MPL Freedom Mindset #20 - Who's steering your business when you're not there

MPL Freedom Mindset #20 -  Who's steering your business when you're not there

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Business. Owners, and entrepreneurs with, a growth and scale mindset. Absolutely. Get the need persistence. They. Don't always want. To take the time and effort it that's, involved, in putting them in place but, they absolutely, get that systems, are going to give you consistency, but. If you train your old team to. Be, consistent, to follow the systems, that you're, going to have a better, operation, and easier life. The. Big piece, of the puzzle law that's often missing is, that, second. Line, management. And that's really what I want to talk to you about today on this gore, gloriously. Sunny, day and I've, probably chosen the hottest place I could have done to to. Talk to you from birth anyway. Here we go so. This this whole idea of a second line this whole idea of having. Somebody, who's at the helm when, you're not there who's. The leader on. The, day you. Know it's like the. You. Being the manager, of a football. Team you're the Gareth Southgate let's, be topical you're, the Gareth Southgate of your. Team and you. Need somebody to be your hurricane. To, be your leader to, be your. Person. On the field who, when, you aren't there well you can't get messages, through to the team they. Are there the other person that's going to going. To be your voice and on. The on the field of play and. What. Normally, happens is. That a business will a business, will start to grow organically. You know I've. Seen it so many times that, really. Successful. Small businesses, have, grown from a really. Tight-knit. Small. Hub of people. You know maybe three or four people who've been. Incredibly. Successful in, growing their business and, as. A result of their success, the business grows and they bring in more people and, you know as we've discussed, in in many of these videos you then. Need one, right way of doing everything in your business but. You also need somebody. To manage, those those. Additional, people now. I've seen business, as having, 10, 12 15. Direct. Reports. That's. Just impossible it's, not sustainable it, so it means that they. Aren't getting the input and the, feedback and, the development, they need and, if. They are getting that then, the business owner isn't doing what the business owner is there to do which is to run the business to work on the business not in it all. Successful. Small businesses, need, a second, line even, if it's just one person so what, normally happens is, that there'll be this sudden. Realization and. Occasionally. It's after. I've been talking, to whatever, it is but they get this sudden realization and, there's, this knee-jerk reaction. And they do one of two things the. Well. The one thing that they do that that is my, worst nightmare, is that legal alright I'll throw money at it I need.

An Operations, Manager cranky. What's going to get me the sort of person I need 50,000. Pounds I, was, having this conversation with somebody just last week, fifty. Thousand pounds for fifty thousand pounds I'm gonna get somebody who's really experienced. Who knows what they're doing is being around the block and. You. Know what you might get, that person, they might have been around the block. And. Go. Straight for the best cv to, go for the person that has, the, best CV, that has the most experience on paper. Trouble. Is would not C be easy it doesn't tell you how good they were at. Their, job it just tells you that they had that experience it. Doesn't, tell you whether, they share. Your values, it, doesn't tell you whether they're going to be a good fit therefore for your business, and. It. Doesn't it, Justin see whether they're a good people manager and really. What we're talking about here is somebody who's going to get the best out of your people that's, what you want in your business that's what you want for your second, line you, want somebody who's going to get the best out of your team it's, going to build the best team who's going to make sure every individual. Fulfills. Their potential, so, yes. Absolutely, you, might get lucky you throw your 50,000, pounds of it or. More, at. You. Know a marketing. Manager or an Operations, Manager or whatever, manager. You you deem, fit for your business, and. You. Might get lucky, on. The other hand you, might bring somebody in for, that enormous, amount of money, for. A small business that is an enormous amount of money you, bring somebody in and. Within three months. Either. You've worked out that they really are not a good fit or they've. Worked out that you're not a good fit and. You're part company and all. That money. In recruitment, wasted. Potentially. A lot of your, time that, you've invested in them. Wasted. You. Know as, I keep saying it does work it can work but. Not all the time so, that's that's the first knee-jerk, reaction, go and throw money at it bring, somebody in everything, both all. My problems will be solved. The. Second, option, that's, a lot of businesses, take, maybe. In your position the position you're in now is that they take. Their very, best person from their team the person who is really, good at their job who. Is, conscientious. Turns up terms. Of every day turns up on time every day maybe. Stays a bit later really. Committed to the to their work really, good at what they do and the. Yank, them out of that position that they really, know and love and, perform, to a fantastically. High standards, and they. Put, them into a role of manager, and they, say you're. The best in our team manage. The rest now. Show. Them how it's done. And. Again, the, thinking, is sound. But. It doesn't always follow through that, the person who's best at their job the person who you, know dot, every I and cross every T is, going, to be the person who's a great leader who inspires, respect to. You. Can get the best out of the rest of the team. You know maybe they just love doing, what we did and. What's. Worse in that situation, is that very. Often the business owner doesn't. Doesn't. Take the time hasn't got the time more. More often than not hasn't, got the time to. Develop. That individual. As. A manager, to, teach them what it takes to be a great manager a great leader. And. Let's, face it. Business. Owners quite, often are. Self taught they. Don't necessarily, have. Had. That, actually. An awful lot don't actually have the skills and people managers, themselves and, I, mean that with all due respect because, a bloody, good business owners they've achieved. Successful. Businesses, but, they're not necessarily, good at managing the team you know that small team at the heart that little tight unit, it. Will probably all crate, self managing they, all knew what they were doing and they just got on and did it and as. This team grows. The. Business owner quite often finds out that they are the one who isn't very good at people management, so. That's. There that usually, the people that go oh I'll pay fifty thousand pounds I'll bring in the management experience. But. If they're the person, that goes uh promotes. Some sort of take all that people stopped off me they'll be the block they'll be the barrier between me and the team they're. Actually just creating. A bigger, problem for themselves they're. Putting somebody in place he doesn't know what they're doing and again great example, this. Business. That that I worked, with for quite some time now when I first went to them, exactly. That it happened, it. Was you know it was a very successful professional.

