MCB4 November 2020 Business License and Permits Committee

MCB4 November 2020 Business License and Permits Committee

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Yes. Okay. Hello everyone welcome, uh to the november, meeting of the. Businesses, license, and permits committee, of the community board four. Uh i'm frank calazubiac, one of the co-chairs. Uh the other coach here burt lazarin, is having problems, uh. Joining the meeting but hopefully we'll be able to. Join, soon. I want to remind everyone, that. Pursuant, to the. City regulations. That allow us to meet on zoom. This meeting is being recorded. It's also being streamed. Live on youtube. And a recording, of it will be. Posted, on youtube. On the community. Board 4 website. As i think you all know. This committee, hears applications. For. Liquor licenses, and sidewalk, cafes. We. We will go through the agenda. Uh as listed. I want to alert everyone that agenda, item 8. 745. 9th avenue, has, postponed. They will not be heard tonight. So if anyone is on here for just that item, uh we will not have any discussion, of it tonight. Uh the way we proceed, uh we call each agenda, item. We ask the applicant, to make a short presentation. Uh we have some committee discussion. And then we uh. Uh open the meeting up to any comments, from the community and the public. Uh, the way that'll work. Uh when an agenda, item comes up that you're interested, in. If you are. Uh only in the meeting is an attendee. Please raise your hand. Or text milligan's, are, or in the chat. Indicate you'd like to uh speak. Uh you will then be moved into the meeting, uh. As a. As a panelist, so we can see and hear you. Uh. Just couple other things this committee, will make, a, recommendation. To the full board. Which meets on december, 2. And at that meeting, the full board. Will also vote on all of these items. The full board then makes a recommendation. To the state liquor authority. Uh we have no power to grant or deny liquor licenses. All we can do is make. Recommendations. One way or the. Other. Now with that i think we can get started, uh we'll start with uh. Agenda, item one which is an alteration, application. For 164. Ninth. Avenue. Now is the applicant, here. Uh yes the applicant for 164. Ninth avenue, uh milk and hops, or here, brian frederick, says attorney. Okay.

And Mr winter, as as, general manager, i apologize. I seen that very poor connection. To the extent you, are unable to hear me. Uh so far we can hear you fine. Okay very. Good. Uh, do one of you want to tell us uh, what you're seeking here. Uh right so uh it's just a it's it's a very straightforward. Um. It, it it's a very very straightforward, modification, of a license. Uh. Current, currently, uh there's there's a beer license in place. Uh the establishment. Essentially, serves as a, uh. Offering, craft, beers. Um. The. The establishment, would like to expand, its offerings. To wine. And certain spirits, whether it's cocktails, or otherwise, it's sort of been. Um. We lost him, yeah. I guess i can take over, sure. Uh. So yeah in. Part, we, do, craft beer and cider. As a tavern. Uh slash. Grocer. Um. And we would like to, include. A small menu of spirits like you said, as well. As wine, for. Customers. To. Further. Allow more customers, to enjoy the experience, when they're here, that, either have any particular. Allergies, to beer. Or. Just don't drink here. Right and and and i'm sorry i i, lost my connection my apologies. Uh, i'm having trouble connecting, like i said, uh but essentially, there's there's, the the main points there are no changes to the hours of operation. Uh the establishment, doesn't. Plan on changing the hour, the hours of operations. Or essentially. The uh, the the the, theme which is sort of a relaxed, uh, neighborhood. Establishment. As as opposed to more of a traditional. Nightlife, sort of bar. Okay. Uh before i get to the committee i just want to, clarify, some things about your. Stipulation. Form. Um. On the first page. You said you're not making any operational. Changes, but, i think to be clear we should say you are and that you are. Moving from a beer and wine license, to uh. To a, full, on-premise, license. Okay. Okay, because otherwise, the form sort of unclear, as to what you're seeking to do. Right my apologies. I i i understood operational, more to to yeah, no, it's a little ambiguous, it's the first time i, i stumbled, on that too. Um, i looked at your prior, form and the, occupancy, numbers on page two. Were very different, on the uh, the original, application. For example you had the c of o as at 17, and now you have it at 16.. Um. 16 seems really low but um. And then uh. You know you had, uh, originally, you had five tables with 25, seats now you have six with 16.. I don't know if these were changes you intended, to, make. Looks like we lost your lawyer again. Um. I i realize it's a technical, question, do you. Did you do you know anything about the capacity, numbers on the form, so the capacity, numbers, um. For the first part i think were before. Both of us had, started working. Um. For milk and hops. Um. This is based on the. Original. Department of buildings, number. Of, 16. Which can be found. Through the website. As of, 1928. There. Are. Since then i, don't know. What the, original. Seating. Chart was, but based on what you said, we have. Originally, indoors, before, covid. Where. Seven low tables, and, three high top tables. Um. Which. Can see. Different groups of those different sizes that, relate to our. Occupancy. Okay well so, that's what confuses, me about the numbers on the current, form.

You Have your cvo, at 16. I don't see how you could have had that many tables if that's really your. Capacity, and the certificate, of occupancy. Uh right and and i apologize. I i lost connection, again there was there was some confusion. About. About, the, the, the level of occupancy. Um, and and i didn't have uh sufficient, time, to, to, to research, the issue. Okay um. I i i i, i i. To the extent were able to. To request, additional, time to to amend it to reflect, the, correct, certificate, of occupancy, which you know, we believe is, is, far greater than 60., yeah. Sure uh. As long as you can get it to us um in advance, of full board. Uh nelly what's uh. What's uh what what date should we give them for getting us the, corrected, numbers. Um. Hold on one second. I will need it by. November, 23rd. Okay. Can you can you do that. Again okay. I'm, very sorry i think i should dial in, at this point um i'm just i was just looking for the dialing, information. Um, i'm i'm very sorry, i i. Having a computer, problem. Sure. So uh i i. We're suggesting. Yeah you're getting us the corrected, occupancy, numbers by november 23rd. November, 23rd, okay, i will thank you, okay. You want to continue i should wait for you to call in. Um. I'm just trying to look it and look for the, the calling number, uh usually this computer, is pretty stable. I i i don't understand. Let me ask you another couple things, um. On page. Four of the step form you said no to the question about whether you, close. Doors and windows when there's music inside. Right. Um. Obviously. You know given the question we we prefer, that because we. Did you agree to it last time do you remember. Uh, that i don't recall, uh, and the issue is that i wasn't, the, uh, i wasn't assisting, in preparing the original application. Uh to the extent. Uh to the extent, there were. Um. Existing, agreements, in place that were inconsistent. With this, currently prepared, application. We have no objections, to reverting, back to what was originally, included. In in the uh in the original, application, there are no objections, there, typically. Uh mr winter can explain in more detail. It's um, it's it's generally just bad. Yeah, so the reason that we have windows and doors open is to, comply with uh coping regulations. Uh allowing all that airflow. Um the doors that we do have, are. I guess, accordion, style those both slide out so it fits up the entire wall. Um. Which i believe is 15, feet or so. And. The. Amount of speakers that we have, is for we do have a sound system. We. Do. Play music, at a level that. Is only really hurt indoors, and not outdoors the only way to do, an outdoor, and hear it, would be. In, we wouldn't want that because of the people that live above this building. So we comply, with, sound. And. Any. Calls or anything related to that haven't happened because. We keep it within the indoor space. Okay well we can see, you know how the how the committee. Feels about, about that when we, when we discuss, it. Um. And then the last. Thing. Which i think is also just a, wording, thing. Uh there's a question about whether you're gonna have a canopy. Uh and you said yes. By canopy we mean those things that have uh.

