My Revenue Outpaced My Business

My Revenue Outpaced My Business

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What's. Going on everyone this is Steve our said and this is sales funnel radio today we were gonna talk about what to do when your revenue out grows your business. I've. Spent the last four years learning, from the most brilliant, marketers, today and, now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely, from scratch this. Podcast, is here to give you the answer, join me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's best internet sales funnels my, name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up guys hey I am very excited for this episode so when I write. I officially. Left my job right just like the intro to this podcast says, right, January, 1st it's been five, months five solid months now phone five-and-a-half ish by the time this episode goes out and, five. And I'm sorry, five enough months and. It's. Been fascinating to watch what's happened so follow me here okay this is what happened okay so I left right, and I had this awesome idea. I ended, it I knew would be successful, and what I did is I went and I I started like locking right launching launching launching launching launching and what started happening is over on this side was the sales sale, sale sale sales, revenue, revenue revenue had lots of money started when I was like whoa this, is crazy I've never had this much cash come up well my gosh Wow, and all this cash started dumping on in and we. Did we. Did about, a hundred grand the first month right and then. It's. Just it's continued. Its, sound like 50 so we do like fifty grand a month and that's where it's been at and I, slowed it down okay, because, here's what started happening Kay I started going and you guys might be like hey that's kind of funny why would you slow it down I actually slowed, it down okay, we're keeping it at fifty grand a month right now right. Because here's what's happened okay. January. February March, was. Like sell sell sell sell sell sell and, I'm selling and we're making cash and it's coming in we're at a hundred grand you know a hundred grand right. Boom boom boom boom boom we're making a lot, of cash coming in and then what we did is what. I started realizing, was the. Actual. My. Actual business, wasn't able to handle, what was going on right. Yeah absolutely crack I've never ever thought, that this would ever happened to me and I say that because when I was I started building these funnels for. These for. These companies I was in college and it. Always happened this way right and I've said this before but it always happens this way where. You. Know the files that we build they sell things very very very, well they do they sell things very well it is like I. Don't. Know it's it's like I don't, I don't think people understand how well the funnels work okay, and what, that does though is it actually creates a business, problem not, a fun problem here's, here's what I mean I was going on us building all these funnels for people in college, and. There was this guy was building a funnel for and when. I put the follow-up, right I did this research and I ran ask campaigns and I figured out exactly what his customers needed and I went I put those things together and I put the funnel together and we launched it and boom right, he made a lot of cash real fast and, I. Mean. Through that through those funnels that it was like he.

Did Like 50 grand really quick 50 grand like a first month or something like that I can't write his long time ago now okay but there's a lot of cash coming in and then. It kept going and going going and it's, always funny because like day number one was like. Dana. Won't after launching the funnel the business owner always comes they're like oh my gosh look at his cash coming in that's, amazing, these photos are so cool right. And then day number two they always reach back out and they're like wow, this is really awesome holy crap that's still a lot of sales made, a number three there I was like turn it off turn, it off you're gonna bankrupt, us turn it off and I remember I was kind of like laughing when they said it I thought they were joking and I, was like why would I ever turn off. This. -. Turn off this phone whoo whoo with less sales I've never heard anyone say that in my life ever and at the time I was making fun, of it and I was like I just, didn't know any better and I was like ah well I mean that's stupid why would you ever want less. Sales. And, and. He. Had run into a situation where, the revenue, was outpacing. His business, right. Funnels, are not businesses. They're. Not right, a funnel, is a, revenue, arm a raffle, is a very effective way to sell stuff right, a business, though that's. Completely, different a business is a series of systems, it's. Really all it is it's, a series of systems that fulfills, on the, funnel that's. Really it yeah, that's the way I define it anyway okay and. If you don't have enough systems. In place it. Means that every, person who, purchases. From you is being, fulfilled on differently, it means, that every person who's coming in right, and has a support, question, you're, treating, it differently every, single, time it means for every single you. Know package, that needs to get shipped out there's, not a process in place it's literally different, every time and. Hard, about, that is it it makes it very challenging to scale and especially if you were just starting out and you are kind of a solo, guy for a while your solo individual, person for a while and you're, kind of running on your own that's great that's a great place to be, but. Eventually getting it to a place where your revenue starts to outpace your ability, to fulfill well, and that's. What. Happened to me okay, right, and funny enough right I graduated. College sorry we're gonna click follows and we did the exact same thing to like so many other people where as day one we launched an amazing funnel to like wow my gosh look at all the sales day number two they're, like wow that is still a lot of sales oh my gosh, day number three they like turn it off turn, it off turn, off. There's, no way that oh my gosh that's not gonna you, know we're, gonna die you're literally gonna bankrupt, us we're not gonna be able fulfilling all this stuff and and. I. Remember. The second time it happened it was. It's. For a funnel. We had built for I don't, wish to say the name anyway, Russell I built a sweet econ funnel is amazing, they had tons of revenue coming in and they, spent the next two or three months simply. Upgrading. And building and solidifying, and putting in place systems. Things. Inside, of their company so that it actually could handle. The revenue is. That funny no, for some reason I had never ever considered, that for such a long time and so, what I started doing was, right. And I ran on the same thing that kept happen in a click falls when we would build you, know part. Of my first role when I got there was to fulfill I, built.

