Margin Trading Crypto | How and Why YOU Should Be Using It (2020)

Margin Trading Crypto | How and Why YOU Should Be Using It (2020)

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All. Right g'day I hope you are well, alrighty, whilst, you guys jump, in here on. This. Lovely. Saturday morning I'm. Just gonna get my little self set, up, here. I'm and just hoping you can all hear me loud. And clear. Because. I wanted to go through a. Couple. Of things with, you guys I've. Been, getting, a lot of questions. I've, been having a lot of people communicating, with me on various, different, media I don't, mean social media asking, me all these questions, what. To do how that's happening how to trade margin and rather. Than be. Sending. You individual. Messages I thought this would be a really good time, Saturday, morning to, come through and, deliver this message because well I think you, know in, Australia anyway. The majority, of where. We are is. Wet. Raining. Around the water so you're probably looking, for. Something to do anyway so, yeah. Welcome. Craig here, wanted. To take you through a couple of things I think are really important, before I have a look at the market because like, I say a lot of people are asking questions about, things I tend, to hear the same sorts, and by the way please do ask any questions, as we go I'm, happy to answer those um. I hear. A lot of people that are skeptical. Not. About crypto, this is quite amazing to me so a lot of people that are skeptical, about trading. In crypto, so, they don't think they can do it their. Fears they'll lose their money, another. Fear is that it takes too long too, much effort too much time. People. Are worried about their, friends saying I told you so you didn't do it told you you couldn't do it people. Get concerned if they miss a trade as well you know that's, something that does freak. People out though they don't like it they, think that the timings wrong for them they think it's not the right time to start trading, where. When is you know when is the right time they. Don't have the time they can't do this they're not smart enough and the list goes on. On and on and on and on now I call these fears not excuses, because I genuinely, believe, that you. Know these are things that people do worry about they do worry about am I going to do any good at this am I going to lose my money do, I have the qualifications. To make this work there's. A huge amount that does go on in your mind before you actually take this stuff in here the thing that really freaks will and I fix me a but it confuses, me a little bit these, same people that have got that mentality or that mindset about trading, I'm. All them happy to go and huddle, and hold, a token that doesn't show you any financials, you, don't really know what they're doing there's. No publicly, listed information. Other than what they share and there's no real way of. Verifying. That information, nine times out of 10 either but, the same people that are scared of trading will go ahead and they'll put their money into a project and let it watch it go down a 98 you know what you're for ninety eight percent and still. Be like yay it'll, be okay it'll be fine it'll move, so. I'm. Trying to help people to bridge that gap between. Believing. In themselves, opposed. Of living in somebody else because right now a lot of the people that are hotting are believing, in somebody else and they're taking that responsibility of, their self that accountability, for their own growth. Their education, and the movements, forward, to. Making gains they're putting in the hands of somebody else and having, no accountability, that means that it's not their fault if, it doesn't work and I want you to change it I want you to challenge that way of thinking now. There's, also a lot of people that are suspicious about, trading. These markets oh I hear a lot of or see a lot of people saying you know they took my stop out there they're there. That. They've taken my stop out they've you know they hunt my stops it's their fault it's their fault and the guy and it's a lack of accountability, look.

