Money Heist | Forex Trading | AudioBook on the Fundamentals of FOREX Trading for Beginners

Money Heist | Forex Trading |  AudioBook on the Fundamentals of FOREX Trading for Beginners

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MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together  MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together chapter one an introduction to forex trading   what is forex forex or fx is short for foreign  exchange market but what is a forex market foreign   exchanges market that place where the trading of  currencies is being done many people believe that   currency is not important for them but the fact is  that at some point or another it has been utilized   by each and every one of us people need currency  in order to conduct foreign trade and business   for example you are living in the united  states and want to purchase cheese from france   you'd definitely be paying for the import you  are going to make and you'll be paying in euros   which means that you will have to get the us  dollars exchanged for euros from the forex market   similar is the case with travelling a french guy  visiting egypt on a holiday would take along the   egyptian pounds in exchange for french euros  since euros are not the local currency being   used in egypt the major reason behind forex market  being the largest one is the need for everyone   to exchange currencies it is the most liquid  financial market in the world that it dwarfs   other markets in size even the stock market one of  the unique part of this universal business sector   is that there is no focal commercial center  for external trade or maybe cash exchanging is   led electronically over the counter otc which  implies that all exchanges happen by means of   computer system between traders all around the  world instead of on one centralized exchange   the business sector is open 24 hours  a day five and a half days a week  MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together and financial standards are exchanged worldwide   in the major budgetary focuses of london new york  tokyo zurich frankfurt hong kong singapore paris   and sydney crosswise over verging on each time  zone this implies when the exchanging day in the   u.s closes the forex market starts once again  in tokyo and hong kong considering all things   the forex business sector can be to a great degree  dynamic at whatever time of the day with price   quotes evolving continually why is forex market  important the forex market is the foundation of   universal exchange and worldwide contribution  it is fundamental to boost imports and fares   which are important to access assets and to make  extra interest for products and administrations   without the capacity to exchange diverse monetary  standards organizations prospects would be   restricted and worldwide financial development  would endure financial specialists additionally   utilize the forex market the individuals who  look for universal enhancement advantages need to   exchange monetary standards to purchase and offer  foreign resources and securities a few speculators   view monetary standards as a benefits class and MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together exchange coinage to create alpha since  now you know what is forex market it will   now be easy for you to understand what  forex trading is defining forex trading   the exchange of currencies between two or more  countries on a recognized market forex trading   is a popular type of investing because it provides  investors with the ability to make quick profits   due to small changes in one country's currency  due to the time differences around the world   forex trading takes place continuously because as  one market closes another one opens chapter two   history of forex given the universal  nature of the forex exchange market   it is vital to first scrutinize and learn  some of the significant historical events   relating to currencies and currency exchange  before stepping into any trades this chapter   will review the international financial system  and how it has progressed to its existing state   next in this chapter you will come across the  major players that occupy the forex market   something that is vital for all  future forex traders to understand   gold standard system the gold standard monetary  system was introduced in 1875 marking one of the   most important events in the history of the  forex market before implementation of the   gold standard system countries would make use  of gold and silver for international payments   the issues which were rose because of usage of  gold and silver as means of payment was that   its value was affected by the supply and demand  for example if a new gold mine was discovered   it would lower the gold price the basic idea  behind introducing gold standard system was that   the government's assured the exchange of currency  into a particular amount of gold and vice versa   in simple words a currency would be backed  up by gold evidently governments needed a   monetarily considerable gold reserve in order  to meet the requirement for currency exchanges   during the late 19th century all the  chief economic countries had defined   a sum of currency to an ounce of gold with the  passage of time the variation in the price of an   ounce of gold between two currencies became  the exchange rate for those two currencies   this symbolized the first standardized  means of currency exchange in the past   with the commencement of world war one the  gold standard eventually broke down due to the   political strain with germany the most important  european powers felt to call for to complete huge   military projects the financial load of these  tasks was so extensive that there was not enough   gold at the time to swap over for all the surplus  currency that the governments