Million Dollar Monat Business From Your Bathrobe?!

Million Dollar Monat Business From Your Bathrobe?!

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So. Have, you ever really wondered lady, tribe can. You really build a massive business all while, wearing. At, your fabulous bathroom, well I have, a special guest here this morning, that did exactly that and she's not only going to come. Join us but she's gonna share, some of her inside ninja, tips secrets on how to do it so she took her bathrobe and her cell phones cell. Phone and turned it into a million dollar business she's just celebrating, her $1,000,000, income earner status. And I'll let her tell you about that but I'm so excited so, let's, give a huge, warm welcome, to miss Amy Murphy, I'm gonna bring her on the screen right now so. Make sure that you share the broadcast, with, those who have, ever struggled in network marketing this, is definitely, for, them, so, look who we have miss. Murphy. And I'm so excited to bring you on here this morning. So. You guys if you, Amyas. Radio my page and I just met Amy like less than a month ago at an event and I was just and she was speaking up on stage and I was like I gotta, interview this girl because she has an amazing story number one you're, a rock star boss, babe lady, and here. We are on the lady tribe page so this is all we do and. I. Love, what you did that everything. Was from your, cell phone and the. Spontaneity. Of, what just, do, it creating. That. Muck it up I'm just gonna go muck it up I'm just gonna create a big ol mess of things I what. You said shared on your when. You're on stage like I would, be working out and then I would go live I would just have this idea and then I would just go live I'd be in the shower and like put my head out of the curtain and go live, like. All these different things right and I like I love, that because so many times we hold. Ourselves back from. Creating action like I gotta Bend perfect not gonna do this isn't this so, I'm gonna let you share that a little bit about you so introduce, yourself say hey and you guys make sure you hit that share button bottom, left corner and, invite. Some other ladies that have, ever struggled in network marketing cuz Amy's, story is for them hey. First. Of all I have to make a disclaimer I my, boy might sound a little raspy because, we just had our company, convention on the weekend and if. You guys ever have gone to your company conventions, you know the energy is insane, you don't sleep you're always cheering, your teams on sure, you're everybody's, screaming, and laughing and going on so my. Voice is might. Be a little raspy so iPod eyes off the top row back but. You. Do it anyway no excuses, you do it anyway I. Love. It I know right, good morning go muck it up and you are up in Canada, eh right, I am a Canadian. Oh. You. Guys let us know where you're tuning in from as you're logging in they're down in the comments what part of the world are you coming, in from and would. Love to know what part of the world are we reaching from, good this morning okay so yeah. That's a quick, quick like. From. Beginning to start and then we're gonna break it down a little bit but. And, I was trying to quote it and I think. 16. Like how many companies, were, you a part of in network marketing and. Stop. Start stop starts, before you actually. Hit. A home run yeah. So um, I, think the lucky number is 10 and this was my eleven, so. Pretty. Much I started, network marketing when I was 19 years old, wonderful, company that's still around to this day.

You. Know that that was my very first introduction. To it I was, in it for a couple. Months, didn't. Really see a lot of results so I quit tried another one didn't. See a lot of results quit, tried another one so literally over the course of 17, years and everything. Else in my life like I do come from a background and hair makeup and nails I went to beauty school I, have a background. In acting and modeling so I've always been doing, those things so my whole life network, marketing has, always been, poked in there like I've always tried, to make it fit in whatever, I did because I knew, I, knew. Network, marketing, worked I just didn't know how to work it and. You. Know I just like relate, to this one ladies I I knew it worked I saw everybody else having success, I just, don't know if I could make it work right. That. One right. So I just I saw I. Believed. That there was something there because these girls would have cars they would have these, trips. They would have these things and I never had. Them and I, always knew I clicked so I always. Thought it, was the company, so, I would, jump to another company I would jump to another company I'll jump to another company guess, what I figured out well, one I'm not gonna lie I love my company just that, I need to make that discipline where my company is awesome, but it really was me it. Wasn't you it was me it was it's not all about you as albeit with this time you know we're never marketing, it's all about you boo right it's not about me it's about you all this time it was all about me if, I was ready I. Finally. Connected, to why, do I want to do this anyway before. It was always about I just want to make money I just want to join sell. Some makeup. Sell some candles, sell some whatever I just wanna make some money and I'm. Gonna sell that to you and I'm gonna make money and if I don't make money it's almost like an employee, mentality. Right. Looks. Like a job it's like I don't make money I'm just gonna quit oh I didn't do well that job I'm gonna get another job that's. Where. My mind was at but. This time my, mind was okay. This is a business I'm. Gonna learn how to run my business like, I'm gonna learn everything I can do and. I'm gonna follow people, that had success Shirley look with the people that are succeeding, and figure.