I've Had some funny business going on in different accounts over the years of being trading. For 14 years I know for a fact that, some. Of the accounts that I was trading in London have an a book and a B book you get in the a book you just don't get filled they'd. Rather take the money from the B book because I don't have to hedge themselves, against, you so I know. That there has been some funny business but, I haven't, really come across too much of it in in by the way this, is the way I trade so I'm not looking to trade. Low, volatile, so, low volume tokens, I'm looking, really to trade markets. That. That have a lot more volume okay, so that I can avoid. That manipulation. A little bit more so that's why, I waited a little bit more it's. Plenty volatile enough if you focus, on the volatility, areas there's, plenty of volume if you focus on the, right areas. You. Can lose money in trading, and this is a suspicion, you know you can, lose money in crypto you can lose money in trading but with trading, I think. A lot of people said is more of a real loss because, if you buy. A token, and you hold on to that target for ages you've seen it you'll have done it you're taking values probably down on an average probably, about 60. To 70 percent on. About, a year ago something like that and. You. Know it's it's. What. We seem to be happy to do it because we still own it look it's not worth anything, it's like me saying I paid. $600. For that fork now, it's a plastic. Fork. It's. Not worth $600, but, I still own this fork so. If I can find a stupid força. To. Spend 600 bucks on this again, well. There's 600 bucks right but. No one's going to pay it because it's, a freaking fork so. You, know we've, we've got to we've got to focus, on, ourselves. And. Understanding. That we gotta get a skill so that's going to serve us over time I don't know if this pump is real is something that sure we don't need to know though because, you're only ever gonna know in hindsight it, doesn't matter we've got to manage our risk we're gonna understand. What we're doing and how. We're doing it I get. People say why do you teach others if you're so this is a great one if you're such a good trader why don't you just do it for yourself I did for, many many years. It's. Quite, tedious. To be honest with you once. You've been I've got three checklist, guys three. Checklists with literal. Look. Checklist. Checklists. Literal. Checklists. Three. For. The, greater part of 12 years, that 11. To 12 years that's, what I focused, on three, strategies. Can. You imagine. That. You might go a little bit you, know you might get to be bored yes.

You Can do trading, is not just about making money I mean yes it is it's about making money it really, is I do it to make money that's not you know I'm not gonna beat. Around the bush on that one but, there's. Other, fulfillments, what I was after in life and that's why I do help others to do it and you'll see in a minute some, of the stuff that I'm getting back and you can probably see us start why I get so stoked, on helping others because it's, epic, you. Know it really is that big people are worried about how safe it is how much can I lose well if you understand, what you're doing you manage that risk okay, you absolutely, manage that risk and again I'll show you how you can manage that risk how, you can make, sure that you have got the exact right trade size I'm also going to start recording a series, like a little section, on we've, already got it in our members area but, I'm gonna bring it out into the public domain and show you how to raise orders, on how to use some certain platforms, for margin so you're not scared of using margin because the counterparty, risk is the exchange that you use if you're using margin, you don't have to have as much on that account, sort of gain you're taking that risk away, now. It seems. Like it might be easy for me and it is not easy it's it's, fairly simple but it's keeping the headspace in the right position but you've got to remember I didn't start like that you, know I didn't, just go oh hey hey, presto I'm instantly good now, I've seen a lot of people that I've worked with and trained and had come through the courses that have picked it up very very fast and had success very quickly and, that's. Just by virtue of the fact that I think personally, well it's obviously the application, of the individual but these markets are really, amazing I mean we have had some at the start of this year it's been an absolute cracking, year it's. Just gone absolutely nuts, some huge, positions, some huge profits being made across the board many, of my clients saying it's the best year they've ever had in their trading and that is January, right so it's we've kicked some ass there, so. Using. That margin allows to have that ability to build our Bitcoin stack below us dollars though build whatever we want and continue, to invest into this face so. You've, got to sort of ask your question us the reason why you haven't done it maybe, you have traded maybe you've been burnt, maybe, you've you know you've, tried it you've not had any success and, and you, feel like you, know the the chamber of individuals. That you're speaking with in the group that you're in you say Trading, sucks we keep losing well, actually. For. You and the people in there then yet trading would suck because, it'll keep losing, money then why on earth would it be good it would be crap but. It's about changing. The way you do things consider, the people in that group you know what you've done have you actually, invested. Into somebody with experience to, teach you exactly what, to do have, you been working from a consistent, checklist based trading strategy, so that your consistency, in your. Approach. Is, what. You're working on most, people when they're trading they're focusing on making money and that's not the right mindset, it's not the right attitude and it's not going to serve you if you, want to take this seriously, you need to focus on flaws execution.

