MyEcon Training for New Members | Mindset + 4 Daily MUST-Do's

MyEcon Training for New Members | Mindset + 4 Daily MUST-Do's

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All, right welcome, to this training my, name is Cindy Shelton if you're watching this video it, means that, you have recently joined my, team in my econ. And II I. Wanted. To. Record. A little bit of a. Introduction. Before. I get into the meat of a training so, so. You've joined my econ, now, what you've gotten yourself in, the rotator and I've, sent you the first steps Lord, really you've gotten through that and read through the information in the. Email. But. So, now what what do you do well there are four must do's that. You need to do every day in order to be, successful, in, your business and so I just kind of want to speak to you from. My heart here, in the, beginning so you join you're, excited, most people you know they're very stoked. When they first join a business and for some people that lasts a, week. A. Couple weeks some I'm not some, way longer you know I've been in a couple months now and I'm very excited. As well but have, you ever been in a home business where, something, scared, you and you. You know you stopped, maybe you you, know maybe a bill came up that, you weren't expecting or. You. Know a relationship. You know issue happen maybe your loss of had you know something, that. Knocked. You down. And. You. Know it scared you so bad that maybe, had to take a second job or take, a break from marketing, and you feel like you know you're never going to be, successful. That that, you're you know it, the, when things happen in life it kind of shakes our confidence, and then we don't feel like you. Know maybe we weren't cut out to do this you know your life is busy sometimes that's crazy there's a lot of stress and and, somewhere. Along the way you stopped, believing in yourself you start believing in your opportunity. But, more importantly, you stopped believing in yourself, well we, all get scared we, all fall down. We all scrape our knee it's. Not about, the falling down it's about the getting back up can. You get up will. You get up have, you already gotten up me from a recent fall because you, know what the Falls will always come just. Because you're in a home-based, business doesn't, mean everything. Is going to be you know smooth, and, and easy and you're finally going to hit the. You. Know the millionaire, mark or whatever because I have news for you even. When you start making money even, if you come become, a five figure six-figure. Seven-figure. Earner, the. Falls are still going to come the, bumps, are still going to come the, one difference, is when you're at that level of earning you've picked up some skills along. The way you've picked up some resources, along the way that, helped the come back to be easier so so, be prepared that it's not always, smooth, sailing I think you already know that the. Life is hard, and. You need to be prepared, for that but also you. Need to be prepared, that, any. Business takes work if you've joined, my, econ, hoping. That you through, your thirty five dollars at it and that you push the button now you're gonna be magically, rich you're, in the wrong opportunity, as matter of fact if you find that I send, it my way because I would love to be able to push a button and, just become rich I think we always but that's just. Not, realistic, so, we may give. Half-hearted. Attempts, at joining, a new business and then you know a week or two later something, new and shiny caught our attention and. We're off marketing, it and then a month later we don't even pay our next, month's thing, we go on to something else and we. End up next, year looking, the same way we did last year never, making any progress there making any ground and so it's. Important, that you get back up it's so something, you stride tracks you for a little bit that's, okay just get back on board and when.

You Start a business we. Cut at you I I just took a diane hochman training, i tell you that this girl is fantastic, but, i learned so much from her. But one of the things is when we join a business we kind of joint is a freshman, now nobody likes to be called a freshman especially, you know and you're an adult and been out of school for a long time but we. Have freshman, skills when you're new to marketing, but, sometimes, we try to skip right to the senior, because we want to we want this senior Ernie, so, we want to skip four and sophomore junior years and goes straight to the senior, and then, a lot of times for spending time creating. You. Know even you know beautiful funnels. And creating, you. Know lead, capture, pages, and though, there's that's, fine, as a freshman. You need to start with what the freshman work, is and that is just start promoting your business the. The main job, you need to do when you join a business is get leads yet, get. Your, your, your opportunity. You, know eyeballs on your opportunity and that, will allow you to start building up skills and then track you know so you need to start attracting leads daily, you. Know as you progress on and then as you become a senior then you're the professional, and so so. If you break that down in three steps. There. Are three steps in the process I should say and, again this is from diane hochman to. Be coming, from a freshman to graduating, you know as a senior. So, as a freshman, or and when you first join a business learn. To be a promoter so there are three P's promoter. Personality. And professional. So, when you first join europe remote or your job is to promote your business and get start getting leads that, way number two then you become a personality, as. Your is your you know you don't have to separate, these and do it one at a time but start, developing a personality on social media take, those selfies, it's. Okay to do family, things and some things ensure that people will connect with you sure, people like to see that people drive in the Lamborghinis. Infront of a mansion but. 99%. Of us realized that's not, representative. Of the masses, and they want to be able to connect with someone you. Know my case I'm a housewife, you know a stay-at-home mom work at home mom and wife you know know young children, in the home anymore but um you. Know there's, gonna be certain people that are attracted that people, are attracted to honesty, people, are attracted to transparency.

