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My failed marriage made me a successful business woman | Inspire Global | Lynn Ngugi TV

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He told me to remove clothes in front of the young man. And the young man was so young, he had just cleared form four studies. He started beating me up. He hit me here and I don't think one can such a beating to a dog. Lynn I was beaten up...[Sighs] I was battered It holds things worth a hundred thousand? That's a lot of Money! And she was in a very toxic relationship She is in her late thirties but she still lives here with the Mum.

The Mum received her back, when her relationship failed And still we shall visit her business site and I hope you guys get really inspired by this episode. I tried as much as possible to hide it. They don't know about it. - They think your brothers are the ones supporting you? - Yes. In fact they don't know I am divorced There is a day. - Yes. There is even a song with such lyrics -There is a day. So let's have a seat so we can get to listen to your story. Wait. I hope they won't peck me

Mostly people say that if you have done bad stuff, the chicken will peck you. Its a myth. They don't like to be touched. They are selfish and violent. That's weird but they are very beautiful. My name is Grace Waimaitha Magochi from Sabasaba, Murang'a county. I am a mother of two beautiful kids. I am a single parent I am on this show to share about my story I lost some teeth and one eye. I know so many people they don't know about this. I don't see permanently with the right eye

- The one on this side? - I lost sight with it permanently. That's why I wear dark glasses to protect all this. But I decided I will rise up and work. Right now I am not sorry for myself. I am operating a company Don't just sit there and wait for someone to come and feel pity for you. Just wake up and work From your childhood all the way to finding yourself in a toxic marriage. Up until your decision to start your own business? - Now, I was born in family of eight Both of my parents were teachers. My Mum was a primary teacher, my Dad a lecturer

He was suffering from diabetes. all the eight of us. We never lacked anything since we were young My life was perfect. I went to good schools. Even for high school, I went to a good one. A school called SPS by then. Right now it is MKU in parklands. It was a JKUAT affiliate. I did IT.

Now after my IT, obvious you go to Internship, job then marriage. We became one and started life from there. And this man he was not a stranger to me. While I was in class six I am seventh born in our family. Number six is a boy. His best friend came to live at our home

We had lived together in same house at some point. to a stranger So this guy, I loved him since childhood. Though there is something he did that made him disconnect with my family. There is a time he came and took my brother (6th born)

they went drinking and our bigger brother came and reported home that he had spotted them somewhere Smoking bhang. My Dad was against that so he said he will not want to see the young man again in his home. We came to meet later after I had completed school I was like, he has changed and we are good to go. Then he came with this love. We decided we get married, but I was scared of going back home to tell Mum I was dating this guy. I feared that they still viewed him as a bhang smoker. But I said since I was the one who fell in love with him, I was up for the marriage. He was a handsome guy to be honest All went on and I moved in. There are mistakes I did because I moved in and I didn't say

He told me to just stay at home. He had just landed a good job He was transferred in Nakuru. We went there and life was good. We had a baby, a baby girl He named her princess. Life was good for the three years. He had told me to remain at home. I was the perfect house wife. In fact I was saying, why do people say we don't have good marriages. There are good guys out there since I was treated in a good way

He bought a car and gave me. that after I get my second born child, I can go back to school. Because I used to tell him I like fashion and things to do with cosmetics and all that stuff. He told me he would take me back to school. I was happy and I was this submissive woman. That time I was not a believer so I was saying that was witchcraft used on him. This is not the man I know. If you ask him anything, lets say you have prepared food the way I used to. He would hit me with the food

It became his routine. He comes home, you ask him anything and he gets violent. I used to check his phone before and now he had a password. I would peep the password while he was drunk. So while sleeping, I would take the phone and I could check.

I started receiving calls from women who would call and abuse me. I would ask them where they got my number They used to tell me that I was not satisfying my husband in this and that. And that he had told them so. This pained me a lot. He became violent

Beatings became an every day thing. And I was pregnant. His native home is not far from here we are now. We visited there. Our first born had just joined baby class We went because he had closed school. We had a project. Me I’m always a planner I would propose ideas of projects maybe pig rearing, chicken and all that.

