More value: B2B sync with Microsoft OneDrive | BRK3157

More value: B2B sync with Microsoft OneDrive | BRK3157

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So perfect, you. Are tired you're looking so tired how about the party yesterday. Perfect. And you are here first session, last day ignite. 2019. So. I think. The. Next 45 minutes will, show. You a little bit what, comes up next what, companies, will do if they, are going to office 365 and. Business-to-business. Inc, or formerly known that. Sinking. Cross, sinking. Over a several things you will see that, we. Will have in. The future so people, can work not. Only his, own companies sharing, data and, you. Got a lot, of things what you see so, first I'm. Hans people. About the club know me as mr. onedrive. Microsoft, has said to me that's mr. onedrive anyway, it's it's some of the years and you are last year I was on. The. Flight ignite. The tour in Hong Kong and, also people came I know you I know you're blocking something else okay. That's, interesting. So. You. Go home have. Some rest, I have a short, rest because next, week I show the same and ignite. The tour in. Paris, so. It's going on so, you found some information about, Twitter and so on you may follow me in. Different. Ways, whatever, you want to see the most information and, later. On you see that I also have. Some. Blocks in German, and in English its. Ties to work, if you do something so. We, have to look what's, going on, and the means what is the agenda for the next 45 minutes first, you. Clarify, again the symbols, it's not so easy sometimes. The. People do not know what what, is, to. Show therefore. We look for that then, we go through the past what, we synchronising. Starting. At the beginning, because. If you will know the stuff what's in there you know although later, on business-to-business, ink then. You look for different sync methods we look at the live demo hopefully. It will work, and add, more value, add more, value, to say, hey we can do that between, a customer, and a guest customer, that, means yes, those have to be in office 365 and that's. The, part so, start, you. Know there, are three symbols now, we have any different, ways but it's, more important. That you know that the white symbol, is also a, personal. Thing if you run on a system, and you have your personal thing that could be critical because it, can be that, most, information you, want to be sharing, or not to share could, be done with onedrive. Personal. Because you do not have control so. There's a sample submission, that you can also see, if you are going home that, was a theatre session without the crew policies, and then you can say I do not want to have that but. The other ones is also a critical, means. A dark blue and a white blue or light, blue so.

We Have to look for that the, dark, is. Groove. That's the old client. If you have some sharepoint, on-premises. You. Can have that stew but. Normally if you're going into the cloud going to office 365 are. Going, to shut up on on-prem, with sharepoint, server 2019. You, can use the, next generation, sync client, that's a onedrive XE that resides off on each Windows, 10 machine, now. It's a little bit because. You, see that, the symbols has been changed so, it's easier, to say which simply do you have if you have more, than once you can have a lot. Of this so. We have to know what, can, we sync, so. The first thing is onedrive personal, you, only leave account. At Microsoft, nothing, to do with office 365, now. You, have some free space and, you. Can give, them their, for is a personal. Thing. You all the data are personal. Because if you leave the company you, can take the data with, you it's, your, personal, thing, you. May have more, than one but synchronizing. With your machine is only by one account. So you have to decide what will you do, the. Exception. If the administrator, says no, one drive on your business machine in personal, things then, you cannot establish that. That's. Onedrive personal, onedrive for business is, the business Varennes, the problem, about that the marketing, company in Microsoft. Or the marketing, guy says that's onedrive so, we, know the onedrive personal, onedrive for, business and, if, you read something, if, you look into the browser, I'll read something, it's, always one wife and that's, not so easy to understand, for, the users, what. Should I do onedrive onedrive for business so. That's, a problem that's a business thing, that, means all what you have on, your machine you may, also, synchronize. To, onedrive for business we. Call that Microsoft, call that known, folder, move so. All of this part is now in onedrive for business and, then. You can decide what you want, we. Can share some information. And we can share it also some information out of that but, the problem about that may, be that. You have. It. Could be if you leave the company what, is with the data, each. Person. Has one terabyte. Storage, some. Admins, reduce. It some admins enhance, that that's, a click that's, very interesting to do that so, that's onedrive, for business that's, a business, variant, you can have it's for. The. Technical, thing it's SharePoint. At the site collection, for you done.

