My wife left after I lost my business, now I am raising our two kids alone | Tuko TV

My wife left after I lost my business, now I am raising our two kids alone | Tuko TV

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She told me she has another man and that it's no longer a secret I told her I agree it's the fact but reminded her that, you can only introduce your kids to another man if at all you are sure he will marry you So every time she saw me with my child, she would call the man and inform him so. So the child once back home, he would be thoroughly beaten up. On one particular day, she battered my child who came to my place crying. And we went to the police. We later found out the man had another family So the man was just there to pass time and he just came into her life to swindle cash. He had a family out there already We honor your requests and today I am seated next to this man who is going to be sharing his story. Welcome to TUKO Talks. How are you?

- I'm fine thank you. - Before we get to the conversation, let me appreciate you for joining us, I know you could have said more but you decided to share your story with the audience. Kindly introduce yourself.

- Thank you. My name is Stephen Muiruri Ngigi from Maragua County. Though I was born in Kandara Constituency in Murang'a county.

I was born at a place called Ngurweini in Kandara. I did not finalize my education well Afterward I decided not to just stay at home idle. I went to My Grandmother's place and she took me to her son based in Sabasaba So I started hustling there in Sabasaba. I was doing casual jobs here and there.

Mostly I worked in farms. Later I leased some farming land I had to hustle in all ways possible for a man to survive, you know? While I was 30 years old, I thought since I did not finalize my education hence unemployed, and I was just doing casual jobs I felt that even though I did not get education, I deserved to have a family at least. I wanted to have some motivation to work, in order to provide for a family. I usually say that I will struggle to give my kids the education that I missed while growing up So in that process I met my lover. We fell in love and started courtship. It lasted for two years and for sure we decided to be one as a family. She got pregnant and since I was of age to marry,

I requested her to move in we start a family. - And of course you loved her. - Yes for sure! She was the kind of girl I was looking for. So she packed her clothes and moved in she did not even inform her parents. Later on I had to report to her parents as it is our custom and told them she is in my custody. We started a family and life was initially good

I would work hard to ensure I provide everything I wanted to base a foundation such that once I get old unable to perform difficult tasks, at least we will have something sustaining us. This went on till she was due for delivery with our first born child. I took her to the hospital and did all the processing on my own. Based on the Doctor's assessment, they suggested she delivers through Caesarean Section. I was told it was a common procedure so she carried on with it.

I had some insurance so it catered for everything. So once the Doctor requested to proceed with the operation, I agreed to it I told them to just proceed and God would take care of the healing. And she delivered a bouncing baby boy. After the operation, my wife developed some issues. - What kind of issues? Health issues as a result of the operation. The Caesarean wound sort of took long to heal So she had a lot of struggles after leaving the hospital.

Even doing laundry was a problem for her. Luckily, I have many friends so most people who visited my home would assist her with some chores I was still working at the time. It reached a point where things became difficult for me. I had to juggle between

going for work and taking care of my wife. Neighbour came through for me but some duties, I had to take care of them myself. It reached a point she had to call her sister in The sister would commute daily to our house. It reached a point she was spending a lot as bus fare All this went on Later her wound healed up but still she had some other illnesses such as Hypertension Life became quite difficult for both of us But the child's health was good all along. He would feed without any issues But my wife was having a hard time with her health.

I would report to work and find her still laying on the bed. Tears would just roll down my cheeks I would ask God Why! I don't think we had wronged in any way to go through such She had a sequence of illnesses affecting her day in day out. All the cash I got would be channeled towards her medication.

At the end of the day we would not have enough cash for food. The medication was a bit costly for us. By God's grace, after spending close to five years with her complications, She reached a point she told me she felt as if her body was going back to normal now. She requested me instead of waiting for long, we get another child. I had the thoughts of just remaining with one I feared she would get the same complications but she had a different opinion. God blessed us with another child, my last born son.

