Match analysis #2: Vitality vs 100 Thieves- Semi finale - IEM Beijing

Match analysis #2: Vitality vs 100 Thieves- Semi finale - IEM Beijing

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Guys. I have, something to let. You know go. Follow my YouTube YouTube, effects years ago I need your help you get a lot of subscribers. Cool. Right want to know where I got it. Go. To see I stopped money, it's a trade platform, and a marketplace at the same time just choose click, and get. Good. Luck bro. Okay. So we. Lost that one we, lost New York, 1614. In. I am Beijing. To. Play pretty bad on it so, let starts, instantly. By it, okay. So it's, tied by the tea pistol, so, as you know I'm calling the pistols, so. What. We try to do is I remember, what you tried to do, we. Went five outside. I. Wanted. To fake three. Guys to go down kinda. To. Try to get timings. So, me I look, I. Tried. Here, if someone goes down, I need to go down and look what, other doll did. To me he, did that, okay. So. The pistol then they tried to go up to, back up, there. But. Everyone, was waiting for them. I knew, Bobby sue okay. Great, piece on not, really so. I remember, the game's over already. Okay. This. Run. This. One is a joke I'm gonna explain you why because I, remember. The core of Alex wants he wanted to buy he. Wanted to go down with the with the bomb and start. The other waiting, for that so. I forgot to drop the bomb so. They went down went, without the bomb. So. It was pretty, like weird, one, I went. With the rub with the bomb alone what, was the outside, one was a I, don't remember who, they were. But. I it's. Like totally, pitaka we spent, five shock, does a kill I does. Another one like pretty damn, bad shots I think, with this faction will come down ladder he's gonna fight. He's. Going down me, okay. I'm going to run this one with the bubble own. She. Can think, that. It's free because he here is the guide on ladder so it's running straight to, help his brother me. I have, no clue is there I see him I always, fail him but. Then we're in the run do, so this one guys is the biggest, joke. Ever. So. Yeah we want to run. That. Wasn't beautiful. So. Easy run, and, Tico, something, we lose most of the time but. This one look at beautiful, trash. Look. Oh so easy I'm, blind everywhere lost his fight from me and Alex. Okay. We went fast inside, easy, run by us they. Were three there. Okay. Guys I will explain you something to. Build the economy normally. You shouldn't lose any, weapons. And. On. That one. Let's. Talk what happen I just. Wanted to see the shot she did to me it, was pretty insane by him. They're. Gonna kill a lot pick. Your own put, it decay very one it again, so. Still the run is easy. One so. Now, they, have like no money at all, oh. I. Kill the guy just. Doing map control, trying. To with. Your nails sharks, is being done vents as you can we wait for ambient. Machine. Itself. Falls by so, we need to plate together. And. Try. To to. Revenge, each other. It's. Pretty damn important. So waiting, for it are. We gonna lose it we're. Gonna lose it for me because with two spirit like, alex is larger, advocates. In the lobby in the two main. Appliques. To slow, yes. There is gonna kill. Again. But couldn't. Kill you say if, I have a nikkie I kill Jacob I'm pretty sure of that oh yeah. That's. True, that's. A good one we played that one really bad to penis so next run we still have money. Let's. See what we gonna do. Wall. Of smokes I think here normal world of smokes and we're going down slowly. But. Surely you. Can't, really know what's happening, looking. Slowly down here. Thinks. I was gonna kill Jay. And. There we go it done we, have everything, nice.

