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and then we got the beautiful svetlana for all of our russian friends all over the world welcome welcome welcome there's almost game time we are so pumped we're good here all right so if i could get a thumbs up from all of the translators where we good to go thumbs up thumbs up maria it's the lana maria you're good okay lenny you're good is this your turn perfect but lana make sure that you on you you guys can hear me one last thing for all of our translators if you could hit record on your side hit record on your side it will actually record the entire presentation as you're translating it we want to get that copy as well so if you could do that that would be very helpful give me a thumbs up when you guys have that done perfect i see stellana captain john good record maria are you good record and julie are you good you can't okay okay they're not good translating so just hit the record button at the bottom for you guys and then that way it'll record from your language oh yeah hold on just a second okay we'll get you guys all permission to record this is why we do this we want a very very clean event here for all of our friends and guests watching you're like man what is going on i've seen you guys are taking over the internet social media channels uh you know we appreciate you jumping on here we're just making sure all of the technical things right away this is such a you know historical monumental day that we do not want to leave anyone out and we want to make sure we do this right so just bear with us guys if you were if you were launching something that you knew that could change the lives of millions of people i think you would understand why we're doing this we just want to make sure that we're all ready to go okay everybody should now yep everybody's thumbs up you guys can all record all right give me 30 seconds to share to the groups joey 30 seconds countdown hello hello everyone we'll let the translators and and we'll we'll do our best to to slow down today and while jen's giving out doing that she's gonna give us a thumbs up and then we'll officially start this historical day and are you guys fired up am i fired up back here it's about this much a little bit just a little bit so we just want to say hello to everybody state to state oh hello look at that we're about to hit 450 border to border all over the world yeah let's hit next milestone 500 live middle of the day some you know some of you in the evening yeah especially here in the united states right it's the middle of work day 450 and now it's going into all of the groups so literally tens of thousands of people now start to see this as well uh so we are we're going to uh man it's gonna be honest i'm getting so awesome all right jen just give us a thumbs up when you're ready okay and so coast coast border border guys last minute uh messages we have this being translated once again if you're you're from turkey a turkish language and you're going hey i don't see turkish click german and i know captain john and we'll keep telling you and reminding all of you they're jumping on we've got russian as well we've got french we've got spanish and cory and i we we do love that's our other language so uh you know all the time but uh we're gonna have some fun today this is a historical day and once we get the thumbs up we're gonna rock this thing out oh captain john you have a question oh yeah he's got he's got a question so genuine captain johnny are you you have a question so joe will help you is gentlemen all right um so fuzzy works yeah yeah excuse me do you want to try my camera once oh good it's right there it's probably pretty fast hold on one second guys i'm gonna check something real quick um you gotta guest right there uhd push it this way no no you should dude for sure that's going to be in the shot yeah see you now much better that's dark you guys just sit just sit tight with us real quick we're just trying to get uh to make sure our camera is as crisp as we can there we go i think that just did it yeah oh that's perfect yeah that's much better maybe um live on set all right jen thumbs up if we're all completely ready for translators all right let's do it and go awesome awesome welcome everybody welcome welcome my name is jimmy zell if we have not met i am uh so fortunate to be one of the co-founders and ceo of this amazing company and uh we are you guys are in for a treat it's gonna be a historical day um man it's gonna be so amazing so we just wanna say hello to everybody watching uh wherever you're at in the world we are uh doing this broadcast and i know it's hitting all six continents we have people from all six continents watching today we're translating this live everybody in and uh french spanish russian and uh turkish as well that's right and so so guys all over the world we just want to welcome all of you but let me get into it because we've got a lot to cover today um i'm going to quickly get out of the way and introduce really what you all came for i want to i want to just share with you a little back story uh this guy right here and i have known each other for many many years uh he's one of my best friends uh we have been through the battles of business together uh we have seen our families grow together and uh we're just uh it truly was an honor one day when he called me now here's the thing we've been in touch for a while uh let me let me let me go back yep actually many of you if you don't know the very first person i call was ali medalie he's our global master trainer the second person i called was this guy and at that time he was he was doing quite well institutional training and just crushing it he's like jimmy i love you but you know i got to stay focused and of course i knew what that meant and so we went off he did his thing and created unbelievable uh success and was already successful at that time created even more success and then what ended up happening is we of course went on to continue to build the entrepreneur project and then just within the last few months uh court and i were just talking and we were just talking about life but one thing that came up was is we were talking about yep and one of the things that yep was missing and that was really you know in terms of building the world's greatest entrepreneurial community is really helping people with their finances in the financial vertical that we wanted to go into and we just started talking and was like you know if we could partner up on this because it was time i mean he'll probably go into some of this but it would it you know it was time to you know for yep to go down that vertical but then also cory was looking for something as well and uh you know it's crazy everybody is when we first talked you said man q1 of 2022 gives us plenty of time plenty of time to set this all up you know q1 of 2022. first thing we're talking like yeah no problem we've got that shoe yeah so then we started talking and he's like jimmy you know uh i got some people that that really want to get started sooner than that and we started talking we're like well maybe i can be silly all right maybe he said right before christmas you know christmas did for everybody and uh we could start that but then they didn't start hitting up even more and we're like you know what let's just do it uh fortunately we have an amazing corporate team uh that is very committed to all of your success and and uh we say hey we have this big event coming up in uh florida in orlando why don't we try and see if we can get everything done or as much as we can for that event and we actually launched this vertical driven vertical uh