Out How. This is working so I sat there and I started googling network marketing and I found Ray Higdon and he was the first person that I started emulating, and I started teaching my team his, trainings, and I used to pretend it was all coming from me like I'm so smart. And. So if he would be like that's Brian oh my. God you know like I would, learn teach you know how yeah you learn and you teach yeah. There you go yep so. I was doing that not realizing, that the thing but, I was doing it without giving credibility. Teaching. Others and I started learning how to teach others, and I, started, quickly, learning it simple others when I help them that. Helps me when, I help others that, helps me instead. Of just trying to help myself, so it's like everything started, clicking more. So within myself and my desire level. Why. I wanted, it for one my, husband, tried to tell me that no will believe me this time it's like the eleventh time what's Amy selling now no. One was gonna believe me I wouldn't have any credibility good, luck with that you've, done this a million times before like, no support, in the beginning he was like good luck with that that, kind, of fueled, me to go okay. It's on, I. Had. A similar thing so, when I started, doing my video I did a video challenge, and I. Told my husband I was like hey I'm gonna do this like video challenge thing I have no idea what the heck I'm doing I, just, I know that social media is kind of like a thing right, and I'm gonna make, it my thing and it's, like whatever, you know how, much does it cost. Nothing, baby nothing, go. Do whatever you need to go do I go do your thing okay okay and it was that self-doubt, from. Other, people that fueled me too let. Me show you how, I can do this and there. Was plenty of times right and I know you shared your story that like you, know this isn't working that's gonna be like everything else you, know day 20 of the video challenge, it's midnight or, 11:59. At, night I'm like I gotta get my video in for the day to be able to count and like oh you don't need to do it now do it later and like why are you spending so much time doing this not making any money right like all those things, that we hear from people I know you've probably heard the same thing oh my gosh well yeah my husband I remember he, didn't understand, where I was building at first I saw the vision for what I was doing like with our company and with everything I knew, what I was building because I truly believed this time around was gonna be the time I declared it I said if I don't do it this time I'm not gonna do it again and he was like oh yeah right he did not believe me but I said no, I'm for real this time if I, don't do it this time I will be done because I'm finally learning how to do it I'm gonna do it and I remember I'd be on my phone he's like reading their food or like I'm building something good trust, me.

Right. Like just, let me get my thing let me focus now. But. I promise it'll be for the greater good I swear you, know like, so. Time to be like what was that that changing, point because we're all looking for that changing point you know like, I'm down up down up down and then what was that catalyst, like, okay, I'm just gonna make this happen was it a live scenario what, was it uh I just hey to make a decision was it the company was it like what was that changing, point for you the key point, for me and it almost makes me want to cry is because. We. Found out we were pregnant with, our third child, unexpectedly. And, we. Were not we were not born anyway we're in this beautiful home like, our house is beautiful, we built our beautiful, home but. We truly, we. Were like hosts poor we built our home because he wanted a beautiful home for our children but we couldn't afford the extras. Was. With the two children so. When I came home with the pregnancy test and show Tim that we are having another child it. Was like we, can't have another kid yeah, like it was like no, there's, no other kid this is not happening and so, it was really really hard because, I, know, I'm, having, this kit so, he, was like we can't afford another kid so it was a really hard, mental. And emotional, time. For us to cope with how. We gonna afford this their kid so we put our house up for sale so. We could move into our smaller city like down where I grew, up in a smaller town and we, were gonna build a smaller house so that we could have more disposable, income to give the kids what they need like in terms, of sports, activities and things like that so that was what we, were going to do because I was doing nails into my home at the time and I knew after this baby was born with three kids I wasn't, gonna be going back to nails so there was no way. Born. Plus you got two other kids daycare. Is insane, plus who knows the heck is like really, happening, over there yeah. Yeah. Like all those things but you know how, do I do. Something from home but like. How, do I know you're, successful, income from home like truly do it, so. I was like okay, um you. Know after, the baby's born there's no Tim was just like you go back to, you. Go back to, like. The we're gonna go back to the Fifty's you're gonna raise the children and feed the children and, the family and I'm just gonna go work more with, men for us not. Seeing him at all cuz he was a longshoreman which, if anyone knows that is they work on the boats like when they come into the shore and he, would the big money nights would be evenings, and weekends and holidays so. He would already work the big money nights evening week is at the holidays so, him working warm and he'd be working days evenings, weekends, holidays so, our future was gonna be daddy's never home, and mommy's. Just gonna stay home and raise these kids then we're gonna stay in this beautiful house but. There's gonna be no extras, like this is gonna water, life look like so I kind, of had a little bit of a fuel in me to be like I know I have more I know I can help and I, you, know you know acting gigs modeling gigs they're not they're, not reliable. They're not consistent, and so. When I saw this opportunity it, was, just perfect timing that, you, know the product I was looking for I kind of needed because I was looking for this particular thing at the time in my life and I, was open to it so, when I saw it I was like whoo and then, you. Know it just kind of went from there I decided I'm gonna this is the one I'm gonna try and I'm this, timing is right for me I'm ready I'm, gonna do this so that was the catalyst, as to because, if that if that situation wasn't. Happening, and I still joined, it it might, have been the same result as the other times right, yeah exactly right, it, might have just been oh I didn't make a lot of money okay I'll quit again and, try something else again, but.

