Modern app distribution with Microsoft Store for Business - BRK3003

Modern app distribution with Microsoft Store for Business - BRK3003

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The. Last session of the day for I think all of you I hope, you guys have enjoyed ignite. I am Michael Corona and I'm here to talk to you guys about modern, app distribution, with the Microsoft, Store for business, so. I've got an important question for all of you who, here, has, been asked a question to. See if you have used the product or thing that has been discussed in the session, yeah. Everyone, right okay now, everyone, raise your hand because this next question, is very important on Monday, when you get back who plans on deploying Microsoft, Store for business oh, come. On, alright, so, thank, you guys very much for coming I'm generally impressed, that. The. Last session of the day with the expo winding, down with the sessions winding. Down that you guys decided to come and hear about Microsoft, Store for business I hope we can give you a lot of information today that helps you get started using. The store for business so. What is the Microsoft Store for business for those of you who haven't heard of it or haven't used it we, enable, a portal. To acquire. And use. Modern. Windows apps that. Includes discovery, you can find, and. Learn about modern Windows apps on business store or education, stored on Microsoft, comm we, also enable the, ability to use line of business apps, and get those in so, and you can enable a discovery experience for those a line of business app will allow you to use the store infrastructure. To sign your Store applications. And. Distribute, them and, as the developer, control, them those line of business apps will only be available for your organization. You don't have to worry about them going into the public store where, anyone can get them you, can acquire with your work account or work. Or school account of course both in bulk and we enable things like tax exemptions, and what's. Appropriate for an organization, you, can distribute, through various, options whether it be in tune integration, SSE M integration, direct. Assign of the private store to make the app available for, your organization, we, also have a commerce management, experience now this is of course gives, you the ability to manage what you've purchased from. The store for business but it actually goes way beyond that we have enabled. Things like managing your volume License Agreement man, Jr purchases, with a partner, through, the Microsoft field or Sales Account Manager. Purchases. From web direct experiences, as well and I'm, sure a lot of you have heard all of the great work that's happening, on admin, microsoft comm, a lot, of the, experience, for commerce management, are actually, being brought into that so as we try to create this coherent, experience across, all admin portals even, with business store that's included, in that coherent, work stream. So. Let's talk a little bit about Microsoft, store what's, the difference between the consumer, store the, Microsoft, Store that everyone, one has heard about and the Microsoft Store for business well, there's a few things one of the key things is what identity, are you using, to, purchase, and use the store from your. Windows applications, in this. Case as a consumer. You're, purchasing, for yourself and you're gonna use your Microsoft, account to do that your personal, Microsoft, account it's the same account you're going to use for an Xbox or for Skype not for business but Skype and, so, when you purchase you're also purchasing, just for yourself. Alternatively. With Microsoft store for business and education, you're gonna use your work or school account this, will enable you to purchase for your organization. As, a result, it's, not every single person who's making a purchase it's gonna be the purchasers, so you have the ability to delegate, that purchasing, just like you do with office 365 using. The same roles as you would with office 365, the building admin and of course the global admin but, in addition we've enabled in other roles such, as a store admin so you can further delegate, as appropriate, for your organization and the, purchaser, role that's the store purchaser role specifically.

