MILLION Dollar Facebook Business Marketing Strategy (2018)

MILLION Dollar Facebook Business Marketing Strategy (2018)

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What's up guys so in this video I want to break down like, a real-world case, study of how, Facebook Ads actually works I'm not gonna actually go through the actual ad set up the retargeting campaigns. All that stuff the pixels because I've, already done that in earlier videos but it's what I like go high level and show you guys exactly how. It, works a few different businesses so this, one I'm gonna break down my, business exactly. And as you guys know I've scaled my software company up, to, a pretty good size we're doing a couple million dollars every, single year and we. Just do everything off. Of Facebook, Ads right now now that like, you could have the argument we're like okay that's not super stable because you only rely on Facebook ads well, we're working, on moving out to Google, AdWords as well and YouTube ads and all that stuff but I just want to break down the overall concept, because no matter if you're using Facebook, ads or any of these other advertising, platforms, the, idea, is pretty much the same okay so I'm, gonna break this down here I really, want to be able to get. This across to you guys and show you guys how important, these different steps are so let's just get into this case so first what, I'm doing is I. Am going and I am NOT the best, draw. On this but I'm gonna run a Facebook ad here okay and I am running this to my. Initial, lead generation, page case so that for me it's a webinar registration for. You it could be just a simple lead LA opt-in, like we have and a million dollar funnels you have those templates it could, be for an appointment funnel, it could be for a number of different things but. I've got my. Webinar, right here okay. So this is they're going here they're seeing the Facebook ad and this, is going out to my, look like audiences, okay. So I'm getting a big audience here.

My. Look-alike audience going, to the webinar registration, and then, on the webinar I am then sending, them to a. Sales. Page right so, I go through I do my training I say okay here's how you do these things and go, to this URL to go by okay, so this is gonna be the sales page right here and I'm, just setting this all up for you guys because this is important. To. Kind of know how. This all works so this is a one thousand dollar offer right here okay. So at this point they would go through and buy and that's kind of like more of our higher ticket item. Right here then, we do have other, different, offers came so we've got we've, got siliceous. Go right here that we got 99. And. Then, for this is for our software right then we've got a $1.99. Offer okay. So this is our basic plan this our pro plan and then, we've got our. Full-service, plan so, this is kind of like you. You got self-serve, assisted. And then full service right there so we've got these different offers, that, are kind of just different follow-ups. Right because once. You're going through, I'll. Break this down a few different businesses but once you go through and, you sell to, this initial audience for getting leads and you. Go through and you break down okay if I've got a thousand, people registering for this webinar I'll, probably have 250. To 300, people show up on the live webinar, and out of those I'll have about 8 to 10 percent of people actually purchasing. So I have about twenty to twenty-five thousand. Dollars, of revenue, coming in from that or twenty to twenty-five purchases, but, from the let's, say is twenty-five okay. But then you have nine hundred and seventy-five other people, that, didn't, buy right away but. We. Can go through and send follow-up, emails too so. We're sending these emails to. Get them to come back to, buy this or, we. Can go through and we can promote this offer or, we can go through and we can probe that this offer or we. Can promote that offer okay so that's like the follow-up email once, they're actually on our email, list and at, that point this point, this. Is where they. Get on or email list so you see the initial ad we, send them to the webinar from the webinar we're sending them to the sales page but, as we've, talked about there's a lot of drop-off, here okay, but then because. We have their email address we, can go through and follow up with different, offers, whether they're lower ticket or get them on the phone for it's like for this one right here we use an application, funnel, because they get on a six hundred nine nine dollar a month plan, most. People won't do that by just reading. An email and going and signing up they typically, need to get on a phone and typically. For the one ninety nine same, type of thing a $99, a month plan a lot of times people can just you know just jump on that without having to go through and get on a phone with somebody if. You know like hey you know you can cancel anytime and, just, taking, away a lot of that risk okay so that is the initial setup right, but, the thing is is there's gonna be drop-off, points, at every step, of, this. Whole like business. Model the sales cycle right so you, come here and, you, have the Facebook ad initially, and your. People, are clicking on this and they're going to this, webinar, registration. Page okay, now this, webinar registration, page actually converts really, pretty, well it converts at about 45%. Which. Most. Landing. Pages registration. Page is something like that it's, gonna be more in the 15, to 25, percent it's. Just my target is really dialed in the offer I've been doing this for a long long time so we've really nailed it down and, if. You guys go to the million dollar funnels, I've given you guys the exact, template. To use because. I feel like that structure, of the page just, works, the best okay, so now because, only 45, percent so. Out of a hundred people. You're. Gonna get 45, out of, a hundred people visiting. This page to. Actually become. Leads, okay, so now at this point this is great, for. Retargeting. Okay. So now I'm gonna set up a retargeting, ad right here and I'm. Gonna show it to all. Of those 55, so now you have 45 out of 100 or leads but, you have 55 people and as. You scale up you have you, know as you go to up to a thousand, people right here you're now 550. People that. Now they did not opt-in initially the first time that, you can show these retargeting. Ads so. Maybe we've got a couple retargeting, ads okay. And we're, getting them coming back to. Register, for, this. Webinar, that. We're doing okay cuz that that's kind of like our main initial. Sales. Processes. And our initial sales mechanism. So that's where we want to people to be introduced, to me it's my business to everything that's going on now the same type of thing guys like, don't don't get so hung up on the fact that I do webinars and you don't do webinars the same type of thing works.

