Max Tornow On A Million Dollar Business Rant

Max Tornow On A Million Dollar Business Rant

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I mean i don't even i don't even consider myself young anymore, there's, there's even been people commenting, like, max, i'm 30 now torno. Because i kept mentioning it once i turned 30.. And um. Here's i think a big reason that helped me push throughout my 20s. And that's that's, really really key. In my very first business the dating advice business it must i must have been 23. Really in the beginning my first year, when i was still an assistant, when i was not making any money, i was, holding. A seminar. Instead of tyler. The guy who i assisted, back then. And, it was in honolulu. So i was supposed to fly on a flight and then he was supposed to come after me, and, i was supposed to prepare everything like four hours before his flight would touch down, set up the seminar, room and of course he missed his flight he used to miss all his flights. And and he's like i won't come on time. Do this, every night for me. And, he said. There's gonna be this other guy, named derek. And, so you probably know derek many people know derek in that field, and uh he's a very experienced, guy he's older than me. I think 10 years older than me or something like that. And. And he and i didn't know who it was. Or, how he looked like i just heard his stories, and i knew that he had he's a business owner he owns like two three businesses. Did instructing. On the side, did it as fun and he was in that crowd. And i was supposed to talk for like 90 minutes and then introduce. Him, without even knowing which one of the people in the crowd it is and he would come on stage and then he'd. Do his part and like i said i was an assistant. I was unpaid, i was a young guy i was there with shoes that weren't even mine and stuff like that. And. And. My first business, was. Literally, based on my passion. I had no idea about how to monetize, it i knew nothing i didn't even know what the word revenue, meant i didn't know the difference between revenue and profit, because that would that's that bored the hell out of me it was literally just me, um. Talking about my passion that's all i did that well that was the thing that i loved the most and all my content was built upon that and all the first clients that i got way before i became an assistant for that company. It was all just me being in forums, and messaging, people you know and that's how i make my first a thousand, couple thousand bucks a month. And which is the same strategy that we're teaching people in free business mentoring now. And so anyways i'm holding my speech and i'm passionate, about it and, i'm taking some questions and i'm answering all that and, it was pretty good you know like, for a young guy. And then i'm introducing, derek, it was strange because i'm like just like, everybody give it up for my buddy, derek. You know like as if i knew him i didn't even know how he looked like, and i saw this guy with like long hair and this like very stoic, face, just like getting, getting up and i'm like i think that's the guy. Because there was around 80 people in the room. And you know i always look at people in the eyes a little bit. And. I felt like there was this one guy who was staring, at me like more intensely, than the others and it ended up that being derek and he gets up and, he goes on stage, and he's like, and everybody was like applauding. My speech and they really seemed to dig it and then he's like you know. It's cool that, this young guy max is crushing it so much. And i see you guys are digging that as well and. And i hear that a lot and, at that point i was kind of starting to get known in the scene. And he's like. Yeah you know many. Consider, you max as like the new guy the new thing and the new the next big thing and. And i agree with that, and, i want to tell you something though. Everybody, is now. Surprised. Or. You know, is giving you props because you're so young, and you're already crushing, it, but i'm going to tell you something max. If you had. The, same. Type of delivery, as a 35. Year old man. People wouldn't give a damn about it, because as a 35, year old man, you're supposed to have your complete, life figured out you're supposed to be making that money you're supposed, to do the things you're doing right now. So. It's great that you're already crushing it and, very aggressive, and blah blah blah and good props to you. Just to be aware of that. You cannot, rest, on though on your laurels, you have to keep pushing, because once you're at a certain age people will expect, you to have, everything, figured out in your life already.

