Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday - Did She kill her husband? GRWM & Lets Discuss | Bailey Sarian

Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday - Did She kill her husband? GRWM & Lets Discuss | Bailey Sarian

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Hi guys how are you today my name is Bailey Syrian, and today. It's. Monday which, means murder, mystery, and makeup Monday, let. Me get comfortable I need a better chair so if you're new here every Monday I've been talking about a crime, story that's caught my attention and I, sit here I get, ready I do my makeup and I just tell this crime story this is my third episode for, the most part I appreciate your guys's feedback on this little series, I got going so far plus I get like really into, crime stories and I just don't have anyone to talk to about them so I feel like this is my place to like vent about it talk about it get, off my chest and see what you guys think as well so I appreciate your guys you guys when you comments tough and give feedback just, like I'm in a little group discussion, finally, people who get it just. A little disclaimer, today's, crime. Story does. Contain, some domestic, violence, some of you were saying if it, does to, add a disclaimer pretty, much so, another disclaimer we are going to talk about murder, so people. Dying and. This. Week I thought I should even it out and talk about a girl, who, killed okay. Which mind you it's so much easier to find a man who kills versus, a girl I don't, know ladies you're, really letting me down out there so I asked, snapchat, earlier, today like I originally. Had a story I want to talk about and but, it was another dude and I was like dude I need to find a girl who kills, who. Are some lady, killers, out there I should talk about cuz I was just like I don't know it's the same Jodi. Arias what's. Her name that I'm drawing a blank on that the movie monster, was about it, was just kind of the same name set I'm familiar with the stories Casey Anthony was another big one I'm really familiar with those stories but I want to find stories that I haven't heard of. On. Snapchat hey, hey Irene, I'm assuming Irene is her name hey Irene she reached out to me and said that, I should look, up Tracy rody I haven't heard of this name and I was like okay let me look her up and see what she's all about so, here I am because, I once, again got, heavily involved tracy, rody let's. Get, into it because the ending of this story is. So. Tracy rody met, Scott, when, they were teenagers, they, dated in high school and, became highschool, sweetheart. And at that time they, lived in Iowa. So they had been together for, a very long time the couple married in 1990. A few years after, Tracy, had graduated, high school Scott. Ended up putting himself through college to, become an engineer and Tracy went to college to become a nurse, specializing. In childbirth. And delivery, care over. The years the couple ended up having, three sons. And, based, off photos, of the couple and just the family in general it seems like typical, happy family, all that stuff that usually isn't true Tracy, had, said, that there was a, different, side to Scott, he, was very, controlling and, very jealous. She said it was slowly, destroying. Their marriage, that he was constantly, accusing. Her of having affairs, that she wasn't, having so when she was at home Scott, would come into the, room where she was at and would, ask her like why, she was washing her hands she, must be having an affair because she's washing her hands it was constant, there was a family, friend who, were close to Scott, and Tracy. And this family friend had known them for a long time and she said that Scott. Was possessive. Controlling he. Felt like he owned her he, would, accuse, Tracy, of, sleeping, with different doctors and having affairs with these different doctors that she worked with and her friend knew that Tracy, wasn't, having an affair there's no way in an interview, at Tracy goes on to tell about this. One, night when she had, to stay late at work because. She. Was delivering a baby or something and she. Ended up getting home at like midnight and, when she got home Scott, and her kids weren't, home and she, was freaking out trying.

To Call them she called, the, emergency, room because she thought something. Had happened to them she hears the garage door open, in comes Scott and Scott just goes off on her accusing. Her of having, an affair like that's why she was late Scott started, yelling at Tracy calling her a tramp and a whore I'm assuming, this was like in front of her kids too and Scott. Said that he went looking for her that night to show the kids what a tramp and a whore their mother was that, kind of gives to you an. Idea of their. Relationship, I guess so. In an interview, they asked Tracy okay Walden why did you which I hate this question you know when you're. In a very bad, relationship they. Always ask why did you stay, why did you stay that was so bad and Tracy. Said that she, stayed because she loved him he was the father of her babies, she said that they had just as many good times as they did bad times and to her it was worth working, out and honestly like she, didn't say this this is just my, opinion, sometimes, I was just easier to stay he's like sad as that is so, throughout the years, Scott, moved, the family five. Times in 13, years and, the reason he moved so much was to really like he, would get really jealous and, accused, Tracy of infidelity. To get her away from whomever. She was having an affair with and then eventually they ended up in Texas. In 2003. Tracy was far, from, her friends, and from her family, so she felt really secluded, or she didn't have anybody so, he got her all to himself but, once I got to Texas, Tracy ended up meeting somebody at her workplace this. Time it was for reals, his name, was, Shawn, Michaels, and he, worked as a unit, secretary in, the. Same hospital. That Tracy worked at and Tracy said, he. Would kind of flirt with her here, and there and she, always told him she always told Shawn that she was married, and Shawn would say that he was just kidding he was just messing around I guess he just kept doing it kept flirting with her and then one afternoon, Tracy. And Shawn decided. To meet in a parking lot, she said that they just stood there they were talking, hanging. Out it, was nothing romantic and. Then when she went to go say goodbye, Shawn. Leaned in and gave her a kiss. Uh-huh. Okay, this eyeliner is making, my eyelids stick together so. Shawn, and Tracy. Ended, up kissing in, the parking, lot Tracy, stands by the fact that she did not have an affair when she was married but I don't think Tracy knows, that, like having, an emotional. Affair, I believe, counts. An affair it sounded like she, emotionally. Was falling, for this guy and kissing. In the parking lot like no it's not the same thing as having sex. But, in, all the interviews she says I did not have an affair I did not have it fair but I think like emotionally. She she, was into this Shawn guy she's, allowed to think that's fine whatever, anyways moving on so one week later after the the parking lot kiss scott, confronts, tracy in the bathroom, and accuses. Her of having. An affair like he does i guess every, other night, or whatever and tracy says like in the heat of the moment she just blurts out that yes, she was having affair and she was, falling in love with this guy Shawn I mean finally she had the answer he wanted to hear right she, said for the first time in her life there was somebody and, it wasn't about sex, it was Shawn wanted, her and cared about her and she just had somebody to talk to I guess that night when Tracy, said, that Scott, just looked at her and said you, have no idea what.

You've Done October. 15th 2003. Police were called to the home of Scott and Tracy inside. The couple's home lay Scott with a gunshot wound, to the head, Tracy, said in an interview that, that morning she woke up really. Early like for some blue morning, and she went for her morning walk she, came home she took a shower or she she started, a shower I don't know if she took the shower and then she heard a moaning sound it was then she discovered. Her husband, in bed, and. He was shocked Tracy said that she moved the pillow back and I saw blood in his eyes were, swollen and, I touched his face and said, Scott can you hear me by mid-afternoon it. Was clear that Scott, was brain dead and, then he soon passed away within, hours from, the 9-1-1 phone call one of the detectives changed, his mind essentially, he, said, that, it seemed like it was an attempted suicide at first but, upon looking onto it a little bit deeper it shifted, to a possible, homicide the, detective, said that there, were all the. Ingredients, of a classic, murder, plot. There, was a love interest. Jealousy. A pretty, young wife who, was behaving, suspiciously. That's. What he said the detective said, that she was a nurse, she gave no first aid to her husband whatsoever, and the reason she says she didn't she didn't give any first aid was, because she was in shock well what could she have done I don't know Tracy says, that he was still breathing so he couldn't, give him CPR and, that, the only thing she could really do was wait for an ambulance to come but the detective, said she's, a nurse you know she could have gave some kind of first aid I don't know maybe covered, the hole which he, was bleeding from me but, despite, the shock that Tracy, was in she, still, ended, up calling into work told her work that she wasn't gonna be coming in that day and that they needed to find someone to replace her shift and detectives, thought that was weird like if you're in shock, why would you call your work and tell them that you're not coming in so they thought that was a little suspicious. Dude. The darkness things slowly police and everyone we're out her house right Tracy decides, to go and wash, her hands detectives. Thought that was weird, why is she washing, her hands is she trying to wash off the gunshot, residue Tracy's, defense was that she. Could smell blood on her hands because, she did touch her husband she, just wanted to get her hands clean Tracy said that she went over to the sink she washed her hands, she just ran hot water over her hands and she, stood there and just cried, but the detectives, think, suspicious. So while doing some investigating. That's when detectives. Learned, that Scott, had hired a divorce. Attorney just. One day before the shooting, Scott took Tracy, to. The, divorce. Attorney's. Office, to have a meeting and then that's when investigators decided. To interview. The divorce, attorney. So that's where they found out that Scott had, this, plan, he. Was going to take full custody of the kids and Tracy. Would have liberal. Visitation. And if she chose to fight that they would use Shawn against. Her the guy that she was like not having affair with in order to win full custody, so obviously, Tracy, is shocked, she doesn't wanna lose her kids she, was very, upset because Scott, never told her that he was going to do this and she, came back and said, she didn't care if they used Shawn against, her because she was gonna fight no matter what to get full custody of these children, she said that she loved her children and. That, she was a good mother and all this wasn't fair, Tracy then told Scott that they needed to go home and discuss this before moving forward pretty much the divorce attorney said, that Tracy was obviously. Very upset and that she stormed, out of the office oh my gosh no, I. Just dropped my microphone, in foundation, so. When they got home they both agreed that they didn't want to put their kids through an ugly custody battle, later that night Scott, his, mood had changed apparently, and Scott. Flew, into rage, so Scott went and grabbed a baseball bat, he kept asking Tracy, where, does Shawn live because, he was gonna bash his head in with the baseball, bat and he kept screaming, at Tracy, tell me where he lives and Tracy, kept telling him that she doesn't know where he lives she's never gone to his house before and then that's when Scott got physical, with Tracy so he grabs her by the throat puts his fists up to her told, her, that he was gonna knock the, out of her so once that was over Tracy, goes into the bedroom she, grabs a, suitcase.

She Starts packing and, she, was just gonna stay in a hotel Scott. Started crying and begging her not to go and he, convinced, her to like stay he. Said, come lay down with me I'm sorry and, just come like snuggle with me pretty much after. That altercation, everything. Was fine and then, the next morning, Scott, was found dead by a parent suicide. The detectives, spent the next two years trying. To find a physical evidence, to link Tracy, to, this murder suicide, sorry, investigators. Kept digging until, they found a break something. That had been staring, them in the face all, along. On August. 11th, 2005, Tracy, was, arrested, for Scott's murder. You. See the gun and where it was found would become one of the biggest disputes. In this, case, Tracy, said the gun was in his hand and somewhere on the. Bed and she stood by this story, for like her story never changed it, was very consistent, with her story one of the prosecutors, said, that the pillow was used in to muffle the sound that, Traci used the pillow to prevent any back, spatter, from coming, back and getting on her hands or the weapon and she also used the pillow to disassociate, herself. From, her, husband so. Prosecutors. Believed, ooh. That's. What happened because if Scott killed himself when would he have time to put the pillow over his face what, they were they believe there was a forensic, blood stain expert, who pored over police. Photos taken at the scene and he reported. Saying that he took one look at the gun and knew in his mind that it was not a suicide, when sergeant. Pablo, Flores, one, of the first officers on the scene he removed the gun and he said when he removed, the gun they handled the gun was resting, on his left hand and the barrel on his, right he also said that there was no blood on Scotts hands and the gun did not come in contact with, any blood on the bed and yet there was blood around, the handle, and a thick glob in the actual gun itself also there was no blood on Scotts hands but for my understanding if, you shoot yourself I mean I think you know there should be a blood, on your hands, and one, of the crime-scene photos there's a stain in the carpet of blood. And the, theory is that the gun was lying in the pool of blood next to the bed so there was just randomly like a pool, of blood on the carpet, they think that, the gun was originally on the floor and then it was moved to Scotts hands they believed, that Tracy, put the gun to his head, with the pillow covering, it she, shoots, the gun when, she did she dropped the gun landed. On the floor and then she waited for her husband to die but then she, realized that, she made a big mistake and, then, she, picks the gun off of the floor and then she placed it in Scotts hand in an interview, Tracy, says that they were just trying to make her out to be a murderer that the gun was never on the floor and she was not lying for years. After Scott's death Tracy, went on trial her relationship, with Shawn was, the, center, of the prosecution's. Case, because. They see this you know as a motive, pretty much so, they ended up calling Shawn, the side boo to, the stand. No audio recording, was allowed during the try but he did it knowledge the mutual, attraction but, he said over and over again that they did not have a sexual. Relationship, but, Tracy. Up ten. Days after Scott. Died Shawn, and Tracy, checked, into the Red Roof Inn aka. A motel. Tracy says that they did not meet at the hotel to have sex they, met to talk apparently. They had met at like a pancake house before, going. To the hotel and Tracy. Said she felt really uncomfortable because there. Were a bunch of police officers, around and she, felt like she was just being watched so they decided to leave and go to a motel just, to talk she said she insisted, that they were not there to have sex but, things. Did, end up going further that night and I guess they did have a sexual relationship, don't, go to a hotel, to talk nobody, goes to a hotel to talk because, if you just want to talk you could do that for free in the parking lot or like on the phone I don't know there's, so many other places to talk ten days after he died they did that which did not look good she, says, that she, is fully aware, it didn't look good but she, just needed somebody, who understood. To. Talk to Shawn, and Tracy. Their relationship, ended up lasting, two years so, it lasted for a while after, the prosecution, showed. That, the gun and the gun holster. Fit perfectly, into that stain that was on the carpet after two days of deliberation. We finally, had a verdict, the jury found, Tracy.

