Making Profitable Moves on a Monday Morning! Trading the S&P 500 with the RDT Strategy +80.75 Points

Making Profitable Moves on a Monday Morning! Trading the S&P 500 with the RDT Strategy +80.75 Points

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Well hello my friends, today is Monday, November,  22nd, 2021. I'm Lindsey duff and this is   Responsible Day Trading, so the last two Mondays  I've given you two videos on Monday, one being the breakdown, two being my trading. Um, the  last time I had a really great day trading,   my best day ever, I didn't get to record  it, well today was pretty darn close y'all,   um last time it was 84 points this time it's  80.75 and I was down 14. so that means i came back up from that 14 point loss to be able to   come back with 80.75 points. So you know it does  make me proud, I don't know if you've been with me   since my beginning of the journey but you can go  back and look at my old Youtube uh,C from when I first started this while I  was making two points a day,   then four points a day. then six points, then  eight, then ten, then it made a big jump into 20,  

and then it made a big jump into 30, and  now it's jumping up into the '80s and '80's   is something that is fairly new for me to  reach so that tells me next 100 points, i wonder when that hundred point day will come,  I don't know I felt like it was gonna be today   but that was me almost trying to force it  after that, so I just decided to set it aside,   forget about it, just enjoy  it, I have some things I can do   the rest of the day and we're just going  to go with that guys, we do have some Black Friday sales coming up, we're  going to actually have the vault   on the Black Friday sale so, if you like  these videos, you can watch the entire thing,   you'll be able to see everything, my  dog lost her everloving mess today   during my video, I'll try and mute that out  but you'll hear me freaking out because during my last trade, my dog is freaking  out and I'm like oh my god,   I'm yelling for my son to come and get the door  setting my stops so if I have to walk away,   which I did have to walk away twice  during it, my last big doozy trade that   um that I was prepared and so if you go into  the vault and watch those videos that will show you what I'm thinking during those  times, it breaks down every little bit,   I mean I used to run live trading classes   ,I stopped doing it because I know that it  makes you dependent upon me for my traits,   and it also makes you at the mercy of whether or  not I'm having a good day and I don't trade every day, so some days I'm frustrated and I'm paying  and I'm and I'm not paying attention and some   days I'm in the zone. So, is this just  about teaching you to be in your own zone   and to hear what we've talked about and what why  or why not have taken traits also I took a lot of   multiple entries today so, one thing with that is  the multiple entries are leading me up to the fact that I know I want to increase my contracts, right  now I'm doing four, I might do eight later on.   So having 4, 8, 12, 16 on at one time  really gets my mindset, so when I do   have eight I can double up on those  contracts and feel comfortable so,   I have enough of my account to be  able to do that, so I just want to have the right mindset and be prepared to  see that many contracts on the screen at   one time and be completely okay with it. So all  right my friends that is going to wrap it up,   like I said we do have a black Friday  special coming up for the vault   and we have a black Friday  special coming up for UProfit Traders, so just keep your eyes open and  be ready for those on Friday. All right,   everybody have a wonderful week enjoy your  vacation, and as always enjoy the show.

whale, felt like I had a little extra  time on my hands and we knew that   idle hands are the devil's playground,  so check out the Market. Um this morning   when I was talking about this area right here, I  thought it might actually uh pull back one of the things that was keeping me from that opinion  so much, because they're always opinions right   is the way that the MACD's behaved  here, it pulled back into the EMA like   so perfectly and it's pushed up so, at this point I   just kind of had to watch him wait. Uh, let's go  ahead and just look back through the daily chart,   did have some news at nine which means it's  already been out, so we made a new high uh, I'm not gonna lie to y'all, I'm kind  of gonna expect this to go up but it may be   something as basic as this right here. Just not right this exact second  obviously, because it's not in a long move, See if it pulls right back to this  area that held and bounced off or   if it's going to pull back even deeper  into the EMA and uh support area here. Oh, I kind of didn't want to do that  accident that was actually an accident,   let me um, just look for one moment, just a little  early, I'm gonna exit that that was an accident,   I shouldn't have been in it even  if it goes down from right there.