And That literally stayed with me until now and now that i did turn 30 a couple months ago, this is in my brain more than ever. To just be like. You're right, and, you should be using, your 20s. To, figure out as much as you can get amazing, mentors, learn learn learn learn learn. And then by around 30 35. You should be extremely, well established, you should have. All your plates spinning. You know for me specifically. My plates were. Fitness. My love life. And you know love and social life. And. Business. And, i feel like that's what kept me driving, all throughout my 20s. And that is still, in my brain and. Now that i am 30 i feel like i'm i'm pretty well established, in those, fields that i wanted to do but obviously i uh there's, so much more there's so much more to give. I have like on one hand i feel like i'm well established and i've reached a lot of great things that i wanted to reach, but on the other hand i feel like i'm just getting started. And. Energy, wise. I'm still feeling very good. Um. Interestingly, enough what happened to me throughout my 20s. My 20s, and again i'm always talking about. Myself, here but i think it's something that many people can relate. My 20s the recurring, theme of my 20s was. Pushing over the boundaries. I really spent this decade, to. Find, how, far, i could humanly. Push my mentality. My brain my focus, as well as my, physical, body. And. I've stepped over these boundaries, a handful of times and was very difficult, to recover, from that i've had burnout. In. 2015. I think 2014. 15 16 something like that, and i had to deal with that and you know had to recover, a lot and. It took me about two years to really fully, recover, from that and and i think this is something that everybody, should do, um. You should operate, from a paradigm, of pushing, so much, until you burn, out. Just to see how far you can push just to know your limit just to step outside your comfort zone as they say. And then in my 30s the recurring, theme is like i know my boundaries, now, now let me if this is the ceiling, let me make sure i i touch that ceiling i just strafe that ceiling and not. Push, through it, but the only way you can know you touch the ceiling only is by pushing through it at least once, and. At least from my own experience. And. You know that was an interesting thing and what happened then is. My first business just started for me wanting to build a legacy, and share my passion and then in 2016. I started making my first product, and that was an info product something i keep bashing a lot nowadays, and, back then info products were the thing to do and, the info products that i've built were very very great i put my heart and soul into that and people got a lot of great results. Later on i found that there's an even better way to get people results which is mentoring, online, mentoring ongoing, online mentoring which is what i'm doing now. And i built that info product, and. Until that point. So before i started collaborating. With with, these guys that you might know me from. I started doing my own thing and i made you know, a couple low figure amount, low four figure amount a month with that, then i started making, with them you know. 4k. 8, 000, 9000. Sometimes, 15k. A month, with them. And then i made that info product. I was 26, year old and just like from one swoop within like eight weeks i just made my first million. Because until then i had built this. The hype for the info product and just. Made my first million. And that is where i was then literally, forced. To. Switch that business thinking, on, in my brain, because i was like. Wait a minute like there's this money coming in like, you have to start delegating, things you should use that money to invest more in yourself you should. Start expanding, and i'm like oh i guess, i have to, i was literally forced into this business thing i asked i have to figure that out. And until that point, i was never interested in anything, business it was always boring it was very dry topic for me, and then i started doing that.

