Meeting of the Presidents Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa

Meeting of the Presidents Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa

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I will, call the session, to order my name is Jay Ireland. Chairman. Of the PAC DBIA, and, CEO. Of GES, operations, in Africa I don't, have a gavel so. That's. That'll, do I would like to welcome, you all to our, second. Meeting with, the secretary, and and. The. Team and we're. Very excited about, talking today about the trip and and some of the recommendations, that we have so. We'll. Just get started then I'll turn it over to Aaron, Walsh Assistant. Secretary of Commerce. Meats. Is. Another, type. Sorry. You know the. Testament of the importance, of the commercial relationship in, Africa, before. Turning, the, meeting over to secretary Ross I'd like to take a moment to introduce our new undersecretary. For international. Trade administration, Gilbert. Caplan, today. Marks Gil's fourth week in office but he's no stranger to ITA. He. Spent almost five years in ITA during the Reagan administration. Gill. Was the acting assistant secretary, and deputy assistant secretary for, the import, administration the. Predecessor. To, Commerce's. Enforcement, and compliance unit. Gil. Is a skilled trade negotiator. As a partner, at King & Spalding where he just came from he. Focused on trade and trade cases and policy. We. Have been anxiously. Awaiting, his arrival of, the Department, of Commerce and are thrilled to have him here today. Thank. You Erin and welcome, to all of you to this, very important meeting. The, president, has laid out the top-line goals that drive his administration's. Work one. Of these is promoting, American. Prosperity, in, that. Concept, context. The international, trade administration ITA. Has, a key role to play in promoting free. Fair. And, reciprocal. Economic. Chips. Specifically. ITA. Will, pursue this goal through one. Strengthen, strengthening. The competitiveness of. US industry, to. Ensuring. Fair and restrict reciprocal. Trade through. The rigorous enforcement of, our trade laws and trade agreements. Three. Growing. Exports, of both products, and services, for. Attracting. Investment, in u.s. communities, and, finally. Transforming. American, trade policy, I am. Pleased to be back at the ITA to lead this process, of strengthening our national security by. Bolstering our, Economic, Security I. Am. Also glad to have the opportunity, to engage with the council, as it provides guidance to the President, on how, to expand, the US commercial presence. In African, markets, for. Me this, harkens, back to my first endeavors, in international, affairs. Years. Ago as a student I had the opportunity, to visit Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, at.

The Time I was a volunteer with. Operation, crossroads Africa. A precursor, to the Peace Corps I recall. Driving, north from Accra Ghana and then, over, into Cote d'Ivoire where. I spent eight weeks working. In the town of ODS okay I was. Quite, impressed to have the opportunity, to, meet there twice, the. President, of the Cote d'Ivoire Felix. Who fouette Wang Yi during. My stay. Returning. To the present day I am extremely. Pleased, to introduce Commerce. Secretary Wilbur, Ross under. Whose sponsorship. The council is meeting today. The. Secretary, on behalf of President Trump has. Taken a keen interest in, leveraging, the work of the PAC DBIA. To. Deepen trade and investment, relationships, between the United States and African, countries. You. All know that the secretary, is one, of the core members of the president's, team in this. Context. He is working tirelessly and. Vociferously. To. Promote American, industry, and American, exports. Secretary. Ross has taken the lead on improving, trade and commercial ties with Africa, even. Tomorrow he. Will be giving keynote, remarks at the u.s. Morocco, trade forum, at the. Annual meeting of the Export, Import Bank for, which Africa, is an important market and at. A meeting of the US Nigeria, Council, I know. The secretary, looks forward very, much to leading the trip by council, members to Ethiopia. Kenya Cote. D'Ivoire and Ghana as a concrete, manifestation. Of the, Trump administration's. Commitment to, close. Deals, and to eliminate trade, barriers, to, strengthen, the u.s. African. Commercial. Relationship. Secretary. Rose. Thank. You thank you Gil and thank, you Erin as well, thank. You Jay as always, for, your continued, leadership of. The, president's, Advisory Council, and doing business in Africa, I'm. Sorry, Laura can't be here today but. I'll send her in absentia. My. Thanks, to her for her dedicated, work as vice, chairman, of the Council, thank. You also to the staff of the National Security, Council, for, hosting, the fifth meeting of, the pact DBIA. Today. We're at the White House under the auspices, of the NSC, their. Budget, can afford it mine cannot. The. Trip. This. Provides, you with, a clear, indication. Of the, importance, the Trump administration. Places. On the, US relationship. With Africa and so, I thank you to my US government, colleagues for. Your involvement, in these deliberations. At. Our last meeting in November, I was, interested in learning about the issues, the, council identified. As, the top obstacles. For US companies, in doing. Business with African, customers. I also. Asked, you to take a step further and develop, recommendations, of. Actions, US. Government, can take to, eliminate those. Obstacles, in. Parallel, as. Representatives. Of the American, private, sector, I asked. You to determine for. African, countries that. Would be of greatest interest, for. A fact-finding. Trip as, a means, to provide insights, into how. We can promote US. Trade, throughout, the continent, I agreed. To lead the, council members, on such a trip given. The importance, of Africa, to, the future, of, global commerce. You've. Merged those two tasks, and developed, a set of recommendations. Tailored. To the four countries you. Proposed for the trip this summer, Kenya. Koated were. Ethiopia. And Ghana. Developing. Closer commercial. Ties between. American. Companies, and African. Customers, is, becoming, increasingly, important. And. I hope that this trip will, not only be a, fact-finding. Trip but, a fact, making. Trip. We, need some deliverables, we, need some things to announce and, I think we'll get more into that as the meeting, progresses.

Meanwhile. We, recognize, that Africa. Is home to, six of the, 10 fastest-growing. Economies. In the, entire world and, it's, projection. Print population. Is, projected. To double, by. 2050. To, 2.4. Billion people. It's. A fast-growing market with, many young consumers, but. It has been targeted. By. Authoritarian. Countries, intent. On exploiting. Its, natural, resources in, raw, materials. We. Stand ready to help, counter. These threats and. To. Help Africa, achieve. Sustainable. Growth and development, through. Strong. Trade, relationships. But. We have our work cut out for us as you know US. Exports. To sub-saharan, Africa. Have, declined, by 44. Percent, over. The past four, from. 26, billion in. 2014. To, 14, billion in. 2017. Driving. This trend. China's. Exports, to Africa have. More than doubled, since 2009. Growing. At an average of 14, percent, annually. Since. 2010. We. Must reverse, these two, trends. In. Addition, Chinese. Lending, has ballooned, and that's, no small portion. Of the, reason, for the swing in numbers, so. I'm very happy to see Ray Washburn from. AI D come. In where are you very, good. Ray, is going to be going to Africa also, this summer and, we're looking to him to help close the funding gap and, the product, gap so, thank you for coming right, this. Morning, IMF. Noted, that, Chinese, lending. Globally. Has, surged, from one point seven, trillion dollars, in, 2001. To. An incredible. Twenty, five point, five trillion, in. 2016. With. The one belt one Road I'm sure it'll be quite a bit bigger in. 2017. That. Accounts, for 3/4. Of the increase, in, global debt over, the period, so. We realized that's a big hurdle to operate. Against, but, we're gonna do what we can and much. Of their effort as you know is increasingly. Focused. On Africa. I. Was. Just down in the. Conference, in Lima and they're also pushing, Latin. America, pretty, hard as well so, it's something that's a global, contest. That we have with them but. In response we, must develop and implement a real strategy, to. Build US commercial, ties with, the continent, to, open markets, to u.s. made exports. And. Strengthen. Our cultural, exchanges. Based, on our common and deep. Historical. Bond. We. Must work together to, make it possible, for all, American. Companies, to succeed, in, Africa. And, to spread knowledge about, the opportunities.

