My Plan To Make $1 Million A Month In 2021

My Plan To Make $1 Million A Month In 2021

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My plan to make 1 million dollars  per month in 2021. Oh, yeah.   You heard that right. 1 million dollars  per month. And there are no fantasies here.   I'm going to tell you exactly how I'm going  to make 1 million dollars per month and why   that number is not as high as you think it  really is because you can do it too. Let's go.   I'm going to share with you my real story with  full details --nothing held back, no fluff,   the real story of what I'm doing, how I am doing  it and a breakdown of my income. I'm going to tell  

you my most profitable source of income and  how I grew with 10x. But more importantly how   you can too. And I'm going to share with you my  dirty little secret on how I make at least double   every single year. This video is a little bit  difficult for me. I'll be honest with you,  

guys. I am not used to telling you guys my income  and breaking it all down. I literally am sweating   just a little bit telling all of my business. But  this is the truth. This is me, Noelle Randall,   real estate entrepreneur, mentor, mom of 5 or 7  depending on how many kids I'm counting that day.   But I am a real person and I am going to tell  you my real stories. So, let's get to it. So,   I'm going to tell you basically how I got here  really quickly. So, really quickly most of you  

guys know... [???] You know, I started  in my parents' basement. Literally broke,   bankrupt, multiple foreclosures. And at the time  when I moved into my parents' basement, it was the   end of 2009. We have lost everything. I had lost  my job my husband had lost his job, I had 2 kids   at that time and I was pregnant with my 3rd kid.  I literally ended up moving back with my parents   from Atlanta, Georgia back to my parents' basement  in Bloomfield, Connecticut. That was probably the  

worst time in my life. I felt like such a failure.  I was embarrassed. My husband had lost his job. We   were just like these dejected people that lived  in a basement. And it was bad for us, okay? But   it was in that basement that I just really  started looking at my life and started taking   responsibility for the decisions that I have made.  I really didn't quite understand at the time how   I ended up in my parents' basement. I was working  full-time, we were flipping houses, we had 2 kids,  

we both worked. I was just like, "Wait, how did  this all just crumble so quickly?" But I know   the answer now and I'm going to tell you so you  never have to go through what I went through.   But first, I'm going to tell you how I climbed out  of it. So, while we're at my parents' basement,   literally not my husband's parents' basement. My  parents' basement. I, like I said, was pregnant   with my 3rd kid. So, my parents' were like, "Yeah,  we'll take you in. Not a problem. You need to go   get a job or go to school." So, I started went  back to school to finish my college degree.  

At the time, I had no college degrees at all.  I had 3 years of school at the University Of   Connecticut and then I dropped out to go to  Atlanta because I thought I knew everything.   Went to Atlanta, started my life, got married, had  kids then back in the basement because I didn't   know what I was doing. So, while I was in my  parents' basement, I got me a real estate coach.   This guy changed my life. Let me tell you how.  My real estate coach changed my life because it  

wasn't necessarily that he taught me so much and  all of these things that I could've not learned.   It was that I had invested in my self when I was  down. Being really honest with you. I had no money   when I took that coach. But he told me that he  could teach me something that I had never heard   of before. And he started telling me things that I  had never heard. And for some reason, it just felt  

right. So, long story short, I ended up canceling  one of my college courses just to get on a payment   plan to learn from this coach. And it was worth  it. He taught me a concept called wholesaling,   finding people that were having property problems,  who had been in foreclosure just like me and get   those properties under contract and start making  money. And it did. It worked. I listened to what   he told me. I followed his scripts and before you  knew it, in a few months, I was out of my parents'   basement and I had finished my college degree. So,  now, let's get to the fun part on how I took that.  

