Meet a Super Trader from Patna and learn the art of F&O Hedging

Meet a Super Trader from Patna and learn the art of F&O Hedging

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Hello, hello, hello, namaskar, this is your friend, Vivek Bajaj Friends, I have brought one more face2face, and it’s going to be just as good too. Friends, tell me something, who’s the biggest man? The one who learns and then does something. Who’s a bigger man than him? The one who creates a path for others, teaches them and gives them just as much power as he has gained. Correct, yes? Friends, there was a movie called Super 30, if you remember it. Do you remember? Hrithik Roshan had acted in it. That movie is based on Anand Kumar, if you remember, he is a well-known person who became even more popular after the movie, But even before he was well known among people like us, because he is doing phenomenal work He is very well educated, but his work was to educate children at the grassroot level Those who wanted to sit for the IIT exams but can’t afford it, he worked for them excellently and today he is very famous countrywide.

Friends, you must remember that Anand Kumar is from Patna. Friends there is one more person from Patna who will join me in today’s face2face He’s doing amazing work friends, I am also in his telegram channel and i can see the work he is doing. Friends you know the kind of people I bring to face2face, those who are hidden and not well known by people And I get on their network and silently observe their work, whether it’s telegram or twitter And I try to evaluate if they’re genuinely doing good work or not. Friends in this face2face we have a very genuine person who is engaged in teaching people in the stock market He already earns money on his own, but along with that he is teaching others and he is teaching where it is needed the most Although by staying online he is able to teach throughout the country like I am trying with face2face But this person is doing amazing work and on the ground level, He is helping spread the cause of financial education throughout the country Friends you must have understood and recognized him. His name is Nitish Kumar

So, Nitish Ji I invite you to this face2face and I wish you can interact with me here Welcome, Nitish Ji. Namaste, Vivek Ji, good morning Good morning, Nitish Ji, you seem like a very simple person, and just like I expected in your telegram channel, I follow you there and see you, so I can understand how simple you must be So thank you for recording this video for me, today, we will discuss an important and significant topic So today I think we will have amazing learning today, so thank you very much for that. Thank you, today I will also try to do something better, so that my voice could reach as many people as possible, And most importantly, you are also doing good work at the ground level which is helping a lot of people in the financial market Which is essential because people come to school or colleges and work, but one always has doubt on others in the financial market, so the right knowledge can’t be passed on It’s an effort from your side to educate as many people as you can And i believe, that if I have learned about the market genuinely then it will work in the real market for sure And you have given me the chance to educate people, for that i would like to thank you And I would request people to test whatever i teach in the market for 1-2 months, and when it starts to work, then only should you follow it. Because if i tell you something on a chart here it would seem good and doable, thinking that it would work immediately But the truth is something else and the market is different, so they’ll face problems when they try it out So I would request you to test it, and go ahead only if it works in the live market.

Correct, friends, for today’s video I had requested Nitish Ji to talk about an important topic that you are known for Which is hedging. Friends, this is a topic where even the best people often face difficulties. How to do hedging, how to do it in futures or in options, and most importantly, If you trade futures, how to manage the fluctuations, these are the topics that we will understand And we will know the right way to hedge. So do watch this video till the end, it can be a bit longer Nitish Ji, our channel is known for having long videos, because I feel that a ten minute video wont be of much help If you want to learn the right thing then it will at least take one hour long, correct? Yes, of course, even 1 hour is too small, it would take 10-15 years to learn about the stock market, You have to be a life-long learner, and you have to give at least 1-2 hours to earn worth a lifetime.