That, Exists, there your. Recommendations. Will, be taken, under very careful, consideration by. All, of the agencies, represented. Here today all. Of us in government will, work together to, determine, how to, implement. These ideas, the. Ideas are great but, implementation. As we all know is the key, and, that's the face we really have to move into now, and, it's imperative, that we do so I, look. Forward to the discussion but. Before, I turn it over I want to highlight a recent, win for. American, businesses, in, Africa, just over. A week ago the, yatra. LED, albertine. Graben, refinery. Consortium. Sir, assigned, a project framework. Agreement. With, the government of Uganda for. The development. Construction and. Operation. Of the new oil refinery. This. Project, is a joint venture with. The Ugandan national. Oil company, and is, financed, in part by, the Africa, Development. Bank the, international. Finance. Corpus. Thank. You right and we're, friends in the US Trade and Development Agency. Valued. At two point eight five billion, with. One point five five billion, in expected. U.s. content. This. Project, will support more, than 8,000. US, jobs, and it's the kind of scale of activity. That, we really have to see more, of the. Deal is a major win, for US, commercial, interests, in Uganda. Our. Advocacy. Team did an outstanding job. Countering. Attempts, by, Chinese, state backed enterprises. To, influence, the, decision. God-knows-what. Techniques, they were using. In the process I wrote. Two letters on, behalf, of the consortium. To President. Museveni and. Called. The president, a week before, the signing of the PFA, to. Highlight, u.s. support, for the project we. Had a very good and very long conversation. And. I promised, him it was just the start of many such, begging. By, me. These. Are the types of deals we hope to strike on our, trip, this, summer it. Represents. What we can achieve when. Government. Acts as a facilitator. Not. Just, as a regulator. Now. I turn it over to our host, Cyril. Sitar, for. Any opening. Remarks. I'd. Also like to thank your other. Colleagues, here from Commerce, Department. Like. Just thank. Jay for his leadership. In, chairmanship. And like. To thank secretary. Ross for. His vision not. Just with the pact DBIA, but, for his other efforts, to. Promote. The importance, of Africa. Within. The. Administration. We. Do need to develop a real strategy, for, Africa, and we are working, on one in this meeting is. Very much a part. An integral. Part of that overall strategy. Well. Enough. Money to, pull together a shindig, like this and invite all of you we. In fact do. Have very. Limited resources, when. It comes for. Developing. In. Africa. Agenda. So. That means our, ability. To collaborate. Efficiently. And to. Coordinate, to. Coordinate, within the US government and, to. Collaborate and coordinate between. The US government and. All. Of you here and, this industry. That's. Gonna be our critical. Comparative. Advantage, in. Working. To. Build a US presence, in Africa. And to in some ways. If. Not, quite counter, but. To compete vigorously, with. China. Russia. And even. Some Middle East players on the continent. So. Two. Pillars of the president's. National. Security policy. Are. Promoting. Prosperity. As. Mr. Kaplan has identified and, advancing. US, influence, and I. Think the work that you all have been doing and what. You will achieve later. This year in your, visit to Africa, again. Are, going to be. Fundamental. In, advancing. Those. Pillars, and advancing.

Our Strategy. For Africa, so. I want to thank you all for, your ongoing work, and I, want to ensure you, that, the. NSC. Africa, Directorate, are our. Door, is open to you we, welcome your phone calls in any way in which we can assist. You and we, will be your partners as you move forward in this, endeavor. Thank. You. Thank. You very much Cyril and, secretary, Ross. I want to thank you as being a member, our company, being a member of that consortium, in. Uganda. That your, help was instrumental. In. Pushing. It over the line along with some negotiating, tactics, from the ambassador, as, well as others so it was very helpful so thank you so I'd, like to move to the. Presentation. Of, our of our findings, from the last meeting. To. That point I think they, form, in three main categories, one. Is looking, at procurement. Practices. Within. The countries, that we'll be visiting and what what the government, US government can help us to. Will be skills development, and capacity building, across. Those four countries but across the, rest of the African continent as well and, I think probably the most important, is we look forward to really combatting. Other. Countries, as the secretary is mentioned is really a holistic, and encompassing, u.s. approach to. Drive private, sector and US government, maximum, impact so with that I'm going to turn it over, we'll. First talk about our about, Ethiopia, and with that our, first recommendation to, Fred Sisson. Fred. Thank. You Jay, mr., secretary the, we, as we looked, across the different, markets in Africa we saw a huge opportunity in Ethiopia, we've. Got a country, that I'm, sorry can-can, is this better. In Ethiopia we've, got a country with a hundred and five million people, sixty. Percent under, the age of 30, GDP. Of say over seventy eight billion dollars, in 2017. And an average growth rate of over ten percent over, the last 12 years so. We've got a rapidly, growing market with a with, a large young population. Ethiopia. The Ethiopian, government has, been struggling. To to. Keep. Its. Economy growing fast enough to, put, those people that work it's. Been able to facilitate the. Rapid growth and infrastructure, and other investments, in the country largely through borrowing, but. At this point the the borrowing, is over sixty percent of its GDP and, borrowing, is is, now limited, by. The government's. Own balance, sheet, the, government is currently looking, at other opportunities, to, to, continue the growth curve and they're looking towards private sector we. Now new have a new prime minister in in, Ethiopia, that's very. Open and willing to to, Western partnerships, in addition. To that and I think that this is probably one of the more important, things we, have decades of strong. US, intervention in Ethiopia. Help, that the the help. And goodwill that the US people. In the US government has, put into Ethiopia, and so, that helps, proprieties. Potential. Partnerships, and I think that that pose is a great opportunity for, with. The council is recommending, as we're recommending a, government-to-government. Memorandum. Of Understanding. Focusing, on strategic. Industrial. Sectors these, sectors are, currently. Sectors. That are identified, by. The Ethiopian government but. They're also sectors, that agencies, US agencies, and US. Businesses of help prioritize over, the last couple decades in, particular over the last five years and. They've now managed, to move into the, into. The policy, of the Ethiopian, government the. Sectors that were we, were, recommending, are infrastructure, transportation. Logistics. Agricultural. Processing, power. Generation. Pharmaceuticals. And financial. Services, this, last one financial. Services, is a relatively, new one under, the old prime minister though an, old government there, was a resistance to opening up the financial services, sector the. New prime minister is now indicating. A willingness to, open up the financial services, sector so that they can help clear some of the Forex issues.