Because on that point, I was not rich, I just  wasn't poor anymore. And let me tell you how   I really took that to the next level and how you  can skip all of that basement crap that I went to   and go right to where I am right now. So, let's  break it down. When I first started real estate   investing, the second time after getting a coach,  after having the wholesaling and all of this,   you know, I'm not a disaster anymore, I  still didn't have a lot confidence. You know,  

because we had been through the foreclosure and  I ended up in my parents' basement and people   are saying negative things about us, I had a lot  of self issues. And so, I just keep kept working   and then doing that real estate thing on the side.  I had been burnt by real estate so I didn't think   that I should do it full-time. People told me  that I shouldn't do it full-time. I should just  

work because I had kids. You know, you have  kids and you're married, so, you should work.   Don't listen to that. That's ridiculous. But that  I was told and so, that's what I tried to do.   So, I'm working and I'm doing my deals on the  side and I'm climbing this corporate ladder and   I'm working... You know, I'm back in mortgage  banking. So, at the time, I'm working at Bank   Of America then I go to Chase. I'm a VP at Chase.  Then I leave Chase. I go to Wells Fargo and I'm  

climbing this corporate ladder and I'm getting  these better jobs but I do not own my time.   I am miserable. Yeah, I'm making more money but  life is not really good, okay? I had a 6-figure   job pretty much from the time I finish college.  Okay? I finish college when I was 29 years old   in 2010. Then I moved back to Atlanta to finish  my life and from 2010 to 2015 is when I became a   millionaire. I kind of just got by myself. I kind  of got rid of some of my friends. Stopped talking  

to everybody mostly because I didn't really have  the confidence to tell people what I was doing.   But long story short, I did. I just kind of  cut everybody off and just focused on becoming   a millionaire. And from 2010 to 2015, that's  what I did. And in 2015, I became a certified   millionaire. And how I did that was really through  property. Because you can become a millionaire by   owning... Let's just use an example. If you own 5  properties that are worth $200,000, boom, you're   a millionaire. That's a million dollars worth of  assets that you have. If you have 10 properties  

that are worth $100,000 and you have no mortgages,  you're a millionaire. So, you guys get it. It's   not really hard to become a millionaire in real  estate with property. But I'm talking about "How   do you make up a million dollars a year?" Huh? How  you do that? Why you do that? You know, my coach,   he had taught me some wholesaling but ain't nobody  teach me how to make a million dollars a year. So,  

now let me tell you how I did that. And I'm going  to just breakdown last year's numbers because I   think it's the easiest way to do it and I can show  you quickly how you can do it too and how I can   get to a million dollars a month in 2021. So, in  2020, let's give you some rough numbers. I have   6 businesses that I run now. I know that sounds  a little crazy but I do it. And actually, it's 8   if I was being completely accurate. But 6 active  businesses that I have my hands in. And in 2020,   I'm just going to tell you about my main  business that I have my real estate through   that I do my real estate courses and my coaching  and things like that. And that business in   2020 just that business did right under 2  million. It's like 1.9 million (blah, blah).  

So, let's kind of break that down. Because like  "Whoah, what do those numbers mean?" So, when I   want to become a millionaire, you know, making a  million dollars per year, I broke that down. And   I knew that came to $83,333.33 a month. And boy,  did I think that was a lot of money. And it is.   Because most people in order to be rich and have  the life that you want and love and you're free,   you really don't need to make $83,000 a month.  However, that was my goal and I set out to do it.   But again, it starts off and it just builds. So,  let's break down all the different streams of   revenue and I'll tell you what I did in 2020 and  then what I'll do in 2021 and how it would become   (again) a million dollars per month. Okay. So,  I basically have 6 streams of income that I'm  

going to breakdown for you guys and I'm going  to tell you what I did last year and then I'm   going to tell you what I'm going to do in 2021.  So, the first main source of income that I have   is my real estate. Like I said, guys, I'm a real  estate entrepreneur. But that doesn't mean I am   a real estate investor. That does not mean, I am a  real estate agent. That does not mean, I am a real   estate developer, that does not mean I am a real  estate loan officer. I do different things in real   estate. Basically, if it makes money and it's a  skill set that I have, I will do it. But I keep  

things to what my core expertise is. So, let's  just talk about the property. When I first started   with real estate and I started keeping properties,  I ended up having over 42 rental properties with   long-term tenants in them. That was because I did  not know about short-term rentals. I did not know   about Airbnb. In fact, Airbnb probably wasn't as  big as it is now and as profitable as it is now.  