And one can lose everything in the market, be it family, home, so people have to understand that it can take hours or months too. And whatever I will tell you in this 1 hour webinar, it will help people realize the mistakes behind their losses Whatever they will learn in this one hour, they wouldn’t have been able to learn in the last 8-10 years therefore I will try to improve such things and give them value. Friends you would be interested to know about Mr. Nitish, I am also very interested because From his background, and how he has made it so far, he seems like a simple man, please tell us about how you have come this far My journey started like every ordinary man in the stock market, i come from a village, called Patna Here there is no stock market craze. If you tell people about the stock market, they will call you a gambler

This is what happened with me as well. When i started my journey in the stock market, my family said this is the place where 95% people lose and only 5% are winners So i said i am only concerned with the 5%. They said what can make you a part of the 5% to which i said I don’t know what i can do yet but I am ready to commit myself completely and risk it all. Either i will win or lose but at least i can try because if one doesn’t have passion, they can’t do anything I thought that if a person can reach the moon, then why can’t I Then somehow with someone’s advice, i reached the stock market and occasionally made some profit I started being over ambitious over all the profit, but after some losses i realized that the market can be like this as well After a stage of revenge came recovery because i had to recover whatever i lost, and so the journey continued And I had to bear losses in crores, not lakhs. Because of this i had to join lots of trainers and look for paid tips but They gave bookish knowledge about RSI, open interest, etc. but i failed every time i tried to apply this knowledge practically After i would have profit twice then the market would take it all away, this was the situation This would happen to me month after month. I started options trading, but that needs money management

Even your earnings of ten months can be swept away at one go, things like these kept happening Eventually I started to realize my mistakes, so I tried to understand what the big FIIs and DIIs do. I saw that they would transact in millions of rupees, and hedge every transaction So I asked myself that if such big investors trade with hedging, then what is the worth of small traders like us? It’s like we have no value. If they can hedge, then why can’t we? Then when i tried to learn about hedging, i observed that there is not much information on google. People would have misconceptions about the concept, they would think it’s related to futures, etc., but no one knew the exact way. After learning all that i could i still incurred some losses but the market also gave me a lot of help which people didn’t know about in the form of indicators, hedging concepts, and kept giving me more help. Like they say, when the market takes, it takes a lot and when the market gives, it gives a lot.

Both things happened with me. Slowly, i didn’t even realize but my losses turned to profits. When I looked back, I realized how far I’ve come. But I regret all the losses that I made Because if someone had taught me some trading basics in the beginning, i wouldn’t have had those losses People would tell us about candlesticks, trendlines, etc., but no one told us about the logic behind these things Even after giving so much fees to people. I lost a lot of money, and that is my only regret I lost a lifetime behind these mistakes and now i don’t want this happen to anybody else, and their time and money is saved Because this doesn’t only affect money and time but we have to deal with negative comments from family members and friends too It affects your mental health and peace a lot because the market is not what it seems to be So i tried to help people through social media and tried to advise them on what to do and what to avoid I told people about different ways to invest and trade and began to guide them properly Then i developed various concepts related to options. Instead of time value, intrinsic value, I explained it through chips and air I asked people what do you get when you open a packet of chips, they said chips and air Just like we are only left with chips when the packet opens, the same thing happens upon expiry.

The ITM options are the chips and everything else becomes air So those who couldn’t understand options now understand it better and I explained about the four things the market has Price, volume, strength and momentum. If we arrange these things a certain way we will be able to predict price movement easily So i developed various systems and gave them for free and now lots of people are benefitting from them and making money too People tell me about how my systems helped them and it makes me feel good since at least they are not making losses there is endless satisfaction that I get from helping people avoid losses, at least it saves some lives. And if i save at least one family, all my years of losses would prove to be fruitful because as we all know One day we all have to answer to god and apart from my inheritance which i have gotten from my family, it is my satisfaction from helping people earn in the stock market that helps me the most. This is it sir, today i will try to teach about the future, investments, how to hedge, Hello, I hope you are liking my efforts, if you wish for me to make more such videos, like this video and share it with your friends, & to stay connected with my efforts, subscribe to this channel & do press the bell icon so that you know when a new video is coming out, thank you. People say that futures are a money destructing weapon but is that true? We have to see if futures are worth the losses And I want to see if the people who watch your video still face losses while trading in futures, and if yes then to tell me If they are not able to reduce losses after this video then they have no right to call futures a money destructing weapon Very good, now Nitish ji, please tell us all that you want to tell us, openly, now I am making you the presenter Today i will tell you two things, one - the people who are trading in NIFTY, for retired people who want a certain income, who want a certain percentage of income per month definitely, I will talk about them, I'll talk about investing, and lastly I'll talk about how to hedge in futures and how powerful it can be whoever wants to save for retirement or invest, they must understand that Nifty is one such safe instrument Till there's India, there is Nifty. Stocks can crash, companies can close, but Nifty will remain, and it'll go on.

