Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central roadmap and overview - BRK1003

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central roadmap and overview - BRK1003

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So as, it says on the slide my name is the errol Shan fish and. I. Am the only errol Shan fish in the world, so. It's good, news really, easy to find me bad news it's, really easy for you to find me. Errol, chain fish at Microsoft, comm you can look me up on LinkedIn, I. Sort. Of stopped, using Twitter, but my twitter handle is at if Errol can do it and. The. Reason is is because I, get to work with engineering, so I'm in product marketing I get to work with engineering, I'm sort of setting the strategy, and direction of business central and, a. Few, years ago when, I was on stage I, said. Could I could, I demo something. Sometime. Please and they're like oh no this is really technical, Errol you can't I don't, know I don't think you should demo, and. And. Then I thought well why you know why would that be why why can't I do it if I could do it I think our customers and partners can do it and so, that was that's kind of their bar it's, like if they can explain it and I understand, it then. You. Know then they know that hopefully, I am, the lowest common denominator, should that scare you in this session so. We're gonna do is actually. The session should read. Dynamics. 365, overview. And roadmap. Because that's the order we're gonna go in I'm gonna talk it's sort of overview of what the, central is some, things that we've added in this last release, and. Thank. Goodness I have a. NVP, who's gonna come up and demonstrate some things during the session, but really, to set context. James. Philips the leader. Of our engineering, group I. Was. In a session with him and he sort, of mentioned, something to me that I thought was really, insightful he said you know over the last sort of twenty whatever. Issues. And I, started, at what, was great playing software, in 1987. So, 32, years ago, in. About four days will. Be, how long I've been in the industry and and. When, I think of that that length of time it's basically, been forms, over data plus reporting. Like an erp, solution. Basically, then forms over data plus reporting. Sort. Of very backward, looking, and you know we take care, of all of these different areas, of an entirety, of a business, and. And. As a result, of that you have this. Incredible, set of data at your disposal now, what is just. Emerging, really is this, idea, of what you can, do with that data the intelligence. The. Proactiveness. Versus. Reactiveness. A, customer, of ours Kelly roofing. Told. Me he said prior to business central I felt like I was running my business, with. Only access, to the rearview mirror. He, was like I couldn't look forward, before, business, central and so, the idea that you can actually do, something with the data be intelligent. Be proactive. Is that. The core of what business central, is. Focusing. On and will be in the future and then. Obviously to some. Of the ways that we can be proactive is, to take advantage, of the. Power platform, that's at our disposal. With power bi for visualization, intelligence. For. With, something.

Like Flow where you can do, notifications. Across an organization and, bring in. Information. From other areas, and then, obviously power apps to make very specific line. Of business applications that, sit on top of business central. That. Are sort, of non developer. Types. Of things so you can do it really quickly, really. Fast and get value from it as quickly as possible so. And. Then as it relates to kind of how we think about the, types of things that we're doing with business central over the next years. We're. Gonna go through this journey of looking at how business, central is a, modern, solution its. Unified, across all, of Microsoft, applications. It's. An intelligent, solution again, that can surface, and help you make. Decisions in. A more proactive, way and, at, the same time it's a it's a very adaptable. Solution. With. The development, tools that you News and/or the Power Platform as I mentioned earlier, and. So we're gonna go through these areas and sort of. Understand. What they mean and, when. We think of modern. One. Of the first things we think about is just the overall user interface, if you're gonna spend. Hopefully. Not not. Eight hours of your day inside, a business central ID it, needs, to be something. That you enjoy being, inside, too to look at the field to interact, it's intuitive, all of those types of things and at. The same time. You. Know I hate to put, cloud on here because it's just it's, sort of us so what at this point right of course it's it's in the cloud but. Kind of the uniqueness maybe, a business central is that you can still, have this solution on-premise. Or hosted. Yourselves. And. It's, the exact, same application. Whether it's managed, by Microsoft, or whether you choose. To. Have yourselves, manage it or manage by someone, else all. Of that is available to you one. Of the biggest. Things that business central really provides, is, this unified. Nature. With all of the Microsoft applications. So. You, know surfacing, and in. Surfacing. It in Outlook, for instance, the. Capabilities. Out-of-the-box. Readwrite, capabilities, with Excel. Using. Word as the way to produce, forms, in the solution. There's. Things, that we're looking at to do with Microsoft, teams which, is. You. Know such a productivity. Enhancement. For. All of your employees and so, you'll, see us concentrate. Very very. Heavily on this idea, of, business. Central. Embedded. In, in. Wissen through is what I call it so it's not integrated. It's just simply, part of the broader Microsoft. Solution. And then. We've talked about, intelligence. And how actually bringing insight, to your organization, is a focus, area for us and then. With adaptability, we, we provide. Lots of tools for our partners, to assist you in the process. Including. How to get updates, and at, the same time provide. Development. Tools for. More. Integrated. Development, scenarios, or very specific development. Scenarios, inside, the application, itself, and/or. As we mentioned, using the power platform, with power apps to potentially, create line of business applications. That, are very very specific to your organization and that, can be quickly done in a non sort, of development, environment. So. As, we drill down on these, to. Kind of show modern, I, thought what I do is actually run, a video, that. Our engineering, team put together from, this last release. So. I had a customer. Recently I was in.