I Really, had something driving. Me this time it really was that. Situation, that I did not want my husband to always be away I really. Wanted to behave him home evenings. Weekends. And holidays not, working, every time I'm making excuses to the kids and say the husband daddy makes his money you know we just gotta get used to bad you know I didn't love that oh. Yeah. And. So this really drove me it really, really, drove me yeah. And you, know I I. Can relate to that because for. Ten years, my. Husband. And I have been together for 10 years next, month well be 10 year anniversary yeah. Yeah so. During. The whole time I was like I didn't. Have to make, anything happen right, because we had. I didn't, have to make, something happen and so I never did right, like I told. Myself I'd oh I would be nice to have a business where I was always thought that pot it'd be nice to have this awesome million. Dollar business it would be you know it would be nice if this just came together but, I never had to actually make, anything happen like my feet were never held to the fire and, when. It came to making, that shift to moving on social media and starting a business there is we. Had savings built, up and that was depleting, and it was like either we go get jobs, or we go do something, or we. Make like I came. Up with this business like from. Nothing out of the out of zero and because. I had. To create. Something and. So it was that like that, have to shift, up I have to do something versus, oh I'll, start a business because it's convenient or, because, it sounds like a good idea maybe I want to make a little bit of money you know something like that so I can, totally relate to that so. You're. A big believer in law, of attraction, and I, know right because I can hear like what you're saying on stage I'm like this girl's all about it I, know. A little, bit about that too of, because. You had to visualize, it you had to believe it and I remember you're, saying that you, would every single day you. Had kind of like a routine right so walk us through that routine of how you. Brought your thoughts into existence, oh my. Gosh, I cannot, stress to you how much. Manifesting. And visualizing. And believing. It, truly. Is a game-changer if, you're not finding success, are, you actually seeing. It happen like I saw, myself at, the, top of my company, I saw myself every, single rank going, up I saw, it and I didn't, for a minute, believe I wasn't getting it I didn't say oh I'd like to do it maybe someday. Oh I'm. Not I can't be fair I would I said, hey I looked, at the top of the comp plan and the day I joined I said okay I know, I want this level because I'll get founder if I get this level and then that, will be my one year plants, have a year to do it and then, I look at the top and I said wow that's big I said but that'll. Be my five to ten year plan I did, it in a year and a half when. My original, here was my original time frame was I'm gonna do that in five to ten years a year, and a half it took me because every day I saw, myself I said oh my gosh I can do this I can do this. Insert. Like holy barnacles, oh. That's. Amazing. Right so did. I'll, tell you my little secret, and and. But, I really. Truly embodied, my thoughts and and my beliefs and I brought it in there's so much more I believed, in but this is what I did in the shower when. I had my time to myself I would give thanks and gratitude to, know, I it. Could be the universe if you're not religious, it could be your God if you're religious, I do. Believe in God so I did thank God and I did thank the universe I thank both because. I want to cover my bases. So. For. The powerful energy it is I pull, and I thank God for. Being, able to you, know have the strengths, have the health. Have. Everything. I need and for, showing me the way giving, the courage giving me the strength give me what I need and then. You know you. Know give me open, me up to what I need and I would chant, my next ramp out loud, in the shower I would get on my knees put. My hands up in the air and, I remember going like chanting. The rank chanting, my right and just being like thank you thank you, thank, you for life I would be on my knees in the air in my shower no one was seeing me but me my husband didn't know I did this but I did this and when I Drive my kids, to preschool I had, my hands in the steering wheel I, breathed. It in I looked at the Sun and I would look at the sky, and I would say thank you for this beautiful life, thank you for my health thank, you for the ranks you've brought me thank you for everything you've the people you brought about I thank the, universe, God for everything, and then, I would just chant, my rank and be like and while, I'm chanting it I was seeing it I was seeing me on a stage I was seeing my rank I was, feeling, it as if I already got it like I wouldn't just wish it I was, actually embodying.

