Market and Trading New World Guide - Tradesmans Bible Ch1 - Make INSANE Money

Market and Trading New World Guide - Tradesmans Bible Ch1 - Make INSANE Money

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What's up guys. DEFYED here and today I'm  going to show you exactly how to use the   Tradesmans Bible Chapter One Market and Trading  to make crazy amounts of money in New World.   Now I'm a co-author of this tool and alongside  Tesh i think we've really created something very   useful however it can be a little bit intimidating  with the amount of information presented. So I  

thought I'd create this little video to help  step you through the process of using this   tool so that you can make crazy amounts of  money when New World is finally released.   Alright so this is the spreadsheet here and  I've put a link in the description to it so   make sure you open this up and the first  thing you need to do to actually use it   is to make a copy. So to do that as you can  see here you go up to file and click make   a copy and then you can rename it whatever  you want and save it to your google drive.   Now I've got my own copy so I'm going to use that  for this and I'm actually sharing this with my   entire company so it's a little bit different  it's pretty much the same thing I've just added   this note here to make sure that everyone who's  using it records the prices just from Everfall.  

Because that's going to be our central  trading hub. Okay so once you've finally   got your sheet open you'll notice that you've  got a lot of different tabs down the bottom   and this actually is exactly how it is in  the New World trading post. So the way that   Tesh has laid this out is basically you've got  all the different categories down the bottom per   what's in the trading post and then we've made  it so that we've got these little drop downs   for each category and this is exactly  how you'll see it in the exact order   that you'll find in the trading post. So it makes  it a little bit easier to use. It's still quite   complex with all of these you know columns here  but I'll go through that with you right now so   let's take shields for example you've got a drop  down here with all these different round shields.   These are all the one all the round shields  you can buy on the trading post. Now the first   column here is the tier of the item and it's  also color coded so you might see some that have   different colors based on their rarity. I think  it's based on the rarity. Anyway the next column  

is your item name and then the most important  column is the third one which is the price.   Now this is what you'll be updating from the  training post so if you go to the trading post   and you see you know the Determination is  listed for five dollars you can just put   five dollars in there and all your profits based  on that will update according to that. You'll see   some that have no you know no items across here  when some have you know a lot more and that's   because these ones can be crafted while these ones  cannot. So for the iron round shield for example  

you'll see that we've got some crafting  ingredients here. So you've got up to seven slots   because the maximum you know the biggest item you  can craft requires seven different ingredients.   So this iron round shield requires seven iron  ingots two timbers and one coarse leather but   you'll notice that they actually have some  drop downs and that's because you can choose   which material you'd like to use here. So  the benefit of doing this is so that you can   you know if you want to craft something that  has a higher gear score you can use a better   material or if you just want to use like something  really cheap you can find the cheapest of all   of these and then craft it based on that. Once  you've gone through all the different materials   here you'll come to the refined materials trading  and raw materials trading columns which basically   is where you can work out if you're going to make  profit on your item or not. So the first column  

is the cost so this is the cost for using refined  materials to make an iron round shield for example   and you'll notice at the moment it's zero that's  because I've made everything zero but I'll show   you how to enter items into this shortly  so we can basically go through and work out   how much profit you'll make. The next one's your  profit that's how much money you'll make or lose   depending on if it's value profitable or not. And  the final column is your gain or loss and this is   basically a percentage just to make it a little  bit easier to see if it'll be profitable or not.   These three columns here are for refined  materials only so that's basically saying that   you've already bought the iron ingots the timber  and the coarse leather to be able to do this.   Now if you have you know the raw materials  like iron ore green wood and rawhide you can   use this column these these columns here so it's  exactly the same as the refined materials but   it's using the base material so if you want to  gather the raw materials and then refine them   and then craft it, it might be more valuable to  do that so we present both options to you. Now   if you want to work out the absolute cheapest way  to craft an item you can click this drop down here   and it works out for you automatically out of all  of these items in this list which is the cheapest   and it does it for all of them. So you might  come across some instances where your refined  

