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Grow. My cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies just like you how to grow your company make, more money and finally take charge, of your financial future, and your life this. Podcast is about automating. And creating systems that give you time and money freedom so, you can grow like crazy without, losing. Control since. This is totally, free if you're giving tons of value want, to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff subscribe. Rate and review to this podcast today, now, on, to the show. Hey. Cleaning nation so good, to see you Sarris, a minute later I was running around we are at a. VRBO. And, having. An amazing time and today. We, you. Know what Before, we jump in I feel like let me just give you a tour we're at because I we feel so super blessed to. Be here and I, wanted to make sure that. I. Share, what's going on because today we're going to talk about million. Dollar cleaning, company systems I'm going to tell you that systems, are really what build, your ability kind of do what you want hey Cecile you good to see your sister let's, see probably. Gonna be. Super. To. Bright out here but, see. I don't know if you guys that's, our view kind of look at the ocean it's amazing, actually I'm gonna see if I can sit out here and still have a good internet all, right so today and the reason kind, of showing where we're at is hey. Denise and Mark and Julie is I. Still. Remember the first time I had my service, business that I was able to, travel. And kind. Of live the life that we want and, not, Lisa sound is great which is fantastic. From. Washington, so yeah we're here because my wife grew up here I'm sorry about the squinty eyes I got. The Sun in my face but if I go this way I think there'll be a dark. So we'll just give you the squinty eyes anyway. Today we wanted to talk about or we're going to talk about how to systematize. Your cleaning business so you can have the freedom that you want because it's. Funny that, see. Like get a little more comfortable here it's funny how. Systems. Are really what give you freedom right we can have and see. If I get to buy get to far the freedom. The it, goes bad alright so the problem is when. We don't have systems our business kind of runs us when, our business runs us. Even. If we have all the money in the world we, can't do what we want which is terrible. Beautiful, thing is we have systems not only can you do what you want but it's really the money tends to come. Good. To see you buddy I miss, my friend Lou he's one of our coaches and. And. A heck of a nice guy so if, you were here to talk about systems and really believe it or not the, title systems but what I really want to talk about is freedom right because that's what I don't, know that people really want systems they want freedom to do it Jason, Johnson one of our millionaire. Masterminds, from Alaska, sits working in the sunshine it's great what would you know about sunshine, in Alaska, Jason Johnson how dare you actually. It's so funny they're like yeah we worked we didn't do much work today we just kind of hung out because the weather was nice and I, say well what what do you mean weather was nice like it's 42 degrees. God. I love the Johnsons. It's. Kind of like nice here but it's gosh. Wish you guys could see the view because it's great so today, I we, baited in switch we put in systems because that's what you guys want to hear about but what I think you really really want us freedom so we're gonna talk about the systems but, not just systems had really, systems how to give freedom and we've, got Shaun bandik on the phone or on the on, the broadcast so you know it's gonna be a good time all right let's jump in guys gals the reality is if, you are like most of the folks I've coached you, got into this business because you wanted freedom but you. Found yourself, either stuck at the same income level oftentimes, working more making less and. You need, more freshening you find. Yourself putting out the same fires day after day after day after day and the crazy thing is we. Love it right we would still rather. Kind. Of work for the insane person that we shave with in the mirror every morning sorry, ladies you probably don't do that maybe. You know your legs you can still be looking at yourself in the mirror but we. Would rather work more hours for less, money if we can have that freedom right if we could be our own boss if we could.