One. Of the biggest challenges, in Ethiopia, is actually, getting. Paid, you. You have money in bir but, you can't do anything with that outside of Ethiopia, and they, realize that this is a constraint to infrastructure, growth and just to their growth of their economy and now they're opening it up and I think the US has some, of the strongest financial, institutions, paired, with some of the best technology providers, and I think we really have a good strategic, position, in. Short. Where we're recommending is, that we, we're. Recommending that, US agencies. Participate. And put together an. MoU that can be executed during their june trip. We. Think that it's great timing within, the within the market we, think that there'll be both bilateral, support from. Both our, folks on the ground there as well as the Ethiopian, government and, we. Think that there's a backlog of u.s. projects, that, that can take, advantage of this very quickly and start proving it out as a. As a positive as, a positive policy. Move. On. That. That's, Derrick. Perhaps that's, wraps up our recommendation, for him you great, thanks Fred I'd. Like to recognize some administration. Officials, that will provide comments, Gil, please, thank. You and thank. You Fred those growth numbers, and the opportunities. You present are very, persuasive. In terms of what we want to do the. Government of Ethiopia has, defined a path for the country's development in, its growth and transformation plan. And it's moving aggressively to. Reach its target as you, noted key to this has been heavy public, investment, underpinned. By foreign, loans but. The government, is keenly aware this, is not sustainable, at, the, same time US, companies are eager to increase their footprint, in Ethiopia. Sub-saharan. Africa's, fastest, growing economy. This. MOU, is the ideal, mechanism. To, help the government, of Ethiopia and, US, companies meet their goals, by. Creating, a more attractive business, environment. And ensuring. That US companies are aware of Ethiopian, government priorities.

And The Associated project. Opportunities. Both. Parties, benefit, with. The additional, long term benefit, of Ethiopia. Transferring. Receiving. American, know-how technology. And standards. It, is. The early access, to, Ethiopian. Ministry, Development, Goals and spending, plans that is critical, here getting. This information, in front of us companies, with, technologies. And services, get. That can fill the project, needs. With. A recent appointment of Ethiopia's. New prime minister ahmed and the progressive, economic, reforms, he proposes, this. MOU, could not come at a better time. Thanks. Good, right. Hi. I'm ray Washburn I'm the CEO of overseas. Private Investment Corporation and. OPEC. Currently has 22, billion dollars, in 90, countries around, the world 675, projects. 25%. In Africa but only three million dollars in Ethiopia. An MOU would serve as a signal to the business community that the United States is serious. And Ethiopia is open for business the lack of infrastructure. In. The, country is something at OPIC is posture. To support, power, agriculture. And health care if. The Prime Minister opens, a financial, services. Sector OPIC. Will be prepared to look at that market as well we. Are actively seeking projects, new, projects, today and if we get the MOU done we would be prepared to execute something soon thank you, thanks. Ray Cheryl Anderson. Cheryl. Anderson from the Africa, Bureau of USAID. Let, me say at the outset that, we're. Very pleased to be a key. Interagency. Player, working. Closely with Department. Of Commerce and the Advisory, Council we note. That the pact DBIA, itself. As well as the recommendations. Here fit. Very well with our administrators. Vision. Of working. With countries on their journey to self-reliance. As well as enterprise. Driven, development so. On, the, on, the MOU. We. I, think, this we're. Supportive. Of the MOU I. Think. The highlighted, sectors, are appropriate, and we've. Shared it with our team on the ground we've got a pretty, substantial, USA. Team, in. Ethiopia, and I, think they would really welcome further discussion. About. The focus of the MOU and possibly, opening, it up to other sectors where we have common objectives. And. I would add that through the, power. Africa. Interagency. Initiative. We. Did enter, as a US government into an MoU with, government, of Ethiopia in. 2013. And this. MOU, had, the intent that. Was similar to what the what, the what, we're talking, about today it. Presented, a whole-of-government approach. In. Partnering, with the government of Ethiopia to, develop its energy, sector, in. A way that challenged, the government. Of Ethiopia to, make critical reforms to. Increase, private sector participation, so, maybe. As a, bonus, on, the trip we. Thought maybe it would be an opportunity, to revisit, that MOU from 2013. And. We. Might want. To make. Sure that any additional mo use with the government of Ethiopia take, into account the existing, mo use, that.

The US government already has in place. And. I guess I would just add as a as. An agency that has some experience with mo use with African. Governments we. Would. Caution that any mo you should include. Specific. Deliverables. And very. Clear commitments. That are achievable, by both parties. Excellent. Points, at the end I agree a hundred as the secretary, just said and the same a great, CD are you mr.. Secretary mr. chair thank you for attending the CD Glenn with the u.s. African Development Foundation. ADF. Is supportive, of the establishment, of the u.s. Ethiopian, government MoU, focusing, on strategic sectors. U.s.. ADF currently provides grant financing, and business, management support, to. Ten ethiopian. Small and medium sized solar and wind energy firms, our provision. Of grant financing, small grants, to local early-stage, enterprises. Linked. To the, development of private investment, projects, has the potential for significant, US, imports, especially. In the agriculture, and energy sectors, which, both US ATF and the Ethiopian. Government have, prioritized, our focus. On local enterprise development, provides linkages, to the local market and opens. Up marketing, and distribution channels. For US. Energy. Related businesses, the. Foundation's core, continent-wide. Competency. Is in the agriculture, sector and, under, a prospective government-to-government, MOU, we would use the fact-finding, trip to assess. Provision, of our support, to, Ethiopians, grassroots, agricultural, production and processing. Sectors. As. Well as to expand, and enhance our investments, in the energy sector lastly. As a member. Of the power, Africa interagency, team I'd, like to acknowledge that, the, u.s. African Development Foundation is, Co funding and investing, in, solar. Energy in, Ethiopia. Alongside pact. I remember, GE. And we appreciate, GE Africa, and we appreciate, that collaboration. Thank you. Thanks. IDI jesse law from Exim. Thank. You ex-im bank has a congressional, mandate for. Sub-saharan Africa. And when the Senate allows XM to become fully functional, by confirming our board nominees we will be active in supporting the transactions, across the continent, but. Not operating, since 2015, XM. Has established a pipeline of 14 billion dollars in sub-saharan, Africa which would, in fact double our. Export, capacity at the stroke of the pen. With, as. Our USD partners can can, confirm there are many opportunities that have in fact been lost, but. We do look forward to XM, functioning, again. You. Know XM supports, the facts fact-finding. Trip to, counter the challenge from China and other countries across the continent, with a realistic and purposeful, whole-of-government, approach. That. Includes mo use the USTDA global, procurement initiative and the trade facilitation efforts. It's. Well, known that the made-in-the-usa brand, is recognized in Africa for quality and better value and through, these whole of government initiatives, we at XM want to make sure that US companies can compete and secure. The contracts on a level playing field. Our. Competitors, are well ahead of us though with. Their exports, and leading the pack is China. Which. Is Africa's largest single trading partner having overtaken the United States since 2009. Yet. It's not only China we are fully aware of the competition from European, and other Asian countries, these. Countries are playing with a game that we refuse to acknowledge as a superior, game plan at least in some ways until, now and. How, do we know it's superior they've. Been winning on the field. The. Chinese. Companies and the, other countries are, using more sophisticated tactics, more blended financing, weaponizing. Trade finance, is a national, strategy to promote their domestic, export products and, deploying.

