My Cheap Lamborghini's Oil Looks Like A MILKSHAKE (And I'm NOT Worried About It)

My Cheap Lamborghini's Oil Looks Like A MILKSHAKE (And I'm NOT Worried About It)

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How's it going guys my name is de vars and today we're putting my cheap Lamborghini, back, to, stock okay not. Not really but, sorta. So. For those of you new to my channel thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you guys like it subscribe, if you like what you see this hunk of metal behind me that's all taken apart is my 2008, Lamborghini, Gallardo Spyder, and I just, put. The manual. Transmission back in and now we have a working clutch which, was a really big deal because my clutch look, like this. But. Today we're actually continuing. All that work and we're putting everything back together but before I do that I, want, to show, you guys something. That's a little bit different on this. Car versus, something, more pedestrian, like say a Camry, or or whatnot and that has to do with the oil filter now doing that oil change on a regular car, shouldn't, be that big of a deal on this, car it's a little bit more complex, because this. Is a dry, sump, engine, and what that means is that instead of having a sump, at the bottom with all the oil in it like most cars have they have an oil pan this, has a dry, sump system meaning that it's, just actively. Funneled. From an oil tank right here it's external and what that does is that this, engine can, withstand a lot of g-force, because as you can imagine the, g-forces, in a regular engine it would slosh all the oil to one side and sometimes, the pickup in the oil pan doesn't, get the amount of oil that it needs and then the engine doesn't get the amount of oil that it needs and then that's when things go kablooey. So in this engine it has an oil pump that's constantly, getting fed through an oil tank, right here and that. Means that this can take a lot of g-force, and a lot of high speed maneuvers without going. BAM but, there's. A few little quirks, and features sorry, Doug de Muro fans about this engine when it comes to oil changes, and the main one has to do with the oil filter now, the oil filter is this. Thing right here and, as you can see it's not in the best position, to take, it out it's actually in the V of the engine, which is great for oiling. And, has really good access to all the all the oiling, necessary. Components, but in order to change it it really is a pain in the butt so you need one of these special oil, filter, removal. Tools made, specifically, for this car and this. Cost about 35, bucks which is fine but this filter it's a cartridge style filter and that. Actually, is really expensive, because, cartridge shell filters usually, they cost the same amount as regular, oil filters maybe, $10. $12. If you're getting something nice this, was almost, $80. So, yeah. That's that's a little bit more than I wanted to spend but we. Need this car to run a hundred percent so, another, thing I noticed before I take this off because I want to give you guys a little bit of a preamble because, you guys might, see some carnage right here is that, this, car sat, for three, years.

Before, It was given. To me or I bought, it and, in, that time it, was turned, on sparingly so when, a car is only turned on and not reaching operating, temperature there's a lot of moisture that builds up in the crankcase in. Addition, this car had a full tank of 85, that, tank is I still have it I need to drain it and I'll be doing that in a future episode but that 85, also, has a really really high moisture content and it wasn't helped by the fact that this car ran really, really, rich because, whoever put it together didn't, really know what they were doing and some sensors got messed up and the. Car was just running, basically, on limp mode so it was throwing a lot of fuel into the cylinder, so when, I take this oil filter, off I'm expecting. To see a lot of moisture which looks sort, of milk shaky and that. Makes a lot of people scared. That this has a blown head gasket but. There's no coolant in the oil there's, no oil in the coolant and this. Is all basically. Condensation. From a pig, which 85 tun that's been sitting for three years and has, been turned on just. Basically. For five minutes at a time so let's let's see what that looks like. Now. I have already drained the oil so there, shouldn't be any oil coming. Out the bottom even though I have a drain plug in sits you right now but. And, I will be doing. A flush of the oil system. But. I just wanted to make. Sure we had a fresh oil filter in there when we start putting. The oil back in the engine because. This, thing has, most, likely seen, a lot. Better, days we. Want to make sure that. Whatever. Oh rings are there that, we. Don't foul them because. Even. Though we're gonna be replacing them it's. Better not to have fragments of stuff so, it's actually not too bad yeah, there we go so you can see there's, just like milkshake. Substance. And it. Does not smell like coolant, at all, that's, one that's one of my major concerns that. It smelled like coolant, and a lot of times this the sweet smell of coolant. Mixing with oil. It's, it, spells, death for an engine and I was, a little bit worried, about this but. Yeah. I turn it turned out that it's just 85 and that's. What happens when cars just sit for a really, long time let's see if we can get that to focus there, we go okay so you, can see right here, cartridge. And there's, more of that milky. Substance where, the the. Gas, and oil just. Kind of met and met. With moisture. So again. It's. Not that the gas is directly. In the oil because, that would indicate that there's a piston, ring failure but, I also do know that on engines, that have a lot, of boost and a lot of power they tend to gap the piston rings just a little bit more because when the boost hits and the more power the, piston. Rings tend to close up with, with, more heat inside the cylinder at least that's the theory now this. Engine might be toast I don't think so I really, really hope not this engine sounded healthy and it didn't exhibit any, nasty. Smoke other, than the, smoke that comes from running rich so I don't think I have to worry about that but this is a yeah, this this is definitely seen, better days and it is past it so I'm, just going to clean this up and here. Is our new, filter, and it. Is made in China of, all places and, it. Is. Identical. To the one we took out so, that's. Yep, that's the unit so I'm just gonna slot this in I put the new o-ring in because there is an o-ring, here. In the set and I'm, going to just. Clean this this all up because it is a little bit dirty, in there now if anyone knows of a kit that would, remote. Mount the oil filter somewhere, else I'll be really interested in that so I'm not sure if this is like an Audi thread, or something like that but, I'd be really really, interested to see if they make a kit for an O weight guy yarda with a 5.0.

