Mindset and Business Performance with Galit Ventura Rozen

Mindset and Business Performance with Galit Ventura Rozen

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This. Is the succeed against the odds podcast, my. Name is Francesca, anastasi also, known as abaya I'm a multi, passionate, entrepreneur, I'm your host and mentor, and each week we bring you an inspiring person an, expert, or message, to, help you ignite, and unleash, your, potential. Today. My guests, all the way from Las Vegas Goleta, Ventura, Rosen, walk & gell eat thank, you I thank, you for helping me delete, your business, performance, experts. I believe, we. Need more and more people that do what we do can. You share with our audience what. It is that exactly do and how did you get into this area. Absolutely. So when I was going to school and getting my my, first degree which is a bachelor's, in business I, started, working, a little bit for other people and found that I didn't really like it I mean. That's really the truth so. I found that I loved being. My own boss and I learned that quite young I learned that in my early 20s so I had those jobs three. Or four jobs before I, graduated. College but the first job real, real, profession. That I had once, I got done with my bachelor's degree was I got my real estate license, and loved being an entrepreneur, having, my own business and doing. That so what. That fed into is. Learning, how. To motivate, yourself and really be your own business, performance, expert so, I had to learn quickly how, to motivate myself how to get up in the morning how to put. Together business, plans and do all the things that make you successful in your business because. In all honesty if. I didn't show up to the office nobody. Cared because, I got, paid, when. I performed, that, make sense because my. Business was largely based on performance. Equals, income, I was never on salary, so. When I found, was, over. The years I was really good at mentoring, other women, to show them how to do it themselves how. To be their own business, performance, expert, with, somebody, that guides them and shows them because obviously my goal is that every person that I work with can, just fly, off into, the sunset. And be successful in their business so that's how its dumped from it, stemmed from me knowing I didn't, help the mentors I didn't have the guidance and I wanted to make sure that other women, because, a lot of times it's the how how. Do i how do i and I wanted to make sure that I could show them how to be their own entrepreneur. And be performance. I love, what you just said because we. Know you're completely bombarded, especially, now with the, Internet and, there's, so much information a lot, of answers are on the internet, but there's a lot of what you need to do not really pack on the step by step so. I applaud you for that there's a lot of that guidance in this and I've personally, encountered a lot of people who have paid for coaching and programs and, gotten really frustrated, in the end because they were constantly told what to do but not how to do it so what would you say when you with. Your own personal experience, of going through that path of saying okay I know I can't work for someone else and, I. Need to change what I'm doing how I'm doing things what was your biggest challenge to, make yourself accountable what was your what was the hardest thing for you was it being organized, was it getting up early in my book was it in. All honesty, I would say the most challenging thing.

For Me was the field that I chose to go into I was 22, years old, the, average age was 40, of that profession, and it. Was meal there, was maybe five to ten percent female, in this industry that, I started, out which is my baby I call it my baby it's my commercial, real estate company I've run it for over 22 years so. My challenge was proving, myself, that. Was truly my challenge, I had to sit back and recognize that. I did have the knowledge I did have the expertise, and I was good at what I did and my, clients, were largely male as well so it wasn't just the, people that I worked with every day it was also the clients that were purchasing, large, properties, for me that were multimillion-dollar, properties and. I had to step back and recognize look. At yourself so I would say probably, my biggest challenge, was mindset, even. Though you're young and others are looking at you as an experienced. You, are not you, know what you're talking about and you're good at what you do so, recognize, that believe in yourself, and then, show up the. Fact that it was predominantly, a male, circle. It's to say because. It was yeah, between your colleagues and the clients, would, you say that that mindset was, primarily, because, you. Needed to change up for yourself, or was, it primarily, that you needed to change how you thought so that you could be, perceived differently but you already, believed in yourself it. Was really for me I I, do believe. That. When. You get into industries. That are largely male a lot. Of times there are challenges but. I also believe, that you, can show and, and. Step, up and perform. In a way that you are taken very professionally, and very serious I will never use that card, that. All because it was largely male I wasn't, accepted, or I wasn't this what, I ended up finding out is that I was young and even, though I had this educational. Experience I grew up in this world since I was 12 years old around. My father and also another male figure then. I just really needed to believe in myself and then of course it, kind of goes to fold, Francesca. Because the, second I believe in myself I now show confidence, and that is actually mirrored, out to, the people that I'm working with and then, 20, to 23, years ago we didn't do as much on the internet a lot was face to face so. Today I have the ability to do a lot of these things without even meeting somebody, then, there was no option you. Had to meet you had to discuss them how to negotiate it's. A little bit of a different world where I really was thrown in and, I think that mind piece is so, important, and a, lot of women deal. With that piece of not believing in themselves and that's probably why I mentioned, the house because. First we go through the fear of not believing in ourselves and then, the second piece is okay now I think, I can do it but how do I and. I think that's real important to know I'm, gonna ask you what, may seem odd. Question. You're, a very beautiful woman and. Working. In a primarily, male industry. I would, suspect correct. Me if maybe. I'm Camellia off track that sometimes, you encountered. Some. That could not realize, that beauty, also can have brains and on. The, other hand maybe beauty actually, was on your side where was the, factor, that actually made you more more. The attracting, choice to work with as far as, Sealy, do great, would.

