Market Health Update: Analyst Q&A About The Price Of Bitcoin ($BTC)

Market Health Update: Analyst Q&A About The Price Of Bitcoin ($BTC)

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Hey. What's up sniper is tensor Tom here once again filling, in for Naeem today, we're going to talk about fractal, market theory bitcoins. Double bottom will cover today's crypto, news and I'll be taking a requests, all here on the snipers tube livestream, where you get tomorrow's price action today. Alright. Welcome back everybody, I'm tensor, Tom and you're watching snipers, tube let's go over today's news before we dive into the charts. So. Lightning, labs released the first Bitcoin may not ready lightning network implementation. And what. The company describes as an important, milestone in. A blog post, lightning labs. Whose. Product, lightning demon helps. Developers, easily, connect to the Lightning networked described. It. As having the necessary safety. Security and fault tolerance features required, for real world real, money usage. The. Release comes as the, company announced completion, of a seed finance, round worth 2.5. Million. Dollars. Participation. In which came from the same, I'm. Sorry which came from some, of the cryptocurrency industry's. Biggest names, Square. And Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, and litecoin creator, Charlie Lee led, the list which, also includes, Square capitals Jacqueline, resis, and. Ex. PayPal, CEO. David. Sachs. Circle. Co-founder, says recently acquired Polonia X Exchange will expand, in Asia. Payments. Technology, company circle announced it plans to hire up to 100 people in Asia to expand its recently acquired Polonia X crypto currency exchange, bloomberg. Reports, in. An interview in Hong Kong circles, co-founder, and CEO Jeremy. Elaire stated, that the company will be employing people to offer services. In, South. Korea Japan China, and Hong Kong according. To a layer the company which raised 140, million dollars, in venture capital from major investors. Including. Goldman Sachs. I do an investment. Bank China International. Capital, Corp is looking. To diversify its offerings, on Polonia X in the future. The. Long-term view is that, every form of value on the planet will become a crypto token oler stated referencing. What he sees as the continued, proliferation. Of blockchain. Based tokens and crypto currencies. Aller, are also made it clear that circle is looking to comply with regulators on a local level, we. Want to offer more markets, more assets, we, want to localize it, and launch it in more international, markets and critically. We, need to work with the most important, regulators. Moving. On playboy, to release crypto, wallet integrate. Vice. Industry. Tokens. Playboy. Enterprises will, be developing an online wallet that will allow customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for companies. Online media, and include, support for the new vice industry, token according. To a post on Playboy's, website published yesterday. The. First sector of playboy to use the crypto wallet will be playboy TV which. Will accept crypto payments, for access to exclusive content, the. Crypto wallet is expected, to be released by the end of this year, device. Industry token which raised 22 million dollars in aetherium in the first 24 hour of his eviction of its initial coin offering, allows. Viewers, of adult industry. Content. On sites, viewing vit. To, earn, the token for free just by watching content. Playboy, TV or a playboy TV, rather. His. Use of vit, will, give its viewers the option to earn tokens, and use tokens to pay for other content. As well, as the chance to vote and comment, on content. Vice. Industry, tweeted. The news of playboy TVs, integration, of vit tokens, yesterday. German. Automotive innovation could, drive real-world blockchain, usage. Blockchain. Is coming, up to, its tenth birthday. Having. Been born, conjoined. To Bitcoin the. Issue is that in these years of evolving, technology, blockchain, has not yet found its killer app or been picked, up as a, disruptive, technology that. Has led to another technology becoming, obsolete. Cryptocurrencies. Have grown and expanded with, a lot of attention being heaped on them growing. That, sector, of ecosystem. Well meanwhile. The, base technology has been heralded and innovated, but, with the execution, of it has largely, been. A damp squib. There. Are a number of reasons to delve into why the blockchain revolution. Is still taking off the one factor that could help speed it along is a new wave of non tech non blockchain, companies picking it up on the potential block of, the potential of blockchain. The. German automotive industry, with likes of BMW, of Mercedes, as well as Porsche have, all been in the news recently as they, experiment, with the possibility, of blockchain, major. Companies, that exist outside the tech and blockchain space, entering, this ecosystem bears, a lot of positivity for, the burgeoning. Technology as, it begins to prove.

Its Real-world use without, the usual hype. Moving. On. C-deck. Stokin pre-cell transforming. Diamonds, into a tradable, asset, seed, x promises, to bridge the gap between the traditional traditional. Diamond industry, and innovative, financial markets for, the first time general investors, could have the opportunity, to confidently, invest, in diamonds, as they would in other, traditional, assets. Historically. Diamonds. Have resembled gold and other precious metals. As a steady store of value that. Said there are a few significant, issues that continue to prevent diamonds, from being an option for, the average investor until. Recently, there. Weren't any practical solutions, to those issues and it. Seemed that the massive potential of the diamond market would remain mostly untapped. Now. That's finally set to change with, the advent of crypto currencies and their recent surge in popularity, innovation. Is spreading, to all kinds of other applications. CDX, is one of those innovative, projects, a blockchain based diamond exchange with, a novel approach to the diamond financial, market. First. It's important to understand the issue is that the diamond industry currently faces, those, are a lack of transparency lack. Of liquidity, and lack of standardization. The diamond. Business has a prevalent, close shop mentality, that, makes it just about impossible for, anyone who's not in the know to understand, how a diamond, is valued and to gauge its true worth this. Results in a lack of clear and transparent pricing, and during, the ability of general, investors. Who, purchase diamonds with confidence, there's. Also a lack of liquidity that plagues sellers who. Try to get a fair market value for their stones the, problem is that diamonds are mainly, sold to end consumers, on a one-sided, transaction. The. Skewed market automatically, places anyone, who owns a diamond at a severe disadvantage if. They want to resell it so. Much so in fact that most resales, incur, a loss of 30%, to 50% of, the market price and finally. It's important, to note that diamond. Pricing, has a complete, lack of standardization, stemming. From the fact that diamonds aren't fungible, each diamond is unique and its value can't be determined, from, any one metric on its own as a result, the. Average person, who just wants to determine a diamonds value needs to take it to a professional appraiser, the, appraiser then objectively, assesses, the value based on the 4 C's of diamond. Quality, color. Grade clarity, grade, cut, grade and carat, weight, those. Are the three problems that have been holding the diamond market back for years CDX addresses all of these with an innovation, and multifaceted, solution. And. The. Article goes on to talk about. The. Solution. To the diamond market problem, investors. Who participate. In the upcoming token presale will capitalize, on the best opportunity, to get CDX coins at, a low price before the decentralized. Exchange goes, live on in q3. Quarter. 3 and transforms, the diamond market participants. To buy the first 10 percent of available tokens, really really see if a 30 percent bonus after, that buyers of the next, 40 percent of available tokens, really receive, a 15, percent bonus, the. Minimum contribution for, the token presale, is 1/8. There. Will not be a minimum contribution for, the subsequent general, token sale and. That's. About it for seed X. So I'd like to also talk, about the.