More Personnel, from their respective financing, agencies on the, ground to get involved, in whatever, projects, exists. These. Other countries are responding, to this new dynamic and ever-changing, competitive. And landscape. By, being fully engaged with government-to-government agreements. In support of their exporters, with financing, and other commercial means, so. We at XM are committed, to the same in the support of US jobs and realize Africa's, potential. America's. Exporters, and their supply chain need a coach, to. Make our halftime game adjustment, so. We can lead and mount a comeback, the. Fact-finding, tour for XM and from our perspective is, that first official, step in that direction, and, I, do hope that it. Will help us learn what our African friends would, like to see the USG do to be more competitive and, with. Those around the room and the leadership that we have I am convinced that we can adjust our game plan in the direction of success. Thank. You Jessie, is. There any other comments. From the council on on this specific. Recommendation. Okay. I would also like to echo, the support. Of getting a fully functioning, XM it's, absolutely. Critical, let's, go to the second. Require. Our. Recommendation. Which is around a USTDA, global, procurement initiative and, bill clean. Thank. You Jay Thank You mr. secretary. This is a topic, that's near and dear to acro. Many. Of you may not know we supply, steel bridges around the globe and, we're, pretty. Much daily trying to demonstrate to people or teach. People the. Importance. Of looking, at lifecycle, cost and what, they're getting in. The numbers that they're being, presented, and. Recently. Very. Recently there, was a glaring example of this in, one country where they're. Rebuilding, for the fourth time the, same design bridge and the bridge has collapsed four, times now in about, a year and a half so. We've. Tried to explain to them that the. Bridge is not being built, correctly, and that there are issues and, they're. Still going to move, forward with the Forth Bridge of the same design that being said, the. Recommendations. That I've been asked to convey. By. The council. Here are that first. The. USTA. The. USTDA, has. Already developed with the energy or the electric power company, procurement, man manual, so.

We're. Looking for the US government to request. Of the board, of the Power Company to formally adopt the the. Manual. The. Second, item is to update the manual. Utilizing. The, services of USTDA, World Bank the DLC. To. Update it with more additional language on the lifecycle. Cost. Then. The, DLC. Is to, go. Out to US. Companies to educate them on the ethiopian manual, and how, they can work within the parameters of this. Procurement, manual. Finally. There's an, issue of translating. The existing, manual, which is in if. I pronounced right Amharic, and. To. Translate. That to the more, universal, language of English and, then. The final, recommendation. Is training. Ethiopian, procurement. Personnel. On. Lifecycle. Cost and and that is a challenging. Issue so. With, that Jay I'll give it back to you thanks. Bill Thomas. Hardy from thank. You Tom, Hardy from the US train development agency I couldn't agree more with the, council's. Recommendation. To place a focus, on improving. Procurement, practices, in. Ethiopia's. A means of doing more business in Africa USTDA, is actually supported, Ethiopia's, procurement, reforms, since 2015, and, those, projects, that support is paying dividends, we've. Hosted. Recently, we hosted a delegation, of aviation, officials from throughout East Africa, and introduced. From the US companies. Us technologies, goods and services, but, as part of that visit, we included, a program focused, on, best. Value procurement. Rather, than focused, on quality not lowest, cost and so were directors. All of that training that USTDA provided, to the ethiopians US, companies have secured, over 20 million dollars in contracts, of u.s. exported, goods and services, as, was. Just mentioned by bill, we've, were also worked with the et Pia's electric power to, develop a. Manual. To help help. Them make informed decisions based, on quality infrastructure not the lowest price that currently is going through the final clearance, processes, by, EEP and we're hoping that that is approved before before. We arrive in Ethiopia, we. Look forward to the adoption of this manual, as it, will provide a transparent. Best, value approach for, procurement, standards, they'll. Help Ethiopia make good investment, decisions, they're, necessary, to develop a fair and open and free. Market, for us, goods and services. Thanks. Time secretary. Thank, you Jane Tong as. To, the. Translation. Of the manual, I find. It incredible. That all these years have gone by and, people interested in Ethiopian. Government our, government haven't. Kicked in together and, done it how much could have possibly cost I mean. Are we talking hundreds. Of thousands, of dollars millions, of dollars I can't imagine. It's a vast sum. Why. Don't we just get together. Put, a pot, together and do it I think. It's ridiculous, to, have that, kind of a structural, impediment, and just. Complain, about it, and not fix it so let's, start with we're, going to pass the Hat with. Letters to all of you as we get finished here let's. Let's put a kitty together, let's get this thing done, okay. But. The, topic, of, procurement. Is obviously. An important, one for, US companies, three. Out of the ten council. Recommendations. Focus. On procurement, processes in Africa. And I think that's no accident, it's a big dollar item, it's, an item, that needs fixing, and so, I think you're right to focus, on it a transparent. Efficient, and well-functioning. Procurement. Process, is, perhaps the, best tool we have and. For eliminating, corruption in.

Assuring. A level, playing field for, us, come, newse Ethiopia. Has begun, some procurement. Reforms, but, a lot more needs to be done. Commerce's. Commercial, law development, program, does, a lot of expertise. In this area in, USTDA. There's. A key partner. Ethiopia. Is already, a member, of, US TDA's global. Procurement, initiative in. These suggestions, are, very, good follow-on, to, those efforts. We. Reached out, to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia last. August, to, address our concerns and. Before, our trip, I will. Prepare a follow-up, message to, drive the point home to. The new prime minister obey, Ahmed you. Also recommend, that, the government of publicized. Ethiopia's. Improve, procurement. Practices, to, American, companies, and. We're, looking at options for. A tangible, event, focused. On this goal during. Our trip this, is part of what I meant in my introductory. Marksman. Has said there, should be not just fact-finding. But, fact creating. Because. That's, what, will help us communicate, brought. More broadly what's. Going, on. We're. Working closely with African. Ministries, to get actionable. Market, intelligence at, an early stage. Even, before tenders. Are announced, I think that's been one, of our weaknesses. Historically. That. By the time it gets announced somebody, else has had a big head, start, sometimes. Accidentally. A lot of times deliberately. We, have to close the knowledge time gap. When. We will work with interagency. Partners, around the table today we've. Got to ensure we're, providing all the, support, we can so. US, companies, can close deals, so. Those are my responses. To it let's, get tangible. Let's get precise, let's. Get functional. Thank. You Secretary I agree. With you on those points, and. From, your point on the translation, I would say let's hire, some Ethiopian. Law school, interns, it'll keep the cost down and. That. Is a contribution, from, GE. And. You want to say something. Great. So I'd like, to turn our. Recommendations. Over to the next country that will be visiting, which is going to be Kenya, and I'd. Like to turn it over to Andrew Patterson, a fellow resident. Of Nairobi, with me. Thank, You Jane Thank, You Secretary I'm pleased to be here today and, please, be talking about Kenya which is currently our new home for. Bechdel's corporate headquarters for Africa, or, celebrating, a year of setting up our office there and through, that year being. On the ground really does make the difference it's one of the things we've been talking about as, part of attracting. US businesses, is being on the ground being engaged, we've. Had some good traction we've, had a lot of support from the US government from from youth secretary, from Commerce Department, Oh pick, us. X and, State, Department on securing. A contract, to build a new expressway from Nairobi, to Mombasa, we're. Working on closing that financing, and hopefully we'll be in a position during, that trip to, be able to have some type of ceremony to start that project. So. The project is this around 3.8, billion dollars, for. 473. Kilometers, of an expressway and. We hope that this will clearly demonstrate the. American, quality the. Local content engagement, of delivering. A true, international standard, of Road there which. They they desperately, need if anyone's ever spent any time driving.

