Momentum Orlando - Eddie Head's Keynote

Momentum Orlando - Eddie Head's Keynote

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Am, I the only one that misses, bands. Like that. Somebody. Needs to fix that, so. I'm gonna please fix that. Good. Morning. How's. Everybody today. Yeah. Hello. David Ellen oh yeah. I. Love. You guys too. So. Hey Sunday mornings, we. Usually get to talk a little bit about the business you you. Talked to Josh this morning and yesterday. He shared with you guys a vision of the future what. We've accomplished, over the past few months and, where we're going I'm. Gonna put some meat on the bones and, we're. Gonna talk a little bit about the love bombs we dropped this weekend, I'm, gonna give you a get a little, bit more love. Because. You guys love love. Just. A love fest here this weekend. So. Let's get started, first. Off, the. State of our union this is a story of growth isn't it you already know that if you've been here to any of our major events in fact let's do it this way how, many of you are, attending. A major event for WorldVentures, for the first time let me hear ya. Alright, so here's what you need to know, we. Have been the most consistent and, fast, and greatest. Growth company, and in our, industry for the past 10 years. Right. Tripling. The second-place, competitor. More than a thousand, percent growth over that period and, there been some ups and downs along, the way we've gone up we've gone down we've gone up we've gone down but it's kinda like we're playing with a with a yo-yo but we're walking up the stairs right, so. Generally, the growth has been like this it's. Gonna continue that way because. We have a plan we, have the leadership we, have the technology, and we have you, you. Guys are really the secret ingredient, you guys are the secret to our success and, if you've been here this weekend, tuned, in you get why because, there is no other culture like ours there's. No product like ours and with, the highest payout in the entire industry complementing. That it makes a big difference in whether or not people get, it and then get get in to it and we, wanted to look at the future. From. A foundational, perspective, we thought, sometimes. You got to slow down to to speed up have you ever heard that expression. Simplify. Hey, what what is it that got you to where you are, how. Do you really excel at differentiating.

Yourself From the competition there is no other company in the top 100, direct sales companies, even. In our category, if you add all of those, in the top 200 up they don't even come close to, what. We've accomplished, over the, past 10 years we're, the only ones the rarest, of rare. We've. Talked about us being a unicorn we call ourselves a dragon we're not at all like anybody, else in our industry, but really it comes down to this pay and play. Or. Play, and pay our. Product, is all about how we have fun right how. We play and of course the pay plan is everything as well how, we compensate, you guys for building. An. Organization, of representatives, and your customer book of course and it, feels to us like we really want to make sure that we focus on the basics, this year how do we just nail this and then. Simplify, they make sure that we get those core components right Josh talked to you about the foundation, and how important that is but. If we look at DreamTrips, and we just try to simplify the story and break. It into let's say three categories, the first of those categories, would be our product and again let's keep it simple let's be, humble, you've, heard the expression speak. Softly and carry a big stick right. So. You, know we don't have to have the grandest of goals but let's have at least one one, basic, goal so we've got one just very humble, basic goal and that's destroy, all competitors. It's. Basic right I mean that's simple, it's. The synced, destroy. All competitors. You, know. How. Do you do that well more value more benefits, more features more perks more points more uses, more, locations, that we go to more incomparable, experiences, more more and more more and more more and more, that's. How. More. Ways to use your points. More. Places, to use your points an ecosystem, that extends not just a vacation destinations, but to ever that, you do in your leisure life the things you do everyday and we did that by. Peppering. All of your lives with love bombs this year let's, talk about some of those we created, the new welcome. Dream trip program that allows every, single trip in, our portfolio, essentially, to be a welcome dream trip right, then.