Fundamentals, Of. Market. Theory today. The. Prevailing, market theory, for, the longest time was called the efficient, market theory and it. Basically stated, that. In. A nutshell the. Only thing. That matters about a stock, or you. Know a crypto currencies, price is the actual price data itself, the only thing that matters about the chart. So. That is to say that. Indicators. The, indicators, that we use and have come to love or, Elliott. Wave patterns, that, none, of that stuff actually. Matters. In a way and. Sort. Of is, suggesting. That it doesn't exist in that. It's. Over it's what's called a random walk, basically. Stating that a, stock, price or a. Crypto price is, inherently. Basically. A random data, random. You. Have to treat it as a random data of, course we know that to be false and it's, been falsified, time and time again, but. The sufficient market theory still pervert prevailed, for some reason but. With. Bitcoins, current, price action I. Noticed. That because. In software, engineering said because I'm a software engineer we you. Know have a proud notion, of fractals, which. Is what enabled computer graphics, to become so, great in, recent times and, CGI. For. Movies special, effects stuff, like that so, like I you know I had a good understanding of, fractals, and when. I looked at the Bitcoin, price chart especially, ever since. The. End of last year, I noticed, that. We. That, the the, price chart shows a fractal, pattern so. That set me down the. Road of trying to figure out if. Anyone. Else had picked up on this and so. A few, have but, not that many people talked about it I've, only found, one other person on on Twitter, that's ever, posted, about this, sort of, so. I'd like to read to you something the, fundamentals, of fractal, market theory and. After. This we'll get to chart. Requests, and all that good stuff to you but. In the wake of the, 2008, financial crisis. Many, challenged, the dominant, economic. Theories and. Perspectives. On markets, the, efficient, market, hypothesis. In particular, has fallen short and explaining the crisis according. To the EMH. Given. Rational. Expectations. From investors, and market efficiency, an investor. Is unable to beat the market and gain consistent, returns, furthermore. Investors, are enabled, to either purchase. Undervalued. Or sell, undervalued, stocks in, order. To achieve returns in excess of average market returns investors. Must bear the risks associated with volatile, assets, on the. Other hand renowned, economist, Robert, Shiller, his. Last name is Shiller that's kind of funny right, Robert. Shiller insists. Asset, prices. Are inherently volatile, unless. The assumptions, of market efficiency and rational, expectations. Cannot be made while. EMH still, resides. At the forefront, of modern financial, theory, alternative. Theories that provide a more accurate representation. Of markets, have emerged frak. It frak ttle market hypothesis, for instance focuses. On the investment. Horizons, and liquidity of markets, and investors factor. Is limited, in the framework of EMH, the. Theoretical, framework of fractal markets can clearly explain, investor, behavior during periods, of crisis and stability. Edgar. Peters formalized, FMH. In 1991. 1991. Within, the framework of chaos theory in, 1991. To explain, the. Heterogeneity. Ax, hetero, genie. Genie, a tee of, investors. With respect to their investment horizons, the concept of fractals, comes from the mathematics, and refers, to a. Fragmented. Geometric. Shape that can be broken into similar part are smaller parts that fully are nearly replicate, the whole intuitively. Technical. Analysis, falls within the concept context. Of fractals.

The Foundation, of technical, analysis, focuses, on the price movements, of assets. Under, the brief under, the belief that history. Repeats itself, following. This framework FMH. Analyzes. Investor horizons, the role of liquidity, and the impact of information, through, a full business cycle. So. They. Talk about investment. Horizons, there and. There's, a section for that investment, horizon, is defined, as the length of time that an investor, expects, to hold assets or securities. Investment. Horizons, can effectively, represent, investors, need needs. Such, as degree, of risk exposure and, desired. Return on investments, within. The context, of the fractal market theory investment. Horizons, during stable. Periods tend to balance between short term and long term short, term investors, will place greater value, on the daily highs and lows of an asset compared, to long term investors, however. When, a crisis, occurs or, his forthcoming fractal. Market hypothesis, states one, investment, horizon will dominate the other prior. To and during a crisis, short-term, trading activity, tends to decrease more, than long term typically. Long-term. Investors, shorten, their investments, horizons, as prices. Continue to fall as observed, in a financial. Crisis when. Investors, change their investment, horizons, this causes the market to become less liquid, and unstable. In. Analyzing, financial Theory the efficient market hypothesis, has dominated and continues to dominate the economic literature EMHS. Arts market theory with, investors, acting, rationally however, under, this framework phenomenon. Such as crisis, cannot be explained, proponents, of EMH suggester, rationality, amongst. Investors, as a factor, when explaining the 2008, financial crisis, in particular, and housing pool however. By definition financial. Markets dispersed, all available information efficiently. Which. Is reflected, in market prices and rationally, acting investors, failing, to acknowledge market, inefficiencies gives. Credence to alternative, theories of markets including the noisy market hypothesis. Adaptive. Market, hypothesis, and fractal market hypothesis. Unlike. EMH FM a analyzes, the behavior of investment, horizons, the role of liquidity and the impact, of information, during crisis, and stable markets in the frameworks of FMH, stable markets results in highly illiquid assets.

Referred. To as market liquidity liquidity, is created when investors are able to trade with each other as a. Result of investors, holding the different investments. Horizons. Stability. Under FMH requires a variety of different investments, horizons and liquid assets when information dictates. Buying and selling instability, occurs in times of crisis, investment, horizons, shorten resulting. In a greater number of investors, selling illiquid assets, while. Fundamentally, different from EMH, both market theories predominantly, rely on the impact of information to understand investment behavior so. I think it's really important, and, sorry. For that long-winded, read. There it actually it was a bit longer but I truncated, a lot of that, this. Is really interesting, stuff to me and I'm I really want to write. A paper on this stuff because it and and try to see if I can come up with a, good. Method, to trading fractals, because fractals, are inherently. A predictable. Thing and I. Have actually been able to make a lot of money recently. Trading. Bitcoin doing using. Fractal. Patterns so. Like. For instance earlier. Today I, will. I was asleep and then I woke up in my living room and, I. Picked. Up my phone and I saw the Bitcoin, chart right, and I. Knew, what was about to happen I knew there was about to be a drop in the price again even though we just had a little run up right so I ran to my computer, and I, joined our discord, here the, snipers to discord, which, is an amazing resource by the way an amazing community and you. Know I told everybody that it's, time to go short a bunch, of people went short a bunch of people made money everybody, jumped on on their shorts everybody. Took profits in that moment and it was great because it just was a moment, where I knew. What, was going to happen based on a repeatable, pattern the, efficient, market hypothesis, is incorrect, it doesn't take into account anomalies. In the market, and. You. Know what else is there to say beyond, analyzing. The the patterns further it, just works. So. I'm I'm gonna go ahead and go to the. YouTube. Live chat now and see. What you guys have to say. So. Let's take a look here I'm gonna go ahead and go to sorry. For the echo. Therefore what's up for a second. Alright. So. Yeah. Thanks, it was a phenomenal, call and there there are more of them to come to because we can see what's going on here you know I posted, this on Twitter, yesterday. I believe it was and. It, was a it's. Just basically a question, and I'd like to know what you guys think - right so. Let's. Take a look at.

