogs. Thank you so much

Who is their camera man

Anthony hopkins is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jeffree is the only person that looks good while eating

Tana: "We're in economy" Jeffree: "Whats that?"

She's kind of a gross slob.

How can you not know Anthony Hopkins haha. they are still cute tho


I lowkey think James may be way more on the asexual spectrum. A lot of grey aces only like giving oral to others, but don't want it, don't wanna be penetrated or to penetrate. And he's quite sex-repulsed to other acts. I hope that if thats was part of the sexual experience being so bad that he considers that as a possibility, instead of just try to push through. But, he's also young. It takes awhile to get comfortable or even know what you want. When I was his age I thought everyone was disgusting, but especiallyyyy couldn't imagine being with a girl. Now that I'm 30, I have learned that I'm queer, but also way more asexual too. I don't mind giving to my girlfriend, but ONLY one else...the idea of being with anyone else just makes me shudder like James did. But I react the same way to the idea of receiving. I just don't relate to most.


You can tell they are up late. Jeffree is just randomly doing make up & being all cute. Tana wants the most shocking stories lol & James is being so open & raw. I LIVE FOR IT! LOVE IT!!!

James is my virgins friends and tana and jefree is me when i tell them sex storytimes He so quiet like cant relate but i love him

I haven't laughed this hard in forever! You three need to do more of these!

All three have used the N-word to hurt people.

Jeffree’s reaction to “anal after taco bell” is me asf hahaha

James' lips are everythingggg in this video, they look amazing

please make a series of this. fucking *iconic shishters*

James' sex life sounds boring as heck lol or am I the only one that think that.

19:05 Am I hearing correctly or?...

I’m living for thisssss

2:22 hi sister

Racist palooza

James is so damn fine I swear Jesus Christ

did anyone see James face on 1:09

They are drunk as hell

Wait if you trying to provide for your family, swallowing won't help

How much weed did y’all smoke before this

JEFFREE IS ME WITH FOOD. IM HELLA PICKY AND ONLY LIKE MEAT AND CHEESE ALSO!!!! sorry im like excited cause im not the only one

James looks so discussed The Who time lol


Pause at 0:21

James saying he's a virgin is my mood

Poor james... this is so awkward...

6:46 omg I'm dead

James is so cute and innocent

She lowkey annoying

its ok, i was just eating

I juss realized Jeffree doesn't have eyebrows

Tana is the ugliest between all of them

Dont watch this if ur starving big mistake

"They're like mommy i have to fart"

When you finished watching (James Charles trying to fit in for 10 minutes straight) and you realize it's this entire video

So wrong but SOOOO funny. Love!

the eyebrows go from none to medium to dark

Aaw, James

James actually seems kind of cool when he doesn't have the "sister" personality on??


lmao James face "oh Tana"

I can’t believe they dk who Anthony Hopkins is, but it may have to do with them being younger idk

Bucket list: 1. Meet Jeffree Star 2. Hug Jeffree Star

Three drama filled people. Amazing

my 3 favourite people in the entire world in one video. I AM LIVINGGG FOR THSI TRIO

I feel like James was high af lol! But his mood is me all day!

pause at 3:59

why people hate mayo? what kind of mayo have you been eating? Heinz is the bomb but Hellmann's is also good

2:13 JAMES shit I'm falling

James: fuck my pussy Me: you and Jeffrey do not have one and Tana is debatable


wtf happened to her


Yall eat way too fucking loud

"He wants to fuck me " OmGGGGG JEFEREE

Who is the tana chick? She's annoying as hell. I would've liked the video of she wasn't I the mix

This is no shade but I don’t really understand how you’re virgin and you hooked up with a guy he’s kidding right

I dont like james

Girl why not pull your Tatas out and HAVE THESE BITCHES EAT YOU? Girl kick up your game

All that burping reminded me of Amy Slaton lol

tana disgusting jeffree and james for 5 minutes

#Graveyardgirl is the sweetest YouTuber

When Tana said "Seeking Arrangements"...I died...sugar daddy sites.

DUDE, I have no fucking clue how you all look so beautiful right now. I'm shook to my very being. Jeffree's eyes FUKKK, TANA Marry Meeee ;), James.... your a fucking TAN GOD. Love you humans. @reneedawson on insta, id love to meet up with you all and go to taco beelllll. :D

This video was EVERYTHING

19:35 *mouths* “help me” -james

James could definitely be asexual which is totally normal and okay

They should do more videos together

Oh man this video makes me like James Charles a lot less. He just comes across as super arrogant ..almost like he shouldn't have become YouTube famous cause it just blew his head up

James is looking very uncomfortable. Wheres the "Tana and Jeffree annoy James Charles for 5 minutes straight"

I LOVE this, yall are so honest and like so compatible what a winning collab! Great work!