Of The, strategies, for which you are actually applying, oh, geez. Excuse me. And. That's. The bottom line it's, repetition. My. Family's got a call at the moment it's obviously coming back through to me it's, repetition. Consistency. In your approach is more than likely going to equal consistency. In, your trading results but it doesn't come easy you've got to put the work in the good news is that we can help you with that so. What. About you've never traded before in your life well. What if I told you that you don't have to worry too much about the risk side of things we'll cover that with the market, the risk calculator, I'll show you in just a second you'll, know how much the risk on a trade you don't risk between you know anything higher than 1 to 3% per trade not. So scary now because, you're in control and you can manage that risk yourself but I've never traded before I possibly. Do this it's. About watching. Correct, everybody's, telling me I've, got the coronavirus, I hope. Not. It's. It's it's, really not a scary thing to do it it's the understanding of, what you need to do and I lay it out in a systemized, approach I don't. Teach a crap you don't need to know look. Some people get the shits to me when I sell out don't you slurping trendlines. I don't. Use moving average crossover so I don't use our si there's a lot of things that I don't use why because, the way that I trade, you don't need to use it you keep it really simple you make sure you're decisive, and you'll follow a checklist, you, literally tick things off guys I teach you each of the individual elements to tick a master that you are empowered. To know. What. It is that you need to do now. There's going to be a time where you do actually bite the bullet and you do get started, now I would suggest that you do that sooner rather than later because in a bull market you can do phenomenally, well. For. Me when. I when, I kicked off my trading career for them for the first couple of years well, it was the first 18, months I blew out three accounts. So. I do understand. The the, concern, you may have the. The. Anxiety. Towards. Getting. Into this and backing yourself but. I can tell you that you. Can do it I'm, a builder son I worked on building sites as a laborer, that, was what I did yes. I had invested in the markets before when I was 16 I have been in a space when. I say space I mean markets for a long time. But. It's you, know it, takes a commitment of yourself. And when I say commitment you don't need to do this full-time you can do it part-time you, can trade the windows or I'll teach you all about that another time but. Some, there. For me the the stepping, stone was, when I committed. To it so, I guess it's I had an epiphany where, I went, I'm. Gonna do this because the. The reason, why for me to do this was far, more important. Than any of the risks and the reason why was so that I could, do what I'm doing now I'd Saturday morning marketing house the weekend, why are you working on the weekend that would that's not good I don't want to do that well. I don't have to you. Know okay right, now it's pouring outside and of the kids at home one's got to call the missus is sick I'm, probably getting it again, right. Now. During. The week if it gets sunny in the you know there's good weather I'd go for a surf or I go spearfishing or go fishing or I've got, the choice to be around my children I've got the ability to do what I want what I want now that's not 100% true in the sense that I do need to be around I do run a business and I do have to be there when the markets setting up right, but. It's me it's I am a boss trader I am the one who was empowered, I am the one who's put the time in I am the one who manages the risk I am the one who makes my money and I am the one who, is able to do what I want, when I want that's an incredibly, empowering, thing, to be able to do and I suggest, that you know that, fortune, favors the brave as they say now if you don't believe that. That's. Fine. That's. Fine if you do not believe that, those that have a go have a much better chance of success than those that don't then this is not for you but if you believe that you, have to be starting. On something you have to commit and those that actually do have a crack I've, got a far more high probability. Of success than. Those that don't and look yes there is some reach that comes in. It's. Usually not the risk of the capital because like I said we'll show you how to manage that it's usually the risk of the fear of being a failure. I've. Laid out that yellow brick road to show you how you can do it yourself I will, hold your hands throughout that process so.