And It was. It was fantastic. And uh for the first time, so that was. 2016. And for the first time since around 2010. I felt that initial. Excitement. For something, that i had felt back then. For my dating life, i was like wow this business thing and marketing, and then you know you send people there and then you get the engagement, here and then you use the sales. And then boom you have the clients and then you make sure they get results so they give you great testimonials, and you give value and it's upward spiral, and my brain started firing all these new neurological. Connections, and it got really cool and really interesting. And then i just became more more passionate about business. And. I feel like. People overestimate. The amount of passion that they need in order to start something. I felt a lot of passion for it before i did it and that was great that's almost considered, a bonus, but it's not necessary. The real passion i started feeling once i started getting started getting results. And that's the truth with, passion. With motivation. With any of this. Emotional. Thing, that people, think they need to have in order to build a business. It comes, with, results. When you're sitting at home you're not making any money you're not getting any clients you're not helping anybody. It's hard to have a passion, for that again if you feel it kudos to you great bonus. Gg. But. You will feel passionate once you start feeling results, you start getting, having money coming in you start, getting new clients and you feeling like hey what i'm building here actually grows. Right it's hard to look at uh. If you have bonsai, trees here behind the camera, it's hard to look at a, barren. Soil. Just like here's some dirt in there and look at it and be passionate about the plant. But. Once there's a leaf coming out and now you start watering, it and two days later you see another leaf coming out that's where you're like oh my god this is cool you keep watering it and then three leaves and then the stem grows. And you watch it grow. That is where the real passion is so if you're watching this and you feel. Um. I don't know i'm not passionate about something everything is boring, you know all i want to do all day is smoke weed and scroll through memes all day i don't have passion, don't let that discourage, you first off flush that weed down the toilet. Second of all, start, something. Start seeing results, and then you feel the passion. Because. I feel what the biggest, mistake, is for people nowadays. Is. They cannot connect the dots. Of. Work. And, and and satisfaction. Of of of work, and. Uh. And the long-term, gratification. They cannot connect the dots. All we feel all i feel that we feel nowadays. Is short-term, gratification. I'm hungry, i eat i get gratified. Right i'm thirsty i drink i get gratified, i'm bored, i go on youtube i watch some stupid, cat video i get gratified. With everything. At our fingertips. Nowadays. If you want to know something you go on god damn google. Hey siri. Blah blah blah. How old is bart simpson, you instantly, know it, what do we not get instantly, nowadays. Well yeah siri is like i didn't quite get that. What are we not like what is it that we don't get, instantly, nowadays. Nothing so we're so focused on instant gratification, into gratification, instant gratification. That we've completely, lost. Being able to connect, the dots hey if i sit down, if i keep my head down, and i grind, it out for eight twelve, weeks. Maybe then i start seeing results maybe then i start seeing the passion. But we have lost our ability, to do that. Go on goddamn, tick tock. Go on that stupid, i'm on tick tock myself. You. Open that app, just open it and it instantly starts, showing you the feed and it's all these like. 15, second videos, and it's just like, cut cut cut boom next video cut cut cut boom next to cut cut cut boop next do you even know how that screws, up your entire.

Neurons. In terms of of of dopamine, do you even know how the dopamine, is screwing, up your brain. Look at your own behavior. Look at how the views drop of this video you can literally see it of every video and that's normal by the way you see people starting and then within the first minute it drops, and then it stays steady, because people cannot even maintain, focus to watch a 10 20 30 minute video anymore. I feel it in myself, i'm 30 years old i grew up without a cell phone, i grew up without, an iphone, the first a. Smartphone, that i had was in. 2010. Or something like that. And even for me it's hard. To not just get my phone out, and just scroll, mindlessly. Through instagram. For me it's hard, let alone for all the folks that are now 20 years old they were born in 2000.. They were born with an iphone with the ipad, and whatnot. It's screwing up our brains. So of course when you're sitting out there you want to you want to build a business. And you're working for four weeks and you haven't seen any results of course, it's very, rare that you start making money after four weeks we have some clients who start making money after three weeks we had one who made i think 10k in the first week or something like that, it's rare. Usually, the first sales are starting to come in between the 10th and the 14th, week out of my own experience with our clients. Work on something for 10 weeks if you're watching this video right now. Look at your calendar what date was it 10 weeks ago, how far away that actually, is. So work i challenge, you work on something for 10 weeks, without. Feeling, the sensation, of gratification. Without, feeling, the dopamine. Hitting you. If you have to. If you have to acquire. One skill, in this world, completely. Outside, of the business, world. It is delaying. Your gratification. Write it down, you this is really one of the most important parts of the of this first part of the video. Delay. Gratification. It's always, those. Who are able to delay gratification, who are the real winners, out in this world. All right the, the athletes, the golden, the olympic gold winners. The. Excuse me the millionaires, the the people that have built something.