At that time he still had the behavior. I told his parents about this but because he was the provider They did not do much. He was just casually told to stop it His parents told me not to report this to my parents. Me being the good wife, I dint tell my family home. Since I knew if I tell them, they would come and take me away. One day while still at his parents home he went drinking. I had prepared very nice food. He came late and he is the type that if he knocks at the gate, be there and open whether its late or not. I was heavily pregnant

He came and I did not manage to open at that time. The baby used to hold me tight and tell me, "Mum let us ran away, here comes our Dad!" He started making noise telling us to open. His dad had opened and since he is an old man, he had misplaced the key. We delayed a lot before opening the gate. He came in and beat all of us up. The dad the mother, my child and I. The mother told him he would not continue doing this especially to me. She protected me at that time. She came and stood in front of me

She told him to beat her up instead. The guy was totally drunk. So she shielded me with my child. We went to her house and gave me a room and we slept there. In the morning after waking up, He woke up and left us behind. He had gone back to Kisumu. In the morning I was bleeding She would ask why my husband did this to me and yet I was carrying his child. I did not like to say much

From Kenol to my parents home is so near, but I didn't tell anybody from our place. Mother in law took care of me fully and we went back to her house. She called the son and asked him what he intended to do with us. At the hospital we had been charged Kshs 40,000 He paid up but didn't even say sorry. At that time, I normally say I would have just walked to my parent's place but I didn't do that. I still stayed.

Mother in law looked for some cash and gave me. I went back to Kisumu. Troubles did not end there. It came to a time that I am almost giving birth Because of that treatment from him, I had turned to sort of a crazy person. I think its depression or something like that He would come at around 4 PM, freshen up then leaves.

I would take a motorbike and follow him up. One day I followed him - Your were still pregnant? were you looking for proof? - Yes I was heavily pregnant. I was almost I would start crying. At the office I would position myself to see if he is talking with a woman. I think I was mad. So when I followed him he entered alongside a lady. I went and stormed that place. He was shocked and embarrassed. He had friends around. He played cool and called me Babe. Something he had never done before. I felt so nice

He said he was sorry and that we should go home. Back home I was battered up I remember that time I had piece(braids) on my head. He grabbed my hair and plucked four strands. It was so painful

But he would do all this to me then the following day give me a gift and he'd be sorry. I wondered what happens with this guy. He is so nice today...After two days I gave birth And I gave birth. During Caesarian time, one had to remain there from four to five days. I stayed there for seven days. Everyday he would visit

He would be very neat. I wondered how was this. He would come with boy's clothes neatly packed And this guy did not know the colors that a boy would wear. He had packed white, blue and were properly ironed. I had question marks in me. I would ask him where he got the clothes from. He told me it was none of my business and that they belonged to his son I would just remain silent. But now came Saturday. Remember I have a three year old

my child came running to see her new born. She was like, "Mum even a certain Auntie was sleeping on your bed." I could not even rise up since I had stitches. I wondered whether to cry

Should I ask him. I knew he would be violent and even beat up my child. I just cried. It was painful. You are there at the hospital to give birth, yet he remains at home enjoying himself up. Time came we went home and found the bed properly made. There is nothing I could have done Lynn. You are just there The baby could not properly suckle milk. After three days, my mother in law came with the sister

The guy was used to going out drinking and in fact that night he went out drinking. His mother asked me If that was his usual habit. I told her yes. But now the mother can't do anything He is grown up and could hear none of it.

Even the time they were going back, he was not there to see them off From there to when the child was around six months, it was abuse now and then, on and off. I persevered. It reached a time I reminded him he had promised Ill go back to school to do hairdressing and fashion. He wanted me to give him space for adultery. He was like, "Yes. Go to Nairobi" And I joined school. He paid everything for me. But he was coming to beat me up. He was triggered by anything. Like "you did not pick my calls, who were you talking to?"

