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Every star on, the show the queen of YouTube oh hi. We're. Finally together, what an interesting, crew, of characters we got this is a pretty awesome yeah I'm, actually here physically in person with Jeffery just want to start by saying sweetheart. Great, good. Energy, amazing, I'm very excited yes thank you for being here of course thanks for having me guys I can't believe Kim's not here looking us in the eyes I'm, upset he would be if the circumstances. Were different he would be yeah, back, when we did, mom spaceman, on YouTube I don't know if you saw we had we had Shane on actually, I would. Fly all the way from New York to LA just. To do the show and then fly back yeah, it was it was crazy but, now. We just do the audio thing which you, know I really, do dig the audio thing because it makes everybody feel a little bit more comfortable, you know what I mean you're not on camera and you you know I don't, know I like it better but it would have been impossible for me to do it anyway because how am I supposed to fly out to the US every month or, every we're not a ten voice and could have clouds, got a ten out of ten voice yeah you've been around forever you've, amassed a crazy following. Assuming. That everybody. Listening doesn't know a fucking single thing about you what, would you say to those people how would you introduce yourself, oh god. There's. A lot there's, so much Kim, what's your two sentence. Version I would, say Jeffrey, star started, off in the music career, in around, 2007. 2009. And, then in, 2014. Ish, 15. Ish I don't know you started your own cosmetic. Line and they just blew up and took over the world yeah, I've always really been into social media I was the first person to have internet on my, street, in. Eighth grade and I, really just saw the potential of social media so I kind of created being like the first social media celebrity. And kind of defining using. The internet to really make money and I was one of the first people to do it Mazda's, myspace, was it unlike. One of the most followed it. Hold that place was I loved a I wish I loved the Justin Timberlake tried to bring it back he flopped but. It's okay it's time to move on and but social, media has always been something that I use as a tool, and to my advantage and I really saw the potential back then so from, MySpace, tuned now I've done, so much I've DJed I've modeled, for crazy campaigns, I've done runway. I've. Been a makeup artist since I was 12 I had a crazy tenure music career I was signed to a con, I fired, everyone started, a makeup company with, my last dollars, and flipped it into a billion-dollar, Empire. Amazing, so it's been a crazy six. Years you, are a boss ass crazy. Yeah. That's. That's absolutely insane when you were doing the Shane, Dawson, documentary, the first time I remember you saying something like you, you were pulling in like a hundred. Or two hundred million dollars a year and I, was and I remember jumping, your DS I'm like are, you a billionaire, yet like I cuz like I'm over here like cheerleading, like did he hit the beat did he hit the beat when you asked me I heard not but, in this, moment and net. Worth of jeffree star cosmetics is, like, 1.5, it's crazy. Congratulating. Me because six years ago I really had tax evasion, and I hadn't used my own name to. Pay for anything in here so I was hiding under my record label I was signed a Warner and I had this crazy whole contract, and. I couldn't, pay my bills and it was so dark to flip. It and to be so low and in so high it's pretty crazy I feel like got shit so important. To the story though like it's it's I feel, like adversity, like really, pushes, a person to the next level yeah and it's don't it's, amazing a people. Talked, a lot about you know billionaire. I want to be a billionaire, yeah and it's such a fucking hard thing to accomplish and it's really like it's, out of reach for most people, I never thought it would be it's, so hard aníbal and I never even dreamed of that amount mean that amount is so absurd, it is really, is it's hard to wrap your head around it that's why it's so easy to talk about and.

Have, Is like a goal a quote-unquote, goal but it's fucking like it's, so much bigger than people really it is and it's my whole you know a lot of people in business ask how do I recreate, this and it's, just my entire journey in my story I don't think you can recreate, it it's fucking why I know how to brand things I know what a hit is in the makeup world and music but I can't tell someone this is how you're gonna do what I did is you can't I don't know it's. Crazy what do you think of keemstar cosmetics. I'm. Ready for an in-person tutorial. Immediately. When mr. Roane has done did, he send you that he send you the memo came. With fucking clown noses. This. Guy, said. I was, I was too embarrassed because, it was a joke right I'm a. Genius. I, was, too embarrassed to send, it to Geoffrey right but I did send it to Shane and Shane, actually digged it so it's good he lived for it he's. Too nice to tell you to tell you anything else he actually thought it was dope oh yeah, camera, it was like look this is really cool I love that he just said fucking did something different cuz no one would have done that yeah yeah because. I have no place, like, no place, to be making makeup, right I don't wear makeup I don't like I am NOT in that seat at all so like a lot of people they actually digged it and they wanted me to come out with more I'm like nah dude it's not feel, like I don't belong, here, you know but. The fact that you did is well I put makeup on for the first time the other day because I'm working on a video so I'm dressing up as a clown I would like actually for, Geoffrey start to raped my makeup, considering, I'm, a virgin, at this show this is the first. Picture. In the chat all right give me a give me an out of ten for them okay okay, all right to six it's. Coming into scotch up you, did them okay now before I see it you did the makeup on yourself, I did, it myself, yeah odd clown I have to see this - she, loves, Oh we'll bring it actually. Did he's like some pretty good, time. Let me see I'm. Not gonna lie I saw, this photo online and I didn't even know that was you yeah. This means one, word scary, you, look. A fucking you serious that's what we are to me is kind, of scary but it also looks like someone that used to hit me up on Craigslist. N. First time honestly. I would do an 8 out of 10 Wow. I wish you guys listening, could could see this clown, and me that's pretty sick that's pretty slick yeah because it actually gave me a mood like so much get, make it sexy, all right it, makes you think something, then it's, working, it's. Ours yeah I'm not gonna lie I almost, like the fact that like the nose is uneven, like how it's like yeah, that's kind of messed up I feel like that helps it more you know I'm, gonna be honest and then.