We Included new platinum benefits, giving you 50%, more points utilization, on all. Your trips relative to gold and seven-day, advanced booking as well we created the DreamTrips rewards platform, there's only three weeks old now it just launched, its in its fledgling state but, again it allows you to use your points in thousands, of ways you. Couldn't use them just a month, ago. Amazing. And we're taking those points and putting them all together so that you can use them all out of one bucket we're gonna talk about that a little bit later today too we. Got a new DreamTrips, ID on the way to you one that makes the experience far, more fluid, frictionless, and elegant, for you it's, fast and easy and lots of new navigation bells. And whistles that are gonna turn you guys on I'm absolutely. Certain of it. We. Talked about our partnership with thirst if. You, watch the news this week all of the press releases that we had our last two weeks anyway you saw that we entered a partnership with thirst where we're going to integrate their technology, to our technology to make the entire process of paying in the app paying, at the restaurant, even, integrating at the point-of-sale at restaurants themselves, you know when you go to a restaurant and they. Have that terminal on a screen and they do. This and they order your food and they swipe your card what. If we own part of that what. If we could be integrated into that experience, what if fly and, DreamTrips. Local and your. App and all of it integrated. Seamlessly. Into one experience, how's that for a vision, we. Can do that with partners like thirst like fly what. We're doing with DTL is not just about a dining network I'm hoping. That this whole concept of ecosystem, is sinking into you guys you're. Getting that this is about owning the leisure space about. Bringing, more value to you guys and your, product, such that every person you introduce this to gets that they need this they. Want this to protect and preserve and even enhance their leisure life daily, and globally. We. Give you some updates on fly yesterday as well didn't we we. Talked about how that technology is evolving and we gave you some of the date timelines, the, iPad is now live Android. Right. That's, launching on February 12. We're. Gonna be able to lock we're actually gonna be able to load loyalty, cards into it in March an NS, cease first timeline, for. Testing in an alpha state, and then beta after it is July. Why. Are we focusing, so much on this I want to talk about the technology for a moment how it integrates into our DTL platform, this, is not about the card. What. It's, not about the card the card is part, of the ecosystem it's, part of DTL it's part of the rewards platform, it's part of what we're doing from, a payments, ecosystem, perform a perspective, as well guys this.

Is How we're looking at it we're looking at owning, this space and transforming. It in a way that, provides the most payment options at the most locations, in our network and allows you to navigate all of the complexities, of loyalty, programs as diverse, as they are in one, place compress. Your wallet into one place manage. Your loyalty and manage your points in one place spend them in as many places as you want elegantly. Seamlessly. Frictionless. The. Idea, is that we own this space that's why we're looking at point-of-sale, it's why we're doing business with companies like thirst it's, why fly is looking, beyond just the card. Imagine. A future where it's multiple devices. It's the. Handset, your phone it's, the card, it's the point-of-sale at the restaurant, it's, how you check in wirelessly, it's how you tap to pay wave, to pay it's, all of these things integrated, so I want you guys to think bigger don't, just think about, just. That form factor cool. We. Want to own this, space. Let's. Talk a little bit about the rewards platform I told you it's about three weeks old now how. Do you how do you guys think what. Do you guys think of the first blush. It's. Pretty cool now let's, be clear we're, in the crawl stage right. This. Is a crawl walk run. Approach. And right. Now where we are is in the crawl stage it's three weeks old we just launched the platform as of, today now gold, members. Also have access to the merchandise, platform. It's live now for you guys to access. It's. A little boomed boom. But, I want to talk to you guys about some of those areas of the rewards platform, which are richest, see. It's it's not just about. Hotels. And, merchandise, the fact is that some of the best deals to be found on the rewards platform, are those, in the. Cruise and the resorts section, if you've not been to the resort section you need to go look at this the, buys that we have contained, within that section are second, to none you're, gonna find prices that crush, prices. We have on the rest of the website right now, where. You can use hundreds. Of points on every, one of these days you're, gonna find in the cruise section, that we are killing the competition. By. Dozens, of percentage. Points per, cruise and you can use your points to help purchase those right now these, are sections of the website which offer incomparable. Value even relative, to what you got a month, ago and by the way how much more did we charge you for it. Bagel. Zero. Zilch, bupkis, none nada. Nothing. You're. Welcome. But. Again, it's a it's a baby we're just we're kind of petting it and. It's. So cute. Add. A little more. One. Day at a time one deal at a time, one. Section at a time this will grow. Everything. We're doing right now is, it, a point of evolution that I can only, characterize. As. Early. Not primordial, but, early, you're, seeing it in its. Fledgling state but. We want to give it to you now we want you to help us deliver, the, goods every. Bit of feedback you provide us helps us make a better product experience, there's a reason why we have been iterating fly, in the, wild, see. We take an approach to this it's kind of the opposite of Apple Apple does this develop. Develop develop launched, Amazon. Does this develop. Iterate, develop iterate, develop iterate develop iterate that's, more like our model we. Like to do that in public we like to get your feedback we have an advantage you love us so, you're a little forgiving, so. You know we can trip over ourselves from time to time and you'll give us some grace and we're trying to be authentic about it we're, developing this in a public forum on purpose, it allows, us to move more quickly and, we're, jumping some big technology big, commercial big, business, hurdles to do this when, you want to disrupt when. You have a vision, as bold as this you, got to move fast and you have to move together and you're helping us get there so understand, this, platform is in an early state and it's going to get better and better and better so, love it love, on it and give us your feedback as it does but there's more to this than.