You, Can all things do, what, other things but that do it separately, because each member, and your company if you have an plan, a tree will, have this onedrive for business so. The next thing is shared with me just. With me is very interesting, if. You, know that you should share a folder. Not, a file, but. I will show it in the next slides what feel feel happy shared. With me and although the, document libraries. You may have access, to, different document. Libraries, let's. Say for the marketing, sly, let's. Say for, finance. You will have several document. Libraries, and, then. The completely, complicated. Thing is sometimes. As the consultants. Also you, have more. Than one tenant. That. Could be interesting. That. Means yes you don't need their office files and so on it's only on one machine but you may have more, than one and last. Not least we, will see its business-to-business so. That's a completely story, about that and we start with the short. One so, that's onedrive personal, you, are sitting there you can store information the. Information is starch. By. Personal. Not. In a SharePoint, means. At the end in Asia it's directly. Start, in Asia you, have a file historian although with. 35. Steps. That's. Done that's. A difference about that and you. Can do all things what you want it's perfectly, making some pictures, or something and store, the information there if, you, have obvious 365. Means. You, have a tenant, and as. I say it before that's. Office. 365. And onedrive for. Business from. A few as a, user I have a onedrive, for business so. It's good idea that admins although, if you are new coming, to the company onboarding, that you always connected, to your onedrive for business because, it's there you've got a license, and my. You can't do that that you always get, connected with onedrive, for business, perfect. So, that's the first one but, anyway we can do it also this shared with me with these folders, that means you, have, information. From other, inside. The company. That. Will be shared the information, from onedrive for business to, another onedrive, for business and, if. It's a folder, you can sync, it down. Means, you have two versions on your.

Machine, In. The. Cloud and the. Other machine, who shared the information with you, you. Have to do that if you. Have a folder, to see if you do it only with a file it's not available in these times you only see the fights and have access to it so that's, the thing what we can do with synchronized shared with me and. Synchronize. With different, teams sites. Has. Nothing to do with the teams teams yeah, sometimes, we have to know yes there is also sharp point in there that, means yes we have a team side AV Everdeen side B we have some groups whatever we want. Sometimes. People, have only one, sometimes. People have a big one and it takes a lot of things you can share it with information. And you need an invitation that's, all if. The document, library has nothing, to do with the rest of the documents, only, with the document, library that's. One, tenant, so, we have to look for that means, that's the combination of all that's onedrive, personal. If it's allowed you have shared with me onedrive, for business for, your machine share, with other people and then, different, team sites, you. Can have up to if you are a member. Of different, document, libraries, you can have some petabytes, if you've, worked with Windows, 10 one 7:09, so. That's two years then. You, have files on demand means, only a, smaller, part, the, name and several information, will be on your machine if. You click on it it, will download out of the cloud and open. It with respective. Program, inside so, that's one tenant, but. Look. If you have more than one tenant it's, possible. Then. It gods there, so. In this information how, many icons. I see in the notification. Area. Three. One. Run drive personal, I don't. Have said its hundred loud that's. A white and two. For each and one, blue one for, each tenant. You. May have up to 250, but it makes no sense you. See business to business is a little bit better than because they do not need that but, it's possible to do that huh. Perfect. Then we sieve now. We have a tenant, we, have one try for business we, have some document, libraries. How many you will have it's up to you and then. You see the, business to business machinery. That. Means our, marketing. Will. Have a connection, to, a, marketing. Company, outside. The. Best, information is not only sending, a link that's. Possible. If the. Admins say we, do not want to prevent that you share with outside, information, we. Want to have it on the machine, means. This library marketing. Goes. Into the cloud it's in the cloud I have it on the machine, and although. The. Team the tenant marketing. Will have the information if, you are in the tenant marketing, you, can sync that and your, machine in this company, the guest company, we call that. That. Could be interesting, and makes, it more complex, means. Ok I'm, also, here, for procurement, that could be also another, company, against company. How. Many you want to have how many do you have to access it's, up to you. So. Could. Be complicated. Personal. And you see how many icons, there are still only two, let's, three icons, there is nothing new one it's only in the Explorer, on show you the, name of the tenant, marketing. Or, procurement. You see that in this we, have it lighter later, in the demo again, repetition. SharePoint, 27. 2010, 2013. And 2016, the, old one, we. Have to change a little bit we. Have to have to use the you old crew client and I do not say like Microsoft, hey you have, to. Transfer. The SharePoint on-premise, to 2019. My. Thing is yes, you should do it at 2016. Make a hybrid, configuration. Ah go. Into, the cloud if it's possible. For. The, documents, part maybe. So. Zarbor 2019. With the next-generation sync, client with office 365, and. Although if I am protected. Libraries, you, will have the next generation sync. Client called onedrive, XE. If. We, looked at it maybe if you have both you. Had such a configuration. On-premises. Use. Are going to proof and. Answer. If the next generation, sync line if your tenant data.