Guilty. Of murdering, her husband, they think okay she had a motive Scott, was gonna take away the kids she, was also having like this emotional. Affair, with Shawn. And the only way she was gonna get that is if she got rid of Scott. Okay, but look listen, she was found guilty right but here's the kicker so in Texas, the defense has. The option of letting the jurors decide the punishment as, well, as the FIR dict so, they go back to the courtroom for, the second phase of the testimony, this time Tracy, took the stand told, the jurors that she did not kill her husband, and that she did not agree with their verdict, also her two older, boys took, the stand and they told the jurors that they loved their father and, their mother and that. The mom didn't do it she needed to be with the kids pretty, much beg that you to let her, be with them because they needed her they already lost their dad to a suicide, and they need their mother and it was reported, that that really, tugged at the hearts of the jurors because these, kids are so innocent so young and they just aw I just really, got to them so that was kind of I don't wanna say it was smart but it kind of was so then the jury went back to deliberate, as far as the sentencing, goes so, what is she gonna get life. A couple years was what and then two days later the, jurors finally, made their decision, and girl, was it no decision. I had to finish my lips completely, before telling you the results okay hmm I'm ready I'm ready to tell you so, Tracy got ten years. Probation. Probation. Tracy. Got zero. Prison. Time, she. Did spend three days in jail to, give, her some kind of credit and she was also fined $10,000. So, she was, punished, hard probation, means that she cannot, leave the, county and she, has an 8 p.m. curfew, her. Nursing, license, was, also revoked and she, lost her job and she stands by the fact that she did not kill, her husband, and to. This day she is just she's, out she's free. Okay. Look my final thoughts on this to, reading the, different interviews. And stuff that evident, the evidence I think she. Did it there was a good motive I thought that was weird was like there was no blood, on his hands, or the gun the whole thing, just seemed kind, of weird I mean did she go on a run that morning, there was no nobody like saw her run I think there was a lot of people who are torn on on if she did it or if she didn't do it when you read about the story all signs, are like yes she. Did it and then when you watch interviews, with her you almost are like no no she. Didn't do it and that's the story, of Tracy. Rody and, I believe she's still currently in Texas she, still has her son's and she. Got she, got off pretty easy, and let's, be honest here if that was a man pretty, much anyone, other than a pretty. White woman they probably would be in jail right now come, on let's all let's have a moment of honesty here so I guess moral, of the story is, if you're going to kill somebody do, it in Texas because they have that law a jury, can decide, your sentence, it's just a little confusing to me how the jury found her guilty but, then they only gave her ten years probation I don't know the whole thing is freaking. Weird right, and that is the story, ten. Years probation. So. Let, me know what you think down below do you think she did it I would love to hear what you think about this case and just. Your thoughts I hope you have a good day today you make good choices please. Be safe out there take care of yourself, okay don't kill anybody today, anyways I would be see you guys later bye.

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She totally did it and it’s a joke to convict someone of being guilty of murder and basically not sentence them to any time. And thank you for bringing up the fact that they were easier on her because she’s a woman, it’s pretty obvious.

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One of the kids could have killed their dad for being abusive and the mom covered it up...

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She totally did it, and again no one deserves to be murdered but she was under emotional duress herself and had been for YEARS and that kinda of stress of working, being a mom, and then coming home to accusations all the time probably just caused some sort of break for her.

He pushed her to her limits.. I mean murder is a little much , but after all those years of abusing her mentally that she was cheating. Unstable relationship drove them into madness.

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Im pretty sure there was a female killer called the black widow cause she killed her lovers with poisonous spiders!

Interesting!!! I don't know how i feel about it. Id have to have more info like was it obvious the prosecuters were reaching when it came to evidence? I dont know that there would be blood on someones hands if they committed suicide i think it depends on a lot of different factors also unless this guy was asleep how was she able to put a pillow on his head and shoot him without and struggle happening. Someone even moves a blanket and im up but this guy didnt with a pillow over his head? That confuses me.

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3 days for killing her husband. Courts don't typically use whether or not someone had an affair to determine custody of children, maybe if one of the parents brings prostitutes home in front of the children. She killed him and got a slap on the wrist.

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She did it, without a doubt. Ok I get that seeing something extremely traumatic can cause you to go into shock but was this not the man that she "wanted to work things out with", she's a nurse even back then she would have been able to hire a good divorce attorney and despite the reason for the divorce being because she "cheated" they usually favor the mother, those boys went on the stand and defended her, had she gone to a divorce hearing she wouldn't have lost them, also due to the fact that her husband had planned divorcing her before she even came out about the guy from her work. I agree with you though on her sentencing, LITERALLY anyone else would have gone to prison, had this been the other way around and her husband killed her, he would have been sentenced to life!! I do feel for her boys though, being caught up in all of this then potentially being taken from her to go where, the system?? I can't really say they're lucky to have her but she is sure as hell lucky to have them. You should look up Rosemary West her and her husband did pretty much what Rick James and his girlfriend did but more girls?? Oh if you hadn't heard about Rick James theirs a celebrity for you to throw in

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I'm with you on how its hard to really tell if she did it or not. There isn't a lot of hard evidence that makes me think, "yes absolutely it was her", but also just enough circumstantial evidence that makes me not so sure. Guess she is lucky that she has kids that love her cause that sentence was hardly anything lol. She got the same sentence my dad got for a DUI on a suspended license

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I would of gave her 10 years prison and 10 years probation when she got out.

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When you said it was suspicious that she called into work I remembered that one night in high school my mom who is a nurse fell down the stairs and ended up breaking some ribs when she was taking laundry down to the washing machine and on the ambulance stretcher she told us to call her work and tell them she wouldn’t make it lol AND they tried to argue with us and say we were lying!!! we told them she would be admitted to the hospital that night and if they wanted to check they were more than welcome. Addicted to these videos!!

Ok so there is probable I believe the jury came to the right decision. Whether or not she really did it??? We'll probably never know. Is she dangerous? Probably not, even if she did do it I really don't believe she would ever do it again. It was a crime of circumstance. The guy drove her insane and right into the arms of another man. And for the kids sakes, I'm glad she's with them. With that said, do I think it's right, if she did do it? No, absolutely not. But that's the thing about our judicial system. It's far from perfect and we are just people deciding the fate and punishments of other people...hopefully there's a God out there that can someday properly judge all these crimes we commit. Love you Bailey! Love this series!!!


I love these videos! Very creative and refreshing!

Certainly sounds like she is guilty! I have been really loving your get ready and mysteries!

Loving this Murder Mystery Make-up seties! I'm torn, I totally agree with you and think she did it. BUT, I'm going to play devil's advocate here, was it justified? She was being brutalized by this man and he clearly had no problem using their kids to hurt her. If he was threatening to take the kids, I'm thinking their safety was in question too. I have a saying, "Don't mess with Momma Bear!". Is she the kind of Mom that would do anything to protect her kids? Maybe she thought killing him was her only way out. That's what I would be thinking if I was one of the jurors.


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I used to hate Mondays but naaaaaoooooooo

Her "jail time" was spent married to him and his abuse. Good for her.

'typical happy family stuff :all that stuff that usually isn't true'' dead lol

souless_la hahaha... I hate when ppl try to act like “based of their photos they seemed so happy...” I mean don’t we all ? Hahaha

I love Monday’s again!!!!! Love your videos

Had a really shitty day , your video helped me :) thanks bailssssss

Love this new series you’re doing. It’s so interesting to watch.

Man I got that "why did you stay????" like firstly that's when women get killed by their partners and secondly emotional abuse conditions you to not leave. Actually breaking out of that mindset is really freaking hard, let alone starting your life over from the ground up. So as you said, it's definitely easier. That sentencing though... I mean I'm glad those boys didn't lose their mum but the whole situation is pretty sus!

Also Bailey, I wouldn’t mind if you did revisit the bigger cases such as Casey Anthony. I am interested to hear what research/story you would tell, if the makes sense.

OMG I'm that freak that stays up and listens to these stories so the fact that you do this series is AMAZING!! Thank you!!


Your voice is so calming and perfect for talking about these

I love Murder Makeup Mondays! And she totally did it.

This was great and Bailey you freaking crack me up

If you need an interesting/shocking/wtf female murderer (murderess?) look into Katherine knight, the first woman sentenced to death in Australia

10 YEAR PROBATION what are u kidding!!! Cray cray

WHAT IN THE FLUFF??? THAT VERDICT THOOOO... your make up came out flawless freaking love this series!!!

Oh yeah, she freakin’ did it

u should look up cara rintala...she was on dateline. shes the 1st woman in MASS to kill her legally married wife and ALSO the 1st case here that went to trial THREE times!!!!! and on top of that i was actually in jail with her for a couple months....i cant believe i just said that from my actual channel account!! but im sooo stunned by this case and so confused n would love to hear your thought on it! She was the absolute SWEETEST in jail n had only seen get mad once...but it was pretty....beyond angry. but it was about not being able to see her daughter or having to hang up the phone while talking to her daughter on the phone...i really dont hink she did it unless maybe it was an unplanned ya know blind love rage kind of thing but there are sooooo many other factors to this story i had no idea about until i saw dateline that werent brought up in court...and knowing her personally....the whole case is just crazy and the fact that it went to court 3times!!! after the 2nd mistrial she was released on bail n i was there the day she bailed out....i also always had court the same day as her so we would be in the transport van together bc we went to the same court house too so i was at court with her during her 2nd trial!! if u have questions you can contact me!!! but its just such an interesting case and literally made history twice!! and its a new spin on wanting to find a woman killer bc she killed her wife!!!! love ur videos!!!! and would be sooo excited if u picked this case to talk about next!!!

You should do a video on Mary bell

Ummm... what tweezers were you using to put your lashes on ? I neeeds them

Sounds like my next except he was extremely physically abusive as well as controlling and jealous. Always said I was sleeping around even though I wasn’t... crazy ass... so glad I got away from him.... it took me a while to do it, because abusive and controlling but I was finally able to break free. He would threaten my family and said if I left he would kill them which I honesty believe because he was seriously insane.

I am finally happy and met someone who treats me amazing... I have a whole new life... and I’m extremely grateful_

I Love these videos! New sub ❤️

I enjoy this soooo much You are always original ♥️

I actually think she did it. I kinda remember this case. I'm going to of course go back and look closer at it now. I so totally think she did it regardless what she says. It is funny you picked this Because my bf and I just had a discussion about male verses female criminals and who gets a harder sentence. I'm shook she got no time at all! Love the lips what are you wearing?

Um yes please more vids like this

So she did it! I think he was so abusive that he deserved to have something bad done to him but not die but something.

Wow.... 10 years probation?!

I thought this Youtube algorithm was bullshit but it brought me here and I am SO happy it did! Love your videos!

Oh my god I seriously love these SO much, please keep doing them!

Woooooow! She better live a damn good life from here on out...that's crazy, I'm going to watch her interviews to see how I feel about her. Btw the live for mondays!

Wow....that’s shocking..

Love, love, love this series. Please continue it. You’re very good at it.

I love these videos! You’re awesome and beautiful!

I am loving this series. Your eyes

Where do u get ur hair clips?

Love love these stories

So goood !!! Can’t believe that ending !!

So, this is the 4th time I see this video #NoShame

Hoooolllyyyyy sh******ttt that’s crazy Make up

Guilty AF... love the makeup, living for this New Monday series

Honestly if she did or didn’t do it, I’m glad she didn’t go to prison! Honestly he’s better off gone, if he truly was abusive. I’ve dealt with some awful awful domestic violence, and the world is a better place without those types of “men”

I love this series so much!!!

That’s fkd up.

Love makeup and true crime

Oh she did that. Yep. Could you please talk about Darlie Routier?? Another Texas case but she is on death row. I don’t think she did it but I have an unpopular opinion there

Yay I love this series, and totally loved that you covered a female killer!! Yeah as a former Criminal Justice major, I still have a love and interest for crime stories and this is a great way to satiate that

Edit: Damn lady got away with murder, that is a joke of a sentence. Oh yeah with all of the evidence that you presented, it definitely doesn't look good for her. Also agree with the last point, if it was a man he would be in jail for the rest of his life. Uh I have never heard of a story where a woman killed for pretty much the same reason as a lot of male killers do. Really interesting

Oxygen has the series called "Snapped." I guess women only kill when they snap?

I love these! And I love this look!❤️❤️❤️

I am in love with this series

This is the best!! Love your channel! Makeup and crime, can’t be it!! You are a great story teller!

So I’m freakin’ love with this series!!!!!

I think she did it cuz her husband was controlling

This was a great one! Whaaaa 10yrs probation. Insane! Seems like she totally did it. I feel bad for the kids! Anyway, love uuuuu

I love these! I like how u get through the case in 1 video!

That’s nuts!! Love this series!

Loving this series! Really addicted to crime stuff on Netflix. I've been watching videos on the cases you've talked about. Please keep doing them.

I love listening to you,, but I’m not sure about the whole murder part. I like how you;are handling the stories, though. Love ya!

Love these!!!!!!


I love that you do these

You want women who kill? Check out the show Deadly Women! Really was the show that got me into murder.

I’m voting Shawn did it

That poor woman should’ve just been allowed to ever wash her hands without people hassling her over it

Hannah Bensusan I know I didn’t even realize that until it was pointed out ha


Ooow low I know! Do the Gainsville Ripper. This serial killer was disgusting. The things he did was crazy. I dont want to say too much. I'm from Florida, and this was a HUGE deal.

Always looking forward to your story time!

I'm actually glad she got that easy sentencing. I think she did it too. I'm not saying it's okay to kill people, but mental and physical abuse really can lead people to do some intense things, cause you're in such a fragile mental state. Jeez

The golden girl from canyon lake ❤️

So i just told my husband "hey babe, wanna hear a crazy ass story?" Amd he said " well duh!" So i had him watch this and his mind is blown by the ending..anyone who hasn't watched..just watch its super good...

Yes!!! Quadruple M....I’m so addicted to these videos...please keep these coming! Your the best Bailey!