Just. What it provides, you in terms of the way that you use points, we told you earlier if, you were here at the view that you can actually earn points. As well not just burn points on this platform didn't we. Guess. What it's live now, for, every flight booking you make you're going to earn. DreamTrips. Rewards credits. Starting. Today. Here's. How it looks. When. You book a flight and your platinum member any, flight, booking, right that means any round trip that doesn't mean each leg if you book two flights on the same flight booking, it's one it's one, credit of 100 if you book two legs on the same booking a roundtrip that's, one credit of 100 gold, 50, you're, welcome. We. Love you. It's. So good. We. Want to make sure that you guys have lots of points to use because we're gonna keep giving you ways to use them. We're. Gonna keep giving you reasons, to share this with your friends and your family, and. Keep. You plugged into this ecosystem. And. Over the years we, want to you know we. Have modest goals like destroy all competitors, second. The, compensation, plan another little goal again want. To keep it simple. Let's. Talk about how we actually. Create. A an opportunity, that appeals to as many people as possible do. We want to get rich do we want to just you know break even do we want to make a few bucks and, we want have bold goals I want to destroy all cloud plans. Look. Think about it this way we already have the biggest payout. And any comp plan in our industry is sixty five percent if you weren't here at the view if you weren't here at boot camp you don't know this you, probably haven't heard this that's, our cap 65, percent on every dollar we receive on membership goes back to the compensation, plan. Yes. Now. Hold on that's without. That's. Without DTL, we. Haven't even started there, that thing just got kicked off, so. Already it has the highest payout percentage, of any comp plan in our industry, but we're showering you with more reasons to get excited about the payout the opportunity, to more bonuses more products more places, that you can earn volume, growth more. Opportunity, we're even gonna expand ranks, more, promotions, more, love bombs more more more more more more more more more more. More. More. MORE. We're. Giving you love bombs all. The, time we got more coming here. A few examples we did the welcome back program more than 10,000. Family. Members came back to the Terkel. We. Did level up you're gonna meet some of those winners, here on stage they're gonna tell you how they did it because they're freakin rock stars. We. Gave you the DTL comp plane we're gonna talk a little bit more about what that looks like that, was more rewards. Rush we did that let's see we did Fast Pass we, also did fly first these are just uh just, a smattering. Smattering. You. Know just. A few of. The promotions that we did this year that actually represents, the second half of the year not, bad. We're. Gonna continue to love on you guys like we did yesterday we gave you a couple of new ones that are pretty sexy right. Let's. Talk about those mega. Rockstar, trip and. Mega. Level, up let's talk about this mega Rockstar trip let's talk about mega level up first let's do that. It's. My presentation. I'm, gonna do whatever the hell I want to with it alright don't. Give me any guff. Here's. The bottom line it's, a thousand, in lineage. And. You. Get 50, grand. You. Guys get you know that's for. RMD lineage which by the way when you would hit RMD before you, know aside, from you know having the opportunity, to push, the cap further you've, got a thousand dollar car bonus we're gonna give you $50,000.