You'd, Be the kind of person that you want to attract but put, on the selfies and do the lives and, show, yourself, doing fun things and, and, inspire. Others, to want to follow you so develop, that personality, and then number three become a professional. That's, when you as you're developing these skill sets you become, the, person doing training you, become, the person doing the light you, become the person. You. Know that that others look up to in the industry, and and, as you become the six-figure, earner and the seven figure earner people, will be looking up to you and and don't. Try, to be an expert in your field I mean if you come across tips. And training like I do ensure them you know always give the credit to who they belong to but you, want to be duplicatable. So, if you are the expert, and you know it all people. Are gonna look at you're like I could never do all that III would never be able to explain that to people so always, lean on your tools lean, on your videos, lean. On your, you. Know your, company's, materials. And as matter of fact you're gonna see this in the second part of this video which, I actually recorded, yesterday the first part didn't turn out so I'm redoing that today, but, lean on the tools and materials and we're just getting ready to come up with a brand new marketing system, that is going to be here, to die for so, that information is in the second part of this that, will help you put your business in. A, position where you're gonna start earning really. Well and don't, forget this company, rewards, longevity, and commitment, by the five-month mark is where. They. You, know they override, Commission's, residual. Passive, income make sense to stick it out stick. With us work with us link arms with us so we can help you grow your business so you can be, successful, and not, only my income by any home-based business, you know and I tell people do you have an hour a day to work your business or a half hour a day and most of us do even if we work a full-time job but. It's dawn it's daunting to think about finding. An hour chunk, of time to sit down to the computer, and do the work you, might have a little longer to do or dishes to do or supper but cook you know as a gal or you maybe your husband my husband cooks and does laundry does all of that as well or. Getting. The kids to bed or you know maybe have a second job but you still want this really bad because you're sick of that second job you know or whatever and all work is honorable I'm not hating, on chops but um you.

You Know you have some dreams and you have some goals and and you, know most people say well if you only work your business 20, minutes a day you're, never going to be a millionaire well I would like to disagree. With that, because you can and, this is another tip that I learned from Diane Hochman you can learn in micro layers you. Can work if you have 20. Minutes a day she says you can you can become a seven-figure, earner and how you do, that is a. Lot of us don't have an, hour to sit down at our computer and work our business but I know you got five minutes here or ten minutes there or 15, minutes there in five minutes you can message ten people in ten. Minutes you can watch part, of a trainee or place. An ad on your wall and then follow up with a couple people if. You have 15 minutes you can watch a half a training and watch the other half tomorrow it doesn't all have to be together. It, can be a different, you know ray Hagen was saying this every day to use. Those moments, that we would consider down low means you have a lunch break you take five minutes of your lunch break on your phone and follow up with people maybe that you messaged yesterday. So. You do, your trainings, do, your tasks. Do everything, in micro, moments, but, just get it done throughout the day but the important, thing is getting it done the important, thing is getting you to set yourself a goal maybe, it's to talk to five people a day to, message, and you and and the second part of this is going to show you how to cold message found a warm message so stay tuned for that but, do that you set five people day or ten people day a ray higdon went for ten knows a day but he had to message, you know fifty a hundred people to get those ten knows and so. Trust. Me if you're getting your message under fifty to a hundred people a day you're, gonna hit seven figures like that because. It's, just the numbers it just it's. The law of numbers it's just going to going, to happen but these little micro, steps will help you build confidence and, so when the falls come when, that when the life things, of life get in the way you'll. Have the confidence to come back and to get back up and keep going so what. You want to do is get. To the basics, always start with the basics, if you have five minutes like I said it's enough to place an ad on your wall or encourage. Someone in your downline, or you, know and another. Ten minutes throughout the day do other tasks. Which may include. Optimizing. A video if you're like me or or any more friends to your friendless you want to max out your friends list you, want 5,000 friends that's, a profile, you're Marketing on um maybe, add yourself to some more groups and I have some I.