Oh man,I think she did it, ans as you said it is probably easiest To be a white female in Texas!! Are you not afraid she comes and gets you for what you ve just said about Her guilty

Been waiting on this.. glad your enjoying making them, “hotel to talk”

I love this series!! I can't believe they found her guilty but then gave her probation. I am obsessed with murder mystery too. We watch all the shows there are. We are so into it that I subscribed to a subscription box for murder mystery, we just got our first one.

Love this! Love makeup and murder mysteries!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Love your makeup too, so gorgeous!

Murder makeup time

I love love love these!!

I’m in loooove with this series!! I am sooo interested in serial killers & cases in general ugh I live & makeup too!?! You’re my twin

Loving these videos!!

Bailey!! I freggin LOVE these videos!! I’m obsessed with mystery videos, conspiracy and all that crazy shit hah! So when you decided to do this, I was like YES!!!

She is soooo guilty!

If you’re interested in women who committed murder, definitely look into Katherine Knight, if you haven’t already! It’s a little gorey . But it’s pretty interesting !

That is ridiculous. I cannot believe her sentencing was just probation. WOW! btw LOVE this makeup look!


Love your channel..I have that curious morbid side. Glad your an equal opportunity serial killer..!!

Watch deadly woman!

I am ALL IN on this series. Who knew how perfectly makeup and murder go together?! Love it!!!

Being mentally abused is enough to push anybody over the edge. Makeup looks bomb too

I could listen to you talk about this stuff allllll day long! Also I'm gonna attempt (and probably fail) this eye look later. But WTFFFFF on that sentence??

Yes. Monday. Starting to look forward to these.

You should talk about the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case.. I feel like they have a show out relating to it.

Omg, Bailey, did I ever mention that I was a criminal investigator for our prosecutor’s office for 13 years, specializing in domestic violence?????????? I then moved on to white collar crime for the rest of my career. So, here are my initial thoughts without looking at the crime scene and evidence etc. First, you are right in the question should not be “why did you stay?”, but “what’s preventing you from leaving?”. There are obviously a plethora of possible legitimate reasons and this question takes the blame off her. The average abused woman attempts to leave 7-9 times before it usually sticks. Also a fact, is of the women that are murdered by their significant other, it is during this time period, so fear is obviously the most obvious deterrent. He exhibited classic signs and the dynamics of a typical abuser, especially by moving her and isolating her from any support. I also think you are absolutely correct that she was having an emotional affair and surely did fear having her children taken from her. I would like to have seen cell phone records to see the extent of the communication between her and the coworker. I also wondered if they polygraphed both, despite the reports not being able to be used in court, it can still be an investigative tool....even when people refuse. The police should have bagged both their hands and tested for gsr, gun shot residue. They should have clipped her nails and checked for any sort of gsr, blood, DNA etc. Blood should have been everywhere, despite the pillow, but I forget the caliber. Also, I’d like to see the trajectory of the bullet. I have many unanswered questions. They also should have checked her for injuries, some cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as some strangulation. Do I think she killed him? Probably. But, she may have been able to use battered spouse syndrome as a legitimate defense (depending on the year and whether it’s allowable in Texas). And I have never heard of that type of sentencing, where the jury decides. Crazy. They probably figured she was not a danger to anyone else and she’s probably been an upstanding citizen since. I’d start worrying if more dead husbands showed up. And as far as sentencing, it does sound lenient. But, here in Md, we had a case where a man caught his wife in bed with another man and he shot and killed her, but he only got 18 months due to some old law from the 1800’s saying if you caught them in the act you could commit murder!! Also, here in MD, if a drunk driver kills someone, committing vehicular manslaughter, they only get 18 months. I believe both of these laws have been changed by the legislature, but still, talk about getting away with murder!! Desperate people do desperate things. It’s very sad for everyone. Love this series!

I was late on Murder mystery and makeup Monday!! Omg I have never heard this story and grrrrrl am I obsessed with murder stories! I cant believe she got off!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!! Love these!!!!

This posted while I was at work and I was so sad I couldn't watch it lol I'm up and I'm here for thissssss ♡ glad it's a little longer too

Whenever I hear of women murderers, I think of that song from "Chicago" that goes, "He had it comin'..." I can't remember what its called...

+Bailey Sarian Yassss, gurrrlll!!!!

Ann Marie “he only had himselfffff to blammmeeee...”

Bailey, please look up Blanche Taylor Moore! Case Files has a one heck of a podcast about her crimes.

Wow!!! No matter if he mentally or physically abused her. No one deserves their life taken away. She didn't have balls enough to to leave him. But balls to kill. What a sick sick women. How does she even sleep at night

I love these so much! I get so excited on Sundays knowing the next day I get to watch these!

I think you found your niche, you’re really good at telling stories! Keep up the good work!

I’m loving this series

love love love these episodes! i think she prob did it but cmon the punishment is crazy! I think that is just bananas... but your skin is looking so good! and love the makeup look.

I need your opinion on Steven Avery.

This make my mondays so much better , LOVE these series

Oh my word... HOW did she get off that lightly?! That’s insane, especially because if she did kill her husband, which she probably did, she’s still out there?!

She did it. 10 years probation. Thats almost as bad as casey getting found not guilty.

Love murder and makeup!

you’re literally my favorite

Sent by Cate The Great Beauty and loving it!

Everyone seems to have a huge problem with the women washing her hands

Being in a relationship with an abusive people can literally make you go crazy and then him trying to use his kids to hurt her more

I love how Bailey describes these stories

loving this series :)

I am loving this series


I cannot believe the jury's verdict/punishment. Wow. I live in Texas and I wouldn't have been lenient.

I love this series. If your interested I recommend that you look into Tommy Lynn Sells, & the West Memphis Three.

If you're looking for female killers I suggest watching Snapped, they have 24 seasons of women murdering.

These videos are my favorite! Bailey you rock! I’ve always loved murder mysteries!! Dateline, 48 hrs mystery, Netflix mysteries!!! ❤️

You gotta DEFINITELY watch the show “Deadly Women” on Discovery ID... I’m sure you can find episodes on YT... then do research after bc they don’t go into serious detail and there’s always sooo much more to a case!

Bailey Sarian It sounds like he was the cheater because with all his constant insecurities and controlling; typically, he’s cheating!

Bailey Sarian you should look up the David Crowley murders.

+Lily8909 so much this.

I love to watch you apply your foundation, concealer & setting powder. And I love this series

OMG *Bailey* gurrrl!!!! Next to MUA- this is your calling!!!!!!!!! Do the Menendez brothers and Susan Smith next

Wow!! Probation?! That is too easy but I think the kids where persuaded to say they needed their mother. I wonder if they didn't have the kids go on the stand what the verdict would be..?

Aileen wuornos was an American female serial killer out of Florida

Nice video! And makeup

LOVE LOVE LOVE these murder/make up videos

I haven't started the video yet but I just wanna say........ please tell me your merch is gonna be restocked. I *need* that rat hoodie. I need it!

When is your merch going to be back in stock? I have been dying to get some


Its just clip in extensors I got from the random beauty supply store down the street haha

I definitely think she did it ! But I don’t feel bad for the husband sounds to me like he got what was coming to him

I love this series. Your makeup is beautiful and I’m gonna need more of both

Hey hunny new subscriber. I love this idea of the murder mystery . I am obsessed with watching those types of programs and you tell them so well. Love the make up too

I can see why she got probation. I mean, here in Texas they really push beyond a reasonable doubt on the jurors so I can see how its not 1,000 percent obvious that she did it. I mean, it looks bad on her. Look up the Ana Trujillo case. In the DAs office, the murder is referred to as the 'Stiletto Heel Murder' OooOoOoOoO

She did it. She wanted to get rid of her husband to be with her new boo. All murders seem to think that they should get rid of their spouse to be able to move forward with their “new life”

Loving this series! Bailey how do you make your wig look so realistic and where did you purchase?! I just cut my hair and it’s pretty damn short! I like it but at times I want long luscious hair. Please tell! Thanks!

this is clip in extensions :)

Yes such a good idea!! Wow! I watch makeup and crime shows on YouTube so this is literally perfect! ❤️

Another good one Bailey! She’s super guilty! I mean c’mon, the red roof inn?!

Again judicial system failed

I love this series! I also watch a ton of true crime, so this combines two of my favorite things... Maybe could you just give us a quick heads up on what products you are using? :) You should listen to the Dear John podcast and Up and Vanished! Both got me hooked on Podcasts. Also Sword and Scale is an amazing podcast!

Have you seen The Staircase on Netflix? It’s a good one and you’re never quite sure if he did it or not...

yes.. im not sure either.. but what are the odds that his second wife dies like wtf

Just found your channel and I love it

Love this series!! Genius!

I watched the story of Chris Watts from last weeks murder mystery. That was absolutely heartbreaking. How can you kill your own little girls and your pregnant wife. What a sick bustard. I don’t understand people

Bailey I love these videos. They are very well done. Please look into the rhoden family murders in ohio. Whole family killed by another whole family..very crazy situation the guilty family was just recently arrested hasn't gone to trial yet.

Ps You are seriously so good at these new videos!!! Like how you tell the story and how you lead up to the climax of it. And then you are like, "wait theres more". Applause! Love this new series!

Whoa I totally thought the husband was crazy enough to commit suicide out of spite. But once you mentioned the science of it, it sounded like she actually did it. Seems like there was more than Mariah Careys "You've got me feeling emotions" between the wife and the other dude.

they're by ardell and they place the lashes on or at least HELP do so.

Love ❤️

What does one do on a Tuesday night knowing work is canceled tomorrow due to forecasted -54 degree windchill? Snuggle in with popcorn and a little Bailey! Love these vids!

Do I think She did it, probably. However there’s no evidence to say that the Shaun guy didn’t kill him. So you don’t really know for sure and you can’t really find someone guilty that you don’t really have that much proof.

Hey Bailey, I think you'll be interested in Dorothea Helen Puente she was an American convicted serial killer. In the 1980s, Puente ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California, and murdered her elderly and mentally disabled boarders before cashing their Social Security checks. Her total count reached nine confirmed murders, and six unconfirmed. Hope u enjoy as I have with your new series. ✌️

I served on jury duty once and you can only take the evidence into account when making a decision. It's crazy! We had to decide what to award the plaintiff what we they deserved based on the evidence. So, in Traci's case it is all circumstantial, how do you send a someone to prison on a maybe.

If I remember correctly she did do jail time and was paroled in 12’. Still ridiculously how little time she got! I’m not positive but I think I just watched this story on “Snapped” like a fortnight ago! But, I may not had been listening! Btw, love this series!

Bailey PLEASE discuss the matrice Richardson case. The long article in Los Angeles Magazine is a good place to start and see how WEIRD it all is. She still deserves justice!

Should research albert fish he’s 10/10 intense

Please please please keep doing this series!!!!!

Bailey have you ever checked out Cayleigh Elise’s YouTube channel? She films videos on missing people and Jane/ John Doe’s. You should check it out

I am here for this content!!

I just discovered your channel like probably this week and you are so funny and so darn real. Unlike other famous youtubers....can’t stand their fake faces lol

I absolutely love your Murder, Mystery, Makeup series!

You should check out the PodCast “Small town Dicks”. It’s true crime stories that happened in Oregon, hosted by Yeardly Smith. I think you’d love it! I work at the police agency that investigated the cases.


He sounded like a doucher. He could have been unstable enough to kill him self and she really is innocent. Odd that Texas jurors determine your fate, not sure if that’s a good thing

Love these! ...and New Subscriber because of this series.

hahah!! I have the same mirror and my 5X sticker is still on mine too!!!! Love this series

Bailey Sarian Well dang it! Lol you're killing it. Hair is looking amazing

I love this series!!!!! You are a good story teller. Love it!

Female murderer Melissa Huckabee. Tracy, Ca. You won’t believe the bizarre story. Female predator. I just found your channel! Love it ❤️ I won’t say anymore about it, the mo is of a man, NO ONE thought they were looking for a woman.

I need more Murder Mystery Makeup Monday. Thank you

how did this woman over power her husband? or like he actually slept thru her stuffing a pillow over his face & he didn’t struggle?

This might be too messed uo but can you look into Katherine Knight from australia still serving a sentence for a homocide crime in year 2000

You are SUCH a good story teller. I can't wait for next Monday for the next episode! xo

New here Cate the Great sent me over!!!! I was Mesmerized by your story with putting on your makeup!!!! I think she did it as well

yes! that was so nice of her to mention my channel , I had to go over say a big thank you to her

What if Tracy watches this?!? She probs has nothing else to do than watch YouTube! I so agree that the sentencing was some bs...

I'm so in to murder mistry Monday that I can't wait till frecking Monday and never thought I'd say that!!

You’re the best story teller! You get to the “meat” of the story and you make it so entertaining. You’re the best at everything❤️

Sentencing for things like this can be so crazy! I used to think if you kill someone you go to jail for life automatically. The system can be so crazy that even when people want to give the maximum it still doesn't mean life in prison. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

I couldn't believe it!!!!!!

I love mystery Monday’s!!!!

Found a new female murder Monday for you it’s on Netflix (Evil genius pizza bomber) !!!!!

She was cheating on her husband the entire time. Period.

I saw your previous comment and when did I side with her ? some evidence that she wasn't lying was strong and made me feel iffy . BUT I DO think she did it and I said that . I was also shocked about verdict / sentencing which I mentioned... I find it sad that most comments are on her side and not upset about how people are in jail for a much lesser crime than hers. Im not sure where you got me siding with her at all...... ? lol you should be upset about the people commenting that he deserved it .

