MyEcon Training | I've Joined MyEcon... NOW What? 4 Daily Must-Do's

MyEcon Training | I've Joined MyEcon... NOW What? 4 Daily Must-Do's

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All. Right welcome everyone, to, this my, econ training, this, is. This. Training is designed for, brand, new members, or. Those that have gotten, started you know fairly recently, and it just kind of feel lost and so, this, one isn't going to be navigating. The, back-office per, se or, you. Know some of those things I do have another training that does that this. Training, is, to help, you, get. Organized, and then, figure. Out ok I've joined my econ, what. Next. Now what do I do you know because people can feel a little bit overwhelmed and so. I'm. Gonna go ahead and share my screen here. Most. I was just doing a yeah I, just. Doing a little video on the, ID, defender, here let me get to. Fbmc, Louis actually where I wanted. All. Right hopefully, by. This time and Erica I know you have just done this where, where, your sponsor, sends you the next steps and part of that is getting, into the rotator, that's usually the first link, I send people I was, trying to find the email that bill sent out this week. Before. The call on, Monday. But. I'm not finding, it um. Let. Me see. My. Rotator. We look for that way. Now. If. I'm looking in the wrong email I. Know. I wasn't in this one. Okay. Well that doesn't really matter right now except. I kind of want to show you a link give me just a second, here guys. Sorry. I don't want to drag this out doing, silly, little stuff I should have been prepared for. My. Admin there it is okay, not. The one though it's $0.20. Monday. Where, is it. Well. I do not see it. It's. Right about this he sent a link they'll sent a link the other day that shows, you the Thank You page and, I'm trying to find that do, one of you have that do you know the page I'm talking about. That. One. Okay. I do not know what I did with the one I'm. So sorry guys okay, so anyway, it was a link it was like my econ. Rotator. Something. Or another he tried to read these pictures all the way anyway, the reason I'm trying to show you that is I wanted to show you what the Thank You page looks, like because, one of the questions we get a lot is am I in the rotator and so, bill always says if you get this Thank You page and, he's got a copy of it then, yes you are. Okay. Um so you know just to let people know yes you're in the rotator so if you filled out that form, he. Said it could take up to five days cuz he manually. Puts, people in the rotator um. And so it could take up to five days then does that mean you'll see a sale in five days no asthma. Affects some of you've gotten sales dollars rotator some of you haven't you. Know there's a lot of links in there right now so, if you it is an assistant, of course like we always say but it's not necessarily, gonna do it for you um so. That's usually the first thing then we have you do and then we have your watch a, training. You navigate, your back-office. Let. Me get to my sticky, notes here where. I have. What. I, usually. Give to new members. Okay. And then I usually. Give you the Facebook link or your sponsor does so you know the, Facebook group and you get welcomed in there here's the little document, that has I, hope. You've gone through all this stuff that's a little document that has like, the ads post, on it the free marketing. System post. On it I guess. I could click on it and show it to you and then. We, also have, new member training, here and then, these steps you know you need to get your your, direct deposit set, up watch, the QuickStart, videos, I tell, you where your rotator link. Or excuse, me your referral link is and then to message me back or message your sponsor back we've done that's, kind of you're getting started now so you, done that so. What is next so I want to go ahead and show you this other, document. Really quick I hope you didn't miss this. I hope you saw it. Trying, to get this, minimized, here, always cell phone law okay, so this is the document from the group that, that what that link is and this is like the pinned post. Your. How to get to set up your free marketing system am, I, in the rotator, because everyone questions, that so he made a little video about that here's, the post the from, the group with all the different ad ideas, I'm. And then here's more training. How. My econ is a long-term, biz and more mindset, their scripts, to use and messaging, people, here's. That 21, benefits, of my econ that you can share with prospects. People, ask for this all the time the Craigslist training, is here. In group video so this is just a resource document, for you when. You first join that you have then. To go. Through yourself and, then to share with. Prospects. Or excuse me with, your youth your recruits, so, then, now what, next I've joined my econ I've done the steps now what, do i do how, do i advertise, where do I go so today, what. I want to do I'm not gonna do it usually I do it all and I share my screen and have you guys do it today I'm gonna have you guys get, involved and do this so. The. First, thing the bill asks, you to do is to, place an ad on your wall, because.

You Know what you're going to be in the rotator you know he expects you to carry your load too and help promote it so I'm going. To. Stop. Sharing my screen and. I. Want you all this is not the best time, of the day but it's okay. Sharing. To put an ad on your wall right now so I'm. Gonna go to the group let me share my screen again now. I realize Travis you're probably driving so you wouldn't be able to do this part but let me go the group bill, puts a suggested, ad in there just about every day. You, get it to come up here. Um I, don't recommend, putting an ad on your wall of course every day but. I do you, know a couple times a week is certainly not going to hurt there's. That document. So let's see, if we can find a. Fresh. Add for today or, you can do yesterday's or you can do one from a week it doesn't matter what ad you do but. You want to be doing something on your on your wall now what. If you don't what if it's your personal, whoa and you don't want an ad on there then, either. You, need to. You, know decide that it's okay if your family and friends see what you're doing these, are definitely products. And services that they could use to I don't have a problem myself. Doing that but, some people want a totally different profile so if you're going to do that you, need to create a totally different profile it's gotta be your name's gotta be altered slightly maybe with a middle initial something, like that and. Then create a new profile. And start building friends, and groups and I'll show you how to do that here and a, couple of minutes. Of. Course we now have the calls every, night I, wasn't, on it was anyone on the call last night I was. On Mondays not Tuesdays. No. One hello, I can't. See you so I don't know if you're there or not I. Didn't. Make it it. Was on it. Okay. So that's all I mean you can definitely share that as a matter of fact I, wouldn't, her if you want to share that now you could, so why don't you guys that are on your computer, go. Ahead and go to the group. And. If. You let. Me show you how to do this so. What. You would do is you would copy this part and. I. Know you can see me but come. Keep coming back to in order to minimize the screen, you. Can, you can get this box where you're seeing my screen out of the way and then. Copy this text and then go to your wall and, paste. That text on your wall. I'm. Gonna say something like this. Cause packing, out every night you don't want to miss this or something like that cuz, that's true. So. Let me paste it and. I'm gonna wait while you guys do it -. This. Car is packin. Now. Every. Night, don't. Miss. It this is. Okay. And then I'm gonna go back and, I'm. Gonna copy this, and how, you copy, the picture is you click on it let's click it it opens up big like this then, you right click and you, can, either save it to your desktop but, right now I'm just gonna copy it cuz I'm kind of in a hurry so I'm gonna click on copy image, and, I'm.

