Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights

Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights

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When we think about the civil rights movement, in the United States, most people immediately, think of Martin, Luther King jr. and almost everyone, can recite the beginning of his either dream speech but the story of another human rights activist, Malcolm X is often censored, in history class he is misunderstood, as someone he preached hate and violence against, white people and some believe that if young people watched, his speeches it could actually be rather dangerous because, of that his memory is often swept, under the rug while everyone knows him by name not enough people know the true story of Malcolm X he was one of the most influential, Americans, who ever lived and his legacy still echoes on to this very day without, him the US and maybe even the entire world, would be a really different place in, today's bio graphics we're gonna talk about the incredible, life of Malcolm. X a. Boy. Named Malcolm little was born on May the 19th 1925. In Omaha, Nebraska he, was one of seven children belonging, to Louise and a little, now his parents taught their children all about the history of slavery and the importance, of rising, above their circumstances now. Can his siblings they were all extremely, well behaved even from a young age because they knew that they were trying to represent their race in a positive light his, father, Earl believes, in the teachings of a man called Marcus, Garvey, a black, nationalist leader, who preached that African, Americans, should be self-sufficient, when it came to running their own farms and their own businesses, L was a Baptist minister who, pushed for desegregation, between, white and black people because of this their family received death threats from, the KKK on a daily basis, so they, were constantly moving, just to stay alive in 1929. Earl little bought his family a four acre farm in lansing michigan which, had a very good neighborhood with great schools the only issue was that they were the only black family in town now, hate isn't something that children are born with so Malcolm's, classmates, in kindergarten, treated him just like everyone else Malcolm's, favorite game was Robin Hood and he always invited, his friends over to run through the fields and the forests, of his family farm pretending, to steal from the rich and give, to the poor eventually, the racist, members of the community they caught winds of this black family living a comfortable, middle-class life, and I didn't, like it the neighbors complained saying that black evil should not be allowed to own so much land even, though there was no law saying that they couldn't live there the local council voted, on the issue and agreed, that the little family had, to move l-little. Refused, to leave saying that his family had every, right to stay there, lansing michigan was, home to an offshoot of the KKK, called the Black Legion instead, of wearing silly white robes with pointed hoods they dressed up and even sillier, pirate, costumes, you really couldn't make these things up, one. Night the little family awoke to an explosion, as these white supremacists. Held bombs of their house Merlin Louise had to wake up the children and get them to safety, despite the explosions, which could certainly, be heard from Mars local, firefighters, think never showed up to help and the house it burned to the ground in the morning l-little confronted, the local police he accused them of being members of the Black Legion the police responded, by arresting. Him fast and saying that he burned down the house to receive an insurance, settlement the, charges though they were later dropped even, after this they refused, to leave because they wanted to be an example, of the black family who stood their ground and didn't, give up without a fight unfortunately. Their strength and resolve it was not enough to convince the citizens of Lansing that they were worthy of living there when Malcolm was just six years old Earl's body was found crushed, on the tracks of a streetcar the coroner ruled it an accident the police said, that he committed suicide in, his autobiography, Malcolm X explains, that his father had sustained injuries, not consistent, with a street car accident, despite, the coroner's statements, the insurance, company that held earl littles policy refused, to pay Louise due to their contention, that Earl's death was a suicide, Malcolm's.

Mother Had a very difficult time raising, her eight children alone, she, sold many of their belongings and would so for people in town in order to make an income she, rented their lands other local farmers but there was never enough money to go around she, was a proud woman though she lived, by a principle, since she never asked for a handout from anyone the family they soon had to go on welfare but, as the years went on the weight of the responsibility continued. Terra Huerta Louise, knew that the white people in town they hated her and that, the men responsible for, her husband's death they were living, close by she, was constantly afraid that someone would come after her and her children even though, her fears were completely justified, she was diagnosed, as paranoid. And that local police committed, her to a mental institution, Malcolm, was 13 when his mother was taken away and he under six siblings were split, up and sent to orphanages, and foster homes they, kept in touch by writing, letters to one another and swore, that they were all reunite, again someday, despite. All of these setbacks Malcolm still had a lot of ambition for himself and he never forgot the lessons that his parents taught him in the eighth grade he was a straight-a, student and at the top of his class he was intelligent charismatic, and, he had a passion for public speaking when he went to high school he joined the debate team and continued. Earning a 4.0, GPA, one of his teachers asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up and Malcolm said that he wanted to become a lawyer the teacher said that this was impossible saying that black people were simply, not allowed to be lawyers his teacher further responded, one of life's first, needs is for us to be realistic, you need to think of something you can be why don't you plan on carpentry. In, reality a man named Malcolm V Allen had already become America's, first black lawyer in the 1800s, but of course, Malcolm, could not have known that he, believed his teacher was right he was still living in foster care and he no longer had his mother and father to encourage him despite being a straight-a students, he thought that as a black person there, truly was no point in continuing at school he dropped out in order to begin working and start, a new life.

When. He was 17, Malcolm moved to New York City to live in Harlem he got a job doing dishes at restaurants, and his charismatic personality. Helped him make a lot of friends of all races why, men began to approach him asking, if he had any drugs or if he could hook them up with black girls since, people were already making that assumption based on stereotypes he decided that he might as well take advantage of it this started his successful side hustle of being a pimp a robber, a racketeer. And a, drug dealer he befriended John Elroy, Sanford, a fellow dishwasher, at Jimmy's Chicken Shack in Harlem who aspired, to be a professional comedian, both, men had reddish hair so Sanford, was called Chicago red after his hometown and little. Was known as Detroit. Red yes later, Sanford became famous as red fox one littles best friends was a teenage boy who shared his first name Malcom Jarvis the two of them they hustled together and they would go out to jazz clubs at night they, were suit and impress the ladies with their dance moves for a while they were raking, in a loss of money and having, the time of their lives, in 1949, the two Malcolm's were both dating white girls who they met at a nightclub, these girls had very rich parents and they were bored cut to maniacs, looking for a bit of excitement they encouraged the Malcolm's to form, a Bonnie and Clyde star gang together they would let the boys know whenever, their parents neighbors were on vacation and then they would all go and steal from their homes together Malcolm. Must have felt that he was playing a grown-up, version of Robin Hood but when the group was caught it caused a huge outrage, in the courts because of their mixed races no, one could believe that two rich white girls could have possibly, been the masterminds, behind the robberies, and of course their parents could afford to get them lawyers so the girlfriends lied under oath claiming, that they didn't even know the boys and that they had been kidnapped and forced to participate in the robbery both Malcolm's, were only twenty years at the time and they both received the maximum sentence, of 8 to 10 years in prison the women were able to walk free without, any punishment when, he was in prison Malcolm realized that many black men were totally innocent and had been falsely accused of crimes these, innocent men they turned to God in order to cope with their fate this made Malcolm very angry he had become a staunch atheist because, he believed that if there were truly a god he wouldn't let black people suffer, like they were suffering he, yelled at other inmates being stupid enough to believe in God and claims, that even if he did exist he had abandoned black, people completely an elder inmate John Bembry, could see that he was very angry and in a lot of pain so he told Malcolm that if he could not escape through religion, he should turn to books instead because it could help transport, his mind to other places, Malcolm, took this advice and began to read every book in the prison library for the first time in his life he was reading Shakespeare, and all of the other great works and he truly, did escape, into his own mind. After. Being in prison for some time one of Malcolm's brothers wrote to him explaining that his siblings had finally, reunited, and they were attending, meetings of a group called the Nation of Islam, Malcolm ripp bag that he did not believe in any God but his brother promised him that if he started praying to Allah he would get out of prison early his brother sent him a book written by Elijah, Muhammad, who was the leader of the Nation of Islam in his book Elijah Muhammad wrote that black people were already going through their own version, of hell on earth and that white men were their demonic oppressors, the Nation of Islam as some of the traditional beliefs of Middle Eastern Islam but it mostly focuses on raising the confidence, of black people saying that they were actually the, superior, race he encouraged, them to educate themselves become self-sufficient, and have pride in their race this, was basically the way that Malcolm had been raised by his parents, and it was clear that Elijah, Muhammad's, teachings paralleled, those of Marcus Garvey Malcolm decided, to give the Nation of Islam the chance even though he had never set foot in a mosque before he started to grow his beard refused, to eat pork and prayed to Allah several, times a day the prison guards they tried to stop him so he wrote to the governor demanding, that as an American citizen he should have the right to choose his religion, so, part of Elijah Muhammad's, teachings, was to stop trying to please or integrate, into white society and, take pride in being an African American so, Malcolm dropped his last name little which was given, to his ancestors, when they were slaves as a sign of ownership he, had no idea what his family's real African tribal name had been so he decided to replace it with a simple X representing.

The Missing, family history, that had been stolen from him he later wrote for, me my ex replaced, the white slave master name, of little which some blue-eyed devil, names little that imposed, upon my paternal, forebears, now that he went by Malcolm, X II started, a debate team and the prison and men would go to listen to him speak he was such an amazing speaker that several other men were convinced, to drawing the Nation of Islam and they, began to pray together instead, of being meek and subservient to the white guards, they stood tall and suddenly, seemed far more confident and powerful than ever before this made the prison guards nervous they thought that Malcolm X might have too much control and that if he was released he would incite riots and start a race war the warden notified, the FBI and he placed on a watch list and denied parole despite. His good behavior he was finally released from prison after six years and he immediately became, a minister for the Nation of Islam in Detroit Michigan he was so good at speaking that he was given the position of national, spokesman, when he first got started Elijah, Muhammad only had managed to gather 500, members into the Nation of Islam in, the United States in 1952. But, once Malcolm X toured and gave speeches it quickly grew to over 30,000. Members by, 1963, Malcolm. X was constantly, trying to build up the confidence of African American people he, encouraged black people to feel proud of their natural hair and their dark skin and never, tried to compare themselves to white people he encouraged, them to open their own businesses, in Harlem, barbershops, butchers, restaurants, and clothing, stores owned by black people sprang, up for the very first time in American history this, sparked a trend across the nation and black businesses, they became commonplace, in all major cities it, was at this point that Malcolm X met and fell in love with a woman named Betty Sanders, since the two they got married they would go on to have six, daughters together Malcolm, started a fraternity, group called the fruit of Islam these, were men who were like a private militia they were always clean-cut and war brand new suits with pride they, were disciplined and, he taught them to never use violence, and bless it was in self-defense after all peaceful civil rights protesters, were being, hosed down beaten by police and attacked, by guard dogs he believed that if they wanted to get things done successfully, they needed to prepare for the possibility that if they began to fight for their rights it might cause a war between black, and white people the fruit of Islam they were taught never, to attack first but they should not accept, a beating without fighting back, on April the 26th. 1957. One of the members of their congregation. Johnson X Henson, was taking, suits out of his car in front of the Muslim temple in New York City police, officers saw this and they accused, him sin of stealing the suits when he tried to explain that they belong to the congregation they beat him with heavy clubs and detained him in the police station without, giving him medical attention Malcolm. X he rushed to the police station and ask to see Johnson when, they told him to leave he told the officers to look out of the window a line of men wearing crisp suits sunglasses and fedoras, were all standing, out on the streets it was an entire, army, of the fruit of Islam ready, from alkanes orders and they finally agreed to let him see Johnson, Malcolm demanded, that they call an ambulance because he was bleeding heavily and dying his injuries, the militia followed them all the way to the hospital when it was confirmed that Johnson, would survive Malcolm, waved his hands and the militia dispersed, preventing, what would have been a massive, riot this, terrified, the NYPD, and it was clear that even though they had no idea who he was until that day he, was a very powerful man in New York City one, officer was quoted as saying no man should have that, much power he later tried to sue the city to pay for Hinton's medical expenses, but they denied everything, Malcolm, X decided, to travel across the country and convert new people to the Nation of Islam they eventually opened, a Muslim temple in Los Angeles in 1962.