There. Is a lot, there you need to plan you need structure you need some time you need to commit and you need a mentor, what, I want to show you now I'm sorry there's a question here okay, I've made a lot of cash with basically zero risk, by being short 1x on bit max and getting paid a lot of funding, for the last month what. Do you think of this strategy, I. How. You've. You, made, a lot of cash zero, risk by being short, 1x on bit max and getting paid a lot of funding, for the last month. So. If you're short. You. Get paid the interest rate differential, is how it works on foreign exchange, if. You're short, on bit max I haven't actually looked into how much the rate, is because I don't really care I know, that if you're long you do pay a fee but. Because bitcoins been going up I honestly. Can't see how you would have made any money. If. You'd, like to elaborate, on that a little bit further I'd be more than happy to to. See if I can help but I you know it's, a fine strategy, if the market Falls or the market goes sideways. But. I don't, see, it as being one and the guy might be wrong here but I don't see it as being a strategy that's profitable, long-term let, me um let me, show you a couple of things now okay, so what, I wanted to show you is I want to help you with a couple of bits and pieces I want to build out a, bit, of the trust because that's the biggest thing if you're going to take the plunge and work. With me and have us help you and. The first thing is, what. Are the people doing and. I wanted to take you through this if I posted this out yesterday, so, I said as, you can see here on the screen and I apologies, for anyone's name here I'm sure that everybody's cool with this I mean you it's it's all in the public domain anyway. So. For those of you have been trading the strategies I teach what trades you in what, has been your best this year and have you had any great have had it had a great start so that you give it to me so, you can see Adam.

He's, Now one of my mentors I look. At that entry and stop, that's. Well. I mean that's what multiply. That. Level, to that level it, looks like maybe at that point where he's taking that screenshot it's about ten times the risk multiple so, that means if if. I'm um, if. I'm in the trade if. I risk a hundred dollars on the trade and I'm using margin, okay, so follow me here with this hundred. Dollars on the trade and it moves ten times my multiple, that, means that I've got a thousand, dollars of profit now available, to me now, of course I teach you how to manage your risk and to scale out as you go through the process of taking that traders is moving in your favor and that's what this first green line is here see that that's, a one-to-one Tiger, including, fees so. That means at that point Adam here is breakeven. There is no risk on that trade so, it won't actually be a thousand, dollars or ten to one it will actually be more like five and a half to one because half of the trades been taken off so. Call that five and a half percent up here roughly, on, one. Trade risking. 1%, which. Is, $100. That is five, hundred and fifty dollars return, on that position, now of course equate, that backwards, to a number that you're comfortable to risk you might be a thousand, dollars it might be fifty dollars it might be ten dollars the point of the matter is is a multiple, of risk in this market, to your reward is extraordinary. Jordan. An old friend of mine from schools. I took, his leg oh it's a lie, I don't trade leg a. Peter. Roth I've had two winning trades on ES and a they also managed to take some. Nice earning, from icx, and find a valid reentry, from my long term stacks. Of being a ripper few weeks perfect. Had. A cracker on icx everyone. Took that I didn't, good. Trades on - Manero, IOT. Zeiss and a few other small successful trades all cradle, trades definitely the best month of trading I have had hope, for the market keeps doing, this. So. At, least, for, last year Bess was linked solid, 83% in a day Wow worse. Was green sold down 33%, up the holy for a month this year we're more skittish after, having done very. Well I wasn't eighth Long's had a bad trade yesterday worse, is probably by now I wasn't sure if this was based off of um. Okay. Here we go so here here's a la these tradesmen, stops all Huddle's. Well done mr. ether being up 150%. On here so next up a excellent, there in the in the comments that, link. Was a tray with a stop okay so that was the best, groom. Was supposed to be a hurdle until the Barnett's listing that never happened okay so link. The one that did well was a strategy, of mine the, other not so much, here. We go Jake. Place. The order hasn't really looked at it since there's, entry there's he stopped from back here there you go he's done well there that is a Bitcoin breakout. Trading. Strategy, or did he say placed the order and barely looked at the chart wants to trigger so it's hands off a theorem. At the moment have taken profit and still in currently up three hundred sixty, four percent absolutely. Stoked. He. Is yeah he's on margin, there so he's using my earthing that's why it got such a great return, there. James, didn't, get a theorem classic, or Bitcoin cash but have been in and out of a DA and aetherium had, a great start of the year perfect. Tie for me this has been my best year ever I gotta say the cob way works a bit con US dollar aetherium dollar and my, F six million coins are pumping I do play the safe game I was, long on terror and rolled into the short I wouldn't be in his position if it wasn't for your course. And how much better testimony, can I get them that and. The mentors an apprentice post these guys I can't, cool to learn from, mmm. Love reading that stuff, will, I bought your VIP packages of em last year dishonestly, 100%. It changed, how, I look at everything, I made and lost a, ton of money in 2017-18. I wish you had done, this earlier and I would, be in much a beach, in Mexico right, never looking forward, is the way I'm excited to see what the Year brings teamwork. Makes dream work, he's stoked I'm stoked guys. Let. This be something that you take from this right now I'm, a lost a shit-ton in 2017. 18 wish, I had have done this earlier do. You know how many times I hear that do, you know why we have a 10 day money-back guarantee in, place so. That you're gonna get in and if you think it's absolute, rubbish you can get your money back I back, myself on this and then there's a bunch of what I knows. They. Look like obviously these are done very very well but I I'm. Not sure or maybe that's a trait of mine but there's not too much to go on there guys. The other thing I want you to do is come walk and have a look at this go, trade, a cob trust part look at all these reviews have a look, if.