Picked Up some more tips on marketing, the groups that I'm gonna share in a later training, so you want to stay tuned for that but. Every. Day the most important, thing is just be consistent. Don't, don't. Not, talk to people every day and then say this business doesn't work it's not working for me don't. Not do the tasks just do, a short, training or part of a training and then take an action step if you, do at least that much your business is going to grow so. You need to you know in the in the latter part of the training going to talk about the four things you need to do the four must use our training. Pasts. Marketing. And prospecting, and I can't remember I went on you. Know missile, went, into this on the other part of the training but market. Actually. Putting you, know ads, out there and. Maybe. On Instagram, or Twitter, Facebook. And, you know marketing. Where you're hoping you know somebody was to see it and maybe ask for more information, the. Fourth thing the fourth must do is prospecting. And that's different that's where you're actually reaching out and talking to people whether you're texting, them or instant. Messaging, them on messenger, or. Emailing. Them or calling. Them picking up the phone and calling them and so that. Is prospect. So those are the four musts that. You need to do every day and so. Take. The time be, consistent. To do that and again if you, only have twenty minutes or a half hour a day find. Those chunks. Of moments, throughout the day and fill, them with something useful instead of playing I don't know if that candy game is still something people are playing or instead, of instead of wasting you. Wouldn't believe how much time we waste instead. Of wasting those moments start. Start. Using those moments to grow, your business to build your business and then when you talk to people come, straight from the heart let them see the real you they're not looking for polished, or perfect they're looking for someone who's real that's, been there that's had credit issues that's had debt issues that, has financial, financial issues. And you can help point and guide them in the right direction if you do that you'll, stand out from the rest you'll you'll stand apart from the rest and people will want to follow you so stay, tuned for the next part of the training as always. I wish you the best and God bless. Okay. So I want to share my screen here so let's, talk about training first the first component. When. You got your sight this. Is your BMC, or, your business, management, Center you wanted to make sure that you did your QuickStart orientation, videos that, will show you how to change. Up your w-4. How. To it'll, give you tax, withholding, tax. Record-keeping. Cashflow strategist, these are all just a few minutes each three minutes two minutes 1116. They don't take long to get through so. You want to make, sure you do your Quick Start videos first, thing you. Can get also all the training, that you want there is training, here I think, they also have a paid. Training, system. There. I haven't, done that I'm not playing on doing at the moment and then on your my econ, live button is where all of the. What. Do you call it the archives. Of their. Webinars, where they teach you how to accumulate, wealth these are where the big boys play these. Are the ones that teach you so and you're in my econ you're, you're getting your credit repaired if you need to do that you're, eliminating, debt or shortening and especially a short in your debt. Obligations. By income, shifting and then, you're also accumulating. Wealth and you're getting paid all along to do it with our comp plan and then, in the my econ lines they teach you how to invest and you know whether it's real estate or socks and things like that so you definitely want to do that but another place where training is. At. The, my econ official, page. And, this is what it looks like so you you'll know when you're when you're looking for it, there. Is a ton, of content, you want to learn everything you want to know about my. Econ it's here and they they put, they do a lot of events and they put all the event, videos, here as well so, if you click on videos instead, of searching and scrolling through you. Will it'll bring up all of their videos and so you'll hear testimonials. And you'll get training, and so, you know and a lot of these are longer 7, minutes 24 minutes 17 minutes, 10 minutes you may not have time in the day to watch one, full training that's okay watch, snippets, if you can only watch, half of a. 20 minute training today watch, the other half tomorrow, but, you definitely want to get training, and I also want to show you our Facebook. Group hopefully you're in this in, the best.