were printing off   although the gold standard would make a small  revisiting during the interwar years most   countries dropped it again by the onset of world  war ii despite this the gold never lost its value   in being the eventual form of monetary value  breton wood system prior to the end of world   war ii the allied countries trusted that there  would be a need to set up a financial framework   in order to fill the void that was empty when  the gold standard system was relinquished   in july 1944 more than 700 delegates from the  allies assembled at bretton woods new hampshire   to consider what might be known as the bretton  woods arrangement of universal money-related   administration to rearrange bretton woods  prompted the development of the company   first a strategy for altered trade rates second  the us dollars are planting the gold standard   system to end up an essential store money  and third the formation of three worldwide   offices to administer financial movement the  international monetary fund imf international bank   for restructuring and development and the general  agreement on tariffs and trade gatt one of the   principal elements of threatened woods is that the  u.s dollar replacing gold as the primary standard   of convertibility for the world's monetary forms  and moreover the u.s dollar turned into the main  

coin that would be supported by gold this ended  up being the essential reason that bretton woods   in the long run failed throughout the following  25 or so years the us needed to run a progression   of the balance of installment efficiencies with  a specific end goal to be the world's reserved   currency by the mid-1970s u.s gold stores were  depleted to the point that the u.s treasury did   not have enough gold to cover all the us dollars  that foreign national banks had kept in reserve   as long last on august 15 1971 u.s president  richard nixon shut down the gold window   and the u.s reported to the world that it  would no more trade gold for the us dollars   that were held in foreign stores this  occasion denotes the end of bretton woods   despite the fact that breton woods didn't last  it cleared out an imperative legacy that still   significantly affects today's universal  financial atmosphere this legacy exists as the   three international offices made in the 1940s the  imf the international bank for restructuring and   development now part of the world bank and gatt  the forerunner to the world trade organization   current exchange rates after the  bretton woods framework split   the world at long last acknowledged the  utilization of coasting outside trade rates   in the middle of the jamaica agreement of 1976.  this implies the utilization of the highest   quality level would be for all-time adult in  any case this is not to say that administrations   embraced an immaculate free gliding conversion  scale framework most governments utilize one of   the accompanying three conversion scale frameworks  that are still operated today first dollarization   second peg trade and third managed floating rate MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together  dollarization the occasion happens  when a nation chooses not to issue   its own currency and embraces a foreign coin  as its national cash in spite of the fact that   dollarization for the most part empowers a nation  to be seen as a steadier place for speculation   the downside is that the nation's national bank  can no more print cash or make any kind of money   related arrangement a case of dollarization  is el salvador's utilization of the us dollar   pect rates packing happens when one nation  specifically fixes its rate of exchange to a   foreign coin so that the nation will have  fairly more soundness than a typical boy   being more particular begging permits a  nation's cash to be traded at a settled rate   with a solitary or a particular bushel of remote  monetary standards the coin will just vary when   the pegged monetary standards change for instance  china pegged its yuan to the u.s dollar at a rate  

of 8.28 yuan to one u.s dollar somewhere around  1997 and july 21st 2005 the drawback to begging   would be that a coin's worth is weak before  the pegged money's financial circumstance   for instance if the us dollar acknowledges  generously against every single other currency   the yuan would likewise a knowledge which may  not be what the chinese national bank needs   managed floating rates this sort of framework  is made when cash's exchange rate is permitted   to uninhibitedly change in value subject to the  business sector strengths of supply and demand   in any case the administration or national bank   might intercede to settle amazing changes in  return rates for instance if a nation's coin   is devaluing far beyond a satisfactory level the  administration can rise transient financing costs   raising rates should bring about the cash to  a knowledge somewhat yet comprehending this   is an extremely rearranged case national banks  ordinarily utilize various devices to oversee coin   market participants unlike the value market where  financial specialists regularly just exchange   with institutional speculators for example  shared assets or other individual speculators   there are extra members that exchange on the forex  market for totally diverse reasons than those   on the value market in this way it is critical  to recognize and comprehend the capacities and   inspirations of the primary players in the  forex market governments and central banks   apparently the absolute most compelling members  included with cash trade are the national banks   and governments in many nations the national  bank is an augmentation of the administration   and conducts its arrangement  in tandem with the legislature   in any case a few governments feel that a freer  national bank would be more viable in adjusting   the objectives of checking expansion and keeping  financing costs low which tends to increment   monetary development despite the level of freedom  that a national bank has government delegates   commonly have customary interviews with national  bank agents to talk about the financial approach   in this manner national banks and governments  are typically in arrangement with regards   to a financial arrangement national banks  are frequently included in controlling straw   volumes with a specific end goal to meet  certain financial objectives for instance   since the time that pegging its coin the iran  to the u.s dollar china has been purchasing up   a large number of dollars worth of u.s treasury  bills to keep the yuan at its objective conversion  