And, Just. Maybe mounted, somewhere else where it's a lot easier and maybe, I can run a oil, filter that isn't this specialized. Almost, hundred dollar piece so, yeah. If you guys have any leads on that let me know in the comments, so for those of you that are a little bit pedantic about this sort of stuff I will be getting a black stone labs oil analysis, on this engine when, I get a few miles on it and when, I make sure that it's only been run up to operating temperature and it doesn't have this this sort of stuff in it I mean if I still run, it and it has this. Milk, shaky substance, then I definitely, will, stop what I'm doing and basically. Do an engine rebuild but, I think this is really nothing to worry about those. Who have 85, cars, and they store them for the winter and they only turn them on for like five or ten minutes you guys will know this stuff pretty, well so, I put, this back, yeah. It should be should, be good locked in there and all. The o-rings are where, they should be leave. The old will ring yep right here and all. I have to do is put, this back. Where it came since I already drain the old oil then, that means our oil change is essentially. Complete even, though some old oil is going to come out of that drain plug when I take, off the drain plug to, plumb the turbos, that's another thing about these engines in, a. Regular, engine, regular, wet sump engine you'd. Have to plumb the turbos the turbo drain line into. Some, place above. The oil level on the pen here. You have to put it into the drain plug itself, because there's, actually suction, coming up from the drain plug because, that's where the, oil. Pump gets, the oil from it sits it's, pretty pretty ingenious, I always. Thought that was wrong but apparently, a lot of people have been running it like this and it, makes a lot of sense so I'm. Not gonna reinvent, the wheel on that and. I'm. Gonna run what I brung them so the next thing I want to concentrate on are these transmission. Bolts now the only thing holding my transmission, onto the engine at this point is this one bolt and it's. A little trooper if. I'm honest but, yeah. I only put, this on just to test that the transmission was, not. Fouling on anything and that. It was flush. With the engine which it is and our, clutch works, as intended, so now I'm just going to do up all the other bolts, now, not. Not bolts they're nuts but, a lot, of people think that you need it's absolutely, imperative. That you, tighten. These down to, spec, meaning, that use a torque wrench and all, that other stuff I generally. Don't think so I think that, the method of guten. Tight is is, pretty good for for, stuff like this because, they don't have a ton of force. Going in either direction this is just to. Keep everything in one, sort of plane so, and, the fact that there are multiple bolts, meaning, that if, you do it hand tight and you. Know give it a little bit of oomph I think that'll be fine I don't think that you really need a torque wrench on here even, though some people in the comments will likely disagree, I, don't, really think it's it's a big deal also add to the fact that you can't actually get a torque wrench in a lot of these places. This bolt specifically, you can't get a socket on there you have to use a open-ended. End with an open-ended you. Can't really exert that much torque so, yeah. Again. Good and tight is good enough. Now. The next thing I want to focus on are these valve covers now, some of you may have seen when I took these valve covers off and basically, gave them a lick of bed, liner to. Give that crinkle, finish, and they, look really really, good however, I never actually tightened.