This. Educational. Customer you can also enable basic. Purchasing now this is on by default it can be easily turned off this, allows you to delegate your purchasing, actions to teachers, within your organization, so we look if the person has a teacher's, license, or faculty license, by, from oh three sixty five and if, they do we, grant, them the ability when they sign in to, make an app purchase, for, their school they, don't get to manage all organizational. Purchases, they just get to manage the purchases, that they've made and do some basic distribution. Options to, their schools we. Have, recently enabled, purchase requests as well so that even non purchase basic purchasers, can try. To purchase, the come to business store or education, stored on Microsoft comm it's, on by default for business store it's not for education store because we don't want to give it automatically, to students, and they. Can select, and make a request now this isn't just for them it's, also for their co-workers, or their peers so if you are part of a team and you both need draw. Board as an example when, you make the request you can request it for both people and when that's completed, it, can be assigned to all of them automatically, once the admin approves it. You can choose who's approved who's not there's a lot of flexibility, there, additionally. We. Give you a lot of options to assign and. Get the app out into the hands of the people who need it this isn't just, assignment. Though as we do license management within, the store for business so, this gives you the ability to not only assign but also do a reclaim, because the license ownership is maintained, within the organization, you don't have to worry about an employee leaving the company and taking the appellations with them you can take it back if they change teams or if they leave the company you don't have to worry about losing that license we. Have multiple, license types online. Licensing, is exactly what you would probably expect from the Microsoft, Store it allows you to keep, your license, up-to-date, requires, you to stay connected every, couple weeks I can't remember exactly what the Refresh cycle is or, is an offline license, you can stay offline, for as long as you want it's the submarine, scenario, but, it's used for a lot more than just staying offline, because you're able to download the offline application. Outside. Of the store infrastructure, you can download directly from is in the store, Microsoft. Comm you're. Able to use, it in store, imaging or pushing out as a side loaded application, through, such things as SSE M or other management, tools. Additionally. We have the private store which we'll talk a lot about today where, you can make your applications, available in tune, integration, we support in tune SSE M as I mentioned earlier as well as other third-party, mobile. Device managers that you've probably heard of but I won't mention here today where, those MDM. S and management, tools can distribute, to your employees, as a required, application so, they will sync with the inventory, of the store for business if you've set this up and then push they will also as the assign they, will claim one of the licenses. So that you can still keep tracking the business store of how many licenses you have available or how, many have been given out in the case of a free app my, library is of course available for an end user to see what, has been. Claimed what's being used what's been assigned to me private. Line of business apps I mentioned earlier store, sign through, Windows dead center not available, to the world and of, course admin controlled store settings so, if you're on Windows 10 enterprise or Windows, 10 education, you can use in tune you can use SCCM, or group, policy, to restrict, the store not only can you disable the store but more importantly, and hopefully you.

Would Prefer to use this you, can disable the public store so you can control what apps are available to your organization, so you're not seeing everything again this requires Windows 10 enterprise or Windows 10 education, and you multiple, ways that you can take advantage of that so. Let's talk a little bit about distribution. Let's. Talk a little bit about distribution there we go there's. Three core ways that you can distribute on the store for business you, can use the private store which allows you to make apps available for your organization, using, the integrated, Windows 10 store. That, you don't have to worry about installing or trying to get the application, it uses the, same, experiences. That we make available for. Selling. To a consumer, things. That we've tried to optimize to make it easy to find, an application we. Bring to the organization one, of the problems we continually, hear from IT admins, is my. Employees. Don't know how to get access to the things I've made available to them by. Using an experience, that's already well known and proven to be. Effective at helping people find when they're trying to buy something we, know that we can make it easier for an employee to find apps that you've made available to, them additionally. There's direct assign if you need to give a license, in advance immediately. To one, of your employees or staff you. Can do. A direct assign, and make it available for them they'll get an email and they. Can go quickly install, the application, lastly. We support mobile device manager integration, I mentioned a couple of times where, Intune SCM. And others, can push. Applications. And you'll hear more about some of the great work that's happening there, today so, how do you get started how do you distribute through the store first. You have to get your application of course there's, multiple ways of doing this the primary is you would either go to business, store at Microsoft column acquire, either the free or paid application, whatever amount of licenses, you need if you, get a free application you of course have unlimited, licenses, or, you can use a line of business app you can go to a Windows Dev Center you, can sign up for a dead-center account you. Can you create a connection between your tenant and the store for business account and then, you can publish apps and when, you do select line of business and push, it straight to your, tenant, once. You do that you can choose one of the distribution, options we covered earlier, whichever, makes sense for you and if you use the private store you can also then further. Do customizations. To, make it how. You want, it to appear within the store this, includes group. Targeting which, is coming online this month you'll be able to start targeting applications. To security, groups from. Powered by a ad you. Can also create collections to categorize, and organize your applications, choosing. Sort orders whatever, makes sense for you so. Let's show a little bit about how this works so. I'm. Gonna start on the store for business to show you that experience. I'm. Gonna start on the store for business to show you a little bit about how this site works so, you can see that, I, have a shopping experience shop, for my group I can find 1st and 3rd party applications, applications, made by Microsoft, as well, as applications made by third party I have, the standard search functionality. That you would expect and. Can. Choose to acquire whatever hat makes sense for me I also, have a web version of the private store this is where an admin, can manage their private store they, can add a new collection. Choose. The apps that they need. And. Complete. The collection edition. With the work we recently done but the work we have recently done it'll. Now show almost. Immediately in the private store it still takes five to 15 minutes our official SLA is now 15 minutes if you use the store for business before you, might be aware of our. 36. Hour SLA, the SLA is now gone I can. Do other management, actions on the collections, I can edit them, I can move the collections up and down I can also reorder, the products and the collections, we've used this even internally, in Microsoft, where there's certain applications, that are more important, for us at Microsoft, to be able to use so, we use reorder, to bring those to the front of the list so it's faster, for us Microsoft, employees, to find them, lastly.