An Almost identical situation. Happened. All over again a man named Ronald Stokes, was taking, the dry-cleaning out of a car in front of the mosque the police accused him of stealing the suits and when he tried to explain he put his hands up and they began, shooting him, at close range, 11 men rushed to help their friends and tried to pull the police officers away but, they were all arrested and they were all accused of being part of a so-called mob, in the local newspaper it was printed that this was a Muslim riot in court the police officer, who shot and killed Ronald, Stokes had mitad that he knew that Stokes was unarmed but that he shot him first because he, raised his hands in a menacing way in just 25 minutes the white jury decided, that this was enough justification, to murder him and the officer he, was set free immediately, after this man got away with murder, 11, members of Nation, of Islam were found guilty of assaulting, a police officer and, they were all sent, to prison after this incident Malcolm, X realized that the fight was too much for even the Nation of Islam to handle he called for all black people to come together regardless, of their religion, in order to fight for civil rights following, Stokes his death Malcolm, X gave one of his most famous speeches we, are oppressed, we are exploited, we are downtrodden. We are denied not just civil rights but human, rights so, the only way we are going to get some of this oppression, and exploitation away. From us is to, come together against. A common enemy. For. Years Malcolm X was the face of the Nation of Islam and even, though he was spreading the teachings of his mentor, Elijah Muhammad, the man rarely, did any of the work himself once, a month Malcolm, would visit Chicago to give money to Muhammad for his living expenses, one day he ran into three young women who were knocking, on Muhammad's door they were demanding that he give the money for food and child support he, learned from them that Elijah Muhammad had cheated on his wife and had eight children with six different secretaries, the girls were all only 16 or 17 years old at the time so this was also statutory. Rape he was not taking responsibility, for his kids and he, had ruins the lives of these young women now, have asked, Elijah's son Wallace if this was actually true and he admitted that he, and his mother knew but they were in denial, the followers were so blindly, faithful to Elijah Muhammad's that even, when the word spread that the founder of the religion was a liar and a hypocrite they, accused, Wallace of lying, about his father, Muhammad confirmed the rumors in 1963. Attempting, to justify his behavior by, referring, to presidents, certify biblical, prophets, Malcolm. X did not leave Nation of Islam right away though but he did distance himself he focused more on preaching, about the civil rights movements, for a time he thought that he had been tricked into living a lie since he was struggling, with his Muslim faith Malcolm, X took a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia in, 1964. He, was shocked, to see people of all races making. The pilgrimage together, Elijah. Muhammad, was teaching, that white people were evil but once Malcolm saw what true Islam was like he knew this was proof that Brotherhood, amongst the human race could, exist it seen it with his own eyes he no longer believed that Martin Luther King jr. was preaching, a pipe dream he was inspired to give himself a new name Alhaji, Malik el-shabazz, he, spent an additional three, weeks traveling around to several countries in Africa when he returned to the United States he was a completely changed man, he no longer preached, that white men were Devils and he said that all people needed, to come together and live, in peace on March the 8th 1964. He announced that he was leaving the Nation of Islam and he exposed, all of the corruption, that he had kept secret until then he, compared the religion to a mafia crime, ring this he no longer wanted to be a part of he said that if anyone wanted to follow him he was going to start up his own Muslim group called, Muslim mosque Inc this, was a huge threat to Elijah Muhammad's livelihood, of course and I put a target on Malcolm's, back are.

You Not perhaps, afraid. Of what might happen to you as a result of making these revelations oh yes I probably am a dead man already. Malcolm, received death threats but, he kept moving and began traveling with a newfound motivation. To bring peace, to all nations, he became an international, diplomats, and traveled, to 14 African countries, meeting with 11 heads of state he, wanted to discuss the treatment of African, Americans, and the human, rights issues that they were facing in America, he, encouraged, the United Nations to step in to help black people in the United States, since he believed that the American government were, not doing enough to support the rights of black people the FBI and CIA they were following, him wherever he went and he was receiving harassing phone, calls on a daily basis Elijah, Muhammad, told Boston, Minister Lewis acts later known as Louis Farrakhan, that hypocrites, like Malcolm, should have their heads cut off and the April 10th edition of Mohammed speaks featured a cartoon depicting Malcolm, X's bouncing, severed head his, house in New York it was later firebombs and his wife and daughters were very nearly killed Malcolm, X publicly announced that he knew Elijah Muhammad, had ordered a hit on his life and that he, was going to die soon, unfortunately. It, was right in 1965. Malcolm, X was giving a speech in New York City when a member of the Nation of Islam shot him in the chest at close range, with a sawed-off shotgun two, other men fired semi-automatic. Handguns he, had 21, gunshot. Wounds on his body he, was 39 years old actor, and activist Austin Davis delivered the eulogy describing. Malcolm X's our shining, black prince who didn't hesitate to die because, he loved us so Malcolm. X was only, just beginning his new goal of attempting to change the lives of African Americans everywhere there, is no way of knowing just how much he would have complet, was, given that chance before, his death he had admitted that he had made a mistake by preaching hate against white people when he first got started and he was ready and willing to go along with Martin, Luther King and the civil rights movement, if he was still alive today there is no telling just how much more he, would have accomplished even in his short time on earth he inspired African Americans to be the people proud of their skin color the of him black people everywhere, began to demands more for themselves and from, the expectations. Of everyone in their country no matter what religion someone, is subscribed, to they, can still find inspiration, from listening to his speeches about human rights and whether, they know it or not there is so much in American society that would have never existed without, the influence of Malcolm.

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"Defender of human rights" Bahahaha, nobody that extreme is a defender. This portrayal was too positive and comes off quite biased.

Yes he was more of a oppressive defender and attack if necessary where as mlk was the opposite, defend and protect

I also mistakenly associated him with louis farakhan.

Only issue with Malcom X is that he sought equality through violence, unlike MLK who sought it through peace. As they say, violence doesnt solve violence. MLK accomplished much more.

Sry' for placing my request in THIS bio :-/ But Hans-Ulrich Rudel?

I like that you wear the same glasses that Malcolm did in this video what a nice tribute

Jeez America is a messed up place

You say Muslim temple. Were they not mosques?

WHAT?!? This video ain't ratioed to Hell, yet?! The End Times are near.

Damn, he went through so much injustice, its mad.

Beautifully put together

Sad he was killed by his own people

The USA is still a notoriously racist country!

The best biography made by you on a wonderful and great man. Really loved it

I'll never understand an anfrican american who becomes a muslim. Muslims were even more active in the slave trade and in the genozide of black africans than christian europeans. Becoming a animist would be understandable, beoming an atheist preferable.

Hey, you should do the Puyi emporer. The past Qing emporer of china who came to the throne as a toddler. Very interesting and sad story about a man who became a spoiled brat and a political pawn for the Chinese and Japanese.

Plz do Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yet San

Literally a domestic terrorist

Thank you SImon for presenting an accurate account of the life of Malcolm X!!

can we get a video on Jean Parisot de Valette probably one of my favourite figures in history

Very good synopsis, it would have been good to mention FBI and CIA involvement in his assassination too.

Dude..I amazed that you don't have more subscribers. Your videos are accurate, entertaining and very educational. 'Bums me out that people like Olivia Jade have millions of subscribers and people like you and the history guy have a third of that. A sign of our "modern" world I guess. Cheers, my man. Keep 'em comin'

John Elroy Sanford, also known as Red Foxx, of _Sandford and Son_ Fame

I think your Biographics videos are getting better and better. Quality, balance, delivery, production - all spot on.

He was such a great man. I'm white and growing up I heard so much about him that turned out not to be true. I hate religion, but that Malcolm saw he was being manipulated, was trying to help others and that he abandon a hateful and decisive ideology speaks volumes of this man's character.

I once had a dream the Malcom X walked up to me, put his hand on my shoulder smiled and said "You are beautiful my brother!" He was and still is our shining black prince

ANOTHER EXCELLENT BIO!! Thanks again to all of the Biographics staff for this.

Do a video on James Ponder Jr from Griffin Georgia

Biographics do one on the life and times of Miguel Felix Gillardo, aka the Rockafeller of weed in the 1980's

I recommend Charles-Henri Sanson the executioner of the First French Republic

Wow. The only thing they ever taught us in High School was, "He was the more violent version of Martin Luther King, Jr." Thanks for putting this together! I have a lot more respect for this man and his life. After all, one can never fairly judge one's life until one has walked in that person's shoes for a length of time.

thought it was Malcolm Xavier

Can u do a show on yourself?

Could you do a biography of Adolf Hitler? You are so good.

Malcom X was the truth. Great video as always.

Cancelled my subscription over your constant BS.

You should read more about islam buddy i am really disappointed there is no such thing as blavk suppremessy in islam

I have watched and listened to years of Simon's top tenz, bio graphics, today I found out, podcasts, etc. Malcom X is by far the best of them all. Informative. Doesn't pull punches about his past.

I was never a Malcom X fan, because of just that. He got sold out by the white girls, so he saw himself as innocent, and undeserving of prison time. I was much more of a King fan. I always felt like he was a stronger man. I'd have marched with him, any day of the week. Just my opinion.

You're going to have to explain who Marcus Garvey was now because fewer people know who he was in relation to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

So many emotions watching this one. Love this channel.

Malcom is a martyr and a hero.may he rest in peace, memory eternal +

A great man, truly inspiring, absolutely misunderstand

Black hitler.

"We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us." Great video, cuz.

This made me understand the lyrics of power by ye

I think you missed the opportunity to discuss Malcolm's global impact with the Pan African movement. Not to mention the Black Power movement in the late 1960s was inspired by Malcolm. Finally, Dr. King understood and moved closer to some of Malcom X's mindset as he grew older. Witness his stance on the Vietnam War, and attacking northern racism.

The CIA was following an American citizen regarding domestic practices? I thought the CIA was only allowed to investigate things outside of the USA?

Thank you for doing this bio. The BEST one yet !! I love how you really went into detail about his evolution and the impact he had on America

Can you please do a video on Robert McNamara


This is amazing! Thank you! Can you please pleease do James Baldwin?

Malcolm X is my first hero. The ballot or the bullet.

America was incredibly deluded back then

I was born in 59, in SE Arkansas. My dad still uses the N word, but he hated the KKK.I went into the Army and found out that a man, was a man.

Malcom X was anarchist and terrorist

Simon I'm sure you know this already but Elijah Muhammad nor Farrakhan nor the Nation had anything to do with Malcolm's murder the C.I.A & F.B.I took advantage of the dispute and orchestrated Malcolm's murder.

Mmm I love white guilt

best bio ever !

Is there a text version

Drug dealer, pimp, thief... Oh yeah, what a hero. *rolls eyes*

Can you please do show about Mihajlo Pupin or Milutin Milanković, both are great scientist and world know little about them...

The alt-right preaches basically the same concept as Malcolm X but they get called racist. Double standards much?

Louie Fartikan brags about taking care of brother Malcom when he stepped out of line. How is he still free?

Any westerner that converts to Islam is a traitor. X got what was coming to him

Great job on this Bio! Thank you

One of the most misunderstood men in history. Lansing Michigan? I thought racism only existed in the south.

Great video, but one question: Why do your videos always seem to have a distinct slant against atheists? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I've watched lots of your videos, and it always seems to me like when you talk about atheism or "heathens", in any form, there's a negative undertone, and when you speak about the religious (specifically Christianity), you seem to have more positive undertones. This is something I've noticed for a while now and keep an eye out for specifically now. I suspect you are a Christian? It's probably a subconscious thing, so you probably don't realize it. Or like I said, maybe I'm overthinking it, but it's something I've noticed for a while now.

Do NSB leader Anton Mussert next!!!

This video was amazing. Thanks for the education.

Thank you

It makes me sad how Malcom X is often forgotten in the maze of civil rights leaders...

Black nationalism is just as wrong as white nationalism.

Very well done for a 20 minute piece, his life could easily be a mini-series in itself. Malcolm wasn't just a great black man or a great American but he was one of the greatest humans to ever live ! He lived it all in a short time, love to hate, pride to prejudice, secrets to the truth and everything in between. The one thing you never could say about him was that he lacked passion, he knew that to change the world first we change ourselves, then our family, then community, then nation and then the world....... one step at a time and we are still crawling forward, Malcolm would have had us all running by now

Caligula please!? =)

He Also the defender of black peoples and oppressed people around the world

Did you just call a literal leader of an antisemitic terrorist group a "defender of human rights"? This guy has done more to make people think of black people AND Muslims as savages than to bring them any real rights. I won't accuse you of bias since you cover a broad range of people without much bias, but I just think you're way off on this one.

Can you please do one on the Swamp Fox (Francis Marion)?

Thank you for this video. Like most Americans, I just knew the basics about Malcom X. I knew that at the end of his life, he changed for more togetherness with other races but I didn't know what sparked it. Keep up the great work, Simon. I love your videos from all of your channels.

This was a wonderful honor to a great man

I just keep thinking of all the people like Malcolm X who were taken too soon.

Malcolm X: The original Black Supremacist! Luckliy for him, the rules about racism don't apply to blacks.

thank you. I never knew any of this stuff about him.

This is what I was waiting for, Biographics have outdone themselves with this edition, truly a great representation of one of History’s forgotten heroes

Always awesome content Simon!

Extremely good outline of his life. I would only add his early Christian background, including his adoption into a Seventh-Day Adventist family after his mother was sent to a psychiatric hospital, giving him a broad outlook on Christian beliefs and actions.

In love with this channel.....huge praises for your efforts....keep unveiling great legends... Love from India

+Klown what do you mean by "minuscule and one sided"?

Claudia Plays Badly black history wouldn’t help in that regard as it’s just a minuscule and one sided part of the history of racism

Thank you for that presentation. It was wonderful and horrific at the same time. Given the way he and his family suffered at the hands of white men and his subsequent treatment at the hands of authorities who considered unyielding racism to be as normal as breathing he could be forgiven or carrying a burning resentment to the end of his life …..and yet he did not. Lansing, Michigan? Your guilt will be forever and should be etched in stone. He knew he was going to die. The scum Elijah Mohammad must've grinned and clapped his hands like a performing seal when he heard Malcolm had been killed. I wonder what happened to him and the other trash who killed Malcolm X?

Impressive man

IS THAT A BLACK FAMILY!? THEY OWN A FARM!? We gotta do something bout this, how am i supposed to sleep at night?

Dennis Miller joked once that he read the Autobiography of Malcolm the 10th!

Robert peel next

There were already black shops in America before Malcom x, try to google Tulsa Oklahoma.

Anyone who enjoyed this video should also read the autobiography of Malcolm X. Its a great read

A weak man turns to god during hardships.