Let's. Take a look at the chart and see, if we can zoom out. Need. To put on the autofocus, here. Sorry. It's being a little bit laggy let me close some of these tabs I have, like a monster, computer, but whenever I do these live streams that kind of like gibberish. Things up a little bit. So. Yeah here, is Bitcoin right, and. You. Can see that, the. There's, a fractal, pattern that's, been forming, for a long time and. Right. Now we're, doing the exact same thing that we did the last time that we had our. Recent. Moore's recent, lowest low which, was about like, 6,000 dollars something like that right it's, down here so that what, is that that's five. Thousand eight hundred and fifty nine dollars about. Now. You. Can see that we've repeating. This pattern again right but. The, difficult, thing about fractals. Is that, the. Smaller parts are all the, same as the whole and you, can have multiple levels so you can have a smaller, part that makes up an even bigger part that makes up an even bigger part and then they all just repeat within one another right so, I'm not sure exactly, which, part of the chart we're on right now are we on this. Part that I pointed to in the green or are we on this part that I pointed to in the yellow because. It's important to know which one right because that'll tell us when we're gonna drop. Next. And and, pretty much you, know when we're gonna have our biggest drop next, I, guess it kind of gives. Us a little more info now that we have this little section here, you. Can see what it's going to do it's going to come down and form this little zigzag and. Then. It's going to go go ahead and eat through the the. Support. Right. So. In my to my mind if you're in a short right now you you really can't lose but. And. And. It looks like we might be dropping us at this moment actually. Let's. See. We. Came down we, had a little, run up yeah. So we just came off off, of it another drop and it's. Just gonna continue go moving like this from, what I can tell and, so. We're gonna have a whole bunch of little fractals, a little, little, fractal, cut patterns form here until. They finally break out and then and then take another nosedive, right I don't. See anything else happening the, only thing, that stopped us right here is that. We have a big support, here an. Area where a lot of people are defending because a lot of people button at this level. But. I mean, I'm pretty sure we're gonna eat through it, and. Perhaps. We dropped on the left side of this maybe there wasn't as much support, back. Before on the left side of this cup here but. I'm pretty confident that we're gonna eat through it and then drop, now. That's not to say that we're headed down to like you know some, crazy ridiculous.

Tiny, Number, that we shall never return from again because. I I do believe that this. Is going to be a double bottom and then, we're gonna we're, gonna soar, like an. Eagle into, this guy. So. I don't know what our highs are gonna be I know that we're probably at least gonna reach like eleven thousand five hundred coming, out of this, but. I hope that we go in further there are a lot of people right now who are predicting. As mi, that. We're going to double finally, double bottom here the double bottom that everybody's, been talking about for so long and then we're gonna head up, up. So. What do you guys think do you guys think that we're gonna head up after this do you think we're gonna double bottom how far down do you think we're gonna go I want, to know what you guys think cuz. You. Know it's impossible to make a hundred percent with a hundred percent certainty any prediction. Let's. See what everybody says. One. More drop to 7200, to sixty nine hundred and bull run, so. Yeah that makes sense I would I would agree with that. Or. Something, similar to that and, someone said yep, seventy-two, hundred, slightly. Below our last bottom, Derek, says double. Bottoms are good says. Bartok. Is 74, yes, they certainly are good and I'm very much looking forward to this double. Bottom everybody. Was talking about it for a long time and. That. We that we needed a double bottom we need a double bottom you know ever since we came up here and. You. Know for a while I didn't agree with them but. Now. Now, that we actually started coming down and repeating this fractal pattern once again I do believe, that is correct and that. We're going to come down and have this another. Low and then. That's gonna catapult. Us into the into the ceiling, and well. Beyond the ceiling into the stratosphere. Right. So. That's, my call. Hopefully. We won't have like a triple bottom or something I doubt it though I'm pretty sure this is this is it here. So. Yeah. Let's. Go ahead and look at another coin, for a moment let's look at light. Coin I had, made some calls on litecoin, and they. Turned out really good. So. Let's take a look at that as well. Ltch. Oh my, goodness I forgot. To take that off. Yeah. So. This. Is like going and. So. Basically it's doing exactly what I drew it would do yeah, here, it was a it. Was all the way back here when I first started predicting, it and now, it is, I'd said that it was going to come up and then it did and then I said it was going to come down and around and form. Another cup, and now. Look where we are and why, was I able to do this because. It's, a, it's a it's, a fractal pattern, right. Litecoin to. BTC. Every. Every BTC, pairing right now is doing a similar thing to to Bitcoin because, they follow the price they have to because they're hedged against it in a way and when. You take that into account that bitcoin is doing. A fractal. Pattern then. In that. Way you can look at every coin that's paired against Bitcoin and you can trade it in the exact same way the, pattern isn't exactly the same but, it's pretty similar and that you, get these fractal, cut patterns, sometimes. They have, their own little unique way that, about them but, like coin is very predictable right now and, if. I would have looked at light coin earlier today this is the first time I've looked at it today but if, I would have looked at it and I would have seen it up here at the top I would have said yep it's gonna come down and form another tiny, smaller, cup and. Here's. The cup right. There another, little cup and what's. Gonna wind up happening here, is the light, coin is going to form another cup after this it's. Probably gonna be even smaller than this one here and it's gonna get so small you. Won't even really be able to see that it's a cup and it's gonna break out into another, giant, cup so, it's just cups all around right, Oh. Someone, said Sofia, said she hates, Bitcoin. Is. It. Sofia. Says I hate Bitcoin, miners and, that. Reminds me I had a story about Bitcoin, miners, oh that's, what it was there. Was a story that many. Bitcoin, miners are reporting, that Bitcoin, isn't. Profitable. Mining. Bitcoin isn't profitable for them right now. But. I didn't want to like. Do a whole article, on that because I don't want to spread Fudd right I was looking for I was looking through the articles, for today, and. There was just so much fun that I. There. Was a lot of it I didn't even want to cover because it was just some. Of it like I I can't, tell. If they're being serious, or if. It's just meant to drive down the price because, I know that happens that congressman, that came out you. Know that I did I put on blast yesterday that guy I wouldn't. Be surprised in the least bit if he has a short on Bitcoin you know what I'm saying like a lot, of these companies a, lot of these people who release all this.