To those people I suggest buying Nifty BeES as per the current nifty lot size. Suppose the lot quantity is 75 so they will have to buy nifty BeES at around 7500 so here you can buy it directly, it is from Nippon India, if they purchase 7500 quantity for their portfolio, from here every month they can sell any Nifty call option at a value 7-8% above. this means that at the current 13749, the next month's call option of 14500 for February can be sold you will do this every month, what will happen is that the Nifty BeES holding will remain but this price will fall and if it Nifty falls this will automatically become zero. even if Nifty rises, there wont be a loss till it reaches 14673 and if it goes till there, there will be a 3-4% profit in Nifty.

This is how one can generate income, if they want more income, they can sell a higher value call So monthly they will get a return of 8000-10000, which comes from Rs. 8,50,000 if we buy 7500 quantity What is the logic behind the 7500 units, Nitish Ji? We have to make our purchase as per the lot size. So if the lot size is 75, we have to buy 7500 units proportionately. no matter what the value, even if 20% or 50% above, we will get profit only and if Nifty falls, you can sell monthly and get monthly. You can do the same thing in stocks, So if someone has SBI at 3000 value, they can sell a call option of 15% above value, this helps in giving rental income lots of people have the needed stock holding but they are not able to sell the needed amount to make profits, even if they sell out 1%, they will have the remaining as profit.

I will be asking you questions in between so please don't mind. If we look a the price of Nifty BeES it is 146. What does this mean? this is the price, if we buy 7500 units on this price, it will reach the worth of the lot size of 75, this means that if I have to reach the worth of one Nifty future lot, i will multiply both amounts to reach that worth and when we sell call options at the upper value, we will get a rental income and nifty is an instrument that returns to its original value in 1-2 years, be it the pandemic or whatever, but stocks don't have this nature, for example, when the Nifty fell from 14100, I told people to buy at 7500 but no one did I said that it might but come back to its real value, but people kept saying it would fall further to 6000, and it did reach this value in the end they could have made this rental income if they had bought it, profit could be made at even a percentage around 8 to 10% every month you will sell and its price will keep falling as per an options' nature, if it takes 10 days to get to this level, if this falls then the other price will fall too and premium will keep rising and around expiry it will stay around 173 only, then I can sell 10% on the upper side, this is how you can get a regular income and get returns of at least 1-1.5% if Nifty falls by 10%, should we average it by selling up and down? if Nifty falls, there is no issue, we already have an investment so we'll sell calls at 10-12% above value this works because we have nifty as an investment just like any stock. Instead of designing a portfolio why not just invest in nifty