If, This is your, appointment, scheduling. Funnel, right, so if you schedule appointments, for your business, like maybe you've got a marketing agency or, you schedule appointments, for Dennis or chiropractors. Or you're trying to get people into a local restaurant or a gym or let's say you've got an e-commerce business, and this is kind of like your Shopify store or your Amazon store and people. Are visiting there but they they maybe need to buy right away you, want to have these little, retargeting, ads going back to, remind. Them and get, them coming back because sometimes it's, either like you know the time in which this wasn't right or. It could be like they were wanting, to register but the doorbell rang or they got a phone call or something came up they had a you, know they forgot the brownies were in the oven something like that something crazy and or. They just needed like a little bit more trust. And credibility built, with you and your brand before they, opt in or buy something okay now we. Go through and, we. Do this webinar right here and at, the end of the webinar we're sending everyone, to this sales page to go through and buy, whatever, we're selling okay, so now let's say we get you, know a hundred people coming here and, out of the hundred people let's. Say there's you know because these people have already watched, our whole webinar so, these are pretty hot people let's, say we got 25, of them that. Actually, bought, what. We're selling on the webinar okay, so 25, people buying a thousand dollar ticket, item you make 25,000, dollars great, that's awesome but. You have these 75 other people, that already watched your whole webinar okay. Or already scheduled appointment, with you or already you, know we're checking out your website whatever it is but. For some reason, they, didn't, buy okay. So now what I would do is. I. Would get more. Retargeting. Ads right here, that. I'm going through and, saying. Hey this. Custom, audience, anyone who's hit this webinar sales page I want. To show these ads to them and get, them coming back to the sales page and reminding. Them of this, offer okay. Now a lot of times on, retargeting. Ads what I like to do just because a lot of times reasons why people have not opted in is because maybe there's not enough social proof maybe there's not enough trust or credibility really built up yet so a lot of times I to have, testimonial. Ads letting. People know that like hey there's. Been more than just like a couple people have had success with this like there's a lot of people have had success with this and, that is the same thing getting them back for a webinar registration. And. The same thing getting them to go back to the webinar sales, page and a lot of times like these retargeting, ads like I've shown you guys in the retargeting module. These. Ads convert, amazingly, well and the reason why is because you're spending, like one to five dollars a day like literally just like one dollar a day guys you. Can be going through and cent showing, these specific, ads to, the 75 people up here that, did not buy, but. They stayed on your whole webinar or, they schedule a call with you they had a phone call with you and they, showed massive interest but for some reason that just they needed something to push, them over the edge, okay, and then you can maybe get another. Five. To. Ten people buying. Just like that okay, which five to ten on a thousand-dollar ticket item that's, a pretty, good ROI, right there five, to ten thousand dollars when you're spending just a dollar a day on these little mini retargeting. Ads okay. So now at this point, they've. Gone through they, we've. Gone to the webinar, registration, page we've collected the low-hanging fruit the, people that didn't opt-in right here okay, we're getting them back right over here they've watched, the webinar they've, gone through they've seen the sales page we've got the retargeting ads here and now, what we like to do what I like to do is I. Like to go through and put them through a little. Nurture. By. Whose handwriting is terrible here, guys sorry about that little, nurture sequence where. I'm sending them emails. Okay. Where their educational. Based emails, and I usually send about one a week for about eight weeks okay. So I'm not wanting to bombard, them but. I'm wanting to let them know like, hey I'm here to to, help you like, and so what whatever this, webinar is on so if this webinars on real, estate lead generation or, some Facebook Ads or it's on whatever it is I'm.

