MCX Intraday Trading Strategy for Crude Oil and Natural Gas.

MCX Intraday Trading Strategy for Crude Oil and Natural Gas.

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Hey. Guys welcome, to beyond trade so. In this video we will see how to make money, a lot of money using a very simple strategy in. Crude oil and natural gas the. Time taken for this strategy is hardly, three to five minutes that's, the time required for placing, the orders so. Guys this is a very very very simple strategy that I have been using for quite some time so. I, thought like I will share it with you guys I made, a lot of money in this strategy so. If you want you can take this, or. Else you can ignore it this strategy might sound very, silly for you guys but really there is money involved in this I am. Saying this because I learned, not. Much of money in this I don't know if I can say that I was. Not able to record any videos, earlier, when I took trades using this strategy but going. Forward I will try to record videos and then I will share it with you guys so that you can know right so. Now, we will see what this strategy actually is. Okay. So, in this strategy all you have to do is you. Have to see the color. Of the candle. Silly. Right the. Color of the candle. Plays. A vital, role in the strategy it's because it shows the actual trend of this talk on that particular day, for. Example. So. This is a daily chart and this, one is 15 minutes chart, so. In the case of daily chart we will see for the month of known how. It performed, all right so. On 31st, of. October. The. Color of the candle was red right, so. On, first. Yes. This is, number. 2080. You can see the. Bottom. So, this is first I don't know why obstructs. Is not having first. Second, of the. Daily candle but they have this 15 minutes so you show that in 15-minute, time frame so this is 31st. So. On 31st. Crude. Oil was down. To. The color of the candle is red so. On first. You're short, below. The. First 50 minute candle so. That is the strategy guys. So. Below. This. Candle. I shall build this candle. And they stopped cause. The. Stop loss is 30, natural, density, fixed stop loss throughout. This. Trade so. They. Stopped process 30 pounds. This. Is the stop loss. This, is the stop loss and, the target is. It's. The open target. So. We will see how much you have made if we had taken that trade this is crowd mega. So. The stop loss wasn't hit right. Okay, guys no I hope it's clear so. As. You can see this. The, law of this candle is, for. Rate three to sovereignty, is at four eight three one and. This job has destroyed your points so. It is at four eight five, nine. Four. Six one, four. Thirty points and, the target is open so, if you see the documents, on that particular day. So, this is first off number. Okay, we, can say like we have exited at this point. So. The water point is. 145. Can. You say guys on the top, left. Hands head, it's. Three percentage, move the, point is 145. So. This is taken, is 30 in.

203,000. Whereas the prophet your mate is like. Almost 5 times right so, if you want to like check for the risk/reward ratio it is like 1 is to 5. So. I hope, you guys are able to understand. This I, will. Like explain, that, further. So, guys as, we were discussing the, profit. That we made on 1st of November is. 145. Points, so. If we have taken 1 lakh Omega. They. Like just put it in, Excel so, on. First number. The. Points I saved is 145. And the Lord says is 100, so the profit is. 13,500. The. Time taken for this trade is water. The. Minute, or two that's it right all you have to do is like. Put. One entry stop, those and leave it open, that's all so. We will check for few. Other days and then. We will move on to natural, gas. Right. So, on first of November, the. Crude was. Down so, the color of the candle is red, so. For, second. What. We'll do is like we will again, shot that below the 15-minute, candle, first 15-minute, candle. The, lowest for, triple six so we will put some, two. Points per fair or one point. We'll, take it at four, double, six for okay. A second. Lois. Okay it's triggered, the orders taker and. We will see this. Top loss. Most, of us has 30 points. So, this is a stoploss. And. I. Think. A stop loss is not head. For, the, basics. Okay, this colossus, not hit so, we will see like one second, how, much profit we have made. We'll. Take the, exit, and. The. Market closed that is 15 minutes before the market closes. Again. It's. 33, points. So. You'll make. Umpteen. Thousand profit, into. This. Okay. Guys now there's one condition this, once the. Community. Wants the crude oil or natural gas moves, in your favor in the case of crude oil when it moves say. Like 230 240 points you can change this top loss - si - si si, - si means coast to coast so, that when, it returns back and, when it hits I. Mean. When it turns back and I say like when the market reverses, it, will come and hit your stop. Loss at big, same cost where, you shorted, it or where you would have bought it so, you know. Again excluding, the charges. And things if you want you can keep two points it's. Up to you. So, guys welcome now coming back to 2nd of November, the. Dough is below, of the 15-minute candle is. For. Drupal 6 FZ, first, 15 minute candle, look, for, trouble 6 so Raintree is at 4 double.