materials are cheaper than your raw materials but  there might be some raw materials in there which   are actually cheaper than the refined materials so  you might be able to find an even cheaper option   which can make you even more profit. Now I'll  show you this in a sec, we'll go through a few   examples and I'll give you a good tip which has  been brought up before but I worked it out myself   before I saw videos on it and it's it's quite good  to know so I'll share that one with you as well.   Okay now this is a well it's a video that I  recorded during the open beta and you can see   here the iron round shield is selling for 100  gold or whatever the currency is. I don't know  

coins it says coins up here it's 100 coins so  basically what we do from here is we take this   hundred gold or hundred coins and we go back to  our spreadsheet and we'll put 100 in here right.   So that sets the price to this iron round shield  to a hundred. Now it's saying right now because we   haven't got any other resources set up everything  is zero it's saying that we've got 100 profit so   if we've got an iron round shield in our inventory  and it's currently selling for a hundred uh we we   can probably sell it for a hundred or maybe  a little bit less although you can see if i   go back to the video you can see this is just a  standard iron round shield so you might have one   that has you know some sort of perk on it or some  attributes which would be better than this one   so you might be able to sell it for a little bit  higher. Our spreadsheet doesn't really take that   into consideration so that's something you'll  have to factor in for yourselves. Okay so now  

that we've entered our price in here for this  iron round shield we need to put the price   for the resources that we're going to use in the  resources tab. So we'll go to this resources tab   here and I'm just going to quickly open up another  video and try and find the resources for this so   we're going to need if i go back quickly  iron ingots timber and coarse leather so   as i said before it's all laid out the same  way that the trading post is in New World so   woods oh this is raw resources so we will  actually need to do this but I'm just going to do   the refined materials first so if we come down to  refined resources and refined wood we have timber   so i want to input the price here for timber. So  let me just open up the video and skip through.   Now i recorded this video in the open beta so  these are the prices that were on my server.   So you can see we've got a price for 4.50 for  timber here at Windsward, 4.80 at Everfall and   it's important that you choose just one settlement  i mean you don't have to but i think it i think   you should so that you can get consistency across  all of your pricing anyway I'm going to just check   take the cheapest price here for 4.50 and put that  in the spreadsheet so if we go back timber 4.50.  

Okay so that's in there now, what else do we  need. Iron ingots let's do that next so we come   back to resources and it's an ingot so it'll be  under refined ingots and iron ingot now it'll be   in this video a little bit further in. Iron ingot  three dollars is the cheapest one in cutlass keys   and we've got eight dollars in Everfall now it's  totally up to you which one you take as i said   before i recommend just choosing one location. I  took one at Windward before this time I'm going   to go to Everfall because it's the next cheapest.  Cutlass Keys a lot of people won't actually travel   there to get these so I'm just going to take the  8 price we put eight dollars in here and we come   back to weapons and you can see it's starting to  populate but we still have zero set for coarse   leather so that actually won't be accurate.  So if i come back to coarse leather resources   refined coarse leather and we go  back a little bit in this video   coarse leather 81 cents this is Monarchs Bluffs  i don't have any others that are showing here but   that we'll take that for now. That's okay this  is just an example so i will do that 81 coarse  

leather. Now if we come back refined material  pricing using these resources is exactly as it   should be so it's going to cost us 65.81 to craft  one iron round shield and if we sold that at 100   gold we'll make a profit of 34.19 coins or a gain  of around 50 just over 50% there which is pretty   good. Now we've got raw materials here and that's  giving us an error because we basically haven't   set the raw materials in yet so we're going to go  back and we're going to go back to resources and   this time we're going to put the raw resources  in. So for woods you've got green wood okay so  

after aged wood you can see the cheapest price  for greenwood is 10. that's at Monarch's Bluffs   Everfall is also 10 so we'll take that one. Skay  so the next one is iron ore cause we have ores   we have iron ingots so iron ore will be next  so let's just skip through here a little bit.   Oh here we go iron ore two dollars at Cutlass Keys  Everfall we'll take that one 3.50 I'll put 3.50 in  