Anybody watched the video where James trying to fit in

"I told y'all mother fuckers I was gonna infiltrate the beauty community...!"

oh my goooood, not only disappointing Jeffree... Watch some good movies, educate yourselves!

beauty gurus are so adorable when they hang out cause they all keep checking themselves out instead of looking into the camera ahaha

Love Tana, but she looking like little Stuart in this.

This is the coolest video I even seen!

This is true friendship! :)

James looks so annoyed, grossed out and hates his life

I’ve never heard sister James cuss

James looks so done lmaooo

If this isn't the best combo and the funniest video idk what the fuck this is

I just liveeeee for this collab

I’m James.

Jeffree i fucking love u yasssss mama none of ur tatoos are gross I love alllll of them i love your weird and wonderful swaaaag love u xxx

6:09 ok Jeffree

James is really awkward

Hello there tana, Jeffree, and James

Hunnnyyyyy the lip did too much (Just my constructive criticism still fucking love you)

Jame Charles 6:11 and 9:44 acting like Shane Dawson

They ordered the whole damn menu

5:37 me when someone says they dont eat meat

Jeffree Babysitter Star

Three of my fave ppl!!!! Xxxxxxx

in & out this pussy

why does tana look like a looney toon

Omg how could they not know the actor of hannibal lecter I’m screaming


you three together look so awkward and stupid. tana your so irelevant. james i hate your attitude. jeffree you should be with manny mua, laura lee, nikita, nikkie and tati again. never wanna see you three together in a vid again

14:25 ”I’m going home, wait i live here”

for the first time james charles actually seems the normal one

Tana is lookin so ratchet right Kesha....literally

Im high as fuck TANA HUNGRY literally has my geeking the f u c k out


10:55 - 15:00 is R rated content

james Charles chewing with his mouth open for 15 min straight

Hes a virgin but he hooked up with a guy a few months ago he was sucking his dick... dude that's not hooking up thats sucking dick you fucktard

Proof that men are better then women though cause when a guy tries to act like women they are more annoying then a woman #EqualityWHAT?!?!

Tana, love your music, your song is greatness...

I love bacon cheddar wedges! Jeffree you really are my soulmate...#johnnydepplove, #hanniballector ps Jeffree you look so beautiful!!

He wants to fuxk me? Yeah sure bud he was probably smiling cause he was thinking in his head what a dumbass try hard faggot xDDD

I dont mind gay people but I fucking hate try hard faggots that purposely try to be extra about everything, you can tell they are never being themselves. Extra-fags deserve an oscar for the gay ass preformances

Anthony Hopkins is the bomb

I've watched this like 10 times already Can't wait for the next collab

I only came here for James and Jeffree. Tana looks pregnant and gross.

*tana, james, jeffree* nAME a more iconic trio. ill wait


Btw where are James nails


I feel like James doesn't belong there. Jeffrey and tana are all swearing while James is like hmmm okay.

I loved this

Jeffree’s face/response when Tana asked “is this person still alive?”......I’m weak!!!

This is my most favorite video on youtube

I love how James and Tana are literally babies sitting next to Jeffree lol

Ew wtf is this mess

This is the best video I've ever watched lmao thank you thank you thank you Jefreeeee !!!

How is this not desensitised yet

All the innocence I had for James just flew out my asshole

I laughed so damn hard st the Hannibal lector part. His scream.

I thought Tana was vegan. She ate bacon.

I'm so late to this but I love how Jeffrey is doing his make up at 2am like omg

this channel has become so sexual

I love this. U guys would b so much fun 2 hang out with! That would b a dream! I wish I was there!

sometimes i forget that james and tana are the same age and that jeffree is 30 and it weirds me out

Am i the only one that loves it when jeffree screams lol like idky but i love it and it cracks me tf up lol

James & Jeffree made my day this whole video

Personally, I feel like as a person who is getting over her own racism scandal, you should try to refrain from involving yourself with someone like Jeffree Star. I’m only saying this cause I like you

why is jeffree literally so much prettier than me ugh i die

wow 3 of the most hated people rn omg yes

james is so cute lol

Please come to Austin.