A Lot of funnels, for Russell's personal, clients I built a lot of phones for click funnels of self but but, when, I first got there that was like his personal, his, personal, clients that he was doing it I was, building and put them together and so, his funny is like one after the other after the other after the other and a lot of these guys what we notice that traditionally. Like I'm a marketing, degree right in business. What I note in business marketing degree that I got and actually College itself they do a lot on teaching the business, the actual systems, in the structure, they do hardly anything on teaching sales, right. Just. So funny it just makes sense why everyone goes and gets VC funding is they build the team and there's no cash to freaking support it like that. Seems backwards anyway, so, right. So I I went through and I started I started. Going through this very same thing I started recognizing it coming right, I started I launched, all, my stuff and I was like it was like money money money money I was like holy crap, right and I was still. At that time really, the sole operator of my business I was, like huh this is interest trick I know what happens next, pretty soon if he comes so high as the, tower, gets so tall that eventually. There's, not enough foundation and it starts to crumble and you're start getting refunds and people start saying bad things about you and I was like crap I don't, want to hit that and so, funny enough I actually. Purposefully. Had my amazing, ads person, which I know I will interview her one day and put her on here she's incredible. But, I haven't had my amazing ads individual. Go, and and. We, kept, the ads tiny because. I did not have the power to fulfill at, the rate I wanted, to at the rate I was able to sell at and, funny enough usually, most businesses are the exact opposite now like they got the sweet structure and they don't how to get in the new cash well. I'm a funnel builder baby like the cash bar it's not the hard part it's, right. This other way so, what I've been doing it I don't know I guess I've been feeling the need to. You. Know it's June now to account let you guys know what's been happening and so, for the first like three months there's. Been like a lot of cash that came in I like oh my, gosh that's nuts.

Crap. I'm. Like the only guy you, know that was like pulling my hair out just stressed 24/7. And I. Remember I was talking. To this was an inner circle meeting but, I was talking to a lot of the members. We were hanging out at sums house and we, were we're. All just kind of hanging out and they were asking what's going on and and. I was telling what's going on and, and, someone said. Someone. Was talking about, you. Probably got to put the brake on, just. A little bit to go build this stuff up and then you build a handle more cash coming in and I did not want that to be an answer and I really did not want him to say that and, I was like daha sell sell sell sell sell but, um so what I've been doing is so the first three months of the year right, was like a lot of cash the second three months though this last three months has. Been I, would do a lot of stuff right I'm one of the coaches for two comma Club coaching, X the, new to see CX program and it's going freakin incredible right but I've got my own processes, down in place there now and how, then fulfill and helping them and do amazing stuff and helping everyone you know make cash and make money and put their falls together and stuff like that so. I've been doing that as well as actually my oh my my. Webinar stuff that I'm doing right so I've been selling selling selling selling it's been a lot of tons. Of fun backed. Off on the selling a little bit I put, together a lot of systems, in the past a little bit here a lot of them and it's been a lot of fun I. Always. Thought that it was kind of like a drag but. I know now why because. Without. Huge, cash coming in why on earth am i building the system right that's, what my mentality is like I'm like what's the ROI of me building a system when there is not but loads of cash that you know, to. Match it with and. So that's what I've been doing here so anyway that's all I would encourage, you guys to do is that as you start if. You are selling. And you've got cash coming in and you're like hey this is going really really well it's going incredible, and. You're having a hard time, blowing. Up I want, to tell you one thing that Russell told me actually. Well, I actually was sitting. Next to him I had only been working. There for a little bit and I was keeping notes, I mean I'll sit next to the dude right I mean would you not take notes right. So I did and I had a Trello board, called. Brunson, isms and Russell, lessons and things like that and I would write. Down things, that I was hearing him say, things. Were really profound and I was already fanatic, about his content but like really, profound things and what this is what he said he was, talking to one of his inner circle people he goes you go scaling, from, six to seven figures he. Goes funny enough I'm gonna botch the quote but this is where this is blessed he said scaling from six to seven figures is not. A manner of more. Hours in the office. Okay. Scaling, from six to seven figures is about leverage, it's. About leverage, and, so if you've got a product right we've. Done like 300 grand something like that, we. Did 100 real fast and then it was like you, know 70 50 50 50 but it's been a lot of 50s because I recognized. Quickly I was like crap like back. It up just a bit right, and. What. I've noticed is it's a leverage problem, right, so what, you're leveraging though is systems. And you're putting systems and. That, expands. You that, lets you fulfill that lets you write go grab another funnel, out there put something out there that brings more cash in so things like that but but specifically, right. It's a leverage problem, it's not it's, not typically, a cash problem, you guys all know it's an y'all see if you haven't already which I know a lot of you guys already rockstars, and you're selling you're making a buttload of cash already right, but those you guys are like just starting out you'll. See really quickly right it's typically when you go and you start your, at your building your building you're getting the revenue coming in awesome and you should do that prove to the market that it's awesome you find that, when you actually have an amazing, product right like my product right now is so freakin, awesome I keep adding some, amazing oh my gosh I just.