Gur, please keep this series going! I am a murderino and love your take on these stories. Your insight and the way you do your makeup during is oddly calming. I am sure you have heard of the podcast My Favorite Murder but if not check it out. Also in this episode you mentioned have a hard time finding females that murder, check out the show Deadly Women. The acting is kind of hokey but so many interesting stories from it.

I would love to see more of these! I get so sucked in!

you have inspired me so much

Not sure if anyone has suggested it, but there's a short series on Netflix called Women Who Murder, and I hadn't heard about any of them before -- it was pretty interesting.

I'm loving these! Keep it up!

This is the murder or Sandra Cantu

Woww 10 days probation is crazy. That blows my mind. I have never heard of it anyone getting probation for murder. Wowwww .

This is exactly what was missing from my life makeup and true crime in one place

I am loving these videos!!!! They are super interesting

Omg I just fell in love with your channel. INSTANTLY subscribed

Love this series!! You should look into the disappearance of Susan Powell. Her husband has always been suspected but ended up killing their two sons and himself. Crazy twist about Susan and Joshs father as well. There a podcast called “cold” that covers it too!

I have a really interesting one for you, look up the murder of Skylar Neese from Morgantown, West Virginia. Crazy, and I think it would make a really great episode. I went to WVU (West Virginia University, which is in Morgantown), around the time it happened it and I knew people that knew her. Crazy.

I hope you'll see this! i'd love love love for you to do this one.

Murder mystery makeup Mondays are the best! I love this theme your doing! Yasssss

Look up Wendi Andriano!! Crazy story. After Jodi Arias, I googled other women on death row in Arizona (where I live) and she was the other crazy one.

Can you do the West Memphis 3?

Love the series

what happened to "Bailey Does..."?

its just on hiatus because it was costing a lot ... can't be doing that hahaha..

Please continue these videos. They are my favorite on YouTube

She def did it but he sounded like a crazy person so maybe probation wasn’t that far off because honestly those kids are the innocent victims in it all and they don’t deserve to be orphans because of it.

Just found you! One of my subscribers told me about your Murder Mondays. I’ve been sharing my true crime obsession with my viewers after finding the podcast My Favorite Murder. Thank you for this story. I had never heard of it. Also I was mesmerized watching you put on your eyeliner!! XOXO

I'm so riveted to listening you tell murder stories lol btw the makeup is on

I really love your makeup and these crime stories are good too. I just wish that there could be some makeup videos on YouTube that don’t use false eyelashes. I live in California. Maybe I am just more of a natural type? I don’t mind using a whole lot of eye makeup, I actually like that. But I draw the line at false eyelashes. “False”. It’s just not something I can see wearing with a tee shirt jeans and converses. I mean, I have seen ppl do it. It just seems like overdo to me. On me. (My mother used to wear them, suddenly while talking, I’d see one of hers half off on her eye. Maybe that’s why??) I JUST WISH THERE WAS A WHOLE LOT OF MAKEUP TUTES *without* NEEDING FALSE EYELASHES. Just sayin’. [Been harboring this for over a year, ever since watching makeup vids.]

You should also do some where the spouse didn’t do it. Once that leave us guessing until you tell us!

Do a video on Diane Downs!!!!

I absolutely loved this video and the story was great. You're a great storyteller!

hey Bailey look up Marisol Taylor, if you d like, i worked with her back in the day and she ended up murdering her bf/husband i think she slit his throat anyway idk much about what happened n id like to know more we were pretty close when we worked together and she was a cool girl she had a young daughter but after she stopped working with me she met this guy and idk what happened but i heard she was in jail for murder and this is no offense to her family i just really liked her and id like to know to more about what made such what i thought was a together woman and good mom trying to provide for her daughter to end up like she did :) We worked together in Sewell NJ I'm not sure where it happened tho

You are officially my favorite person I’ve been up all night watching your Monday mystery makeup videos

Murder, mystery, and makeup! I’m here for it! As a kid, I was addicted to Agatha Christie novels!

Omg she totally got away with murder!

It was Shawn and they planned it together in the parking lot and then went to talk about it in private at the motel

“you don’t go to a motel to talk, you can do that for free, in the parking lot or like on the phone, idk?”

for some reason, I really like these! I also like that you’re only talking about the cases and not going into what products you’re using.

Ok, so now that I’ve watched this—idk whether she did it or not!! It’s hard to tell for sure. BUT—and this might sound bad—after watching abuse in my own family and friends, I wouldn’t blame her for it if she did!! It sounds like he is the typical abusive asshole. He moves her around so she can’t get close to anyone, always accuses her of cheating, keeps her completely isolated, when she threatens to leave, he convinces her to stay, and then they cycle starts all over. It sounds like this woman was brainwashed and abused for a loooong time! So while I can’t say I agree with it, I can understand! Haha

I flippin love these murder/makeup videos!!!!!:)

More how u tell these stories

This is my first time watching & this series is absolutely genius! I’m so obsessed, my 2 favorite things mushed into one: makeup & murder mystery

I’m obsessed with this series. I’m so glad one of my friends recommended this!!! Makeup and crime stories my to favssss

OMG you have combined my two ❤️'s...thanks

Your skin looks amazing!

I am LIVING for this series. Two of my favorite hobbies: makeup and murder mystery.

I LOVEEE THAT YOU DO THESE VIDEOS!!! I’m a sick freak and love googling murder mysteries !

Someone’s probably already said this, but you should listen to the podcast My Favorite Murder if you don’t already! Your work is beautiful, Bailey!!

YouTube has a WHOLE channel called Female Killers I am OBSESSED...knock yourself out!!!

I love the Murder,Mystery Mondays! I would also like to see more "Dear Diary" readings

I am absolutely obsessed! This segment is my favorite on YouTube!

You are such a great story teller!


I love this series so much!! Thank you!!

why so many cuts and clips and the edits?

My favorite combo

I swear. These murder Mondays are LIFE. I watch them over and over. I love your thought process. Great idea!!! Keep me coming

I did 6 months for driving on a suspended license... wtf? Ha

because , there will be 2,000 extra minutes of me sitting in silence blending, or I stumble my words a lot / mix up names / am not perfect, I have to make the edits. I just started doing this and tend to make stupid mistakes along the way.

Love makeup, and murder mysteries!! So, I enjoyed this very much. Blessings..MaryEllen

+Bailey Sarian Your trans struggle is real

I’ve seen this story - the jury said her kids were the reason she got probation.

I love them plz keep doing it .

this that white privilege

Just found this and I'm loving it

look into the show deadly women. it's my favorite on investigation discovery. that'll give you plenty of stories lol. one woman that was super messed up was styllou christofi. she shoved a lit torch down another woman's throat. i mean, what?

I hope you never stop this series! I've got a friend hooked on them too!

Tiffany Cole. Her and her boyfriend buried two people alive she ended up getting the death penalty in Florida I'm pretty sure they overturned it but I'm not 100% but she was in the beginning sentenced to death

I’m a true crime junkie so I’m in love with this series!

i’m literally OBSESSED with this. nothing better than make up and murder

Tiffany Cole.. you should look her up her and her boyfriend I've only a few weeks buried two people alive

please never stop. I love watching your videos about murders.

I’m so glad rawbeautykristi mentioned you. I love crime shows and I’ve been binging your videos the last hour


Oh my lanta , I've been missing some great makeup and stories!! Sorry love I've recently been having my grandmal seizures again. Lame !!! Your videos are bringing me life. Thank YOU . I love this look !!!! And holy story !!!! I love how calm you and and point out the uhmm nooooo doesnt make sense . What !!!!!!!!! Probation.

The story of a woman who was fatally stabbed in December after reportedly giving money to a panhandler — a case that drew national attention and spread fear through Baltimore — was actually a ruse by her husband and stepdaughter, who have been charged in her death, police announced Sunday night.

I am loving your murder, mystery & make up Monday videos

"Don't kill anybody today" killed me.

Baily you keep me so intrigued by these stories I just kinda binge watch your videos. I love make-up too so this is awesome. I agree that it's so much more interesting that you talk about mysteries that aren't too mainstream so we go in not having an opinion yet. It's like you're an audio book & I just have to keep listening to find out what happens next. Lol

So glad I found your channel! Makeup

Please continue to do these mystery/make up videos! There so fascinating!

No, the lesson is, if you're going to murder someone, be a pretty white woman

How old were her kids? Maybe one of them did it and she tried to cover up things so the kid would not go to prison? The kids had to have known their Dad was not right about their Mom...and if he told the kids he was going to get sole custody maybe one of them just snapped. Sad situation all around.

Do Casey Anthony

“10 years.........probation”

I went to school for criminalistics (forensic science ) and IF he shot himself there should have been residue on his hand

Okay this is my first video of yours. Raw beauty Kristi sent me ❤️ and I am only 5 minutes in and I am HOOKED

I love this!!!!!!!! Please do this everyday ❤️

If she didn’t kill hubby then did anyone say who may have? I mean she was the ONLY ONE PERSON IN THAT ROOM!! I love your channel :) I’m new here. Raw Kristi Beauty sent me lol so glad because this is very up my alley. Murder mysteries & makeup. How original you are! Hopefully more people will subscribe because honestly it gets boring watching creators put on makeup, unless they’re funny, then I’m into it but hardly anyone is funny on here. So serious...How many cut creases can one gal watch?!? Thanks for the MMM

China Arnold in Dayton, Ohio. Check it out, very disturbing.

Ummmm ok so how have I only just found your channel?!

Okay so this is EVERYTHING. I care here from RawBeautyKristi’s channel, and oh my god. I absolutely love murder mysteries and I love makeup so this is just genius. You’re also a badass with amazing talent in makeup and you do SO much research on these stories. Love it!

I am so hooked on these stories and I think she did it too!!!! But at the same time I am happy the kids still have a mom too but he was psycho for real!!!! I am so hooked on this it’s like the best ever two of my most favorite things MAKEUP AND MYSTERY WOW!!!!!!!

So many thanks to @rawbeautykristi she recommended you just when I thought makeup was the most amazing thing to watch this is tutorials with a twist I love it

You are a GENIUS

Lol I mean on her calling into work... I work in healthcare and we are held to a different standard. We are expected to call in even if we are literally dying.

Scary shit but ya she did it

There's a gal named Shelley Michael who is pretty creepy...

love it!

If you want to talk about another woman murderer you should talk about Jane Reth. She’s from Sitka, Alaska so I’m not sure if there would be a lot on the case but I remember hearing about it when she got convicted and was super curious :)

+Carmelita Jaymes that sounds like a crazy case and I would love to hear Bailey cover it!

So rawbeautykristi sent me here and I'm binge watching all of these! Great story telling with gorgeous makeup, and I really like your voice. Is that weird? Lol

Plot twist theory here: maybe he did loose his shit, knowing she was finally going to leave him and knowing it was likely she would get full custody of their children he hatched a most devious plan...what if he did kill himself and did so in such a way that it would look like she did it, in order for her to go down for his murder. I know it's a stretch but abusers are cray cray so I wouldn't put it past em. It's a twist on "if I can't have you no one can". But I'm also inclined to believe one of their sons did it in defensive of his mother but I guess we will never truly know. If I was on that jury and years of past abuse came out in court my first thought would likely be "why did you wait so long to shoot that fucker"! Haha does that make me a horrible person

I wish you’d make these more than once a week lol

I love this series new subscriber. I do get into crime stories...I remember watching snapped and loving it. Ok sounds like she had to kill him he wouldn't let her go..that's dark but sounds like he deserved it...

Monster = Aileen Warnos.

me too

I say she basically got away with murder or self defense we'll never know the truth. Thanks for a murder and make up episode ❤️

She did it. Great story.

I'm a new fan! I need a murder Monday for Adnan Saie! They had a whole serial podcast about it but I love your interpretation of these!

Discovered your series a few days ago, amazing combination of make up and crime!! Normally i would have to watch two different video's for this! Awesome job!!!

You totally need to look at the “iceman tapes” on YouTube the guys called John Kuklinksi ohhhh he is a cold heartEd mutherfucker I know you will loveeeeeee him xx

I'm not saying I agree with the fact that she murdered her husband(because I totally think that she did), but her husband sounds like he was an absolute abusive dick and I wish that it was easier for women to get out of relationships if they are bad.

Watch Female Killers on YouTube

Love your channel! I love makeup and true crime so you're perfect, plus your makeup is always perfect; your creativity is truly inspiring. In regard to the verdict, I think it is important to look at the fact that she was in an emotionally abusive relationship where her husband was exerting coercive control over her. Yes, if it was completely out of the blue I think the sentence would be outrageous but she was likely pushed beyond her breaking point. It does not excuse her actions, but it explains why a seemingly normal woman would kill her husband, and explain the sentencing.

I am finally catching up on Murder Mondays. The evidence definitely leans toward murder. Most suicides by firearms are contact wounds. They have specific characteristics including stippling around the entrance wound and a star like tearing because of the gases forced under the skin. She received that sentence because of the abuse and emotional trauma that led to her killing him in an act of desperation.

Girl you are awesome

I love this idea! Loved that you mixed two of my favorite things makeup and crime investigations. Thumbs up!!!! Ill watch every one of these! Keep going!!

Girl luv ur channel!! Iam so into those stories!! Luv watching this on tv! Not to mention ur makeup is so awesome!! Thanks for your videos ❤

+Mischa Minxx yea it def is! A history changer for sure! Its not fair that people only get one chance to prove theyre innocent but the state can pretty much have as many chances as they want until they get what they want! N the only reason that they convicted her the third time was bc the prosecution decided to let them convict on a lesser charge....but a murder chage is still a murder charge....especially for someone they could not prove did it. No dna, no nothing. They are other suspects they never even truly investigated! So even i cant decide for sure who i think did it

I do think she did it though. I think she deserved prison time, but I don't think she will kill more people. Which is probably why she got probation. That along with the kids statements.