Still this time she had to undergo Caesarean Section. But this one dint bring issues as the first on. So she recovered quickly and at home she was able to do her chores comfortably.

At lest this time round, God's Grace was upon us. And for sure she recovered within the stipulated time period. It reached a point she told me that since the Doctor advised her to avoid strenuous work She could not carry heavy loads or work in the farm, most of my work involved farming where I would take produce to the market I also had other casual jobs here and there. I used to work close to 16 hours in a day

I had my main job with a monthly salary and still practiced farming She told me since all my jobs were strenuous in nature and she could not join me, Watering the crops or handling the produce at the market would make her strain so she proposed I look for ways in which I can get some Capital for her to establish a business. I requested her to conduct some research on business idea first, since I did not have cash at the time. She surveys the business environment and learn some ropes at least She told me she had done the research in advance, and had settled to selling shoes PVC Shoes were quite popular at the time.

I requested her to confirm on the logistics so that we can settle on the Capital she requires. She told me we should not limit ourselves and that whatever I get we shall use it as Capital. By good luck, I got Kshs 13,000 I handed her the money as Capital. At this time, our first born had joined school, so she had the young one at home.

The young one is very calm, so it was easier handling him He can survive almost anywhere even in the company of a stranger So my wife bought shoe stock and started the business. The business was picking up quite well after close to two or three months. I later gave her some conditions I advised her to start selling at the nearest market first then as the business picks up, she can venture selling at far away markets too. And at least move out of our home town. For sure the business grew and now she was taking huge stock. I advised her to separate

business expenses from person use. So that we can at least monitor the Capital I gave her and see whether it was worth it. We were in good terms all along till when I started requesting for income statements for the business. Just so as to track the progress That's when hell broke loose. She took me in circles every time I requested for the statements But I wanted to compare out of the Capital I gave her, I had to evaluate the performance. So every time I brought this up, she would be rude just to hurt me In efforts to make me stop the queries.

I decided to investigate on my own I would leave my work place and go to the market Then I would monitor her business how it is fairing And this was when I came to realize that there were some other issues unknown to me incorporated in the business. - What issues? - Every time she came from the market, She brought along the market language context and used it at home. You know the context changes with kind of job one does and the environment too. Even at counseling sessions they say once you get home, forget about the job you do and switch to your family environment. Sot the language context full of abuse and rudeness

she used the same on the kids at the house. Again I tried to follow up on the business statements, but it made us drift apart. It reached a point I stopped following up and minded my own business. At this time, my job was not doing well. My farm produce too was low

the market was flooded so most of the time I made losses. The casual jobs too diminished I lost my main job too, so I resulted to hustle just anywhere. I would spend almost a week without a job and yet I had bills to sort out at the home.

I told my wife since we established her business to support the family, at least it will come in handy. I suggested we split bills. I pay house rent and she caters for food. And this went on for only one month then she changed instantly. - In what way? - She would come in the house... you know I knew her character before

...she would not be jovial at the house it was as if she felt a burden feeding me as the man of the house. She felt I was the one supposed to provide yet she was the one catering for food as we agreed So I guess this bothered her a lot. I remained quiet all along, just observing the situation. It reached a point where she told me since I was not working and no hope seemed to come on my way, she told me I take care of house chores as she goes about her business At the time she was selling at far away markets, so she would come in late most of the times. So I had to cook for my kids, I love my two boys so even cooking for them did not bother me.

They are mine. I did laundry too - So you did all the house chores? - I'm just saying I can do laundry too. While she was delivering, I was the one doing it The chores did not bother me at all. This went on for a period, till she started coming home too late in the night.

She would find food already prepared, and we would just wait for her. I observed that once she came into the house, she seemed to have something bothering her of which I did not understand. She appeared furious all the time though she found everything ready even food.

