My Successful Bank Nifty Options Trading Excel Sheet !! असफलता सफलता है, यदि हम उससे सीख लें तो

My Successful Bank Nifty Options Trading Excel Sheet  !! असफलता सफलता है, यदि हम उससे सीख लें तो

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Hello friends welcome to one more video of the art of trading Friends, to climb the heights in life, you have to climb with very small steps You will not be able to reach the heights by taking a high jump That's why I tell you again, that if you want to become a intraday trader you want to do option trading So start with small profit and small loss As I promised you guys that I will see an excel sheet in which, I’ve worked in the beginning And the excel sheet in which I am still working, then look at the things carefully, you will understand This is life, see if you try to take a big leap in life you may even climb 1-2 times, but you will not be able to go very far Like this one is thinking of taking a long step and wondering how to climb it And look at this brother by taking small steps, they are slowly reaching their destination, So in the same way if you want to become a profitable trader, then it is not necessary that you should have 20 lakh rupees You have to start with small amount and your mind will have to understand the character of the market Only then will you be able to become a rader I am repeatedly explaining to you people that, see if you run 3 KM then suppose you try to run 3 KM in the morning first time only then even in 3 years you will not be able to run 3 KM because from the first day you have seen 3 KM And till when you’ll see 3 KM on the first day you wouldn't be able to complete those 3 KM even in 30 years But if you wake up on a short day and walk this 3 km distance in 100 - 100 meters that is, divide it into small parts, today 100 M run tomorrow 100 M run, day after tomorrow 100 M run So your body will adjust to it and you by doing this in 3 months 4 months it will cover the distance of 3 KM But if you thinking that every day you are getting up thinking of 3 KM and starting running then you will never be able to complete this 3 KM in life. So if you divide it into small - small steps, then you will be able to complete this short journey In this way there is also trading, you divide the trading into small pieces When I started the option, after about 1 year of practice, I made a rule in the option about How do I move forward in options, How do I want to grow profitable, because it had applied in stock in things, it had applied in future in things, that's why I tell you in every video that if you want to become an intraday trader, then focus on small profit small loss Lets go friend, I’ll share that excel sheet with you people With that, I’ll show how I started small in option And if you also want to become a profitable trader in this option, then you can also start in small amount If you start small with small steps, then only your mindset will be developed not that if you put 20 lakhs, then this mindset will never be developed So let me share the excel sheet and explain how I started working on it You see on this, when I started all the work of 1 year practice after 1 year of practice When I did a lot of good practice on option then I started this Then I made these rules that I will start this practice from 1 lakh Now I am not using full money of 1 lakh What mistake do you guys do that, if 50,000 rupees is in someone's trading account then they will buy option only from 50,000 then it is that big jump I am repeatedly telling you people that you have to follow on small steps So I started this with 1 Lakh Rs, I put in 1 Lakh Rs and after 1 Lakh Rs, I used capital of 20,000 see what my purpose was to do it 20,000 capital this is a thing suppose If I have loss on any day, Suppose 2 days, 3 days,4 days, 5 days, I have to continue loss also then I still have 80,000 safe capital lying with me on this which if I add on it then my trade of 20,000 will start on this again If you do 50,000 to 50,000, you lose 10,000 of it you will recover it throughout life, that recovery is never quick so keep this in mind So her I’ve started with 1 lakh and use the capital of 20,000 in 1 lakh Now I have made 1 target that the first 100 trades Here i am talking about number up trade, here you will see this number up trade I decided that I will do 100 trades first and in 100 trades I think that I don't want much, I just want 5% profit and 5% loss both on this You guys will say that 5% is very less in the option, then see, you will have to do it at the beginning If you start with too much now, then you will never achieve it , a big target that is Targets are accomplished with small steps, first try man If you try to do it, then things will not be understood Now I have made this decision that I am going to take 100 trades in 5%, 100 trades I am going to take 100 trades, what profit do I make in 100 trades, what is the loss I had this view that in my 5% loss, I'll leave it's confirmed The profit is sometimes 4%, sometimes it will be 8%, 10%, 12% then the market in that momentum will sometimes give of 4% and sometimes it