I'm pretty sure there's little to know first aid to head shots... And I mean this crime also has the classic element of suspicious husband. And I think the clear motive isn't the brand new affair, its the years long mental and emotional abuse. But I mean they wouldn't want the jury to think he deserved it I guess.

Brah, nurses work weird ass hours and everyone knows that. How is that suspicious =_= is like an enclyopedia of murderers both Male and female from different parts of the world. If you havent checked it out you should.

Loraine Bob-bit . Or did that guy live ? Idk

I'm totally watching these Murder Monday's out of order but I am loving this series. I get so invested in the story and what's happening and watching you do your makeup at the same time is almost hypnotizing, I honestly love it.

I love your channel :-)

I just found you and I’m binge watching all your Monday videos

Check out Diane Downs case. That lady is crazy. Love you videos

Love this series! Binge watching them all. Please continue.

Do Jennifer Pan

You very clearly listen to my favorite murder. And if you don' NEED to. This is a great series! My two favorite things!! Makeup and murder!

Kimberly Cargill

Holy shit I'm the only dude complainin again but wtf 9yrs probation?that's fukn bs man,hard.

Love this series! Please do other series where you discuss phenomena or different types of mysteries!

Honestly the whole disclaimer thing annoys me, the title alone should be enough for oversensative types. I really dont think people need to add them if you are watching something that upsets you... scroll along! Whew! So glad I got that off my chest lol! Also side note LOVE your channel!

I soooo love Mondays :)

Maybe she didnt ! The husband was already tormented with so much ideas of affairs he went crazy , and killed himself.

My ex-husband always asked me why I watched all of those crime shows. I told him it was so I could kill him and totally get away with it. It put a little bit of fear in him.

I love this concept so much. I rather watch this than some boring ass makeup tutorial.

I'm know I'm late, just found this channel. I'm a nurse and I can deal with all kinds of things at work and it doesn't faze me at all. My son somehow gets a cut and bleeds, I get lightheaded, dizzy, and go completely blank. So its possible that she was in shock enough to space out and not do anything.

Almost 3 am and I’m bing watching these videos. You look amazing

She did it

It is kinda wild though, since it might be more men going on killing sprees, but I honestly feek the more gruesome ones are done by women

New sub here. I love the stories, the way you tell them and the makeup looks you do. Thank you!!


I think since we don’t know if she did it for sure, she shouldn’t get jail time

So I just found these and have been binging them all while doing my homework. The perfect combination of my favorite things, murder stories and makeup! Plus your personality is addicting. I've also fallen in love with your Too Poor for Couture black Tee and sweatshirt. Any chance of those coming back in stock? Thanks for the awesome videos!

Oh my god I love your videos! It’s such an original idea and you do it rly well! Your videos need to blow up!

I just found my favorite you tuber!!

i just dont understand why these people resort to KILLING a person to solve their problem like???????? there are other ways???????????? what????????????? also 10 years PROBATION????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? IM SPEECHLESS

You gotta check out deadly women on hulu or netflix

Female killers is a good YouTube channel to help with that

It’s really good and they have dramatization to help with that

You should look into The Carr Brothers and the Wichita Massacre. It will totally piss you off!

You should cover Kelly Cochran next!!! Enjoying the series

Your vids give me life!! Thank you for being such a treasure!

I mean it is weird that the gun was moved but there's a possibility that he dropped it and she was worried that since it was on the floor they'd blame her so she put it back in his hands or she took it out of his hands when she found him but put it back in his hands since she realized she messed with the scene. Idk weird stuff it's hard

Look up Dana Sue Gray in Lake Elsinore, Ca. Please!

Omg!! Love love love murder Series! Please keep doing them. You do a very good job of telling the story and keeping it light. Just found your channel new subscriber here

I love, love, love your vlogs! I've been hooked since day one!

I love this idea. Sarcastic,fun, mysteries and make up. Can’t get enough!!!

The way you lean into the mic when giving us the verdict had me deceased

I don’t know either, my brother supposedly shot himself in a suicidal murder. When I saw the pictures there was no blood on my brothers hands. He supposedly helped clean up all the blood after shooting his best friend, and then turned the gun on himself. There were really bad burn marks on my brothers hands and that was it. The first time my brother shot himself there was no burn marks on his hands what so ever, but there was blood everywhere on him. So I just don’t get it.

I love Monday murder, mystery and makeup! It is my favorite.

She absolutely killed her husband!

I love this . exaclly what ive been looking for . please do more .

Makeup and true crime. MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS.

I really need those clips for when I curl my hair and set it. I hate the kinks it leaves!

You need to watch deadly women or

The only reason I could see why that was the punishment they gave her because to me is sounds as if she was trying to escape a horribly abusive relationship. Just saying that man sounded like a nutcase.

try looking up at the ken and barbie killers in Ontario Canada


Can you do JonBenét Ramsey

Diane Downs..Small Sacrifices.

My two favourite things: makeup tutorials and true crime

With the thing of her calling her work after, I found my mom dead when I woke up and called 911 then called my work that I wasnt coming in. Don't know why it mattered to me but I felt like that was important. I also decided that I at that very moment HAD to go to the beach and color in a coloring book. I was 17. The mind does weird shit when it doesn't know how to process.

Maybe girls aren’t letting us down maybe they get it away with it better

These r my fuckin fav

If you want to find a lot of female killers, watch the youtube channel: female killers. It's from a show and it's amazing!!!!

Women are just smarter

Female killers is a Chanel here on YouTube and they have a ton of female killers

I’m so jealous of the space you have on your eyelids

You: “So if you’re going to kill someone do it in Texas.” Husband: “What the hell are you watching?” We live in Texas...

I'm mildly heated after watching this video because her husband was a POS. Like OF COURSE SHE WAS GONNA EVENTUALLY HAVE AN AFFAIR. She has suffered from emotional abuse by this man for years and he even had the audacity to bring her kids into it. Like what thick skulled asshole wouldnt think to call the hospital and ask if she was working late? He had to gather his kids to go find her and show them what a tramp she is??? and he was probably bad mouthing her the whole time after she probably just worked a 12 hour shift to provide for them. He secluded her from her family and constantly accused her of being a whore and one day a guy cares for her a little bit and she likes it. But she feels guilty for it. And instead of lying she confesses and is threatened and choked and almost beaten. I'm not defending her but I'm not surprised she found interest in someone else when her relationship was literally sucking the life from her and Shawn was probably a beacon of light for her. That kind of emotional abuse hits so close to home and I hope to god that if anyone in a similar situation is reading this please GET OUT. No matter how much you love your SO they WILL HURT YOU and maybe even those around you. And maybe not physically YET, but emotionally. If he had continued that abuse those kids would have been mentally messed up and that's horrible that a man can claim to love his kids and then do that to them. Nobody deserves that kind of experience and trauma. Not you. Not your kids. Not anybody else thrown into the mix. Don't ignore the warning signs for something as ever-changing as love.

Same!! Thank you @rawbeautykristi

I keep thinking you have mini spatulas in your hair

I think she did it but it was kinda in a self defense way so I don’t think she is like a threat

Sorry but I'm on Tracy's side

i just binged every single one of your murder mystery and makeup videos today and .... yes


Ermergerd. No one ever goes to a hotel just to talk. No one. Seriously? 10 days later? You couldn’t have waited a bit longer? Suspish....

maybe there’s not many lady killers bc they’re smart enough to not get caught ...

yoooo she only got three days in jail . i got three days in jail for running a red light


lol i love how you talk in your videos, it’s like i’m talking shit with a girlfriend

I love that you do this kind of video talking and doing your makeup because it’s like I’m your friend and we are just hanging out or something lol

So, basically I feel that even though she was found guilty, the sentence was for her sons. Think about it, their dad is gone and did they only had their mom. They did it for the kids.

Just stumbled upon your YouTube and I am so happy I did !

This is definitely one of my favourite series ON YOUTUBE!! You are the best, keep up the great videos

*repeats into microphone* 10 years probation

I'm on Tracey's side completely in this case

I'm with you on that one.


Eileen Wornos was the "Monster"

Did they test his hands for gunshot residue? Since it was a supposed suicide, he should at least have residue on his hands. I'm a new subscriber, I love true crime, and this is such a great way to present it, thanks.

“Ten. Years. Probation.” Love the theatrics!

I really enjoy horror / murder stories / psychological aspect to the murder... but i cant talk about it too much cause its weird so i am really thankful for this

Thank you for being respectful about this. The only thing I don’t agree with is “getting off easy”. She lost her nursing license which was her lively hood. How was she supposed to support three boys while being a “convicted murderer”? She received death threats on a nightly bases from random phone calls. I can go on and on about how it didn’t end there, but I am an adult now and the situation strengthened my family and I. I love my mother and still stand by her. Commentators, please if you have any hateful or demeaning comments don’t bother replying. You will be wasting your time. Thanks.

I'm obsessed! You are my new favorite!

93% of violent crimes are committed by men..... think about that real quick.

“Idk ladies, you’re really letting me down out there”....... ummm

I just gotta know..... Did you skip the elbow circle because of the pain, do you have plans for it, or was is planned that way? I just see every one with elbow tatts skip the actual elbow part lol. I need answers.

Or because of the wear? Like knuckle tattoos, too much upkeep. Lol

girls are quickly called crazy but men are known for shady shit tho....js.

Please talk about Kristen smart!!!

Look up a recent UK female serial killer. Joanna Dennehy. It's a really interesting story. She was a messed up woman!

You should check out England's Mary Bell. She was a child who murdered.

Your voice is the only "ASMR" I actually enjoy

If people don’t know the story of Aileen Wuornos, that’s a pretty good one. She was executed on my birthday

Hey girl!!! I’m so glad I found you. You are my spirit animal

Peggy Greeby I was wondering the same

I posted this on another video but please do a video about the Dale Nelson murders. They're pretty fucked up but they happened in a small B.C town that I live super close to. Super interesting. Alsooo the robison family murders. they're unsolved and pretty crazy

Oof just realizing we have the same name but mine is spelled differently

who the hell asked for disclaimer on "CRIME series" lol. I'm in love with these series

So, binge watching the channel.... I just wanna toss out some thoughts about this case. I am a domestic abuse survivor myself. I'm in a nasty legal battle because of it. And that guy sounds just as bad as my ex. I really thought in my own situation it would result in someone dying and fortunately I got the help and support I needed to leave. Dealing with harsh accusations like that everyday on top of working as a nurse, where you deal with some of the worst things you can ever witness in life and trying to be a good mom for your babies when they're hearing their father say those things.....I can only imagine how she felt every night lying in bed. I used to silently stare at the ceiling and just cry until I fell asleep because getting out of bed to cry in the bathroom meant I would be accused of sneaking around and being suspicious because I didn't include him.... That poor woman lost everything because of that man. Her freedom, probably some of her sanity, her friends, her family, her job, he tried to weaponize her children against her...he deserved what happened to him. That's how I feel. Good for her if she did it and got away, and if she didn't though, I would believe he planned for his own suicide to look like a possible murder just so she would have to be tormented further. Abusive men are really good at being assholes like that.

I completely understand where you are coming from. I am sorry for everything you have gone through. I am right there with you, I was in a very very awful relationship in my early 20's and the cycle of control, love, abuse etc, its hard to escape. The issue I had with this case , which I should have made it more clear as to why it was , baffling to me, there are SO many women of color, same exact life story. Children involved , working class, in a cycle of abuse , some I have found didn't murder anyone , maybe "attacked" their S.O. and they got a 15 year, a 20 year sentence. I have a list of women somewhere on my computer that I was going to insert into a follow up to this video to better explain why its upsetting. Im not upset with her. I understand that maybe it WAS the only way out. But why did a women of a different race of a lesser crime get locked up for years? Thats what is upsetting to me. I wish neither of them were locked up but this story is a slap in the face to those other women. Ya know? Thats where I having a really hard time. Still bothers me heavily. im not blaming her at all, im blaming the justice system.

You crack me up girl! So my sence of humor, "Don't kill anybody today." LoL

if you look up female killers on youtube, there is a lot of cases ((:

Goddamn this is a good series. So underrated. I'm impressed by your storytelling. It seems like you remember a lot

It starts at 2:02

Fkn fave youtuber rn

I kind of understand y she would call work, bc she’s a nurse and if she just doesn’t come and don’t let them know, they are not gonna have a replacement in time, and since she was a childbirth nurse it gets even more complicated when someone just doesn’t show up!

Gotta have something to do with testosterone

She was (jokingly) trying to say that women should commit more crimes

I'm so happy I found your channel

I found ur channel yesterday & been binging til now! You are so entertaining. Love u ur so into the story that it felt almost like you are telling a story of a friend that u knew or smtg

Please do more

Can u add pics to ur stories please

there is a channel spesifically made for female killers documentaries on youtube, bailey!!! :3

I just started watching your videos and I’m obsessed

Update: Convicted murderer Traci Rhode will spend 180 days in a Cameron County jail following today's official sentencing on the murder charge. Rhode had initially been given a 10-year probated sentenced, but because she had appealed her murder conviction she had not been formally sentenced.

I WAD BORN AUGUST 12 2005!!!!!! SO SHE GOT ARRESTED ONE DAY BEFORE I WAS BORN ALDBWKDJEOEBDKD edit: and i was born in texas and i still live in texas too

honestly.............i slightly believe she killed him and if she did....i think her sentencing was a lil too less but also she didn’t need a big punishment. he seemed like an awful person so :/ idk could be my radical views towards abusers but like.......i’m glad she’s doing good

“10 years of... probation” smiles

Ok what’s weird is that I read an article about this case I guess an update saying that she eventually got sentenced 180 days in county jail

I think 10 years is the maximum number for probation in texas

bitch i’m addicted to these videos and you’re so gorgeous

I think she shot him but I think that it had to be some form of self defense i dont think she just killed him. But she definitely shot him

Do a video about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley xxx love ur channel ❤️

We are like soooo alike

jimin beach? beach? bitch?