London. Area doing. A presentation, I had a customer, that said Errol, I just love biz it's just it's so huggable like, I'm in there and it's oh it's just so it's so comfort, comforting. It's so huggable I thought that was an interesting analogy. At. The same time we, release new. Application. Features, every. Six months, so we, just had a release in April we'll. Have another release in October and, kind. Of when I get to the roadmap section, I'll sort of talk about what that is, over. The last 12 months we've added, enhancements. And just simply, application. Enhancements. Over, 200. Features in the solution, and we continue, to add new features, and functionality, to the solution, in every single release, again every six months. So. The second section we're going to talk about is unified, and with, this one. Again. I like to use I hate the word integrated, because it sort of means you have to set something up. Whereas business, central is simply exposed, and, out looking there's, a myriad. Of different things that you can do in. Outlook, and in fact in. A session this afternoon I'll be going over sort of more in detail, everything, that you can do unified, across. Microsoft. Solutions, at the same time you have, capabilities. Of having the solution on any device so. You. Know contrary, to some other applications, you. Can basically do, everything. On. The phone that you could do in sort of the full browser. User. Interface, you. Can do you know quotes inventory. Everything. Jobs, manufacturing. You. Can run your manufacturing. Solution, on your phone if you wanted to now, granted the screen size doesn't. Always, make. Much sense to do that but but you can do it because the entirety. Of the application. Is exposed, whether, that's on a phone tablet, and or. Laptop. Desktop type device, and. So all of this together me. Means that this, is a unified. Application. Kind of across the Microsoft.

Entirety. And so. To show that I, am more. Than pleased, to. Have, my. Friend my buddy my pal, Sean. Why. Don't you introduce yourself, because you can do a much better job than me so, great thanks, for having me Earl yeah thanks good morning everyone I'm Sean door word it's a tough last name to say not. As tough with Shane fish there is another Sean door word in the world so I'm not as unique as arrow the. Way I like, to encourage, folks to remember how to say my last name is move forward, with, door word and. That's what I'm all about I like to learn new stuff I'm the practice leader dining, artist say a Microsoft. Gold Certified, Partner servicing. GP, nav and, everything. Under the dynamics, umbrella you can find my ramblings Mike all. My tips and tricks at life hacks You've, heard of office 365, maybe. Find of may, have heard of this application called, office 3 so you have how about Dynamics, 360, I've heard, of the so, life hacks 365, is where I write tips and tricks about business. Central GP Excel. PowerPoint you name it so I'm really glad to be here to show you some cool stuff follow. Me on Twitter if you're a Twitter er. So. I'll switch to my environment this is my business central I'm in a web browser here, I happen, to be an edge but it's obviously. Functional. In Chrome. Firefox. Etc. And we were talking about unification, for business central so I'm going to show some couple. Ways that Microsoft. Has unified, business central with the other products, particularly. Focusing, on office 365 here. This, morning so I'm going to go into my financial, module and go into my general journals. This. Is going to load up my batch listing. And I've got a monthly batch listing, here. That. I'm gonna make changes, to maybe every, month or so but I have this now I only got five or six lines in here and I. Want. To make some changes to this so maybe, five or six lines isn't so bad but if it was larger just use your Powerball imagination, with me here pretend it's really large what, we can do is we could come in each one of these lines and make change notice. I've got I'm. Gonna use my control and mouse wheel to make this a little bit. More. Conform to my window that's pretty cool right just a simple adjustment, to, change the font size those folks on GP I know what you're thinking. So. What I can do here is just I can move this to excel it with a function called edit in Excel and I'm gonna click on page and choose, edit in Excel. And. It's gonna take the contents, of this batch move. It all over into, Excel use an excel add-in that is, already connected to my office 365. Authenticates. Via the same credentials, that I use in Business Central and make. This available for me to edit not just see in Excel but for me to literally edit in Excel so, I've got my five, six, lines here, and what I want to do is let me just kind of minimize, this a little bit so you can see I've, got a description, here building one but this is for multiple buildings so I'm just gonna use the really cool Excel. Features that I know and love and I'm, gonna come over and change. This amount to thirty thousand, and. Maybe. This is six thousand. And. Just, copy that down. Now. All I have to do is hit. Publish watch. How fast that is that's no smoke and mirrors that's done it's published, I'll come over into business, central and refresh, or just reopen, this batch and. Now the changes, that I made in Excel they're, available here, for me in business. Central did I not hit publish. Said. I would. Love when it works. They. Just try hitting publish one more time. Okay. So we're just gonna have to pretend that that worked. That. Stinks, and it worked like moments, ago but. What's. Really cool about this is I can add there we go.

