My Real Thoughts About Everything

My Real Thoughts About Everything

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Hey guys, so for today's video I'm gonna go ahead and just get ready with you guys and we're gonna do some chit chatting I just, finished kind of like curling my hair so, I just have to put it back that's why it just looks it's. Kind of like weird and silly in this ponytail, but yeah let's go ahead and get. Started I'm gonna do just like a really quick kind, of simple glam I've. Been having like a lot of me I don't know if you guys can tell like, I feel like I might give that vibe off so I'm just gonna like let you guys know I've been having so much anxiety lately, I'm, just gonna use the Marc, Jacobs coconut primer I don't. Know why but it's almost like I, have. Like something on my chest and it's been like 2 weeks and I just I feel like I can't get good breaths, in like. Like. Good full breaths I feel like I really have not taken a good or, I don't know what it's like to have a good full breath in like, two weeks, literally. So, I'm just warning you guys I do I just, have some anxiety so, I might be like a little bit weird. In, this video but. Last. Week I didn't film all week which I felt so guilty because I was like oh my god Amy are so lazy like you know I mean I just I felt lazy, I felt guilty but. Like I literally mentally, just like could, not you know they mean and I'm, really lucky that I have this job where I work for myself and I can choose. To not work all week if I want to but. At the same time like I feel like a lot of people are like oh you're so lucky that you can do that I mean. Are we gonna call it luck though I'm blessed but, it wasn't luck like I didn't I didn't just wake up one morning and someone was like you, win a YouTube channel you, win an Instagram, like I did. That myself I. Got. To this place because, I one day started, my own channel I bought all these like, thousands. Of dollars of equipment like you name it you so I feel like I'm kind of like rambling, a little bit but I hey this is what she check it right here with me right this. Is also gonna be a super, Ron real to check it ready with me because I have so many things to talk to you guys about that I really want to touch on. I'm, gonna use the Georgia I can't choose if I want to use the Georgia Romani or the, damn. I really can't choose I. Love. This foundation I really, want to try now they have like a good one I. Really. Really would kid she was I probably should have sat. Down to decide before I started filming this ah, let's. Do the giorgio just kind of liquid it's easier to apply anyways.

Um Yeah. I feel like I'm kind of rambling a little bit but whatever anyways I I do see comments like that a lot like people are like well you're lucky that you can do. That and it's like blessed. Yeah but like look like is it really luck though I didn't win a youtube channel like I worked, to get to this place like I feel like a lot of people don't give youtubers, the credit that they deserve let's, stop calling it luck here unit evening but, anyways that isn't even a topic that topic that I want to talk about but just like popped in my head as I said that anyways. I do feel super blessed that I have a career where I can like, do. That you know I mean I feel really blessed saying truthfully, if it wasn't like here's the thing with like being a youtuber literally, if you guys all collectively. Sat. Down and were like I hate Amy I want to unsubscribe to her I want on follow her I literally, would not have a career that's, why I'm so grateful to you guys like I am, Who I am career-wise. Because. Of you like if, you were not watching this video right now I wouldn't. Have, so, that's why I always, stay humble and I just I don't you, know let, it get to my head cuz you guys control everything so. You. Know what I mean so I do feel super, blessed in that way. But. Yeah I just had, the same time I felt guilty like kidding me do you guys ever feel, guilty, for feeling anxious or, upset about, something, but then sometimes can. You guys hear that noise someone. Just decides to start mowing their lawn. Thank. You every. Time I sit down to film which I check it ready with me I'm always like I have so much to talk to them about and then I totally forgot so. I wrote down like literally, the biggest list. In my. Entire, life I don't even know him have enough time to talk about everything um, but. There has been so. Much going around, YouTube lately and can, I just say I am so like over, in the my truth videos like can we like not there. Like so played out I'm. Like so over it I hate. Won't. Like one person does something and everyone just like hops on the paddy wagon but, at the same time I mean it's good I like. That there's a lot of things coming out I know a lot of people like to talk about like the beauty community and how there's so much shade you want so much drama here's something with YouTube you guys to choose who you subscribe, to any support, and another, thing too that I really, hate is a, lot of people are complaining about like, the. Shady people and, on, YouTube, who are getting all the views and stuff like that and it's like you. Realize you control, how. Much support they get right just like I said in the beginning of this video you guys if you decided right now hey, I hate Amy I don't want to show her support anymore if all of you unsubscribed, that's it like I would be done so. It's like the same people who are complaining, about shady, youtubers, or fake youtubers, are the same people who continuously. Are giving them a view giving. Them a like or a dislike or. Giving, them a comment if you do not like something do. Not. Enable. It do not engage do. Not like. Literally, you're, saying you hate something and yet you're giving it fuel, like, that person is literally just continuing, to grow there, are so many amazing. Influencers. Out there that deserve, that. Support, you, know what I mean like I just want to see people stop complaining. About things they have control over like you guys get to choose who. Gets, your views who gets your likes who gets your comments, you know they need it so like weird to me I'm just like there's literally so many other youtubers you can watch who. Deserve, the. Attention you, know and honestly, that's just why I stay in my lane like a lot people are like why.

Don't You go to beauty events why don't you go to on trips and stuff and I've told you guys before it's just not who I am and I, got to the point where I was like I refuse, to get. Sucked into something, where, I pretend to not be Who I am like. At the end of the day I started, YouTube for the real raw reasons, like I started YouTube to literally create videos and put them on the Internet and I just feel like nowadays it's, all about like the glitz the glam who. Can buy more cars who. Can go, to more events and I'm, not like I think of the day we all got to do what we feel like doing but. I just feel like it's become, more about that and I feel like a lot of the times I've talked to you guys a little bit about this but I feel like a lot of times I've always held back in the past on talking. About that because I never wanted to come across as bitchy or like ungrateful. I mean I'm definitely grateful when I get invited on brand trips and they get invited to all these events but do I think it's just gone to a point where it's like too much in a way I do feel, like it's just gotten to be too much just there's just too many, like. There's. Too much I've, avoided talking about this too, much because I never want it to come across as bitchy or ungrateful, and, I'm really not a bitchy, person, I'm like really, laid-back I'm a really chill girl you guys even know that which is another thing I want to talk about like. Lately I've been seeing um, you. Guys know I never addressed like negativity because I literally really, don't care but I do want to address a few things that I feel like just go around lately. I've been seeing I'm, just gonna go ahead and start doing like this foundation it's like literally, heavenly, so, I'm gonna go ahead and just start doing my concealer, so lately I feel like I've been seeing a lot of comments of, like. People, comparing. My personality. To a lot of different other youtubers, or comparing, my personality, to my sister, my, sister now does YouTube and I can't tell you how much we get compared it is so annoying, but not even just her look I get compared to so many other youtubers and this, makes me so anxious to talk about because, it's. Like why do you got to do that like you know when you're growing up as a kid if you have siblings and you know what I'm talking about if you're an only child you're gonna be like what I don't even know what you're talking about but if you have siblings you know exactly what I'm about to say you know when your mom and dad compare you and they're like well your sister does this well, your brother did this and you're like mom stop, comparing, me that, is literally, what it's like to be a youtuber like like, when. I say you guys to I don't, mean my true supporters, I mean like you, know the random negative, seize that love to compare they, compare youtubers, and it's like please like do not compare me to Suzy and Jon down the street because, Suzy and Jon ain't ain't me Macedo like I am me, do not compare me to other people it's, really, annoying like, it's super annoying I get, comments like well Amy Amy. Doesn't seem Amy doesn't seem as friendly. Or as bubbly, as so. And so or. This. Youtuber, does. This more, it's like really. Are we gonna compare, people now so, here's the thing, if, you're, coming to my channel and you literally, want me to be fake. You. Gotta go because I can't be fake I literally. Do not have, the capacity, and the capability to. Be, a fake person so, if you want me to pretend, to be a bubbly, person or, pretend, to be this like. Person. That's not who I am and I'm not gonna fake it and let me tell you I'm not trying to throw shade but, there's a lot, of youtubers, out there I'm really not trying to throw shade here like I'm really not if I could talk to them I would, help them I really genuinely would there's, a lot of youtubers out there who are real with their personnel and they are this like bubbly hyper person but, there's a lot of youtubers, out there that.