Holes On the sidewalk. Like uh. You know the the things that a lot of apartment, built houses have, i assume you you don't have one of those right you just have no. We have an awning, um, attached to the building that only goes out about, five feet, uh at its max, and can angle up and down, no, legs. All right, move it we do have a. Full-size, tent. Okay but yeah but again this is talking about uh. Sort of the canopy and the sidewalk so you don't you do not have one of those no then yeah, okay. So i'm gonna change that uh answer on your form to. Note. Bert you want to take over. Right. Guess we can't we can't hear you for some reason. Okay. My apologies, i'm i'm trying to call it again, um. Yeah you you can hear me now i'm i didn't know i was talking about i was talking about burt uh, co-chair, who's. We have on the screen but we can't hear. Um all right uh. Nellie's, before i get to the committee is there anyone from uh public want to speak about this. I don't have any hands, raised. Okay. Um. Anyone, uh anyone who's uh, watching who wants to speak please uh. Raise your hand electronically. Or. Or, put something in the chat. Uh india did you have your hand up, i did i did i i'm, trying to find out because, this, didn't, look like, a, change, that it is. And. One of the things i was going to say is they have. Way more than 16, or 17, people in there. It does occasionally. Get a little noisy. And, they already, have a wine and beer license. So they're looking for hard liquor, correct. Correct. Yeah. Um. They didn't do any, real outreach, to the community, because i didn't get anything. I'm one of your neighbors. Sorry our license, is just beer and cider there is no wine allowed. Um. Frank can you confirm, that. Me the current, one. Yeah. Because isn't it typically, wine and beer. And cider is included. Now it looks like what they applied for well nellie might be able to help but there's a thing on our forum that says type of alcohol, beer. And what they called it was eating place beer. Ellie are there just uh beer. Licenses. Do you know. Yes there are, okay. So they have a beer license and they're looking to add wine, and. Hard liquor. Is that correct. Okay i think, you know, i mean honestly. Let's just make sure we're on the same page you're, looking for a full on-premise, license right, yes we're looking for a full on-premise, license but not to the extent. Of a. Bar with multi-level. Top. Shelf. A few bottles of wine for any person that wants to have a glass. Plus a few to sell. And, a small cocktail, menu. I.e that. Mixed drinks that we already set plus if somebody wanted. Any particular. Alcohol, with a soda, we can still accommodate, that but we're not trying to. Become. A. Nightclub. Bar. All right, sorry right, yeah no i just i i think that the community, doesn't, know this, based on the application.

Um. And. Yes they do, have their doors open and yes it has been noisy, at times. And i don't, i don't know that they did a lot of outreach, i don't, i don't, i didn't get anything. I would have, i would have a problem with a full liquor license, a wine and beer, i would be fine but full liquor i would have a i have a problem i think they should. Not go to a full liquor. Is that because. Is that because of notice. Hey guys. I don't think they reached out to anyone, and the application. Says that it's a much smaller, place, and obviously. If their, certificate, of occupancy, was what it should be i was going to bring up that they are way over their certificate, of occupancy. Pre-covered. And. I don't pay as much attention now during covid, but. Because of the, tents everywhere, but uh. And sorry. I wonder if people think it's a smaller, place. And just. You'd like to say so sorry this is this, is this is brian frederick's, uh can can everyone hear me. Yes. Okay. Uh. My apologies. To to the extent, anyone, didn't receive. Uh, outreach. Uh i apologize. I i, believe that i sent an email, to everyone that it was, included, on on the list to, to reach out to, uh to the extent, additional, outreach is necessary. And to learn. More about, um the plans, we're, we're happy, to to provide, that and you know to, to uh to extend the time uh for. For, for another meeting that's perfectly, fine, we're happy. To uh spend as much time as needed for any outreach. Okay, so. So and, and and i apologize. If it wasn't received. But but i believe, i i, attempted to send an email, to everyone, on that was on the existing. Uh, that was on the existing list that was provided to us. Hey this is rob can i jump in for a moment, sorry. Thank you it might end up forever. No i i've been banned, for a while, too, go ahead. No i know um, tough to do this all as one person, yeah. So i have some, factual. Things, to check. Uh so you indicated, that the occupancy. Is not what it is and that's fine i understand, that but then. You um. You indicated, that you currently, have. Seven low table, and three top table, right is that what you, said. Yes. Okay, so the number of tables on the application. Is wrong as well. Uh, it says, six but it's going to be, seven and three it's going to be ten right. Yes. And therefore, the number of seats is probably, wrong as well, but i don't know. Uh, overall. It's just based on. Um. I mean, it's. A lot of i came into this. Kind of at covid, so a lot of the information, and, everything from prior, applications. Are, new to me, so. Everything that we have now is kobit related. Yeah but no that's that's exactly my point, when you do an application, it's not about coving.

It's About, the way you normally. Operate. And then. You have the covid. Is a separate. Issue. So what we need, here is all the real numbers. And not covered, numbers. Absolutely. That's, the number of chairs and tables. That i can. Right so there's. Right so so the tables, were, um. Indicated, as six and, and sixteen, seats. Um. And that was per, per the diagram. That. That was provided. The applicant, just told us, that the the number of tables, was 10.. So. I i'm now, questioning, all the numbers i'm, lost. And what about the bar, hold on hold on. Uh, inger. Uh, so, i you know i'm just questioning, all the the bars you have a bar, but then. It's a service bar do you have a real bar. Right, no, no i'm i'll i'll defer to mr winter but but my understanding, and in my visits there it's it's it's not a traditional, bar, it's more of a sort of a, service, area. Uh type of bar. Not a standard type of bar at a minimum you need to redo all your numbers, you know what is inside. Okay. What other tables, what are the sheets, and it cannot, be covered, related. You know you don't get a license, based on, covid, number that's not the way it works. Right, right i understand. Brian did i hear you right that you were willing to sort of postpone, and. You know get the numbers. Right that's, yes yes that's it that's what it sounds like so so if and and i'm sorry i cut out so many times really i apologize. So um, so we need the the the updated, co, we, we need uh uh updated, numbers, to uh to uh, to, to reflect, the seats and tables. And then also. Um. And and also, additional, community outreach. Correct. Those are the three, sort of not, i'm not finished so you may need more yeah right let's let's wait okay okay so let's listen, right, right, right i i just wanted to summarize what i missed so far, okay right okay so now. You mentioned that you want to sell some alcohol so what you're going to have a takeout, window. Or people can come and buy. The setup right now is a. We have our 25. Capacity. Which would be four people which, we haven't really been doing indoor dining. Uh because of that number, which we will.