That The thing I will cover is managed this is where you can do many, things across, the store for business including. Manage your commerce relationship, as well as see the products and services that you own this, particular test tenant only has Windows apps so that's what I will see and I can come in to those applications and I can make them available so let me show you the new security, group targeting, that we have added to the private store in this. Particular, case it was available to everyone I'm. Gonna make it available to just specific groups and, I'm going to assign it to the. Private, store group, now this is powered by a hazard Active Directory they are security, groups and it. Will automatically, find anything, that's there when. I had the group this, application, is now available, only to members of that, security group now, I've already launched the store so I'm not gonna show you the awesome advantages. Of the new Pro fast private store in part because it is five to fifteen minutes I don't want to make you all wait here I know you're all waiting to get out of here and go to Universal. Studios but. You can see that the same. Report. For business website, is also shown in the private store app on Windows 10 you, can see the contoso and, new employees, and previously. I just deleted it the Linux subsystem, collection, finance, things, like that. So. This allows you to have one, central, place to manage, these applications, and do the distribution but. Additionally there's other work going on right now to enable Intune to do even more with that before, I talk, about the Intune integration, let me show you how to get a line of business application, into your store. So you're gonna start on Windows dead center this. Link is available a sign-up link is available in, this. Deck if you check out the deck afterwards, through, I think it's a Microsoft ignite com. It. Should be available and all the things you've done to sign up you. Can sign, up for a Windows, dev Center account the first thing you're gonna do is create a relationship between your tenant I'm not going to show you that here because it takes some time to go between email, but, in short there's gonna be, email. Integration. Sorry. Support, for sending an invite and doing the accept all within dev center the, acceptance, within dev Center you. Can create a new application so I've already created the contoso lob, app and then I can start a submission. But. Once I start the submission I'm gonna see a pricing, and availability tab. From. Pricing, and availability because. This is a line of business app of course there's not gonna be an actual price I can select what markets, so in case there's certain countries, within your organization, you don't want it to be available but, it additionally, visibility, visibility, is where the real magic happens here I go from retail, distribution, to line a business, distribution, I, understand. That this means it's only available for my enterprise, and then, I'm gonna select contoso.

Now You see that this is a check box but because there's only one business here that might not make sense what. The way this works is if you're an ISV or a partner and you want to make the application available to multiple, customers, or, let's say you're an organization with multiple tenants, you, can use one dead-center account to publish the same app to, multiple, tenants, when. You do that you also control updates, in the same way and you use all the same great metadata, that you've already seen in the store the, icon, the. Description, screenshots. All, of those capabilities, so. If. I select multiple, tenants every time I do an update to any of those whether I change the description I changed the name I change the images all of those things go and more importantly when I update a new package, and it's that goes to everyone in my organization, or others it's all from one place so. Like a second about updates, I'm not going to submit an update at this time nor am I going to complete, the flow, again I don't want to take us through the process of accepting, it because. That does take a few minutes but. When. You, submit, an update one of the benefits here is you're not gonna manage certificates, anymore here it will all be store signed this means it works on any Windows 10 device I need, to warn you it, does not work on Xbox, so, I'm sorry but. It will work on surface hub hololens. Windows, Mobile and Windows 10 desktop. You. Can, control. The update where it starts to roll out so it's all gonna be a silent update using Windows Update so if you've familiar, with Windows Update for business we also use the capabilities of Windows Update for business this, means that as it rolls out you, can take, advantage of the. Peer-to-peer, sharing, that. You're familiar with with, Windows Update for business. So. Let me go back and talk a little bit about what's, coming next. So. Jokes, aside who, here has actually used store. For business before. Ok. Great so you've. Probably noticed that, over the last year we've, added, more, and more features to, the store for business where, we've done a complete re-architecture. Of the private store to allow us to move faster, do more with, a huge focus on reliability, improving. And. Giving, us a higher uptime, and allowing. You to not have any downtime within your organization, we've. Created the collections, and the categorization within. The store for business we've enabled a fast private store so, that it now takes as I mentioned earlier 15, minutes or less purchase. Requests again I mentioned earlier now your employees, can come get access bulk, assignment, now to be to, be clear this is not group based licensing, that. Is on our roadmap but, bulk, assignment, allows you to use a group in a ad to, do an assignment and we will expand. That group and assign to everyone within it this way you don't have to manually enter everyone's, name it will all go to the right people you just if the, difference between this and group 8 its licensing if someone leaves that group we don't automatically, remove them today someone, joins that group we, don't automatically, give them that license again, but. It's we've. Expanded, significantly prior. Support for this where you now have more people go, through it faster, and. There's much better support within our management experience purpose. Or group targeting so I showed you this earlier you'll, now be able to manage security groups this, tenant, is part. Of the rollout of the security groups which started this morning, or. Late, last night it's, I am three hours difference from my home so I'm, not quite sure what time it is so. You. Will see this in the next couple of weeks where. We're. In the rollout train right now lastly. In tune integration, I am very sad excited to announce that starting this. Year there will be an a preview. That will allow you to use in tune to manage not only mandatory. Applications. That you're pushing to your employees as well, as available, applications. So like it can publish the company portal today it will be able to make, applications, available in the private store if you want to, allow your employees to use the private store you'll have the choice between a company portal the private store or both if that makes sense for your organization.