6 5 and the stop loss is 30 points 4, 6 9 5 and. It. Was to get in the second candle it serve the second, candle Lewis for w6, 4 so right, on spot, right and then it went up but, it missed our stop loss of 30 points. By. Some 5. Points I think yeah so the highest 4 6 9 0, and later, on it came. Down and if. We see the, profit. For, this. They. Did one salad. So. Guys you can do one more thing like when. The market starts to crash like this. Thing. Like that and, the market starts to. Flash. Like this. Sometimes. What it'll do is like it will reverse back right, so, in that case what you can do is like once, the. Crude. Oil falls, to say, like 30 points you. Can put your stop loss from. 30. Points, to. Say, to see see to see feels, like it's, team price. Where you would have shot in the crude oil or you'd have bought it so in this case you. See to say is four. Six six, five so, when choroid. Falls for say like 30 or 40 points, and then if you are like one. To safeguard, you were marching. Then you can put C to C or else you can leave that but. In my case what I did is like I used to put C to see. So, similarly if you see we. Will see, if she made any loss. So. Guys now, moving to fifty number. This. Is no sorry, second November. So. We made some profit of 30 points so. Now. What. Is. That we. Have to sell below the first first, first 15-minute. Candle because they. Did try. To that was in self and. The color of the candle was red. So. We will put an, order here below this first 15 min candle that is four five nine five but it wasn't executed, and, then market went up so. Our trade for fifty. Number is zero. So. 150. Number the market the crude oil went up right so, for, six. November it is by. Since. The color of the candle on fifth is green. So. On. Will. Go for back so. We'll. By above the first fifteen month candle in, this case the high use for 6 w 5 so the buyers had four six five. Six and, is. So. For six. Number, that is no trade. Go, to the color of the candle for, six the number. Spread. So. Seventh number was Holiday, Market was, I don't. Open. Just for. Few. Minutes so, we will ignore that. But. Still if you're taken trade your availing of it anyways, we will ignore six down. Sorry. That. Was 4/7 number. Yeah. So number, the market was. What. Happened some. Some. Other trade was going on. On. Each number on a day, prior to that was spread, and did a price with that goes right again. As. You can see on sixth it was going. To. Because. Of some holidays, or something, so. Need. Go. For sell a. Still. Low. Okay. Let me just pause this video and then I'll mock that for you guys. Okay. Guys you marked it so increase, at four four nine seven, because that so, in lieu of that first, document candle, and. Went below the first 15. Min candle four, four nine eight is the loss over increase at four four nine seven, the. Stop loss is 30 points that's that for. Five to seven, so. Our target is open so, we will see how that. Okay. So. First you have 10 minutes before thee I get closest. Here. Take, a small around. 47. Say. For 45. Points. Just. Make a note of that. Okay, so, similarly we have to do for each and every single day I will show you like the, total performance of crude oil, like. How much profit we would have made during. The month of November. If. He had just followed this simple strategy. Okay. It was a profit, made on crude oil is forty, thousand eight hundred rupees, using, this simple, strategy. Okay. Guys now we will see for natural, gas, holy. Cows the performance of the natural gas during, the month of normal. So. On 31st, October, the. Color of the candle was green let, me show that to you in the daily chart with, a diverse number it's. Green so on, first know. This. Is not the first know my candle this is fifth number as I said obstructs. Is not happy. Few. This, candle, I don't know why so, we will see that in 15 minutes they have 13, 15 minutes thankfully. So. On 15 minute the, condition is to buy and. Will buy about the first 15 minute candle that, is above this. Candle. So. High off the first 15 min candle is 2. 4 5 point. 6 0 so you will buy it to. 45.7. So. Triggered. At. 10:45. The. Highest to 45.7. 0 and. The. Market was I mean natural just was like going sideways and, then, it. Crashed and our stop loss was gone so for natural gas my, stop loss is 3. I don't, reduce.