That Was opening my, room, and they. Might say Vegas. Yeah. The saving trying. To run. Down a little bit no damage. Pretty. Clean run by us, so. Now we, know this full is full by what. You're gonna try to do maybe. Starting, slowly outside. I think. Yeah. Smoke, there so, you know they might be there all done here and it's, down here my, gratis faction likes to go there most of the time so. Slowly. We're. Doing the. Wall of smoke. On. This one. Think. She can't really do something yet he's gonna smoke the smoke. Things, and there is a gap between that's. A bigoted trades did, I kill me first I. Couldn't. See much at first I said. Most wrong good situation, was basing off him but we knew was they were P she was it that. Was good one day em to do the dismal, exactly, because, yeah. I think. That's a rump brush I know. Though. Is going down vents alone. Aki's. I always got the vents. Are. Shocked see smart, private, smart. She. Was gonna kill. My remember. We. Went outside with, the same exact smokes and look what as a there did one, here hand. The pocket okay, that's something that no one does normally, to, be honest it, was really smart by them to do, that even. If normally, the last one I was in on. Silo. So I, will, be. Able to kill him but this it's, yes I 204, by epic a look at that beauty man to, two tops areas. Dead two. Tops as a dead dead, getting, the bomb he has both infos so, he gas down he. Said like one was rapid one is outside, screams. And straight, opening. The to planting, the bomb closing, the door he knows one is here. They. Played 12 but this. Round the creek one the creek, fucking. One no is. He for skeptical slow what. Can what, can you do when you see city to be honest what, can you do so I think they gonna eco now I defaults by. Taking. A post are yeah as you. Know this run this game maybe you don't remember we, don't play without coach, because. It was really, damn sick so that wasn't easy tactically. Etc. To pick about the game in to, have the. Right ideas, etc so. Yeah that was a tough one to be honest to play without the coach it's. A big part of our team and our, stuff, so. For. Once I do first killing we don't see it okay, I was silo and the guy wanted to go down here and look. It so easy for so. We're doing war of smokes again I think. But. Different. One. Electron. For, you ah I, will explain what's happening we want to go down. The. Guys notice is fits, down so. Wait. The. Gave smokes, is feeds down okay, so. Lost so it's not here I heard. One, down ladder and one meinen I know one is done so by. Myself, I'm going, another because, smarts, and they. Were not expected, I said, just go inside, and IRA, come, right. After, unfortunately. I have no kills because. They kill everyone. But. That was a cool by myself, and I'm, proud of that but, unfortunately. I didn't. Do anything. We, are lobbied since II eco so we play super safe trying to wait for them kinda. And. Look. At my friends I have o0, it's, gonna kill it most of them outside laughing where, are you 0 0. Look. I asked, nothing, nothing. At all, I was here trying to get eco fraud zero, smash. My face why. He does that, ask. Him because, he wants to go flood you want to be first player, initial TV you wants everything metal fuck, this shit, once, again I explain. You something before. Onion. Chico it's really important. To. Once to, not lose miniguns, for the next runs. Anyways. Lets. You see what's happening, next. Well. There's one weapon. And. Obviously. One. More. Week. I could even win the run but Alex plays well. You. Won at the end with. Trolling, we were trolling ok I think it's a run fresh. Tours. I will loop is, gonna be photo on it's not. Ok. So. We try to do do a rubbish, ok basically ok. I can't. Go through this but I do. So. I tried you know to smoke here and I smoke. Try. To do some noise and then, I felt, like the road I was dining to, take on, that one and. Honestly I didn't really bad and went out from here I should, have gone on this way, here. Picking this guy and then, I have the bomb site and checking. Otherwise. I was maybe.

Good At, beginning, but then I was really. Bad to do it that. Way. Look. Once. Again he was leaving Alex epic he came and died on do Korpi ok what you gonna do bye again what's. The strategy sharp, pain done went easy for sure. We. Try to go down but the creek one with you oh that, was like you. Know we could just run the garbage run so I just go away. You recall. What. We wanted to do. Smokes. Oh yeah. That's. A look oh because look she, was gonna kill toot oh. My. God. Jacob. You. Went through the smoke with the flash in, my fat ass. See. The goo D code 2 kiios I was. Great ID okay. One. More pie run. Into. Fake kinda, you know friends rushing. We. Did the fast run fast. Fat. Dude. I. Was, a tough one but we did it he went back from ads I was planting the bomb I echoes panting indicating. Because they were both know. That. Was an easy one by again I. Said. I know, how to kill him robb I said. Let's go and then he went back. In. The lobby to, Nate's. Straight. Down I remember. That, cold not. Much money nuke least a fast aside and that, was a cold by shock see I remember, he. Wanted to, do the smokes outside we did the smokes, why. So. We did the smokes, watch. It to wait in line then gcamp, pushed, there, so I pick is gonna Kyra is, your flat for ya, we fake inside. Damn. Blind general rotating inside, and. Regain them. As. I, saw only one they were not sure of that one they, cut it fall inside, the flow inside, so. Yeah easy run by us. Good. Call by shop see. This. Design is very good case eight run and sit-ins inside of new like. Critical. Society. We. Should that be reached. Up in to an hour I will. Show you a monster failed by me on this one so. The damage I do from main, damage. We do a, pretty. Damn low zero. Can you hear please can you shoot on this body look, I fail look the fame I. Wish. You can do boota boota shocks. Is gonna kill them all. Now. I show walks the, why. And. Easy defuse, okay, that's when it started start to be space the budget, and see asleep is that. You. Know that they. Have two creeks Quigley, is the most powerful weapon in the game. So. We try to prepare something but. Something went wrong and they, killed us outside like, really bad, to. Business. Satisfaction. We. Try to to, retake it that was tough one we, were close to win it to be honest because, they, can lather and main at the same time and you, were close to win the run, so. We didn't. Like. Here this one if I kill this guy. We. Were in the run I'm pretty sure of that but.

