Managing a Self-Directed Portfolio | Michael Kealy | 9-16-19

Managing a Self-Directed Portfolio | Michael Kealy  | 9-16-19

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You. Good. Afternoon, everyone. We just heard the the, tolling. Of the bell at, the stock exchange it. Comes in through computer. Speakers, everywhere, should, you be tapped. Into the. Goings-on in, the marketplace, which often. Will be the case because folks, will have the thinkorswim trading, platform, from TD Ameritrade up, and active and. So it's my pleasure to be with you all this. Is Michael Keely and this. Is our managing, a self-directed, portfolio. Session, and this. Particular, session has. Been carved out to address the world, of, alternatives. Mostly, but we'll have a little splash, of. Real. Estate investment, trusts that are thrown into the mix I on. Today's session this is something that I haven't addressed in, the. Last o let. Me say at least couple of months that, I've been at the helm for these Monday, afternoon, sessions, so I really, appreciate everybody that made this a part of your afternoon I hope that we can bring. Some light to, some, of the most dynamic, areas. Of the market today and I wonder, if. Anybody, has, any. Idea what I'm talking about when I talk about fireworks. In key areas of the market I'll let you ponder that perhaps you can let your fingers do some walking on the chat and, let. Us know what, I might be alluding to there as I, roll through today's, disclosures. At September, 16th, for, those of you that would like to be really, tied, in to. What. We are addressing as coaches. Here at the education. Offered. Through TD Ameritrade, I we. Do have a very active Twitter. Profile. If. You will and, so each of us coaches has handles, mine is listed right here at M Keely, underscore, TDA and, I, did talk about some of the things that I'll be bringing, to light in today's webcast. On. On. My Twitter handle so, we'll, often have a few tweets per day, that. Lets. You know just how active we are out there on Twitter okay with that let me welcome, you to, the world of this, session, which. Can, make use of ETFs, if so make, sure that you. Understand. The ins and outs of any ETF, that you might contemplate there is a prospectus, that's in vailable. And. Leveraged. And commodity. ETFs. Have unique. Risks, and we'll talk some commodity, stocks. Today although I hadn't really intended, to really, wander. Into the world of ETFs per se I. International. Investments. Involve special risks investments. In REITs and other. Real estate securities, are subject, to those, factors, that impact. Real estate, so. That would be particular, sensitivity. To economic, downturns and alike and any, of the symbols, that I produce are. Educational. In their in their purpose and I'll. Thread, those in because I've given thought to what I'd like to bring forward in each session. But. They're not recommendations. Folks TD, Ameritrade, does not make recommendations. I, if we were to talk the world of options they're not suitable for all traders, and investors and, you do, need to to apply for. Option. Trading privileges, to be extended, by the brokerage, firms.