$35. Business, online. Business ever this. Is what the heading looks like in. Here. Is all sorts, of content, you're going to get ad ideas. You're, going to get encouragement, by our sponsor, bill this is his group you're, going to get you. Know people will juice your ads which means they'll come to your page and like and comment on your ads there's. Just they welcome people here, there's, testimonials. You can use and ad you can use again. You can go to the videos tab, bills. Craigslist, training is here, there's information, about the free marketing, system here, the rotator system all of that information is here and then, if you go to files, there's. Some additional information there, but one of them is a document. That I. Created with. New new member important, links in post so if you click on that that's. Going to bring that up and what that has on it is I've gathered, all in one spot the pinned post how to set up your free marketing system am, I in the rotator, add ideas. This one has got tons of ads in the comments, for you to use and you don't have to use them as is use them as a springboard. You, know if they seem dated to you if you don't like what it says use it as a springboard to create your own, new. Member training, navigation. Scripts, to use the, benefits all the 21 listed benefits of my econ here's the Craigslist training all the group videos are here so everything. Is there for you to use, and. Have available so that you know so your training now also I've taken, some additional, training. With. Ray Higdon editing the rank makers now, this, is not the group rainmakers, you have to be a member it's $19.99, a month but it has literally. Changed my, marketing, I have, it, has really ramped, up teaching. Me how to prospect, and I just ordered and. He's got some different courses so, maybe $7, so maybe 27. But, they will teach I've also bought scripts. From. Him to, over that overcomes every objection out there in the industry as you're talking to people it is like a goldmine I usually have it up in another, browser I have it on my right now but if I clicked on I would open it up in a browser and I just keep that open when I'm talking to people should they say well it's too much money or you know I don't have time you know it helps, you overcome what. To say to overcome, all those objections. He's also got training, on a cold, cold, marketing, cold and I'm gonna show you a little bit here about that. And but. On his page, this is his public figure page. Every. Friday he does free. Free Friday coaching, free coaching Friday I think it's what he calls it and so, you want to come here, because. He will give you some very good training, and tips. When marketing boy was I'm making a lot of mistakes now. His wife Jessica, she, does her own social, media marketing, training too and some, of its free against some of its paid I have put together a, document, I meant to have it up let me bring it up really quick. That. You can get from me it is free, I, spent. A few hours putting, this together for my team but, it's all of my favorite. Resources. Part. Of me. All. Of my favorite, resources for. Coaching. For, training, there, are lead resources. There and it, took me a while to put it together but, um. Oh, I don't think I want to be here I think I want to be at Google Docs. Hot. Dog. Here. Okay. I don't. Want spreadsheets, I wanted text. Okay, let me go to I. Should. Let me pause this and get to the right place I'll be right back. Okay. Here it is I, get. To come up here.

Going. Really slow. Maybe. I should have paused it until I came up do I need to double-click on that that's what it is okay so I can give you the link to this but. I'd say you know I've joined a network marketing business now, what and here's a resource guide of, my, favorite internet and social media. Marketing. Coaches. Trainings, and lead sources. And. So this, is pretty you know it's not hugely, long but it's pretty comprehensive, and. It's got all the links so you can access it's got information about, each one what. They offer some. Of them that I found prices for are there, so. All of that is here there are, coaching. These are all coaches and that each have programs, here's, some lead resources. For you, and. Specified. Trainings like for Twitter YouTube. Social. Media, Facebook. Instagram YouTube that kind of thing so all of that is there and that's available to, you as well as a resource now again they care if you don't get overwhelmed but, you know I always recommend start, with one person with coaching, and training or. Master. Facebook, you know or master Twitter or master I just bought a twitter, course I've you know been marketing, on Facebook for years and I kind of Facebook, is getting really nasty it. Comes to network marketing they don't like us first. Of all I'm a they're making it hard to even post links, I just. Bought a course from Todd and Leah Rae Katz on Twitter. Where'd. They go right here no. Their, their twitter course is and, I think I put it down here Oh. Cindy. Where is it right here ultimate, tweet leverage it was pricey it was like 297, but. It's all. The nuts and bolts from A to Z and it helps you totally, put, it on automation, I don't, have a lot of time I felt like that was worth it so that's where I'm heading. Next but I don't I recommend, getting one or two things down I also do youtube videos and then before you move to the next one so you want to do training. There are lots of sources out there for training in my econ itself, but. Also for. Other. Coaching, to. Helping up the reason I like the higden's is they, don't they concentrate, on.