It Like it actually, was. Real. I was like that it's this next, month it's this and if it didn't happen next month guess what I didn't wet I said that's, all right building me up it'll, be next month it's okay thank, you for how far I got this month next, month boo boo and I didn't I didn't stop doing this I know it may sound silly but I'm telling, you I believed, it so hard, if you got to think about in your life when you want something so bad you literally, can't stop thinking about it you, end up doing things to make it happen and things, in your world start. Coming to you and making it happen, and it's, funny I'm gonna use a totally, separate example. That nothing, to do with with um with my company, but I, since. I started working with my company I backed off of doing acting and modeling a little bit I still the pregnancy, modeling I still edition but there, was times I would turn things down cliff too busy working my business and my agent was okay with that but recently, I started telling, my agent I said you know what I really, miss being on set I miss. Driving to set you, know I would drive down the road and visual myself driving, too sad going. Through hair and makeup, memorizing. My lines shooting. And being in my trailer, like I just was visualizing, what I used to do and how much I loved it did, I not get a call from my agent I get, an audition and I booked it and I was on set literally, a week later like. Are you kidding me you. Know I just I wanted, it and I visualized, it right I. Think. You're. Okay. Are your, ad okay. But. I want I just it's something I was vision wanting, a visualize. JIT and it's like the world brought me an audition nailed. It, book didn't I was on set like I like Anna and of course I gave thanks always give thanks when. You get your wish when you get what you're working for make sure you give thanks you. Need to give thanks that's. The most important thing grateful, heart and, appreciation. Gets you so much further than if you just want want want and, take take take all right I'm gonna see if she can bring her on back. There. We go let's see if I can messenger really quick you guys okay so if you're loving this let, me know so. She's, gonna jump, right back on here because I think we lost her for one second. But, we're gonna be right on back okay so you, guys here's the thing is I love. Everything, that she's talking about who can relate to this because. There's, so many times where it's like I don't, know if I can make this time we have this self-talk and what. Annie was talking about of, bringing, things into existence is, I. Believe, two years ago when I started doing live video I started reading a book called the secret all, talking, about the law of attraction and, I, was like I have no idea where this, live, video thing is gonna take me but I do know, that I want to attract, amazing women I want to build an amazing community of ladies. That, are gonna change the world and this, is all I told myself that was my focus right and so. It started coming into existence that, all of this stuff started. Happening okay. It all started, happening because, I believed, it was going to happen and not for a second that, I was like oh this isn't gonna work nobody's. Gonna like my message, net, were there times like can I do this that I would ask myself yes, but, I never stopped, believing that, I was going to attract the right people right, and I was gonna attract that end result to me it was just a matter of time and when. I believed in that whole thought process of, it's just a matter of time, before I, get there and it's. Going to happen it's. Gonna happen it's just a matter of time and so. Focus. On that end result yeah love the secret exactly, right okay so, make sure that you share the broadcast, okay we're gonna get Amy back on here but. You want to. Another. Thing that Amy said when she was on stage was that. Every. Single day, believed. It in gratitude okay. Yeah exactly don't stop believin but. Gratitude and, she talked about it here on the broadcast also as gratitude is people. Like so. Many times like oh I, didn't hit that ring so it's not gonna happen, no I'm grateful that I've come this far and, it's, going to happen, next month and then putting massive, action behind it okay and here's.

The Other thing too that I know right like love the robes so I. Thought it was like this, is totally broadcast, where I can totally get away, wearing a robe and it's like I'm part of the thing very, my. I'm channeling my inner million-dollar. Robe. Okay, so gratitude, right and, here's. A great branding tip is when. I saw her speaking on stage she said now everybody's, gonna go run out and buy their robe and think, that that's, my thing okay and I had the same experience when. A building, the, lady tribe and the mermaid Cove that I have a lot of people just like oh I see this whole mermaid thing going on and I see this whole like a you tribe thing going on that's awesome and I see this whole Beach theme going on and I love it I want, to duplicate, that okay. And don't. Fall into that well I'm just gonna go buy a robe and that's gonna be my message, right that's. Amy's message you got to find your own message, your own thing, that gives, you power now everybody, knows her for the, million dollar robe right, and that. Like that's how I remember of the million dollar Road because she did everything from her bathrobe, from. Her phone, just. Getting after it and believing that it's going to happen okay, and, massive, action like not just oh I hope, that this happens and I'm just gonna chant in my shower and I, hope that all this comes together that. When. You start believing that things are going to happen right. That, you. Doors, start opening but the key is is you got to walk through them you got to walk through the door if you don't walk through the door then. You're. Not going to be able to take, action on the. Opportunities, that are opening up in front of you you're not gonna you. Know if somebody asks you to do that do a live interview if you have that awesome idea to go do that thing right, I've so had some amazing ideas over the last couple weeks and I'm putting them into action I'm like this idea is, coming to me for a reason I gotta act on it because, we always sit there and ask like, man.

