Modern business apps: There are none without Microsoft SharePoint PowerApps and Flow - BRK3359

Modern business apps: There are none without Microsoft SharePoint PowerApps and Flow - BRK3359

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All. Right welcome. To this session modern. Business, apps there, are none without Microsoft, SharePoint perhaps. And flow and. A. Little bit about me before we start so my, name is Ahmed on Azure or for, short you could call me Eric if you want. Aka. The flow Jedi, you. Could call me Ahmad that's my friends call me Ahmad so I'm based in Oslo in Norway and. A. Senior, consultant at, info, worker. I'm. A business applications, MVP, and. I'm. A, developer passionate, heart and soul about development, I started with development, ever since I graduated, I, have, 14 years of experience worked, with mainly, with with the Microsoft, ecosystem. Technologies. Started. With c-sharp. And and, then I actually moved, along but, I've worked. With SharePoint, ever since the beta version of 2007. So that's 14, years. I, also, work with Microsoft, flow power apps and logic. Apps and I'm, also a SharePoint. Or SharePoint Saturday, all SLO organizer, in, in Oslo and faithfully feel free to take my Twitter. Account and this is my blog but. It's, really good to follow me on Twitter I tweet a lot I'm part of the flow. Community, as well so. We. Talk about flow most of the time and you'll see me just talking about events I just do events more than I do blogs. And. Just, a little bit about. Info worker at a glance so, we are a consultancy, services, and solutions so, we we, do comes consultation. And we provide solutions and we are mainly focused, on office. 365 and. SharePoint. Team's. Solutions. Development. Including. Dotnet, and different. Programming. Languages, and we. Do cloud. Cloud. Solutions, in Azure, as well, and system. Integrations, and we, do business process, automation. Using. Of course flow. Power-ups, and logic. Apps and intakes. Of course and. We, we also. Provide JD PR consultancy. We have a certified. JD PR consultant, at our premises, in Forker and. As. Well, we. Do user adoption, and training, so, a very. Fast glimpse of our important. Clients that we have I currently. Work with innovation. Where Norway they provide, loans for for, innovative. Projects, inside, of Norway they, are really cool guys we, also have. Store. Tinea which is the parliament in the region parliament we, also have. Different. Other. Clients. Important clients as well as amnesty. For example and. This. Is the amazing team I'm really lucky and privileged to be part of those. Smart people and. There's. Also fresh, meat that we forgot to put here so this is a shout out for you Celia so, welcome aboard again. So. Modern. Business, apps as you, can see from the. The title of of this session this, is actually, a statement so. It's it's not like a propyl proper, title it is a statement and throughout, this session we. Are trying, to prove, this this, statement or not prove it at least we we, debated and I've. Divided. This session into. Two. Parts. The first part is non-technical. Which, is something, has been addressed as well in a session that I have been to before my session, John Levesque and Kent they, did a really amazing session. About flow so. Sometimes. These challenges, are not only technical, sup some there are some other challenges that you face when you're trying to adopt modern. Business, apps and the. Other part is technical, it's just demo so, it's, I hope it's going to be interesting and not bothering for you so, the first thing for.