So, in the last year starting in 2018 towards  2019, I started transitioning my properties   from long-term tenants, meaning, renting out empty  properties, you know, doing 1-year leases with   people. I went from doing that to doing Airbnb.  So, I started furnishing properties. And as you   guys can see, we're actually in an unfinished  Airbnb right now. I will show you some b-roll   because this is what I actually love doing  now, is putting these properties together   because it's so much more profitable to rent  properties out on a nightly basis. You know,   furnish with the towels and everything than it is  to rent them out unfurnished for a whole month.  

Way more profitable Airbnb. Just being real with  you guys. Yeah, there's a little bit more hassle   that may go with it or things that you have to put  in place. But it is a much more profitable real   estate niche. So, in 2020, I made about 280,000  dollars just off of my rental properties, okay?   And in this year, in 2021, it's going to be about  $200,000 per month, okay? So, here's my plan: So,   in 2020, obviously, we had covid, okay? So, that  really took my real estate income down. Because   I had so many properties in the Florida area,  around the beaches and things like that and we   were expecting some really big numbers for 2020  based on some of the travel that was expected.  

Well, as you guys can imagine, covid did not  agree to that plan. And a lot of my properties   did not make the money that they were supposed to  make in 2020. But again, not a big deal because   I'm going to tell you about my second source of  income that really shot up in 2020 and I'm going   to balance between 2020 and 2021. So, in 2020,  I have these 19 properties that are mine. Like   I've said, I've downsized, I've sold off some  properties. And that's why I don't necessarily   want to put some of those numbers in there because  I'm not including any of those numbers. In 2019,   I started getting rid of and selling some of my  properties and focusing on short-term rentals. So,  

for 2020, I wasn't really going to do too  many long-term tenants. I was going to focus   on short-term tenants. And on average, we make  about $2,000 a month profit on each property we   have. Okay? That's profit per property. So, if  I have 10 properties making 20,000 per month,   what If I had 100 properties? 200,000. So, as  you can see, 100 doors, again, 100 units because   a door, remember, I have apartment buildings and  that will be a door. Each door will make me about   $2,000 per month and we will have at least 100  properties, okay? And that is profit. That is net.  

I am not talking gross. Because we have to pay all  the mortgages, we have to pay all of the different   people. So, that's $200,000 per month. You guys,  getting that math? Now, think about this for   yourself because I don't want you guys to think,  "Oh, my gosh", What if you just have 5 properties?   And what if you didn't make what Noelle makes on  her properties because you don't how to get your   occupancy all the way up or you don't know the  areas. People that are just starting make at least   $1,000 per month per property. So, you could just  have 10 properties and make $10,000 a month. I'm  

just giving you some ideas here. So, for 2021, for  just the real estate, we're going to be putting in   $200,000 a month. That's that first source of  income, guys. Alright. Let's get to number 2.   The second source of income. And again, not my  primary source. This is going to be YouTube.   So, one of the things that I've started  enjoying so much was doing YouTube videos.  

And I did not realize when I started I should've  [???] been on YouTube a lot sooner. YouTube splits   their ad revenue with me 45/55. Meaning, I get  55%, they get 45% of all of the ad revenue. So,   I'm bringing you all of this free content. You  guys are paying for it by watching the ads. So,   watch the ads because this is how you get  it. I'm not saying you have to buy anything  

or anything like that. But watch the ads. That  gets me revenue and this is how you are paying   for the content that you are getting for free.  So, my income last year and I made a whole video   on how much money I made in 2020 on YouTube. I'll  put a link there. I'm going to take that to about   $60,000 per month. I know you guys are like, "What  are you talking about, Noelle? Are you serious?   You can make $60,000 a month from YouTube?" Yes,  just from YouTube. Again, I'll show you my numbers  