She was just not happy at all. I decided to just give her some time. It reached a point she would come home and find we have already taken supper Our youngest son would be sleeping on the couch I made sure they have taken a shower, this did not bother me at all I realized that every time we were to retire to bed, the kids would go to their bedroom, same case with me but my wife would be left at the sitting room She would stay there and would come to bed almost at 2 am. This puzzled me in a way I wondered what was going on. I don't rush into conclusions though I just move step by step till I identify the problem One day I woke up almost 1 am at night My wife was not in the bed still. At the sitting room the TV was still on but she was sleeping there on the couch covered with a bed sheet.

I did not wake her up that night. The following morning, I did not talk of the issue, I just left the house. Later in the evening, she repeated the same thing again There before I did not suspect anything but now I started connecting the dots as to why she was delaying to come to bed and it was a continuous habit In the mornings, I started noticing that she took our son to school at around 5 am. In the evening my son would come to me and say that he arrives too early at school, almost the first one there all the time and it would be too cold for him. I combined this scenario with the one of her coming to bed late I realized she was taking my son to school too early and would come late to bed I told her I will be taking my son personally to school. She agreed to it. Initially she would wake up at 4:30 am

yet she would sleep at 2 am. She would do the morning chores and prepare my son for school. From there after dawn, she would leave for her business. So she would take my son to school very early and yet she slept late I had to take my son to school but not that early as she did.

I would leave the house with my son at 6 am. I later came to notice that she woke up early so that she can be away from me. Because since I started taking my son to school, she would go back to bed.

So I had to have a talk with her I told her since she is the mother to my children and my lover too, I did not marry her to experience the kind of life we were in at the time. I had started noting she was snubbing me though it did not bother much. I told her I needed us to discuss about the issue of her coming to bed late.

I told her wherever she felt like sleeping, she can come to bed In the morning if she wishes to sleep till 8 am, no problem. I knew she wanted to be away from me but she had no other avenue to do it. I told her instead of us disagreeing because of a bed, I allowed her to come to bed and just feel as if she is sleeping next to a woman. I told her not to come to bed with the thought that a man is sleeping there. So I told her to be just coming to bed and at no single day will I request to be intimate with her. She did not comment anything concerning all that I said to her. But that night,

by 10 pm, she was in bed already. In the morning she woke up and prepared my son. I took him to school. It was a bit early, they were going for a school trip I came back home and because it was still early, I went back to bed.

So I realized she was happy with this style of doing things. We stayed for one year in that situation You know with family issues, you don't just go out there telling everyone. No one knew what was going on in our family. I told her we just stay under one roof We dine from the same table but in between us, we are the only ones who know nothing is happening. Our happiness was gone She was okay with the idea and I even realized she was elated with it. She was in a good mood now.

I would just observe things day and night. This went on and it reached a point she was lamenting that she pays for rent and that I don't cater for anything in the house. I would hear such things every time I was out there. - At the time were you working? - No. I was in between casual jobs. I would support with the little I had

though not 100% support. For example if I got Kshs 500 that would not be enough. It would cover around 50% of our house needs So it reached a point she would complain of such things She started despising me. I remember one instance when hell broke loose. She called me on phone that day she was at the market. It was around 9 pm at night She told me she could not find any motorbike to take her home and she figured she can go to the parents home she told me she would spend the night there then the following day go to the market and come early at least that following day - At her parent's place or? - My parents home, not hers.

I advised her not to do this. I told her I will figure out something and make sure she gets home. I looked for a motorbike, from one of my friends. I told him we go and pick up my wife. We picked her up and came home.

Upon arriving, just immediately after alighting from the motorbike she started complaining all over and abusing me. She started questioning why I was using more expenses by going for her Instead of sending the Motorbike alone. Again, I had left the kids alone and they were yet to be fed. I asked her whether it was a bad thing to sacrifice going for her all the way. She told me I should have just sent the motorbike man alone instead or even inform her through phone that I have sent someone, instead of me going there too She complained all over for some time I told her that now since she was not okay with me going physically for her, next time even if she gets an accident, I won't show up for her. And that was it. Now it was like we were not in a marriage but I as a man I had to look for ways to ensure our marriage is back on its feet.