there that's a lot cheaper than the timber the  greenwood and the next one is rawhide so we'll   put that one in as well and we've got a price here  well it's not the cheapest i think it's important   that you put the cheapest price in because  otherwise your profit will be much lower than what   what it really is. Okay so Everfall 65 cents  okay now if we go back to the weapons tab you'll   see that actually we're making a loss if we use  raw materials so if we bought the raw materials   and we crafted them so the cost for the greenwood  the cost for the iron ore and the cost for the   rawhide is 180 gold and then we refine it and then  we make this item and if we sold it at 100 gold we   would actually lose 80 gold so it's kind of a  waste to do that but if you've got your own raw   materials here you could potentially just put zero  for the raw materials so you know if we change   this greenwood to zero and we come back to our  weapons tab you can see it's still more expensive   you know but we've got the green wood so  it's much closer. If you had all of them you   would make 100 gold because it's basically  free but if we come to this drop down now it's not working because everything is still set  to zero so I'm actually just going to throw some   random values in for fae iron all of these  woods and all of these leathers just to see   what we might get because at the moment uh using  fae iron it's giving us a huge profit because   it's zero. So I'm just going to put some random  values in and see how that affects the results. Okay so I've finished putting in the values  there and you can see that everything is costing   us well with these current selections it's  very expensive we're not making any money so   if we reset this we can change the options  you can see it updating as we change it.   But if you look down here you can see that  we've got the cheapest refined materials and the   cheapest raw materials listed and you don't really  need these two rows but if you look at this bottom   row it'll tell you that the absolute cheapest  way to make this item is to use one refined iron   ingot. Now just remember this is assuming  you've got no iron ingots or you've got no   basically you've got no materials and you're  buying everything from the trading post. So if  

you've got materials in your inventory or storage  that you want to use it'll be much cheaper to use   those. This is just assuming that you're buying  everything from the trading post so just keep that   in mind. The cheapest way to make one iron round  shield is to use iron ingots which are refined   an animal horn which you would buy from the  trading post and coarse leather which is also   refined from the trading post and if you do if you  create this round shield using these ingredients   you'll actually make a profit of 43 gold compared  to our selection which is only 39 gold and that's   a profit of 76 percent so you can see how once  we start updating the resources and the pricing   within our weapons and pricing starts to update  and become more accurate and show us how we can   make a lot more money. Now if we come over to the  ammo tab I've just clicked ammo down here you'll   see all the different ammo types that you can make  now I'm just going to quickly close all of these   and I'm just going to open up steel arrows. Now i  haven't entered all of the items in here and this   one's actually different because you'll notice in  weapons when we were creating this round shield   oh good I'm recording i just had to check you can  see that when we were creating this round shield   we've actually got selections so you can choose  what item you want to use based on a filter.  

In ammo for creating these arrows there's no  filter and that's because these will only be   crafted by using a steel ingot lumber and feathers  so that's something to keep in mind as well. Now   here we can see the pricing is well pretty  terrible but that's because we haven't set the   price for our steel arrows yet and we also haven't  got the price for our feathers maybe we have   feathers let's just say for now we've got feathers  and they're in our inventory and that's why it's   zero. But if you needed to buy the feathers you  can set that in resources and it'll be under   feathers. Here we go raw resources feathers so you  can change that. We're gonna say that we've got   some in inventory and just leave that at zero for  now so if we go back to ammo and we set the price   for steel arrows say they're selling for i don't  know 2.50 each you can see so it's automatically   updated over here you can see that if we  bought the raw if we bought the raw materials   and then refined them and then crafted these steel  arrows we'll actually not make any money we're   losing quite a lot of money it's going to cost us  seven dollars but we can only sell them for 2.50.   However if we buy the refined materials so steel  ingots and the lumber we've already got feathers   we're actually going to make each steel arrow  for 62 cents and we can sell them for 2.50 which  

is a profit of you know 1.88 or almost 300% so  that's that's pretty insane and uh if we come to   cartridges well that's not set up either but  let's say that they are also 2.50 we've got the   sateen let's just say. Gunpowder is zero so let's  the cheapest gunpowder zero but that's not true   so this is this is not accurate say we don't have  the gunpowder uh we need to set this one up so   if we go to resources gunpowder and we'll say  that's five dollars let's come back to ammo.  