Hey Biographics :::: Do one on Huey P. NEWTON and if its not possible for you guys too its a read while you research the topic

Power to the People ✊

Doing violence to get your way is evil and means you've already lost the argument.

This video brings me back to few years ago when I read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X", and I am every bit moved to tears now as then. I'm a white dude, but I am compelled to refer to him as Brother X, and I don't think that will change. Thanks for featuring a great man.

An African American Muslim preaches about unity with all people of color, but today we get anti white propaganda shoved down our faces. The irony..........

Can you do a biographics on Joseph Campbell?

As a black man and a fan thank you for this and you told the story very well and fair

He was also bisexual and for a while he made money by having sex with men.

Malcolm: death to all non-africans! *leaves the yankistan just once* Malcolm: peace and love brothers!

The Malcolm X movie with Denzel Washington is reeeeeeally good!

18:18 is that Mohammed Ali?

He started out as a victim became a villain then a hero best character arc ever in history in my opinion

El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz!!

So... the point of the story is that black people are their own worst enemy, right?

*black people* we don't want to be segregated *also black people* turn cities into ghettos and don't want white people around them and then proceed to blame those white people who aren't around them about their miserable lives.

- I grew up with Malcolm and Muhammad Ali as my moral heroes. Even as a young man I admired these men for standing up for what they believed in and doing so against tremendous adversity. As I slowly grow older, each day reveals just how wise and prescient Malcolm X was. I am 60 years old. I am white.

All i've ever heard of him was quotes about white people, making me believe he was racist, which story of him is true this one or the other ones?

Good insight. He was a good man.

A great video about a great man!

This has easily become my fave YT channel of all but please please don't let the 'silly hats' and 'yarrg' comments become a thing. As repugnant as anyone would find any offshoot of the KKK please keep your content informative and to the point.

And why does America think it is the moral leader of the free world again? Just curious.

Simon thank you for this, too many good feels

Brother Malcolm was truely an admirable man.....great bio simon

Another most excellent choice my good man!

someone who truly understood the message of Islam. yarhamic Allah Brother.

Please do a video about Enver Hoxha, one of the worst dictators the world has ever witnessed,he ruled Albania for 45 years through terror.

More BS?Eh?

Would love to see an episode on Marcus Garvey! Great work :)

Please do tupac or biggie smalls, best rappers of all time

You are better than Michael Stevens Mister Whistler.

my school lied to me, taught me that his movement was about violence when in reality he changed what he preeched and was going to unite with Martin Luther dream

Can you do one on Marcus Garvey? From Jamaica and would love to see some representation of one of our national heroes

So this is Malcom history X, I guess...?

malcolm x warned blacks about what democrats are doing to them..he knew what was up.

I took A.P. U.S. history my junior year of high school and, to make certain we were up for the work, my teacher assigned us to read and write a report on a book from a list the summer before classes started. "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" was on the list and I picked it because I only knew him by name and was curious to read what his life was like. By the time I was done with the book, I was heartbroken and wondering why his story wasn't taught in regular history classes. All teachers would have to do is give proper context, "Yes, Malcolm preached hate at first, but he grew out of it." That would be really moving for students, a great lesson: Life's too short to hate, and if you are caught up in hate now, the chance to turn over a new leaf is always there.

When I was working on my bachelors, one of my capstone papers was on the black legion so I am very impressed with how thorough your research is here; no one ever mentions the black legion.

"Nationalism is the wave of the present, then the future." -Malcolm X R.I.P.

If Malcolm X was angry, can you blame him?

One of the greatest man that ever lived, and Che Guevara.

There's a street named after him in Lansing, MI, and also an elementary school, Shabazz Day Academy. It's a transparent attempt to apologise for what the city did to his family decades before, but still, it's cool.

a point I am confused about I haven't found a straight answer to: did he legally change him name to malik shabazz or malcomn x or did he remain malcomn little?

Did he seriously say "Semi Automatic handguns"?

I wrote a bit more, but I'm now at a loss for words the further the video went on.

The great tragedy is that Malcolm X died a racist, preaching pride of a person's race.

all great men only have daughters.

Blacks owned businesses long before Malcom X since post reconstruction...that statement of it happening for the first time is very hyerbolic.

Can you do Freddie Mercury please

Make Martin Luther king Jr biography too and Malcolm X died February 21 1965

Big yourself up Simon for this one !!! Loved it

I do not have more respect for one man that I do for Me. Little but honestly the Nation of Islam hearing about what they've done broke my heart.

Other ideas similar to Malcolm X: Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Anne Moody, Sojourner Truth, and Nelson Mandela.

The truth will set you free, I was lost now I'm found.....

This is never mentioned in history classrooms across the USA, certainly not the South.

Islam is mind poison and Malcom X was a victim.

Great to see y’all doing Malcolm X

Jesus, people can be terrible!

In summary: white pride bad, black pride good.


I'll see other videos maked by you

I love this video, I'm french but I understand all your presentation. Malcom X... el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz was a great man.

Please, do a video about Ian Smith, The Prime Minister of Rhodesia

WOW! This came out much better than I expected. Learning the historical dates of what happened when was very informative

That ain't no tribute it cultural appropriation he gonna pay somes reparations.

Malcolm X is an idol to me.

Just finished the alex haley biography on X, good key points

What I can gather from this video and apply it to the current state of affairs in South Africa, is that there is still hope that people like Julius Malema, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the Black First Land First to come to greater insight. Currently, these leaders are propagating hate towards white people and the even preach "one bullet, one Boer (white person)", advocating the murder of countless white people in the country. Here is hoping that they can come to better knowledge and understanding, and if not, hoping that humankind can learn from their mistakes.

Thanks for this informative video Simon Whistler as usual. Even thou because of Islamophobia wave many viewers would prefer to watch anti-Islam video but you made a video that shade light on a Muslim that had a good impact on America and the world.The best thing from my point of view that Malcolm x taught us is how to read for ourselves and travel around the world seeking for knowledge .

Just think if he wasn't slightly brown no one would ever have cared who he was.

Malcolm X would have been a great president. After Dr. King, Just think of the possibility.

Thank you for this. More people should know the man's story.

Malcolm X never hated white people. He just knew the blacks were capable enough to not need sell themselves to whites in order to thrive. He thought instead of integrating with the white factories he thought it would be better if they built they're own businesses. He believed that if a black man wants to work for a white man it should be because he wants to not because he has to.

I have always wondered if the reason for his assignation as the fact he was wondering off the liberal/Democratic plantation.

Unlike people like MLK and Ghandi. Malcolm X was a fanatic who had no problem with attacks on white people and their families to advance his goals. No respect for someone like that.

Thanks 4 saying this fam

I listened to his autobiography on a bus ride to Atlanta from central North Carolina to visit Georgia Tech... I didn't know much about him then but that ride changed me. Edit: I request a video on Fred Hampton

I was impressed with this presentation but you may want to explore a little further about Malcom’s arrest a little deeper. It was more impressive than the version of the white girl friends getting away with it. You may also want to look deeper into the fact Malcom did not separate himself from the Nation of Islam. It is true he was considered a threat because of his knowledge of the the former secretaries and their children but the excuse used was the comment he made about President Kennedy’s assassination being “the chickens coming home to roost.”

Thank you for making this. More people need to know about Malcolm X

Furr-ah-kin? Fair-a-khan.

Wow. My whole life I've thought Malcolm preached hate. I never knew about the compassionate side that later came to be. I plan on learning more about this man. Honestly my first thought on seeing that you were covering him was not positive. Glad I didn't let my ignorance or bias stop me from watching this.

Thanks, soooooooooooo much. Love this

This is a man that repented for anwering racism with more racism and now he's being used as an icon by shitty extremist and violent groups such as BLM. Sad...

When they talk about Malcom X preaching hate they never prefix it with the KKK killed his father and dumped his body on the rail tracks and claim it was suicide so they could steal his land and then commit his mother in an insane assylum for being paranoid about those same people killing her.

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you. Malcolm X is was such a triumphant figure whom I’ve always admired.

Thank you for this video. More people should know Malcolm.

So you made a pretty big error. He lived in Boston with his sister right before he became a criminal. Also he was doing the robberies while living in Roxbury. All of this is in his autobio. So.......

The coward who killed him hangs out at a mosque on South Orange avenue, Newark, New Jersey. Just so you people know. He did some time and is now walking around like the pathetic old excuse of a man he is.

Malcolm moved to Boston first.

>Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights And racist

Love to see and epic rap battle between Malcolm X and Professor X

Bayard Rustin next!

Malcolm X is the clearest proof that religion is dangerus and shoot be removed from the poplics view or at least be move to relm of fiction... Nothing more than opium for the masses...

18:04 the way you pronounce his name...

Malcolm was your salvation, MLK was your blindfold.

A shame we don’t have enough his influence in society today but still have the racism he faced.

Malcolm X was assassinated by Nation of Islam because he didn't want to play the game and continue to enslave his own people, unlike N. o. I. which was set up by the system to give an illusion of "civil rights" for African Americans.

What's with racists and silly costumes

THANK YOU!!!! Amazing video..I have been waiting on this one for awhile..So many people have misconceptions of Malcolm..Great you pointed out facts

Malcolm X was a fan of the American Nazi party

@11:47 those sunglasses look really modern!

Redd Foxx could use a Biographics of his own. I know that would also be a great story to hear.

Good thing hip-hop wasn't around back then to tell Malcolm X to break the law and play victim.

Malcolm X was correct in his assessment of white American liberals.

The FBI infultrated the Nation of Islam and was in the room when he was shot.

I had never heard of this guy! I'm glad I did now

What's the song before you started talking about malcolm x?

Do one on Queen Isabella of Spain, please!

You're such a liberal cuck BETA pussy! I love most of your documentaries but you wear you political leanings slopped down the front of your shirt like a hideous reeking mustard stain. Don't pollute your art with Islamic shit stains all over you thoroughly sore ass fukd tongue. I'm so torn with you virtue signaling video magicians. Talent mixed with hypocrisy!? Just EWWWW!!!

Woah woah woah. I respect this channel and literally watch it every day for its wealth of Infomation. However, I am sad to say this this video; one that I was very excited to see posted, is poorly researched and at times completely inaccurate. I'm sure you knew going in that this would get some degree of Interesting feedback. Malcome X as a Muslim and a civil rights leader is very nuanced. Much more so then someone like MLK for Instance. As a result care need to be taken. -It's very important to understand the circumstances in which Malcome Came to Islam and who mentored him. -Malcome X in no way establish or founded the Fruit of Islam. -The three girls; the youngest of which, through the 1940s census has been proven to have been 22 years old when they first met Elijah Muhammad. -Malcome knew all three girls prior to them meeting Elijah Muhammad, and had even promised to marry one of them.

How did I attend university AND law school in East Lansing and not know any of this?

Thank you Biographics. You guys really do your best to get it right

Great job, Simon. That's why I subscribe to this page and your other one. Excellent subject. Malcolm was a good man. Like someone here said, not perfect but a hero nonetheless. Sadly, he was violently taken from this world. May he R.I.P.

What's with the constant zoom in and out it's really irritating.

Spent a few weeks in Africa and had it all figured out?? Man if only Africans who lived ther for century's could do that lol

Thank you for being honest about Malcolm.

Can you do Trotsky next please?

A real hero for me

It amazing that as an adult I now realize that most of what was told to me in history class was a bunch of lies and half truths. Malcolm X was only ever shown as a small side note in the civil right movement and as a dark version of MLK.

This hit me hard man. I’m not black nor did I suffer any sort of discrimination (not that I’m aware of), but the racism of that age was so devastating to the African American community. And it wasn’t even that long ago, black people still have grandparents who lived through this time. And yet conservatives have the gall to tell them to take personal responsibility and lift them self’s up from their situation as if they put them self’s there, ignoring people like Malcom x who had a great early life and a loving family who would have set them up for a future of success if it wasn’t for the crippling racism they faced. Malcom’s early life had so much potential that was just snuffed out. Despite that, he was just about to lead a life of success before some other asshole killed him.

Racist are so little they feel the need to be above someone else. It’s sad and ignorant. It’s truly a shame that the monster lives happily within the government, the system that is meant to protect all people not use those with money.

I was raised by parents in the nation of islam- we followed (the good) principles of marcus garvey, malcolm x, and drew ali. Like malcolm x, our family name is essentially an X (bey) that we adopted. in my family this goes back to...idk, the 30s or so, and it sort of evolved as time went. It was a good foundation to start on. I feel like im out of place time as a 30something millenial lol. great video. his parents story is just so so sad. These are stories we must never be afraid to tell, lest they happen again

Great video, as ALWAYS. Thanx Simon.

Thank you, Simon. One of the best videos I've seen about Malcolm.

I was going to write a really snarky comment, but after your video, I did some digging... Totally changed my view of Malcolm X. Respect.

You're definitely right about people misunderstanding him because they didn't know the full story. Sounds like a hero to me.

Incredibly well done video, thank you! Malik El Hajj Shabazz was one of the greatest men ever to live so sad not many realize or know that. The fact that racism and brutality are still going on in 2019 is a crime against humanity.

Why don't you highlight what a violent racist he was?