Figure Out what our actual. Occupancy, is like stated before. But with outdoor dining, uh people can come walk up to the bar. And. Purchase a drink from the bartender, and then walk back out to their seats. And so. With, the. To go, aspect, we have fridges. Uh with beer cans. Um, as well, no no i'm not asking all this question i was asking, yes or no do you have a to-go. Operation. And it seems that you're saying yes. Okay, and then you are saying that operation, is inside. People go inside. To the or they stay outside, in the orders through the window. They no everything is walk in so it is all indoors. Okay, all right so that was a good question. Now, the the last question, is. Uh, you mentioned, your, your garage, door essentially. And, um. You know inga is saying this is people can hear you. And so. You know the reality, is that. The law, says, you cannot have amplified, music. If you have windows, and doors open. So, that's the law. So, you need to find a way. That. Nobody can hear anything. And if you sell more, hard liquor, it's going to be louder. So. You need to convince, us when you come back. That the setup. Is going to be quieter, than it is today. And that you are really going to close those that door. Okay. Okay. Understood, so uh, and and and and going back to a point that i missed and i don't mean to hold everyone up here, but um, is it the suggestion. Of. Of of the community, board that, a beer and wine. License. Would be more. Agreeable. As opposed to a license. A a full, of full license, with spirits, as well. I think they're, they're always, more agreeable. Because as christine, said. You know we found that the noise level, and uh. You know tends to go up with the, with full, full liquor. Um, if if you're postponing. A month maybe the thing to do is to. Get a sense of the community. Um, you know like i couldn't tell if, uh inga who was a committee member who lives uh. Who lives hey bro can i say something. Yeah no rob we'll get just let me just answer that and i'll get back to you i haven't forgotten. I don't know if inga is sort of, opposed, to uh full liquor in any circumstance. Or, would you help it to talking about it. But let's uh let's hear from roblox. And then you can think about that. Rob, go ahead. Um, i just wanted to echo what christine already said about. The numbers. Uh covet, and non-covet. But that was said. Um, i am a neighbor, i go past. Um. Milk and hops. Several times a week. I every time i pass by during the summertime, when they've had their like doors, open, i've never heard any music bleeding out and i go by there, all, the time, i really think that they're great neighbors. I think they're very. Sensitive. To, um, any bleeding, out. Um as i said, i i've been passed there a ton of times. And i've never heard any bleed out if there was. Anything, at the bar, it didn't come out onto the street, i think they do a great, job. And, you know, minus. The whole number situation. You know, i really feel as if you know. Everyone has their own boat, but we should pass them given a full liquor's license. It's not like this is going to be a bar or club. They're just trying to create additional, revenue. Anyway. That's my piece thank you. Thanks and uh i apologize. For uh, not seeing your hand up, um, and i also will point out that rob's one of our bigger enforcers. Of. Doors and windows being open with music flaring, out so. Uh it was interesting, to hear that from him like brian, has uh his, hand, yeah i just wanted to echo what uh what rob said, um i think the hours are extremely, reasonable, 10, 11. Um and i i would be in support as long as they clean up their application, a little bit, um and come back next month, um, in full. Support the glasses. Okay. Brian are you saying. You want to vote on it this month or have them come back.

I'm, I'm okay with, um. I'm okay with voting this month um but if, some applicants. Uh want to do some more, wants more community outreach. Um and the apple, applicants okay with it then i'm okay with also waiting but, i keep going. Um i guess. I guess the the reason. I'm sort of on the fence if if the numbers, were clearer. I think i'd be okay voting on it but, i think i agree with inga that. With these numbers out there it's sort of hard for the community, to know. You know what what's. What size and operation, it really is. Because i expect the numbers are closer to 50. Or 60 than 16.. Um. Anyone, on the committee have thoughts should we should we have them come back or. Christine. Denga, well i think i'm i'm. Deferring, to the community, who lives around. You know that establishment. If. If they feel strongly, one way or another. I i'm not living, strongly, i'd love to know the numbers. But, my guess is that it's going to be the same numbers that they were before. Uh, i don't think they are increasing. The, the attendance. So. You know. Can they do community outreach. Uh from here to the full, board meeting. That sounds good. Yeah. Thank you oh yes yes. Yeah i i would be agreeable, to that, um. You know. This. That we need this situ, we need the occupancy. And they just need to know that the doors, have to be closed. When there's music, on, because when you. Add. Hard liquor it's going to get louder. Yeah. I'm all for that as well. So. Hi this is carrie, uh my hand's been raised too i also live in the neighborhood, if you can hear me, and um, yeah i, i want to say that i feel like there's been a a really big difference. On that block between. Covid, and pre-covid. And i've had no issues, with with. These neighbors, for, for as long as they've been here and now it's just very crowded so it could be that there's some confusion, i think around, you know, the amount of people who are out on the sidewalk, etc, now versus, them so, i i would hate to turn them down for you know what might be. Just sort of an extra. Amassing, of people around the tented, areas. Up and down you know ninth avenue right there. Thanks, well said, i apologize. If if. If people could just speak up when they want to speak if i because i can't sort of monitor, all this. At one time. Um, so please feel free to just just to speak up. Um. So. Rob, i mean were you suggesting. We we. Let them. Keep the windows, open with with music or should we go, do you want our usual step. To be the usual. I, i i, would default, to the usual, but, personally. I've never heard any music, larry. Coming, out of them at all, and they said it was on when the doors opened which is really usual and i'm the first pitfall. To complain, about this. And. I i. I don't see an issue, but. It it default, on everyone else if you know they have music going on in the bar yes by all means it should be shut, you know but. If i can't hear it, you know. It is but yeah i i, think we should move along with this and in the meantime. Have them do, um. Outreach. Okay. Brian, and uh. Uh, are you are you okay with that uh. Agreeing of the changing your answer. About keeping the doors and windows, closed. When there's music, and then. And sorry that's that's me brian fredericks, i just. I'm sorry oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Right right, yeah i apologize, yeah that's that's fine those are the the usual stipulations. Now uh, just to be clear on one point we're happy to do additional, community, outreach, clearly we need to provide. Some additional information. But i only have, um. Mainly, emails, that i originally, sent so, just, resend, some of the same emails. There's something else that i can do. That that that would be more, um. You know targeted, to to reach the right people here. London terrorist, association. But there are very few associations. London terrorists may be one of the few. In lower chelsea. Okay i see that london terrorist tenants association. Yeah there's, the chelsea, uh block association. Um. Yeah i would do this right i i see that too, okay.