standard national banks utilize the foreign trade  business sector to change their store volumes   with amazingly profound takes they yield  noteworthy impact on the currency markets   banks and other financial institutions in  addition to national banks and governments   a portion of the biggest members included with  forex exchanges are banks most people who need   foreign money for little scale exchanges  manage neighborhood banks in any case   singular exchanges could not hope to compare to  the volumes that are exchanged in the interbank   market the interbank business sector is the  business sector through which fast banks transact   with each other and decide the coin value that  individual dealers see on their exchanging stages   these banks execute with each other on electronic  expediting frameworks that are based upon credit   just banks that have a knowledge connections  for each other can participate in exchanges   the bigger the bank the more credit connections  it has and the better the evaluating it can   access for its clients the smaller the bank  the fewer credit connections it has and the   lower the priority it has on the evaluating  scale banks in general go about as merchants   as in they are willing to purchase or offer a cash  at the offer or ask cost one way that banks profit   on the forex business sector is by trading money  at a premium to the value they paid to acquire it   since the forex business sector is a decentralized  business sector it is normal to see distinctive   banks with somewhat diverse trade rates for the  same coin hedges a percentage of the greatest   customers of these banks are organizations  that deal with universal exchanges   whether a business is offering to universal  customer or purchasing from a worldwide   supplier it should manage the instability of  fluctuating monetary standards on the off chance   that there is one thing that administration  and shareholders despise it is a vulnerability   dealing with foreign trade risk is a major issue  for some multinationals for instance assume that a   german organization arranges some hardware from a  japanese maker to be paid in yen one year from now   since the exchange rate can vary uncontrollably  over a whole year german organization has no   chance to get off knowing whether it will wind up  paying more euros when the time comes to deliver   one decision that a business can make to  diminish the vulnerability of foreign trade risk   is to go into the spot market and make a prompt  exchange for the foreign coin that they require   unfortunately organizations might not have enough  money on hand to make spots exchanges or might not   have any desire to hold huge measures of foreign  coin for a longer time span thus organizations   most of the time utilizes supporting techniques  keeping in mind the end goal to secure a   particular exchange rate for the future or to  evacuate all wellsprings of conversion standard   risks for that exchange for instance if a european  organization needs to import steel from the us   it would need to pay in u.s dollars for instance  the cost of the euro falls against the dollar   before installment is made the european  organization will understand a budgetary   misfortune all things considered it could go  into an agreement that secured in the present   exchange rate to dispose of the risk of managing  in u.s dollars these agreements could be either   forwards or future contracts speculators  another class of business sector members   included with foreign trade related exchanges is  speculators instead of hedging instead of hedging   against movement in exchange rates or exchanging  currency to finance international transactions   speculators try to make money by taking  benefit of fluctuating exchange rate levels   the most well-known of all currency speculators  is presumably george soros the billionaire   prevericates fund manager is most popular for  speculating on the turn down of the british pound   a move that earned 1.1 billion dollars within  the time frame of a month on the other hand   nick leeson an imitative trader with england's  bearings bank took tentative positions on future   contracts in the yen that causes losses in  amounting to more than 1.4 billion dollars   which show the way to the fall down of  the company a portion of the biggest and   most questionable speculators on the forex  business sector are multifaceted investments   which are basically unregulated assets that  utilize eccentric venture methodologies   with a specific end goal to harvest extensive  returns consider them common assets on steroids   hedge investments are the most loved whipping  young men of numerous central bankers given that   they can put down such gigantic wages they can  maturely affect a nation's cash and economy a few   commentators rebuked speculative stock investments  for the asian cash emergency of the late 1990s   however others have called attention to that the  genuine issue was the idiocy of asian national   investors either way speculators can have a major  influence on the coin markets especially