All Those, people, at the very. Base. Lies the skill of being able to delay. Gratification. Because, anything. Big, that is worth building. It's not going to be built in a day rome wasn't built in a day right famous saying. My first business wasn't built in a day. Our clients businesses, aren't built in a day like i said it usually takes around 10 to 14 weeks, for people to start seeing results, for people to start getting their first money in. All right again there's always exceptions there's people who make it before that there's people who make it after that but nothing big, that's worth building. Is going to be built. Fast, and you know what that's a good thing. That's a goddamn, good thing because it separates, the suckers. From those that are actually. Willing to go through the dirt, in order to get there, and i like that. I love it when people come to me and say oh life is so hard. Building a business is so hard. First of all. It's been it's easier, than it has ever been before. In the history, of mankind, with technology. I mean you don't need connections. Right back in the days you need to be connected to the nobility, to build a goddamn, business to become a merchant. Not necessarily, anymore you can be a complete, nobody, you can have, been growing up in a, in a cave. You get out in your little cave. Cloth, that you've built yourself, from a, from a, deer that you've hunted you can walk into a starbucks, stir. And somehow, acquire, a cell phone or you use like and you go to the library and you use the internet there for free, you can theoretically, build a business from that right you don't need capital, anymore. Back in days you need to source the price you need the capital you need investments, it doesn't, need to be there anymore. You just need internet, that's all you need nowadays and the internet's for free and it's all there how amazing is that you're watching this video on the internet right now, it's easier than it has ever been before. All right it's been easier than it's ever been before. You have to realize that but most importantly. It is, good, that it is still, as quote unquote, complicated. Or difficult, as it is right now because it separates, the suckers. Who just want to make a quick buck and then screw off, from those who actually want to build something legit. And this is something that i'm extremely proud of if i may say that, if i may, self-indulge. In myself, here. I'm extremely, proud of the fact that we're helping our clients. Build something. Legit. Legit. That actually helps me because i could have been like, build, build a drop shipping store. Right. What do you think is your drop shipping store going to do in five years from now. Right there's so many drop shipping people out there that say like oh i'm making so and so much by drop shipping and so on so forth, ninety percent of these people they're sourcing, some random, whack, products from china, and selling it to people, where's the real value, in that the long-term. Value, in that. What is that business gonna do five years from now you're still gonna sell cheap products from china, there's no growth in that you cannot build, long-term. Brands. That are, with the clients that you're having there's no long-term, value with your clients. And. Of course there's drop shipping that is being done, properly. Where you're selling a real valuable, product, right, i have uh i have some colleagues who are doing, proper, e-commerce, that is really focused on on building a proper product. But. What i like about, the online coaching and the online service providing sphere is you're building a real connection to people, and you're growing these people, and you have these people around you for a very very long time and that's exactly the type of business that we're helping our clients to build, a legitimate. Business. Not a, flashy. Internet. Fad, type of business. That is just built on hype, no we help them build an, actual, business, in german we said the word betrip. And ristik. A real legit, business. That actually makes legit amounts of money gets legit's, clients, and makes sure that these clients are being supported.