On Local show Roxy, stuff one and yeah so no it's the bad idea to buy it by again. You. Can shock through the smoke on Youku. Go. Back and get the weapon, what's. Happening, now they. Go back in the room I kill. 1-0. Kill one. Is. Already done what happened. Pity, on Luka fine if, you kill at least one that was his run so I think we they pick every saving we. Keep to weapon so it's pretty damn nice. So. This one I decided to go outside you. Have to weapons we still can win the run to be honest to, do this wall of smoke outside and, look. Easy, shot for me. So. I just wanted to retake, so I was about to flag for them but, they were all like. Syria. Happy. Take is the one I care one I, tried. To repeat but they are fucking is g IH, added him but. I'm Luca, for me. If. They don't love if, they are making on this run epic a table I'm pretty sure that so. Tough road but it's, fine him Mariko, we still the matching the economy, it's really nice to do that. So. Now for. Diegans full by. Let's. See what's gonna happen. Its. Mother, yeah. Smoking. A made took, the smokers so, many smokes. No. Smoke garish as if, I did bad ship he tried to pick should. Have stayed at. Should. Have hide even. Better, as, he was picking a bit on the left. And. Then I stuff. Run stuff, lunch ox try to help, and. If alex is dying, so now. Easier. On for them I'm Luca forest man. Cool I know so. Please, stop camera I guess. We're. Going. To, push love it. Yeah. I mean, by chopped, yes, but he gives me faster. This. Is too fast I look. What Ali's gonna do is pretty damn fun he's, going down the. Year dad is going up and. Look the Simon just took the time it's insane okay. She cares is here is it that is about to come but, no it's not for me she, case yeah I'm, knife in your ass. Well. Twelve, nine but. You still teach your noob so you still can come back if you know why I'm in this street, in Porton, just, it's, fine let's go boys it's fucking on so what's. Happening, and city, so, think basic, wanna see what's going down okay he was going done. It. Looks like oh look look they're timing I have. The. Outside no one epic, a nice Nate I'm going down sides they, push it. Thanks. Bitch. I did a lot of damage, but. I'm Luca timing. Nice. Stop, violet. He's. Going down I think it's gonna plant lower and zero killing so of course. That's. Bit, of my bad on this run the. Tiny, is insane guys why they don't let me to go down in first execute, you leave, me alone for a bit the bay again what, we're going with. Deciding. To go down. Again she was going down again okay, they're running down straight, straight. Down boom boom boom and zero, is done I keep. One Vince. Get. Down. Okay. That down we, know there are a lot dad, we're trying to retake it I'm, sure did a lot of damage I remember yeah, six HP yeah, is gonna fuck me up with easy because I'm so bad look. We. Know the last is low nice. We. Just come back from 29, it's the dad but it's, just fucking. So. They buy again. We. Do tactic tactic, tactic, and we remain, straight.