I Wish I could come up with that that, awesome idea that would change my business I wish, that I could you. Know have that innovative, thing I wish that I could create this amazing brand doesn't know that and you, start having ideas, come to you but, you, don't think that that's actually what, you're asking for because maybe it's a little, not. How you expected, it right. Maybe it's not how you're expecting you're like oh that's not my thing oh that's not my thing like. The. World is serving you up like hey here's a awesome idea that you were just asking for you, know you're like no that's you, know that's not my thing and we, kind of turn it down okay, so don't get into that process of like I, want. This but, then you get this idea and you don't act on it okay, so, make sure that we're putting action, behind all, the things yeah. This is exactly what we talked about is we got to do the things we got to put action behind things go, muck it up okay and here's, a fantastic message, also, from Amy and I talked about it briefly at the beginning of the broadcast is. She. Doesn't have the. Professional, studio like I had the home so yeah I've got the background like I got the computer I got the webcam I got the lighting I got the microphone like, I got all this stuff right you don't need any of this stuff and that's not how I started, either okay, now over two years I polished, and I've got this stuff over time but, I just started with my cell phone also, okay. I started with my cell phone and that's at a tripod like a twelve, dollar tripod, so that way I didn't have to go like this and hold my phone you, know like for every single I video because my arm was kind of getting tired over. A little while I'm like okay I had to come up with some sort of solution to this problem so I had a tripod and I had a cell phone those are my tools and that's it and I love that that's also Amy's, messages, you don't need like all this stuff here she is a million dollar income earner in her company and. All. From her cell phone and wearing the bathrobe okay so you don't need the fancy things you, don't need all the stuff, you. Need massive action and believing that it's going to happen and put steps, behind it okay does this make sense, all right guys fantastic. It was so fun having you this morning I think Amy as she hasn't come back yet so maybe, we can arrange a part to, do, we love it so if you have a vote for. A part two let. Me know if you're, like yes, so chance start chanting like Amy Amy. And maybe. We'll schedule a part two if we have a huge demand for it kay I did, tag Amy and the description, of this broadcast, so you can go click on her personal profile also she, told me she's rebranding, and working on her Instagram and building that up so, I also tagged her Instagram account in the description of this broadcast, as well so, And. Then I put her username every day so you should just be able to click the link and head over to her Instagram as well go follow her over there and make, sure that you let her know where, you found her, and oh, I think she may be back okay, hold on we're. Back okay, it worked because they were all chanting. Your name. I. Was. Watching, you guys that whole time and I was chatting in the team chat and nothing, was happening I felt like on a little plan like. I'm. Here it's like being in a coal mine you're alive, in your body but no one can hear you guys well. They all chanted, and now I'm like okay if you want any bad start Amy and it works where, you dream it and you see it you can achieve it. Okay. Okay so this is awesome roll back roll back and we're having again. Everything. You were saying was exactly, that you know like your Bible Jackson crying okay. Good I heard, everything I saw it all. I. Don't. I didn't say anything bad I didn't run away with the show that's good. But. You don't like literally, your vibe attracts, your tribe and and what, you put out there is what, you're gonna bring in so if you're putting a positive energy you're, gonna bring that and for, me when, I was building my business, this. Was legit, me I the. Bathrobe, Nick, like, I I, can't tell you how many times my husband's, friends, would, say to him is that, like like. Dizzy me do that pretension, and I'm like no, I have a message to share and I got a new boy on my pity and I, cannot get, dressed in today if I wait until this baby sleeps, which she never slept and if I waited till she finish eighth which he never did she was always on my boob but, I would never, have. Gotten anywhere in my business but I was the ultimate. Hashtag. No, excuses. I got, a message to share and I'm sharing it if you go through my old Facebook.

I Don't know if they limit posts or take off um. You, know like any old videos but if you see my old videos, you will see me, the hottest, mess on earth I just. Got laser surgery, because it, was a little treat I've been watching for 10 years so my old videos. I have my big glasses on my, hair is up to here I have, my back probe and I think, I probably. Showed, Facebook, my nipples a million times because I legit, would, be talking and then the baby would fuss and I'm sticker on my boob and I would keep on talking, and I remember one time I was doing a video up in the playroom and I would nurse her laying down and I was saying I was doing a message, talking. And she was nursing. And then all of a sudden she had popped off and fell asleep and my boob is sticking straight out and I, was just kept on going cuz I couldn't see through the comments, what was below but. That was where my nipple was it was hit by all the comments and I'm Chad John chatting and then all of a sudden I get like my inbox, is going do you need anything I'm like what's happening here so my. Friend's cousin was like um Amy. When I'm nosy there was a live video. You. Know so don't, take that as flash Facebook, to get sales just saying um. That was just how much of a hot mess I was I deleted, that video so go try and find it um. The. Point was is that I would, be in the shower and the only time I could think with a newborn and two kids was in the shower and that all of a sudden the creative juices would fly and I, would literally take my phone in the shower with me and be like okay guys I just, I had, a message I don't have time because as soon as I get out of this shower like, kids are gonna be on me but I had this thought boo, and I would share my thought and then, or I'd get out of the shower and do little tutorials, like in my robe doing, looking, like a hot mess I would, be sitting here an idea would spark me if like say the kids are napping some quiet moment, it. Would spark me and I was like I gotta go live now because, if I waited to go get pretty the idea would leave my head because mom brain you can't remember anything for one the, thought would be completely, gone the, emotions, and everything would be completely. Out of it and so, I literally, just shared I took a chance on that some, people may have thought I was annoying weird, hot mess who's this chick by those. Whatever, I was attracting, my tribe uh you, know lots of moms were like oh my gosh. If. You can do it I can do it I literally. I could, have when. I found, the opportunity for me this, time around I was five months pregnant I could, have said I'm.