That. You're potentially. Working, with transaction. Costs are important, factors. Futures. And futures, option trading is speculative, I'll plan, to show at least one future symbol, so that we can look at it chart wise I. And, lastly. Past performance, is not indicative of, future, performance, in, the market and. I'll. Be making use of the thinkorswim platform I asset. Allocation, of diversification do, not eliminate, the risk of experiencing, investment, losses because. All, investing. Carries risks so this is me I I have, been in the world of education since 2002. I regularly. Contribute, to. The. Network, that's, offered, through an, affiliate. TD, Ameritrade. Network productions. Specialize. In, teaching portfolio, management's, with an emphasis on, fundamental. And technical analysis. To link those together, it. Can be. Added. Insight. On not just what's happening at the company's specific level, that's fundamental. Factors, but, also what's happening with the stock itself, that would be the technical analysis, factors. Things. I enjoy doing I would. Be spending time with my family I have three children I like. To get up and into the mountains when I can trail, running and, riding. Sideways, quickly, that's both skateboarding, and snowboarding that, I'm alluding to there so. We'll talk REITs and mainly, alternatives. Today so. That you can have, an understanding this, is the real end goal, for. What I'd like to set out to achieve in, today's session would, be to define real, estate investment, trusts as well as to identify common. Alternative. Investments. Discussed potential risks of investing in REITs and alternative. Investments and. Be. On our way toward, using. Those principles. To potentially. I look. At the the construction of a class portfolio, where we could make use of some opportunities. That lie in the market and see what develops from that so, that's the learning outcome, the real, specific, agenda items, I would. Be to view some slides that set the stage for today's session, and then to go live, on. To both the TD Ameritrade, dot-com. Website, as well, as the thinkorswim trading. Platform, so, that we can make use of these, themes. So. Real estate investment, trusts what are they they, are companies, that invest in in managed, commercial, and residential, income, producing, real estate on behalf of their shareholders, I, equity. REITs are one branch, of, REITs the other would be mortgage, REITs for. Example, a REIT my tone in operate, apartments, office buildings hotels or. Even. Single-family. Homes. Some. REITs also, invest in mortgages, or related, securities, you can. Have REITs, that invest in. Outlet. Malls, REITs. That invest in industrial. Properties, like those that are, used as warehouses, for. The. Purpose of cloud computing. Office, space if you will or industrial, space how, a REIT works it's. Pretty similar to standard, shares, of stock folks so. An investor, could potentially, purchase shares of a read stock and then, REITs would invest in a portfolio of income-producing real estate holdings, where, the idea would be that the. The, income, coming into the REIT from the. From. The, the operation, of that business tenant-landlord.

Type Circumstance, or a mortgage, if, you go mortgage REITs versus equity REITs the. Inflow of capital is then, mostly. Going. To be. Distributed. To the shareholders, by mostly, I mean at, least 90 percent of the. Of. The inflow, needs. To then I leave. The exit, doors as outflow, to. Corresponding. Shareholders. REITs. Share, earnings with shareholders that's what I'm just talking about there investors. Also share. In fluctuating, market prices, of the. Rate because it's a stock so obviously, the prices will go up and down and sideways and all around, equity. REITs so, remember, there are two forms. Of REIT equity. As well as mortgage, REITs equity, REITs typically, own and operate investment, grade real estate, revenue. Is generated primarily. From rent and lease payments, the, vast majority of REITs are in fact equity, REITs and then, last REITs are required, to pay at least 90 percent of taxable, income, each. Year to shareholders, in the form of dividend. Distributions. Mortgage. REITs are different, folks, these do not own properties, mortgage. REITs lend money directly. To. Real estate owners or invest, in mortgage-backed securities. And then, profits, are shared with the company's investors, mortgage REITs often, borrow money to make investments, which, often, results, in greater leverage, and more. Risk. Than. Equity. REITs. So. That's, the key item. There and the last bullet point more. Risk. In the. Mortgage REITs so why do investors. Potentially. Use the as, investing. Vehicles, well. Because. They. Are an, income, producer. In terms of the, the, end goal with these wreaths that. Investors, have is, to. Have chunky, dividend, distributions. Kicked. Off and hopefully see some chair price appreciation along. The way now, let's say that I knew, by. The, name, of, a particular REIT. Such. As Simon, Property Group. SPG. I just typed in in the in the now, I did switch over here for. Those of you that said wait a second, Michael how did your screen, switch so quit you know so, quickly I jumped. Right on to the TD Ameritrade, com website, and I, type Simon. Not, of the Chipmunks, Fame, but. Simon Property Group is, the, REIT that I'm after here, and. I'm just bringing this up as a representative. Large. REIT. I this. One, you. Know in terms of its profile, the. Market cap on Simon, Property Group is listed right here in the, summary page at, forty, seven, point six billion in, market cap so this is a sizable. Entity. Here this. One all right now when you roll down a little bit further notice, that the annual dividend, an annual, dividend yield have their own line. So. It annually, kicks, off eight dollars and forty cents in dividend and that. Represents. Percentage-wise. Against. The share value right. Here and now five point four percent. Now. You'll see this is a three month graph things. Have looked somewhat. Weak over. These last three months if you, were to fire up a one-year graph you'd. See more of the same okay that doesn't look quite as as. Strong, does it when, you're looking at the price performance now. I'm. Showing you this one for a couple of reasons number. One it's got a fairly, inflated, dividend yield on balance, more. Than a three four percent dividend yield is fairly inflated. Relative. To many others, now, it's also very actively, traded with 308 mill million.

