Mind Your Own Business with DJB Episode 2: Enimeezy

Mind Your Own Business with DJB Episode 2:  Enimeezy

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um [Music] welcome everybody to my own business with djb the podcast where we do everything besides mind our own business and where we film outside so you better bring a jacket i'm djb this is my guest for the evening would you like to introduce yourself yeah man they call me enemies some of them [ __ ] call me animal you know the real homies call me lame what do you do um i think the easier question to answer what don't i do uh gymnastics i don't do gymnastics i've never gone on an astronaut mission than that i like to create music uh as a producer an artist and an engineer and uh i act as well and uh just the overall cool awesome amazing guy right so let me tell y'all who animal is to me first off animal or enemies um depends on what what you want to do man how you feeling all right let me tell y'all how i know in the music [Music] we met in sixth grade at oval right and did not like each other in the least bit yeah mainly because we was in the honors classes and for y'all who don't know who honors classes is that smart people classes but here he comes i remember him telling me who is this [ __ ] the funny black guy in the smart classes this is that's my spot [ __ ] my [ __ ] man what are you doing right so he wasn't [ __ ] with me so all six great we low-key just never spoke to each other and then never talked until seventh grade when we started getting i think was when we started getting homework assignments together oh no it was cool how did we get to the end of sixth grade we started we started writing with each other a little bit because we was playing the hacker and all that [ __ ] department and all that [ __ ] yeah we had the same circle of friends well he had a cycle of friends that i was just intruding on and then and they didn't know how to tell they know how to tell me not to hang out with them so i was just there anyway because everybody from my class was in there yeah and i didn't really have no friends in the normal people classes but i think all the honest kids assumed i had normal normal class friends and i did not so i was just like i hung out with them whether they liked it and he just he just fell for the trap and then he became my homeboy yeah i remember that right oh and it's just that what's up daddy brother all right before we get into what we're going to talk about with enemies can we talk about your lack of hookah no hookah in this episode if we get this video to 10 000 views we'll make the hookah a regular thing when it's on the show okay so if it doesn't get to 10 000 views baby baby though okay cuz i literally was talking to somebody before we filmed it and it was like so late this [ __ ] just sits in the corner and smokes who could the hotel and it was like yeah he's like i love it and then we get here any week and then we get here today to film this thing was like you know i don't really want to be known as the guy okay bro you literally just got a fan for that one hour ago i was white-headed as a [ __ ] well [ __ ] share some money in your own business yeah yeah my brothers my brothers i just peeped yo shotgun i just say myop too this is good branding oh it's everywhere now well when i say everywhere i mean the sign that was already there and now the sunglasses whoa oh you took a shot i was tipping oh what's up away all right big pressure don't exist on this show are you good well not yet all right first question talk to me you want to go for the clickbait first or you just want to ease into the conversation uh what's going to keep engagement high what do y'all want to see there we go because we can't we don't know we're filming it so you guys aren't able to answer right now we're not live yet yeah i hope what we do next is exactly what y'all are saying right now okay so here's a question that somebody asked me to ask you okay why did you break up the fly guys look that's a bunch of malarkey i'll tell you what broke up the fly guys tell me tell everybody what broke up the fly guys we didn't break up the fly guys tone oliver oh tone oliver broke up the fly guys yeah tom broke up the fly guys man he wouldn't be all i'm serious now i want people to respect my art i want to do this way in that way i'm so artistic i got the beatles tatted on my chest and [ __ ] he don't even listen to him i'll tell you this about that [ __ ] tony bro when he likes something he means it at that moment yeah but he don't fully think about what he's committing his life to yeah i feel that and uh for those of y'all who don't know tony was our third group member in our group fly guys that me and dj b was a part of for seven to ten years how long will we fly guys since 2006 to about 2013 2006. well nine 10 11 12 34 yeah like 15 2015. 15 15 that was the stretch yeah okay we were still meeting up we was doing strip club parties and [ __ ] as we was we turned into semi promoters at that point yeah we was floating [Music] right but uh yeah so that was the homie he's in the bay now you know what i'm saying but uh that's the reason we broke up because [ __ ] was trying we was all pulling in different directions man we will had the f word that was funny as hell and then it was conflicting with our musical integrity because we felt like we had you know so much talent that wasn't really being respected even though people was watching it and listening to it which is dumb as hell we i was outside him with tone at times you know what i'm saying where i was i was always the middle guy you know what i'm saying yeah i feel like or maybe you was the middle guy hell nah [ __ ] i was like nope f word in this in this in this instance i was the middle guy because i loved the f word i loved what it was doing for us but i also love the music so much and i was like dude this the music is what i want to do i remember i remember the conversation bro uh i think tony was like i don't want to do the f word anymore because people aren't it's funny and people aren't taking my music seriously and then i was like you smoking [ __ ] crack rocks bro the f word is the only reason anybody's paying attention anybody bro like i don't know what you talking about bad views mad plays [ __ ] was listening to the songs i don't know if this song is serious or not but i like it right and then all all he read was i don't know if this song is serious or not a lot of people take my series right and then i was like do we have to put a song on every episode like we could just do more live and i remember you saying i mean i don't care either way i already know what i'm doing in my life so i'm being music so yeah whatever y'all want to do whatever y'all want to do yeah i was real i i wanted to do the f work but actually towards the end of the f word i started maybe just because i was high all the time but i just started feeling like it was straining or maybe like maybe like i don't know it was a weird weird vibe you know what i'm saying like i didn't feel as funny in the last like maybe a couple episodes of the f-word you know what i'm saying i felt like we was you know doing [ __ ] because we had to do it you know what i'm saying do you remember that one time joey suppressed the [ __ ] out of us for showing up high for the effort i don't know we was we were not funny hi bro as hell right and then she was like if you guys smoke before we do an episode ever again we're just going to not do the show anymore and all three of us were just no he was not we just and now and then after pressing us