And, Being, being given value to, and that's one of the things that i've always wanted to do. Or at least ever since i started thinking about business. I never liked the idea of having just something quick and that just like makes me a couple hundred bucks a month and then i can. You know live in thailand. For, for like 800 bucks a month or something like that. I wanted to build something legit, and i and i'm very happy to do that and. All right she's just on the phone, so, there was one, interesting, story, that i wanted to mention and that was one day i was in in one of our offices, and. It was a couple months ago, and, i i came into the office in the morning and i just. Grinded, it out i was you know shooting videos talking to clients. And. And, you know, my team members came in my team members, you know a couple hours later once it started getting dark they went out and i was like the last person in the office, and. As i was getting out of my office room i was walking through like the kind of the common area. And. And i just stood there in this room, and, i looked outside the window you can kind of like see a little bit the skyline. Of it, and i turned off the light and i'm like i've built this. Every single person in this company. Every single, video. In this company that we've put out every single client. Is there because, i, had that thought. I should start my own business. And i. Executed, that thought, relentlessly. And i chased, that thought. And i never stopped chasing that thought until the very moment i stood there in the office in silence. And that one fateful night. And. Talking about delayed gratification. That is the moment you want to live for. Did i ever think, about. Oh you know. Five six years from now i'm going to stay in my own office and one of my offices, even and i'll have that thought i didn't even think about that. I just thought i wanted to build something and i don't care how long it's going to take. And you're going to make a lot of sacrifices. Along the way. Mostly personal sacrifices. You might sacrifice. Comfort. You might sacrifice. Certain. Relationships. Because there's going to be friends family, and so on so forth kind of calling you out and saying oh. Uh, you know you've changed and things like that and and that's okay, and funnily, enough. Many of the people. That. Have criticized, me that have been in my social circle, sometimes, even family. They criticize, you on the way up but once you are up once you're well established. And once you've really proven yourself. They will come back and be like i always knew it and that's okay, i never judged him for that or anything. Unfortunately, my family has always been very supportive my immediate, family my brother sister, and my parents. But, you know i've had uncles and aunts. Voicing, the one or the other criticism. And. You know it took years literally years until i was well established, and again delayed gratification. Right because, i could have gone the easy route and be like oh you know i want to be liked by everybody i cannot. Stand the pressure but i had this dream and i wanted to pursue it, and then years later. Uh they come up to me like oh i'm so proud of you max and turnader, and i acted, as if i never read, these messages, that they sent me criticizing, me calling me stupid or whatnot. I act as as if they never happened because. I realize even in the moment when they happen. People don't necessarily. Mean it. Often times, we, we have these you know these pain-body, attacks. Um, where we are you know this low vibrational, energy, or just. Call it having a bad day, we're just a little bit in a dark, realm with our thoughts. That we do things that we don't necessarily, mean we we say mean things you've had it i've had it i've, hurt people verbally. Because i was not in a, healthy mindset, at that moment, i was maybe stressed, i was fearful. I, felt hurt. So i understand, that that many times when people criticize. They come from from a bad mind. But. You know. They, those criticizing. Words come from them, in their worst state of mind as opposed, they co as opposed to coming from them in their best state of mind. And, and that's okay because. I think it's important to kind of realize everybody has bad days and. Obviously it's something different if someone does it relentlessly. Over and over again, you might want to remove yourself from that person but if it happens once or twice. That's okay and i kind of accept that. And. You know ultimately. Ultimately. Business is a journey. As as any other journey and there's a lot of parallels, to what we what i used to teach in the dating advice business. Um, it's a lot about people, knowing, people. Business, is oftentimes, something that attracts, a lot of analytical, thinkers i mean a lot of our clients are very numbers, focused very analytical, thinkers.