nifty has 50 stocks so your portfolio is automatically designed so you keep selling and generating regular and safe income whether you have an SBI or a tata stock, you can do this with any stock I recommend nifty because it is safe, stocks are very volatile but if India is there, Nifty will be there too. Okay got it.. whichever index you want you can try this method out, which can benefit a lot of people and whoever has stocks around the size of lots, I would request them to try this once as this gives a satisfactory regular income you are trading and investing and also getting returns of 1-1.5%, and if you're more intelligent this ratio can rise too. Nitish Ji, I have a question, if I am buying Nifty BeES, so I am taking delivery, but if I pledge it to the broker so for the call option I will not need to spend any cash at all, and I can sell options with this pledge yes yes, you can buy with that, there is no need, it takes around ₹1,50,000, you can do it in that investment amount only you can do this with stocks and figure out how to sell with support and resistance the price will rise or fall but the money will be yours only. I have a question, which I am asking so that no one makes mistakes while trading, so if you buy 7500 units of BeES, so you have to take care to sell only one call lot, sometimes people can sell more out of greed if you be disciplined, you will get the money, you won't need to sell more, if you are able to get a return of 12-15% from calls, it is better than the bank interest of 7% plus taxes, then what more is needed that is why you have to avoid greed and make a safe investment to move ahead safely. This is best for retired or those looking for safe income great, let's move ahead Another way that people can invest safely is the N 100 People ask me about which stocks to tell them, and I recommend N 100 to them instead if people invest in N 100, an advantage is that from 2011 till now its return hasnt fallen below 20% on a yearly basis, whether there is a corona fall or whatsoever.

so that is the best investment bet, if anyone wants to invest they can do it there, Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100, you can buy it like a stock the return for this doesnt come below 20% only. please give us some details about N 100. This is an ETF from Motilal Oswal for companies on the NASDAQ, you can buy it directly very good returns.. does this invest in 100 Stocks of NASDAQ? Yes, see these 100 stocks, if these stocks fail the world will drown People were asking me about how to invest in american equity directly, but they can just invest in this.

If you see these stocks, microsoft, twitter, etc., our life is connected to them and they can never fail there is a saying, invest in story, not in the price, so these stories can never fail and you should invest in them people often prioritize phones over food, how can these stocks fail? So this has never given a return of below 20% from 2011 till now. so if there is 20% return here, why opt for lower with BeES? it's useless effort. You can blindly invest here effort is needed to change perspective and invest in the most profitable stories. So I would recommend to invest in this and BeES, it's the best. this doesnt require effort, like in stocks, you should not be buying if you cant manage the technical aspects lots of people were asking me how I knew that nifty would rise after falling to 7500, because I had told that to someone before I said the market told me and they asked how, so I did it with the help of the market candlesticks they tell me the peak of the price and the stock always runs on the average, just like everything else in life, price has an average and the trade fails if the price falls below it, so now we will see the reason behind me saying why we should buy at 7500. friends, here Nitish Ji is using a broker's terminal here but if you use any charting tool you'll get this. Yes, yes definitely.

I am just going to clarify that I am not promoting any broker here, and he is just using for his purpose & not promoting anyone I get mails from brokers for promotion but it's best to ignore them here, in 2008, market was falling at this point and the support and resistance led me to this anchor and that's why I chose this level and gave a buy signal for nifty here at the 7450 point, which was clearly seen and people were giving lower levels and were not willing to believe me at all but I never speak without logic and I have years of experience behind me so this is why the nifty dropped to this level and stopped, and this is the pattern it will always follow whenever it drops What is this VWAP? This VWAP is the MVWAP, like the volume based average price is the VWAP, when we move to anchored VWAP, we can decide it ourselves but finding an anchored VWAP is an art. if you know anchored you know it has a lot of usage in futures, options, technical aspects, but I think only 5-10% know its practical use, and the rest work on bogus knowledge. That's why I'm informing why the buying level was 7500 and whenever it falls we will have to consider the 2008 anchor, but this recent fall that has happened we will have to take this anchor into consideration, which is around 10,000-11,000 level. So we have to understand all this and ask the price why it is doing what it is. because if this had fallen it would've fallen below 2008 level & if the average is gone that means this level is gone So this is how it is done. I diverted a bit from hedging and explained this so that people are not misguided. Anyway, the fourth thing I will tell you is how to hedge futures. As I told you, we will discuss hedging futures today.