So. Hopefully you have understand. A little bit it could be what do I see, in what I can so. We have to look for the b2b, requirements. And that's easy the. Crime ins if, your say it's, a preview, the. Next b2b. Sync is not in preview, but we, look in Asia, and, this part, in Asia is still in preview so, we need an inversion. 1, 9 0 8 6 or, higher in, the, next generation sync, line you, see that it depends, on which. Version, are, you in which, ring system, are you in a productive Channel or in, the enterprise Channel, and then, you have to look on the settings, and find the information if you're an insider you got the information a little bit earlier so. These parts, you have to see where, are you, and, then. You need some active, directory, advantages. So. You, can, have them the invitation for external, users, with. Policies, like. MF. A. That's. Cool, but. Think about if you use that then. You have to have. Additional. Licenses. That's. The only part if you do not that's a security issue therefore. One, of five if you have five user need one license, if you have changes on these two license, that's easy, but only if you use something, like mfa, and. The. Invitations. To a SharePoint sign, do no longer require, a Microsoft. Account that. Means that's the information, you will have although, of a b2b, in, this, scenario, so. The. Short. One of the b2b sink, it's only a. Document. But. The other one what, we can do with the Federation, all this stuff that's. 136. Pages. So. It's a little bit you can prepare it you don't need all but, you see what will happen. So. Requirements. For people outside, your organization to. Sync libraries. And folders. External. Sharing must, be enabled for your organization. That's, the first change for some Parliament yeah because, if you disable, external. Sharing you, are not allowed to do that. External. Sharing and sharing. For able for the site or onedrive. Must. Also be enabled, and. Both. Parties, I know that the party, the, sauce. You. Have control, of the earth documents. And the users, and the destination, need, to be an office 365 for. Synchronization. Additional. Adul, must not be enabled using pills before on one nine zero eight six and, if. You have, mac inside, your company on the, other side you, have to see there, are some issues Microsoft. Is looking for that something is not always available, different. Email, addresses and, so on that's, on the Mac side. So. Now, the demo, but for the demo what do I show, I prepare. I do, not want to have it hand, by hand with one user we, want to have a marketing, guy I only do invite one but if you do it you can have 30. 50, 80 things, therefore, we do it with a PowerShell command, so, I show you the share - Asha Rd what, there, are two step in that and. Then. We run a powershell that. Means invite, guests. Its. Reads, a csv file we prepared, and. Then. We look for recent. You, will see that after. All external, show on the other side we change, it and go, to the, party guest and I'll, show the email, we accept, it as a guest, to. Accept, invitation. And then, we say hey. External. Click. On the SharePoint, sync the. Good things is not, no, longer an additional. Passport. For the guest access. You. Don't have your own because. We, take, it from. The tenant base therefore.

