Michigan Ross Commencement Ceremony - Class of 2019

Michigan Ross Commencement Ceremony - Class of 2019

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And to. All of the graduates, I want to say a big big, thank you for the incredible, past, four years that we've all had together I'm so honored to say that I am a part of this class and I'm so excited to, watch all of the incredible things everyone ends up doing so. As always. And forever, go blue. Good. Afternoon. Let's give my faculty, a big round of applause. Thank. You. What. Is an annual tradition. Good. Afternoon for, those who have not had the privilege of meeting my name is Scott drew and I have the honor of, serving. As dean of the Stephen M Ross School, of Business here. At the University, of Michigan. It. Is. Truly, truly, my. Privilege my, honor to welcome you to the Ross School of Business class. Of night, 2019. Commencement. Celebration let's. Give our students, a big round of applause. Today. Today, is a day of celebration and, community. We, come together to celebrate our students, your. Sons your daughters your, grandsons. Your granddaughters, your, dear, family, and friends. And we, come together to celebrate as, a community. A community that, is our Michigan. Ross family, a community. That is built on values, of caring for each other, shared, success, and and a lifetime, commitment of, making, a positive difference, in, the, world and, most. Importantly. Today, is about all of you our students. Your, past accomplishments, your. Present, marking. Your graduation. From one of the finest, universities in, the entire world. And your. Future, and your, future, which is full. Of hope and optimism. To. Begin I would like to invite one of our graduating. Students, Chandra. Sahu, to. Sing our National, Anthem would. Everyone please stand. Oh. Say. Can. You, see. By. The, dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly. We. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes. And. Bright, stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. Or. The, ramparts. We. Watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. And. The. Rockets. Red, glare. The. Bombs, bursting. Gave. Proof. Through. The night. That. Our. Flag. Was. Still there. Oh. Say, does. That. Star-spangled. Banner. Yet. Or. The. Land. Of. The, free. And. The. Home. Oh. Thank. You Chandra please be seated, I. Would. Like to begin by extending, a warm welcome. To all of the family, members and friends of our graduates who. Have come from around the world to be here today for this celebration and. To those who could not be here but are watching us live online on, the livestream, each. And every one of you have made a positive difference, in the lives of our students. Here today so. Before we begin I would like to invite all of our students, to stand, find, your family and friends, and give them a big cheer and a recognition, to show your appreciation give. Them a big round of applause. Michigan. Ross is truly a family affair I. Also. Want to extend a special special. Welcome to my dear friend and colleague Provost. Martin Philbert as well. As Damon John our keynote speaker, today. I'm.

Honored That both of you could attend Michigan, Ross is among the very best business. Schools in the world recognized. Globally, for our innovation our, thought leadership and, our amazingly. Talented students. And alumni across the globe, since. Our founding in 1924. All. Of, our shared success is, because, of our people our, school, is extraordinary, because our people are extraordinary, and today, we are celebrating, an, extraordinary. And diverse group of people men, and women who not only have, excelled in school who. Not only will, excel in their careers, but. Who have been and will be leaders, who make a positive difference in, the world words. Cannot, express. How, proud we. Are of each, and every one of our graduating, students today, joining. Us for this graduation we, have. 1582. Students, who are graduating from Michigan, Ross today. To. Give you some context, we have 13, PhD. Graduates, many of whom are sitting on stage with. Us today we have MBA. Students. From over from five different programs. We. Have a hundred and twelve Executive. MBA students. Who had a ceremony yesterday, some are in the audience today we. Have 39. Evening. MBA students, who have juggled the demands. Of school. Work, and family to, be on this journey and get to this milestone, tonight, where am i evening MBA students, can I hear a cheer from my evening MBA students. We. Have a hundred and thirteen, weekend, MBA students, who while, working full time. There. Are the hundred thirteen they're working full time full course load amazingly, graduate, in two years, there's, our weekend MBA students. We have 32 global. MBA students. Coming from India, Indonesia, Japan. Korea, China, and, they've. Studied all around the world they've studied in China Japan Korea Silicon. Valley California New, York and of course here in Ann Arbor where, my global MBAs. And. Of. Course we have four hundred and twenty three full-time MBAs. Who are graduating, today. This. Group of amazingly, talented students, comes from 37. Different countries from, around the world intense. Coursework, at. You hosted, you may not know this you hosted, 618. Club events in two years you, engaged in. 2122. On-campus. Interviews, not to mention everything you did outside and you worked with amazing companies, all around the globe but most importantly, you. Invested, in our community, in profound. And positive ways we, are a better school today in a better community, because you were here so thank you very very much can. I hear once again from my full-time MBAs. Moving. On we have 226. Graduates, from three different one-year, master's programs, we have we have 101. Masters. Of accounting, students. Largest. Female representation, of any class in Ross history, and. An. A. Record number of them have already passed the first piece, of the CPA exam before, they even graduated. Amazingly. Talented. We. Have 86. Masters, of Management students. This. Is a program designed for students, with no prior business experience, or education, largest. Master's of management, class in school history and I'm consistently.

