Menghitung Modal Trading || Counting the Trading Budget

Menghitung Modal Trading || Counting the Trading Budget

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|| Preview || Good morning. Hope you're healthy. "I am, sir" Before we go to the topic I'll review what we discussed yesterday about risk management first If there's difficulties, you may ask it Yesterday, we already discussed money management It's mandatory to master. We discussed about determining lot Limiting the loss we also discussed it yesterday. You just need to practice it ma'am

Practice it in demo account based on the real budget Or maybe we want an amount of target in a month or day Determine the target first so we know our daily target Then, we'll know the budget we need "I'd like to ask, sir" "If I want 10 million rupiah a day, for example" Let's exchange it to USD first so we can find it So, 10 million times 14200 It's 700 dollars. So, we must get 700 dollars a day 700 dollars a day. If we want to do it safely according to our skills "Some brokers use fixed rate, like, 10000 or 12000" Fixed rate is just a choice. You can choose it or not You may use fixed rate or fluctuation, the floating price I tend to use the floating, because we can get higher profit Different if we use fixed rate, which is 10000 rupiah for 1 dollar even if we get much profit, but the earnings would be just that But, fixed rate means we get bigger budget Then, the calculation is easier. 200 dollars means 2 million rupiah

If we use floating, the profit is bigger. The price has effect I'll give an example by using the floating, the standard The target is 700 dollars a day Then, how good is our skills? In normal, realistic, and logical condition 1-2% profit is good If we learn to be consistent getting this daily, it's great "Is it 1-2% of the budget?" -Yes, it is If we play safe, want it for a long-term strong durability, and it's realistic It's realistic in this business It means we get 20% in a month 20-40% per month. It's great When you're learning, try to use the same technique It means adjust the budget in demo to our real budget For example, the target is 700 dollars per day When we're training, we must get 700 dollars How much is the budget? Let's use 1-2% I don't want to use a higher one. Let's use 1% 1% of the budget In order to get 700 dollars per day, then 100 : 1 times 700 So, we need 70000 USD 70000 times 14200. It's almost a billion rupiah. 994 million A guy asked me. His budget's 35000, what percentage he take?

He has learned a lot, yet I still use the realistic one, 1-2% Take these first. After 1-2% is easy to get, we can raise it, like 5% It must be gradually. It needs long training, more knowledge on... ...various markets. Because market is not as easy as we think of Our analysis says buy, then it can go down first Or it even can turn 100% Most valid analysis is not the most important thing but how we manage the risk Maybe I'll give example of recovering minus to plus later There are many examples of what I already did and recorded We often shared it to the friends. At least for an overview

It's how to exit when the market turns The easiest way is cut loss. But, we don't always do that If we only do cut loss and cut loss, our budget could run out I'll repeat it. If we need 700 dollars a day in order to make it 1% profit, we need 70000 USD If we already mastered and have experience there we can raise to 2%. But, 2% is pretty hard for beginners So, the budget is reduced. From 70000

if we use 2% of the budget, it'd be very different So, we can get 700 dollars a day with 35000 When we're training, which one do we choose? If we choose 1%, then use 70000 in demo account If I want to get 2%, then prepare 35000 When we learn in demo, try to use stabile lot Don't change the lots you use. Get used to those stabile numbers Say, we're used to 0.25, 0.55, 0.75, and 1.25. Then use these Don't change it. -"Which broker do you use?" I use FBS and FX Open. You can use the others You can choose whatever you want What matters is you know the technique and knowledge Broker is like a merchant. There's plus and minus too