at that event and since then everybody our company has literally exploded and and uh it has brought us like you're gonna be some of these amazing traders but so many amazing people uh into the company and now we have now uh you know we have the solution for the financial piece of our business and so we're super excited so guys i want to introduce to you my best friend the president and co-founder of driven uh mr corey cromway corey has an unbelievable [Music] experience in this industry of trading financial education uh trading education he's gonna go into it a little bit of history i'm sure uh but i want you to know there's nobody in the world uh that i'd rather be in business with than this guy i've seen him at his best i've seen him in his lows uh his core values completely aligned with with mine uh and and many of you understand how important that is in our culture in our community it's all about the core values and i believe life attracts like and today you guys can get to see some of the most incredible traders documented traders in the world and that's what this event is all about and so without further ado i'm going to turn this first piece over to the one and only cory cromwell guys [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you so much and i couldn't be more proud i mean uh this guy and i uh man we've been through a lot together and uh you know that that's what's uh brought us so uh close together for a time such as this to to really accomplish what's you know never been done before um and really it's just uh we're two guys that have a very strong mission to go change the world uh when jimmy called me i'll never forget when he called me about the young entrepreneur project and told me how he was going to build the world's biggest baddest entrepreneurial community and that they were going to change the world through entrepreneurship it wasn't that i wasn't you know excited about that it was just i had just started my career in private equity management i was only a couple years in and i had a lot of responsibilities so um to see what he's accomplished and to see what all of you have accomplished within the young entrepreneur project has been nothing short of amazing you know when jimmy and i reconnected here over the last few months and i shouldn't say reconnected because we've we've always been connected but when we really started talking about the dynamics of putting this together uh it was a match made in heaven you know it was a very very divine situation and everything that's you know uh transpired since then uh is just i mean it's just remarkable what we've done in such a short amount of time and you know congrats to the corporate staff uh you know at the young entrepreneur project you know jkn jennifer and all your hard work and laurel and olivia and the exec team and i'll talk about these guys a little bit but i have uh seen in my day you know being in the direct sales home base the business industry the entrepreneurial uh you know communities all these companies a lot of you know company owners have a really good vision but they don't know how to execute that vision or they can never establish the team that can actually execute and and fulfill that vision until i saw what this guy put together and it's really because of his leadership and the people that he's assembled you know the names that are attached to this you know from it from the executive team to the advisory board it's uh man it is it's remarkable guys it's really remarkable so you know we started talking about putting the driven model together i said jimmy you know i've been in you know trading for a long time i've been doing this you know eight years i've been in private equity management for the last five years managing one of the top grossing private equity portfolios in north america been among the top 1 all-time trading portfolios at one of the largest brokers here in the united states i've done a lot of cool things but you know it's it's really i've spent the last five years of my life living behind a computer screen making rich people richer and uh you know they say the definition of insanity is uh doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result while i was doing the same thing over and over again knowing exactly what the result was gonna be i was making them more money and i was gonna make more money but what type of impact was i really having in the world and a couple years ago back in 2019 i found myself with tons of money in the bank you know had the ferrari sitting in the garage had a beautiful home you know a nice home on the hill beautiful landscaping all the fancy stuff um and i was in the worst shape of my life you know 35 body fat 211 pounds i'm only five foot eight so you can just imagine right i was in bad shape and i'm 33 years old and i realized i was depressed like i had no interaction with people at 8 30 in the morning 3 15 in the afternoon monday through friday sitting behind my computer screen for the last four years at the time years of my life making rich people richer and i said you know i'm just not driven by money or or or success in this type of environment anymore and you know the next million dollar deal at that point wasn't going to really make or break my life and i went on a pursuit to really find myself and over the last couple years i realized that you know i'm a very passionate individual when it comes to helping people and serving people and leading and i've been blessed with this incredible story you know 16 year old high school dropout construction worker to multi-millionaire entrepreneur and learning these skills that have changed my life in such a drastic way if i don't go out and share that with the world i'm basically cutting myself short you know if i can just inspire somebody to be more to do more to become more a man i feel like i'm fulfilling so much of who i am as a person but ultimately gotta have the platform to be able to do that on so i really wanna went out on a quest uh to really kind of become the best version of myself over the last couple years and decided that i was going to take this skill teaching people how to trade the largest liquid financial markets in the world and i was going to bring it to the world in a way that not only was suitable for the classes right the people that already had money but bring those same type of returns to people like the masses right from doctor to ditch digger and everybody far in between to make it available for everybody and so my first year in pursuing this journey was 2019 i was actually uh on the cost of creating a partnership with the largest broker in the united states running an s p 500 trade room then they wanted to charge 25 000 for entry and lock people in on a 12 month 3 000 per month contract literally having people commit over 60 000 on contract before they even put money in their brokerage account they said you know guys i don't know what you missed here but i just told you i spent the last you know four and a half years of my life sitting behind a computer screen making rich people richer i'm trying to bring wall street to main street i'm trying to take what the average ordinary person can think is never reachable and make it reachable for that individual and i sold them my story and i told it and i realized that they really didn't care about helping people they cared about making money and saw me at the pinnacle of it and i decided not to do it but a multi-multi-million dollar deal millions of dollars probably would have made over 10 15 million dollars already at this point but you know at the same time what i was saying guys is it wasn't about the money for me