This Dopplers until and endless it, moves. Up. Or down by, 4 points 4, to 5 points when it moves up, or down by 4 to 5 points I will change my stop loss to cost to cost as. I said you earlier, so. In this case now our stop loss is triggered, by 3 points so let us make a note of that. So. As you can see on first number I wonder. Since we can cut a loss of three points you mock that like. Made some changes so. It's. Three point clothes and one lot of natural, gas is like. One thousand to fifty. So. Three points, so. The law says three thousand seven fifty so. For crude oil loss will be three thousand, and for natural gas it will be three thousand seven fifty fixed. And target, is open, oh. You'll. See for the next day so. Let me make, say. The entry and stop loss and then I will like. Rerecord. This video for now I will post this video guys. Okay. On, 2nd, of November. The. Condition is to sell below, the first 15 min candle yes. On. First, number, the color of the candle was red and the train goes down, so. Actually the thing is like we are going with the trend all. Right so. This. Candle. That is at. Two, three nine nine, zero. The. Stop loss is three points. Against. Window very nicely. Gave. Us some. High. Points profit. No. And later. On it. Reversed, and then. It went up so, as I said when the when. Natural gas moves. In. Our favor by three four, or five points they will change they stop us to, see to see so, now my stock rose after. The. Natural gas rates is four or five points my stop loss is. C, two C. So. My stop-loss and end and the, entries, same. Sorry. Now the entry and the stop-loss is same so, what happens is like when the method or, when the natural gas reverses. It, comes and hits my. C2c. Stop-loss, so that way I have no loss and I mean. It's. Fine the most important, thing is. To protect our margin we will get many. Opportunities. To make the profit because we have a set of like. The, fixed stop-loss, and the target is open and the target is open there a chance like let, me move to even 10 and 20 points and. We'll. Be surprised, to know like, how much natural. Gas boat last, month I. Will. Show that you in, the Excel. Okay, now we are safe for the next three. Okay, this will you ever see the performance, of natural gas on 5th. Of November, so, on. Second. It was up. The. Color of the candle is green. So, on, fifth you, will go for by. So. What is the condition we, will buy about the first, 15-minute. Candle, so. The first 15 min candles hi is 2/5. 3.40. So. Our entry is 2/5. 3.50. And. Our stop process, 250.50. That. Is 3 points. So. We will see how much the. Natural. Gas food. So, once it reaches to. Four. Points our, stop loss will be changed to our. Entry so, it becomes cost or cost. So. Our. Profit is. Somewhere. Around five points we'll, take it as five. So. 6,000 250, is the profit. So. Guys similarly, we have to do that for each and every day I will explain to you like what is the purpose of the super trend you guys must be wondering like when having, that right so, it it. Is very important to have that super trend I will, explain, to you so, continue. To watch this video. So. Guys let me show. You like how much profit, we. Could have made if this strategy, was used during the month, of November so. For, natural gas, the. Profit is one like twenty five thousand seven fifty. So. The total profit with. Crude. Oil and natural gas is one like sixty six thousand, five hundred and fifty using. Just one lot and five, minutes of our time that five minutes is five, minutes is also. Some. The, maximum time. So. This. Is the highest.

Community. In, natural gas fifty. Five points for. That month so we captured that that's. The reason the profit is so high that's. It the single lot actually. So. If you want to like or try this you can like try with mini or, even, with mega and if things work well then you can increase the dot, says five so. Now I plan to liking, this my lot size to 2 or 3 because. But lot the first, lot the loss for crude oil is three thousand so. I can increase, it, to. Say. Like three times so the loss will be below. Ten thousand protrude, and. For natural, gas one frame and so transferred so we can keep three loads. So. Just, imagine if you multiply that by three then the, profit would be in next. Level right so. Now I will tell you guys what is the, purpose of super trend. Okay, so, if you see in, the case of natural gas from, the month of November, there, was some changes in the super trend that is it. Was. Going. Up one second guys. Okay. So, during the month of November there, were some changes in the super trend as you can see like it was going and. Then it, was. Like in a train ride later. On it. Started. To become flat. Like. From. 14th omlettes it started, to become. Flat. So. In. This region they will incur loss. It's. Because the super. Trend is flat so. What, should we do in order to like not. To get, in caught with this region, I will tell you that. So. Guys would not take, trade, when. Super trend is flat how, to know if the super trend is flat we, have to see for three days so. This is 14th. November, 15th. November, 16th. November, 18th. I see obstructions, really having, some issues this is a duplicate. Of this I think I can day. And. Then the, next day so. If you incur loss in these. 3 days continuously. Then we will. Like check for super trend and if it is flat will not take, the trade until unless, the super trend changes, so, now as you can see that is a change super. Trend. So. I think we can wait. For a day or two and then if, you get the right area we will go for buy so. Similarly with crude oil. So. Similarly with crude oil if you guys can see it, was. Having. A beautiful. Downtrend. And. Then. Now. It is flat so we will not take, in. This region. Because. If they take rate then we will be in loss. So. Once this, o pattern changes, either. To green or it. Starts, to like continue its downtrend, then. We will go for the trade, so. Guys this is. So. This is all, the. Strategy, that I used to make some. Good. Amount of money, so. To. Increase the quantity, of, natural. Gas and crude. Oil I will, check with some, other community, as well I haven't, tried this with stocks, so. I will check with other commodities. I think all dominium is like changing its string now so we can try with our menu so you. Guys can like back test it and. Try. With meaning lots or, if, you really liked it. Mega. If you like this with your work you can use this strategy you, can, modify it but please, do not change the stop-loss it's. Ok if you reduce this chorus but do not increase, it I. Did. A lot of research in this and then according, to me 30 was good. For. Crude oil and 3. Points for natural gas. So. Guys I hope you really. Liked this video. If. So then, please like share and, subscribe so that I can make, much. More videos of similar type that, will be of some use to you all thank, you so much guys see. You in my next video.