He would ask why I was busy and who I was talking to. And remember the way he had treated me I was not happy with him at all. Women calling me all over and asking me where our 'husband' was. It was so painful. I lost friends Because they could not understand me so I kept to myself. I did not open to anyone

At home my Mum would sense something was wrong. She would tell me to open up I would tell her no. she would send my sisters and sister in laws too. They tried to talk to me but I did not want to open up. I would just say we are okay because I am protecting all this. It reached a time we build a house in Thika. Before moving there, he did a ceremony where he paid my bride price

It is called 'Ruracio' He would prepared on his own and me alone on my side. He was to come here at home for the ceremony. That night he went drinking and got into a fight. They were fighting for a woman And mind you the following day he had a bride price ceremony. He still have he mark on his forehead A very big mark was left I will show you a photo. I came to learn this later. I was not even happy. Even at the 'Ruracio' ceremony, I was not happy at all

He picked me up after people had left. Then he went out. He went out with that woman You saw on the picture. I came to know of this later when she was insulting me. She told me "You husband is doing a Ruracio for you, yet I slept with him last night?" I was used to crying and all that. I still did not want to share it out there or tell my Mum

that we were from the bride price ceremony and this is happening to me. I don't want even to tell my sister Since I had completed the hairdressing course, I had set up a school of hairdressing. After we moved, he told me I could not commute from Thika to Nairobi because I would be going to men. He was so insecure.

I told him why don't I start rearing chicken. He wanted to contain me He wanted me around all the time. With project, he was so good. He organized how I will be getting feeds for the chicken But now he was still violent. He was with the woman still

Especially on social media, all my friends were doing fine in their marriages. How I would be a single mother, I thought to myself. Even with all projects, I'm backing to his account. Even for the chicken business, every coin goes to him. He is the one who decides what you eat Your are left just as a normal worker. That woman would tell me that I had no job. Because he had been told this by him I know he would always say this to her.

I used to cry. I became thin and dark. One day I came home at my parents place. There was a function. I was told that there is a woman at my home. My neighbour alerted me. I left my kid who was still breastfeeding. I did not tell anyone since I had a house girl

I ran back to my home. I found a woman in my house. He was in Kisumu but the woman was there. I called my Sister. She lived in Thika. She usually has solution for everything. I told her this and this is happening She told me we go. So I when I went there, I knocked the woman had locked from the inside. I had even jumped over the gate. I found her

I was so angered and fought her. I asked her why she was there I started questioning her why she usually sent nudes to me. I asked her why she tortured me with all that. She claimed that she thought we had separated yet I had just left the other day to attend an occasion. We had build the house together. She claimed he said we had separated She claimed I was the one using 'Juju' on him. I was so mad

She even had a bag. I don't know if she came as a co-wife. I took that bag I put it outside and burnt everything in it. And she was pregnant. Now upon sending her out, she claimed she had to stay there because of the pregnancy She argued it was okay where she came from if one had two wives. I told her I had build the place from scratch I could not share the place with her. She called my husband instantly In the morning the police came and I was taken to Makongeni Police station. There were a lot of accusations there of violence and burning her clothes.

Woman said I had a knife and attempted to use it on her. So this was attempted murder The crimes officer came, she was a woman. She came and found me crying. I was in a cell. She told me, "Madam. I need to see you" She took me to her office

I never thought the police were this humane before. She told such crime I had done would land me in Lang'ata prison. Upon hearing this I started crying. I told her what I went through and to my surprise that woman started crying. She told me she went through the same but she would know how to handle my story. she told me either to leave or call my mother

they come for me and she will know how to handle this case. She said men of nowadays had become too much She told me she understood my story. I saw as if and angel came from heaven and for once, I am telling someone my story and they understood me. So I left the police cell. I dint move out of that house. I still remained

I went back to my parents' home, took kids and went back, - Was this other woman still around? - No. The woman left. The policewoman called my husband and they talked. I think he cautioned him or gave sort of advice. So I went back home and stayed there. One day I received a message I suspected it was that woman because it read, "You have refused to leave my home? This child I am carrying will be raised up by their father from there!" I was like, what is this woman trying to say? One day my husband came as usual on weekends. I told him about the incident. He claimed that I should be silent to such texts. He remained quiet about this woman. If I brought up the issue, he would turn away. - And the pregnancy? - He denied it was his' But to my surprise, this woman had been introduced home - At his home? - Yes. The sisters and parents knew her. - As the second wife?