You guys literally made a video spilling tea + eating HAHAHAHA I love you




Love that we all came here just to say Jeffree, James, and Tana eat and talk in the middle of the nightXD


i feel like they are leaving james out tbh

Ok but James looks good asf


you guys are the most hated and i have no idea why, i was crying this entire video

How is she famous. These actually two make up guys are prettier. She’s annoying and not that pretty

My fav part is how Jeffree is just chillin’ feeling himself most of the video

This felt like a fever dream

I hate how tana keeps looking at herself in the monitor


can we count how many times James said OH MY GOD


“I’m going home.. wait I live here.”

I'm watching this at 2am!

But wait .... How in the fuck has this not been flagged yet

16:25 Literally me. If you have a sore throat, def go suck a dick. So helpfully. Like seriously

This is now my favorite video on YouTube EVER

Jeffrey, i totes know hannible and don't understand how peeps don't

jeffree reminded me they way he acted in myspace days for some reason!


THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING VIDEO IN THE WORLD! I have actually watched it several times and I am not sick of it.

james being disgusted by tana and jeffree has me fucking dead lmaooooo he's such a mood

I love Anthony Hopkins


Love James he’s so sweet but I couldn’t sit next to tana while she is eating or I am eating. I would deffo puke!

You three are so funny together you need to make another video together

This is the best video ever

James: “Bye sisters” Tana: “Mm. Right.”


first video james isnt annoying

Really funny


Hello? She says she's no good. I nearly spat out my tea when I heard that. You girl are hilarious.

james jawline in this tho

Tana just FKN mumbles.

Poor James

"is this person still alive" lol, you know you're in a room with millenials if they don't know shit, other than highlight, contour and Instagram

She’s def pregnant

Tana really gained some pounds though

I hate her

I'm actually lmao rn around 5:35 that scream thooooooo


Literally the most perfect, honest and open mind video I´ve ever seen

(TANA)“In and out this pxssy” - LMAOOOOO (Jeffree)”can’t relate”

*casually pulls up in pink tesla to taco bell* *tana rolls down window* "hi shishtars"

Omg Anthony Hopkins is life in silence of the lambs and every other movie

Just the fact that are actually people out there not knowing Anthony Hopkins is giving me major aggression! People know walking trash cans like Kylie Jenner and never heard of Anthony Hopkins... I hope humanity dies soon

“I’m done eating I want tea”

WOW I LOVE THIS TRIO SM, even though James is a dick on other peoples channel, every group needs the bitchy friend

Pls have a review for em cosmetics

I fucking love Jeffree lol

1:03 He is so cute gosh


I love Jeffree Star & tana . So funny

This video had me fucking laughing the whole damn time. Y'all are too much!!!

Tana you look like James and Jeffree’s little sister who’s the most badass out of all of you

“In and out this pussy”

"This video is disgusting" lmfao!!!!

I can not believe they didn't know Anthony Hopkins. I hope they investigate. You guys are adorable. I could just watch you guys all day long.

8:44 almost made me cry, I was so happy to hear what they thought about Shane ♥️

Who else thinks James was super tired in this video??

i need more of this

James:I dont like eggs Me: I dont like bacon


Entertaining lol

Jeffree looks like a fluffer on a porn set and the food is the group of men waiting for attention. Every motion out of him is positively filthy. Well played, Jeffree!

Jeffre star how to clean your asshole tutorial pls

This reminds me of 3am drunken chats with my friends years ago! I miss that so much!! More of James and Jeffree late night chats, this was great!!!!

I love how James eats lol


I wish Tati would see this but doubt she knows tana

6:35 I'm so dead 'jr beecon cheeseburger'

Omfg when me and Jeffrey eat the same!!!

omg i love when jeffree screams!!!! lol 5:38 lmaoooo

So why do they all eat like horses?


Am going home oh wait I live here - Jeffree star

This video is fucking AWESOME! TOO FUNNY

*‘hi shishter’*

19:35 James is literally mouthing 'help me!'

That advice Jeffree gave at around the 12:50 mark, it was just so heartfelt and he really sounded like the mom friend in the group.

There all so over dramatic

Wait so I thought Tana was vegan?

I didn’t want this video to end!

It took me literally 5 days to finish watching this video

Good and fresh and fun


Tana's huge squared forehead is bigger than my neighborhood

james has a very strong 5 o'clock shadow, reminding me of willam during season 4 (love willam tho)

Me: “Hi!” James Charles: “we love a hi saying sister”

i fucking love u guys

James is just so done this whole video

Trisha Paytas is shook

"Large!"...."were high." lmao

James in the cutest most innocent little baby child ever and then there’s tana and jeffree

SHOOK *mouth pop*

I love Jefree so much

i’ve been crying all day and the fact i watched this a second time and it made me so happy like goddamn

I done seen this 5 whole times

I watch this everyday.