There's broker that gives a promo. Each has its own interests They have their own way to attract their customers I tend to use this because I use it for a long time and I like it Use the one that suits you, including the plus and minus "Is there any unfair broker?" Many. Broker is a business too Some are using it the wrong way There are many things that done by this "sly" broker The price is not thrown to the market, they're the dealer So, sometimes the market is different from the world market The market in the world must be the same. There's a big market When the big market moves, all the brokers markets must move although the price is not same exactly For example, the price of the big market is 11000 The brokers have higher price than that They sell with higher price than the big market Some sell 12000, 13000, 14000, or 15000 But, it's rare for a price to be far from the big market's price If too far, say, 18000, it's too far If it's too far from the big market, it could be a dealer He doesn't throw it to the market, but he's the dealer So, the price can go ups and downs like what he wants The point is so the customers are trapped and runs out, MC There's a thing called stop loss hunter Stop loss hunter is possible For example, we place a stop loss below. The others are going up, but ours go down. It's possible

Be wise in choosing it Make sure the track record is good and stays for a long time "Have you heard about HFX?" -Hot Forex, right? "Yes." -You may use it if you like it "But I don't know if it's right or not" Find much references and knowledge You can browse the track record, then the withdrawal The main thing is the withdraw and deposit is clear Then, if there's problem, there's always solution That's the main thing. There are times the road isn't clear There are some problems too If it's good, the service would be good and quick It's a proof that the broker has a good name WD is the main thing. Some have a hard time to WD This makes people upset "I know that there's better and more famous, but..." "...the price is expensive" -There's always plus and minus

If we don't want expensive, find a cheaper one with good name "What's the usual fee?" The usual is not the fee, but the spread, ma'am It's different. In XAU, the usual is around 50 or 5 pips If in EURUSD, it's around 1.3. Usually is 0.x to 1.5 pips Spread is always moving ups and downs. If it stays, it's a dealer

Spread follows supply and demand. Like clothes seller, if not crowded the profit is raised. If crowded, the profit is lowered Following the market condition. If it stays, then it's a dealer Don't follow a broker/dealer, because our budget will run out First, they'll give us profit first Then, your budget will run out with times "Are they hunting our stop loss to eat our money?" Some do that. Some changes the price quickly

If our durability is thin, even because of the tail, we'd go bankrupt There are times when we get profit, we can't close it Say, we get 500 then when we're going to close it, it can't be done We must wait for a very long time to close it When it's closed, only 200 or 100 left. Or even minus When we click close profit, it's not closed. When it's closed, it becomes minus There are many ways to target their members But, some are good and really follow the market It's just bad guys. But, there's always things like that in the market There's always bad guys and good guys or brokers in the market They're using the chance First, the WD must be smooth Then, the price must be normal Normal means if the other markets are going up, it goes up too In order to know that the market is not a dealer monitor at least 2 or more brokers If you have more devices, install different MetaTrader from what we run It means you can see 2 brokers. If more, it's better

If this A broker's price goes up B broker goes up too. Then it's normal If the others are different, be careful there's a chance that we're played "Can we see it based on the history chart?" Try to see the running. If it's still running, we can observe it When the present market in XAU pair in H1 at the same time the market must move to 1857.x. It shouldn't be too far

If the others are 1870, it's too far The others are normal here, for example this broker is here, it's too far We must be careful to brokers like this There's potential that they're targeting our budget to run out At the start, they give easy profit to us Then, we become their target Then, don't let it to be played by other people If we have a budget, don't let other people run it Don't follow others' signal that we don't know the track record especially if he's a broker marketing We must be alerted to the broker marketing Broker marketing gives references and things like that What matters is we learn logic Don't just follow signals "If the broker gives signal, we mustn't trust it, right?" It's not recommended, especially it's the broker that gives signal Broker is a business player too So, if a broker gives signal, we must be alerted Normally, people that give signal is an independent one Professional traders At least it's for consideration If the signal is from a broker, I don't recommend you to follow it We better find help from an independent or professional one If needed, we must learn by ourselves to know the details "Do you give signals?" Sometimes I do that, but it's specific I don't ask for fee. It depends on the person If it's too dangerous and get a loss much, we give some signals But not all since there's always small losses It's like that. Choose the broker you like If you want to know clearer, you may chat me Ask for recommendation, and I'll see the track record at least it's for consideration For the decision, it's up to you

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