anymore right the climb and the pursuit of success and getting here you know that drove me for a while and then i realized when you have it money is not everything in life and really you could be the the most depressed person in the world and still have a million dollars in the bank and you know what it did show me though was that i was passionate about going down this this road of teaching people the skill and in 2020 i was actually working with a company in the direct sales network marketing industry an industry that changed my life in the beginning but then i swore i would never join it again jimmy always tells the story how his wife kicked him out in the industry i totally got kicked out of the industry as well i just couldn't sit across the table for people looking them in the eyes anymore selling them all their goals dreams and aspirations to lie knowing that they probably weren't gonna make it and even if they did break through and become a top five percent six figure earner top one percent seven figure earner even if they made it chances are the company would go out of business because i remember right as i left the industry the dsa came out with a statistic that only one out of a thousand companies make it to the five-year mark and i saw what was wrong with the industry right it was everybody copying everybody else right i got the best coffee no i got the best coffee no i have the best shake i have the best shake and amazon was coming into the marketplace at the time consumers were getting smarter the economies of scale were dying in those product-based companies and there really wasn't anything like this back then so coming back and getting reintroduced to the industry in 2020 i'm consulting with this company we're getting ready to bring their operations into the united states trading education meets network marketing i said man if there was ever a business that would be better than this i just can't simply see what it would be and as i got further and further down the road seeing the intersectional innovation of these two ginormous industries you have the network marketing industry 300 billion per year industry created more millionaires than any other industry in business you have the trading space the largest liquid financial markets in the world just forex itself 6.6 trillion dollars a day in trading volume the intersectional innovation of these two industries taking average ordinary people with on average unordinary dreams and goals in life putting them at the crosshairs and being able to capitalize on learning a skill that they can make money with for the rest of their life and at the same time generating revenue by going out and contributing to the community world-class business model right now as i'm consulting with this company covent happens everybody gets locked down and i said this would be the best time in the world for me to get back involved in community building building entrepreneurial communities through the network marketing distribution model and i partnered up with this company and decided to go all in april 1st 2020 by the end of that year we're talking nine months we had done over 47 million dollars in sales built an organization of 10 500 distributors created three seven figure earners who had never done network marketing before 65 plus six figure earners never done network marketing before and 80 of our entire community was earning a check every week i have never seen that before in this space 80 percent of the the distribution force earning a check that just doesn't happen right and i realized i had my hands on something special unfortunately it didn't work out with that company i had to walk away from 175 000 a month in income right you know 175 000 a month in income to walk away from it because i chose my character over the check and i didn't agree with the way that they were running their business but i didn't give up on the model was i too naive to think that the model could be executed properly and after a couple speed bumps to try to put this thing together over this past year you know getting connected with this guy and one of the strongest operation teams and executive boards that i've ever seen in any type of business put our team against any fortune 100 fortune 500 company i believe we have something that will change millions of people's lives all across the world and that's how driven was born and when you're looking at this opportunity guys i want you to understand something i come out of the financial space a lot of these guys behind me have been in the financial space for a long time we also have a couple guys that you didn't see on the flyer that are actually joining the team here real soon wrapping up some contracts that they're in uh i'll mention a little bit about these guys that they won't be able to join us today but but they're also part of the team so i want to bring highlight to these guys but what we're talking about is changing the world through entrepreneurship what better skill to teach that entrepreneurial community then how to trade the largest financial markets in the world okay the largest financial markets in the world sorry guys so um the microphone's a little bit away from us so i thought i had to talk louder [Laughter] so you know one of the big things here that that we have to look at look at all the chances we got you we look like yeah we got you guys sorry about it thank you so i get a little excited right this is actually slow for me too by the way [Laughter] so um you know one of the things that we said was if you're going to build a company in the trading space you have to have a world-class trade team okay you have to have a world-class trade team a trade team that doesn't just do this at a very small level but does it at the highest level out there like professional portfolio managers people who manage millions of dollars people know how to manage risk at the highest level because those are the type of guys that you want to be calling out trades to help people earn money while they're learning the skill and also teaching the skill to be able to teach it from the very basic beginner level all the way to the most advanced level to where even professional traders are coming to our community to learn how to take their training to the next level to go from a seven figure trader to an eight figure trader an eight-figure trader to a nine-figure trader and that's what you'll actually hear about from some of these guys tonight of why they're here they're here for mentorship and so now they're contributing to the community because of that seek for mentorship so you know one of the things that i said guys is i'm talking to you and assembling this team was i have to do business with people especially in this space how touchy it is with people that i trust right i could build the best trade team in the world especially with my partners back here but we got to be able to trust each other we got to be able to eliminate ego to set it aside we're all really good at what we do can we all come together as one cohesive unit and become the best trading team in the world where if you see where you can help him you show him how he can get better and where you see he's doing something wrong you show him how he can get better there's no excuses by any of these traders lack ever the best trade team one collective movement to become the absolute best in the industry and i told them these guys my vision and i talked to them and how we were going to go out and change the world through entrepreneurship and we're going to be the jungler not in this space and i believe that not only have we assembled one of the strongest teams in