You Say that. Working. With men. We do you work differently, with men like in the in the negotiation. Part on what you say and how you say it, then, when you work with women is there a different method there's. A different, energy I don't. Know, if it's it's, logical. Steps that I could actually teach, someone let's say work with men different and work with women I think, it's an energy and it's, interesting, because. The. Beauty, piece and thank you that was very sweet you know a lot of times we grow up not thinking that we are so I appreciate that but the beauty piece did not come into effect. As. Much as the maybe, it was beauty and young I think. That there is some, type of stereotype out, there that. If you are well put together and. Really. Knowledgeable, sometimes, they look at that and oversee, the knowledge expertise, and professionalism but. I'm going to share a fun story with you over. And over again it, kind of became a little game for me I would, get into a meeting where it would be four five meals and it's until today I had an investment, investor, meeting just, a month ago with two huge investors, the, CFO. And another. Gentleman. Four. Men and me all were, around. My age or older, and Here I am sitting in a boardroom, it's. Funny because the energy, gets lighter when you're in there it's not as serious so. It helps you but. They're expecting. Something specific, to come out of my mouth at times and then, once I start speaking and I hold my own I tend, to command, the, attention in the room and not, because, of the things that you said but because of the words that come out of my mouth so, it's been this fun little game. For me to see what they're expecting, versus, what happens, in the room once I start talking about. Investment. And portfolios. And rate of return and all these fun words that, these, people that's all they care about is, what they're gonna come back with and my mother Francesca, a lot as people are investing. Twenty thirty ten. Million dollars, it's not small, money, but. It's been a little fun for me that's. Awesome yeah, and the, reason I was asking that and I guess, I didn't really make. It super clear because it was right up to what I was talking about being when I, was asking. About Jia workmen different. You find your approach is different with, men than it is with women it's just because typically. Men to be very. Focused let's, kill, the beasts let's get it done kind of deal women tend to be a bit more romantic. Romanticized. But an ideal so I was just wondering from that perspective if. You, balance the negotiation, part is a little different, I would, say no and I. Can even take it a step further and let's talk about the business performance, extra part that I do now where I work with businesses, executives, CEOs, and individual, entrepreneurs, men, and women I don't. Work with them differently based on their gender I work with them differently based, on the way that they work and they fun and it's, been very interesting, for me because at first I thought oh gosh I work with men for 20 years now, I'm going to start working with women, which I worked with some women but not as many and. I found, instead. I'm, not dealing, so much with the how that's, different how, to work with them I'm dealing, more with the way that they process, things so, it's possible that, one male and one female I will put them side-by-side and I. Will work with them identical. And. Then I'll take another male and female and work with them identical, because of their personality, types, because. Of the way that they function they operate, their strengths, so, it never, tended, to, cross, my mind based, on gender it, tended, to cross my mind based, on their personality, as you know some women have very masculine, personalities. And, some men have feminine. Personalities. And at, that point that's where I just myself that's, the true mark of an expert you know what you're talking about it's not really about gender but I wanted to ask you because you, said you've worked primarily with men. So.