The Lights were hot to, begin with so. Now the changes are here in business central for me just that easy notice, on the right hand side here I've got dimensions, assigned to one line but not the others and all, I really have to do is just come and put those in in, here. In, Excel making it easy for me then this could be just one line multiple, lines you name it and now. We're rocking and rolling and that fast the changes are here so that's just one of the ways that Microsoft, is unified business sexual let, me show you another way here and this is pretty cool, it's, easy to do and easy to set up and. I'm actually going to go through and I'm gonna search for, assisted. Setup. While. You're doing that Shawn do you know how many edit. In Excel areas, there are I. Believe there, are, forty. Ish. Yes. Is that close I actually knew that answer I was hoping you didn't know that I mean I have no idea 40. Ish 40-ish. Basically. Every single list, page and, yeah. That. Was just a simple example but you certainly can use it for, really. Really large data sets as well so I went into assisted setup and you can see there's already out-of-the-box, assisted, walk throughs like wizards and I'm just going to activate, an Outlook, integration. Sorry. I know you said not to use that word I'm, gonna unify business, central with my help and. All. I'm really doing is I'm saying hey this is my credential, I offer I also happen, to use that that, cool thing outlook and let's, connect, them so, it's gonna work on this it's, gonna say that's it and it's gonna send me a sample email to know that everything, is in good order it literally is that easy and. Now what I can do hashtag it very well can do it hashtag, if arrow can do it. We'll, come over here in Outlook and there's, my email saying hey you're all set up Shawn I can. Also experience, the same thing on the, web version of, look, pretty. Cool well. What a setup me and how does that unify so let's do something here I'm going to go ahead and just create an email I'm gonna pretend that I'm a customer, and I'm, gonna email my my. Vendor. Can. I get a quote. Thanks, Shawn, for, showing. Me that stuff, last. Week can. You send me a quote I can't type that fast, I need, lamps. Six of them desks. Eight. Of them and swivel. Chairs, eight. Of those as well oh by. The way you're. Doing great I know why oh you ' are I get it so. I'm. Gonna send this off to my customer and then we're just gonna use the opposite, imagination, and we're, gonna pretend that we're back at our desk and this, as a sales rep and we're managing our, outlook. Like we normally do we live and breathe in here most times and we're, gonna get an email from our, customer, fingers crossed it's only an email. Here. We go so. I get this email from my customer, I'm gonna open up contact, insights, from business central this. Is right in my outlook it is surfacing, business central into my outlook so, that I don't have to be distracted, from switching applications which. Is pretty cool immediately, it recognizes, that this email is from a customer, of mine and it gives me the customer, dashboard, I'm. Not over in my web browser anymore, I'm here, in Outlook I can pop this out if I want to have a dedicated window, I can change the side just like you can all things, cool and impressive, in Outlook I can, interact with these as well so. As I hover over my age they are I can. Make decisions see, the actual data right, and outlook I'm gonna keep saying that because that is super cool and but. What I want to do I want to respond to this email the. Customers, asked me for a quote so I'm just gonna go I have no open, quotes I can tell that right there incidentally. This is a real-time. Unification. There is no delay, there's. No overnight sync, I'm gonna go to a new sales quote right. In Outlook this, took the contents, of my customers, email we could high-five that's pretty, it, took the contents, of my customers, email recognize. Some of them some. Of them and said hey these are suggested, items to add to this quote take, note that the. One I have, lamp six it pulled up my quantities, as well naturally, you can change these and if, it does find some conflicts, you can say hey I want this to be the London share because that's the one I showed them as, soon as I hit okay this. Actually creates a quote gives, it a quote number qu o1, o2 3 where I can modify this which.