Impressed, Not only with their commitment, to excellence in learning but, how they've invested, in our community, so thank you very very much we. Have 29, masters. Of supply, chain management, students. In. Addition, to their studies they've partnered with Fortune 500 companies all, around the globe on projects, related to supply chain management and they've, had an amazing, impact in our community, thank you very much for being here we, have. 634. Bachelor. Of Business Administration BBA. Students, with us today. These. Students, have filled our halls for three, four years with, tremendous, energy, passion, ideas. Insights. And I'm. Consistently. Impressed. And amazed with their commitment, to excellence in each other their talents, and care for our community amaze, and inspire us, every day and it is because of them that we. Have the, best undergraduate, business program in the world can I here once again for my BBA s. Next. I would like to acknowledge our dual degree students, so, in addition to graduating, from Ross with an MBA or a BBA, these. Are students who are also graduating. With dual degrees from other schools, and colleges. At the, University, of Michigan, including, the. Taubman College, of Architecture and urban planning the School of Education the, College of Engineering the, school for environmental, sustainability, the. School of Information the, school of kinesiology the. College of literature science and, Arts the medical, school the School of Music Theatre and dance the, Ford school for Public Policy the, law school, the, School of Public Health and certainly last but not least the. School of Social Work for. Those that are graduating, with dual degrees please stand up so that you can be recognized. Congratulations. On what is a remarkable. Accomplishment. Lastly. I want to recognize a group that truly, embodies, the University, of Michigan and the Ross School of Business commitment. To excellence. Earlier. Today associate. Dean Brad Colley and Professor Peter link presided, over the induction ceremony. For. Beta Gamma Sigma which. Is the international. Honor Society for. Business students, bgs. Honors, are awarded to the top 10% of, graduating. BBA, students, and the, top 20%, of, graduating, master's students, will, those Beta Gamma Sigma honorees. Who are with us today please, stand so that you can be recognized. Congratulations. On all of your accomplishments and. To all of our students, I want you to know from the bottom of our hearts we are deeply, deeply proud, of, you, you will be missed but you leave us to do important, work our. World needs your leadership your, ideas, your innovations, your commitment to excellence your ideals, more. Than ever our world needs people who who, know how to bridge divides bring, people together and work across boundaries, our. World needs team players who know how to get the best out of other people, and our. World needs leaders who are committed to the Ross School mission, to. Create a better world through business and leverage your talents, to lead us forward and make a positive difference in the world, you. Are our present, and you, are our future and words. Cannot express, how much hope, and optimism, is flowing. Through us today, knowing, that you are the ones that, will. Lead us forward your, character, your ideals, your integrity, your creativity, your. Commitment, to the highest standards. All matched. With an amazing. Compassion. And concern. For other people it is, these qualities.

Of Yours, that give me extraordinary, hope, and optimism, for our shared collective, future, and, even. Though you graduate. Today I want, you to know that. You will always be part, of our Michigan Ross family a family, that will always be there for you ready to support you when you need us and ready, to celebrate you, when you inevitably, make us very. Very proud and to. The families, here today, look. At this place look how many people are here today to the families, I want. To thank you for the privilege the. Privilege. Of getting to work with an amazing, group of students, there. Is no greater, purpose, than educating. These wonderful. Individuals, they are truly truly. Our inspiration. Next. In our program, you're. Going to hear from two graduating. Students, chosen by their peers to speak today at graduation. We. Will first hear from Adrienne Rose. Followed. By Ben Battaglia. Please. Join me in welcoming into. The to, the podium. Thank. You Dean Jura. Four. Years ago I walked. Into the winter garden for the first time. Immediately. I stopped in my tracks taken. Aback by the fast and chaotic, yet. Perfectly. Harmonious, rhythm, I interrupted, I saw. A group of students, comfortable, in suits emulating. Confidence. Confidence. I didn't, have as they. Fit in one last practice, run for a presentation, I, heard. The click of a stapler, followed. By an audible, sigh of relief from. Me exhausted but, elated student. Proudly. Admiring her work I, saw. The facial expressions, in to students, staring at one notebook. Suddenly. And simultaneously. Switched. From. Confusion, to. Clarity. All. At once I felt, entirely. Invigorated. And. Intimidated. Invigorated. By the energy, created, from the organized, chaos of, students, and professors. Intimidated. By the thought of finding, my own beat and the, fear that it would disturb the perfect, rhythm I just stepped into I. Watched. Those seniors, practicing, their presentation. And I, pictured myself stuttering. And shaking. Attempting. To do the same in a business suit I didn't even own if. You. Told me then that in, four years I'd be giving a graduation, speech in front of thousands. I would, possibly laugh but.