+Bailey Sarian I really appreciate your comment and you are absolutely right about ethnicity seeming to affect sentencing. Our world is definitely backwards on some of its thinking and it's unfortunate. There just needs to be more options of help and assistance for domestic abuse situations like this. If you address the topic of racial discrimination in the judicial system, I would do so carefully and thoroughly. People argue about everything and it's a touchy subject for most, but addressing it and calling it out, I think, is the right thing to do. I have an appreciation for the way you think! Thank you and keep doing what you do. I can't wait for more videos from you as they have been very thought provoking and entertaining. ☺

But was there gun splatter residue on his hands, when you fire a gun it releases a fine mist of gun powder that is always detectable on the shooters hands because only a shooter should have this gun powder on their hands. I'd be interested to know that information.

I think if you’re an OB nurse calling in saying you can’t make it is second nature, because that’s the kind of thing that NEEDS the shift to be covered, and so is washing your hands.

Your videos are therapeutic for me. I put them on while I'm doing my makeup and its my relaxing time just for me. Thank you for a fresh take on murder mystery and grwm's.

Could you do your own rendition of Mary Belle the Teeside killer from the UK please?

I bet it was the guy Tracey was having an affair with

This is my 8th Monday Murder Makeup in a row, This is one of the best things on YouTube ever!!!!! U are my new favorite YouTuber!

I've been binge watching ur Makeup Murder Mondays & I'm living for it!

all am thinking of that one Dave Cook things he did about cheating and like it's the ending part and XDD

Honestly, it doesn't matter if she killed him or not, I'm just glad he is out of her life


Some of the things police thought were suspicious were pretty vague. LoL. I guess they had the mulitpkes before and had added up.

Also... You this video- this liner is making my eyes stick together. Last video..(that I watched) this liner makes mt eyes burn. **

This is my 2nd vodeo of yours that have watched. The firsr was blonde with bright, pop-py makeup. 2nd video. Dark hair. Dsrk makeup. How is it fair that you can look so good in any style!@?@?!!?

When your videos first popped up in my recommendations I was like "Wtf? What are trying to be?! Sitting there, doing your make-up and talking about murder and dead people. How disrespectful!". But after deciding to watch one of your videos anyway because the case and your make-up seemed interesting, I'm absolutely in love with your concept and your personality. Sorry about being a bitch at first

i’m late but if you go to female killers on youtube they have a ton of stories about women who kill

Stayyyyyyy Hey~ Heyyyyyyy

Check out the female killers YouTube channel the do short documentary's about lady killers they aren't the highest quality but a great jumping off point for research

i get that they wanted to let her be there for her kids, but they could’ve added five years in prison with the ten years probation AT LEAST. she wouldn’t be missing much with five years is all i’m saying

I love u ❤ with black hair

Try watching a youtube channel named female killers and trust me booboo you WILL find what u need. Love ya

i’m moving hell naw

i think she didn’t do it because after hearing this, the husband was obviously crazy. So once he found out that she kissed Sean, he wanted her to be punished. he also did say “You have no idea who youre messing with” So he thought of how he was going to kill himself and how it can look like she did it.

+Morgan Lily aww shucks that sucks

Kaylee Mikulec nope lol

+Morgan Lily do you have kik? You sound so cool!

Kaylee Mikulec YES! if she did kill him, she’s was just SO messy so after time she just would have cracked

+Morgan Lily honestly after a while if she did do dont you think she would have cracked right?

Kaylee Mikulec thanks!

That is a good point

he mentally broke her down with his abuse until she eventually cracked...i'm not saying her actions were just but he brought it upon himself.


I think she did it.

*Hmm planned on killing today but just because she said not to I won't*

Youre underrated girl!!! smh:( love watching you!!

I love these❤❤❤

15:00 she looks like marina diamandis lol

the reason that more men are caught with murder is because girls are smarter than boys (this was scientifically proven) and girls are prepared for how to deal with blood (because of their periods)

Oh noooooooooo, not fair I think she killed her husband (my opinion

I am on a binge of these cause I love them... also, every look I think, this one is my favorite, then it happens again on the next video.

I’m just gonna say it, if this was a man no way in hell would have the punishment have been this light.

he sounded like an asshole. she just thinned the herd with his "suicide"

Check out women in prison those are some messed up ladies

no one: bailey: “suspishh

For so long I thought she did it till I read the part where he said you will be sorry! Crazy people can do crazy things. He moved the family how many times? Jealousy is a powerful thing that make people do crazy unexplainable things.

I prefer when you say suspicious vs suspish. It was cute the first 50 times. But then I heard you say suspicious one time and now every "suspish" leaves me wanting you to say it correctly. I hate to be a troll or hater. I just found your channel and want to 100% love it. I should not let 1 word bother me. I guess I will have to learn to live with it. Lol. I do love the rest of your channel. I am only subscribed to 3 channels and yours is 1 of them.

i need a shirt that says “SUSPISH” merch ideas


You should call it M.M.M.M. (Murder Makeup Mystery Monday)

GIRL!! JUST FOUND THIS CHANNEL!! I mean in these past days. I love your attitude and you dont seem like a cringe typical youtuber, I love your tattoos and I listened to your videos while preparing makeup too!! Sad I only have a few videos left :"(( but I found myself very able to study and relax while listening to horror... like not gory horror but even real stories told with no bad intentions ! Like animated and stuff. Also you look so good with light lipstick im so jealous!! Go off gurl

your hand tattoo looks like jeffree stars

There are so many British women killers in history to look into.

I been watching you all day because I've never seen your videos before

Whattttttt.... probation...

So... just watched this video for the first time. I almost choked on my salad when I heard the verdict.

I love these videos I always watch them getting ready in the morning

Could u please do your own murder mystery podcast??? Pleaaaseeee

She totally did it

She was terrible just as bad as him so i dont feel bad for jer

I think she did it but he deserved it so whatever

Luv Murder Mystery Monday

Do a murder mystery Monday on the toy box killers. It’s crazy

How did I just find you??!! This is exactly what I need in order to pass my Monday mornings. I'm addicted to murder mysteries and serial killers. Always scared and fascinated ur makeup skills are superb.

I would have much more sympathy for Traci if she had just been honest about the abuse she was suffering and revealed that as her true motive for murdering her husband. By claiming innocence, she allowed the investigators and the prosecutors to assign whatever motive they wished to her and to paint her in whatever light they chose. She's lucky that the jurors felt sympathy for her anyway and allowed her to live freely with her children because she definitely didn't do herself any favors.

I’m binge watching this series and I absolutely love it! Also the make up you do is so amazing!

Ugh do Madeleine McCann I’m obsessed with her case

I feel so sorry for Traci I would've shot his ass a long time ago

Check out the YouTube channel Female Killers!!

I'm never washing my hands in front of someone else ever again.

I honestly think you and Mikey (glam and gore) would get along well

Beautiful Sophia Lauren makeup! As always, great story telling, love your channel.

i'm amazed at the punishment. wow. also i've been binging you for a few hours now. you went from 199k to 201k!!!

omg why do i feel like we're having a one on one conversation and she's giving me all the gossip on people as if i know them

I literally gasped WHAAAAAT?!?!

why am i having an image of her as the detective saying "suspish"

If you were in shock then why were you breathing

Texas is notorious for having bullshit sentences so. Makes sense. Texan here!

Idk I actually think that maybe it was a suicide. If he really did say "you have no idea what you just did" but maybe not. I don't even know.

New Subscriber.... 11th video.... I tried to take a break for today..... I accidentally pressed this one.

I love this series so much!

rip to my nigga scott


If u need help finding lady killers all u have to do is watch snapped lol

hey Female Killers is a really good youtube channel for— female killers :)

we need suspish merch

Like I commented in the other video, check out old female killers, like Belle Guinness ... I promise you, you will not regret it, I want to hear that case from your point of view.... ❤️❤️❤️ all the way from

Honestly he deserves it

sitting in bed with my mac and cheese on a murder mystery and make up monday marathon... on a tuesday :)

There is a reason you can’t find that many female killers! Think about it. Every month women get their periods. We are masters at cleaning blood! We know all the tricks to get blood stains out! That is a scary thought...

The monster movie is based on Aileen wuornos

I dunno, Hearing how her husband behaved was EXACTLY how manipulative my father was to my mother growing up because of his mental health issues. It actually gave me chills because of how similar it was. I wouldn't be shocked if he actually did do it to himself as a manipulation tactic, he tried to scare her and it went off or something. Having been in that situation it was only a matter of time before he tried to kill her. I'm glad that she didn't serve jail time and got to be with her kids, even if she did to it. He would have done 10x worse to her, and there's only so long you can put up with that level of abuse.

Can you make a whole video of when you get a new chair! Lol ( if you haven't already) OK love you bye

do Sarah Johnson next!!! Great story - based out of Idaho. She was my bf's neighbor!!

gofundme for new chair???

Literally do the mores murders from the uk!!

The movie monster was about a girl named Aileen Warner she prostituted herself and killed the guys in Florida

I Wanna See Them Collab!!

Diane Downs! She is pretty common but her interviews are fantastic!!!!!

washed her hands with hot water? everyone knows blood needs cold water.....

I have a Japanese lady who was a baby killer. If you’re interested I can send you my report on it for Law Enforcement, though it’s not as detailed as these stories, it’s still interesting.

Tbh I think it was Shawn

I really like your crime story series. It's really interesting. How do you memorize everything? You really research your stuff and take us into the past a little. It seems more personal and very informative to be honest. Love it!

is it bad that i dont feel bad for scott ? sry familia

A lot of fingers point to her, it’s just idk why but I feel like she’s innocent

I have to put my volume on 90 to hear what you're saying, but then there are those ads, that are like very loud

I was born August 11 2005

Awesome makeup and awesome crime story/story telling. I’ve found my new favorite channel!! Thank you so much!! ♥️♥️♥️

2:39 “and based off photos of the couple and just the family in general, it seems like typical happy family. All that stuff that usually isn’t true.” ummm yup seems like true

Look at the listing of Deadly Women as well if you’re struggling to find interesting stories! It’s an ID Channel show all about female killers. It’s extremely interesting! There’s also a YouTube channel called Female Killers that has episodes of crime shows, Deadly Women especially, that focus on female murderers. It’s a good way to find more obscure female killers. I love this series!! Can’t wait to see more ❤️

lmao it has nothing to do with her being "a pretty white woman" maybe something to do with her sex, since women do get a lighter sentence but nothing to do with her race/appearance imo

+Bailey SarianI'd love to see these cases. Make sure to provide accurate statistics along with these cases. And what makes the term "women of color" or "people of color" better than "colored people"? I don't understand why people use these terms. And white privilege doesn't exist. No one is more privileged than someone else due to the amount of melanin in their skin. Even if this were to be the case there are more important issues out there.

Mmmmmm definitely debatable. There are many women of color with a lesser crime locked up in prison for much longer. I have a list of names and crimes on my computer I can send to you. Was going to do a follow up:recap video. Don’t be blind to this. It’s a real issue. Do I wish she was locked up forever ?! No, I think she was abused and did what she had to do to get out. But there are WOC who are locked up for much much lesser crimes and it’s sickening to sit back and act like this isn’t an issue. It’s white privilege at its finest and we CANNOT be blind to it.

Watch female killers, it's a show with an entire team of forensic commentators and psychology experts, and it just looks at women who have killed. It's on YouTube (:

Thank you for this I love youuu

Have u done ANDREA YATES? So sad u should look into it

You will find plenty of female killers on....”Female Killers!” It’s a great mini series on Youtube

Currently my favorite channel

I love this channel! I love mystery stories and make-up so it's perfect.

Omg I can relate like I tell my family about stuff like this and there just like uhhhh.....?

There's alot of people that go through abuse it sucks ass

My opinion on the jury is that they thought she was guilty of his murder but had already served her sentence living with a psychological abuser. Texas has a different way of seeing things.

i LOVE this series!!!!

Kinda glad abt the ending ngl

You should talk about Shannon Melendi

These are my new favorite YouTube videos please don’t stop making them ❤️

where did you get your hair clips?

Tonette Madsen trueeee. God gave her a chance to redeem herself so she must have done something right in her life..

You said it’s easier to find a man to kill than a woman, but behind most of those murders women are the master minds behind it all.

i just realized this happened in my hometown lol

Sorry it's actually called Female Killers

Heyy, on YouTube there's a channel called Lady Killers it's one of my favorite channels, it goes really in-depth on stories of female Killers and just a lot of stories that you may not have heard of before.

I'm not sure if she did it because of the abusive relationship and threat of losing her kids or if Sean did it in a way to help her..

When Lizzie Borden killed her parents everyone knew she did it but she was never convicted because a whole nation believed a "well-bred" woman could never do such a thing. That was in late 1800s ... Looks like not that much changed if stories like this exist

I am currently reading the book Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters by Peter Vronsky... I highly recommend it especially since he talks about lesser known murderers and gives a fresh perspective on the cases we've heard about a million times.

If you want to find female killers, there’s a whole channel for it called female killers and it’s got a lot of them! ♥️

Haha I love these Monday videos! I love your humor!

I’m binging all of your murder stories, they’re sooo entertaining

Meh, slightly balances the scales for all the abusive males that get away with rape and violence towards women. If males didn't constantly get away with crimes against women then maybe I'd care more.

I'm glad she didn't get jail time. He sounded like an abusive asshole.

I also think there's a chance that it was suicide. Let's be real, she probably did it. But I was with a similarly abusive man. Throwing things and screaming insults followed by threats of suicide were not uncommon. She had a motive, but he also had a motive.