Shares That that. Trade on an average. Share. Volume, basis, so that's that's rather sizable. Or I'm sorry that's the shares outstanding rather. Our, 308, million the, average, ten-day volume, is 1.7. Million sorry, I misspoke I was looking at the wrong side of my columns there now. Like. I said this is merely one one, you, know possibility. Out of many if you were to go to oh, let's, just say the, peer, comparison. Tab up. At the upper right and. You. You load that up you, now find that we've got multiple. Real. Estate investment, trusts, that are, brought in as peers. To, compare, and they. Include Regency. Centers a real. Estate investment, trust Federal. Realty investment. Trusts which is an equity, REIT Kymco. Realty, which. Is a self-administered. REIT. Shopping. Centers, acquisitions. Development. Etc, bricks. More property, groups a managed real estate trust so. These have all been brought in so, that we can do a little contrasting. To, identify. That well Simon Property Group looks about the weakest, of this. Batch of companies. That we've brought in and the. Strongest, certainly, has to be Kymco with, a 52-week, change, of, 17.7. Percent that, is ticker symbol, k i am, is. Where. We see the strongest performance. Next. Would be bricks more, the, ticker symbol BRX. Which. Has. Had. About an eight point three percent, increase. Over, the past, 52 weeks. To. Acknowledge. On this on this table now this table it. It, does a lot for us because we can get the size of the companies, listed as well via market, cap its. Descending, order but that's just happenstance, and then. The betas of these REITs are all pretty much in in the same range, between 0.5. On. Frt. Up. To a high of, 0.7. In the case of BRX. Dividend. Yields. We see three, of them in the five point something, percent range. And then, two in the three point something percent range, so that's a distinguishing, characteristic, right there, last, but not least you do have a PE that operates, off of the trailing 12 months, of earnings and sits. At the most undervalued. Satin, oxymoron, the, least valued. According. To PE maybe, that's linguistically. More correct would be B rx at sixteen. Point five so. You you've got you, know a a range, of information that, you can look at here all, right now I'm. Going to float on to the thinkorswim trading, platform. So. That I can fire up the charts tab and, we, can look at something like oh let me just say BR X as, one. Particular. REIT now the line in the chart. Represents. The beginning of this year, so that's your year-to-date, marker. And we. Can now identify with.