6:47 when u drop ur phone in the toilet

damn I have the feeling Tana loooooooves dcks

Jeffrey saying he never ate on camera, but he literally did a whats in my mouth challange with Manny MUA and also was eating candy with Manny MUA with some mouth contraption in his mouth. You Sir, LIE. lol

when Jeffree star screamed I peed my pants

james is so annoying like literally a mood killer .


Do your eyebrows lmao


Sister Charles was so quiet

This is so stupid ?

The smell of pot began to permeate my room while I watching this video and I strongly believe that they smoked so much it came through the video and out my speakers.

golden trio who? i only know the three edgy shisters

omg Tana’s eye shadow is

The reaction to this video is everything

Omg, Jeffrey is so much older than these other two. Love him so much, but he is at another level.

I love how Jeffree liked Tana, and Tana low key is used to people hating her and she went into shock

Three makeup icons

James story was so fake it was funny

7:36 - 7:39 Sister James' chewing xD Luv him tho

Had taco bell last night but it was way to late and I don't eat that late or else I feel sick and DYING. But I instantly regret it because I'm craving it rn

Nigger faggot

best video ever

Anthony Hopkins is an awesome actor!!

yeah... This social clique is not going to work out

James kind of annoyed me in this, like cheer up a bit

I’m watching this at 2:17am haha ❤️

the part about being bored while sucking dick. Relatable lol

Hol tf up, where’s jefree’s eyebrows

so confused onto how this isn’t demonetized

James was so funny

do this again

james is so clean compared to the other two OMG

Jeffree’s face at 10:00

I felt as upset as J* when they said they didnt know who Anthony Hopkins was.

Not Hannah Montana lmaooo

Urh Jeffrey's top though not cute ( don't come for me just my opinion )

it's fucking brat shishtar

Wow, sister James looks like she don't wanna be there

I am literally jeffree when it comes to food

11:22 I am died

Very entertaining.

Omg I didn't realize how much I needed this!

American psycho

Jeffree is freaking flawless. I need his skin like YESTERDAY.

Soooo much drama conflama, mawma

Maybe james is asexual?

I'm with James in this one

guys go check out my first vid. it's pretty cringe but thnx if you do. love you.

I love shaaanneeee

They are looking fab in such a late time while when I get up I look like a big foot


We love a sister succ

Jeffree I love the tattoo'sssss

Demonetized lol

"how dare you?" fucking dead

Jeffery omggg finally another plain bitchhh, like literally I've never met anyone else who likes everything plain yesss bitchhh

I sound like a classsless cheap bitch but I would eat the sandwich that fell

Who's the fat girl in the middle

All this time I thought James was a freak in the sheets

When you realize that Jeffree and Kim Kardashian West are basically the same breed of alien that don't fart lmao


They're definitely high

i’m just like James with the uncomfortable and getting bored fast part. Idk if it’s just that we don’t like it, but it’s more like “wow stop i can’t. this is taking a long time”

i find this so funny because i work at jack in the box with my friend and we both were talking about doing this exact video

I am just living for this video

shistar James

2:03 them looking at a picture of me

i rewatch this everyday

Tana annoying James Charles for 20 minuets straight.


Tana looks EXACTLY like Terra from little women LA

Anyone else the sound James makes at 9:05 like gives me ASMR LIFE lololololololol I'm not even like that but I've played just that sound like 100 times.

Tana looks fatter

--- No wonder. I mean look at all of the junk food she ate.

She's waaaay too young to be this trashy like 10 years too young. No wonder James acts like a baby, he is one!

give me more of these please

Holy fuxking shit ... His make up

Jeffrey's make up

This is literally the funniest video I’ve seen ever

Jeffree Star , Owen Wilson , and James Charles .

Ive watched this video like 5 times and i die each time "SHISTERRRRR"

I hate mayo

She looks like Jake Paul to me IDK WHY

this need a serise

we love a monetized shistar .

Tana calls James sweetie the whole time!!!!

James is mood asf

this was everything and more

I would like to be in your crew. Love y'all so much❤

We love a shister SUCK

“Who doesn’t like eggs” Me

Jeffree’s reaction to them not knowing who Anthony Hopkins is is exactly how I’d react.