Is Not. That. Hard at all and I'm just going to come over here to customers. And. I'm, gonna open up that Alpine, customer, that's associated with that email address. And. Take, a look at the transactions. Associated, with this customer. Oops. I clicked too fast. Oh Thank. You school fine art Hey I, think, it's participating. Is. Good, so. Now what I can do also right from within outlook is I don't have to just create it in my system, right that's that's cool in its own right but I can go ahead and send, that off to my. Customer, and I'm just gonna do send by email it's, gonna take the information save. The transaction, in business central PDF. That, into, a quote and prepare to send it over to my customer, I don't, know how much easier can get we, should be able to double our sales in no time at all hashtag, if y'all can do it hashtag if Rael can do it pretty cool right. Alright, so that's my. Um, over unified, you want to switch me back thanks. Thanks. Sean. So. Hopefully. What you saw there again and. Kudos. To Sean cuz, that, was that's the first time he's heard me do this presentation and, he picked up on not. Integrated, but unified, a unified. Solution, there, are a myriad, of different areas, where. You can do those types of things inside about look you, can do them with, vendors. With. Specific. Documents, you can look up specific documents. Because somebody sent you an email and it, shows up you know look and so. We're. Trying to do is really, be. At where, the customer, where, you the customer, spends. Your time and to make sure that you don't have to redo, things, if. You can think of like. The. Situation you might have to do if you get a an. Email from someone go somewhere else authenticate. Login, look up the customer, and you know pretty soon you're sort of seven. Eight nine. Steps, down the way and you could have already solved a problem, as, a result so. Intelligence. Now, intelligence, is a really interesting, topic I'm, gonna take a just a quick step back to to. Again. Talk. About what has happened with Business Central's, so last. April, was, when, we, launched. Business, central as a cloud-based. From. Microsoft, managed, by Microsoft, solution. And at the time business, central was only available in, the cloud and. Then as, of this past October. You, can purchase business, central and have it again, either, in the cloud managed by Microsoft, or you can have. It on premise, or have, it hosted on Azure. So. That you know if you still have those. IT people in your organization's, that. That. Start, to get night sweats when they don't have sequel DB access, you. Can do that and it's the exact same application. Everything that we're showing here, you, know is available, to you with. An on-premise, solution also, but, really having, that in, the cloud on Azure solution. Is what is driving this idea of intelligence, and having that data. Available. To be accessed by all the other services, so. For those of you who raised your hand. When. I asked, are you currently, a dynamics, nav GP or, SL, customer. Little, known fact what, you can do right now is, actually. Synchronize. Not. All of your data but large portions, of your data to. A business. Central, cloud tenant, so. That you can sort of see, feel touch and. What. That might look like if, you, were to fully transition, the business central cloud you, can do that right now if. You weren't aware of that contact. Your partner and say. These words please. Tell, me about the business central, mid-term, SKU. Ok. Let's for. Those who raised your hands let's recite that. Please. Tell, me about. The. Midterm, business. Central skew. Thank. You the one person, over here that was replete as I was saying that and, again, what you're doing is you're, you're on premise gpna. V SL. Solution, is the gospel, that stays. You're. Still doing everything there but what you can do is synchronize, the data to a business central cloud tenant, so.

That You can see it there experience. It there you could run power bi charts. Off of it you. Could create, a quick, power app to look. Up certain things you, could do notifications. Off of the data with flow all. Of those things that, that. Are available as a result, of being in the cloud, will. Be available, to you to to. Take a look and see and feel and, touch that data, it's. Really a great way for you again. If you're just sort of thinking about do, I want to go to business central this is a great way to do. That. The same time it's all of those things that are available on the azure platform, that really provide, intelligence. And, so, I. Have. A couple, of examples the, one I don't, have a slide for but we have a customer. In Germany, and what. They're doing because, of Azure, cognitive, services is, they have a drone that flies around their warehouse at night and. It. Has a camera on it obviously and. It actually recognizes. Where. Inventory. Items, are according. To both. Barcodes. That it reads and the. Physical. Makeup, of that inventory. Item it, recognizes. The, inventory, items and, the reason they're doing this is because they, constantly, move items. Around in their warehouse and it. Was just it. Was overwhelming. To them to. Track, that information a, and, then B they didn't tracked it and so people were running around the warehouse trying to find stuff and they didn't know where it was so. Every night they run a drone around the warehouse and then it updates business, central, with. The location. Of where those items are okay, now this is again. This is that. Visionary. Stuff that we're talking about and I know you saw some stuff earlier today that, really, drives. Change that really is intelligence. That really, helps you drive. Your business forward, at. The same time, we. Have a customer, who is. A. Yogurt. Maker. Manufacturer. And. What. They're doing is they have an IOT, device on the. Pumps, and. Valves. Where. They receive, their milk every, single day and so, basically. What happens is a driver comes up they have a tanker to milk they.