Online. Offline, marketing, it's just marketing in general to teach you actually how to talk to people and how, to follow up and they've got some they've got some great ones I did want to show you this real quick this group if you haven't joined it yet this, is the income shift Pro but, they, all may already be live by the time you're watching this video but this is Derek Jones. He is creating, a, company, approved marketing, system, and anything. I've been in businesses, with him and anything, he creates is top-notch. But, I just reading this and I want to show you this. When. We post okay, so they're launching, the first week of August this is a full comprehensive, marketing. System for, my account I do my, econ I do not care for the company. The. Company marketing. System that much and. The free Marketing System is, fine that, bill does if you're on a shoestring budget you know you definitely want to start somewhere but, he's going to post. A new graphic, daily after we launch providing. Pre-written, ads. Graphic. Images, banners. Videos. Shorts, to me you know that is just that. Is one of the most important things you know. Right. There up don't want to cover it up here. I'm trying to be fancy in. Maybe. Change the size of my little flirt but, I think, this is important cuz if you don't have a good video what. Do you have there's also commercials, and, anything. Else you might need to promote my econ like a real professional, he, also describes, down here. Let's. See. Capture. Pages and add Center offline, materials, a new, SMS. You can send text multiple, sales videos, customizable. Funnels and a training platform this they what when they say they'll have the best online he'll, have the best online so you want to get in this group you want to sign up under your sponsor though because, we actually get, we. Add its it going to be $25, a month we actually get $5. Commission. When people in your downline sign, up for so you, could work at getting yours for free every month which. Is what I'm going to work at doing so I think, that's kind of cool. All. Right so so we talked about training now let's talk about tasks. If you're. New to marketing, and you don't if you don't have 5,000 friends on Facebook you need to I just, checked mine mine are like 49. 50 I've just deleted a bunch of people so I can add you know people that are more. Interested in in business. But if. You don't have a lot of friends you know want to know where look for them let's let's try all work, at. Home mom and dad's we'll start there you. Want to go to groups, and. And. That's where you want to get your friends from because. This is where this. Is where now if you you might also want a second Facebook. Profile I have a second profile that's just for business if you don't want to mix it up your family and friends and your business work but. If you type in it you, like work at home moms, and dads, let's. Just try work at home mom's, not. That everything against death I just want to show you something. So. I'm gonna click on that hit that and then I'm gonna click on groups and, that. Will bring up all the groups with. Work at home mom, and then, you can join them right here now Facebook has gotten really funny so, I wouldn't join more than like 10 at a time you, could probably 10, in the morning and 10 at night you know but don't you don't want to do tons, I. Better. Find one that I'm in so I can show you what I want to show you so. Good. Nick good grief I'm not in any of these, okay. I'm in this one so let me go to the group so now I need to one so this would be your task growing. Your groups so you can have places to advertise, growing. Your friends, now I'm not necessarily trying, to grow my friends so I might optimize, a video as I mentioned earlier or paying. My site or do, you. Know do a video, or spend, time you know checking with my, team members to see if they need anything or maybe create, an ad you know that's work maybe, have five minutes here at 10 minutes there to, add a few friends so that's what you want to do now, let's, say um.