That. Adds a lot of capabilities, though it's not just making it available in the private store they're already taking advantage of the security group targeting they will launch with that they, also map. Their categories. That you've seen in the company portal to collections, in the private store so you don't lose some of those customizations, that you've already started. We. Don't support everything in tune does today group exclusion, be one of the key examples, but. If you. Want to make applications, available in the store you can now use the one, central, management, tool that we recommend, which is in tune so. With. That I want to give people a, good opportunity to, ask any questions and give us feedback I, would I have a question for all of you which, is how are you guys using it what's, blocking you from using it and what, can we do better to make this, work for you, so, go, ahead. Currently. Uses the public store. We. Looked, into the, store. For business but, the problem there lies, that, it, requires us to whitelist, apps which apps that we want to use and in, acquiring, and. Discovering, apps we. Don't want to manage the whitelist we would rather manage. A blacklist, against the public store so. That certain, apps that we don't want in our environment, aren't available in the public store, is, that on the radar at all yeah. So on, the off chance you didn't hear that our apps available so, that you can use a denialist, instead of an allow list so you don't have to go through the private store specifically, it. Is on our radar I don't have any dates to share at this time but we're you're, not the first person to ask that question right. Now you would use the private store to make apps available the. First thing that we've done ahead, in that direction is, purchase requests, so, you can send employees to, business store not Microsoft comm today it's only on the web they, can request an, application and, it makes it much easier for, you to add it and give access to your employees but not yet in the store up on Windows 10 ok, thanks. Yes. Sir, when. You're curating. A collection, of acceptable, apps and, one. Happens to be a paid app how. Is the purchasing, handled there because obviously you're not going to hand out the credit card to every, employee right. Entered, in so. When. You add a paid, app to a collection, or to the private store in general you. Have to own it in advance you could own one license you could own a thousand, licenses whatever makes sense right, now what will happen is we will throttle, so as soon as you hit the notes say it's a thousand license it is as soon as you hit a thousand licenses you won't be able to install another one until more purchased. So. We. Have a lot of work to do in this area to make it easier. For you to manage but, we. Do do license enforcement, and you. As an admin would control purchasing, new licenses, as you get there not the end user the end user can't use that as an opportunity to purchase they, could go to business store and request additional licenses. But. Today it's that, would have to be how it works thank. You. There. Are other questions how about feedback. I saw a few hands raised when talked, about store for business are. There any questions around, or suggestions. For how we can get better. Who's. Excited for Universal Studios. Yeah. Good, all right. Who's, enjoyed ignite so far, all. Right, good okay, so. If there are no other oh go ahead yes, sir. Yes. We we have a store, for business implemented, and we. Are downloading content, into, our SCCM, environment. What. We're seeing as an issue is that. If. We're attempting to, assign that. Application. To a task sequence, it's, not allowed because, it's looking for a deployment to a system. There's. A nice little red X next net, so we cannot have that part of the task sequence. So. Your question, is how do you fix that yes. It's. A good question I'm, not gonna pretend, that I have an answer to that question right, now. I'm, not sure if one of my peers here does have an answer, to that question, that. Sounds like Priya my Priya. Is. With the Intune team she works closely with us she was my counterpart, on the private store integration, and I talked about earlier. Hi. Yeah so I'm Priya and work with the intern, team I don't. Have an answer for you but there is a whole bunch of smees on the booth floor, that.