Gonna Go back you can be anywhere I can have my cursor anywhere it doesn't matter and. Hit. Paste, or ctrl, V for paste and it's. Gonna start populating the, picture right here and. As, soon as the pictures populated. Then. I'm gonna go ahead and share it now let, me give you a little tip you know since we're doing this a little earlier in the day I would. Go back about an hour before the call and. I. Would copy this information, again. Make. Sure it's it popular here. Sorry. Guys there's a little slower when I bought the video um. There. We go so, I would copy this information, again tonight about an hour before the call click, go and share and share it fresh, to your wall again now. If you get a lot, of engagement on, it between now and then which is probably, not likely but, if you were than, what you would do is just click like and, unlike you always want to like your posts and start that engagement you, want to like everyone, else's, comments, and then you want to comment to them and so, when we juices somebody comments, on your post you want to like it then, you want to make a reply, to their, comment, and like it too and that just bumps, it up in, the newsfeed it gives engagement, so if you have a lot of engagement on it I wouldn't, share it again I would, just like and like and like everyone, you know like and unlike like and unlike everybody's, comments, otherwise, if you end up not having any engagement or just a couple people like it I would, copy and paste this information again, it's, like go and share and post it again all. Right so did everybody get that any questions, about that so I'll give you a minute if you have don't already you're on your computer go ahead and put that on there so. We're. Doing that and today but but that's you, know every. Every few. Days because. We have a variety of products, this, business is a little easier to post, I think, post about there's, some of the other businesses, because you can change it up so much because, we do offer credit, we do offer identity, theft we do offer you.

Know The call we do you know we have so much um so. I wouldn't, necessarily. Blast. If you're gonna put it you. Can get away with putting up an ad on your post every, day a post on your wall every day if you're doing other things as engagement, to you, definitely, don't want it to be more. Than one quarter, of your post so if you're gonna do one. Business post and you got at least two three, three. Engaging. Post now not, just, you know like you know some, of you like me like to put Bible verses and things like that on but, I'm talking, about more probably. Engaging. Videos, you, know it don't have to be Kitty videos sometimes a new kitty bit you know videos, are very engaging or. Puzzles, people like to do you. Know puzzles, they can figure things out so be. Creative in your content, you, know once. While I pull up I post a political, post but it's not the best thing to do honestly, on your on your, profile. You know you kind of want to keep it if you, know more. Generic. So. So. If someone, were to ask me for advice I, would say do if you want to post every day I don't but. If you want to post every day you you can't have it to be more than one four of, your. Of. Your, sorry. Engage on your also did everybody go ahead and go do the ad let. Me know when you're done okay Jennifer's. Done. Everybody. Else done. Give. Me a thumbs up or say, hey, or, something, in the um. Okay. Jennifer's don't say something in the chat if you can't, talk. Oh thanks. Jay, Jan. That's. The link I was looking for, I'm. Gonna give you just another minute to finish that I'd like to hear from you guys, to. Know if you got it done or not. Here's. A bills rotator, link. Thank. You page. This. Is what he sent in the UM. Thing. The other day just so you know this is what it looks like. And. It, tells she has these instructions, on there. Please. Allow up to five business days you. Will be added to our team traffic rotator and not be removed as long as you remain active. You. Must share, the business yourself. Here's, a suggested. Ad but, you don't you know you can do other ones as well it's. Up to you but you've got to do at least one, when, you when, you post in.

The, Excuse. Me when you add yourself to the rotator now what. If for, instance Jen's, Jen's, husband, and my husband - we. Both have added. Our husbands underneath them now my husband does have a Facebook page but her husband doesn't don't. Freak out you know if that's you know he's not gonna not, gonna remove you from the rotator or whatever but but. You, know I think Jen may have posted on her wall again or whatever how you know how are you do this it's, fine if you don't um you. Need to have a Facebook page, but if you put someone under you like like a spouse and they don't don't, worry about that over much okay. So. Working on it Jen okay Eric, had just posted hers. Cool. Okay. Kim. Said she will do it as soon accept, okay so. Now Oh next, thing your Ruth were you able to get it done. Is. Ruth. Just. On your phone that's fine. Okay. So, um the, next thing we're going to do so okay. You. Need to have a plan of action every day because, you it's gonna be easy to feel overwhelmed to not know what I should do so so. How many of you you at least have one hour a day you can work your business a. Couple. Of you Jen. Do you have an hour day dotty Ruth. Travis, does, Eric. Samantha. Okay because, the reason I say that if you don't have an hour a, day to work your business you're, not going to you're definitely not gonna be a millionaire nobody, works under five hours a week and becomes. A millionaire now, that may not be your goal it is you know I definitely, want to be six figures of seven figures would be nice there is no shame we kind of feel ashame a little, bit. You. Know I'm just reading a raise, ray Higdon blog about that that. You know, you. Know money doesn't buy happiness that's, true but neither does poverty, and money. Doesn't you know get you where you want but neither does poverty, and we, almost feel, more salt right just maybe maybe that's not the right word but if we're not making money because sometimes we feel guilty if we do um. And you know what it's okay you know you, have to set your priorities in life I'm not saying it should be the number one priority but there's no shame in working, hard you, know we've become you, know and I'm not trying to step on your toes politically. Guys but, we've become very, politically, correct, very. And very social, you know moving, towards socialism in our country our country. Was founded on capitalism. That means you work hard you make money you. Build an empire good, for you but, we've got we are living in such a whiny society, well that's not fair that he's a millionaire, and I'm not he. Should share his wealth with you with me why why, should he share as well why. You, know a lot of times these, people that make a lot of money already, are opening. Up jobs for, people are, already helping, the economy so so I just you know it's just a little extra player don't feel bad that you're working to make money now having said that if you're not working you're not gonna make money and if. You're working sporadically. You're not gonna make money if, you're only talk if you're talking to nobody you're definitely not gonna make money, we, just can't splatter, an ad out there and hope that we become if, I figure earner how, many do you like to learn or like five figures even I think. They'd be cool that's, 10,000, a month how. Many of you would settle for 5,000, a month I was 5,000. Bought pewter or whatever that. Could get my husband retired so. You. Know I, would, like to make more I have, bigger, goals than that but, it's.