Around Nairobi, or driving down to the coast which is a death, it, can be a very dangerous situation. So. I'd, like to say thank you for all the support and we hope we were able to make an announcement on that, really. That the framework, of that deal was based around the. Commerce MOU. And with, the direct procurement under, a government-to-government, framework. Which, we talked about in Ethiopia, we're. Going talk about on other countries. And, we'll talk about specifically, about updating it here and I think that's a real testament, to, engaging. Under, an MOU and the work that can come out of that and, we would encourage not, only in Africa but other parts of world for, commerce. In, the US government to engage in these areas some. Specific, recommendations to, get in for the trip, we. Talked about this a little bit last time around local, content requirements and, how they can be a real, obstacles, obviously. Governments, are very focused, on building their capacity with. Their, supply, chains and their skill sets and, this is one of the areas I think the the. Chinese have not, done a good job at and this what gives an opportunity for American, businesses to, do well but, there are challenges when, governments, sometimes overreach. On local, content programs. Including. In in Kenya there can be cases where, you, need to bring in skilled. Labor and and, even, what would be deemed unskilled, labor but people have experience, in the construction industries. To, be able to set up the job get, the job going, manufacturing. Facilities, in, technology, areas and it's quite important, and there's, a lot of restrictive, requirements. In. Kenya, around this areas although, we're able to bring in top managers, like like, Jay I'm sure has no problem getting his visa and Kenya, when. You're looking at larger teams to deliver these projects, it becomes, a bit more complicated and this is an, area of focus that, we would like to talk about, additionally. That they've issued a new procurement act. In 2016. Which, really puts a bias on on Kenyan, companies, securing. Work and. Restricting, the ability in, some cases smaller, American, companies of securing, technologies. Or, supplying. Materials and. Skill sets in Kenya. There's. Also particular. Areas, of carve-outs, that restrict, the, US companies to be able to compete fairly, on this and give us a price advantages, to Kenyan, market of, course we understand, the desire, to build the Kenyan base but, being able to get American, companies, at all levels, small, and big in these 10 and, like such, as Kenya and working with local companies is really, gonna be able to build the local capacity and, skill transfers, that's. A that's an area that we'd like to focus it on. The. Some, of the market barriers are specifically. Around these local contents, the procurement, acts the. Government. Of Kenya and. The president, has set out new objectives. Of the big four and, these big four actually, I'd. Say compliment. For what US businesses, want to do in Kenya, within, the industries, and manufacturing, but some of the specific, big fours is they, want to increase 15 percent of GDP to come from manufacturing, build, over 500,000. Affordable, new houses a hundred. Percent food, and, nutrition. Security and a hundred percent universal. Healthcare this, is an area that I think we, as US companies, can come and help support these big force obviously, the backbone, of the the big four is infrastructure. And energy and having, a reliable, network and hopefully, the expressway. Will start soon and delivering. That will create the opportunity to expand, on these these big force energy. Sector and stability of energy is very important in bringing down those price points so our, recommendation. Is, given, the increase of local, content policies, in, the market access, barriers we'd. Like to see USDA are to engage, with. The Kenyan government and, see, if we can come, up with flexible. Local. Content programs specifically. To support us. Companies coming in to the market, and. Being able to allow us to bring in the right skill sets to be able to deliver these the. Second recommendation is. Around, the MOU it was, a successful, Emmel year in 2015, with. With the new big four objectives with, increased presence from US companies we, think renewing, this this MOU and. Signing an updated, one would be strategically. Important, around. This, highlighting. The benefits of, bringing an OPEC USX, some similar. To the Ethiopia, have specific, targets of, what, can, be included there are things that we can include in local content including, sorry in the MOU such as local content policies, being. Flexible, and. Maybe. Some some areas around the restrict, Shinzon procurement, to. Allow us, smaller US companies, and technologies, to be able to come in and and compete.

The. Third area is, really. The, a Goa is very. Much Kenya. One way and we'd like to see that coming, both ways and the, opportunity. For us, companies to compete more the, delivering, of infrastructure, and energy is critical, to that so. Getting these types of projects such as a highway some. Power projects. We've. Also been discussing gas to power solutions, there these, are the type of things that can create. An environment to, allow, more US companies to come set up operations, there and. Then the fourth area is is to engage with USA agencies. US government agencies, such as opaque US X some USTDA, MCC. USAF. To, collaborate, and work together to. Find solutions for US companies to deliver these infrastructures, and in, addressing, the local content and procurement, issues.

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WHAT IS THE ROLL OF THE ITA (International Trade Assn)?; The goal of the ITA is to promote American Prosperity: free, fair, and reciprocal economic relationships through (1) Strengthening the competitiveness of the US industry; (2) Ensuring fair and reciprocal trade through rigorous enforcement of US trade laws and trade agreements; (3) Growing exports above products and services; (4) Attracting investment in US communities; and (5) Transforming American Trade policy.

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What is a TDA? Sometimes, a TDA plan is also referred to as a voluntary savings plan, a supplemental plan, a tax-sheltered annuity (TSA), or simply a 403(b) plan. A TDA plan is an employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plan to which the employee contributes a percentage of his or her base salary.

What is an MOU? Here is what it is: A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a nonbinding agreement between two or more parties outlining the terms and details of an understanding, including each parties' requirements and responsibilities. An MOU is often the first stage in the formation of a formal contract.

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This was the second installment in this riveting, multiple-part series. Everyone is holding their breath for subsequent episodes.

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Peace be unto you שלום ושלום The chrysolite of Ethiopia cannot compare with it nor can it be valued in pure gold Where then does wisdom come from And where is the place of understanding It is hidden from the eyes of all living and concealed from the birds of the air Abaddon and Death say We have heard a rumor of it with our ears God understands the way to it and he knows its place For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens When he gave to the wind its weight and apportioned out the waters by measure when he made a decree for the rain and a way for the thunderbolt then he saw it and declared it he established it and searched it out The Lord bless thee and keep thee The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Donald John Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pence, The LORD God bless you IN GOD WE TRUST GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT FAITH GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT NATION GOD BLESS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים GOD BLESS THE NATIONS GOD BLESS MAR A LAGO GOD BLESS PALM SPRINGS GOD BLESS PALM BEACH GOD BLESS FLORIDA GOD BLESS WE THE PEOPLE a sweet and good year with love אהבה אמונה ותקווה Semper fidelis yuli':):)

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John Mainiac because if no one told Africa that their countries are shithole countries, they’d never learn to change their ways. Egypt is in Africa and it’s a shithole country, that’s why I left.