Them Down all the way and I, thought I would give you guys a little bit of insight when you're doing valve covers on your car because it can be a little bit tricky to put valve covers on and making sure that they don't leak so since, there's about a dozen bolts, or so I think there's like fourteen bolts on. My valve cover I'm actually gonna do a crisscross pattern starting. From the, outside to the in now, sometimes, people start from the inside to the out and I. Don't actually have a factory, service manual for this car so I'm not sure what. The bolt pattern is but. Good, enough is sort of good enough in this instance however what you do want to do is you want to make sure that these bolts are torqued to spec because, they have a thin. Gasket. That sits between this, and the engine, and if. That gasket fails, or it's pinched, in some way or it's just loose then, oil gets on the hot exhaust manifold, and then that's where you get a lot of burning and maybe even a fire so you, definitely want to do these up on a lot of instances, on a lot of other cars you're gonna want to put some RTV, around, some, of these sealing surfaces but, on this car it's all one, flat edge so, it should be okay and I made, sure to clean everything before, I put this valve cover back so I'm just gonna do up a cross, pattern and it's. Actually, an inch pounds, that I have to torque this so, is 89 inch pounds it translates, to around seven, point four foot, pounds and that's. What we're gonna do hopefully my. Harbor, Freight torque wrench is good, enough for that I think it is I don't think it's gonna make any difference one, way or the other but I've been rambling let's get to work. Okay, so now that that's done I want to show you guys something, that I bought and it's actually a brand, new part from, Lamborghini so, you, can see it's. Cool, original. Spare. Parts, look at that that's pretty. Cool, comes in this cool Lamborghini, wrapping, paper that. Is. Probably way more expensive than regular wrapping, paper but, these, are the sparkplug covers, and they're metal and you, can see. That. They, go. Right. Here on the. Spark plug on. The ignition. Coil packs rather the reason why I'm not putting them on now is because this, engine doesn't have any spark plugs in them I have, ordered some new spark plugs because I don't know how old these are but, they definitely look like you, know they've seen a few, few. Launches, and. They're coppers maybe I can get some something, Platinum. So they have a little bit more longevity but, I have to make sure that they are the right heat, range because, with, boost you, want to have.

With. Boost you want to make sure that you, have the correct heat range and they. Usually go one or two steps colder, depending on how much boost you go so I think these, are ng, k BK r 7 YZ and, if. I'm not if. I'm not mistaken these are one step colder, copper plugs and, I think I used them on a Nissan Maxima, but I could, be mistaken there but, I'll have to order 10, new ones of these there they're, pretty cheap especially considering, the, engine is going on but. Then we can put these nice, cool. Babies on I'm not sure if I'm gonna do this up in, the. Bedliner I could but yeah. We'll see so actually let's take the other valve cover as a given and I, want to show you guys something kind. Of dare, I say cool. Alright so we're back behind the car and I, have, bolted, on this, subframe. Ish, section. Thing that, basically. Connects. The two, strut. Towers here one right here one right there, just make sure that the body doesn't flex, so, this is actually, an integral structural, piece but, it, seems, like somebody, has. Basically, bolted, one of these on and if. You don't know what this is this is a. Expansion. Tank this, is for the cooling system and basically, well. This is exactly how you know how, much coolant you have by. There's, a level, somewhere, over here looks, kind of like the Death Star this is not a Lamborghini part, in fact. This, is actually a part from a Jetta. Volkswagen. Jetta I have no idea how it got on this car but, I think it's, just one of those things where since, they put in the twin turbo system and the, air to water intercooler, was just taking up all this space and the, coolant, tank, would, usually sit back here they, had to think. Outside the box but this looks really cheap it looks really low rent and I, have no idea how good it is because. It's. Like, melted, on the side it's singed, and this, is really cheap plastic, in any case so. What, I did is I got an OEM, Lamborghini. Coolant. Tank and. Actually. It's it's not om Lamborghini. Volkswagen. And Audi also, used this in their cars so I believe this is from an Audi a8 and, it cost me about 45. Bucks and then a few more bucks for the cap this, is brand new so I don't have to worry about it but I have actually no idea how to mount it because the, weird mounting. Provisions, here I don't know how I can bolt it on but, I have seen twin turbo kits on spiders.