this space uh we've already proved it right we've already proved it just being in business a short amount of time from the results that we're delivering in our trade room to the results delivered in our in our signal channel and now with the big announcement of our brand new app launching in the next couple days and how we're going to deliver world-class trade ideas from some of the top trading professionals in the world to where you can actually profit and make money while you're learning the skill and then 30 days later to be able to automate all of it imagine taking world-class portfolio managers and being able to automate their trades copy it onto your platform and fully manage that position so artificial intelligence with human overlay at the highest level of professionalism what we're putting together here is not something that you know uh it's not one of those me too things you know here today gone tomorrow companies we've attracted some of the strongest business minds in the world like kevin harrington you guys might know him from the hit tv show shark tank right he was the original shark from shark tank a guy who's done over five billion dollars in revenue through his companies a guy who invented the infomercial i mean for i mean he invented the infomercial it's a big deal right so kevin harrington but not only to have a guy like kevin harrington on your advisory team but also a steve mandel from game plan enterprises a michaelwolshan a james malenchenk abc's secret millionaire one of the most sought after speakers in the whole country and continent on entrepreneurship and success and personal development one of the strongest business minds in north america and lots of others guys you know uh putting a cj floyd at the helm of the financials of the company a guy who's taking over 100 companies public on nasdaq you know what i mean has been in the involvement of that you bring in a guy like laurel winfield the former director of operations for verizon wireless now to be the ceo of the company that knows how to manage multi-billion dollar operations you bring in olivia fisher kane as your chief marketing officer you know somebody who worked as the creative director and led international expansion marketing team for the ufc taking them from 200 000 to 4 billion playing a huge role in that bringing her in as our chief marketing officer having the visionary mind of mr jimmy zell hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through the network marketing distribution industry youngest all-time executive at readers digest which was one of the largest publications out there in the world right one of the youngest he has the executive experience he has the sales experience he's led some of the largest uh international expansions into asian markets for direct sales companies and and having his vision now in alignment with mine and carrying this to the world it's not a map about or it's not a matter of if this will happen it's it's it's how it's happening right before your eyes and and when we're gonna accomplish our goal of creating ten thousand millionaires that's never even been set as a goal for for a network marketing company or an entrepreneurial company like this but when we're talking and jimmy shared with me you know corey the biggest companies in the world created ten thousand millionaires and here's how we're gonna do it and i said jimmy not only do i think we're going to do it i think we're going to do it in a lot shorter of a time than we think and that's what introduced the driven platform to this company the biggest thing that you have to think about when you're bringing trading results and trading to the network marketing entrepreneurial community building whatever you want to call it this space is we have to make sure that we lead with the results that people are getting in the market not results that they share from their friend who made money last month or the fx book from two months ago or three months ago real results that you're getting every single day where you can go and share your results with the person you're talking to not only are we establishing posture we're leading by example we're setting the standard and the benchmark for this space okay we will always continue to provide the highest level of excellence and the highest standard to the space if we have to slow down the speed up that's what we'll do it's not about being the fastest company to a billion dollars the companies that go from zero to a billion dollars to typically go out of business over the next couple years because they executed too quickly we have the best people in the best seats all playing their exact strengths of where they need to be to make sure that not only we take this company to 10 billion 20 billion and 50 billion dollars we are able to sustain that type of growth okay we're able to sustain that type of growth to be the juggernaut in this space because we're not out there selling the idea of it we're actually producing the results we say we're going to produce and that's what's going to set us apart when people say well what makes you guys different than any other company out there these guys the guys that are delivering results at the highest level and the results speak for themselves we don't have to fabricate data we don't have to fabricate anything the people are our voice look at their results and you can't you can't refute it and it was just i got that from jimmy because he's the first thing he actually said i said well tell me about the people and the success that they're having in the company he said corey you could call a thousand people in this community right now and just ask them how i need this company and they'll tell you and i realized that he had built one of the hardest things that ever gets created in this type of industry culture he had a culture and a community that was so strong these people they wore yep on their sleeves man you didn't have to ask them why they were a part of this community they breathed they they they wore it on their face right of why they were so passionate about this company and i said you know the driven milo coming here and not only changing the existing community but our community also merging with this community it's a match made in heaven like i said earlier and we're gonna go and change the world together and i'm super excited today guys because we get to introduce you to the trainers and we get to introduce you to the team that's behind the results that we're delivering in the industry right now and before i bring on our first trailer that i want to introduce um i do want to let you guys know there's a couple guys that couldn't be here with us today we got roger out in the uk that jimmy and i are talking to you here and he's going to be coming on board with us real soon we also have one of my best friends business partners mr robert chasing he's been been in management with me for years now former director of institutional securities training for morgan stanley managed the fifth largest trading desk on wall street actually couldn't be here with us today but these guys are also a part of our world-class team uh those guys are gonna be focused uh rogers focused on on the forex market he's going to be doing all of our london trainings along with lenny that you're going to see on here today and then um robbie's going to be doing all of our options stuff robbie's more stocks and options big portfolio management uh will also be the very first company to introduce how to run a self-directed 401k how to run a self-directed ira for those of you guys who are sick and tired of making that lousy six to eight percent of your on