Developing. A modern business apps usually, when you say modern, it, does not mean that it's only new, or something. That is like you know involves, technology it, also. Means a lot of characteristics, it does not mean like you know one thing in modern as new it means a lot of things in these, mystics, are for example like, easy. Not. Only easy to use but also easy to understand, easier to build, so. It needs to be easy, the. Second thing is cross platform so. Cross platform, we are using multiple devices, every, day we are people. Are innovating, like new ways to communicate with each other it's, important, to have a cross platform because. We're using those platforms every. Day it's us that's changing, it's not the devices, we want that change so, we want to have some tools that supports. This cross platform. Integrated. We, also use a lot of services, and apps across the cloud on Prem different. Technologies, it needs to be integrated with those technologies and systems that we use every day right and. It. Needs to be fast so, fast not in terms of responsiveness, but, also fast to build because. When. We want to do something, we want it yesterday. Not, today. Manageable. It's, important, to be manageable, in, terms of like how we package, it how we deploy it we, want to stop it we want to start. It like, that. Insecure. Of course security is a big issue we we don't need like to. Discuss. Further about that but. We we also have different characteristics. It's not only about security, but I highlighted, the most important, ones that, we always struggle. With or we think of I need something very easy easy to understand, I want to do it today and finish, it get it over with something. That I could manage I've done, the solution, but think ok so I want to move it somewhere else or use it somewhere else these are the most important, characteristics. But. Also there, are other things like for example scalability. Of user experience. Compliant. Innovative. So so this, is this is something that you need to have as well but, I highlighted, the important ones but this, does not happen all. Of a sudden like overnight, it. Needs something to happen there's. Something needs to happen you've, heard that term, digital transformation. Multiple, over and over again and people, are overwhelmed, with that but, I think that there's a new definition, for that if you want to define digital transformation. It's, all about, changing. The culture how, you think, in an environment, to make things easier, and simpler that's. Digital transformation. But, also it does not only involve the way they change the culture of thinking, because people sometimes are stuck with system, and they're good with it so we don't need to embrace any change, but, probably, you you'll be left out we don't we don't drive people like by fear, like, market, marketing, by fear that's not good but, I'm saying that one. Way or the other you'll end up being. There because. Everything, is just moving in the cloud all the, WoW features, the wild services, are actually in the cloud all the. Nice things are actually in the cloud so if you want to stay on Prem yeah. There is Gateway but, yet again you'll, not utilize, the full spectrum or the full capacity of these, services. And apps. So. You, need to change that culture it's, actually necessity, rather than, then-then-then, a facility, and it's, it results, it's a result of changing, the culture of thinking, in an organization, making things easier and simpler. But. It's also important, because finding. The right digital, tools to do this digital. Transformation is. Important, because. Sometimes. When we do the decisions, to choose the digital. Information it, comes from from the bottom down and, it's, just all related, to okay I want to do this contract, with this company we. Have a good friend over there but, when. You're thinking about digital, tools and something. That addresses the. Day-to-day problems. That these, people. Are are working, with in each and every day the the the. Line of business workers, these, are the real people they're dealing with these problems and these, the people are the best to understand, their problem to address it not the people sitting in their office so. You're not need to find these digital tools so. One. Of these digital tools is actually Microsoft, flow, and power apps. Because. It addresses those, things that we've just discussed. So. With with marks, floo and perhaps you, could build Martin business apps very fast and, empower. The line of business users because, it's available for everybody, so.

Everybody Could just go there and build, it does not need a developer to understand, how to use that but, if, a, developer wants to extend. What you started, and do, something like even more they, could do that as well with with with power-ups in in in flow. And. It also connects, through to data across the. The across, the apps and platforms that, we have so, it's cross-platform, which addresses all, the things that we've discussed but as you can see what, I did in here is I. Had SharePoint, as a source, because. SharePoint, is a collaboration, platform, somewhere. Everybody all the teams that collaborate, all the people in an organization, they use it to collaborate, they put documents, they, put their files they put records and they, use it to collaborate, they have events, and they have different types of things, they could think probably, a custom, list they put their own records, so, it's it's a platform. Where all the teams they collaborate, and use it so, it is a source because, you put your data this is where it actually starts you want to pull the data and utilize. This data and. Then. Office 365, SharePoint Online. Included. Is actually. What provides, these also one of these digital tools that, enables. People in an organization. So. As everybody knows I'm not gonna elaborate, a lot about SharePoint, probably most of you know SharePoint, is a collaboration, platform and, it's, intelligent content management and intranet. But. When our focus on is transforming. Their business, processes, in in. Your organization. And that's, something that's important, because sometimes. Transform. Business processes. Means, the same as digital transformation. It, means the same sometimes. So. In, SharePoint. If you want to do a workflow. Microsoft. Flow is your thing you start by Microsoft, law and it's actually started to be embedded, within, SharePoint, so, when you want to do a flow you can see it on the tap on any list you could find flow there and as. Well if you want to Bill the forum you will find the tab you will, find power-ups. In there so. It just gives, you a clear, message okay, if you want do flows. With Microsoft, flow here's mark oh sorry, with SharePoint use Microsoft, flow if you. Want to use forms, for. SharePoint use, power apps. But. We. Have a debate, sometime. Back and and. People. Were kind of like you know discussing. That okay. Is Microsoft. Flow ready or not, so. Is power. Power. Apps is ready or not and this, is okay this is this is a good debate it's important, to debate that but. Let's say when it started in 2016. It was actually beta and it's, actually, have been developed, over these. The the, last two years really. Fast if not the fastest, platform, within the cloud it's, amazing, and I. Quote here a wise man once told me it is the glue inside of, these services, and apps within office 365 and.