Probably, Faint. Yet. Here, I am, over. These past four years my, peers, and I have accumulated long, lists of experiences. And achievements, that. Would equally, shock our freshmen yourselves, we've. Grown both, as a class and as, individuals. Our. Assumptions. Have been challenged, by each other's different perspectives. Our questions. Have intensified, in complexity. And depth, our. Presentations. Have reached professionalism. And don't, even get me started on, our slide decks. We've. Learned to strive for excellence, not. Through competition. But. Through collaboration. We've. Learned how and when to ask for help when you need it and to. Offer it when we can. We've. Learned that hard work yields, results and, were, capable of more, than we could imagine. Somehow. Over. The course of these four years we. Have become the creators, of that chaotic, rhythm in the winter garden. We've. Orchestrated. The soundtrack, of sighs and, laughs, chatter. And questions, the, occasional. Tears from stress or shrieks. Of excitement, from job offers. We've. Choreographed. The scene walking. Briskly to claim the only open, table or. Running, from a beat a midterm, to the bathrooms, reemerging. In Halloween, costumes, before full-on, sprinting. To Rick's. We. Have found our own beats and together. We've. Blended our cacophony, of disparate, ideas. Into. A well orchestrated, symphony. As. We. End our academic, careers I challenge. All of my peers to, look for new adventures that. Are both invigorating. And. Intimidating. I, challenge. You to refrain from shying, away from a situation that may seem intimidating, because. You are the people that those complex. Chaotic. And important. Situations. Demand I. Challenge. You to remain confident, in your abilities, not, only to fit into those intimidating. Environments. But, to stand out in them to. Become conductors, of an energizing, rhythm within them I. Challenge. You to make an impact, to. Strive for achievements. So profound. That. If I describe them to you now you would possibly laugh. But probably, faint, I'm. Extremely. Proud to be a part of this graduating. Class filled. With innovators. Creative. Thinkers, and problem, solvers, a class. Filled, with people who will undoubtedly, prove, to be the leaders and best. On. Behalf, of my peers I think our professors, staff, and administrators. I, think. Our families, thanks, mom and dad and, our. Friends, and. Most. Importantly, I thank, my fellow classmates, for making these past four, years. Extraordinary. Congratulations. And forever, go blue. Thank. You and thank, you Adrian I, am. Honored to be with you all here today first. Again. On behalf of all of us graduates, I want to say thank you to, the family and friends who, are gathered here today we would not be here without your support. Into. Dean Daru in the faculty and staff of Ross. Thank. You for, your investment in all of us over the last few years we. Are leaving this place different, because, of all of you. And. Finally. To my fellow graduates congratulations. You, have yes, you, have successfully. Completed one, of the most rigorous business. Education programs, in the, world and, that hard, work and dedication deserves, another, round, of applause. So. Tonight or, tomorrow or months. From now when. Someone asks you what, did you learn at Michigan, Ross, what. Will you say. Maybe. You'll calculate. The net present value of the future cash flow or. Evaluate. Corporate, strategy, using Porter's five forces or. Explain. The transformative, impact of, an emerging technology. But. When they asked me what, I learned in Michigan Ross I will, answer with, just two words, it.

Depends. Two. Years ago we sat down to, tackle our first Business School case we, were nervous and excited we, didn't know the people sitting next to us my. First case was, about a popcorn company and so. When the professor came in and class started, and he asked what we thought the business should do next our eager hands shot up with all sorts of ideas go. To China don't, go to China sell. Microwave popcorn don't, sell microwave, popcorn, we. Had a good discussion it, was a wonderful, first class but, as we got to the end I raised, my hand and I said professor. What. Was the right answer. His. Response has stuck with me he. Looked me in the eye and said the, most important. Thing you learn in Business School is that the answer is always always. It. Depends. I. Was. Looking for the answer. The clear-cut, definitive. Black and white solution, but. What I've learned since is that in business, and in life they're rarely, is just, one, answer. Our. World is increasingly complex. Rapidly. Changing, and surprisingly. Nuanced. One. Problem, might have two or three or ten great. Answers. And the. Challenges, that we will face in business where. We invest what, to produce whom, we hire will. Rarely have. One-size-fits-all. Answers. So. When the answer is it depends it means we must have not, just the knowledge to tackle challenges, but, the know-how to look for more of the angles not. Just the skills to solve problems. But. So. Much more and it, means we, must have not, just the competence, to, step up to what's hard but. The courage to step up for what's right in. Our. Future careers everything. Will change, business. Models will change how we work will change technology, will change and by the way the diversity, of our teams must. Change. How. We respond, to all these challenges, will require it, depends. Thinking, we. Must look beyond obvious answers. And 30-second, sound bites and ly into complexity. Approaching. Business and all of life within it depends mindset, isn't, a sign of lagging confidence. It's. A sign of humility in, humanity. A little. More thoughtfulness, can help us lead teams through crises mitigate. Our biases, and blind spots and make, better decisions for the businesses, in people we, will serve. Now. Ross has provided us with some of the greatest training, on earth to tackle what life will throw at us to.