Sometimes. It's just ridiculous. So. Anyway. And, like I saw some of the articles were like the, Bears have taken over but. You know what if you're looking, at the chart that I'm looking at you see a really healthy chart like I don't know why they would spread, so much fun and say the Bears have taken over bitcoins, going down the, end time is nigh like, this. Is a repeating. Pattern and, what happened in the last time that we play - the pattern out we came up and soared up to a high. Price, they. Can't look at the same chart and see that like are they stupid look. Bitcoin. Comes down forms, this little camel toe here. We go form another one here, I wonder, what's gonna happen you. Know come. On, all. Right so anyway litecoin. Litecoin. Just came up through this red cloud I'm, guessing, that the next clouds gonna be green looks, like it starting. To form it just barely form a kuhmo twist there and. So. What I would expect is that it's. Gonna probably go sideways for a little bit we're gonna see a green cloud and then, it's going to break out I'm not sure if it's going to break out to the upside or downside yet, it, it, might just come down but either way it'll be a good thing to trade as soon as we know which way it's going to break out - and. It it let's look it looked pretty bullish here right. So. But as soon as we see which way that's going to break out - we'll know how to trade it and then it's just going to make it probably going to make another fractal, cup. Like. Here's the giant, Cup with cups within cups you, know these can be traded but, so. It'll either be a good short, or, long. And but the good thing about the fractal cups is that we'll, know. We'll. Know when to cut our shorts and cut our lungs we'll know, you. Know how far to take them. We'll. Know and most but most importantly, whenever, one of these big cups starts to form it you, can predict, when they're going to reverse you. Know because. You can say okay look. At this because look at this big cup right here. This. Big cup right here if I were to draw a line from. One end to this rim, from one rim to the other room right. Now. The magnitude, of this one's going to be a little I mean, a little more because, it's, a much larger, cup but. If I if I were to take this and just. And. Because, of the magnitude, I might I might have juts it up a little bit I don't, know oh, yeah. I need to go on the wick there too okay and. Then, I just take it over here you know, I would. Have taken a long up to right about here and then I would have cut off the long so that would have been a profit, as soon as the price started. To hit the support, right here I would, have taken a long and then. I would have written that up so that would have been from. 18. 1897. Satoshis. All. The way up to about. 1981. Satoshi's. So, that and then I would have I would have cut it loose there and then. Waited for the next part of the pattern to form and, you. Know that's what, I'm trying to get across here is that you can trade these fractals, and it.

Makes It really it's. Really handy to keep, this these patterns in mind also. If you guys don't know about it there, is a. There's. An indicator called the PFE it's called the polarized. Fractal, efficiency. That. I like to use and. Let. Me just show you what that that, looks like. It. Doesn't look like it's loading up for some reason I don't see it that's. Weird. Oh there, it is okay and what I like to do is I like to turn it into a step line. This. Is a free indicator, by the way, it's. A step line and I, like to make it orange for some reason. So. The PFE is a handy tool because it doesn't depend on it's not like it's not an RSI, but you can use it sort of like an RSI right so, some. One problem that some people have. Trading, these fractal patterns is that, they sort of get trapped in them in the way that. They. They won't realize what part of the fractal, they're on and so, like you know they'll start along and then all of a sudden BAM the price will come down to form the next cup unexpectedly. So. If you use this indicator called the PFE, the polarized fractal, efficiency, you. Can tell at, least what. Sort of part of the small. Cup. That you're on and that, way you don't get tricked into. You. Know into, a bad position, so. That's a very handy indicator to use let. Me like, you're this Friday the 13th stuff was. Just a joke, I made on the discord yesterday. All. Right so do. We have any requests right now I'd like to take some requests, from the, chat. Also, like to remind, everybody that we, do have a patreon. Here for snipers. Tube that's. At Slash. Snipers. Our. Patreon. Subscriptions. Are second, to none you, get trade alerts we, have market. Health update podcast. We, do daily podcasts, after every single live stream we, do a mastermind. Session, where we do one-on-one. Training charting. Portfolio. Analysis. We give you updates. Of coins. That are about to breakout charts, that are looking healthy bad when to get in when to get out and it's, a really great, values, a lot of these services, they generally. Cost a lot more than than. They cost here at sniper stampers, tube when, I was first starting out I was looking into these kinds, of services, and they would cost like three or four thousand, dollars for the ones that the, good ones that I wanted and I can tell you firsthand the, hundred percent guarantee. That the. Signals, that Nayeem and, giving. Out in the TA that we're doing for, the patreon, subscribers is, is. Even. Better in most cases than a lot of the alerts and TA that they're giving out for, those really really expensive, packages. So check. The link it's in the description, for. Our patreon. And, sign. Up at, slash snipers. To get exclusive. Patreon, content, that's second, to none. Alright. So let's move on to some requests, I see. N, cash has been popular, requests, lately. Bitcoin. Cash you know what let's do Bitcoin cash because I haven't for. These live streams that I've done so far I've never I don't think I've done Bitcoin cash once. Alright. So let's see Oh someone, just asked what's your trading view / Twitter my. Bald friend. It's. 10 sir Tom so yeah, my, I go by 10 sir Tom and. That's. My Twitter handle and trading view oh I. Also have a custom, one. Thing about my trading view. Profile. Is that, I like to use eg moku charts a lot et moku clouds and I have a I, have, a custom, Ichi, moku cloud that I created called if, you search for it on, trading, view it's called Ichimoku cloud enhanced. For crypto and it's. By a tensor Tom and it's. A really good indicator. To use so, basically, when I first started out trading I wasn't, so great with all the indicators and they were kind of overwhelming, like you. Know I I. Wanted something that would really get me excited and get me going and Ichi moku clouds. Are what did that for me because. It's like a whole bunch of indicators packed into one right and and he gives you everything that you need all at one one, glance and it's. Just really great so I created one for crypto that sort of smooths out the volatility, of crypto and and.