OH. Wants, to see a picture you without all you. Can like it Lincoln I'll make it I think just Google, such colossal, is crazy. Got. A rate cloud out of time yeah and not short lessor in bed please, yeah. Definitely, no. So. Why we're waiting for that yeah. We're. Actually restarting, rock of love and I'm the new host hell yeah that go crazy oh do you want me to post a just Google such colossal, is crazy I don't know I think like a couple a couple months ago you uploaded, a video showing. That you bought a new home and you, live in a, giant. Giant, hey, like so does phase I was. So hype I've been so hyped about this news in, a very gorgeous, you missed the last one you never came to we'd lake you never came to long but I saw and it looks stunning but but listen Kim I used to live in a two-bedroom, little, apartment, 900, square feet so to go from that to this is so, insane. But. It also feels so homey like I I feel, so warm there it doesn't feel massive. Even though it is it's. Awesome it feels like it feels like if you're like if there's other people in the home you literally need to hit them up on the cell phone instead of just going into the other room too low yeah like, if you need something all across the house at the chore I used. To I used to explain it as like if you were in the movie theater at our old house and you needed to go upstairs to the kitchen to like grab a fork whatever you're walking like three like New York City Hawks take, to get there like it's a fucking full-blown mission you got a carve-out like. A slot, nurse and you learn not to forget those things. Yeah how. Many people, do you have like, working, directly. Just on the house like, you know cleaning, people maintenance, people like how many people are employed have. Fucking, died, on scene yes how big is this home I honestly don't square footage I oh my god give us the team. Real. Estate, we. Don't know I mean yeah the home itself is twenty five thousand that's, crazy, I remember the last one we had which was fucking, massive was like 14. 15 maybe 600. Yeah. This is great so yeah so the poor people the gardeners because I have my garden like Edward Scissorhands, with your crazy small fires and. Roses. There's. A lot that's a look that's a shoe yeah we have makeup in hair always in house I have a social media girl that lives there right. Now during Corona, how, many people total. Do you have on your team. Like. My personal, team like ten but like jeffree star cosmetics I have over 120 employees including. The shipping center Wow. Oh yeah this is so he brought he pulled it up, 12,000. Square feet 13, just, shy 13,000. Square feet maybe zone yeah my closet so twice a Sun. It's. So influential. Like, for such a long time like okay this happened like four years ago this other youtuber, and I'm not gonna say his name because it is kind of embarrassing, he. Had like a breakup, with his girlfriend right. And he, was really trying to talk about me me, maybe no no no no no not used someone else you know this person by the way he, had a breakup with his girl really trying to get her back and, he was trying to get her back right so he hits me up cuz he knows that I talk to everyone and he's like hey, man I need a favor, he's like I'm trying to get this girl back we're going through a bad breakup like.

I Want to impress her can, you reach up to Jeffrey star for me and see if we like talk. To Mike I'm gonna fix it for him right I was like I was like I don't, know Jeffery at the time but like that's how influential, you, are to. Some, of these ladies. In to some of your fans sadly. I never got that message so did they get back together well. We didn't know each other at the time right so did they get back together after I never could you just say they're fucking. We'll cut it out okay I'll, say their name it's a will. Opt. And, she. Wasn't the right one that's, alright but he's got a new girl. Right now he's like really happy yeah he's really happy I'll send her a pallet we'll call it even he used to be a little rock star huh, so quick little backstory, um fun, fact Jeffery, and my manager. My day-to-day one, of my absolute, best friends, partner in crime table. We've. Known each other for 10 plus years crazy, used to go on tour with like his brother yeah brothers. Right not three yeah. He has two brothers and his middle brother Tom used to be in my band he, used to be in another band that opened for me and we had so many fun adventures, that's crazy I heard I heard a little bit about them we heard you were a fucking rock star, listen. II was crazy I was a rock star the whole time what, that like true to it we know it's crazy that I I was I was like basically straightedge. Until 22, I never, even tried weed I'm really late bloomer Wow and I still have never drank which is a very big conspiracy on the internet because they used to pretend a drink take pictures, hold bottles, okay sweet crazy things about being drunk and I've never drank never drank, no that's, a, beer so it's now this big thing of people taking. All my old photos will you held a bottle but I've never taken, a yeah. I come from a really crazy family, of alcoholics so I'm like you know what I'm okay respond. To it but. Now. There's it what, do you think people are trying to catch you out and that so much is it just because there's a potential light it, can be easily disproved. Like why do people care that you drink I've had such a controversial, past, I think people just want to make it a thing I mean why would I lie about not. Drinking that's the I rarely. Say this that's the gaze. So. Much weed I love marijuana I was a late bloomer I wish I would have been high out there high school would have been a lot more calmer, but. Yeah I'm just not into drinking. I don't like even how it smells I've never tried it and now that I'm 34 what's the yeah no there's, no point so I was I was actually teetotal. Myself, I, think five years before, I got back on it and I've never looked back it's like there's no point drinking is like such a pleasurable. Experience. Rarely. Does good come from drinking, alcohol by.

Yeah, Because banks, it's called in moderation, have you heard this saying. Drink. Until you fucking pass out in. Some, whores laughs you know it's laughs just just have moderation. So don't. Knock it till you try it Geoffrey, you should definitely try it cloud, when you were in Australia you, could barely stand, you, were wasted. Like every, night come on yeah but I was drinking like 10 times more than you were Wow. Can't. Even dispute that because it's true you are a little bit of a lightweight it's all right bad thing why wasn't. Australia, I had a little bit of a cold so I went light okay, it, wasn't that bad well if I'm ever gonna get drunk it'll, be with you 30 fuck yeah. It's. How, to drink I'll. Take care of you oh yeah. So. Because, you're so big and because you become so so, massive, online and everything's, doing so well what, happens, when you know you have all the success is there's a lot, of people that. Will attach drama, and, stuff to your name oh yeah, and, try, to expose, some stuff in the past I mean it's happened with me it's happened with everybody but. Right now there, is all, this drama surrounding. Blood. On the dance floor and, that's how I ended up like getting out on the phone with you because I was trying to help out a smaller drama channel to ask them a question yes. And that we just decided to do this which we were planning to do anyways we were we're gonna invite you on the show so it all kind of worked out but yeah it's it's perfect timing but a lot of these channels are making. All these videos and they've never reached out and asked, any questions, so that's my only problem, is everyone loves to copy and paste all this information, about all of us and make, it seem certain ways but they don't ever just ask yo, what. What was this really about and you know what I mean so yeah, it's been a crazy week of me waking up and people trying to villainize me for something an old friend did and I was like what like I haven't thought about these people in so long and we toured the other ten years.