Practice, And had. Promoted. Three. Of their best, professionals, to, be managers within the business oh sorry. I'm actually beginning to sweat here. They. Promoted, three of their their best specialist to be managers. One. Of the one of the guys felt, that everybody, that was in the team should be able to work. As hard and as fast and, as accurately. As he did. Forgetting. That he had started in. A very different place for getting the t's had to grow and develop and. He. Would he, would take. Work off these individuals, go I've, just do it myself, tick, work off these. Individuals. In the team and work really, long hours to. Do their work and of course what, what, team did there was go okay. If you're gonna do our work fine we'll do, the bare minimum we'll give it to you you'll go oh that's not good enough and do it for us, not. Great for the manager and not great for the business and certainly not great for the development of the teeny, one. Of the other managers was, was. Just really, soft, and lovely this sort of. Sort. Of person it's a person, that that. The team would call mom. No. A. Lot of liking there for this individual, but no real respect. And. It's really difficult to. To. Go, from a situation where the team would just completely, just. Disrespecting. No, I know an. Aggressively, but just disrespecting, managers because the managers, were. Just. Getting. On and doing their, job without actually, developing. A team without understanding. What, they're all the manager is without, understanding what, they're all of a leader is they. Were just doing the best they could but. They didn't have the skills they're, not the mindset, to be a manager, no there, was a lot of that although they, won't do this sort of language you. Know I've asked them to do it but they will do it and talking. About the, group of the team as they, and not even individuals. Within it so. There, was there was an awful, lot of work that had to be done to give those managers, the skills that they needed, know, it's not easy being a manager you, know, some. People take, to. It like a duck to water we all you know we've all met, those people they're. Really good really. Good at relationship, building and they're, really good at building. Respect. Because the older they're very straight, they're very direct. But, also your leg kind with it they're. Very good at what they do they're both teaching, other people to, do what they do those. Sort of people are naturals. But. Not. Many people, start. Answers Naturals. Not. Many individuals. Who are promoted, into a management position have, the confidence, immediately.

To Do what's what's, needed to be done and. That's, I work with businesses, over the past, several. Years. Looking. At developing, their systems they're you. Know they're planning their custom experience system, they're their. People's systems hiring, and training and, performance, management. The. Big missing, piece of the puzzle is. Management. Development, and. That's really where the, management, development program came. From that, were put in place last, year. But. We've had two, groups of people go through them and. They've. Absolutely loved, it and I mean if I can tell you why they've looked at have looked it because they. Want. It's, the timing of the sessions is you. Know it's first thing in the morning, it's a 8:30, zone 10 for the training, sessions and in 39, 33 for. The mentoring human, in sessions so, that two-and-a-half. Hours in a month that's. Great you, know it it's, great it doesn't get in the way of the days so the boss is happy the managers are happy the, team can you know can all work around it it works, so, timing wise it's creates content. Wise biggest. Thing that that, the managers, absolutely. Love when they see it on the on. The curriculum. For the for the program, because god I can't wait for the feedback session, because. Big. B and the, feedback session, you. Know we talked, about feedback in the past. There's. Something about feedback people people, hate giving feedback they. Fear, the reaction that. They're going to get forgiveness, be back so. As soon as we give these badges the, you, know this is how you give. Non-confrontational. Feedback, this, is how you receive, feedback and this is how you act on the feedback you received. It's. Like the, weight of the world is lifted on their shoulder off their shoulders if we just taught them feedback they, would be the, bigger we're happy they'd walk out even. More confident, than when they walk there but. We don't stop there obviously we feel you talk about how to delegate, yeah, not a lot of business owners don't know how to delegate, so. How can they teach their. Managers, to delegate if they don't know know how to do it, you. Teach them about the customer journey we talk to them about performance, management we talk to them about, training. And that. You know that one right way to do everything in your business and how to get everybody, to do it that's. All part that being a good a great manager, and. We'll teach them the mindset, that's necessary, for being a good manager no, it's not it's not about. People. Often used to talk about all the difference to the manager and leader is, that you know, leaders are born and manager the mate that's. That's just not true in, my view I. Really. Believe that that you can develop, somebody, to be a really good leader to give them the tools and the confidence to do it and these, things you. Can't afford to just be a manager, you know just look after the and the, logistics of the day just look after the operation, just make sure that everybody's following the systems you, have to inspire and motivate, you. Have you know that that's part of what we teach by the feedback everybody. Feedback should inspire, and motivate somebody, to. Do, a better. Job. Employees. These days maybe increase, going. Back hundreds. Of years, want. To be led by somebody who believes in them who believes that they have potential, who. Understands, that you, know that they want to add. Value to their day who understands, that they don't want to be bored when it comes to work who. Engages, them, it, treats them as adults who. Involves, them in in the plans for the business and this is where we're going this is little going book any aunts it's it's gonna be great look and this is your role in it it see those. Are those. Sort of skills, really. Are on mindset, skills, and. Somebody. Can learn them so, yes. You absolutely want. You want your managers to be very good at organizing and. Making, sure that things happen when they're meant to happen but. You also want them to need your team you. Know going back to our football analogy, you want them to be the hurricane, you want them to lead by example. You. Want them to find the goal in the net when it's when, it's required. That's. What we want and you, know you as a you. As a business owner if. You want your if, you want your managers to be like that then.