I was close friends with Malcolm Shabazz (Malcolm’s grandson) he went to jail at a young age (i believe 13-15) for starting a fire in his family home and accidentally killing his grandmother (Betty Shabazz). He was tried as an adult and basically did the same conversion thing that his grandfather did. When i asked him about what happened he told me he was a misunderstood kid and the arson was just a cry for attention. He didn’t get out of jail until his late 20s and my mother met him through his baby mother who produced X magazine in Chicago. He would regularly stay at my house when he was doing Afrocentric speeches in Chicago (the years were 2009-2012) and my brother and close friend Malcolm Shabazz was murdered in Mexico in 2013, it’s sad because the blacklivesmatter movement began shortly after with the controversy surrounding Trayvon Martin. I think he could have made a huge influence. RIP my friend.

At first Malcolm saw the oppression of his people and did not want to stand by and let this happen by any means, he carried firearms and threatened retaliation to the whites abusing blacks at the time. In the beginning of his movement he promoted SELF DEFENSE any way necessary. “If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything” (White people in the civil rights era did not want blacks rising up, there were still segregation REQUIRED BY LAW). MLK on the other hand promoted a more peaceful approach; killing with kindness. I honestly think Malcolm X isn’t as widely known because the narrative of his life was more violent. He did not allow himself or his people to be oppressed even if it meant being physical, MLK was more the peaceful protest which looks better in the media’s eyes. *** BONUS FACT MAGNETO IS BASED ON MALCOLM X AND PROFESSOR XAVIER WAS BASED ON MLK.

And why about the horrible life he had with white people when all he did was live

simon you good at whistling?

I don't see why people get all upset about Malcolm X. I think his politics were pretty appropriate, all things considered.


Being black in america surrounded by white people. Thats gotta suck. And they cant really go back to africa because they've never been there and its colonized. So it wouldnt be practical .

Do Patrice emery Lumumba, an underrated figure and a hero!

Do Booker T. Washington and TRM Howard! Thanks!

Thurgood Marshal, Ida B Wells, Booker T Washington, Jackie Robinson, Jessie Owens, The Black Panthers, Ihmid Till (definitely) Hank Aaron, George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman. A ton of stories and more

Shouldn't you explain that this episode is paid FOR By the NAACP?


Thought he was a bigot my whole life as a black man, thank you

Can you imagine being a black kid growing up in a place where damn near everyone around you hated you enough to murder your father all because from the color of your skin?? And keep in mind, the majority of these people who hated were considered “good Christian Patriotic Americans” SMFH..

Otto Von Bismarck and Upton Sinclair!

Deep deep respect to Malcolm. He was a star, and is greatly missed

Cue the people complaining about how a white man is the one telling the story of Malcolm X in three, two, one.

Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, co-founders of the Black Panther Party of the 1960's.

No mention of Kennedy and the chickens coming home to roost? Kind of an incomplete bio

Can you do Benazir Bhutto?

Great video as usual

cool dude, but I feel like I'm hearing about some mental illness between the lines there.

As a white christian-raised man, I'd be happy to shake the hand and give my support to the Malcom X and people like him. A person who grew beyond cultural dogma norm to be a fine example of a human race. Sadly, people like him often meet the end that he did. Hope you are having peace brother.

Do you mean the defender of black racism

I'm going to take a moment to laugh and say how stupid the black legion's uniform is. Like who is the tasteless idiot that came up with the design.

Sounds like that pilgrimage to Mecca was the best thing he ever did, because he renounced racism and got on board with the push for the goal of all people of all races and ethnicities living in harmony. Fun fact: he has the same date of birth as my grandad.

I think Malcolm is interesting, I respect him and look up to him. There are so many great black men that have ever lived, and in my darkest moments when I feel like I just can't go on, I look up to them and I feel like if they were standing in front of me, I could not make an excuse. It helps fill me with the courage to keep going. What he did with his name was a powerful statement, he dressed smart and he was a brilliant articulate speaker. At the time this was shocking to everyone, and inspiring. Terrible things that shouldn't have happened to him and his family didn't define his life and he tried to be the best man he could be, and help inspire his community. Just really think about all that for a min.

Malcolm X was a peaceful and wise man who was murdered by a racist anti-Semitic organization(NOI).

I now know why Martin Luther King Jnr is the one that has been held up as an example instead of Malcolm X. Malcolm X’s message is far too powerful for the white institutions to let it popularised amongst blacks. Black people might be to strong for whites to tolerate.

I will admit that I was always a little bit disproving of some the violence that Malcolm X sometimes stated in his speeches, since I do not approve of anybody calling for such things. And after watching this I still disapprove, but I understand where it came from now and with that I can say now that I do not blame him at all for it because he was shaped by the world around him. And I am sure we all can understand that situation that he went through, I know I can. I have nothing but respect for Malcolm X because he went through hell and at the end came out a good person that our nation needed then and will always need, people willing to do what is right. People are not perfect but we all should work toward our own betterment even if it means challenging our own believes and changing ourselves like how Malcolm X did. I only wish he could have lived to grow old and pass when he was ready, so that his family did not have to lose their father in a similar way that he lost his own, no family or person deserves that. I hope he has found peace.

Muslims all over the globe are proud of him yet black folks in the US do not value him as much as they value MLK! Mohammed Ali and Malcolm X (RIP) were true legend of 1.8B human being from every corner of the world. You guys won't matter if you don't value your heroes. I wish the narrator could read the later he wrote when Malcolm visited North Africa " was it Algeria or Morocco"

lewis farrakan

An emphasis on personal dignity and self control sounds like it would be really good for black communities.

Confident black people = race war

Hey, how to you mispronounce Louis Farrakhan’s name? It’s not like he’s an unknown. It’s makes it seem like you didn’t do your research. And don’t blame your accent either!

MLK = Professor X Malcolm X = Magneto

This was needed. Thanks Simon

Although this "Biographics." group left out quite a few things before and after Malcolm joined the "Nation of Islam." This was an excellent right to the point presentation! Thumbs way up.

I learned a lot from this. Thanks Mr. Simon.

You’re quite welcome thank you for watching

Thank you for honouring the request. Thank you sir great work!!!

You’re welcome

You clearly didn't watch the video. These things were spoken about.

Why would it be? Are you saying the only reason Simon chose to talk about an influential person is because he was made to? Or are you saying that because Malcolm wasn't depicted a certain way that Simon was monetarily influenced to say nice things? Either way your comment seems pretty ignorant, unless the video was sponsored by them, in which case, my mistake, sponsors should always be clearly identified.

I'm sorry that was so long, but your comment was just so.... "Black people are always so mad when white people do anything" that's not the case. Sorry again lol

Not here, Simon does his best. Why shouldn't white people talk about anyone who stood up for themself and taught others to do the same? I believe that's part of the problem in our America. Teachers don't tell us our full history because we have a lot of blood and tears in our past that are "too controversial" for kids, but wouldn't it be better if our history was taught in an inclusionary way? (Not separating event by type, but rather time period). We still segregate ourselves by having white and black culture. There are definitely some differences in the way we live, based on skin color, but that's more instilled by the way institutions work, rather than an actual difference. Americans have a specific culture that's shared by even our most recent immigrants, and we shouldn't be afraid to talk about any of it. Now, white people presenting history incorrectly is a completely different thing, and worthy of disappointment or anger

I highly, highly recommend the bio on Malcolm X called, "Malcolm X, A Life of Reinvention" by Manning Marable. It won a Pulitzer i believe, well earned.

Malcom X defender of human rights ? Yeah right ! He was a bigot and a criminal . A defender of human rights is a defender of all humanity . The irony is that Malcolm X was murdered by his own black folk, and not by the white man .

Damn. They need tot teach the stuff like this in school, even if it’s uncomfortable for some people, it’s a disservice to not teach it

Actually the audiobook is right here on utoob.

Check out the book a life in Reinvention. The best book on the man next to the autobio of Malcolm X.

Great video Simon. M

A REAL MAN ,the fight for Human Rights cannot be stopped.RIP Malcom

A legend and lion. RIP

by any means...

But why did he wear glasses?

All the reading he did in his dark prison cell.

For real. Lol. Check out a life in Reinvention for a deep dive into Malcolm X, what a legend he was. And our government killed him.

I used to think Malcolm X was a rapper or a hiphop name.

I hope you do Marcus Garvey one day, or someone else from Jamaica like Bob Marley

This video intro got you invited to tje cookout

can you do Marcus Garvey please

My opinion, all religions (especially noi) are hate organisations. This man breed hate like all other religious bigots. Unfortunately, women took advantage of him. I commiserate with his struggle against single mothers and other welfare sluts. Even though his organisation still inspires hate.

"I probably am a dead man already." Malcom X knew his fate.

Dude, Klan Pirates. That’s hilarious!

His father wasn't crushed, he was tied to the back of a pick up truck ans dragged! Why do you keep on watering everything down?

Its 2mins in and you're already leaving out major info. They didn't move to Michigan for the good schools. They move there because in Nebraska the KKK burned a cross in front their house and got in a shootout with his dad!

So what I’m hearing is that as soon as he became an adult he became a pimp, drug dealer, and robber. He was part of a gang lead by white GIRLS (not women) and these evil white girl masterminds were able to pin all the charges on he and his friend. In the den of evil known as prison, he found all these also “innocent” black men. In prison he was tricked again into joining “the religion of peace” and started to preach hate. He shared his hate everywhere and people followed. Then he understood he had been tricked again. He took a trip around the world that suddenly changed his message to actual peace just before he was killed by Muslims. We could sum it all up by saying he was a great speaker and criminal who taught hate and was tricked by everyone from young girls, to prisoners, to Mohammad.

Oh he was also a racist that blamed everything on other people.

Wow those white people from his childhood were shocking

I need a Wu Zetian video! First and only Empress of China, how historians portray her vs how she really was

I think its neat how King preached the love everyone message malcom in contrast preached to love yourself. At the time it was a good message for black people to be angrily told that there was nothing inherently wrong with being black. Overall I like his approach and how overtime he die break from the nation of islam and rejected some of their racist beliefs. I do think though that he was wrong about islam and religion in general and was actually speaking the truth when he was an atheist. Ironically the Islamic arab slave trade was even more brutal on Africans than the Atlantic slave trade

Mark my words Hollyweird will ruin his name.

That ossie davis quote gets me EVERYTIME ! And we will know him then for what he was and is—a prince—our own black shining prince!—who didn't hesitate to die, because he loved us so.

I heard of Malcom X but the only things I had heard of him were out of context or incomplete snippets of information. I feel like my education cheated me once again.

And then they say America isn't racist.

Ahhhhhh! Yes! Malcom X is one of my absolute favorites. ✊

No peace, no justice.

What is this zoom in zoom out editing, its annoying

You are annoying

One of the most influential and misunderstood men in history.

Despite incorrectly pronouncing Louis Farrakhan's last name, I did learn a lot. Some of our history is very hard to watch, listen to or know.

It sounds like you lifted parts of this directly from Malcolm’s writings. For example, when Malcolm and his friends were arrested for burglarising their white girlfriends’ parents’ houses, the men claimed that the girls were the masterminds who had approached their black boyfriends to steal from their parents. The girls claimed that they had been accomplices with varying degrees of willingness, but these poorer men who were already involved in prostitution, selling drugs and petty theft were the ones who came up with the idea. Now, both stories sound possible to me, but if I had to guess, I would suggest that the pimps and thieves would be more likely to think of stealing than the wealthy teengage girls would. Maybe I’m wrong. But you present this story as if you know for a fact that the girls were lying. This seems biased. There were other examples as well, when members of the Nation of Islam were arrested and we only hear their side of the story and the assumption is that the police were always racist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that this was true a lot of the time. But you can’t simply believe one side all the time without some kind of evidence of wrongdoing by the other side. The overall fawning tone was unsettling.

Ιs too far fetched to say that FBI may worked with Nation of Islam in Malcom X's assasination?

Im waiting on that Huey Newton video now Biographics. This was an excellent summation Malcom X and your final words on his accomplishments and effext he left on African Americans was very touching and apperciated. I hope to see more like this in the future.

The pronunciation of Louis Farrakhan's name just broke my speakers.

Great work from all involved!

Simon could you PLEASE do a video on Marcus Garvey?


So-so introductory primer about Malcolm X. It skims through just enough to be true but superficial. For example, Malcolm dropped his last and received an X designation when he joined NOI. Also, blacks have been starting businesses in segregated black communities for years for about 100 years. That the host didn't even mentioned (and probably didn't read) The Autobiography of Malcolm X says a great deal about the depth of this video. Read the book.

This video seems pretty inconsistent with Malcolm's own autobiography at times. For example he didn't only get into the criminal underworld when he was 17 in New York, it was earlier in Detroit. They weren't the only black people in Lansing. The 2 girls weren't the masterminds behind the break-ins from what Malcom said etc.

Do Fidel Castro

Black on black killing?? Wack

Its a shame how the most pure hearted people who try to do right by the human race and by this world are always assassinated but the most evil individuals spend decades destroying the world

When Malcolm X found out that his mentor was a fraud who spewed a bastardized version of Islam,  he became a great man. And it terrified and angered his mentor and the mentor's bitch Farrakhan. That signed Malcolm X's death warrant and the 2 evil devils set about the murdering of the great civil rights leader. Where are the statues of Malcolm X?

Such a cool name

Life fucked him over so many times... but he still prevailed. What an amazing man. His perseverance is one that should be a golden standard for us all.