I literally think this is the best video I've ever watched

I’m surprised James didn’t say E and G for a threesome

6:35 she sounds like miranda sings

Jeffree: I'm going home. Wait I live haer

8am watching this laughing so loud my Neighbors dog woke up barking

16:28 James has me dyinggg

12:56 ok jeffree u're literally and oficially my bestfriend from now one , an honest advice from the heart. Now I love u find me and call me

“Here’s a gold brick , go play”

Why does tana have so many face injections

Why the fuck is Jeffree hanging out with these tumours ?


God forgive me for what I have seen

Omg they need to make more videos together

2:11 listen to James is it just me?

I feel like James Charles has too much in his closet but he always just wears his black sweater

I love Jeffree

Jeffree looks like a fluffer on a porn set and the food is the group of men waiting for attention. Every motion out of him is positively filthy. Well played, Jeffree! Also, James needs to close his mouth when he chews! He’s too pretty to have such coarse table manners.

James- I don’t like eggs either. You’re not alone sister

Why do I wanna see you lot do full face of makeup using food

oh my god i don't know what i was expecting out of this but it was so much better

"Bam!! hiiiii" Hahahahahahaha good shit.

The hell are they on?

"What up bitch watch me throw this neck."

You guys are such dumb ass bitches you guys are gay transgender motherfuckers I hate you dumb ass big fore head ass ugly fore skin mother yucker bitches nigger nigger idubbztv is better then you you are an exaggerater and the true definition of a dumb ass blond hoe you guys are bad influences on children watching this unhealthy ass niggers I hope you break your legs and lose all your subscribers fat ass niggers you guys are cancer you are the definition of diebities I hope you guys get aids and And die trump trainnnn niga bitch


Let me find out James embarrassed to eat in front of people

colab again!!!

I love this so much hahaha Jeffree is my everything ❤️

it was good and "FRESH"


loved this lol

Why was I also screaming when they didn’t know who Anthony Hopkins was? Hannibal lecter is my daddy

tana look high lmfaoo

Tana shut up

Wait i thought tana and jeffree were vegan?

Omg did u guys hear James

I love this video omh

LOL I can't get over this video. Sofreaking funny!

How does James do that tounge pop?


This was rly disgusting to watch and I love James Charles

we need more videos with all three of them

I thought tana was a vegan is she not anymore or

What the fuck!

Why does James look so annoyed

Tana seems like that one kid on that plane that is screaming and crying the whole time!!!

jeffree's face over the anthony hopkins part was me af lmfao

I’m disappointed in James, he does not fit in with them....


probably the only video i like on this channel

What did James tell tana at 8:48

I.....I caaaa.....I can't......this happened!?!? YAAAAAS

The world is gonna die with all of these queens being together

Tana is the real mvp for asking all the questions I’ve always been wondering about

james : me, cameron dallas, Shawn mendes SISTER I CANNOT AGREE MORE YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Omg Jeffrey n me have the same sandwich thang going on I can’t have anything just meat n cheese yass

Why’d she get a milkshake? I thought tana was a vegan?

Listen to james charles 2:14-2:16

james i would let you burp in my face

The Holy Trinity of

James Charles looks so annoyed by tana not to be rude but she is very loud

Y’all are the customers no one wants.

I keep coming back omg

You have the same birthday as me

Who’s taty? (8:32)

I feel like James doesnt like Jeffree

8:27 James was like "bitch"

This video is just one big controversy and I love it

So disgusting the way that James Charles eat, honey eat with the mouth close!

Calling your Subscribers/ viewers motherfucker is so disrespectful.

I've never seen so many adds in the beginning of a video but I LOVE THIS

*S H I S T A R*

Anthony hopkins! Lolol

what is this gay shit my dude

Omg the fact that you guys didnt know who Anthony Hopkins was

I love all u sisters but not like mayo just killed me

tana looks crazy stoned

Omfg what happened to her lips!?!?!?

Tana your hair is much better but you still look like a swine.

Living for the sex talk I love ya'll together


Jeffree Star: “check my channel Sunday” lol

It never occurred to me that there will come a time that i will agree with sishter James when he said Tati is the most nicest person he ever met.


Omg omg you have the Gucci looney tunes special shirt

J.J. Medusa it's not gonna make her fat

Ganja Baby wtf not at all haha look up what fat people looks like on Google then you will change your mind

This is the best video Tana has ever done.

Why is she so awkward poor James I feel for him

"Not Hannah montana..." I'm dying hahaha

Jeffree is a cokehead


James is giving Jeffree such intense side eye throughout this whole video and I just wanna know why

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