Ago So, so, having everyone bring up all this old shit it. Was a little shocking but it's a very serious matter so you know me I'm always down to answer anything but, I'm not into the propaganda, of everyone. Trying to make me the scapegoat for, someone else's crime I'm with drama on the Internet is it gets ran through so many filters and it's like a game of telephone 90%. Of the time and like, context. Is obviously everything, half the times receipts, that people have and, like the. Context is is comes. Down to a fucking threat unlike attacks. To. It there's some bad parts to it that's just everything. In a lot of good. Things bad things good, parts Babylon, I'm a little bit lost on the situation, I was, aware. That there was drug current. Drama going on you guys want how did you how did you find the, person. Did, you how did that go to a week. He. Walks through the door right now. Before. We get into it clown yeah. If we could get a little backstory, Geoffrey could you explain like a little bit of the backstory of kind of like what's going on with this blood on the dance floor, yes conspiracy. You know yes. So I used, to tour with an array of people one of the acts was, called blood on the dance floor it. Was kind of like it wannabe jeffree star myspace. Music they started because of me and that one of the main creator his name is Davi, his real name is hey Suz Torres his name is Davi vanity, that's, been his stage name forever and we, toured a few times we recorded, a very offensive sexual crazy, song together and. We did Warped Tour twice. And, now, what's coming to light is back. In the day there was allegations, that he was trying to sleep with underage girls that he had maybe he did no one was really sure and, we, all. I'm. Not gonna wear the word ganged up because it's a very serious subject but we all ganged up as a community. Kind of in the Warped Tour world and called this person out and. There. Was never any. Real. Real arrest there was no criminal charges and nothing ever happened, with it so two, years later I did one last tour thank, you and people. Are connecting, to hey you called this person out and then he worked with a pedophile, again and I'm like. Oh we're not doing this so, that's what people have been trying to start. That rumor. And. This person I haven't thought. Of in so long and I guess that they're currently in it, with the new stage name currently, trying to bait girls so, what's, happening, is is all these drama channels, are using, me as a way to amplify, the, situation. And they're all benefiting, from this financially, okay which, team you know that got them really fired up yesterday, right. But but the thing is is, I did. Not see a crime ever committed committed. In person and there's a lot of people that in their head want, to believe that I did and I of course never did because that's horrifying and I would would of course report it and, it's so absurd, to copy and paste all these old videos of Jeffrey, and, and Dobby grab. People from the crowd and dance with them onstage is that not every rock show you've ever been to as a kid so they're trying to vilify me and somehow make me complicit, to, this piece of shit and and it's shocking, that they're more so focusing, on me and our friendship then, putting this person in jail so, it's very bizarre, kiemce and it's been an interesting week it's, a tough position to be in I mean when it comes down to something like this it's obviously very, like these are very serious allegations. It's a very serious subject, I'd, be lying if I said I was never put in a situation. Where I've heard through the grapevine or felt, a weird vibe and then kind of was forced to be around certain, individuals, that I didn't have any real concrete evidence, or, proof against which, just trying. To be the best human I can be I, prefer. To give people the benefit of the doubt and I'd like to know for sure before I fully conviction. In my head so. That's. A weird thing I mean I know I know that firsthand experience, that you really like you what you just said is 100% true, with, a mutual. Person that you know we both know that something. Came out about I don't know why I said that because I can't really say because there's a legal, matter coming god but anyhow, we'll. Blur will, bleed it out again but are you talking about Wolfie, Romeo. Oh, Romeo yeah. Yeah, okay. Who used to who used to try to have sex with me back in the day just, a ball dude.

Listen, While we're on the subject, PM eBay we don't we don't. Talk, about this on the show yaki more with. The lie I mean well. I mean sorry I'm free to talk to openly talk about this show, too. Much cuz he's suing me for 3.5, million dollars so I can't offer you. I'll cover you baby come on I, do. Have a couple things to say while we're on the subject might, as well right he, was like one of my first friends in LA and I I, feel like I'm a extremely. Good judge of character I feel like yeah I can figure somebody out kinda in the first like did not get that vibe hit. On me and I'm obviously the same age or older than him so I never got, that vibe but that's what most people like that he was so sweet to me he was so nice to me and, got. Tattooed, you have attached is. That he did let me ask one question did he benefit, from. Tattooing. You know a hundred percent 100 percent when we first when. We first kind of linked up it was it was yeah I think he's very sociopathic. And it was all, a puzzle, piece to get bigger, it was it was weird man to hear about all this stuff because I never got, any inclination that, he was like, creepy. Or weird I never had with sodomy and I was with him like out in the real world too he'd come over and party at my house he, would have a little party I show, them he's tattooed me ya know it's fucking it's fucking wild I don't know it's kind forward to me removing the tattoo with the razor blade did you anyway did you know. Why, oh. Sure. We do my fucking throat. It's. Whatever he's, a fantastic, artist, like that's a fact I mean it doesn't change that, I agree and I agree with that yeah hey but guess what cat no I'm not going there go, ahead say do you say it please their butts are people who draw child porn so, it doesn't mean a fucking thing, right but Keane Kat, Von D is a great tattoo artist too sweetie. But. To, go. Back to this the thing that we. Got off-track sorry, so there's a lot of the dance floor from so now banks. A lot of the victims are coming forward there's 21 so I call them survivors, the, 21 survivors. Were, brave enough to come forward about this person but there is still not a conviction, so everyone's going back through the history and because look, I'm just gonna say it cuz it's me I'm famous there's, a lot happening let's. For, certainly know let's use me and do, you know but I, don't know I just don't get it if I, saw something the, thing there hung up on that so you know you never witnessed, him doing anything illegal is what you say well your name is naturally, gonna bring in a bunch of views.