enormous   ones since you have an essential comprehension  of the forex market its members and its history   you can proceed onward to a portion of the more  propelled ideas that will bring you nearer to have   the understanding of trading in this huge business  sector chapter 3 how forex trading is done   you think you are prepared to exchange ensure  you read this chapter to figure out how you can   set up a forex account with a goal that you can  begin exchange currencies this chapter likewise   specifies different components that you need  to know about before you make this stride   you will then examine how to do forex trading  and the distinctive source of orders that can be   set opening a forex brokerage account trading  forex is like the value market since people   intrigued by trade need to open up a trading  account like the value advertise each forex   account and the administrations it gives vary  so it is vital that you locate the right one   leverage leverage is essentially the capacity to  control a lot of capital utilizing almost none   of your own capital the higher the leverage the  higher the level of risk the measure of leverage   on a record varies relying upon the record itself  yet most utilize an element of no less than 50 to   1 with some being as high as 250 to 1. a leverage  variable of 50 to 1 implies that for each dollar  

you have in your record you control up to fifty  dollars for instance if a dealer has one thousand   dollars in his or her record the merchant will  loan that individual fifty thousand dollars to   trade the business sector this influence likewise  makes your margin or the sum you need to have in   the record to exchange a specific sum in values  the margin is ordinarily no less than half   while the leverage of 50 to 1 is proportional  to 2 percent leverage is seen as a noteworthy   advantage of forex trading as it permits you to  make substantial additions with a little venture   in any case leverage can likewise be a great  negativity if a trade moves against you in light   of the fact that your misfortunes additionally  are opened up by the leverage with this sort of   leverage there is the genuine plausibility  that you can lose more than you contributed   even though most firms have defensive  quits keeping a record from going negative   thus it is crucial that you recall this when  opening a record and that when you decide your   desired leverage you comprehend the risks included  commissions and fees another significant advantage   of forex records is that exchanging within  them is done on a free commission premise   this is not at all like value records in  which you pay the handle a charge for every   exchange the explanation behind this is you are  managing directly with business sector producers   and don't host to experience different gatherings  like intermediaries this might sound pipe dream   yet rest guarantees that market producers  are profiting every time you trade every   time an exchange is made it is the business sector  producers that catch the spread between these two   in this way if the offer or request a foreign  coin is 1.5 200 250 the business sector producer   catches the distinction 50 premises focuses  for instance that you are thinking of opening a   forex account realize that every firm has diverse  spreads on foreign cash sets exchange through them   while they will frequently contrast by just a  couple pips 0.0001 this can be important on the   off chance that you exchange a great deal after  some time so when opening an account make a point   to discover the pip spread that it has on foreign  coin sets you are hoping to trade other factors   there are a considerable measure of the difference  between each forex firm and the accounts they   offer so it is essential to audit each before  making a promise every organization will offer   diverse levels of administrations and projects  alongside expenses well beyond genuine exchanging   costs additionally because of the less managed  nature of the forex market it is imperative to run   a legitimate organization how to trade forex since  you know some impressive variables to know about   when opening a forex account we will now look into  what precisely you can exchange inside of that   account the two principal approaches to exchange  the foreign money business sector is the direct   purchasing and offering of coin sets where you go  long one currency and shorter another the second   route is through the buying of subsidiaries that  crack the developments of a particular coin pair   both of these methods are very like procedures  in the values market the most regular path   is to just purchase and offer coin sets much  similarly most people purchase and offer stocks   for this situation you trust the estimation of  the pair itself which changes in a great way   in the event that you go long a coin pair you  trust the estimation of the pair increments for   instance suppose that you took a long position  in the us dollars or canadian dollars pair you   will profit if the estimation of this pair goes  up and lose cash in the event in case it falls   this pair rises when the u.s dollar increments  inequality against the canadian dollar so it is   a wagered on the us dollar the other alternative  is to utilize subsidiary items for example choices   and prospects to benefit from changes in the  estimation of monetary standards in the event that   you purchase an alternative on a cash pair you are  picking up the privilege to buy a money pair at a   set rate before a set point in time a prospect's  contract then again makes the commitment to   purchase the cash at a set point in time both  of these exchanging systems are generally just   utilized by more propelled traders however it is  essential to at any rate be acquainted with them   types of orders a trader hoping to open another  position will probably utilize either a market   order or a limit order the inclusion of  these order types remains similar as when   they are used in the equity markets a market order  provides a forex trader the capability to acquire   the currency at whatever exchange rate it is at  present trading in the market while a limit order   permits the trader to denote a certain entry price  forex traders who as of now hold a vacant position   might need to think about utilizing as  a take profit order to secure a benefit   say for instance that a trader is certain that  the british pound or u.s dollar rate will achieve   1.7800 it is not as beyond any doubt that the rate  could go up any higher a dealer could utilize a  

