Marketing Tips To Boost Your Freelancing Business-FLIP Chat & Chill Discussion December 6, 2021

Marketing Tips To Boost Your Freelancing Business-FLIP Chat & Chill Discussion  December 6, 2021

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treat your freelancing career like a business because a business nation so how do we improve our business we need marketing we need marketing to boost our freelancing business because your freelancing career is a business now how do you shine how do i stand out how do i stand out here we go this is our topic for tonight how do you stand out marketing is one of the ways for you to be noticed by clients whether whether you use a platform or gus [Music] platforms this is still crucial for you so let us know ladies and gentlemen [Applause] whether you are using platforms or you are using facebook or you are using uh linkedin simon let me know in the comment section do you have tips on standing out and marketing tips as well let us know in the comment section meanwhile let me go to our lovely panel for tonight first and foremost see anthony anthony let me ask you when it comes to marketing yourself as a freelancer what is the first thing that you need to look into your profile um okay well uh by the way good evening guys regarding the question phoenix's is optimized and so it's it's very basic but uh yet uh very powerful so um what i did is i created another facebook last year that was last year so this is uh very optional it's either you you retain your existing cause um about that time is i'm connected to corporate company that's corporate world profile optimization you know what ladies and gentlemen when we say profile optimizations [Applause] and you think that is optimization optimization means at a glance what is your service that's what we call optimization it doesn't mean so how do you do that you try to you know let me let me ask some examples what about natalie natalie could you give us some examples of how a newbie should optimize his or her profile i'm sure um my background was uh i was a nurse so definitely computer microsoft foreign freelancers and there are a lot of skills that i'm not familiar with so on thailand are very specific um telangana very specific i created a lot of videos i posted it on my facebook page and i posted it on linkedin i did not know i just thought i'm just gonna create the videos but i'm gonna send it to the emails as well tutorials actually i'm teaching the clients how to do it step by step um maybe service she knows what she's doing i'm gonna hire her so that's how i started oh i'm so taking it on video because i am a very very uh strong strong advocate of putting up a video ladies and gentlemen it has to be perfect like background music well edited with all the special effects retro scoping and whatnot no no right now just keep it true because um point yes yes definitely and you know what you know what natalie um but i mean yes of course sometimes you have to delete some stuff but i also appreciate that [Music] we make mistakes especially from the beginning of our career we make mistakes and and that is good because it stays true to who you are that you are you yourself are improving because if you present yourself as an expert from the very beginning that was expert until the end then growth at least if you show that you are human you made mistakes and things change the world evolves even technology evolves and meron heck even even our beliefs change because we discover that this is wrong and this is right right ladies and gentlemen take it from natalie just go for it but it is very very important that you express yourself and show your ideas to the client so that they will know who you are and i i know ladies and gentlemen but you know what uh it makes you stronger as a person and as a deliverer on our career as i know as freelancers so i hope that you are you get inspired just look at natalie here no agata optimize non profile non-profit using those so yeah and get inspired ladies and gentlemen let me go to lyora yoda when it comes to marketing naman as a newbie because you have been a coach for quite some time already usually newbies which you which you think is not good uh yeah so yeah thank you coach for that since long let's start coaching uh here is super uh yeah so and also with regards saying uh overviewing you please um write it as you're you're um how can you help the client tell them what can you offer and it's not saying emphasize the keywords and also um don't forget to drop your uh call to action and also yeah we have this a triggering a factor for or you know also drive them emotions which is one of the thing is because this person knows that i need someone with um social media it's a business graphic designs so yeah so with their emotions with the skills keywords and of course now what time will they drop anything now hindi manila and always wow thank you very much for that and ladies and gentlemen it's yora and miss natalie who mentioned to reduce and focus on the skills we tend to do that we tend to do that and we usually carry that along when we are applying in uh freelancing and that is something that we need to avoid because the moment that she reduced her skills to three [Music] so try to avoid this i can do this i can do this i can do that uh let me uh natalie um could you address this because he said that you you put your you put up some videos on linkedin so i better jd so it means by the beginning loom for that i don't even know what loom is that kind of video because it's a upwork adv vimeo at i creator studio i'm need nila care to address this even i don't understand this okay video is a parent screen sharing app so i use loom i also use a vidyard um [Music] you can still you can still use any screen sharing app uh these days video what i do is i upload it to youtube yes yes even even i would recommend um youtube because websites that's uh this is the thing that i do not like about um the image sharing websites before content websites but right now everybody everybody seems to be using youtube so why not just use that and yeah so thank you very much for that i know for those tips miss natalie and thank you uh jd