Ah, the _Ku Klux Klan._ Their collective *GENE **_POOL_* is so contaminated *an ocean with chlorine* would not do mu h good

in 60 years nothing changed in the USA

Thank you for this video. It's good to have someone remind us the life story of Malcolm X.

They weren’t named ‘red’ because of their hair

What a great video. I wonder what a video on a kkk leader would be like?

I never thought he preached hate I really do believe he was misunderstood because those powers that be want him to sound like he was hate when he wasn't... Very admiral man.. Denzel Washington played him perfectly!!

I’m going to take a guess this channel left out when Malcolm X went to Mecca he was almost lynched for blasphemy due to the fact the Nation of Islam not to be confused by real Islam believes white people were created by an evil Scientist named Yakub (Google it if you don’t believe me) and the Nation of Islam controls a cloaked space ship called ‘the mothership’ (again google it) EDIT THIS VIDEO IS COMPLETE PROPAGANDA!

The world would be in the stone age without us white people, let's not forget how incredible our people are, in spite of this self-hating white man.

I love malcolm x and his is an incredible story, yet you still inject negative propaganda against white people. Have YOU read his autobiography? I have. Alex Hailey of "Roots" fame coauthored. I love this channel, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt, because you positively *fellate* the liberals and minorities; lol. Have you listened to yourself? You blame other people for malcolm's choices, and HE doesn't even do that! Lmao. Try loving yourself white man.

Do a bio on Marcus Mosiah Garvey

8:27 No Idea Animation’s song?

No group has done more to enslave, murder and humiliate blacks than muslims. He taught blacks to admire their worst enemies.

listening about his parents got me emotional.

I wonder what became of those white girlfriends?

Thanks so much for this biography! I learned more about Malcom X in this ten minute video than I did watching the movie. He would have accomplished a lot more for African Americans and everyone if he'd been able to live. Awesome video!

I absolutely despise that the world I live in and the race I have been since birth used to abuse people who were different and even murder them I hate that black people especially were arrested for something petty and even something large like burglary in say a bakers shop the only reason they did it was probably because they were starving..... I’m glad that racism is calmed down now and that white people and black people live alongside eachother it’s rare that anything to do with racism anymore and I hate that..... because racism should have been completely abolished

As usual its black people who bring black people down. Very sad.

I love this channel so much!

There are a lot of incorrect facts in this piece. For instance Brother Malik didn't start the FOI they always existed. He did in fact popularize the NOI but he didn't create any aspect thereof. As far as taking the name once again this is not entirely correct. The X is s placeholder until a true name can be given. Most of us are bestowed Muhammad to signify we are one family. From there certain folks are given a further name to signify the attribute of Allah that they exemplify. Malik Shabazz was the name chosen. This is common place throughout the Islamic world. For instance if you meet a man named Abu XYX it's because he has fathered a child named XYZ as "Abu" simply means father of. Also once man dies the eldest son is allowed to become ibn XYZ as 'ibn" means son of, as a tribute. The Al Haji title is bestowed upon a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage, known in Arabic as Hajj, during the appropriate time frame. It's little inconsistent matters like this through our the piece that concern me

all my life i was told the fbi killed malcolm it turns out his own killed him

incredible, thank you

The four major assassinations of the 1960s that together had a disastrous impact on the course of American history. 'John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were each in their own unique way attempting to turn the United States away from war toward disarmament and peace, away from domestic violence and division toward civil amity and justice.

A communist zealot and terrorism advocate

Well, then white people should be proud of their skin color too, right?

Do marcus Garvey..He inspired both martin luther king and malcom

This got me emotional. Bless up.

Too bad they dont teach this in school. I attended school through high school in oklahoma, USA and they said Malcolm X was evil and MLK and JFK were killed by the KKK. What even...

I remember reading "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" back in college in the late '80's. It had and still has a profound effect on me.


You laid it on really thick, this is a love letter to this scumbag. Not a biography.

Simon has Malcolm x glasses

The greatest man ever!

Good bio... Malcom was much more than Americans realize. Just like Martin and JFK he was killed by the government with the help of his own. This country never want the masses to come together for peace. R I P Brother Malcom

Malcolm X is the reason I take pride in the fact that I am a strong, proud, Nehiyaw Man. He taught me that, no matter your skin colour, be proud of the race and people you belong to. He taught me what it truly means to be a man, a human being. I am forever indebted to this man and the work and legacy he left behind for all people to take example from.?

I thought Malcom X was an anti white overrated looser, thank you for educating me. I didn’t know that Malcom X had changed his mind. He is a great man.

Thanks Simon for not being bias and telling the whole story of the man, in such a short video. I learned a lot and my respect for Malcom x has definetly increased.

Thank you for this!

Malcom x was a criminal and a terrorist

Our of my hero's.

Marcus Garvey was Jamaican

Simon, YOU are the modern day version of Paul Harvey. I would love to see your take on "The rest of the story".

Great video, unbiased

NOI members are clean shaven, Malcolm didn't grow a beard until accepting REAL Sunni Islam...

How was he a terrorist?

I would love to have him as president just to see how he trigger both political spectrum especially the satly liberal for their bs.

Welfare is a handout

They don't talk about him because he was aggressive unlike King who told blacks not to fight back.

Even King was censored. The man was an unabashed socialist that did amazing things for unions and workers rights in the 60s but you will never hear about that in a history class

Thank you, this bio was amazing!

الله يرحمه

+creative username True, they only talk about how unviolent and submissive he was.


it's funny that my moral of the story is not to go for dry cleaning when in new York

This is heart breaking. :(

+Kudjoe Adkins-Battle well calling it real is actually kind of acceptable since NOI is kind of a mixed cocktail of syncreticism and racist ideology

Malcom X was right

Great video brother. Love all your channels. Could I suggest Huey P Newton and a black panther movement or Shaka Zulu in the Zulu nation again I commend you for your videos your research is spot on thanks again you’re teaching a region a lot of people

Next: Biography of Malcolm IX, ending in a streetcar incident story that leaves a lot to be desired.

Malcolm didn’t start the FOI!!! PBUH

It's tragic what happened to his father. And ultimately, to himself. It's proof that there is no justice in this world. I'm not sure about justice in the afterlife, it's purely speculative at this point. It's either every man for himself, and protect oneself and survive; or live by one's convictions and live for a cause greater than one's self and risk getting eliminated, knowing there is no real justice in this world. Both Malcolm's father, Earl Little, and Malcolm X chose to live for a cause greater than themselves. There was no justice for them. But the cause they lived for, reverberated throughout all generations. Nevertheless, their lives were sad, just very sad and very tragic. I have little hope for the betterment of this cruel world. The world is not worthy of people with convictions.

Patrick Daniel Sunni Islam is fu of its owned well.

I am so happy I found y'all's channel. I love it so damn much.

Excellent Malcolm X was one who did something with his life. I hate how his parents were done as well as cops hurting people so openly. Must be a big part of why snowflakes and SJWs get triggered bec of the past

Or L.A....or anywhere back when clothes were valuable enough to take to a pawn shop for a loan

Interesting conjecture. Simon being an absolutely outrageous giant in our culture and society. Manifold more a celebrity than now!

Interesting. It would have bore much fruit if successful, in our lives today.

I didn't catch the "probably" part

Lanzing lol..say it with me lan-sing

People like you need to be slap upside the head and be told to grow up.

Did anyone finally find-out Shabazz's ancestoral name, & heritage ???

All of these would-be Malcolm X copy-cat's you run across today, fail to realize that Shabazz was probably a genuis who could have potentially become a world-class lawyer. Something, these 5 percenter's couldn't possibly attain to.

Now it's time for a Marcus Garvey bio.

Please make a biography of Jesse Owens

Great great video I’m glad you did Malcolm X or omowale then the cliche Martin Luther King. Malcolm X was a true stand up African

What a great man. I remember him when I was a teenager and speaking words that we can all live by today.

Elijah Muhammad Never taught that all white people were evil, he taught that the white people who were lynching black people and menacing black people were devils. Also Malcolm apologized to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad for making those statements. Also, Wallace Muhammad was a FBI infiltrator.

Wait! Red Fox and Malcolm X worked together!?

Islam is great isn't it

Do 2pac and biggie smalls next

Funny you seem to leave out a lot of unflattering details. Starting to notice the leftist bias on this channel

Thank you Simon.

Pleasantly surprise by this vid. It's a good story of redemption. I just wish there weren't so much characterizing him on both sides; by the sounds of it he wasn't (throughout his whole history) a good man but neither was he a villian (as seldom does any human being fit in either category). What I wonder is why he is so often characterized as a martyr for African American rights when in reality he was essentially killed for standing up against religious corruption.

Malcolm X knew white liberals were the main enemy of blacks.

What's hilarious is if you read the Quran it says in quite a few verses that Mohammed was white and that he kept black slaves thinking they were sub human.

Please do one on David Duke.

Happy Belated Bornday Mr. X

but lansing michigan is in the enlightened north.

Malcolm X was our best Civil Rights leaders of that time. He actually grew in life through experiences and just wanted blacks to be proud of themselves, educate themselves and defend themselves from violence. He called for black people to have self-reliance. RIP Malcolm, sorry that you were murdered before your work was done.

Why the heck is America So racist??? Y can’t whites accept people for who they are? God made us all!!! Whites of which I am one are in no way superior in the eyes of God nor should they be-in the eyes of men.

"...Louis Farrakhan..." That one took me a second Haha But the emotions you put into when necessary are awesome. Great pauses and build ups. And as always, I'm here for the silky smooth transitions to advertisements

I love this channel-!

So lets call things by their name. The nation of islam are nazis.

The suffering his family endured is truly heartbreaking

We wuz kangz

I come for the beard

Malcolm X was never a pimp, he even mentioned in his autobiography that “if I tried my hand at it, I probably would’ve starved.”

You made me subscribe to your channel today.

thank you yakub very cool

Dr. Yakub Dr. Frankenstein one in the same

My old Religious Education teacher thankfully taught us about this when he told us about how History and Religious Education could basically be the same thing, he was totally dumbfounded that none of us knew about Malcolm X. It was literally a one day lesson because he didn't want to move away from out usual studies. I'm incredibly lucky to of had such a chill teacher and even luckier to have found your videos, keep up the good work!

You must be a trumptard

If you want to do a series on civil rights leaders of the past I would suggest Robert F Williams. He was the author of the book "Negroes With Guns". Not many people know much about him, especially the phony white liberal class.

"white people are the devil" - malcolm x

Excellent Work..!! Could you do a video Dr. B.R.Ambedkar(The Architect of Indian Constitution & Leader of Dalits)

This man has been done dirty by history.

*Thank you so so much @Biographics! You helped me with my Exam :))))*

Thank you for setting the record straight. Love your channel.

Thank you for this video. I learned quite a lot. It is important to learn what others went through to better understand where we are. Cheers and please keep them coming Mr. Whistler.

Bit of advice phrasing is every thing example instead of phony white try he is not often talked about in Caucasian schools and homes. How you phrase dictates how your word or in this case suggestion are taken and thus approached. This is not me attacking you or your suggestion just advice as your idea sounds interesting.

@creative username True, they only talk about how unviolent and submissive he was.

@Kudjoe Adkins-Battle well calling it real is actually kind of acceptable since NOI is kind of a mixed cocktail of syncreticism and racist ideology

The Nation of Islam is scary thing

4:04 She remained true to her principles and never asked for a handout from anyone. 4:06 ...went on welfare. So which detail was correct? (They are mutually exclusive since welfare is not given without application.) There is nothing inherently wrong with receiving welfare. Is your intended message that only unprincipled people receive welfare? I would argue that usually it is needy people who receive welfare. It needn't indicate an unprincipled person or action.

What impressed me about Malcom x was his willingness to change when confronted with facts,and his strength in his moral belief,,,,spike lees film did a excellent job of introducing me to this great man ,,,fantastic video as always

Can we get one on Elijah Mohammad or Louis Farrakkan, but please lol pronounce Louis Farrakkan's name right lol. Kwame Ture, John Lewis or even Bayard Rusting for pride month. Please and thank you

Listening to malcom x made me proud to be black

To whom it may concern!! Malcolm X is the true face of Islam, and people like Elijah are the ISIS, they are selfish, brutal and deceptive. Now you know the truth.

God gave them a Moses.

A criminal, a sucker, and now a pet for SJW devils. Way to whitewash the life of this thug.

Thank you for making this video. Most people with a platform like yours typically wash over Malcolm X, but the fact that your channel took the time to learn and teach about his life and legacy is awesome. Could you do a biographics on Huey Newton? He was the founder of the Black Panther Party, and someone who was heavily inspired by Malcolm X. Thanks again!

Yes, they did in Harlem, N.Y.

What a great man.

this was so great to listen to on my lunch break! i feel inspired and motivated to continue working for HUMAN RIGHTS. we're not going to get there if we don't get there together.


Never knew about the late chapter of his life. Solid video

you're overthinking it.The woman struggling to make ends meet and standing on her principles then going on welfare only illustrates how desperate her situation was. Thats all that shows.

I now realise who that character from the HBO series Oz is based on.

Simon you should make biographies on everyone living on earth.. You do it brilliantly man!!

Malcolm X was a reactionary.

Those white women must be in hell stitching him up like that

It seems Malcolm X, Hitler and a few other leaders have one thing in common. They all went rock bottom in life before they found their power. They were good public speakers.