Then I posted it publicly. On trading view so. Anyone can search on trading view and and use that if you have a trading view account. Alright. So let me go ahead and take a look at Bitcoin cash, so. That would be B CH, H, for, me I think, yeah. And. We, are gonna do some, I'll. Do some volume profiles and symmetry mocha charts. So. First. Let me get an itchy mocha chart going on Bitcoin cache bc, HH, and. Alright. This, is gonna be so, this is so. Right off the bat i can start analyzing this, using, a chi moku. So. We're right currently right now we're in a we're. In a Red Cloud right. We, had a lot of strengths the downside, right here in this area but, then we, lost some strength to the downside which is a little bit bullish, and so, then what happens is and you can see that so so. Check this out we came down and we popped. Out of this green, cloud we came down right and then, we had what's called a kuhmo twist right here okay. And then, we had a run up so, and there were notice how this red right it was very thin the cloud was very thin right here and that's. What, that means it, had it, had less strength to the downside right, but. Then the clouds start to get bigger and bigger so as, we come up we hit the cloud and then we, enter the cloud so that's that's. A good thing but, then we start to consolidate, and because. The, strength of the downside gets bigger right here see the cloud gets thicker then. We start to drop and then, we fall out of the cloud, but. Then what happens right here strengths to the downside, starts to decrease and we. Have what's, called a TK crossover, so. This. Green line crosses, up into the blue line here so that's a bullish signal we, have this big run-up then, we enter the cloud now. Now. We're consolidating in, this cloud and. So. We came down we dropped out we entered. Back into it so I would expect that probably what's going to happen with Bitcoin cash is the. Well. I'd, say it's probably gonna come up and touch. Zero. Point one one four eight again this is the Satoshi pairing this is the Bitcoin pairing, though by the way I'll give you the USD. Chart too if you want right after this so. Just, give me a minute and I'll do that because they're going to look a little different. The chiku spend is starting. To come within price basically. Just means that we're consolidating right, now and I. Can, look on a different timeframe to to see what's gonna happen. All. Right yeah. We just had a TK twist on the 20 minute as well so that's a bullish, signal but it was in bearish territory, so it's not that strong of a signal, I. Would, look for us to come in too so what I'd be looking for right now is it. Looks like it's trying to also it's trying to cross, up into. 0.11. For for SATs and if. It crosses and closes, within this, range here if. You let's say if it passes by, if. It passes. 0.1, 1 4 3 and then, it closes within here then. It's probably going to go up pretty. High so. We would expect it to go. To at least something like zero, point 1 1 5.

Maybe. A little higher depends. And. Let's look on a different time time, scale let's, look at the our chart. Looks. Like we're gaining. Some strength to the downside, that doesn't. Mean that you, know it's going to take a dive or anything like that though because. You. Know you, gain strength to, the downside, you you. You. Gain strength to the upside it's just a constant give-and-take but it it, doesn't mean it's some extreme thing is coming here just because this cloud gets bigger on, the contrary. Probably. You're going to go sideways for a while. Let's. See if we have any fractal patterns here we can map out. I do see some some. Just. A head and shoulders wait. A minute. Let. Me look on the USD, real. Quick. Do-do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do-do. Yeah. So. What. Do you guys think this is really a head and shoulders pattern to you you guys think that uh do. You think a reversal, could happen here I. Don't. Know, I'm. Not sure about these shoulder, lines. It. Strikes me as possible though. Doo. Doo doo doo doo. Yeah. So maybe we could wind up going. We. Could wind up going on a. If. This, is the if this is a shoulder here. Then. I think we could wind up, going. Like this, what. Do you guys think where. You guys think of this chart pattern I. I. Don't know I think we need to keep an eye on it let's keep an eye on it for the next couple hours and then, and. Then. Go from there it looks like it's been forming, head and shoulders patterns for like over and over again this is crazy-looking. Doo. Doo doo yeah, I think it might go on it might actually go on a bull run here through this red cloud and you know one thing that we do like to do is we like to go through, we, like to cut down so, like on this chart. Wow. That was a big that. Was a big bear, run there that. We were on for a long time and we. Just now cut through that channel. So. That's, good that we broke out of that resistance. There and out of that channel. But. Can we maintain it I, think. That it looks kind of it looks like we might have, as. Foreign. Says that looks. Like we have a wedge pattern. Yeah. I can see that. But. If. I had to guess what, the most probable thing to happen here would be I would say that it there's. A good chance that it might come up into this red cloud here. Excuse. Me. Sorry. Guys. So. Let's keep let's keep an eye on Bitcoin. Cash especially, if it starts to head up into this cloud if it bounces right here I think that could happen it could probably come down to this, demand. Zone here and then, bounce up into this cloud I think. That's a likely scenario, so. Actually, I'm gonna keep an eye on that because I I'll, put a position, in one. Of the Bitcoin. Cash happens, to be one of the coins I'm able to trade on margin, so, if Bitcoin if I am able to predict, that Bitcoin cash is going to come up into this cloud after a bounce off of the support. Then. Then. Yeah I'll I'll put it definitely put a position, in for for, bch. All. Right let's, move on to that's that's some pretty good analysis, for BCH so what's uh what. Are the requests do we have in the chat. Let's. See what we got I'm sure some people have been making some requests, in here.