That Stock having, gained, really. Nicely. Since. The. Year began, and, really. It's just been you. Know a very a very steady, performer. From. That perspective then, it went sideways. For. A, span, of time here. And. Then. Just, at the tail end of the summer toward, the end of July early August it. Broke up and out of that range and then came back into the range just, on, a on, a short term framework and then, barreled, up and higher again now this chart it's, just the way it's been saved, on this computer from last go-around it, does not include any. Technical. Indicators, other than the moving averages, we, do have volume, down here at the bottom but. We can see that this, equity. Real estate investment. Trust has pulled back and. It's, forming, what we would as a, technical. Analysis. Perspective. Consider. A bull flag. And, that, bull flag is more apparent if i zoom in. And. We were to. Use some drawing tools to help us out here. You can see that the stock really ran, to the upside, here, to, establish a 52-week, Hyatt nineteen point eight nine just shy of 20, bucks and then. What, we'll see is that the stock flagged. Which, means how to pull back of at least several trading. Sessions, this. Is now the third trading. Session in which we've seen a pullback and. This. Would set, the stage for a more bullish. Chart. Perspective. Given, that, chart. Pattern of a bull flag, now. This, session isn't devoted. To bull flags but, I wanted to bring this stock buy, into, the limelight so to speak because. It looks a lot more promising. Then, Simon. Property Group did, with. This more, consistent. Or persistent, I should say downtrend. That. Was in place but having, said that, this. Downtrend, was really capped by this series of lower highs I, and. The, stock has barreled, up and threw on very high volume, does everybody see that so, Simon Property Group does not look like it's. Continuing. The down trending, environment. Right now all, right because we got a pullback, after. A sharp, rally on the upside in fact you could look at that as, a. Bullish, run, but. When you look at this on the basis, of the existing, downtrend. The. Question is well is this setting up for it for a new blossoming. Uptrend, and that. Will hinge on whether, or not we get a higher low in the. Chart. Okay. All. Right now there, are all kinds, of real. Estate investment, trusts that are out there I wanted. To give you a splash, of just. A couple of line. Items that you can look at within the TD Ameritrade, platform, in. Order. To draw some conclusion. On the. Levels of size of company is it big small. Something. In between market. Cap resolve set. Performance. For, those of you that pay attention to 52-week, performance. And realize. We could have looked at performance, I on. The TD Ameritrade platform, as well I on, the website I should say by. Looking at any of these you know we could pull up another one like ki m and see. What it looks like. From. A more in depth chart, perspective. By, pulling it up like so and then just going to the charts tab. And. TD. Ameritrade enables, us to see. In a. Convenient. Array of different time blocks whatever, timeframe you, feel would be you, know most pertinent to look at and a lot of people do look at multiple time frames, so. The, last six months have been pretty good on. Kymco. Realty. The, year today chart, that looks pretty promising to look at that you, know at the start of this year this, is a stock that was trading at sub, 15. That's. Now pulled back at about 20 and what, do we know it, looks like another bull flag is, in, place and you know for the purpose of doing things like drawing trend lines you can be on either the.

Website For TD Ameritrade comm or. At the thinkorswim trading, platform, each, will enable you, to draw. Trend, lines like this remember we had done the same thing at. The thinkorswim platform and. Let. Me just acknowledge that. When. It comes to technical analysis, there's. A whole array of sessions, that can help you if you, were to go to the education, tab folks and then, to, head into the Education, Center over, on the left-hand menu bar and then, go to something like. Stocks. Remember. This, is to bolster your, understanding. Of, technical. Analysis, what, I've done is I've launched, the Education, Center page, on stocks that should be forthcoming here, and, this. Session is devoted, to, intermediate. Level investors. And traders, so. It doesn't mean that you can't pick up quite a bit if you're a beginner it just might be a little bit beyond, the. Pure. Beginner track, in most, sessions on the. Other hand if you're an advanced. Trader. Let me try that again because for there we go second. Truck, second time you, know that I launched that it. Showed, me what I wanted but, if you're an advanced trader this, might be a little bit slow for you so, my apologies, if that's the case I try to appeal to both dynamics. And strike. The balance in between because, this is an intermediate level session, but notice you have a course, that's that's. Centered. On technical, analysis, so. That will help you with a lot of these things that you hear us as coaches, discussing. Throughout our webcasts, and believe, me we. Have webcasts. That are. Designed. To. Move. Beyond what you've learned in the, online course and to. Run with it on the practical, application. So, the, technical analysis, oriented, sessions, and I've. Just got you, know a list. Of. Those. That are forthcoming into, this next couple of days. So. Technically. Speaking, trading. Stocks and options you'll. Notice that there's a reference to technicians. And potential, entry and exit signals, so, that would be a very. Strong. Encouragement. For me on, your next, steps, after you've learned what you have in a session like this where I display, charts, take. It even further with, some with a great coach like Connie Hill now she's got a CMT, that stands for chartered, market technician, that, means she has spent more time in the study of charts than I have and I. I'd like to build up Connie because she's tremendous, she looks for opportunities in the market and you can learn a lot with. That kind of a perspective so anyhow let's. Get back to the matter at hand I'm, going back to my slide deck now. And. I wanted to discuss the risks of REITs before we head into this world of alternatives. And. Commodities. I didn't, see any reply to that when I'd asked that question in the chat what, alternatives. Might I be considering, that have, a lot of, dynamic. Nature. To them in the market today alright, so the risks of REITs really are interest, rates as a number.