A Main you, need to fight photo. Any. Case fuck. Me up. With. Click. 0. Kid one look is that the kill oh this is nice. Hey. I. Remember. Applicant. So you. Know it's yes sometime when you don't have much infos you. Need to get infos. On another. Place, so. They. Decided to push. Rapid head at the same time just. To try to kill as, many people, are they can in the lobby and getting info should, importantly, this one so. No magic is gonna die by apk, applique. Me. Your. House. Is he by even, know. They know it's a PK to decide, they decide to go main, Creek. Is gonna win this run so, hard yeah. And. Chuck's. You, don't know about shops but. Yes. Best. Position. In the world one, kill in, the, 7 1 so, 12 12 so we still have the advantage like, all the run we will for now I'm pretty good like, it with two alive it's not that bad we read what they're doing we're doing well to be honest so, no, idea Rico I think no, this is my one trick and. You will try to go out I was. So scared I. Didn't. Expect a guy to be here. And. They. Will like, my team I will fuck them up pretty hard I remember. The next run that's, why we lost the game the next one is why we lost this game because, if we wind it down wrong I don't think we lose it. And. We lost we, lost the next one for two things I will tell you for. The trick because the Creek is way too powerful weapon. And the, second, shit is. Our. Retake, is so bad on this run I wish, ping everything, in this room so. I will, go to my POV because I remember the run, okay. So they're. Not doing anything at the beginning I think they're, not even yeah did just. Like, paying control. But, really slow control okay, so. Me I'm neither, trying. To get in force, doing. Nothing so it's, Red Rum it sucks getting the ramp. So. Shocks as ramp as well is took, the position by here. So. Now they will try to go down there okay I remember. That so. You, have a tactic for that with. All the names purchase, of actions when I smoke from here for foreign photo events. So. 54. Smoke in. Mora topping on hats and me, I know it so I stay and. Easy. Frank J game is our HP so. Now we know the drop down the first mistake is chokes. Why. Is the first PC because I said a lot gone fence and he's not rotating, if he was rotating down, at this moment just, to try to me. Me not killing him but just to be bobbing to them it, would be baby a bit different you will even get to kill maybe so, he, doing down his, always staying. In the lobby for now he's, getting back to you. To. Do and, I. Don't know why I'm pretty. Sure it though okay I'm pretty, sure is though on this one so, with Erica we decide to go together and hurt and to check out and add. This I destroy a moment I will ask him to run rub, to. Make noise in for me to be able to kill the guy talk with waiting with which is with, right. There okay, and I'm. Moving, at the last moment and. You speaking that's. My bad you know this one is the, first mistake is charge the second is me because I'm. Pretty, sure is there I'm asking, applicator to go there but I'm not patient enough and it's. Really, bad and our so. We know when is doing to, our done so we decided to go down we, have looked at it we have look, all the news we have on the right we have Somalis, where to smokes let's, decide to do something together and. Jake. It's creeks. It's gonna rain the run Mike, look. I don't. Think we're rapping with Leiji. Luco, so. We have anything, we had everything's I we even check the gate. Done, done. Vents, that clearly oh my, god it's rainy Street that bad so 1313. Once. Again really important, man I don't know we lost it between octaves, he, came is going down Alex. Knows it Alex knows it okay but, look we don't know why but look, either as. A smooth dough. He's. Sticking his back in if you look. At the timing timing. Is insane guys, so. There they decide, I remember. They decide to we, know what is done because Alex heard him okay so, we're pretty sure anyone. Is there so. We're. Trying to do like. A gumbo, I'm trying to fabricate our, look normally. Should have been blind faith is there it was around looking.

Round And. When you went back the flash pop and, it became deadline so Andrew, :. We. Know they're still waiting in the lobby I. Say. Okay, I need to get a flag with three and five so I get a flag and. They're going back to the. Outside to put down and. I'm pretty sure like as, iqg, guess and she can sister is. The lurker. I pretty. Sure no one is there anymore and, we. Heard the smoke outside so I'm pretty sure they're going down so we're doing like the best to go down. I know. My Mehmet is here and the other is there and yeah we know they're done so click. Fuck. It up. Take, super vote and. Also, zero killed one. Endure. Up, there, I can. Wanna hear it typed the second one with 16, HP i they don't know about shocks normally the run is wind zero, is dying sharks, kill the guy. Any, didn't know so, there what, can you say guys you guys think it sucks halts because. VI, no you should know etiquette 0 but. There. Is the mistake was from zero because it. Didn't say the exact position of him and shocks. Didn't. Know it so he got kid from behind I tried, to say it instead of zero but. I say I said, don't. Window. I see, what didn't say anything and charge, got kid from behind we, should never have lost this run if the combination was great I am to, be honest but. It's it's happening sometimes, it's happening, it's it's fine, but. Yeah that's why we love this room you know that's why we lost assume so. Now look, at the money we. Know. It's pretty damn bad and on, this one Alex decided, to buy ok so he's. In Gabi do we. Choose what to do issues. With you and we. Force by. Nice. Date from Alex in. This last. Year silo, so I say yeah we see me - I want to do the goodnight so, goodnight. But ha it's a 3d good neighbors, it's, ok need 29, and 50 so, they, know about shucks shucks, the. Shit. PK's. Trying to get a kill, epic. Is killing one and no. We're, doing the bed to stay inside once again is a great bet Alex tries edits I remember, and, we try to stay one year one here I'm. Painting for fpk epic a skidding one skidding, - Alex. Killing one as well getting the trig okay a bouquet I have rather just I'd Brazil, okay I'm hiding it in two books I am aiming for you kill. 1414. Look at the money no no. 3,800. 3,800. 2,200. 1900. 2000. Clear so. How, the fuck did we lose this run again so they went outside that's what happening most of the time when people have, shit dry I mean, tricks trying. To when. They know the open announced no ATP because with, the money we had the. Pretty damn sure we don't know really so, she was saying in this corner waiting. Alex inside. Apks. Inside with me with. You inside so. We have great position. Like. Normally, it's cannot, happen we cannot resist. We. Aired them outside I remember. I heared them we hear them pretty well so. Smoke at me. She. Was sitting here waiting, in the waiting he's. Gonna pick alone because of course the position in the beginning is not straight, that's. Kind of my mistake on this one I think Jacobs, gonna kill me because I, don't, paper. Addicts. Going down it because ladder he's gonna open the door like, that. All. The time he is insane for really paid well if. I want, you to have my teammates you open the door give me from behind. Shox, is there with auto shopton, RPK, doing maybe too much noise LPGA, Europe we don't have kid it. Was a big deal for you and you didn't see it he's, doing too much noise so the guys know they, know easier, so.

