Minecraft- Survival Island [407] Too Many Villagers!!!

Minecraft- Survival Island [407] Too Many Villagers!!!

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Oh that. Looks cool I. Like. That look at that. Wall. That, looks pretty dull and you blocked it so now they can't oh can they still breathe. That's. Cool okay. I'm. Not seeing any baby go just how about this. How. About we just get, them in there and, then we put it on the to-do list to have a new spawner. Done. Yeah. Yeah. Circle. Well. Now that now there's the problem of getting them in there okay, well okay we could break this, backbone open or this corner go break the back corner open whichever, is closer, because. We gotta we have to make like a pathway for. All. Oh this, is gonna, be hilarious. Geez. I'm. Opening it up so. Right here right here leaning, them in yep. You only need one smile open by the way. I'm. Making, it big enough. Actually. Let's use a block that I. Have. To. I'm. Gonna make it out of dirt and we're gonna need a lot of water and buckets. Okay. And. We have no dirt. Okay. Never. Mind. How, do we have no dirt what, oh. My. God we're running out of stuff like fine cobble, Jesus. Huh. There's. A cobble, we, got a dirt. I saw, no oh. I. Heard. That. All. Right. Hey. Don't, you run for me. Nah. All. Right it's ready. I'm. Gonna do it. Yui. You probably should cover up the rest of this by the way, first. Of all watch. The. Rest of what you blocked off. Wait. What we're. Over. Here oh. Wait. Hold on don't, do it yet I. Can't. Do it yet we need water. Yeah. We're just gonna make a new spawner at some point but, for right now, this. Will do. You. Have to go. Alright, here, we go. There's. Gonna be a lot, of villagers, here oh my, god. And. Then they're all gonna, flow, right in the. Cool. Okay. Here we go, oh. Okay. Here. You oh, my, god. Hey. How's that open. Here, we go ah. There. Comes one it's. Happening, yeah. It's. Not happening very fast oh, yeah. Why aren't they all like spinning out I. Gotta. Fix it just cobblestone, just break it. Uh. They. Are stuck, over here oh there, we, go. Here. We go oh. Oh. Oh. My. God look at them all, wait. Why are they getting stuck, I think, it's Doug. They're. Not falling in. No. They're, not stopping. No. More. The. Water current too much. I'm. Trying. To think of how this is supposed to work. There. Are way too many, villages, in there oh. So. Much, are. They going in no. You. Could kill him we have so many behind them, there's. So many behind, oh I. Think. I see what the problem is, and. It's. Actually not that big a deal I.

Just. Have to lower the water by one block. So, like, if. I did. Bow. There's a hole there. Okay. So if I broke one block here, no. Ah. You. Want me to killing him. I'm. Getting in there ah. I. Just, threw. It. Might not be necessary, to do that we, have so whole. Wait. I. Can't. See I literally. Just. Got a lower the water by one block that's all, I thought. We'd like had a flawed, design that, just wasn't gonna work at all but we don't have a good design it's just it I, misinterpreted. Myself. From a few months ago okay, villager give mine. The. Muscle spasm sorry muscle. Spasm, oh. That's. Right I have to block off the water. Where. Did I do it I. Did. It over. It. Is a little weird to figure out how this worked. Think. I'm just gonna get rid of that for now just so I can like get my bearings here oh I. Get it. So. If I didn't that, there. We go, lady's. Gonna fall in there. There. We go look at this. Nice. Almost. Done just got to lower the other sides do you mind. Like. The. Way I. Kill. You may I give, you. That. Should do it get. Rid of these blocks. Oh. Look. At that I think we might, no no way uh are. We gucci, that. Is the question i think we are gucci okay. All. Right now we can let them in yeah. How. Do we get out God, come over by me no I got it. Yoos, here. We go is I'm good at speaking oh. Wait. What's. Happening. They're. Back flowing in the other direction, this. Is one good oh there, we go. They're. Making it they're. Making it. Iko. He's looking down at his friend as he just walls. This. One dudes in the way badass, getaway. Wait. What's what's happening here. They're. Just not moving at all, I, don't. Know now they're gonna get pushed by their friends. Wait. A minute oh. There. He goes. Why. Are they getting caught. So. Like something can get caught on oh. There. We go I think, it's just like me well it's not even like it's just the fact that they're like pushing into each other well there you go guys villager, Circus 2.0, is up for its, ready for, trading. Oh. My. God and. Now we can break everything oh. Yeah. Remember the the father of all the villagers yeah. He. Is, he. Wants to join his friends, Oh. What. Do you know oh it's close that's too bad that's, too bad. This. Is perfect, like this is the best villager. Circus ever oh, my. God look it come inside entity look at this, look. At all the trades. Fishermen. Are you kidding me. Butcher. Amy. Is a chicken, trade that's action really good. Well. There you freaking, have it very nice, very. Very nice, again thank you to vanillin, for the idea of a circular villager, circus. Now. It's more like a, villager. Carousel. Right. All. Right how long is that have a certain day that's probably two episodes, right yeah I need, more brick. Hmm. Well. You do that I am going to break the backside, here and I'm gonna break everything except, for the containment cells for the the, villages in the old village of Circus cuz they were pretty good I remember. One, of them at a mending, trade and that's extremely valuable, I. Am. A fan of this new villager circus I like, I like it I. Like. In, the future we're gonna have to figure out a way to get, the new village of circus up and running Hey. Look they literally can't drown too because, of the way you set that up, yeah. You gave him an extra air block so that they can breathe very, smart. I. Am gonna be doing a tutorial on. This villager circus I think it was villager, carousel. Yeah. I think, it's going to be, very. Very nice. The. Only problem, now is spawning, more I think. We can figure that out later mm-hmm. Well added to the to-do list. Because. I don't think that's a priority anymore, No. Can. You help me break all this class. Yeah. There's. A lot of glass back here. The. Hell is all of our coal I. Don't. Know it's all gone, we're, gonna have to either go mining or go back to the wither skeleton, for him. Did. You just say man mining, what's mining. Was. A very. Long time ago. The. Only things we really need would, be coal laughes. And diamonds. And. If we go to the wither skeleton, farm just life isn't diamonds. It's. Annoying how no block can efficiently mining, no block no tool, can efficient. Do. You do English. Maybe. English classes, are something I should take seriously. I've. Said for years that English classes are dumb and they're not even mean, while I talk like that. What. A hypocrite I am. Your. Voice crap, oh. Yeah. I could have done a block Fletch there are, you. Okay. Okay. Yes we can fly you. Know. You. Risk the villagers, do. Okay. Let's break the top part now after. I kill this. Hey. What. Welcome. To 1.30. Ah. What. Did. It I was, just breaking some wood with my accent, then they're like I'm freaking. A. Phantom.