That's. What the drama channels, are doing it and they know what they're doing but no I never saw an illegal, crime and when, I talked to Chris Hanson I. Told, him that I saw inappropriate. Things and people are taking, that and running with it like well if you saw inappropriate, things you should have told some no I'm talking about like when you're dancing on stage yeah you grind on people you slap their ass it's it's all it, was all part of the show but when you tell someone that doesn't understand the rock world or that world they take even what I'm saying right now in a continent yeah yeah so you can't win let, me let me read the tweet that people. Are getting hung up on okay, so it's a it's an old tweet from you Jeffrey that says I'm. Gonna speak the truth until I die we, saw, Dobby, bring. Underage, girls to his hotel room and do sexual, things a hundred percent so that's, the thing where they're like yes, yeah. Was that you assuming, that that's. People, and the music scene telling, me and me speaking, for them okay did I see with my own eyes no, were we on tour a few times and there was always people around yeah and I mentioned this yesterday and people were kind of shook them. You, know mothers would bring their daughters to the show I mean that's such a misleading tweet, isn't it that's so misleading which. Part no. We, saw Davi, bring underage girls to his hotel rooms and do things 100%, illegal of. Course people are gonna interpret that as you seeing that with your own eyes, oh of, course so 10 years so 10 years later I'm telling people did, I see a crime, or anything actual. Illegal, no other, people did, and told me that at the time and then, it was, not, proven, for children, themselves a grown mother as his band members say Geoffrey I've been in his, world for years and I've lived, on the tour bus and I've never seen anything so that's why I did the last tour. Did, I ever actually see anything no so, my tweets were. Other people saying that you know maybe I'm saying wrong no no of course I mean it's like you're telling and, I believe you so I'm gonna tweet it out we're. Only human too like maybe, you did misspeak to. An extent but like you're that's gonna happen in your life it's, at some point for sure I mean he's using the first-person, plural like we yeah, yes. Because. When I said we there was people my. Old dancer. And assistant, Daniel, he. Tweeted out a bunch of stuff and other bands, on the tour and. People, in the music scene like like, literally like all the people like Taking Back Sunday and those Warped Tour bands they, all thought he was really creepy and there was just a bunch of he, said she said and, there was never any actual real proof back then and it was just all it. Was, the thing about situations. Like these two is hindsight, is always, 20/20, right like looking back like, when things come to light when people come forward when there's more context. Than like people, are filling it yes aggressive, behavior now really, makes sense but also other. People were doing that and it was very like that Rockstar, life and there's no excuses, for it it's still disgusting and wrong but. If you were not there. You, know but. Yeah do you think that there was enough evidence, at. The time I mean not even evidence because like you said you keep saying you didn't see it for yourself but there were enough suggestions. There to, make you kind of hesitant, aid to work with him and be instead, of the possibility, of reporting, him and do you regret not doing so now.

I Regret. Working, with them again I didn't, see anything to actually, report so when I say inappropriate behavior, I think people think it's something way more aggressive, and. I never saw underage, girls with him alone you know there, is a survivor, that, has. Went on record saying hey Jeffrey. And his friends were present, during me being there in these times, and. Ten years ago I don't remember that person and I'm not gonna pretend to to. Follow a narrative of what people want me to say that I saw you, know what's crazy to me is a lot of mothers would bring their daughters to these shows and I remember his band member so yesterday I said this that. He would have, alleged. Hookups, with mothers, and daughters I don't know the daughters ages, his. Band members told, wasn't, a three-way between. Him, and the mother and the daughter at the same time yes, a hundred percent these mothers would bring their there is this one mom that always brought her twin daughters to, the tour and they all, allegedly. Did things on the, back of the bus was all rozer. Of age I think. Was. I present, for some of these mother and daughter of them being there and saying hi and bye on a tour bus yes, was they there during any sexual, experiences, absolutely. Not but I don't know the age of any of these people but I never saw a child alone if I ask you a question have any, of these victims. Come. Forward and. Put. You in a time in a place where you would have seen yeah one person has said that they saw me in an environment, where they were alone, with him and kissing, and I'm like you guys, absolutely. Not. So. It's. About. A time line where all this stuff happened like ten years ago right yeah so, I mean, and this. Person you guys came, it's so dark this person, their mother dropped, them off at 11. Years old to, hang out with rock. Stars and party and drag I wasn't, around that environment how you have table in the room I have never I don't party, I was always I kept to myself and I did my own thing so I'm not gonna be the scapegoat for this piece of shit that was never really my best friend but yeah I've tweeted out there's it yeah that's my brother and he's great yeah I said some things that I regret and he was never my brother. I was convinced, by people and him that he was not who. People thought, he was and. It worked for a short amount of time and then things really came to light and we all said fuck you all his, band members quit and it all fell apart and we all said bye, so, now. People, need to focus on prosecuting. This man and stop, worrying about my my, old friendship, with someone from 10 years ago as. Something to consider too like I said this was 10 years ago and it it's, not anybody's, job to keep tabs on fucking everybody that they interact with or telling. Me hey Geoffrey he now lives with his mom and he's trying to meet up with 16, year old once Coronas over great so do a sting operation get. Proof and put him in prison but. I don't have any proof or anything to, show. Law enforcement, I think that people have thought I did and they're upset and. I mean, you saw it kiemce they're going in hard oh yes happened currently right now and he hasn't been convicted of anything, no he's currently, free. And allegedly. Still. Talking, to minors so it's like that's so horrifying. And. We know what's crazy is Kim you know this now I've been accused of oh well you you work with him again for financials, which is so absurd, you guys know you know expensives, for a tour bus and to print merch I wish I made a lot of money back then I was, in full, debt.