Literally, Have to put on this persona of being such a bubbly, happy, funny. Go, lucky person every, time they film could you imagine how exhausting, that is I could, not do it and. I don't think they do it to be fake again I'm not throwing shade I don't, think they do it to be fake because, I feel like a lot of them do it because they feel like they have to because, they get comments, like that and I, can totally relate like you know how many times I'm like I get like caught up in my head a little bit like I'm like well maybe maybe, I do need to be a little bit more bubbly. In my videos and then instantly, the, real like I got the real bitch over here and the bitch over here that's trying to conform my, real bitch side is like bitch, you ain't conforming to if that's not your personality that ain't your personality, like I'm not conforming, to what people want me to be so, like literally the little like conformer. On this side it's like maybe. Be bubbly, maybe, you should pretend to be what they want you to be real. Bitches like no I am doing it again if you want me to be fake. I'm. Not the one for you can, you guys tell this. Has been on my mind I'm just like exploding. Hi. Sugar baby. Yeah. If you want me to be fake I'm sorry, it's not possible so you're gonna have to unsubscribe like real, straight, up you I can't, be anyone, other than me, you, know what I mean and this is the thing with me my personality of a lot of you guys have noticed I have. Like multiple personalities, like I'll wake up on one day and I'm like super silly and like crazy and weird and then, I'll wake up on another day and I'm really shy and kind of like quiet and like anxious and then. I wake up another day and I'm like God. Bitch glam status, like I literally, have so many different personalities. And, I'm just I'm never gonna fake any one of them it's, not gonna happen but, not even just that I just want people in general when you come to my channel know that you're gonna get a me know, that you're going to get a me Macedo and I'm never going to pretend to be other youtubers, and actually the reason why I wanted to I feel like the lighting is like weird in this video or I could be obsessing, over it chances, are I'm obsessing, over it cuz I always do that I let my little remote thing here like I literally, obsess, over it and like play. With the lighting, anyways. I'm, probably gonna walk this footage back can be like Amy the lighting was fine so. This is why I kind of wanted to talk about this too because. In my truth about weight loss video um I. Talked. To you guys about how I want it to be more, myself and what I meant by that I feel like a few people where I hate looking for my brush I, feel. That a few people took that in the wrong way but a lot of you guys took, it like saw what I meant but a few of you guys thought. That took, it the wrong way I saw some comments where some people were like yeah I would love to see you like loosen, up more and be, more happy, and silly so I feel like a few people thought that's what I meant and that's not what I meant what, I meant by more myself is just be, sometimes. I feel like I think too, much about what I say which I really, am trying to stop that but I'll be rude with you guys the, art culture in 2000 18 is the, culture the right word maybe I don't know our, generation right, now it does not make that easy because everybody, is so freaking, sensitive, about everything, you can't make jokes about anything you, cannot talk about anything without people like latching.

On To something twisting, it and like, thinking you're a horrible, person so, I feel, like lately, I. Think. So much about what I'm about to say like you guys will notice and a lot of my videos there's a lot of like edits and cuts. And sometimes. I'm like wow Amy you can't even just get out a full sentence, because, you're. Like thinking about what you're gonna say and if it's going to offend anybody in making, sure but, not even that like sometimes I'll just be talking about a setting. Spray and, I'm like wow I like, you can't even say, something. Fluently. Because. In my head I'm always so worried about saying the right thing and. Um. You, know what I mean that's what I meant about more myself like I want to stop giving a thought like you know I didn't mean really I just feel like nowadays you just you can't say so it just makes people as a human. Feel. Confined. And, not. Free, and not open, and not real and not raw and I loved samantha's, video um on, YouTube where she said I, can't, remember the title of it but, she said people love the truth until. It, doesn't sit well with them or something like that not word for word or whatever people love the truth until. It's something did they don't want to hear it's, like really are you that, insecure. Of, a person or close-minded, have a person the thing with me is I can be friends with so many different people like I can be friends with people of different religion. People have different political views people have different morals people have different values. People of different, places. Of life and I feel like nowadays people don't have that they, want you to think the same as them be the same religion at them be have the same political view with them um do, the same thing of them just they we just like really have created this culture where. We just want everyone to walk around like a bunch of robots and everyone, be the same and say the same things and do the same things nobody think differently because, god forbid if you think earlier cancelled, its, created, the and you know what's so funny and, the same thing that Samantha said everyone's, always like preach, say. The truth be honest, but. Nobody, leaves, room for that nobody. Like, we haven't created the space for honesty, anymore there's no space for it because you get cancelled, the second, you think a little bit differently than someone it's insane. So let's, stop telling, people we want the honest truth and we want everyone to be rod we want everyone to be real because the second people are wrong real and it's a little bit different than what you wanted to hear everyone. Loses their, you, know what I mean so you'll. Want the truth until, you don't like it anymore and I personally, hate that I'm, really, like it's, funny cuz me my boyfriend my me my boyfriend of my sister talk about all the time about. Like our different personalities my. Personality, they always tell me is I'm a realist. Like my boyfriend my sister always tell me that and I would definitely say that I'm a realist, I'm not a negative person and I'm not a positive person so when I look at situations. I don't automatically go that's, gonna be bad and I don't go that's gonna be amazing I'm always just like what. Are the facts here what's, like you know I really, look at the real side things and I look at the pros that I look at the cons so I would definitely say I'm a realist, so it really bothers me that we've created this culture where we cannot be real about, like you know what I mean it's, so annoying so let's stop saying you want the truth from people unless you're really ready to accept it you know I mean you, know what's crazy I went a little bit dark on my tan today that this foundation is a little bit light on me um I just noticed, like there was a while there which I feel like it's changing now and I'm really happy about it like Shane Dawson is coming out with so much more rod reel videos like I feel like the content on YouTube for, a while was really stale and it was really like becoming.

A Lot about views, I need to move on or else I'm never gonna finish my makeup it. Was becoming a lot more about views which I got sucked into a little bit there I started. To do videos where I was like doing. Them just. For the sole purpose of. What. Would get views and hey, listen obviously I'm making videos because I enjoy it or otherwise, I would get a different career I went to college I could have pursued my career and what I went to college for, obviously. I love doing videos we know that but the fact is it's my job so I, make money off of videos so you're going if you make money off of videos you're going to may try to make the most of it try to do videos that that, get the most views in whatever so, for a while there I kind of got sucked into that and it's. Because YouTube, took a really big dip, with like the algorithm, and everything like that it, just took a very big dip where it was really hard to get views like. It. Was hard like a lot of youtubers quit a lot, of youtubers. Didn't. Delete their Channel but stopped making videos because they could not make ends meet anymore and I feel for them my, channel took a dip but it wasn't an extreme. Dip but it did take a dip like in. Hmmm. My, channel was doing good when I first moved in here like around 2016. But in 2017. My channel really wasn't getting that many views again. It wasn't getting horrible. Views but, it was like good it was close to like bad to average wasn't horrible but wasn't bad to average and it wasn't good to average, or amazing, so it was kind of like slowly, going under what I really didn't want it to be so. At, that point you start to overthink. An you start to go oh my god maybe I need to do this type of video so, I did, really start to conform and I started creating videos with like crazy come now so not a lot because I always just felt kind of like I was trying too hard but. I did at. One point conform, a little bit and. I did really try my hardest to get. Views and I conformed, to that and I feel like for a while YouTube, was that space it, was really hard to get people to notice your videos and it still really is but I feel like things have shifted whereas. For a while there people were doing that they were doing like the outrageous, thumbnails, the overly. Trying to get views the clickbait titles which, I'm. Gonna talk about clickbait titles but, yeah. I feel like for a while people were doing that, but. I feel like things are shifting I stopped. Doing it personally, months, ago because I was like I can't do it anymore a me like it was draining me and I found, I was, like looking at myself in the mirror and I was like why don't you have that fire, and that passion anymore and I realized it's because I was, thinking. Of it more as a job and less and I know it sounds really corny they do believe that when it comes to this field that I'm in with you too creativity. It doesn't come from a lot a logical, place it comes from the heart it fuels right through you it comes from your energy, your spirit, your heart what you feel so. I was, like Amy you really need to let down your guard like, let down that like logical, practical side of you and, follow. Your heart again because when I first started doing YouTube that's what I did I felt in my heart I was like whatever content, I got inspired by that. Was the content I put up you. Know and it, worked so well for me but again I just kind of got sucked into one, thing YouTube took a dip and stuff like that I thought my nose is so itchy again like why so. Then I just I couldn't, do it anymore I was like I need to get back to that place where this, is probably gonna be a long video this camera's been reporting for like 28 minutes I need. To get back to that place where I film, what's in my heart and what really like I'm passionate, about and you can tell like lately, now for the I've stopped doing that like months ago and for the past few months I've just been doing content, that I love and.

