Money Management Yang Cocok Untuk Pemula || Suitable Money Management for Beginner

Money Management Yang Cocok Untuk Pemula || Suitable Money Management for Beginner

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It's your rights to take profit, even 10-20% But, we give realistic and logical clues Start from 0.5% to 1%, then master it When you really mastered it, go to the next level. Don't be hurried to use real account Don't be fascinated with people who give.... Good morning ma'am Let's start this morning's class Before we go to the lesson, I'd like to ask. -"Sure, sir" What pair did you use in your other accounts? "Many. I like gold the most." -Are you focusing on one pair? "No. For your information, I ordered because I bought signals"

"Paid and free signals, I joined those things" To this day, how many MC or how much loss that you suffered? "1 MC" -So, you haven't find the right technique and being independent yet You only relied on people's clue, right? "Kind of like that" For the lesson, we'll do it in XAU However, we can also apply the technique on other pairs We only need to adjust the character of the pair What matters is know the basic technique how to read, order spot, and if the market turns Those are the points. We use XAU because the potential is bigger than the others It's neither too extreme nor too slow It's better than the other pairs. But, if you want to use other pairs, it's fine I recommend you to focus on a pair and learn the details Then, if we mastered it, we can change to the others But if possible, focus on a pair so you can learn the character it'd be so much better Just to make sure, do you have any plan? If you mastered it and ready for real account I'll calculate and simulate of how to count lot, durability, and etc. If you're ready with real account, how much is your budget? It's for doing the calculation and lesson, at least for an overview "2000, sir" If you're prepared the skills. The budget is 2000 We'll calculate the realistic one With 2000 dollars, we must know the technique, strategy, and lot Let's discuss the first topic, money and risk management Money management is related to budget control It's for using the budget and get the profit we hope for From the existing budget, we'll achieve profit What's the profit target? Do you have any daily profit target? If there's target, we can adjust it "Much, of course, but I still don't know" Let's say generally first, just your hope "100 dollars" I'll illustrate it so we can know what we must do Back to the topic, money management The budget is 2000 The target is 100 dollars The question is, is it realistic? Let's go back to skills 100 dollars is around 1.4 million rupiah

If 1 million per day, then 20 workdays is 20 millions Let's calculate it with a logical one 100 dollars : 2000 times 100 It's 5% The percentage of 100 dollars is 5% Is 5% make sense? It is But, it depends on the skills and experience Experience affects too. So, there are 3 choices First, we still haven't mastered it well, so we're beginners Beginners still can't analyze well and get profit continuously It means although there's loss, but the end is still profit We must learn in demo account first After the lesson's done, make a demo account with a budget of 2000 Don't use real account yet. Try and test it in demo account first For beginners, take around 0.5% to 1% It's for beginners, which means the experience is still not much This is the realistic and logical one It can be achieved by that condition If we can get in training continuously at least 3 months in a row and we're consistent in doing it 3 months isn't enough, but at least it's for practicing the technique If we're consistent in taking 0.5% to 1% per day surely at least we can go to the intermediate level Intermediate means we're consistent in taking 0.5% to 1% If not yet, we must learn again and use this as the target The phase is gradual. So, there's potential for taking 5%

but we won't survive long It means, we can get 5% or more in 1 or 2 weeks but I can't guarantee that it'll be consistent in a long time We don't hope to get profit in 2 weeks then MC We hope to be consistent so it can be our profit field So, there's beginner, intermediate, and advanced Intermediate is around 2-3% You must mastered this first, then you can go to the next level If this level is done but we can't get this consistently, go back introspect, evaluate, and correct it. It means we're still incapable If you can't do it in demo, don't do it in real account, you'd be ruined We don't hope for that. So, it must be done gradually Why it takes such a long time? It's a business that must be built, can't be done instantly It's different from gambling If gambling, we just place our bet, then wait and hope Only hope and dream. For this, it's full of calculation and analysis