So What I said yesterday I've said a lot of people but the, these drama channels, are really profiting. Off of this yeah whether they're not really using his name they're using my name they're dragging up all these things here's Geoffrey with a drunk guy in the bathroom from an old myspace, video what. Does that have to do with the man currently trying to lure in minors I need some clarity. Please, yeah, it doesn't make any sense yeah. You. Can also make the argument that they're using that your name to bring more light to, this. Pedophile. Yes as you say so by, using your name it. Can be constituted, is a good thing because otherwise this, story would just not get covered and wouldn't be picked up by certain people look I fully. Agree with you but their whole context. Is is, Geoffrey start and that's it there's, really not focusing, on what's currently, happening what. He's done in the past it's more they're just really focusing, on yeah I have to agree these. Are to me probably, notes in every case though right I've seen a lot of videos on this cuz I had to educate myself before this podcast, right so I've seen a lot of videos on it and they are a, lot, of them try, it seems, like a lot they're trying to send a lot of hate to Geoffrey, which the, focus should be on this other guy you're like we really should be but. You know it is what it is you know the. Algorithm you know YouTube, people, do this they do that they do and they need to pay their rent but they're not donating, any of the money to the victims to any to any lawyers, to help them they're pocketing, it at all and that's, what they're mad about that I that I'm mentioning it so yesterday banks, I did an interview with Chris Hanson this, guy is doing this for a long time and. I'm like wow you know what let me answer some questions, that people have and you know people that live, is that on the Internet yeah yeah so the fact that if you already don't like me you didn't like what I had to say and you're, mad about it so that's what's that yeah. So would you say you're a victim, of guilty. By association in, this scenario would you say that's an accurate fair statement guilty, of what in what sense guilty, by association. So, drama channels are making videos, primarily. Targeting, you rather than this other guy, but. They're calling you out so you're, effectively guilty, by association. Association. I had a prior association. With this man yes, yeah, I mean it would be the same thing like bank went like whenever banks, has a controversy. Like people, for, some reason hate, on me, they're. Like yeah, I mean come on, can I kind it's happen all of us in the world we live in its unfunny and throw us all under the bus so me and whenever, whenever, Trisha gets into drama people want to throw me and the bus what it's like you want me to cancel my own friend and make her feel even worse because you don't like with what she's going through right now mentally it's a bizarre world we live in hey you're already suffering with mental health let me make you feel worse yeah, no, that's not what you do there no course not yeah so, again to, an extent we all play a certain character, on the internet and we're all an exaggerated.

Inflated. Version of ourselves and, behind, the scenes like team. We've been through this fucking through, this a million times like, you're my fucking boy don't, care what people have to say about you and. That's. Just that's how it's gonna be you, know what I mean likewise, yeah exactly, team can we clear the air about some other rumors oh yeah, yeah yeah, I have I have. Time. For them other fucks go so, we have time here's. A throwback ok, let's talk about it hunter more than, invent the inventor, of is anyone up there yeah. Remember that guy guy I used to tweet yes. So did I. He. Didn't get enough jail time and I know he's watching this because he's so narcissistic, and a sociopath he'll be probably, replaying, my voice over, and, over so, you guys have beef serious. But yeah for those for those you guys that don't know hunter more like had, this website that was all around like revenge, porn like it was really, after up right so he want the jail for that yeah so. He went to federal prison, for these crimes. He. Probably, may be from good behavior for the first time ever he got out early which is so sad but, Facebook has, banned him from ever allowing, to have an account under any name, and, he is a convicted, criminal now here's the here's the the, problem Jeffery, star back in the day used to tweet and lie about a bunch of shit not just about Jack Daniels. I also tweeted, about. Allegedly. Sending. Band. Guys, nudes, to him to then use for revenge, which I never did, but I did lie about it a hundred percent, I used to say things all the time like that so, he made a tab on his website of Jeffrey. Star and who and what straight men I have hooked up with and he put up rappers that people hadn't seen he waited half were true. All. The band guys at Warped Tour that, I was hooking up with and, you know there was no other really person like me back then and I was the only guy in makeup and it was just a different time so I was very offensive, and I told him a few names and some, of them were true some of them were not so now people are trying to say that, I. Supported. Revenge porn and supplied, this man with photos, which is so ridiculous. He went to jail if my tweets were ever real, or the FBI thought they were I, would, have been questioned, and I'd be in jail too. I never did but, he wrote a book because of course what do you do after jail you're broken have nothing and write criminal he, wrote a fanfiction, basically, books saying that when we first met this is literally like 2005. That. What. Really happened, was came is he, we. Were acquaintances. In the music scene he was friends with a band called the millionaires that the Asian girls from myspace and. He. Was stranded on the side of the road from some dumb girl that loved him on the side of the road and I graciously. Picked him up in my 91, Nissan Sentra, hell yeah and he was at my apartment for one night with my best friend Michael and, he made up a whole crazy story that we tried to have sex with him we had a butcher knife and all because of your things that clearly nothing so, it's someone once again taking Jeffrey, being nice into, this crazy weird story, to profit off of and the book is full of so many lies about so many people I know and no one ever took it serious, but if you're only into makeup drama and/or me and Shane you're you're gonna never, know what, any of this shit is so this is all new it's. Gross it's exciting. It's, you know you, know so you see what's happening well what I never, sent, nude, photos to this man to use what. I want to know is what rapper, did you hook up with. I'm. Gonna be honest. Okay. My, DM. With. All, show banks who snapchatting, me last night. Joe, I'm going to show you wine that you might okay okay so. That question on, the don't.

Answer That question, I mom's basement run the recording, but please. Tell me a rap, song just the first thing that comes to your head like a song that. Fucking. Rorschach, test. Yeah. But six months ago when I pretended, I was gonna tell this man was like I'm gonna hire somewhere to fucking kill you. You're. Sick oh yeah, it's been leaked banks that a few NBA players were damning, me and I'm never gonna say who I'm never gonna do that to someone and we're in their life so everyone can have a fucking laugh and make news stories and embarrass them fuck off, yeah not you guys just like everyone else it's. Fun to be in the loop Jeffery bit of a harder question do, you find it interesting like in terms of coincidence, that, you've been in contact with so many of these depraved, criminals, over the years like the one you just mentioned and there's another one called Ian, Watkins, he's now a, pedophile. Serving, behind the Arison like. Masters let's talk about it what are what are with all these fucking coincidences. And like I, mean. I don't I, don't think it's a coincidence I. Think when the music scene was full of hundreds, and thousands of people there's, gonna be people that do fucked up shit and. Hunter later went on to do a lot of horrible things you know what I mean and, I really met him you guys maybe three times so, when people want to say these were your best friends no I tweeted, a bunch of offensive, shit to them it, was funny back in the day it stirred up a lot of stuff and his person Ian, I've. Never met in person we. Tweeted some funny things together he flirted with me but banks this person went to jail for child porn oh really, really. In. Prison right now but just like, Romeo. They also flirted, with me when, I was of age and an adult, so it's bizarre, to me. Ian did used to flirt with me we never met but yeah he went he is in prison and hopefully he'll be there forever I mean. You've been is, bizarre that you've had so much contact, with these people there's so many examples of the listen I mean that's just like cloud. You gotta understand, the energy attracted. To that type of person, or real. Quick real quick though clown you got to understand, the entertainment. Biz is filled, with weirdos, right. Fucking. They seem fucking everyone well yeah because the the, extreme, weird, people, right, that are into some fucked, up shit are the most interesting, people and that's how they rise to the top of the entertainment, business, well. That's why I'm doing a podcast with you kids. Alone. I get what you're saying I just had never known Ian was obviously into any of that and he was just a guy with tattoos that I thought was attractive like, sure that hundreds of em I think I think, it's really unfair to make, that like to link that like I mean using. Myself as an example I would have consultants. Keep propping up here and there I mean you've got to point it out listen I would have considered Romeo to be like a good friend and you've been in the spotlight in a way bigger spy life and I've ever been in for. A very long time yeah, and you're gonna cross, paths with certain people and when you're the biggest name attached, to somebody you're, gonna be dragged into these conversations, and it's gonna be highlighted, constantly, so I don't think it's necessarily a coincidence, like I've, passed by and probably. Had some sort of interaction, or some sort of connection with a handful, of fucking sick weirdos, and we'll never know and I won't know some. Of them I will some of I won't, but. At the end of the day like unless, I took, part or or knew something, that I should have you know they mean reported, or been more responsible about then. What, the fuck did I do wrong I don't think it's fair to uh I don't know I don't think it's necessarily a coincidence, you were fucking you are a rock star on MySpace, like we're talking about 2005.