You. Can tell when you watch my videos now but I'm so, happy, to present them and that like I really believe in what I'm saying you know what I mean and it, just feels so much better but not only that I've always believed, that people can sense the energy you put out and it. What. Goes around comes around and the energy you put out is the energy you get so, because, now I am being so, much more real with my content and I'm really putting out content that I love, and that I'm passionate about and I'm not trying, so hard. People. Are responding, like you. Guys my supporters, are, always there I've real supporters, aren't there when. My channel takes a dip when my channel is high when. I'm going through this when I'm going through that but other. People, like new subscribers, that I gained you, attract, new people because they can see that your content is real and. That. You are passionate about what you're doing sorry my camera just shut, off because it only records, for like 30 minutes or 29, or something like that's one and a half I think anyways. Yeah so people can sense when. You're being like real and, passionate. And not fake and you attract more people and my channel has been doing very well because of it so, I realized, that that's just what I got to stick with I gotta stick with just doing what I want to do and being, raw and. Being, real and not worrying about views, like I honestly I don't care about views anymore I'm very satisfied with my channel and I'm so satisfied with the community, that I have of, course, I want my channel to grow but I will, say I'm so happy with where I might analyst at right now I, don't. Even want to cry like I literally I cannot do it I can't do it can't. Freakin do it. Like. I literally just did my concealer and not this k'kaw, concealer, is not cheap. I'm, so happy with where, my channels out right now like you guys are freaking, amazing the, amount of. Positivity. And support that, I get it's, so overwhelming. I can't talk about it I'm sorry I'm like really awkward and weird when I talk about my feelings and. When I get emotional so I can't I literally, cannot handle, it, being emotional. You, know what's crazy I used to be such an emotional person but then I I started, dating over go seven years ago my. Boyfriend my Curtin boyfriend still now when. You start dating a Virgo let me tell you something a. Transform. Yeah they. Turned you from emotional, person to a logical, analytical person, no, I always had that little part of me but I used to be such an emotional prison but anyways, we're getting like off topic you so yeah, I just I feel so much happier with my content and I'm really happy with the, subscribers, that I have right now like I don't care about views anymore and actually I don't want to say I don't care it always feels good when your videos get like a ton of views it feels good cuz I think more people are seen your content so I don't want to say I don't care but, it's not what fuels me anymore and it was at one point and I'm so happy I've gotten to the place where it's. Not what fuels me anymore you didn't mean I'm. Really happy and another thing I want to talk about is, sponsorships. Because. That's another reason why I love you guys so much so I know a lot of there's. Been a lot of talk about sponsorships, and how much things, cost and, everything which can I just say and I'm really literally I'm not throwing shade to anyone in this video by the way I literally don't I don't, care enough to throw shade it's just not that you, know I'm not gonna good person um. But. Am, I the only one who feels like weird talking about how much money. I make like it's just I've always felt very violated like, I don't want to talk about how, much money I make I've always thought it was a pretty private but here we are September. 2018, everything's, out of the bag like everyone, is. Exposing. My god. That sounds so like. What's. That word like rhonchi no I don't know whatever. Here. We are where, people are literally drop in numbers and drop in figures and. They're, real but anyways I'm not gonna talk about how much money I specifically made cuz I don't even tell my parents how much money I make the only person that knows is me and my. Man cuz we are together we, live together we are a partnership. You, don't I mean like I just it's, just not something that, I, tell people though, cuz I've always felt, there was a bit of. A private matter but here we are everybody, everybody's, been talking about it now and Marlena, dropped a number of 60k, which I want, to say not every youtuber makes this 60k, on every sponsorship, it's very like depending, I've always said that to guys like their, sponsorships, and certain, like.

There's Certain sponsorships, I do where I make a lot and there's some where I don't make as much because it just depends the type of sponsorships, what channel, that's going on my vlog channel or my main channel and blah, blah blah, you. Know so it just know that not every every time someone does a sponsorship oh my god 60k it's like I'm pretty, sure when. Marlena said 60k, I don't know who exactly she was talking about but. I I'm pretty sure she was talking about the, youtubers, of like millions of subscribers so. Don't think that every youtuber makes that but yeah that's a real number like when when she said that I was like yeah 60 K like that's the price like. Real, cuz I look at how much I charge and I, have about how. Much of, 820. Ish char like 18, K, and I. Get about a hundred to. Twelve average views if you do the calculation. So. I. Look at that and I look at how much I charge and then I look at their stats and I'm like yeah, 60 K like that's you, know teeny that's what. I would charge if I was them and I know that outrages. Some people, I really. Do I get that an outrageous, some people we gotta be real here right I'm a realist, I'm realist, here let's be real. Just like Samantha said there, would not be. There. Would not that would not exist if there was not demand for it and that's just the fact it's just like the celebrity, culture right that's, a lot of people like some about celebrities make so much money it's ridiculous, they. Make so much money because you guys create, the demand for it as a culture we create a demand, for it it's. Almost like. If. Everyone stopped watching movies, literally. Like if every single person on this planet stopped watching movies. Actors. And actresses would be out of a job but, that's not the case though we still love to watch movies we still love to watch the Grammys the. The, Oscars the VMA is we, follow all these celebrities and it's good like we, provide. A market, for it just, like. Just. Like we provide a market for YouTube and for influencers and for social media influences, so the money is there because, the demand is there because the market is their brands. Wouldn't, pay 60 K. If. It.