Short answer if you're a republican I wouldn't expect you to have served.. They are afflicted with anorchia.. Like Trump, Manafort, Gingrich, Bolton, Romney, Guiliani, Cornyn, Nugent, LaPierre, Cheney, Delay, Hastert, Limbaugh, Savage aka Wiener, Quayle, Bush, Rohrbacher and on and on ad nauseum... And if you think Spanky is doing what is best for America and not himself, there is little hope for you..

John do you think every one has to serve??? We have a volunteer military dont you see that's why we are the best? The guy had business plans its what he does. His dad was in real estate we cant all have the same purpose in life. Most countries don't even come close to our military people because they are forced you want volunteers. Some people are good at other things. He is great at doing deals what is your argument against this. Also we need to de-feminize our military and remove special needs people as well as illigal sensitivity training Please give me your counter arguments and thank you for your service. God Bless You

They don't have to, poverty seems to be what Africa enjoys

Shut it You HATEFUL LIAR!!!

john are a fuckin idiot, a loser no doubt! and most probably a lazy freeloader


I would love to see more capitalism in Africa, much more effective than throwing charity at them.

That is an inscription quotation from a statue, gift of the French gov't, which sits out in N.Y. harbor, not to be confused with U.S. immigration law. The immigration needs of any nation change over time, relative to that particular nation's economic, and other needs. We needed that fancy hair stylist in the 19th century but by 2018 we have all the kitchen help, housekeepers, landscapers (and, dare I say, welfare recipients) we can stand. The Donald stays.

Before 2016 election we were a beacon of freedom around the world. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” she wrote. “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” These words are what made us a great nation. Now we dangle from a so called leader's lame tweets while he attacks the very pillars of our democracy.

scott, Then send that grandson of the barber back to Germany so we don't have to put up with him.

Equality language in founding documents almost uniformly pertains to existing citizens (although, there is some limited 'persons' lingo interpreted to apply to non-citizens). However, immigration law has traditionally allowed for wide gov't discretion, such as the pre-'65 body of law favoring skilled, 1st-world, European immigrants. Trump and Senator Cotton, utilizing the Raise Act as the vehicle, would prefer to take a step back in that direction (as would a majority of Americans).

scott, So his grandfather (a barber) was a talented individual we needed to get his offspring to become president? All people are created equal. Look at our founding documents.

White farmers need to be accepted as desirable immigrants under Trump's stated goal of talented, contributing, new Americans (only). The English speaking nations need to take a pro-rata share of South African ex-patriots, if they desire safe passage (Trump should broker this deal). The savage violence in the formally prosperous S.A. ag. industry is abhorrent.

Orchid, Please stop spreading hate an prejudice.

NEVER TRUST S.Africa!!!.... This is another Crooked NWO-Globalist-SOROS's game at the moment White farmers facing VIOLENT Attacks in S.Africa.

Ever been to Africa?

Two billion people that can't sustain themselves. You think mass migration from sub-saharan Africa is bad now ... you ain't seen nothing yet.

The old saying about teaching a man to fish rings true in this case as well.

When people say the reason Africa is so poor is because of white western countries, in a way, they're right. We keep giving them shit they didn't earn, when we should be showing them how to not only take care of themselves, but how to flourish. Foreign aid is keeping Africa down.

Correct so we will do the opposite because Democrats hate Capitalism and private property and the Republicans are pussies


Didn't Obama rip off Kenya (his birthplace) for $283 Million .....sad, horrible pathetic joke of a man.

Toby, I'd seek help if I were you. I hope you find hope and happiness instead of the road you're on.

Leonard Ball please never use that filthy name again. It makes me want to choke the fxxk out of someone. Namimgly that motherfxxxking loser. Hussian the xtian. If he was here It would be like UFC fight night. Thanks to God hes not here so I don't have to triangle choke the living fxxxk out of that Nigerian lying whore. I hope he has to go into hiding like Saddam huisainne soon. Living in a hole in the ground. Perhaps we can make a fake Obama just for this purpose so people still think he exists??? Its a great Idea no. Hopefully military people are hearing this idea now. Just put a fake Obama no one will know pretend like hes on holiday for ever. Most definately we are going to turn around our healthcare so people can go to the fxxxking DOCTOR with out getting fleeced beyond belief. Or the dentist with out having to shell out a half of a years fxxking pay. Yeh please don't mention that piece of sxxt on our presidents YouTube ever again. Thanks

Just because this President gained such power by lies about President Obama doesn't mean you'll get the same. Donny will eventually get what he deserves.

Please help us fight Censorship, Mr President. Real Newsforever YouTube Channel is frozen for 4 more days because of Hogg videos. Subscribe to Real Newsforever to send YouTube a message. Thank you.. This is my new back up Channel. Trump 2020!!!

China got a head start on trade with Africa and we need to catch up. Sec of Commerce Wilbur Ross has a common sense, no nonsense approach because he is a successful businessman, not a lazy, corrupt bureaucrat. I'm learning a lot about our government and how they spend our money.

Trump sold out. He is became mixed form of neocon and neoliberal. We need white nationalist revolution and exterminate every single zionist in washington and new york

Obama is watching this, taking another toke and saying, "Oh, wow, man..."

The companies provide jobs just like foreign companies in the US hired Americans..

If the new Secretary of State can uproot the missionary/humanitarian haters in the agency….. that will bring success and much needed assistance to dire regions of our world. 2010-2016 that agency had a vital role in the Arab Spring, also callous towards Americans working overseas. They began to gain this self important attitude, and lets hope and pray its driven out. Its the State Dept going all over the world to spread its values= turning its nose up @ developing nations. Really, they don' t represent the average American or blue collared people. They represent elite attitudes, @ the UN and elsewhere. These are implicated in milking problems, in the developing world. They have a conflict of interest, all around their obsession to be "needed." It's a gross analogy, but parasites do this same thing. Malaria weakens the human body, and then you need the anti malaria drug to recover. I'd put the Arab Spring in a similar parasitic category…. of missing conflict/sickness/problems to pull off a regime change. And they are extremely good @ fomenting conflict, ethnic, racial or religious hatred. I fault the media for not having a heart to heal, but to hurt America and the world. Fake news is based on distorted perceptions and emotional prejudice. It's virtually flowing out of CNN/MSNBC, full time. It's like standing in a sewer, when you were hoping for a clean shower. That's how the elites work- they hate normal good humanity.