Prepare Us for an it depends world we've. Spent the last few years not learning what to think but, learning how to think, we've. Learned that great leaders don't, know all the answers great. Leaders are committed to learn the answer. We've. Grown from classes, and math projects, and clubs and trips and internships, and most of all from. Each other the. Amazing, people gathered, together in this room, that's. The Ross difference, the. People. We. Entered Ross as a motley, crew of talented. Strangers, and we quickly became, best of friends we've. Pushed each other towards growth learned. From our differences, and built bonds that will last our entire lives. Our. Ross experience, was life-changing and, extraordinary because. The people sitting next to you are, life-changing. And. Extraordinary. And, that's. What leads us to the single exception to the it depends rule the. People in this room care, about you their. Dedication, and support does, not depend, on anything. Take. A second, look around, the room, notice. Some of the faces. Those. Peers, who have been your fellow learners and, lifelines, when things got tough. Those. Professors, or staff who went above and beyond to invest in your growth. Or. Those parents, or guardians, or siblings, or spouses, who, dedicated, time, resources. And effort so that you could have this opportunity. The. People in this room are your support system they care about you want you to succeed and, are always just an email or call away. And all, of us and hundreds of thousands, of alumni outside, this room are, united, by the maze in blue. Ross. Class of 2019. Business. Is a vehicle for imagining. A better world and making, it a reality you, are. People a phenomenal. Talent and when. We balanced the pursuit of profit and efficiency. And advancement. With. Thoughtfulness. Compassion. And humility. Your. Capacity, for changing, the world may, well be limitless. So. How will you make. Our world better. The. Answer of course is. It depends, I can't. Wait to see what you'll come up with thank. You congratulations and. Go blue. I. Want. To thank Adrienne and Ben for their inspiring remarks, let's give them another round of applause. Next. We will recognize several, award, recipients. Beginning with the recipients. Of the 2019. Teaching. Excellence Awards. Who, are with us on the platform this afternoon, these. Awards are voted upon by the students, we, are thankful for the support of these awards, provided, by Bob Neary a BBA graduate, and his, wife Janet, I will. Call and ask each recipient, to stand please. Hold your applause until all, of them have been called and our standing, first. John branch the Masters of management, and weekend, MBA Teaching. Award Michael. Jensen the global, MBA award. Jeremy. Crests, the BBA, award. Who. Needs munch on de the Executive, MBA award. And. Jagadish. Sivadas, on the full-time, MBA Teaching. Award let's. Give them a big round of applause. Next. I want to acknowledge the recipients. Of the 2019. Student. Awards who are with us this, afternoon all, of these student Award winners were chosen by, their peers, the. First the, Frank s Moran, distinguished. Leadership, award ease Michael. Howard Barnes. And. Cristina. Panna, ghoulia tri Antipholus. The. Global, citizenship, Award winners Tim Carter and Mohammad Shaikh. And. Last. But certainly not least the recipients, of the Michigan Ross outstanding. Leadership awards. Emma, Barroso, sumo. Bhargav, Roma. Cusimano, Katherine. Stanky and Arthur. Zest. Thank, you. We. Begin our program of, conferring, degrees this, afternoon with, the recognition, of our doctoral, graduates, and candidates. Not. Only are these PhD. Candidates, graduating. Today but we are welcoming, them into the Academy our, global, community of business, school faculty they. Have invested, many years to arrive at this moment to arrive at today and they, are and will be the thought leaders who shape the most important. Conversations. In business, for, generations, to come, to. Recognize these PhD, graduates, and candidates I would like to invite Francine, LaFontaine our senior, associate, dean for faculty and, research to, the podium to introduce each of the candidates, as well as associate deans norm Bashara Jerry Davis Brad, Colley MS, Krishnan, and bill Lovejoy, -, please join me in greeting the, graduates, Francine. Thank. You Dean Daru it. Is my great pleasure to, have the opportunity. To recognize, our PhD. Graduates, and. These. Wonderful, students who have worked for years one in one with our faculty members trying. To hone in their skills, and also discover.

New Ideas that will shape conversations. To come so. With. That let, me begin, with. Our. First graduate. Congratulations. Lindsey. Cameron, her. PhD is in, management. And organization. Theodore. The width, PhD. In management and, organizations. Gareth. Kives his, PhD, is in strategy. Ruby. Lee, her, PhD is, an accounting. Long. Xu Xian his, PhD is, in marketing. Tiffany. Vu, her, PhD also, in marketing. Yi. Fei Wang. Field. Of specialization, finance. And. Last. But of course not least, Dan. Jiao field. Of specialization, in, Business, and Economics. Let's. Give our PhD graduates another big round of applause. It. Is now my distinct honor my pleasure to introduce this, afternoon's commencement, speaker. When. I consider who to invite to be our commencement speaker I look for people who role model, the leadership, that we at Michigan Ross aspire, to a person. Who has not only had a successful, individual, career but, also someone, who has had a unique impact, on society, and those who they serve a, profound. And positive impact. Daymond. John's detailed, bio is in your program so in introducing, him I will simply highlight, a few of the reasons that I invited, Daymond to be with us this afternoon. Daymond. John is an award-winning, entrepreneur who, has built, groundbreaking. Lifestyle. Brands he is one of the foremost, thought leaders on brand, strategy, and retail, he is a best-selling author, and he, is the. People's shark. A regular. Host of the, emmy-winning show. Shark, tank and through, that has helped launch countless, entrepreneurs, to amazing, success, and as. Of today, Daymond. John is the newest, member of the Michigan, Ross family let's, give him a big Wolverine, welcome. Thank. You Dean the room. Look. At this amazing sea of sharks. Really. It's. An amazing sight. To see. So. Many, gifted. Like, smart. Determined. People. You. Made it. You. Made it to, this point in life where you are officially. A shark. Your. Investment, paid off your. Investments, of endless nights.