Okay Okay yeah i'll i'll i'll try to i'll try to find some phone numbers too, because i have, miss gonzalez. I i copied her on on all the emails. That um that i i did send emails and he could have went to spam or something. Or um you know. Not everyone looks at all their emails so, i apologize. I'll i will continue, on, with the outreach. Provide, the updated, information. Um, and and then, we'll consider, uh you know the the the uh. Whether it's just wine, or beer, or or, full spirits, included. And, and again. Um, you know, none of the hours, are are going to change here. We don't expect any, significant, change to the environment. But we uh, definitely understand the concern, here about, the potential, for increased, noise as a result of hard, liquor, okay. So so let me summer and and uh. Brian fredericks, uh you obviously should wait until you have. The right, capacity, numbers, before you do the additional, community, outreach. Yes sir, yes sir, yes, all right so. This is um. These are the the changes i've made to the forum. Uh we made clear on page one that they're, seeking a full on premise license. Um. We've changed the answers, to keeping, the doors and windows. Uh. We'll, can close all doors and windows when music is played inside. They're saying yes to that. Both on the building design, and the outdoor items page. And then we have two additional, steps. Uh they'll submit corrected. Occupancy, numbers, to the cb4, office by november 23rd. And we'll do uh, additional, community, outreach, uh with the updated, numbers. Before the, full board meeting which is on. December, 2.. Okay. And just to be clear. Regarding, one point, to the extent. Uh. A decision, is made to. Perhaps, just go to. Beer and wine. Only. And in light of the other, testimony. Regarding. Uh. You know milk and hops acceptable, noise levels. Would this stipulation. Still be in place where we'd have to close the doors, when music is played, or would we have some leeway, in that regard. Um. No the stipulation. Is the stipulation. Is in place. And and if and that's the rule. And if no one complains, it's probably, because you are doing good. Per the rule. And, if nowhere, hears. It's fine. Okay. Yeah so the reality. Is, you're not supposed to hear any music on the sidewalk. That's the goal. And if you don't if no one hears music on the sidewalk. Uh, or across the street, people aren't going to complain about it, so, you, you. We like to have this rule that you just keep the doors and windows closed. But, you know right, you can manage it to keep the music off the sidewalk, that that's the goal. Uh okay, so. Right. Okay i think we're gonna have a motion, for. The full liquor. You can obviously. Pull it back. You know you can just let us know. Um. But do we have a motion, uh. For a full, upgrade to full on premise, with the other. Modifications. I mentioned. I would like to make a motion. I will second. Okay all in favor. Aye. All right. So, so, this committee's recommendation, is for full. On-premise, license, if you want something. Less than that if you could let us know also by the november 23rd, that would be great. Okay thank you very much. And my apologies, again, thank you.

All Right. Bart can uh we hear you yet. I don't know can you hear me, yeah. I can't. All right. All right, i apologize. It was just. I had to go to i don't know it doesn't matter, okay. Okay. Hello everybody. You want to go back to uh calling the agenda. Yeah. Yeah. We're on, section, two now new liquor wine beer insider, licenses. We're up to number, two. 338. West 39th, street. Do we have the applicant. Here. Yes i'm here. I'm also on with um, with our attorney frank polillo. Hi everybody. Hi frank. How you doing guys. Okay. Um, do the presentation. Sure um. So uh my name is hila kehati, um i've been a food, beverage. Restaurant, operator. For, just about 11 years now with five, uh, establishments. All manhattan-based. We are applying for a wine, beer and liquor license, for a new hotel. Uh called pistana. Cr7. Um located, on 39th, between 8th and 9th avenue. We are offering, a full, full restaurant, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Uh, very small bar, which is also, uh part of, name, lobby, space. Uh occupying, the hotel. Um, and uh yeah we're hoping to, apply for beer wine and liquor license. Uh a few questions for either you or frank. Um. I see that. Your form. Says no outdoor space but i see on the floor plan that there's a. Something called a. Outdoor patio, i think, so yes that that's um that's actually not a space that is permissible, for guests to use, according, to their current, uh, you know the current, department of buildings, so, um, if and when that space, ever, was, open, to, to use by, hotel guests or our customers. Uh we would of course go through you know frank and the proper channels, to, make sure we updated the application, but as of now, uh guests are not even permitted. On that outdoor space, let alone to eat or drink, okay, so. There's no outdoor frank, okay so but just to be clear so we can put on the stick form there'll be no use of the outdoor patio, by. By uh members. Minor question are you changing your mind it's the buildings department. So, continuing, the theme about, confusing. Capacity, numbers. Uh, page two of your form you had, 14, tables and 39, seats.

But When i look at the. Floor plan. At least in the breakfast, area you have 12 tables. Or 11 tables. And, 24, seats so. Are there more tables somewhere else i couldn't see them on the floor plan. Uh let me pull it up so i'm looking at the same document, one moment. Yeah, also, uh let's see here. Oh i see okay, so, so the floor plan you're looking at too the space is still under construction, frank please feel free to chime in but uh the space is still actually being built. So, the floor plan. As in, the positioning. And the, number of seats, at these small tables. Might have to change ever so slightly, the floor plan that we have that you're looking at, um. I'm not sure how that's dated yeah. Frank you're right there's 11 tables. In the breakfast, area but then there's three small tables. With um, like club chairs next to them, where are they. On the opposite side. Of the breakfast, area. Where it says lobby and lounge area. Oh okay, so so those those. Those, those. Those chairs have tables, we'll have tables in front of them, those grey round things are tables. Oh oh those okay i was looking at the top of the, floor plan okay. So your numbers are right, um. And is this um, is the alcohol, service only on the first floor or is there room is there room service, or mini bars or there's room service, uh healer no mini bars, well yes i don't know. Uh no no no not we're not planning on it yeah. Okay. Uh. It's a hotel liquor license frank so obviously, the guests can bring their drinks throughout the hotel. Yeah no i was just asking what. What their what your plans were operationally. I assume that's why it's at 6 30 in the morning. Yes. Okay that's that's all i have bird. Okay i just want to, say i don't have a split, screen. So, committee, people. You're going to have to be very. And i looked in the chat i don't see anybody, in the chat. So if you want to. Speak. I can't see if you have a raised hand either, neither visually, nor in the chat, so you're going to have to be very. Gracious. With each other, okay. Go ahead christine, jump in, i have two, questions. Um. One, is about the hours. Your, kitchen, is going to close, at 11, pm. Even though you are doing room service, i would have expected, that it would last much more.