for that question let me um let me go to anthony anthony but the things are optimization to reduce the skills but what if you have many skills what if you have many skills as a newbie papasu as uh right sasebi muna i think i can do this i think i can do that so how can they decide on how to reduce the skills that they need to promote to the to their business um okay so for for a new because or a beginner la lopez online freelancing um so virtual assist assistant so obviously stepping st [Music] so from there you can use that as a stepping stone comfortable and enjoy what you're doing so it's all for me okay stage uh [Music] hindi okay but if you really want to steal or to leverage humongous skills yes yes ladies and gentlemen but the things are deciding on the skills that you have care to you have to look at what you enjoy doing as well anthony you know ladies and gentlemen in life sometimes there are things that you are good at which is different from the things that you enjoy doing you are passionate about sometimes so you have to consider yourself do you when you wake up in the morning do you want to do the things that you are good at although you are not passionate about it but do you want to do that or do you want something where uh i really want to be like this i really want to to to do this the you can decide it is up to you he didn't mean if you are lucky enough where you find a niche that you are good at and at the same time you love doing then go for it already go for it already the reason why we encourage you ladies and gentlemen to find niches is because education doesn't really stop you will eventually market yourself as an ev as a higher level expert of that particular particular niche for example let me express to you that i am more into video editing right now okay grading magalinka is balancing the colors as an expert of doing that that is your specialty which a lot of people would love you to do that however [Music] you still need to upskill and upskill and upscale and that ladies and gentlemen will be disadvantageous if he'd ma bagan if you are a video editor and an image editor at the same time it's going to confuse you choosing between the two skills same goes with facebook marketing instagram marketing hindi makariyama [Music] in those platforms so sometimes you have to decide where to focus but i want you to take it slow i want you to take it slow because [Music] well i mean if you strongly feel that way then yeah go ahead and do that but i i recommend that you take it slow going up wedding freelancing because sometimes you don't even know that you will never know that unless you actually have experience with it let me go to natalie natalie could you care to share with us your filters on how you were able to reduce your skills down to three um um i created an account as an employer this is hard what are the job descriptions so a personal assessment now very honest and then on background co when i was in college i was a scholar because um i used to write for the school journal so i was thinking that okay i can write perro um is writing a profitable um skill so profitable what is what what is i know my entry to marketing is that kailangan profitable indesign i'm also a full-time mom so kailangan profitable so copywriting you next and then uh i can do more so on facebook advertising uh like you said it's a process research plus honest and personal assessment audit of your skills but doesn't that take a lot of time hindi was a part of my filter didn't it like for example uh very technical terms for me before like uh what they call this um funnels clickfunnels automatically indicated familiar go for the complicated ones oh wow i love that keep it simple ladies and gentlemen keep it simple so why the hell am i still spending time sitting here researching so much just for this particular skill yes ladies and gentlemen it is sometimes sometimes there are situations where you just have to go for what you are familiar with [Music] don't complicate yourself sometimes you are good at this and sometimes you love doing this sometimes you love doing this you still want to i know you still want to research because improve and such then be a little bit more practical then go for what you are good at i'm so sorry that i have to keep on going to videos [Music] go for something that is simple like okay advertisement then yeah go ahead and do it okay [Music] yourself as an expert of what you are really an expert of [Music] as much go ahead and do the fake it until you make it thing because at least you have time and you have the luxury [Music] okay ladies and gentlemen we are giving you these tips um and i want you ladies and gentlemen to take it with a grain of salt this is exactly what you should do but i want you to think imagine as a freelancer because each and every one of us have different mentality have different beliefs and we sometimes we can give you ideas on what direction you need to take okay so well sabine keep it simple but don't complicate your life thank you very much for the tip miss natalie sabine jd again dito jack of all trades master of none ah i know that from that moment the pace it began to niche down but it wasn't easy lots of study need time commit to learn and grow but need to embrace and trust the process among a small gig it will help you grow you know what uh jd sometimes young jack of all trades master of none it is still okay it all boils down to the money if you are jack of all trades but master of none pero eco six digit earner so what right if you want the title of an expert of particular skills then yes sigue take that as a challenge you're the jack of all trades but master of none take it as a challenge and find that perfect that perfect uh specialty for you [Music] if you don't want to be called that but a second i personally say so what i'm earning money right if okay ladies and gentlemen if somebody tells you i virtual assistant jack of all trades master of nothing i am earning something something what about you all right okay ultimately that is our goal our our goal is to have bigger income than what we have right now if we are not happy with it right so petunia take it as a