Gonna Start my business after the baby's born all. This later. Instead. I was like I didn't even think twice that I was pregnant it didn't even faze me that I was pregnant to be honest and I remember one of my girls of ranking, and I, was in the birthing room legit. With the phone and me going. Like. I'm pushing the baby out while I'm like working like, I guess I was like no excuses, I gotta cheer you on girl like she was like you ever thank ya you, know. No. Excuses you guys and I have no filter and I tend to squirrel so. Don't. Worry okay, thank. You guys, funny is money okay so funny. Is money relatable. Is money and if you can be funny and if you can relate to people that. Equals, money, and equals success in your business because, everybody, wants to laugh and if you can make people laugh they're gonna be not intimidated. Right you're not gonna come across as this expert, guru of like I know all the things so listen to me and you, have to do everything I say right like nobody wants to be on their person everybody's, like hey guess what I get a like video - have I been hanging out and like you, know it happens. You. Know like people like ha, hashtag. Real, life it's, real, life I just did a I just did a speech at, my company convention, in front of like the the high-level leaders and I. Had, to say like I wrote this I wrote the speech so I had to stay by the script just corporate wanted me to stay scripted, what I wrote now go off kilter talking. About boobs and nipples right, not before I started, it I went on stage and I gave them a moment of myself I wanted, to be like I know I'm gonna go into the script and it's not gonna be the true Amy so I'm gonna I'm gonna give them a little intro and I'm gonna talk to them before I go into my speech and just be me and everybody. Told me that was the most favorite, part of the whole entire speech because guess what happened when I was doing my speech. Literally. Out of nowhere I get a tickle in my throat I'm like oh man I started, trying to like talk a little quicker to make it go away - itches, and so, I stopped I was like hashtag. For your life I need to drink waters curious I was like dad bring me Jake so he comes out bringing water two, seconds, later I'm going to put the water back down in the pedestal, doesn't, like he'll not go into the groove, the stage and I like almost like knocked myself right over to the podium and I'm just like hashtag. Real-life, duplicatable. If I can do it you can do it it was just everyone's losing their and I'm just like that's how I I, did, it you know when I when I approached Facebook, and Facebook lives, the. More real the better and it doesn't always have to be talking about your, product and stuff it's just you being you like let people in that's. What they want to see and that's why I tell people don't necessarily, because. I did the bathroom thing like if you legit earn your bathrobe, rock, your bathrobe girl rock, it you know but if that's not you then don't do it because people will be like why is she doing that like. Right exactly, no and that's, the point is like so many times you know when when somebody finally finds their thing right like for ten years I was trying to find my thing and like. My brain and like who the heck am I where am I going and I finally figured out in the last two years and when. When, you find your thing everybody's, gonna be attracted, to that because, they're also looking for their thing and, thinking. That your thing is their thing and so. Don't fall into that ladies because I started doing that you I started, thinking that like I had to be this boss babe like. Looking. Like where my Louboutin, shoes, and, my Louis. Vuitton bag and, like this pencil skirt and like all that stuff in order to be odd like this Facebook, personality. Person and I'm like after a couple months and doing, this and thinking. I had to have all this perfect, stuff and I. Told my husband I was like baby we need to go shopping because I don't have any of the clothes that I need to, be on Facebook to create this brand that I need and then. I realized, like I had this huge moment of why, the heck am I going for shopping for clothes that I don't even wear for a brand that I'm just creating out of nothing like this, doesn't make sense this, is not me. I. Totally, agree with you and you know what I didn't. Know that, I was creating, a brand, until. It was already cut like I didn't sit there and say this is my brand I'm gonna be in my bathrobe and I'm gonna do this and this is how I'm gonna do it I'm, literally, my. Brand, started unfolding for. Me by. Me living authentically me. Living, my life and, showing, people into, my life and not, trying to be anything but, me and some. Days I wasn't in my bathrobe but my hair was Don my makeup wasn't done I was not always put together I look, like a hot mess all the time and but, but I had the kids running around and people saw that and they understood, and they connected, and it, was like you, know the hot mess mama train you know it's coming through Facebook live today and just.

It. Started, building itself, but it did it because I was started being true me and you, know what's really funny. After. I became you, know a top-level income earner and I. Started getting where I got in the company I had. Kind, of, higher. Levels, kind, of put, the little bug in my ear like you, should get out of your bathrobe you know and I'm, like, but. Why you. Know well, because your image, and you know people were worried about you, know image and, like you know company, like aligning and these that was like. Okay. So guess what for, a hot minute I, actually. Got, out of my bathrobe and people are like where's about how babies, are rather people freaked out for one but. I found that I, started. To not know. Who I was I was like okay, like I was trying to get done up and look pretty and I'm like okay, great, but there was nothing behind it there was literally here's a me looking, pretty and I have things to share but. People weren't really connecting, with it it wasn't, connecting, and like, as soon as I went back out of my bath or into my bathrobe, and just me, being back to hot mess Express, like. You and I got back on the hot mess Express train, just living authentically and not trying to put on what, I wasn't really truly everyday that. Is literally it, started. Skyrocketing, once again and like. I said note this out don't. Be a hot mess because if you think you need to succeed, do it if it's authentic to you if you're a hot mess girl and love you and celebrate the hot mess and you go be hot mess, and. Attract other hot messes. Exactly. And see. I think it's, the hardest thing is like yeah go out like what is my thing and, people. Think, like oh well, that's my thing over here and like. Ladies we have a hard time identifying who, the heck are we and, like I said I stock up with that for 10 years my husband asked me like what are you passionate about I'm like I don't know and, I would get so frustrated and. You, know everybody. Would ask me like so what do you do I'm like I don't really know I just kind of do whatever and, I don't really have like I don't know even know who the heck I am so. Understand. That when. You're creating your thing. You don't actually realize, that it's your thing until you're into, it but. The key is is to move forward, in a direction that you enjoy, yes. Just keep going and if it feels good and you're feeling awesome like you know you're on the right path when you your heart will lead you and don't. Don't, die mistake. That for you know being uncomfortable and. You know you, need to expand, your comfort. Zone you, know like that those are things to expand your comfort zone but you'll, know it feels good like when I was done doing alive and people, would I got, all kinds of comments and and.