Not Gonna happen if you don't put in the time um, and, you know you just have to do it and so either, you're, willing to put in the time to organize your time and, parcel. Parcel, it up so. You're spending a certain amount of time you. You have to every day there. Are four things and if. You're taking notes write this down there are four things you need to be doing every day to build your business one. Is training. A Sarah. Too. Is tasks. Three. Is marketing. And fours, prospecting. What's. The difference between marketing, and prospecting. Come, on answer me tell me what that tell me what the difference is. Marketing. Is trying, to get people to call you prospecting. Is engaging, and personally, from the convince. Them to good. Product or service has value, yeah, absolutely so, so, we, we want to do so we just did marketing, and wasn't prospecting, what we just did is we put an ad on our, wall now uh Jennifer. Unis she works really hard I see her on other social media all the time on. Instagram. And on Twitter I think, I shared with some of you I just bought a Twitter course it was very pricey but, what what attracted. Me to it is it's. Automation, so. They. Show you now I already have some of the free tools, that they're using to. Get this whole thing to to grow your, following, like into the thousands, very quickly and then. To. How. To set up your bio and, how to you, know customize. Things and get this on automation, because, it, you, guys already know what a pain it is to mark it on Facebook and it's getting harder it's. Getting harder and harder I can't hardly share any links in facebook so so. All their prospecting, I've done in Facebook now. I either have to you know ask beg, for their email so I can send it to their email which, is fine that's, almost. Rather use your email or. Because. I had them or go ahead and post a link and then I feel stupid just take out this spaces, because Facebook won't let me post a link anybody, else having problems like, that or had problems like that yeah. So that can be a real pain so Facebook can be a real pain and I. Think Twitter is kind, of an untapped, market. Twitter. I mean there are multiple. Thousands, of people, if not millions of people on Twitter and I. Think there's a lot of people on Twitter looking, just like on Facebook looking, to make their lives better looking. To you. Know improve their financial situation, or their credit situation or. Whatever and so, that's, kind of a direction I'm moving of course YouTube I. Was just sharing, at. The beginning of this this. Training, here how, I'm optimizing, my youtube channel I'm gonna be making videos every day not, about. Econ, my econ necessarily. But but videos of values so I'm making a list of things for instance now today I did do a my econ product, um but. I'm doing like like short shots I'm not talking about 5 10, or 15 minute video I'm gonna be doing just a little you know tutorials. How to do this in the marketing industry or. I may share marketing tips see like from the. Coaching, I'm taking from, Ray Higdon or Todd and Leah Rae cats or Eric warrior whatever, and sure, there's as long as you give them credit you know you're allowed to do that and so I just want my channel to be so, I was on a coaching call last night with Todd and Leah ray gets and timely aggregates, or who I bought the Twitter, course from and, they.

Are Killing it but they were sharing about one of their friends, who went from, 200. And some subscribers, on YouTube and, in. The next three months had hundred over, a hundred thousand, subscribers and. You. Know they didn't give his name they didn't want the poor guy to be overwhelmed but I kind of I kind of knew who it was and then I figured it out I did get a YouTube and so, I decided, that uh. Yeah YouTube is free, all day long they don't you, know unless you're breaking, their Community, Guidelines which, you'd have to be you, know stealing. Copyrighted, videos or, just you know things like that or posting, pornography, or whatever of course you know they, let you know eight that - I think Facebook is hilarious with their guidelines they're, very strict about what they've but there's poor pornography, all over Facebook, and I've, even reported, it and they say oh no that doesn't break our guidelines I'm like well it says in your gut yeah. Just cut it but they'll block me from posting a link, so somebody can repair their credit. Anyway. I'm sorry I don't mean II keep getting on the soapbox here but um. You. Know I plan on I plan on really scaling, up YouTube. So I'm just throwing those ideas, out there you know I know videos scare emotion if I still plan on doing scare most of you to death I still, AM plan on doing a video training, Kim, was asking about that a little bit ago that is gonna be very comprehensive. And so it's, taking a little bit longer to put things together but we just need to do it and record. It and then you know and just get it done because you. Don't ever have to have your face on camera I mean it's kind of nice you. Know if you even do the little thumbnail you can do that on screencast-o-matic, for free and have your little thumbnail see you're not full-blown you know picture and then kind of show your screen and do videos. Like that but seriously you take ten or fifteen minutes of your our, allotment. To do videos. Or. Alternative. Thing you could really scale, this up so. Back to what four things you do today do, every day so training. In. The. Back office let. Me go there real quick. There. Are all sorts of training videos. Um that. You could every day you should you know to spend 15 minutes to a half-hour here's. The might my, econ. Training, videos here's. The my econ live now, this page is a comprehensive, training, that. And, equips. You to increase, production, and and profits, that's actually, paid, you can pay to do that it's also a standalone product, you can sell I don't look you guys knew that but, you can go do the training videos. Some. Of these are under the. QuickStart you might have already done this I hope you've done your QuickStart.