your portfolios it's just robbery right to be able to turn six percent a month is fairly effortless when you talk to guys like us and and and now we can go bless the world with that one skill that you can learn where you'll never have to worry about making money again and also a company where you never have to talk about any of the company or never have to promote it to anyone and you can still become financially free with just the skills that you're learning it's crazy right it's crazy and and i'm sure you might have heard it before we're doing it though like i said this isn't theory based we already have the results and documentation and we'll just continue to grow and expand on that as you see here but once you hear from these guys you'll realize that we have the backbone and we have the support and we have the execution to make this dream a reality and that's what we're gonna do so without further ado i'm actually gonna bring on our first writer you guys are excited to meet our trade team today and hear a little bit about them and their their backgrounds um so i'm super excited for this too uh and first of all before i say that i just want to say thank you to this guy right here because uh without this guy none of this would be happening right now i i got a hold of your vision and and i saw what we could do together and uh i'm just really blessed to be able to change the world with your brother i love you too man uh so guys uh lenny mr lenny uh michael out of australia i'm gonna actually bring you up here for a minute and um i i just want everybody to know here you know in assembling this team the one thing that i want you to know is that we're running this team like a wall street hedge fund okay it's a very controlled environment and a very controlled atmosphere everybody operates independently from one another but we all come together when it comes to the next levels of this company and how we plan on bringing this vision to the world right we're all working independent nobody tells everybody anybody what to do they're all their own boss and they're all professionals in their own right in their own strategies but now coming together as a collective we can help each other grow and expand on what's already there because just like napoleon hill talked about and think you grow rich we're creating a trading mastermind the most elite traders in the world coming together to create this cohesive unit this supermind to go out under there in the marketplace and you're on the back end the client the customer the distributor receiving the result of that and i want you to think about that as you get introduced to all these traders today so mr lenny michael out of australia guys you're gonna be hearing a lot from lenny uh he's one of our big swing traders yeah give it up for mr lenny guys we're gonna see where we have this guy uh you know he's been a good friend of mine for quite some time now you know he's uh um you know really um he's just such a gentleman man it's such a good guy just a good believer you know a big price follower you know he's a he's an awesome awesome guy he really leads with his heart and he really is just kind of like us you know he's made tons of money he still makes tons of money in in fund management and he wants to go out there and change the world and really make a difference and um you know when when i started talking about driven in my vision for this company you know he was like i don't even care what the details are i'm all in just like a lot of these guys i'll we'll figure out the details later i'm all in and and that was why it was so important to assemble this team uh that we all have so much respect for one another to where we can really go out there and actually change the world and actually do it right so lenny it's it's an honor to have you here you guys will be learning from lenny in the london markets a lot he's also going to be one of our top swing traders uh really focusing uh heavily on the forex market for those of you swing traders set it and forget it type of guys that's lenny he's a great swing trader and i'm going to have him share a little bit about himself so lenny why don't you tell the world who you are why you're excited about driven and kind of what they can expect from you hey corey how are you man i am excited i'm pumped thanks for having me here it's 5 40 a.m in melbourne australia um i'm excited i'm i'm so awake right now but um hey jimmy how's the rest of the team um hey everybody you know um listen i've known of corey for a while now i've um i've come across him and i started hearing him about all the things he's achieving in his life and all the things he's achieving with the community out there and um and i just reached out to him and i i knew that he was onto something exciting i i started hearing his story and it it lined up a lot with what i want to achieve and what i wanted to do so the natural fit for me was to reach out to corey um like every good athlete out there they need a mentor they need a coach and that's the same thing with me and that's the same thing i encourage people so i reach out to corey just for mentorship and from there things just snowballed he's seen my results seen what i'm doing seeing what i'm doing my own private equity and here we are so um but most importantly i want to be around a successful team i want to be around a successful company which is going to impact people and change people's lives and um and here we are that's been that's one of the reasons i joined uh driven mainly because of cory and his vision and what he's doing and through that i met jimmy and and the vision there with yep it's it's it's a no-brainer for me [Music] yeah that's awesomely so so let's tell a little bit about your background how long you've been training for uh you know when did you get into fund management you know talk to talk people about you know your your background in the brokerage like let let people know your professionalism how long you've been doing this work so they can see the level of education that they're going to be receiving from you and obviously you know what type of styles of trading your life what are some of the main things that you're going to be focusing on and what they can look forward to from learning from you yeah great great great story you know i came across trading accidentally just walking past a hotel they were doing a road show on um on trading so that's how i came across trading in back in 2011 so i've been doing that for a while um so i've been trading since 2011.