You Got into real estate and. Then you started working on, yourself and then you decided you were going to help other people can you give me a bit of background, how. That transition happens from helping, yourself to money to help others what was the motivating. Factor, in. My. Commercial real estate company I, recognize. That there really wasn't the best format, in our, city, to get people into the industry so, I wanted to be that I started. Mentoring people, in my company, that would come in with no experience, and that I called it I raised them I call them my kids I raised, them and then I let them fly and a lot of them are very successful, in Las Vegas today it's wonderful, I'm in touch with all of them probably, about 7 to 8 people. So, I was already doing it I decided. To take it on a larger, scale what, if I did the same for women, and men and especially women, that's my heart that. Do not know the how to, make that transition. From working, for somebody in building somebody else's, dream to, building, their own dream, having their own freedom. And life, and, also, be very successful and make a lot of money it was just a very natural transition, for, me a few years ago where, I sat back and said what am i doing I need, to make sure that I teach as many people as I can how, I've been successful. And the steps for them to be successful not. Just the tools Francesca. But also the mindset pieces, it, was very important, for me that both be, married together what. Would you say would be the, number, one thing about mindset that, each. Business. Person entrepreneur, should, really, focus on because mindset is such a big word I struggle. With just one but I'm gonna do my best I'm, gonna mention that, I just, wrote my first book called the successful, woman's life said and it has 21, chapters. 21. Characteristics. 21, things and I know there's gonna be many more and, I. Think, for an entrepreneur. Let's start with the entrepreneur, because it's a little bit different than the professional, if I work with a CEO executive. It's a little bit different because they're, sitting in a different, kind of environment where they have bosses and they have people employees, as well as leaders, I'm gonna stop you right there just for a second, because that. That, is the first time I hear, someone say that the mindset of the CEO needs to be it is not exactly the same as the, mindset, of an entrepreneur, tell us the different assets yes that's, one of the reasons why I'm doing this mindset series, because, I want to do the CEO minds that the entrepreneur, mindset there because, I believe that yes, there's crossover. But, I think that each of us obviously and, entrepreneurs. Mindset, and one of the things I see the most is they're, still stuck in an employee mindset, so, the first thing that I would say is you, need to recognize you're not employee, anymore, stop, thinking as a solopreneur, and, start thinking as an entrepreneur. The, reason businesses, are successful, is because they have a team and they delegate, a lot of the mistakes are a lot of the challenges, and a lot of women come to me and hire me for is they're still playing in this small sandbox, and there's, thinking, as solopreneurs. I have to do everything i have to create everything no no no so I do this really fun activity, how much do you charge an hour $500, great why, don't you hire someone for 35 an hour that can do the things that you shouldn't be doing so, the first piece of mind set is switch that year, employee. To. Entrepreneur, important. And the, reason I say the CEO is different, because a CEO, or, not, even executive. Leaders managers. Employees it, doesn't matter they, have other people, that are, there buses, that are in, a sense, guiding.

What They have to do and what they should do if, I show up don't show up to the office and. I'm being funny no, one's gonna say Glee when you're not in the office today if an employee doesn't. Show up to the office there's consequences, and, hello even comment sick your. Job isn't being taken care of potential. To be fired of course that's, extreme, but that's a different kind of mindset you need to recognize you, have to be this, person that's a team player, and. Can't just be doing your own thing all, the time but. An entrepreneur can. I can do whatever I want all day long no. One's gonna tell me what's right or wrong obviously, there's more right things and wrong things but, I can still do whatever I want I really like that, you. Put that in. All gods. And all of the mindset and the business performance do, you do, you focus at all on the actual things that they need to do every day outside of the mind like actual routines or anything like that absolutely, I, am a list girl I use, my left brain and my right brain I'm very both so, I love my lists I love my spreadsheets, I love, logical, steps and I. Really, focus on the quaint so for example, I have one clamp at logical makes, her feel very overwhelmed, so. I have to step her back and put her back into her creative, okay, great, if you get your how do if. You get your half duelist done now. You can do your want to list and so, let's just get, three of those things done on your have, to list or delegate, the mountain so you can do what you love which is create and write and and work, with clans directly. Absolutely. There are logical steps to everything and I think that at the end of the day what, I share with people is I will teach you how to all, day long I'm very blessed to have this gift to almost show any, business, how to be successful that. Absolutely, takes logical, steps marketing. Visibility. Credibility. Corporate. Networking. Building, relationships. On and on and on structure, delegating, teams. Employee. Motivation if, it's a company but. I think, the other piece that a lot of people don't recognize is they get stuck, because. Of the mindset they, get stuck because, of fear because of obstacles, because of, things that they see in their way and they never take that first how to step, so, if I teach you all day long how to you and. You don't have the mindset to go at the success, that you want you're. Not you're gonna pay me you're. Not gonna do anything and you're, gonna still be in the same place order in, the nd do you have to put the work it's not gonna have, a period it don't have to believe and have to know and, have to understand, why you're resisting, and why you're, self sabotaging, so I went, back to school and got my master's degree in therapy, about six or seven years ago because that piece was so important. To me to learn how, to change people's thoughts how, to teach them how to change their thoughts excuse, me how, to teach them the methods the models, so, I've incorporated that, without being someone's therapist, I've incorporated the, two pieces business, and mindset. So, you can be successful, and not, stop, yourself from being successful. Do. You have a morning routine that, you do and you suggest. To your clients absolutely, I am, an audio girl in a so. I actually spend, a lot of time in the morning meditating. I'm very about centering, myself there, are days where there's a lot of stress going on and a lot of life it's what it is when you're in business if you think there's not going to be stressing business you're, dreaming and if. You're taking risks and going to the next level there's going to be those things so, I make sure every, morning I wake up first of all gratitude, all day long I am thankful whatever, you believe in the second, that my feet hit those grant the ground I sit, up in bed I don't ever get straight up ever, do I stand straight up I sit. Down have, my feet on the ground and first Nestle thank you he, gets to me it's a blessing that I was able to wake up today then, I ask whatever. You believe in to take care of all the people that I love keep them healthy, happy, give, them peace and I also offer them to the world so first I start with gratitude then, I'm usually listening, to things I have, meditations. I have, different. Affirmations, I have different something. I love called flow dreaming, depends. On where I'm at in that day sometimes. It's really late into business sometimes it's related to personal, sometimes it's related to anxiety I, have diagnosed. Anxiety, so sometimes I'll just listen to something to, to take that edge away and then. I start, my day and yes, I have bad days and yes, I have days I don't you got a bit that's, where I work harder on lunch and that's where I spend a little more time, but I never go straight to work I never go straight to meetings, I never, go straight to in a phone, call I always, make sure I have that quiet time and I'm very blessed that, I always have that quiet time if, I'm, a mom of three so.