Videos. And. Then. They also have. The. My econ live archive, these. Are. Geared more towards. Wealth. Accumulation, they actually, take you by the hand and show you how to buy stocks and, show, you earn bonds, or show you how to invest in real estate or show you how to invest in this. And that to. Grow your wealth as you're shifting your income once, your your credit is repaired, or if you didn't need that that's fine but you know your credits already good but but, might, we change my, husband's, w-4, the other night and gave, ourself a hefty raise and now we're playing that towards, a debt elimination and, in, our case it's our mortgage, and then you can take those savings, along. With income, you're generating and. Buy. Some assets or invest in some assets and they tell you these, these webinars. You. Know help you help. You. Learn. How to invest it take you by the hand and do that another good resource for, training. Is. The. My econ official, page not not there, is if you want to watch the, videos in our group I'm, in our my econ, group. Here and you, click on the videos there. Are you, know mostly, bills but training videos in here. Or. You, can also go, to. My. Econ. Official. Page here, let me just type, in what you can't see what I can get to come up here this, is not a group you have to join this is just their page but. I notice, they put all of their events. Okay. It's this one right here, Snowville, Georgia. You. Want to like this page. But. Here. All. The, webinars show, up on here when they do a. Ivy, or. What. Does name Jude. Do prospecting. Videos on here they'll, do. Cash. Flow conference, as you can see, they'll. Do or, what is that I'm trying to say. How. To market on Facebook, I see one here you. Can also go to videos, so you don't have to scroll the group just click on videos and. Then. As you can see all sorts of presentations, are here so like they do these super Saturday's in different, locations, those are chock-full of I stuff, so you want you can plug yourself in, as little or as much as you want now it's, fine to do all the training in the world but. If you don't take action it doesn't do you any well now this is more my. Econ. Geared. Training. But if you go to e. This. Is one of the guys I recommend, I've learned so much from him and it is really. Really. Stepped. Up my marketing, he, releases, a blog every single, day. He, just had a. And. The. Link for the blogger is always in there and every. Day he, does like a you. Know they're, usually not longer than five or six minutes, but. He always has, good value, good content. Uh, you, know there's always going to be tidbits, that you can learn from him and this is free I have. Purchased his coaching, and I also have, purchased. Some of his you. Know downloads, or whatever here's, a free download, twenty nine sources, to get leads now and when you when, you click on that and you put your email in you'll, automatically, get an email from him every day with a blog and, I highly recommend, doing that and take so, as part of your training if you take 15, minutes no let's, see how much that, he, always does everything in. Print, but, then if you scroll down there's, always a video, to. That where he's talking I love watching him he is. He's. Always Merapi. And I made with his facial expressions, in you know I just I just enjoin a lot no maybe you have someone else that, you follow and there coaching, and our training is helpful to you that's, fine, the point is do it so, if you're gonna break up your you new year our maybe, you had more, but. You're gonna break up your our you, want you know like, 15 minutes or or less if you can or sometimes you may take a lot longer training, and adjust, your times for, each thing. But. Spend, spend, some of that time in training, because. You can always improve yourself, maybe you don't need the training maybe you're a rock star marketer, but they have other areas of self-improvement.

So You want to watch maybe some Tony Robbins or you know whatever whatever. But you, should always be growing. Your skill set always. Growing your skill levels because I had. A guy that a partner. Within another business that always said you're never gonna grow your business pass your skill level so if your skill levels down here that's, all the higher your, business is going to grow if you increase your skill level you're, going to increase your your, of your value, your earning potential so ok, so then, you want to do tasks now what I mean by tasks, I, don't. Need to add new Facebook, friends but a lot of you do, and/or. Maybe join groups you know and so you know like when I do tasks maybe I'm pinging my sites or maybe I'm optimizing, videos or. Sprucing. Up my youtube, channel or sprucing up my facebook profile, or. Learning, how to link those things together or, or you, know today I'm going to go into my IFTTT, app and change up because some of things change that, IFTTT. App is that automated, post that you see on my wall I see some of you like that that you know I've lost you know 20 plus pounds now I need I need to change it goes up to 35 pounds so I need to go in and change that up or. You, know. So. That posts automatically, for me so maybe I need to go in and change that or, or. Share. A post, with you guys or I spent, a lot of time behind the scenes answering. Questions from, y'all and. And helping, that, way so you know those are those are the tasks and as your downline, grows you don't have this kind of test but. If. You need to grow your fringe and understand maybe you've seen this before. But, I'm gonna talk, about it again here for a minute, so you need, to you're. Trying to build. Business. Friends. So we're gonna go to, Lowe's, get, a group here, now. When, you type in the search bar a group. And it'll bring up that group it might bring up other ones that are related, they hat you have something similar have that end there and their, title, but you can click on groups, and. That'll. Bring up all. Of those groups that. Are. Somewhere, and related. And. You can join them, right there. Yeah. Maybe. I share, it right, actually. Let's have one of you share it um, Kim, how about how about you share your screen and let's, have you do this and we'll watch you is that okay with you. So. At the bottom of it where all of our pictures are me my hair is a mess today okay, click on the green share screen button. Do. You see the picture with all of our yes, okay. And you see a green share and when. You click on that a box will pop up and just click share the blue share screen button. Okay. Perfect. Alright so in your search. Engine there the top where it says Ken Darko go, ahead and type, any kind of you know make money online work, from home working, all moms whatever you want to do, and. I, should just click on one the ones that populate it so you don't have to keep typing. There. You go perfect oh it, looks like I joined them all alright, well go ahead and click on groups, the. Groups tab at the top yeah and. Then. Scroll down. There. You go there's actually more to join if you want to join those um, now, OH. Facebook's. Getting really funny you could use to do like thirty to fifty of these at a time I would, never do more than ten you could probably get away with it twice a day but. I would never do more than ten so. Go. Ahead and scroll down if you see a couple more you want to or if you want to change the. All. Right now go ahead and click on one that you've already joined, and. Let's. Go on the inside. Click. No click on over, there where it says make money online no there, you go. All. Right Kim I don't know how many friends you have but you need to add friends definitely, alright. So you want to do this make, this one you some of your test it only takes a few minutes so struggling, is I get all the weird friends, like the. Weird people that scam me and stuff you know oh well, I'm gonna show you so I want you to scroll down a little bit and. I. Usually. Gravitate towards. Women. For that very for. That very thing unless I can you, know unless I can ascertain, that it's a guy that is serious like that why.