Punch, In a code they, hook it up and it. Just simply. Understands. The amount of gallons that are being pumped into their solution, and so, no person, from that customer. Touches. That data it all ends up in business central goes, in the manufacturing, process etc. Etc as. Opposed to what they had to do before which is have, people physically, there to receive, and. To do all of that process, and. So there there are just thousands. And thousands, of thousands, of you know thoughts around what you can do basically, anything you can think of and this, is the part where forms over data plus reporting. Isn't. Enough right this is the this, is the additional, stuff this is the thing that really, helps you drive. Your business and so we're gonna see a few. Just. Little snippets of intelligence, that business central does. Really. Out of the box and, the. The. World is your oyster as. I would say certainly. With Azure services, and and and, the, ability, of power, bi certainly, so Shawn why don't you show us and I. Know it's and, no intelligence, is hard for you. And I but let's see that's true yeah that's, true thankfully, there's some services. That can help us along the way yeah so. This is again. Back to our home screen, in. Business, central and I'm just gonna scroll down if, you've never seen this before all these items are customizable, which we'll talk about in a moment but, I get down here a little bit further and I've got some insights and I, see. My trial balance, right here but right here is, a section, for power, bi reports, and this, is really important because it surfaces, the power bi reports, and visualizations, right. Into business central so you don't have to although you can, certainly. Jump, in to power bi to, see and interact with these reports, now, this is right on my home screen. What. I can do is I can just click this drop down and I'm gonna go to select. Reports. Because. All these reports, some of them are built from a service, out-of-the-box. But, there's a collection of them that either are out-of-the-box made available or, I've customized. Them myself, we, need them bound, up and incidentally. It doesn't have to be just business. Central data it can, be business. Intelligence based, on any data accessible, from within the power bi platform these. Reports, when enabled, then become available in, your. Home. Screen there and this because, of the unification that, exists, here it automatically. No this is the account that Shawn has logged in as these, are the reports available on his power bi dashboard so.

I Can just mark those as enabled. And. Now, when they were enabled those reports, are available in, this in. This content, box here and what I can do from here is just click, habit. Eat my favorite write on my home screen or I can just click and go to the next report and. See the information this. Helps me be more intelligent again, this is not a this is a pulling, of data not, a pushing, so I don't have to wait for information to, be given to me I can go get it when I want it I can also do a bit more here I can actually come in and use, the manage button and, it'll. Open up a, variance. Books directly. At. Power bi and allows. Me to make changes right, within business, central again. You could jump over to power bi but, as any if anybody in here is an analyst, or or, works in reporting, this is very powerful, especially when, you're trying to deploy, the, intelligent, information, to your end users so, they could do this right from here. So. Let me go back. And. Show one more thing about that, because. I really really enjoy this it's not just a snapshot, or. The. Report it is truly the real or, can even can even, hear. And. We can even interact so if I want to just switch my customer. Obviously. Maybe not the exact best example. Here there we go just grab that customer, and my, report dynamically, adjusts, based. On that interaction, that's pretty cool right on my home screen let's take a jump over to my inventory. Then. I'll go to my inventory items, the. Power bi reports, are also surfaced in other areas in this case we're gonna look at the, inventory area, on the right hand side you know this. Area here we call them facts, --is these, this is a power bi reports specific, for my inventory buy and sell and if, I switch to a list view rather than the image. View, it makes it a little bit easier but, as I toggle from one inventory, item to the other you, see i my power bi report, is interactive. With. Me. There. We go pretty cool allowing, me to see real-time information right, at my fingertips tips, about this particular. Item. So. That's a little bit about power bi and servicing back into. Business. Central, let. Me show you this, other cool, thing that I I didn't, want to get out too much I've, got some friends in the audience and I know they will not let me live this down if I do but this is, pretty cool, so. Welcome to the Future when it comes to, Cortana. Intelligence because. If you're familiar with that type of machine, learning and artificial intelligence you now have that embedded, in business, central I'm just gonna scroll down here to the, bottom of my fact box here and now I'm on let me go to a more, meaningful item, here that one has a hundred minute here, on this bottom right here area is this forecast, now you may be thinking this is just history, open, orders this is just things in transit, purchase orders that are approved etc but it's a bit more than that it actually is something coming from Cortana. Cortana. Services. And it's. I'm, sure using, some sort of fancy algorithm, and it, does all this work it does take those things into account to come up with those but then it says hey if you do nothing if you take no action on, this. Inventory item this is what we're predicting, will happen so, for this particular item it's predicting, out that. In. Two. Months I think, I was supposed to be my hovers not working there let me jump around. There. We go. No. That's okay but, this is predicting, that entombment there we go my. Inventory. Will be negative. Twenty eighth so I have to do something about it doing, something about it is owned or knowing it is only half the battle we need to do something about it and, that's another thing I really like about this we can very quickly just, from, this forecast, take action so I'm going to open up a purchase, order now, I've told the system, that, I want to leverage Cortana, intelligence, embedded. In my forecast model, and if I told it that I want to measure my inventory. Predictions. As of three months I want, to measure it in 12 units twelve months, and and I want to replenish this inventory out three, months so out three months, might.