Do. What we want to do the, problem is something of a settle for that right because we, love. This, entrepreneur journey so much and it's so worth it to be able to do what we, we, will settle for not having, you, know for working more hours for making less money and not really having the freedom so today we want to talk about systems, that, will give you freedom and give just really your business life, so let's just jump in because. The reality is if you don't have the right systems in your company you don't have a company of a job right and it may be, a better job than the job that you had a, worse job. But, you you really have a job without system, so we want to talk about, how. To. Build. These. Systems. Alright. So. I've got my notes up and I'm went. To the wrong spot, alright, so the. First thing is we. Make the mistake of thinking well if I just had systems and everything will be okay and it's big of a fan design of systems that's not quite the whole truth and I want to make sure we get the whole true so we've got a good foundation to build on the reality, is we absolutely need core values first believe it or not I'm so sorry I'm looking right into the Sun so, I feel like I'm squinting, at you or maybe if I do this I want to squint as much. Jorge. Says hello. The, reality, is we need a team that's, that's kind of down with your cause it shares your values right, once we've got a team that believes in what we believe in you, see if I can get over this over, here so maybe less squinty, so. This is how you know it's live by the way when I'm walking around constantly trying to find a good. This. Is perfect this might be where I do Thursday's. Broadcasts oh we're here for two weeks by the way so you. Guys not think of us boats of what but, you'd rather have good, background me, squinting, Sun no Sun hey. Daphne from Wichita good to have you so, these. Important, systems are we kind of have this belief that if we just had this big book of systems, right I think Michael, Michael Gerber's book the e-myth which is a great book, kind. Of did this to us a little bit where we think if I just had this big book of systems everything, that we great I'd have everything I needed life would be great and the reality is that's. Not the complete truth so we're gonna talk about we really need so first and foremost I found hey Amy from Australia, love having the global, friends here what, I found is no, matter how good your systems, are you, can train the right people, to do the right things but the wrong people only know how to do the right things in their mind which is going to be the wrong things in your mind so first, and foremost we've got to have a team that shares, your values not just a team but employees. Then. Customers. Perspective, employees, all that sort of stuff so you. Can be on the same page there's no freedom if you've got employees who constantly, think that they, can take advantage of you or that you don't deserve to get paid there's, all sorts of weird stuff that that, you can believe that are, gonna cause employees, there's, gonna keep you from having freedom even if you have system so you've got to make sure that you've only got people that share your values they're down with your cause they, really want to serve at the level that you serve at so I using, example all the time as I've been so blessed with the team that we have and Sean and Lou look like they're here on the call, both. Super talented guys and they. Make. Lots of money doing lots of different things they. Choose, I believe to be here part, of this team because they believe in what you guys do right we're about having fun making money being real and helping out and that's what's important to them so, it's easy we give them systems, to follow because those systems help them be more of who they are but.

If They're not really about having fun making money being real and helping out I can have all the systems in the world to try and make them be somebody they're not and it's just never gonna work so really important that we don't think systems, are the beginning in the end there, are a huge piece but if you don't have the right team that's down with your cause systems. Alone aren't going to do it all right the next thing is a lot, of people think like oh well, once I get big or you know the million dollar companies, they've got this huge advantage, that I don't have I don't have access to that once I get bigger then, I can afford to get systems the reality is, they. Do have better systems than you but, they got them by extreme ownership right by, trying, and failing right. And trying and failing faster. And. Harder more often than maybe you have and. Following. Some version of what we're gonna talk about in terms of how to make system so let's drive let's dive deeper into that so, another, belief that is gonna get in the way is I don't have time to make systems right like I'm - you don't understand like I'm cleaning I'm driving I'm doing reg whatever the whatever your day looks like we've, got this belief that I don't have time to make systems the reality, is little. Companies, don't have time to make systems million-dollar, companies have million-dollar systems. That's. Really the difference the. Difference between millions our company and a little company is the, beliefs that the owner has right, the habits that they, million. To our owners exhibit million our habits and those kind of slow, down into their team and they, have million-dollar systems, that's. The reason, you don't have time is because your systems, cause, you. To do everything right because. You. Would do it an employee does it or system. Handles that or. An employee an assistant together handle it but if you don't have employees you have systems and there is no other option than you doing it so most of the time we think I don't, have systems because I don't have time and the reality, is you don't have time because you don't have systems and if, you want a different result this is this is gonna sound obvious and you guys know it but we need sometimes we need reminders, if, you want a difference all you gotta take different actions, right so just thinking if, I keep working in my business it'll magically get fixed or if I just try harder that's not the reality we got to do things completely different. Than the way we've been doing them if we want complete different, results. So. That take those back to kinda we talked about earlier I just had this big binder full of systems everything would be great well, the first problem with that is again. We really need the core value based, people, to. Follow. Those systems right so the binder without the people is almost worthless. But. Once you've got the core values, then, those, are the foundations for, your system please write hey Ashley is in the house one of our next, level members. Can't. Wait to see you guys on Wednesday by the way next level folks tomorrow. All right so. The. Reality is the core values are the foundation for your systems and if you have strong. Core values your systems, will naturally flow, from that right because we that's, kind of the answer that we that's. Kind of where we start so if I need to figure. Out how we hire people well, I go right to our core values which is have fun make money be real and help out I go all right what's the most fun way we can hire people how can we complete how can we be completely, real about. Who we are as a company and get the people that we're thinking about hiring to be completely real about who they are as a, team and how can we make sure that we only get people that. Really. Really really want to help out right they're just perfect, example we hopefully. You guys get this but we love serving, you right, this. Job can actually, be a lot, of work believe it or not leading the community, of the size and trying to serve all, of you guys at the different levels of our community in different, ways is a massive, amount of work and a massive amount of undertaking we got team of people to, try and serve you guys and if it was just for the money and again making money is one of our core values right so it's not I don't don't want you to feel bad for us we get paid very well but, and.