take profit order which would consequently close  his or her position when the rate achieves 1.7800   securing their benefits another tool that can be  utilized when traders hold open positions is the   stop loss order this request permits dealers  to decide how much the rate can go down before   the position is shot and any further losses are  collected in this manner if the british pound and   u.s dollar rate starts to drop a speculator can  put a stop loss order that will close the position   for instance at 1.7787 with a specific  end goal to avoid any further losses   there are three ways through which corporations  institutions and companies do forex trading sport   market forwards market and futures market the  forex trading in the sport market has always   been the chief market because it's because  it is the basic real asset that the forwards   and futures markets are based on in the past the  futures market was the trendiest venue for traders   as it was available to individual investors for a  longer time span however with the introduction of   electronic trading the spot market has experienced  a massive flow of activity and now outshines the   futures market as the ideal trading market for  individual investors as well as speculators when   someone refers to the future market they are  actually referring the spot market the forwards   and futures markets have a tendency to be accepted  among companies that need to get around their   foreign exchange risks out to an explicit date in  the future what is the spot market to be specific   the sport market is where currencies purchased  and sold according to the current price supply   and demand determine the price which is a  reflection of a couple of things inclusive   of current interest rates economic performance and  response towards the ongoing political situation   both locally and internationally along with the  insight of the future performance of one currency   adjacent to another when a deal is settled  this is known as a spot deal it is actually   a two-sided transaction in which one party sends  an agreed upon currency amount to the counterparty   and receives a particular amount of another  currency at the agreed upon exchange rate value   once that position is closed the settlement is in  cash although the spot market is normally known   as one that deals with dealings in the present  rather than the future these trades in reality   take two days for settlement what are the forwards  and future markets forwards and future markets   are not similar to the spot market that is they  do not trade actual current they do not trade   actual currencies instead they deal in contracts  that signify claims to a particular currency type   a definite price per unit and a potential date for  settlement in the futures market futures contracts   are purchased and sold based upon a standard size  and settlement date based upon a standard size   and settlement date on open wares markets for  example the chicago mercantile exchange in the   u.s the national futures association directs the  futures market futures contracts have particular   points of interest including the quantity of units  being exchanged conveyance and settlement dates   and leased value augments that can't be modified  the trade goes about as a partner to the merchant   giving leeway and settlement both sorts of  agreements are fastening and are ordinarily   settled for trade for the trade out inquiry  upon expiry despite the fact that agreements   can likewise be purchased and sold before they  terminate the forwards and futures markets can   offer assurance against danger when exchanging  economic forms typically huge universal companies   utilize these business sectors with a specific end  goal to fence against future exchange basiliations   yet terrorists join in these business sectors  also as you can see the sort of requests that   you can enter in your forex trading account are  like those found in value accounts having a decent   comprehension of these requests is necessary  before setting your first trade chapter four   benefits and risks associated with forex  trading advantages linked with forex trading   cash forex trading offers numerous interesting  advantages in comparison to budgetary instruments   24 market action the forex cash markets are  a 24-hour commercial center beginning at 5 pm   eastern standard time sunday to 5 pm eastern  standard time on friday this gives you the   flexibility to trade forex full-time or part-time  at whatever time you find suitable and lifestyle   allows liquidity being the biggest markets on the  planet the currency forex markets offer brilliant   liquidity at any hour of the exchanging day  not at all like numerous other 24 hour markets   this implies that you can exchange a lot of  volume into and out of the forex markets with   insignificant business sector control leverage  money forex trading permits us members to leverage   up to 50 times their account worth on most major  forex sets while minor sets offer 20 to 1 edge   these leverage sums might change or may not be  accessible at all times for instance with 50 to   