Added This really cool thing to it another. Time another episode but oh my. Gosh and the. Success rate is just like skyrocketing, because of it anyway Oh anyway. Right, but when you actually figure out something really awesome the path to a million bucks is not actually, that hard I was, like whoa that actually is really quick, whoa, that's, what I remember I was walking out I think it's my last day at clickfunnels and Russell's like so what's, the goal man and I was like million bucks and, he goes you're gonna find out real fast that's not that hard I was like oh ha, ha ha it's not that hard let me just tell you right now it's not that hard oh my gosh right, for that funnel right there that I tossed out it's really really quick and. So what, I've been doing though is now that revenue came in real fast like crap I need systems, to handle it and I. Don't, want to become so systemized, that suddenly, the systems start outpacing, the revenue so I can feel it I can feel it I can tell that I have, an organization, now right there's like eight people on my team now right I have a full-time employee I'm, getting full-time support full-time, assistant for them I'm like right. I'm setting up the structure so. The now I can go back to the thing and be like blow it up baby yeah we're. Going to three right, go to three real quick right is that make sense and so, and. If you watch all these other two, comma Club winners they've gone through a very similar pattern personally. While, we often study the funnel which is great we study their marketing which is great. Remember. They would actually study their business, and the, structure, of it and when your funnel hacking you're not just funnel hacking funnels, you're actually also funnel hacking the way they fulfilled, on what. The funnel was selling okay and so, that's been part of what I've been doing heavily. This last little bit I mean I've been studying my face off I got notes, papers all over the place over my desk right now I've. Got. Because. I got the revenue now coming in and now, what I'm doing is I'm building the actual systems, in the processes, to support more revenue my, current structure. My. Current structure could not I don't think it could handle, much. More as it is right I'm meeting my structure has up to like two months ago my structure now though it's, getting a lot cleaner lot, cleaner and I know that coming up soon here I'm gonna be able to just like scale scale scale scale scale, what. I've learned what I've seen from a lot of people is and. If you look at the pattern of a lot of to comma Club winners as well you'll, notice in there that a lot of them a lot of them usually. It's with like three. To, five people they'll run to a million real quick actually three to five million three to five people sorry. Three to five people on their team they, usually hit around three million that's. Obviously. My gosh that's different for every business every industry but the the actual structure, the, business structure allows. Them to get. To that kind of place usually pretty quickly with not many people on the team it doesn't take a huge team to do so to. Do these things so right. Like, Brandon Kaelin Poulin right they just crossed, 10 million dollars they just had the first three million dollar month crazy. And, they've. Got 40 people on their team forty okay it. Doesn't take these gigantic, teams though to make a significant, amount of cash for your pocket what. The, rules are so real quick and play the roles and then my cameras gonna die okay. So what I'm going for is right I am the, main, marketer, funnel builder CEO, right that's, the position, that. I'm in I also, have an affiliate manager, right that's my first full-time employee. Not. Support, right, not, assistant I want, other cash generating. People. Right. That's all I want right.