We Have lots of fun but if Sean. And Lou and and Lindsay, and Jared and all the people on the team and Mariana weren't, all about desperately. Helping people and that wasn't important to them I can make every system in the world they're just not going to do it right like Sean, and Lou they do little things for our clients, that, I could, never systematize, right like how do you systematize, someone caring or that being important so it's really important, that when you start with your core values the natural, systems flow out and then you might do something really sweet or special for a customer I might go holy crap that's amazing, we need to that for every customer and then we've got a new system right so if, we start with the systems and try and work backwards, that who we get it's gonna be really difficult you want to go from who you who, you are as a person build. A team with those people. That share those same values and then the systems will make sure they have those values as well the, good news is you, already have. Systems, in place and those systems are already completely, in line with. The values that you're living so if you're not living your core values you. Were going to have systems that reflect that when you are living your core values the systems that you have reflect. That right so the, beautiful thing is before. You go I've gotta have this binder it's got to be 300 pages long I've gotta type it it's got to be this huge mass amount of work the, reality, is realize you've already got every system and your business is already communicated, now that system might be when something goes wrong call, who, Desiree. Right she said took me two and half years in a pandemic to finally pay for the insurance system. So. Excited, good for you sister, so. The. System might be when something goes wrong call the owner called Desiree Rachel she'll figure it out that, system is gonna is not gonna result. A lot of freedom for you it is gonna result in. You. Making all the decisions which I've been down that road it feels great for a couple months but until you want to go take a vacation or be somewhere do something separate. All of a sudden something great system so the good news is you. Already have systems in place and you've already communicated, and even couldn't have a big binder every single system how do we clean that we hire how do we do everything, that goes on in your business you've already got a system for doing and you were to communicate, that system it's just not you haven't just haven't done on purpose right typically it's not the right system and the systems don't reflect your core value so the good news you have the skill already I think the big thing that stops people is they think I. Tried. To make systems but it's too hard or I don't write well or it's, gonna take too much time or if I pay somebody and they, just feel that there's this bridge, right between where they are and their systems I just can't get there so I want to encourage you you've already got that bridge you already communicated, every single system in your company to your employees, and, you've done effectively right the only difference is the system that you communicate. It may not be the right system so all we have to do is continue. To communicate the system's way they've been doing it I'm gonna give you some some even better ways but, you've.

Got That you've got the infrastructure in place that communicates your employees what you want them to do you just haven't been clear, and what you want them to do so what you've been communicating, maybe it's been a little fuzzy. First, and foremost simpler, is better right that not only is it hey Maria, from England good to have you sister we got a lot of global. Folks, going on at this time so. Simpler. Is better we think we need this big binder it needs to be you know full of subsections, and sections, and table. Of contents, and all sorts of nonsense and it just has to be this huge. Endeavor. Right and then what happens is because it's so overwhelming, we. Get nothing done we don't do anything it's it's too much of a freak out so the, reality the quickest and easiest ways, to make systems are first and foremost get clearing your core values not something we help you do go. To grow and clean company common all sorts of resources on core. Values because that's a big that's the foundation, of everything once, you're clear in your core values hire. And build a team that share those core values and then, all, you have to do is kind of look at each system, in light of is this the best way to have fun make money be real and help out that's ours right you're gonna have yours and they're gonna be different hey Ramon good to see you buddy. And. Once. She decide what is or is not, Denis. Says yeah make it so true core values and, not the right system and not racism, so. So correct all right so once you've got those core values got those keen all you have to do is look at how do we do this thing and is, it in line with our core values that's really it so if it's hiring right and let's say your hiring system currently is. You. Don't hire until a bunch of people quit and then you're desperate for people and then you're struggling and either you clean you've got cleaners working 50 or 60 hours a week is. That part of your core values right so for me my core values have fun what is not fun to, beg, people to clean extra, who already clean 40 hours a week or to have to beg anybody to do anything it's, not fun to have to hire last-minute and have. You. Know warm body syndrome or I'm taking people I know aren't to fit it's not it's not making certainly I make anybody money so and, if I'm being real I.

