Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Business

Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Business

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Okay grab a notepad and a piece of paper all of you guys grab. A notepad and a piece of paper and once, you have it let me know that you have it because this is I. Want. You to get your questions, ready and. I also want, to make sure that. You. Guys are taking notes because this is an important one okay. Instagram. Is good should, we get closer or we okay there all. Right Lauren you sharing everywhere okay. Good. Paper. And pen ready I love it who's got their paper and pen ready on Facebook let me hear it let me hear it and by the way if you're joining us on facebook or on instagram let me know where you're joining us from what, state, you're joining us from and what, is your goal for, 2018. If you can we're, getting started here in about 25 seconds what, state are you joining us from and what, is your goal and after. That if you've got some people in, business. People that want to grow their life grow, their income tell them to get their asses here, right now because this is gonna be a big one this. Is gonna be a big one all right Lauren, help me. Comment. Back on Facebook good stuff are we good Nick yeah are. We good here, so. We're, ready to go okay, we're good I well welcome to another edition, then of the Danny Morel show I'm, your host Danny, Morelle I'm excited, to be going live we are live right now on Instagram we're live on Facebook, right now. For. Those of you watching on the podcast welcome. We, are building, a new studio, as a matter of fact I wish you could kind of like see all my furniture is gone we're, literally building, an entire studio, to, be able to produce higher-quality, shows. New. Cameras, all of that it is all going to be delivered here hopefully, within some, time soon right Lauren. By. The end of the month that's the goal by the end of the month and so, we're really really excited about that guys today's, message is an important, one if you're, joining me live on Instagram or Facebook just please let me know what, state you're joining us from and what, your goal is for. Business, for income, this year wherever. You're on Instagram or, on Facebook let me know that please okay. Guys, I want to start off by letting you know it is a complete, pleasure. For me to be with you here. Live. Right now it's a pleasure to do that on a special, day today is Valentine's, Day give, me a little heart right if you got someone that you're in love with someone that you're fighting for someone.

That You're lock arms with because. I think. At. The end of the day when you look at business when you look at success when you look at what you're trying to accomplish you. Know for most of us you aren't really even trying to accomplish it for yourself, you're. Trying to accomplish it for the people that you love you're trying to accomplish it for the people that you care about the most right whether that's your spouse whether that's your honey whether that's your kids and if. You follow me on Instagram, or on Facebook, this morning in my story section. I did, a special. Edition. Of the morning. Message if. You're not following me on Instagram, right now go, do so right now every, morning before the Sun rises Monday, through Friday I give you an inspirational. Message something, to really make you think something, to really make you go out there and and. Help you to understand, the principles, that you need to follow in order to succeed at the highest level, and today's, principle, was the principle of freedom right. Look the reality is that we could buy our honey flowers, we can buy them cookies. We could buy them chocolate we could buy them diamonds we could buy them all of that, but. The biggest gift you could give them is, the. Gift of you promising. Them that you. Are going to provide a life for them where they have the right to choose whatever, it is that they want to do hear. Me out for a second and then we'll get started right I'm actually buying you guys time to share this as much as possible cuz it's gonna be a powerful one all, right the. Reality, is people is that when I got married to Claudia I made, an internal, promise, to myself and, my promise. To myself which, drove my actions, my being choice, was. To be the kind of man that no matter what happened, I would, have be able to provide, her the. Options. To. Do whatever it is that she wanted to do in life if. She wanted to stay home and raise our kids great, I wanted, to give her the freedom to be able to do that if. She wanted to go out and work great, no problem, I wanted to give her the freedom and the option, to be able to do that, if. She wanted to start a business great, I wanted to be able to give her the option and the freedom, to do that as a matter of fact I wanted to be in a position financially, where when she did want to start a business I could help fund, that so there was no limitations, no barriers, no brick walls getting in the way and the. Crazy thing is I started thinking that back when I was 18 and 19 years old even before I had a spouse that's called forward thinking that's called future thinking and most of us what we do is we have stuck, in the, thinking if, you agree amid a little thumbs up or agree, with or type, in a BS right now if you're watching life as. Human beings, most of us what we are worried about and what we're consumed with on a day-to-day basis, is the BS that we have to deal with or the BS that we have to go through to get to the goal. Not. The goal. The. Goal is some cool thing that you thought about one day but then you put it in a drawer and you kind of forget about it. Guys. I'm gonna challenge you, if, you take today's information and, you apply it your, goals won't be goals anymore your goals will be convictions, your, goals will become promises, your, goals will become promises, that you made to yourself as a human being and then, goals that you can go out and promise, to your family members a, promise.