Be. Three so it's gonna replenish it that's what I told it but. Then, I hear you asking. What. If that's not gonna work for me so you have the ability to customize, this. We. Can say we want to measure our stats by month by week, quarter, etc but I want to maybe just change this from three months to. Two. Months. And. I'll update my forecast, it. Only takes a moment. So. Now when I go ahead instead, of it ordering, a forty three point it's. Gonna it should if I did my job correctly. Intelligently. Order, at the twenty eight point and, there. We go that's pretty cool one, more thing before I turn it back over to arrow because this is the geek out part and I need to I need to stop but. What you can do in this, forecast settings, is if you're not totally. On board with what this is. Doing for you as far as the the. The. Measurements. That it takes you can go into court Anna intelligence. Gallery you can go in and customize this, so, not. Going to go in into any detail, here but click. And opens the, machine learning studio. Way. Over, my head way. Over my head but I know there's plenty of smart people in there not hashtag, if Ariel can do it this is not hashtag it's wrong to do it either but, you could certainly customize. This to meet you organization, and this is out of the box this one comes, with business central but here's the kicker using. Cortana intelligence you, can build your own to. Automate. Many parts, of your organization help. You be more intelligent, as you go through right so this is getting. A little bit to adaptability, but, this is what we call an extension. On top of Business Central and, this. Extension, is this machine learning, piece so you. Or your partner could, create, all. Kinds of, different machine, learning types. Of pieces that would that, would be in business central, that would interact, just, like we saw with Shawn, now Shawn I'm, gonna put you on the spot I want you to do one additional, little demo so do that do, that. Create purchase order thing again oh. It's. My you, know where I'm going right I think so okay yeah. It's. My favorite feature, so what we're pointing out here is that you know we're using this forecast based on the intelligence, it, comes out and suggests, what we should order for the PIO.

But. But, also, says. It. Also tells us at the top and our notification, bar here hey this vendor. You buy other things from, this vendor that you need and a. Single click all we've to do is click add this to the document, and. Those. Items get dropped into this purchase order I just saved a ton of time taking, a little bit longer lunch and nobody will know exactly. Awesome. So. So. What we saw there was you. Know first of all, power. Bi and really I mean the power. Bi itself, there are, obviously. Hundreds. Of sessions at, this event alone. That. Can really, help you understand. The capabilities of power bi and there are more, insight, e-type, if that's a word. Insight, the types of things in power bi that you could surface on, the, data that's in business central that, would actually you know do predictive, and Alec analysis. Types of things and at the same time what we saw here is just one small, thing which, is Azure machine learning on top of your data that. Again can help you be more intelligent. Instead of looking in the rearview mirror you're. Actually looking forward, at your business data and. These are all things that are that are really critical. With. That so, was I'm sorry that was it that was it okay good for, her for no. No. Practice, we're doing okay. So. The final, category, that we were going, to talk about is adaptable, now this is uh this is a really interesting one and there are multiple. Ways to have. Business, central. Be adapted. To, what you specifically, need, one. Of those is, obviously. Using, the power suite of applications and. Kind of specifically. Power apps and flow. To create, specific, line, of business applications, with. Also. Notifications. And processes, that flow, has the capability, to do -, to. Really create, something that's easily. Built. But still really incredibly, powerful, an. Example, of that is we have a customer. Actually I'm gonna do my example, first. Oh. I. Must have taken that out okay. So I'm just going to talk about my example. Well. A couple of things. You're. There a customer, of our floor. Really, Civic, situation, a an. Installer, is on site and somebody, accidentally. Runs over a mailbox on, site and then. The customer, shows up the next day and they say hey I just went down to the hardware store and here's. This receipt, could, you just give me a credit on my account so. Imagine. What would happen here's, an installer, on. Site. With this piece of paper. What. Do you think happens with that piece of paper. It. Gets lost it gets thrown in the back of the pickup and they find it three days later and, then they're in early, in the morning and they set it on Jim Jim the accountings. Person's. Desk and, then. Jim shows up Jim has no idea what this receipt is for it's. Like it's for a mailbox, what. Do I do with that and then you know multiple phone calls etc etc etc so, what, Kelly rifting did is they created a little power app so. On-site with, their phone, take. A picture of the receipt take, a picture of what happened on the job enter. In the dollar amount, click. Request credit, and then, it starts, a workflow, process, that. Gets approved by somebody, because they can see the information there, and then it ends up as a credit request inside of business central and all, this like hash tag if Ariel can do it after a short conversation with, Ken, Kelly from Kelly roofing I built. Like 50%, of the power app and I, was about 80%, of the way on the flow and then I needed to have some help hashtag, if Errol can do it marketing guy, and. That's how, impactful. Something, like this can be so. To show. This and some other adaptable. Things. Shawn. Shawn. We. Have painted. So. I want to show a couple adaptive, features. In the product from an end user perspective and. Then we'll talk more about outside, of that as well but it's really important to know that your, environment in G in Lippitt, are in business, central is personalizable.