Interactions. That, felt good I knew I was on the right hit you know when I look like a bag of poo I was, still getting people. Responding. And then when I would get all dressed up and pretty and have a message to say and not, get as many responses, I was like oh I. Had a good message but no wasn't paying attention like, because, I built, that brand not realizing. I was building a brand I built, that brand people like note and trust and they really were. That's what they were coming for they were coming for the gym ethics, class like, that's what they wanted hey I'm, touching, on what you said before when you said about, entertaining, and stuff there's, two things you need to do when you're when you think about putting, yourself out there on on, social. Media for, your audience, you're either educating. Them or. You're entertaining, them so. Pick. One or the other or try to do both, you. Both at the same time that's even more powerful yeah. But, like you know educate, them or entertain, them and entertain. Them doesn't always mean likely to do do-do-do, doesn't mean always like that just. Like entertaining. The meaning people, love reality TV, it's it's way more people love reality TV, way more than TV, shows so, if, you, just be real and let. Them see you, where your act, you're. Entertaining, people and it does not have to be a bunch of product or company it's just you being you and you have your own reality TV show you're. Entertaining, them so, that's entertaining, or, edgy. Cheating whether it is anything, to do with network, marketing your you know products, ingredient, whatever, you can educate people on so many things right. Well. Okay. So share, a quick like, practical. Tip because I. Know that, like you when, you're in Orlando for Orlando, for the event that we both went to Ray's event and then, you did a quick little recorded, video at the water park doing, a hair mask and you, know it's a great example of like hey, like here's me, living my life and, like here's how to here's, like here's a value-based tip of while. I'm out doing my thing you were in your bikini and, you, know like, doing, a hair mask and if I came here quarter. Video here's something awesome that may help you right, weight, able to blend your business with your real life because people get that all the time they're like oh I can't talk about my business that I want to be a span details weirdo I'm, like no yours family sales a weirdo when you say hey BOGO sale but.

You're, Just like hey here's how to use the thing and like hey I'm doing this and enough like that's fine that's awesome people get really fearful of how to talk about their product yeah, so, like what I did for that one in particular I was like I did the value and the benefit so I was, at Legoland, waterpark, and I said hey guys here's. A little tip on how to protect your hair you know blondes especially, you don't want green hair from chlorine or you don't want your hair to get dried off well. Here's a little mask my favorite mask I'm gonna put it in my hair stick, it in a little bun I'm gonna go enjoy swimming, and then, when I come home come out of it and I wash my hair my hair is silkier than, ever and it's better than it was before I went in the water right like I just a little benefit I did not say what it was I did not say anything I just gave value and benefits to it and people inbox me like crazy was like what was that you used oh my gosh right here you know like boom like that's simple. And you could do that for any company you could do it for any product that you have you, know when you provide value and you provide benefit, it's like Reagan always says sell, the thing that sells a thing like don't solve a thing you, know like yeah. You. Know losing weight gets. Compliments. From your husband sell, that ya can't. Keep his hands off of you because you've lost 50 pounds like, holy smokes, like we're back to you, know honeymoon like promote. That not. Hey I lost 50 pounds like, my, husband, Ken keeps his hands off me and ladies how, many of us want our husband's hands like all over us all the time, right we want that so promote that thing yeah. So emotions, if you tap into people's emotions, how things make people feel, what. Are the book and they get out of it what are the benefits to, them not. To you, you know like think about that and that, will really help when you're making your post so yeah, so I wanted to make sure I touched one last thing on you, know the vision and plans like making. Sure that, you have a vision like I want to jump back to what we were talking about earlier because. If you, don't know what you're working for you're, not gonna, push through when, times get tough because it will it goes up and down it's a roller coaster and if you don't know what you're working for if you can't see yourself with that finish line then, there's, nothing keeping you in the game there's nothing, holding. You and pushing you there, so, if you don't know if someone say what's your goal what's your vision and you're like I don't know then. I can guarantee, you're. Probably not going to get very far I just, I just I, just can, say it. That. Was me I was like Glenn's my husband I'd be like hey what like what you passed my like. Project. That I started I quit, 30, days later because, I was like yeah I had no no, no. Intention. With anything I was doing exactly, be, intentional, be purposeful. And be, your, dang self, just. Be okay, because, I'm here to tell you that you are wonderfully. You every. Single person is unique and everybody. Has something different to the table to bring to the table and there's so many people in this world that there's enough, for. Everybody, to have and. Everybody's. Different and they'll attract, different people, so if you like, don't try to be me because I'm already taken, don't try to be Fallon sounds already taken you, try you be you because, you're, wonderfully. Beautifully, authentically. You and, you, will attract, who, you're meant to attract into your circle, and that's like that's. What I want. Exactly. I completely, agree we, have a hard time with that ladies but okay, so what's up what got you started on this law of attraction, Kenny, what's a book that you recommend, or like a training.

