Monivo cloud trading | Compensation Plan and Earn money online trading while sleeping

Monivo cloud trading | Compensation Plan and Earn money online trading while sleeping

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Hi friends this is amin here and i'm very. Excited today, to present this video to you and i'm sure when, you watch this video you, will also be very excited, and you'll, be definitely. Would. Love to be part of this program which i will. Be sharing with you in a few moments now the thing is who, is this video for now this video is for people who, do not have any, knowledge, any ABC. Knowledge of trading, this. Is the video for people who are traders these, are the people who are online or, offline, marketers, this is the video for who, are network, marketers, people who are want to earn money. Online now. This is video for people who, enjoy earning. Passive earnings, this, is for this is a video for, people who, love making very. Big earning if, you are one of this yes. This video is for you in fact this, is the video for everyone, who wants to earn money. Online and i'm sure i'm sure there, will be hardly, anyone, in this world who, don't want, to earn money. Online especially, in. This this. Time when, things are going very bad around the world now the thing is without. Doing. Any much, talking i will not live love to go. Back to go directly to the project, which i'll be talking about before, that don't forget to like share and, subscribe my. Video and, comment. On that, you know i would love to have your comments on this so that i can be, loving, to explain. And if, we have any doubt i'm sure i'll try my best to cover. Most, of the points covered. In the in this video so let's directly. Jump, our to the particular, program now here you are i'm talking, about a company money bow money. Bow limitless. Possibilities. Now. Here it is introducing, a cloud trading, this, is the world's first on-demand. Cryptocurrency, trading. Solution so. What, is it all about now, cryptocurrency, trading, is a new phenomena, and invested. Across the globe are curious. And want to take advantage of, the, industrial, surge however.

It Is observed, that only, seasonal. Three traders. Who, are proud. Experience, are the one who are able, to ride on the wave of this, tremendous opportunity, now. Common issue prevail, amongst everyday, investors, our lack, of expertise, trading. Knowledge knowing. How to do it securities, and info an information. Issues you know they people have a lot. Of issues like getting, into trading the, thing is yeah, let. Me introduce to you the, cloud trading, now. What, if there is a platform, where people which. Which help you make, profit, trade. Without, any prior, experience in trading. Cryptocurrencies, what. If. You. Have a team of super. Smart. Knowledgeable. And export. Traders, at your, fingertip, ready, to trade on your, behalf and make. You. Profit, so you don't trade. Yourself there, are super smart, super. Knowledgeable, people, sitting. And doing, your, trade you, just have. To. Do nothing, now, it's. A no-brainer to position. Yourself with, an, industry, that is going to. Grow into 10 times or even 100 times and, I. Am sure no, one in this world want to miss the boat now, what. I am talking about you I'm talking about a company called moon. Evo moon. Evo we. Set out to, create a platform, that is not only easy but. Helps. Ordinary, investors take. The next step towards financial, freedom and seeing, the investment, multiplied. If. Whenever, they are they, when they, want and whenever they, want so whenever, you want you see this, multiplying. And is now we have a group we have grouped up three different. Sections. Okay they are the expertise, they, are the trading and the cryptocurrency we, have merged this all together in. A company, called moon evil now, with, cloud trading you, are placed, front, in a global plat portfolios, that is, managed by team, of expert trainers who, work 24. By 7 to, make profits, for you so, it's. Such easy that's what, I'm talking about where, you you, you place your funds in a, cloud trading and the. Expert, do. The rest for you now, money Hope money, boy is maneuver. Global limited is an. Established. Crypto currency trading company which is headquartered in Cyprus, the. Company soon opening his office in Thailand for, coverage development, and support for the Asian, Pacific asia-pacific. Regions now, here is the address for you in Cyprus. It's a Nicosia, very. Very, known place now. The company comprised, of team of high steel and entrepreneurs. Having, over six years of experience in cryptocurrency, industry, and have, been at the, forefront of innovation. In all projects. They have led to date, now. Here it's about, let's talk about who is leading this thing now, the, CEO of the company is, mr.. E war law, Lawson, leavin Lawson now, here, is yo Lawson, and. Let. Me talk a little bit of you Lawson even asana is an independent. Private equality, private. Depth and infrastructure, manager and advise and an adviser based in London with. A team of more than 30 professionals, the form is owned and managed, by its founder, partners, and is, an asset, manager, asset. Manager, regulated. By the Swiss financial, market. Authority he, is basically, an investor. Arm of money. Were holding, limited. Other. Than this. He is an author a business. Blockchain. A producer. A token. Summit a venture, investor and advisor founder. Startup. Management mentor, entrepreneur, speaker and he. Is a, true. Leader you know he is a Topton leader in one, of the top leaders in the industry now, with this day's. Stiffens.