will also give 14% But I am giving you the average holding of only 5%, I am leaving the whole above profit see when we take trades, even if you sit down to take it, even if it is of 10 rs then that suddenly gives you the movement of 20 rs 25 rs, 30rs And this if you are taking 100 trades then you will get 15 trades 16 trades in this way That trade should not be your 5% which will exit by paying 8%, 10%, 12% and 15% But i am holding this only 5% because i want only 5% profit and 5% loss, Ok And Number Up Trade, I have to take 100 trades only in 1 day, maybe I will take 2 trades or even 3 trades it depended on me depended on my setup I will show you a setup on next friday of excel sheet in which I started trading option, show you trade of the positions for my first setup option I did 1 year of practice still my practice is on But in practice a particular amount, I was doing 1 lot 2 lot means the amount was not fixed, Now i am practicing on this fix amount On this I will also tell a setup to you on next friday in a video of my first setup when I used to buy option Now look at this, when you traded this on the first day on 20,000 then it is going on in that we are making profit We believe that out of 100 trades, in your excel sheet If you have not created an excel sheet then I will request you to make your own excel sheet And what is happening daily, how much loss is there, write it daily, then only you will understand things Otherwise, you will never get success in life, Now you have to check your contact note see in it that the last 100 trades were done by you out of that how many trades are in your profit and how many are in loss And if it is in loss, then it will be a big loss, I am speaking only 5% loss to you Now I took 100 trades there I guess I took 100 trades on this, now I tell you after taking 100 trades, there is a capital of 20,000 take care i have capital of 1 lakh but i am using only 20,000 capital Here if my profit is 5% then my profit will be 1000 Now in 100 trades it is said that my 30 trades have gone bad Now let me tell you that 40 trades have gone bad for me I am giving you an example if you practice on the right setup, so it won't happen 40 out of 100 trades are bad for you, so I’ve took 40% in SL, So I took 40,000 in SL 100 trades or 60 trades or 80 trades which is right for me, out of these 40 trades was my SL In that too, I guessed that my profit was only 5% Look, I say again and again that my loss is fixed and that I will take only 5% of the loss I can also take 4% in profit and can also take 10%, according to the momentum of the market So I guess I lost 40,000 in 40 trades 40 trades that would have been profitable, now the profitable trades are 60 trades out of which 40 trades, I exited 40, so this 40 become 0 i.e. 40 profit for me and 40 loss it becomes me 0 Now I have 20 trades, How much profit did I make in 20 trades I made a profit of 20,000 because I am holding only 5% of it Now imagine that I have taken 100 trades at a value of 20,000 that 100 trades can be taken in 2 months, in 2.5 months it depends on you How many trades did you take, how many times did your setup happen, Let's focus on one setup first You will always focus on one setup only then you will be profitable going forward.

So If you think there will be a brokerage So brokerage if you take 2 lots then brokerage in zerodha cost 56 Rs, I did all the calculations So this is the brokerage rate of Rs 56, Suppose this brokerage is done in my 100 tarde Suppose for 100 trades then it is 2 zero and it is your 5600, Still you are in profit of 14000 After 100 trades, even if you have made a loss of 40 trades still after even brokerage, transaction, gst you are in profit of 14,000 How many thousands on capital, on 20,000 capital you are 14,000 You will say that this excel is very easy to look at Yes it is very easy to show exactly, because i did it, If you do, then it will happen You guys do all the things before doing it, no it will not happen 5% will not be made, first try my brother and see When I started first, do look here, I was trading in stocks and doing well in futures You won't believe when I made the first 100 trades thinking only of 5% as trading in options out of first 100 trades So in the first 100 trades, the profit I made was 78 trades was my profit, 22 trades was my loss And many of these trades from this gave a profit of 20%,in the same follow ok So those I started from 20,000, I started first 100 trades, profit there was of 89,000 i.e. 20,000 of my capital, I made it 5 times, got return of 500% I did this because 5% of 100 trades have to be done for 100 trades and I had decided that in the first 100 trades, I will only look at 5%, wherever the market goes. I will take 5% in loss I can get 5 in profit, could get 10, 20 is also possible So the 5% I thought earlier or the profit I made was 89,000, That is, more than 4 times of my capital Not on this capital, You don't have to see this capital, You always have to calculate from it because you are losing it And you have to keep in mind that if you want to become a successful options trader then you will have to divide