Or Something that people can kind of get their hands on to start getting like, how, do they take your brain and download it into their, brain of like how do I start learning these things where did you start well. I definitely like the secret, is a book if you've never read it's the ultimate Bible. On the law of attraction what's, the first book that I read where I started putting my reality, into motion was. The secret also yeah yeah, and if. You want to google like manifesting and, you know believing in all these things as all kinds of resources. Out there I have followed, so many there's. One girl I love Mandy Morris she's like a manifesting. Kind. Of guru, on, Facebook, and I love the way she teaches and the way she guides like I got her little watch the webinar download. Her heard stuff and, I loved, her stuff just the way she, speaks to me and I love that um I've. Always been it's. Just it's always been in me I can't, lie it's not something I decided one day I'm gonna do I've. Always. Lived this, way I have. Always believed. In this way of living and, it's. Just kind of gotten stronger over the years, and through. Self-development. And learning. And growing in. My business, you know and and not even just the business I'm in now I've had you know I always believed, something. Was coming I never said that's the end for me but you know ten times over, I clearly, believed. Something. Was going to happen one. Of these times I believed, it I knew something's gonna happen and I felt it this, time and I. Embodied. It from the minute I made that decision I was like I know it I'm and then when people would say no to me or people would doubt me go oh when, are you selling now I'll, say that's okay that's, okay I'll come back to you later because I know you're gonna be coming back to me I know it I know it something, special as things are happening, I know I've got this I know what I stand for I truly, believed, what. I was selling the, company I was in but I believed in myself I believe that could be the leader I needed to be I, that could learn, I didn't, tell myself one minute that I couldn't do it ever I never said no to myself and I never I never let, anyone say no to me yeah.

Love, That and, so. You guys believing. That you can and I have another book that I really love and I don't know if you've read this one before yet but it's the the magic and believing and it was written in the 40s. So. The. Other thing too is there everything's like oh this whole secret and like Law of Attraction it's this new age like Ruth, Luffy. Stuff like, the book the magic and believing was written in the 40s and the guy that wrote it like went through both world wars and. He. Has a whole chapter chapter, ten that I love and he, talks specifically. About women. He said if women would realize the power that they have they would run the world he wrote this in the 40s and I'm, like that's amazing and, he talks about all the women in history so the magic in believing, I would highly recommend that one and skip. To chapter 10 because that's my favorite I, want. You in one book with you and it's on my counter once that I'm gonna come out oh, yeah. You guys I'm singing all your comments like it's awesome the magic and believing, in heck yes um. Speaking, your language I, love it and she says fantastic. So. This is some I had the pleasure of seeing this person speak live and, I. Was, just in all the whole time, she's, very powerful I don't, know if a lot of people have heard of her but she's very very, she, might be well known to other people I don't know but she coached. Like you know Tony Robbins, and some other high-level, people and, it's, about the power of the, language that you use and, how. What you say, you. Know about yourself and about others like you can totally change your. Your life and so you know you, know for example for, me when I went live in my bathrobe I could say I can't believe my bathrobe, people, will who, will think I'm crazy, well then. If I if I didn't do that then, my whole journey probably, would not fold away did because I would never have gone live and shared my message. But this book here, it's, called supreme, influence, and it's by an author her name is Murphy if. You, guys have never heard of her look. Her up she's I. I was, sitting halfway back her. Energy, knocked, me down in my chair halfway. Through the room she's, tiny little spit of a person her, Energy's. Humongous. This. Girl talks, all about you know like influencing, by the word and then um so that way they can maybe like screenshotted or something I'll put it on there and yeah I you, are. Ka, yeah. I want. To go I want to see her speak at her own command and she was speaking at a different, event that I was at because she was just guest speaking but. She has her own events, and her own workshops. And stuff and she's, on she's. On Instagram and, everything this. The. Power of language guys the, power I'm. Telling you she died off this, is like. Yeah. I want, to meet her one day if I get to meet her one day I will like be in tears ah Tony. Robbins was my person, like I we, went to go see Tony Robbins, like a couple weeks ago when. He was in Orlando again, I was like yeah that's, the thing if you ever have somebody that you admire or something, like that make, the time in the the commitment to go see them in person somewhere. Because. For 10 years something sells I want to go see Tony Robbins I wanna go see Tony Robbins always just like this thing like oh if it happens it falls in my lap then, I'll go and then finally, my husband, surprised, me and got, me tickets because he was two, hours away from us and so that. Was really nice I'm like what an amazing opportunity that, you. Know and that's the thing you don't know how long these like these people that you admire however long they're gonna be around right, something might happen and then you like missed that opportunity go see this amazing person that you admired like make the commitment to do it because if you, if.

You See that person so highly it will be life-changing for, you and it will be that impactful, but maybe it'll be that thing that sets you into motion yeah. Absolutely. Thanks. For coming on Amy I loved, it and you guys let's chant Amy again like a me, if. You want a teabag because we loved it. You want to say jaws like is perfect, for the lady tribe and I, know this will really be able to resonate with a lot of ladies so thank you so much fun and we will see you all very soon finally try.

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