That You can go out and promise to your family member it's a commitment it's a commitment that no matter what happens, you will stop at nothing please, listen to me I don't give a crap who punches you in the mouth I don't give a crap what anybody says I don't give a crap what the cost is, when. You make a promise that big to your spouse and to your family, that you are going to provide for them. The. Freedom to have whatever. Type of lifestyle, it is that they want guess. What and the pressures on you if, you're, watching live and you accept, that pressure type, in the word pressure right now I don't, care where you're on Instagram on Facebook and, if you're watching on the podcast, I just want you to write the word pressure there's something magical that happens when you write the word pressure and you accept, it you don't. Run from it you, accept it. There. You go I've got a bunch of you guys I accepting. The pressure whether, you realize it or not good on Instagram as well whether you realize it or not guys let me let you in on a little secret you're gonna have pressure one way or another. The. Pressures even gonna come from you not being able to perform the. Pressure is gonna come from you not being able to pay your bills the pressure is gonna come from the internal, battle that you go through on a day-to-day basis. When you know you've got more possible, for you when, you know you can do more or the. Pressure is gonna come from you making a damn promise, a. Promise. To yourself. Wealth. Prosperity, abundance. Beautiful. Home beautiful, travel. Beautiful. Clothing beautiful. Savings, multiple. Properties, listening me right now nobody's gonna give that to you. But. I promise you this. If. You, can make a promise to yourself that that's the type of human being you want to become if. You, can make a promise to yourself that no matter what happens, that is going to be the outcome of your life if, you, can make a promise to yourself to invest, in yourself to find the right people to teach you to coach you to mold you if. You can make a promise to yourself to. Not. To. Not hold yourself back and to surround yourself with other like-minded people, if you can make a promise with you to. Yourself to, reject, the negativity, if. You. Can make a promise to yourself to do all of these things then guess what will happen I promise, you guys I'm living proof of this and, we've coached many people through this I promise, you you can change your life forever I promise. You that whatever you think is a lot right now will be a little in the future and that's what we're here to do today we're. Here to show you how, to change, your perspective on things we're here to show you how, to change your reality how, to change your outcome, I'm gonna show you how to create multiple, streams of income through, multiple, businesses, listen to me right now if you're watching right now and if you have a co-worker. Or an. Office, maid or somebody else that that, you think you know wants to live a better life I'm telling you they need to be here right now I don't give a damn what they're doing you. Just text, them a little message let them know get here right now get here live. Okay. So. Here we go I want you to write this down I want, you to write down the following. Oh first off I got to let you guys know this. Week we announced look at things are getting serious. Things. Are getting serious people, I'm, gonna be there in the same jacket no I'll have a new jacket, by then hopefully right but, my buddy Gerard Adams is gonna be there my buddy and my letter is gonna be there and I got the wrong picture cuz this week we announced Andi, for sellers gonna be there as well that alone, people that's, probably, one of the most stacked lineups, you, have ever experienced. And it'll already, already. Be, one of the best events available, if not, on the west coast in the country. But. Then on Monday. Ladies. If you're out there type, in woman power just. Just just come, on women power believe, in yourselves woman power ladies, I got, a special guest for you guys I. Really. Really do and. I'm announcing at Monday, morning, at 9:00 a.m. and. The. Reality, is that for all of you watching right now if, you're, a female there, is one female, there's one one at least for me anyways that is the epitome of relentlessness.

That Is the epitome of starting, from the bottom now she's here and we got her for you guys and she's gonna come and inspire, you at relentless, as a reminder, ticket, prices go up go. Up tomorrow. Thursday. Right. They go up tomorrow Thursday, so if you haven't gotten your ticket, go to relentless, event, calm, and get it now and then they, go up again, because the final, announcement people, is gonna broke this thing through the roof the next, two announcements, that we have for the next two weeks I'm here, to let you know right now if you think this is big you, ain't seen nothing yet, you. Didn't see my name is Danny Morrell I don't. Play I, don't. Play if I, promise you it's gonna be big it's, gonna be big all right guys so I want you to write this down and I want you to look on the screen and write it down exactly as it says, producing. Must, become, more. Important. Than how you produce write that down. Write. Winning. Must. Become. More. Important, than how you win. As. A. Matter of fact some of us are a, to the word winning, because, we have been taught we, have been surrounded, by we. Have been influenced, by human, beings who by the way love, us and care about us but. They don't know how to win so, they don't think winning is possible. I'm. Gonna say that again winning. Is alien, to most of us why because, we have been surrounded, by we. Have been influenced. By we. Have been taught by people. Who, love us by the way family. Who loves us by the way but since they don't know how to win, they don't think winning is possible, so guess what well. No one else should win. If. You're watching me live right now I canna JIT Amelie just want you to type in the word winning, right now, winning, Instagram, or Facebook you, need to get comfortable with the word winning or if. Not winning, type in the word producing. Producing. Men. Listen, to me right now I'm, gonna put the pressure on you right now, producing. And pressure to incredible, words if you're, a man right now it's time for you to step up for your honey it's time to step up for your babe it's time to step up for your kids and you need to start producing on a higher level and, I'm. Here to let you know that the only reason why you're not producing, at a higher level is because of BS, your. Belief system, write that down that's it your belief system, and, where, did your belief system come from. Think. About it it came from all of the thoughts all, of the people, all of the shows all, of the music all, of the lack of books, you've read all of the lack of seminars, you've gone to too that's, where the BS came from that's where the belief system came from your, life your income, your outcomes, your possibility, your reality, right now is very, simply, a direct reflection, of your BS your, belief system. I'm. Here to let you know right now guys if you ever want to produce at a higher level then. Producing. Must. Become more important, than how you produce.