- It was so painful because they never told me and I came to know of it later. I was left depressed and sick. I could not take care of 500 chicken layers. I though of His sister had a son called Francis who had cleared form four studies. I requested him to come and assist me there I went to their home and picked up the son. We would pay him so that he can go to college Little did I know that this woman in the picture they would communicate with the son. They came up with a plan. One day my husband came,

Now since the young man would be paid monthly My husband said I had taken the young man's ATM and withdrew his money I wondered what he was saying. He told me I had withdrawn the money and I must return it. so as to prove he meant his word, he took the kids he became very violent. His face turned and he was like a wild animal. He took the kids, the younger one was training to walk and my four year old He locked them in the bedroom. They sensed danger and started screaming, "Dad! Don't beat our Mum!" He took a Machete and ordered me to take all of my clothes off in front of the young man.

The guy was there saying it was true I had taken the ATM and withdrew the money. I was like when you withdraw money it shows in the statement. Again in the ATM, We have CCTV. I requested we go and confirm the allegations.

This guy became violent and ordered me to strip naked in front of the young man. The guy was so young because he had just cleared form four. He started beating me He beat me more than one would beat a stray dog. Lynn I was battered...[Sighs]

That's when I lost my eye. I don't see with this left eye And I lost my teeth. I screamed. My kids were screaming too. The little one screamed but never knew the reason. He just yelled "Dad stop!"

He could say that he will kill me, the children and himself. And this guy is there He did nothing, just stood there. That was the only accusation, that I stole his money. - So he took the Panga and cut your eye? He used the blunt side to beat me on my back.

He hit my eye with his fist. I did not feel it that time I saw blood oozing from my eye. Then as for my teeth, He dragged me around. I would yell to him to stop

He lifted me up and threw me against the wall. Imagine I had neighbours But the neighbors were used to hearing me scream they dint come. But our home was gated with a wall They believed he was a police as he always said he would shoot and kill. I tell you there is a God in heaven. Because he told me to say my final prayer before he comes and finishes me.

And he went out. Imagine I don't know where strength came from. I took a key and opened the door And I went. I left behind the kids since they had been locked in a bedroom but God saved my kids - But you were not naked. - No. When he told me to say my final prayer,

the clothes I had removed were just there on the floor. So what I did, quickly I wore my trousers and covered myself with a 'Leso' I could not put on the top. I ran barefoot and opened the gate I say it was God's grace since I don't know where I got the strength. Outside I met a motorbike rider I told him to take me to the hospital. He said I appeared battered and should go to a police station first for a P3 form. I did not want to report him since I had done it earlier but they would do nothing to him. The rider told me that there in Makongeni, There was an Islamic hospital and they don't care about those P3 or whatever. They Just take care of you

they take care of emergencies. Imagine he took me to that hospital and thank God they dint ask me anything whether I was battered or not or go to police first, they didn't care about all this. They asked me for a contact whom they can inform. I gave them my Mum's number.

Immediately after giving them the number, I collapsed on the floor. The following day after regaining consciousness, I saw Mum When she came after the phone call. She saw the situation I was in and she went back She came with elders to come and witness this. Reason because in August 2012, the bride price ceremony was held then. And now August 2013 was when all these things were happening.

The whole family now came to know what I have been going through. I stayed there for around two weeks And mind you he was called. I had no phone since I left everything there He was called by the hospital and do you know he came with the kids. He told them, "See where your Mum came to stay" He is not even sorry.