challenge don't worry about it let's go to lyora yoda and natalya marketing part marketing part because we did express people to keep it simple uh optimize their profile and as much as possible human uh skills nila what they promote should be uh listed down to at least three or one as you said okay so how does one promote their own specialty basically as a basic spoon attachment um like um you know how you experience score skillful till now is from my you know um workout before yeah so um and also since um emma oh xofw so my time on social media so uh yes the same kind is uh natalie i'm also a nurse my from magazine in demand remember that these clients are looking for help not looking for something the mirroring [Music] also that is a starting point and then again um confident and then sooner and here's a one uh it's a pantry look for your competitors or sell for example any freelancing website now you think that you are the same skill you uh heat up like make it simple just look at them make it simple make it um yourself and that wow wow that's so oh that's so great but you know ladies and gentlemen sometimes i i i remind them our audiences because i i myself sometimes forget na meron manga yubi sky you know like it's their first day coming here it's their first time listening to us and i tend to forget because ladies and gentlemen [Music] so to me when i explain things i tend to grow along with you so i assume that you already know what up work is yeah once in a while i remind the coaches and i i hope that i also get reminded that we still have newbies to talk to okay challenge ladies and gentlemen is to tell the is to tell the the coaches and here and that exactly was the tips that leora gave you maganayon we expect that those are doable ladies and gentlemen and please don't be scared of doing it capacitance [Applause] [Music] you did mention something about the shiny object syndrome yes freelancers with so many different skills uh and right now the shiniest object in the in the social media world is tiktok do you think it's advisable for for newbies for example or everybody else latamanga freelancers to embrace these changes of social media sources to promote ourselves as experts of our field um yes so being uh in the social media world so is a client's offer do you know how to handle ticked off see so nasa and i are param package i have picked up i have fb i have uh instagram so but for every everyone because also social media is a form of yeah yes yes absolutely absolutely uh i i love that answer yeah ladies and gentlemen mugging awareness about the changes to social social media who knows perhaps uh [Music] [Music] whatever your skill is you can promote it in every social media be it instagram be it uh my story on instagram be it twitter even you will be able to promote your skills as a freelancer yanang magic freelancer that's why you need to learn marketing ladies and gentlemen you have to continuously promote yourself as an expert of your field because that is the only way well that is a good way for you to raise your rate samayon sabimu now five dollars per hour with simply advertising yourself as an expert and people will know you as an expert young five dollars per hour and you will never know big lung mugging 20 to 20 dollars per hour all because of marketing stick to that ladies and gentlemen stay tuned ladies and gentlemen and we also have this special announcement as i said last week a comment comment becomes a comment section and tweet me sweet offered to choose two of those people lucky people is young student is undone student to be her interns cj how about you go and tell the people what we should remind them of right um hello everyone alright we have some announcements by the way for since we have discussion when they talk um why would you invest on something you like knowledge or skills and of course courses we have a uh some announcements and uh can you please give me a minute long for cigarette go while we are waiting for cj to to prepare her presentation let me let me just ask you ladies and gentlemen marketing when you are marketing yourselves specifically let us know in the comments section and comment we will address it while we are waiting for for cj tuano to present her advertisement and we have announcements we have here are just access stories so it will be this december 8th 2021 at 5 pm and our title for this is webmaster gets unstuck and discovers a community to share his freelancing journey an interview with juice bukwa and of course our baby christmas party or christmas we have christmas in pajamas and i hope sir phoenix will gonna dance for us this coming and it will be on december 10 2021 and it will start for at 7 00 pm and of course our another um topic for flip chat and chill tips to keep your clients happy this holiday season of course with our very own host sir phoenix and it will be this december 13 2021 monday 6 p.m and of course knowledge someone a newbie about freelancing we have good news for you we have free webinar skill series by our very own coach jd with baby duly and this coming 12 11 we have basics of bookkeeping and of course this 12 18 introduction to e-commerce and please follow us or vab dot ph slash tick tock and of course magahara and pahayo to chance to win this prizes major prize way bootcamp accelerated package and then consolation prices va boot camp skills package and of course 500 pesos off on va boot camp courses with um flip hoodies shirts and mugs so the premier period will be on our on december 4th to december 10 2021 sorry and of course our grandest year and super sale the first one is skills package so from 3990 to 990 pesos so now and then accelerated package from 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anywhere on any device and then over 15 hours of lessons in total plus step-by-step process on creating my 150 hour upward profile by of course sir jd profile and job cover letter and then personal guidance and exclusive group plus certificate of completion and then packages skills plus get hard package so my bonus pad like e-commerce for virtual assistants bookkeeping and quick book course better english for beginner scores and over 15 hours