With He's a co-founder of money were holding limited now he is also he, is a master in cloud mining and trading now we, have someone who is expert. In what we are what money was all about he is an expert in cloud mining and trading now. Let's. Move on to the compensation, plan that's about the owners that's about the company now let's move on to the compensation plan I'm sure we'll be excited to know what what is the, compensation plan about so let it starts with a membership. Packet, let's go to step by step let's move on step by step the step one is the membership backing step two is the, trade dividend number three is the, direct, referral bonus not number number, four is the binary, team. Commission this is how you'll be earning actually matching. Bonuses are there and then the rank achievement, bonus so I'll be talking each, and every point step, by step as well as I go ahead in the plan so the. Membership act basically there are four ways in which you can join one EVO each, category, has screens investments. Optioned, with different, benefits, in terms of dividends and network. Income prevail, so you mean each. Package, there are four ways of joining and each, way, of joining has three different entry. Points so, I will discuss that started with the first one now, let me go back yeah. Yes. Yeah okay the. First one let's start with the four so the beginner package the beginner package you can start off with a small. Small. Investment, of. 0.01. BTC. I'm talking about BTC, 0.01. BTC you, can start with 0.01 BTC. You can 0.03. Bit is your 0.05. It is accordingly, you, will be getting your, trade, DVD that's a trade dividend is the first earning, which are getting that's totally, passive so. You, just in you just put in and the. System will trade for you and, you'll be earning up to 0.5%. On, a daily, basis on point, one point three point, zero one point zero three and point zero five then be your first one next will be your direct referral bonus you refer someone you get five percent commission on that next will be your binary Commission, the binary left and right I'll explain to you later in this presentation. That's. About eight percent then, you have the level bonus hear, you're having a one level bonus definitely, I will explain to you as I. Carry. On with the presentation and then, the capping will be for this is two thousand, five hundred dollars per week so this is Kara this is the first one the second one is Explorer, where you have you. Can start up with a point 1000, point one 0.25. Or 0.5. 0 of that. 0.5. 0 of of BTC. That's how BTC, so here, you, your trade dividend into your passive learning will, be up 2.75. Daily, so will be earning up to point 25 dailies depending, on which which have a packet you take on on this your the referral bond is a 7 percent and the. Binary team commission, is 8 percent as before and the.

Here, The level matching. Bonuses now you have matching models your match getting like one of two levels the first your direct level and second, is your indirect, travel so you are getting 2 plus, the capping here is dollar, 6,000, per, week now let's move on that's third one that's a advance package. When you go to an advanced patcher package, you start up with 0.7, t 5bt c1, BTC or 2 BTC, you can be any of this you do it so you're the dividend is 1 up to 1% daily you. Run up to 1% daily your, direct referral, bonus is your, 8%, so if you can see this 5 7, now 8 percent, and binary. Team, commission. Is 8 percent same, as all and here. The, matching bonus is 3 levels means first level is the direct to to, second level and third level your indirect and your, capping for the week, is, $10,000. Now, the third one the pro I love, this bro, it's, 3 BT C's 5 Bateses and 10 B DC's. Your. The trade dividend, the passing, running you are making are about one point two five percent daily, and your. Direct referral bonus is 10 percent binary, team boom Commission, is 8 percent level. Matching, bonus first, level second, level third, level and the fourth level also and capping. Is for, $20,000. Per week now, this. Is the four packet let's discuss this thing, step. One by one let's talk about a trade event now, when we say when, you subscribe, to a package you. Become eligible to trade in different. Crypto currencies by making use of a proprietary. Cloud trading that in a crowd trading, technology. All. That you have to do is to, move, your investment, amount, from, your wallet to, a cloud, trading. Portfolio. Which, happens, instantly. So what do you mean by that is here, is in. The back office where you can just once. Your your. Days are started, basically it takes 5 days, from the day of investment, to the day you, can, start trading up five to the fifth day there's, a button here you just click the button in your you can actually start. Your trading, that, trading it goes to the full to the trading, portfolio and buy it it is starts, your trading the funds are then placed automatically, into the trading system from, there we can conduct daily trades, and profile. Generate, back to into your BTC it, profile, your BTC. Earning so he shows in your BTC, wallet, next one is the, daily dividend are, distributed. On the daily basis among all participant. And subscribers, with, a daily limit of 0.5 to 1.25. Of the investment, amount so that depends on your package which you have taken you, you can you get point 5 to 125, we depend upon the subscribing package please. Note that at. The time of joining the, equivalent, dollar value. Should be the same so basically, you. Eat, judge, see them suppose, what in this in this, screen. You can see that the. Days on. The 13 September it was about sixty. Six thousand four hundred and sixty eight so, it takes this rate. And it freezes your account at this. Dollar value so. That's. How it you know it it. Locks, the equivalent, dollar value of your. Investment in BTC, is, its. Equivalent, and that's how you get, your daily profit, now. You, can trade with it with us until. You double your basically, what, I want everybody talking about is you can actually you. Earn in double. Like suppose, you get in with a one with. A 1 B 1 B TC value okay, you'd get into with 1 BTC you.