my background is actually in brokerage um worked for some of the top brokers outside of us worked in kind of all kind of divisions for being a sales guy to customer service compliance all that kind of stuff so worked across all that um so still heavily involved with that um i'll currently run also uh two profitable funds as well um they're doing really great they're doing really well um so that's a bit of my background um i'll say when i first started training the first four or five years were um really a bit of a learning experience um learned learned the hard way um then something just clicked in with me just changing my mindset getting rid of a lot of things a lot of noise um out of the charts a lot of noise that i was fitting into my trading got rid of all that and um and just took off and then 2017 that's when i first launched my fund um just my own money and with my family fund i just done that and then recently i was able to um start another fund as well we just ticked over a year which we're accepting well um external funds as well we're doing really well we're making noise in australia with that as well and that's going really well and you know like bit of your story corey you know um making rich people richer it doesn't satisfy me you know it doesn't get me excited although it's a skill that i have what was missing for me is the community i'm a people person i like helping people and and this is a great opportunity for me to use my skill set that i have and and help people along the way educate people and give us some great signals that we that i'm using for my own funds so um that's what i'm gonna be bringing across my experience my do knowledge funds as well and um experience with brokerage bring them across i think we've got a great vehicle driven and yet to really make difference in people's lives so that then and i'm really excited about that awesome brother well thank you so much and thank you for joining us and uh guys give it up for lenny he stayed up all night long it's 5 30 in the morning 5 30 in the morning just to be here with us this morning so you guys will be hearing from lenny we're going to be actually putting together a schedule this week with all the traders you'll be seeing him on our london uh training sessions and we'll be doing a lot of stuff with him so thanks lenny thank you for joining us today and go get yourself some rest if you can uh i do want to point out a a strong thing agenda as you kind of switch the video over here the um then one of the big things that stuck out to me and what lenny said and this actually is a common theme between all of us that you're going to hear from today is he says i even use the signals from driven on my own funds guys we execute each other's trades all the time like all the time lewis actually the other day i called it a trade in the group he made like 62 000 on his portfolio in about two and a half hours you know what i mean and we do this off each other all the time because we trust each other's analysis so much we don't have to think about it now imagine having a check system where somebody's going to call it a trade we have one or two traders or three traders check check check say i agree i agree i agree and then it goes out into the signal now we will have a system that actually does this at some point here moving forward in the next like 60 days where there's going to be a check system that actually checks the authenticity of the trade just in case i might be looking at the market a little bit different right that's the power of having a mastermind especially a cohesive unit that you know really can feed off each other well and trust each other well so i'm actually going to bring up the next trader uh mr jamari james skye has uh been one of my great friends for for several years now and he's just an absolute stud in the trading space more importantly uh he's got a huge heart and he loves helping people so jamari kind of same stuff for you why driven why why did you decide to partner up this team first of all give a little background yourself kind of kind of your your level of professionalism in the trading space also some of the other things that you've done outside that and uh you know what we can look forward to from learning from you all right well first of all i want to give thanks back to jimmy thanks back to cory for uh putting this together um none of this would be possible without you guys so just want to give you guys thanks for that a little bit about me i'm sure entrepreneur uh trading has been a love of mine for about two and a half years now started trading april 2019 um and you know just like you guys it was it was big on i was big on you know giving back being able to take a skill set and being able to help people who ultimately know nothing about the markets ultimately know nothing about what we do they from you know like you say hear it from other people they think it's a scam yeah so being able to show them hey this is real you can make some real money um and be able to ultimately achieve that freedom that everybody's looking for um so the biggest reason for me for joining driven is a lot what you talk about it's about the trust right if corey's tells me something or jimmy says something i know for a fact that's gonna happen i don't have to call for two days learning like hey you remember you said x y z so it's a big trust thing for me being able to trust the leadership being able to be in a cohesive group where everybody's trying to help each other get better rather than one person saying oh no no no no no that's wrong you know instead of people putting each other down we're all here to help each other grow because at the end of the day our goal is to obviously help each and every person that joins driven uh to increase their portfolios but as well have the most elite trading group in the world so i'm sure you guys have heard that saying before top two and we ain't number two that's how i feel about this group right here um uh but yeah a little bit about me uh 20 i just turned 29 i grew up in a single family home my grandma my mom always taught morals ethics um and accountability so if you make a decision hold yourself accountable to that decision um and you know just just be a man of your word and that's that's what i was brought up on so play college football so i've always been very competitive um and when i was introduced to trading at first i was like most people i thought it was a scam i heard people okay i heard people get scammed uh from trading and i just was like nah that's not really something i wanted to get into i ended up taking a chance with it where i've met some of my best friends within this profession and it's given me that freedom i was looking for right because at the end of the day if we only work one job you just one you're just one decision away from not having any type of income so trader has been uh able to allow me to retire my grandmother help my mom with uh endless bills and just put my family and put myself in a position to build endless uh generational income so yeah awesome buddy i appreciate you sharing that you guys and one of the things that uh you know i want you to understand with the jamari now this isn't going to happen with everybody uh jamar is a really smart guy right he's got he's got a really sharp mind but just in a short amount of time just in two years he's been able to create so much success for himself and i started looking at his portfolio like dude this is how good you're trading after just two years i mean it's insane insane and and so you know as we start talking jamari in and i i kind of shared the vision with you of driven and kind of what what our mo was you know what was kind of the the real underlying factor of what made you say you know what i'm all in on that uh i think it was a conversation that i had with you and jimmy um just knowing that like myself i'm sure the other 497 people are on this call we've all been in situations where you know we got you know we got disappointed i'll use those words we got disappointed um and it's having countless and countless times again so just to you know be in a be in a a place where everybody's trying to help everybody get uh get better and i'll ultimately make more income but not only make more income have a community where it's trust driven yeah everybody trusts everybody i don't have to worry about somebody trying to stab me in my back i don't have to worry about oh man i don't know if jimmy's going to shut the company down tomorrow you know type situation it really was just to trust um and meeting you guys and and really feeling like this is home this is somewhere i can build a home build a community and bring people into this community and not only make the income that we talk about but