Just Flew in front of me and that killed itself by getting hit by my axe. How. Happy are you that we're finally getting rid of this oh my, god. Ugliest. Thing I've ever seen. I. Can't. Even call it a building, the. Structure, what, is the wall. It. Was just a thick wall. You. Can call that a building alright. Yeah. There was literally only like five, of these freaking, things. Trump. Was elected, Chris I think, we did. We. Were just in that wall feeling. Oh yeah, the wall around the. Now. What are we gonna do with these guys these are good villagers. Kill. This. One has a mending. Trade Anthony, and, an, infinity. He's out oh. Hey. Wait. He's the mending, guy. No. Crap and the name tag guy you, need to go back. You. Need to go back. And. To me whatever we do. We. Push it, no. Six-lane. Dad. They're leaving they're, leaving. Nothing. At, the. Chest. Want. To keep him here for now yes. This, would be their little playpen. Yeah. No. No. Nice. These. Are the only villages on our island that get the chance to roam free. The. Rest of them are either farming, for us or trading for us I. Like. Here you just decorated. Their freaking temporary, thing to keep them away okay. Owen. Okay Denis there's some fishies. Just. Kill one, there's. A lot of fishies done here oh my, god. Yeah. And. There's. Like 100 iron balls but alright well that is it for these episodes of survival island guys we, finally have. A, villager, circus look at this freaking thing it's. Upgraded. So. Many villagers, oh. Yes. Stuff, what. Your. Face. Anyway. Leave a like below if you guys enjoyed, this video and the, series so far and we went like garden escapes on this frickin place like. Look at this there's, a mountain they are building their building there and now there's a building here and this is where the villages are now oh so. Good and then, I think in a future episode we're, gonna make a villager spawner in the back here and then, have it be like hovering over the water or something we'll figure that out, mmm. And then this little, section. Over here is gonna go away when. We give an actual home to these villagers with really good trades, yeah. I don't know what we're gonna do with that but, the. Meantime that's it so oh and, make sure to log in to play that super craft I don't have to play some survival for, yourself, or Skyblock. Won't. Have to anyway, that's it so we hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys it buzz oh. Wait. Wait.

2019-01-16 18:47

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Wait the iron golems are still there? Thats hilarious

I love this series no hate but why do you fly it takes away the survival part. Keep up the good work

Hold up... Didn't you say like, 250 episodes ago that you were going to "soon transfer to vanilla so we don't have to use /home all the time"?

For transporting villagers I like to make a Minecart glitch into a corner of the block and then have it go down a rail that leads to where I want it to go. It makes great villager transportation for 1 block holes. You can send the minecarts up water elevators as well!

U don't know too many villagers if u haven't seen my iron farm. There's literally 50-60 villagers per pod. bleh

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Villager Abuse

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since its the “Villager Circus” you should set up an infinite loop noteblock chain underground that does the DAH DAH DADADADADAH DAH DAH DADADADADAH circus music XD

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