Winning. Must. Become more important, than how you win, for. Those of you in the real estate industry I want, to talk to you for a second but I want to talk to all on shipper because all of you will get something from this please pay attention I, can. Remember my first year in business first. Year in business I sold 28 houses. Now. The Commission's, were small back then they were like 5,000, bucks or whatever the case may be 4000 bucks I remember, I made, 86 thousand dollars my first year in business that was as an, 18 year old kid. Now. Why am i bringing that up Nick. Do you know why I'm bringing that up I'm, bringing, that up for a reason I'm bringing that up because I've been around people that I have personally, been around and I've personally seen and you can look at the, statistics. In our industry, right now and not too many people produce 28, deals a year, as. A matter of fact there's people that have been in the business 15, years that, still don't produce 28, deals a year, and. I, made her let you know there's a reason why it's. Because, producing. At a high level wasn't. Important. Winning. At a high level wasn't, important. That's. How you see people who are brand-new, at an industry and all, of a sudden they just like figure out a way to do it and you look at them in amazement and you go where the hell did this guy come from or, what the heck did this girl come from, or how did she do that it's simple people producing, at a high level was more important than what they had to do to get there winning. At a high level was, more important than how they won. You. See and the reality, is people in our industry, and in many industries because, in every industry there, is something called a human being. Human. Beings are driven by the mind and, the. Mind is what controls what the body does. And. So the reality is is that for most people in any industry, I'll talk about mine right now which is the real estate industry the reality, is is that producing. At a high level is, not all that important, to us because if it was guess what we would all be producing, more at a more higher level I. Made. A death the importance of me and I'm, gonna show you how when, you get connected, to your vision. That's. When you'll produce at a higher level. See. Back then at 18 years old all I knew is that I had just like my mother had just come off of welfare we were living in a two-bedroom, apartment and there was no one else around me to buy us a house and I didn't want to live where I was living I wanted to buy us a house so guess what I put that pressure on myself I. Put. That pressure on myself to get the job done by the time I was 20 now listen I don't know how to do it I didn't, know the words to say I didn't understand the contracts, I didn't even have a nice car hell I didn't even have gas to put in my car that's how broke I was. But. When producing, is more important, than how you produce you, find a way to produce at a highest level possible when. Winning is more important, than how you win, guess, what you start winning way more. We're. In an industry right now where, our teachers and our mentor, our mentors, are teaching, us to do things this way and, not that way people, I'm here to let you know if you're not producing at a higher level guess, what you don't have the option to do things one way or the other way, you have to do them whatever, the hell way it takes to get you to start producing at a high enough level. Sure. I know we'll all want weekends, off but, if you ain't producing at a high level guess, what you haven't earned the right to, take, those weekends, off, sure.

I Know that we only want to work listings, but guess what if you're not producing at a high enough level you, haven't earned the right to, only, produce and only focus on listings, sure. I know that buyers take us a little bit more time but guess what if you haven't produced at a high enough level you don't even have the right to think that you don't want to work with buyers why not you haven't earned that right. You. Haven't earned that right, and. We have an industry that's full of people, that think, that they have earned something that, really that they really haven't and as a result, we are not producing at a high enough level, people. Memorize this producing, must become more, important, than how you produce. When. Produced seeing becomes more important, than how you produce all of a sudden the years, of your career goes smoother, I'm gonna break it down for you just like this pay attention everybody, your, zero through three write this down your zero through three. You. Have very little ability, to specialize. Very. Little ability to specialize. Specializing. Is like a brain surgeon they. Specialize, in one thing which is what operating. On brains, as a matter of fact that's why they get paid so much money because they're specialists. At something. You. Have the ability, to eventually, specialize. In your business, but we've got to go about it the right way to eventually. Earn that, right matter-of-fact Instagram. And Facebook if you want to specialize in, the future just write down the word specialize real fast real, fast come. On and I asked you to do this because the more you put it out there the more the universe receives, it and says ah so-and-so. Is serious. The, ego don't want you to write, by the way the ego gets all nervous it gets all bashful if you're nervous on a computer. Where no one's around you guess what you're gonna be the hell more nervous when you're in front of a prospect step, out of your box write. The freakin word there you go absolutely. We. All want to specialize, just. Like a brain surgeon when someone comes in guess what they've got people there to meet them and greet them and ask them questions and put, them in a robe and all the brain surgeon does is walk, in operate. They don't even clean their hands do they. Do. They Nick no, no they hold their hands up and someone cleans it for them that's. How much they specialized, have. You ever thought about that they literally get done and they go like this, and. Someone walks by and washes their hands for them why. Cuz, they don't specialize, in washing hands they specialize, in treating people's brains. Well. People you need to understand, and in the first three years of your business your brand new you. Have very little ability to specialize, the, next thing you have to focus on is winning.

You. Gotta focus on winning, at. All. Costs. Write that down, winning, that all cost. New, granny I don't like that ball cost off like you know I wasn't taught that I was taught that you know you you know like all cost is a little aggressive. Here. To let you know that's what it takes to win. You. Got to get aggressive with, your desires to win. You've. Got to get aggressive, with. Going after your vision at the highest level possible, you've. Got to get aggressive, with your focus, on winning, during the first three years and. I'm. Gonna make it very very clear if you're in the real estate industry, that's. What winning means 30. Deals, a year or more is what winning means. No. Wait a minute daddy you don't understand, I do. 10 deals a year I'm, able to pay my bills and you know I'm able. To earn a good living you mean to tell me I'm not winning no you're not winning. Whoa. Well. Honey. I don't like this Danny guy he's, kind of mean no no I'm not mean I just tell you the truth the. Truth is the truth you may, not like the truth but the truth is the truth here's, the truth you're selling 10 homes a year you can go get a job and make that kind of money would. You guys agree. You. Selling 10 homes a year you can go get a job you can go be an employee somewhere, nothing, wrong with that but damn it if you were gonna go risk every. Single, day if, you're, gonna go leave your family, and. If. You're gonna go risk, not, having a steady paycheck there. Is a reward that must come, with that risk if, not. It is not worth the risk that, is, called your return, on your investment. Write that down. Your. Return, on your investment. If. You're not getting a return on your investment. Then why the hell are you investing. You. Wouldn't invest in the stock market you wouldn't invest in real estate you, wouldn't invest anywhere else if you're not getting a return would you absolutely, not. Would. You see, you. See the risk as an investment. You. Don't see starting the month without a steady paycheck as an investment. I'm. Here to let you know that that's risk and that risk and this business is an investment, as a. Result, of that you should not be earning, anything less than what you can earn with, 30 deals a year and I'm gonna cover this in a second, now, here. Is the problem with this year's. Zero to three the, problem, is is that many of you have been in the business longer, than three years but you didn't realize any of this stuff and so for some of us we may have to go backwards, a bit and redo. The first three years all over again hey that's just called paying the price you. Can't get around it, here's. Four through six write this down, that's. When you can start specializing. A little bit more I'm gonna talk about this there, are coaches out there for those of you that are in real estate that say don't, do open, houses or. Don't go on social media can, I tell you something that is the stupidest, advice that, you could ever tell anybody and I'm gonna explain to you why cuz. That's where all the humans are. All. The humans are on social media. Why. Would you ever not do something that would cause you the ability to go put yourself in front of more people I. Love. This I love how we get all caught up in this and our minds don't, do this don't do that people, the minute anybody tells you to not do something you're, limiting. Your capability. You'll. Eventually, have, the right to not do things, that's called, specialization. But, first you gotta get to 30 deals a year people or. If you're another industry, you're gonna get to a quarter million dollars a year then. You start removing yourself then, you start delegating then. You start specializing. But not before you pay the price. Everybody. Has to pay the price. How. Do they close 28 deals in my first year simple I worked seven days a week for the first three years of my life I never took a day off I paid the freakin price I. Paid. The freakin price. Here's. Four through six that's when you can focus on your highest and best use of your time. Everybody. Wants this. The problem is not everybody is willing to pay the price and here's zero through three. Here's. Four through six and here in real estate guess what listings, are the highest and best use. It's. The same thing of you own the restaurant there's. A sous chef and then there's the executive chef but. To get to the Executive Chef guess what my cousin was an executive chef he had to start off by washing dishes there's. No way around it in any, business in any industry you've, got to start somewhere unless you, got a couple, million dollars in the bank doesn't guess what you can buy people, to, do the things that you don't want that you don't want to do yourself, this.