Till today people are told that futures are a money destructing weapon, if they invest here their capital will finish, you will face losses, only trade in futures after getting 1-2 years experience, but I don't agree with this If you don't have knowledge, you can't be misguiding others. If you can't do it yourself, doesn't mean you can misguide others. Firstly, you shouldn't trade futures naked. Why are they called f&o and not just f? Because they're both mixed futures and options are both mixed and whenever you use them you will always use them together. If not together, then you should just trade cash. Futures are not meant to trade naked at all. you can only mix options with futures then say that you are trading in f&o. So options are a hedging instrument, and we will hedge futures with options, and when we mix these two, the retail investor becomes powerful and their capital grows at a great speed. How does this happen?

Now see, what do we have to do to hedge? Suppose we have SBI here and I take its SAR, 267 is the price, If I buy SBI here the lot size is 3000, & just in case, after my purchase SBI falls by 10%, what will happen? it will be a big loss, and what happens if it keeps falling after I buy it, because this happens a lot with retailers, always the opposite they think that this happens with them on purpose only when they make the purchase this is because of our emotions. What happens if we trade naked futures? We need to know more about the technicals and if we know how the price behaves we will buy and sell accordingly. but I know that even if we wrongly choose the futures we will not be facing a loss with them anymore.

if any retailer now trades this way with futures, they will not face a loss. The question is, how? if you buy a naked future you are bearing unlimited loss and unlimited profit too, both is there any way to make loss zero and make profits unlimited? if it takes me a margin of 2,80,000 to buy an SBI lot, can it be possible that I can bring this down to 30,000 or 35,000? Is that possible? Can some with a capital of Rs. 1,00,000 trade with futures with zero loss? if this is possible, then with a little hard work even a retailer can make money here. at least there won't be losses because futures will now become a money making weapon. the way to do this is when you buy a future, buy a put option with 75-80% chips and remaining air chips are intrinsic value and air is time value, I use these terms so that it is easier to understand.

people can take it as intrinsic/time value but I use these terms to make the concept simpler. now look for an option with minimum 75-80% chips. These can only be ITM put options so I will look for an SBI put, and here it is 9.25 with 275 price, but the value is 268, this means 7 points if I buy both my maximum risk will become 2.25 rupees, this means that even if SBI falls to Rs. 2 this will be my max loss. but if SBI moves upward, we can have unlimited profits.. sorry, a bit slow please. Some people might not have caught up so I will repeat

you have bought a put option for 275, and you did 275-268, which is 7. So 9.25 - 7 = 2 is the loss you're talking about, right? yes, but the market might not even give me that. That Rs. 2 means Rs. 6000 actually. If after buying the price falls below the VWAP in intraday for one hour, we will sell the call option of 275 in intraday, whose value is 1.85. When you sell you do 2 - 1.85 now the remaining loss is 15-20 paise. If SBI keeps falling we will sell another call to remove this as well, this will be a no loss situation

and if SBI reaches 150 we will sell the put at the 160-165 value, so if it increases above this there will be unlimited profit You're talking about 260? yes, and if SBI falls by 100 points tomorrow, so we will book a profit for the put option and there we will buy an option so the price will become 150, by booking this put let us move slowly and mention each point of this trade. It's okay, I'll teach again since this is a new subject I will explain this with the help of a software, with ease, because I want to help even one person reduce losses if possible here I will take an sbin future, if I take one lot, I see the margin is 2,77,000, and max profit and loss undefined now we have to add one put option here at 275, now we will see what happen to this margin, not everyone might have this amount, let's see what happens to the margin after the trade, and this is how much the margin has fallen by and I have only reduced the loss. See people think that hedging in futures means that your profit will also fall but that is not true. loss is minimal and profit is unlimited. Even if you dont do anything this will be your maximum loss. but if you have a bullish view and the value rises only then you will have to bear the loss, yes? so you will get unlimited profit with a margin of just 28000, where you used to pay 2,77,000, your purchasing power has increased tenfold. you can even buy 5 lots, and still get minimal losses, now in intraday if my trade goes wrong, we will sell one lot in intraday and you will have to keep a margin here if you want to sell okay, so see this will be the max loss. Okay, so this call option selling is only for intraday, right? yes, only if your trade fails, only to save that 5850 loss value, though we don't have to use it okay, so I only used this to reduce my max loss to 300, but we can reduce this also, if the price falls further.