of lessons and of course the complete package everything in accelerated package my bonus upon bookkeeping and quickbooks for beginners basics of seo better english for online success freelance writing for non-writers facebook ads and social media marketing of course bonus search engine optimization the way google likes it and bonus web design of course we have here individual courses so we have this 1490 and this will be better english for online success getting started with blogging we also have 2990 so um yeah bookkeeping and quick books for beginners email marketing mechanics freelance writing for beginners seo the google likes it social media for business management and marketing websites 101 wordpress and html plus e-commerce and virtual assistants and ancient human vab bootcamp free courses just go longpost okay and of course our internship winners congratulations pop girly bitcoin hanaleia basa and congratulations phone then thank you for watching ladies and gentlemen wow [Music] thank you very much for i know for joining us ladies and gentlemen uh last week mistweet and to the two of you girly and hanaleia just be prepared because kirby and the rasmus tweet will be contacting you very very soon congratulations ladies and gentlemen well uh better luck next time [Music] just stay tuned wow cj very good job i i love your i know i love your delivery there that's a very very good job and i would like students if you have some questions or you can post to our baby clothes exclusive group was for students okay we are here to help you towards your freelancing journey [Laughter] [Music] i would like miss natalie [Music] i would like to know uh your insights with regards to this one how does somebody improve oneself specifically um like for example there are people uh there are a lot of ways to to learn other people who learn by watching videos india let's say i learned by reading books and reading yuma pdf reading guides and there are people who don't learn from both now watching and at the same time reading because they learn while doing yoga so find out part of the kingdom of jesus christ everything is possible with faith i can do all things through christ which strengthens me find out what words will strengthen just i know just choose at least one two three that really resonates with you you know will be left behind and somehow will be it will improve hopefully ladies and gentlemen find out which words that's which words does strengthen you and that is so nice i i really really love that answer change mantra which i may not have written it anywhere but i see it in in my mind's eye at a certain time in a circle certain place big long like for flash sautako did it change which is nice because you did say that um inspirational quotes and bible verses that are available out there now so if if it happens to change then that's good ladies and gentlemen [Music] inspirational quote you know it is also good just keep it there yeah keep it there because it is what helps you michelle says super and support and very generous coaches thank you thank you very much for saying that miss michelle [Music] let me ask you with your experience as a freelancer what is the biggest advice that you can give to our audiences tonight i think that part of part of growing is that you know um habits and ah very good palais and among the freelancing groups freelancing groups to give tips on how you implement or execute a simple task but they are also here kasey para gigi inspiration modinsella that you are not alone it's very hard to work at home indiana indiana when you are down when you are happy especially when you have a lot of winds productive when you are inside the freelancing group everybody is just happy for you when you are um being down everybody is also going to help you so very important yes that's beautiful i i i really really love that and get that um i i love that she said that i know that the journey doesn't guarantee you straight success ladies and gentlemen imagine nothing freelance but our career as freelancers it's just like life it's just like life we just have to accept that we just have to accept our failures because like natalie said the moment that you dip down is an opportunity for you to go up again it's also nice according to natalie but yes of course it you will feel pain you will feel desperation you will feel stressed but those are good because those are growing pains okay take those as a challenge for you ladies and gentlemen that is only a way for you to improve your life accept them welcome we all know that you can do that it's just a matter of doing it okay um if you have anything to advertise tonight now is the time thank you so much for this time i'm very happy to be here um so uh i i wanted i wanted to promote our inside ads level up by uh coach shinjikumiren if you are um familiar we are offering facebook ads mentorship and coaching for 12 months but for the whole month of december the basic facebook advertising course is free it is going to be free you only need to sign up and then we'll give you the login details right away so sign up today um and then um get that course facebook advertiser for 2022. it's going to be free for the whole month of december and then there's another thing because uh i've been i'm specializing in facebook advertising with chatbots i'm offering now my uh nylon thought it's it's uh highly in demand um i i don't offer a course since 2019 alumni called richie but because i i feel that a lot of uh filipinos need this i'm offering this uh one time i still don't know if i'm if i'm going to have batch 2 but it's going to be on december 10 to 23. it's going