Like That's fucking insane before, I've ever even thought. This. Could maybe we just don't underestimate. How. Many fucking, freaks there are no as a matter of fact, I've. Been on this pick I've been watching, these like predator, poacher videos all these like Chris Hansen wannabes, pulling, up on people on like live-streaming. And it's fucking wild, I saw one from. A dude in my hometown city, and. And I went on this kick these. Guys are catching these guys are touching people every fucking day this Hansen teamed up with someone that does that for a living and, it's amazing, and there was just this thing on world so the the chief of police for like. Lexington, mass or whatever he caught, him this like random youtuber, dude 10,000. Riders it's just and they catch these people fucking, constantly, and it's like it's scary wish that you could legally, hunt them like Dexter, but until that bro has passed. I, don't see I would love to fund that so it's obviously, yes Geoffrey Starr was going on record that he would love to fund a kill spree for pedophiles you're welcome I. Think. That's something that everybody in society could. Ya guys, be honest that the undertone, of these drama channels, and. People. Buzzing is, that. I, approved. Or didn't. Care that this person was doing something illegal and just for the record it's so disgusting, to insinuate that I'm. So sorry that I even knew that person but I can't. Be. Prosecuted for his crimes, and yeah, I knew this person I haven't thought about that many years I hope they rot in prison I can't wait to see it, you. Know and I answered all the questions I thought were. Important, yesterday, and I know that no one will ever be happy with it with those answers on. That side you know what I mean so it's a good put in jail I have I I, just feel like you're so I feel like you're so big, and again, you've been around for so long that like, somewhere. Down the line when. People get caught up and they get put on blast they like to like deflect. And and put somebody else in front of them and I feel like at some point if you were ever complicit, or you were ever in the know and like a part, of any of this fucking weird shit like somebody, at some point would have some concrete, like let's look at this like something directly, from you that, is like yeah fuck it let's fuck what's crazy to me let's pick it's crazy to me is okay why. Is no-one calling, the, tour manager that, helped him facilitate. All these things where. Is that. Where's. The merch girls that knew all these things were allegedly, going on like he had a whole crew of people that protected, him yeah and only one or two of them have gone on record and said he I've seen some weird shit, but the main key players know, one's talking about them so, while they worry about me and Hunter more and.

And, Me filming a drunk I am I space that was puking in my apartment, they're missing, the whole fucking, point of all, these people have knowledge, and you're trying to drag a bolt footage to reek Ansel Jeffrey star for the tenth time and this, man is sitting there actively. Probably, texting minors that's what it's fucking me up in the head and I don't get it I don't understand yeah, there's absolutely there's. There's a parallel, here that I have to address and if I could have the floor for a minute because it's kind of a long question, but you. Know you. Know way back ten years ago you make this tweet about the blood. On the dance floor guy. Saying. Hey you know we saw him take, underage girls to his hotel room doing sexual things right, and then, you, know later you're saying hey you know I didn't technically, see it it was a kind of a group of us which I, believe. You 100%, but. There's this other situation, that happened recently with. James Charles, where when. That whole thing went down like, you put out some tweets saying that there's a reason, why my boyfriend, isn't. Letting James come over to, our house anymore, haven't, I'm not gonna talk to him haven't seen him since toddies birthday, he's a danger. To society and, then, you had a follow up to tweet, where it was like basically saying, everyone keeps asking me for receipts I have much to say. What. What's going on with that like, what was the ending, of all that like where did that all end up I'll tell you okay good I'll tell you the ending is James. One one quick one thing okay quick is James, Charles, a danger. To society is, he a predator. Came. A. Long. Pause long. Ass fuckin pose that I have to I have to ask this oh listen. There's. A long pause because it's, a very complicated situation so, before I answer the ending banks was me James. And Tati, all. Making. Peace, so. The Internet can go back to being the internet because, it was getting so, ugly and dark, but. It. Got crazy so, I hopped it yeah so people do want to put. Together the pair of this 10-year situation, and and me saying, this stuff about James. It's. A very complicated question, and while they know but like it's, the same scenario though because like if James is actually a danger. Right then, this is the opportunity like the Darby thing where you can say something, you know what I mean or is like maybe you shouldn't have put that tweet out like which what is it like I'm, sorry, Jeffrey, but I have to ask no I know, and I'm 100% comfortable, with that, it's, gonna upset a lot of people but the truth is is that someone.