Oh And. You know so, let's say you when, you're adding friends, let me check her out it's kind of cool now when you click on their. Name now it brings you up to like a little short shot about that person, and so, if you're gonna add them on as a friend, I. Don't, I don't typically, do this I didn't do it but now that we I need most of us a people for this business I do look, and make sure they're in USA, so, I like to come their profile make, sure that it looks like they're real and it looks like she's real you know we've got some mutual, friends you. Know she's posting, if I come and they've got just games on there or I, definitely. Don't if they've got filthy language and things like that but so. You know looks like she's she's, pretty decent. Here and so I'm gonna add her as a friend now. Um. But, let's, say let's say I wasn't looking for friends or either way but what you can do is I'm gonna message her. Cold. I don't know her from any from, Adam but what I write, down and add here. Let. Me go get it real quick. Um. That. I've been using for cold. Completely. Cold prospecting, and this has been working well and. So I can be glad to give you a copy. Of this so. What I'm going to do, is. Go. Back and message, Sheila. I'll. Paste it in there now I. Don't necessarily like to work out of a little box like this but I will here and I'll say hey Sheila. Make. Sure you change your name sometimes I forget this, sounds a little crazy but, I want to ask you a question. Are. You, making money with, the busier promoting. We. Both are in some of the same groups and I see you posting, what, about ninety percent of the people I talk, to you don't make one single dime online if you. Are great, let me change it then. I'm. In a legitimate. Money-making, biz. That. Is low in price to join won't. Interfere with your other opps and pays and. I change into those ohms and. Pays, every week write to your bank account if. You're. Open watch the little presentation, below and if not no big deal and so. I've gone back and forth should I leave a link there or should I not well. When, you tell ask the person if they're open in this I learned from Ray Higdon if you're asked a person, if they're open you. Know and then if they are fine, and if they aren't find that that, doesn't make it feel like you're breathing down their neck and spamming, that you know you're just you gave a decent, explanation so I'm going to go ahead and put my link here and say Facebook let me do it, and. You know I always recommend pointing. Pointing. Your business to your own domain you're, branding, yourself when you do that or another domain and not just don't ever just post your my, econ link the reason is as soon as I see my econ they can go right to Google look it up find somebody they want to join with and join them that's, why you don't want the name of your business on your profile, like in your profile picture on your banner so, always, I always, always always recommend, pointing. It to another domain, or you can mask it or get a teeny URL, if, you go to teeny URL. And, Google here you. Can take, any. Link. You're my econ link and you. Can paste it in there. Now. I have a video on my youtube channel that shows you how to point a domain if you want to go get a domain and do that but, you would post, your let. Me go ahead and type mine in here just so you can see my, husband's right there. And so I touched, in his link I'm gonna click on make tiny URL and. What. It's gonna do is. Give. Me a different one right here now do you also I, could have made it custom I didn't like you know you could just put like your, name after there's something or or debt. Free or something like that and then. This is the link that you would put there instead, of you, and, your long mighty Connolly and so. That's all I'm gonna put there and, then. I'm. Gonna hit enter and send. That message now. Let me go back to the group I probably should have. Don't. Lose my place here usually, what I do is another little trick is instead, of clicking. Directly on. So. When I let me go back to Sheila so when I click on hers instead of, clicking on view profile. Left like I would right click and open, it in a new tab and, then, I don't ever lose my place so.