Would, Be able to give you an exact walkthrough, as to what, can and can't be done and how to fix that issue so. That, might be the fastest way to get you an answer for that thank. You on, the off chance you can't make it there tonight come talk to me after I'll give you my email address you, can email me and after. The conference give me a little bit of time to detox. From all the, work, that we've done this week we'll, get you connected with someone who can help. Yes. Sir. Do. You have any plans to allow. Companies to use their own domains, rather, than link. It to Microsoft that cone. So. If, I understood your question around, using your own domain instead of linking to Microsoft com you're. Suggesting can, you enable, the I have its store or, the. Store for business in general on contoso, comm slash personal. Store instead, one business or no, mm-hmm. We have talked about it it's not in our roadmap right now, but. It's it is something that we have at least thought about it, just hasn't made it there yet, it's. An interesting idea it's a good idea another. Question, I go into. Allow. Companies. To manage, not only. The. Into our applications, but also a, Deans for those applications, or the. Packages. Such. As language. Pack. Right. So. For a language. Pack in particular, is gonna be for one of your win32, perpetual, software generally speaking but. Your question around add-ins, make sense we, don't support, it today as you know but. We. Do have plans to add it it is on our backlog, it, won't be in 2018. Though it's on our 2019. List, okay. The next, one anyway. To customize. The portal, to make sure that it's, branded. By, it. Has a the. Company branding, rather than Microsoft, branding, right. So, if our, you do. Your employees will your employees do, you have any plans to disable, the request workflow, well, or will you leave that on for your employees. For. Certain employees we allowed you them to go and buy applications. For certain place we don't I see so, when the employees who don't have access come to the store for business they will only see the contoso tab or your, company name and the. Intent is the collections. Is the first step in giving you more branding, so you can use things that make sense for your organization, we. Don't yet have support, for adding an actual branded, image or color scheme, to the store that. Is also in our roadmap. Okay. Regarding. The application, updates when the when. We take one of the applications, and make it available for, our employees, through. The private. Store. How, that application, going to be updated. If. It's your own private application, no its, application. From the door see, so, if it's an application from the public store when the developer, pushes out an update for that application it, will roll out to your devices, as your, devices check for update which, generally happens over one to two weeks depending on, what the developer has set for the range for the update time, so. It's, and it will all be a silent, update. With. Any controls, through in tune there, there, are plans I don't remember if it's in tune or SCCM. I'm. Sure there's, let me give you one use case scenario, yeah, PDF. Free. Adobe. Acrobat Reader right. So. If they are the mahkumat reader is updated, and then. Push to all the machines this, is what we want to avoid because, there are certain applications which, have a dependency, of the, particular Acrobat Reader version, yeah, install, the on-prem so if. You. Encourage us to use the, private. Store then, we need to make sure that we, can. Get those updates but still have a control, on when, and how certain, applications, are updated, in the internal. Organization. Systems, yeah. We do have the ability through SCM, coming, soon where, you can at least force, an update but that's not your questions, more. Interested only in human rather than on CCM, with an in tune oh. It's. The turnoff is there - so what forward, from the store for business team just told me was we, do have within group, policy is the ability to turn off updates, per, application, or for. All applications, so you can control the update and it's. A little you would have to use that group policy configuration but you could use that to pause updates, and till you have support for it you.