He's Shooting, Mia's gonna kill. It. Was so close to do it though look. Always. Beat this game, if. You kill them in there, I'm. Pretty sure we could have. Wonders. Done with the events. Sharks. Try to push, Rumpy died. So. Now yeah they have everything they're going down around. I'm. Trying to go in their ass. And. Run, los libros, I'm I. Watch. It twice already before, doing, that and, it, still hurts because. Yeah. They, won they were better obviously but. Yeah, we, can have some budget. And I won that wasn't pretty but. As. You might know we didn't have much practice before, they even because, we had the visas to do it cetera and we, were not like the, best of all so, sunny finally still great but yeah. Shit. Happens. So. Yeah I think. We don't I hope, you enjoyed. Once. Again hope, you enjoyed the show and. I. Will try to do more and more, things. Like that. Most, likely in, English or French. I. Will, also, try to do with. Other teams because. I don't know damn it it would be nice to see. What I think about that etc. So. Thank, you everyone, for watching the stream I hope you enjoy, my. Friends.

2019-11-24 14:01

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J’aime bcp tes analyses continue comme ça, bon courage pour vos prochains matchs

J'espère me tromper, mais etant donnees tes performances en ce moment et ton niveau d'implication sur ta chaîne YouTube on croirait presque que tu prépares ta reconversion

J'apprécie le format, fais-en d'autres c'est cool à regarder ! Et bon courage à vous pour la suite :)

Parle français mon pote

Salut apex ! Je n'ai jamais envoyé de messages aux joueurs pro que je suis sur tout les matchs etc mais je voulais te dire bravo pour tes dernières performances j'ai l'impression que tu reviens avec un bon niveau ! Keep going on en veut encore plus bon courage !

c'est vraiment sympa à regarder ce type de vidéo ! surtout quand on a vu le match en direct avant, ça nous donne une explication de se qui se passe à certains moments que nous comprenons pas forcément. Continue comme ça :) !

Mais Apex dis moi, tu travailles un peu sur toi ? Est-ce que tu te rends compte de toutes les erreurs que tu accumules par cartes ? C'est absolument indescent. Tu coûtes réellement pleins de rounds à ton équipe à cause de tes décisions de toujours pushs. Je sais que de temps en temps c'est des plans de jeu hein, mais franchement quand je te vois jouer je m'arrache les cheveux. S' il vous plait, arrêtez de gâcher ce que Zywoo fait. Les stats entre lui et vous font froid dans le dos. Respectez son travail et allez passer du temps en DM, salut

Fais les en FR, ton anglais est dégueulasse

@Brownie Šć Il est humain en faite, le mec lui dit que son anglais est dégueulasse, alors qu'il fait l'effort de le faire en stream. Je pense pas que Naufal est bien meilleur mdr

Ah ouais pour répondre comme ça a la commu je vois le genre de mec. Apex depuis que t'es chez vitality, tout ce que tu touches c'est ton salaire

Mais mais je men fou de ce que tu penses enfaiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Please i need guide for inferno a apps rush

Aller c en anglais flemme

Frontex ben les personnes qui travaille pour apeX ont passer du temps à les faire. Ce genre de commentaire est pas hyper reconnaissant

@FleauxTV mais ça osef qu'il sois fait main

Frontex 32 minutes de sous titres français fait main sont à ta disposition... au pire si tu veux du fr regarde la dernière vidéo d’analyse

Superbe vidéo vraiment continu mais stp fais le en français sinon c’est super !