To You and in, individuals. So that's very, adaptable, and we can take and. If this is my home screen I can make this more my flavor may be more geared. Toward what I need to do to, be more productive throughout, the day so, I'm just gonna come up here to personalize. And on. This home screen is some. Examples, here I can. All of these areas are, boxed. So to speak and so if you're not a fan of the headlines, full. Full. Disclosure, there I'm not a fan of the headlines but, you may be that's, okay we don't have to agree I could just simply hide that and it gets rid of it it gives me a lot more space on my screen and I, absolutely love, that if some of these KPIs, just, aren't for you maybe you don't need the approvals, in here you can go ahead and hide that you, can move them around. And. We'll just drag actually, that's the bet. Click. To fast you can move things around so let me scroll down here, and maybe I want this one over. Here and. Sure. Enough if, I need to reset it I can reset it by hitting clear personalization. That's, just a little bit on my home screen I want to go into. My. Financial. Batch. And. Right here on my financial, batch you see I've got my name description. Etc but, if I wanted to see another, field without having to open the batch settings, I can come to personalize. And, I'm. Gonna go ahead and select. Field, and, now, this is gonna give me on the right-hand side on that blade a list, of all of the fields available for me to add on this, particular. Window this. Is true for every list window in business, central I want, you to just remember for just a quick second with me I'm on a web browser I am. NOT on an installed, on premises. Application. I am, customizing. My web browser software. Which is just, pretty crazy I'm gonna go ahead and take suggested, balance amount drag. That over and drop that, right there so now every, time I come in here that fields going to be there likewise, the other way all we have to do is drop. Down this and say hide that. Gets rid of those fields that we don't want or don't need for. Our world. Another. Cool thing about that is if we come into the. Purchase orders let me come in to purchase orders. And. All. I'm doing is looking, at a list here of my open purchase orders but you see here I've got my vendor, number and if.

I Scroll, over to see more information, it, kind of pushes the data along, sort, of like an Excel right and I. Can change that I can get rid of some of these fields that maybe don't apply to me but, if I wanted to change that as I scroll over what, it does do is it hides the vendor information and, to, me you know for me that's important, that I see the vendor so, what I can do is I can change this and I can personalize, this again, and, I'm gonna reset. The, freeze, so I'm just gonna do the drop down here and say set freeze pane now when, I now. When I scroll over. That. Information, stays there for me making, me more productive pretty, cool. Well. Let's see one other thing let's create a new purchase order. And. As. I'm creating a new purchase order and. I. Move through here. It. Takes me to the net time, the next field document. Date vendor. Invoice number. Shipment. Number right. So as I move through there maybe this. Isn't the best example but I wanted to just give you an idea I can change that on a web browser I can change that for me and all, I can what I need to do is just go back into personalize. And. I'm gonna click on this and say. Exclude. From quick entry. And. I'm gonna do that for this field, and. This. Field because I don't need. Shipment. Now. When. I move through. But. I have to say done that's why it wasn't let me now. When I move through it's gonna take me to the next important, field that I set up for me is this can be done on every window, for. Every user. Pretty. Cool. Some. Other things we can do if I just take a look at a. Particular. Vendor, let me go into vendors. And. Again, this is true for my web browser if I'm gonna use this on my phone Erol or my tablet. Platform-agnostic, can, be the ice stuff can be the G stuff. Look. At my vendor. All. The information, about my vendor and I'm sure you're familiar with this window regardless, of your ERP, you have all this information sort, of stacked up but, we could do show more or show less to kind of bring these things. Kind. Of save space on our screen, so if I choose show less I can actually click. Come over here and click to minimize that altogether, and you notice I saved all that space and it gave me some really valuable information right. Here so maybe I only care about three of those things of the twenty that are there I can have them show right up for me and of course arrow if we needed to we could expand, and use, the services, for power apps, to. Customize, anything we need to for, things like maybe creating, sales, documents, on the fly or. Something like that so that's just a little bit about, adaptability. All right I know now, why you use. Life hacks as your like you are mr. life hack Thanks. Cool. Time savers, all. Right, excellent. So. That's. It for me yeah thank you thanks Sean so much how about a hand for Sean. As. I said I know why why the why, you do life hacks and Sean has two power, sessions, those 20-minute, sessions. At. The expo, area he's got two life hacks sessions. On business. Central one. Today. Both. Tomorrow okay, both tomorrow. So. Hopefully. We saw with business central again is this this idea it's a modern unified, intelligent. Adaptable, solution, that's we will, continue, to concentrate on on this, type of thing in, the future but, as as we look out. If. You kind of take. A step back and sort of look where we've come so we just released, in April, the the latest update, the business central, as I mentioned, we, are committed, to a. Functional. Update every six months and that. Comes out. Automatically. You can. Schedule. Yourselves. Sort of this certain day that you want to have that, happen to you within a month. But. We're. Coming out with those updates, every. Six months on our cloud. Delivery of business central and so, as we look out into the, October. Time frame some. What, I can tell you today is some, sort of focus, areas for, us and. The. First one is just, simply. Around. What. We call service fundamentals. So I. Can't. Tell you numbers but what I can say is we have way more customers. On business central in this. First year than we thought we, were going to, which.