With This. Somewhere. Around this. Vicinity, so I think I have to make a, bracket. Something. Like that or I can. Hide it a little bit like this so the entire engine up to about here, is gonna be covered up so I want to make this as accessible as possible the. Stock positioning. Was, like right in the back where, it's really hard to tell how much coolant you have yeah. Basically, makes it impossible because, the coolant, the. Way you tell is by looking down here, and you have to look basically. Completely. In that hole and it. Doesn't, make any sense so I want to make it accessible and, but. I'm not sure how to do it so I think I'm gonna need your help again if. You know of any twin, turbo kits that have. Stocke coolant. Expansion, tank can you let me know how they mounted it I have no problem making brackets, but, I need, to know how everything. Everything. Around it is gonna mount on because I don't want to make, a bracket and then have it basically, foul, on everything else because stuff. Gets really tight when I when you start putting intakes. And and, the, covers, and all that stuff so I want to make sure that there's enough room for everything. So, that, will leave for next time I just wanted to show you that apparently. At some point in this cars past these, Volkswagen, Jetta parts and we're. Definitely gonna throw this away so, guys, that's actually, gonna be it for today I know this might have been a shorter, episode where we don't get that, much done but actually. We got, a decent amount done we, had all the bolts, on the transmission done, we got all the lines ran we got the shifter linkage in we, got the bolts, tightened on the valve cover we have the frame. Mounted. And we, sort, of diagnosed, this, coolant issue somewhat. So, I think that's that's a pretty good day I want you guys to stay tuned for the next episode where. I'm actually not gonna be working, on this, car per, se but, I'm gonna make sure that I have every, skill I need to, make sure that when this car does run I'll be, ready for it now I don't want to be cryptic here I'm actually going to the Michelin Pilot experience, that's in Sebring, and, basically. I'm going to drive on the tires that I put on this, car the Michelin Pilot Sport flores's and I'm, going to be driving all sorts of high horsepower cars, something. Analog. To this and I've. Actually never, driven a really, high horsepower car on a track and I've. Never driven with tires. Like this in anger, so I'm really interested in knowing how, they handle and how I can make myself better because I don't want the first time I'm out with this car and I hit it I don't want to go off into a tree so stay tuned for that it's gonna be coming up on Monday but after, that we're.

Actually Going full. Whole-hog. On this to people people, didn't say that anymore I'm gonna be redoing the fuel system I already, have a supplier, for all, the a n lines the lines, for the fuel the coolant all that stuff we're going to be mounting. Radiator, the heat exchanger, from, the back where, it lived, and didn't actually exchange, any heat to the front so we're gonna be taking apart the front and you, guys get to see all of that then. We are going to be doing a DIY turbo. System, and redoing. The entire, turbo. Kit. That came on this car kit. Because it really wasn't a kid it was a custom job and they, got a lot of stuff wrong but. This, is getting a completely. Revamped. Turbo system and this is gonna make a ton of power if, I get it right but if you'd like to contact me you can do so at the relative ours that has Instagram, and Twitter Facebook. Commerce, the bars and ask the bars a is my email you guys have been really good at sending, the emails, and and tips and tricks and stuff and I would. Appreciate some help especially, on the, solution, of how to mount this and some. Other part numbers I believe I asked you in the previous episode, I need the apart, for the, little, rubber grommet. For, the transmission. There's, a hole in my transmission, and I don't want water getting in there so you, can let me know how. That. All goes and what part numbers and what to order thank. You very much for anybody giving, me this information or you just want to talk I'm perfectly. Fine with that as well if you'd like to order one of these shirts until everybody, that you are the, warranty, then, link, will be in the description below you can also watch my daily podcast the wrench everyday podcast, that I have every. Day with Andrew, Howell really, a really good friend of mine and you. Can see that down below on the wrench every day channel but until, next time this is me telling you that on cars like this that are really close. To, coming together and running and well let's let's not get ahead of ourselves you guys need to wrench every, day. You.

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Who lets a Lambo sit for three years. What a shame.

Hopefully you put a bit of high temp gasket maker on the valve covers especially if you did not get new gaskets prior to install. It will begin to leak eventually guaranteed.