I thought maybe she might have encountered something out there that confused her I better find all the ways to resolve it. It reached a point she said I was not of help to her. I told her instead of quarreling, yet I was the one who established the business for her and have stood by her till that minute I realized the situation had gone out of hand. An year was over without intimacy I mean I was not happy at all I was not sure whether she was getting conjugal rights elsewhere The situation was too much and her insults were not helping in any way. There is something I started doing secretly. Every time I would give her money, I recorded whether Kshs 200 or 500, I record.

Months went by, still she was lamenting all over. I made sure I have paid house rent though. When thing got out of hand, I figured since she attended church, at least at God's feet, there is peace. I met the pastor where my wife fellow-shipped I explained to him that I had problems with my marriage and since my wife is a member there I requested him to create time and visit my home so that we can try to resolve this He told me that's what he's called for.

He told me that evening he would come home and that I should not inform my wife about it He would show up by surprise. He came with his wife a church elder and another lady. So in total they were four. They came by surprise. They introduced themselves and they requested me to explain what was going on at our home. I explained everything Upon narrating the entire story My wife was denying everything I said. She even forgot that I used to give her money, the little I had.

Pastor listened to the story and I removed the piece of paper where I recorded the money I was giving her. I went through it and asked if truly she received the money. For sure she agreed to me giving the indicated amount. We counted the amount and it was Kshs 7,500 in one month. Now the Pastor asked her, out of all that cash yet she claimed I was not supporting her what other kind of help was she demanding. That was an average of Kshs 250 per day

and the Pastor confessed he does not give that kind of amount to his wife. So it was as if she wanted money in lump sum and despised the little amounts So an amount of Kshs 7,500 cumulatively in a month this case sort of made her lose the argument Pastor prayed for us and persuaded us to resolve the differences I did not even mention to the Pastor that one year was over without intimacy in our marriage. - Why did you avoid saying so? - Because I still wanted to find out the reason first where all this originated, so I avoided mentioning this at the time. I decided to be quiet about it. So we had some advise from Pastor But deep within me I knew there was some sector we were yet to reconcile and that was between me and her. There are some things you can't expose out there

Now, after the Pastor's visit she still had the despise look on me though not as before the thing was still there though sort of underground We continued with the same situation though she moved to a different church. She realized she has been monitored in the first church There are some people who would try to tell my wife on me, there before but I had a principle which I still hold till date there is no way I could lend them an ear. - what were they accusing your wife of? - That she was hanging out with men out there I would tell them instead to go take care of their homes rather than spread rumors to me. It would reach an extent I would respond arrogantly to whomever told me anything concerning my wife. I did not want to hear any rumors But now this time I had come to realize something was off owing to the life we were living. I tried investigating but could not ascertain what the issue was

We stayed in this situation to a point where, the farm I was cultivating at the time had started being productive. For sure it was doing well. I had planted some maize. There was a company that approached me and they bought the entire maize together with the fodder residue. They gave me Kshs 70,000 in total. I went home and counted the money then waited for my wife to come.

I told her that from August up to date there is a lot of money we have spent from her business and since I have sold my maize. Out of my count we had spent close to Kshs 46,000 from her business. So I pledged to repay her so that she can inject the cash back in business. I did not want to hear her again say that her own money is being spent to support our home. At least God was opening doors for me. She agreed to this and took the money. I was now the one supporting our home I was now back on my feet.

But it reached a point where I guess she thought that the money I gave her, was like I had exhausted all I had. She thought I had no other hope in life. She did the math and thought since I have returned all she had spent for support she will no longer stay with me anymore. She looked for some mere excuses she provoked me and I told her since she made me get to the edge, She had two options of either going back to her parents or she moves away from me so that I can at least relax. - What happened next?