You're Concerned if you're worried if you're not sure offices for you we have got 23. Reviews every, single one of them have been 5 stars have, a read through this this is not me this is people, that, want to put this in themselves. If. You. Don't like, what you're saying and you don't think we can do it then. I'm sorry that that's the case but if you want to look at building your Bitcoin stack further then. Please do do it so, what else have we got there to help you out well let me take you to the member dashboard right now and take you through what this looks like once you've joined up you. Can see it cost both of these we've. Got an FTX link for 10% discount, because as you can see here on my contracts, a, lot of these are actually, FTX, because I do like to trade margin with FGX they seem to be quite, good I'm, pretty happy with what I've got so far from them I'll by the way. Actually. Probably easier. If. I just you got let, me do this, I'll. Just pop them pop them in there I think you can see them in the. So. If you did want the 10% whether you're a client or not. They're. There but. The point, of the matter is is look at their heads or the courses this is once you've logged in depending on the your. Community, or your subscription, now, this, is all going to be but we're working on making the dashboard, much more user friendly and having much more information there as far, as the step by step do, this and see it segments, a tour through but, this is kind of how we've got it already so if you've never done any trading before you've never bought, a Bitcoin or you've never got anything in there beginner's. Guide start, a course cryptocurrency trading, one I want these are the very basic stuff then, you go through these different strategies and if I click on one, you'll. See they're all chapter doubt video. Chapters, boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and you can see the duration of each of these chapters as you. Go, you, can see the checklist that you can download so that you've got it and, you can just tick off the items simple. Stuff right. There and if you need the slides they are all right there that is the whole course you can see candles. Cradle strategy, examples, more. Cradle, examples, we take you through it step, by step by. Step is. FGX regular I'm not sure they're nice and that's a darn, good question I, meant. To have an interview with their CEO at some point coming out but it's definitely one that I'll ask the. Thing I like about it is the margin requirements, are quite low so you don't actually have to house that much Bitcoin on there to. To. Get the best benefit, from it and what I can say is. That. Reduces my counterparty, risk so let's say I want to take a $3,000. Position on something. On Barnet and it's a spot market well then I need to make sure that you know if I'm gonna have a stop in that position is gonna be quite big okay, so when. I say 3,000 let, me just bring this over to show you just quickly see. This is this is the risk calculator, if. I let's just say yeah let's just stick with 50000 which is the default here. You. Can see if I, want to risk this is against, USD, I just, put in my entry my. Stop, and it tells me the position size here, now, of course you can log all your trades and put all this through and this is all accessed. I'll show you back here in. The. Members area so. Once. You've gone through the course and the checklist you've got your head around that you've, got access to your different market, view and market, view is where I do myself or my mentors and apprentices, do. Videos. Each day so. This is Adams today. And. We did this hits your inbox as a market. View subscriber, a community subscriber so, you can see the different lists that we've got every single day or sorry six days a week we've got content, going out in. There. Just. To point you in the right direction right, so we, don't spoon feed we don't tip we're not a what's. A call like a yeah. We're not a tipping service I'm here to empower you to be, the best trader that you can be and. We, will point you in the right direction to, keep you poor he's but, it is up to you of, course we've got live trading floor here as well which is five days a week 9:00 a.m. Sydney, time I go through and do my.