I personally prefer copper electrodes they're usually more reliable because you replace them more frequently, and the edge area (important for spark production) is far greater than with the needle tip of the iridiums, Replace them at every service, or after every race session, however, sadly no manufacturer (as far as I can tell) makes copper 8s or above anymore. I would also recommend running 9s, but Denso has some interesting information...Denso recommends the IK27 (with an 8.0mm gap) plugs which are the equivalent to the NGK BKR9EIX for the stock 5.8 Gallardo, by that logic you would be able to run 10s (Denso 31s) with your setup, (bigger boost, E85...etc...) for better performance therefore, IK31 with 0.8mm gap. Is where I would set my sights. So to help you with your search @Tavarish Here you go ;) Denso Spark plug Catalogue reference (hopefully this works) Amazon: Denso IK31 Denso IK27 NGK BKR9EIX As far as the transmission plug goes, send me a pic and measure the ID and thickness with a vernier caliper, I'm sure I could find you something. Great job on the videos, I'm enjoying them quite alot. Keep 'em coming!

I thought I noticed that tank! I has a mk2 jetta 20 years ago that lost its coolant thanks to the cap failing.

You don't pay big bucks for parts because they are special or better, but just because they are on a exotic car, ad that's why i would never want to own a car like this, because they are just as good or bad a any other car, so parts wil break down, and then you have to do a bank job. 30 years ago i could buy a porsche 911 for only 6000 deutschmarks, but it looked like as if it was taken apart and put back together for at least a 100 times, so a wreck on wheels, so i walked away from it, because it was a bottemless moneypit, and that counts for al exotic old(er)cars. 80 bucks for a oilfilter for this lambo is just annother example of why you shouldn't buy cars like this, because then you get ripped off by paying at least 70% to much because it has a expencive name on it.

When are you going to do the MR2??????


All the other car channels are starting to grind on me, which is probably because they go overboard with their acting. At least Tavarish is just being himself and all the better for it. Being real beats being fake any day. Defo my new fav YouTuber. Respect!

You call it cheap all you like but you massively overpaid. 65k for a 10 yo is what you'd pay for a good one..

my 2005 golf had the same coolant tank

You shouldn't need a wrench on an oil filter. Also it should be pre oiled and the seal lubed as well.

VW owns Lamborghini

If I were you I would use Bosch spark plugs

You always go from inside out on heads and valve covers if you can't find the bolt pattern but you really should find out how they intended the bolt pattern to be.

Dude you definetely got screwed on the filter I am certain you can easily find that exact same filter by tracking down the manufacturer considering low end Ferraris, Lambos, & Jaguars all have 3rd party parts are non exclusive.....It aint like you have a Lambo Egoista or a Centenario LOL. Look at that I just got to 6:27 and the BOMB dropped its MADE IN CHINA you got phUCCCCCKEEEDD BRUHHHH

Every 911 ever built is dry sump (12-14 quarts)

Just condensation

Lol....ur worried about spending 80 bucks on a filter but u drive a 6 liter ford diesel...last time i checked my 6 liters filter cost twice that hahahaha.

short trips create milky residue

Don't waste money on other spark plugs stay with copper for boosted application. There is a reason why the last tuner/owner used them too

Dude. You shitted on a Jetta part but you have no problem putting on f150 pick up truck parts?

omfg really what Motherf***ing idiot feeds an Lambo engine with E85???!??? that hurts so deep in my Heart. @Tavarish nice series like your vids keep going greez from Germany

Id just use the vw jetta star wars 1 it's clear you can see the fluid line .... buy 1 of those new!

“Stay tuned for the next episode.....literally sit there and stare at the screen waiting until the next episode comes out Monday wtf do you think this is TBS I don’t have back to back episodes prepared gtfo” lmao

Lol the expansion tank is the same from a 08 vw passat lol haha

Please liberty walk this it would b soooo unique

Lmao I knew I recognized that coolant reservoir from somewhere. It looks so out of place, but remember that VW owns Lamborghini so maybe it’s not that out of place after all :)

Torque the bolts inside to out always!

Ugh. People have no idea. Starting a vehicle once a year and not running it up to temp is worse than just leaving it sit. If you know you're going to leave it and want to protect the engine there is a long term oil that you run before you park up.

Maybe because The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi???

The reason for the dry sump has nothing to do with G forces. In fact it was done to keep the ground clearance on the under side of the engine to a minimum. Dry sumps are useful in airplanes and vehicles expected to function while inverted. The Jetta expansion tank makes me think the car was "TAVARISHED" before you bought it.