Have. To be real this, isn't working right so I might create a system that goes how can I make sure I've always got employees and we kind of do this in advance what's the more profitable it's a more fun way, how, can I help out how can I serve more people right it's really tough to serve people the high level when you're when you're cranky, or you're working too hard so steps. Are you're gonna get clear on your core values you're gonna communicate, them to yourself and your team early and often and then you're gonna start holding the systems that you have up to the light of the core values that you have and go and the ones that fit great, we can just kind of write those down we've already got those the ones that don't fit we're gonna change and. We're gonna realize we've already communicated, every single corbat or every single system we've got to our to, our team we. Just typically, have communicated, the wrong system which is a problem the, beautiful thing is like we said simpler is better so don't feel like it's got to be this big binder that's full of like notes. And subsections, and all that stuff honest to goodness the way that we kind of document. Everything in our company and Sean and Lou are in here they can attest is we just make videos all the training that I do of anybody I do it on June, we. Happen to be I'm in Phoenix and of our team I don't think anybody's in Phoenix we've got people York. Florida. Where. That gives everybody, Utah. We had Jared was in Mexico for a while. Hard. You didn't says you're in your golden five minutes I don't know what that is but it sounds good so I'm gonna take it buddy so. Yeah all that to say. Well. Because, we have, everyone all over the world we record, our trainings on zoom' and or. We do, my trainings on Zoom and they're, just recorded, right and then all we do is we put those recordings, into a training center and then what have been what a banks every time you, train a cleaner a scheduler.

A Manager, a sales person anybody to do anything. Most. Of them you can train on de luces, north carolina's sorry but it didn't mean to leave you out he's also got a beautiful beach out there so, yeah you know an opposite ends of the coast I'm all the way west he's all the way east so, and, you might go well my people are in, I do it face to face you know we don't do zoom that's fine just record it right and you could have you. Know a high-tech device. You probably got your phone in your in your pocket to record those things right they don't have to be fancy so if, it's a non cleaning, thing I would just do the training on the Zune and I would just record that bad boy and the cool thing is you can it's easy to update right every time you train someone new just record it that way any time and it's the same thing that we do here right if you come. To us say hey might help me build these systems well guess what I done all the recordings, perfectly. Along you know and, then, we can have you watch them and it's easier for me to give you updates once you've seen the training as opposed to me having to retrain. Everybody every time so the same way that who says you make it too easy the, same way that we train. Our people, clients. Okay it's the same way that we pay employees that we pay right the training is a training it's just simple so you want to make everything as simple as possible do it on video I like quick little videos when possible you. Know big concepts might be longer videos but little easy concepts, could, be shorter just record what you're doing and. You, know clickfunnels you can do a nice little funnel. On had a, membership. Site on how to do people we teach all that stuff in our in our. Of. Course okay so the, next thing that we get and this is what I makes. Me so sad when owners, try to do this and they want to delegate their system making right and for, those of you guys that know me know I am I try my best to teach you guys be as lazy as can be right I don't want you cleaning and I want you doing scheduling rags driving.