right now. For just right now, it's about $30,000  per month. So, I'm talking about doubling it and   how we plan on doing that is just putting out more  videos. I have so much content. Again, Noell has a   batchelor's degree, I have a masters' from Penn  State and I have another masters' from Baylor.   Plus I have over 20 years of experience. I've  managed my more than 200 people. I've worked at   Wells Fargo, Bank Of America and Chase. I have  a ton of knowledge that I can tell you guys  

that most people have no idea about. So, yeah,  I'm going to put more content out here. I'm   going to spill the tea. Tell you guys everything.  And in return, I'm going to get $60,000 a month.   Alright. Number 3, this is going to be the  probably the one that shocks you guys the most.   This is going to be my coaching, my programs,  my courses. Not my speaking. I'm not going to   necessarily include that. And that is going to  be $500,000 a month. I know you guys are like,   "Whoah! Noelle, are you freaking kidding me?"  And it's true, okay? It is true. So, right now  

between my coaching, my courses and my programs,  it's about, last month, December 2020, it was   $336,451, okay? So, for me to go from $336,000 to  $500,000 a month, it's really not that crazy. I'm   really just going to add some more speaking into  there. I have a few more events that I'm going to   do that will attract some more things. And then  we're going to be adding a couple of more smaller  

progams that are teaching you guys about business  credit and how to start you business in just a few   smaller type of progams to really get you guys  started. And that will easily be another $100,000   per month, okay? Because we try to make our  courses super affordable. But with the audience,   you know, I get millions of views per month. It's  pretty easy to just sell something for 5-6 hundred   bucks and make hundreds of thousands of dollar  if you're bringing value. And that's what I do.   So, yeah. The coaching, the courses and  the programs, $500,000 a month. But again,   this is what I'm telling you. It's not that  crazy because right now, just last month,  

it was 336,000. And then a month before that, it  was 268,000. So, for January is somewhere in the   low 400,000. And we'll just keep going. So, just  averaging it out, it will be at least $500,000   per month every single month. Additionally, let  me give you 1 secret because I just have to.  

It's the monthly payments. Why is it so much  per month? It's not like I'm always selling   all of these people every single month. But  there are some people that I've worked with   on a really high level, really close, close. And  that those programs and those inner circle things  

are a little bit more expensive. However, most of  those people are on payment plans. And so, if you   get... You know, just being honest with you,  say you got 50 peopple on a payment plan where   they're paying you $5,000 per month just kind of  do the math to that. That's about $250,000. So,   that's how I get to those numbers pretty easily.  So, sidebar on the coaching and program because   I know, I'm going to get all these comments and I  get so many people already on social media like,   "Whoa! How are you making all of these money?" But  I'm going to tell you a quick story. And this is   about a guy that I don't know but you probably do.  His name is Jeff Bezos. That is the CEO of Amazon.  

Again, I do not know Jeff Bezos but you probably  know who he is as well. And I'm going to tell you   why Jeff Bezos is rich. Because most people have  no idea why this person is the richest person   on the planet. And they will probably never get  to his level of wealth as where I probably will   because I trully understand how he got his money.  The reason why Amazon, Jeff Bezos and that company  

is so successful and so profitable is not because  they eat up smaller companies and they take mom   and pop's stores and they tear them down and  they're a monopoly and all this negative stuff   that people say about them. Or should I say poor  people say about Amazon. The reason why Amazon   is the most profitable business in the world is  becuase it makes entrepreneurs money. But most   people do not understand about the business model  of Amazon is it creates millionaires. It created   one of me. That's a whole separate business that  I'm not getting into. And that is fulfillment by   Amazon where you are able to ship your products  to Amazon and Amazon as a market place will   sell your product to billions of people and just  pay you money. You literally make your product,  

you send it to them, they sell it, you get money.  That is why Jeff Bezos is rich. He has created so   many entreprenur millonaires that he has no choice  but to be a billionaire. So, if you create value   and you create ways for people to get money which  is what I do teaching people how to make money,   how to have properties, how to get hundreds  of thousands of dollars in business credit,   how to be millioaires; I have no other choice but  to be a billionaire. If I make 100 millionaires,  

trust me, I am a billionaire. And Jeff Bezos has  made thousands of thousands of millionaires. So,   that is why he is the richest man on the planet.  And if you don't understand that, now you do. So,   start bringing value to people. Start making  people rich and then you will be rich too.   Number 4, hopefully, you're still adding up these  numbers, we're going to put them on the screen.  