Would You would you want a friend somebody now he's probably he might be a wonderful guy it's not that but, this kind of advertising. Is. Usually. You. Know I'm, looking for people that generally want to be in business and not just get rich fast there's a difference, yeah. A lot of people out there that want to join your business pay, their thirty five dollars and sit back and get. Rich I am being more discerning, and in. Who I invite, to my business for that very reason because it, I you. Know it. Doesn't do them any good and doesn't do me any good to invest their time in I don't do anybody that with a foreign, name and not being you. Know it's just because this is a USA. Alright, so let's look at Kristin's here sudden face, because his neat thing now where you can Chris on her click on her name, yup. And that, brings up a little bit of, information. About her or you can go right to her profile, now here's, a couple things I would. Not friend her and the. Reason, why is I, can't, see anything about now she is from Kentucky, um oh, now. It's showed me stuff okay go ahead go, ahead and scroll down a little bit okay. Know so I would friend, her. Because. As you, know she's, from the USA, go. Ahead and scroll down and see. If it nothing. More won't. Let me go any farther, okay. Well. She's been on you, know for a few years so but. Doesn't look like she's posted, since, scroll. Back up to the top she doesn't hurt unless she has there her profile set up where you can't hardly see anything until you become friends yeah, that's, right there, I see you post on Kristen's timeline you need to send her a friend okay so, I would take a chance you know I would take a chance of somebody like, that and then, go ahead and go back to your group. Um. This. Group and me yeah hit the back arrow yeah, all right and then scroll down. Let's, see if you can find someone else at you. You. You. Keep, scrolling. You. You. Or scroll back up a second I want to see that post. You. That. One. Yeah. Joy. Truly, that doesn't sound like a real name okay what I want you to do is over to the left click on members. And. Here you can just kind of see a bunch of them, go. Ahead and scroll down. Oh. Yeah. All right so now. Go. Ahead and just pick one, looks, like Ophelia. And may might be foreign. Of. Course that doesn't mean they are in the United States I should be I need to be better careful. About that because I. Thought. A couple other people were in the United States okay he joined about an hour ago, you. Could try let's look at Michael Lawson. Go. Ahead and how about oh yeah. Marry now I see that looks fake to me that, was a profile. Yeah you've. Been trouble I could. Spot that because that's what I get like people who aren't who they say they are you know. Yeah. Usually I, mean you, can like, you can tell Holly is a real person. You. Can tell Richard probably as you know or whatever and not just because that lady was pretty but because you. Know it looked more like a model shot maybe she did do a month but you see what I'm saying you want to make sure you're. Getting a real person, yeah. Okay. You could try Theo if you want or, is that Mark Zuckerberg picture. If that's not a real image and maybe it's not a real image, Jason. Maybe. Laughter. Yes. I. Wish. They'd told sei. Not big into flashing, money like that, ya. Mean. That doesn't mean he's a bad person but it's. At yeah if you want to this, this I realized this is a little time consuming. From. Texas, at least he's not he's, in the u.s.. Okay. All, right well if you want to add him yeah. It looks like he's got, you. Know a real profile. Yeah. So. Now, now. Go back to that group and. So this, is part of your tests, you, want to. You, want to you know if you, need more, groups if you need more. Friends. You want to do this now another. Thing you can do with your your as part of your task is post in the groups now, I've been split testing, something somebody gave me this advice and I think this is kind of cool go, back to just the group for a second, click, on discussion, up. At the top there yeah. Now. Somebody. Suggested, on a coach, on the coaching cards on last night, that.

They Just pick. No. More than five groups, and for. A full week well, concentrate. On. Or. Maybe even just one group, and. Go in and concentrate, on. Clicking. Clicking, like, and leaving positive. Comments. Not, in the sense where they think you want information. But. You. Know positive positive. Comments, and like, it's kind of get yourself known. In that group so maybe spend one week inside. Of one group letting. Them becoming, a familiar face and also posting your ad you, know and changing, it up but but you know like maybe two or three times a day make a post in there yourself but. Then also spend, time in just that one group to, get some engagement going and, the person on the call ice I'm sure that they are really they're doing much better than with that then, spamming, hundreds of groups and. Facebook. Are always, changing their policies, and they've always been kind of like this but they're getting more stricter is now, they don't even want you to copy and paste the same ad in all the groups which is what I've done for years you. Have to change the content, and each and every act and. You, know that's time to see we said this person has been trying, this for, a week. Now. All. Right stop, there and Olivia here. Because. I'm gonna show you something so. Anyway they've been posting in just this one, group so I would spend time you know if that's something you want to try make. Part of your tasks liking. On post making. Positive comments. You know or whatever. Just. You know just to kind of get yourself you. Know started, to be seen and known in that group so now, what I want you to do is click on Olivia's, profile, here and let's go check her out you may ask you question. While I'm thinking about it oh it says yeah, Copenhagen, note alright, let's find some yeah go ahead, when. Someone, when I post, in a group which is new to me I'm just learning, about this stuff. Do. I when. Someone like, my post that doesn't necessarily mean, they want info right so no, but I always message, him anyway and I said thank you for, liking on my post okay. Preciate the, engagement. Do, you already have a business that you're doing are you interested in learning more okay.

And, That's. A great way to UM. Get. Some conversation going, uh-huh. All. Right let's keep looking for okay how about Marley let's look at Marley. Says. She's in the u.s.. Yeah. Go ahead go to her profile. Okay. Doesn't say where she's from if they don't say where they're from I just skip him. Yeah. There's probably good chance she's USA, but. Now. I wouldn't have done that before because I usually, have global, businesses, but obviously this one we want to. That's. Another thing no. Yeah. That's probably someone. Okay. How about usual our. Raleigh. North Carolina all, right so. Go ahead and go to her profile. Now. I have. I-i've. Got something I'm testing, I'm go ahead and let you do it if you don't mind doing it so scroll up where it says a message. I should. Have look, go. Ahead and go back real quick Kim, let me show you something say you don't have to go back and search scroll. Down and find Angela, again. And. This. Time when you get there. Right-click. On her name instead, of left click okay. Where. Are you Angela. Yeah. This is why okay you could do a search for her if you want to, oh it, was just. Alright right click on and then open link in new tab. That. Way you can come back here because you know where to find her now click on Angela, more to the right of where you're at yeah. Alright. Go ahead and send her if I would, go ahead and send her a friend request. Now. Go ahead and click on message, and you're gonna send her a message this, is completely. Cold. Cold. Marketing, but I want you to send her this message I wrote it down let me um let, me. Get it real quick here. Sorry. About that ok I had to go to my app alright. So you would say hey what's your name again Nicole. Angela. Oh, alright. Dude hey, Angela. And. Then. Do dot dot dot and the reason. I. Want. To give a little bit of space between the next line okay, so. It's. Ono. Just just like three. Or. That's fine right there alright now hold down your Shift, key. And hit, enter, oh. Okay. Alright. And do it one more time hold down the shift if you hit enter it usually sends it for you so okay so this. Sounds, a little crazy. And. I want to ask you a question. That's the the line you you want something that's going to grab their attention. And. Then. After, you put your period, hit enter and and along. With a shift. And enter again and skip two lines okay, okay. Are you making money with, the biz you're promoting. Oops. Got an extra o in there. Alright. And then skip skip, a line again. And. Turn, okay, we. Both are in some of the same groups. And. I. See, you posting. And. If it got that dot and. Then. A space, but. No. Not don't skip a line go back and go back up to posting, and just, put a space after the dots there. You go okay. That's, okay but, about. 90%. Of. The. People I talk to don't. Make. One. Single. Dime online. Alright, don't don't use a exclamation. Mark I used to be use those all the time and Ray says well, it. Is a habit okay skip, to skip a line and. Then. Type. You're. Down one more there you go I am, in a legitimate. Money-making. Which. Is hyphenated. Is. That. Is low in price. To. Join ,. Won't. Interfere. With. Your other ops comma. Oops. Skipped. Your either. And. Pays. Every. Week right to, your bank account. And. Then. Skip down. If. You're. Open, dot, dot. Watch. That, I. Put. A little presentation, below you can watch. That little presentation. Below and if. Not no big deal so if you're open wash that little presentation, below and if not no big deal. Period. And then. Skip down and you would put whatever whatever. Video presentation. You're sending people now. Are you sending it to them in a domain or in a link or what, are you sending people at this point, well, I send a couple different, ones but I've been doing the opportunity. Video. But I have to say with not much, yeah. I don't ever send it as the first thing because. I don't think it converts to why it, doesn't for me. Are. You, what what, marketing, system are using the company marketing system are you but, honestly, I find, the whole thing so. Like. Last night I was on the call and I had other things but I really need to be trained in that cuz I was, thinking I'm I'm, spending, the money for it but I really, don't know what I'm doing, which is not good you know on, Tuesday nights they do do live trainings, across I knew we had the company call and I didn't get on either. For. That now I think there's. An archive, of those trainings, Oh an. OMS, system, that's what I need yeah, so, you might want to go and watch them um. What. You know I know what I would share but I've created, my own stuff. You could um I, like. Your video but I don't remember and you have one that doesn't have. A, link, that. Just says get back with the person, yeah. Are you can you can send them that the, other thing that might. The. Testimonials. Landing, page yes. Is. That one you could try that one but. Go ahead, if um if you don't know, what.