Wasn't Worth it if the demand, was not there it's it's worth it for them they are making more than 60 K they're giving 60 K to a youtuber, to, promote their products but them they're making more back, you. Know it's worth it things are shifting now things, are shifting before. Things. Were all about like the fake videos with the with the clickbait thumbnails me outrageous, like crazy you know just not real content, and now people, are really putting out real content, that they're really, actually passionate about like, real, you know and I, love that because that, creates I mean. I with that like it's creating such an awesome, real. Platform. In culture I really, am lucky I feel a lot of people are saying that YouTube has changed in its bag yeah, but open up your eyes YouTube is shifting and it's good it's shifting, I will, say I get what people are saying when they say that I I get I'm not you. Know I get it there's a lot of youtubers who have really created, this weird culture where things are just fake and phony but. If you shift, you, know unsubscribe, to those people stop watching their videos and. With the real people like look at the real people like Shane Dawson he's created, such like his channel lately he's. Putting, out real. Like that people are really loving and it's just it's it's it's, organic. Content, so switch stop, poking, on those people and focus on that that's, where I'm like wow YouTube is shifting and it's going in a good direction. We. Can just ignore those people which I think where we're shifting out the fake, and we're bringing the real in it's. Starting, to just I feel like the content, was what I'm saying is it's becoming more organic, and I. Really love it you know another, thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is a couple comments that I've seen which. I, don't want you guys to take this as me addressing, negative comments at all I feel the way I take this is, dialogue. This is just dialogue this is just us like let's talk let's show like like, the way you would talk to your friends if you guys have a problem with each other like let's just talk about it you know that's the way I look at this I don't see it as anything negative at all so. I have seen some comments of some people saying like I miss your but, actually it hasn't been too many oh can, we reverse back to sponsored videos so another thing I want to talk about yeah so I'm never gonna disclose exactly how much I make cuz I just feel like that's a little bit like I, mean. Do you guys go around and tell people how much money you make do you like, I'm genuinely I'm actually genuinely, um look at this new funky highlight. I'm. Gonna try it today but first I'm gonna apply this feel, like--that's to like me anyways I'm. Genuinely, wondering, like let me know in the comments down below do you guys tell people how much money you mean I feel. Like it's always like a tap like a it's, just a topic that I feel like it's kind of right it's almost like your sex life what. You don't talk about those things right I don't know actually, okay, I'm crazy um, anyways, so, first, I'm gonna just apply these liquid, drops oh my. God this is beautiful I have to tell you guys what this is I don't want to stop talking cuz I'm like on a roll but this is the 90s, highlight, in by, Annie, Annie, Cosmetics I believe it's called oh my god. Wow. That's so beautiful okay. I really, love this yes. So when, it comes we have such a good relationship. That. I. Never. Get hate for doing sponsored videos I never. Do and, I, really, is that like I sat down the other day and I was like I see. A lot of comments sometimes where some people get hate for doing sponsored videos which I hate by the way because it's like really let's start like who are you to come oh my god you see that highlight. I'm. Feeling myself anyways. Yeah who are you to, come in between someone else's bag someone else's coin. What. Shameful. Like issues wrong look let's, not but. I do see, how some people have an issue when, people are being fake and stuff and you know what hey, I'll be the first one to say you, are your best you are your own best, judge. Whatever I'm probably I'm, like I don't even know I'm saying you, are you know who you can trust like we have this thing called intuition, and gut and you know who you can trust so if you're following a youtuber, where you're like she, always says sponsored videos I hate it so much like I hate this and then when someone's like why you hate it that's dumb why do you hate it well, I hate it because it's fake and I don't trust it okay, then you need to unsubscribe to that person I'm gonna tell you that right now you need to add subscribe to them because, you should only subscribe, to people who you know that when they do sponsored, videos it's real, as ass.

Like Literally you know. What I mean do you what I'm saying here like I'm, gonna try the fenty thank you but I'm just gonna like top it off, cuz. It's like really pale you know I get, the argument of, like well the reason why people don't like sponsored, videos or just cuz some people are fake when they do it I totally, get that argument I really, genuinely do, seriously. So. Now my opposing, argument. Or my solution, I guess is why, do you follow them then unfollow, them unsubscribe, to them you, should only subscribe. To. Influences. Do you know you could trust and then that's it we're done here because I mean honest with you guys I never. Get. And I am so like thankful. For the relationship, we have I never, get. Hate for doing sponsored videos, never. And. I realize it's because we have such a good relationship like. We. Have such a good relationship do. You guys trust me like the the, bond that we have is super, like a friend. Vibe I always reply to your guys's comments I always reply to your DM your questions. We. Just were friends, I would never recommend my friend products that I that I genuinely, didn't, like and you, guys know that so, I just don't get hate for it so I just want to say like I I just wanted to point that out because I am so, grateful, for that I really am because. You guys are not trying to come in between my coin like you already know if, I, do a sponsored video it's because I love that product and I want to share it with you guys the same way I share products that I'm not sponsored by so. Yeah let me get back to what I was saying about the makeup, video, so, I've been getting a few comments not too many but a few comments of some people will be like oh I. Missed your makeup videos so much all you upload lately is fitness. Videos or weight loss videos, please. Go back to your old content, and stuff like that and again it hasn't been a large, amount, but I've seen a few of them I have. Decided to create, content, I am genuinely, passionate about, like, before I used to be like okay what what videos am I gonna do and it was like only make up only make up only make up and I have gotten to the point where I, love. Makeup like I love, makeup, I really. Do I love it so much, but. I also have other two interests now ever since I lost weight I'm really into fitness I'm Willie and really into weight loss and health and just like more lifestyle, content and, I also have a little bit more to fashion now my interests, are growing is what I'm saying and I cannot, hold. Myself down, to only doing one certain type of content, just, to please people that's what I was doing at one point it's only doing certain type, of content, just, to please. People I can't. Do it anymore you. Know what I mean I just can't so I still, love makeup and I still do makeup videos like all the time but I only do makeup videos now that I am passionate about, like. Before, for a while i was doing makeup videos that i kind of just like forced myself to do so i was kind of like doing so many testing. New favourites videos and at one point i was just kind of like i'm not really - like i'm not vibing with this right now which don't get me wrong I still love doing testing, new favorites videos though but. I have to genuinely, like there has to be this genuine, passion, and want to try, those products and a lot of the times there, wasn't that genuine, passion, to want to try some of those products, there, are a few new products that I have, though in my new product section where, I'm so excited to try like I really I have this like real, desire, and wanted to try them so, I'm probably gonna do a testing, new products video soon but. I was just doing so many, testing, new products video got at that point it just became like okay like what new oh that's new I'll try that for this video that I'm gonna do it wasn't, like I can't, wait to try this so, I just as, I'm doing the video I'm like. Don't. Feel the passion like, they're just you know there wasn't that thing so.

At Some point I was like why am i doing videos that I'm not like in love with you, know so now every. Week I'm like I do whatever, videos, I am genuinely. Creatively. Inspired to, do that week and whether those Ducks makeup fashion or fitness or lifestyle, that's what happens, that's, what I'm gonna do I can't. Do, my. Brows and talk I've said this two times before I can't I gotta turn up the turn. Off the camera and I will be right back. Everyone. Is asking me I really hope my brows turned out good cuz like any time I do it you check over to me I just I can't get the brows the joys I think they look ok though, everybody's. Asking me whose side, am I on team Nicki or team Carney you. Guys I am right in between like. I'm right in the middle staying. Neutral love, them both I think they both got a few things they need to work on let's. Be peaceful here that's, where I fan I'm team, neutral, team. Neutral so I was just thinking while I was doing my brows that, I think I just need to I think I'm gonna be able to be myself more again, not in the way we're like all happy until a because that's not who I am when I say myself I mean I'm. Not gonna be fake and try to act like anybody else but what I said when I say that what I mean is. Be. Able to just say, thing and just speak my truth without, worrying, so much about offending. Everyone but with every single word like you know I mean just being able to like let loose a little bit and not overthink, what I'm saying all the time but, I think what's gonna help me is I think I have to just realize that, not. Everybody, is going to get me all, the time and maybe some things that I say hey maybe there are gonna be some people that just take it out of context, and try, to be all negative but I have to be ok with that sorry I'm gonna like sneeze I have. To be okay, with. That and. I, think once I'm okay with that then, I'm gonna stop giving a you know I'm saying cuz sometimes I wanna like my. Real personality like, I'm super sassy and I'm sure you guys can tell it in this video I'm like I'm super sassy like, but. A lot of times I don't show that because. I'm like well I don't want them to think I'm being a bitch, but. Amy I your sassy, show the sass they show the sass here let's not hide the sass you, know what I mean but a lot of times I don't want it to be misconstrued and. I don't want people to think of the wrong way and, it's like how much I am I gonna filter my personality, how, much am I gonna filter my personality, to please other people and in, fear of what people are gonna say like really are someone I'm going to start doing now you know I just I can't do it anymore, really just cannot so, I think what that's gonna come with and me realizing. Hey yeah you know what some, people aren't gonna like you some, people are gonna be negative about it but. At the end of the day there's. Gonna be people that with it I like even in this video, like. In the back of my mind I'm, afraid to. Upload it a little bit because in the back of my mind I'm like oh god like my energy is super turnt in this video like I got really heated, about certain topics or a little sassy, or I'm really you know speaking my truth and I mean we're on I'm being real and can, some people handle that like you, know the fact is somebody we're gonna take that and consume is construed it but, even with this video I'm just like are.