That. Wise man is John Levesque he's just sitting here so. Alright, so it's. Really important, that that, you you kind of like use that glue to, put all these services. And apps within the cloud together, not, use them all separately, but. Use them all together to. Make a really, modern. Business. Application. But. People usually fear, to use that and that's why we come with stories so. There's like one of the. Busiest airports, in, the world was. Able to save, 11,000. Sheets of paper, per year and. Save. 288. Hours, of. Manual. Input, this. Is two months guys of a, year of manual, input, but. Not only this this, also created, a new career for a guy, not. Only a new app he didn't, actually only create a new app to create a new career this, guy was actually a security officer for 13, years and now, he's a news and adoption anybody, knows who I'm talking about, who. Anybody. Knows there's there's a prize over here it's waiting mr.. Flow, here was waiting anybody, knows. Yeah. He threw a fork right but the guy I'm talking about who is he. Yeah. Yeah. These guys are actually from the flow community. So. I can't give that away they'll be cheating, okay. I'll save it to later. He's he's, Sam, it's Annie, this. Guy have been a security officer for 13 years and that, changed his whole career by doing an app, and. Not only this there's several apps right now and Heathrow Airport but. I've seen this app with my own eye I was traveling with my mother-in-law and the assistant came in on. The list her name is there and they, take their name and we, went took the chair and right, away off we go there's no app there's, no paperwork it's just an app. So. It's that, fast. It's. Really good so why, are we giving you these stories because. These are the things that people fear the most they say like okay, it's not ready I'm not gonna be using no it is ready, utilize. Whatever you can realize at the time being okay I'm not saying hold your breath if there's something missing okay, you could use something else if your scenario, is not supported, at least but. Try it at least at, first try it and then. Decide if it's, good for you or not because. If you have, a tenant, in office, 365, you already have the plan, you. Have plan one just, try it play with it if it's actually worse for you then start from there. But. It doesn't mean it does not work for you and these are actually the most problem, that we need kind, of like you know to tackle. When. We're using these. Digital, tools this is kind of like you know always been the, problem. So. This is a non technical issue but. Let's. Get technical so for the rest of this session right now we're. Going to be doing three demos and for. These demos first we're going to show what. I'm going to be talking about because those are real sort, of like big scenarios, so, we're going to go through them like stepwise. So you guys have, a crystallized, idea, what, I'm talking about and what is the solution essence.