I'm Going to like her post and. Say. Hey Sheila. I. Sent. You a message now, that might seem a little bold to you to do that but you know what this, is you. Know this is a possibly. A possible, what what do I have to lose I'm not spamming her, it's true we're both in the same group you know it's true 90%, of people don't make money online it's, true, that you can make a daily or a weekly paycheck, with my econ all of that is true and if she's open fine, and if she's not move on it's no you know no big deal that's really you. Know Dolvett, fear of rejection. You, know stop you from doing that so that's a completely. Cold prospect, now here's, something. So. So, if you have a five-minute a or a 10-minute air that took what like three minutes you. Know do. It just, you, know go, back to that group and, make. Some friends you know friends some other people, and. Of course you want it like I said you want to make sure that they look like they're, you're that they're in the United States for this for, this for, this, biz op and um, and, you can, decide who you want looks, like looks like somebody there is with us. And. My econ maybe. Or maybe any one of those other ones but anyway. That. You know you want to grow your friends so again be careful with Facebook you want to add maybe like, 10 out of time maybe once in the morning and if you have time later on the evening but be careful they're just they've gotten very very. Funny about putting you in jail if you do too much at. A time now. The. Other part so part of so so right now so far I've done training, and I prospected now. I'm going to follow up and which. Is which I consider part of the prospecting. Marketing. Timeframe. Now I just I saved, a post I just figured out I could do this sometimes. I'm so, kind of slow so I click don't save I saved, a post so I don't because it was a couple weeks ago so I don't have to scroll all the way down on, my. Wall to find it again and I've, got a lot of people. That. Commented, on this this. Post here back on July, 9th and, so, you know I've replied to most of them but I realized I just saw this that, I missed her so I'm gonna right-click on, her and, open. Link in new tab and, I'm gonna go see, if I messaged her I don't think I did because I usually, say. Right, there, um. That. You. Know I when, I messaged someone I usually, say hey such as such I you know I PMG, the info or whatever, so. Let me. Message. Her here. Yeah. I don't think I messenger I so I'm gonna say hey Phoenicia. You. Asked. For info, now I usually have this paces. So I just copy and paste it so I wouldn't normally type it all out I would copy and paste on. My. Post, and I, totally. Missed. It. Go. Here. And. Let. Me apologize, - I'm. Pologize. Go. Here and watch. This. Short. Presentation short. Video and, then. I'm gonna put my again. My link. This. Time was - let's do a real biz. And. If. You. Are open. This is the what ray always says to do because. It makes them feel like they're making a choice if you're open fine if you're not no big deal. Open. And, want. To learn, more. Great. And. If, not no big you. Know I have. Gotten so much or I don't want to he also says don't use a bunch of explanation. Points and all that like I do because it sounds too high P and I've taken all my emojis, out things like that so I'm just gonna you, know send her so this would be a warm League so. I did my cold I did a cold prospecting. A prospecting. And this is warm prospecting. This is someone who asks for information so. I'm gonna go ahead and send that and. Then I'm gonna go back to the post I'm gonna say. Tanisha. Just. Seeing, this, I am. So, sorry I p.m.. New info, okay. And then you always want to like, her comment, their comments and your comments and you, always think you've got a decent post, as you see I've have a lot of comments you want to like and unlike it a few times because that always brings it up in the algorithms, again as. A matter of fact. Yeah, I've got some because, people have been commenting, I've, got some new ones there so that's how I respond. That's, typically, my response to any ad is just, what you saw there and, the last less, is always best you, work you're trying to generate curiosity. Okay, now let me go to one, mmm. That. I've. Let. Me see if I I that. I followed up with but I want to follow up again so. Let me let. Me do that. And. See. Where. I'm at and the follow up process with her so. Again you might not have a chunk, of time to sit down and do all this at once but.