If I need to get somebody to school, I wake, up thirty minutes to an hour before so. I'm not rushed, and don't start my morning on a bush because, I never recommend you. Want to start your morning the, way that you want your day to be I really. Appreciate, that you shared that you were diagnosed, with anxiety. Because. I share that in and. Sharing, your morning routine on how it helps you get centered, for, the rest of the day because it's so important, I've had I've had the whole issue with anxiety, too so it does, make a big difference to take. That time in the morning and just kind of go, through that meditation, and, calm peace it, really does set the tone for the rest of the day so. Thank you for sharing that. Absolutely. I am. Also very visual, so I spend every morning, visualizing. The kind of day that I want I typically know my appointments, in advance that's what it is when you're in business and, I typically, sit there and while. I'm brushing my teeth putting on they make up whatever taking, a shower or whatever you need to do I try, to visualize the, kind of day that I want from the drive if I'm leaving, I have a home office and a regular office so. It just depends but when, whatever, works, for you when. You put out there and you believe and you see or hear whatever. It is it works you. Recognize, how you want your day to go yes, sometimes it's going to go back but. You can make. The, best effort to have a good day and. Less, peace when. You, are starting to have a bad game gosh does it happen it. Is still possible to turn the day around because, how many times does somebody have a bad day and it gets worse I can tell you how many social media posts I say this, day couldn't have gotten more Sun like why are you challenging, it and then, it gets worse or, they say the. Day that I have had and it just gets worse and worse and I'm like stop and of course they won't say that to them let's, stop, do. What you did in the morning to, start a good day again, five. Minutes, three minutes I tell people you don't have time to breathe you've, time to go to bathroom so, when you're in the bathroom do it right everybody's, got time to go to the bathroom so when you go to the bathroom take a few minutes take some deep breaths find. That place of calm we. Align. Your day, refocus. Your day to something else because a bad day can be changed I can't if our listeners want to get a hold of your book who is the best place to get it my. New book the successful, ones mindset, thank you for asking Francesca. It's my new labor, of love it's. Done, it's, going to be in people's hands within a few weeks you can order that the, successful, woman's mindset, com made, it really easy, the successful, woman's mindset calm and you, can find me all over social media members, we're under, Goleta and tourism. Beautiful. Well it sounds like an excellent, look hey they don't Amazon as well or just online it all beyond everything within a few weeks we're. In the final stages of putting it together so, I'm doing a little bit of a pre-order and then I'll do a full, launch in November well, thank you so much for being, my guest today thank. You for, your for, sharing. Your experience, your, bits of wisdom and, your expertise, and your. Website if our audience, wants to get in touch with you directly is it's, just my name elite. Mature rosen.com, wonderful. Well thank you so much thank. You. Thank. You so much for listening and for being here today if you enjoyed this, episode be. Sure to subscribe rate. And review this podcast, and make, sure to share it with your friends, you, can find the links mentioned, in this episode and, all, of the show notes on my website, at Francesca. Anasazi, dot-com. You can also watch all of our videos on, youtube where you can also subscribe to our channel, at youtube.com. Forward, slash, Francesca. Anastasi. Once. Again thank you so much for being here today until next time embrace. Your. Magnificence.

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