And Then they kind of hit a glass ceiling when it comes to the human, part of it, because even if it's a highly highly digitalized. Business, such as online coaching online service providing, you'll be dealing with people, you'll be dealing with people. On a surface, level meaning. How do you present yourself. What do you say, how do you close. Someone how do you sell a product you're selling it to a person. Right even if you're selling it automated, like we're teaching to our beginner. Our advanced clients. You're still, selling it to a person, you have to understand, who are the people that you're selling to. Who are they what are they thinking what kind of words are they using what do they want what have they tried what have what have they failed, why, what what disappoints, them what drives them and so on so forth. But also on a. On a deeper level you'll be dealing with people you'll be dealing with yourself, with your own needs your own excuses, your own. Mindset, problems. But also later on when you hire. Team members, employees, you'll be dealing with them and. What i really really love. The most about it is it helps you. Fix problems, it's a complete. Problem-solving. Thing and. Having a business, is, literally. Non-stop. Problem solving, it's, non-stop. Problem solving you wake up, problem, solving, problem, solving, problem, solving. And to be honest that was a thing that i've. Cultivated. With the dating advice, thing uh. Funny enough. Because it's also, problems that you're solving as a young man. Uh you know. You feel lonely so you go into a bar maybe with some friends, and you want to talk to a girl, but, problem number one comes up your your knees are shaking, problem number two comes up you don't know what to say, and you literally fix one problem after the other you force yourself. To, to to go talk to somebody. And, you don't know what to say, so you ramble, some random, syllables. And it's always just like. Juggling, it's almost like you're learning to ride a bike, you, you're starting to tilt to the left so you rudder, it to the right now you tilt it to the right too much and you somehow try to stay on the bike. And that's what i feel like. Is the same. Is the case when you're when you're building a business you're just constantly, solving, problems. And. When you're watching this right now. And and you're in a situation, where you feel like, there's constantly, problems that i have to solve whether that is specifically. For business maybe you're running a business you're starting a business, or it's just life. Throwing a lot of bs at you and you feel like you have to, solve all these problems you can do two things with that. You can number one. Let it beat you down, until you're, metaphorically. Speaking, on the ground. Crying, and, wobbling, in self, victimhood. Or you accept the challenge. And you say okay anything that's thrown at me i'll swing the back and sometimes, i have to swing the bat furiously. To, kinda. Try to not get hit. But the more you do that the more you start. Anticipating. It and then what happens is you get into a flow, you get into this wonderful, flow where you get up, problem, solved, problem. Solved, problem can't solve it can't solve it other problem oh as you're trying to defend this one problem like you've solved some other problems with one hand and here, well now you can solve that problem and the next one and the next one and. First of all you grow through that immensely. I mean the growth, process, is huge. This is something you don't see. As a surface, spectator, you know you're watching my youtube or my instagram you don't see that as much. But. On a deeper level there's just growth, happening, every single day for even for me with multiple, seven figures. Making, with both of my businesses. Um. But it's, absolutely wonderful, and and you get really good that and then like i said you get into this flow. Where you're just like it's almost like you're. Neo. Um. Defending. All the hits, this, is a wonderful metaphor.

Do You remember that with uh, there's this. There's a scene where. Mr smith mr smith the. The agent smith. Fighting him and and these agents, are known to be these extremely, good fighters, and then. Later on as neo, accepted, the challenge and he grew beyond, himself. All of a sudden there's this epic scene where he starts defending, with one arm. And that's how you start feeling and you're like whoa. I, see the matrix. And, even today i mean you don't even know that like i woke up and just a devastating. Message. You know this and that happened so and so did this and this this and that wrote this and that. And. This used to, this used to beat me up for, weeks. That pain when something bad happens used to sit in me for, weeks. And nowadays, something even worse happens, and i'm just like. Neo defending, it with one arm and even if some really big thing happens, okay then i'll use my second arm, and now i'll defend full force. And that is something i really love because. If you're watching this, viewers are watching this by the way i really appreciate, that. And you. You're seeking, to live a life, with. Very few problems. I think that's the wrong focus. Don't seek, to be. Living in a life where you don't get challenged, seek to become, neo. Who can defend, with one arm for whom, these big problems, are just, yet another day to be solved, yet another day to be fighting, through, because ultimately. I prefer, being. Strong. And being able to defend, myself, than being weak, and not even having the opportunity to defend myself right the weak person might sit in their comfort on the couch and have a good time, and i don't have to worry, nothing bad is happening me, to