like that then we have to go on camera and be funny yeah like now i'm all self-conscious on camera like oh [ __ ] i'm clearly high the whole time she hates us yeah we was not funny but we were super high which is which is weird because i feel like when you get funnier naturally with god i think it's other [ __ ] it's funnier yeah when you're high but right not all the time you we our timing was just was too high man that last season episode was hot as [ __ ] bro but uh i would love to continue that i would love to continue that in some iteration you know i feel it we have some good chemistry as fly guys fg's you know what i mean face gang and all that you know what i'm saying anytime i post a picture online with one of your neighbors be like the fly guys what's up with the reunion i'll be posting music needs to be like what are the [ __ ] [ __ ] it's been eight years y'all still wanna hear the damn fly guys listen to this got new [ __ ] it's so much better than this i can mix now oh [ __ ] you guys had like a cult following we did have a cold fall and we neglected the cold man we gave up on the coat bro we didn't understand that we had a cult following because other people had bigger cult followers yeah we was always people watching we were always like damn [ __ ] packed [Music] i don't know i don't know and every time we did a video it went up chop screw video job screw video was people people were talking about that stupid yeah for sure it's a party weighing down that wasn't flat guys i was gonna face games but you know oh yeah and shout out to tone too man like even though the group broke up everybody's still brother so yeah i don't even think we broke up it wasn't even official breakup you know we just stopped we're just on a hiatus and don't move to the bay and have babies and dj b got babies and me i'm molly and he screams nah i don't ignore knowledge [Laughter] okay um how do you feel about all these [ __ ] with dresses off [ __ ] with dresses yeah no i don't see an animal in the dress i don't think you're going to see that not this month no not this month maybe not next four thousand months it's probably gonna be four thousand months from now but i'm just thinking [ __ ] is gonna do what they gotta do to get attention man i feel like [ __ ] and dresses is an attention grab you know everybody i've seen would address are attention seeking [ __ ] yeah i mean young thug was wearing dresses until he got super popping you ain't seen that [ __ ] dressed since this is true but that [ __ ] was dressed up dressed down every time you saw him the japanese album was him in the dress it's a marketing tool i feel like [ __ ] and dresses is working to it now that we're talking about it maybe i should wear a dress it is click bait maybe we'll click on some [ __ ] and be like this [ __ ] fruitcake [ __ ] let's let me listen to this stupid ass gay ass song and then they'd be like damn i hate this [ __ ] listen to this gay ass [ __ ] song who wear dresses y'all look at this picture listen to this [ __ ] can you believe this [ __ ] is wearing a dress listen to this [ __ ] he got the legs for it you're just saying that oh [ __ ] well maybe i gotta you know maybe i'll think about it you guys have changed my mind by letting me talk about it that's some crazy influences yeah maybe wearing dresses and skirts and [ __ ] kilts i'll wear a kilt before a dress yeah cuddy did both of those this [ __ ] hey said that cob is the album of the decade clb yeah from 44 and the 20s best album to drop damn that's a bold i don't i would like to hear his reasoning for that i love that what album in the 20s is comparable as a competitor one year of the 20 20 21 20 no 21 yeah all two years that's the best just feel album it's too early i mean i guess right because it was j cole or something i don't [ __ ] know i don't really be listening to albums like that [ __ ] i guess i don't i can't think of anything off the top of my head okay then what about rollouts who had the best rollout this year uh of owl in the 20s i like j cole going to play basketball and j cole went so jacob went professional kanye did three stadiums of rough drafts yeah drake went on espn and said it but like the momentum behind this [ __ ] was different like dragon's been rolling this [ __ ] off for a year he said this [ __ ] was coming out in january so [Music] that's all roll out lil nizex had a baby those knives x had a hell of a roll out too i thought that little that was crazy i think that might be crazy that was my favorite roll out i think it's funny i need a shot i'm sorry we keep talking about these roll-outs roll out them shots um who else man i was just waiting on kendrick honestly man everybody's waiting waiting okay that [ __ ] letter hero had gave me goosebumps that's funny i was like oh last album from tde does that mean last album forever what does that mean i mean he fulfilled his contractual obligations of c.o.b so what's your opinion clb versus donda i didn't even want to listen to donda rose i got forced to listen to dondo on the way to a dodgy game the other day animal is a kanye hater oh really uh i have i'm not a kanye hater i'm a kanye disliker at this point i'm a kanye uh disappointer disappointed her i'm just disappointed in kanye man he was a big part of my growing up my musical influence you know what i'm saying he felt like somebody i [Music] sent my idolized what you know held in high esteem high regard and then just to watch from connor you know somewhere turned into a weirdo was like weird because he always fueled off a hate you know i'm saying he always did some [ __ ] to polarize himself to get people on the other side i never thought i would be on the side that he pissed off you know what i'm saying but then he just pissed me off and i was just like bro i can't really [ __ ] with you bro i can't really [ __ ] with you from the whole mag of [ __ ] the wearing the hat [ __ ] and saying slavery was a choice and you know what i'm saying and then [ __ ] running for president in the middle of trying to get donald trump out of this [ __ ] this [ __ ] wanna run the campaign and take some votes you know what i'm saying i'm just like bro you you violent bro you don't think that was a chess move to to get um kim in there to release all the people from prison i don't think so i don't either but people say that like thank you i don't think kanye chess moves like yeah i think i think it was just a manic depressive episode and he was in a manic state and he was just doing [ __ ] bro and just like you know i got respect for you know people who go through mental issues and all that but i just came in good faith continue to support god you know what i'm saying i get it even though his his first you know both pokemon is untouchable they still in my [ __ ] you know but then i feel like even even he was doing all the antics and then he would drop the music and it was undeniable so you couldn't escape it and you had to love it whether you know what i'm saying and now you feel like the music hasn't been powerful enough to you know what i'm saying and over overweight the antics you know jesus was the beginning of the end of kanye you just aged really well though he's just aged pretty well i think it was like movie soundtracks it was big it was epic bouncing bound the three songs and it was only 10 songs black slaves like those crazy new slaves look like new black yeah so you know yeah that [ __ ] yeah so i didn't even want to listen i didn't listen to donda when it dropped and then uh the homie was like man jail with jay-z no it was uh can't remember who was on