So, it must be calculated, don't take risk that's too high If it got passed and able to maintain the consistency then we go to the next level We can take 5%, or even more Many friends take more than 5% How long will it take? Depends on our training and ending The parameter is the ending If we can be consistent with 2% to 3% per day, we can go here surely with more caution. Higher level means higher risk the calculation must be better So, I don't recommend for you to take 5% from the start I don't recommend that, but it's not forbidden Taking profit is your rights, even 10% or 20% is fine We just give logical and realistic clues It's gradual from 1% then master it When you really mastered it, go to the next level. Don't be hurried to use real account Don't be fascinated with people who give screenshots It could make us lost We better learn to manage our money and target by our principle That's the overview. So, you may consider it yourself If you're capable, raise the target This is a realistic overview and achievable Even 100% profit in a day is possible The question is, how long can we maintain it? It'd be a loss if we get 300% profit in a day, but then we go MC in a transaction So, they give those profit dream Giving hope of profit and so we think that it's easy to get profit It's like they show us a delicious food but we can't taste it Only giving a hope of high profit All of them are fake because we can't taste it It's different if we're consistent with small ones 1% times 20 workdays in a month is 20% 20% in a month is already great No investment can give 20% profit in a month either it's stock or real business, it may not give 20%, especially deposit Deposit is around 8% per year In a month, it's around 0.x, maybe 0.1 It's in 1 month, then what about in a day? Surely it's smaller If we compare it with other businesses, trading is way higher Sometimes we're too fascinated with advertisements like screenshots of high profits in various social medias Since we're fascinated, we'd be interested to it We're interested, but we don't know any of it at all then if it's not investment surely we'd find signals There's free and premium signals There's signal and there's indicator This is the easiest. I experienced that too before I experienced that the newbies experienced too We're confused when we see candle We're confused of candle, so we find the safe way, investment I lost hundreds of millions rupiah because of investment investment that's on behalf of trading I was a victim of that too After the money is gone I tried to find the easier way, which is signal I didn't find a free one, so I used the premium one The ending is the same, MC It was profit at first, that's what I experienced I don't know their tricks now. But, I think it's still the same

After I've failed in signal, I found another one called indicator Indicator gives great display and promotion with its technique and engine. It gives a prestigious display So, for common people, like me back in the day surely wanting to try it I bought it, then I got losses with times Then, I was looking for robot because I wanted to be safe, not wanting to learn to be independent I only wanted comfortable ones I wanted to cycle the money well without doing much work So, I changed to robot, renting VPS, Virtual Private Server "That happened to me." -That was also me before That happened to me too, then I learned The phase is the same If we want to go forward, we must think about growing the business Usually, before this, we only want to find the easy and comfortable But, maybe it only works for the first 3 months, 1 year maximum then fall down again It's like we're given a hope, then fall down again Selling assets and worse, in a debt. We experienced that for 3 years because of MC My advice for when you're ready, don't use those kinds of money because it wouldn't make us sleep and think well in analyzing So, we better gather small things but safe Like free money, unused money Based on this experience the first thing to learn is reading by yourself so you can determine your own direction and order. So, we don't rely on someone No matter how much is the profit, it's fine Before we do trading, plant the mindset mindset to be able to succeed in trading What's the mindset? First is focus on the process Focus on the process, not on the profit If we do real business or working in a company the first thing we do is doing the duty well and let the leader evaluate We're evaluated by our performance If we work well, then we'd get reward Do the process, which is working What matters is focus on the work and do your duty Same as business. Any conventional business focus on the process process to develop the business. If we have a restaurant

focus on the quality For a start, don't put the price too high, use the normal one or even below the others. The point is it's running Because business needs time to get the name When the business runs people are interested and we have good name Even if our place isn't strategic, people would look for it because we have good name and the quality is good It's for conventional business. For trading, it's the same Focus on the process, which is how we run our trading system or the SOP. Run the SOP Focus on the trading system, the SOP After we run it, we just have to follow it Don't focus on profit . If our first orientation is profit we'd see any condition as potential and order Order when it's not the time, so we're trapped in a minus floating Minus floating, we'd be nervous and don't know where will it go next Then, we cut loss it. After the cut loss, the market goes back again

Then, we'd regret that cut loss because we're hurried and only focus on profit, not trading system To be continued....

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