it's called chatbot master mastery in 10 days i'm going to teach you how to get your first two manychat badges so that you can be a chatbot messenger expert uh teach you where to find clients how to find your niche and reveal because all of the people i've mentored how i write the proposals how i talk to clients what questions do i ask them what answers do i give them it's going to be all in there in 10 days wow wow come last week last week internship this ladies and gentlemen is going to launch your career really really fast i hope ladies and gentlemen that you paid attention if you didn't replenish it because you can actually hear her explain everything that you need to do and everything that she is offering ladies and gentlemen please if if they need help with this one then i hope that you bring your friends along let them watch specific segments i would be very very grateful because ladies and gentlemen by simply sharing you are about to change somebody else's life okay ladies and gentlemen to those who who think you have the skills but you do they do not have any idea about freelancing at all [Music] because these are paid and uh po biro pero ano at least it will educate you all of you and even your friends and family if you bring them along it will educate each and every one of you on how to make money so we have to take care of ourselves educate ourselves empower ourselves with these things that our coaches give you libretto libretto by time frame ladies and gentlemen only good for this december so i am asking you to please share it tell your friends kalet karen nino okay thank you thank you natalie salamat for that is there anything you'd like to know to shout out i think akimi is watching coach richie is oh my goodness i am so grateful that you are here miss natalie carmi good job for inviting natalie i enjoyed her company very very much ladies and gentlemen reach out to me natalie if you need anything if you have any questions about whatever she is she has to offer or anything else that you need clarification from don't worry about it she is a very very generous person okay let's go to yoda yoda what about you and so newbies and um aspiring of freelancers um yes please um i think once i belong if you are really want to start or to kickstart freelancing career consistency and discipline so it's not joke no client be a marketer be uh and a learner never stop learning the helgen and gold answering opportunity [Laughter] um something that i have noticed whenever your name comes out people are always grateful saballah [Music] they always express that they are grateful to have had your tutelage with them okay uh uh you have affected a lot of lives already laura and i hope that you continue on doing that ladies and gentlemen and at the same time who have been inspired by her go ahead and send her some messages of thanks now is the time thank you laura for for joining us tonight and i hope you continue on sharing your knowledge to everybody here anthony your turn um okay so first of all um [Laughter] [Laughter] um you advice go i'm just just going to continue you know advice so if you're going to focus you consistency so whatever you know ups and downs that's normal so uh situations [Music] i'm also very happy but to be part of young young coach together with leo then coach joey then is [Laughter] [Music] so feel free to join just say um i'll be launching uh actually soft launch long channel marketing no i no paid know in the noko so so whether kite aspiring freelance circa or not tarragon emo is you are very comfortable doing design then you love solving things um you doesn't have if you really want to take this journey to the lancaster it's very challenging but worth it enough thank you oh i love that it's challenging but it's worth it and we always say that ladies and gentlemen we always say that uh freelancing hindi pobiro indi i know that she has to fix a lot of things she has to do a lot of stuff and she has to learn as well [Applause] but you really have to i know you just need to learn what how to go around freelancing and even anthony said hindi potayo overnight success you wake up in the morning like this no no it doesn't work that way ladies and gentlemen it is always a process we are here almost every week to encourage you ladies and gentlemen that's why we have this program here because we are here to remind you that our journey you are not alone it's a journey more if you feel lonely if you feel like we are here to share our pains with you as well and for you to express your pains with us and we are here to help you like miss natalie said in the freelancing world ladies and gentlemen especially it among us successful freelancers already we are generous we get to we it is it is more fulfilling for us to be able to help you so do not look at us as competition look at as as resources supplements brotherhood sisterhood family type and it we will always be encountering each other but does that mean that we should hate each other that i am vying for because it means to say that one of us one of us filipino freelancers section and i am going to address this our intern will definitely address that now speaking of intern in turn let me ask you how are you going to promote your how are you going to market yourself by the time that you enter you finally enter freelancing um the moment for now we enter now freelancers [Music] thank you so much sir phoenix um i'm natalie my laura sir anthony thank you for saying a lot so i love this thank you so much and someday i will be there for thank you will definitely be there you are most welcome miss cj you know what ladies and gentlemen let let cj be an example here like prepare a very very and you know what cj the good thing about joining this is this is going to be immortalized people will remember you as this jolly person you will never know baka or maybe our panel here will be one of your clients we don't know but is you have already exercised your personality and exposed who you are as a person and i hope that you maintain that the el saganda personality mo cj clients will definitely like you that that i assure you off he maintained muyan they will surely like you so keep it keep it that way okay yeah congratulations miss cj thank you very much for joining us miss natalie miss yora mr anthony i am so grateful that you are here ladies and gentlemen i hope that you enjoyed our topic our segment for tonight marketing tips to boost your freelancing business if you have learned something let us know if you haven't learned anything at all let me know and i'm going to tell i'll try to improve next week but i hope to see you again next time bye bye thank you

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