And Right, now I legally. Can't say who. Told. Us. A few. Things and, we trusted, that person's, opinion. And then, another, person said. Some. Things that. Was friends with that man and, it. Really convinced. Us that. He, was a predator is this another case of what happened before with, the. Other guy no this is some is there. A possibility, of that because I mean they were telling you about this, guy which turned out to be true now is this. Possible, with James, from. What I remember with all the drama, you. Didn't actually ever say. Flat out like you saw it like, it was always in the proper context of like, listen. Like I'm speaking, about this. From. Kind of the view of like the, circle of people that we've been discussing this with kind of sort of thing like I don't think I don't, think it's similar in the sense that you flat-out said I saw, some shit you know it's similar enough I'm sorry it's similar anomalous. I'm, sorry yeah. It's similar but it's but it's people that are in our community. That are saying. Things. And, I. Don't know if they're true or not but, this is exactly the same thing that happened the full right it's, that it's actually, not so, if you want we, can pause and I can go in another room and play banks. What. I have on my phone and he, can determine if he, would have sent the same tweet at the end of the day I'm not gonna out a victim. Of James Charles, okay. I. Don't know if it's real and I'll go see the room and place subjects, to this because. Everyone wants to make me you ruined James Charles career note talked he did and uploaded, a forty minute video, about. Him and she should have never uploaded, that yeah that's. Why but, she did and for, some reason, James thinks that means Shane tried to ruin his life and orchestrated, the whole thing like, we fucking, care. You. Know Shane longer than me came you think we care, to drag or ruin, someone for what we're, our own superstars. We're our own lane we're doing our own thing together and we've made so much magic why. Would, we want to ever bring someone down we don't well a Fah, there's, there's a couple things that happen publicly, right like so. Tati. Uploads, the video in, Shane, Dawson, immediately, is like supporting, toddy buying, her vitamins, and the vitamins the, fucking vibe that's. Where I hopped in like let me just quickly say like I still, would love to know and I'm gonna ask you off the air I know. How many vitamins, she sold I would. Love to know crazy. Fucking. Crazy, it really seemed it really seemed like it was the three of you versus. James, right and then. James. Defended, himself and, then it seemed like you and Shane were still tight but it doesn't seem like you, know you guys are still tight with toddy, right, so. Why I mean look I don't think we should be fake. At all we. Aren't currently not. Friends. With Tati are we enemies no, but we are not friends what happened if I. Mean I think that she really thought but, - here's the theme Akeem you have to remember that everyone. Unfollowed. James not. Just about my tweet you think half of those celebrities Kylie, all those people unfollow him it was like wow like we all finally can and it was so dark and it was very. It. Was it was insane and everyone thought it was actually, fucking, everyone. There, wasn't it so it wasn't, Alissa at the time unfollowed, him just because she felt like she like had so, it wasn't, me. Shane and Tati against, his person Shane didn't ever really say anything yeah I tweeted out a, few, things and his, tattoos 40 minute video but I get it I'm more interesting, she's safe and I think in some sick way James, thinks. That means Shane were behind it well the reason the reason why I link you to do it is because okay. James. Our excuse me Shane was coming. Out with this documentary, on the beauty community right which I was really excited about right and all. This James Charles, toddy stuff was, gonna be involved and then it morphed in to, your guys's collaboration. I on your makeup so like, what happens, there had to been a falling out behind the scenes that stops. That documentary. From happening, the way it was originally, supposed, to be you know see, I wish it was juicier, than that but me, and Shane really from the get-go wanted, to show the business, side about how to really create makeup, and I think that his trailer really, insinuated. That there was gonna be a lot, more drama, yeah, and when the sub when the people behind the scenes who. You. Know we were working with a lot of them didn't, want to say things because, it's all, no. One's really going on the record apologize okay and and people were very afraid and, we, couldn't get enough and. People kept saying we want more business more business and that was always my goal because no one really knows what I do all day no one knows how to create a palette from scratch and how much money it can make and the magic, behind makeup, so that was my number one goal I too.

Love Drama I don't care anymore and I never wanted it to be that. Like it wasn't a soap opera you know and. I just think that Tati, I mean she took a really big hit right I mean, I don't know she's still in the red but it's it's a different vibe, right, for sure like that's just like for. A lot of people especially like the mainstream you know YouTube consumer, like she's that's, who she is things, that it's kind of forever who she'll be is that that. Woman who canceled. James Charles, I mean at the end of the day like a pewdiepie, was the first one to come out and be like hey man like I you know there's there's no proof that James is doing this and then I came out and drama and I was like yeah guys we got to stop the cancelling at James Charles cuz there's there's really no proof, to, back it up that he is an actual, predator, and. There is still to this day no, proof, in the public. That he, is an actual predator, so, I mean that's probably why that's probably why I mean there. Is obviously a reason why you James. Shan sat, down talked decided. To move, move. On from this yes I think a lot of people like a lot of people pretty, much everybody in the situation, probably looked back and said yeah this probably shouldn't have been yeah it's been a year, literally in like a few weeks and, it's a year and I know people, people. Just want to keep going they're, created they want to create a feud against me and James there's no feud, I know ever wants to create one over and over there's, no competition I've, been doing this for. You. Do have a testimony. From an alleged, victim, in, your possession, is that what you're saying. Yeah. He does that's what he said but listen Jeffrey. Jeffrey love my lungs how are you. I'm. Telling you right now Jeffrey, like I do, there's other people that do show somewhere to mine and like I want to beat them I would you, don't become, a billionaire. If you don't have competitive. Like nature. About you there oh I have competitive, nature I love it like I love business I love watching people's numbers, but like like his fans really try to create always an animosity like I've been doing this for so long and I'm, really in my own lane yeah we're boys. And beauty but I'm I'm a fucking icon kiemce. He. Gained more than you on you I don't fucking, care if you gained more on YouTube but like to, me it isn't a numbers game because I already won and I know that people may say financially, that they may not be winning but. To me I won that's. All that matters Anna and, I have accomplished. Everything I've wanted to accomplish thus. Far I now have 10 more goals now I want to be a New York Times bestselling, author I'm currently writing an autobiography but. No nice, nice, it's done it's really really really dark and inspiring, and great and there's things that I've never talked about ever that. Are it's going in there and. It's really exciting. Really. Fucked up but really honest and I think people are gonna be, really shocked by it but.