People, Gonna think that I'm like too turnt and, like are, people gonna think I'm being negative like, you know I'm saying like. You. Just you always I always just have that where I'm like I don't want to. Be. Misunderstood. Type of thing but. Again I'm just gonna have to realize hey yeah not everyone's gonna understand, you and that's okay I feel like I've talked about like all the all of real deep. I wanted to talk about um the. Other thing I really wanted to quickly talk about is boob. Job let's, talk plastic, surgery, so. I know plastic surgery isn't like a huge trend and I. Don't. Know it's kind of crazy that it's become a trend like why are we anyways. Just this what it is so. Um, but I've talked to you guys about how I've always wanted a boob job since, I was like since I could remember I don't know if I was 16 or 14 I don't know but ever since I I grew to that age where like cuz you know when you're younger you don't even care but your body look I'm talking like 12 10 like you know we really start to like think about that stuff but I just start to get older so like I would say in my like preteens, to teens I started, noticing my, boobs were just like crazy, I've. Talked about it before my boobs are super, saggy number, one I but we've had big boobs they, used to be a this. Is crazy - one of my boobs and I know everyone, everyone. Know boobs are even some like you know they're always a little bit bigger mine. Are a full size so, one is it one was a D and one was a double D now. I have a C and a D, so. My boobs are uneven, one of them is a lot bigger and again I know I know boobs are not even everyone's, boob has one bigger but mine is like literally a full, maybe. Not a full size but definitely not a half like in between they're almost a full size bigger so. I've always had one that's bigger, they are extremely. Saggy, and. Very. Triangular. Just very weird shaped I've always hated my boobs ever since like I was growing up I've always hated them was. Never blessed with good titties just, wasn't so, I've always wanted a boob job but I never thought it was really serious about it until, I started losing weight, now. My, boots are like a Sienna, D and they're really. Really. Empty. Ish like they're, just even more saggy since I lost 43. Pounds, they're. Even more saggy now and I'm. Really unhappy with them because it's like I'm putting in all this work to better, my lifestyle, but also to get my body right look I've lost 43, pounds I'm, in the process of getting my dream body and really getting this body fit and in shape and, I, look in the mirror and my body is looking it's starting to look like amazing you know it's starting to look good and everything and then I just there's, just feels big old titties that just ain't in place like that just still bother me so it's like I'm putting in all this work to, get my body right in the, boob situation, still, bothers, me it still makes me insecure, so.

I Really. You guys know I have like this I don't even know what to call it but I have this really like this fear, of like, hospitals, and surgery and I just don't like it you know I don't like that whole situation so, I I, hate, even thinking about having to get a boob job and, going under the knife and stuff I really hate about thinking about that but, I really think that it's going to make me more confident, and happier but I also I don't know I don't. Know what to do I don't know if I should just get a breast lift okay. So, I have to just do my lashes off cam I'm gonna let the glue dry and I'll probably touch, it up so yeah I feel really good like oh my god I feel less anxious I don't know if you guys could tell but I'm less anxious, like. I got so much things so many things off my, chest. Which is good and. That's, pretty much it I already did my hair even, though I have some. And a little bit oh. I. Forgot to do setting spray, I. Always. Do this this is the glam glow. Setting. Spray. Oh. Yeah. So. That, is pretty much it for this jacket ready with me I feel so much better I feel like I've got so many things off, my chest, and I feel good now yeah. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this, video I love to chatting with you guys and make. Sure you leave down below what your thoughts are because I feel like there's a lot of topics to talk about so I love how we can just have dialogue I love, we, love people who can be mature and just have dialogue right so so just go ahead and leave your comments down below what, your thoughts are and just be super broughton real but respectful, of course as always this video is super long but I realized, like I'm not gonna cut very much of this video out because, I feel like I'm gonna be filtering, you know I'm saying I'm gonna be cutting things out filtering. And you guys are not gonna get the full thing look let's just I'm gonna, keep most of the footage in this video is probably gonna be extremely long like I'm talking 30-plus. Possibly, close to 40 but, oh well anyways. Hopefully you guys enjoyed, this video I absolutely loved it thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys.

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Amy I was watching some of your old videos and omg you had me literally lmao! Let’s just say you were a little awkward. You should do a video of you watching some of your old videos I think that would be so funny

I love that u were so raw this makes me go back to the reason why I subscribe you keep it real every time and i love your mood

I feel like me and Amy would be best friends I can relate to you in so many ways

I love this! Amy is on fire! Xo

Loved this! Omg! feel like I'm getting ready with a friend! love your personality :)

This is the realest video I’ve seen in a long time! Love you Amy xxx

Where’s those necklaces from !!?!!

I loved this video so so so much!!!

Ugh this video is so refreshing. You have no idea!

I stoped following people because of you. I love all your recommendations following just u, I'm good ! The only one that ever Snapchated me back was you . do u boo boo lol love ya

I love this you...... like always your one of my favorite that always watch. And ik people are so sensitive now days

Your necklaces are so cuteee

Yeah that's it's virgos lol

I can’t with the zoom in

The anxiety in this video was soooooo real... I felt it too! But that's when you know its genuine. Stay true boo. Been rocking with you for a min. && your honestly one of the real ones left. Dont ever change. Ps you lookin like a snack(:

The way you do your makeup is soooooo satisfying idk why

Haha so many personalities!! You sound like a cancer




I’m so happy someone finally brought up the privacy of income! Every video I was watching I was so confused as to why it was even brought up. No one should have to share, defend or explain their income to anyone! I’ve always been brought up to not talk about money, but to each their own I guess. I loved this entire video, especially when you talked about our generation being so sensitive, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m scared to make a damn joke some days

That’s why I love you Amy! You’re personality reminds me of me. We need more people like you! Whenever I watch the bubbly happy go lucky types I’m like, damn I could never be like that. But it awesome to see you being real and raw. Breath of fresh air girl! That’s what people are attracted to! Keep it up love!

This video is you complaining about your subscribers. You come off so aggressive and annoyed and generally negative and you know what? Not every person that watched your videos was your ride or die fan... just was here for good makeup content. The amount of times you told subscribers to unsubscribe from your channel... wow. I think I will follow your advice and not fuel the content creators I don’t like...

Girl this is why I subscribed to you! I don't get the people that talk shit about people that"complain" I get it. I totally understand you. If I was in your position I'd be the same way!

Yupp. I completely agree. The same people complaining are the ones who are giving these horrible you tubers fame. I've been saying this since YouTube got full of social climbers

This is my favorite video of yours yet

Omg yes Amy to many this Era is way to Fucken sensitive.. and feel entitle. Its almost like we have to accept Everything or your looked bad.

I came for your makeup skills but I stayed for your down to earth personality. Don't ever change Amy. Your real ness inspired me to start making my own videos even though I'm not a bubbly personality.

girl you couldn't of said it better ... just keep it sassy xoxoxo

I’m a realest too. People be like oh you’re so negative and I’m like ‘nope, I’m realistic”. Huge difference.

Girl! Same! Haha so many people want to act like its negativity but its not.... those people are the ones that are probably so worried about being negative that they just exude it constantly

And this is why I love you! Keep being you Amy

Totally agree with you. Its so true about what u said, can totally tell just by watching someone when they r not being genuine and when they r not into it anymore, they're just doing it cuz its their job and they've fallen out of love with makeup. Sum utbers have that vibe and i dint click in them as often anymore...i still click yours cuz i enjoy watching you and im glad ur still you

you’ve always been a real one. I love your content!!

This video is really everything I needed. It was so honest and just helped increase the connection!