it somebody i didn't even finish honestly i didn't even finish listening down there have you i gave it a couple wishes you listened all the way through both times yeah fire uh it was a good album i wouldn't say fire it's a good album and you know sonically it's a good album sonically i was kind of disappointed to just listen to it man you know i was just like maybe i've been so preconditioned to like you know what i'm saying sample beats no beats like beats me switching up like two three times in a song now you know what i'm saying and then they played that he played that song that was like 12 minutes long the jesus song and it was just a bar loop for the [ __ ] 12 minutes [ __ ] said the jesus song that's every [ __ ] no the one that's like jesus he's saying jesus in the background like the whole time with the locks on it and all this [ __ ] i'm just like bro you're not gonna have no high hats you're not gonna do no broke right it was lazy yeah i felt like i felt like donda was lazy and it was a whole bunch of fat that could have been trimmed from and i feel like the features was the hardest part about this [ __ ] like this was the hardest part about that at clb to me i feel like all the features brought the a game on both of them levels yeah if he just brought the a game but i feel like drake steals it you're not drake still had something on his own though like without the features so yeah clb over there 100 times um i was talking about influence we was talking about dresses if i couldn't help think about how all my friends when i was in when i was in grade school's moms blamed me for their kids acting up at one time or another oh yeah he was a bad influence man that's [ __ ] up because y'all [ __ ] i was not do you do you think i was a friend yeah yeah all right [Laughter] i remember this [ __ ] he he used to have his mom didn't let him wear white tees when was the house and to be cool white tees had to be below your elbow like you you couldn't have your elbow showing yeah four x white tee time nine tenth grade you know and so his mom wouldn't let him leave the house wearing that stupid ass pajama shirt so he would have but is that like a african thing because i'm ethiopian and my parents said the same thing no it was just got associated with gangs and [ __ ] and then and also you look like oh yeah they thought about that yeah my parents didn't want me to wear that [ __ ] either but they just got sick of the fight like they just stopped fighting me i just kept going through this i mean and buying white teeth yeah i didn't have access to that and my mom would have taken everywhere she would not have gotten tired she was just navigating this [ __ ] was like yo bro buy me a white t and then meet me before school and i'm gonna get it from you face the bias i was the president my dumb ass didn't even put no tax on it from the corner yeah i could have gave it to this [ __ ] for eight really he would have paid that [ __ ] too clappy that's a luxury and i used to take the shirt off when i went home he just was like i'm gonna look cool all the way home [ __ ] if i influence anybody it wasn't this [ __ ] this [ __ ] stole his mom's car to go take an ap test did you pass the ap test i actually did i got a 400 ap test and i left it out of five okay and i left the s8 blank on that [ __ ] because i was stressed out because it was time to go bro i'm like i did not know this [ __ ] was gonna be going too damn near 5 30 [ __ ] i thought we were gonna be out here at three o'clock [ __ ] tell them what happened bro why did you even do that man my mama had got this brand new [ __ ] lexus and that [ __ ] was iced oh bro she got the ls430 that's the big daddy you know i'm saying that [ __ ] you know what i'm saying they had the 60s cd changer and yeah i was enamored by that vehicle [ __ ] so i was like bro i just got my driver's permit and i'm like [ __ ] i know how to swing well i know how to maneuver in this [ __ ] and uh it was pretty meditating too oh it was pretty meditating i told my whole class this thing was like i'm about to steal my mom card what do you think what you think and literally everybody said don't do it there was not a person who said do it you got no yes i don't think i got a yes bro i think everybody gave me a resounding note like please don't do that [ __ ] bro but if you're gonna do it pick me up somebody all right [ __ ] man i'm about to do it so i remember i just that morning i woke up and i'm like all right well you know she used to go to class at school before us and then i'll catch the bus so this morning i'm like all right mom have a good day at work and she had two cars she had like her other car that was like her special i was a toy that was like her weekend car like the gas mileage was terrible [ __ ] and uh so she left and i'm like all right bingo it's time and i remember all the homies were meeting up at ihop before this ap test and uh i was i remember i pulled up to the light to make this left turn and i'm just sitting in the back and all the over the corner and they just start dying [Music] that's like [ __ ] i don't know maybe two miles away and uh i'm doing this test this ap test ap european history and i remember my teacher mr nelson was he was the teacher for this [ __ ] and this [ __ ] was like damn man you got balls dude i know man i know [ __ ] and uh he was even checking he was like did you do it you took me away and then it's like the multiple choice section and then you take a little break and then this essay section bro by the time we're done with the multiple choice section it's like like four o'clock i'm like bro we about to take a break writing this [ __ ] first essay i'm like god damn what time is it [ __ ] what time is this stress i finished this first essay it's like 440 [ __ ] i'm like what the [ __ ] so i was trying to start writing this second essay and i'm like nope nope i gotta go i'm like i'm down here thank you there's my chance i'm the first [ __ ] out of this [ __ ] this is like what the [ __ ] i'm like bro i'm out so i'm smashing on the way home terrible idea i'm smashing i'm like [ __ ] maybe she's having a late date sometimes you get on 5 30 i could just be in there i'm like [ __ ] a minute away from the crib i'm at windsor hills elementary school that's like [ __ ] two blocks from my house i'm at the stop sign my phone ring and it's my mom i'm like ah what the [ __ ] what's up pick it up what hello she's like do you have my car yes yes i said she's like bring it home now where are you right here she's like come on right now so i'm start driving slow now i'm like cleaning up the block i get there there's a police car she thought somebody just stole the way she thought somebody just stole the whole [ __ ] out the garage so then what made her call you because she was like there's no signs of injury like nobody knows the police yeah like this is not looking like a breaking entry and grant them all the situations looking like do you have anybody who might have taken the car you know there's nobody here but me and myself oh my god okay so i pull up and i remember the part that really had me [ __ ] up was i'm walking up i i'm parked the car on the curb and the police officer he's like walking walking towards me and i'm like oh [ __ ] and then he's like i ain't got that he's a black police officer he's like i ain't got nothing to say you your mom gonna do way worse than i can do to you bro oh no i'm dead bro that's all i want again i was like just don't say anything just give me your phone your phone just go to your room don't say anything i was like damn [ __ ] i was grounded for like [ __ ] forever brother i didn't get my license for like two years after that i'll do to get my license in like [ __ ] too much she like he checked you out of my sister after that [ __ ] yeah wasn't it what it was down amongst other things yeah i was just [ __ ] up with chester too much too much swag chasing bro oh crowd chasing it was a lot of slack jason i'll take some slack pajama pants i remember that but spongebob backpacks yeah my spongebob backpacking my spongebob pajama pants now you couldn't tell me a goddamn thing what's that the jerking area no no no this is before the jerk in there this is the um what's that what is them pants called [ __ ] they were like had horrible art on it no this is before the drawing of monkey and red red yeah that wasn't the horrible art academics lot 29 if you couldn't get academics yeah for sure you were like 29 daddy you look like a lot 20 years old oh yeah that was the second where lot 29 slid under the radar and [ __ ] was like is that cool yeah it was it was back on you cause i'm not sure if that's cool they could be wearing it i see joel saying right here this that did on what we thought was cool for a second yeah not even realizing that they were doing it all right i got one more i got one more story i need you to tell about your mom okay what happened because i don't think i ever got this story either what happened that night when we performed at evan's mom's house oh the night i got kicked out of her house yeah why did she take me out um this was another lie going bad but in my defense she was tripping so evan was having a birthday party and fly guys this was gonna be our first ever rap performance in front of a crowd of people that was before downbeat yeah this is our first show this is the fly guy's first ever show all right i'm abroad because i'm scared are we getting paid for this like i don't want to do a show if we're not getting paid like two days before this year trying to back out of the show like i don't know i don't know we need some money for our first [ __ ] show at the homies birthday party you talking about your friends if you're scared bro don't say he's scared bro but anyway so this is my [ __ ] evan's [ __ ] birthday he's probably turning 18 no he probably trained yeah 18 years that's something yeah yeah yeah yeah because because we didn't start rapping birthday they've been getting a senior year so [ __ ] was turning 18. yeah so um so i'll tell my mom like hey mom i want to go to this party all like i think it's friday or something you know what i'm saying it's like a friday night party and she's just like no i was like what i wasn't in trouble or nothing like she was just like ever expecting enough she was just like no i was like what this [ __ ] heaven is down the street evan was my neighbor he lived like me like four blocks down bro and i'm like no what do you look like she's like no you just can't go i was like well that is [ __ ] up i'm gonna go to the parties before i got first show you had no reason to say no you have no reason i've been on good behavior like okay maybe i [ __ ] up a couple weeks ago but [ __ ] this is new yeah so i'm like uh all right i got something for her so i was working at jcpenney at the time this is my first gig jc penney in the in the uh kids section at the fox at the fox hills mall first gig i remember that and uh so i told her that friday i'm like yeah i'm about to go to work about to go to work so i i had my little mitsubishi at the time so uh i don't know if i don't think i put on those dress clothes i put on like my fly [ __ ] and i just went down the street to every house and then we did our [ __ ] we did our one two [ __ ] killed the show and then apparently i was actually on the work schedule that day i didn't know apparently i was actually supposed to go to work so so you really had to work i really had to work i thought it was all just right up the story that you had yeah i made up a story about having to go to work not knowing that i actually had to go to work so my job called my house and was like hey is uh i mean coming into work today even said he was coming in so my mom get worried and [ __ ] she like he went to work he must have gotten into accidents so she called in the hospital he's trying to call me of course i wasn't picking up cause i'm like hell no hell no mom calling me so uh i just remember we just got off the stage and we back in evan's room like in his little part of the room just like yeah kill that [ __ ] kill that [ __ ] [ __ ] this is what we do and then somebody come in and like yo and your mom's at the door and i'm like shut the [ __ ] up stop playing stop lying [ __ ] is like no did that your mom is at the door looking for you you know i'm like give me some dress clothes two sides are smaller than me so give me this small ass little button up this [ __ ] coming right here like he give me some pants these [ __ ] just like right here like holy water to my shins and they gotta walk out and i'm like oh yeah they said i could leave work early she was gonna just get in the car just get in the car and just quiet and then i remember i thought we was gonna drive to my house to her house you know where i lived there my whole life you mean she just drove me straight to my dad's house i can't i can't deal with you like you you know what i'm saying you need like you need a man to raise you whatever you need i ain't got it got it bro you two three in the morning and [ __ ] like me just hanging with the homies all day after school not doing no homework so that backfired your daddy house was lit my dad bro so yeah that's what happened that one time i went to evan's party and told her i was going to work i was really supposed to go to work did you ever like blatantly defy your parents and get caught up like that or just like lie to your parents and they knew you was lying and the thing is i was terrified of my mom too like you know what i'm saying she was a disciplinarian so like that's probably [Applause] i think that's what it was for me like my pops was a serious yeah typical african father like any place i was like yeah i ain't about to test this but he said no i mean [ __ ] ain't drinking my parents used to be my ass too i still did weird [ __ ] yeah yeah i remember when i did school to go to an elementary school my fourth grade teacher me and my fourth grade teacher got a very cool relationship right okay so she was like you know if you get out of school early you could just come over here we're having a pizza party right oh [ __ ] i was like i mean i'm 10th grade now you tell me a pizza party i'm like shoot i'll figure out a way right so i hop the fence and i start walking because my elementary school was like two blocks so like maybe six blocks away from westchester so i hopped the fence and i started walking towards my elementary school and i already got it in my head like police got me i'ma tell them i'm on the golf team because the golf team used to get passes to leave the school oh yeah right and i'm starting to realize that this is this podcast is about to turn into djv encounters with the police [Laughter] but anyway i'm walking down the street the police is like i was like oh [ __ ] time to pull out this i was ready for y'all and that was like where are you guys going i was like oh you know you guys think it was more than one where you going oh i was like oh i'm on the golf team man i'm about to go to the golf course because i left my golf pass up there right here like oh where's the golf fast i just told you i left it at the golf course like i don't