You should look into Andrea Yates... her story is EXTREMELY disturbing but there’s SO much behind it. She’s from my hometown. Another interesting case from my area is Clara Harris. They made a terrible Lifetime movie about her lol.

Ok, so do you think if she did kill him that he didn't deserve it? I mean I know above all LEAVE before MURDER.....right? but like you said, though it's sad "sometimes it's easier to stay"....however, thinking one can stay and just "stick out" or "shake off" that kind of abuse...... it just cant happen. Someone is going to snap under the pressure.

Okay lmao this is like three months too late but I had to add this in about the sentencing. It’s actually very common for females that commit a crime to get a significantly lesser sentence than a male that commits the same crime. Which just sucks because it just perpetuates that idea men are horrible because they actually get sentenced where a woman would get a slap on the wrist, even if they killed someone. Like high-key the court is very sexist towards men, which is just very disappointing.

Dorothea puente....she’s an old lady from my home town in Sacramento, Ca would be cool to see you talk about her!♥️♥️ love your videos!

I’m not gonna say he deserved it but...he was trash to begin with. If you’re a trashy person already don’t be surprised if someone wants to kill you

Maybe women are killing it’s just men get caught

I love your monday videos! Please make more❤️❤️

ghostee Neeeeddddddd

I think most convincing to me that she's guilty, is that theres no one else that could have done it based on evidence. No sign of an intruder or anything like that. I think it's also obvious it wasn't a suicide. Based on evidence alone. I mean the pillow over his head? The random blood on the floor? The gun position. There's just no way. Furthermore there's her motive due to what transpired the day before. Also, if she's telling the truth about his actions the day before then it doesn't sound like this was a man contemplating suicide. If anything he sounded determined. Either to try to hurt her emotionally or to try to keep her and work things out. I have a feeling that the night before that he told her that he was either going to go through with the divorce and make it as painful and shaming as possible for her, or she had the option to stay with him and stop seeing her new guy. I think she felt trapped and thought that either way he would make the rest of her life miserable. (Whether by having to stay with him, or a prolonged divorce where she might lose custody and then would still have to interact with him due to their sons.) So yeah, I think she's prob telling most of the truth about what happened that night, but left out important things that were said to one another. Keeping most of the story true would make it much easier so that you don't have to remember as many lies. That's my best guess. Thanks for sharing!!

you are now my favorite youtube, PERIOD

you should talk about the slenderman murder story about the two teens or whatever

I’m new to this channel and I’m going through and binge watching your true crime Monday’s. Definitely not disappointed. 1) you’re a natural true crime story teller. Your voice is relaxing af yet keeps me in the story. 2) I love your opinions that you give throughout, or thoughts on certain things. I just like hearing what you think about the events. 3) I love your makeup!

Do a video on Belle Gunness. She was a serial killer based in Indiana and I have ancestors who knew her personally.

Love love love your channel! ❤️How about a crime that just happened and is not tried yet??? One that is really a paramount case(sept, 2018) of Botham Jean (Dallas Texas) since it’s a black man who was a provably good, decent, Christian choir singer who was loved and adored by all and never in trouble. He gets killed in his own apartment by a female police officer ( Amber Guyger) that lived above him. Her social media was littered with militant killing memes etc and the like. She stated she was so tired after work she went to the wrong floor , wrong apartment and that she shot him cause she thought it was an intruder in her apartment. But.... the keys are electric , there was a red mat at his door and not hers and the doors are fire doors that automatically close but she stated the door was ajar and she entered and shot him and killed him. In his own apartment minding his own business ! Very very sad but a mystery as to what happened? Did they know each other? It’s claimed they’d never met. So many things in her story didn’t add up plus she changed her story a few times. She’s being charged on murder charges till the trial but she is free on bond but was fired from the police force. The crime scene has so many things that didn’t add up. Just a suggestion

Ok become addicted!!!!! This is magic..and I'm actually trying this makeup today

im addicted to you girlie

What if it was the husband all along, He did give her a warning. “You have no idea what you just did”

lmao, it has nothing to do with her being "a pretty white woman" maybe something to do with her sex since women do get a lighter sentence but nothing to do with her race/appearance.

I’m a little high so sorry. Any who I do believe that she did it obviously the signs are ALL THERE. She was a mother to an emotionally/mentally/verbally/physically husband/father of her children who was that abusive to her. BUT yes there’s a but. I do believe that was a fair sentencing. Because even though she did it. She had every single reason to commit that crime. She freed herself from his tight grasp. Ten years probation with those consequences. Not only is she giving up her profession/career job she has a curfew where her work shift hours (if she does gets job) would be cut short and may not make enough money to support her kids. Her sentencing caused her to give up a lot of things while being a widowed mother of multiple children.

Her sarcasm is EVERYTHING

Hey hun loving ur videos! If wanna get really pissed off about a female killer then look up Anu Singh from Australia who killed her boyfriend Joe Cinque. This case made me so angry!

You need to watch deadly women on YouTube soooo much material

i’m happy that i’m here before the milion subs just so i could say that i was here beforeeeee bitcheeees

All that effort Scott spent on accusing his wife & trying to mindf*ck her, he could have bought flowers, gone on dates, Netflix & chilled (or blockbuster in that era).

She got away with murder for sure. No doubts.


Tracy got what she deserved

Every video this girl turns into a whole different girl then the last video , her makeup skills are amazing !!!!!

I take pride in my chameleon skills hahahha

wow youre my new favorite youtuber, you literally remind me so much of myself

Honestly I subscribed to you BECAUSE of this series- I’m a True Crime-r and techie and love makeup! Nothing better then combining your fave things ❤️❤️

You should do a video about Gwen Graham and Katherine Wood.

I find myself saying suspic all the time now lol

i'm ten minutes in and I don't think she killed him..

i think she did it but i still would've let her off p easy

Nobody wants her to wash her hands

if you're looking for women killers you should check out youtube channel "Female Killers" there are tons or them! love your monday series!

I think she killed her husband. She had gone through years of being accused of cheating and lying I can’t even imagine what that does to a person. I think Scott drove that crazy train over the edge

I think she did it. She didn’t want those kids taken away from her.

If you have ocd isn’t for you

Beauty blending at the same time lol

Is it bad that I was staring super hard at how the eyeliner was uneven, but barely?? I just kept staring

I really love your videos but watched a couple other murder makeup ones that I was already familiar with and you don't get all the details correct which is kinda sad and don't really wanna keep watching cause I feel like I'm being misinformed but I just like them too much, pleeeaase double check your details. Also definitely do the Casey Anthony case, definitely one of if not the most controversial case of the 2000s

Dude that lady is my hero lmao her husband was a piece of shit lol lol

You’re really letting me down out there

She definitely did it, no doubt about it. It doesn’t make sense how she never said it was in self defence though, I feel like it would of made a lot more senseZ

Im not saying murder is just.... but.... it was either her or him. He was an abusive prick and would’ve killed her anyway, imo. Also, as an abuse victim my abuser absolutely deserved to be shot. Perhaps he should be lucky hes in Texas.

Wow Tracey got off Scott free. I believe she did it. Why would the husband commit suicide if he was ready for divorce. I'm sure she did it to keep her kids and to finally be with someone who treat her good and appreciate her, which she wasn't getting from her own husband.

The husband deserved what he got.

Sorry , I’m With Tracy On This One

There’s a really awesome channel called Female Killers. It does documentaries on cases like this

Sometimes... I have to watch the video twice because I gotta focus on the story

Did anyone’s mind instantly go to the WWE wrestler when she said his name was “Shawn Michaels”

U Farley see women killers cause we got periods and we can clean it up lmfao

You da best❤❤❤❤❤

hey im very interested in this stuff anyone know what i can major in college to learn more and get a job containing stuff like this

Two woman killers-Andreas Yates/Lizzy Borden

MARY BELL! She was a 10 year old girl who killed a 3 year old and a 4 year old.. one of them she tried to cut his dick off.. her mom was a sex worker who used her as a slave sometimes.. idk her story is crazy

Omg pls do a video on Kurt cobains “suicide”

This is my new kind of ASMR

Sorry , I’m With Tracy On This One

If you still want more female killers here's a link to a channel dedicated to female killers ~ Also, I love ur Monday videos!!!

Dude your voice is so calming. I’m dead.

honestly i don't think there's enough physical evidence to prove she did it... i mean she probably did. but from a legal point i dunno

Wow. Probation. Foh

Biiitch im mad i was rlly thinking they were talking about her feelings maybe she rlly dont care. Wow

Id want to wash my hands too id probably be throwing up too fucking up the scene

Id want to wash my hands too id probably be throwing up

Tf she couldnt really do shit ig like u said apply pressure but the ppl usually pass out after that in the movies lmaoooo

I love your dark humor "hey ladies you're really letting me down out there," so funny....I'm a new subscriber and so far I'm LOVING the content..

Ellie Rose , omggggg yesssssssss

She definitely did it but her husband sounded horrible so I'm not surprised she killed him.

I hope she wont get too pressured because of the new subscribers that watched only the monday uploads. Hope she’ll enjoy making this kind of videos more.♥️

A lot of female killers usually murder their own children (Infanticide) , Kathleen Folbigg, Keli Lane, Sofina Nikat, Kristi Abrahams just to name a few. So very sad

I love your channel!!! There is also a channel that I've been sub to for a while called female killers.. it's pretty interesting.. hope that helps!!

I just dont understand how she didnt do it sooner

Bailey. Needs. More. Subscribers.

im sorry but why are we on the killer’s side? i get it she went through abuse and everything but there was no fucking reason to kill the guy. lets not pity her more because she’s a woman, what she did was wrong. thats that.

Waking up with songs in your head is a sign of mental illness

If you want an interesting murder story with a female killer, google “Heather Arnold UK,” I know of her because she murdered my friend’s grandmother

Do kenneka Jenkins

Poor kids

There is a channel called female killers maybe you could look at some of those, they're pretty interesting

I really enjoyed mm&m ♥️♥️

My mom's name is Tracy and my dad's name is Scott wtf

In Louisiana that shit would fly. NOPE. She’d be in the cross bar motel (prison/jail)

currently, binge-watching all your videos!!

Literally hate insecure men.

Check out diane downs!!!

"ladies, you're really letting me down out there" ...maybe we are just good at not getting caught.

Love the way you describe the stories, feels like I am spilling the tea with an old girlfriend! Anyone else feel the same? Funny quips and reactions too, also why am I saying suspish allllll the time now

Belle Gunness was a lady serial killer who was active from the year 1884-1908

The woman from New Orleans Madame .... I can't think it's 4:30 a.m. i think you will like it, it's a doozy

I’m a new sub, & I love your videos

I'm binge watching... You should start a Netflix series

Been binging this for a few episodes, I'm S U P E R interested in murder mysteries, and just crimes in general. Not in the type to where I want to, but the type to where its bad but woww... I love uuuu Bailey u^u

Lady commiting murder...Darlie Routier, Texas......suppose to have killed her 2 small sons

I LOVE your stories! This one might be a little old and graphic; but check it out. It happened where I lived as a teen. Was SCARY.... even as a regular teenager!

This is super off topic, but I really love your hair clips, where did you get them? :)

the gun was on the floor...and then was placed into his hand after he was shot in the sure he was too busy bleeding out to pick it up lmao..smh

People who are always accusing their partners of having affairs are so often the ones that are actually having the affairs.


My favorite channel

This is some gone girl shit

Mouth dropped !! 10 years of probation

I don’t think a nurse would kill her husband I think he killed himself the gun fell on the floor and she picked it up and placed it back on the bed. Police often say things were done differently (such as the barrel on the gun etc)simply because they lie! He was disturbed all along and his final actions proved it.

First off, I love these and I think I'm addicted to these and secondly, you remind me of the actress in this crime TV show called Blindspot who plays "Jane Doe"

Dang I've lived my whole life in Texas and never knew the jury could do that

Idk how I found you but I’m so glad I did, I’ve been binging on your videos. And you’re so bomb at make up. I love you sm

I don’t know if I saw photos it would help come to a conclusion but also he wasn’t a good person either I mean he almost tried to kill her and even threatened to kill Scott so maybe the universe just works in mysterious ways, putting that energy out there sometimes gets that energy thrown back in your own face n I feel like he was victim to that I don’t think he deserved to die but I also think the two young children’s lives are much more valuable than someone who was down a bad path that far in life they needed a mother who cared while the dad just cared about himself and what he possessed

Peewee Gaskins

Gertrude Baniszewski


Raw beauty Kristy brought me to u, and I'm so excited she did. I am really interested in this series. I've binge watched your murder, mystery and makeup series.

You deserve more subscribers

Need to stop binge watching buuuut you might find the Ivan Milat story scary and worth reading up about. One of our scariest killers here in Australia

There’s one case (not murder, it’s a missing persons case) that’s from the area I live, I feel like her family would be great full if someone started bringing attention to her name and face again. She was 15yo, got shot apparently and was kidnapped, it’s been almost 3 years now. Her name is Pearl Pinson.

Non white women especially black woman get off easy with stuff like this all the time , probably more often. I don’t understand the whole “white privileged” thing when it comes to crimes like this.

these are actually my new fav videos

This video concept is such a unique idea. I love it!

10 years probation

I don’t think she did it. The man was a fuckin prick and knew he wouldn’t have her regardless . He thought he wouldn’t have her but wanted her to suffer (by making it seem she killed him). A manipulator . I DESPISE men that act unfair and possessive with women.

I absolutely love this “series” you have put together. Not only do you do amazing looks, but who doesn’t love hearing about crimes? I am so familiar with every murder/ true crime. I love hearing about your take on it, and the possibility of hearing about someone Idk about yet.

It’s what he deserved ☺️

ok , sure.