They were just kids they did not know what was going on. The kids requested I go with them home but he said I better stay there That was so painful to me. Imagine I was almost discharged from hospital Mum with my brothers and sisters who were there on my side, they asked me from there what was my next step. Imagine I told them I would go back to my husband. I said no. We have done projects together so I am going back. My Mum broke down

She cried and started screaming asking what I was thinking. My sister in law whom they are very close with went and tried calming her down. So they came to my side They tried talking to me and I came home. Here is home (my parents home) but still I felt otherwise. My brothers said that I am sick and not normal. They decided to take me for therapy - I agree with them its true.

So they took me to hospital. I think I had this acute depression because sometimes I would wake up and want to kill myself. I could tell mum that I wanted to die. My Mum could tell me if I died then her too would die. Who is supposed to die? Is it me or you, you have kids here.

They really supported me. Mum said she has a big house, why not join her there. She requested me to stay there with my brothers. My brothers took my kids to school One was in class two the youngest was still breastfeeding. They assisted me take them to school they took my kid same school where the rest were and that was a good one. They really supported me and Mum told me that I should not go back to my husband. They were there for me and he was just one person, what about them? She told me I was caring for someone who is not caring for me. "What about us? She asked why I did not feel the pain

Why not feel our pain and that of our children, she would ask me. That was now in 2016 I started the healing process because they were now there for me and took responsibilities. But it reached a time I had to stand for myself. 2016, Before now I said it is over, Mum and elders went to his home since my parents had received bride price. They requested the parents They asked why they neglected their daughter. They had only come once and left

Nothing was said afterward. The elders asked about the children. They said they had no comment since the owner of the story had to stand up and defend themselves. They said their son had remarried again - He married the woman? - Yeah. So to them it was not a big deal He married that woman whom I beat up, the one abusing me.

So he said that if I leave him, then I should take the kids away too. - So he just wanted two wives? - Okay. Two wives one can do that - But you don't want - Yes. But you can do it in a better way. Why fight? Why gorge one's eye out. It should be in a good way, like a sitting

or build another house for that woman since he had money. He could have done it in a better modern way. Why did he have to batter me in the first place? I lost both my eye and teeth. What had I done to deserve the treatment? I have his kids, why do all that to me? In 2016 after being told all that, I was so bitter. I could not believe I have lost a marriage. I lost a friendship too and now my Kids no longer have their father. How I got the kids after leaving the hospital I came here to heal around two weeks. I went there and found the young man

I found him with the kids and I stole them. I carried them on my back and jumped over the gate. That's a mother I tell you The kids were telling me there was another mother who would join them soon. All sort of stories. Now I came with the kids and the first born was taken to school by my brothers. The other one was to join school soon. Let me tell you Lynn, even though the family is there and supporting you, there is always

your time. You keep quiet and think about your life. Yes. Mum and brothers are helping me, what about me. For how long will they help me. I will grow old and live alone, those things always come. But now in 2017 I met my friend called Cate. She told me that All these stories you are saying about you, you need deliverance. All the stories don't add up. Cate Githaiga is her name. she is my good friend. I love her because she tells you as it is and warns you if what you are doing is not right. And another friend called Carol Njoroge

they told me that I was sick and since the man has continued living his life, I needed deliverance and get born again. And that if I got saved, I would see life in a very different way. I started reading the Bible and I changed my life. I became strong enough

this was 2017. I said now I will stand for myself. I dint have anything, I dint have money I told Mum that now I have decided to wake up. She had given me time to rest until the day I decide that day I told her I have risen up and I want to do something. She asked me what I wanted to do and I said farming She told me that she has 15 acres of land and I can take it. She told me she has a plot at Sabasaba and that I should take it and she sees what I can do.