got it because i'm going to get it you know what i mean all right here's what we're going to do i'ma take you back to the school and if your story checks out we'll drive you to the golf course okay all right come on let's go okay all right put your hands behind your back i think oh wait what what i thought this is taking oh you got some bad boy points that day it wasn't bad [ __ ] though uh it was teachers oh yeah you didn't get no bad opposite of bad [ __ ] unless the teacher started talking to the bad [ __ ] but i don't know about how they were i didn't i to this day i ain't got the residuals from that yeah so anyway i remember i had a homeboy in golf his name was aaron watts right so i was in the office and then they was like what's your name i was like aaron watts and so and the lady in the office is typing it in right and then she looks at the computer and then she looks at me and she listens to the computer and then she looks at me and it says aaron watts or anthony watts i was like anthony watts and she was like i knew it because aaron watts is a good student they printed up this [ __ ] anthony washed his graves right this [ __ ] had five f's and a c in basketball oh my god right and the reason i was having this party was because it was the last day before thanksgiving break right so she prints out his transcript and hands it to the police officer right and he looks at that [ __ ] and says this did you school that's tampering with an investigation that's lying to an officer come into the hallway i was like [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] he was like you know they say there's no such thing as a stupid question it's only stupid people ain't gonna be home for thanksgiving you might not even be home for christmas when i heard the word christmas [ __ ] i said chatted out that office like i was like they're chasing me i know they're chasing me but if i turn [Music] [Laughter] and a hot defense and it was two like adults that worked at the school and i was like hey don't pay attention to them because if you [Music] field and on the baseball field there's like this giant cliff i [ __ ] ran up that clip i was like i was like crawling on all fours up this cliff and then i hopped that fence and then went into somebody's backyard and was just caught my breath for like 10 minutes and i was like helicopters coming they're gonna bring the whole squad to come get me oh what the [ __ ] am i gonna do so then i go out like i'll go out and i just run all the way to my elementary school i run run run run run right now i was like do my best to never stop even though i'm tired as [ __ ] right never looked back to see if anybody was chasing me never look back though cause then it would have been real if they were there right went all the way to the elementary school and then i went into the classroom and they was just having a little fourth grade i'm about to hear helicopters and sirens very very soon looking for me we got an apb on a young guy she was like i thought i was on america's most wanted this is my first encounter with the police that i like got in trouble and they wanted to take me away and i ran away like that never happened and so i was like i don't know what the [ __ ] happens here but i'll see you on tv so then i just sat in the corner and just put my head down throw up [ __ ] grade teacher was like and and are you okay i was like no i don't feel good she was like all right well school gets out i'll take you home so then she took me home and then i and i saw like i usually get home on a school bus at four o'clock but she got out of elementary school time so i got home at like three so i had to wait at home for an hour and then call my mom at four and be like hey mom i made it home because i'm supposed to call my mom every day when i get home and she was like how was school today pretty normal that's cool oh school called me today i was like okay so we got to go down to the police station and sign a ticket i was like oh you want to tell me what happened not really but i'll tell you you're here so yeah so apparently because when they took me outside i left my backpack then they went through my backpack and saw some [ __ ] with my name in it on it and then they got my name and then i just had to sign a tournament ticket but nothing else happened oh well almost got [Music] [ __ ] you up man just like i just it don't even be dvd you know it's just like pure hearted i just want to perform at the homie's birthday party i just want some pizza yeah i just want to flex with the homies one time in a brand new lexus you know what i'm saying right even though all the homies tell you not to flex in their brains every single one of the homies man i thought you got a couple yesterday nobody told me yes everybody gave me an emphatic no what surprised me too i was like [ __ ] leave some bridges even you told me no did you i did i remember specifically telling you know and i feel like i still got brand for it oh for sure you was huge part of the you know yeah there's always a bad influence that's cool man i like it i think this one's empty no it's not not hey danny come on man drink some liquor you got to remind this thing everybody you know yeah smoker foreign uh let's talk about the music man oh yeah let's talk about the music afrobeats you've been making afrobeats lately i know cause y'all [ __ ] been sending it to me and i've been playing it at parties and that [ __ ] been growing up that's awesome man i'm always trying to expand my sound man i i i'm i'm gonna need to get bored real easy so even if some [ __ ] is working for me i'll be like [ __ ] how can i do some other [ __ ] that will work for me you know so my cousin pop euro came to me uh who's also you know called a co-owner of our label for donna records uh he's straight from synagogue so he's been on this afro beach excuse me he been on this afro beef [ __ ] for for a minute you know since it was just bubbling in africa you know like so he's like man i need some afrobeat i'm like yeah yeah hey man finally pressed me enough to be like [ __ ] make goddamn apple beat so i'm like i don't know how man i'm gonna try the first couple ones i made was pretty trash and then okay wait how did it pop sound when he cut you out to say is [Laughter] and so i finally made some [ __ ] and it was trash you know that's my thing is i hate being bad as [ __ ] so sometimes it'll you know take me longer to start some [ __ ] because i hate going through the i'm trash process you know what i'm saying is it you hate going through that i'm trash process or you hate going through the trash process in front of you nice it don't even got to be people like i will avoid video games and i'll be like damn everybody's good at this [ __ ] already i can't even go online because i'm going to be trash they're gonna be my ass [ __ ] so i'll just i ain't gonna play call of duty this year because i didn't get it at the job oh see i don't like being trash in front of people so i would play call of duty versus the computer until i get my bars up and then i'll play online but i also got to play online to know that i'm yeah yeah it's different online you can play the computer all you want but until you get in that 2k [ __ ] rec room [ __ ] [ __ ] doing crazy [ __ ] that you didn't even know you could do on the game you don't know so i was avoiding because i didn't want to be trash and make it afro beat you all right you got a wedgie nah my um my production manager told me to thanks guy so yeah i finally just dove into it and you just was like that's it what the [ __ ] trying to get you