Well, that was no fun to start  off with but that's okay. There we go, leading lower the way it's  pushing down here at the top Bollinger   Band still has strength down here that has  a little bit more of an umph behind it. could it still come up? Yes. I am going to give it those four more.

Still sitting right at that top Bollinger band. We're going again. Just as this made that sharp  pull up and pulled down   these are angled to the upside, but we still  have a lot of strength down in this move. Okay, we're going with one more why is it  gave this little pull back the as we're   getting closer to the end these MACD's are  really starting to weaken and roll down. I'm just removing my risk in little by little by   little as these price bars are  just kind of weakly, weakly moving. and this MACD is not playing  the game I wanted to play.

that's okay it doesn't have to does it okay took those out all right. I'm not trying to force things  Lindsay you gotta look at those   things and think about those things  to yourself am I trying to force this. Let's take it down to the area. Going in having it right behind here two more   I'm leaving these here because this is a good  area actually I'm going to take the last one down.

Oh back is beautiful here. So. So in reality, part of  doing this is I'm working on   um, getting the guts up to move up to something  closer along the line of eight to ten contracts   at a time, so this is why you see  me adding on a lot more right now. I'm just going to be very aware  right this area that could create   a bounce for that last resistance was,  we're reaching down towards this area.

Part of me wants to just go  ahead and take this one I will. What I really want to do is  pull these two back up here   and ignore that phone call oh, well  that's too late, oh look at that Look at that pull-back, 23 okay we're going  to go ahead and go in one more in there. Oh, let's add those two more, I'm not going to be   moving any more of those because  right here is our next area 719.

Just have those down there's a just in case. Oh my God. Hush. Okay, well.

That is uh.. A little bit of my heart attack. Yeah, my heart's still racing she  tries to save us from all the evil uh,   UPS men and things like that  and it just almost kills me. Well. Followed a little too close on that one could  probably still be in this a little longer, but   I think we're gonna call that a day, my dog's  giving me a major heart attack this is my   second best day trading and it started  out rough, y'all got to be here with me for it. So it started out well see there it  goes yeah I moved a little too close too fast,   that's okay, uh, started out 14 points down  and then I've got a break-even plus two plus,   you know plus the point and then  let's see where we're at now and I just want to pull that over  in case anybody has any questions,   not that I feel like I have to let it go and it's still going, got out early, wow.

I'm thinking about trading some more but I'm gonna  have to sit here and think about it for a moment. it's greed, it's greed that makes me want to  trade more, I gotta stop, I've got to stop,   so let's talk about what I did now as I said  guys, I'm adding on a lot of contracts because   I'm working to get myself comfortable with  having something like eight to ten contracts   at a time instead of just four um, I'm not  there right now but I wanna take this short, it's too big now I can't. Holy moly, figuring out where all those went  took so long it required a bathroom break, okay   so let's just go through this  and I'm gonna pull it over   a little this way um, so I don't get tempted  to take any more trades right now. Actually,   we're gonna go way over this way so I don't  get tempted to take any more trades right now, plus 8.75

oops okay and guess what we're doing  other stuff for the rest of the day, Yeah. So, my friend that's gonna wrap it up uh, I  started at 10:14, I took my first trade at 10:14,   which I maybe was looking at it for five-seven  minutes before that, and traded until 10:47, so 30   minutes bam, bam, bam $4037. now obviously there's  going to be commissions and to play with that,   somewhere around 100 bucks in commissions or  so, so, yeah it's not a big deal I'll take that, you know with the way to start off the  week, I do not plan to trade anymore this week,   I honestly thought that I had a doctor's  appointment today, it's tomorrow, so that   works out, so I was like well since I don't  have that appointment today I'm gonna go ahead   and trade and uh, today pays for that appointment  tomorrow, so thank you, Market, I appreciate you that is gonna wrap it up guys, I hope  that everybody has a wonderful week   enjoy your holiday, if you're not in the U.S  just enjoy the time off you know from trading,   maybe do some simulation, if you feel like  you really need to be a part of it and just you know spend each day trying to do better  than the day before and sometimes that means just   taking a break, so folks have a wonderful week and   as always you know that I Look Forward  to Catching you on the Profitable Side.


2021-11-27 19:54

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