your capital into 5 to 8 parts If you don’t then forget in life that you can become a successful trader in option buy I am not talking about option seller, I am talking about option buying So on this I got profit of 89,000 I got profit in 100 trades See, I write every day trades, why I took trades, when did I take trades, where it exit, I write all this things Only then can I see what mistakes I am doing then I have to rectify those mistakes, what is lacking, what is right Which was my number of successful trades at this rate was 78 because I had kept the stop loss only 5% so the stop loss becomes a bit This 5% is also a little less in the stop loss option See, this is what you have to do to learn this keep this in mind, This first 100 trades where I made my capital 4 times Now I share with you another one, I made a lot of 100 trades on this Now look at this I have put 7% on it Now I started this trade by paying 7% now my capital which made me profit Total Capital I paid this Rs 1.5 lakh, in small steps I am saying again and again to take small steps Now i started this 30,000 capital, I have divided into 5 parts ok Do this divide if you want to be an option buyer then you have to do this division Let me tell you more in one thing that I have a premium group In which I keep posting some posts of Nifty, Bank Nifty Some Important labels, posting some charts of bank nifty and also of nifty banks, nifty option So if you want to join our premium group then it is free of cost, there is no charge for that There is a link in description of the video, go to that link of zerodha, angel broking, upstox, alice blue and fyers you have to open your Demat account with any of them after having a Demate account send logic ID to a WhatsApp number given in the description of the video By doing one or two trades on that send screenshot to that whatsapp number, with login Id then we will add you to our premium group Now i started this with 30,000 100 trades may be done in 30 days may be done in 40 days may be done in 50 days But you don't have to take that trade by force Keep in mind that only when your setup is done, you have to take the trade And in the video of which setup I have worked on, I will make for you people soon Next what I started this with 1.5 target now and my capital that I made is of 30,000 And followed the same rule, now I am taking only 7% in pay profit and 7% in loss as well Keep in mind that this 7% addition to the profit itself, I am also adding this 7% So here what was my success rate was this pay of 75 of mine i.e. if I traded 100 trades then 75 of those trades were very good for me And those 25 trades were in my loss So the number up trade i.e. 25 trades went to my loss, 75 trades went to my profit

because this profit I made was 7% and the loss that I have is also 7% so consider that out of 25 trades I have lost, So here you see, in 25 trades if I made profit in 75 trades So only if your added 7% too See, it will happen only when you see these things first Unless you make some rules to trade for yourself Then this will not be good for you, So it shows in 100 trades See I keep a simple excel sheet, I work on all excel sheet I am assuming that 100 of 100 trades are in profit , It won't happen, it never happens So my capital on this pay will be 2 lakhs 10 ,000 OK, 2 lakh 10 ,000 my capital is here So my 25 trades failed on this, 25 trades failed, If my trades go bad, how much did I lose? The money you lost after 25 bad trades Out of this you will be minus 52,000 will be minus from this, 52,500 minus from this So whatever profit is left, that will be 1 lakh 47 ,000, something like this will be left So this is profit on your capital but it is not necessary so what I did first time was my profit was 79 or 89 The trade I took for the second time, this profit was not that much it was profit 1 lakh 64 ,000 OK 1 lakh 64 ,000 profit was made on this But you have to work only by taking these small steps you people come to this for a big one and don't go with a small one, the day you love short trades Small trade will make you profit Small trade will make you feel good, close the terminal then I did a rule of 100 trades on it after that I did it on 7% profit and 7% loss After that in the third step I took 10% profit Firstly we should achieve that 5% profit, then only we will go ahead by revising You guys would have already wanted not 10% not 20% straight 50 %,you want option straight double hey brother, if you make profit even 5%, So once you calculate 5% profit for 5 years and see Keep this in mind that I will have taken 5000 trades in 5 years and 4000 trades will be your right 1000 trades you will make minus from the loss you have made, still you are 3000 profitable trades And see how much money you would have in 5 years, calculate it once and see Once you see these things, when you see things far away when you see how big a profit is in a distance by taking a small step, then you will understand things Now I started this pay with 10%, Now I have reduced the loss I had on this to 7%. Now my SL is 7% and my profit is 10% So you will not believe how much profit