And Then the operation. And the music. Continues, until 2 a.m. So. Well. The confusion, comes from the fact that, it's not going to be a full kitchen. After a certain point, we'll have food available. During all hours of operation. Including room service food. But. Because, we're just opening, and we're hoping that, culvert is behind us we're starting slowly with the menu. So the late night menu was started i think it was 11 regular. Yeah so we have uh what we call late night limited, menu, uh that starts at eleven. We're actually, doing that menu, not just until two a.m, uh we're actually going to be serving. Uh 24, hours food service. At the hotel, available for guests. Packaged salads, sandwiches. Sushi, all kinds of takeaway, items. We have a few different menu, buckets. One of them is the main menu. Then we have what we call the bar, appetizer, menu, that will be served until 2 a.m. And then we also, have, an, all day, menu which will be, basically layered on top of that. All right. And. What was the retail, use there, you said there was a retail, use. In that little community, for the hotel. Yeah. You know. It's it's new construction. And it's been under construction, for almost two and a half years as far as i i i just got involved about um, a year ago so, two and two to two and a half years under construction. I'm not sure. What was there prior. Manufacturing. Yeah forget about it don't do that, yeah there's a little manufacturing. Building that was demolished. Yeah it was completely ground. I think it would be helpful, to put in the, steep, somewhere, that there will be food served, you know 24 hours a day. You know heal i don't even think it's a big deal, to amen i think that, we're not being disingenuous. We amend the application, right now and leave it open till two. All right whatever you want and just you know we, that would be the better way to do it i think just. Let's do that, because i don't wanna i don't wanna hold them to being, serving food twenty four hours a day. You. That wasn't our intent to confuse we thought we were doing the right thing but yeah. All right so we're going to change the kitchen hours, to 2 a.m across the world. And then that's fine, okay anything else christine. No. Anybody, else on the committee have a comment. Question yeah i i do it's rob here, um. I noticed, on the uh plans that you've got a meeting space. Uh event space. Um. You're not gonna have any promoters, come in, or. Do any special, events. That. Might be like, dj. Or, lounge music, or. Any impersonators. Or anything like that right, no. That's a great question, i'm, but frank just just to chime in here the meeting space is is not an event space it's just a meeting space. Actually, what are you looking at rob. Uh the interior, diagram, i i i just, you know i i it's, a beauty room, and it's not even space so that that answers my question so yeah it doesn't look like you're gonna be bringing promoters, that's all exactly and it's it's seller level as well um so it's a seller level space and i think we're only planning, on, a dozen, or less folks who will be able to be able to sit around a conference table in that room it'll be a v equipped, not not really, uh conducive, to, a cocktail party or an event of any sort. Okay, i just wanted to make sure double check okay thank you. Okay any other committee member. Oh i just have another question, there. Are you planting, trees in front of that uh hotel. You love trees. Um, that's a great question i don't know the answer, um, i'd have to ask the hotel. Um, operator. Um, the gm but i can find out for you, yeah that would be good, if you can we also. He'll. Let um the app the owners know that this is something the community would like would like to see, sure, yeah, that would help, yeah they're they're very they're very nice people actually and uh i i think uh. We can all use a little more green so. Okay, thank you. I'm gonna jump in i was, the only thing i was gonna ask for were trees, and thank you christine. And thank you. For looking into that. Because it is important. Oh especially, on that street that's yes. Definitely, that was the only comment, i had thank you. Yeah, yeah our actually our main office where i've been for for nine ten years now is one block away on 38th, street so, um yeah the whole the whole area could could use a lot more a lot more greenery. And i live on 38th, street on the same block so oh do you oh so you're not you're you're next door to us in our office building yeah.

So You know you'll have i just got one more thing i'll jump in, real quick, on the outdoor, space. Um it's not going to be used at all by guests, um. Tell me that it is not wired. No sounds no tvs, nothing like that out there correct nothing, nothing as of now, what i understand, from from the hotel. The doors are actually, first the doors are locked, we can't even, open the doors, uh because we don't want guests you know. Roaming out there, and it's not i believe a means of aggress. Um and then they are actually putting a lot of trees back there, uh just to make it visually, appealing, because you can see, the patio. Area. From our interior, dining space, so they just don't want it to be an eyesore, so there's no sound system there's no tv screens, um, uh just, just shrubs, and and little little trees. Sounds nice the way we like outdoors, i'll tell you, i'll tell them to kick them out to the front instead maybe yes. In addition. Okay. Nelly do we have anybody signed up to speak from the public. No. Thank you. Uh do we hear a motion. Uh first frank do you want to summarize. The. Steps. Right. You're mute frank. We're changing the kitchen closing, uh hours, to 2am, across the board. And then just to, sort of confirm, what we've been hearing about the outdoor space. We'll have two additional steps there'll be no use of, outdoor patio by members of the public. And there'll be no music or speakers, in outdoor. Space. Thank you. I'd like to make a motion. Second. There is a second all those in favor. Aye. Aye. Abstaining. Present not eligible. Okay, well thank you good luck, thank you so much. To see you uh late for late night snacks now that we're open. Take care, everyone stay safe thank you. Um. Number three. 857. 9th avenue. Um. This. We've had, one comment. Unless there's more nelly we have had, one comment. About, noise. That might be an issue about that. Seems like. This space, is located. In two, adjoining. Buildings. Forming one cult residential, co-op. And it seems like, there's a space between the two buildings. You might describe, it as an alley. Though there are windows. And that the windows. Tend to stay open, and. Transmit. Lots of noise, to the residents, above. The applicant. Applicant, here. Uh michael kelly's here for the applicant. I'm not talking to you on the phone. Uh if you could just give me one second i'm trying to see, if joaquin. Can speak. Um. Hold on. Joaquin can you unmute yourself. He seems to be having a problem with it. There's, a few issues with some applicants, being able to join i'm trying to figure it out. Hold on one second. Here is your academy, is right there. The problem may be that it can't unmute, or something. Because he's on mute now. Yeah. Hello. Oh hi. Hi everybody. Okay we can hear you now. Oh can you hear me guys. Yeah nice. Okay perfect. Yeah we had issues, connecting, with the zoom like many other members i believe. So hope we cannot get disconnected. Let me uh but thank you for having us guys. It is an on-premise, liquor license, application, for lotus, manhattan, co-op. They'll be doing business as the goat house located, at 857. 9th avenue. Between west 55th. And west 56th, street. And the premise formerly, known as kilo. We did notify. In our uh. With, the west 55th. Block association, we did not hear from them. Kilo was opened in march of 2011. With a restaurant wine license. The applicants, owned and managed, la pocaria. At 1626. Second avenue. For an on-premise, liquor license until it closed, in december. 2019.. The applicants, did come before you in september. 2020. For their other restaurant, at 623. 9th avenue and were approved, for an on-premise, license. The applicant, did send me a letter that they sent to the community board because they were notified. About a name they were using on the side street they were using mr barrows. And their name was supposed to be la poparia. The. Restaurant, goes from the main block to the side, street. And they were using this name. Because, the main restaurant, isn't open yet and they thought that'd be all right i explained to them that they. Did stipulate, to use the one name so they are going to change that sign. And, probably by uh november, 23rd, when you have the full board. Uh, they're a full service restaurant with a full kitchen. Open from 12 p.m to 12 a.m monday through thursday. 11 a.m to 2 a.m on friday and saturday. 11 a.m to 11 p.m on sunday. There's five tables, with 12 seats, and an eight seat bar. Same as our predecessor. The background, music only, no bottle servers.