- She told me that I should have done this a long time ago. She had already sought a different house to move in and that she was ready to move away from me. She claimed she cannot house a man who does not support her in any way. I told her to move out once ready And for sure she promised to move out that following Thursday. I told her not to move while I am not in though. Since the neighbour might think she is moving with my things.

She waited for me that day. She called in some movers I told her since everything there was ours, she can take whatever will be of help to her She took everything that she desired She moved to a house which was 100 metres from where we stayed The kids were not aware what was going on. They though we were still together what triggered them to know something was off, was the day they moved out They waited for me that day, and their dad never came home The following day, same case This went on. They came back to my home and asked why I was not joining them I told them I would not join them there but wherever they felt like visiting me, they can do so. We agreed on this and they sort of understood the situation.

Now she was in custody of the kids but the kids were free to be with either of us. At the time I never thought we would divorce completely at some point while still staying in different houses, I would assist her to pay rent But one day, in the course of my business, I had bought a motorbike after we parted ways It was during the night I met her in the company of another lady I did not want them to know I had seen them. The following day I went to her place I asked her why probably she left my place just to get freedom to be moving around anyhow.

She told me she was in the course of some business. But during this time, the kids would come and tell me that so and so comes home frequently - By so and so, whom do they refer to? - A certain man. I won't mention their name on air. But the kids would tell me so. That the man goes to their place while they are at school

and that they usually leave him sleeping there as they go to school You know for kids, you don't show them what they say, you have taken it so seriously I went to my wife later on I told her I don't want to control her life but at least she should respect the kids. She doesn't have to bring in a man in their presence. She responded with insults She told me it was a fact indeed that she had another man I told her I have no issue with that but for the sake of kids you can only show them another man if you are sure he will marry you But you can't keep showing them different men. At no one point will they trust you their future will not be okay with such. I did not want to argue with her Things went sour more than I had expected. Some members of the Church where she fellow shipped

they tried to talk to her concerning the kids biological father People know how I love my sons My dad even came all the way from Nairobi to try and talk to her So many people made efforts and she kept promising to come back to me but all along she confessed she will never come back to me she claimed I was the one to move in to her place. It reached a point I realized the kids were losing traction in their growth. So we had to go see her parents After six months And instead of looking for a solution the parent called to inform her we had gone to visit them and also told her that we stated I had left her officially. They advised her to go to the Police and seek protection since in any case I found him with another man, I might harm her out of anger. So she went to the Police We had a long case there She stated about divorce and also on children I was to take the children and we divorce The Police tried to mistreat me, but I had my firm stand And I know my rights. So whatever the police had planned to do on me

they did not succeed. She was told to proceed to Children's officers office and report that they want me to have custody of my children. For divorce, she was told to go to court since it was not a Police case. And that's what we did What we resolved at the Police station was that each should stay their own life With bothering one another at all. That situation affected me in a huge way. I did not expect at any given point I would be taken to Police station I never imagined it would be difficult for me to see my children She sought of vowed to fight me, a cold war fight using my children She knew very well that I loved my children and she made sure that none of my kids would come looking for me She had warned them not to come looking for me Now the kids got scared and no longer come to see me.

But for the first born, there was a day I guess he got fed up with the warning He insisted to come and see me Unfortunately, where I used to operate my Motorcycle, The man whom my wife had an affair with, operates in the same position as me. They came to know each other as he would take her to the market. He would tell on me every time he spotted me with my son. So my wife would batter my son so badly upon hearing the news from the man At a particular day she battered the kid who ran towards my place I took my son and we went to the Police station. My son narrated about the ordeal they asked if they could arrest her but I insisted that all I wanted was a letter to proceed to the Children's officer since she had become a threat to the kids I was given the letter and she was summoned at the Children's office She claimed that she did not want the kids near me at all she did not even wish to buy them anything Now the officer told her that since I was their father, she had no right to batter my child because they want to be with me and for a child to go looking for their father it means they are not in any disagreement at all She was told that I had the right to buy anything for my son and should I buy flour for my son, she had an obligation to cook a meal for him but can't take it too And she was told should we report again that she has battered the son for being with his dad or destroy anything that his father has bought for him, the law will take it's course. So she allowed me from that time to be seeing my children - To date, how is your relationship with your children? - We are in good terms. She was not beating them up anymore