would have been made in 100 trades that I took for this You will not believe because now I have increased my SL a little, I have made it 7% see it is a little safe SL, the option has a safe SL, it is completely safe about 10% of the SL If your setup is nice you have continued your practice on your setup According to the trade of that day of the market, if seen, then 10% of its SLs is absolutely perfect But many of us still keep working by taking 5%, 7% because our setup is giving 5% SL, so i won't take more than that So if you believe what has happened to the number up trade, we have taken 100 trades twice, we have done the practice After that, we understand these all things so now if you see this number up trade, then you will see that your profit is going from 40,000 to 4 lakhs If all the trades are correct then, but it won't happen Now here my profitable trade, because I started with 10% I increased it a little bit and raised my SL to 7% So my success ratio on this was 82 trades that went right for me and 18 trades went to my losses That is, we lost 18%, percentage wise from 100 trades was a success rate of 85 Because I have made SL 7% and I have made 10% profit on this then for many days this 10% profit will also go to your 20, 25, 30% But I have decided that if my trade returns near 10%, then I have kept a minimum loss of 7% in that trade So I can't take less than 7% profit then this is my profit You will not believe that profit, that profit was mine of 4 lakhs and 10,000, 4,10,000 of profit was made Now you will say that a lot of trades that went in this were given profits of 20%, 22%, 25% in the same flow, I am a Momentum trader, I tell you again that I trade Momentum sometimes I will get out even at 10%, Sometimes the same trade can take you over 40% So you will get many more trades than this, means 10% done This 10% of my is fix, if you have to keep it that in 10% i can handle you have practiced 2 times, At 5%, 7% you've got the idea So at 5% 7% practice we don't see how much is being made When I used to write that 5% 7% in excel sheet, it was seen in many trades that you went to 7% and in the same follow the market went up to 20%, this market went up to 30% So many times what happens is the same trade If you fix that, I will get out after taking 4000 Rs , then it will go a little wrong Don' fix it, sometimes even 4000 will be found sometimes we have to leave even 3500, sometimes at 3000 But these situation will come less but sometimes trade 4000 will give you 32000 also This of your trade will return 30%, 40%, 50% sometimes this 4000 will give you 20,000 also Can give 12,000 too in this flow, when it comes out, this 30% 40%, sometimes in a lot of flow will give you that easily And out of 100 trades, these 10 trades 12 trades you will get which will give you a profit of 12,000, 16,000, that we were for 4000 but the market will give us 12,000, 16,000 So I start slowly by doing 12%, 15%, 20% it becomes a bit risky this 20% one, this trade between 12 and 15, you get this trade very easily I never sit after taking option trade thinking that I get 50%, 100%, or 200% return Now when I take trade I just think that this give trade above 12%, 15%, 10% Now suppose I do large quantity trades, Let's say if I have done a capital of 10 lakhs also has used a capital of 10 lakhs, but I would have made a profit of 10% even then my profit would be a profit of 1 lakh then my profit will be of 1 lakh So if I have done 10 lakhs on 10% capital then So in the same way, you have to see, when your capital will increase slowly then the same profit which is looking small to you at 5% 7%, tomorrow they will start looking very big This is how you have to work if you want to be an option buyer one of its setup, I will tell you people in the next video On which setup I started earlier and on the same setup I took 300 trades continuing on the same setup And after that then I started following the new setup i.e. the second setup You will neither believe nor get confidence until you have placed 150 200 trades on your setup. Unless the confidence comes, none of your setup will work for you then you always believe in your analysis, take trade on it then market will give you money on it As I go, let me tell you one more thing, that our free option training The course of free option training will start on October 18 for which you do not have to pay any charge to us for the same thing, you will get a charge of 50,000, 2 lakh, 1 lakh I am giving you training in technical analysis for free, we have given you only one condition that that you will have to take small trades by opening your Damate account from our link So the next batch is starting from 18th October, so even if you also want to take Then there is a link in the description of the video, go to it and open your Demat account from our link and keep taking small trades on it By which you will get admission in our next batch and you will be eligible for next batch training.

Friends, if you like this video, then write and share the video we will see you in the next video, Jai Hind

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