actually live the life we don't have to fake it till we make it like a lot of like a lot of people do we don't have to fake it to make it we can be honest about where we at show our results and um you know give people the freedom that they're looking for so that was it for me amazing brother well so thank you so much man welcome to the team we're so so excited to have you give it up for tomorrow [Applause] and now i want you guys to uh please help me welcome our next trader for those of you who like crypto who likes crypto out there cryptocurrency i know we got some crypto lovers we got mr noah defrades coming to join the team we're so excited to have this guy not only is the reason i look like this today because of this guy because he's like one of the top fitness coaches in all of nevada if not the whole country but uh i mean this guy is just one of the most passionate individuals i've ever met and i've been watching what this guy's been doing in the cryptocurrency space for the last couple years now and i've been saying you know uh uh you know he started his own crypto trading platform called all-time high trading uh and i look at the results they were 100 win rate for like month over month over a month and i'm like dude who is this guy and i know him like i know him and his other half really well like they're really good friends of mine and i had no idea that he was trading at this level and as we start looking over his portfolio and his analysis and all this stuff i'm like the one trader i didn't have on my team yet was a crypto expert and i'm looking at this guy and i'm like dude if we can get this guy on our team to do crypto for us it would be amazing so i just took a shot in the dark and i said well hey uh so this crypto stuff you've been doing uh you know i'm putting a trade team together right and he's like man it would be an honor and here he is and he's going to be doing some crypto stuff with you guys not only from a crypto leverage standpoint like we're going to actually work on a lot of that stuff together but he's a real good like he knows what points he studies this market he is he's got like he knows the who's who and all these coins and and the new icos and all this stuff and uh you guys are gonna be able to learn so much uh from noah so i'm super excited buddy welcome to the team we're so glad to have you and maybe just share a little bit about who you are kind of you know what got you into trading and and kind of uh you know why driven and uh what everybody can expect to learn from you awesome well corey thank you man so much for this this is beyond an honor this is a vision that i've had personally for a long time and really the reason why i follow you so closely is that we share that vision of a truly driving impact and i'll just start with my story and i'll tell you kind of how i got into the crypto space but my story when i was young like everybody else wanted to be i don't know fireman an astronaut i wanted to be a traitor first thing and uh this was because the most successful family member um he was also a traitor and i got to see really the freedom that that allowed him to have so right off the bat it was trading so the question was how do i become this trader and really i had this really long journey of figuring out that trading is not something that's very easily attained that that information that knowledge the point of verb i ask people well how do i become a trader they said get a degree in finance and it's kind of funny i i have some of the traditional kind of path here to get there i'm telling you it often doesn't get you there so for example um going to college i did all my four years in finance and i remember there was one class the entire four years that they pulled up a chart and took a trip one class i was like you've got to be kidding me so i started asking well how do i learn how to trade they said well you need an internship so i i literally did i did it was one month i did 23 interviews in one month i was literally on the road all the time caught one of the best um internships out there in bond portfolio management so i get to this internship and um really was like all right you know teach me how to trade and uh it was really a lot of information hoarding and uh unfortunately this is this is somewhat the case um when you're in this industry and they they basically weren't telling me how to trade they told me to take an exam they told me to take the cfa exam if anybody knows what that exam is or if you've taken that exam um i feel for you 300 hours per exam and uh they don't teach you how to trade so um after that i really learned um what it takes to become a trader and at least before this this information boom you had to know somebody you had to had a dad that traded you had to have go or know somebody on the floor i shadowed people on the floor of the cme group before they didn't even tell me what they were doing it was really a secluded skill set almost like get out of my way it really was and if you read books about traders it was like you really had to befriend people it was just a place where i kind of felt rejected from and a few years later i owned i opened up a fitness business and i started to hear information about trading and um some of the people i saw there they were taking classes and getting into groups and actually people were teaching people how to trade live on the charts like this is something i've never seen before and i'm traditionally trained in finance so this was mind-blowing for me and i was like you know what maybe this is a chance to go for this again and i started doing every single course out there joining every single organization i could making as many connections as i could it really led us to this right here you know i really believe the key to success is is never giving up and finding the right people and over time you know i found the good and the bad um the bad being you know this this is an industry full of of you know false claims and uh over promises and hidden information and really corey is the only person i've seen in this industry that shoots it straight that gives me the right numbers that same percentages that aren't obscene you know hearing people saying it's 100 per month or flipping accounts i'm sure all many of you guys have heard this in the industry and corey's the guy that is actually speaking the right things telling us really what this industry is all about he walks the walk and talks the talk so wherever he's going i'm going and it's just been an honor to be a part of this and to be uh the crypto guy for you and really that's to now get into crypto over the last four years i've been trading and uh just as i'm sure everybody's seen so far crypto is the next wave and uh really being that next wave it's where i see the most impact and that's where we're seeing you know parabolic gains and really in a way that many just the average person can do with not very much money they can have their lives changed i mean my life was changed and uh the the feeling i got from that change changed everything for me that's the whole goal this is it's i kept up a nice new card i've picked up a few things along the way but it was really the not worrying about the next bill and uh that changed the game for me i remember just such a relief when that was over and i was like you know what this is what it's all about because now i can think clear like corey mentioned i'm a fitness coach i don't want to think of corey as a number i want to think of how can i help corey in the best way possible so when the financial equation is solved you can become your best self and that's what i'm here for is to really help