Great Video you look Amazing

In 40 min you got 25 subscribers

I love your honesty and personality, Amy. Thanks for keeping it real. Love your channel and authenticity!

I’m private about money too! How weird that no one I’ve seen has talked about being upset about what someone gets paid as absolutely absurd. I’d never share how much I get paid.... not even a ball park. I’d go broke or get rich and no one would ever know. My second house is in Scorpio and my mercury is in the second house in Scorpio... not a CHANCE!

Can I like this a hundred times?!?!?! Love your bitxh 1 and bitxh 2 side hahahaha

Girl just do you. I love you for you. Love your videos love your Instagram. Just keep doing you!

Where are these necklaces from?

Also I love your content. I hope you do another chit chat grwm on astrology again.

You have always been one of my favorite youtubers Amy. I admit there was a time where I stopped watching but ever since you became more comfortable I have been watching again. I like these videos where you sit down and talk. I get to know you better and learn things. I appreciate that.

Love this!

I agree with alot of what you said. I personally like when you talk economics. I understand things better.

Love those pendants

Ps this video is still jumping on the band wagon

I'm so proud of you amy. You're such a gem in a sea of crazy and I'm living for it. Thanks is for keeping it real. By the way your weightloss is such an inspiration. You look amazing!!!

I can relate so much to this and I can see myself being friends with you! Keep doing you girl

Loved this video! I always love the way you do your make up!

Love make up yessss film more Film more

Lmao. Yes

Yay love youuuuuuuu

Absolutely loved it!!

I fucking love you Amy

"You want the truth until you don't like it anymore" .....PREACH mama preach! Thank you. I need that on a t-shirt!

"im like exploding" "hI SUGAR BABY!" im actually dead

Best video done regarding the beauty community

I FUCKING LOVE THIS VIDEO! So sick of this over sensitive society and not being able to do or say anything without people being offended, it is so frustrating and exhausting, we need a change.

Hell yeah✌

I had to google virgo, cause I swear the same thing happened when I met my husband. He's a virgo! I can totally relate!

This video gave me life - you go girl!!

U always been so real that’s why I’m still here watching every single video u upload!!! Much love Amy

She is just so beautiful ! Even with no makeup !

Everything was well said! Honestly i feel like it's hard to find genuine YouTubers these days

I’m dying, love you being the real Amy love that. I love your channels for the makeup and the tutorials and vlogs

i love your outfit. wheres your shirt from??

soooo happy you posted this video! People are so offended nowadays. No one believes in freedom of speech anymore

Your beautiful inside & out! Love u girl!

YES to E V E R Y T H I N G you have just said !!! Love you so much !! You, Kathleen lights and Casey holmes are my OGs that I know I can trust to keep it real

Just always remain you , love what you do and it will shine through always vent let it out and let it go breathe baby girl and mediate and take your channel to the level you want !!!! Blessings up !!!

Girl, yessssss to everything you said!!

I agree, it makes me so uncomfortable when people ask about how much money I make! No one's business but your own!

We love (and we want) sassy Amy!

I completely agree.... I just started my channel and I appreciate any support or advice please check me out thanks


I loved this video.i have been subscribed for many years and never comment but your brutal honesty is amazing. I'm glad your doing what makes you happy and many of us love the variety!

What bothers me is that all these people that bash youtubers act as if you owe us something just because you make money. This service is free for us to use HOW and WHEN we want. It costs us nothing so why is it such an issue that a content creator doesn't want to do a job for free. Like none of those people would ever think about doing that, so why should youtubers

Your skin is so pretty ❤️

I get that way too. When I have a really crazy day at work I'll get anxiety really bad and I won't be able to take a good deep breath for about 2 to 3 days. I hate it I'm glad I'm not the only one that it happenes too

Girl, I love you so much! I'm a fellow cancer and and consider myself to be a realist, even though others think I am a pessimist! I have been subscribed to you for years and think you are the realest chick out there!

This is so like me especially in the work place . I’m just me and I’m not gonna go out of my way to impress others

This is why I love you .

I love your videos but we see how you are with your sister on her vlogs and you seem like such a funny person. We just want to see that side of Amy too instead of the ' I have a wall up amy'

NO AMY!!! your amazing

one of the reasons you are one of my favs is cause you arent that bubbly lol. you are awesome! stay real girl!!!

Waiting for you to reach 1 million subscribers, I’m betting it’ll happen before this year even ends. You’re so humble and you deserve it.

I really love how you appreciate your followers as much as you do, thank you, cuz we appreciate you too

This is why you’re my fav ❤️

Amy you’ve always been honest and open. It’s one of the reasons I started watching you. I love how you’re not afraid to speak your mind. We need more people like you on YouTube. Love ya girl!

Feeling anxiety sucks balls

Living for the level of sass through out this video Yass Amy you do you that's why we love you x!

Were you able to breathe better after doing this video?!

Lauralee cancel because she make fun of jeffer but jeffer cancel her i am so sadbut its a good point for laura so no1 make a u amy

I’m so glad you’ve posted this video. I have always felt as though you been hiding. I’ve been rolling you since the PrettyPinkAmy days and you were always real and raw. Glad you’ve addressed everything and this video bought back old time. ❤️❤️❤️

I would never unsubscribe, love you Amy❤️

Well said if I was to start you tube this is how I'd be. Your so right about everyone getting butt hurt it's sad. When I was younger if u had a problem u handled it and shock hands it's now so freakon ridiculous

You go girl

I hope your ok.

8:45!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE WHOLE REASON WHY I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! MEEEE AF Unlike all of these influencers who are putting up a front but when their followers meet them they’re assholes.

I have anxiety disorder and it’s so weird but doing my makeup always calms me down I love it


Thanks for being you and being real ❤️

This entire video related to my life and I’ve never been so hyped up about the fact that someone has the same views as me

Hey, loved everything you had to say in this video. Love how you are so real and down to earth. Also, I would like to know what brush you were using with the wet n wild contour stick?? Thanks

And that’s why ur one of my favourite YouTuber❤️

YES I love how honest you are!!

You were so feisty in this video haha Love you girl! I legit have the same exact thoughts

Amy I love you and your content! Where did u purchase your necklaces??? I love them

I literally LOVE this raw ass, real video! It makes me so happy to see you not give a fuck about what anyone says and just talk to us about what's been on your mind. You're probably one of the only people that I genuinely l love watching when you post q&a's and grwm

I’ve been watching you since like 2014 and this is why. YOU KEEP IT REAL GIRL ILY

I thought I was the only one who took ten years to blend foundation

what's your sisters youtube?

I've always loved watching your videos from the get and loved your channel, but this real and raw Amy is my favorite so I love your channel just a bit more.

I'm so glad you said that response about when people say, "You're lucky, Amy!" I always think that although it is great to be able to work from home, I know that YouTubers had to work so hard in order to get to that point. The hardworking ones deserve to be able to get a break or free makeup. They spend so many hours creating content, editing, etc. I've been getting into filming videos, and it is a lot of work. Thank you for your hard work! You deserve so much support!!! Love you, Amy!!!

I literally have the same issue with speaking! Thought I was the only one

Telllllll emmmmmmmm amyyyyyy!!!!! Tellll emmmmmmm lol love you.

I love love love this!!!!! I used to be so scared to be myself and be honest when someone has done wrong towards me until recently. I’ve really learned how to stand in my truth and be more of myself! Thank you for opening up!

I'm one of your new followers and I absolutely love everything I have watched of yours! You are so freaking pretty and you are real af!

Wtf is wrong with her face color

I think most people who use the term "luck" are using it lightly. Try not to take it so offensively.

I’m 10 minutes in and I’m so happy that I’m subscribed to one of the realest youtubers in the beauty community.

Giiiirl. You need to do a full video on this dating a Virgo thing. Because I have myself a Virgo and my life is changed forever haha. Thanks to you and your sis for getting me back into the signs ❤️

Amy your camera quality is INSANE!!! you’ve got to have the BEST ever!❤️

I love you Amy!