One These. Are investing. Vehicles that are sensitive, to interest. Rate swings. If I if, interest, rates go higher we, treat, prices, tend to go lower because mortgages. Are more difficult, to. Come. By in the, midst of higher interest. Rates that's, the idea, their interest. Rates rise, that. Leads to higher mortgage, rates that. Leads, to less demand. For mortgages. And by, consequence, rate values, often, will will. Fall to follow suit. Here. We go, other, alternative. Investments. So we're, shifting gears now let me go to my full-screen. Address. You I, like. This so. The world of commodity, investments. Is, such that this, offers, an ability to diversify well. Beyond just the normal, run-of-the-mill stocks. And bonds then. A lot of people will consider and. Why, might this be important. Well it brings up a whole array of. Asset. Not. Classes, because alternatives. Is the asset, class but. Alternative. Investing, vehicles, as. Possibilities. That. Can behave independently, of. What's. Going on with, the you know the the real. The. Real influences. That make stocks go up and down those, might not be apparent on what. Makes commodities, go up and down so. With that let me hit. The ground running commodities. Include gold oil lumber. And many others they, can increase diversification. But tend to be highly correlated with. Each other, insensitive. To the strength in the US dollar so, when you're dealing with commodities, particularly. With commodities. That are sensitive. To to. The moves in the dollar like energy. Oil per, se, or. Specifically, I should say it's. Very sensitive to moves. Higher in the, US dollar their. Price you know oil is priced on the. World stage in dollars, thus. A higher dollar. Dampens. The enthusiasm. For the the, demand for oil options. Futures and Forex that's a whole nother universe. Of. Alternative. Investing, vehicle, those are leveraged, investments, that can quickly. Potentially. You, know damage an account they can cause losses and those. Alternatives, are inherently risky some, investors, might allocate a small portion such, as 5%. Of an, overall portfolio, to. Alternative. Investments, so you have a choice to make that area, of the market that I thought had a lot of dynamism to, it today is, energy. And, let, me show you why. I'm. Going back over, onto. My desktop, and. I wanted to go to the market watch tab and notice that I've got market, watch loaded, up with.

What We call the visualize, sub, tab and, this. Visualise tab enables, me to see the, big players in the world of energy that's what's here on screen, in the. Fact that for the most part we've got shades, of green, applicable. With. Exception. There, are three companies that have, red meaning that those are companies that are trading, lower in in, the energy space today that, includes Valero. That. Includes, Co, G Cabot Oil & Gas that. Includes MPC. Marathon, petroleum. Now. Those are the ones that are moving lower there's, a good explanation for, why refiners. Like Valero, might be heading lower and that is because the cost of oil is going higher, and. Some. Of you might not have known that, my. Hope is that that. Can help you as an investor. And/or. Trader to know that if oil costs, go higher. Refiners. Are less, profitable. So. That's important, to know on, the. Other hand, those, companies that make more money when oil costs, are higher are. Going to be seeing, surging. Momentum, on days like today, now. There's a lot that's driving, this this is geopolitical. There. Was reportedly, a drone attack on Saudi oil facilities. And one. Of their big major, oil. Oil. Parts. Of their oil infrastructure. Was. Taken, out by a, drone strike. And that. Really. You, know it it. Resulted, in about five, percent of, the, global supply, of oil being cut off at the moment that's. A pretty big deal and, so. That's going to cause a lot of these oil players, to. Actually. Do quite well notice, Halliburton. With a ten point nine percent move. Today, Devon. Energy. 12.1%. Move. EOG. Resources, seven. Point eight. Halliburton. Oh we. Talked Halliburton, Helmerich. & Payne fourteen. Point three percent, so. The energy space is, definitely. Seeing, I. Move. These are the energy equipment, firms, that. Supply equipment, to the oil players, and, then, the next box enables, you to just see the whole you know kind of the whole complex of oil gas and energy, exploration, companies. So. Let's, look at this chart wise now alright, we can pull up for. Instance, a, stock, like Schlumberger. SLB. Is, the ticker symbol on Schlumberger, and notice. That this one is popped hard and it's. Done so on. Notably. Higher volume, see, that volume spike, that's in place right there so. SLB, is certainly, making a move higher, if. You were to look at another huge, player like an Exxon Mobil it. Looks like a similar story now notice that today's, price, action shows us that, we're trading near the the day's lows in fact we might be right on the day's loads those of you not real. Familiar candlesticks. That could be the beginners in the group this. Candlestick, body reflects. Where the stock is relative. To the open. Up. Here at the top of the of the body of the candlestick and, now. Which. Is at the bottom of this box.