You Want to send you can just hold, off on it I I would, go ahead and send that some sake and send that to her so you don't lose it cuz I'm gonna show you what to do next all right let me just see. Cuz. Um I do. Have that video save somewhere do you have you, but honestly I lost. All my well. It's a long story it's it's been up crazy kind of wish, I. Lost, all my Google, Docs and then I had I've. Spent, more time on the phone this week than I had ever. Imagined. I. So. I have to poke around a little bit is that bottom, line. And. That's the opportunity. You know. Give. Me a second, and. Bless. My computer, is going very slowly, today for some reason, well. We are on the zoom that doesn't help okay. Let's. See maybe here. This. One. Okay. Do you have. You. Have you have a domain right is. That. Best credit lay to yours, yes. That's mine alright good is that from GoDaddy, don't you don't ever want to share a link that long team do you know why I came by tell me why. There's. Two reasons, it, looks fami. When. You send a long link like that and number - you want to brand yourself that, best credit, lady is a great, domain, so, let me show you how to point that to that domain, okay. So this goes right to. Right. Now this. Goes to, see I used to be in another credit, business but anyway that, best, credit, lady goes, to, the my econ, smart. Reckoning thing, yeah, okay, I'll show you how to do a subdomain, so go ahead and copy that link the. Best credit lady know, that my econ, leads 1 yup okay and. Then. Go ahead and open up is that GoDaddy, that your domain is in hi, go ahead and open up GoDaddy in another tab, okay. How. Do I get rid of all these little there we go there you go oh. There. We go. Alright. Go ahead and log into your GoDaddy. So. Okay. All. Right. Yeah. Oh you. Own all of these yes. Which. Were using, for my econ the best friend Lainey okay click on manage. And. Then manage connection. Go. Daddy's gotten really not user friendly I'm, not overly happy with them okay so um. Yeah. It's gonna flash back. Can. You do something for me real quick can you click your yellow, button. Is that would what make this screen bigger, so. I'm not seeing your back drop, but, I'm just seeing the end oh, I. See yeah. What. It should be your yellow, or green button or I, guess, if you know why. I can't get rid of this can you see this little thing there no, you have to drag it off to the side yeah we can't see that you can see the pain. I. Don't know I don't know how to make it bigger cuz I don't click. On your yellow button up at the top where on the Left whoop. Okay, go bring it back up. All. Right click on your this three little buttons over to the right top hand corner. And. Um. I. Mean. I don't know how to new use, mag Mac, nevermind all right click, on sub-domain, skipper, skip that I'm just gonna make a little bit bigger but, under we're under for reading click on sub to me. Yeah. Add sorry, now. Scroll down a little bit no, you want to go ahead and paste that link in. Where. It says alright. All. Right now, now. Use, your left. Your. There's four little errors under your shift key on your keyboard or I'm not sure what they are on the Mac but you want to go all the way out to the front and take out that extra HTTP. Now. You need to be creative, and create a a sub-domain. Title. So. This is for. What's. That link for. The. Best credit lady goes, to the my econ. Smart, money, the credit repair I mean, the UM the link that you just copied in there that was at the testimonies, yes, that's for the testimonies. And yes. Mm-hmm, okay. I would do a subdomain, like, watch. Because. What it's gonna be whatever the word your word you're gonna put in there is gonna be so. Like if you put watch.

Watch. Now, dot, best, you wouldn't have to put the dot and the best because it's so what so how what that link would be then from now on is watch. Now I don't think that's the best choice but watch now dot, best credit lady or huh. Something. Like make money now, yeah. You want to keep it short okay. You. Could do earn with I do earn with us a lot of my subdomains are like that so you could do earn with. Yeah. And then go ahead and save it, scroll. Down a little bit and save it. Okay. Good. Alright, oh I should have had you preview it but, that's okay let's. Go ahead and preview it just to make sure. Let's. See. It. Probably wouldn't hurt actually net since she brought that up to do forwarding, go ahead and click on earn with the pencil, to, do it with masking because Facebook, doesn't like anything, so go ahead and, click, I, just want to tell you what happened, to me is I did best credit, lady with masking, and it, took me like week before I realized, it wasn't working and when I called GoDaddy, they. Said, it was because of the masking, and it seems to have been working spine Emerson, okay I don't, know but um you, know like go. Ahead and click on the preview then to make sure the page loads correctly, down. A little bit more there you go right there about. Halfway down there hey, Jer yeah. Yeah. Okay, perfect, awesome. Then what you want to do is click out of that and then, go back to Facebook and. You. Can call it you can do hundreds, of subdomains. Just, for that one domain, really. Yeah, so I named, them all different, things and, I've got a subdomain, so like my Cindy Xiang comm is my main but every single one of my businesses point to that so. I might have earned with or fad gone or phyto or CBD, Cindy. Shaw whatever, my business is oh, you. Have one domain. Name, uh-huh. Yeah. All. Right click on Angela. Moore again. There. You go and go ahead and then type out HTTP. Colon. Forward slash forward slash when, you use a subdomain you always have to put the HTTP. In front of it now. Type, learn with. Dot. And then, whatever it was credit, your credit lady thing. But. No. Wwww. No. Yeah. That's a cool domain earn with best credit lady. Now. The only thing you're. Missing your e the only. Thing and, this, is not a game you. Know deal-breaker but the only reason. Is. Is. I, wouldn't want them to know ahead of time, what. It is right. And you're giving away ahead of time a little bit it's not a game break or you know deal-breaker but just, in future, okay so you're. Calm, or whatever your extension, is I was, thinking about that it's funny you mention that because I, don't, mind getting another domain name I mean, but. Um I would brand yourself Kim, I, would. Do Kim Darko calm, or whatever it you know whatever you want to do but I'm Kim, Darko calm, because at one time I thought I wanted to do a blog but then I thought that's crazy because I have no time to do a blog and.