So. First of all is Auto archiving, a, documents. And files I was inspired, actually, so here's, the story I put, this as an idea to show it at ignite and then there's. Like a very, dear friend of mine he's he's, abroad he's not a friend he's, abroad really close guy he came, approached me he said yeah I want to do that as a video would you help me out I said of course but I'm doing this for ignite but anything, for you and he. Already did done it but wait so hold on a second, I actually. Took, that think. That he actually did I helped, him with and I made it even better and this, is what a guy's now I'm showing you this right now so we have two documents library in SharePoint a document. Library that is available somewhere in SharePoint, and we have an archiving, document, library so. What happens is actually this is a recurring. Flow. That. Runs, let's. Say if you want it every two weeks it runs every two weeks if, you want to run it every month let it every month depending on your requirements. But. This one actually runs every week and after. Two weeks it. Just goes checks if the. Documents, are older. Than two years the modification, date is over than two years then, what it does it makes, a copy of these files and after. Copying these follow it moves them to sorry. I'll get back one step and then. It cut sorry. Again. Let's. Let's not get ahead of ourselves so, okay, it copies them to the archiving. And then, deletes those files within the, original. One. So let's go check it out and, see, how it actually works. All. Right so, you guys see, my screen there's a little bit messy desktop, but that's alright, okay. So we have armed a. Documents. Library it's. In SharePoint, and as you can see a modification, they there varies there's something, that's from. September. Eighteenth something. Number 17th, in something from August, 13th, and. We have an archiving, document, library it actually, creates a file so this file have a couple of documents, I was. Actually testing, the, workflow. So as you can see here and, then. I'll go back to the flow in here, before. I run I will run it first and then we talk because it's gonna take a while I, need. To refresh that, and. Then. I will test, it. Before. Enabling yeah I haven't, lamebull at that way okay so I have to enable at first sorry, it's. Off, then. Like, that run now and. Then. Will you go inside and see how it actually works I'll run it right now, while. It runs. We're. Gonna see this actually moving the files, to. The as. You can see this is Thursday 20. 27th. Of. September. And you, have the time. Which. Is the look this is should be the local timing in Norway but no, this is UTC, sorry so. 548. And. It's. Actually started moving the files right now but let's get back and see how it actually works, so if we go edit that. Flow. We, could see that there's a recurrence, that is happening, is every two weeks on, the. Days Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday. And. Friday was working, days and. This. Is gonna get the the time two weeks ago and, I'm. Using an expression here I'm adding days. Which. Is minus 14, which, is two there two weeks. Ago and then. I get the items from, the document library but the nice thing is actually I could query the items and check the modified, which is less than the date of two weeks this. Is how I'm getting only, the items that I want I, create. This current, time zone and change it to the, local time, zone in Oslo, in Norway and. Then. I create that I take that and say it's folder. Created this volume this variable, and the reason I'm creating that because, if there is no, documents. To archive I don't want to create a folder and that's, why I put it inside of the for each or, they. Apply to each sort so, this is a condition it checks is the document. Created if yes. It, does nothing if no. Then, while they do this is a really nice action in Microsoft. Flow which, is send an HTTP request to SharePoint, and it creates a folder and. Then. We change that to folder. Create it is false, and then. We get the metadata for, the the document, we, copy the file and then. We delete the file from the original document. Library so, if we get back in here as you can see it, started, working but these are pretty. Large documents. So. I guess that's a feeling a hard time, just. Moving, things I hope it's, still running. So. It takes a quieter time because, it's actually moving the files but. If. We go go back again and see the archive, and open. That you, could see it actually moved a couple of files, so.

It Moves them and then delete, those files this, is actually simple, simple. Way to actually, do, things within. SharePoint. And flow, this, is something in like a huge, asked by. A lot of people so, you can start there do. The things that actually fits you. Then. So. We come to the next demo the next time I was actually event. Notification. So. Events, notification, management, the. Story is behind that I'm. An MVP I go, speak out a lot of events and. Represent. My. Company different, events but I have to leave home right, so. I. For. This year only I'm not talking about last year so these are the events that I did SharePoint Saturday Helsinki, and, the. North American. Collaboration. Summit mark roughly is doing that event again next year in Branson. In Missouri it's, a really nice event amazing. Though it's in the middle of nowhere but it's an amazing event I really, recommend that you guys go in there like. Probably could just take sometimes off in the Ozarks so that's, really nice all. Right, big. Shout out to mark Rackley by the way MVP. Summit 2018. And the Microsoft, Excel met at Stockholm, Zurich, war. So Stockholm. Again and Microsoft. Ignite right now okay so these are the ones that I went to I haven't started with the ones that I didn't. Ok. So I'm going to sample right after ignite and then, to Lisbon and then, to the modern workplace conference. In Paris Brussels. And. Barcelona. And then, to the Netherlands, and finally. To thrive big. Shout out to, Branca. Sinclar she's. Actually organizing. A nice event in Slovenia. And. Ileana, which, is the. The. Capital in Slovenia, and there's. A lot of known, MVPs, a lot of known people are actually coming to that event and for. Those European. Participators. For ignite or athlete, or Americans, anybody could come it's. Really kind of like compared, to other events, it's really good at good at a good price comparing. To other events. So. You guys already, felt lost right now right. So. What do you think about my wife is gonna be she's, gonna take care of the kids and like. I'm gonna be away so she needs, some. Ways that I could just tell her that I'm. Gonna be away for those times so. What I did is simple. Is I create an events list I got. All my events there and when. An event is added, it will, actually trigger a Microsoft. Flow, what. It does it. Will send an, email. To my, wife informing. Her that I've been accepted I will go at that time and, for. Those who are laughing there's no approval at the end of that workflow, alright, I'll, just let you know, ok, big shout out to my wife right now probably she's watching thank you very much I love. You and. All. Right so what happens there's also a recurring, event that.