Promotional, Events, corporate events. Outside promoters, or delivery bikes they're a little too small. So basically they're a small cozy restaurant, that will have excellent, food. If there was a problem in the past with that window being open we would stipulate, to keeping that window. Closed all the time and i would talk to joaquin about, putting some kind of soundproofing, on it. This way the window would be totally cut off. And hopefully, nobody would ever hear us. Um. Michael just, just to finish with the other location. Uh the 623. 9th. Uh it's not just that it has a different name. But the uh, the the awning on the side street also says. South american, wine bar or something like that it really suggests. It's a separate place so if they could, just make all the signage, consistent. So it doesn't look like. The concerns we've been hearing from the community, are that, it's it looks like a separate, establishment. Yes i spoke to him about that and, he understands. What the problem is with that so the other stat sign will be changed to le pokeria. Okay. Um the other thing is we get an email from. Uh someone who lives in the co-op. I guess either right above, or. Yeah 857. Uh who said you didn't do any outreach, to them is that. Right. Uh we included the west 55th, street block association. On our uh. Questionnaire, that we sent to. Benelli. It's strange, to be opening in a residential, building, and. You don't reach out directly, to the, people right upstairs. I mean they're going to be the people most affected. Not everyone belongs to block associations. Yeah. Uh what did you reach out to anyone in the building. I have tried to a couple of um. Tenants, and they were very welcoming. Uh we will do that asap. Once we, go ahead with this we will let them know before of course. But yeah they were very welcoming. One of them. One of them is a restaurant. Yeah right, so i don't feel like. That. We can we can reach out to the person that's, concerned. Okay, well let's let's see what, i have i have two emails but we'll see if the people speak, when we, get public comments and otherwise i'll summarize, these. Um i have, one question, about, the, leasing, is there any issues about the leasing. Yeah. The person where subleasing, from, fema. Took over the lease from 9th avenue, holding, in 1999.. Pima and 9th avenue 99. Well pima took over the three commercial, stores. Pima, and the landlord, are having, some type of landlord, tenant dispute, that we're not involved in and we do not wish to get involved in it. It has nothing to us the uh. Lease given to pima, allows, subleasing. That was basically what it was for, pima took over the three commercial, spaces. And they took those over to least amount. And so when you say the, this. Is between. The first. And. Landlord. Is the landlord, the co-op, or is it something somebody different. Uh ninth avenue, holding, is the landlord. So. And the ninth avenue holdings. Is. A separate, entity. I guess that's not the question the question, is. What is the relationship. Between 9th avenue. Holding. And the building, itself. Is it is, is it, are they the owner of the building, and everybody, inside the building, is, co-op, or whatever. I mean, rental, what is it. Uh that answer i don't know the. Sub lease or pima was supposed to be on this call i don't see them on. It. So if you want to reach out to uh, the building above. Uh are you going to reach out to a managing, agent, are you going to reach out to the landlord.

To 997. You're holding, i mean how are you going to reach, if it's a co-op is there a co-op board. Right no i know i i'm just trying to figure yeah. We all uh yeah, right good questions, christine thank you and if there's a co-op board we could reach out to them, and we could reach out to our neighbors, we can leave a. Flyer, in the lobby. With our phone number to have them call us. Yes. Okay i'm sorry can i interrupt. My kelly what is the person's name that you're looking for. Manny. Okay. No okay i just wanted to see if they were listed as an attendee. Yes. Okay, michael can you just take me through this. Police thing, so. Who, who owns the space. Uh the owner in space. Is. Ninth avenue, holding company. Okay. In 1999. Ninth avenue holding company, leased the three, commercial, spaces. To pima. Pima. Is. Subleasing. To us, okay, has been subleased in these three spots. Since 1999.. Okay, and does the world. Is, actually, also the one running, kilo restaurant. He is the owner. And, does the ultimate landlord. Have any rights to approve, or veto. Sublices. Not for not what i'm reading but the uh. Pima, did notify the landlord. About a month ago that. They had a new tenant coming in, and pima has not heard back from the landlord. Okay. Nellie have we heard any more about, the landlord, issue. No, okay because i guess nelly. Had a communication, from a lawyer today, we're not quite sure for whom. Indicated, that the landlord. Might have objections, to a full liquor license, in this space. Um. That's, maybe maybe someone will speak in the. Public session but, that's sort of all, we know about it right now. Are they uh. There are board members, for i see, this board members mate 57. Okay. Why don't, why don't we, uh are you done, mike, yes. Okay. But how about reversing, this and let's hear from. The co-op, people first because if there's a serious notice issue. Yeah, we might ask them to come back next month. I'd like to hear from some of the 857. Board members. Yes. Can we, identify, them hurry. Yes. The first person i have is a veronica. I'm going to. Give you permission to speak. Veronica. Uh yes can you hear me, we can hear you okay. Are you the one who sent us the email. Uh yes the one that was addressed to jessie and nelly, yeah, okay, okay so i was previously, on the board i am not this year. Um, i, used to live in the, apartment and now i just go back there now, or whatever. Um but my concerns, was, um, i could give some insight, um, so. Manny, um the, owner of mlogo. And a logo, or, slash kilo. Um he's been in, the lease negotiations. With the board, the co-op board for i believe the past, three, years. And it has never really gone anywhere. And one of the tugging, points was a liquor, license. Again there was no finality. Um. In that's, in on that issue. But as a private president, um it was my concerns, was just that. When kilo was still operating, at the place. Um. The windows were open, there and like there was a lot of um spillover, noise from the patrons. In addition. Um. The. And i pointed out my email, too, that, um. There were complaints, of noise it's just like rises, over because like it's an older building and there was not a lot of um, renovations. Or sound attenuation, efforts, and i know that next door. There is rise. Um. But they also, had the same issue, and they did a lot of sound attenuation. So there's not there's no spillover, noise on that situation. And they've actually done a lot of efforts to manage, the crowds, whereas kilo had not so i'm a little bit wary, of, that same situation. With this new establishment. Um. And our concern is my concern is actually, um, that. Residents. Have voice concerns. About the noise, about the state of the, um exhaust, that, was, just placed, on the roof the exhaust system, fan. And. And, no logo, has not really addressed, them, um, they they were really just went unheard. So, my concern is this like this liquor license so kilo previously, just had a wine, and beer. License, but a full-blown. Liquor license. Will definitely. Impact, negatively, impact the quality of life for the residents. Because i think it's also just like a different. Um. Whereas like a wine bar is a little bit calmer, but a liquor license might not and it's also i'm. A little bit concerned, um after hearing what michael kelly had said about the um applicant, that.