It's Okay. So. Look. All. Information, you find here therefore I want to show that in, the technical information that's normally, the ducts that Microsoft comm in, different languages you find that and if, you need all the information about onedrive, you have to click there you, find all the information then. We make plan deploy, or manage something and then you see on the left side a lot, of documents. That you can have for all things with onedrive, and, that's. Easy, to go to sync, and then. You see business-to-business. Inc so. That's easy. In. This part tax. Dot Language. And then. Onedrive, and p2p sync so, you see that's all the information I give you on the slide and then we will see what's happened, in there so. The first I show you the. Excel sheet. That, we use. That's. The. Part in white, so. I, say, to you to your company, yes I need a list with all the ten DS we want to have and, share, the information that they can sync with their, information we give. Them so, it's only a. CSV. A, small. Date that, means okay the first name is the name and, I. Put, although, the name of the company which. I use. The. Guest company, I will, show you in the, Active Directory how. Does it works first you see that it, can be that you have an approval process, normally. All, this, stuff had to be done by a tenant admin, and that's not a good idea so there's a new admin. That's an in white admin, I can delegate, all this stuff and then, we can do it automatically. Or not automatically, depends, on the situation and, do that so that's all what we want but to show all these stuff. We. Do it and make, its here, that's, an email stuff and you can give me more than once that's all what we need so. That's, the first thing. On the other side we have to look. With. The. Parties. About. The Active, Directory. Okay, it was out have, to connect as an admin this time. And. We. Have to look the Active Directory and. Here. We have to look for. The, users. If. You see here the users you see here once that's Louisa lady. They, have an external, access. You. Can have it also manual. But. It's also that. You only have an external, access, and all, the other users, have normal. Users, or members, of them if we look on that you, see that the user signs in no, one but, you see it's an external Active, Directory user. Perfect. So, now, we want, to have the, list means, a, lot, of people will come in we do that before PowerShell, command and then. We will see what, happens there, so. That's, the first thing. And. We, drive and if it started, it's. Easier, to start in advance, and to display all this stuff and. It's. Although, I'm not a PowerShell guy I always. Do something, and, sometimes, you, can have it in a short version but, this is on, There, we have there and you can take the list and play, with your own can establish, that because, you need the admin and all the other stuff so, what, we have is a domain, that's, sec. The. Source we. Are looking. What, we are doing and we. Need the admin that's a tenant at mean all the invite at me does that be defined before and, then. Where. Should, we have the information, that's. Document. Library, in, our system. That. We want to share with other people, and. See this. Part, the. Croup name and you see that's, a name and you see although we run, through, a list if the CSB is imported. And you have, 3040. How many ever it will runs to each and invite, him so. Sometimes, it could be that you have not. User, rating. Correct, or some songs that tipples, therefore, you have to see hey what's in there so, that's a most important, thing and. You see it and inviting, messages. You can have it fully automatically. That. Create, a message. You, also have control about. That where. Am i with a picture, with a text, in different, languages, and then. Invitation, message this falls mean it's, only, the, first step and we do a send. Out. Of the, azure portal, if, you say the. Message sent invitation. Message to true, then. It will be done in one step but, therefore I want to show you how, does it go so there are some information, about, that, at, the end and.

Sometimes. You have to know hey so. Many people, we have to invite sometimes. It's sometimes it goes wrong so, we have to see another list, and we. Will do that but first we, start to try to completely, stop, because, it takes a little bit time although. For one we, connected, with Azure ad in, the first step and that takes a little bit time therefore we want to say a, start. It and then I display, what's going, on, so. Now. It could be but I am admin that you also have to have. Credentials. For that stuff if you aren't and whiter and, now you see that's all though only one person. And, make this a little bit open that. You see that, is done and there's a cloud that's, a tenant ID and, all these stuff the information. We, have inter judge that's, okay if something. Goes wrong we, have to look in, this, Eshel part that, means a pile as result, and now you see this list that is done with success. It. Takes a moment therefore. It's good to have this list sometimes the cheapest all you can react, and can do, it in a different way so. Back. To. PowerShell. Reshef. So. You see, this. Is a new one that's Franz testa, that. Means hey here, is a clamor we know about the company, name and we. Know it's an invited, user. It's. Only an invited, user you see this list you can filter all these stuff and that means hey we can do something, clicking. On that we, have the possibility, what, we can see and he has recently, invitation. If it's not centered therefore, I shall show you what. Is done after her resend, it so I resent, the information. That, means if it's true in the. Powershell it will then be automatically. So. It's, done so, we have to look for that now, I changed, my use arm to these, fronts, testa that I have here that means we see that. And. On. This, machine it's a plane because the hyper-v is a normal, map Windows 10 machine and you, have an email connection, that's ok we see that I don't have installed, any programs, I don't have an office in there but you see hey a mail will comes up so. This is an invitation mail, we see and we, can see that also that, we have to look for. The mayor. That's. Not the right I have to take this one and. You. See on the right side that's a CFG directory. That's. A German, version because. I come in from Germany so I have to display it yeah you can adapt, it and you, see the picture, and all this stuff and, I have to say ok I will do that I will, have that, stuff, here, and I. Take the first strip, and then. I have. To reassign. That if you, have sometimes. The. Possibility. To say I have, to have my, credentials. That's own, guest. Street Angeles to all those head people, do not have new, ones but, you see now it's in English so, that's the different things review. Permissions, the, organization. For that sign-in read, your name email address and if it's ok and then we say ok we can accept, that. But. It's not all now. He's looking for that and generate the next step that means, yes. Next. Mail reestablish. And that's the information we, have to tell the users, there is a 2 pro time process, and therefore. We have to look here enough, to see after. This message we. Can say we have read it and have to wait it takes a little bit time but, anyway, it comes with a second, thing that means, then, we can have a group and also have the SharePoint. Library, and if you have the library then, you can connect, come on. Sometimes. It takes a little bit more long, today, is Friday it's the last day in the week it was a great conference I have to wait a little bit and I have to say something or came.