me but ultimately that person doesn't see the world. Doesn't, grow doesn't experience, the immense, satisfaction. Of knowing, there has been a challenge. And guess who did it guess who did overcome, that challenge. Me. And nobody, else. And that's a beautiful, thing and i do always say get mentors, as many as you can because ultimately, again that's you being smart. Right. That's you being smart. That's another. Lesson in of itself that's another, attack, that you have to defend, because your ego, might tell you you should do it alone, asking for help is stupid, you can do this alone, but ultimately, you have to learn. To cultivate, the humility. Of saying, look. This is where i am right now. There's people, out there who are exactly where i want to be who are ahead. Five six seven, fifty steps than me. I'm going to to put my shield down and say hey, can you help me, because ultimately, you know deep inside yourself, if you peel away the layer of ego, it's actually, better for you objectively, speaking. To ask for help, because, you don't have to make many mistakes, yourself, you can follow a proven path, and most importantly. You can do things much faster. Because ultimately. There's only one thing that really matters in this world and that is time. Everything else is infinite. You can make as much money as you want if you don't have enough money go make more you're not the first person who has to figure out how to make money i mean this is what we teach our clients how to make more money it's there it's a proven process. But the time spent. Can never be, brought back to you. You want to be able to spend that time with with your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse. Children. Family. If i. Go back home. And i see my parents and i'm at a point now where my parents are about to turn 60.. This is really a point where every time i see them every couple months i notice they've gotten older. I don't know how old you are watching this but if you can resonate, with that it's hard. It's hard to be like mommy and daddy, i, you were always there, and i always thought you will always be there when i was a child and. Growing up also means understanding. Hey. People aren't going to be around. All the time. Including, myself. And i think just being aware, of. The value, of the moment, and the fragility. Of life, of your life of the life, of. Loved ones. Puts in a position. Where all the ego is flushed away all the surface level things are flushed away when you really truly realize, hey, i could die at any moment. Maybe you've lost someone you've loved already. Maybe you've been yourself. In a life, defining. Situation. In a, near-death. Experience. Then you know what i'm talking about, and in those moments. Nothing matters what so and so said about you and how unfairly, you've been treated. All that you'll be looking back to is, did i live the life that i wanted to live, did i risk the things that i needed to be risking.

And Did i have time with my loved ones that is all that matters, and ultimately. As we're wrapping up this video we gotta go. That's all that matters and that's why, i still do what i'm doing. Even though i've made all the money that i want to make bought all the nice things that i wanted to do travel to almost all the places that i've ever wanted to travel to, i'm still doing this. Because i feel i have. A legacy, to give. I feel i have. Knowledge to give to other people. I feel i have potential, that it has to be fulfilled, with me, and last but not least i feel like i have so much love to give, to my parents to my loved ones to my friends to my colleagues to my clients. That. I don't want to stop. I have so much more to give and i know. On a very deep level that i will give these things. And that i will not stop. Until i've given it all, and i have given it all at the very moment i draw my last breath. This is why i'm still doing that because it's the most goddamn. Fulfilling. Thing i've ever done in my life. And, right now i don't see myself, ever stopping. And and if you're watching this video i really really appreciate, you. Really from the bottom of my heart. I would have never thought i'd do this with my first business and i would have never thought i'd get to do, that even more with my second business doing it once is good but doing it twice you really. Know that you're onto something here and i really appreciate, that and, and there's no time where i don't appreciate the living hell out of my life and the fact that i get to share. And uh if you haven't done so yet feel free to check out my instagram, account i'm not even gonna give you any other call to action if you have your phone in your hand and you're not following me on instagram yet. Go ahead and do so i reply to all the m's i'm posting, even more stuff on there i'm trying to to be as transparent, as possible, be kind of a counterweight, to all the flashy, social media stuff, you see me doing cool things. The traveling. The parties and so on so forth but i also show the hard work that goes behind it i mean you just made a couple of stories that i'm going to post. Um. I kind of want to be as transparent, as possible and really show you hey. Delay your gratification. Work on something, until you can live. Live the life that you want to be living so, much much love thank you very much for everything. Talk soon. Yo guys. I just cracked. A few weeks ago, 6k. Science joining, the fba, i'm very happy. I'm. Weight loss fitness, coach. Before, joining, fbm, i got less clients, than right now and, collaboration. With them is better. Like the system that, that is present, here is like fantastic. Gg.

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