Failures. Hurdles. Outdoing. The naysayers, the. Investment, of your family, and your friends and the, staff and. The professors. You. Are an intellectual, property like no other. And. I want you to be proud of yourself that's why I call you my. Fellow sharks you've earned it, there. Is no difference between you or I the only difference, between you I is. I, have a camera on me all the time and I sit next to a really, really, mean man, named Kevin O'Leary. So. When. I say. Who's. In the house I want you to say and everybody. I want. You to say. The. Sharks are in the house all. Right who's. In the house. All. Right I want. To share with you three things that have served me and will serve you well over. The course of your growth, in your life, it. Will pay the best dividends, ever. Number. One. Continue. To set those goals. Always. Set those goals you become, what you think about most of the time says. Oprah Winfrey, when. I believe that and if, you are in charge of the goals that you're setting for yourself, we. Will often let others set, goals for us, you. Can't get the job you can't start that company you're gonna embarrass yourself, it's never been done before you're, gonna embarrass us. But. I want you to make sure that, you, set those goals because. Now you're gonna have to set your own deadlines. Now. You're gonna have to set your, own benchmarks. And, now you're gonna have to set who you can rely on and who you can't, as. You go out into the world to dominate, whatever, you do. You're. Also gonna probably set goals to do. Other things such as, save. The planet. Reduce. The carbon imprint that, my generation did, on this planet. Stop. Human trafficking. Maybe. Become wealthy by, the actions, that you have taken that. Is. The only way that you will find success by setting goals. They. Say a plane. Is off course almost 80% of the time from New York to California it's. The automatic pilot that keeps bringing it back are you going to be in charge of your, automatic, pilot.

Number. Two is going to be. Continue. To do your homework. Continue. To do your homework. Go. Out there and take as many jobs as you can so you can know what you like and what you don't like. Remember. You're, never going to create anything new in, this world again and that's. A good thing. You're. Only gonna make it vast or stronger, maybe find a new customer, but there's nothing new in this world again and. You're. An expert or research and doing your homework on how, to create, whatever you want. To. Become the newer version. Airbnb. Is still a timeshare. Uber. Is, geo-tracking with. A limousine service. Facebook. It's. A nasty chain letter. I hate. To break it to you the Snuggie is still a blanket, it just has two holes in it and. For, all my students you think emojis, on you well. We all know we used to just call those hieroglyphics. A million years ago, do. Your homework. Because. Once you do your homework you'll understand, what your assets and liabilities, are your assets so what feeds you your liabilities, and what eats you. And. Your assets and liabilities, can be the. People around you what. You think the education, you do you don't want to continue. Or, your. Asses, can be the, people around you the education, that you continue, to have and the, fact that you will never ever take no for an answer you are graduating, from one of the top schools, in the world, on the entire, planet, you have walked through fire nothing. Can stop you now. And. Please. Give it up to yourselves, please. Yes. Make. Sure you complete your homework keep your learning, goals instead of your earning goals and. Number. Three. Always. Remember, you go out into this world, that, you. Personally. Are the, brand. Can. You put yourself, today in two to five words. Apple. Think different Nike just do with FUBU fire for us by us White, Castle is my favorite what you, crave, TNT. We know drama TV is very funny can, you go home today and put yourself in two to five words because if you don't know what your two to five words are that you represent. When you walk into a room you leave it up to us to interpret. They. Say a jury will exonerate a convict you in the first 30 seconds, of seeing you after that all they want to do is listen to the things they already think about you, your. Two to five words may. Change over the course of time but what are they today. Because. On Shark Tank we do not invest in, companies. We. Invest in people, you'll. See somebody up on Shark Tank with, the best numbers ever and we will say we're buying the company today and we are firing, you tomorrow. Or. That's. What mr. wonderful would say I would say something like excuse. Me do you mind licensing. That out that, means I can't stand your guts. But. Then you'll see somebody else up there they're blubbering and crying they, failed a million times but now they know the things that they still want to do and they have the passion that can't be stopped they have the biggest heart and you know whether this business works out or not we're gonna do another business together and we're up there blubbering, and crying with them going that's, it Barbara, give them the money. Barbara. Give them the money. Put. Yourself in two to five words because. If you think due-diligence starts, the minute that you walk into my company or into anybody's, brand, or to the bank it doesn't. Due. Diligence starts the minute I hear your name. Due. Diligence starts when. I pick up that device that for the next ninety seven percent of your life you'll be no further than three feet away from, that's. When due diligence, starts and all your two to five words that you're striving for is that exactly. What I'm going to see out there on social media in the on the internet or anything else what, are your two to five words what are your mantra, what. Is your mantra, do. You know what today if not it's okay but. Making an effort to figure it out because you, are a CEO already. You're. A CEO of yourself. Who's. Your board of trustees. Who. Do you depend on. What's. Your inventory. As. You go through life it'll change. It. Depends. Those. Are my three points that I will share with you number. One make sure you go out there in the world and you set your goals make. Sure number, two that you do your homework we all know the only thing that cost more than, education. Is ignorance, and. Number. Three. Always. Remember. You. Are the. Brand so. I want to hear it loud and I want to hear it proud because I want the world to know that the class of 2019. Is in the house so, for, one last time please tell, me who's, in the house. Congratulations. Damon. Thank you for those inspiring words and, I'll be sure to work on my two to five tonight. We. Are honored deeply. That you could be with us today thank you very much let's give Damon another big round of applause.