O the poor oppressed black man. What a hero. So glad you're doing politically correct videos. That's the highest achievement for a black man, to get a white girl. Of course the black men were innocent of everything they've ever been accused of also. I'm glad you pointed that out. I see black men falsely accused here in the American south all the time. They're truly the most gentle and law abiding citizens on earth. It's such a travesty.

Its pronounced Louis "fair-a-khan."

I remember doing a report on him in Jr high ... it was like 6th or 7th grade. Most of the class thought I made him up, that he wasn't a real person because his last name was "X" even though he was assigned by the teacher.... kids are weird

His wolf in sheep's clothing speech illustrates one of the most heinous truths about our political system. Our garbage education system didnt want us to hear that.

His autobio changed my life.

Love Malcolm X

Malcom X might have been a, more or less, good man but he supported and promoted a group of hatred and stupidity. A steadfast fool is one of the most dangerous things this world can produce.

islam religion of peace...aka rest in peace

The leader of the muslim gang?

Thank you for this fantastic video about a really great man. Would you consider doing one on Emma Goldman?

"hate isn't something children are born with"

The original X man

A defender of human rights? Yeah as long as you were the right kind of human.

His poor Mother and Father. How could people be so cruel.

The Black Legion dressed as pirates! LOL! Why are these racist groups always so ridiculous? Why do they love their stupid costumes to much?

I can’t stand Louis Farrakan. Always admired Malcolm X.

Malcolm really wasn't given a fair chance. Just when he realized that hate isn't the answer, he was offed. It shows that people can change, but not if you've already labeled & persecuted them.

Over 300 dislikes. Must be racists who deliberately decided not to learn anything from this very informative video.

If you liked this video, I recommend that you read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" as told to "Roots" author Alex Haley. You will grow in your admiration of the man. He could have chosen not stood up against the hypocrisy of Elijah Muhammad and lived a longer life. Malcolm X chose to expose the truth and it cost him his life.

Didn't mention much about human rights.

Thank you very much for this biography, Simon. You did justice to Malcolm X and even taught me some things that I didn't know about him. He is criminally underrepresented in the history books (if not totally absent).

Malcolm X was a product of his time. And it's convenient that people to claim that he only pushed for violence but any violence that he advocated was in direct response to the violence black people faced at the time.

Malcolm isn’t a legend, he was a predator and a wimp.

Civil rights and technology are much better than ever before, with more to improve. The best leaders are always those who inspire people to be self-sufficient while contributing towards building a prosperous nation.

It's ok now we have his prodigy Talcom X (Shawn King) to help guide the world....

Great video.

Thank you Simon and the team ❤️

It's ok for any race to say they're proud of their skin color.. except whites..if they say it, it's racist, hate speech

Nobody fucks over the black man like another black man. White people don't have to raise a finger in their demise, they are more than capable of destroying themselves without any help from other races.

The secret history of the '60s. He also knew it wasn't just the Nation of Islam coming after him and they were getting help. Wow, if only Martin and Malcolm would have come together during that time, the government had other plans.

I was going to subscribe to your channel until i saw this. Shame

malcolm x grandson born to his black mother and (they believe) an algerian father who he never met he burned down grandmas(malcolms widow) house and she died in the blaze he died in a mexico city whore house (beaten to death for failure to pay the bill)

Our country and blacks’ lives as Americans would be so different today if Dr King and Malcom X—no disrespect intended on not using his adopted name—had lived. Incredibly sad.

Ummmmmm ok damnnnn are you married to a Black American? This was broken down SO WELL I would have though a Black American written it for you. Good job LOL

Don't mention Muslims were the biggest of the slave traders.

He said if he would have been alive today, but he would be almost one hundred years old so probably unlikely.

Excellent video and totally respect that you chose and represented this subject well


Wow!! You did a great job.

The story of his early life is just so sad.......

The klu klux klan are the Taliban of America,they don’t just kill African Americans but also anyone who disagrees with heir views like the terrorists they are.

I would have liked to have heard about his interaction with George Lincoln Rockwell.

Thank you for telling Malcom’s story. ✌

This video was amazing. I have always been informed on Malcolm X. Learned more about him in college while in college.

It is not true that small black businesses "sprang up" for the first time in U.S. History in Harlem. There were black businesses before Malcolm "X".

My list of people I would interview of all time! Pls forgive misspelling names 1st Jesus 2nd Bruce Lee 3rd Malcom X 4th Miyamoto Musashi 5th Rasputin 6th Sun Tzu 7th Nikoli Tesla 8th Alexander the Great 9th Cao Cao 10th Redd Fox

malcolm X was a racial separatist and an endorser of terrorism against white law enforcement. this channel is afrocentric and defending a terrorist

Fred Hampton needs a biography.

Damn, This was such a frustrating story to listen to! All those racist bastards. Yeah, can't blame him for being angry.


Wow... As someone who has lived 5 minutes from Detroit my entire 36 years of life, I am a little surprised at how little I really knew about this incredible man... As a fan of history I am a bit disappointed in myself. Thank you for your amazing videos!!!

He did call white people blonde haired blue eyed devils...and he embellished his autobiography.

Because you animals are I see you a bedwench with you hairless ape

This video is great! Especially from a white guy.

It's amazing, I am of Irish decent and I have often heard people speak with great admiration about how the Irish immigrants were discriminated against, but refused to simply accept their position as lower class citizens, and fought to carve out their own piece of the pie. I have also often heard some of these same people say "Malcolm X was a dangerous radical". It wasn't until I actually read up on Malcolm X that I realized he was doing the exact same thing for African Americans. He was just preaching that they should not simply accept the circumstances, but should fight to be treated as equals. He was a remarkable person and deserves to be remembered as just that!

This man experienced more than any man should have to endure. I am very interested in the timeless judgement of the Creator for this man, and certainly against his oppressors.

Doesn't change the fact he was terrorist-supporting anti-white racist.

White people are truly Evil. I don't understand how black Americans still associate with these demons

A beautiful and very brave man. Long live Malcolm.

I'm so inspired by your biocumentary that as a white man I'm going to paint my face black and tour the country

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Too bad that Malcolm X didn't discuss or even seem that he was not aware of the Arabic Islamic slave trade.

Thank you.... just thank you

Malcom X: Be proud of your skin colour "What a brave hero!" Any white guy: Be proud of your skin colour "Racist bigot!"

Thank you for this amazing biography. I had no idea about him or his life, as his teachings and life were kept taboo from me, but in my adult years I get to choose what I learn. I am angered by the treatment he received and saddened that I never got the opportunity to meet the man. Such an exceptional man.

Nation of Islam is doesn’t represent the true version of Islam. They don’t believe in our last prophet and that’s why they are unanimously being declared non- Muslims by all Muslim scholars. They are famously known as Qadiani or Ahmadi. Malcolm X when found out about the true version of Islam in Mecca that’s when he decided to leave the Nation of Islam. A little information From a proud Muslim American and a huge fan of Malcolm X. Rest In Peace. Ameen

What a coincidence! Sam is wearing the same style glasses as MalcolmX wore!

Great video, what a guy, do ayn Rand next please!

It's crazy he has red hair cause his mother was half scottish.

A few problems.... (Malcolm X is one of my heroes so I'm not trying to disparage him in anyway.) Some of the incidents of Malcolm X's youth as reported in his Autobiography turn out to not be correct. His father's street car death, according to later biographers, does in fact turn out to have been an accident. The Klan setting fire to the family house (I thought this was supposed to have taken place in Nebraska) didn't happen. The story of any African-American in the United States doesn't require a series of incidents to be understood as being oppressed by racism. The salient points about el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, aka Malcolm Little, aka Detroit Red are these. First of course he became a Muslim in prison and turned his life around, second, and more importantly, he represented a Black Power Movement. This is different from the Non-violent movement represented by Dr King (Steven Biko of South Africa and the Black Panthers are other examples of this). Third, and I think most importantly, is that Malcolm X's life is a story of constant change. He went from being a happy go lucky hustler and Lindy dancer to hot prowl burglar to prisoner to Black Muslim minister-- preaching that the white man is the devil, to black power leader, to humanist. (When his life as a young adult is considered the parallels between the Autobiography of Malcolm X, co-written by Alex Haley, parallels the autobiography of St Augustine. "Lord, please stop me from sinning, but not right away.") There's a story that is in the Wikipedia article on him as told by the photographer filmmaker Gordan Parks. This is the Malcolm X that has the most to offer to the world. After reading this I changed the picture I had of him in my classroom to one from this final period of his life. It is Malcolm X's ability and willingness to change that makes him such a salient human. In a conversation with Gordon Parks, two days before his assassination, Malcolm said: [L]istening to leaders like Nasser, Ben Bella, and Nkrumah awakened me to the dangers of racism. I realized racism isn't just a black and white problem. It's brought bloodbaths to about every nation on earth at one time or another. Brother, remember the time that white college girl came into the restaurant‍—‌the one who wanted to help the [Black] Muslims and the whites get together‍—‌and I told her there wasn't a ghost of a chance and she went away crying? Well, I've lived to regret that incident. In many parts of the African continent I saw white students helping black people. Something like this kills a lot of argument. I did many things as a [Black] Muslim that I'm sorry for now. I was a zombie then‍—‌like all [Black] Muslims‍—‌I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march. Well, I guess a man's entitled to make a fool of himself if he's ready to pay the cost. It cost me 12 years. That was a bad scene, brother. The sickness and madness of those days‍—‌I'm glad to be free of them.[273] " Other stories to be told: Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton, Bobby Seale, Geronimo Pratt,

Basically , this is the Malcolm X movie by Spike Lee. Good job.

I never actually knew much about him at all - great biographic.

9.30 Malcolm later realized that the NOI's "prayers" were nothing like actual Islamic prayers. An actual Muslim inmate gave him some Quranic verses to read but he did not read them until much later after he left NOI. Video also ignored his upbringing in Boston, where he learned his criminal trade and networked via his day job at the railroad.

he became the inspiration for magneto in the X-Men universe

Malcolm ,with the help of "Roots" writer Alex Haley wrote his autobiography which is the core of this video.

The ballot or the bullet is what every black person should listen to cause it’s still true today

What is truly repulsive is that the police are still killing people (mostly black people) and still not being charged. Wtf. Among all of the other horrible things that haven't changed...

The NOI was masquerading as a religious movement and was imho a black nationalist movement. If you put a white man as head of this "religion," and replaced the terms "black," and "negro," with "white," it then becomes a "Hate Group." Another thought, how can anyone who loved, respected, and honored Malcolm X be involved with the NOI considering the popular opinion of most people of color and whites is the NOI ridiculed him in their "Mohammed Speaks," trash rag and encouraged a hit on him.

Reading Malcolm's Autobiography was a life alterning experience for me, what a wonderful man.

Wow, what a great video.  I've heard the name before but knew nothing about him except some very vague hint about violence.  The guy was a hero.

STAN LEE... created his X-Men characters on MLK and Malcolm X. May they all 3 rip. ✌

Having taught elementary school for most of my life in area with large concentration of black ,Latino with a small mixture of whites and Asians I can tell with certainty bigotry is a behavior that is taught. Even when it is taught from home the children still don’t practice it unless they feel excluded or threatened in their daily surroundings. If that happens they start clinging to people who look like them.

What a fucking tragic and inspiring story I’m ashamed I’ve never heard before.

Great man, great vid!

I haven't gotten the "violence to whites" vibe from X. I did get a "we demand rights", with the emphasis on DEMAND. If I misunderstand, I'm sorry, but with the idea and the words "We Demand" comes the reality that violence may need to be used against the oppressors. Oppressed long enough, enough is enough. God Bless America Long Live the Republic,

By leaving the Nation and speaking with Martin, Malcolm evolved from being a separatist to being a Black nationalist; and by meeting Malcolm, Martin evolved from being an integrationist to being a Black nationalist.

The old main st in Lansing along 496 was renamed Malcolm X dr.

What a fucking hero.

Heaven is for Heroes. R.I.P.

He wasn't the soul reason for pride, he was a good reason and a strong advocate...

Police are still killing black folk in USA. 2019

This teach that reaction to racism could be another form of racism

I love you man

Your black Malcom you can’t be a lawyer

interesting, but one thing, how did not Malcom see slavery in Saudi Arabia, at that time it was a common thing and legal, and mostly slaves were from africa...

This is a very tragic story, complex one but very inspiring. He was a smart man, making mistakes along the way, but learning to be better and wiser. I never heard of him (I’m from Russia) but I’m glad I did today.

Its amazing how my religion (islam) was being used for disgusting views from early, i just hope people would ignore fox news and do their own research

Very informative, I knew very little about the man and maybe made too quick of a judgement, but as all of us, he's a complex individual with many layers, both good and bad. I still know very relatively little about him, but a lot more than before, and now I want to understand him more. This was great as an introduction.

Teachers are powerful to children...see how the words of a teacher changed a man’s course of life. I love Malcolm X a lot and respect him for his work on human and civil rights. I believe the Nation of Islam killed him even if the FBI/CIA/whatever played a role. It was the Nation that burnt his home without any regard for his wife and little girls. Then they went after him because he would have taken away members from them.