1 influence you might control 100 000 units of the  euro cited at 1.3 thousand dollars utilizing just   thousand and six hundred dollars keep in mind  that while leverage can fabricate benefits rapidly   it can likewise deliver fast calamitous losses  rapidly for global trade station customers   leverage measures of up to four hundred  to one are accessible overall cash sets   trading opportunities in spite of specialized  training the forex markets offer one-of-kind   chances to trade principal changes in economies  all around the globe financial changes and   improvements that one in one influence the coin  sets are followed by a month-to-month timetable   of occasion happening in significant nations  around the globe the greater part of the crucial   advancements in the significant economies impacts  affects the business sectors in the middle of the   arrival of information and drive longer-term  patterns among the monetary pointers that   influence the business sectors are gdp job rates  and loan costs risks associated with forex trading   likewise with all monetary exchanging instruments  there are risks you should consider before trading   forex leverage risk leverage is the system  by which a merchant can control an extensive   business sector position with a much little  beginning venture for u.s customers this empowers  

you to take positions of up to 50 times more  prominent than the estimation of the underlying   speculation for significant currency forex sets  international customers can take upwards of   400 times the account's currency value nonetheless  proficient traders will frequently prescribe that   you're open forex positions not surpass more than  10 times your aggregate account value at any one   time what's more solid cash administration methods  recommend not taking a chance with any more than   two to three percent of your aggregate account  value on any one trade despite when economic   situations are moderately quiet leverage can  make substantial additions or losses rapidly   this might bring about your dealer to make a move  to maintain a strategic distance from a negative   record equalization or to keep away from your  account surpassing that most extreme permitted   edge in either case your agent without earlier  warning might close any or every single vacant   position in the account to cure the circumstance  you are in charge of the risks you take and the   outcomes of those perils positive and negative on  each trait you make in view of the much utilized   risk characteristic in real money forex forex  trading may not be suitable for all traders   price risk forex costs are quoted and charted and  make use of just the current offer value stream   there is no perceptive of the last cost in  forex given that the value-based expense of   trading forex is attached to the bid ask spread  it is essential to figure out what the usual   offer advance spread is for any pair and what that  spread means in the authentic expense per exchange   the offer ask spread can as well fluctuate all  through the exchanging day and is repeatedly   an element of the liquidity of the  forex pair you might similarly see   somewhat more widespread offer ask spreads  in peaceful business sector circumstances   chiefly on delicately exchange forex sets as in  any exchanging market forex costs are driven by   short and long haul supply and request which  make costs move rapidly and commonly whimsically   traders need to utilize sound risk administration  procedures on every last exchange utilizing   stop-loss orders can hold back the most extreme  introduction you will have in any given position   interest rate risk generally if a nation's  financing costs rise its money will regularly   fortify in light of the fact that speculators  will move their resources for that nation to   increase higher returns ultimately if a  nation's loan costs fall its coin will   regularly debilitate as financial specialists  shift cash away searching for higher returns   subsequently if the interest rate differential  of one currency compared to another one increases   or decreases radically the exchange rate and  accordingly forex prices may also vividly change   news and economic risk in the worldwide  economy news from any place on the planet   can influence the forex markets  from multiply points of view   these impacts can show as fast value developments  or changes in pattern course or long-haul   standpoint it is thoughtful when trading  either long haul or short term to watch out   for news and different variables like government  reports that can influence your productivity   governments assemble monetary movement insights  and discharge reports verging on consistently   the test is figuring out which reports might  affect forex costs the following is a short   rundown of probably the most generally took  after reports keep in mind that not all nations   offer each report and it is a smart thought  to screen how certain reports influence forex   currency before attempting to exchange in  light of news and government reports gdp   it is the total of all merchandise and  administrations created in a nation by both   domestic and foreign organizations expanding gdp  shows a developing economy industrial production   it is the adjustment in the production or  limit of the country's industrial facilities   mines and utilities increased productivity for  the most part shows a developing economy consumer   price index cpi it is a measure of the normal  value level paid by purchasers expanding cpi   might demonstrate a developing economy changes  in cpi can likewise influence apparent loan costs   non-farm payrolls it is the number of  new occupations made by the economy in   the midst of the earlier month and the rate  of laborers looking for business who stay   unemployed expanding occupation for the  most part shows