The next one, I am launching a book. This book  will make me about $100,000 per month, okay? I   already have several books. But this is a book  really on real estate. I've been writing it for   months putting my heart and soul into this book.  Because I want to make sure that people have an   easy way to get all of this information and start  being successful. Again, I'm trying to create ways  

to create millionaires. The more millionaires that  I create, I will be a billionaire. It's already on   it's way. Whether you guys buy my book or not. But  many of you will. So, my book revenue right now is   only about $11,000 per month. But in 2021, with  the new book that were launching, the campaign,   and all of the success that I have  with all of my viewers, my Podcast,   all of these people that are all on my social  media --YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook,   between all of those platforms, I have a million  followers. So, with all of those people, I will   be able to sell tons of books and make a lot of  money on the process. So, the book will be about   $100,000 per month in 2021. Number 5, Nuurez.  Nuurez Incorporated. That is Nuurez ,  

I know some of you have heard of Nuurez because  I talk about Nuurez but that is my baby. That is   my company that does just short-term rentals.  We're buying properties where we are focusing   mostly on short-term rentals and we are making a  ton of money. We have a lot of investors. We've  

raised nearly $600,000 in just few months. We're  going to be fisnishing off that at a million. And   then we're going to be going to a 50,000-dollar  plus raise. And we're going to be buying   large apartment complexes. Again, part of the real  estate plan why $200,000 a month is really easy.   We're going to be getting into 2021, we're getting  larger apartment complexes. No more triplexes and   quads and 8 and 10 units. We are moving into  50, 100-unit apartment complexes. And Nuurez  

will bring me about $100,000 per month just me  taking a small cut off the profits and giving   the majority of the profits to the investors.  So, again, Nuurez is not my primary source of   income. But it will be about $100,000 per month.  And all of my investors will split the other 2   to 3 thousand dollars per month that we make. And  last but not least, drumroll because I know you   all was like "These numbers are crazy, Noelle.  You're making all this money." But let me give   you the last one. Because this last one is just  a small little piece. It's just miscellaneous.  

It's about $40,000 in miscellaneous. So, you  guys know I have Tea More Skinny. I got   Bella J Hair, I got my Podcast, I have  endorsements. So, I have people that pay me   to make videos or endorse their products and their  services. I have affiliates. I have people... You   know, if you guys, if I tell you about a certain  bank, North One bank, for example, North One will   pay me for all the accounts that you guys open  up. I have an affiliate relationship with them.   And now, I've even gotten into cars. I do Turo  now. So, I buy the cars that I want. I'll show   you a video that I made on my Tesla model X that  I put on Turo. And I make more money on this car  

than I do on some my townhouses. So, very easily  between all of those things that I just named,   that's another $40,000 per month. And that is the  grand total on how I plan to make $1,000,000 per   month or $12,000,000 per year in 2021. Okay. So,  I hope I didn't blow your guys' minds. Hopefully,   many of you all didn't click off and you're like  starting to think of these numbers. Because again,   these numbers have grown year after year after  year. But the key is multiple streams of income.  

I have a new book that I am coming out  with it is going to teach you all of this.   And I'm going to give it to you absolutely free.  Go to to get a free copy   right now of my book. If it's not out yet,  we're taking pre-orders and we will ship   as soon as the book is available. The book  will be coming out in the next 30 days. So,   go to Again, that's Noelle  (N-O-E-L-L-E-S) free (F-R-E-E), book (B-O-O-K),   ".com". I want to make sure that you have  all of the resources, all of the tools,  

and all of the knowledge that you need to be  successful. This is Noelle. To your success.

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