Payroll. Accounting, all that garbage I want you to do as, little, as possible the, two things that I really want you to do are creating, systems and creating culture that's it so, and. Client. Attraction we want to make sure that you create that that, client attraction system as well so a, lot, of times. People. Want to get away from that and they say I'll just delegate, it to someone else the problem is whoever makes your systems typically makes the profit so, in. The cleaning business as. You guys know there's franchises, out there right a lot of times of the franchises, will, say hey we've got to assist a client attraction system, we've created that system so, we'll do all the client attraction for you will do all the collections for you and just kind of pay you the, problem is they only pay like 70. To 80 percent right, and if your and we coach to a 20 percent profit level so basically what they're saying is we'll create the system and we'll take all the profit, and you can have a cleaning job right so they get the the the client attraction system is what's valuable and they're, able to charge people for it so, that's. That's an example of delegating, your systems the reality, is you, can't delegate, your systems to creating your system outside vendor because he doesn't get your core values right you are the the source of your core values and you're. The only one qualified to really get everybody engaged the, second thing is you want to involve your team in, creating. The systems right so when you're training if someone's got a good idea or, a. Twist, or is just really living the core values in a certain way you need to incorporate that when you try to sub out making. Systems you can't do that the, last thing I want to cover is a lot, of us have this belief that well million dollar companies they've got everything perfect guess what I coach guys and gals just starting I coach million to our companies not one of them has it perfect the reality, is a million of our companies had just tried and failed much, much more often than you have right that's really it how. Quickly you fail and then fail again and then fail again and keep failing has. A lot to do with how quickly you grow your success the, best way to not. Fails to do nothing and the best way to, guarantee. Not to have successes to do nothing right the best way to succeed, is to try a bunch of crap and. Be. Okay with failing right so you've got to be comfortable. Implementing. Imperfect, systems right if your standard, for yourself is everything has to be perfect before I implement, nothing's. Gonna ever get implemented right and you can't steer a parked car so I would much much rather you, and I'm constantly even telling my millionaire mastermind folks list it's really important, that you implement. A crappy version 1.00, and then we can fix make a two-point / 3.0 and by the time we get to three or four it's, done it's ready to go but. You could spend 10 times as much time thinking. And planning and preparing, and tell me I'm being perfectionist, and like oh I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a perfect, system before I do anything and do, nothing right or you can just kind of get something going and then watch it break and then once you see how it breaks like okay now I know what to fix but if you don't do anything you get no data you know what to fix it's it's a it's a it's a bad closed-loop, situation.

So. Yeah make sure that you are implementing. Systems, poorly. And then, fixing them as opposed to just try to make it perfect so the good news is I know we, went kind of quick because it's a big topic and I want to give you as much as I could in 20 minutes but the. Benefit is once you've got a simple. Systems, it doesn't have to be mean crazy in a core values based team you are equipped, to build your million-dollar business you can travel and, so. We've got I've got systems, and processes really. It's. More core values based people but we are able to be kind of out traveling, for two weeks and my company's gonna run just fine without me so some. Shaun and Lou might argue that they'll run better without me and they might be right what I'm not in there doing, it so once, you build your systems and you get a core values based team, you. Can be in control of your life you can have freedom. To do what you want if, that is something you're like holy crap I love the concept Mike but I still think I need help I don't think I can do the bar by myself that, is what we do all day every day that is our passion every single person on our team is passionate, about helping owners and cleaning companies grow get, freedom make more money get unstuck get the systems that they need to give the business that they want right so many of you I know. Got. Out of your job and maybe you're making less money working, more and I love the freedom I never want to go back to a job holy crap I thought I'd have real freedom if, that's what you want we can absolutely help you grow a cleaning company calm, forward, slash burn is like hello. Ford. Slash talk you, can jump on the, phone with one of our genius coaches, like Lou or Sean they, can help you get started with a plan to, get you the freedom that you want. That's. What we do and it just so you guys know what. Qualifies me as I spent 20 years making dumb mistakes spending. Millions of dollars actually says yes the systems that a girl spending. Millions of dollars screw. And stuff up so we can help you guys make, smarter, better mistakes and get to freedom and profit. And growth faster, so if, you want to go to on your own trying to figure it out I did, that for 20 years and it's a it'll. Get you there if you work hard enough but it is painful and cost a lot of money if you would like our help and, say, hey you just show me your system we, don't take any percentage of your company we don't do the franchise we we. Just want to help you guys get where you want to go it's one of our core values helped out and we have lots of fun doing it and we, also make money doing it and we'll always be real to you so if that tickles, where you each go, to growing clean coming com4 slash talk love, love, love to get you on the phone with one of our coaches and I'll do it myself so we can personally, help you build the life that you want and have this company finally give you the time and money freedom that got you into it talk. Thanks. For tuning into today's show if you're fired up ready to grow and want to see if you have what it takes to work with us that grow my cleaning, company here's, what I want you to do right now go, to grow a cleaning, company calm. Ford, / talk that's, row my cleaning, company calm, for / talk to book an appointment to speak with me personally, I'm, gonna jump on the phone with you to give you crystal, clear on where you are now where, you want to be and how to get, you there don't.

Walk Around in the dark any longer if you are serious, about growing your cleaning, company it's, time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow we've, helped hundreds of owners of cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom but give back to, their community, as well if, that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company dot-com. For /, talk and book a time to talk with me personally, I can't wait to, get to know you and, your business.

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