a developing economy   operational risk representatives face operational  risks as they execute their everyday business   exercises some of these perils emerge as inner  strategies hr hierarchical structure innovation   and so forth in spite of the fact that they don't  force a hazard to the business sector framework   all in all they could keep you from observing  positions or putting orders forex traders have   to dependably keep up reinforcement systems  in case that the internet or power comes up   short conclusion despite all the risks forex  trading brings along with it one cannot outlook   the advantages it has and in how many ways it  is facilitating people worldwide where in past   people used to business by paying gold as the  means of money to the parties subsiding outside   country with the passage of time advancements  were made and forex market was introduced   it is the biggest of all the markets around the  world providing a platform to people where they   can exchange currencies very conveniently it  is benefited business as well as common man   this is the market and trading  system which with the passage of time   is when the exchanging day in the u.s closes  the forex market starts once again in tokyo   and hong kong considering all things the forex  business sector can be to a great degree dynamic   at whatever time of the day with price quotes  evolving continually why is forex market important   the forex market is the foundation of universal  exchange and worldwide contribution it is   fundamental to boost imports and fares which  are important to access assets and to make extra   interest for products and administrations  without the capacity to exchange diverse   monetary standards organizations prospects would  be restricted and worldwide financial development   would endure financial specialists additionally  utilize the forex market the individuals who look   for universal enhancement advantages need  to exchange monetary standards to purchase   and offer foreign resources and securities a few  speculators view monetary standards as a benefits   clerk to its existing state next in this chapter  you will come across the major players that occupy   the forex market something that is vital  for all future forex traders to understand   gold standard system the gold standard monetary  system was introduced in 1875 marking one of the   most important events in the history of the  forex market before implementation of the   gold standard system countries would make use  of gold and silver for international payments   the issues which were rose because of usage of  gold and silver as means of payment was that   its value was affected by the supply and demand  for example if a new gold mine was discovered   it would lower the gold price the basic idea  behind introducing gold standard system was that   the government's assured the exchange of currency  into a particular amount of gold and vice versa   in simple words a currency would be backed  up by gold evidently government are not the   local currency being used in egypt the major  reason behind forex market being the largest one   is the need for everyone to exchange currencies it  is the most liquid financial market in the world   that it dwarfs other markets in size even  the stock market one of the unique part of   this universal business sector is that there is  no focal commercial center for external trade   or maybe cash exchanging is led electronically  over the counter otc which implies that all   exchanges happen by means of computer system  between traders all around the world instead   of on one centralized exchange the business sector  is open 24 hours a day five and a half days a week   and financial standards are exchanged worldwide  in the major budgetary focuses of london new york   tokyo zurich frankfurt hong kong singapore  paris and sydney crosswise over verging on   each time zone this implies chapter  one an introduction to forex trading   what is forex forex or fx is short for foreign  exchange market but what is a forex market foreign   exchanges market that place where the trading of  currencies is being done many people believe that   currency is not important for them but the fact is  that at some point or another it has been utilized   by each and every one of us people need currency  in order to conduct foreign trade and business   for example you are living in the united  states and want to purchase cheese from france   you'd definitely be paying for the import you  are going to make and you'll be paying in euros   which means that you will have to get the us  dollars exchanged for euros from the forex market   similar is the case with travelling a french guy  visiting egypt on a holiday would take along the   egyptian pounds in exchange for french euros since  euros and exchanged coinage to create alpha since   now you know what is forex market it will now be  easy for you to understand what forex trading is   defining forex trading the exchange of  currencies between two or more countries   on a recognized market forex trading is a popular  type of investing because it provides investors   with the ability to make quick profits due  to small changes in one country's currency   due to the time differences around the world  forex trading takes place continuously because   as one market closes another one opens chapter two  history of forex given the universal nature of the   forex exchange market it is vital to first  scrutinize and learn some of the significant   historical events relating to currencies and  currency exchange before stepping into any trades   this chapter will review the international  financial system and how it has progressed  MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together MONEY & FAME HEIST: Let's learn & grow together

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