Multi-Brand Two Wheeler Service Station | Business Opportunity | Franchise Apply | Franchise Idea

Multi-Brand Two Wheeler Service Station | Business Opportunity | Franchise Apply | Franchise Idea

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Who is the Indian. job ah genuine spares, genuine oils. As much as use roadside mechanic charges. Platform brand survey charges roadside mechanics platform robust standard operation process vibrant situation customer loyalty or profit be I am market brand two wheeler service company is a big feat. So, this is not let me start with this good news. Ah yeah. Discussion

overview of the two wheel industry situation. uh interesting things customer satisfactor how it works. Franchise system ultimately customer to two wheeler owner B to B to C. Here profitable automatically speed force so this I mean post lockdown lockdown India two wheeler industry is one first of the one of the industries that rose quickly back into shape. service industry all these things play a very vital role. Last 6 years 2,000 2,020 2,026 years 2,014 we have a growth we have ah made a growth of registered a growth of 12% annual year on year growth gap in service versus service, capacity, sales and service capacity.

Brand showroom they need month on month to sell new vehicles. Branded showroom capacity sales service industry redemption ratio. Brand redemption rat is around twenty percent, just bees percent. Second year of buying new vehicles Redemption so because this market is going towards either neglecting service, yeah, going towards street side garage because of high cost, time factor and all other things towards brand action. So,

manufacturer service focuses only on warranty. Other than manufactures small garries. So, small garries poor housekeeping, one man unclean place mechanic **** life as a Forty-five close services. Which works to around 17 thousand crore worth of business. So in the next they

are coming up with another fourteen crore vehicles that are going to come out. My God. figures the zeros are mind boggling. Business potential business all you need to have to catch a net to catch that money and that net speed force I can guarantee you. India's two wheeler sharing market in 2,019 The market shared last year to last year was thirteen one point 1.1 1.1000000 dollars.

Before pre-covid. Market and 2025 because of 1 year precipitation, 2020 precipitation it is ninety-four 94.00 94.00 dollars. Market boss ah market grows is around 20.2% is the standard growth and there are instances the minimum growth is 12% it has grown up to twenty-eight percent. So between this oscillation twenty point 20.2 has become a standard goal. company

inception in 2,017 but the ideation started in 2,000 eleven, 2,011 ah idea under the very renowned mentor ideation idea full fledged full proof are working system, successful working system 2,011 2,017 2,017 member team franchises 2,000 2,018 we were twenty-five ranches and team of seven 2,000 2,019 20 may forty-five ranches financial year our forty-fifth franchise open Hyderabad and that was the first franchise in South India 2,000 2,019 2,000 twenty, 2,021 October ah eleventh and we have opened 160 plus franchises with fifteen new franchises to be opened in the next 40 days. We are opening around seven to eight franchises and ten to eleven people getting ah ah acquiring the I mean becoming our prospective franchises. So, this is Lagata process 2020 we have reached hundred with a team of twenty and then ah to a vision 2021 may be we hope by the end of December thirty-first, 300 plus franchise disease and 2021 financial year end march 31st we plan to attain 500 franchise. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible because hundred franchises 2020 close that is that was direct dealing. Force multiplication two 2,021 because our franchises are recommended in recommending franchises and going for the second franchise. So, this is a

continuous journey that has been going the basic reason of our success is is the team, the management team. How policies, the standard operation policies design the marketing style, the technology support. USP it is going on. Mind you I would like to tell you ninety 92% of our franchises are away from the automobile industry. Because these people

do not know what they have believed in our mission and mission that they have joined hands with us and 41% of our franchises have opted for a second franchise between six to twelve months. They have opted for a second franchise because they have understood the SOP and they have gone more and more forward. So now, let us look at the market scenario. So, Ethan I, so speed was ah because educate educated question both economical education automatic the customer satisfaction and satisfaction customer concentration customer ah ah product survey supervisor franchise owner courteous energy. So all these things play a very vital role. Top end bikes are

available. All these things have been the crux of speed force growth journey. Speed force solution create is unorganised sector organized sector organized sector you need to make it robust. Vibrant as per the expectation of the customer. So, update it because of the transformation customer expectation more open to latest technology looking for quick response so everybody wants robust reply. Take them vibrant replay

in action. Action that is what a speed force. Ready to pay a little extra. Ego satisfy need

to satisfy Expect transparency in all aspects. This is very very important because the technology open. Transparent problems with ideas, the needs of the customer point only to one side and that is speed force because speed force is a multi network of multi brand service stations across India that can do service from a moped till an electrical vehicle. Technology we will be equipped because right now we are proactive and probing a various alternatives to put technology in space. This is very very important aspect because management photos what are varied agnostic domines varied domines so this becomes a very very ah big asset for the company. Hanji, let's introduce speed force Speedforce accompany having different skill sets and working experience.

Management we have got ah around ah nine people who have got nearly ah 200 plus 9 years of experience and that's a big asset ah for all of us. Ah especially with the front and for the growth of the company because ultimately franchise ah growth company service customer customer growth direct team around 300 people we have got. I will show you all those pictures also. So experience the least experience is 6 years or the highest experience including the management. We have got around 38 years of experience. I just told you 200 plus years only the management. So in Kasar

outlook so let's look at all those things and today we will ah ah have a look and ah start ah understanding how things are going. Okay sir. So those of you actually art piece So, let me give an introduction. From the left on the top is Deepin Barai and next is Mr. Ashok Shah and

third is Mr. Kapal Binvi. Ah these three people are the original founders and Mr. Ashok Shah is the person who has worker. Nearly 35 years automobile industry workshop design workshop and ah ah tools and strategy designing where the strategy group that take care and expand speed force.