Bailey Sarian I guess you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t lol. Aside from the story though, I. AM. SO. HAPPY. I found your channel!!! You are my new favorite!!! I legit get so excited when I get a notification that you posted a video!! I wish were friends so we could just sip wine(if you drink), play in makeup, and just shoot the shit and talk about whatever!! You’re a ROCKSTAR and GORGEOUS!!! Also, funny! Love ya!!

In sorry but I was in a relationship just like that for 5 years and unless you’ve been in those shoes you will never understand. I’m happy she only only got 10 years probation. We were engaged and thank god we never got married or had kids. One time he walked out of the house and a truck with a couple of guys drove by me at the exact time and were checking me out and he accused me of cheating with those guys in the truck. He accused me of cheating every second of every day. I didn’t have a cell phone the whole time I was in that relationship, moved to a city that I didn’t know anyone and didn’t work and he worked from home and we were together literally 24/7 and he still accused me and I had never cheated on a bf before and he knew that. Ppl like that are unfortunately sick but once you end up in a relationship like that it’s so hard to get out of them. I got lucky and got out! Everyday I thank god it worked out and I got my freedom! Being choked every few days to the point of passing out or not being to eat for a week at a time is no way to live!

i friggen love your voice, its so relaxing lol

I belive her lowkey idk feel like they just needed a killer for this crime

My mom’s name is Traci.

And wasn't irene the name of the "monster " ?

I’m so glad I found you! I’ve been catching up with all your Monday murder makeup videos. It’s the best! So refreshing to have something new in this community and also, you’re a heresy storyteller and communicator! Love love you and I’m a new mega fan.

OK so 1. When her husband said she had no idea what she had done, did he mean he would destroy her in divorce court, OR did he mean he was going to frame her for his death? 2. If the jury was aware of how her husband had treated her for many years, that was likely a factor in their decision. 3. Everyone does act different in shock. 3. Nurses wash their hands All of the time, like pure habit. 4. Even if she did do it, was she a real threat to the rest of society?

Oof, they lived in my home state. Hope they didn't live in my county

Shes the best at these crime story stuff

I love these videos from you. I could listen to you talk all day!! Please do some hair tutorials!!

I was in a relationship just like that for 5 years and it’s one of those situations unless you’ve been in those shoes it’s hard for ppl to understand, just like many other situations in life. I’m happy she only only got 10 years probation. I was engaged and thank god we never got married or had kids. One time he walked out of the house and a truck with a couple of guys drove by me at the exact time and were checking me out and he accused me of cheating with those guys in the truck. He accused me of cheating every second of every day. I didn’t have a cell phone the whole time I was in that relationship, moved to a city that I didn’t know anyone and didn’t work and he worked from home and we were together literally 24/7 and he still accused me and I had never cheated on a bf before and he knew that. Ppl like that are unfortunately sick but once you end up in a relationship like that it’s so hard to get out of them. I got lucky and got out! Everyday I thank god it worked out and I got my freedom! Being choked every few days to the point of passing out or not being able to eat for a week at a time is no way to live, and that was the light stuff!

Bailey Sarian, omg I’m so sorry, I just looked back at my comment and just now realized it looks like I am specifically saying it to you and that honestly was not my intention. I was just saying that to whomever had watched this and might have thought otherwise. I should have worded it better. I’ve been binge watching your videos lately and I came here from Rawbeautykristie and I love you and your channel. Your personality actually reminds me of me, so I apologize if it came off harsh or rude. It was completely not my intention. When this topic ever comes up I get a little hot headed just because of my experience. I’m glad you said something back to me, so I could clarify myself

I understand this, I have been in this type of relationship. The miss, the thing I failed to relay about my “shock” with her sentencing is the fact that there are others in her same area who have committed smaller petty crimes and was given more time than her. That’s what’s upsetting. I’m not blaming her, shaming her, whatever, I’m upset with the system. It’s disgusting how biased they are. Do I think she deserves life in prison? Absolutely NOT. But how are they going to give another lady 25 years in prison for lying about where she lives so her child can go to a better school? That to me is extremely upsetting. Our system is so flawed. Again, I understand her situation , I believe she had no way out, I believe she did what she felt she had to do. But the bigger picture here, all the people in prison, especially women, who have committed such small crimes , spending years in prison. It’s a slap in the face to them

I'm from Texas and a bit surprised. Yet we do have Stand Your Ground and well, she stood her ground!

Well... I'm kinda happy about the sentence... Her husband was a piece of poop!

I just found your channel and I’m hooked! I LOVE true crime!

I'm so proud of you getting a better chair ❤

I think he would have killed her. I think it's almost self defense. Anyone that possessive will eventually kill or harm someone. I'm not saying she was right. But I'm not saying she was wrong either. I hope she is happy with her children and her new man. Bet he walks the straight and narrow

One of these videos popped up in my recommendations and now I’m binge watching the playlist, it’s like a true crime podcast but with Bailey’s KILLER makeup looks??? I love it

My mom is an rn/ nurse and she was in a severe car accident about 3 years ago and she called me from the hospital to call her off work. I was freaking out and asking what happened and calling off work was her first priority above telling her family she was in an accident.

I know some! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! New sub YAY! Any woo definitely check out Theresa Knorr, Karla Holmoka, Myra Hindley, Diane Downs, Etc. I'll be back to edit LOL I just can't remember them all right now :)

If you need inspo for girl killer cases, there is a yt channel called Female Killer with chilling (but interesting) stories

Oh damn I am so addicted to your monday stories! Now it is like 1 in the night and (I am really not a person who gets scared) but I fell asleep over this story and I basically dreamed along your voice what happened in this story... damn this was my first nightmare since a preeeety long time.

Maybe girls are just better at getting away with it?.... maybs that’s why it’s harder to find lady killers

You need to look up Clara Harris, she another women who murdered her husband in Texas and she’s out already. She did 15-20 years.. I’ll her story will piss you off.. well in my opinion I’m on her side he did her dirty!!!

I live in Texas, y'all... I'm scared lol

Statistically theres less women killers and serial killers but thats just because we don’t get caught

Look up Aileen wurnos. That would be a really interesting person to do a video on.

I think I watched all your murder mystery videos. Subscribed, Check out female Killers on YouTube, I’ve watched every episode so good!

True crime during the Victoria era is quite interesting. Look up Amelia Dyer, Jane “Jolly Jane” Toppan and Mary Ann Cotton.

Jail is not a means of punishment a crime, but a means of protecting society from a person that is going to be a threat to other people. Clearly that woman stood by her husband for years and killed him only to protect their children (in a very crazy way, but whatever), so she is much probably not going to offend again.

I am certain she killed him. He had mental issues, yes, but him being so jealous it wouldn't make any sense at all for him to just kill himself and leave everything to her: the kids, and Shawn. That's like doing her a favour? The day prior he wanted to get a divorce and fight for his children? If he really was that unstable he would have killed himself many years before. Also the thing with the pillow doesn't make any sense at all. He used the pillow so the noise of the gun wouldn't be as loud? Why didn't he kill himself outside the house, in a forest or somewhere else, if he really cared so much about the noise. This is just my opinion

Did no one look into Shawn as a suspect? I mean..... come on now

I love ur videos I wish I had friends I could sit and watch/talk about murders or conspiracy theories about

imagine if she was a poc.....

you might want to research the Mary Winkler case in Tennessee you might find it interesting and if you have any further questions about it I could probably point you in the right direction

Ok but like if she didn’t do it why did she get punished... suspish...

I am ADDICTED TO THESE!!!! please do these forever!!!

Vera Renzi! Omg there’s so many. She’s one of the craziest.


Tbh doesn't surprise me she only got probation. Texas will let mothers get away with just about anything

Honestly I think the sentencing was fair. I mean it was kinda self defence in the sense that he couldn't harm her anymore so....

@Mischa Minxx yea it def is! A history changer for sure! Its not fair that people only get one chance to prove theyre innocent but the state can pretty much have as many chances as they want until they get what they want! N the only reason that they convicted her the third time was bc the prosecution decided to let them convict on a lesser charge....but a murder chage is still a murder charge....especially for someone they could not prove did it. No dna, no nothing. They are other suspects they never even truly investigated! So even i cant decide for sure who i think did it

@Carmelita Jaymes that sounds like a crazy case and I would love to hear Bailey cover it!

@Lily8909 so much this.

@Bailey Sarian oooh! Was any of them old enough to do something like that tho?

Omg I’m obsessed with you channel! Please still do the Judi arias case. I’d love to hear your take

Can u please do the hello kitty case? It sounds interesting

Actually obsessed with you vids atm

well im from texas lol

Why didn't anyone consider Sean to be the murderer?

But if it was a man he would get the death penalty the world is so weird

You know what, i dont blame that girl. Good grief what a terrible marriage.

talk about Omaima Nelson

You should do one on Adnan Syed it’s pretty crazy

you should do a video on the multiple theroies about lizzie borden

You can't wash off gunshot residue just by doing a quick once over in the bathroom sink. It stays on tour hands for days...

I need to see this horrible chair that you're always complaining about!!

wow to be white in Texas

"You're really letting me down out there" I died

Susan Wright Elizabeth bathorty (ssssuuuuper old from like the 15/1600s but super interesting.) Carol M. Bundy

I mean If shes gonna get probation at least give her like 50 years. She should have at least gotten a year in prison, that won't hurt the kids too much


even if she did do it I don't blame her, after he put his hands around my neck he would have gotten beat with the bat he tried to beat the guy with.

my sister introduced me to this channel and was like why is she getting me to watch makeup tutorials? i love it!

You should watch female killers I think you’d be interested in it

Nobody : Bailey:SUSPISH I’m new but I already love you


If you ever want to do another story on a woman killer look up Christa Pike! She’s on death row in Tennessee. Her story is a crazy one!

You ladies are letting me down out there!

I can totally see this on a crime network. Let's get you on ID!

Check out Laura ackerson

While in shock after a car accident, I called my professor and let him know that I was going to miss the exam that day.  I agree with the verdict and sentencing.  Although I am on the fence about whether or not she did it, he deserved it.

Is there a theory about Sean killing Scott? Did he have an alibi?

I dont think that the hand washing was weird. One shes a nurse she washes hands frequently and also i would be upset to have my spouses blood all over my hands, its traumatic. wouldnt it be weirder to be okay with it?

please do the jon bennett ramsey case

*petition to let tracey wash her hands without being questioned*

Am I the only one that thinks Bailey reminds me of Drew Barrymore ?? I love them both

how we letting you down, we getting away with it

I've been that woman. Poor girl. You don't even know who you are.

Ty for your time pretty lady

Guess she got off scot free HAHAHAHAH

You are the cutest :) I love these. They are so interesting. Make up and crime

Do Jodie arias

Sounds like my ex. But I left

Please do Fred and Rosemary West

Love this channel

WHO Come from Hattice Schmidt??


Mm... by your story I say not guilty. That is the perfect revenge from someone that is a narcissist. The whole I'll show you... I'm going to ruin your life and take everything from you. He was obviously insecure, obsessive and narcissistic. Also you wouldn't necessarily get blood on your hands if you shot yourself, depends on the gun and distance. Also Your arm would go lax at impact your not going to keep a strong grip on the weapon so it could have easily fallen to the floor depending on which side of the bed vs your dominant hand etc.. which she could be guilty of tampering etc... or even being in shock and believing she saw the gun on the bed.

I dont think that she did it, but honestly I wouldn't care if she did. Seems like husband was awful so

i love the way you say “and today my name is bailey sarian” like it changes everyday

I'm soo happy I found your channel!! You show such compassion,& really respect victims and survivors!!! Watching how you do your makeup is relaxing,too! Thanks!!

You are an excellent story teller, in so many ways!! Thank you!! Please keep up the great work,& sharing victims's stories!!!

What if one of the boys did it?

20:06 Straight Facts Bailey

Ok but I feel like she’s innocent

Check out Clara Harris

I would love to see you on the mile higher podcast !

Please do kenneka jenkins

I love these type of videos so much ❤️


If she did do it.. I believe it was for protection.

Even if she acted suspicous when she "found" him, I think when we are in thoose situations we panic and do stuff/think about stuff that doesnt matter. Ex. When you overslept and try to find an outfit, and you pick out the weirdest chlotes

He created that monster. I've been with someone like can really make you crazy! But I agree..had it been anyone else, verdict/sentencing would have been different

So scared to venture into my black/dark shadows. It looks so great on you!

Why do these get so *intense*

There's a great true crime channel on Youtube, it's completely dedicated to female killers. It's called Deadly Women, it's fascinating and Candice DeLong is hilarious. It's got 12 seasons so it'll keep you going for a while.


Yoo the part when she was ready to tell us 10 years probation !!!!!!

Scott sounds like my dad but worse my dad gets jealous because my aunt cheated on her husband and now he feels like everyone of my mom's siblings is the same

if she didnt then she should have

Idk he was so spiteful and jealous, it's possible he arranged everything to look like she did it. Idk the crime scene details, but the warning he gave her about "you don't know what you just started" and the history they had, I can totally see him just snapping after she admitted to the affair, and instead of going into a typical rage, he waited a couple days, and then he shot himself in a way that would make everyone think she did it. That'd be some serious revenge and seems like something he'd be capable of.

I have no prob believing she did it, but listen, her husband was a POS and maybe she didn't think she could get away any other way than that and keep her kids?

Women or men thinks like this crazy man.....usually they are the ones who are cheating......

You should check out the YouTube channel Female Killers, absolutely nothing but women.

That was an excellent bed time story

I’m definitely on Tracey’s side... that abusive rat got what was coming

Girl I love how you story tell!!! Have you heard of Nannie Doss?

My anxiety went up a little when she started to apply the liner how she applies her concealer lol

I had a boyfriend that always said I was cheating when I wasn’t and after 3 years I cheated then left. Was it right? I don’t know but both felt great!

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