Fais tes vidéos analyses en français stp sinon super vidéo

@FleauxTV ce qui m'agace c'est que ce message ne t'es en aucun cas destiné et tu y réagis je ne t'ai point demander du répondre moi c'est toi qui commence moi je parle à apex

@Petit QUIRICOU oui, j'ai répondu avec "humour" étant donnée l'absence de lucidité dans les réponses et la présence notable de mépris. Sur ce je m’arrêterais donc de répondre.

@FleauxTV tu sais ce que c'est l'humour ?

@Petit QUIRICOU Content d'avoir pu aider :)

@FleauxTV Et on s'en fou des sous titres l'audio c'est mieux comme sa tu peux comprendre avec les propres mots du mecs

@FleauxTV merci Captain tu m'apprend un truc "humour"

Petit QUIRICOU il y a les sous titres ! Et la précédente vidéo est en français

@SteiiKy •_• je comprend l'anglais t'inquiète, juste c'est chiant je préfère en français

Petit QUIRICOU c’est parce que tu comprends pas ? Si il fait en anglais plus de gens peuvent comprendre l’analyse..

Enfin, on l'attendait, btw rpk is insane

Fuck this shit = Mince alors

Superbe vidéo mais tu pourrais faire l'analyse en Français? Je trouve ça plus intéressant à regarder

Ouais mais justement ^^ que ça soit en VFSTA quoi

Il y a les sous-titres !

Analyse Vitality vs Faze Esl pro league. Specially the map on which ZywOo broke his back


Fais plus de vidéos comme celle là car je trouve ça intuitif ^^ Et même si vous avez perdu ... V For victory !

@ZarFox non justement ça devrais être l'inverse c'est une équipe française

@L'oiseau Noir Pas tellement car ça touche à plus de public et on a les sous-titre ^^

En français c’était mieux

@John H Oui car on apprend certaine chose à ne pas refaire dans les games

instructif ?

Y'a un air de PapaBiceps

Mince alors !

ptdr t'as essayé l'accent russe ou quoi ? Puis t m'as tué à dire ZYVVO xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Ce qui est triste cest que vous ne comprenez pas que cest pas moi qui edit tout ça donc jai juste fais ça sur mon stream pendant qu'il n'y avait pas de game. Donc ça ne me prend aucun temps, mais bon dès qu'on essaye de faire quelque chose pour les autres ça ne va jamais.

Je me disais la même hahahah

@Brownie Šć Tu sais tu n'es pas obligé de me suivre puisque chaque commentaire c'est de la négativité. Bonne continuation à toi !

apEXcsgo oooh désolé si ça t’as vexé c’était pas le but!!! C’est juste que tu as eu quelques bas et du coup ça me faisait rigoler d’imaginer ce scénario mais j’espère bien sûr que ça ira mieux et que tu vas pouvoir redevenir le rapex du temps de g2

heu t'es aveugle ? il a jamais été aussi nul

@FleauxTV je ne remets pas en cause le travaille fait et ça a aucun moment x)

@Petit QUIRICOU mdr tkt il m'a fait la même le grand justicier masquer

Apex lol biggest cry baby ligit OMG they use kriegs fuck me up because using krieg look at your T side half ligit all krieg...... Also JKS would smack you 16-0 with ak and you with a krieg LOL.

@Frontex Il est joueur. Même si il est français, il jouera toujours avec des anglophones et les calls sont fait en anglais. Et sur son stream, il y a pas mal d'anglophones aussi.

@Otakun......... Et Apex il est quoi ? On est sur quel chaîne la a en ce moment ????

@Frontex/videos équipe française mais tous les joueurs ne le sont pas

benny benassi - gratisfaction :'D

@Arko Tu sais tu n'es pas obligé de me suivre puisque chaque commentaire c'est de la négativité. Bonne continuation à toi !

Yeah make match analysis in English so that more people can understand it

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