Happening, There this. Recurring, event is checking for those events and what, happens, it's, going to send those, reminders, one. Week before and one. Day before and, we. Could probably change, that wandering, face of my wife to, a happy wife and. Informed. Happy wife and that's. Really good so. If any of you guys having like you know probably you know collaboration. Problems, and said this is a really, good case you, can solve your own issues I'm just kidding guys so what, I'm trying to say here that you could just achieve so, much because there are business cases as well depending on that so. If you, have like you know events, or, some, soft like you, can apply that you can, apply these things, but. You thought you wait a second, let's. Not get ahead of ourselves. You, thought that the workflow in Xia right no. You thought, wrong it. Does not stop here so, 20 days before the event it. Actually, sends. This. Event, to. Another tenant, it's, working, cross tenant, which, is the info worker tenants not my MVP tenant, it's the info, worker tenants it's. Sending that event, there and. It adds that event to in for work or tenant so, what happens when it added there when. An event is added. Let's. Add the event, it. Triggers, another flow, so. That flow. What. It does it sends an email to my boss I'm gonna be away for that time and he's. Gonna get informed, it sends. An email to our competency, responsible. At the company, because he's responsible for you, know competency, building MVP, and all that stuff and. It's going to send an email to the PR so, they create news and tell everybody that Ahmad. Is going to an event he's gonna do blah blah blah etc etc it, does not only do that what. It does as well one, week just before, the event it. Will wait and post. Something to teams informing. My colleagues, that I'm gonna be a way for that event, with the details of that event so everybody, gets informed, so. With all that I could, do that it's just automation, I just create that even one, boom. I'm. Done I don't need to do anything else I just created the event the rest of its just flow doing the work for me it's.

Exactly, What this slogan that for flow is actually, work. Less do, more is. Exactly, what it is. So. If we go and go check that. Demo. So. Let's, open up the let's. Open up the events calendar so, this is, this. Is how the calendar, looks like this is the, the real calendar, and don't. May get me wrong guys so, my wife could add events and I get and I get notifications. As well so, it's and there's no approval at the end of that as well. All. Right so. You. Can see here there there this one event and. Let's, open that event and see what's actually in there so, I choose the event owner so whether it's me or my wife and I set a title I set the location and a start date and an end date and I said the actual and in, India, the actual, start date and an actual end date and that's really important, for those who are alike in the company, when they want to create news they, know that actually this events starting this stay in ending, that layer that day but as for my travel probably I'll travel like two days before one day before or, coming. Back two days after, one day after so, that's the period arm away so. That's why we have these two and then, add it to in fork so, my wife doesn't need to inform my boss about their events, so she, doesn't need to add that to in for her and there's like description, along with the links this is rich text, and there's, a category which is a default field. Within the events is it, an all-day, event so yes because it actually extends, that and then, this is the ID for. That event, in the info worker list. Because. If I wanted to utilize. That in one way or the other for example I could create a link and say, when, equal, when ID equals, 23, for example open it up boom you got the the event that's created, on the other tenant, all. Right so, let's, see how this is actually built because, there's, like waiting, time and. There's. Like multiple factors, in there probably, I could just show you the notification. But I'll show you like the ones that actually have ran before. So. For, that one so this is when an item is created this. Is the first thing that happens when an item is created on that events list I, first. Format the date. So. I could put the data in the right format and. Then. I have a private, email here so I don't have to show you the private emails because. I'm selling it to other emails, as well for. Me and my wife so, because. She checks their private email more I check my work email more so. That's. It and that's the events list because, it's kind of send the link for the events list with a notification and then. This is a switch case it, checks if this if this event is my event or my, wife so it decides okay I'm gonna send it this, to a mod to inform, that she's, going away or the. Other way around and. Then. Then here we set the the, private email we, set the email at tech Carpenter which is the the. Tenant that I'm using right now it. Gets my profile, information, so it sends that you know properly, email nice proper, email and I. Just do that it's just simple, and straightforward there's. No, rocket. Science, in there very. Simple, and. I could show you how the the email looks like, so. This is a reminder actually, but I'll show you an. Event. Let. Me see, so. This is reminders, reminders. Okay. So. This is an amendment as, I like tieran or brace yourself, but. She needs to brace herself when she got the email so I want, to inform you that I'll be accepted, to speak at and then I put the eat the the details. And, where and then, please note that I'll be away on and I put the date and then. Check the even details there when she clicks it opens up the event if I click on that one it, opens up the event in the, events calendar to see the details. But. If she wants to see the rest of the events you have a link in here you open it up and you can see as well the events. So. Let's get back and see what happens for their reminders, because it's also there's a schedule. Flow. There. So. The schedule for all is actually recurrence, it happens, every day is, just checking for these events and then. Here it checks for the events that are happening in three weeks, from now which is 20 to 21 days as I, showed you before and, then. It will add that I added a scope so, I know that in this scope everything, is just running on the info worker tenant not on my tenant and, then. It will get the items. For. When. The event date is actually. In this period which is after in. Three, weeks time and, add. Two info worker is one so, it means it's true so I want to add that to the tenant. Then. It runs through the items it, checks, the, if. The if at you info worker and. Then. It, just adds the items to the info worker there and then updates, the.