They, Um. Were not they didn't fully comply with the stipulations, of their previous, approval, and also looking at their um previous, uh, restaurant. Uh. It also just seemed like. The, applicant had experience. With a, um more lively, establishment. And i'm not sure, um if that will transfer over to this celebration because like again, i. I have not gotten any information, about this, except. For that one post that no public notice that was, on the kilo, storefront, itself. No other outreach. Um, so and it's just like today processing, all the information. Right before the meeting. Thank you. Veronica, i have one question please. What is the legal relationship. Between the co-op. And their retail, spaces. Um sure so the co-op, there was a um like 99-year. Lease. Um that, yeah i don't know who did it. There was a 99, year lease that's signed over the, three commercial, storefronts. To. Um, pima which is owned by manny. And manny is now sublease, um, subleases, their species so the. Co-op. Am i, not following, you. I'm sorry i was it was cutting out a little bit so the co-op, um, like back in the 80s or something, a different board when it was incorporated, as a co-op, the sponsors. Gave a lease. Um, to for all the commercial, spaces. Um to manny, and then manny, um it was like a standard, boilerplate, redmi, um lease. And that. So manny, is the um, while he he leases, the space from, the. Building. He um. Yeah he leases a place from the building but then he's. Uh subleases. It out to other. Um tenants. Let me try to let me try to clarify, on that. Please, veronica. What you're saying is that the. Lease. The, the lease for the, commercial, space. When they pay the lease they're paying, it to the sponsor. Uh they're paying it to manny. Okay. And manny, pays it to the sponsor. Um, manny pays, a separate, type of um fee schedule, based on like the, i understand, but, who means. He then pays a separate amount to the co-op. Or the co-op, okay. This has been sponsor, is not involved anymore. No the sponsors. So the co-op, is the owner of the retail spaces. Correct. Uh. Very. Involved, can people on the phone, please uh mute when you're not speaking, we're getting a lot of. Background, noise and i think it's coming from the, people on the phone. Um. Okay one other question veronica, so, aside from seeing the sign. You didn't hear anything, from. The co-op, board or, you know your neighbors or anything, um, in the building. I heard, nothing, except for like um. I think, i, saw some, chatter i think i was just connecting, um with some of my, um. The, fellow residents in the building and, i just heard from the co-op president that like. We. Um, that there's a um, that there's a meeting tonight, and we're like what's going on this is the first we've heard of it and like it's just been a lot of like hecticness, trying to figure out what's going on okay, thanks. Thank you. Nelly, uh, other people from the community. Yes. Next i have, jason kleinman. Hello how is it everyone. Hi jason, welcome, uh we did get your email, as well thank you. I you know were you able to get the photo that i sent. No. No i didn't see a photo. So i sent a photo a short while ago, what i find you know the photo, shows the windows, about which i'm concerned. It's the windows, that, leak the noise. And it also gives you a good, uh view. Of the interior, space between, 855. And 857. 9th avenue. Yeah, i see it now nelly just sent it to us. So look i mean that's the view outside. Of my window. Uh you'll see. Like so many other people, living in manhattan. I don't get a lot of natural. Sunlight. Um, at least not, from from that, particular. Window. Um the space between, the buildings, is probably like five or six feet wide. And, you know since, 2011.

There's Been noise spillover. Because. Kilo. Has not consistently. Kept those windows, shut. And uh. Mike, uh, you know when you were speaking earlier about providing, a stipulation. That the, new sub-tenant. In that space. Keep those windows, shut, to me i'm a little, wary, of that as a stipulation. For the following. Reason. Um, you know we're in the co-op, and manny is our tenant. We don't have a relationship. With joakim. And manny for years has been saying that, you know he would keep, that window, shut. And i remember like five years ago just talking with him are you are you finally going to go to the hardware, store. And do something about those windows. They would say oh yeah i have. I have the nails. We're gonna get it done, but then as recently. As last week. You know i was down there in my pajamas. Um you know 10 o'clock at night, saying guys come on close the windows. You know you got five people, you got five people in in the bar. You know the the front door the front wall is an accordion, style, wall. You really. Don't these windows don't provide any ventilation. And though they've always been good about shutting the windows, when i ask. I don't want to have to live my life. You know going downstairs, and asking them to shut those windows, i just want them to board them up or. Something. That's all i have to say thank you, thank you jason. Ellie anybody else. I see manny, is here. Yes he is. Does he want to speak. Yes he does. Uh can can you hear me. Yes. Uh, yeah i mean. A lot was said. Um, if there's any particular, questions. Anybody, wants to. Ask i think that would be better as opposed to. You know i mean i, i am the prime tenant i am subleasing. Um. We did have various conversations. With the board. Uh, i offered them to. Take out restaurants, completely, they didn't want that, well we offered them more money, they wanted you want liquor you got to give us more money, you know it's it's two sides to the story, and, uh. It's not a simple. Story, to tell. Um. I emailed their lawyer arthur, on october, 8th that i potentially, have a lieutenant. I followed up with her several times i didn't hear back. When i heard today that somebody made a representation. That we don't have the legal right to. You know sublease, the space, i had my lawyer reach out to her and she. Told my lawyer that uh. She doesn't know what's going on she's not in the loop. Um. But. You know i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for them to get back. And. You know, and i told their lawyer, on october, 8th we have a sub-tenant, and i just don't hear back from them, so it's a, it takes two to tango, and, i'm here i'm always here i don't want problems.