you will see some margin here though the intraday margin would be lesser. I have zero profit but my loss is even lower. So I only have to use this when my trade fails, and its not in my favour, you sell this call option in intraday, and this will be done to save ₹2. meaning we won't even give the market ₹2, and the retailer is so powerful that the market cant even take that much from them the only problem is that if it goes above 275 there will be no profit no loss.. yes u will use it only when you're wrong. if you are right, there is no need to use it, only when u know you're wrong. We should know if we are going against big money, that

there is bad money and smart money & if you're going against the latter, you will have to know which weapon to use and when. if you dont know, you will have to incur losses, and if you dont use then you wont be able to get even the 5850 loss value. What can be safer than this? this is the least possible loss in futures, even lesser than equity but it needs knowledge and practice to be executed with ease and reduce losses. Nitish ji you had said something important in the beginning about chips and air, so intrinsic value should be 75-80% so when i select the strike price to buy the put, should I use the same criteria for all stocks? Yes, although liquid stocks are better and you can use this with any index and market of the world because it cannot be failed at all, due to options and price involvement. you can fail candlesticks and trend, but how can price behavior fail? I cant bear more loss than that let's do this with bank nifty.. now first we will see the price of it, and now it is 3420. Again we have to look for 75% chips and less air. now for put we will take an option of 3100 value. After buying we have 2 benefits - our premium falls, to 15000 here with max loss 2935.

even if my trade is wrong i will sell this weekly at expiry, this is a benefit, at a value near 3100-3200 to recover this amount lets see what happens when we sell it.. actually I am telling all this from experience. I try to tell this from all I have lost, without copying anyone else, because I could bear it, but others might not be able to. now the maximum profit is 285 no matter where the market goes. So this is what the call put parity is, you take a put and future and sell a call you have to use this when the trade is wrong, to save that loss of 2900. What happens if we sell for 3200 instead? It wont cover the loss entirely,

but it will still cover. Suppose we choose 31500, my loss will be there with some profit. This has to be used when we feel our trade is wrong. this statement is the million dollar question, when will I get that? if there was a formula to know this that would be great. Simply you have to use an hourly chart of 20 days and the moving average will help you understand what to do with the trade. this is the average price, and if it comes below it, you sell it. This is how simple it is. You try it when the market opens, & if it doesnt work then let me know

a better way is to open the bank nifty chart, and you can use VWAP for help. how to use it? See there is a universal truth dont sell above VWAP and dont buy above VWAP, if you dont have more technical knowledge, price below VWAP will go down and vice versa. it works like a limit during intraday. If the trade you have taken is below VWAP, for 1-2 hours, then sell it.

price below VWAP will keep going down, and vice versa. VWAP is the universal truth of intraday, if you dont use it you dont know how to trade intraday. I have an experience here, actually everyone has started seeing VWAP, that green candle you see, the VWAP goes around the body and gives falls and rises up again, and if VWAP rises we wont square up our position we will just sell the upper call and on the other ay around we will cover the call that doesnt matter because the premium will fall.. but what if the market rises your profit will reduce? but there is still no loss? our main concern should be the running of the trade and business, the profit will come on its own, running the business is essential. save your business and focus on growth and loss reduction, then only you will get profits because as per the market rules you will either have a profit or loss, saving loss would give 100% profit, and people lose because they choose to focus on profits. this only comes with maturity because a new person in the market sees profit everywhere,.. but no one shares their losses no? that would be so much better. I ask people to tell me about their losses, in my opinion people should show their losses more.

seeing the loss would help people see the real face of the market, then they will work hard for the profit. the greed of profits distracts small traders and makes them lose big time, along with their families and children's future, and this is a common occurence. so people do get misguided by it so I ask them not to do this. Hedging is the only way to save yourself from loss, if not done, then defeat is imminent.