For Hitting it during this promotion that's. Like. Like. Brains, everywhere. But. You know don't leave it to me how about I don't somebody who can help us with this Julio. Acosta. Come. On up man. Ladies. And gentlemen. Mr.. June accosted, by the way. You. Have, a birthday coming up tomorrow. Happy. Birthday, to. You. Happy. Birthday to. You. Happy. Birthday. Did. You. Happy. Birthday, to. You, so. Hey, happy. Birthday brother I asked. I asked, Julio to come up for a couple of reasons one because he's one of the most powerful, leaders, we have in the organization he's. An aggressive builder, this is a bonus, that we collaborated, to create he. Was very excited about this and he had a notion about how he personally, was gonna leverage it and frankly. A call out to the rest of the squad here take, it away all right what's up. All. Right man come on I'm talking, to Eddie in the back and I'm like 50, grand 50, grand, hold how many of you guys are excited about 50, grand. 50. Grand. Like I remember working, two jobs and. Picking up a third job just to make an extra two hundred dollars a week. Two. Hundred dollars a week I'm a race to make 50 grand a year and, now. I have us I'll tell you guys right now hold on one second let, me check something for you guys there. Is a 74. Days 11 hours 32, minutes in 39, seconds, until the promotion, ends. 50. Grand, guys, I was. Watching the movie, the other day and in the movie says I want. You to deal with your problems, by, becoming rich. How, many guys ever heard that. He. Goes you haven't girlfriend problems pick up the phone make a call are you behind on your mortgage pick. Up the phone make a call, are you behind your car no pick, up the, phone and make a call put. The beer down put. The hookah. And pick up, and. Go ooh. This. Will. Clear your debt it, will pay off your school loans you can hit the next ring and buy your mama I'll put a down payment on, it put a down payment on your house go get that drink this is no joke, it's never been done before I remember, when I first got started. Thank you Jefferson. Santos for putting out the video that it showed that you can make 12 K in 90 days because that, run, was, the most important, run of my life, i. Missed. The bonus, but, that run set, the foundation. To. My million-dollar, years, in his business. The. Run, I didn't even have to hit it but, the run, changed. My life. The. Run, changed. My life this run is about to change everyone's, life in here that participates. This. I. Know. We got a lot of pieces in here I want to be set.

Where. The Beast set if, you're a beast stand up let me see you on your feet stand up I want. To see the Beast on their feet I want. To see the beast on your feet guys. I gotta. Go I gotta go I gotta go but. This. Is your opportunity this, is your chance this, is your shot, this. Is your chance this is your shot we don't know forgets if this is gonna happen again but. This is your shot I'm, telling, you this is your opportunity you, will never have an opportunity like this again in your life you got less than 75, days to, get it done guys god bless I thank, God for each and every one of you guys I can't, wait to see you guys come up here on this stage or walk and come get that fifty thousand dollar check from Eddie head you. Know it man. 50. Grand I'm telling it will change your life don't count yourself out before you get started. Don't. Count yourself out before you get in anything. Can, happen I got a guy up there right now I just finished doing the presentation, for right now I swear to God I, swear. There's, his name is Tony he's up there right now I'm doing a presentation for. Him right now as, soon as you go on break isn't this crazy. Guys. I'm. Not playing around, I'm. Not playing around when you sponsor, somebody you can split the cash. With them that's. Right Tony, you go put in 400 I got a bonus for you. Who's. Ready to get started. Look. At my face. Do. I look like I'm playing around. Thank. You June. Give. It up a Julio Acosta. Gospel. Then. We talk to you about this, another. Not so bad promotion. The. Mega Rockstar trip a four-day. Three-night all-inclusive. Mega trip with me with Josh with june with. Byron with troy with, martin with. All of the top trainers and a few of us from the corporate office to hanging out with you building, bonds masterminding. Having. A great time and throwing down like we know how to in, mexico. We'd love for you to come guess what it's already on we, already have people who are qualified and tomorrow, the. Site goes live for them to book they're already calling customer, service and asking us hey man I already qualified how do i how do I book I'm. Gonna get my trip I wanna get my trip I, don't. Is it see it's a month-long promotion, right now here's, the truth it's not a month-long promotion, you know why cuz, it's gone in a. Week to two weeks it's gone here's what I would do if I were you go. Make one sale and book this trip at a buck forty nine right, now go.