even the guy who used to report me every time he saw me with my son, he stopped doing so he feared the law would catch up with him. He had been warned by the Sub-chief and was told to make sure she protects the father of her two boys because if anything was to happen to me, she would be answerable So with that warning, she did not bother the children any longer I was relating well with my kids. I bought them anything they needed But it reached a certain time her business sort of dwindled in profits It was a gradual decline in demand for the shoes It was very unfortunate because I came to realize late that her business was feeding another man's family too The man she had an affair with was not there to support her rather to swindle her money. The man had a family already

So her business sort of collapsed. She took loans from within She was even unable to feed my children She was given some advise that I as the kids father should cater for them, so she was told to report to the Children's office on this matter. I was summoned there and took the document they gave me the previous time we were there They perused and saw the minutes we recorded that day. She had indicated that

she did not require any assistance from me. So there was no way they could help her So she sort of lost the case. We left there but I told the officer that as for my children I was ready to feed them but for her case, she won't touch even a single coin from me There was no way I could assist her yet she was with another man Any time I found my son hungry, I would take him to a hotel and provide whatever he needed such as shoes So I was ready to provide for my children This went on, and I used to give my children Kshs 50 any time the visited me at least the kids would use the money for lunch She later faced a lot of problems in life. She went back to the Children's officer someone had advised her that maybe she had used a wrong channel previously She started with a visit to the Chief's office where she obtained a letter - Was she successful this time round? - No! Because already it was documented, what she had said before.

We found some new people at the office, but with all the documents I had they referred and got to see what we had agreed there before For sure there was no much they could do. They sort of counseled me They told me that I might have won the case, but this was my family still They tried to persuade me otherwise but I kept asking them how I can provide to her yet she was with another man? At least she could not have made me know she has one. We have so many single mothers out there and they don't go disclosing their children's fathers in public So owing to the kind of despise she had towards me, if I was to hear she is sick today I would not even bother to go see her. I related well with my kids all along I made sure I have attended to their needs wherever they had any But there was a particular time I realized that the more I'm following on my children the more I'm putting my life in danger. My first born son, I had trained him how to ride on a Motorbike - How old was he? - 12 Years old. He became conversant with it you know the way a son try’s to copy what the dad is doing so I decided to teach him up So he can ride with it everywhere.

The kid came since I had moved away from town he did not find me. I had gone to transport some fodder at a certain farm. He knew where I kept my house keys so he opened the house He put on some tea but there was no sugar. He realized my Motorbike was still there he took it and some amount that was on the table He wanted to go buy some sugar with it in order to take the tea. He found no shop close by and decided to go to town Unfortunately while he was on the way he bought the sugar but while on the return trip, he met a drunk man along the way He was riding too, so my son was hit He fell on the road. I was not aware of all this since I was at the farm Later on I received a phone call from an unknown person they told me that my son had an accident in town So I returned to my house I found the house unlocked and my Motorbike was missing. I asked the person on phone

the kind of Motorbike at the accident scene. He told me actually he recognized it at the scene that it belonged to me and that's why he called me. They guy who had called me was my friend. He had taken my son to the hospital and as we were talking, my son was receiving first aid.