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Sir please share your contact No

Please mail me your number to , I will contact you.

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Kindly send me your contact number to, I will contact you.

I take aggressive trades so for super trend I have used 5 as (Period) and 2 as (multiplier), you can also try with default settings.

Supertrend setting?

I take aggressive trades so I have used 5 as (Period) and 2 as (multiplier), you can also try with default settings.

Thanks for your guidance...well strategy.....

Thank you for your feedback. Happy trading.


+Beyond Trade ok

Do we have to see the colour of 15 minute candlestick or also we have to see 1 hour candlestick colour?

None, we have to see previous day's candle color (it says us what is the trend), based upon that we will buy above the 15 min candle if the previous day's candle is green and sell if red, entry is below 15 min candle for sell. That's what I have explained in the video too. Kindly watch it once again for better understanding, thank you.

Dear sir, for how many months you have tested this strategy?

Sure, kindly send me your contact number to my mail id (, I will contact you.

+Beyond Trade thanks very much, better if I can get your contact number.

I don't remember making a note of that, but mostly end of the month the result is positive. You can back test it, the data is available in I will make a video on the P/L report for the month of December.

+Beyond Trade , dear sir can you tell me , what average points per month we get if do 1 year trading?

I have been using this strategy for more than a year and it's quite profitable. We should see the month end report as in intraday there will be some ups and downs. You can back test it too.

Yes, based upon the previous day's candle we will take the position.

+Beyond Trade dear sir, you means to say, to see previous days candle in Daily Chart?

I'm working person; I could not watch market Can we put c2c in OCO itself in Upstox?

I don't use oco or bo but I believe in oco you will have to enter the target but in this strategy the target is open, we will only have the stop loss order. So, oco won't work.

The best thing though is how simple and easy you've made it for normal folk to get to grips with and trade currency correlated pairs in Forex Intraday trading for themselves to make so much money. Guys search for the Blended Model Strategy developed by a retired Russian Market analyst DMITRY VLADISLAV and learn more now the market works. the trading method that he teach is easy, simple and very profitable.find it online for more information.

The best thing though is how simple and easy you've made it for normal folk to get to grips with and trade currency correlated pairs in Forex for themselves to make so much money. Guys search for the Blended Model Strategy developed by a retired Russian Market analyst DMITRY VLADISLAV and learn more now the market works. the trading method that he teach is easy, simple and very profitable.find it online for more information.


Everything will be the same except for the entries (entries may be delayed).


No changes.

What if there is gap up or gal down. Say if the previous day candle was red and then morning candle was a gap up so shall v sell at the low of that gap up candle???

+Beyond Trade which satargy use it


Sir can u provide Ur mobile number need some clarification on this strategy if possible plz provide

Kindly check in the description of this video. I'm not able to post the number in comments, it is getting deleted here.

@Beyond Trade which satargy use it

@Beyond Trade dear sir, you means to say, to see previous days candle in Daily Chart?

@Beyond Trade thanks very much, better if I can get your contact number.

@Beyond Trade , dear sir can you tell me , what average points per month we get if do 1 year trading?

@Beyond Trade ok

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