Is Great news and. And. So. We're gonna I, don't want to say take a step back but we're, making. Sure that this is the. Most Hardy, application. Service, that it can be for, all of our customers, and so and, that's something that we will you know continue, to do sort of that along with proficiency. Improvement. On the solution, so for instance for those of you who are on Dynamics, NAV of, the solution, and you're used to keyboard. Shortcuts, and things like that, we. Have, almost all of those things in the web browser version of business central now, so. All of those proficiency. Improvements, that were you, know really really useful, on an on-premise solution that we're sort of harder to do on a browser solution, we're improving, those and making sure that that's something that we continue. To do in this in the solution, in. This version of business central. For. Those of you who are going to be on premise. It's. What, we call modern client, only is. What we'll be delivering and so that, will be the only way to access it there's no, older. Windows. Client, version, of business central any longer as of October, and. At the same time, the. Way that, that. You customize business. Central, in a truly sort of customized, way you'll. Only be able to do that with what we call, Al or, in, using, Visual Studio code, and, I know that's, this. Is the limit John this is a limit of my geekiness, there's, me saying, Visual, Studio code like that is, seriously. The limit of my geekiness. But. Just suffice it to say that we will be only, used only have a modern, client, only using, modern tools to customize business. Central as. Of the October. Release and. Then a focus, area for us, sort. Of post. Post. October. Is. Making. Sure that that, what we have with business central, is truly. Using. Being able to use your data for. Intelligent. Purposes. And, so again this idea of no longer forms over data plus reporting, that doesn't cut it any longer, it, needs to be an intelligent, solution so that you can save. Time money effort etc. And so all of the, the. Insight. Ish. Types of things, that we're building across, all of the dynamics, 365. Applications. Are. Things that business central will also and assume, in that process and. And. As a result, you'll, see more and more of business central and what we call the common data service, so that you can more easily get, at that and and do intelligent things and, beyond, the power platform, with. Business central. So. We. Have definitely, shown.

A. Lot I have a couple, of things. That I would suggest that you do. The. First one is is that we deliver. Our release, notes for, every. New version of business central about. 3. Ish months, before, it's actually released. So. You as customers, partners etc can, see exactly, what we're going to put in the October, release that. Will happen in about the July, sort. Of mid July timeframe so. You. Can go to Ovilus. In october release and so, you can see that for all of the applications. So the, April release notes are there right now obviously, you can go see what was delivered in that and. And. What. Will be coming will be in that area another. Really good suggestion. That I have for especially, customers, is if you want. Something in, the product. Go. To this. BC. Ideas site. And. See. What other customers are, asking for, vote. On those and, then put your own new ideas, in there. This, does, not go into a vacuum, it literally. Show I know the, person, that, is looking at these and, I've. Been, in the review cycles, of understanding. What these ideas, are and having. Them show up in the product I've. Actually seen, it done so, this, is not I just really. Want to tell you this does not go on a vacuum so, please go out and do, that to. Make sure that if you have some great ideas please. Give, us those great ideas, we'd, love to see those if. You're currently not a business, central customer, and you're interested, to play with it you. Can do so with a trial version and and. In fact the. Even. Though it kind of says 30, days it's really not a 30-day trial it's an infinity, trial so. Sean how long have you had that trial. Sean was demoing in the trial company, and you've had it for. Eight. Months so he's been on that same trial for eight months. So. You. Know if you're interested in taking a look at it again please. Do that and or you're supposed to ask your partner for the. Midterm. SKU. SKU. Yeah the midterm, tell me about midterm transition. Mr. partner, that's. Another way to get, a in, that case really a full running. Viewable. Version, of Business Central and. We have awesome online, documentation. If, you were wondering does, business central do blah in jobs. The. Online documentation, is phenomenal. So please go, take a look at that also I. Constantly. Have that up when I'm talking. To customers etc. Evaluate. This session and, they didn't put in that other slide I'm gonna make a plug for. There. Are three. If you're an engineer. There. Are three sessions tomorrow on business. Central and it tells. You exactly how, to modify business, central in three really. Easy, not. If, Errol can do it sessions, so. For those of you more technical, people please, look for those, sessions. They're, really, really good for understanding how. To make business, central, in adaptable. Solution, so. With that I'm gonna say thank. You so much for attending our session and, have. A great rest of.

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