right now i appreciate that i appreciate the [ __ ] out of that but um yeah i just really made that my focus and just was like studying you know different elements of all the popping that [ __ ] and just like oh all these beasts do this and all these do this you know what i'm saying this is what qualifies it as an afro beat really approaching from like a scientific student research perspective and see there's a lot of homework going on you did it did you do a lot no i really i learned playlist on apple music for like i rode around for like four errands so like maybe about 40 minutes worth the afro beat you know i didn't even get through the whole play there's others do about 16 17 songs okay yeah i get this one i will go this one you know i feel this one and then you know tapped into my african roots in the inside as well you know because the afrobeat lives within me being half centimeters and all that and uh it was pretty easy after that man you know i'm still learning you know so what's the formula what's the commonality that i thought oh it's it's about three snare patterns that's really prevalent you got the cut cut cut cut cut cut oh you got that and then you just gotta be you know i like the more jolly afro beach you know what i'm saying where it's like you know it's not your side hearties over here this is abusive bro don't don't push blue like that she's trying to [ __ ] up my shots that's my camera right there if i sit here it's going to mess up my camera oh it's all right blue don't know she wants to sit over here you can sit over here you have your own whole seat this is a sign you gotta go around here here come on come on come on come on get it together sis ah damn [ __ ] up she will let me talk to her like that she resents it though she's going to grow to resent you so yeah i'm alpha b [ __ ] now and i just made my first drill beat the other day bro i made my first drill b so now i'm venturing into is that which i played i think y'all playing at the re-up yesterday that [ __ ] went that the crowd was loving that [ __ ] too first drill b [ __ ] we going crazy shout out to the drill [ __ ] man so where was your comfort zone before you were doing all that trapped in the hip hop and west coast [ __ ] and like which one was out of those phones which would you go to um easiest was west coast [ __ ] um natural [ __ ] that i would do was uh trap [ __ ] and hard [ __ ] you know i'm three yeah man uh r b [ __ ] when i have some [ __ ] so the rb person the [ __ ] wit you know but um now i'll just be doing whatever bro i'm just like what's that i don't have no boundaries no limits on the [ __ ] that i'm making i'm just like bro i'm gonna make what the [ __ ] i want to make and it's gonna be tight because i just sonically know how to make music now you know but you sonically know how to make music forever that's true too but you know there's levels man it's levels and i got tools and toys and [ __ ] and like i'll be downloading hella [ __ ] hey you consider yourself a humble person i'm the most humble [ __ ] in the whole world there's nobody more humble to me in this whole world i'm the number one humblest [ __ ] that's a very important that's a very humble statement of a [ __ ] to say huh most humble [ __ ] of all time you heard it here first from the humblest [ __ ] shout out to me because i'm humble as [ __ ] it wasn't anti-humble the reason i asked that was i seen this on your twitter i think and he was like my fingerprints is all over all of this west coast [ __ ] yeah yeah my fingerprints is heavy on the in the west coast scene bro for a while for wow as long as i've been on the scene your fingerprints haven't been on it at least and i i got it i had an inside view to it so like yeah i also have no a slightly biased opinion but it's facts you know you know it's facts but even to this day all the [ __ ] i produce for an engineer for um who i just work with you know what i'm saying it's a lot of people who's like really prevalent and really like you know in circles and making noise and all this [ __ ] and it's just like i'm attached to a lot of different things you know just that the casual fan would would never know you know would never appreciate and uh you like that [ __ ] i mean of course i would like to be [ __ ] the forefront yeah front and center but at the same time it's it's commendable and respectable you know that you know i'm kind of just if you know you know kind of vibe yeah that's one of them guys right there who gets [ __ ] moving get [ __ ] done but uh the goal is to be you know big as [ __ ] so for the time being i'll settle for you know fingerprints take what you got what i got yeah but i didn't work for them all man and uh you know time is coming okay wait before you start let me let me just try a little bit it's so much better than mine i told you not to order a salad i should have got that i meant to i told you you didn't want a salad i told you you didn't want a salad i know i should listen to you like always well i mean i just want to eat my food well before peace can i get a piece does your girlfriend tend to want your food more than she wants her own well that problem is a thing of the past with the shakovich 49 000 simply place the chip under your plate the device can be activated from any smart watch now there's nothing left to do but sit back and watch the shock of it do its job the shakovich 49 000 since a non-lethal shock into the subject deterring them from whatever they were reaching for so good baby sure you don't want to try some of this no the shakovich 49 000 by jackson and jackson bachelor company so if everything goes successfully for you what happens like let's say this year everything all your dreams come true what happens all my dreams come true then uh kobet's over and i'll just start touring the world doing my own music you know what i'm saying with my label now how does that tour go how does that how does that tour look uh we do who's the headliner of this tour i would be oh yeah people what kind of venues what kind of menu are you at um is this ideal or this is like are you why these dreams come true oh [ __ ] then i'm doing it man i'm running [Music] it seems like the supply stadium is with the [ __ ] they would whatever like i seen [ __ ] do some [ __ ] at the sofa stadium why wouldn't they do a concert yeah and then i'm going overseas with it i'm going to europe i'm doing it you know bless you i'm doing goddamn germany i'm doing friends i'm doing england i'm doing the uk i'm doing the italy i'm doing goddamn all the [ __ ] then i'm going to goddamn africa you want a year before you do africa it's a little easier to travel yeah okay i don't know i've never done it so it's a little easier but once you're in africa it's easy to travel with being in africa but you'll never be ah they don't want you to go to africa who the powers that be making real expensive and tough to get to that because you got to go you got to go be like three thousand dollars to get to that mall all right for real i don't know right but you gotta like stop in like france oh you for sure gotta make a stop i don't think it's no straight through to africa i don't think that's it i don't think that's um humanly possible yet like is there a plane that can get from la to senegal i would like to see it it's because you haven't got it i would like to see it i feel like i got that so the kind of like backpedal a little bit um when did you realize you wanted to get into music entertainment oh wow um i always wrote raps that i remember when i was like in the fourth grade probably writing my