Malcom x is a very complex and tragic man, he could've accomplished so much with his change of heart. Hearing him become so upset over how he treated white activists and kicked them out making them break down in tears is so emotionally touching, he realized the error of his ways is something not many people can do. And then to have people immortalize you as a man who hated white people is disgusting, using him to justify those beliefs knowing full well he would be horrified by that. It really makes me sick when people try to justify his more intolerant beliefs before his reform as "doing nothing wrong", if he did nothing wrong then why did he realize what he was doing was bad?

May our black prince continue to be at peace your contribution is recognized world wide. We love you, thank you Simon for this piece it made me very emotional and it was beautifully done

Malcolm X is my favourite of all Civil Rights heroes. ✊

I love this series but you suck at pronouncing foreign names. farrakan is a famous figure who's name has been mentioned in the news many times.

Please do a video on brother Huey P Newton please

I'm so glad Mr. Malcolm story is being told correctly.

Brother Malcom never spoke hatred he spoke. What was on his mind and millions and billions of African-Americans minds

This isn't fact based starting with the notion that Malcolm's family were the only white family in town (ie. Lansing) in the 30's. That's absolutely false information as the African American community had already been well established by 1930. This in part due to a great migration of new African American residents to Lansing from 1900-1930. -Look it up yourselves and don't believe everything you hear on the internet! -"Bonjour!"

Democrats still have influence on supressing blacks and minorities today as they always have. They teach victimization and have policies like affirmative action. Studies have shown that affirmative action actually hinders people who are recipients of the policy. When one goes to college (other people were turn down even though they had better grades, etc) they are unable to do well in school, or they don't assimilate well with the other students. One can imagine (without me going into detail) how much if a negative impact this has on victims of affirmative action. Hardcore liberals and leftists constantly teaching "white man bad" and that the "system" is out to get them hinders them as well. This overwhelmingly causes minorities to be reliable on the government. This mindset has a major impact on the lack of character and work ethic that allows one to go forward in life. Our conservative values promote the exact opposite. We believe everyone is capable if they only work hard. We teach work ethic and strong character so that one can succeed in life. However, simply mentioning this today, one is called a "racist" by Democrats, leftist and hardcore liberals (not classical liberals) which is absurd. There will continue to be a problem if people don't take responsibility and and relies on the government to take care of them. People of every race, and just about every country, that were brought up in truly horrific conditions, come to the US and achieve the "American dream". If you continue to be angry at everything, as well as continue to fail in life, then examine yourseld to see what the problem is. 99.99% of the time, your the common denominator and therefore your own worst enemy. Be a freethinking individual. Stop being indoctrinated by liberal art professors and "progressive" (actually REGRESSIVE)politiciansm (A Democrat study just released a couple if weeks ago đshows that people with education are more cut off from reality. Yes, they were shocked as well and made excuses for it like they always do.) I went to college. However, I survived the socialist's attempts to mold my mind and values. Majority of professors (except in my field of study, Chemistry and a couple of others) are biased and teach their opinions rather than letting reality and facts guide their teachings. Research for yourself and make sure that the material you're reading is fair. My point is that Malcolm X realized how the hardcore liberals and leftists deceive people. He was spot on about white liberals and leftists.

Ooh noo a black family living comfortably hell no

I'm an Asian man but I find many truths in his works that I can use for myself, mostly in having confidence in who and what I am.

Hey, Why's Malcolm's thumbnail red-coded instead of cyan for blue

Think it’s disrespectful not to use his name : el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz

Nation of Islam hates all white people and u can’t blame all white peoples when my family did nothing

Stop the lies! Read a book educate yourself, you sound like shoe less country rube.

I would have loved to hear him speak he is a real good man cut down to young in his life

boy was America fucked and its still fucked today just in different ways

Nice one with the glasses, coincidence? Great video

13:28 he actually won the lawsuit, it was the biggest police brutally settlement in the history of NY at that time.


just an fyi, even more despicable, perhaps than the KKK and the black legion were the white "legion of decency groups throught the east,north and south, who dressed in the robes and hats of the KKK, and terrorized black families,in" their "towns and counties something few white americans are aware of

People like Elijah Mohammed are the scum that want to start race wars, and to readily turn to violence and cruelty. Martin Luther King, and the new revelation I have seen from Malcolm X show us, that through Human cooperation we can make the world a better place.

I disagree with his stance on religion, because as we saw moral goodness eventually prevailed. God helps all.

Look up The Black Wall Street

One thing tho it seams like he pointed the finger at everyone else when something bad happened and toward himself when good did but I think we all are guilty of that and saying that he may have been right I do wish he would have realized that not all whites were evil and I also wish he got a chance to join Mr King

Damn, just imagine if what Malcolm and Martin could have done together...

Listening and reading about the civil rights movement, slavery, and even today, I just wish my own race wouldve gone extinct before they even had a chance to dream up the existence of America.

I don’t know your inner thoughts but damm your views are fair..always,

He didn't grow his beard in prison lol

My highschool was actually named after Malcolm X. Learning the history of his life was so interesting

Thanks for posting this video. It was needed.

The autobiography of Malcolm X. A staple book that everyone should read. Well said Simon! Thank you for sharing.

The white liberals aren’t white people who are for independence, who are moral and ethical in their thinking. They are just a fraction of white people that are jockeying for power…They are fighting each other for power and prestige, and the one that is the football in the game is the Negro…The liberal elements of whites are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the Negro as a friend of the Negro. Getting sympathy of the Negro, getting the allegiance of the Negro, and getting the mind of the Negro. Then the Negro sides with the white liberal, and the white liberal use the Negro against the white conservative. - Malcom X

Simon, I have to tell you, I came across your Biographics channel by accident but after watching five or six of them, I can honestly say you are no less than brilliant the way you do these biographies. Your style and manner really captivate your audience. Much more interesting then the Biography channel! Keep up the great work! Best.

Can you do a Nation of Islam, The Anglican Church, and the Baha'i belief? Thank you♥️

More examples of white supremacy and yet another example of how/why blacks only own 2.6% of the United states wealth. Yes we were no longer slaves, but any semblance of wealth was purposely destroyed, and systematically kept that way.

listen to Malcolm X's speech on the House Negro and the Field Negro

I never new anythingg about Malcolm X untill todad the 12th of August 2019 . thank you sir .And one love to everyone in the world

The Malcom X Autobiography is a great read. Highly recommended. An American hero, IMO.

I see why Malcolm was so passionate. Michigan fucked his entire family over and all they wanted to do was live in peace. Racism was far worse when he was growing up.

Huge respect and admiration for Malcolm X. Great Biographic. Would love to see one done on John Brown, American Abolishionist.

Another great biography.

Even though Martin Luther King Jr. gets far more attention and praise than Malcolm X, I think Malcolm was a much greater man. It seemed he had more integrity than MLK. I have heard over the years that MLK had affairs behind his wife's back and did other things that, considering his extremely religious stance, could be called "hypocritical". Malcolm X, on the other hand, admitted to his flaws and mistakes - and as others have said, when he realized he was in the wrong, he promptly changed his ways. I emphasize that this is in no way meant to insult or disrespect Martin Luther King Jr, or to minimalize him or his accomplishments at all. I'm not trying to trash the guy or drag his name through the mud. I just think Malcolm X is a more inspiring role model than MLK, in my humble personal opinion.

MrJamkev what’s this supposed to mean?

Jeff Smith what?

This Girl Can't Do Makeup how? He’s more commonly known as Malcom X.

Yes and he always changed his fucking mind, did you not pay attention to the end of the video on how views changed when he went to Mecca?

An amazing story. Thank you for telling it so well.

As a white man, good video. Yes I know my ethnicity has nothing to do with anything, but just thought I'd say it

LudicrousKid it doesn’t matter what he was known for. Do you know why he changed his name from Malcom Little to Malcom X? And do you know why he then changed it from Malcom X to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz? The fact that someone is doing a biography on someone and fails to even include this shows a lack of respect for this persons legacy

When I started looking into what Malcolm X actually had to say (rather than the cliffs notes that most people hear) I realized that, if he was alive today and running for president, he'd get my vote. That's coming from a white Christian.

The Real “Magneto”

I have learnt a lot about Malcolm X in this informative video!!! He was such an inspiration to all, whether if they were black or not. May Allah swt have mercy on his beautiful soul, ameen.

What a human being!

Does white man have a limit to they evil?

You're ignorant.

@This Girl Can't Do Makeup Yes we do know why, and this *was* included. You clearly turned the video off pretty early on and wrote your lazy comment.

billions of african-americans, huh?

Magneto and Professor X I see it now, how have I not noticed this before?!!!

Glad to see Malcom X getting a fair reception these days

The people that committed these acts are simply evil. Forget skin color, racism or anything else. It's just pure evil and it still exist today despite all that has happened. If we're being honest, mostly propagated by the left who aspires to divide and conquer by race, sex etc.

Another great video. You mentioned Marcus Garvey, do you have plans for his story?

Malcom .respected wumens ..and hy live islam ..and is joust 1 thing ..great man

“The fascist, Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt should know that while armies, militants & terrorists can be defeated by superior forces; history tells us that when a nation unites in a freedom struggle & does not fear death, no force can stop it from achieving its goal. That is why the Hindutva exclusivist creed of the Modi-led Govt with its fascist tactics in IOK will fail miserably in its attempt to smother the Kashmiri liberation struggle.” Prime Minister Imran Khan

@This Girl Can't Do Makeup Okay, well I guess I respect that you're admitting you did so, but I think you are aware that his most well known name of the three is Malcolm X. The video does cover his name changes, and is an extremely respectful video to an often misunderstood civil rights leader. I think you should give it a chance and quell your kneejerk reactions.

Mutantcy1992 it should have been in the title or thumbnail Yes I did turn it off early because referring to him as Malcolm X is disrespectful.

Only issue is that the nation of islam was an offshoot of the Moorish Science Temple.

Elijah muh-who? is a corrupted islam. why would he do that our guy that trying to united all poeple equality he wish to see since his childhood.

Detroit Red

be proud of your race and know the best jokes about your own stereotype. be light hearted but stand your ground.

Well said. Malcolm would have said that you follow his dictate to believe in excellence. I read the book, "Malcolm X," in college and he is one of my three heroes.

Malcolm X, the hater of whites. He was a racist through and through

amen...I say, brother!!! ALL LIVES MATTER BECAUSE BLACK LIVES MATTER!! DO NOT stand for that flag until that flag stands for everyone EQUALLY!!! WE MUST...get up....go form....that more perfect union because the US Constitution is DYING OF BOREDOM waiting to see it!!!

Mutantcy1992 I don’t doubt Simon gave him justice. But he was killed by the NOA so to keep using that name is in poor taste. People know him best by that name because no one respected to call him by his preferred name.

Thank you for insipiring me to check out Malcom X. What I was taught about him in school was nothing complete nor completely fair.

love the channel dude, you got a decent cadence

The day people understand that there is no pride on being of any particular race...., that day we will see a new dawn of humanity... People of any race can be racist if they choose to...

Im 13 I respect what he says and I know the truth already thank you for saying the truth

Naw they were not Kleptomaniacs. They just love black men and black dick like most white women lowkey and starting to become high key

well done!

A tear-jerker (tears of sadness and tears of rage). We blacks have been living in bondage since we were brought here in the 1700's and 1800's. The u.s. will 'change' when a foreign government forces us to change. During ww2, we were the foreign government that forced Germany, Japan and Italy to 'change'. Point: You don't fight fascism with EEO complaints and Civil Rights lawsuits, you fight fascism with bullets, flames and explosives...lots of em (millions upon millions of tons).

Great video and its a crime that Malcolm X story isn't better told in schools and other ways.

He was a brilliant man.

A common police tactic for interrogation is called "good cop, bad cop." One officer would be abusive and threatening, and the other would be friendly and conciliatory. I think of Malcolm and King as using the same technique, but at a national level. They were both right, and both were necessary for people to feel empowered enough to force change on an evil racist culture.

Martin Luther king Jr

If he had stayed an atheist would he have died so young or achieved so much?

The devil was the first to demand equal rights.

Great Man, RIP

I really love that this biography didnt paint him as a violent criminal. I was told growing up that he was the radicalized and violent version of MLK, not any of this. I'm really glad he wasnt the type of person some of us are told he was

Hate against white people thats funny

So he was a drug dealer for the cia and a perp when went on to provocetur. Sounds about right.

I’m not Black but grow up in Canada being a white minority and I would say my native friends have been treated worse than any ebony people I have ever know. Were is all this for the Natives?

This was bitter sweet. thank you for this video

I think he would be an incredibly interesting person to talk to if he were still alive.


you didn't watch the video did you? watch it close to the end. That's when he changed his ways

To be subjected to so much discrimination and outright hatred, to become hateful as a result, to see a better path, to change course, and to pay with your life. What a man.

A true mature human being able see he was wrong admit it and strive to move forward a real example what we all should be

Fast becoming my favourite channel. Thanks for the goods works, Simon

He ONLY spreads hate. And so do you.

What a shame this great man died so young.

It's islam, its not middle eastern islam.

Dam even when he was older he is the image of Obama. MALCOM X was truly a great man. My belief from before was so wrong.

This story is very sad. See how much melcom looked like Obama as a child. Wow. Thank you for this history.

Wait a second... So the KKK had a branch called "The Black Legion" that dressed like pirates with machine guns? Not even historical pirates, full on party pirates, what the hell?