Is Make sense people let me know shoot me a little yes if this is making sense if, this is making sense yeah this. Is make sense, I'm. Here to let you know I am the king of leverage, I want, leverage, I want to teach you leverage our coaching, program is, called leverage for a reason, it's because I don't feel like people really are leveraging, themselves, out to the best of their capacity but guess why they're not because their thinking is off because everyone, thinks pay bills. Everyone. Thinks hustle. Instead. Of thinking grow a business when you grow a business you have a timeline, and that. Timeline. Shows you what to focus on during, that period of time in your business and in your career. This. Is where it gets fun you're seven through ten if you paid the price at the beginning then. Guess what that's called mastery. Mastery. Then. You can say don't do open houses, then. You can say don't work with buyers then. You can say whatever you want because by that time you're making half a million dollars a year you've learned the ropes you know what to say, you know the outcomes, you know the entire game and you. Can leverage that and teach other people and, help. Other people. Mastery. People is what we all want in the real estate business mastery, comes from focusing on listings, and investments. Listings. And investments. Right. Drives. Me nuts when I hear people first, year in the business say I'm only going to do listings, that's fines they broke, but. It's. Not the easiest thing in the world to only focus on it. Is after some experience, it. Is after you've learned the sales skills but, at the beginning people I'd, rather do a lot of business, however I get it then their little business focusing, only on one certain thing to do that just doesn't make any sense to me. Momentum. And abundance, is what you want to get in as soon as possible that, first year that I closed 28, transactions. You know what it did for me it it. Instilled. In me the belief that anything. I set my mind to was possible. Leverage. Your income, to, buy and hold a real estate and by the way that's in any business I don't. Know about the stock market that. Thing is not my friend I'll be honest with you that doesn't make it right or wrong but real, estate leverage, your income to buy and hold as a matter of fact I want all of you to type out buying homes right now on. Instagram, wherever, buy and hold real estate buy and hold real estate I and hold real estate people. Listen, nothing. None. Of this happens, without you getting 230 deals a year. Or. In any business there's a target, there's. A target, that you have to set that, shows that you are in the, game that. You're not struggling, that, you're not just getting by that, you're not having emotional. Ups and downs that, you've made, it that's the target and the beautiful thing is that in most markets thirty deals a year guarantees. $250,000. A year listen, to me right now people I'm gonna open your mind I'm gonna challenge you I'm gonna kick you in the teeth. If. You're an entrepreneur, an, entrepreneur. And. You. Are not earning. $250,000. A year right now outside. Of you being brand-new because I can understand that but, we coach people that can do this in literally 24 months. It. Doesn't take that much to do it, it. Takes an, insane. Insatiable. Desire. To produce at a high level and to, win at a high level and if you're not winning at this level I'm gonna piss a lot of you off that's okay I'm telling you the truth you, got to deal with that in your own heart and soul you, got. To deal with the meaning, of what I'm telling you all I'm trying to do is rise you up to make more to earn more to become more you may not like that because you're stuck in the box that's your problem not mine the.