Omg yesssss darling, why are people so sensitive this generation... I can not.. you no longer able to be yourself bc you have to think before speaking smh.. nailed it on that

So glad that you’re showing more of your real personality...I could definitely tell when you felt the need to conform, because I honestly stopped viewing a lot of (not only your’s) videos, because everyone was the same...back loving your content now though and the chit chat get ready with me vids

I’m glad I found your channel ❤️

Amy, I love you 100Xs more!! Great video

for your anxiety... MEDITATION, consistently. if you struggle to sit and do it on your own, I highly highly highly suggest finding a meditation class in your area. I promise you will not regret it.

I look the same with my selftan love u for being so real

I’m so obsessed with you!!!! You’re truly one of the realest youtubers I’ve ever watched. I feel like i can relate to you so well ♥️ loved this video!!!

You are the realist you tuber out there!! Your my favorite you inspire me to keep filming YouTube videos

Loved this video! Thanks for posting & opening up about a lot of topics!

Btw u put me on with that bronzer brush and cream bronzer I loveeeee the combo

Honestly, I was a subscriber back at the beginning of 2017 when I started coming across your videos. I remember starting to see very repetitive content after that and I felt like I was no longer interested. I could tell a lot of YouTubers were trying to keep up in some trend and I eventually unsubscribed from a lot of channels. Yours included. A few months ago one of your videos popped up on my recommended feed and I clicked on it not really expecting much and I actually noticed more of your personality showing through and the content you were posting felt different than what I had seen last year. You were the only channel that I had subscribed to again after leaving because I felt like I was connecting with you through your videos. We have a similar personality of not giving a shit and not having room for bs and I really felt like you were someone I wanted to support. I'm really glad to see you come so far with your weight loss journey, your content and quality, and your willingness to open up more on the internet. Much Love.

12:30 I was LITERALLY just having this conversation with my friend

I agree with you !! You go girl !!

Love how your so real!! also dealing with conformity of this society changed so much!!!

Btw where are those necklaces from?!

Mas na’ carajo


WOW Amy, every time I see your videos or IG posts you look more and more thinner! Both you and your sis look amazing! Killing it!

I can relate with something you am saying and I love the honesty

Can I please say I’m the say way you are. I’m a realest. My siblings always say I’m negative because I’m not afraid to say the truth even if it makes you uncomfortable. I’ve noticed people say they want to hear the truth but once it’s said you’re a “hater” or “negative”. Be you and say what you want people will love or hate you but you’ll be happy and find peace.

Kim K vibes

*tears up* uh uhhh not today girl this kkw concealer is not cheap, come back another day

Try been a young mother with depression and anxiety you feel so guilty when your having a bad day

amy, i’ve been a subscriber since 2014 when i was going through a really tough time.. you’re genuine, passionate and overall amazing

I fuckn love u!!!!! And I’m so glad u did this video! Girl we love that ur being RAW! We don’t get this often !

Couldn’t agree more about people not wanting the real truth, they just want their version of the truth! You are right on point about being able to speak freely too. I find myself just shutting up most of the time just because you know what you have to say won’t be received open minded. Glad you feel better. Makeup turned out gorgeous as usual!

I never comment on your videos but I Always watch you. Thank you for your honesty Amy.

amy i subscribed to you BECAUSE of your personality BECAUSE you werent like the other youtubers with the "bubble" extremely happy all the time personality! and i know i can trust your recommendations so your sponsorships will never bother me

I love these type of video! I love getting to know you better

You’re so beautiful, it’s insane

Amy I really enjoy you but this whole entire video is a contradiction

Amy are you a gemini ?

I love your personality. You and the glam twins are so a like. You’re all so honest and real, I love it! That’s why I love watching you guys! Love the energy! ❤️❤️❤️

Sooo true!! I went to one event for a big brand and was amazed how some of the big youtubers were totally different than their personalities on youtube. Stay true to who you are the real followers stay!! My world we are scrutinized in every aspect of our job and personal life and it is not fun!!

It’s nice or lucky to be able to have the guts to put yourself out there. Lucky maybe in a way that that is your job.. and that your able to do it. And become successful, but not everyone can do brows like me, lol.. j/king bit seriously some people can’t do it. I can do YouTube because I have so much fears about how people would say bad things about me. So that’s part they maybe saying your lucky. Not that luck knocked at your door and gave it to you. Cause girl I worked hard to get my job and clients and I feel very lucky and blessed.

There are very few “REAL” YouTubers out there that we can trust and that makes me So sad! I’ve unsubscribed from a lot in the last month.

8:45 sister snapped

you speak nothing but FACTS!


Absolutely love you & all your personalities haha!!

So happy I discovered you, you're amazing ❤️

ive always loved your channel but this video really made me love you lol

you did seem a little different in the way you spoke in this video compared to your previous ones. At one point I was really paying attention to you and you seemed much younger than what I thought in the other videos. But it just made me more curious to find out who you really are and I will stay watching your videos because I can't wait to see and grow with the unfiltered Amy. I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way - There's only so much one can express through a comment but I'll just say your realness made me smile today and I love it. It gave me the chills like watching a celebrity going for a "new look" and everyone's watching! -much love.

Yeeeesss Amy! Couldn’t have said it better! I love your honesty and open mindedness... we must be soul sisters bc I am the same. Unbiased and straight the point. Thanks for always being humble and not letting the “youtuber fame” go to your head!

Love the sass tho. You do you boo❤️

appreciate this video!

Love it!!! Be yourself!!!

I’m not even through the whole video & I can genuinely tell you... this video made me love so much more. Keep being you and not giving a fuck Amy. At the end of the day, your real supporters will love you no matter what.

I have unsubscribed from so many people lately because I am just not on the same wavelength anymore.

The bible says put on love what do you expect them to do duh.

Love you Amy!!!!

I loveddddd the sincerity & realness of this video! Keep it that way always!❤️

Best video ever. You do you.

We love that you stay so real! Keep your great work

Love you Amy♥.

I love you, you’re literally my favourite YouTuber!! Xx

Um you're so tiny! Skinny queen when did this happen?!

Amy We have the same personality and I am also a cancer. Thanks for the honesty and always being yourself ! My husbands a virgo and I understand what you mean.

Get it girl!!

We love who you are ❤️

I completely understand. I had a really hard childhood and some days I really have to battle the thoughts within. Some days I’m ok and I can control my thoughts and other days the voice of my past or things that happen during the day make me feel everything as if it was happening now. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about myself and exercises to stay positive as possible. Anytime I feel a negative thought in my head I try and replace it. It is super hard but it gets easier over time. I love that being real is so important to you. Thats how I feel completely. Stay strong. Praying you find your peace and are able to take that full breath of air.

Girl... You look so fricken skinny and so pretty. I like this real side of you FYI.

I’m the same exact way I wake up differently every day as well. But I think it’s part of anxiety

Girl I’m with you be yourself

I've watched you for years because you're a REAL one!Love your content. Just keep doing you. You cant please everyone or you'll end up losing who you are so just do you boo boo! xx

You said it BLESSED... not luck!!! Love you Amy ❤️

I just came across your channel, and i already LOVE you as a Youtuber because you act how you truly are. So keep on being you, because I can already tell you work hard to be where you are today.

You look like you have lost loads of weight all of a sudden, good on ya girl

You da bessss

Okay PAUSE...your natural lashes tho!!!!!!

I really love you

Love the raw and realness!!!! That's why I will forever subscribe :D New Youtuber and wondering how real I can be but girlllll you inspire me xD

This video is the realist, you have been one of my favourite youtubers for the longest time and I agree that people are so easily offended these days. Even in situations that no offence is meant, people reach so hard for drama! Support the people you enjoy watching and don’t support the ones you don’t, it really is that simple.

I freaking love you ! ❤️


i love the fact that you re not only doing makup.