The cheapest gunpowder is now five  dollars yep that makes sense we can buy   refined... I haven't gone through this yet but you  can see different pricing for your steel ingots so   we usually have this hidden so don't  really need to see that, you just want to know   what you need to buy or use which is the  cheapest. If you open that up you'll see  

the refined price for the steel ingots  and the raw price for the steel ingot so   if you were to craft a steel ingot in the trading  post by using raw materials it'll cost you 62   gold compared to 7 gold if you just buy  a steel ingot so that's what that is.   But for this example we're making 380% profit if  we sold them for 2.50 which is pretty good but i   want to show you one of the best ways to make  money. I did mention this before i wanted to   show you one of the best ways to make money and  that's using refining components. Now a lot of   people don't know this, some people do some people  don't but basically in New World you've got these   different refining components that can be used  when making i think it's tier three materials so   if you want to make an ingot refined ingot steel  ingot you need sand flux so you can see here you   can choose sand flux and it's similar if you want  to make leather of level three you need tannin   but one of the things that some people don't know  is you can actually swap sand flux or convert sand   flux into tannin or tannin into sand flux. Now  you lose a little bit of resource when doing this  

because it costs 20 of one of these materials  to make 15 of the other but it can still be   pretty profitable. The other thing you'll need  to make this is a common material converter   and this costs i think it's a hundred faction  tokens and you buy this from your faction   representative in your town but essentially  these are pretty profitable if you know what   you're doing so I'm going to go to the video and  we're going to go to the crafting components,   the refining components sorry of this video  and I'm going to input the pricing in here   so that you can see from the open beta on  my server if we can make any profit. Okay   so straight away just looking at this page i  haven't filtered anything you can see weak solvent   is selling for five cents at Everfall so I'm  just gonna put that in weak solvent five cents.  

Well that's 50 cents 0.5 okay and cross weave is  nine cents so we'll put that one in as well. play   the video sand flux okay so the cheapest sand flux  is 75 cents in Monarchs Bluffs but we're going to   take the Everfall price because that's our main  trading hub so that's one dollar and let's get the   other ones as well so we have all of them Everfall  sandpaper is 15 cents or sandpaper 15 cents.   Tannin i think that's the other one we  haven't got Everfall price is 50 cents Okay so that's it for the tier three  ones let's see if there's any tier four Okay we're not going to worry about  the tier 4 ones. So if i just hide   these columns real quick so it's  a bit easier for you guys to see   sand flux is a dollar right that's much more  than all of these ones so you can see that   if we buy 20 crossweave and convert that into 15  sand flux we will actually make a profit of 700%   and that's pretty crazy that's 88 cents per item.  Now if we were to use cheapest which is solvent   at five cents each we're making 93 cents profit on  each of these weak solvents on each of these sand   fluxes which is a profit of 1400% which is crazy  good. You can see here that all of these ones are   not profitable because we're trying to  convert them into sand flux but we go to   Tannin or Crossweave so you can make profit from  sandpaper not as much. Kind of double but not as  

much same thing with tannin but sand flux is the  way you want to do this it's much more profitable.   Now the one thing that you do need to keep in mind  when using this tool is that we are not factoring   in any crafting fees or trading post fees that  you'll incur when refining ingredients or selling   buying and selling things on the trading post. Now  the fees are not really usually that high but just   keep in mind that if your profit margin is pretty  low like in this case it might be more expensive   than what is actually shown here in this  cost column. So just be careful that you're   not actually spending more than what you  should be and not actually making profit.  

All right well that's pretty much it for using  this tool. I think this video is probably a lot   longer than i had intended but hopefully you've  found it valuable and got a lot out of it and   can use it to make loads of cash in New World. Now  I want to thank Tesh for starting the Tradesmans   Bible and letting me help out on it as well if you  want to check him out I'll put some links in the   description to his YouTube and discord so make  sure you do check him out he's an awesome dude.   If you have any questions or suggestions  make sure to drop a comment below   and of course don't forget to like and  subscribe for the YouTube algorithm   and if you want more newborn content thanks  for watching everyone I'm DEFYED and God bless

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