Again. For the documentation. I will, show you it, in advance if I say the message we can take it all the slides, that is all problem, switch, it together, on the next thing and think, that we have done huh. External. Show male external, accept, the invitation but, the last step, we have to configure. The. Tianjin. Sirs are its. Source, organization. That, we have to control. About. The guest configurations. We, have the control we can say yes or no and we, can also say not, any ma so. That's a different. If. You. Do is MF aim you, have some licenses, for that stop for external, users only, if you use MFA, on another service that, means okay, for, each, five. Persons. We invite one license, and that's the easy part. So. It, doesn't come why, does it not come. You. Have you have seen that bulk operations with, PowerShell. That's. Easy if you do it manual that's easier but for, one person, but if you have 100, persons, that could be a little bit tricky, and therefore we use PowerShell. So. I have to switch still at the air but I will show you in. The meantime what's. Happened. So. Now you see this one's testa is an external active, directory, it's no recent, mayor possible, because he has some invitations and, that, means he's now there you can it delete it and can do it one sometimes. More, than once but, not on the same thing because the user exists, and, if, you have some troubles like I now have and you have to say ok to lead it and make it again whatever, but, sometimes you have only to wait a little bit and therefore, it's the. Thing we cannot have to, speed up so. That's, the, home directory although, I started again with the users. You. See that. The, company, name of this external, user, is. Done. It's. Only for the first period, you see you, can have it that you see which, company. The guest use that are there if accepted. The message then, it must be and should, be well, organized, so.

Look. For that again. The. Message is not there perfect. Inbox. No. Draft. But. I'm prepared, I show you the end that's an easy part first. I show you what. We have here. In. This, part. Means. That's. My company, that's HP soft you have different, libraries, that's not a problem you, have a. Second. Challenge, and, you, have onedrive. Personal. Therefore, three icons, are there and. We. Want to synchronize. This data I have. Here, if, the guest account so. If, it doesn't work now we have to look I have, prepared a video and sometimes, it's the best one to show the video and, then. You see what, happens. So. You. See I accept, the message just. A moment we were there and then we have to wait for the second we have to wait we have to wait so here you see that, it's, a little bit better and then we have to go and see the, groups that's the normal stuff we have to click on the groups so. That's the easy part. Come. On. And. Then. We have to join to, the group. Going. To this, library. And. Then, we have to see the. Second. Mail. Now. That's very interesting you, see from, a perspective. Of. A. New so that's. A guest user there. Is front steps start there there, is also a global admin, there there, is a user, hearts brand out there and there's another person, and you see the member, and sometimes, the owner and the other the guest that's, a right click you also have to see, and. Looking. With the next steps, we. Look here there's the invitation, that's the second, one. Clicking. On that and. That's. Only what we have to do you see that's the information, we have your SharePoint, go to the SharePoint, that's easy part, because it's a SharePoint. Document library. B2b. Is more than that but we want to think only this stuff now I'm, a guest user see, that completely. That's. A tenant, I have. To share with and then you can say ok that's a normal stuff, sink, sink means. As a guest user, I will think this library, coming. From the host and, sink. These stuff to, my machine, as a user. So. We see that in a. Moment. Ok. So. On the left side now in this in that the guest tenant has nothing, he has nothing from his company he only has one drive, for business at. This time so, you see it one. Drive Ralph karna there's a company name that's your one try for business stuff but. Now, you see. The. Sauce. That's. The other company, and if I click on that then. You see that, you have these stuff completely, in, there. Means, the. Data are synced on the guest machine. Ok. So. That's. It the completely, stuff and I have to switch back to some slides the, value, we will have. The. Destination, organization. Has no longer search for an invite sometimes. A person. Shall give you some information send, you an email and you have to look for this now. You are going to them but it's not synchronous, in your machine you can add it whatever, you, want it, depends, on the rights so, ok if. You lost that, and. Later on you want to say ok I want to open the document again, and give some more information then, you have to search for each little invitation link, all the time and if. You, do it in a business-to-business thing. You still have it on your machine so after, first into ization syncing, the site library. Folders, on their own device, if you, use it it with Windows 10. And, have. Files. On demand, set, to on that's, automatically, normally, then. It's only the, stuff you will see and you. Do not have a new password because. Most. Companies now, working, together and. Doesn't. Need place for the folders if I have set more. Value, more value is very interesting, you have to say ok, what's, this I have here a trade, organization. With different, suppliers, we, want to share some information with, them. So. Prior one and supplier, to. Here. Now we have three, companies.