Upon reaching at the hospital, my ex wife came with her man We arrived there almost at the same time I found my son had been bandaged but they recommended we go do and X-ray on his leg I told my son since he had some first aid, I was to go back to my house for some cash then I come back we go for the X-ray. Upon returning back, I found out that the man in the company of my wife they were attempting to load my son on a Motorbike so that they take him to the hospital. I told the man to leave my kids alone. I was okay with him being with my ex

but not with my kids. I was ready to take care of my son Immediately I said those words, my ex started abusing me She said some nasty words, and I hit her out of anger Her man reacted with hitting me too. A fight broke between us We fought each other Little did I know as I had gone to pick some cash, they hatched a plan I was not aware they planned anything More people joined the fight and I fell down My son started crying. They took him away with the Motorbike I was left there on the floor, and the mob descended on me I was not so popular among them as I am today They had been in-sighted to beat me up. A certain man told them that I was the father to that child and he was a witness to what they were doing to me. So the mob left me alone

I rose and dusted myself up I was not bleeding. So I crossed the road and followed on my son Immediately I boarded a vehicle, some motorbike riders followed the vehicle it was like sort of a movie that If I dared attack the other man they would be standby to defend him. I later realized most of the people among the mob were his relatives and so all those who were fighting me, were known to him So all those Motorbikes following me belonged to them At the hospital, they were referred to a higher level one I went and talked to my son I told him I could not fight them owing to the situation and have allowed them to take him to the hospital but wished him quick recovery. In any case he needed anything, I told him to send the young one to me. and that was it, I left. Now I went to follow up on my Motor bike Immediately I entered the house I remembered that since it was on a Sunday, the following day on Monday, I had been summoned at the Chief's office Because she had filed a report asking for the children's birth certificates from me I had vowed not to hand over the certificates without the presence of the Chief I remembered that after all this incident and yet I was to go and hand over the birth certificates I figured that I had to surrender my children to her, as I feared for my life I was not sure why she needed the certificates Now after the incident, I suspected something was off since such a coincidence was rare I told God that since I loved them with all my heart and have no other children in this world I begged God to allow me set them free, till the day they will come looking for me I prayed that to God The following day very early in the morning someone came to my house claiming I was to hand over money for my son's medication I told the guy out of the respect I had for him, I would have fought him off Because how would he have the guts to come to me yet I was denied the right of taking my son to the hospital It is very unfortunate because once they went to the hospital in Murang'a as they were fighting me, someone recorded the video and sent the clip to his wife.

and that they have left for the hospital So the information was that, she was left with the child and a hospital bill after fighting me off The following day I went to the Chief's office I had the birth certificates with me. Little did I know that the report had been twisted that I had knocked my son down with a Motorbike because we had divorced, me and his mother. That was the trending story. They had threatened to report me too to the Police But deep within me I knew the entire truth Chief was the one who said...because she had told the Chief that I had refused to offset son's

hospital bill. Chief to her that he witnessed the accident too and therefore I was not involved in any way with the accident. My son too was not on the wrong, just that he encountered a drunk person on the road At least now I had a witness on my side Otherwise, they could have made me convicted with false statements Out of this I decided to just allow her take the kids and if she so wished to remarry, me I'm fine. and that was it. Even though none of us has remarried, I still see my kids The eldest is in form one. My ex is the one catering for their education because we had a case in Thika where I won she was told to go to court and I have not refused to pay for my son's fees. Currently, I'm looking for a job

to any well wishers out there with a job - What kind of job are you interested in? - I am a driver by profession. Secondly I have a talent in scriptwriting, acting and directing. But the challenge is that, getting a person to direct you on the path of how to grow that talent, it's a challenge. I am looking for any job out there, I believe I can do almost any job I'm healthy and strong, so I can survive anywhere Any job, I am ready more so one that will make me grow this talent that I have. - How can people reach you? - I stay in Sabasaba in Maragua constituency My phone number is: I am on Whatsapp to with the same number One can reach me there. I am on Facebook too I usually post some stuff, I have a lot of fans there Thank you for sharing your story here at TUKO Talks, and I know it will inspire people Not only women, but men too. so that they can open up and share their experiences

As I stated before, our fans are requesting we talk to men Because men are also suffering in silence, and I know it has not been easy for your to share your story because the society expects men to keep the problems to themselves. I know your children love you too. - Yes.

2022-03-08 19:11

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