Representing. The the body of the candlestick so I, exo-m. Is trading, toward. The downside, relative, to its open, but higher than where it closed yesterday. The. Same thing is stated, for SLB, this is slumbers j and. SLB. Is being driven by an upgrade, lots of factors, that are kicking, that, let. Me take you somewhere else I know I'm popping back and forth between the, TD Ameritrade, comm website, as. Well as the thinkorswim platform but, that's because these are complementary. My friends, so. What we can do here is. I. I, wanted to pull up. Actually. The research and ideas tab, not. Research, and ideas, if you were to go to the main markets, tab which, is the main heading under research and ideas, what. It does is it pulls up a page. Of. Key. News, notice. Over here on the right hand side Y. Stock, investors, are over reacting to the Saudi oil attack, and then. Down lower US, stocks fall after, attack on Saudi oil plants. So, those will talk about that main catalyst. That. Kicked in over the weekend, and, you may have interest in wanting to know why market, watch's perspective. Because that's only one perspective, of a lot, of, different. Perspectives that you can adopt why. Is market watch skeptical, about this move in oil no. I I wanted to go elsewhere I didn't want to take you into those news, feed items, you, know specifically. I wanted, to go into this one that you see right here entitled. CFRA. Outlook, I'm, opening, that up it's a PDF file. And. I'll magnify, it so that we can see it real. Real. Well on. The. YouTube as it. Passes through to you and. You'll, notice that you've got these, areas, of the market that are, listed now this one this, piece called the outlook it's put together on a weekly basis it, is one piece, of research, amongst. Many bits. And pieces of research it. Talks about central, bank's being in the spotlight that's, the theme for this week's main. Heading, as you. Roll down further. You'll. Notice that. You've got gold heading, to new all-time highs, that's another, key commodity. Folks, those. Portfolios, that have, a. Tremendous. Degree, diversification. Often. Have a degree, of precious, metals in, a degree of energy, stocks or ETFs. And the like that. Represent. That asset, class so. That shows, you that Gold's been outperforming, Gold's, been doing very well that's the gold miners, that. Are, mentioned there and. I, wanted, to take you to a couple of other areas because notice this this really threads in nicely with today's discussion, on REITs I gave, you a splash, of insight, surrounding. How these are structured, in some of the main headline, risks, now. CFRA. Has I this. This again, this opinion, or this, perspective on, a, space within REITs, that targets. The industrial. Warehouses, and. They're thinking behind why that might represent an. Area that that could be notable, and. They've got listed, a number of, REITs. That, tap into that area, that they happen. To like right here and now duke realty east group pro, logis, etc, so, everybody see that rolling. Down further it's got one, of those wreaths, specified. And drilled, into you. Know in great detail that's pro logis a market. Leader in a growing area now. Down a little bit further now they've got different portfolios. That are represented, with, different themes so, high quality capital, appreciation, portfolio. Do. We have any pure energy stocks in here doesn't. Look like it it, looks like United, Technologies I. You. Know Canadian, National, Railway, nope. None, in there, the. Platinum model, portfolio. So CFRA once again they have different, modeled you, know models of portfolios, that are structured, around the objectives, that they've spelled out I, wanted, to point out that they do have, in oil. And gas firms Co G that's. Listed as, having their highest ranking, according to five stars they've. Also got Co P, which. Is going to be ConocoPhillips. As, well as a og hey we saw that one a little bit earlier didn't we that.