Where This structure, place so he's going out and he's he's, the my affiliate manager he's going out he's creating. Relationships we're, doing another huge dream 100 package drop he's that's really it's actually where he's right now is why he's not sitting there right now he's at the post office we're doing another big dream 100 dropped and we. Got a lot of people excited a promote right, and he is bringing, in new blood new new blood. As far as relationships, goes okay, so it's me as the funnel builder marketer, and attractive, character right that's the roles I'm try take on the next one though right affiliate, manager, and that actually was told to me by Russell he said the next employee I would get 100% man go, grab go grab an affiliate manager and then. Grab like, an assistant, and then a support person okay. Really. That's it I mean if, you're like shipping stuff out maybe a fulfillment, person I'll probably maybe grab to, support, people so that they're almost around. The clock you know almost you. Know but. That's okay. That's it that's all I really need right, as far as full-time people now I have content. People I have I have felt like six content, people I've got an amazing traffic, driver I do have a bookkeeper okay but those are like VA positions, they're not full-time on my books they're, all my books every month but they're not like you. Know they're not w-2 employees, these are 1099 s that I'd you know as, far as like full-time, w-2, employees. That. Are actually like here with me right got the Philly manager, definitely, have a full-time assistant definitely, gonna have, a. Full-time, support cuz right now we're doing the support piece he mostly doing support and affiliate stuff and. That's kind of it those are the roles it's really four roles that I'm going for for the business model that I love and and modeling. And it's going great and everything's, Ron house should so anyways, guys hopefully that's helpful to you I just wanted to do a little bit of accounting so that you see like where you are if you're feeling stuck start. Comparing back and forth between okay. Is my funnel, revenue, outpacing. My business, because, they're not the same right. Or or I feel like hey I've got the sweet business, and these cool systems and structures of processes but not enough revenue go, build a funnel right, and kind, of this balance Beach one of the other they're gonna have a hard time outpacing, each other right. After a while the structure will get too too, weighty you're not gonna have the cash to hold the system so the system will get you know leaner. So. I kind of build it like this right revenue, and, kind of up to where, that revenue is then revenue I don't like to build the business past the revenue that's. Called debt and I personally, am NOT a huge fan so I. Own my stuff I don't want any loan it alright hopefully. It's helpful and hopefully, just, you, guys know what's going on with my team and how I'm actually building now actually putting it together my. Content, team they're freaking rock stars I'm definitely gonna review them so you guys on who they are. And, then over here on the other side though right the w-2 side, where I'm actually building, out, a full-time. Team with it like it doesn't really take them I like backwards plan right figured out like well how much money is that person probably want a month how much does that for on a lot that okay sweet right. My heart cost right now are like 25 grand a month right, my salary, the other guys the other people the V A's hard, cost right now for the content team for anything else 25, grand a month that's not bad at all alright, sweet that. Dunzo, let's. Do that so I backed, way off built. Up the structures, got the systems in place we're just vetting, them right now that's really all we're doing and as, of yesterday I talked to my amazing ads person we're gonna go scale these ads like crazy and get, them off the ground so guys I just might be kind of cool to show little accounting, to so you guys know what I've been doing. Because. My, structure, could not handle. Much. More Oh. Anyway. Awesome. Stuff the. Next in the next road mark I fully, expect will probably do the this. Is me coma shot okay probably. I think that we're gonna hit the million by. October. And then. At the latest and I. Think we'll go to like maybe 1.4. 1.5, by, the end of the year as as, we're pacing okay, and that's me looking at where we are. Combined. With the campaign's that we're putting in place where, I've seen them go before where I've put them before so, anyways some of it anyway. We'll see what happens but that's where I am and it's.

Kind Of a different episode but. Be. Cognizant, of that I never realized that I would be in the role that I am as far as the system's builder you, don't I mean a funnel, builder now. By necessity I'm also systems builder which has been great so anyways hopefully spent helpful I'll talk to you guys later please rate this podcast, and review if that helps me like crazy I think. That my podcast, is one of the foremost podcasts, on funnels which is why I'm, trying to push it hard and prove, to iTunes, lytic matters so, please please leave a review and share it that mean that, means the world to me and I'll talk to you all night except ax so bye. Hey. Hey thanks for listening please remember to rate and subscribe want. Today's best opt-in funnels for free get. Your free opt-in funnel pack by, going to sales funnel broker calm forward slash free funnels to, kick-start your opt-ins today.

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