I watched one video and I'm just going down the list in order watching everysingle one subscribed after the second one lol new fan

it's 12.20 in the avo probably won't get out of bed today just getting a binge watch on your cheap lambo series good stuff

Love your videos. Real car guy.

Torque values are there for a reason. Yes you can torque those tight areas by using a crows foot. They have them box end and open end. This is what we use in aviation to tighten bolts in tight places.

9:40 $65,000 car but can't be bothered to buy a $20 torque wrench...? famous last words. especially trans to motor bolts/nuts. lots of vibes in that area... and your excuse of location... they make a spanner adapter for $5 that goes on the end of the torque wrench. "i don't 'think' it will be a problem" is the most asinine thing you could have said.... was onboard with your videos till then.

The head of the engine was black in the other video, why is it white now?

wow, $80 for that filter, thats absurd

that oil filter only cost 80$ cuz it only goes on a lambo

Why is everyone hating on this guy for little things..? I would like to see over half of y’all rebuild a engine. A Lamborghini V10 at that.

wow you're milking this broken lamborghini story to the full extent... good for you

hey dude after you done with your car please clean the entire engine properly here is a video on how to do it

You look like you could be Neil de Grasse Tyson’s son. Awesome!

Your right on the torque of the bolts, I work for an auto manufacturer and if they are too loose the bolts can vibrate out and come loose and if they are too tight the torque from the transmission can snap the overtightened bolts/nuts and you need to check and see if they are stretch bolts also

I think it started like this . . .

Low Rent style

How cheap R U. China filter on a built engine really

Spend 60k on a project car. Don't buy service manual. Use harbour freight torque wrench.

I love it !!! Gutentight. Classic mechanic term. Awsome

Heh... watching the wrench fall... yep, it hit the floor.. we're good!

My understanding as per this post ( is that the e85 makes it milky, which is why I was told to make sure I change the oil at 5,000KM intervals if I go e85 on the G6E Turbo. $55 OEM filter.

So do you take photos when you demo because you sure remember how to put this jigsaw back together !

That milk look doesnt resemble any coolant/oil mix ive seen.

They removed the ignition coil covers to lessen the heat retention in the coils by allowing better air flow, plus it looks heaps better with the red coil packs showing!

Oh crap, now he is throwing out a cliffhanger. Damn it, there is nothing I can do but wait.

And make sure you have right spark plugs for e85 if you are going to use ethanol anytime soon. I did e85 conversion to my car and it was crucial that the spark plugs were exactly the right ones.

the reaon you have VW arts on the bad boy is due to the fact VW owns Lamborghini

come on man if we dont go for a drive soon im gona stop watching

its not also from a jetta but also the vw golf mk2, its a pretty solid park that'll survive any nuclear war, trust me^^

"goot n tite" lma I just say 2 grunts or 3

80$ for an oil filter that's made in China? Why the hell it is so expensive? Is it made out of gold? Just because it's for a Lamborghini it makes it ok to charge 80$ for a cartridge filter that should cost 10$., it looks exactly like all other cartridge filters. I don't understand this world. Good work by the way Tavarish, I love your content!

this coolant reservoir cap you use in the lambo, is the same i use in my 1996 Audi A4 B5 1.9 TDI LOL

Man you know how to get ripped off. $80 for a filter made in China? Why would you not fit a genuine filter in an engine like this? There is a time to be cheap and there is a time to be smart.

$80 for a oil filter? Wow, I get mine from Eurospares UK for only 25 GBP! Shipping is cheap and I always buy a couple of filters and other stuf to make it worth while. Come to think of it, Lamborghini NZ charge $100 too but that's what you get from a dealer.


Its awesome you film everything, most people like me just like getting in there and doing the work... great job!!

WTF you dont change thtat ripped rubber cover on the wheel hub???

Hey dear Tavarish, I ve been watching your videos A few weeks by now and I'm really impressed by your techniques and skill. On top of that u are a very sympathic and funny guy! Keep it going like that! I got one question In general: How do you know where everything was or belongs. Especially an long therm& big projects like the lambo series. Are there any recommendations u can give? Thanks a lot in advance And please never quit wrenching the Way you do


they put hydraulic oil, that's why it has a milkshake texture

Isn't one of the concerns with torque is over torque?

The old filter was made by Ufi check the number on the filter, it may be the same as an Audi application

Crow foot socket

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