Honestly. You. They'd, the, people, are moving away from blogging, because it just doesn't make money anymore yeah. It's. An one. I do have Kim Darko calm, internet. Marketing is an ever evolving. Blob. Seriously. It changes all you can to keep up with you gotta kind of keep going with the changes alright go ahead and hit enter and. Dot-com, right best credit lady calm yeah let's. Hope it takes Maya. Okay. Perfect, now go. Back to that group. Oh and, what. Did I do make money USA, oh there you go now. Click, on click like on her go ahead and yeah and get other click, like on her post. And then. Just say Angela. I. Sent. You a message. You. Wanna since you sent her a friend request I usually, just say I sent you a message but since you sent her friend of course you could tell her that I sent, you a friend request and a message now. The reason, I did that is so. You. Are taking leadership, and. Letting. Her know that you messaged, her but that you're not necessarily asking, for more information. Uh-huh. Okay. And then you know go ahead and like it. Her. Your. Reply to her your comment to her yeah. Okay. And then, you. Know that's, cold marketing, Facebook, style you, know cold marketing messaging, now if you want to change it i've been tweaking that message for a while that's, the one i get the most. You. Know again and it's back to Ray Higdon you, know training a little bit what you're doing is you're, asking people if they're open to taking a look at it and if not no big deal and I. Want them so so we touched, on several points their. First. Point of pain ninety. Percent of people really are not making money online so. That's why I said you know this is a crazy this, may sound crazy this, sounds sounds, a little crazy but I want to ask you a question and you're, posturing. Yourself as a leader are, you. Making money you're getting right to the point you're not like I hate it when people message, me hi how, are you fine. Hunt. You good. Are, you having a good day I know, it, but. I don't, at. What do you want yeah and then because so, you know cuz you know they're getting to something that makes me more not mad but, that makes me more like yeah then. If they just get I like people they just get right to the point right and then I'll either ignore, it or I'll answer them you know what, we are so afraid of rejection this, is why people don't prospect. This. Is absolutely. And, that's, what I love when I was talking to this. Is crazy I don't know if he's even still on here Travis, I always, I keep want to call him woody. Cuz. His last name is Harold said you know there actor Woody Harrelson's, uh forgive. Me forgive me Travis if you're still here I don't know that he is but. You know that's something he said hey Tommy's, on here something. He said the other day is that you know he's he's on the road driving I, can't like an insane amount of hours he said I can be on the phone all day long talking to people that's, where I get a little nervous though I've got a little bit better about it but. A lot of people won't, even do a message, because they're afraid of rejection but. How I mean, so what if she rejects you what have you lost.

You Know it's really not that big, a deal but you do you. This if you reach out this is reaching out to your cold market and I'm gonna have somebody else message hiraman and do a warm market message. But, so. You're you know you're a scare, if she is she really making money and then you're you're letting her know that most people don't even though we say you know make, money with her you, know and then, that. You are in a legitimate business that she will get paid every Friday right to her bank account so you touched on a and it won't interfere with your because you can do this on the side and will. Interfere with you know so you you touched a lot of points, and as. You know president. Touch, points that I think are important, so that's, a cold market, message, that I've been using. That. Has been really working well so good job appreciate, you you're doing that so all, right so we've we've, watched a little training every, day we. Do our tasks now speaking of tasks, this, is my you, I saw you use Google Docs which works really well too this, is my system, I love using sticky, notes I've. Used different colors for different businesses I've got, everything, you, know everything here. You. Know that I that. I want and. I can move it around I, can delete it I can, make it bigger smaller, change. The color you know so i like it's--for, i. Want to get rid of them off my desktop I just have to click on it and are going or, click on it and they come back I can. Move them off as I said that's that's how so but you want to see you want to have a good, job Kim for, having all your links in one place and easily. Accessible, and having you you want to have your scripts I have my scripts and my next steps I send in people and and speaking. Of scripts, this is all I'm, sending, now when someone asks for information. Hi. Joe, thanks for asking info. So somebody responds to your ad about. Such, as such please, watch this quick overview video, if you're open and like it great and if not no big deal I'm. No longer, sending, la. Dee da dee da da da you know all this information, I keeping it short and sweet to the point and, then I follow up with them I get back with them ask them what they liked best what. Did you like best about, the. Um, you. Know about the presentation. If they say they haven't watch it yet you, know I'll say okay you know I've got a lot of people that are watching it I need to give them my first priority, um. And. You. Know I'll get back with you a theater next week or something like that you know and a lot of times that fear of missing out they're, like well wait no you know I'll go ahead and watch it you know real quick or whatever also. If I haven't gotten back with them for a few days and I love doing it this way I do it all the time I always, get back and say hey Joe I am so sorry it, has been crazy busy with. My econ business, so. I haven't had a chance to follow up with you how are you and then. That 90%. I I convert, 90%. More into. Conversations. And follow-ups, doing, it that way then, I you know go back and say did you watch the video yet yes or no because there you know a lot of times you. Know people aren't going to you. Know mess, with them but if you take a second say hey how are you and III, am being genuine, I ask I yes.