everybody become the best self remove the financial equation i believe the crypto space is the number one space for us to do that because it's the next wave it's just like the stock market 20 years ago so we're going to see those opportunities and if you just play it right and that's my mission is to show you guys how to play it right how to stay in the game you're almost going to stumble across success and that's what i want to see and i'm truly truly grateful to be here and thank you corey awesome love this guy right here pearl thank you so much for letting us have him we're so grateful for you if you're watching so thank you pearl um you know pearl and noah have been great friends of mine uh for quite some time now and um i just i just love the couple they're they're amazing people and i'm just blessed to have them in my life so you guys are going to learn such great stuff from noah he's a great teacher and he's really going to be able to position you at the forefront of a lot of those big movements that happen in the cryptocurrency space so now i got uh this guy's actually extremely important to me because this is actually uh mr lewis is queerto who's my number one student of all time like like literally when i talk and i've never even taught this like at the level that i'm teaching it right now i only teach at the highest level institutional traders like portfolio managers and how to like how to take the seven-figure trader to an eight-figure trader those are the guys that i'm really used to teaching and you know lewis came into my life um about two years ago and he was ultimately just in in that community that i was building right he's in the community it was he was looking to to grow and uh you know he just said i i don't really even care about this business or any of this stuff i just want to learn how to how to trade from you and he was already doing extremely well he was already making six figures very high six figures right he was actually doing like i mean i think he was like 20 20 30 000 a month which is powerful right and that was just on his own stuff and then here i'm talking i'm seeing how passionate this guy's he's 21 20 years old 21 years old at the time and he was like the most passionate guy in training that i've ever seen and i'm like man you don't have to do anything to to to uh um to earn my time but if you want to get one on one time with me and you want to meet in person you got to do this right and there was a couple of things i laid out from some goals because i wanted to see well how hungry is this guy is he willing to do whatever it takes not only did he accomplish those goals that i set for him he did it in record time which was amazing and he drove up to jacksonville literally the next weekend because i honored my commitment to him uh not only have we become absolute best friends but this guy has grown into one of the most top portfolio managers that i know at 22 years old managing millions and millions and millions and millions of millions and millions of dollars every single portfolio has is in significant profit across the board month over month over month over a month and the future that lies ahead for you uh is just not only amazing but you know there's just no way that i could even assemble a team without having this guy at the forefront i mean this guy is just one of those guys who well a lot of you you already know all right you've been getting results like crazy for the last month from this guy and uh he's just one of the best uh educators out there one of the best uh signal providers and traders that i've known i've met and we're just truly uh excited to have him on board with our team so lewis welcome to the team why driven tell a little bit about your story how training's changed your life and you know what these people can look forward to uh in learning from you and and and and uh and just slow i talk fast and i know you kind of do it too um it's crazy it's you know me and corey we talk to each other almost every day but both me and corey have such a busy schedule that when we talk to each other it's fast fast-paced so a one-hour conversation we could have it in literally 15 minutes right so i'm uh i usually talk very fast but i'm super happy and grateful to be here in miami florida with all of you here jay adams noah jimmy jj man i'm super excited to be here and you know me becoming a part of this platform for me was really um a decision that i had to put a lot of thought into and it wasn't because i was in private equity management doing you know multiple seven figures and stuff it wasn't the money for me i mean when corey presented this opportunity to me um i was asking him for a favor i'm like dude how do you do this you know transaction stuff all my clients are trying to pay me um yeah i need your help of this and then he's like dude i have a big opportunity for you i want you to check out this company and then i'm like man i got to think about it and you know it wasn't easy it wasn't even about the money because you know um there was things offered and i'm like dude i don't even care about your money all i care about is repaying the favor of the mentorship that you gave me um and you know the following week ahead i drove to orlando florida where we had a huge convention and i think the part that made me say yes to this opportunity was on sunday 1 p.m 1 30 p.m i remember the exact time um i'm in my room and i'm looking over some some data and stuff like that some logistics and corey out of nowhere calls me he's like hey i need you to speak in front of 200 people in person in the next 30 minutes and i'm like wait i'm not even a part of this platform i haven't even agreed to this he's like yeah great i need you so within 20 minutes i mean i'm i mean you know shorts and a hoodie that's how i trade right i'm like okay i put on you know clothes and i run down the elevator to the convention and when i show up at the convention out of nowhere i see 200 plus people sitting down and he gave me the mic and you know me seeing all those people for some reason inspired me it's like you know i'm making so much money right now i have 27 um portfolios that i'm currently managing those 27 portfolios are making crazy gains but what am i doing for each and every single person out there you get me and that yeah you know i really started thinking about what am i gonna do in the future right to impact people because you know when i thought about corey's story he helped so many i'm sorry he helped so few people hit a seven eight figure mark due to the fact that he was only managing a handful of portfolios but then i saw the impact he had in the previous organization where he helped people who were no better than you who's watching me right now hit a seven figure income that's over a million dollars a year when i saw him do that you know it really opened up my eyes and after speaking that in that convention 200 plus people i'm like you know what if anyone could do this correctly it could be me cory and the team he's assembled right so there i made the initiative i told him hey i'm all in and within the very next day i was already doing live sessions with him i was providing results for the team and i'm super super happy to be here all i really want to do here is really go out and impact the world i am currently studying for my series 3 to get my futures licensed to be trading smp 500 with you guys through the futures through td ameritrade swallow swag but to tell you guys a little bit about my story i'm 22 years old i just turned 22 my goals in life right now have changed dramatically my goals i

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