Uh. I've offered various solutions. It's usually a money problem. And um, you know. Um. That's all i really have to say if anybody has any questions i'm here, okay. Thanks manny, you're welcome. Thank you very much, anybody, else nelly. Yes i have two more people. Okay. I have mike ward. Mike you can mute yourself. Yeah i'm here can you hear me okay. We can hear you, i just want to echo what uh veronica, said in the very beginning regarding, notification. Report member and i lived here in the co-op and there was no, there was no notification, whatsoever, to. Those of us who live here. Um i saw the notice posted on the front of key little on friday. But there's been no email there's been a posting in the building. Many's been here for a long time he knows how to reach us if he needs to do so that wasn't done. Um so it's hard for us to kind of. Look through an application, on the fly. And give you proper, questions. Um. At the last minute. But i do have a couple questions about the application, itself. Um. It says 74. Inside. Which i thought which baffles, me. With a total 20, for seating and 54, standing, up, the space is tiny. So it doesn't make much sense, sense to me. Um. Like jason said the air shaft. Between 855, and seven that's where the noise travels from the ground all the way up. And the windows are open and the voice comes inside. The residential, space. To it one of our neighbors. Thought noise was coming from an apartment, last week. And you should hear it three floors up in her apartment. It wasn't coming from the residential apartments coming from from kilo. With the windows, um. That were open. The application, says it's not in clinton we are indeed in clinton. For zoning purposes. Um. It says music, is that inside or outside, because it's not specified. On the application. Uh it says current plans are on file with dob. They are on file with eb for a food store. Not for a restaurant. Um. The other supervisor, talked about was the noise. The issue is we're next to rise which is a bar itself which now, sells doritos, to call it a restaurant because of covid. And they've got outboard seating which is fine which makes sense. But if we're going to have um. Many try to have an outdoor cafe which it's not this it's not big enough for our outdoor cafe. Are we going to have uh, 74, people on a friday saturday and sunday or thursday whatever night it is. Also in front of the building causing more noise pollution. And disrupting. The um. Making it disruptive, for our neighbors. And as. As for for manny. There's been a lot of back and forth with various boards for various reasons. Um. The prior boards were not on board with a liquor license, in general. And a lot of the shareholders here here in the cup were also on board for liquor license because every, every restaurant bar on this block. Has a liquor license we're in it we're, surrounded by liquor licenses. Thank you mike. Can i answer a few of the. Questions. One more. Um. Dina. Yes hi can you hear. Me. Hi um i'm also a shareholder, in the building, um i'm, on the board i'm secretary, of the board. Um i'm probably just going to reiterate, basically what everyone else said.

Um I do live on the side of the building where the air shaft is where the window is always open for kilo and the noise just. Echoes. So loud it literally sounds like there's a party in your own kitchen, all night. People will sit on the stairs, of the entrance you can't get in they wait there while they're trying to get into the place. Like mike said we have rise right next to us which is just, insane. Amounts of people just like, sitting on the floor. Just, just all over the place. Um, no board member, at all was notified, of a change of tenant or a possible change of tenant we have a management company who is not notified, either of any change of tenancy. There's an email a month ago sent to our attorney that just barely, says. That um manny may have a possible, offer and he is contemplating, taking it i do have that email. But that's all that was said so we were all shocked when we saw the notice on the window, for this meeting. Um and as veronica, said it's you know it's super hectic all of a sudden because we knew nothing of this potentially, these new tenants could be, great for the community. Um maybe they spoke to a few renters that are in the building but, i mean we have a chain of like 20 people nobody, knew about this. Um it's a shame this potential, tenant can be great but the reputation, that this building has with the landlord. Has. Or the. Tenant i should say has caused, shareholders, just to cause uproars in these buildings and we do have two buildings that are attached with this air shaft it's also eight five five, ninth avenue that shares it with them so that adds on more people that are just hearing this noise. Thank you dina. Nelly anybody, else. Yes we have one other person, okay. Um. We have. Oh hold on. Oliver. Hi, my name is olivier. I'm. The treasurer, of the co-op. So on the current board, and i can also say that we had no notification. Whatsoever. And as dean has said, you know there is this email, that, our lawyer sent to us where many was mentioning, the possibility. Of a consideration, of a new tenant but that's. Actually not. At all a notification. Of or even. You know a request for an answer, or, comments, or, you know any feedback, um, so i don't think that's appropriate, to say we've been notified. Um, the second, thing, is. That. There's been a record, of uh, i would say maybe a recklessness. With uh pima. Um a few years ago we had to trip, and fall i mean they had a trip and fall incident. Out of their steps. And. So the circumstances. That they were not. Properly, insured. So this created. Financial, damage for the building. And the. Other thing is that a couple of years later, you know the, steps, were, you know in this repair and they just left them alone. The, another issue that came up is they had for a few years a sidewalk, cafe. And in order to have that. Sidewalk cafe approved, they provided. You know planned on the sidewalk, that were not. Actually reflecting, the situation of the sidewalk. They were obstructing. You know a fire. Fire exit. And, actually we did have a fire last, actually two months ago, in the building so. Uh. I think these kind of issues are to be taken seriously. And, um. You know obviously, there's been also. Food safety, issues. Uh with, is another space. Uh that is also, released by uh. By pima. So in general you know we, we are very cautious, about, uh. You know any. Um. Any, further. Risk, that, um you know the community would be put at and obviously, having a you know full-blown like a license is more risk. Thank you. But i don't know how you feel but. I'd be. Very reluctant, to approve this, tonight. Given. You know that the co-op. Who's both the ultimate. Owner of the space, and the people who live above it. All just found out about this and not. Met with the applicant, which, you know may improve the applicant's, chances. But i guess. I would. Incline to strongly, urge the applicant, to. Postpone, a month, the applicant, would be doing that, would be postponing, for next month, okay. Mike, and you've spoken with your uh clients. And i believe they would agree with me without. Okay. And you'll agree, uh not to file. File with the sla, in the interim.

Absolutely. Okay so nellie will get a form to you tomorrow. Again and if we can. Leave our number with nelly tomorrow so we can get in contact with the co-op, members. If they can call in. And get it from her we'll leave the number. Okay. You, your people know exactly, manny knows exactly, the co-op number, right. Okay then, we don't have to be involved in that manny is right there and he knows the co-op. Yeah okay. Uh. People on the uh, uh from the co-op who spoke is there is there one of you who wants to be sort of the. Contact, person. For this. Maybe one of the people on the board either olivier, or uh you have the secretary, of the treasure, right th

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