first rap in the fourth grade and just being like damn i said i said this you know it's just being kind of like damn rapping is tight i got this thing about every black [ __ ] having a rapper gene inside of them that lies dormant until until the right time sometimes it never comes out sometimes you suppress the gene but it's in there yeah and so my rapper gene was activated probably around fourth grade and i was just like damn i would love to make words rhyme together on the beat so when you wrote that first rap did you did you wrap it for somebody or you kept it oh never wrap that for anybody was the first time you rap to somebody um oh i remember in high school i was make cd [ __ ] i used to make mixed cds for [ __ ] and so uh i remember i found out because i used to freestyle with my sister and like all this [ __ ] we used to have fake rap groups and [ __ ] and we found out that you could record on one end of a headphone and you could put it up to the speaker your computer speaker and you could like pretty much freestyle you feel me like my dad taught me that i used to actually have parties when i forgot the microphone so yeah you can record on the headphone put it up to the speaker and it would sound like you were freestyling over a beat so i was the mix cd [ __ ] so i remember [ __ ] used to give me their track list of the songs that they wanted i would go on uh limewire or and i'll put their [ __ ] together [ __ ] up my computer virus hella viruses not to mention [Music] but anyway so i used to make things god damn mr marcus honey oh yeah come on we all know so make they make cd and then i have my freestyles that i have recorded on my headphones and if it was wrong on the mix cd i'll throw that [ __ ] on there like number nine number 10 you know what i'm saying number 11. they already in the mix and they mix you know what i'm saying so my [ __ ] would just be on their cd and then i just wait i give them a cd and i just wait and then [ __ ] would be like bro what the [ __ ] was the number 11 is that you i'll be like oh oh i put that on there i actually yeah that was me like dude that [ __ ] sound horrible bro don't sound like nobody but you had some little [ __ ] up in there big i was dying so i was like all right yeah got [ __ ] on my team got [ __ ] [ __ ] with me they know my [ __ ] you know what i'm saying and uh so that was the first time i really started like kind of being like [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] with my [ __ ] because yeah i was freestyling we once we found out the headphone in the mic [ __ ] i remember my homies i used to pull up on that [ __ ] we used to just do that [ __ ] for hours bro just freestyling [ __ ] dj b would pull up we were just freaked out [ __ ] for hours man and then i was like damn i think i really like doing this [ __ ] like this is fun and stupid and then we started doing it my senior year in high school i think me and dj b must have done it one time before and then these everybody was like they make a tone love to rap like tom was like my army but he wasn't like my homie homie like i would never have anybody turned to my house if it wasn't for dj b and dj he was like [ __ ] tony to come over here and ride all right let me pull up so we start recording [ __ ] in these little headphones and the speaker and then one day we just was like we're tight as [ __ ] we should do this [ __ ] for real for real and uh that was though and we had the homie mike b who was also like y'all are tight as [ __ ] we're getting him in a little bit and i know how to do yeah and i know how to do looks [ __ ] i'll do the hooks and so it was four of us at first and we was the fly guys just like we should fly god so we would do this fly god friday every fly day we pull up after the school week and we just freestyle for hours and you're just in the [ __ ] computer room you don't need to have computers so he was in the computer room just going in bro just shut the doors and then we would just go in there from probably 6 p.m to maybe 11

p.m we were just in that [ __ ] just rapping same story bro uh from my angle but it's crazy how much we talked about how much yo fingerprints are all over la i'm starting to realize how much this [ __ ] evans fingerprints is all over god damn hell yeah that [ __ ] is crazy because our origin story all revolves around because we was at evans another something party party it was a something party at his house and he had like this basement in his house right and then we was down there rat and [ __ ] was rapping it was it was j-hop j-hop uh what's that [ __ ] named leon leon lee boy tv leboy and cheddar that was all rapping downstairs right and it was a [ __ ] ton of girls there and it was just a lot of people it was like like 40 maybe like 30 people in that room right boys have girls right and then [ __ ] started rapping and everybody was going crazy like i've been in the back [Applause] we were just sitting there like all three of us me you and tony all three of us everybody wow [ __ ] [ __ ] going right now all right and they were just this [ __ ] spit and this it was me this was big everybody was going crazy the whole time and after that we was like remember at eva's house when they was going crazy we need to start man we couldn't do that [ __ ] like right because rap says great [ __ ] i got raps too i'm just too shy to go do this [ __ ] and i would like to so the thing is like bro honestly i just wanted to hang out with my friend right this [ __ ] really wanted to do the music yeah this [ __ ] tony really wanted to do the music oh yeah i just wanted to hang out with them two days like i was like well that's what we doing and that's what we're doing right and you can kind of hear that but i also am a competitor for shorter the pros of our group it was for sure children fly guys you know what i'm saying yeah all right i'll take that i'll take that for the moment i i i like to look but also there were stars he carried us you know like ghetto superstar carried you know the fuji's a little bit you know you know what i'm saying it's true i could come with them gems every now i can't every now and then i came with the with the for the function flow for the blue moon the blue moon flow the stupid fresh you feel me with them [ __ ] yeah every now and then then there's other times like we'll be getting in we'll be getting in meetings and [ __ ] like with with like [ __ ] that's trying to like help us get on and [ __ ] they'd be like yeah you know tone you gotta like work on your commercial you know what i'm saying like animal you just gotta like whatever yeah whatever and you gotta see if this is really what you want i remember that exactly i was like you [ __ ] ass [ __ ] i [ __ ] hate you i remember thinking that in my head i was like you think i don't understand what the [ __ ] you saying right now you're saying i'm weak you're saying i'm weak ain't you i'm not weak [ __ ] you you weak [ __ ] who the [ __ ] are you you old ass [ __ ] still trying to do music you just hurt my stupid fresh verse [ __ ] and then no but then the same thing he would and like i ca i gotta respect his honesty because like when i came with it on like i we showed him the stupid fresh he was like sometimes you just come with it the whole time with the flow you don't even need a hook like that one right there like he gave my props it still wasn't enough i was like you don't think i forgot what yeah what you said [ __ ] i'll roll up on you and your artists [Laughter] shout out g with the go-to man well i was hot [ __ ] and then like [ __ ] like that [ __ ] with those