Reality, Is is that if you're an entrepreneur and, you're not earning this guess what. You're. Not getting a great return on your investment. You're. Not getting a great return on your investment, and what's the investment is the investment of risk. Risk. You. Risk every day. Every. Day without a secured paycheck is the day that you risk why, not demand, of yourself, demand. Of yourself, that you get a great return on your investment. That's. The target people, that's. The target and I'm. Here to Empire universities. You're to all of our programs are here to help you to see and help you become and help you to achieve higher. Targets, and you think is possible if you don't think it's possible guess, what it's just because the people you grew up with the people you surrounded with the people that you were shown the example by is because your parents, because of whatever they, didn't hit that target and so that's your ceiling whatever. You earn that's your ceiling if you, you're used to your parents struggling, if you were used to your family members being broke if you were used to everybody around to being in poverty guess what happens all of a sudden that's what your mind thinks is normal I'm. Here to let you know it's. Not what's normal. Normal. Is what you declare to be normal. Normal. Is what you desire for yourself. Normal. Is not when someone else shows you that's their, normal. Your. Normal, is whatever normal. You want to make it and I'm. Here to let you know I decided, very early on I was going to hit a hundred thousand dollars a year and then. I was gonna hit a quarter million dollars a year and then, I was going to hit half a million dollars a year and then, I was gonna hit three quarters of a million dollars a year and then I was gonna hit a million dollars a year and I, was gonna hit 1.25 million dollars a year and then I was gonna hit 1.5, million dollars a year and I did that by the age of 27 years old. Why. I just. Declared a new normal you. Know. What the crazy thing is people. The. Crazy thing is when you look to your left and you look to your right guess what. No. One else is declaring, at a high enough level. That's. The game. That's. The game no one else is declaring, at a high enough level you, start declaring, at a high enough level it changes, the way you think it, changes the way you wake up it changes the way you act it changes what you do it changes who you surround yourself with it changes what you eat it changes what you focus on it's a change is everything it Jason how you react, it changes if you get depressed it is as if you're excited it changes everything.

With. One swift, decision declare, a new normal. That's. It declare, a new normal. First. Hit 30 and then. Make it a perfect thirty. First. Hit thirty. First. Hit that threshold. You can specialize, then, you can say I don't do this then you can say I don't do that until then people listen you haven't earned the right to say that, write. This down, a dirty thirty is better than a perfect ten, a. Dirty. 30 is better than a perfect ten here's, what I mean by that in my first year in business we closed 28, transactions. Call it 30 whatever I almost hit it first. Year I worked. My tail off I didn't. Know what I was doing. I barely. Didn't sleep I was, in the office 11 o'clock at night I would get back in there at 7:00 in the morning I did it seven days a week that, was dirty. That. Was hard, I. Much. Rather have a dirty thirty than. A perfect. Ten. Type. Out 30 30 30. I'd. Much rather have, that 30 than, a perfect 10 can I tell you why because, once I was able to hit the 28, I wasn't gonna go backwards from there then I set my mind and my targets to something much bigger then, I said well next year I'm gonna go for 35 and next, year I'm gonna go for 45 and then I said and then afterwards, guess what then you make it a perfect ten people, by the time my journey was done as a salesperson, I was, selling a hundred, and fifty homes a year working. Four, and a half days a week. There's. A whole nother. Game you guys should be playing. You're. Just not being taught how to play it. That's. It you're just not being taught how to play it, you're. Just living life listen. To me you're, living life in the stone Age's. And. What, is the stone Age's you're. Living, life you were believing what's possible, based off of what you were shown was. Possible. All. You got to do is surround yourself, with a different, community. Different. Thoughts. Hopefully. You find value from this I hope that this is helping, this is absolutely, free but. I know there's some of you out there you want to take it to the next level you need to message me and. You let us help you we'll show you how do it. If. You're, not there yet then you need multiple. Streams, of income through. Multiple, streams of business. You. Don't have the right to say you're not gonna work on the weekends. You. Haven't earned the right to say, you're not gonna run ads on social media. You. Haven't earned the right to say, you're gonna specialize, and only work with sellers. Navin. Or though earned the right to say. To be quite honest with you. You. Haven't gotten dirty yet, if. You're. Not there yet you need multiple, streams of income through multiple, streams of businesses people, Claudia. And I runs. 6. Companies right now. And. Guess how it started because. I took my business serious. Because. Way back when when I was just a salesperson, way. Back when when I was 19 years old I decided to look at things different. I. Decided. To see myself as special, I decided to see see, what I was doing as different, and as special so, I found, a way to convince. Myself. That. What I was doing is different so here where my might my multiple. Streams of income number, one open houses. Number. Two ads. Number. Three my database. Number. Four prospecting. Number. Five door-knocking. Six, stayin home staying late at the office I. See. This all day long I. See. People getting into the office late and, leaving.

Early I did, the opposite, I got in early and left late, why. Because I hadn't hit 30 yet I got to pay the price I wasn't playing the game you, can't say you're in the game if you're not making a quarter-million-dollar, as an entrepreneur, I don't give a damn what you do. And. I'm here to let you know you'll start doing this stuff arriving, early once, you start declaring a new normal for you and your family once. Your current situation pisses. You off. If. It doesn't piss you off and anger you guess what. You. Won't change. You. Won't change it's. Got to piss you off when. My beer gets a little too fuzzy when all. Of this starts getting dirty around here guess what it pisses me off so, I change and I, make the adjustments, ladies, when your nails start to grow a little bit long or when your reach start showing guess what happens it pisses, you off so you make a change it's the same exact damn thing in business people it's. Got to piss you off it's. Got a light a fire inside if not you won't do anything here's, your multiple streams of income working, weekends, staying. Late arriving, early and some of you may go no Danny. Uh-uh, that's, got, multiple streams, of income all of that falls under one income, great if you want to see it like that knock yourself off. But. Each of these is a revenue stream. Right. You don't just do one you. Didn't wrong, until. You get to that 30 mark until you start playing the game and then. You start cleaning things up and backing, things off but, until you get there guess what like I said before you haven't earned that right yet. Guys. I want to remind you guys relentless, is coming and I'm gonna let you all know something and, I'm, gonna tell you something in a first, off I want to pause that I was just kind of rolling right now and. I appreciate all of you guys joining us live but has. Has. This brought value, and if you're out there what have you learned. What. Have you learned. Let. Me know what you've learned. Please. I. Want. To let you guys know something. About. A year ago I decided to about. A year ago I decided to, start hosting, these events. And. I'm gonna tell you why I decided, to start hosting these events and I'm gonna tell you why I started to coach people. It. Pissed, me off, what, I saw was going out there on our planet. It. Pissed me off that I. Saw great people, great, people. Who, aren't performing, at their highest possible, level. It. Pissed. Me off that the training I felt, people, should be receiving, was. Not being offered and. Like. I said earlier you don't start doing anything until something pisses, you off until, it angers, you and. I.