Yeah I know it's fun and exciting and, the makeup world is really dark when I entered the scene I went, through all of the, top players and most, of them are all pieces, of shit they. Really are they're all told are evil they really only care about money but, there's so much money involved I mean that's and, we get a taste let me get the jeffree star taste, and I help them out and I give them all my contacts, and share all my love and then they all get greedy and you've seen it all I went through them all and they're all evil, they're backstabbing, they're conniving. So. Is the ugly, community, in which an appropriate, name for, this. Genre the only Beauty. That's. A good little documentary, title, I feel like. Hey that's, fine it is really dark and ugly but I he, does a nose makeup world I love it so much but it sucks that there isn't more, real. People, on the platform yeah, well there. You have it, what a fucking, conversation I, know it's not, just drew, this is way better than I thought it would be. You're extremely well-spoken. I feel like you definitely represented, you're like yourself. Well always I mean should I dive into more kiemce how long have you guys before you guys this dynamic, is perfect cuz I feel like you guys could sit here all day. Is. There an end to the James conversation. He'll, be replaying, this over and over Jeffrey's, allegedly, saying he's this he's that did, it a it's like you know I can tell you off air some shit of what's, really going on. Right. Can. I ask a really loaded question, ooh here. We go every. Guy says it's valid. Come. On Idol it I don't, even want to ask it now. Everything's. Valid baby. How. Valid, was. This. Testimony, from the victim on a scale of one to ten what are you in your opinion, it's. A loaded question, I know, oh, well. It is it a testimony, it's someone telling you certain things and and you don't have. Proof that they're what. They're saying is true oh. I thought you had it in your possession. I. Don't. How to explain it correctly I have. Let's. Just say he does have some, sort of testimony, from yeah your work. That we're cool that testimony, is very edgy, I have. Things, on, in. Yeah. It it's. A scary subject it's. Just not someone saying this is an entire, crime, it's just people. Told. Us some things and, I, don't know until this day if, they're, true because they shut up and got quiet when the whole world and CNN. Cared. About James, Tati Jeffrey, well can you just can you at least say what they were the. Allegations. Can we call it that I, don't. Know what do you call it can, we say what they want without. Saying the victims name, the alleged victims name the person's name or giving, references, which would give it away it's, still an hour it's still an hour yeah I don't, and I did I just don't feel good I, wouldn't want you to anyway because it's just one of those things this is like it's so people people on YouTube and I gets. Talked about for a minute now people, are very like desensitized. To these subjects but at the end of the day these are serious, and there's something so dirty and views and money not you guys specifically, but people out there do and they really use this stuff and it's really gross and I think that James has dealt with enough mental, abuse. And. And. I don't know what, the future holds these are very it's just a very serious. Conversation. In light fur like. For, me I've been put like so much pressure has been put on me because of you coming on there, like you have to ask this you have to ask that you know what I mean so, but. Can, I say something yeah. Look, if James, Charles, is ever listening. Call. Me, or. Sit, down with me and I. Will show you what. Was shown to me I think you guys should do and I will tell you a year, later. Exactly. What happened behind the scenes and either he cares or he doesn't I think it just sucks to have bad energy or. Bad blood of any other people want to create that especially, at night especially if, you're in the same like in the same world as them I think, I should do that yeah I should sit down and just have a real honest conversation, finally cameras, fuck, the third party's fucked like you don't even set it up but I'll be really guys he message to one of my close friends, I will say well I want to keep he message. One of my close friends and basically, said that, he and followed, that guy because, my. Friend follows, me and Shane who tried, to ruin his life so. The fact that he still thinks that a few weeks ago is, scary, talked, he did that we, didn't listen at the end of the day when something like this happens there's, probably some things that you could have done better there are probably some things that he could have certainly done better and I.

Think. It would be a happy, ending if you guys sat down and it was authentic, and it was genuine and there weren't cameras and it wasn't for the world it was for you guys and you guys kind of just met in the middle and kind of like expressed, to each other real really. What the fuck how you feel you're not I mean or because, me and him are huge narcissist, we can call Oprah bet, yeah you got to do that too. Right. Shirley's, off the hook if. It's, not true. Yeah. Referencing. That he made mistakes I mean he may not have made any mistakes, what don't call me face banks. IFV. My king Mike, we were told we were told on staff I always say like the name of the Creator here. So people know ya. Know who we are okay I'll do it, yes. Your grace. Yeah. Oh. Wow. Ready. For all this I'm always you know what when we look at line go. Ahead kid let me just say this let me just say this look we'll have Jeffrey, on again like I think we should we should wrap it up and I want to wrap it up with something positive because we did get into a lot of dirt right we got pretty dirty so let's wash yourself off a little bit you. Did. You. Did have some criticism you in shame that the documentary serious, was just the giant commercial, I saw, it much more than that I saw. It as like teaching these young people. How. To be entrepreneurs. Yeah, and, like how to create products, and I I thought, it was really, inspirational to, a lot of people it wasn't just selling a product there was so many like good positive things that came from it and I think you and Shane together have inspired so many people to go out and do their own stuff and I think you guys not, only made a great product which. Was very successful but, you, also you, know showed, a lot of young kids the way and you know how to work for themselves in the future and, we. Live in a much different world than we did in 2004-2005. And I think you're a fine example of, somebody who has. Proven, to the world that under any circumstance, no matter who the fuck you are who you want anyone can do can be whoever you want to be and you can do it to the absolute highest level, yes, do I like drama and attention, yeah we all do it's fun but, I think a lot of people are trying to derail from my real message and if people think I saw something I didn't I'm so sorry, but at the end of the day I am a 34, year old grown man I own, it and a crazy makeup empire, and I'm just trying to feed me and my family and make sure me and all my friends are good what, I think a great job and, it's really really crazy journey my past and me the younger me was so dark and I know that people want to still think maybe, I am that person we. All know I'm not that. Was such a long time ago. And it's. Crazy do, grow and change that's. A real fucking thing. Four. Years ago even with the James thing you guys I learned so much about myself and, when, to shut my mouth and when to, really you. Know maybe. Ask more questions and. You know it's it's we're always learning, and growing for sure you're not you're, an idiot, guys, leave. It right there but, guys make sure you subscribe because next week, we're having James, Charles, I. Actually. Yeah, yeah I think so I talk to him I, don't know it's up in there he can't allow this sort clown, is so excited, I would never cancel I bet if you guys need a guest caller I'll be right here thank you you're awesome seriously, thank you for coming on.

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