subtle fly guys shame i would hear [ __ ] like that all the time yeah i remember one time we had a homeboy who rap and he set us all down to like help us with our futures and [ __ ] and he was like you know like tony you're really good at the storytelling animal you got the whole package you know what i mean and then evan you got crazy marketability in bc you got the you got you got it you got you just got something special and like oh y'all y'all just got you know the music business yeah ty just leave it to time and it'll tell you how it's due i was saying that that mean the whole time like [ __ ] you really just want to leave me out there you know what to say a [ __ ] thing about me bro dj b you got the smile this [ __ ] never said [ __ ] didn't even he didn't even give me a smile bro i was like you [ __ ] [ __ ] ass i ain't never gonna forget this [ __ ] without naked [ __ ] me here you know what happens when groups just banned right the wack [ __ ] becomes the tight [ __ ] i can't wait till this [ __ ] is almost like you know that's funny oh and if and then like [ __ ] like that like like beat up on me because i couldn't beat these [ __ ] like i was like i couldn't out lyric tone because tone was the lyrical miracle this [ __ ] was not this [ __ ] was our knives bro like damn [ __ ] how you making all these words give me the deputy i don't get it and then this [ __ ] animal would just have to flow bro like he was like you actually introduced me to my favorite rhyme scheme in rap it's when you do a um you do a this rhymes with this and then i say that and then this rhymes with this and come back to that like it's like it's like two rhymes it's like a bar it's like two rhymes in one bar and you're in the in the end like the second bar with a different thing and oh yeah okay like jay-z did that jesus do that a lot yeah i remember jesus well jesus used to just stop rhyming too i don't think g if jeezy did it i don't think jesus did it on purpose but like i'm talking about when it's calculated we did a um freestyle at uh at uh a recorded freestyle with verve oh yeah i remember that verse do you remember they should have never let me in my flow is like a 10. if [ __ ] is like a three i'm balling like e what sp trying to get this guy yeah mexican trying to holla about a show and you talking about them though i'm like yeah yes you mama wanna holler wanna know how deep do i go i'm like let's be friends you can find out the hard way hard way putting on the show show broadway broadway i can do this [ __ ] all day all day you going to sleep i'm like let's begin and you can test me in you fly it and i i'm like let's pretend [ __ ] that was funny for a second now i'm back to killing beast mouth for such a murder weapon pause coming first never heard me coming second nah unless i'm talking about my [ __ ] but they ain't gon be [ __ ] but like [ __ ] so i showed up to that freestyle session with no verse this thing was really about the freestyle i was like okay whatever we freestyle i'm freestyle right i switched them and you know what i do come in through mic check one two you know what i mean like some stupid [ __ ] some [ __ ] on the top of my head and then like this [ __ ] verbs was freestyling like me but he's like actually really good yeah so it sounds like a verse and then this [ __ ] came with that [ __ ] and i was like what the hell's going on here maybe i should have wrote something and i was like goddamn 15 years ago i was like this is my favorite style of rapping i never told you that i've never i never told you that because i was like i looks like [ __ ] i am a horrible freestyler bro like i'm like i'm one of them [ __ ] you can like if he spits a verse and you spit a verse you can tell that i thought of the first two lines and then that was the first two bars were hit yeah i was like i can't even do it right now but like you could tell i spent the last two minutes thinking of the first two bars and then i was like oh [ __ ] and then i'm gonna keep going and coming off the top of the head i keep flowing i don't even know what i'mma say next but i'm gonna say it though stray sex that first two bars was cool that was me but yeah that [ __ ] was crazy that that introduced me to like i was like that's my favorite writing scheme and rap and home did that on the drake feature oh violence yeah i'll kill that [ __ ] i loved it and then upon first listen when i asked people what they thought about the whole verse i was like i wanted hope to float you know i'm saying i want him to talk about some braggadocio [ __ ] all he was talking about was how angry he was upset i was like [ __ ] that [ __ ] was hard [ __ ] you caught that on the first listen because that's my because that was that's that's right there was in the car listening to it i was like oh he did the animal in my head in my head that's what i think of it as i was like it's so dope that when he said yeah jesus used to do that i was like no jesus didn't do that jesus damn so then there was a there was a time in the fly guys right everybody had their place like anyone had to flow someone had the lyrics and i was the other [ __ ] you used to rap for i am just about to say whatever the [ __ ] we did yesterday we kept it hyper real life he reverted to hyper realism right i was like reality right reality rap only i was like i gotta bring something different to the table so i'm gonna be like remember when animal came to the front don't opened it and was like what's up [ __ ] and then we came in the booth and we spit this verse and i was like even if it don't rhyme just say whatever the [ __ ] happened i was like that's just what i'm be i'm gonna be that guy yeah and i and apparently i have the most unique voice i remember we used to go to parties and [ __ ] would be like they would be talking in the corner and laughing and [ __ ] it's like djb i'm like what they see it sounds just like the [ __ ] did on the side they just like my voice man i was like all right that's good i feel like i [ __ ] is bagging on me a little bit but y'all y'all but john y'all like everybody's coming from a good place here like it seems like it's coming from a good place but like normally i would take this offensively but you seem like a fan yeah so yeah that's that's where i was what was the question that made us start what started with how did i know that i was the [ __ ] [ __ ] i don't know that's cool hey um so when you do interviews a lot what are the most cliche questions you guys that's what me and danny was talking about this [ __ ] because he was like maybe we should ask him what's his process when it comes to making music i was like that's like the most cliche question that's the most cliche what is what are the cliche questions how did you get your name how did you get your name yeah how did you get enemies uh it was uh evolution of things um my first rap name was animal which was my name spelled backwards and then you know wait a minute hold up i didn't know that to you that most of us fell backwards as an animal get the [ __ ] out of here um so then i realized that [ __ ] i always had enemies in the cut like it was always you know how like drake got drizzy kanye got yeezy you know what i'm saying oh and then wayne got wheezy yeah so i had the enemies already on top you know i have been saying that for years you know what i'm saying but then i was just like i remember you don't want to know the real reason why i switched this [ __ ] man i was on some stumble upon type website y'all remember stumble upon i love some of

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