You've Got a few minutes here in a few minutes there and so yes okay so um. July. 19, so now what I'm gonna do. She. Asked for it okay so here's what I'm gonna say hey, Katie. And. Remember, they always see the first line so, when you want to make that first line, something. That. Makes them curious I must apologize and. That's. You know that's what she's gonna see I have. Been. Super. Busy. With. Prospects. And. Customers. For. My, econ. And have it again I have this I just copy and paste it typically, but and haven't. Been. Able. To follow, up. With you. Yet. How. Are you that's. All I'm gonna do I'm not gonna do anything else I'm not gonna say, like. I say did you watch the video did, you watch your presentation did you get on the call give, her a chance to respond back to me and usually. They will when you when you aren't you know just like sinking, your claws in them but, you're just saying hey how are you doing you know most. The time. Back with. The response, and. Do that now let. Me go back here's something I did I also, like to change it up. So. I think I. Think. I don't think he was in it the, United, States - let me. Let. Me check with Cheryl, when we go back to my, facebook, here, and. Try. Something. Worked, as a mounted, ranger Wow come. On Oh how, come we don't have any I. Sent, her info either well. I'm really slipping here guys, he did. That. Where'd my head go, I. Sent. Her info, this maybe just hasn't populated, yet. Okay. Well I'm not gonna use her as an example I don't know why those messages, aren't coming up I want to show you one that I did. Let. Me try Aaron Brown. Pretty. Sure I said. Okay. That's not popping up either I wonder if it's a Facebook thing it's just not generating. The content very, fast. Okay. So let me check on my phone and I. Was gonna do this on my phone anyway so let's this would be a good bringing. Her back to Cheryl. Lynn. There. You are oh. It's. Completely empty, they. Go back to it wondering what this is something Facebook, is doing. Aaron. Brown. And. I. Know I sent him information this is really weird, I. Wonder. If Facebook is not letting them okay I know I did Doris let me check her. Yes. She and I talked I. Wonder. Where the information is that I sent these people, cuz I know I did that is, really weird hey. Doris is there okay, so something I did last night, is, I used, the voice feature just to change it up a little bit for something different now, I'm doing this live so forgive me so. Hey. Doris, is Sydney Shelton I hope you're doing well I, just wanted to follow up with you it has been super, crazy with, my econ. Business, but I wanted, to follow up with you I hope your hope, you're doing okay um so. What, did you did you be able to get on the call what did you think about the presentation, I know you said you wanted to check. It out also, I just did a. Little. Conversation. Plan video that, I will drop, below that kind of explains it in layman's. Terms you, know this company is really good at rewarding, longevity. And commitment, and so it's, pretty cool to be able to, you. Know pay, get paid to get out of debt and to fix your credit and to, accumulate, wealth and so I would love to partner, with you or. Answer any questions you had you can give me a call my. Phone number is two six two two one five. Sorry. I lost it there my phone number is two six two two one five five three four eight and, I'd, be gone to speak with you more I hope you have a good day and look forward to hearing from you. Now. Of course you can change it up you don't have to do that if you know but that's good practice reason. That's good practice is because I recommend. You call leads, down. The road here I'm not gonna get into that on this training so that's just kind of you know I've done some training done. You know talked about tasks by adding friends, and groups I've prospected. Cold, mark they warm market and then the. Final, thing would be like placing, an ad and. So. Which. Is marketing, or going, to to, Twitter or Instagram. And, placing, and. Ad are going to the Facebook group so I put an ad on my wall. Earlier so, let me go here. Leave. This page. And. What I'm gonna do is just go back to that group, here, and just do the same at now if you want to share and this is the last thing I'm gonna show because I really don't want this to be much. Longer here, is let's. Say you see an ad on someone's wall that you want to share in the group so.

What I'm gonna do is I'm. Gonna copy this information. Actually. You can do that like this I am gonna copy this information and, then, when I want to share to the Facebook groups I just click on share and then, up. At the top I'm, gonna paste in, the. Information. Or. Go, here, to look it, over. There. You guys. Shelter. And. But instead of putting on my timeline, I'm. Gonna put it in a group and all. You have to do you don't have to know all the names of the groups but you know some of them start with work or, some. Start with make like make money or some, of them start with listening. To even do mom's let's, see what comes up with moms yeah, and dad said so you can just start so let me do, work there's, that work at home moms and dads and then, just it's got my Lincoln it's got it's just gonna post it right there you can do all that right from your wall without. Going, into all the different groups so I think that's a really cool thing so I really, want to you know wrap this up, it, because, I didn't want it to be over long but this this training, please. Implement. The steps do your four steps. Every day take take, training. Do, the action, training. Do. The action, if you only have five minutes here that's fine if you only have ten minutes there that's fine the point is is that you do it set, a goal to you, know I talked to two people just, in this training I said it going to talk to five people a day whether it's cold prospecting. Or warm, prospecting, I'm glad to share any of my scripts I know other people do in. The Facebook group and if you have any questions, you know how to find me on Facebook. And have, a great day.

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