Can Never forget where I decided you know what the, public, needs to see what we do the. Public needs what we offer and that's when we brought out Tim Grover - the first relentless, and. Then. For the second relentless. We. Signed a grant cardone that didn't work out because I just write, honest say just I just, rather leave that alone and then. We decided to upgrade and, get Gary Vaynerchuk last, year. And. Then. This year we bring in Ed Millette Girard Adams who at 25. Sold his business for 50 million dollars that alone, is worth the price of admission. Andy, freaking for seller are you killing me, are. You kidding me. But. The next two announcements, people I'm letting you know right now. Are. Gonna blow your absolute, socks off and. You, know what's pissing me off right now and it breaks my heart and I'm gonna share this with all of you, it. Breaks my heart how, many adults, are out there. Who. In. Their mind it's not that they can't afford $2.99. Or whatever, the price is. It's. That they're just can a mindset, that has them in a situation. In their life, that. Doesn't have them with the ability to afford the $2.99, and I. Want to eradicate, that people, I want. To eradicate it from the face of this earth, especially. If you're a citizen of the United States of America, why because. We live in the richest country in the world and there is money, everywhere. As a matter of fact write that word down money. Money. If you're following me alive money. The. Reality, is is that money is not the problem. We. Are. The problem, I'm. Just like you I'm no different than you I simply. Had a goal I had. Deep desire to achieve that goal I knew. I was Hispanic, I knew, that, I was, young I knew, that I was 19 years old I knew I knew everything I didn't let anything stop me I knew. That my mom was on welfare I knew that she moved those over here I knew. That I came from a single household, I knew, I didn't have money for gas I knew, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment here's, a secret I just didn't give a damn I. Gave. Her them about one thing, producing. At a high level and, winning. At the highest level, imaginable, that's. What drives me, and. Now, I'm in a place in my life where I want to help other people produce, at the highest level, possible and win. At the highest level possible people. Events. Like this. You. Don't have the option to miss if you're not winning you. Don't, and. You. Know I genuinely, want, to help all of you because I was offering, the tickets at $99. At one point in time and every. Week they're gonna continue going up why because, I want to reward your faith I. Want. To reward your faith I'm giving you an opportunity when, you see the lineup you will realize the general, admission ticket alone costs a thousand dollars will. Be worth that value of a thousand dollars for three days to spend time with these people are you kidding me. So. I want you to realize that your. Circumstance. Right now financially, is just. Conditioning, and in. These three days what we're gonna do is we're going to condition, you to, start accepting, and receiving. All of the abundance, that's your god-given right. It's. Your god-given right, people. We. Just need a little rewiring. Both. In the psychology. Of how to get it the. Skillset. Of how to get it and the, systems, of how to get it and that's what relentless, is going to be all about. I'm. Gonna I'm gonna end with this I know we're supposed to do a Q&A, but I feel. In my, heart that, for, sure have you've been watching, you, got enough value from this for sure, there's. Maybe three or four of you guys that. Want to get involved, in some, sort of a coaching, relationship because. You're sick and tired of being sick and tired we've. Got two programs, are available message. Me on facebook or on instagram, and i will simply grab. Your information, and we're. Gonna put you and partner you with someone, that I have personally helped, double. If not triple their, business and then, they will be there. To. Tell you a little bit about our programs okay so. We're gonna cut this feed and I am I do want to open some for some questions just because I want to help you guys out and I got a little bit of time Facebook. Instagram questions. Questions. Questions. What. Did you learn today, what. Questions, do you have about. Anything. You. Have me here people. Any. Questions on Instagram oh yeah. Oh yeah. Or. We could just end it.