Don't worry friend-- we aim to make Africa great, again. Like the great civilizations, inside ancient Africa, Cush, Sheba… Egypt. But there really are some real cowards @ the UN and (former) State Dept who love destroying families, tribes and nations. It's their passion-- to dismantle human families. So sir/mam, i do agree with you in part. There really are some nasty, evil Western diplomats. Oxy morons, who look @ humanity thru the lens of their ideological bias. So called "diplomats" who hate up to half of humanity. They can look @ your group/my group and want our demise. Scary…. in fact its utterly terrifying to have these elites in high places. Nothing egalitarian or human rights based….. coming out of the UNHRC= chaired by a radical MidEast nation who is responsible for much of their brothers (nations) sufferings, nearby. Current events are often times much more sinister, than CNN reports. I guess that's why they fixate on the Kardashians, and so called news like Stormy. We hope Trump gets rid of the system John Perkins exposed in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Read it == its how the real world (and diplomacy) works.

Your right on, scott. This is what harmful identity politics, blame shifting and Marxism bring to any society. Including America. Much of the world is poor… because they are blaming another tribe or ethnic group. I truly feel for the good farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I am working hard in East / West Africa…. to teach how NOT to fall into the identity politics track. People keep using "historical injustices" from 200-500 years ago…. as a mask to hide their nasty, mean spirit. So, they use old wounds or past events…. to commit current crimes: theft, hate, and murder. It's sheer evil, and its right out of Saul Alinksy. South Africa has so many great leaders (black/white, Asian, etc)… but the good ones suffer under unjust hatred -- fomented by their reckless leaders. It's sad when the national leadership are a hate group against another tribe/or nation. The truth is that Africans have struggled with their tribalism (negative tribe hatred) for 1000s of years. Long before colonialism or any other "historical injustice." No nation can succeed, when it uses the past to bash present development, or reconcilers. That's a doomed nation, only. We need to pray that America never goes that route. Sad to say, President Obama missed his MLK moment. He made it all about externals- sex/gender and that's all that LGBT really is. He created sub tribes with ancient wounds……. fracturing humanity further. Really, no acronyms can ever define anyone. Words are imperfect (and we are trapped in these stereotypes). CNN and others use the stereotypes to divide and rule. For example, CNN could have told 1000s of successful bi racial stories, in America. There's tons. You throw a stone in an American city (NYC, LA, Vega, KCMO, Seattle)… you hit a bi racial marriage. Why didn't CNN/MSNBC emphasize those successes? Why foment BLM and other divisive movements…. to incite racism as if we are in 1940s? It's 2018, we need to grow up soon, America. Stop letting old wounds determine our destiny. Only fools let irresponsible media, govern their lives. Dumb, fake news. They are a negative voice, irresponsible --- and then you find out Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper all come from dysfunctional families. They merely spout their domestic issues on CNN 360….. almost trying to impart their insanity on normal, good natured America. Shameful, inaccurate reporting. And their motives are all messed up, and it disqualifies them from being trustworthy. They are hiding the facts about South Africa, also.

Africa: The Empire's next target!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations) #WHITEEAGLE

Thank you I am happy you are paying attention.

They really cant help it the people are tired and brain dead the government has sucked the life out of them and completely obliterated the freedom that once existed in their minds. Now this: I had some bozo ask me for a lighter for his cigarette the other day. So I hand him a lighter, he says ohhh no that's a "white lighter"... Im very superstitious he says... I cant touch white lighters. Can you light it for me??? .......I literally could not say anything to him I just was like... ohhh as I walked away. If these dummies knew anything they would know if its white its JUST RIGHT and if its BROWN FLUSH IT DOWN.

John LeCoque that's just about the most racist thing I've heard all week.

no on the contrary it's impossible to be decent if one is leftist in persuasion. Where as a combination of both left and right side is needed to find the elusive "middle side". One must critically think in order to go beyond leftist nonsense. So for instance supporting language such as African-American is a prime example of Leftist nonsense. Also gender confusion is leftist behavior. Yet the good parts of leftism is Creativity, one must temper the Creative side with the Reason side the rational side. One must explore both sides of the spectrum in order to truly understand what is good and what is good is in fact "What is RIGHT" remember.

Indeed thank you Brian... free speech includes words like this.

+Toby Henderson Godspeed on your quest. Consider skepticism about unity. It isn't a natural state. Unity comes from war and extreme hardship when conditions make people put aside differences. Differences are crucial to democratic government, while unity is the basis of fascism. Some American practices, like recognizing ethnicities next to our nationality my divide us, but it's also what people want. No country has our sort of diversity. In such a supermarket, not only are labels helpful, but people choose to drill down on the American experience they're part of. We will all look like macaroni and cheese eaters from the outside. Internally, we're proud of our family/community recipies. Lastly, slavery is ubiquitous and unavoidable. It's a blessed slavery to be in the US market with a job and place to live. What of the slaves who are not paid and housed in captivity - chattel? In the context of the US and our dollar, it's common to call modern life slavery. But these are our differences, full-circle. We've had a large and notably cruel chattel system here. As a black American who'd be trapped in real slavery here in a different time, all I see is freedom, self-determination and dissatisfaction. Being dissappointed by one's finances is not slavery.

I will have to study this to understand it more, yet my gut says selling debt is just more manipulation, yes its how banks work, yet it does not help American people. To solve this we must make BANKS PAY... if they cannot then they must be liquidated and OTHER SMALL BANKS ABSORB THEM perhaps. WE NEED NO MORE GLOBALIST SCUMBAGS CHIPPING AWAY AT OUR BASIC LIBERTIES. The usage of African-American term is a complete manipulation to divide Americans. By telling Americans that they somehow are Africans it makes people confused. All of this money printing and fancy word creation seems like absolute nonsense because it is absolute nonsense.. In the real world we are Americans and we all have been completely and utterly fleeced beyond belief with fictitious government mutant language and a system of futures and speculation that if fails WE THE PEOPLE ARE DOOMED and WHY NOT MAKE THE PERPETRATORS OF THE CRIMES DOOMED INSTEAD??? THEY SIGNED THE DEALS AND HAD FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY??? WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST THIS. This serves to divide people and families such that governments retain absolute and unconstitutional control measures against a free body of people. The American people. The Crimes are chilling basic fundamental human rights, and the government is completely out of control. Take this for instance >>

TheHooDoo Queen no we don't

John can you provide source material for your argument. Really your wasting your time unless source material is provided. This means PROOF. Any way I get along with military almost every single time including ex military so I know that you should be reasonable other wise something is not correct and its with you. So please provide reasonable proof that he dodged the draft as you say. Which means the government attempted to draft him yet he found some excuse out of it. Proof and source material. Whenever I open my big mouth I usually have a boat load of source material to prove my words. God Bless and take care of yourself buddy.

Of course you would well how about we fix capitalism here by firing the government and GETTING OFF OUR LAZY FAT ASSES AND DOING IT???? WHY NOT TRY BUSINESS and not doing the same thing and expecting different results... of course we cannot give charity when we are 100000000000 gazzilion usd in the hole.. We must make ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS GO AWAY. Then we must PAY OUR DEBT. Make BIG BANKS PAY FOR THE MISTAKE THEY MADE. AND ABSORB ALL EXTRACURRICULAR NONSENSE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. YOU KNOW THE ONES. JUST LOOK FOR A BUNCH OF LAZY USELESS SLUGS SITTING ON THEIR ASSES ALL DAY AND YOU FOUND THEM. DON'T PAY THEM MAKE THEM PAY!!! THEY SIGNED THE DEALS THEY PAY FOR THE DEALS!!!!! BEGIN AT DHS THEN GO DOWN THE LIST. NSA, EPA all of them absolutely USELESS IN FACT local slugs as well you can replace all of them except for a skeleton crew of highly useful people. At the city level we can replace worthless government slugs with computers that will actually be useful and will not be allowed to chip at our liberty all day long every day. I can formulate a list of solutions in 5 minutes that will replace and absorb useless government workers in large swaths. Problem solved. Ohhh but how will they eat??? ooops should have learned how to provide value for others instead of being USELESS SLUGS ALL DAY!!! NOT OUR PROBLEM.