Going Through and in these emails I'm saving, to a blog post I'm saying them to a a YouTube, video I'm saying them something that they, can see like hey one I know what I'm talking about to like. I want to give, you the same type of education, I want to show you guys that like I can add value to you in your life and, then sprinkled, in there in between over, the course of these eight weeks so. I like to send these on Sunday, mornings just. Because. A lot of times and, it depends on your market but a lot of times Sunday mornings in most, markets, it's a little bit slower, like this just a slower day so people have a little bit more time you know a nice Sunday, morning at 9:10 a.m. or 11 a.m. or whatever they're getting up and getting about their day they, get this email they check it out they've got a little more time cuz it's a little slower pace as a post like a Monday morning when it's like they're. Getting 100 emails from their boss from everyone else just, gets a little crazy and, then. Sprinkle. Through these eight weeks I, like to let them know about these, different offers, these different bonuses, case so like I've got the 99, and got the 199, the 699, and you. Know if they're, going through and they're gonna go and jump on a 199, or $6.99 since. It's a higher ticket item I'm sending them to that appointment. Funnel. That I've got, you guys down in the million, dollar funnels module, okay, and then this is just like a simple sales page the 99 dollars a month to go through and sign up for the software or if, you've got a digital product where you've got an e-commerce product. You've got that tripwire, sales, phone or the digital products, funnel. That that's where I would send people to you right there okay, and then right here anyone that hits these pages. I'm. Gonna also show. Retargeting. Ads - okay. Retargeting. And get them giving, coming back to these offers, to. Go through set up an appointment remind. Them to go through and buy whatever we got going on and and, so we've got all these are the like mini retargeting, ads and it all starts, with this big giant Facebook, look-alike. Snowball, right here where we're going through and we, could be spending you, know 50, bucks a day 100, bucks 500, bucks thousand, bucks 2,000, bucks depending on your budget right here and then, we have all these little clean up ad. Campaigns. The retargeting, every, step, of the, funnel okay. And these like literally guys we're, spending a dollar a day so let's. Say we've got two ads right here two bucks a-another, - right here four bucks a day one, on each of one of these like that that's like less than $10, a day and. You've got all these little micro. Almost. Salespeople that, are going out there and pitching. Your people that are you're hot hot hot prospects, on whatever. You're selling, now. If. You come back up here there's. Not everyone. Even. That sees this say we've got a 45 percent opt-in, rate okay, and, these, retargeting, ads they're gonna work really well but, still not everyone, is gonna go through an opt-in for a webinar right, there's just not everyone's, mode, of, jumping. In and figuring out the whole business so what, I'll do to is I'll have another retargeting, a down here. Okay. A, people. That have visited this webinar registration, page but, they did not opt in for the webinar okay. And I'm sending them to the, simple, opt-in, funnel. Okay. So we've, got the simple opt-in registration. Page which, is like it's a template, it's a download, it's a checklist it's. Something that they can get very quickly, so like a lot of times where I do with my business I have, real estate email templates, I've got Facebook ad templates I've got landing page templates something. That's just like a quick win something. That they can get and, usually. With. Retargeting, ads right here I see. One to two dollar leads, right there versus. On the coal traffic up here I'm seeing. About eight, to. Ten dollar leads okay. So you look at that like that's a big difference that's, like a five to ten times difference, in your cost per lead and now.