Um. Let's. See. ET. Cie, neo. Light. Coin. We. Were just talking about like coin a minute ago but I'll go back to it in a minute so, in cash et Cie let's, let's get our list going again I made a list the other day that I went through for. You guys and I. Wouldn't. Mind doing that again so let's look see n cash. Let's. Do ET, cie. Let's. Do, LTC. Even though we did it but we'll do it we'll do it some more because I like to go over the LTC. Charts, we. Have neo. Popular. Request. A, DEA card, on oh of course we'll go we'll, go over card. Oh no, XMR. I've made some good money on XM our recently. AOS. What. Else what else what else what else be, CPT, be. CPT. Then. Get. A nice big list going. What. Else what. Else what else, B&B. Stellar, xlm. Tron. Tron. TRX. OBT. See Pete, what is it be tcp, is that what i put or. No no, I put, something else be TCP. Okay. Poli. Never, heard of that but I'll check it out on. Ont. Ontology, pillar. I'll check that out. WTC. We've never I've never looked on this at that one for you guys before but, I've. Traded it before. Let's. See. Ethos. Someone. Just said ethos. Then. Did I already put then. I'll. Write it down again just in case then. Okay. And, BCC. Work. Be. BCC, is bit. Connect, isn't. It wait, a minute, I don't, think we can do BCC, a. CT. Act. Okay. I'll. Do act. AC. Whatever that is I don't even know yeah. We can't do. Farren just say I can't. Do bit connect be, cpt, is block. Mason, what's. Block Mason, not, bitcoin private is but is that, Bitcoin for Free Masons. Do. We have to start if, you start talking some conspiracy theory here on snipers, tube I. Don't. Know you guys think Freemasons, are using Bitcoin. Xvg. Okay. Verge. D. G/b. Did. You bite. Dnt. Is that dent I don't. Know or is that denta I don't. Remember I traded. I, traded, dent but no that's different dentists its own thing yeah, I made some money on dent before I had a giant run up I don't know what it's at now but, ok. So that's enough for our list for right now. Well. And I'll take more requests later if we have to if we have time. I'm just. So you know though cuz this, o and x RP someone, just said xip i forgot. This. Livestream, I'm not sure how late this one's gonna be I'm, definitely not going to make it as late as the last one. So, if there's a coin that you really want to see in. Here just definitely do a super chat request because I don't know if I'm gonna get to all of them I'm gonna try though because, I you know I want I want to help you guys out but. I, have. A lot of other stuff to do too but, I definitely want to help you guys out so let's try to get and. Get, through these coins and bang them out so. Let's. See n cash, is. The first on the list. And. Cash. Alright. N cash. And. Cash. Had. A huge, run up it we can't it came out of it some so. Ever since we ever since it crossed out of its downward. Channel. It's. Been doing pretty good. It, broke out of this kuhmo twist here and then it just went crazy, we. Saw a TK cross here and we're still like riding, off for that oh no, we actually had a TK cross to the downside, though so now we came we came down but. You know what the good thing about that is or the not so bad thing rather is that, so. This is a TK cross it's the Green Line coming, it's, part of the Ichimoku cloud system, it's, the Green Line coming down into the blue line right at any time that happens that's a bearish signal but. It, happened, in bullish territory, because any time the candlesticks, are over are. Above. The clouds, that's a bullish territory, and when. A bearish signal happens in bullish territory, it's, not a strong signal so, we had the TK cross back here, a bullish, one that means the green lines coming up into the blue that's a bullish signal.

But. Then again you would say it was in bearish territory, all, things, being equal. Who. Knows, you. Know what it looks like we just found some good support though here and we started repeating this pattern so. It came down through this kimono, cloud and. It. Came back up into it so, anytime it enters in you expect it to go close to or touch the other side and you, see that it did that definitely. That we actually wikked through the other side up here so, this is going to be a an. Area of supply. As, opposed. To an, area of demand, so. This is a supply zone. Up. Here, and especially. Up here like right here but you know all through this area we could call this our supply zone. So. And. Now let's look for our demand zone. Our. Demand, zone is going, to be down here, and, it's, going to be. Let's. See let's try to find our strong yep exactly see. This is why you have to go look and look through the entire price. History of the. Coin. Because. Look. At this, we, came out of the bearish, channel, that we were in for in cash but. Look. At this though. It's. Reacting. Off of the same demand, zone that, it created a long. Long time ago I don't know how far back in time this is but it's. Back, in March. Something. Or no February, this is back in February, guys so. This is the demand zone from February, and now, once. We broke out of this channel we. Came up we hit a supply zone up here, there's another supply zone. Right. Here right. And. Anytime, you hit a big supply zone that there's not enough buying power to eat through it's, gonna wake through it it's. Gonna wick, right. So that's where that's a good place to get in shorts, if you can if you're able short coin, you, want to do it on the, in the supply zones because, that's where all the smart money is that. Conversely. On the flip side of that if you want, to get in a good buy position, you, want to do it in a demand zone so. Here's our demands own and you, can see that it's it, just looks. Perfect lining, up perfectly, so, anywhere. In this demand zone is where I'd be looking to buy and I so I'd be basically looking to get the best price that I could within, this demand zone and for, for me that, would be somewhere. Down. Here but. Really anywhere in this demand zone is is probably a good place to buy you. Know so.

So, That's what we're looking for that's a that. Starts down at. 356. Satoshi's and the, demand zone, goes up to around you. Know. 379. Satoshis. So. We. See some wicking down into that demands own two right here so if you can catch one of these wicks coming. Up here - that might be a good thing it looks like it's going to break out this, pattern as well you, can see that we have a. Flag. Here. That we broke out of and. Well. This, line should be down some, hold on. We. Broke out of the flag, to. The upside and. We're. Going to break out of the flag to the upside again and then and then what's going to happen is we're. Gonna test the the the. Lining, of this cloud right here which is gonna be some resistance and it's also going to be a Fibonacci level, that's, one of the beautiful things about the eg moku cloud system is that we, get to, map, out our Fibonacci, levels automatically. And. Here. It is so, we're, gonna hit some resistance, there if you can get a good price down here in this in. This, demand zone definitely. Go for one of those wicks or something like that but. You. Know it's probably going to break out again. To, the upside, and. What we'll end up seeing most likely, is a, run. Down first, into. The demand. Zone. Let. Me get the drawing tool out. So. I, would, expect it to do something like this let's, check this out, it'll, probably come down like this again. It. Probably won't make it as far this time I don't. Know it's hard to say how far it's gonna make it into the demand zone but. It'll. Probably do, a little bounce and, then. Something like this. So. That's what I think about encash. Now. Let's move on to the, next coin. On the list which. Is going to be eat wait. Let's see if we have any super chats. Let's. See, I. See. I saw one a minute, ago. Okay. Salt salt, for bye Nance, all, right let's do salt because we we have to honor those requests, of course. So. We'll do salt in them will get move on to the next one the list so. Let's, check out salt. And. By. Nance Bitcoin. All. Right. Here's. Salt for. By Nets two bit salt a bit going on by nets, and. Let's. See what the. Person who requested that by the way is Robert. Warner, thank you very much Robert. I really appreciate, the, super. Chat now. We. Came down through this each omocha cloud. And. It looks like we had a lot of bearish. Yeah. So we were in one of these big downward, channels, and it. Looks like we're still in it sort.