Full Skin and. You can see in here each of the dates of the scans and that, is a full scan of all. These contracts, through. The F checks margin pair the buy Nance, margin. Pair and the Barnett spot pairs, so. Again you know 25 minutes you usually between sort of 20. And 30 minutes depending on how much activities, in the market so that's recorded. As well as doing it live. We've. Also got down here this is the this is a really important stuff right so matt, has put together. This. Trade calculator, here now, I just use it for this bit this. Blue box here because. For me it just you, know it. Allows me to work at my position size so you might have use margin but you might not know how to manage the risk properly you, can see this is with margin here are USD, trade you, can choose margin or you can choose exchange, exchange is just spot then. You can go to Bitcoin as well so. This is calculating, against the price of Bitcoin all you need to do is you, need to load, that to get a refresh, of the Bitcoin price as taken. From. Is. Twenty minutes delay so, it's, this close as you're going to get to work out the size of the position that you wish the same here is the theorem now if I was to log my trades properly and this is again just the default, that's set there you'll, see look all. The trades will come in and you'll. Be able to see exactly what. It is and it looks like here the purse like the the. Examples. Of the use it's like 50% a $50. Risk per trade because the losses of 50 bucks and you. Can see that so this is again just for example purposes. And. You can you know it will give you then your, reporting, direction, the, strategy, types of strategies and what they account for profit, wise you can see a profit, loss you, can see your month you can see all sorts. Of things based on time frames so it will give you a complete. Report. On exactly, what you're doing again this has been put together by somebody, called Matt, Harvey, who is an engineer and much smarter, than I at these sort of tasks, so how do you use it well you, go to Matt's trade calculator series, and he will take you through how to use it all part, one through three okay. Take a little while you head around that but it's important, like I said I just use this blue bit here but the rest of it is obviously very, very beneficial not. Hard to do guys not hard to do you see what we're doing here is we're not just teaching you how to trade with teaching how to run a trading business big. Difference big, difference I'm not just going look here's a triangle, look here's, a moving average cross look moon no this, is how you run a trading, business. You. Can also see Terry, here has his. I'm, really, really proud to. Say. This well actually I won't say he has now he's. Put, himself in a very good position put it that way I'll leave it at that but. He's got a full 10-part. Risk management series which I've decided, to put standalone. Because I think it's an extraordinarily, important. Thing to work on there and then you've got your crypto exchange walkthrough. Videos we've got bye Nance BitFenix, three comments so if you want to link your orders in there bit, max and you'll also find, I'm going to add some stuff in there very very soon. In. This additional, education, section, this, is where we have a, lot, of stuff that's not time-sensitive. Little. Bits that aren't like for example today on a rainy day go and watch some of these videos okay. Cuz they they help, you'll. See here we go, here's. A video here done November 12th. Where. Matt, takes you through a complete rundown of how, to raise orders, and whatnot whilst, using, the, FTX platform, beneficial.