because if I am speaking here, you must know that I have years of experience behind me, and I can teach u 200 indicators but can you absorb that knowledge? People say something about RSI and I disagree only because it cannot be done practically at all. People say if RSI is above 70 then it is overbound, I say that happens above 20 only. No one understands because there are a lot of practical things hidden in the market price increases only when it converges, it can only become a multibagger after that, but people stick to bogus knowledge that doesnt work practically and those who follow this knowledge are bearing huge losses, when I post calls I'd rather have me face the losses because I can bear them thats why I tell people to hedge but they want to trade naked options specially, but hopefully they will understand soon but some stock options are not liquid so how will we hedge with those? Doesn't matter because liquid stocks will give us profit anyway.

what is the need to look for other stocks? It might be greed, because of which you might want to look for stocks. we have so many liquid stocks and indices, what more do you need? why not trade from the long list of profitable liquid stocks? even focusing on 1 stock can help make money, then why choose the thrill.. if you sit in front of the tv from 9 to 10 am, a person can do whatever they are told then so they dont care about hedging then, the problem is that people are ready to listen there more then they complain about the market being a place for losses and gambling. Those doing so should think of their children, because the market will beat them anyway. and whatever I am saying here comes from a lot of experiences and losses, because this is a trap that can defeat you for sure the right way to use futures and options is together and that's why it's f&o, just trade in cash instead.. how do you hedge in cash, Nitish Ji

for cash hedging you have to sell options, but you must have the needed quantity in cash suppose you have 1000 shares and you buy a lot of 3000 shares to hedge it, you have to take a very far OTM for it, there will be part hedging for it, but if you have 3000 shares, you can hedge it, and you can buy a put instead of a future, of 75% chips & when you sell, you are hedging. hedging is a dynamic subject and a thought process you have to learn to convert the price towards our favour. if they don't do this then it will be a copy paste way of hedging which will fail, i say this because i speak from experience meet me in the live market and i will show you where the price will go for the ten minutes, but i would still not recommend trading naked because i do not trust that price. because there are three types of risks in the market- known, unknown and planned known risk has risk and reward, unknown is without research, and planned is for hedging because I decide when to take risk and when to not this means that no one else, either the market or the smart money system will decide my risk for me planning risk is the business, and the stock market itself is the businessman's business. Also focus on learning even if it takes up a lot of your capital. if you run your business with a small portion of the capital but don't do so in the market then say you have faced losses, but it is not that simple.

the market constantly tests your knowledge for years and questions your commitment constantly, and your answer has to be to the max. you wont even realize when you have lost it all. This is the market's universal truth which people have to accept. very good, there are some people who speak with the heart or brain, but only a few people speak with both, it's very inspiring to see how you are determined to take us all on the path of hedging, which is very important for retail investors. Friends I hope you will understand this and take this seriously and study it, Mr. Nitish is here with you, please give us your telegram channel. I have a telegram and a twitter called nk stocktalk, people know it and they're following me there I opened my twitter account in June upon recommendations, and my telegram where I share my insights I had also shared some insight when nifty was going to fall, which is because of hedging, and we all know what happened there.

We cant see it right now but I will share the link here. friends, just letting you know that I have no commercial arrangement here, he is here because of his good work. Please do go to his telegram channel but practice too because this is all for learning purposes. we are not selling any broker or product. I'd say that just like we bargain and learn for any product, we need to do our research before the stock market as well. You are doing good work, and with more people like you, retailers will surely benefit sooner or later.

just like you I get satisfaction from the fact that people are learning and changing. Thank you for this amazing video Nitish Ji, if the chance comes it would be exciting to trade with you in the live market as well, so I would arrange a live session sometime. thank you so much for watching, I hope you have enjoyed this video, especially those who stayed till the end.

2021-01-10 20:28

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