Of It. Keeps breaking out of it and let's. See. It'll, sort of form a new channel when, it does that if it keeps coming back into it then you'll then, you have, to kind of say that you're in a new oh it's. Been doing it for a long time wow. This is an interesting chart I haven't. Seen a chart like this I, don't. I don't, think I've ever seen a chart like this. What. On earth is going on with this guy's. Salt. Is um. Doing. Something. Anyway. So anyway this just makes it more predictable right so you'll. I see these uh you. Know writing red and green red and green red and green which is usually a healthy thing but you. Know we're. Headed down so. It's kind of weird but. So. What. I would say is gonna happen is it's gonna keep repeating this pattern and this comes, back to the thing I was talking about in the beginning of the episode was. That we have fractal patterns going on all the time especially. Involved, to the markets and it's. No different here we, see that we have this pattern and it keeps forming keeps forming so if I were trading this right now I would load up an HG mocha cloud and. I would say okay what's, the next thing coming do we have a green cloud come, in and, are. We on the bottom of this pattern are we on the top so, right now we're on the bottom of the pattern I would say that it it's a really strong buy right now I would, say salt is a good buy, anywhere. The, at. The demand zone and I'll, draw that out for you. So. Let's, check out the, rectangle, tool, alright, so we have a big demand zone down here and. Let. Me change the color, of demand should be green. Sounds, like a green thing to happen demand, right. It's. A good thing it's a green thing. Alright. So here's, a demand zone and actually we can extend it up a little bit because. I see a lot of wicking going on just above all. Right so, we. Have a big demand zoned, for a salt and. So. I would say it's. A good buy, anywhere. In this demand zone and we. Can plot out our supply zone as well so. Let's do that. Doo-doo-doo-doo. All. Right, there. Is, basically. Our supply. Our. Supply zone is. Kind of big too. So. Check, it out we're down at the demand zone right now so this makes salt right now are really good buy, so, you. Know. Theoretically. Since. We've been repeating this pattern for so long we, should repeat it again and I'd. Be willing to bet that salt. Is going. To repeat. The pattern and. Do. A little something like this. All. Right so that's what I think about salt. All. Right let me get a drink, of coffee here. I'm. Addicted to caffeine mm-hmm. Unfortunately. Do. A little vape going. All. Right the. Machine Rudie, Rudie adam says what's the machine on your desk it's. Two different mixers, so it's the sound like, a soundboard mixer right and. I'm. Using it for the live stream I'm. Using one of them for the live stream right now I'm using a little one. Why. Are you drinking coffee at this time because. I have to be up to help. Everybody out and make money. So, let's, all. Move on to the next coin but. I'd like to, just. Take a look at Bitcoin real quick because periodically. I like to look at Bitcoin to make sure that you. Know my trades are doing good because, a Bitcoin. If, you're trading crypto currencies. Bitcoin. In my opinion Bitcoin should be what you trade the most so, all these all coins are great and there's a lot of money to be made but.

Yes It's Jared. Asks is it ice coffee, yes it's ice coffee because I hate hot, coffee. But. In. My opinion bitcoin, is what, you should be trading more. Than anything else it's great trade alts you can make a lot of money on alts especially. And I do i Marg, and trade them along with Bitcoin but I, feel. Like Bitcoin, should be what you trade a lot, of times when you're trading at all you could have been trading Bitcoin and probably made more money so. Right now let's just pop in on Bitcoin, my. Master, moving average envelope had a bearish signal here that sent that what send us down initially. It. Looks like we're having a little bit of, where. We keep testing. We're starting to come into like a tighter and tighter channel, and. There's. A supply zone, up here there's a demand zone down here there's a big supply zone up here that I drew out from earlier and then, an. Even bigger demand zone there's. A really big demand, zone here you, go back in the price it's. Basically. What happened back there is that the, demand zone, was. Hit like three it, was, hit three times before we had this run. Up here and, so. It's, gonna have some trouble breaking through this level but, I do think, that if it hits it enough times it's going to break through it and then head down to, cheaper. Prices and. We're gonna have our double bottom. If, it can't break through it then. That'll either Center the sideways or up but, I happen, to think based. On the fractional market theory that I told you guys about earlier that we're, gonna retrace, this, other side of the fractal. Pattern and probably, head down after. Breaking, we're gonna it's going to take us a few tries to break through this this. Demand. Zone here the support level because, it's really strong one there's a lot of money there a lot of money sitting there a lot of people defending, that position but. I do think that we'll we'll probably go through it. Robert. Warner says this is margin, trading difficult, how much money should you start out with. So. Margin, trading in my, opinion. It's, kind, of difficult if you, depends, on how good at charting, you are right, so. You. Before, you start margin trading you should definitely, have some really good methods. For trading and the charts you, should have a method down pat where you're basically going, for the wicks. You. Know people say buy the dip and I say buy the wick so, that that's where all the smart money's at so if you are met if you have a chart if you're good at charting and you have a charting method for buying, in the wicks and those supply. And demand zones then, I would say that you're, probably ready to maybe start trying. Margin trading and you know anybody can start trying start, margin trading you, don't have to use a bunch of leverage if you don't want to incur, extra risk I. Would. Suggest signing up and then, you. Know just start. Out because on the, exchange that I use, you can bet, is you, can place a position, as small as a dollar and and that's how I first, started out on that exchange margin. Trading was learning with just $1 dollar. Positions, because you don't you know just lose a dollar if, you lose so. That's. My feeling. On people, starting out in margin. Trading you should definitely start out small but. Even. You don't have to use a lot of leverage though that's the misconception people. Have. That if you use margin trading it's inherently risky it's not you. Can go a 1x leverage. Which is super, safe, you, know just it's, pretty similar to trading on like Finance, actually but, it gives you the actual the added ability to short the market right, at 1x, so, that's cool. All. Right so let's get back to our request. List let me make sure that I don't have any more super chat requests first. Because. I don't want to miss them. Okay. Yeah. So we're, good to move on to the next one on the list which is etc'. So. Let's check, out et Cie. Let's. See I. Don't. Know if I should do ET see 2 USD. Or de Bitcoin. It, looks like you. Know it probably Bitcoin, and. What you guys are trading, it with. Finance. All right. Et. Cie to BTC. Huge. Bear run, down. Here to the, bottom that we're at now and it, looks like we, bounced. Off of a. Demand. Zone here, it. Came down and tried to hit it a few times and it just couldn't break through that, I'm. Guessing that's a demands owner it might be a new demand zone yeah. That's the demand zone. Probably. A significant. One and yes, it is so. You. Could have predicted this too you could approach to this bounce easily if you look, at the volume charts.