Yes Probably, I'm actually I'm actually leave that in there cuz I'm going to record a one myself in the next few days but, um we make sure that we don't just throw you at an exchange and go hey good luck. We. Send you over there we show you how to use it and we only affiliate. With those, that we know that. We're happy with and. And, as simple as that we here look after you we've also got journey of The Apprentice so, I've been trading for 14 years now I understand, that sometimes for me. I'm, a bit further ahead than a lot of people so I don't see there's little tiny letters of these people make when my apprentices, here they, give these different, things these little things in here okay, so, you, know apprentices, lessons, learned what are the lessons of these people have learned what, books are good from the journey of The Apprentice series, i sorry from the lessons, from the market wizard so it's the market Wizards books. There's, all these different videos, in here that are there to relate to you and they're going to share their journey to help you to advance further because I'm working with those guys one. On one. So. Again we've. Got people that are stoked, off their head trading, margin trading these strategies because they know how we've, got everything, there in a step-by-step walkthrough, from, the beginner course all the way through the strategies through market scans six-day, week videos we've, got, trade. Calculator, so you know to manage risk we've got risk management series we've got exchange, walkthroughs, we've got journey of the apprentice additional content, and this is all sitting in behind the, members. Dashboard. We've, also. We've. Also got, a slight, community okay, this, community is a community of like-minded traders. That are all in there trading the same strategy, as you'll see cradle, traders there post today we're looking at this is what we're looking at today we've. Got Fibonacci booster. Strategies, and you can see these, are the ones that were pushing out there at the moment I'll post my trades in here you'll have lessons, learned in here so people, that have made mistakes or his Rach one of The Apprentice is now giving. Examples. And, talking through some of the areas that she strongly, suggests, that we should pay attention on. There's. An awful lot in here guys there's customized, tools there's. People posting, the best trades that they've had there's. A huge amount in there guys I mean look at this one this is Matt that, was the cradle this went out on market view our. Cradle, and I think I go about eleven to one out of that in the end while scaling, out so, people doing phenomenally, well in these areas and they're, there to share it help you with that so, we've got everything you need. To. Get going we've got everything, you need to. Know what you're looking for, when, you're looking we, also teach you how, to look so, if you're, still sort of you know hanging. Out there going I'd, like to trade but, I've done it before and I've had success I'd like to trade but, I have, never done it before I don't know if I can do it I'd like to trade but, I want to make sure we're do it properly I don't want to lose money and I want to manage my risk I, already. Am trading but, I'd like to be better if. There, are some of the things that you're going through at the moment don't, just take my word for it look at the Trustpilot, reviews, look, at you know that what I just showed you before on that on that list of what people are doing look, at that look, at our website go and have a look at trader Cobb calm and look through the, bundles, section, okay so, that. I've got to actually show you because it's got to be honest it's not actually. It's. Not actually that crash. Hot the website so, come up the menu and you go bundles, there's free courses there's free webinars, there's a huge amount in there go, to bundles, and what you can do is you can actually see what, suits you and what subscription, level or what you would like to actually do, okay. But. I can tell you right now guys that until. You get started, you're. Not going to see that progress and, it is going to take you a little bit to bite the bullet I'm. Sure but, like I said I wanted to do this to answer some questions to help you guys to understand, what, it is that, we do how, we get people great results, and the commitment that I've made to my community and to all those that have actually gone through and given, us. Their. I, guess. That. We'll their money in their time I'm. You. Know very grateful. For that because it allows our business to continue to operate so. If you're happy with that and you want to get going well come across the trader Cobb cold forward slash bundles, if you want to get up an account well I sent you the links in here.

There's. A link you can have a look at in there get, stuck in any questions, if, anyone have any questions in there I'm. More than happy to answer them. But. Yeah it's I mean hopefully. Hopefully. That was a what. Some of you needed because I have been getting a lot of direct messages asking about that and. I wanted to take you through a step-by-step walkthrough, because, you know what if, this market does continue, in the way that it's going we've had a great start to the year but it ain't nothing, yet, I mean, you risk $100. On a trade you, only need a couple of three two wines and you've covered it you, know I mean like it's, it's this market is built for traders it is the best most. Volatile, market I've ever traded in my life you, do need to be careful you do need to know what you're looking for what you're looking at and that's, where we fit in so. Please. Feel free to share with any of your friends and family what we do how we do it happy to answer any questions and. Guys. Doesn't look as an air coming through right now but to have a fantastic weekend, take some time to look through what. We do and I look, forward to working with you in what could hopefully be. Cracking. Year it started off bloody good let's keep it going cheers. Guys it's, out now and have a great day bye, for now.

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