We. Now move to conferring. The the. Undergraduate, and graduate degrees I invite. Provost Martin Philbert to join me at the podium, Provost. Philbert I have, the honor on behalf of the Stephen M Ross School, of Business at the University of Michigan to present the candidates, for, Master of Business Administration master. Baek County masters a management master's supply chain management and Bachelor. Of Business Administration to, you and Wrekin. Recommend. Them for the degree named. I agree. With you. Thank. You Dean Daru on behalf of the University, of Michigan, Board, of Regents, I am, pleased to recognize these, candidates. Upon. The recommendation, of the faculty, the, candidates, degrees, will. Be conferred, by. The Board of Regents congratulations. Thank. You Martin and to all of our students congratulations from, the bottom of our hearts congratulations. Cherish. This moment you, have earned it, uh sure. Please assist the candidates, to the platform so. That we can individually. Recognize each. And every, student who is graduating, Martin. Please join me in greeting the graduates, also invite our associate, Dean's to join us when your graduates, cross the platform I invite. Our student speakers and Award winners to lead the candidates, across. The platform. Let's. Give our students a big round of applause. Romo, Cusimano. Catherine, stinky. Arthur. Zisk. Michael. Howard Barnes. Jr.. Tim. Carter. Christina. Pinnacle, yatra Antipholus. Mohammed. Sheikh. Emma. Barroso. Summa. Bhargav. Van. Battaglia. Adrian. Rose. We. Are the evening MBAs. Ryan. Cancion. Sonia. Joeís. Adam. Parity. Now, Andrew. Wills. My. Kazuma. Brad. McIntyre. Trevor. Jaka, soon Tim. Gallo. Kento. Yamato. Yamamoto. Munoz. Panola. Joshua. Yen. Deepak. Manong. Nara. Subrahmanya. Zachary. Wilkinson. Sam. Christian. Sam. Krishna, Bosque. Kemal. Shahada. Mackenzie. Libby's. Me. Lou. We, are weekend MBAs mark. Mark. Mirabella. Roxana. Cookery you Gretchen, sour. Banana. Courtship. Ali. Tarek, I'll say ed, Josh. Wit, James. Shane. Joe. Gran Dominico, jung. Chanwoo, ski. Alexa. Thomas, Kelsey. Trem birth. Lee. Asia right, Jillian, Libby. Megan. Finley, Christopher. Fletcher. Robert. Johnson, James, McElhone. Chris. Schwarz, Neil. Atkinson Manny. Daria. Caronia. Arun. Nyah, Myra. Palmeiro. Parasha. Part, of a, Janet. Sanchez. Hernandez. Nick. Best nur. Kristen.

Bolden, Christopher's. Smalley. Brandon. A sledge, Kevin. Mueller. Adam. Quickly, John. Dunlop. Matt. Van north wick Adam. Bronk. Catherine. Strong, Keegan. McQuillan. Keri. Shull be, John. Dee Domenico. Mandy. Amanda, ball Nick. Balogh. Been. Richter, DJ. Jared. Derek's. Robin, Steven. Clark. Thomas. Matthew. Sue. Shoe. Pradeep. Bella Sami Finn, me Jung. Min. Jung Yong, Kazuma. Potpourri. Healing. Junk, Rob. Sixth. Sod. Hassan Brandon. Pickett. Ryan. Donahue. Joseph. Blakely. Neil. Gandhi. Jin early. Steve. Cardell, Eric. Shaw. Because. Zamani Doug. Cousin, our. Rory. Mackendrick, Justin. Donofrio. Sajith. Ready. John. Scott, nur Kelly. Montgomery. Allen, was new ski. Kevin. Oberle, Alexander. Martin, rosenau Andrew. Michael, Stenson, Derek. Girl. Marcos. Esparza. Alexander. Told Anne. Marie, McKenney, Simon. Kaufman. Charlton. Washington. Edward. Uncool, a. Abhijeet, birth watch Alex. Friendship. Severa. Mother Subramanian. Melissa. Hulbert sin'. Mark. Thomas, Victor. Wong. Curtis. Grant. Dad. Jeff Chris shot Mohammed, hob Amit. Kumar. Timothy. Bader, Jacob. Grove. Ryan. Evan, Eagleson, Nathan. Bloomquist. Jonathan. Anderson. Nasheed, Shah, mother. Bed, ray Abdullah. Hammoud. Person. In there singing Nathan. Mine cop, Nick. Hill say god Trevor. Matern. James. Hitman. Tommy, why, draw. Aaron. Mathis st Eric. Neha, Zachary. Read Adam. Woodruff. Himanshu. Parade car, Harshit. Shaw. Kristin, Deemer Jasper. Gandhi. Hi. We are Kobo MBA. In. San Choi. Jongwon. Kill. You. Ichiro Mira. Eric. Joe, yuck choy and hace, para. Retama. Supra, yogi, why, young Lee. Andrew. Shah. Change. Home too long man, we're. In Oh auntie Rotti ran, my. Roy tank meet Pasha. Angela. I saw a poke in, Yogyakarta. Kaya. Girl. Seal. Upon hi no man. Can. Upon tantric, unter own region. When Alex. Shooting. UN Bruce Yuki. Sampei Cho. Hair koto. Chakashi. Senda. Takayuki. Where Yama Sakura, qiushi. Karen. Can Korea and, if they are back many. Rocchi, sha, Anjaneya. Sastry. Do. Boxing. Billy. My. Career no villain well. Yeah a week Iike sium I did. Some Roma rangoon. Full-time. MBA section. One in the house. Paula. Trancoso, patrick. De Gregorio. Colin. McNally. Felipe. Nunez. Be, nice Iyer. Mittal. Moonshine, Jeff. Fowler. Andy. Furbish Gustavo. Costa. Justin. Lesser Devin. Gandhi. Shearing. Sherpa, tire. Hancock. Lily, qua, David. Yin, bryanl. In, the. John viola. Accuro. Tomita. Brian, shell. Kayo. Brando. Joseph. Toe look. Augustine. Sosa their. Nest of a Tico fun watching Fox. Harun wrong. Longworth. Raphael. Morel Quinn Jennifer. Her law here, Matthew.