Get, Your. Earning, up to two. BTC so once you get to pity's you are you you get 100 that's basically 200%, now it doesn't depend on the dollar it doesn't depend on the dollar value of it it actually depends, or a Fiat value who can say it actually depends on the. The BTC. So if. The. BTC, is $1 now okay, the BTC is sorry the BTC $10,000, now and it. Goes on to. $20,000. After about. Two months or six months you. Will be getting the. Instrument. BTC, you're earning you'll be getting to be pieces by the end of your your term so you in, fact your what you're doing is you're multiplying, you're earning into two that's two hundred percent rate and that's what I'm talking about so next this, is n the. Percentage, you get on a daily basis is for bigness it's 0.5 daily, for, explorer 0.75, dailies for, advanced you get one person daily and for the pro you get one point twenty five percent daily which I have already discussed before, now, let me give you an example let, me give an example how. It is done so, let's say. Okay, now you've, someone purchases, an advance package of one BTC, which is equal to ten thousand dollars you get one, percent of it that is zero point one, you. Get one percent of it so that is, 0.01. Sorry that is not one there's 0.01%. BTC. Daily. So. When you get 0.01. Percent daily that's, about hundred dollars, so. Now what happens now if the BTC goes up say about first of about five days the, live rate from, ten thousand which you purchased went to twelve thousand now what happens there in that case the. One person do you get that, is 0.01, times you get one hundred dollars out of it but the, extra, twenty, twenty, dollars will, be going into a reserve cash wallet so you will be getting as much. BTC. And is much as dollar, which, you had your, account was locked, but, whatever access you get will, be going, to your reserve. Cash wallet, I'm sure I'm making. The very clear here now what if it goes down if. It goes down this. You, will be getting the same point. 0.01. BTC. Which, is, the. The, daily earnings which you'll be getting for that but, whatever. Shortfall. Suppose it becomes, eight thousand, here and there's. A you, get eighty dollars but you should suppose you supposed to get 100 dollars so whatever difference, is there it is taken back from the reserve. Cash. Wallet so, whenever. It is excess, more than what your your your, account which has been locked. You. Will be it will be going to the. It. Will go into the reserve, cash. Wallet if it is less, it'll be taken from the leg these, of cash for it and you put giving you back but you will be getting the same amount in dollars, as well as in PDC's. So, let's move on to further that's that's about trade dividend, let's, move on to the next type is the, direct referral bonus now, based, on the standard principle of that excelling we are the aborting each member, with the direct referral bonus for introducing the other members. To the organization the. Bonus is depending upon the package of the person sponsored, the, the, new person independent, of the. Package subscribed, by the new members, the direct referral bonus is paid based, on an, account, type of sponsor, that means very simple. Unit. For one person you get 5% you, refer. The. From beginner you you get five person you are Explorer, you get some in person you are the ones you get 8% you are pro you, get 10%, out of it now, for. Example let me give you another example I, love giving examples, here now for examples, you, are a beginner package where you you get 5% and you recruit, someone, in the say. About pro packages, some when the propagates, but. If, you are in the beginner even if someone gets into a pro package you'll, be making only 5% of the pro. Investments. Did you get it now. That's. How it is you know so if, you are a pro package holder. Sponsor. Of someone's subscribe, in the beginner package the sponsor, will be getting a 10% means, you are if you are a pro someone. Gets in as a beginner, you will be getting the, 10% so basically, you'll, be getting the amount of whatever. Package. You are into, so if you are a big know you'll be getting 5% and you might recruit any one of them you might recruit anymore then you just explore you'll be getting 7%, if you're advanced, you'll be getting 8%, if you're a pro you will be getting 10% this, is about the, direct referral bonus, next, is the binary bonus, you know this is a fixed. Binary, bonus of, 8%. From. Left and right so, it, is left and right, whatever ever you are any. Any package you can it can be any package you get the, 8%, or, on. It so but the closings of the binary is on. Friday and when. It is, calculated, in dollars like, whatever. Left is there whatever right is there it's calculated, in the dollar value and the, binary you get everyone gets 8% there is no no. Flushing. Out the whatever. Extra, is that it's carry forward it for the next. Cycle. Now. The capping the capping is the. 2500. Per week for, the binary, 6,000.