It's. All good what, questions you guys have nice was. About anything I think we covered a lot today what, specific, questions you have about today or how, it applied to your business or, how it applies to your business we're, live right now on Facebook and on, Instagram what, questions you Instagram, hey, give me the screaming part so, far. The sells Whittier what's up art sells Whittier. What. Has been my best ream of income my, mindset. Yeah. Look people I'm gonna art and I'm gonna teach all of you something. The. Answer is always within people, the number one stream of income you will always have as your mind. Your. Mind you can drop me off honest, to god on a deserted. Island I will, find a way to become a millionaire within 24, to 36 months I will. Sell coconuts, I'll, bottle, the water I will find the way the. Mind is the issue people when the right mindset, with the right vision guess what the, streams of income pay, align, right. And the, right ones will show up for you and the wrong ones will go away my, strongest. Always. It's always been like this my greatest stream of income has, been and always will be my money. See, I was the best I was a mortgage broker. Best. Standing do you recommend it uh Jose, bhaiya do you recommend a dialer, for prospecting. Yeah. Sure I mean you know okay that's up to you that's up to your style I remember, back when I prospected guys, I used to have, Plantronics. Used to sell these headsets, they, were two headsets and they had two little pads. That were about this big with just numbers and I would just dial and I got really good honest to god I wish, I had a picture I got really good at saying, the script to, two different people and I would just mute and listen to the answer and I'm, you and I would be having maybe, you'll get a kick out of this two conversations at, the same time with two different people and then, whenever one, I could tell wasn't interested I would just hang up with that one and then focus on the one that was impossible so. Nowadays you have dialers. So yeah I would recommend it sure but, if you can't afford a dial or don't be attached to that remember, your mind is the greatest source of them all right good, question go. To Instagram anything I got. A bunch over here on Facebook looking bored okay good I'm, waiting for the prices, I'm waiting. For the prices to come down, objection. Handler Joe. That's a little bit of a technique a, little, bit of a technique. You see. Okay. And we teach this and this is important for you guys to understand. And. The. Objections. That you get, it's. Not just. The words to handle the objections, there's, a tempo. Behind, it there's a philosophy behind, it there's a structure, behind the way you communicate, that's. All stuff we teach so I can give you the words but to be honest with you you saying the words versus, one of our students, saying the words our students, are gonna win why because. We show you the under, girth we show you the foundation, to, say the words the right way okay, so. I, don't, think that will help you that much if you're serious don't message me we'll get you started in one of our programs for sure. Hold. On but to give you a little value when prices go up interest rates go down when prices go down interest, rates go up either way none of that has to do with their motivation, help, them get connected with their motivation. Wilson. Underscore, Boston, underscore, s how. Do, I stick to my schedule, you're not me 500 doors a week is harder than I thought. Okay, so Wilson. Underscore, Boston. Underscore. Shout-out, to you my man how, do you stick to your schedule. Okay. So. I would say number one get clear with your mission any. Time will said that you have to do something just. For. The sake of doing it you. Won't be excited, about it and you won't do it with the same passion so. That's number one like what what help me stick to my vision and from my schedule at the beginning was, that I lived in an apartment and I, wanted more than anything to, buy us a house here's, the problem with many of you that.

Seems, Too big for you it, seems to out of reach for you your, goals if they seem too out of reach for you guess, what you won't believe in them and the subconscious, mind will divert from the goal I. Put. Deadlines, on myself to put pressures on myself saying I want it done in two years how, I'm gonna do that I don't know but I was never attached to that I just, declared, the goal. People. I don't know if you trip out on this but if you've been following me. Just three to two years ago we started to have decided. To have seminars. 24. Months later we're literally putting it if not the. Best event in the country one. Of the best events in the country there's, gonna be 2,500 people there, right. I don't know how I'm gonna get you guys there quite frankly at the beginning I didn't even know how I was gonna be all the speakers none of that matters to me what matters, is the vision okay, second. You need accountability. Accountability. So. Boston. You need to start declaring, more and start telling everybody around, you what you're going to do and what you're going to accomplish and third, you, need accountability from your fellow co-workers, so forth and so on you need a community of people that are surrounding you and empowering, you and reminding. You so, that when you fail you see that their victories, and you go mad if they could do it I can do it that alone those three will change our life and you. Literally won't have a problem sticking. To your schedule as much, you'll always you'll. Never want, to work every day you'll never want to knock on doors every day that that's that's, you. Got to get over that people that's just a reality of things, but. Your mental fortitude, to, do the things that you don't want to do that, will improve if you follow the steps okay, Veronica, writes no questions just wanted to thank you because I think this will help my TCC business Veronica I think what we do will help every every business so I appreciate, that see you I relentless, at a high level my patience in real estate is lacking, I don't think it's your patience, in real estate my man I think it's it. All comes down to your vision people and it all comes down to the amount of pressure in you have yourself, Jose you get reconnected with what it is that you want from real estate and. Monty Ramsey I started a small co-working, space in a new community what. Ways can I get connected to the community so I can grow. Ahman. Now i'm gonna challenge you with something you, answered that question. Okay. You answer that question I'm. Gonna help you grow by not giving you the answer because. The answer is there I think everybody is my fact if you guys want to help her out you guys give her the suggestions, cuz, I think the answer is there but there's it's all about your answer is all about meeting, people. Right. The more people that you meet the more that you can help your project grow there's, just a blockage, there with going out and doing the things that you need to do to meet people but watch this all of you as a community help, her out go comment, and go help her out or. Him I'm sorry her, Oh cuz I think. The answer is there I don't, think the answer is the problem I think the spirit of what it takes to get the answer done is a problem right, mr.. Isaac, Moran. You're. 19 year old self when you first started in the business. What. Is the one thing I would have told my 19, year old self when I first started in the business damn that's a good one okay, you guys are going to understand here's the one problem, that you're going to have when you start making a lot of money when, you were broke as hell like I was I spent. A lot of it so, the one thing that I would have told myself at 19, was I would, have told myself that. You. Know when when you come from a background like I came from and when money wasn't around all of a sudden you get, this thing inside of you where you. Want to show the world that you've made it. And. When, you want to show the world that you've made it. That's. A little tough because you don't get stuff for the sake of enjoyment, you get stuff to prove a point and that's, what's a little dangerous, I think we should turn that back on that's. What's a little dangerous, with some of the things that you see on Instagram now adays is. There's a lot of people out there buying, Lamborghinis.