Could Do it on that per app basis okay. Thank you. Sir. If we implement this does it also control. The applications. That people can request through teams oh yeah. Okay, it's a no need. We've. Not. We're. Only using Software, Center now so that's. The only context, I really have for, this so how, how, can really the business the, business store takeover or does it take over software centers. Functionality. Right. So if you're using software, center or company portal or store for business the intent is to give you the choice of what makes sense for your organization right. If you're an on-prem, as a cm customer, software. Son there's gonna make the most sense for you but, as you move towards, the cloud and modernizing, you'll. Have the choice between company. Portal and store, for business and, sometimes it's, not a or. It's an end right. Certain. Applications, make more sense within the company portal company. Portal will give you some options around cross device, capabilities. Like store, surprisingly. Is not available on Android and iOS. Maybe. It's because it's called the Windows Store I don't know, but. The. Store the, the intent is to allow Intune to give you the capabilities, to make the choice for your organization. So. In. Software, Center were able to make packages, available to. Applications. That we own is. That same, functionality. Available in business. Store if we have on a XYZ. Application, we have 15 licenses, for it, yes. With an asterisk. So. There's, a lot of work going on right now on MSI. X which. Makes it easier, and easier with, every Windows Update to, convert. Your applications. To an MSI X modern Windows app the, benefit of modern Windows at being it's more secure, you don't get the PC raw one click on install on, all, of these many, many benefits and, then, you can use the store windows. Dev Center to ingest those applications, and then, use, the store for business to publish them or in tune to publish, them to the, appropriate place, so. In. The same way that you're in a repackage, for us to see em now the support, is not as. Robust. As SSE M is today and. Because, MSI X is very focused on secure applications, there will be things that will never be there right, kernel level drivers as an example are. Just they have they implement, introduced to many security, vulnerabilities, but. The, intent is that yes you'll be able to repackage all your applications and, with the work that they're doing right now on MSI acts you'll already see the, vast majority of any line of business at convertible, to MSI X thank. You. For. The internal, obligations, if, the. The. Developers, want. Two of them they, have the automation for the application, publishing now, but. It's being managed internally through, in cesium, if, we will. Me great to the business. Store, oh sorry, store for business, are, there any API. How. The developers.

Can Work directly they're. Not API is available at this time for, store for business publishing as a developer, what. And that is on a roadmap what. There is though is the ability to you, can associate, your a ad account with, your sort of your dead center account and then, you can use security, groups to control what developer, has access to what app if you're like Microsoft, we have different line of business teams that write different line of business apps, so, our first party app team who controls releases, both publicly and internally, what, they will do is they'll create a instance, of the application for the development, team who needs it and use the development, team security, group to give them access in which case the developer can. Control the updates and, take, the actions that they need, for. Publishing, to the internal organization but. It's through the GUI yes. That's right it's through its through the dead center UI. Any. Plans to. Open. API is because currently, our developers, produce. New, builds every. 15 minutes. You would, not I would not encourage you to use the windows that Center UI every 15 minutes to publish updates. Automatically. Through, JIRA, and Bumble. Automation, yeah we do, have plans to enable api's I don't have a date that I can share at this time but it is a, high, priority for us okay. Thank, you yes sir. All. Right do. We have other questions. I'll. See anyone, walking towards, the mic good. Continue, to ask you awkward questions, or I could release you guys to, leave. Here like you need my permission but. Any. Other questions. Yes. Ma'am. So. Her. Question was what, role does, the person. Have to have to manage the store for business did I get that right okay. Because you were saying s SEM Global, admin, so. The global admin will be the first, person to sign up for the store for business they could be a building that min but, generally, speaking the global admin will enable it you can delegate access through. Our permissions, tab where. You can give direct, access, to someone. As a store admin where they have full control over the store, the, vast majority of anything you need to do or, purchaser, in which case they can manage distribution, purchase but they can't do everything. There's some limitations, to what they can do if. They don't have access to certain, like, office 365 things, I mentioned, earlier that we have a commerce management, that spans four. Store functions, that can do everything certain, commerce management, things are still controlled through office roles cuz we just are a central hub for some of those things does. That answer your question right. Anyone.

Else Who, wants to leave to go or go towards Universal, yeah. You do okay, all. Right I will be up here for a while answering, any questions you may have, I really, appreciate, your time today so, two, things to call-to-actions after this please go rate, and review this session I would love to know what I can do better and what we can put in our next presentation to help you guys get started I do, expect, 5-star reviews so no pressure. Additionally. We have a feedback button on the store for business other sessions, put it a little UI I was not that smart so I don't have a screenshot of what that feedback button is but, if you made it to this session I'm guessing you know how to read feedback but and see that in. The UI click, that we. Actually read every, single one in fact, my manager, has set up a meeting almost, every week to, review those as a team so we take them very seriously please. Provide as much information as, possible even, better if you see a CV, put. That in but, whatever your feedback is the more details the better we do read them we will take action on it so, thank. You everyone.

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