That. I've got them on my email list I send. Them up through the same nurture. Sequence where. Over the next eight weeks they're, getting an educational. Or a value building, email every. Sunday morning and then, spread throughout the week maybe on a Tuesday, or in a Thursday they're. Getting maybe the first week they're, getting hit up about this initial, offer and. Then they might be getting hit up, weeks. Three or four or whatever it is with. The $1.99, and then hey schedule, appointment, let's talk about your business to get a consult, in about this $6.99, and then, all, of these retargeting, ads are, already in place are already going through and anyone, who clicks on these emails to these websites, it's. Already all set up it's just like a complete, machine for, your business right here so guys I hope you can see the power of this of how, this really works like, at. The end of day once you get this all set up this literally, becomes, a machine, okay you're retarding, ads at, a dollar a day you don't really have to touch those same, key thing here because these are always they're. Always gonna be new people hitting this webinar registration, page always new people hitting the sales page always, new people hitting these pages so you don't have to go and switch, those up all the time and then you get people on your email list they go through the same sequence, and then, you've got the retarding, ads right here people, opting in and it's these are gonna be new. People seeing these ones because it's new people always hitting this page and then, as far as switching. Up and changing up your Facebook ads you, only really need to do that on this. Front, end right here of going. Out to your cold audience, which is your look-alike audiences, okay that we just already we've talked about we've hit so, your one percent look like audience of your buyers one, percent look like audience of your leads and one percent look like audience of your visitors, and also. Another thing I like to do is. I like to break it down and make look, like audiences, of all my webinar sales I'll, look like audience of all this product, sales I'll look like audience of all this one and this, one because, all, of these people are different, types of people okay this is a self-serve, option, this ninety nine this, is an assisted, so, they get a little bit of help from us but not fully and then, this is a full service done, for you so each. One of those is going to be catered to a completely, different type, of person, this, person might. Not have the full on budget, okay, so might not have enough money to go through and pay for this or they're, just are more that type person that they want to get educated they want to learn it whereas this person up here they. Definitely had the budget it's. A higher end product, and it's probably somebody that just doesn't want to mess around with stuff they just want you to do everything, for them okay. So I. Like to make look like audiences, of all those different, types of people and then, also we talked about the lifetime value okay. Because if somebody jumps, on let's say this full service account right here and they're, on for 12, months, okay, so they're paying 700, bucks a month times, 12 months they have paid your business. 8400. Dollars over. The course of a year, okay, versus, somebody, jumps on this 99 dollar plan okay, they're a customer they are willing to take out their credit card and buy something but. Let's just say they only stayed on for one month or, maybe two months or something like that so you, have a hundred and a hundred dollar or two hundred dollar value, customer. Okay, lifetime, value versus, an eighty four hundred dollar customer with, the lifetime, value audience, which, we hit in the audience section audience. Module so if you're wondering how to do that we. Go through that in detail on, that that. Is exactly how the business, is set up okay. So guys this, really works and I'll try to get some other different. Real-life, case studies examples, and stuff but, it works for any type of business okay, like you go through if you're, not doing a webinar you're scheduling, appointments you, have the retargeting, ads and then, from the like they schedule an appointment here, and then, when you're on the phone call with them you're sending them to the sales page to go sign up and they.

Go Through they type in when you're on the phone with them they type in the sales, page and maybe, they buy maybe they don't buy but if they don't buy you've got those retargeting, ads all set up and going okay, and then because. They've discuss an appointment, you have their contact information, where. You can go be offering, them other products, or other services, that you might have okay, same type of setup. Same, thing with an e-commerce store came you, go through you sent people to see that initial ecommerce store that, whether they buy or they don't buy you get them on your email list and then, over the next several weeks you're, offering, them your other products. On your. Ecommerce. Store and then. Depending. On which page they hit on your ecommerce store you, could be showing them different ads, related. To. Those specific products, and getting them to come back okay. So like really, that this works with any type of business, that is exactly, how I would structure it exactly, how it would set up, get your your good look, like audiences, right up here and also, you don't want to forget that you want to also as part of these like retargeting odd audiences, right here this, is where your tier two audience as well. As your warm audience. Okay. You're. Gonna be sending them all to this. Webinar registration, page so these are gonna be the ones that are collecting. Those those link low hanging fruit people, that are not opting, in and then. Also we've got to. Collect the people that are even even, more low hanging fruit get them to that simple opt-in. Page where they're downloading realistic email templates Facebook ad templates whatever it is getting. Them back into this whole cycle, and, as part of this once they're on your email list you, can re invite, them back. Up here to register. For the webinar which. Then takes them back through this whole entire cycle, okay. So it's like it's, literally all just. It, all works together it's it's a complete, machine it's, it's systematic. And, really. Once you get this nailed down you're spending, minimal money, on the retargeting ads you've, got your look like audiences, where you can go through and really scale things you've got all your different products all your different services, and this. Is a real-life case study this is exactly, how, I run my software, business okay so it works for any type of business so anyway, guys if you guys do have questions on any of this go, ahead drop them in the Facebook group and I'm more than happy to go through and explain, any more of it get. It get it kind of like nailed down in detail for you all so you guys can have a. True. Blueprint. True roadmap, for your business, of how, to go through and scale things and take things to the next level right now, one. Thing I will say one last quick note however. Good, you can be very very good with Facebook Ads but if you do not know how to sell okay if you don't know how to sell on the webinar, if, you don't know how to sell on if, they schedule an appointment with you and you can't sell on the phone if you can't offer that value if you can't offer that those services, then. You've. Got another thing come from you got you got to go through and learn how to sell as well Facebook. Ads just simplify, the whole process and, honestly you. Can warm people up to the point guys that you don't really even need to, like, make a major sales pitch okay because they're getting nurtured, over here by these emails, and so.

By, The time you get them on the call it's, more a simple. Like explaining, what you're gonna do how your service is gonna benefit them and then, it's just a very low hanging fruit okay, so anyway I just want to break that down as well and with. That said guys I will see you in the next video.

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