I told her that the only thing left was capital. She went out of her way and approached her table banking group She requested them money and she gave me. She told me to take it and said, "Let me see what you can do. I want to see you" May God bless her for me. Then from there I took a Jembe and buckets. I went and started doing cabbages. Because I had the energy and wanted to show the world when I was in the house the workers would gossip me They would say my marriage was crumbling. The usual stories in the village

- Mentality? - Yes. That just the other day my bride price was paid and now I am back to my parents - Your Ruracio was big? - Yes. The ceremony was a big thing in the village. with the kids because I didn't have anything. I still wanted to prove to the workers and community that I was doing fine I started mixed farming. Kales, Capsicum all those stuff. I did not concentrate in one area. I had chicken, cattle, pigs

and I was like I wanted to prove something so quick. So a friend of mine He is called Jeff. He called me, that was in 2018 He told me I seemed to be everywhere. He said Grace, If I was to ask you what are you doing?

I told him I too was lost. He told me, "Do this, pick one line, run with it and we shall support you" That guy is in Dallas. I asked him what he was saying He told me if it is Kales, let them know me with that, at least I be a master in one thing. Then he told me he would call after a week to see if I had come up with a decision. I thought because he was abroad he would send me money. I sat down and reflected. I thought because he promised to support me

I love chicken so much. Especially chicks, they give me peace. The way they just grow and the voices, we even communicate with them. So in what I was doing, chicken was number one I decided to be 'Grace kuku to the world' He called me and I told him I decided to do Chicken This guy...that was the last call. He told me do it and he went off. I wondered how comes he is not supporting me. But he gave me an idea. That was my wake up call. I decided It was me now and the chicken. So from 2019 I started rearing Chicken. I established myself with Chicken. I went to Tanzania for some training

There is a college called Silver large. They offer training for around two to three weeks You get to know more. I used Google to train. I talked to people about chicken and wanted more information about breeds How is the production, marketing and vaccination. Now I am a teacher. - So you are now a Chicken teacher? - Yes. Grace Chicken. In fact if you call me on true caller, that's the name that will appear So that's my brand name and I love it.

by telling me to venture into this. And I made a post on social media face book I posted that I am selling chicks though I did not have any. I had left the rest of farming and focused to do it from home I had just a few chicks. Now, a guy from Taita Taveta was my very first client

He is called Patrick Mwarumwa. He believed in me. He just saw 50 chicks posted and told me he wanted 400 chicks. Is that not God. If I had not decided to heed the wake up call out of crying, I want to die and all that. This guy told me in fact he would not come to me and would just send me deposit of the money. Now because I was not a producer

I went to approach the companies because they are very few in the country. They are like four I was asked whether I have a company and I said yes so strongly. I told them it is called Grace Kuku Limited but it was not the case. They told me yes they would be supplying me with chicks

They supplied the chicks and I shared with the guy in Voi. And from that time we had connection He is number one client and now I have a link of farmers and from 2019 to now I have around 99 farmers. - Grace Kuku to the world! - Yes. To the world. Now from there I expanded. Apart from poultry, there is something we call Ornamental birds. They are beautiful and mostly used for therapy because of their beauty. So I came up with a strategy and a plan

I would establish my company. My name is Grace Magochi so I said it is 'Magochi chicks' So guys here we have Magochi chicks. This is a plot of 50x100 and it is a gift from my Mum. She told me to take the space and now it is Magochi to the world - This is disinfectant? - Yes. To kill off potential diseases and pests The chicken are very sensitive to diseases the chicks come here from day one.

So after here we do distribution to the farmers. For instance if one says they want like 50 chicks that are one month old or, like what he is doing these ones belong to someone. Where are you taking them? - We are delivering to Kahawa west. - They are my assistants He is the one who delivers and is taking them to Kahawa west. They are very sensitive

You see the way he is holding them? - Oh! We have another room here? - Yeah. A client might say they want to see the sample of the chick how they will appear after maturity So I show them here. We have different breeds: Kienyeji pure, Rainbow, Kuroiler Different clients have different tastes so they sample here. These are samples and if a client requests, we supply. These are our breeding stocks. They are geese - Wait! Will they peck me? - For these, most people say that if you have sinned, they can't stay at your house because they will peck you all the time. - These are worth Kshs 40,000? - Yes.