Item. That I have in my tenant the MVP, tenant with the ID with. The ID that I've created so, the item that created got created, there it, returns an ID I save that ID within, my tenant so I know that okay that's the ID for that event, in the info worker tenant the. Rest of this stuff I just get there. The profile, I get, the user profile, and then I send. The, the. Really reminders, it, looks pretty much the same as the. The one I showed you but, the difference here is when, I get the items I do a different query so, this one I do when. The start date is tomorrow, so I check, out for tomorrow's dates but. This one is actually when, I check. The ones for like after week in seven days, so. That's the difference. But. Let's see how it works on on the other side on the info worker tenant. So. If I open this up so when an item is created because the other API or the sorry, the other connector, is going to create a. New. Item in the m4 core tenant so. What happens. By. The way big shout out for the info workers because they are watching me right now. Alright. So. This. Is this is that when an item is created I format, the dates and I, also because, I think that there's there's a problem, with it with the regional settings as well so, I try to convert, the dates so I get them into the right formatting. As well so that's why there's a couple of action here a couple of actions here then. I here get my manager get. Copeland's, which, is he's the the. The competency. Responsible, and then. Latika, is actually, the ones responsible for PR, and, the news and, then I get my profile, and. Notice. Here that I use also a nice thing I'm, using English, on my tenant but this one is in Norwegian, and I. Have to translate, because, I I've, put like the template, in Norwegian, and then, when I send its gonna be like Thursdays, Lana I see a couple of Norwegian see it's not gonna be Tosh though so. Okay. So this is what we call Thursday so yeah so, it's not gonna be that day so I have to translate that to rhyme, along, with the template that I put because I wrote the the the, template in Norwegian, and. Then. You have it here so I translate, the dates translate. Them perfectly does not change the date it only change the the day, and then. I send that to. My manager, but. I also notice. Here that I used. The, delay until and. I. Set, a day which. Is a week, before seven. Days before it just Waits and then, it just. Creates the the sorry. It applies. The action, which, is send this to my colleagues I, will, open up teams in here you can see here that in. The region it says I don't know if Translate is enabled, but this by default is, the. Region let's just say they are all I'm going to be holding.