Loved this video, you’re always so real... loved how you put everything together, thanks for spreading positive and good vibes. Love You

Where did you get your necklaces?

I love all of this. You are probably one of my favorite YouTubers hands down.

Huge believer that real recognizes real! I've followed you for years and honestly, you're the only beauty YouTuber that I still watch! I feel like everyone else got sucked into the lifestyle! Keep doing you girl! *muah*

I love the fact your thoughts are clearly reflected❤️

omgg let me do your lash extensions i want to give your eyes LIFE. Better than kim k idc. Your firee

the "who are you to come between someone else's coin...WHAT...shameful." i DIED ahahahaha love you

Please, stay you

Yes, so right.

I feel that its hard to get view/exposure with Instagram as well. its hard trying to be yourself and genuinely get noticed compared to keeping up with all of the trends inorder to grow. I do makeup because its my passion and of course numbers play a factor but at what cost ya know? I want you to know that youve always been one of my favorite youtubers for alot of reason. i love that you stay true to yourself and that you dont really conform. It reminds me of old youtube in a way. Thank you for being you and doing what you!

I’ve been loving your new content! You have inspired me so much to live a healthier lifestyle. Makeup, fitness, fashion, I love it all. You are so positive and so real and have the best style. Definitely one of my favorite YouTubers ever! Keep on being you girl.

I’ve been complaining about that forever that no one will be friends with or even tolerate anyone that’s different from them. People need to get over that so we can all move on lol I’m tired of it

Straight up!!!

I saw this was going to be a super long video but I still loved every second of it! I loved how YOU you were in this video and I hope you feel comfortable enough to continue to do so because I just want you to be happy!! Ps, I lovveeeddd your makeup at the end of this and your highlight was EVERYTHING!! Love you Amy!

I love you girl! I rather hear what I need to hear versus want to hear. Thanks for keeping real since day 1!

I saw on reddit a link to guru gossip with you as a topic a girl post that you only like comment when they comment about them noticing your loosing weight . . It bothered me . I like u Amy I think your great

You should do a mukbang on those days when you binge and not worry about calories

Love this video girl! Keep being you, we need more of that on here!

Literally my favorite person of all time

Love you Amy!

You’re the first you tuber I ever stared watching like 3-4 years ago, and the one that made me want to start doing makeup! I literally would buy the clear drawers to keep my makeup in from amazon

Your personality is unique and not like many others, don’t change for anyone girl!

"You get cancelled" FACTS!!! The way I enjoyed this video!!!! I'm sorry I got to say it girlllll PREACHHHHHHHHH lol!

PoliticalQueen _ she tans her body but not her face

Amy you are so damn real with yourself and everyone else around you. I & so many other people literally appreciate you so much! Love to you girl, keep shinning the way you are hunny.

I just unsubscribe every time I see a “my truth” video. PLAYEDDDD OUTTT.

Unsubscribed✅ has she has lost her mind! Major Sass! Just listening to her gives me anxiety


This is the 2nd or 3rd video I watch where you mention YouTube salaries and how you don’t want to disclose how much you make and I respect that but why do you keep bringing it up in videos?!? Love most of your videos and think you’re real I just find the YouTube salary topic is repetitive for nothing!!

Ima a Virgo we would be great friends I’m so happy that your happy now all 3 of you should do a personality video that would be funny

Please do more real raw chit chat it can. Be about anything but just girl talk

OMG Amy I *LOVED* this video. I really like when I follow a Youtuber and they really open their hearts and minds to the world. I really liked your thoughts and your personality. Thanks for being so transparent and human. Huggies from Colombia

yas girl let the real you shine bright

Love your nails by the way!

Oh i watch your sister too, and i automatically thought your sister was an extrovert and your an introvert. I thought that was cool and love it!!! Be you boo!!! Sometimes you need both, everybody shouldn’t be the same.

We are the most sensitive insensitive generation

I genuinely trust your opinion for literally everything. When someone sponsors you I'm like oh shit I need to check this out,because I know you don't fuck around and say you like something when you actually don't. And yeah let's talk about the multiple personalities cause I'm right there with ya!

Omg I love this video because I feel the same exact way!!!

Tell em hunni

The truth

I’m dying

I love you so much more after this video!! You’re a real ass person!!

I literally have been watching for you for about 2 years now, and you’ve shown me so much about makeup and everything and the life updates are the best...and this video is life, I love that you’re so real and open about this...I love you keep doing you!!!

Yyyyyyaaassssss!!!! I feel like you're my Best friend from a previous life bc I love everything you are saying here and agree with you on a whole other level. I been rooting for you since day 1!!!




every word you’ve said is so realll i really agree with you

Keep doing you

I think you are the only youtuber i wait every week to watch. I literally search by your name and check if i have missed any videos. Always rely on your reviews and guess what you made me try wet n wild though i hate the foundation but still love the other products. Love you so much! P.s i really agree with all that you said about the truth.

And this is why I always loved you and your YouTube


Are you interested in breast lift, reduction or implants ? Just curious

I’ve been subscribed for years! I remember your room and pink lipstick you used to wear lol... And I have seen you grow. And I seen the difference in what you’re saying about how you would just make videos to make them and I wouldn’t connect fully. But I didn’t subscribe because I know that’s your job and you have to keep up with your channel but lately I’ve felt the content you’re putting out is enjoyable. And back to watching your videos. Thanks for just putting it out there. I enjoy watching your sister because we have similar interest

Get it Girl! im so right there with you don't sensor your true self, chances are more than half of us agree with you anyways. I've always been that girl that says what everyone else is thinking but to afraid to say preach it sister. Also on the topic of lift I my self have always stuggled in the same way so if giving those puppies a lift is what you want its 100% your choice and i support that all the way, it takes balls to own it and go through with it! Respect xx

OH MY GOD i loooooved the sassy Amy at 8:49 xD preach

Yaas Amy I don’t entertain that shit either and I don’t talk about how much I make

Yay yourself❤ I just love you❤

This video is EVERYTHING I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! Same with Samantha’s video! I love the both of you so much ❣️❣️❣️❣️ Keep it up Amy, this is WHY I followed you.

I love this Amy

Yaasss!!! Girl preach!!!

I have never related to a youtuber on this level WOW. I want to applaud you for being real

Only bc this was lengthy did I not plan on watching, however I decided to clean up my beauty room and WHOA- so glad I did!! I loved this raw side of you. You were legit, down to earth, relaxed in your face Amy. You took off your super professional, matter of fact side and said it how it was. And

Great video! I’ve been watching you for a while. BUT this video showed me another side. Girl you kept it so REAL. I’m 100% agree with everything you said.

I love you, you are the only YouTuber that is honest in everything and also you are super inspiring, you keep me motivated in my weight loss journey !

Lmao loved your reference to the little people on your shoulders

Even though this video gave a little anxiety just feeling it through you, I really enjoyed it. You have been one of my favorite YouTubers because you keep it real. I love how much you cursed in this video and when you did the voice of “conformist Amy” on your shoulder haha! I hope to see more of that kind of stuff pop in to your other videos.

Love your videos! Keep doing you boo!

Amy you look amazing, been watching your channel for 2 years now

Lol my husband is a virgo, and I’m an Aquarius. So I totally relate to that.

Side note I think we need a “shit” counter.

K, I’m so subscribing rn

The money you make is none of my business, but I appreciate you talking about it a bit.

That foundation match was so spot on it was so satisfying to watch lol. Love you

love you girl lol come to yorkdale more often would love to meet u guys one day!!!!!

Keep being real, girl ❤️


I feel why you hate getting compared to people I hate that my mom used to always compare me to my little sister I hated it

When you lost the weight did you find the shape of your face changed? Thanks xx

All of the sensitive snowflakes these days drive me crazy

The realist thing you spoke on was how demand works. It’s true and once people understand that simple concept, they won’t question why influencers make so much money.

I can not explains how much I love your videos but this one right her has to be a top 5 for sure I love how honest you are


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