- So why would I keep such expensive birds at my home? - People keep them for ornamental purposes. They are so good incubators. In fact if you have laid eggs if the chicken is a bad brooder, take those eggs and let the geese incubate them. They don't breed much and they lay a lot of eggs around eight eggs so they are scarce.

Their market is also high out there. - So if one wants like 100 of them you know where to get them? - Yes. - Bro! Don't mess with me. What breed is this? They are called Pekings. They are ornamental birds also.

A couple still costs Kshs 10,000 - What! - What! They are very rare and scarce in market. An egg goes for Kshs 1,000 You don't even find the eggs in market. - How many eggs do they lay at a go? - Mostly five eggs. - And one goes for 1000?

- A young one month chick is Kshs 2000 so why should I sell the egg? - What do we have here? - They are called fan-tale pigeons This breed I sourced from one guy in Mombasa so to get them it is very hard. How much is this? - Ten thousand and it is also rare to find. Soon you will open a Museum? - Yes. This room is purposely for ornamental birds. We have 100k worth of birds in this room and one can't tell. - It holds almost 100k? That’s a lot! We get them from Kenchic, Kuku chic and even from Tanzania and Uganda. They know me, Magochi

I have a strong team outside there because we build structures for people. if for instance we find you Lynn as a farmer with little Information, because I was there and these companies to the farmers, there is a huge gap. No one to consult on how to rear the chick, market, all that. And there is not college in Kenya offering specialized education in Poultry Or specific animal rearing. What we have is about animal health in general. So I tapped into the gap. I saw a business opportunity If you ask me about poultry ill explain but I charge some fee.

- Of course it one has to pay. I have grown about house design and I even offer that. - chicken houses? - Now I got a project. If someone trusts in you and feel you can do it They don't know there is a difference between poultry structure and normal house. This guy told me to construct one for him - Which houses? - Normal rental houses. - Now you are even an architect? I rose up and stoop for my kids. I got them from my brothers and are in my custody. I took kids to best schools

They are doing fine and let me shock you, they have never asked where is their dad. Because there is no that space. I try to hide my low moments so that they don't miss. He has never. Even sending for them. It is only that I met his cousin who referred me as their daughter. I was like what do you mean? From 2015 I have never met him

Or seen him with my eyes. He does not take care of the kids so it is me and them. With them they don't feel like there is a gap From 2019, I have been meeting farmers now and then. If you want me to rear them for one month I do then deliver them to you. I have a very huge project in Nyeri

I have reared them since January and we sell eggs, 20 crates every weekend on Saturday. Another project is in Malindi and I know other projects will come. We must raise these kids up you know. There is something I got which I dint have before, most important peace. She gave me a chance to be me, to be peaceful. She did not force me back to my husband To the parents normalize... - Can we talk about that. Can parents normalize Even if they come back with 10 kids, they are still yours.

There was a time I had been plucked my hair. If that time I went back home, I would have done so in one piece. But I stayed till the last minute and left with scars. An abusive person will never change. They will even buy a car for you next day as a sign of remorse Parents, please receive daughter who have been through such, in a good way No one can predict that the husband might turn on them. It is the Grace of God. Let them come back. Treat them well and give them space to heal. Because those people are sick.

You see when I had contemplated going back, I don't know how life would have been. I could be dead He doesn't want me back yet I go there. Because if this guy was so much caring He would have come for the kids. But now it's how many years from 2016 - Five So parents, be just there for your kids Ladies if you are battered the first time, don't normalize and say he will change - Or blame witchcraft - Because that's what I used to say. I was to many pastors and they would say he is cursed. Leave those guys 'prophets' They will mess you up even more. It is like you are making excuses for him.

He used to tell me we pray. That day I was battered, I attended church and told the pastor what was happening. He told me God will come. Why do even pastors tell people, go stay there and they have explained all the pains they go through Why tell them to stick there? They might be killed.