A. Session. And. The next week in Orlando Florida, on Microsoft. Ignite for more details you can find them here and there's like a link this. Is this is what it says so. This. Is this is how it works simple, and easy I don't have to do anything I don't to fear with anything, so. That, being said we, go back again to. Our. Session we have 9, minutes to go I think for the bill final, one I could. Finish it in 3 minutes and then we could have 5 minutes. For questions. So. The, next one is actually an event. Notification. Manager the last one is is a feedback, mobile. Station, like, a lot, of you have actually seen that station. That have these smiley faces right like, when you go out of the bathroom you see them in the airport, like. It is actually, a hardware, it's not like a mobile, device it's a hardware so basically, you have to move them around but. What if you could create an application, that. Could show it on an iPad or a, small, phone and then, you can do the feedback instead a new SharePoint, as your. Data. Source right. So. I've done something similar, so. Let's. Change and. We. Open this up. It. Seems that my boss is sending, so I don't have you guys have, to see that and then I open this. Alright, so. This is this, is how the application. Looks like I'll. Just. Hide, the, one. In here. Do. That and, show. The messy. They. Stop. All. Right. All. Right so, here's. The application so I have a set of sessions you could add sessions from here as well so I could do that, you. Could add sessions from here you, could fill them up and this, is also reading from a SharePoint. List. So. You could just fill that list with all the speakers that you want and. They. Create that item but. I've already created that item. Already and as you can see here there's like one it's not rated it's in red so, I noticed that this is not rated I. Go. To that item, I see, the information. Modern. Business apps that's my session and it's. Track developers, it's not really developers, it's for everyone though it's 300. And speaker. And it's not rated so I click, on the, star, in here this. Is where it gets nice see. This is a feedback station, I only put these, arrows, only for demo purposes, but, you could do with that is just hide them behind the control make them the same color make them small, because. I don't want to connect to the connector each time somebody hits those faces, because. It's gonna take time until it connects and returns, instead. I'm saving. These in this information, inside. An object, within power, apps and then, when I'm done I put them in text and then save them to SharePoint. Alright. So. For. The sake of, the. Demo purposes, I'm, gonna say like this. Is going to be excellent, I think so. I'm just clicking very like and for, the sake of demo, purposes, because you need to make sure that the the good and bad works I'll put one in here and one in here I'll, be I'll accept that other. Than that is not accepted, I'm just kidding, okay. So I, hate, that 23, times and for, the good. And you, know bad just one time and accept that for demo purposes, I'll. Click this and, now. Is actually have saved that to SharePoint. After. It's saved that to SharePoint, I could, go back and you. See that it's rated, now, it's in green right. And, I, open this up boom, you, got a report within perhaps, you could see how many people have actually rated that as 24. And, how many people have did that for like. More. Than that so you can just do that it's really simple it just took me one day to do that I know I'm a developer, probably take you like two. Or three days but it's simple, there. Are simple. Things but, they're like you know you know we take some stuff like you know for granted okay I don't want to do that like in as, an application I could use some hardware for that but that costs, and there's a lot of maintenance for, that but, yet again this one is just deployable everywhere. Sorry. About that. So. No I don't wanna people see my pattern mmm. Okay security so alright. So, this. Is this is kind of like you know I end, up with with with, this final I just finalized with this final demo, and.

Thank. You for being here for those who wanted, to to check out go just, make sure that you rate my session please if you. Have liked me you think that wasn't good enough please, give me good feedback make. Sure that I've just you know keep. Myself updated know, what went wrong if you, think it is good please do, that and rate my session, and I'll, be ready for questions, if you. Anybody, have any thank you very much. Yeah. Yeah. Microsoft's. Been saying it's coming it's coming for, like years now so, you have any insight, on what. Should we do there's telling. Us exactly, the same yeah, sorry. It's. All it's exactly the same. Here. The thing okay so so, I don't work for Microsoft so I could tell you like frankly. If you can wait wait. But, if you don't don't hold your breath yeah. Just, if. If. You, don't want to hold your breath just go with, somebody. Else I don't work for Microsoft. But. It's but. But like I don't, know I want to say that publicly, but I'll just tell. You I didn't. Give away my price so because, you asked first you get to get the price. Sorry. It's. Not gonna go through that so, so Microsoft, flow are working on that so it soon enough it's gonna be like it's big brother which is logic, apps it's, gonna be for 90 days, yeah. And we've discussed a schema, with with the product team that, if, people want, to have that to run even more than. That lucky enough for for, a year or more, than that that. Will be kind of like you know at a cost but they're thinking about that but that's really at the end of the list so don't wait for that. It's. Flow itself 30, days no, no no it's not the approvals, all each, and every action be well the, approval is more. Or less it's a delay action it's just waiting for response, from somebody right. Exactly. It's. It's a part of how flow. Itself or logic apps as well works because, if part of the infrastructure. Has actually, being built so if there's a change gonna be any change gonna be in there so it's gonna be change in structure so this is a big change so, the guys actually did a really good job for now making. It there for like 90 days and that's, a really good good time, but, we hope that we get luck even more but, if you want if you want to have more you have logic apps it's the Big Brother but. Still 90 days. You're. Welcome. For. The time being no. No. For, the time being no but we are actually approvals. Is a big thing and, it's, actually. We've. Been talking about this with flow each time we go to the MVP summit we just tell them that we need approvals, this is a business automation this, is a business process automation engine, you need to top that up and, we need to have customized, forms I've. Used NIM Tech's myself, and use different, workflow. Engines and I don't understand, the the challenges. Why, people want that so for the time being no that's. Limited. Customization. Thank. You Thank You Love yeah. All. Right. Yeah. You could use gateways, you these gateways and, through the gateways you just connect to these data, sources and. You, for, for SharePoint 2019, server you, could trigger, an action from SharePoint 2019. Into. Flow yes, it's going to be embedded within. It's. Called flow, flow. So you use you use the the, the, connect gateway yeah. You're. Welcome yes. For. Force for that the one that I showed no no. But I was thinking putting, in our app source follow. Me on Twitter I'll follow, you back. We. Talked about it all right. To. Do, so what's the. No. External, users for power-ups there is none right now they, are working on it but I again. I told you don't hold your breath and wait for that because, they've. Been telling us that a long time ago and I. Could, tell you we, don't know how it works because that's a big change in. How, power-ups works so. For. The time being no only within the organization. So basically, if, if you want to overcome that in the you know you have like your client does not have like a lot of people that want to use that form. You, can create an account for them and give them limited permissions, and. They could use the app other. Than that, it's. It's not possible, so if you want to have a public lock for everyone to use it like anonymous users, no it's. Not available unfortunately. Yeah. No. You could use you, could create a user at, the domain if that you have let's say five. Clients, or three let's. Say, that. Works at, least for you I'm just telling you like a workaround, but probably you don't want to do that so, there's, there's, no other option, to kind of like have power apps available out.