You. Either have or you. Have two choices you either, invest, the time, and. And hopefully. You know if you haven't got the skills then you're your finder, skills you won't, read up on it in watch videos you come. And talk to us. So. You be the invested, time in developing them yourselves. Or. You sent them you sent them to me not. The. Development. Of managers, is one. Of the greatest joys of, what. I do know, because. I see, how it felt it fills. That void between. A business owner and their people all following their systems it's. So essential. Now. We've. Got a program. Starting, on July the 6th. It's. Starting at 8:30 and. It'll run through to 10:00 that first session. How. About you send somebody that, you know what's going to going. To be a good manager how. About you sends to be this in a monitoring, position already or even, how, about you call yourself and learn, how to be the, manager, boots that, you would love to have in your team learn. How to pass on those skills to to the people from you three because. The best way to really. The best way to. To, build a my duty, is to grow your own is. To have your planning, system, but. You. Have got a plan is is about you planning. System of planning cycle, 90 to 90, do cycle, of goals. And plans. Part, of that is, having a really good people plan so, that you know in 12 months tiny we're. Going to double in size we're. Going to need a manager, we're going to need another manager, what I mean three managers whatever it might be that you plan for that and then you look at the team that you've got in place and all who's. Got these skills he's already got the respect of the team who's. Really, personable, you know they may not may not be the star in terms of how to perform in our individual goal but well, my life they really have the, ear of the rest of the team there, really could progress and. Develop into an equally good manager just. Not almost staff again, look at football it's an all of the star of the show and Shaun, is Captain. Quite. Often is just that person, who can bring the rest of the team together have, you got that person in place now do. Could you develop them within the air, early. I'm not singing. So. That's. Really what I wanted to see having. That really, strong second line is still important. If you want to scale your business you. Can't, scream. Your business without a strong, second line it has to be there the, choice then is how, are you going to build that second line you can get higher again check out this. But. I've, got it all over this I am, absolutely. Oh yeah. Okay, are you going to do that or are, you going to, grow, your own are. You going to give, them the development, and the encouragement and the support they, need to be to be the manager that you need them to be. So. You've got a really good choice to make. You've. Got. Just.

Over A week to. Make the choice to send, somebody onto, the minders development program give, them that opportunity, you. Know it's a six-month program it's. 200 hours commitment, every. Month plus. You, know we talk to you before they start and see. What. Is it you're hoping you know what what about what are they we carry what you wanted them to focus on what you want to get out of them we talk to to, you again it's halfway, through and see, how. They're doing, are you noticing a change or you're not certain improvement. What areas do you want us to focus on for the second off the program and. Then we talk to you at the end again and give, our recommendations. For how they. Can improve and develop what, we've seen in terms of the changing. We. Get the support of a community. Through, the managers Club which is a Facebook group they. Get to ask questions and, put, their challenges forward at any point that they have one, it's. A it's it's a really comprehensive, program, it's designed, to be that way. So. Have. A look at a food, brawl sure that, I'm going to put in the in. The chat box have, a look at it hover eat through it got, any questions obviously get, in touch with me that's me at my on page they'll call don't you get. In touch get. Them hooked on. Let. Us take that pain away from you let, us develop your managers, to, be the managers that you need them to be. That's. All all I have to say for now I am now. Going to go and have a perfect, coach I. Know. We'll probably not, talk to you again from this very hot space but, it has been lovely don't big announcement, anyway. Speak soon have, a great afternoon in the great rest of your week.

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