MLK is to Toussaint Louverture, what Malcolm X is to Jean-Jacques Dessalines. ✊

Malcom x was a hateful racist. Period. Dr King was the opposite.

Great man

This is our story and everybody needs to know the story of the black life in America a tradition of living life against forces set in destruction Thank You can we have some more we need more !!!!!

Officer: "But, your honor, he raised his hands in a menacing way, he surrendered aggressively, he gave up firmly... he retained his discarding while releasing his withholding. Judge: Woht??? Officer: He was black Judge: Oh, why didn't you say so? "

Malcom X’s father is a damn hero and an example we should all follow! He deserves a bigger mark in history.

Amazing job!!! New sub here.

You be good to me? I’ll be good to you


A cut short to soon...!!!!!!!!!!

Many Rightwing whites today agree with Malcom X.

My Hero.

My 3rd grade brother literally checked out a book at his school and it called Malcom X a terrorist

Can you do a Bio as one founder of civil rights leaders , Great Man, Football player, Alto Singer, Lawyer, Activist, and Marxist, he was mistreated in the in US. Late great Paul Robeson

"All people need to come together, and live in peace" - Malcolm X. I can get with that.

Malcom wrote a beautiful letter either during or after the Hajj. He describes seeing for the first time, people of all colors coming together to worship. He did not believe such a thing was possible. He was a great man.

Sadly, Martin Luther King, Jr. was also assassinated at age 39 only a few years later.

And Red Fox later starred in the now-classic situation comedy, Sanford & Son.

vc andrews

And to think the KKK are now gaining power because of Trump.

Biographics on Thomas Sankara please

Malcolm X was right about President Kennedy when he said, "His chickens came home to roost."

If you want a good laugh read basically anything by Elijah Muhammad. How it isn't beyond obvious that this guy just made a bunch of stuff up is beyond me. Ever hear of Yakob the big head scientist and the white mans "trickenology"? (Think I spelled that last one correctly) Well if not you're in for a treat. Racism sure does spawn some bizarre things. People in bedsheets and pirate outfits along with a man that has worse grammar than a six year old writing stories about the origins of the white race that sound like they were written by the same six year old. "Once he saw what true Islam was like...." He saw that it was a religion that cannot exist with any other? He saw that it seeks to subjugate the entire world? He saw that it seeks to undo all of the progress the western world has made? Wow he sure did see a lot and then stick with it.

Completely eye opening

just brilliant

You both wearing Same speck

Earl Little died "of suicide" in a very similar way that one of the Clinton's former Arkansas associates died. And in his case too it was later called "suspicious circumstances" because it was determined that he had died before being moved and dropped onto railroad tracks. Being crushed by a train was not what actually killed him. The perps were never found. Years later, an adult Malcolm X was very disillusioned to learn that his mentor and role model Elijah Mohammed was a pedo and getting it on with underage girls. Where have we heard about THAT kind of thing in the news lately(c August 2019)? Sadly, tragically, Malcolm was assassinated by the NOI comprised very prominently by Elijah Mohammed and of course by Louis Farrakhan who is still a very prominent figure and preacher of hate today, the very antithesis of everything Malcolm X stood for in his last years.

Very informative. He was not the man that I was led to believe he was. We all should aspire to be the latter, Malcome X .

Fun Fact- Malcolm X was killed by Israel and the Jews because he started exposing their lies about the Slave Trade and the "Holocaust". "Just know that they'll hire one of us to kill one of us just to say that it was one of us."

اقرؤوا الفاتحة لأخينا

As a black man you as a white man made me think why aren’t there more radical blacks if the kkk and neo nazi out there

he would have been so much more!

Jesus fucking christ. Had no idea about his incredibly tragic childhood. Can't blame the guy at all. Unbelievable

Thank you so much for the work you do researching these videos. I appreciate it very much so.

I was gonna ask you why you never show any black people...then I run right into this....very said something I'd never heard about MX before...can't remember now what it was...oh well...keep up ya good work

I don't like him.

MalcomX was a Marxist traitor.

Rj finesse ___ ikr


Damn he would be the same age as the queen. If he wasn't killed he could still be alive today. That's the biggest shame.

Black people the superior race omg I'm literally in tears right now that is the best joke i have never heard perhaps people should not worry about Who The Superior race is they should just all help each other to become better but that would never happen and if you think the blacks are superior perhaps you should go to South Africa or Zimbabwe and see for yourself

God bless malcolm


God, what a traumatic childhood. Of course he'd be angry!

God bless and have mercy on Malcolm X.

Absolute Mad Lad.

Also, Malcolm Little didn't actually become a Muslim until 1964, C.E. within a Year prior to his Death, when he was evicted from the Ranks of the NOI.

As per what was mentioned within the Video as "Middle-Eastern Islam"...there's no such Thing as "Middle-Eastern Islam", because al-Islām predates the 7th-Century, C.E.

People back then and now, say that African Americans had no right to anything, shouldn't be talking. Who was it that brought them to this nation and made them to slaves? I think, no, I know they should have the same rights as everyone else.

FUN FACT: Malcom X was extremely pro 2A and pro gun. Think about that next time you tout him as a civil rights leader and then call for gun control in the same sentence. Malcom X also hated liberals. Look up what he said about the white liberal, man was way far ahead of his time

So we are just going to ignore the fact that before his death, Malcolm X recorded a hour long] audioter to the MOst Honorale ELijah MUhammad, saying that he is the man of god, and that he was very sorry for not beig the best follower he could have been, and the Messenger was his hero and father, were just goig to igore the fact that THE MOST HONORALE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD LITERALLY SAID, to All of my followers DO NOT touch Malcolm, leave him be ! We are just going to Igore the FBI report by J.Edgar Hoover which you can literally GOOGLE that says Malcolm must die.

Imaging you are so racist you have to wear a pirate suit

For A man Like Elijah Muhammad whom you call a hypocrite he sure spent a combined 15 yrs in prison for what he beleived in, he sure had has own brother and others who were jealous of him when our savior MAster Fard Muhammad put him in charge try to kill him, yet throughout all this, through his very HOME being raided by FBI he continued teaching what he believed, and even said if a thousand men were on my doorstep I would not fear, even when the mafia threatend the nation he punked them, and force them to back down HE DID THAT. That man is My GODDAMN HERO! He IS Muhammmad Ali's hero too, that man fits the description of Jesus.

Elijah Muhammad cheated on NOONE!, He was married, and took the WOMEN WILLINGLY into his care, how about we use common sense, if he was TRULY guilty of statutory rape, the Leader of the NOI, the man most hate by the U.S government, why didnt they arrest him and put him in prison? I mean they did it before when he started some schools, and when he refused to go to war, neitheir of which mind are real crimes, so if he really had sex with some under 18 year olds, why didn't they get him again? This time for something real? I'll tell you why, because HE OVBIOUSLY DID NOT DO THAT! If he had commited a single infraction they would not have hesitate to send him to prison, instead of saying the lies, why dont you show the clip of them ALL saying he was and IS the man of god.

EVERYTHING of greatness Malcolm did as a Member of the NOI, he did under ORDERS from the leader, this is a military, you do not do whatever the hell you want, all these great things your talking about he did as a member, guess who ORDERED him to do it, THE MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD.

THAT is IT, you goddamn liar, The FOI was started in 1930!, Malcom was five goddamn yrs old when the FOI was started, the Fruit of Islam was started by our founder, Master Fard Muhammad, a man from Mecca with a Black father and white Mother, he was and IS the Orgin of ALL that Malcom was, the FOI were not under Malcom , WE ARE still under the most honorable Elijah Muhammad and FARRAKHAN, Farrakhan the man whom all the politicians are to scared to speak of, how dare you, Malcolm was a great member but he didnt start a Nation, he JOINED a already ESTABLISHED EMPIRE, get the hell out of our faces if you are not going to give actual facts.

The Nation of Islam's numbers were already WELL into the thousands before malcolm joined, he added to the numbers but don't sit there and lie and act like the MOST Honorable Elijah Muhammad was just some nobody, the FBI personally came and arrested the Messenger out of fear of his teachings, before Malcolm was even a member, the Messenger refused to go to war for a country that did not respect him and spent ten yrs in prison even though he was above drafting age, the he got out and started independent black schools, the government came again to arrest the teachers, but when they came, like a hero under a rising sun the Messenger showed up and said if you are going to arrest my teachers then you must arrest me with them, and he did another 5 yrs, he is the the ONLY reason why people today can choose how they want to educate their children, the European governments and U.S offcials plotted his death before they plotted anyones, because he began to trade with governments from around the world, he dealt with the japanese, he had fish imports from persia, he began this before Malcolm was a member, he was building such great economic strength among black people and cutting out america from the trade so he was deemed dangerous, don't you dare EVER speak on Malcolm or Muhammad ALI or ANY one of OURS, not yours OURS AGAIN!, Unless you are going to say great things about THE MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD!

WRONG, just a blatannt boldfaced lie, "X" is the name give to Literally EVERY member of the nation of Islam, it represents the uknown name taken from you, Malcolm did not CHOOSE the X, the Most HOnorale Elijah Muhammad GAVE him that name, this is NOI FACTS, you need to fact check yourself, Malcolm has literally said i interveiws that the name X was give to him y Elijah MUhammad, just as Muhammad Ali's name was not choosen, it was GIVEN by Elijah MUhammad.

People, especially white people (of whom I are one) need to read his autobiography and REALLY need to get past the photo of him looking out the window with a mini-14 "by any means necessary". He was a visionary who saw through the BS of Elijah Muhammad and the "nation" of Islam - jailhouse religion. He deserves better!

I wonder how his life had gone had he not fallen in to Islam


I strongly recommend that everyone (black, white or otherwise) watch Malcom X's old interviews. He was an extremely intelligent and wise human being. And his lessons are as applicable today as they were back then. He's one of my absolute favorite people to listen to.

When a white person makes a joke about blacks he is called a nazi, when a black person preaches black superiority or demonizes white people he is suddenly "misunderstood". It is a good thing malcolm was killed, they should have burned him to death or drown him in pigblood.

As an American Muslim I feel a great sense of pride in him and his character. He was so ascribed to truth, that Muslims world wide love and respect him for the sake of Allah.

its depend on which chapter of his life tho

Probably the first time I have heard a white man said a little truth about the great Malcolm X. Malcolm X was killed by the FBI not by the Nation Of Islam.

What make ya decide to make this video? I am glad that that ya did

Well Done!

Amazing vid. Kudos for you!

I decided a little while ago that even though I I am biracial, I want to truly consider myself Black & Proud! ✊

Well sir, if God truly exists, he is the biggest son of bitch of whole universe (actually the first one too). I image him, in his divine wisdom, thinking: Oh I shall create this black colored son so that his skin may endure more the heat, also their white brothers will shun them for it, they will enslave them thinking they are inferior, they will murder them and commit unheard atrocities. I shall do this because since I'm god, they will never blame me, so I'll always hide behind free will. Oh they killed so many in my name too? Well, talk good or talk bad, but talk about me. I'm so divine, uuhhhhhhhh (moan).

I've always preferred Malcom to King. I feel that, all-in-all, his final message was a better one.

Malcolm X was, the black man's manhood. And one of my heroes ❤

Word up as a black man I really appreciate this. Biographics is my fav channel

Its very hypocritical for Simon to talk about "civil "rights" and racial equality, coming as he does from one of the most racist and bigoted countries in the world. To this very day Catholics are prohibited by law from ascending to the throne. And up until only this very decade were women not allowed equal suffrage in royal succession (whereas in the USA equal sufferarge under the law was bestowed by the 13, 14 and 15 amendments over 140 years ago.

You left out some of the most important pieces of Malcolm's life, such as the facts that he ran for congress. And when he ran for Congress he ran as a Republican. Malcolm X was no hypocrite, he made a very famous speech, now mostly censored, about Blacks who became Democrats likening them to Negro slaves who ran back into the burning plantation house to save it, he referred to them as "House Niggers" (his words, not mine) and referred to himself (and the other moral Blacks that despised the Democratic Party) as "Field Niggers" referring to those Negroes who cheered when the plantation house burned to the ground. I will never forget hearing his make that speech and the context that he made it in. Malcolm was criticized for calling the police "pigs" while running for Congress, but that was understandable given his experience (and a lot of others of us) at that time and helped to change the attitudes of the police and the politicians. Malcolm was a great man who started with nothing and gave all his energy towards uniting people in his vision of civil rights. I'll always have great respect, admiration, and even love for this man.

Could you do Marcus Garvey?

What is a PIMP?

Thanks for destroying a lot of my ignorance of his early years. No idea about the injustice his family suffered personally. True hero that will probably never be honored the way he should be.

Malcolm X a true hero, a great Muslim brother

Malcolm, wherever your spirit roams, I hope you are aware of how far we have gotten, though there is still a long way to go. RIP.

One more thing really impressed me was that despite the absolute horrendous and despicable things he and his family suffered, he never turned into a bad person at heart. His mother was a beautiful woman.

He was a man of great moral fibre and his heart was that he always strived to do the right thing when he new what it was. God bless his soul. I like him.

Finally a person, a good person, who has told the story of Malcolm X in a good way and in a fair way. This means a lot!

America has a color problem.

Malcolm X was a black supremacist and he deserved to die

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