Are Listed at a five star status. Working. Your way down a little bit further it looks like that's about it. At. This point so, you've got a number of ideas so in. This case you, know we've got. Enough. Time left that I can spend a little time on a few of these, to. Really, walk through some of the opportunities. And, how. They might present I on. The basis of what, you could potentially look, for in these stocks so. We'll just have a couple of these that we roll through, let. Me shrink that one down, so. That I can now go back. Up, to the TD Ameritrade website and we can type in for instance GOG. This. Is GOG resources. And. In, loading up the company profile, tab it says they are one of the Explorers. Because. They develop produce and market ok after. Exploring, I and. They're, represented, geographically. Across pretty, much all of the globe I mean they've got the Far East in China they've. Got the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago, they've. Got the UK. Etcetera. I are, they a foreign, firm well. You'll be able to find that out if you were to go you know this is something that a lot of people are interested, in if, you were to load up the fundamentals. Tab then. That, will enable us to roll down and to. See where the company is headquartered in, this case Houston. Texas so they are a us-based, firm with. International. Exposure, and, as. Something that you might glance at to, either make a case for something, right off the cuff or, if, you don't like what you see maybe that could exclude, it from consideration. Notice. You've got, the. EPS, stats. Alongside. Revenue. And dividends, for the last five years so. This is a pretty good trifecta. Of information. To. Pay attention to in the case of gyoji, resources. They, have that if you if you said to yourself all right I'd. Like to know what, are some critical factors, that. Might tell, me that this company, could be worth the further, exploration. Like. My. My play on words here. Then. What. Could they be well revenue, revenue, growth yay or nay check, yay. We have revenue growth seven, point six percent positive, over. Each of the last five years I'm. Sorry three point six percent rather, that's the revenue growth I do, it in Reverse I like revenues that's the top line I look at that first that's. Not altogether, you, know weak for this group of stocks I've looked at enough of them on, a comparative, framework EPS. Growth yes, or no yes. EOG. Resources has. Had positive. EPS. Growth over each of the last five years when. You average it out dividends. Have, they been growing over each of the last five years you bet. 17.2%. Dividend. Growth that's, actually, fantastic. Right. So. You've. Got each of those items in place now if you, wanted to just do a quick comparison with, another stock that was out there on the list we. Had to in fact. ConocoPhillips. Was one right COP. Do. We have similar. Stats. To look at nope, not, at all notice. The three stats that we were looking at just earlier in. The. Case of EOG resources we're, all positive, in the case of ConocoPhillips. You've got a negative revenue, growth in. Read. A negative, EPS, growth in red and, their. Dividends, have. Even been locked to. The tune of 15%. Yearly over, each of the last five years so. ConocoPhillips. Does not look like the shining, candidate, right now. That. We had noticed just earlier, if you, roll down toward the bottom. That. Was ConocoPhillips. I the. Other one that we had as. A potential. There's. ConocoPhillips. There we. Were also considering. Well. I think that was one that I brought up myself that was Schlumberger, that. Was SLB. That. I was going to be paying attention to so let me just get. Rid of that and we. Can try the same thing with SLB. Here. We go uh, so. SLB, looks like it's a mixed bag you've had dividends, that have grown but not. Revenues. Or earnings, per share so. The stock that looks the strongest, just on these very. Few. Metrics that. We've applied would. Certainly be EOG. Resources. So. Let's, add this one in I'm gonna slide over onto, my thinkorswim, trading.