Do That and secure your spot then, go out and make three more and we'll buy it back from you got, it. Stupid. Simple but. Mark. My words this. Is not a month-long, promotion. It'll. Be over before it begins unless you get busy, coming out of here he's, already busy upstairs right now. DT. Local comp plan we just talked about that. Remember. Snowball. Effect it's, just, getting started I had people came to me said hey man I only got like I, got, like I got like two three dollars on my oh my I'm, a DT local check well man you know we're just getting started we told you it's starting slow we have thousands of locations, they're, localized, right now in the Oklahoma area they're expanding about a hundred, or so every, single week we're. Expanding it very very quickly what we want you to know is you're here at the beginning of something that's going to be possibly, the biggest contributor, to your income, of any, single component, in our compensation plan mark, my words, you. Are here, today. It is going here. Again. You. Are here, it's going, here. One more time here. Big-ass, snowball, that's where it's going it starts. Small with a snowflake before. You get to a snowball, until. You get to a freaking avalanche, you're. At the, right place at the right time, patience, consume. The food tell, your customers. To consume the food it's. Gonna pay overtime, this, is going to be one of the biggest contributors to your income on top of what's already the. Biggest payout in the industry here's an idea of what it looks like senior reps on average by the time they hit senior rep have two hundred and sixty, four lifetime, customers, to that point why, is that a relevant number here's, why because it, compresses, all of them up so. That always maximizes. To pay out over all five levels what that means is when you have people who quit. All. Of the new blood rolls up right. You want to know what that lifetime number, of customers is because they're always going to have the potential to pay you in this compensation, plan for, an MD by the time they hit MD it's the same thing, you. Have some that spillover on the caps on the lines for qualification, plus you have people who quit all of these contribute to your income opportunity, within this comp plan over and above the binary, get it. And. In. One year we've gone from zero restaurant, to thousands. It's. Gonna get very very hot in here guys but. We want to make it viral we want to cast the net as broadly as we possibly, can how do we get this to many many many more people free. At. The. Next event we're going to be sharing with you guys a way in which we'll be able to do that where, you can start to invite your friends and. Let. Them try the platform, for free. And for, a 48-hour, period they'll have points that they can use within the platform and if they choose, to sign up and they click sign up they'll. Be able to not only redeem those points but they'll have those points in addition to the points they have already and be DreamTrips, members that are helping you earn.

Every. No becomes, the yes because even if they say no they still have access to the points and they're still going to be able to download the app and they're still gonna be part of your ecosystem they're still gonna have access to, retail, pricing, on the, trips and we're still gonna show them member pricing, right next to retail pricing, and every, time they see the member pricing and the member experience and the member parties and the member perks and the member benefits, they're. Gonna go it would be stupid not to be a member. That's. The idea. That's. The vision. The. Third simple, pillar. Of our business year this year expand. Our footprint let's let's, grow beyond, our borders today, this. Is all about the love baby. Just. Some of the partners some, of the advances. Tip. Of the iceberg tip, of the sphere first, month of the year we're just, getting. Started, with, 2018. It is, our year, it's your, year. It's, on who's. Got the deal.

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