They can't even hit you up. We have a lot of these cases and if you spot red flags, jump. I followed whatever he said just to make him happy. I wanted to keep the family united I though this meant doing everything he said. So don't live someone else' life. live your life. but they don't offer training.

Even to the young people. You can come and learn. you don’t need a place to rear them You can later sell them. You can market so to speak tell me there is a client needing the chicken. I come and help you sell them. For the mature chicken, we have a market not far from here I am one of the pioneers. When I was doing greens, I would give to jobless women they stand on the road and sell. then I pay them. So for chicken I give young people

they sell out there and get their sales commission. And I walk with farmers Some people when they retire, they need such jobs as rearing chicken Poultry is the way to go since they are always there with the family. The other day, I have 10 clients in Kahawa West. Same place I was battered but God took me back there with Chicken. I have farmers there. I have a group We are doing farming and one of the man there is an Engineer. He told me farming gives him a lot of peace because of heart problem and when chicks make sound, he is at peace.

- You are already constructing? - Yes. That's me. The one who was battered and left with nothing I stayed here at home all along. I am not that young, I am late thirties. One might ask

Why I am still at my Mum's place. that did not bother me. I knew one day, I will move. there is no single day when my siblings said that I get a lot. Because I took a lot of Mum's attention and she did not care much to them Situations like the one you went through and anyone who wants to start business but they fear dipping their feet. As you also tell people where they can find you. And I am so happy because there are platforms like Usikimye, I dint know it exists. Perhaps I could have run there Because we fear much what the community will say. And villagers, please stop talking about someone you don't know their story If marriage fails, If someone comes to your village, try to support with what you have and if you start a business, start with what you have Don't say you have no business premises. We are living in a digital era.

Don't fear what your friends will say, Post on your social media account He told me they will support me but I didn't know he meant people will come. Just be open, tell us what you do and we will come. for sure the family I got the family in farmers. And still talk about life there. I give quote of the day this weeks quote was all about, "Stand for yourself. Fight for the life you deserve" The YouTube is Magochi? - Yes.

To start poultry farming. It is not all about rearing them but you might want to buy chicken for cooking and sell them as food. You can come I give you two chicken Start your business. you can tell someone that you can build a litter for them So youths out there, don't say there are no jobs. - Is there a wok phone number? But don't call at night, I will be asleep. - Grace to the world.

You have come to my village. - I will show my people the bananas your Mum gave us. We were welcomed well. struggle with it - Yes. Even if at times you fall. I have been down and up too there is light somewhere - Yes. So it will not all be smooth. You've been down?

- Yes. You make a post today and don't get clients tomorrow. they tell me they last time they saw me was 2019 and I don't seem to have changed. that is why they are calling you and maybe order chicken. Take one line and run with it. Don't be a Jack of all trade. We were to conduct this interview at her business premises, but we chose to do it at her Mum's place because, In rooms with 1000 doors and be able to close 999 and you are left with one. Hustle with that one thing and I am telling you, Consistency disciplined and being intentional and deliberate with your hustle, it will help The clients she has right now, they've been watching her since 2019 are there on the screen.

- And I will not cry anymore. And my kids will have a brighter life. who might be going through such how you were dull every other time If they peruse down they can see. - come we work together. - they will come. You would not be here. - Yes. I would not be here. My editors told me to avoid throwing hands all over the place. I told them I will address this one day as I close the shoot

they told me to stop but I said I will get them. hope you too as you shoot and edit, Maybe they are next on the interview. - Grace Kuku to the world, are we done? - Yes. Thank you. Come I show you the bananas. We were welcomed with these bananas by Grace's mother. And we say thank you. She explained to us the name... - We call this 'Ndizi ng'ombe'

It is purely for cooking. It's so good for a nursing mother and kids too but for everyone. Even those recovering. - Wow! You are so welcome. - This will do the job! So, Grace Kuku to the world, Thank you so much. - Thank you Lynn.

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