There But. What you could have if it's a survey, and they are filling information, and then not expecting, any data back use Microsoft, forms. It's. Customized. Okay. Gotcha, gotcha. Unfortunately. They're no. I. Don't, recommend using InfoPath, either so, InfoPath is. Already. Dead not. Clinically, dead but it's not like that dead, so like, white I think. 2020. 2021. Or something like that they're gonna kill it, so. So don't use it don't. Use it no I highly. Recommend that you don't do that no. If. So. If what, you could do is is as simple as this if you want to do something customized, what, you could do I'm out, of time right yeah. Okay, so what time is your session. In. 30 minutes I should. Run in 30 minutes by the way so I'm really, I have a podcast so. Yeah. I of course do that please yeah. Sorry, about the mess I just need to answer some questions so, what, you could do is that you could create a customized. Page that, is for example HTML, and then, at the end make the Ajax make a call to flow and then, send, this information, to, flow as. JSON, and then actually inserts that in yeah, so you would have the, the pleasure of having a customized. Form yourself but not using, power-ups. At, the same time you can have exactly that form shared as well with everybody. Right. Okay. That's. Kind of like you know. Okay. So watch out for this screen. So. So, in terms of in terms of if that's good for you and it. Just fits. Your, needs just, stick with it because I'm, just saying the forms experience, and the, approval experience, is is way better in Intex but, all. Your horses so, the, the integration. Experience, is, way. Better so, you bring all together so probably you can find a different alternatives. Of doing things if you're not using approvals, and you're using an. Index, for something else other than approvals, and forms then, probably you can just change your workflows, to use flow, instead, I'm, telling, you right now ninh takes is just running for salesforce they're not gonna be supporting, sharepoint, a lot like before that's. The inside information, by the way. Well. That's gonna be it's. Gonna be a kind, of like you know difficult to, do these things for like what. You say it's like I'm saying like approval, state. Machine, and those stuff like. State, machine is coming with with with, floor okay it's coming soon very soon okay. I can I can't tell you when but it's coming soon sandy, a-all. Right but it's coming soon. Push. Notifications, yeah. Okay. Okay. So push notifications. For. Mobile, apps it's, available within an action within where within. Within. Flow. But. What happens, is that if you want to do push notification, you have to have the, mobile app for flow on each and every mobile it, does not do push notification, but yet, again if you want to do push notifications. You. Have to have the app anyways, like any app that does a push. Notification, the. App of itself, is exists there for example if we have push notification, for Twitter you have Twitter already.

If. You are pushing the notification. To power apps you have to have power apps if you, are pushing notification. Through flow you have to have flow, both. Of them have, push, notifications both. Of them yeah. So. There's push notification, you push notification. Through power-ups, both. Of them have have push notifications not, one of them so, if you're pushing notification, through flow you, have to have the flow app if you're doing that through power apps you have to have the power ups app.

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