Fox David, Garrett. Vanessa. Linskey, Varun. Her Lanka, Manu. Grasse. Liam. Craft. Timothy. Ireland. Julie. T dreck. Yes. Mean Runkle, - Ian, un, Emily. Segal Akhtar. Natalie. Sofia Flores, Vardalos. Kelsey. Soderstrom. Perrin. A 7-up. Nadia. Poetry. Caitlin. Clink Smith Sarah. McDonald. Katie. Ann cadet. Florence. Noel. Cachet. Sanders. Daniel. Beer. Nicholas. Thompson. Aubrey, aah whoo aah Leah Javier, Castillo. Sam. Offit. Alexandra. Virginia, the seller Guzman. Producing. Good. Now JA. Roxy. Tala Yuki. Mi, Dawa. Intima, Alanna. Fox. Sango. Ohm. Giotto. Kalina. Newmark my. Khalil our day, Zach. Beltran. I. Be. Lederman, Marley. Waldman. Rachel. Sebastian. Mary. Kate Richardson. Shannon. This row. Dorothy. Watts everline. Cardoso. Colin. Morrison. Joker. Brow, su. Mei Leo do. Yang Zack. Yoy, Seong. Joon. GI. Tau. Foo. Ginny. Han I have an air gun I. Am. Proud to introduce the full-time, MBA program, section, -. Paul. Cashman. Greg. Call me. Andre. Shepherd. IOD, I you delay, Derrick. Lion, Jack. Williams. Siddarth. Cold, sir Raju Omar. Lopez. Shri, ons. Mandela. Vinayak. Gokhale. She'll. Allow. Courtney. Stokes. Jonathan. Huey. Daniel. Jang. Nicole. Litvak. Roy. Geffen and Kassala. Alexa. Guzman. Fungal. Apoorva. Koenig auntie Jenny's, a. Xiao. Jie cow Zhang. Zhang. Surendra. Pendants, our. Show. Qu yang, Diego. Leal embrace. Roki. Fukushima. Rishabh, rah rah Ali. Kaori. Nakanishi. Champagne, Yanagi. Listen. Lori. See Howard. Dana. Sazon, Alexa. Miss Kenneth, Roxanne. Bradley, Diana. Yankee, Megan. Walsh. Frank. McCloud. Emily, Fletcher. Jessica. Add-in Finn, Sean DAWs. Jose. Wang James. Carroll. You. Saying. Ray. Liao Charles. Chen, Cornell. Daya, Andrew. Tran. Catherine. Herod, Lucas. Wilcox, Chris. Dingus. Connor. Burleigh, Leah, Richardson. Ricky, Smallin. Nandita. Raja. Andy. Thomas. Gardere. Jane. Win. Mark. Greene. Daniel. Parton, I. Use. Our Goa. Alexander. The Yamashiro. Danila. DiPaola. Jay. Lee James. II. Korea. Gautam, Courtney, Alexander. Courtney. Betts done, Natasha. Is a very. Kevin. Phob a Robert. Mack, Jared. Evers. Bryan. Henry, Jared, Matthew regular. Salinas, Jamil. Curl. Tyler. Hulk Sabina, Kamara. Full-time. MBA section. Three. Jenna. Buckley. Louisa. Armstrong, Sara, sparks. Eric. Wolf, Jessica. Kaplan. Carolyn. Told, wrong. A Chang. Jonathan. Fairbrother, Charlie. Grant, you. Don stair, been. Konitz. Andrew. Sugar. Amita. Peter me. Auntie ready. Meghan. Kee saw, Rebecca.