Per Week for Explorer, 10,000. Per week for Advance 20,000. Per week for the Pro oh that's. It and lovely, I love this matching bonuses you know matching bonus is something where you, are direct. Get. Whatever. You have your. Directs are there whatever, binded e makes you make a percentage out of it that's called that's a matching bonus in here let, me repeat it matching. Bonus is something which. You. Get it as a, you, know whatever, your. Direct, sponsor. Earns. As a binary you make a piece out of it so it's very simple as that so if you are a beginner and your. First level if you are a beginner you get the binary Commission. You get a matching bonus, Commission from your first level that's five percent from the first level now, if you're explorer if, you're explorer you make 10 percent of your first level and five. Percent of your second. Level so, you're getting ten percent from your direct binary. And, you're getting a five percent of your indirect, binary now, if you are an advanced, if, you're an advanced you, get a 10, percent of, your, first level eight, percent, of your semi level and the, second level and the five. Percent from your third, level so there is a three level, matching. Bonuses, for, an advanced. And if you are a pro which. I strongly, recommend everyone, you. Should be you get four level Commission where the level one you get 10% level, do you get eight percent level three you get 5% level four you get three percent that's the matching, bonus which, I am talking about and, it's amazing. Earning you don't know this, matching, bonus is are very, powerful very powerful matching, bonus, now there, are another bonus trees coming out very very soon that's a rank, advanced bonus which will be announced in an, event, which is coming up in Bali very, soon next month so once. This come up there'd, be another some big time earnings, coming up with this rank advanced bonus know what, is there other, than this what is there other than this now what, I want to share, with you is, very. Exciting, this is a free long incentive, program, now this up we are launching very soon in the month of October there, is a mention now what is this is a pre-launch incentive, program where, you, can earn some amazingly. Lucrative. Things, which, is you can see on the screen right now now, let's talk me a talk about what it is all about now. Here. Is the incentive that you joined. This. Is on the, performance, this is basically a performance, bonus where, you have a two BTC business on the left and the tube it is a business on the right you. Qualify, for a Dubai. Leadership. Retreat you'll be. You'll. Be paid for, the, the flights you'll be paid for your stay. Will be the paid for the. Basic, little tribal to the bye where. You would be have you'll. Be getting a amazing. Time, in one. Of the best countries. In the world so you. Have for that you have it's very easy so you have to to BTC left tube it is right business there, you have the, doable Edition X is iPad, pro you, have five BTC left five it is right you have the night petrol Royal Enfield classic. 350, 15, BTC left 15 bit is right and. Exclusive. Diamond jewelry set I think, you're special. Especially, collar for the ladies they. Will love it and of course you can give it out to your wife's you can give it out to your, your. Your, girlfriend's and why not you can also wear it okay. So this is exclusive, diamond jewelry set that's 30 left 30 bit is a great holiday. Bit seen 750. Street now, this is 50 BTC left 50 with this right now if you do this you, know you are. In a set up with a very, good position because once, you do clock. Here getting to the next level is very, easy because you have a very good network out, so you didn't. Get a 90. BTC left 90 bit is right you, have an hi you, hang the high-end I've Vanna, that's, an, amazing. Car and the, big one now, this, is for people, who are really serious this. Is for people who are really serious you have a 270, left to 70 right BTC I know it's a big amount but, I'm telling you you, have a network it's, it's a it's a cakewalk you have a network you can have a cakewalk so that's it it's a mercedes-benz, CLA. Amazing. Car amazing. Car so this is the pre-launch. Pre-launch. Your incentive. Program either just start it just started, on live in September it will run up to 25th, of October, and.

Everybody. Who is participating, in this everybody, who's participated. Should, go for this should go for this and this will give you all the other earnings plus this. In amazing. Prizes and gift now that's all for the presentation. From me my friends now this. Is some, of my details, to get contact with me you can call me already. Can you accept me on this number you can email me on this my. Address that's work with the mean at you, can get to my website at on Bitcoin for. Live da ta this is my website there are many other ways to get get in touch with me I'm always available on Facebook and there are many other things. I would be sharing very soon about, this company and I. Would. Be excited. To contact, connect, with you with. Some, amazing. Updates coming up very very soon so if you need any other things, in this in, this, presentation. If, I've missed out something like that I'll definitely be covering up I'm sure I'm not missed out anything is it but, you know I'll, still be updating, it with new, videos coming up with the latest things coming up with this program. So I am very much serious about this program and I will be getting going and going on full on this in this program so I would request you all to, before. Leaving, it don't forget to like subscribe share, and comment, on this video so, that you know I will be helping, me in, guiding. You in a good, way till I make a next video thank. You for being part of this video take, care. Bye-bye.

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