I Am working on starting a conversation, about. My business but you know when I asked I do you know and if it engages them a little bit of conversation that's fine trying to look at them as people and not just, a sale and. That's really important, so. Nice. To have you on here Jen is going I should go all. Right Samantha are you and your computer. Or. Erica. Anybody yes Samantha can you share your screen. Click. On the green share button you look beautiful by the way red is your color. I'm. Gonna unmute you too. Oh you, may need to I need you summit man you okay. Pretty. Share button at the bottom. Okay. So so far then. Those, four things that we did cover while we didn't do the training but, if you break, up your, hour that's, what you have our hour-and-a-half or, 45 minutes and increments. And do those four things today what, were they what were those four things a day. What. I do. Where. Are some sources for you to do training guys less. Some off. Some. Of the videos best on the best. Yep. In that in the inner in our group there, are some videos there and on my econ page hopefully. You guys will like that my econ page because that's where the top echelon, post. Their events and videos and there's some good stuff in. Those those. Videos now, realize, you're not gonna even. Though speed, wins as far as taking off with your business and going, take. Your time and go through it's okay to. Take your time and incrementally, go for this if you don't have to have all the training done in a week as a matter of fact if you can get it all done in a week I want, to shake your. Anybody. So, what are some other sources. Out. Started in my econ training, what are some other sources of training I. Actually. Have. Okay. Awesome. Yeah that, training is just, okay. It's. So good in and you, know giving an action, step you know doing, the action, steps so uh or, you can follow your story, oddly, array or, Frank. Kern or there are so many out there that. Have and. Then when I'm screw I don't. And. I. See, somebody. Has got some marketing training I'll save that leg I don't usually have time to learn about them but I'll say the least, watch your presentation because sometimes, for instance I, picked up or there. Was a free. Youtube. SEO. Which. Means optimizing. Your video. So. I saved. It for later I watch I picked up like four nuggets, out of that and I do really well on YouTube, it, was four things I mean you can always learn always learn so that was, good so yes you want to do a little bit of training okay what else do you want to do so maybe starts Jennifer now somebody, else. What's. Your forte what's your four things I always said it. Had, two tasks and asked doing, cast what, are some of the tasks, you would do, anybody. Can throw out an answer. Okay. Yeah. Joining Facebook fools making, friends you, got doing their Twitter Instagram post you want to max, out your, friends, I can't. Say that strongly. Because. You can't you can't you're not going anywhere marketing, for, the same excuse. Me around all the time now. Oh. What. Was I gonna say about that oh. I. Forgot already okay what are some other tasks that you may need to do maybe. Refresh, you know maybe, update, your Facebook by oh so, it's attractive, and you know it, has your link in it or you. Know you're, a little bit do, a free Instagram, course and maybe try some things on Instagram if, you, have that chance if you have the OMS, system the marketing system for my econ I hope, you're sharing, they, have the, videos or the presentation, and share each. Day there's seven, of them so once a day you could, just share those two there's other so to do I share I don't share to Facebook, cuz I like to do my own thing on Facebook but I do sure to Google LinkedIn and, Twitter. And. There's, one more I think from. There that, I share. This videos so you know do that so there's a part of the chat so good we've got training.

To Ask what's, the the, other two. And this is the one that I started calling woody again this is the one that, Travis. Spoke, up for these two things you got it these two things you've got to do every day prospecting. Prospecting. And marketing, now I can't marketing, don't, feel like it always has to be an ad on Facebook. Please, use other social media there are other opportunities, out, there that also, might be making a video again. If you don't want your face on on, video, do screencast-o-matic. It's free you can make up to 15 minutes most people don't watch over 15 minutes I have the paid version but most people don't watch over 15 minutes a video anyway. So. Make sure engaging. Videos, about maybe. Maybe, people are having trouble logging in something. Or maybe, people don't know how to paste. An ad into Facebook you, could do a one to five minute tutorial and, start getting. You. Can even do that live on Facebook and share, your screen you don't even have to be on on a live on your, face you know your face you can do is share screen even, on Facebook and so I know. Most people balk, at. Doing, videos but guys as I, told you know internet, marketing is like a blob it's always morphine, and changing, you've, got to go, wait. The directions. Go and and how many of you people how many of you know people that will actually sit down and read a word a thousand word blog about. My econ, you. Won't find them no. But how many will watch a two-minute video three-minute video five maybe seven minute video they're. Out there and then right you. Always want your first minute or. And. Then your second video can be longer and more you, know engage in depth so. Good okay so Samantha. Let's do a warm, market. We did a cold market message, and I. Showed, you what I send to people you like it they're responding, to a message, now, I'm about to create a graphic yet today, for. Sure, if you can share this, something. About our sizzle call I need to listen to the sizzle call in the back office but, but one.

Other Business I was in several. Years ago now, their. Main way of marketing was a sizzle call and just, by sharing that little ad about the sizzle call seriously. I got so many leaves through that and that's a great one to post in groups and stuff so I'm gonna try to get that try, to get that done but Samantha, go ahead and share your screen, can, I ask you real quick in the back office where, are those sizzle, calls that I keep hearing about it's under news news. It's, the top it's, the top paragraph, if. You click on the news the, blue button okay. I don't know if I still share my screen I don't think I am, but. It's that yeah it's the blue the blue button okay, that. Says yeah yeah, okay. Samantha this just click on the green share screen button, okay. Autumn, of the where all of our pictures are and. You'll, click on the blue share screen, button. Right. Now I'm go to Facebook. Thank. You Hank close out that box. All. Right and then go to your wall. Go. Back for a second, I want to see it that click. Your back arrow once I want to see if that lady's post, is still up she. Just lost her bank card now it's gonna be gone I just. See me and that would be a prime opportunity, to, message her and tell her about identity, theft okay go, ahead and click on your name and then go back to your wall. Okay. If we get this working I just. Got my left. Eye fire shopping, I still can't get this thing to go right. Sorry. Okay. Click. On friends. Yeah. You've got 750. Friends so we need to get your friends up so even, if you added 10 a day that's. Better than nothing, that's 10 new people plus if you have all your settings on public and especially. When you post ads all, right who, are these people I know you've talked to Tyrone cuz he reached out to me but, who I think, you've. Talked have you talked to Tyrell about. This yeah. Okay cuz he reached out to me about I had some questions cuz he was thinking about joining alright find someone, that. You haven't, talked to about this year. Hmm. And. Maybe. It's been a while should you talk to them. Talk. About just about Isis. Messaging. -. All, right. Institute. Message, how, many of you followed up with. There's. A few books ounce well. Let's find someone. Who doesn't get offered I guess, I talk too much and they. Got, off a message, sure, yeah. You want to get less is best all right let's find someone that you might have messaged, but, it's been a while and you haven't followed up with them okay.

This. Is this is one all, right click on message. Scroll. Down right there. You got click on

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