Platform, Now making, use of a demo account all. Right now this demo account let me just fire it up on the margin side it. Contains, not a whole lot right. Now we've got, Capital. One financial, we've got Gentex and we've got a, spy, trade that's on on, on. Deck for. This so let me just uh you know there's approximately, 98. Thousand, dollars in this account I'm, just going to sidle over. To. EOG resources and. It's. Trading at about 86. So. If. I were someone that wanted oh let's just say about, $5,000. Worth, because. That sounds, sufficient. On the, hundred you know the roughly ninety eight thousand, dollars that we've got to work with here five. Thousand dollars divided, by eighty six dollars per share would. Provide, me fifty, eight shares in. Terms. Of a potential, position. Size so let me get rid of that left sidebar, and. I've, got a larger, font size working, so, let's. Just make, sure that looks like 58 chairs and about five thousand, dollars worth it does about, forty nine ninety five to be precise, so. I'll just go ahead and send that on through I. That. Order, is in a working phase I, didn't. Look at it to see how far off I was I could be patient and worked the order or, if I really wanted to get this through and in place instead, of making it a limit order it's. Actively, traded, I wouldn't, feel all that against. The, idea of just sliding. It in at the at the market I and. Going. From there if you, were trading, during market hours I, did. That on purpose as, a gotcha activity, it's not market hours right this trade is going to go through tomorrow. At. The open so, I could use a limit order maybe, I want to make sure that I'm not paying too drastically. Higher a price, so, I throw in my order for no more than eighty seven dollars, confirm. And send that will now be a limited. Price, capped. At 87. Bucks I won't spend any more than that, but, I could potentially spend that amount or less per. The constraints, of the order and we'll. See if that goes in, tomorrow. All. Right so, folks what do I want you to do with. This, information. That I've shared, with you today I want, you to give thought to. And. Let me go back to the to. The today you'll learn to, the. Potential, use of, alternatives. In your, portfolio, to. Then diversify. Out and beyond. Where, you are presently, and I. Didn't spend any time on, looking, at the US dollar but now that I'm thinking about it the US dollar has been rocketing. Higher for. The most part when you look at a longer dated chart on it the. Dollars been running, pretty strong that. Will tend to have a negative influence, on the. Price of crude now, crude, is surging. Higher today that's because of these geopolitical, events. That. Are transpiring, we'll, see if it has any staying. Power as I said in my in my Twitter post join. Me this. Was earlier today join. Me to take a deeper, dive into. The. World of oil that's. Really seeing a bid today as we say that surging, prices, and will. It last well, a lot of folks will want to see if there's staying power to this move into the next couple of days all. Right there is enough volume that. That satisfies, a lot of those that are looking for volume to be a powerful, measure, of confirmation. On oil. So, for. Those of you that are looking to take, this to the next level give. Thought to going through the technical, analysis, course that I pointed, out that's the online, course behind the Education, Center link, and then. Take it a step further in very. Targeted. Sessions. That make you of chart analysis, like I have today such. As Connie Hills session. That I'd pointed out alright, with that folks I'm, going to leave you with, with. The disclaimers, that. Representations. Of, stocks. Through the ticker symbols, that we've used work for educational, purposes only they, do not constitute, any recommendations. There's always risk in the market be. Aware of special risks and alternatives and, commodities, as, well as ETFs. And I. Realized, that past performance never, indicates, what will happen, into the future with.

That Folks have, a tremendous. Rest. Of your trading week I'll catch you next week at the same time take, care.

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