Fagan. Shirley. Artega, shirty. Dama de gue Alexa. Kochenko, Elena. Shunsuke. Iguchi. Ofme. Article, a, Marge. A smiles. Cristobal. Boy. Yes Escobar yuvika, Devon a, nutshell. Agava. Nicholas. Crowley. So. He'll Walia will. Chen. Shadi. Willard, Vaughn vhi. JC. Chen. My. Hero Takeuchi. Holly. Myers. And. Charles, Dale. Jairus. Amelia. Adams. Danielle. Dobson, Lauren, Pfeiffer. Alexis. Morass, Monica. Johnson. Charles. Soo. Charisse. Wilkins. Amira. Patterson. Allenl. Offense. Leonardo. Thing I. Use. Ayodhya. Alexander. Yuko jr.. Nadia. Veja pootie. Angelina. Schneider Joe, ha. Bob. Neat ahluwalia. Catherine. Medeiros Sarah Valerio. Castro. Sancorp's. Assad is, darude. Frank. EBay. Michael. Scofield. Josh litter. Patrick. Hunt Matthew. Hammer Lee Oh head. Islam. Master. Low. Ruby. Ani guarda. Me no a deity. A badger now. Kris. Kim. A hayleen. Chang. Shénme. Madison. Riley. Allison. Murphy, Dhruv 2 1. We. Are the full-time, MBA section. For. Victoria. Wilson. Jasmine. Generic are Matt, save, art. Rodrigo. Martinez. Ryan. Milligan, Neil. Patel. Emily. Lucas, Perry. Homes. Elizabeth, Davidson. Margaret. Fleming, Kalyn Campbell. Jaclyn. Smith, Elizabeth. Cardi. Wendy. Lie, Camille. Crenshaw. Brad. Your siteís, Michael, Butler. Travis. Bloodgood, in Christianson. Gibbons, jeremy. Sheppard ryan. Kim. Not. Throw cobby and Ian. Courtney. Pupok. Joyce, tongue. Colleen. Smith. Veronica. Areola. Zoe's. Ow Irene. Lung, Arlene. Trauma, Zachary. Preston. Rebecca. Toth. Jean. Our sis a photo toss, a. Turlock. Putt putt knife minja. And Choi. Catalina. Yakko. Wong so, close Emma out before. Diana. Cruz. Chima. Ooba-dooba. Cherish. Anderson. Tiffany. Williams. Chris. Franks. Malvika. Sharma. And of. Our Bianchi. Liliane, Bentley, a. New. Jaguar. Zachary, Friedman. Noah. Feingold. James. Goran. Jonathan. Smith Jerrod. Puah. Abby. Duo may. Well. Sing. Sing Leo Baba. - Angie hola, - pratik. Batlló one. Connie's Aras bill. Frazier, Ali. On. A Joffe, beau, Jones. Joseph. Dear. Jared. Moon. Arena. Rajala. Andre. Nemec. Mitchell. Gormley. Stephen. Oranges. Daniel. Saman. Justine. Yup Yuko, show. Colaba. G. Holly. Fernando. / enough's enough. Juarez rock before. Ison. Physically. Marcos. Herrera, Stephanie. Dowlen. Katy's. Are 'allah's Chris. Our COO. Dana. Hi I'm Tracy. Cohen. Full-time. MBA Section, 5. Adrienne, Juarez. Gabrielle. Abaza Seminole. Rustam, ji-sook. We're saying Chris, de mundo. Samantha. Chu Tamara. Psychic. Alex. Martin Yenko jars. That done. Hunted. Lim Rajiv. Qatar ketchup. Acaba. De. La, oh but sister vivex, sing a. Drew. Hartman David. Often Burke. Akash. Karai, Dana, Miller. Bit. Gnarly, Queenie. Bhardwaj. Taylor. Massa Jasmine. Knowles. Ian. Bridges, Jasmine, here's captain. McCarrick. After your, chin chow. Samantha. Kelly Jack, Marshall. Sha. Welsh Andrew. Cohen. Andrew. Flange Orion, Caroline. Lucas, Sarah. Reuben Eric, Akershus Dean. Parvum. OD c, ja Chang. Emily. Doyle, sandy, Shepard. Kelsey. Wyatt mayor Colleen. Purcell Hill David. Ball Mary. Lynch. Lucy. Cantwell, Notaro. Shuddery. Jennifer. Gorham, Charlotte, Rath. Wei. Zhou. Rachel. Louise jensen, Fowler. Jonathan. Michaelson Charlotte, Ehrlich my. Cool day mark. Cancer. Spencer. Hughes, Andrea. Brian's, Dan. You Beckwith, Hiroshi, you a de. Pablo. Aragorn, de Santiago. Morphine. Syrah. Boy, okay, Michael. Isaac's. Hays. And Lee, argent. Chakraborty. Nathan. Steven Alex. Guttman, mark. Hardin, Zhang. Zhang. Jasmine. Jackson, Miriam. Jewel. Julianna. Sanchez. Daniele, vicari munis. Jonathan. Keltner Edwin. German. Yonsei.

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Lee Nugga, regressing. Sevilla. Coddle, ooh Irish Garg. Mitchell. Tang, Emily hard. You. Easing hey, ji Le Kim. Gary. Young Conrad. Pen. Checked. Oh, Jasmine. Yay, Mau, new on Eduardo, Bautista. On, debonair. G prussia, prashanth, cote, an, onion, shaw a Toya Shetty, Ewa, Pitts rutowski, Erica, Freiburg. Page. Wiersma. Gray. Slenderman. Justin, McCarthy. Nicolette. Spung is vulgar, able. Ban. Metzger, Matthew, chosen. Blank. Row go Dylan, greenberg. Jack, Shapiro, Brendan, Levine, Mitch. Ridley, Nolan, well bling. Abraham. Sox tree David, Timmer. Christopher. Calhoun, Eric, show. Sondra. Paul ammidon Brian, Kwang. Psyched. A mode re, Timur. Scarlet. On return, Tiffany. Sang. Johnny. Young, avantika. Tiwari, -. Feeny. Rao Angela. Fun ah. Hamid. Son Jeremiah. Swiss. Samantha. Cohen go blue. Class, of 2019 for, the bottom of our hearts, congratulations. What, you've achieved is nothing short of remarkable let's. Give them another big round of applause I. Want. To congratulate all, of our award recipients, today as well as our graduates, we're proud of you and it is our privilege to officially. Officially. Call you alumni, of the University of Michigan in the Ross School of Business. And. To. Honor all of you I would now like to invite some of my good friends, and special guests into the arena. And. To. Close us out I invite, everyone to stand and, seeing. In sharing song hell, to the victors. We. Agreed, class. Of 2019. Congratulations.

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