One. And. Two. Supplier, companies, we, share the organization. We share the, document, libraries, next. One a hospital. With laboratories. So, that means hey yes they. Have internal, levels, but, also they want to have it with external. For special, and things it's, also possible, if they, are there and sometimes it's okay before, the question comes up can, I use, one, library, with different. Organization. But. Share it yes in a SharePoint library. You can say ok I use it internal. And then, I make a folder. That's a little bit stuff you do it manual, and say, ok, there's, a folder, laboratory, in l1, and that's, the. People only from outside will be shared, for. You you have more, laps but only one, document library. There otherwise, you have a long list it depends on many information, are there that's, all the possible, so, consulting. Typical. Thing, consulting. Have more and, more, customers you, can have it how. Long the process assists, we can share the information and. Make, all this stuff, with. Business, to business think ah, the. Last one. Consulting. Consulting. Okay. That's a consulting company but. We, have also some, marketing, outside, and we. Have some suppliers, outside so. You see that's, only some icons, on the left side in your browser on the, left side of your Windows. Explorer. Looks. Cool, that. Could be complicated, but. It's easy, if you understand, that stuff it's more, important, thing that you, have the. Credentials, although, and therefore, if Gaston, accusation, want to prevent. That's. Always the question can, I do normally. If you have no. Restriction. You. Could do with me such, a configuration. Sometimes companies want. You company to not want they want to say hey I want to prevent that, it's. Possible, you can do that there's, a crew policy, prevent users from sinking, libraries. That's, easy, if you. Do not want that and, if. You do it in different parts, that mean okay if marketing, maybe it's allowed, you. Can also have that that's, up to you for a system central Med machine or something or in tune and say only the, marketing, guys may, go, out the, other ones we say not, be. Fair. Some. Recommendations. Is all from business, to business Inc I showed you before and. Also. The. 136. Pages as, a PDF you. May download that, and if you fly home you can read that perfect, you come home you'll read all about business. To. Business in. This, documentation, not. Only for the thing part. So. My blog is about one wife and one type in all their subversions, in German and in English you, can read that so and I'm, at the end and have now, short. Minutes of question, if you have one three, minutes and 30 seconds. Yeah. That's. Only if you have. MFA. Installed. As, additional. Security features, then, if you have that's not only MFA, therefore. I recommend reader, 136. But there is information, there if you have more, than the standard, then. You need for the external, users, one. Five. Two means, four five users one. License. Yeah. Yeah. No. It's. Always a problem then, we need a NASA security, because. We have to use that that's although it's the same also for your internal users. Thinking. About you say ok all things allowed I can home office and so on in channel and, you want to say ok now I have the data and can put it out so, that's. IRM, can come, on labeling, that support, that you have to see and then after. You are not longer, in the active directory if, you are disabled. Then, you, cannot, open any document anymore. That. Is the security, part of that. Hmm. That's the same vice, versa because, the crew policy all the work and the other are things. But. It's their part that, you have to do you. Cannot have it's only for your organization. Where you have the impossibility, to, have, your own Active Directory I cannot do it for the other one so. We have to talk if something is gone because meet the other people what, will they do and so on but. The security of the, guest use or to guess that if, I know that, ok. Yes we can have that stuff. Why, are folding. And also have. A possibility, in, Active. Directory to. Put all the libraries and see. What happened, there if is it disabled, or not disabled, that's, as far as possible yeah. Principle. Not, only, because, you. Got an invitation, but. With the invitation, you are not possible, to sync the data. It's. A better for the user it's a better experience, and you have the data sync, on their machine that's, all. Yeah. Right. Absolute. Right. Yeah. So. Do not forget to, elevate. Sometimes. The people have to know yesterday.

I Have a session the room was full and I have only some. Less. Information. It's only five, questions, you have to know go, to the side take, the download, the app and, you. Reorder that thank, you so much.

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