Peca Bokem are you retarded? All of their natural resources have been raped by globalized governments. They don't have that much left

U.S.-based multinational corporations: "Let's meet to discuss how we can rape the continent of Africa some more."

Please President Trump, help the people of Libya by stopping the slave trading, and you could be known as the second president to end slavery.

Toby, So are you the one who decides what a leftist is? Please give me all the qualifying features. I'm Irish American. Does calling myself that make me a leftist? That language feels like English when I type it.

Toby, A President should show more respect and decency as an example. Especially if he "claims to represent family values". Then his sponsored news source bashes CNN for quoting him? If you don't see that as a problem, then nothing will change your opinion of him. Facts matter and so does truth. He uses preconceived bias to gain power.

Ok this is a very insightful reply this brings me hope that people really can exhibit "free thought" let me see if I can arguesome of these points intelligibly. #1 Unity comes from war and extreme hardship... this seems true yet I have no idea how to explain it or why this feature does seem to exist I did not create the Universe so this is most likely why I fail to understand why. #2 Interestingly enough unity does seem to be the basis of fascism IF A TYRANNICAL REGIME IS AT THE TOP yet it seems really good as well because unity brings power to the American people which is more important then division. Unity of the American people is not fascism in our constitutional framework because powerful people united absorb useless-psudo-overlords-and-bad-actors-in-government. With out unity they get absolute globalist power. We unite and we win. #3 "No country has our sort of diversity" I have yet to be to Israel yet it does seem they have the same level of diversity. In fact the levels of diversity are precisely the problem imho. What happens is it makes normality not popular and what is not natural or normal turns into popular society. Small Government makes it so unnatural ideas are not force indoctrinated to our children. Again be who you want to be and be diverse yet dont force this garbage on my family or the rest of the families to the point that public school has become indoctrination camps aka moms and dads. #4 "As a black American who'd be in real slavery" you have neglected the fact that many many people of many shades have been slaves throughout history. One must only look into a few books to find this out. Real slavery does not include free market principals of economics. It exists today most likely in some countries. Yet I have zero proof unless I visit these countries and see it with my own eyes. With our current prison numbers per-capita I can argue by way of REASON that we are missing the boat on what freedom and liberty means. We do not support prison business. It would be far more suitable to offer 40 lashes by the whip over 10 years in a concrete box, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. ASK ANYONE. NOW LOOK AT THE NUMBERS... 2.5+ million per capita and with zero valid excuse so far. This is called MAJOR HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!!!! #5 One will come to realize that yes indeed they must take upon them selves the YOKE of Heaven and this is not so pleasant yet it leads to true freedom in the mind. Yes indeed we are all sheep yet not to men, WE ARE THE FLOCK OF THE LIVING GOD AND HE IS OUR MASTER!!!!!! What are your arguments on these talking points???

Toby Henderson yawn

Jessica Cervantes how many times do you need to comment, wet back?

tony walter can I trust you?

Rich F. [Trump Is Your President] crybaby

Leonard Ball Your side will lose, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

Leonard Ball Go fuck yourself, you PIECE OF SHIT!

Leonard Ball How dare you tell someone else what to say or think! I'd love to kick your ass up between your shoulders, you whiny bitch pussy Leonard pussy boy. Leave people alone!

Leonard Ball eat my ass, you worthless cunt!


What ever needs to be done to make all our lives to be better just better company god said sow into good grown and thats not here Gods words. Bless America God wants them to understand there turn they had. God first

+Toby Henderson on my phone it's not easy to be really organized. Going with the idea of sheep, a dog and a stick are used to keep them united. One of the key manners of diversity is the one we are employing here. Nevermind race and all, we should have different beliefs and feel strongly about them when necessary. As you say, the system is set up for it. On fascism, I don't think ambition to a great society is a good idea. It always ends up empowering government. We're sick creatures we admire power and make gods out of everything including government and our ideals. The US proposes, make our ideals freedom and obsess about that. If ever we're all united, even here, you should ask, "who's the dog, where's the stick." There's been far more limited chattel slavery than there's been serfdom and other types of slavery. It's a really broad term. I warn that it's too broad due to it's inherent nature at the intersection of compassion and utility and how abjectly inhumane an institution like American chattel was. Money is an overlay to imbue freedom into the mix. It work! You get some money, you get some freedom. The beatings are funny. You can go the route of shock therapy as well. The hazard to this method is that many people die in prison prematurely and there's no uproar. If someone died from shock during a caning or whipping, there would be a constitutional mess in our law. It would be funny to see someone argue that to the public.

Rich F. you are a little basement dwelling peperoni eating dungeons and dragons playing homosexual. I build block walls everyday it is very likely I would choke the living fxxk out of you and make you swallow your homosexual teeth you fxxxking miscreant if you use this sort of language near me... do us all a favor and shut your fxxking whore mouth. Thanks pal!!!

One of my favorite lies of his is how he won't take ANY special interest money and fund his own campaign because he's so rich. It a very layered lie and he's endlessly raising money when he should be governing to everybody. And endless campaigner. The only person ever to announce his campaign the day he was sworn in for the office of the President. The list is huge, and I could go on for days, but I won't.

He's lied over 2000 times since he took office. Those are just the ones that can be quantified. It started on day one when he shut down sites that didn't agree with what he thought his inauguration crowds were. He's the only sitting President I can remember paying millions out for cheating college students his first year in office.

Prove it Leonard with source material your not dealing with a bunch of your leftist friends here you must actually "think and then speak" if you wish people to even care what you are saying. Otherwise just take your useless words to the Ellen Degenerates Youtube channel where your favorite people exist. Good Day Buddy!!!

I get your point we obviously take care of the less advantaged or fortunate. Yet what you fail to realize is we have not been doing this properly. We must do charity in America where many people cannot even afford bread. We must teach people to take care of themselves and reverse our debt at home before we can help others. If this guarantees the reversal of our debt then this means WE WIN. We obviously can help Africa WIN can they Help us I'm not so sure. How about we start helping people at home like your neighbor. Do we stop our busy lives for helping our neighbor? DOUBTFUL


Ausberto Arnaldo are you a fucking retard?




The number one key to doing business is change our culture as far as how we are viewed. The President needs to be aware that the United States is a corporation and he is our Number one Brand Ambassador. The presence of small business in the United States and it's availability to global markets need to be strengthened. Invest first in the human capital of The United States citizens. Who need the support of government and finance to be able to build and globally thrive.


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