Ragh Rajan ji discuss thirty-seven, 35 years of experience in automobile industry. In tools, latest tools to our latest technology training this is Mr. Janda sir is its a Delhi, Ununit, Kareem 38 years of experience and recently he is worked as a training consultant also at a very leading automobile giant and his basic job is to understand technology better or common man delivery training asset test training automatically speed force in the robust place. It is a one stop shop for all problems of the customer. One stop solution for all two wheeler customers. This is the courting. Team members

this is the core team that operates the speed force. white shirt one of the senior members of support team and then on the right edge we have Bhatiya ji, Bhatiya ji takes care of the customer care and support or this entire team will work for every franchise in India. This team and they start recruiting as and when franchises get increased. So these people every individually they handle every franchise. Franchise handle customers Franchise owners franchise customer feedback just they work behind and they work in a robust environment.

family normally to the managing director all of them where black T-shirt it is our it is our thing because we would like to have a black T-shirt. A black means dirt. But we would like to give a clean, a white vehicle to the customer. Okay, update chain of two wheeler service stations providing all kind of services according to market demand. One stop solution one stop updating it. Periodic

service minor major repairs accidental repairs accidental repairs branded showroom insurance approved insurance aggregator excellent vehicle okay so battery service maintenance contracts special electrical vehicle service electrical vehicle says electrical vehicle charging infrastructure, pickup and drop ah breakdown services, value added services, insurance service used two wheeler warranties, lubes, genuine lubes, a genuine spares partners castors you know discount distributor central contract uniform discount term secular bikes bike sanitisation bike sanitization and pick up and drop facility pick up and drop facility take time luxury necessity or pickup at office footforce price speed was yes India's international number one company, huh? Opal, by Indian, Opal, Indian, Opal and global standards. So, locals global because this is a continuous process Team Franchise automatically. We will get more franchises. It is just a

continuous process. Profitable business opportunity business scenario net has paid force. Large potential large potential ah branches Shri profit centre process admin visit IT, IT on the superficial IT Login virus bugs. Development products so all these things is so interlinked to see the the workshop turning speedforce franchise turning into a profitable sector. Okay,

customer feedback customer feedback cross border learning. Kashmir expansion market solutions free healthcare insurance checkout software design detailed workshop software online support. CRM ERP solution that takes care of the entire workshop. Marketing supporter, marketing hand earning, marketing activities ah where ah training, training is very important Last just the last and continuous visits and knowledge. Investment breakup taking is 7.5 lakhs is the

total charge that takes. From a franchise, it is a one time affair and all the services Doctor Joe Bennebula was served services bundled offers franchisery 100 thousand tool machinery support, installation, transportation, support three point 3.5 lakhs, internal super graphics, strength fascia and branding 100 thousand stationary software training, auditing and monitoring is 100 thousand marketing support development, one lakh. Total 7.5 lakhs plus

GST. So, how the workshop will have a financial audit that happens. So, I am searching it thus vehicle average around 300 rupees. Ah you make around 3,000 rupees, 90 thousand rupees 21 thousand monthly spares, thirty-six thousand, extra 15 thousand eleven. Service Spare .3 percent ah taxes, employee incentives, investment on EMI Joe, investment ah gross total is out, 90 thousand rupees income 100,082 182 thousand plus 3,000 ah 4,000 approximate ah not together you make around 70 thousand rupees.

This Ya you that within eight to 12 months you will be able to make this is what we call the ah break even point ah return on investment almost ah 18 months 36 months investment franchise or under decoration system recovers operational expense Franchise training mobile industries around 1,000 rupees. There is a minimum average bill. Minimum averag e bill thousand rupees. Thousand rupees ten buckets forty percent, twenty percent, forty percent. Forty 40% it is ah your own service ah labour repair other 60% it's only ah oils 20% and spares 60% 10% to 55% margin depending on the costing of the so question on the spare so automatically six and 60% 30% so that's a 200 rupees so later that. So now it could be a little higher or periodic investment effects seasonal effect industry or food industry of course ah virus we are getting good number of inquiries from you from town because there is a lack of proper branded services in this place. 300 plus outlets

by thirtieth, 31. december and 500 Plus by march 31st and India and Asia Pacific and soon to go global too. official partners lubricants bold ah insurance software solutions matrix solutions and warranty corporate warranty program. So companies leading auto component manufacturer, one of the world leading oil company.

Why they are associated with us? Because they have live in our mission and have seen our vision and have seen our growth. They walked into us and they are partnering us. Market validation and footprints across India, state state outlets, state at Hyderabad and South India. We did it through national. so road safety organisation. So all these things happen like that. So, apart from doing

marketing, we also do um um corporate social responsibility acts because company the 2 year customer must be the most happiest. initial ah thing I am how to go about and lot of ah promotional activity during inauguration. And this is something media, something I can read, something icon, something looks like. Important slide not that ah they avoided us but in a burden yellow tweet force so these people have become our masters. Unless we perform will not be awarded. And we are not running awards performance Hanji, Apna, team director, mutual funding directors Deepin Bha Ashok Shah and Kapil Bindi ji.

recently small awards 2020 small business awards Our Automobile Franchise Excellence Award by Franchise Apply. was presented to Speedforce. Thank you Franchise Apply for this. process of franchise appointment. So normally DDL DDI is eighteen 18 thousand fill in application and submit it.

So one thing that ah ah happens across ah the thing. So like provisions, ah material provisions, installations, equipment, pending documents. First of all, the application form, the analytics, the welcome card. These will dictate okay. Thank you for giving that

play a wonderful time and listening to everything. My

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