And Stuff like that that honestly can't, even afford them they're. Just living from a space of insecurity. And I. Think security, is what causes them to spend money on all of this stuff, I'm not saying in all cases but I'm saying you can you can kind of tell like. If, you're constantly having a post about your car or whatever the case may be you got some security, issues is what, you got and you probably have a lot of debt that's what you have so, that's, what I want to tell myself. See. You are relentless art. Gilbert. More questions on Instagram okay Gilbert zero income so far first 35 days of being licensed welcome. That's normal. As a matter of fact I don't even have to read the rest of the question Gilbert I'm gonna help you out right now your. Brand. You are getting licensed, it's gonna take you 90, to 120. Days to get income okay. All income. Comes at the end of a 90 day cycle, meaning. You were used to here's. The problem you're used to working and receiving money not, as an intrapreneur you, work and work and work and work and work and work and work and work and then money starts coming in don't. Forget that all income, as an entrepreneur, comes at the end of a 90 days cycle, so, you've got to go and you've got to have the vision and the foresight, to put in the work and, see. In the future that the work will be rewarded. Okay. And that's. A big lesson for you to learn right now because in the future as your, business grows more and more and more you're, gonna have to learn that principle people the amount of money that I had to put up right now checks, we had to cut just, to get relentless, off the ground it's already, in the multiple six figures already. And. The. Event is six months away. What. Did I learn that I learned from the 90 day cycle, the principle, of the 90 day cycle, and that's something that you can all learn as well. The. Answer is within Instagram. What, is the book that is impacted impacted, me the most when it comes to mindset I can't, think of one book I'm. Not the kind of guy that like thinks of one book or one seminar I'm not the kind of sports fan that thinks of like like, one team or why I'm, just like I'm on a journey man and I'd let it all impact, me but, if I were to say, top. Five I. Think. Everybody, needs to read my book first off because, I wrote and it's my true journey so go to Amazon, right now and just. Type in the name Danny Morel you can get it on audible or on Amazon, I and I really believe that because I wrote it as a roadmap to help you get what you want out of life.

Number, Two I think that everybody needs to read The Four Agreements it's. A must because. All success, all, financial. Game, is all a reflection of your inner world and the Four Agreements helps. You to perfect, what's, going on in here and in here. The, science. What's. It called the. Science of getting rich by Wallace walls, is, a big, one a big one like you, all and when you come to relentless, I'm gonna spend an entire day on your money psychology, by the way okay. You got to understand something money is just energy, and if. Not enough is flowing to you it's just because your psychology, of money is off that's all it is but. The science of getting rich by dr. Wallace wattles is a big one the greatest salesman in the world is a must read book absolute. Must read book and the. One minute millionaire is a must read book so. Those are my books. What. Do you do if you're the only one person in the working, in the office I'm always by myself you're in the wrong office, you're in the wrong company. Gilbert. Fine a credit card journey yep absolutely. Jose. Martyr yeah Jose you need to stop faking the funk you've been watching me long enough you know what we do if you're. Sick and tired of being sick and tired you need to you. Need surround yourself with our community that's it, Amanda. Danny you have helped me get through my mental blocks I had these past issues, a couple of months ago I now have the guts and trust in myself I put, in my notice to leave my job good for you Amanda vision. Was awakening, yes that was our event in January, and. I have my business plan I'm in the middle of my 90-day cycle and things are going awesome I love it Amanda that's great to hear good to hear, Jose. Amino will I be able to succeed with open house and door knocking only. Everyone. Pushes cold-calling a lot Jose. Yeah. That's a great question I. Did. The business that I did it. My first two to three years of business. By. Door-knocking, every day and going. To the swap meets and the weekends and the, swap meets are essentially open houses, Jose, you do two open houses a week and you door knock every day you. You'll. Smoke everybody, you'll. Smoke everybody especially. Because you're a part of our coaching program we teach you what to say you'll smoke everybody. How. How. Has every negative shaped, you and your success how has every negative shaped, you and my sister I'll be honest I don't know but I just don't focus on the negative I, really. Don't I wish I had a better answer than that Andy but I.

Mean. The only negative, that I can think of there's one negative and that's when, I lost everything, when the recession happened and that shaped my success, because it maybe it, made it it brought more humility, into my life and it helped me relate to people at a deeper level other. Than that guys I don't really spend any time or energy focusing, on the negative, I'm. Too, focused on the future to. Focus on the future. Congratulations. Yes. Yeah. Jose you got to upgrade buddy. How. Do you get one of your journals, where you write the ten things yeah that's a great question we, have those mindset, journals they sold out and we're in the process of redeveloping both. The Danni morale and Empire, website, so as soon as we do we'll have an online store and we'll have them they're available okay. I've. Got a dirty 34 last year I missed 150, kur in the past few years should I hire a buyer's agent that, that's a Daniel. That's a coaching, question I don't know I need to know a little bit more about you I I apologize. 75%. Buyer business nope you don't do anything on - can you convert it to 60/40, 60%, less these 40%, buyers okay. You're way lopsided. And you're not gonna have any leverage that way I, wouldn't. So. We. Good. Yeah. Pretty, much all, right guys Brianna's event calm go get your tickets for, those of you that uh that. Are already coming, your. Faith is going to be rewarded that's, all I can say when you see who else is coming it's gonna be a powerful, event thank, you and if they could be so kind of share this or tag, some of your friends in this, to help us. Really. Eradicate, mediocrity. In the world that's my mission in life that. Would mean a lot to me I really appreciate your time see you tomorrow morning on Instagram story prior, to sunrise at the morning. Message take care about my, Instagram. Yeah, go for it okay. Jewelry. Okay, MTU what's up baby how, do you know when, to walk away from a deal no matter how desperate. You, are to make, this sale yeah if it doesn't jive with your values, and your principles and, and. First off you should not be desperate to make a sale that that's, what you need to do is you need to eliminate that, because. If you are desperate to make any sale you'll be desperate to make other sales those, emotions, play no part in, a business I made, a quote like that emotions. What. Was the quote I put, up an image like that there's. One thing getting in your way of success and that's emotions. Right, and so. Um that's. An emotion, you need to learn and deal with that I would. Unless that be a part of what, I do and, that's the number one problem I would say that you have right now all, right we're good so see you next week for another edition of the Danny Morel show take everybody bye-bye. You.

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