Like The volume profile but even if you were just look at this you would say ok. The. Price tried to come down here a bunch of times after it so we had this pair of this parabolic are on right here especially and when. It came up. So. When you have a parabolic run like that it's basically a time where the bowls took over and the, Bears didn't, have enough time to react to the Bulls so that's why you see that and um. And, then. We tried to come down and break through these levels a few times but it couldn't because there was too much buying. Power in this zone so. Now when we come back down to this level you're gonna have a bunch of people defending, that zone they. Don't want the price to go down any, any lower than than, that and so, we. Bounced up here and we crossed into this cloud now. We. Tried, to have a kuhmo, breakout, here, but. It but it didn't really make it it. Came back down into the cloud. So. What's. Gonna happen next. You. Know I think what's going to happen next for etc', is that it's probably going to try and test the. It's. Probably gonna try and test this this demand zone again at some point soon, it, looks like right now it wants to break out to the upside though, let's, take a look at that. Let's. See what we got, oh and. Someone mentioned, in the chat the. Video doesn't match, the audio there is a bit of a delay on my video. But it shouldn't be that much of a delay, it, should be pretty close actually. Yeah so if you're looking at that it's only going to be like less than a second delay so. Yeah. It's all good I'm gonna work on improving that in the near future but. Anyway. So it, looks like we're it wants, to break out you know it wants to come up it wants to have another kuhmo breakout it. Wants, to do this but. At the same time I feel, like I. Feel. Like it's gonna want to also try to come down and test this. This. Demand. Zone again. Because. Look, we came up to the supply zone and there was a lot of selling pressure up there. That's. You, can see us huge wick and and, the way I like to think about these wicks is that, I like. To think of them sort of like so. Like yeah there's all this money up here obviously, yeah that's the supply zone that's one way to think about it too but I also like to think about it as like sort of like a rubber band right. So, I like to think about this is like a rubber band that gets pulled back and then, it snaps and then bang the price gets shot in one direction or. The other so. If like. That if it happens when the price is going down and then. There's a huge there's a big wick then it shoots the price in its true surprise up if it happens up here in the supply zone and it. Shoots the price down, so that's what happened, you, know I'd be looking at this sort of like flag that's harmed here to see if it breaks out of it if it, does it might try to come out of the cloud and go on another bull run but. If it falls out of this of this, flag. If it falls out and. The. The level to look for here, is gonna be about. 2113. Satoshi's, if it falls below that it's probably gonna come down and test the supply zone again at, two. Thousand thirty nine Satoshi's. It. Looks like it's trying to pump right now though I don't, know if it's gonna make it out of this flag. Yet though and. Then if it comes above. 2211. Satoshis. Then. It's gonna try to have a como breakout its try to gonna try to go on a bull run. But. I think it's it. Might it might pump a little bit but I still think it wants to try to it's. Probably gonna want to try to test this demand, zone. It's. Just kind of a wait-and-see thing, because we're in a cloud right now that means we're consolidating right, now we, need this we know wait till we're not consolidating. Too to, get a better feel for the this.

For. This chart. Anything. Else I can say about it right now would be that, let's. See. We. Had. We. Had a bullish TK cross here and then, um. It's. Pointed up the tank incentives pointed up so that's a bullish thing happening. The. The kangan Senate is flat so, and. Looks like the price wants to bounce off the conscience and that's bullish. But. We are in the cloud still so it's hard to tell, maybe. Some short term bullish, activity, I'm not sure if it's gonna go on a big run though so. It's just a wait-and-see therefore that. Crypto. Coins Cyprus, says Bitcoin, going, down further question. Mark and probably. Looks. Like it's, a bullish, candle right now but. My. Forecast. Would be that it's probably, still going to come down test. This demand zone and I, do think it's probably going to wind up breaking through it. It hasn't retested. It yet see. We have this that, we had this big, candlestick. Earlier this big move up nobody basically, nobody was expecting this, big candlestick. Here and so, no. The Bears didn't have enough time to react to it so, now we're gonna have a few extra people, entities. Whatever, defending. Trying to defend this little position here this little area so. That's, why now you see. You. See that we came down we wikked right here and. Can. You guys see let me make sure, yeah. So, we came down we wikked we wycked right here and then. Now it's it's trying to run up a little bit more but, I do not think it will make it past this, supply. Zone up here I think. It's basically, what, you might consider to be like a bull trap or whatever. But. We'll see what happens in this channel that's, what I'm waiting for right now is I'm waiting for a Bitcoin, to get out of this this. Channel, I realize it's quite a big channel but, it's an important one and so, we'll keep an eye on that we'll keep watching it. Fizzing. King says you're doing a great job Tom thanks man I appreciate it. Let's. Do the next thing, so. We just did etc'. So let's do. Let's. Do knio knio. Knio. Knio knio. Knio. Knio knio. Knio. Knio knio. Knio. Knio knio. Knio. Knio knio, knio. Knio. Knio knio knio. You. Know, you. Guys probably want the USD one even. Though I trade it against BTC. Wait. USD. T yeah. Finance. Alright. So, this is the volume chart for neo let me get the ichiraku clothes. Because. It lets me do a quick analysis. Alright. So neo. Neo. Wow. That's a naughty neo. Isn't. It. Neo. Is still in, its and, it's bearish. Channel. Wow. That's. So. It looks like it's like the one thing that hasn't. Hasn't. Had. A party, in, a. While.

It's. Kind of sad. Sad. Guys. Said. For neo. Yeah. Unless it crosses, this line here. Or. You know what, yeah. Basically unless it crosses doubt this line I just drew. It's, gonna keep within. This bearish channel and so. Yeah, I just I'd be bearish on neo that's, a quick call to make here for neo. Let's. See, that's. The price this, this line is at $78. And the current price is, 68. So. We have like a $10. Margin. There where. Maybe. If you bought in here you would make. A few bucks or something but. What. I would do is i. Cuz, I a neo, is one of those coins where, I. Can. Where. I can margin trade it so I would, wait for it to get rejected again off of this channel. And then I would short you. Know so, yeah I'd be bearish on or short, on neo right, now. Someone. Just said that, BCC, is mooning right now I doubt. It's mooning, but I'm. Sure it's probably. Strong. Probably trying, to figure, itself out you know so. It. Looks like we might form, a, pattern. Here, anybody. Know what that pattern is it looks like we're trying to form. Pretty. Sure you guys know it. Someone. Says moon - chris, says moon time. But. I don't know Chris, I mean look at this um look. At the supply zone man I mean there's, a pretty crazy supply zone I. Guess. It's also. Yeah. Let's. See. This. Was extended. I. Guess. It's both. You. Know it's hard to it's hard to plot this one out without looking at the volume chart. This supply zone because. It. Just it goes it, cut it goes up from and comes down from that area so many times but. So let's check that out you know what we'll check that out on the on, the volume, chart. Here in a minute but. It. Looks to me. Yeah. You know what I'm not gonna make any decisions, one way or the other until we. Come out of this channel. Because. If, if, I'm tracing this pattern, this fractal pattern I would say that it's most likely that we're still gonna go down I mean look what happened to over here guys let me show you this, all. Right so, what do you think people were saying okay, so when, Bitcoin was over here right it came down it formed, this little V right here right. And then, it look. And then it ran up all the way to here it ran all the way up to nine thousand, three hundred seventy, four, nine. Thousand three hundred nine, thousand four hundred and twenty dollars right now, what

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